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The current mailorder update contains a good portion of various discs and some tapes from such labels as Diophantine Discs, Databloem, Rage In Eden, Infinite Fog Productions, Semperflorens, Ufa Muzak, Abgurd / Rokot, Silentes, BioSonar, Vetvei, Old Europa Cafe, Essence Music, Topheth Prophet, Tormented Whores of Da'ath, etc.

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I. Reviews

Some new reviews of our releases:

Anthesteria "Phobos 1953 (OST)" CD:
DP @ Side-Line: http://www.side-line.com/reviews_comments.php?id=45772_0_17_0_C

Eonic "Secret Land" CD:
DP @ Side-Line: http://www.side-line.com/reviews_comments.php?id=45780_0_17_0_C

Noises Of Russia "Humility" 2 CD:
DP @ Side-Line: http://www.side-line.com/reviews_comments.php?id=45762_0_17_0_C

II. Forthcoming Events

19.02.2010 - Experimental Music Festival in VMesto
St. Petersburg, art-flat "VMesto.

25.02.2010 - Black Ambient Mind
St. Petersburg, Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21).

III. New items in mailorder catalogue


[-Hyph-] -- "Alter.Tenacio" -- CD -- €13
2008 Tourette, Tourette 004

Aidons La Norvege -- "Ostaggi" -- CD -- €10
1986/2010 Oltrelanebbiailmare, CD201004
Aidons La Norvege from Perugia, Italy, were formed in 1982; they showcased a typical dark wave style with Italian lyrics. They recorded an unforgettable 12" entitled "La Sfida" ("The Challenge", originally released by SPITTLE Records). Along with the aforementioned EP the band had significant live experiences, in Italy and abroad, recorded several demotapes and participated to various compilations (including the tape "The Fifth Column", released by French label Wallenberg and including contributes by DEATH IN JUNE, 23 SKIDOO and others). Aidons La Norvege quitted in 1988 playing only a few more occasional concerts. The CD release "Ostaggi" includes the four tracks that appeared on the "La sfida" 12", along with a selection of recordings from the same years that were only included on some promotional demotapes - and therefore substantially unreleased - for a total playing time of about 50 minutes of refined music to be remembered or rediscovered, also because the band have recently regrouped for some concert and is active again. [press-release]

Akpan / Dadhikra -- "Indo-Bod" -- 3"CD-R -- €9
2011 S und S Records, SS-2010-013-01 / YAOP, YAOP 049, (ltd. 30)
Split / collaboration of two projects from Moscow region and Ingria, inspired by various aspects and directions of aryan and related cultures originating from the Arctic motherland. The birth of Brahma from lotus, Vishnu who grew from umbilicus in absolute peace amidst waves of the Worl ocean, and spirits dancing in snowstorms of the Lapland thundras - in two Ritual Ethnic Industrial tracks of Dadhikra. Overtone buddhist noise, voice and deliberate beats of ting chang - in enchanting rite of Akpan. Short collaboration track - glow of bright mysterious drone painted with parts of traditional instruments. Fully handmade artwork utilising vintage materials, calligraphy, hand-cut stamps. [press-release]

Andersson, Peter -- "Music For Film And Exhibition II" -- CD -- €13
2010 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 135
Like baking a sweet cake or cooking an indian dish you need good ingredients and spices to get the right mouthfeel and the splendid flavor of your desire. 'Music for Film and Exhibition II' is just like that: a levelled declitre of raison d'etre, a brimful tablespoon of Atomine Elektrine, a couple of teaspoons of Necrophorus and a little bit of this and little bit of that, mixed into a perfect blend of many tastes. Peter Andersson, well-known from projects like Raison d'etre, Stratvm Terror, Necrophorus and Atomine Elektrine, shows here broad spectrum of sonic atmospheres, like if all of his different music projects were combined into one. From ambient-drone-textures and electronic chill-out to concrete sounds to even pure atmopsheric piano tunes. 'Music for Film and Exhibition II' is the sequel of 'Music for Film and Exhibition' (Yantra Atmospheres, 2007). While the previous output contains collected works from different exhibition projects and movies spanning from 1999-2005, this sequel is focused on one single project; an exhibition. Peter Andersson has lately worked as a media producer at Swedish Air Force Museum and being involved with their new large permanent exhibiton about the Cold War. Within this project Peter has worked with sound design and movie production in particular. The sonic results are presented on 'Music for Film and Exhibition II'. Some of the tunes are used as soundtrack for exhibition movies while the main part are sonic atmospheres and soundscapes to create the ambience of the exhibition rooms. The music is presented here as stand alone productions, displaced from its original context. To fully experience the music in its environmental Raison d'etre there is no other way but to travel to the Swedish Air Force Museum. Until then, you may enjoy the music on its own. The CD comes in a six panel digipak covered with beautiful Sunset painting by italian artist Christian Montagna/FLOODSart. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Anvil Ov Kellipoth // Velehentor -- "Seismo..." -- CD -- €10
2010 Tormented Whores of Da'ath Records, TWDR-11, (ltd. 117)
Industrial | Noise | Power Electronics | Dark Ambient. Split album dedicated to recent Seismic Activity on Haiti island and numerous Delightful consequencies, Atonal orthodox electroguitar aleatory and Abyssal Power Electronics / Dark Ambient. Strongly NOT recommended. [Gjöll]

Arcana -- "The First Era 1996-2002" -- 4 CD -- €39
2010 Cyclic Law, 27th Cycle, (ltd. 2000)

Barrikad -- "Class War" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2010 Xerxes, ES58

Bianchi, Maurizio / Peter Andersson - Henrik Nordvargr Björkk - Jarl -- "S.F.A.G. / S.F.A.G. De-Composed" -- 2 CD -- €18
2010 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 134
ANTE-FACTS: After the disintegrative period of my production (from “Symphony for a Genocide” to “Das Testament”), the purchase of a misanthropic echo-machine and the consequent decay of the electric-analogue machinery, my efforts was redirected to a pre-recording sound sublimation, so I started to re-compose the electronic metastasis of early times, filtering through dehumanizing effects of the echo-machine, keeping attention particularly to the explanatory process of my ancestral subjectivism. FACTS: The modulatory shaking of S.F.A.G is the oxygenating prelude to the irradiating bionic music later developed through levigating works such as “Endometrio” and “Carcinosi” and represents a milestone in my pre-apocalyptic production which later will culminate into the horrid of “Armaghedon”. The exegesis of this work reflects a strong attachment to smooth and round effects of the roughness of the frantic early days, but with a constant preference for the symbiosis between well preordered sound masses and not well defined radio broadcasts, like nebulae drifting in a space in trembling condensation. POST-FACTS: The interest of Gary Mundy of the British “Broken Flag” label (who later would have released the esoteric "The Plain Truth") gave me the incentive to make him listen to the demo tape which was of his liking so that in January 1983 he decided to publish the album as a tape with the title "SFAG 1981" (the year relates to the link with the date of the beginning of my vinyl production). In the early 90's Tegal Records was releasing a non-authorised "truncated" version on CD, but this new version of OEC maintains the integrity of the entire work and was completely digitally remastered by Peter Andersson (Raison D’etre). [Maurizio Bianchi] The original album is accompanied by a second CD with 3 de-compositions using extracts of the original S.F.A.G. recordings done by 3 well known Nordic industrial artists: Peter Andersson (Raison D'Etre), Henrik Nordvargr Björkk (MZ.412), Erik Jarl (IRM). The whole is coming in a nice vintage packaging reminding to the first Industrial/Vinyl era: Gatefold cover as the old vinyl covers but CD sized and vinyl-look CD's. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Bible, Jeremy & Jason Henry -- "Ound" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Abgurd, AB-55, (ltd. 100)
American artists JEREMY BIBLE & JASON HENRY work in the field of electroacoustics, digital sounds and field recordings constructing deep and smooth Drone Ambient with light touch of experimental and slightly noisy sounds. During the year 2008 they released some albums throught their own label Experimedia and through other labels: Gruenrekorder, Resting Bell and Gears of Sand. The last one is known for its releases of NETHERWORLD, OOPHOI and AIDAN BAKER, in which ranks the JB&JH duet stands proud and self-confident without any allowance for the yet short musical career. [press-release]

Birch Book -- "Vol. III - A Hand Full Of Days" -- CD -- €14
2009 Little Somebody Records, LSR 11

Birds Of Tin -- "Altarwise" -- CD -- €10
2009 Diophantine Discs, n = 24, (ltd. 500)
We are very pleased to present the latest recordings by Birds of Tin: a project we have long admired and fate finally brought us together. The two lengthy tracks of "Altarwise" were recorded in late 2004 and remastered earlier this year. The first track is a 30-minute experimental work that gradually moves through a wide range of sounds (echoing chimes, mysterious noises, subdued clanking, drones). The second piece is an epic 46-minute composition of deep ambient/drone music that manages to float freely through the listener's imagination while keeping his attention... While many modern day experimental artists have moved on into the computer realm, Birds of Tin has remained true to the experimental sound of tape loops, lo-fi samplers, and collections of unique toy instruments running through small fx boxes. The sound of the work may have become more cohesive and seamless over the years, but the methods have largely remained the same. Birds of Tin was always about creating and expressing by opening the heart and mind to the muse... in this way the sounds flowed through the artist, not from the artist. Birds of Tin is honest music. As the quote from Jackson Pollock states emphatically, every artist paints what he is. In the case of Birds of Tin, the sounds are no mere window dressing..this is who he is... Brooke Oates' Birds of Tin project has been active since 1996. His previous works have been released on such labels as Manifold, Solipsism/Self Abuse, Syntactic, XZF, and Hypnos. Additionally, Birds of Tin has collaborated extensively with such artists as Rapoon, Mechanism, and Augur... Housed in a custom printed color wallet. [press-release]

