Mira Drevo - Dreams of Abandoned Villages

Mira Drevo
"Dreams of Abandoned Villages"

CD (ltd. 100)

1. Dream 1: The Road
2. Dream 2: The Landmark
3. A Verse about Death
4. Dream 3: Beyond Winter
5. The Sun Shines on Everyone...
6. Dream 4: Ashes
7. Dream 5: To Those Who Go Away
8. Epilogue

total time: 58:55
release date: January 31, 2020
price: €10

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The second full-length album of the St. Petersburg folk ambient project Mira Drevo is dedicated to the numerous abandoned villages of the Russian North. The idea of this work came to the author during ethnographic trips inspired by the interest in Russian folklore and village culture.

In these expeditions many field recordings were collected: the stories of the elderly – about an uneasy life, war, beliefs and traditions, about what’s around and what’s inside; creaking floorboards of abandoned houses; dogs barking in the neighbourhood; rustling of spirits in the branches of dead apple trees; sounds of a cranberry swamp…

Additional recordings were made on Solovki, on the Vottovaara mountain and in the Karelian woods. Some of the acoustic instruments were captured during these trips on a portable recorder and later woven into the fabric of minimalistic synthesizer ambient. A significant contribution to the sound of this album was made by the soulful vocals of Anastasiya Kharchenko who sang several folk songs and lyric poems.

The album is released on a factory-pressed CD in an edition of 100 hand-numbered copies in matte-finished 4-panel digipaks, a tape version produced by the Electrotapes Archive label is also available. Digital version can be found on bandcamp.

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