Black Sun Productions & Val Denham -- "Somewhere Between Desire And Despair" -- CD -- €13
2009 Tourette, Tourette 010

Boris -- "Soundtrack from film Mabuta No Ura" -- CD -- €15
2005 Essence Music, ESS005, (ltd. 1000)
The Japanese masters of drone and analog feedback never cease to amaze us. Fans actually never know what to expect from a new album. Sludgy guitar riffs, super distorted psych rock or mighty minimal drones? Just be prepared for a new masterpiece, the way only they seem to do it. Soundtrack from film Mabuta No Ura (translated as Backside Of The Eyelids) presents BORIS at their most abstract personality. A stunning guitar-driven psychedelic voyage to an imaginary land where Pink Floyd's "More" meditates with Sunn 0))) drenched in ambience and feedback! Being a flowing and brooding soundtrack to an imaginary film conceived by the three band members, the album manages to present the listener to a number of moods and soundscapes without actually breaking out of its shell. From mellow, dreamy Syd Barret-inspired acoustic incursions, hazy vocals, slow post-rock tones and rhythms to occasional bursts of dynamics passing through avant-noise experiments and mammoth deep drones of blasting energy (like on the 12 minutes long "Space Behind Me (part 1)"). A contemplative masterwork! Hard to imagine what sort of film Mabuta No Ura must be? The evocative sounds here give us freedom to conjure up appropriate images and quoting Atsuo's own words: "This is a soundtrack for images that appear on the mabuta no ura of the listeners, by reading the stories contained on the album and listening to the music. It's dew made from unconsciousness of Boris members. The dewdrops are spun into thread and the thread forms a whole story. The way we refer to images of the daily lives." We are glad to present this extended Brazilian/world CD version of Soundtrack from film Mabuta No Ura, containing different artwork and exclusive extra music not available on the Japanese CD/LP, housed in a slipcase that holds our luxurious custom heavy mini-replica of the gatefold vinyl including a set of cards unveiling mabuta no ura stories and photos of the band members taken in their most recent European trip. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

BpOlar -- "Pheromones" -- CD-R -- €9
2009 Practising Nature, PN09033
Second release for BpOlar on Databloem's sister label Practising Nature. The follow up to his (Dirk Driesen from Antwerp) acclaimed debut The White Heads, is another adventure in intense and moving cinematic soundscapes. BpOlar's dynamic and unique sound will grab you from the first note and will keep you hooked till the last note fades away.... Dirk says: "I made most of this music when pheromones were mainly dormant, autumn and winter. Composed like a painting... layer by layer... fussing around with computers until something is bigger than the sum of it's elements... Picture yourself with an Amaretto-coffee or a Finnish vodka... or just a bio-lemonade.... starting quit cinematic... over rusty industrial... to dada". [press-release]

Brume & Vrischika -- "s/t" -- CD -- €10
1998 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 016, (ltd. 500)
Second co-operation by Brume and Vrischika after the MCD out on Brume's own label. An ethno-industrial moisture with a wide range of ambients. [label info]

Camanecroszcope II -- "Echoes Ov A Beckoning Arcanum" -- CD -- €16
2006 Spectre, S23

Circular -- "Cycles Of Remembrance" -- CD -- €14
2010 Loki Foundation, LOKI 52

Closing The Eternity -- "Kosmodrones" -- CD-R -- €9
2011 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT35, (ltd. 212)
This album of the established Russian project was recorded in 1999-2002 but released only now. Three tracks interwoven with semantic interference with three poems of Georgy Ivanov about what is left after "the attack of atomic hysteria / will scatter everything in flare of azure". Black drone of cosmic vacuum and icy glow of monumental electronic melodies. "Only yellow day-dawn / Only icy stars / Only millions of years". Full-colour cover, three inserts with poems by Ivanov. [press-release]

Cock E.S.P. -- "Greatest Dicks" -- CD -- €11
1996 Pure, PURE 39
Legendary noise circus from Minneapolis with the report of their best and worst recordings from 1993-1996. Powerful living Harsh Noise with wild energy. Sleeve.

Cold Fusion -- "Rundfunktechnische Versuchsanstalt I" -- CD -- €10
2010 Rage In Eden, RAGE 73
"Rundfunktechnische Versuchsanstalt" – the experimental radio engineering outpost created in Germany in July 1940. Cold Fusion’s next record; this time you will find some compositions on the CD that were available earlier on previous publications, i.e. "Parabellum", "63 days", "The Sound Of Nothingness". Additionally, the CD has been enriched with several tracks that have never been published before. Graphic design by Lukasz Pawlak - REQUIEMSTUDIO.PL. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Comforter -- "Voice of the Voiceless" -- CD-R -- €7
2010 Rokot, RKT-08, (ltd. 50)
Old Russian Harsh Noise project that was very active in the beginning of 2000s but is on hiatus nowadays. Swift, superdispersed analogue noise powder of feedbacks and metal junk. Recorded in 1999. [label info]

Coniglio, Enrico feat. Manuel P. Cecchinato & Massimo Liverani -- "Sea Cathedrals" -- CD -- €10
2010 Silentes, cd201026
Five superb tracks of deep and evocative ambient music, enriched with echoes of ancient ritual suggestions. The immense spaces and the abyssal deepness of the sea, but also the sound of the bowels of the Earth, the colour of the sand of the desert, the energy of the wind, the strenght of all the Elements, the infinite cycle of day and night, of life and death… A long circular journey through interchanging atmospheres that shake and capture, dragging with energy, then leave room for more quiet and soothing introspective “stasis”, and again become dramatic and overwhelming. A great, unmissable album of “classic” ritual ambient music. [press-release]

Corpoparassita -- "L'affannoso Respiro Del Gatto" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Abgurd, AB-48, (ltd. 100)
Itialian Dark Ambient project. Surrealistic macabre. Soft harmonic drones and ambiences, bass-guitar, gloomy scratches. Contemporary tales of parallel worlds. [label info]

Crawl Unit -- "Stop Listening" -- CD -- €10
2000 Ground Fault Recordings, GF008
A pioneer in sound event constructions, Crawl Unit (Joe Colley) has been releasing material since 1992 on labels around the world, including Drone, Manifold, G.R.O.S.S., Ant-Zen, Chocolate Monk and Self-Abuse, among others. Crawl Unit has also appeared on over a dozen compilation recordings, composed sound for dance and performed live nationally and abroad. In addition to recording and performing as Crawl Unit, Joe Colley also runs the renowned label Povertech Industries, releasing material by sound artists such as Michael Prime, Hafler Trio, Hands To, Crawling with Tarts, Francisco Lopez and many others. With Stop Listening, Joe Colley, aka Crawl Unit put together a beautiful sound art record, one of the finest productions on the Ground Fault label. Five works make up the 55-minute program. Most of the material is related to ambient drones, the purest and most soothing example being "Empty Sound". "(Untitled)" sounds like a treated hurdy-gurdy, at least something more metallic. But the highlight is the first piece of the set, "Overload Harmonics" (15 minutes). Sitting on the fence between avant-garde minimal drone music and noise, it takes the shape of a slowly evolving piece punctuated with strange pollutions -- totally entrancing. The same comment cannot be applied to "Study for 3 Speakers", a "live" recording of a 3-channel speaker installation. There are interesting ideas, some rattling sounds seem to indicate the use of objects and contact microphones in the speakers (a technique better exploited by Xavier Charles in Silent Block), but overall the piece remains more technical than absorbing. The main reason for that is the distance kept between the music and the listener. A more binaural recording may have done the trick, although the piece also lacks a bit of cohesion, its segmentation failing to bring something more to the table. Still, Stop Listening is a strong album. [Francois Couture]

Current 93 -- "Baalstorm, Sing Omega" -- CD -- €15
2010 Coptic Cat, NIFE 010CD

Djinn -- "Suicide Box" -- 3 CD-R + 3"CD-R -- €25
2009 Old Europa Cafe, OECDR 038, (ltd. 111)
After years of silence, finally here returns this great Italian dark-industrial project: DJINN. "Suicide Box" collects three works relesead between 2001 and 2004 previously out on Slaghter Production, now sold out and impossible to found. The three albums are a rare example of pure nihilistic music completely different from the classical dark-ambient productions. The listener is brought into a state of total isolation. "Suicide Box" also contains: one mini 3" CDr of unreleased tracks, one Djinn pin, four inserts. The work is dedicated to the memory of Marco Corbelli - aka ATRAX MORGUE (RIP) who discover and gave voice to DJINN project since its birth. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Do Shaska / Opuka -- "Akoazmata Nacht" -- 2 CD-R -- €14
2006 Galerie Gryf Records, Galerie Gryf CD - 021, (ltd. 100)
Perfectly recorded live show from April 22nd, 2006. Do Shaska!: Tribal Industrial Ambient with live electro guitar, post-punk and breakbit moments. Opuka: Drone Ambient based on field recordings. [YAOP]

DS Matter -- "Harmonia" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Abgurd, AB-51, (ltd. 100)
After releasing two albums (Untitled and Pinky Lips) this project of Denis Shapovalov (SUNCHARIOT, ADRIVA, ENMERKAR) added two symbols to its name and one album two the discography. "Harmonia" is an oversimplification of frequencies or "supercompression" as an interpretation of author's point of view on the nowadays digital mastering in the mass-music that makes the final mix sound unified. The album presents only saturated frequencies on rise and fall. This sort of averaging allows disclosing new aspects of pure acoustic sounds of glass, plastic, wood, metal recorded with microphones and digitally processed. The album contains three long meditative tracks in a sophisticated electroacoustic manner with interesting variations of frequencies and warm droning backgrounds. [press-release]

Failing Lights -- "s/t" -- CD -- €10
2010 Intransitive Recordings, INT036
An evocative work of bleak electronic atmosphere and suffocating dread, Failing Lights is the intensely personal vision of Michigan (via Lexington, KY) artist Mike Connelly. While he has toured the world as 1/3 of legendary industrial/noise units Hair Police and Wolf Eyes, Connelly spends his days crafting a much different sound on his own. Under the Failing Lights flag, he has self-published a nearly uncountable number of cassettes and CDRs of rough drones, detuned improvised grit, blown-out burl, and unstable acoustics in tiny editions that quickly vanish into collector-land. Intransitive is proud to present the defining – and first widely available – Failing Lights statement, an album of sinewy horror with a fine-tuned beauty within its darkness. A single piece in five sections, Failing Lights begins with disquietingly barren negative space. As the album creeps forward, it steadily dispenses sheets of diffuse throat-scratch and skittering strings, culminating in a blast of molten organ. Not noise, ambient, improv, black metal, or anything else: this is pure Failing Lights. [press-release]

Gerechtigkeits Liga -- "Hypnotischer Existenzialismus / The Games Must Go On" -- CD -- €14
1985/2005 Isegrimm Records, Isegrimm 001

Geriht -- "Forgotten Ways" -- CD-R -- €9
2008 Rigorism Productions, RP014, (ltd. 100)
Dim dusty death ambient full of depressive guitar drones, sick cries and moans, muddy noises and suicidal washy rhythms. A perfect soundtrack for the last days of a self-hater's life. DVD-box. [YAOP]

Girnu Giesmes -- "Bevardes Salos" -- CD -- €13
2008 Autarkeia, ACD 029

Grassow, Mathias & Tomas Weiss -- "Electric Angels" -- CD -- €10
2010 Databloem, DB031-2010
Grassow & Weiss join up for another spacious adventure, showcasing an hour of high quality Ambient with an amazing array of subtle and intricate detail. Although the music evolves slowly and deliberately, it's probably one of their most varied albums up to date. Ranging from dynamic and engaging dronescapes to razor-sharp produced textures, flavored with a touch of early Space Music. Electric angels is a fusion of heart and mind. Leaving the industrial age of the 19th century and the information age of the 20th century behind, the 21st century opens the door to the age of consciousness. Electric angels is a musical representation of this passage from the old era into a new one. Limited CD in special two panel digi file. [press-release]

Grzinich, John -- "Surface Scripts" -- CD -- €10
2010 Semperflorens, sf05, (ltd. 500)
Surface Scripts was composed from field recordings, site-specific actions, environmental installations and wire instrument sounds recorded from 2008-2010. The title refers to my interest in the time-worn processes of nature and the effects this has on various materials such as stone, metal or wood. Much of the sounds we hear around us are the acoustic effects of these processes taking place while the visual patterns are written as ancient scripts. A set of small lines carved into a stone by water may have taken thousands of years, yet the sounds we hear are momentary. [John Grzinich]

Haynes, Jim -- "Sever" -- CD -- €10
2009 Intransitive Recordings, INT032
It gives me great pleasure to present Sever, the third solo album by San Francisco-based composer Jim Haynes, whose singular music evades simple attempts to describe it. The process of decaying and wearing down materials is implied in Sever; its passages of rough clang and cyclic scraping metal seem implacably tangible, as if one is witnessing time-lapsed erosion in action. For me, Sever conjures images of oncoming storms, abandoned industrial sites, huge empty warehouses, creaking glass, ships rocking in a port, the middle of the ocean far from land. Sever is an engaging album of evocative, highly visual drone music made up of layers upon organic layers that are in constant motion, and yet seem somehow still... Jim Haynes has exhibited at Westspace (Melbourne, Australia), Diapason (New York), Jack Straw Productions (Seattle), and Works (San Jose), Eyedrum (Atlanta). He has collaborated with Loren Chasse (as the duo Coelacanth), Keith Evans, Steve Stapleton (Nurse With Wound), and irr.app.(ext.). He runs the acclaimed Helen Scarsdale label, and works as the Editorial Director for 23five, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development and increased awareness of sound arts within the public arena. He has written extensively on sound art, noise culture, minimalism, and general music experimentation for The Wire, The San Francisco Bay Guardian, Metro Pulse, and Chunklet. [press-release]

Hototogisu / Prurient -- "Snail on a Razor" -- CD -- €10
2006 Hospital Productions, HOS-159
Live in person collaboration of mid ranged feedback hell laden with raw human drones of cosmic existential turbulence from from Matthew Bower (Legend Of Total, Skullflower, Ramleh, etc.), Marcia Bassett (Double Leopards, Zaimph, GHQ, etc.) and Dominick Fernow (Vegas Martyrs, Nihilist Assault Group, Ash Pool, etc.). [label info]

Hush Arbors -- "Cleaning The Bone" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2005 267 Lattajjaa, LTJ-33
Psychedelic drone ambient, sounding like Troum performing slowest songs of The Doors. [YAOP]

Hutchinson, Hal -- "Foreboding Tension On Saturday Night" -- 3"CD-R -- €5
SUBliminalRECordings, no.208
Great Old-School Droning Noise: hollow gloomy lo-fi industrial drone for the connoseurs of ""black and white" analogue sound of 70-80-ies (TG, S.P.K., NON). [YAOP]

Ignis Vrbis Mithrae -- "Sacrae Romanae Origines" -- CD -- €15
2009 Wolf Age, WAR08

Jetzmann / Asmus Tietchens / TBC -- "Hunde II" -- 2 CD-R -- €11
2003 Wachsender Prozess
Dadaist collaboration featuring Asmus Tietchens. Performed on three record players and 500 locked grooves from RRR-500 compilation (RRRecords). Two sleeves. [YAOP]

The Joy Of Nature -- "The Empty Circle Part III - Anitya" -- CD -- €10
2010 Rage In Eden, RAGE 74
Anitya is that which has no existence in the beginning and no existence in the end. Its nature is impermanence. The record was created in two different and very special periods of time and it musically unites both western and eastern sounds. The tracks contained are the musical expression of different kinds of dreams. It consists of folk, experimental, psychedelic and industrial elements, and even classical music but sounding, at various places, like ritual music. The structures of the tracks owe as much to classical as to psychedelic music. [press-release]

Kadaver -- "Automatic Autopsy" -- CD -- €8
2009 Topheth Prophet, TP018, (ltd. 500)
Second album of Israeli project on Topheth Prophet label. "Automatic Autopsy" is a bit strange material which is not aggressive unlike many of his other works, it's built on blending various styles and this gives specific oppressive sound, and Michael Zolotov did a good job on this. The album consists of multi-layered sound structures of feedbacks, field recordings, sampled loops, etc. which create overall terrifying and depressive atmosphere. [Sickcore]

Karma Marata / Kristian Giorgini -- "...And Still Remain" -- CD-R -- €9
2010 Ufa Muzak, UFA38 / Skullline, SLCDR110-10, (ltd. 120)
Neo-Folk / Military Pop. "One day the city will surrender and new barbarians will come to pull most terrible crimes. The replete and refined culture will turn to nothing, to dust under the feet of ignorant conquerors. They will destroy everything that was accumulated and systematized by this civilization in centuries, in one night all monuments, paintings, books and inventions will be committed to eternal nothing. This happens all the time, because this is a part of life itself, like nature and the right for rough uncontrolled power. Then the barbarians will go away, leaving only remembrances, quickly erased by time, feelings hovering over the ruins..." The 40th release of the label is a collaboration of German and Italian artists. A deep cultural excursion into martial - neofolk - synthpop musical areas. Professional sound cultural cafe will give you the passes for solemn and Teutonic-like romantic ritual from Karma Marata. After a short rest on a glade, chest full of mountain air, burned by cold water, as if by enchantment you're invaded by warm and mysterious aromas of Corsica - Kristian Giorgini. Gentle vocals and staggering ecstatic electronics... 6-panel hand made digipak. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Kinetix -- "Final Archives" -- CD -- €10
2010 Silentes Minimal Editions, sme 1043
This is the final chapter for this project run by Gianluca Becuzzi - well known for his old dark wave project LIMBO but also for his solo works and collaborations with Fabio Orsi. FINAL ARCHIVES is a sort of collection of rare tracks recorded from 1999 to 2006 totally reworked and remastered in 2009. ABSOLUTE GREY is the title that Kinetix gave to his graphic artwork selection exhibited with an ambient score specifically composed for the exposition space. The exhibition is made up of ten grey scale serigraphs on white forex sheets a metre square and a composition of 20 minutes played through two loudspeakers with one woofer covered in grey powder on top of a white cube. RAW MATERIALS is a collection of seven short tracks from early Kinetix productions. Noise gestaltmusic. A multi-dimensional concept created with sound layers and ambient concretism. These tracks help the listener to understand the starting point of Kinetix's sound research. RESOUNDING SCULPTURES is based on the concept of "composition for blocks of sound" made in the 50's and 60's by Iannis Xenakis. For this reason traditional compositional criteria (harmonic-melodic / rhythmic-metric) replace the various criteria of plastic / spatial forms. Part of the sound sources used were extracted from the works of Iannis Xenakis to whom this composition is dedicated. [press-release]

Kodiak / Nadja -- "s/t" -- CD -- €14
2009 Denovali Records, DEN40

Koeff -- "Liminal Looks" -- 3"CD -- €10
2008 Unrest Productions, UNPRCD04
Solo project of Johanna Rosenqvist from famous Swedish PE duo Institut. Old-School Industrial and Industrial Noise with some touch of experimental nusic of 60-70-ies, ie Alvin Lucier. Retro-futuristic factory sound. Sleeve with insert. [YAOP]

Köner, Thomas -- "Nunatak • Teimo • Permafrost" -- 3 CD -- €37
2010 Type, TYPE072

Koufar -- "The Purity Of The Cedars" -- CD -- €10
2010 Topheth Prophet, TP021
Power Electronics. Topheth Prophet is proud to present the latest from Maronite Resistance unit KOUFAR. 7 tracks assault on current Lebanese state unleashed with genuine brute anger. Middle East politics were never that harsh! [label info]

Lasik Surgery -- "Cyclo" -- CD + DVD -- €10
2010 Silentes Minimal Editions, sme 1039
Tense electronic plots, calm ambiental stasis, inserts of sharp and harsh metallic sonorities, distorsions, filaments of subliminal melodies, masses of dark and penetrating low frequency drones. The journey of Lasik Surgery starts with a whirlwind of atmospheres and perpetually prismatic sonorities that have a big impact on the listener. This project was born from the minds of Pierpaolo Zoppo (Mauthausen Orchestra), the memorable noise-power electronic author who firmly came back to the fore in the recent years, and Gianluca Favaron, a skilled master controller and sound assembler with a long experience, already active under other aliases (Ab'she, Under the Snow, Metal Music Machine). The first exciting chapter of Lasik Surgery - a name that will surprise us again in the future for sure - comes with a free DVD that includes two videclips created by Enrico Bressan. [press-release]

Liholesye -- "Eternal Circumrotation" -- CD -- €9
Stygian Crypt Productions, SCP 011
Pagan Ambient project from Siberia. Music at the edge of ambient, neoclassic and martial rhythms, resembles synth period of Burzum or old records of Wongraven, Pazuzu, Mortiis... [YAOP]

Lucisferrato -- "Ingermanland" -- CD -- €14
2002 Hau Ruck!, HR!26

Lunar Abyss vs Lunar Abyss -- "Teni" -- CD-R -- €8
2011 Biosonar^Labirint 020/2011, (ltd. 52)
Auto-remixes of the early tracks of the project. Dense layered clouds of sounds interlace with transparent shadows of recognizable sounds. The material is sometimes transformed to total loss of identification, sometimes unprocessed samples from that tracks are utilized. The twisting of personal creative time in non-personal sound flow, reflashing of dronings. Trip ambient, ritual electroacoustics. Each copy is handmade and numbered. [label info]

Lunar Abyss Deus Organum + Hattifnatter & Neznamo & Kshatriy & Vresnit -- "Sonastroika" -- CD-R -- €8
2011 Vetvei, V14, (ltd. 181)
A collective performance recording of LUNAR ABYSS DEUS ORGANUM + HATTIFNATTER & NEZNAMO & KSHATRIY & VRESNIT with the assistance of VJ Yury Elika from November, 4th, 2010 in ESG-21 club, St.-Petersburg. A six-parts session of a group audio-visual communication in a wonderful day of the decreasing moon. There were no separate performances of projects this evening, the participants joined in the action of unity. Field records, voices, guitars, synthesizers, wind instruments and extensive electronic devices in hands of the consciousness phenomena spin a dense Drone Ambient veil. A communication, a sound breath, an illusion stream, a clearing walk on the autumn wood, called to connect all the opposites! A design is presented by a six-pannel full-color envelope and a flyer of the action Vetvei & Vresnit Art. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Lysergene -- "Critical Mass" -- CD -- €11
2008 Aesthetic Death Records, ADCD 008
Project of the founder of legendary funeral doom band Esoteric - Gordon Bicknell. Imagine Godflesh playing EBM inspired by psychedelic substances and nuclear weapon. Cyberapocalyptic. [YAOP]

Maaaa -- "Human Waste" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Rokot, (ltd. 100)
This Karelian project has been very active giving gigs and producing studio works during 2006-2007 but as the founder moved to Poland there has started a sort of hiatus for MAAAA. "Human Waste" was issued by Rokot in 2008 as a tape with additional bizcard CDR and got a lot of good response from listeners worldwide. Due to some wishes of people who were late in getting a copy of the first edition, we decided to make a CDR version to provide everybody with a great piece of Power Electronics. Don't be confused if you heard some of MAA(AA) earlier works that contain raw and chaotic Noise. On "Human Waste" nicely constructed tracks are pulsing directly through your liver right to the spine. The sound is thick and mangling. Maybe the whole picture is not that agressive and insane but if you want a nice "CONTROL making ATRAX MORGUE-like throbs" album -- you'll be satisfied. [press-release]

Mahapralaya -- "New H" -- CD -- €10
2010 Tormented Whores of Da'ath Records, TWDR-10, (ltd. 100)
Minimal Dark / Black Ambient. "Ambientcore for True Headbangerz exclusively. Very normal. Digibook CD". [label info]

Mantra, Michael -- "Amanita Lake" -- 2 CD + DVD -- €20
2010 Silentes, cd200924
Two hours and a half of music collected on a double CD set that also contain a DVD video. Two long tracks of sublime and evocative pseudo-abstract and multicoloured ambient textures, built with “discreet” and repetitive background microstructures layered with continuous and infinite variations worked out from “clusters” of sounds and “sketches” of melodic sequences made of light sonorities, “delicate” and “quiet” as well, but also hypnotic and warm… Fragile harmonies and mild dissonances in a timeless sonic continuum that enwraps and “rocks” the listener, among infinite spirals and floating waves in an everlasting movement… Another new, mind-boggling masterpiece, absolutely unmissable for all the lovers of Michael Mantra’s music. [press-release]

Mauthausen Orchestra -- "Digression" -- CD -- €10
2010 Silentes Minimal Editions, sme 1040
After the recent reprint of “historical” material collected on the “SONIC DEPRIVATION” CD (SILENTES SME0930), and the collaboration with NIMH on “FROM UNHEALTHY PLACES” (SILENTES SME9032), Mauthausen Orchestra/Pierpaolo Zoppo comes back with brand new tracks and a new album where the “fury” and aggressiveness of his usual “harsh” sonorities of a Noise/Power-Electronics nature are merged with more “quiet”, wide and always dark ambient parts, sometimes surprising us with unexpected and undisclosed pulsating rhythmic-electronic inserts. A great album for a project that has recently born again with an unsuspected and inspired artistic vital energy. [press-release]

Mauthausen Orchestra -- "Where Are We Going?" -- CD -- €14
2008 BloodLust!, B!091

Merzbow -- "Marmo" -- CD -- €13
2010 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 131
After two vinyl releases finally a digital album by the master of Japan-Noise on OEC. This album is entitled "Marmo" (Marble for Italian) and is devoted to the Italian and particularly the Venetian marble. Masami was visiting and playing in this magic Italian city several times and was impressed by all the marbles used in the Venetian buildings and paintings... The 3 tracks composing this album are entitled "Merzbotanica-parallela", "Botanica parallela" is a book written by the Italian author Leo Lionni who is also the inventor of such botanic science, a parallel iper-real botanic where imagination is more reliable than reality.... A real psychadelic tribute by the Japanese master of noise to Venice and Italy.... Enter this new “Merzcolored-Merzbotanic-Merzpsychomuzak” full of scratching rythms and psychoactive noises and let your brain explode. Special folding cover with Venetian marbled paper effect and golden letterings. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Milk-Man*s=KRANTRANSPORT -- "30M" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 Winter Solstice Records, ws001
If you like Kraftwerk, you will probably like this Russian industrial project too. Futuristic music filled with urban sounds of mysterious future, pleasant pulsationg beat and atmospheric keyboards - as if it was created for the movie about intergalactic travels. The universe, space, infinity... Spheres unknown but so attractive to us. So attractive and inviting is the music of Milk Man. You can fully enjoy the vibrations of the amazing electronic ship guided by romantic and authentic captain. [press-release]

Minotaur Shock -- "Maritime" -- CD -- €9
2007 Soyuz Music / 4AD, CAD 2511 CD
Minotaur Shock is a new member in the family of famous labwl 4AD which previously released Pixies, Dead Can Dance and Lush. Nowadays debutants play what is now called "indietronics" - a fusion of euphoric indie-pop with voiceless laptop electronics. Optimistic pop tunes gently flavoured with warm electronic noises turn into more abstract compositions resembling tracks of Mum. They don't have their own vocals in the tracks, but sometimes appear various choirs in vein of Royksopp. [Dmitry Veber, Salon Audio Video] Russian edition in jewelcase.

Mourmansk 150 -- "No Volunter 4 This Society" -- CD -- €8
2009 Topheth Prophet, TP019, (ltd. 400)
With every new album these French noise extremists define their sound more and more clear, improving the style of their own, and "No Volunter 4 This Society" is another proof. The style is somewhere netween power electronics / harsh noise and death industrial soundscapes. Excellent material for the fans of this genre. [Sickcore]

Muslimgauze -- "Camel Through A Needles Eye" -- 2 CD -- €19
2010 The Muslimgauze Preservation Society, TMPS02, (ltd. 500)

Muslimgauze -- "Iran" -- CD -- €14
1988/2010 Soleilmoon Recordings, SOL 6 CD

Nihil Novi Sub Sole -- "Jupiter Temple" -- CD -- €10
2010 My Kingdom Music, echo057
Here is the new born musical apocalypse of Dutch mastermind Marco Kehren (Deinonychs). Nihil Novi Sub Sole takes the listener into a downward spiral of dark stained compositions, which combines dark Ambient sounds with eerie sounding orchestration and choirs wrapped in Martial Industrial-like sound compositions, with heavy militaristic drums. Evidently influenced by the like of Rome. Mastered by Axel Frank (Werkraum, Sturmpercht). Beautifully presented in an A5 digipak. [Cold Spring]

no Xivic -- "Pyörivä Tierormaa" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2004 Neuroscan.Org, T.O.S.002
[mp3]   [mp3]

Nocturne -- "Working / Ecstasy" -- 2 CD -- €18
2010 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 139
The fourth release by Nocturne on OEC. Two albums full of analogue sounds, droning noises, rumours as building collapsing while bombing, sensations like driving in a endless tunnel, far alarms, electricity, S/M & B/T/K feelings, cold and freezing voids mutating into hot layers of concrete, far sampled voices… and much more … A very homogeneous work in perfect Nocturne style. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Nostalgia -- "Echoes From The Borderland" -- CD -- €10
2010 Databloem, DB029-2010
After years of silence, Nostalgia is back with a mournful album released on the renewed (pressed CD in special two panel digi file) Databloem label. Echoes from the Borderland is a fusion of all the different styles Nostalgia stands for, ranging from tribal drone ambient to psychedelic and post–rock elements. With guest appearances by Torsten Hirsch and John Haughm, who enrich this album with their exceptional experimental guitar-sounds. An impressive and massive piece of work, not for the faint hearted. [press-release]

Objekt4 -- "Extermination Processing Tower" -- CD -- €10
2006 Ravenheart, RAVEN 36
Swe. Second album from this really unique dark ambient project. New tracks with new sound/noise ellements! Grim, base and harsh influenced of nihilism...Dont exist any similarly project in this cold-steel style!....other side of light..... [press-release]

Obozdur 91404 D -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €7
2011 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT76, (ltd. 146)
Collaboration of two remarkable projects from Urals and Ingria. Dense psychedelic Droning Noise pierced by seismic shimmering drone, flexuous like deep breath, sometimes peeling with industrial clanks, near power electronic passages, parts played by traditional instruments and sample-symbols. Through faint retro images from 60ies, through yellowed black and white photograps and scenes from daily life one can see the shapes of forthcoming Last Days. [press-release]

Ogni Videniy -- "Interference" -- CD-R -- €8
2011 Biosonar^Labirint 022/2011, (ltd. 52)
Previously unreleased archive material. Ritual analogue droning. Waves, filaments and flashes of sounds of synthesized and concrete origin. Absolutely northern music, like aurora borealis, straightening the consciousness, ideal soundtrack for entering the trip. Each copy is handmade and numbered. [label info]

Ogni Videniy -- "Tajushie" -- CD-R -- €8
2011 Vetvei, V11, (ltd. 181)
Tajushie ("Melting") was recorded by Petr Abysov and Alexandr Chulkov in spring 2009. Entitled by a mantra of the Buddha of Medicine, it was planed as a meditative work directed on harmonization of energy streams of the listener. Undoubtedly, a water and air delicate game, a live recording of melting ice, songs of streams, sounds of singing bowl's vibrations, bell's ringing and singing winds carries away with a sound stream all the negative kinds of consciousness, clearing and healthing our inner world. The process of meditative immersing dissolves the listener and lets him melt in the Universal Absolute. The release is presented in six-panel full-colored envelope Vetvei & Vresnit Art. [press-release]

Ondo -- "Sol" -- CD-R -- €7
2010 Abgurd, AB-58, (ltd. 100)
ONDO started in 2007 under the rule of C-J Larsgarden who had been performing under name PACTA before that. Since then the project has released several albums ranging from good to excellent. Style of the project is varying from work to work from raw Drone Doom with Industrial touch to abstract Drone Ambient with melodies and melancholy. Sol album is filled with bells, reversed sounds, spectre piano melodies and other hissing and whistling beauty of unknown source as well as sounds of bonefires and voices from afar. The most similar projects as we see it are OMENYA, raison d'etre and, of course, some tracks of TROUM. [press-release]

Oophoi -- "Mare Vaporum" -- CD-R -- €9
2000/2010 Practising Nature, PN10035
Re-mastered reissue of Oophoi's classic album, third part of the Moon trilogy after Mare Tranquillitatis and Mare Imbrium. The music leads through different levels of space ambient music, from vast and resonant alien soundscapes to mystic and solitary drones for bass flute and electronics. Another masterpiece of slow atmospheric space music. Oophoi plays synths and vocals. [label info]

Oophoi -- "Signals From The Great Beyond" -- CD-R -- €9
2005/2010 Practising Nature, PN10036
Re-mastered reissue of Oophoi's classic album. Oophoi plays synthesizer, gong, singing bowls, percussion, (bass) flute and electronics. [label info]

Orchis -- "A Thousand Winters" -- CD -- €11
1997/2009 Infinite Fog Productions, IF-05
ORCHIS is an English Dark Folk band consisting of Tracy Jeffery (who also sings with Cunnan and J Greco's SQE), Amanda Prouten and Alan Trench (Cunnan, SQE, Twelve Thousand Days(with Martyn Bates), Temple Music). We have so far managed to release four albums to date starting in 1994 with The Dancing Sun (cryptanthus /World Serpent), which was more a collection of formative pieces than anything else, then in 1997 the concept album that was A Thousand Winters (cryptanthus / World Serpent). Mandragora (Trisol), an alchemical album based around the themes of life, death and the transmutation of the soul followed in 1999 and in 2001 Trait (a ‘best of’ released through the Russian Brudenia label). Relocation and various tedious problems put ORCHIS on the back burner for a while whilst we buried ourselves in other projects like the busy bunnies we are; we raised our heads out of the mire again in 2007 with the ‘Other Days’ download ep via the (now sadly defunct) Woven Wheat Whispers legal folk download service... There have been numerous compilation album appearances over the years, with some tracks turning up on the ‘Trait’ album. We like to think, as the Fairports had it, that we are Nicely Out Of Tune - there was the odd perfect take, but those were never the ones that went on the albums - rather it was the ones that kept to the True Spirit.... For now, we are happy, to inform you about the important, re-release of the second long-play, from this Esoteric Dark Folk band! A TOUSAND WINTERS it is improbable result of the deep mystical experiences embodied in studio work! It's a сonceptual album, with Grand Theme: The story of one part of Europe is extraordinarily like every other part; a thriving pagan culture that at first laughs in derision at the priests of the desert messiah, and then is slowly submerged by the rising tide of christianity until all that remains is folk memory and old tales and songs. The cult of the Nazarene has built many truly awe-inspiring cathedrals from the blood of the people of Europe whilst incorporating and subverting their culture into that of the Blood of the Lamb... We can to tell that on music, it is mystical dark folk with an impurity of a classical English psychedelia of the end 60th or "Psychic TV" pouring "Allegory and Self" / "Trip Reset", probably to draw parallels with early works In Gowan Ring, but these words and comparisons it will be final a little what to describe music of great group! This inexpressible travel one way... Now this album also the important part of history Neo-Folk of music to which we again have possibility to touch... So, ORCHIS again with us and returning begins with "A THOUSAND WINTERS" which we with pride represent in 6 pannel-digiCD with a bronze stamping. [press-release]

Pleq & Segue -- "The Seed" -- CD -- €10
2010 Databloem, DB030-2010
Two of the most promising names in the minimal/ambient scene, Polish artist Pleq (Bartosz Dziadosz) and Canadian Segue (Jordan Sauer) are teamed up for this beautiful release on the renewed (pressed CD in special two panel digi file) Databloem label. Each track is well thought creation of organic soundscapes, deeply layered with glitchy patterns of clicks and warm synthetics. Incredibly rich, minimal ambient/glitch in the vein of Off The Sky, Blamstrain, Beta Two Agonist, Shuttle358. [press-release]

Rapoon -- "Errant Angels" -- CD -- €14
1996 Soleilmoon Recordings, SOL 34 CD

Rapoon -- "I Am A Foreigner" -- CD -- €14
2003 Caciocavallo, cad 26

Rapoon -- "Melancholic Songs Of The Desert" -- CD -- €14
2009 Soleilmoon Recordings, SOL 166 CD

Reformed Faction -- "I Am The Source Of Light, I Am Not A Mirror" -- 3 CD -- €45
2009 Soleilmoon Recordings, SOL 165 CD, (ltd. 300)

ROME -- "Berlin" -- mCD -- €10
2006/2010 [Trisol] Music Group GmbH, TRI 391 CD

Ryr / Transistorwald -- "split" -- CD-R -- €8
2010 Ufa Muzak, UFA40, (ltd. 121)
Martial industrial / Dark Ambient. The mysterious pre-execution rite has been done, no barriers left, only shadow left in this cell forever... Ryr and Transistorwald - preparation for something not coincidental. Borders passed by wanderers in black uniform, they took cover where no living will ever be. The pits are dug out and immersion of symbolical artifacts is finished with vein bloodletting. Sturm music, goes out of line without accompaniment, with the sound of needle cutting a plate. His eyes are covered with soil, but he breathes deeper and stronger than those who go, he believes. Inside the house burnt down just yesterday will pour stranger's guttural speech, a steel knot will be tied in the heart. Befor the taste of lead bullets and ground line riddled with tank dead grids there's a symbol of Ahnenerbe on yellow leaves. Weisthor whispers with fire and moves in a stream, in the place where he is. The earth is covered with ice on fire... A5 cardboard sleeve + insert printed on transparent film. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Sasajima, Hiroki -- "Far East" -- CD -- €10
2010 Semperflorens, sf04, (ltd. 500)
Far east is composed by two different parts. First of all, it hear to a metal, plastic, and several kinds of artificial concrete sounds from an inorganic drone and the noise. Next, it is a soundscape with some organic unprocessed materials. Each different sound material is corresponding as a delicate and meditative tracks. "Far east" will unite the separated different sense at another angle. [Hiroki Sasajima]

Seplophobia / Post-Mortem Junkie -- "split" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 Rokot, RKT-02, (ltd. 76)
Horror Noise masterpiece by two sovereigns of death pulsations, dehydrating distortions and blackened twinkles. POST-MORTEM JUNKIE is a project of horrendous Ryan Oppermann of REDROT, KLINIKAL SKUM, NEUNTOTER DER PLAGE, XOMBIE, etc. Previously released as the limited to 50 copies cassette through musicians own labels STOP/EJECT and Skeletone. [press-release]

Sil Muir -- "s/t" -- CD -- €10
2009 Diophantine Discs, n = 22, (ltd. 500)
Italy's Sil Muir presents to us here their first full-length work. It is a beautiful, yet melancholy, hour-long recording carrying us along that sleepless journey from dusk 'til dawn. Powerful and gentle drones shudder and shimmer through these four dense and amazing tracks. Sil Muir is the collaboration between Andrea Marutti (Amon, Never Known, Afe Records) and Andrea "Ics" Ferraris (Ur, Airchamber3, Ulna). Their only previous appearances are a lengthy compilation track on Transf.Order and a collaboration with Horchata on taalem... Housed in a custom printed color wallet. [press-release]

Siratori, Kenji -- "Crypt Mind" -- CD -- €10
2008 Ravenheart, RAVEN 55, (ltd. 1000)
Japanesse. Gloomy and grim dark ambient/industrial from this wellknown Japanesse cyberpunk artist! Monotonous sound manipulations are very harrowing, but with innovative elements in each song. Last track is special collaboration between Kenji Siratori and swedish Anders Peterson from Objekt4! For fans primordial industrial in the vein early Cold Meat Industry releases - require!!! Album is limited to 1000 copies! [press-release]

Skullflower -- "Tribulation" -- CD -- €10
2005 Crucial Blast, CBR 55
The new emission from the UK trance-noise legends SKULLFLOWER. A black-void beaming of utterly destroyed drone rock and crushing amplifier obliteration that rains down black ash and punishing blasts of feedback skree on the listener. A dynamic, bleary-eyed meditation. An avalanche of powerdrone that threatens to take your cranium apart and transport your grey matter into filthy new dimensions infested with melodic razor cuts and submerged mantras. A triumphant eruption of apocalyptic meta-metal and radioactive raga swarms, guaranteed to loosen eardrums. This album is one of the heaviest, harshest slabs of guitar armageddon from Matt Bower since the glory days of Total, and bridges the void between the krautrock/celestial free drone influence of the last few Skullflower albums, and the blackened molten death of his Mirag material. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Somnivore & Kivelä -- "Maelström" -- CD-R -- €7
2005 New Old Sentinel, SENTINEL-CDR-03, (ltd. 100)
Free-form dark ambient from Finland that wouldn't be out of place on the Aural Hypnox roster, even if this does have slightly more industrial than purely ambient undertones. The mid-range frequencies require a decent pair of headphones to be fully appreciated and the lack of track markers might initially put one off from sitting down for the full 47 minutes, but Maelström is a finely crafted piece of work that renews its sound palette regularly enough to keep your attention throughout its duration. A great pick for those late-night listening sessions. [Mechanoise Labs]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Stelzer, Howard -- "Mincing Perfect Words" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2007 Chondritic Sound, CH-161, (ltd. 138)
Starts out like your average day in Stelzer-world, but quickly moves into a time-altering spew of dingy drone, hum and captured thoughts. One of his harshest and possibly finest moments captured on disc to date. An absolute gem in the Chondritic catalog. Painted disc and color cover. [Animal Psi]

Svalbard -- "Heimkunft" -- CD -- €13
2010 Lichterklang, LK001
After their successful MCD, here comes the full-length debut album by this Belarussian Dark Electro, Neofolk'n'Pop, Martial project. An album for those who dance to the beat of Ostara, ThouShaltNot, Wolfsheim, Derniere Volonte etc. Mastered by Axel Frank (Werkraum, Sturmpercht, Triarii). [Cold Spring]

Tasaday -- "Implosione Tra Le Pieghe Dell'Anima" -- CD -- €10
1984/2010 Silentes Minimal Editions, sme 1037
A sensational CD release of an awesome tape (originally published by Multiple Configuration) that includes live tracks recorded between 1983/1984 and comes in a completely remastered edition. Tasaday are a "cult" band active since the early Eighties. Born from the merging of Die Form and Nulla Iperreale, they are probably the most eclectic and groundbreaking representative of an Italian experimental scene that used to blend elements of rock, noise, experimental and industrial music with great courage and originality. An audio document of exceptional value, this longly waited reprint of live material is also the most direct and remarkable evidence of the work of this unforgettable - and still alive and kicking band. [press-release]

The Tear Garden -- "Crystal Mass" -- CD -- €18
2000 Nettwerk / Sub-Conscious Communications, SUB 19

Terra Teratos -- "Meditations about secret of my Dark destiny. Part 2" -- CD -- €9
2010 Electrica Caelestis, ELECTRICA 001, (ltd. 500)
Electrica Caelestis presents the third album of a Voronezh based one-(wo)man project Terra Teratos – the trilogy’s final part “Meditations about secret of my Dark Destiny”. Symphonic art of the strings, keyboard passages, unhurried percussions plunge you into oppressive ambience of dark dungeons, breathe out coldness of a spellbound forest, hand down shadowy echoes of the dark mass in honor of forgotten Gods. “Meditations about secret of my Dark Destiny. Pt.2” is post-black ambient at its best. Epic, sombre, bewitching… [press-release]

Theme -- "Our Angels Dislocated" -- CD -- €10
2006 Lumberton Trading Company, LUMB003
The second album from this UK/Poland-based duo (featuring LTCo’s Richard Johnson and Stuart Carter, also of Fields Of Hay, and both formerly involved with Splintered), following several years since their warmly received 'On Parallel Shores Removed' CD (Fourth Dimension/Tremor Recordings), offering a rich, organic and atmospheric tapestry of ideas that serves as a revitalised statement of intent. Combining genuinely played sitars, violin drones, guitar strums, loops, barely audible mutterings from an otherwise deserted midnight subway, electronic swirl, piano and all manner of otherworldly textures, 'Our Angels Dislocated' remains both focused and complex enough to cast new shadows with every listen. Complete with exclusive artwork by British sculptor, Mo Jupp, it fits perfectly into Lumberton Trading Company's erratic and often changeable grand design. [press-release]

This Morn' Omina -- "7 Years Of Famine" -- CD -- €15
2002/2003 Ant-Zen, act142

Torturing Love -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €7
2010 Turgid Animal
Torturing Love is a harsh noise collaboration project between Nicola from Fecalove / Splinter vs Stalin (Italy) and Junky from Torturing Nurse (China).

Tzesne -- "Defrost" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Abgurd, AB-52, (ltd. 100)
Spanish duo is well-known for its high-class albums released by some excellent European labels. Five untitled tracks of "Defrost" walk through different genre fields: electroacoustic experiments with clicks, scratches and macrosounds, static resonating mezmerizing drones and brutal final chord of 12-minute-long abrasive droning wall. Accurate and monolithic work. [press-release]

Vomir -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Rokot, RKT-06, (ltd. 77)
French project regularly releasing untitled albums containing deep static noise. We recommend to put the volume on maximum level and put on a black plastic bag on your head to reach the certain level of sensory deprivation. [label info]

Von Sudenfed -- "Tromatic Reflexxions" -- CD -- €9
2007 Soyuz Music / Domino Recording Co/ Ltd., WIGCD190
A collaboration project of Mark Smith (The Fall) and Dusseldorf's legendary Mouse On Mars. Rebellious Elektro with punk spirit, as if Suicide would collaborate with Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft. Russian edition in jewel-case. [YAOP]

Wreck Of The Hesperus -- "The Sunken Threshold" -- CD -- €11
2006 Aesthetic Death Records, ADCD 006
Ultra heavy sounding psychedelic album on the edge on Funeral Doom and Sludge. Gorgeous artwork made in aesthetics of Lovecraft's stories. [YAOP]

Yellow6 -- "Heavy With Snow" -- 3"CD-R -- €6
2010 Abgurd, AB-59, (ltd. 100)
Minialbum by a rather well-known project from UK was recorded in the beginning of 2010 as an impression by heavy snow clouds floating away. Warm, humid, wrapping piece by this great musician. Post Rock / Ambient in the vein of BOSCH’S WITH YOU, LABRADFORD, PAN-AMERICAN, GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR!: otherworldly, melodic, melancholic, as a natural accompaniment for rain, snow and mist. [press-release]

V/A -- "Ekhnaton" -- CD -- €10
1984/2010 Silentes Minimal Editions, sme 1036
This compilation, originally released in 1984 as a vinyl LP by Multiple Configuration in collaboration with the legendary ADN label, is finally available again in a completely remastered CD version. "Ekhnaton" collects tracks recorded by the most daring and remarkable bands that were active in the experimental Italian scene during those years. "Simple Italian Research Vol. 1" was (and still is) the subtitle of an album that includes two tracks from each of the following bands: MAZE 1066, TASADAY (whose "Implosione tra le pieghe dell'anima" has recently been reissued by Silentes), EVITAXAL - an alias for Roberto Marinelli, also active as Laxative Souls - and the more well-known and active TAC (TOMOGRAFIA ASSIALE COMPUTERIZZATA). Through a valuable and accurate restoration, we're glad to make available again an unmissable view on the first intuitions and the experimental methodologies that shaped their times, leaving a permanent mark - in Italy and abroad - on the following generations. [press-release]


16 Pad Noise Terrorist / Tlic / Cyperkid -- "Split" -- 12" -- €12
2009 Flop Beat Disk, Flop0003

Ambulance -- "Antiques Roadshow" -- 7" -- €9
2002 Planet Mu, ZIQ054

DAO + COH -- "Dzerzhinsk-9" -- LP -- €19
2009 Tourette, Tourette 010

Four Tet -- "As Serious As Your Life" -- 7" -- €9
2003 Domino Recording Company Ltd., RUG167

Genghis Tron -- "Dead Mountain Mouth" -- LP -- €20
2006 Lovepump United, LPU006

Geroyche -- "Voxxx Series A.1" -- 12" -- €12
2005 Ventilator Tonträger, VT 0003, (ltd. 500)

Haines, Greg & Wouter Van Veldhoven -- "Three Days Of Fever" -- LP -- €23
2008 Eat This Media, ETM004

Haus Arafna -- "You" -- LP -- €25
2010 Galakthorrö, Galakthorrö 025, (ltd. 906)
"You" is an album of contrasts and leads the listener along carefully selected levels of suspense through the full gamut of the Arafna-esque art of sound creation. The spectrum extends from dark jewels which permeate nerve and brain, to great boulders which avalanche their way through the intestines. A peculiar hybrid of various Industrial Music styles forming a malicious monster, remarkable for its changeability and the unexpected. Difficult to control, cunningly applied analogue electronics meet sawing Angst-synthesizer ensembles ingeniously accompanying scream, -speech, -distortion vocals to the beat of noise and steel. That has proved itself, but today’s music from Haus Arafna is generally more advanced, more to the point. All probably created just for "You". 12" LP, black vinyl, sturdy cardboard cover, printed inner sleeve and two insert cards incl. all lyrics. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Heilrath, Michael -- "Shoppen Soundtrack" -- LP -- €20
2007 Hausmusik, HM075

Lavomaflex / Sbeb Normal -- "Split" -- 12" -- €13
2006 Byteburger Records, BB41

Mullen, Geoff -- "Armory Radio" -- 2 LP -- €23
2007 Barge Recordings, BRG003, (ltd. 500)

Shedding -- "What God Doesn't Bless, You Won't Love; What You Don't Love, The Child Won't Know" -- LP -- €17
2006 Hometapes, HT 015

Slepcy -- "We Are The Newest Battle Models" -- LP -- €19
2006 Cock Rock Disco, Vrock005

Stahlwerk 9 -- "Oradour" -- LP + 7" -- €19
2003 Achtung Baby!, ABLP 004, (ltd. 288)
Recommended industrial sounds in the way of Dagda Mor, Les Joyaux de la Princesse, Nocturne, Der Blutharsch, Turbund Sturmwerk and Wappenbund etc. Well known from the track on the DoCD Compilation "Ten Years of Madness..." Heroic dark noise, industrial loops, war samples and pulsating ritual atmospheres. Abwechslungsreich und empfehlenswert!" - notes from MEMBRUM DEBILE PROPAGANDA, catalogue 2001. [label info]

Supply Module -- "Issue Of Alliance" -- 12" -- €13
2006 Zero71 Recordings, Z71.01

Venetian Snares -- "My So-Called Life" -- 2 LP -- €25
2010 Timesig, Timesig001LP

Vox Populi -- "As I Lay Dying Vs Club Junkies" -- 2x10" -- €19
2003 Jarring Effects, FX 034 2LP

Zoon Van Snook -- "Interviews & Interludes EP" -- 12" -- €12
2008 Cookshop, CKS014

V/A -- "Impulse Sealer" -- 12" -- €12
2002 Red Antenna, RA.12a
Mental TSP, Karl Zeiss, Candy Chang, Gen_Des_Com.

V/A -- "The Perils Of Paradise" -- 12" -- €13
2007 Elitepop, Pop01, (ltd. 238)
VEKTOR, Echo West, ICK, Terroritmo.


Liquid Laugh Generator -- "Idyll" -- C60/2 -- €7
1997 SOI Tapes, SOI 017
Harsh noise from Russia. A4 cover w/artwork. [label info]

Navia -- "Ionakomon - Vij" -- MC -- €9
1996 self-released, (ltd. 13)
Early recordings, self-released.

Navia -- "Stulm / Sleepy Metropolis" -- 2 MC -- €8
2011 Biosonar^Lo-End 004, (ltd. 5)
The release of conceprually primitive material recorded in 1995-1999. Sides A & B - unreleased late material of the project, chaos and deconstruction, metal percussion, recorded onto an open microphone of a portable radio-tape recorder. Sides C & D - first recording of the project, previously released on cassette. Home recordings done by binding the wires from various sources. DIY fetish artwork made of b/w pictures and various odds and ends in plastic container. [label info]

Pustota -- "Dead Tape Recorder" -- 2 MC + CD-R -- €8
2011 Biosonar^Lo-End 003, (ltd. 7)
Conceptual recordings. Sides A & B contain multiple re-recordings of empty cassette in a tape recorder with semi-dead magnetic heads, intermediate and final phases. Sides C & D - re-recordings of cassettes with field recordings onto a recorder with broken eraser head. CDR contains the dictaphone recording of both cassettes played back in an empty hall. DIY fetish artwork made of b/w pictures in plastic container. [label info]


Nine Inch Nails -- "Live: Beside You In Time" -- DVD -- €13
2007 Interscope Records
Video report about the world's tour supporting the album "With Teeth". Disc also includes 2 videoclips for the songs "The Hand That Feeds" and "Only", outtakes from rehearsals from 2005 (songs "Love Is Not Enough", "Every Day Is Exactly the Same" and "The Collector"), plus phot gallery. European edition in digipak with a poster. [YAOP]

Frea market

Project - Album - Format - Condition (disc/cover) - Year - Label - Cat. # - Ltd. - Price

Ammo - The Age Of Terminal Irony - CD - VG+ - 2000 - Flyco - flyco 003 - €3.73
Black Lung - The Coming Dark Age - CD - VG+ - 2005 - Ant-Zen - act 194 - €3.73
Black Lung - Extraordinary Popular Delusions - CD - VG+ - 1998 - Nova Zembla - NZ096 - €11.06
Black Lung - The Grand Chessboard - CD - VG+ - 2004 - Ant-Zen - act 164 - €3.73
Black Lung - The Great Architect - CD - VG+ - 1999 - Nova Zembla - NZ107 - €11.06
Black Lung - The Psychocivilised Society - CD - VG+ - 1997 - Nova Zembla - NZ092 - €11.06.
Cloama + Gelsomina - The Duellists - CD - VG+ - 2006 - New Old Sentinel / Musically Incorrect Records - SENTINEL-CD-05 / MIRCD3 - Ltd. 300 - €6.14
Love-Fine - Temperature's Rising - mCD - NM - 2010 - Latona - Latona 02 - €6.14
Nilsen, BJ / Hildur Gudnadottir / Stilluppsteypa - Second Childhood - CD - VG+ - 2007 - Quecksilber - quecksilber 12 - €3.73
Nilsen, BJ & Z'EV - 22'22'' - CD - VG+ - 2007 - iDEAL Recordings - iDEAL045 - €3.73
Panacea / Needle Sharing / Tarmvred - Panacea Shares Needles With Tarmvred - CD - VG+ - 2002 - Ad Noiseam - adn 11 - €3.73
Snog - I Snog, Therefore I Am… - 2 CD - VG+ - 1999 - Hymen Records - Y704 - €11.06
Snog - Justified Homicide - mCD - VG+ - 2001 - Karmic Hit - KHPRO02 - €11.06
Snog - Vs. The Faecal Juggernaut Of Mass Culture - CD - VG+ - 2006 - Hymen Records - Y752 - €3.73
Thrussell, David - The Voices Of Reason - CD - VG+ - 2001 - Ant-Zen - act 120 - €3.73
Violet - Error Mechanics - 3"CDR - VG+ - 2004 - Foxglove - foxglove004 - Ltd. 60 - €3.69
Violet / Alexei Borisov / Michael Gendreau - Bogatiri - CD - VG+ - 2005 - Zeromoon - ZERO 006 - €4.91
V/A - Thalamus II (Noises Of Russia, EKRAN, Majdanek Waltz, Cisfinitum, Lunar Abyss Deus Organum) - CD - M/G - 2005 - KultFront - KF-II - Ltd. 500 - €3.69

Black Lung - Concrete Octopus - LP - VG+ - 2006 - Ant-Zen - act 204 - €11.06.
Column One - W. Transmission 3 / W. Transmission 4 - 2 LP - NM/G - 2000 - State Art - €14.00
Snog - Beyond The Valley Of The Proles / Your Favourite Electro-Folk-Swingers - 2 LP - VG+ - 2003 - Hymen Records - Y406 - €14.74

You can download the full list of rare & used items here.

IV. Back in stock

All My Faith Lost... -- "In A Sea, In A Lake, In A River .. ...Or In A Teardrop" -- CD -- €10
2002/2009 Infinite Fog Productions, IF-04, (ltd. 1000)
"In a sea, in a lake, in a river ... ... or in a teardrop" was composed and recorded by "all my faith lost .." in its original line-up (Francis, Federico, Viola and Raffaella) as a first full album. The songs included in this album are inspired by spirits and fairies somehow releated to water. There is Grageth-Anoon, a fairy that can be seen near small lakes, there is Argea, that comes out from a river to tell your destiny and Anja, a fairy hidden in a tear. The sound of the album is just more acoustic than recent releases of the band and almost all songs are following the verse/chorus/verse rule. Acoustic and Classic guitars are the main instruments at the base of the compositions, flutes and delicate synths create, then, light arrangements giving that ethereal mood that will be more present in the following releases of the band. The vocal parts are equally divided among the male one (Federico) and the female ones (Viola and Raffaella) creating a perfect balance between heavenly/frail and profound/dark atmospheres. "In a sea, in a lake, in a river ... ... or in a teardrop" is a beatiful travel in the early steps of "all my faith lost ..." music. [press-release]

Anti-Verstand -- "Song Like Wind" -- CD-R -- €7
2007 Abgurd, AB-44, (ltd. 100)
ANTI-VERSTAND - side-project of YAO 91404 D - is pretty known among adorers of Russian Noise due to tapes released by YAOP and a couple of CDR re-releases made by Abgurd and Fight Muzik. With "Song Like Wind" the project introduces absolutely new and fresh point of view on its Art. The first recordings of ANTI-BRAIN were on the verge of boundless madness and unprejudiced aural challenge, while the new album appears to be more expressive, strict and catchy, burning with romantic-totalitarian lunacy of the best works by YAO 91404 D, e.g. "Heroes of the Coal Age" and "Key to Abyss". Love-poetry of soviet-era, disco-songs, accompanied by a captured metal impress, soviet-era variety art, rough and rigid feedbacks, concorporated into percussive ritual noise loops and abrasive distorted tapes emerge monumental piece of art. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Atomine Elektrine -- "Nebulous" -- CD -- €12
2007 Essence Music, ESS007, (ltd. 800)
On this second installment for Essence Music, Peter Andersson brings ATOMINE ELEKTRINE to an utterly refined and perfectionist sphere! The trancey beats and sacral atmosphere of Binomial Fusion are past and widely replaced by a truly out-of-body, deeply layered and dynamic cosmic experience in form of a masterful ambience filled with energy outbursts, synthetic movements and algorithmical rhythms. An aural projection for a detailed exploration of nebulas, black holes, exploding stars and unknown deep corners of the cosmos. Very much influenced by the electronic side of the kraut scene and with the ability of imposing his very own classic trademark, Andersson sets a new stone and makes Nebulous one of the greatest albums related to this genre since the early 70’s. Another amazing proof of talent from this Swedish genius! Presented in an snowy white gatefold digisleeve and tracing paper packaging. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Bad Sector -- "Storage Disk 1" -- CD -- €10
2007 Waystyx Records, WR30, (ltd. 500)
First part of 2CD project revealing interest of Massimo Magrini in history of Soviet computer technics and presenting ten years of Bad Sector creative activity. It includes as remastered released compilation and bonus tracks as never before released material. Contains compositions from "Survival Tool" 3"CDR (Cohort Records), "Polonoid" concert edition CDR (Bastet Records) and "BadBox" edition boxset (Tantric Harmonies), "Toroidal Body" 7"+ mCDR (Pre Feed/Eibon Records), "Dolmen" 7" (Drone Records), "Manifesto Industriale Italiano" (Old Europa Cafe) tape box set. [label info]

Bad Sector -- "Storage Disk 2" -- CD -- €10
2008 Waystyx, WR43, (ltd. 500)
2nd part of rare tracks anthology. Contains material from: "Planar Energy" picture 7" (Smallvoices), "Scrignum Vitae" box with CD and objects (Old Europa Cafe), "Ten Years Of Madness" 2 CD (Achtung Baby!), "Land:[Schaft]" 2x10" (Cold Lands), "Hover" CDr (Bastet Rec.), "L'Ame Electrique Presents Old Europa Cafe" (Ame Electrique) + 4 previously unreleased tracks recorded in 2002.

Bad Sector / Contagious Orgasm -- "Vacuum Pulse" -- CD -- €12
2000 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 032
"...From a mere description, this could end up sounding like every other drone and ambient noise release you own, but the fact is that nothing can account for the sheer depth and richness of the sounds on offer here. Everything has an almost organic quality to it, the drones sounding so liquid and deep that they take on a life of their own, both separate and a part of their generative technology - an otherworldly symbiosis of life and machine that stems directly from science fiction. It is hard to distinguish the two different artists' efforts from one another, as their approaches to sound and composition are so alike, especially when focussed towards this common theme. It is, then, almost the perfect collaboration, each artists' talents serving to enhance the other's and producing a work that is not far removed from their usual output, but that has that elusive X-factor of genius and serendipity that quickly ranks this as a classic of modern music. Nearly indescribable, highly recommended." [Gavin Lees, Immanence Records]

Bad Sector & Tommaso Lisa -- "Reset / Rebis Periferiche" -- CD + book -- €14
2005 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 075
For this release Massimo Magrini was joined by the Italian cyberzone-writer Tommaso Lisa. So the album was recorded as conceptual reference to Tom's "Italian neuro-poems" collection "Rebis". Short spoken fragments of the texts are treated and inserted in a sonic structure built with minimal, strangely sincopated pseudo-rytmhs and sharp pulsing noises. The effect of those spoken texts is really disqieting, a very severe & obscure release different from all previous Bad Sector albums. In the background, Bad Sector's trademark chilling micro-melodies completes an upsetting, allucinated but crude vision of our "Collapsing Civilization". The CD is packed inside a book cover, the book contains Tom's neo-futuristic & cyber-poetry. [label info]

Bleiburg -- "Open Wound" -- DVD-R -- €9
2008 The Eastern Front, Front 017, (ltd. 300)
Martial / Industrial / Electronic. The recording of Bleiburg live performance in Kassel, Germany on 23.06.2007. German-Croatian legendary project Bleiburg does not need to be presented. This year we introduce an unique document - a record of live performance of Bleiburg in Kassel, Germany at Panoptikum club in June 2007. Live performances of Bleiburg take place seldom, all the more this release witnessing Bleiburg on stage may represent the particular interest. «Open Wound» is a collection of well-known Bleiburg songs like «Gulag Good-bye», «Na Rad!», «Nezdrava Tvorba», «Good evening, Zagreb» and more... Released in video format - DVD-R, edition counts 300 copies and comes in glossy high quality 3-folded hard paper packing with Croatia themed artwork. [label info]

Boe, Tore Honore -- "Suave Siesta" -- CD -- €10
Purple Soil, Pulse zero: one
Tore Honoré Bøe, - is the instigator of series of the projects named Origami Republika. This CD in fact contains 2 mini-albums: previously inreleased "Suave" and "Siesta" published in 2000 by Jazzassin Records. Minimal ambient built on a carcass of collaged enviromental sounds with additions from various processed sources.

Borisov, Alexey & Nikkilä, Anton -- "Typical Human Beings" -- CD -- €9
2004 N&B Research Digest, NBRD-07
The first duo CD by Borisov & Nikkila is another anti-solipsistic look by these authors at their surroundings past and present. Borisov's Russian texts (translated into English in the CD booklet) scan the panorama of his everyday life, moving rapidly from "a vagabond from Dagestan" to "bio-underpants" and Soviet hospital life to oblique reminiscences of European demi-monde, creating in the process compact psychological snapshots and surreal verbal cascades in which multiple meanings border on complete dissolution. [from the press-release].
[mp3]   [mp3]

Chaos As Shelter -- "Dawn Syndrome" -- CD -- €10
2005 Tophet Prophet, TP005
"Dawn Syndrome" is dedicated to the end of Kali Yuga, the age of iron, which is the final and most negative of four evolutionary Yugic cycles, the end of the world, and the dawn of a new golden age - Satya Yuga (the age of purity). "Dawn Syndrome" is an eight-track composition of ritual dark ambient crafted in the skillful way Chaos as Shelter is known for. The usage of organic and artificial sound sources which has been his trademark. It is a hymn of submersion and rebirth, of confusion, ambiguity and enigma, of the darkest moment before sunrise. [label info]

Cold Fusion -- "Occupatria" -- CD -- €10
2005 Steinklang Industries, SKD 07, (ltd. 1000)
An oppressive atmosphere in a occupied town, in a occupied country. Only illusion of freedom - no freedom. Cold Fusion - Occupatria - a musical journey on the thin line between urge of freedom and lack of its realisation. 45 minutes of beautiful symphonic Martial music, compared to A Challenge Of Honour, Les Joyaux de la Princesse, with a strong touch of early Dead Can Dance and Graeme Revell's soundtracks! [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Cold Fusion -- "Report" -- CD -- €10
2005/2007 Rage In Eden, RAGE 56
This record is the re-edition of Cold Fusion's classic second full-lenght work. The concept album entitled "Report" with 46 minutes of military ambient soundscapes and rhythms, so characteristic for Cold Fusion. The first issue ( sold-out ) was published by War Office Propaganda only in 200 CDR copies in 2005. Now re-issued on CD in digipack with Michal Karcz's artwork. [press-release]

Cold Fusion -- "Simmetria" -- CD -- €10
2007 War Office Propaganda / Rage In Eden, WOP37
Symmetry perceived as some kind of balance and harmony. Symmetry between surrounding world and its "mirror reflection", which sticks in our minds. Symmetry of left and right side, day and night, birth and death. Symmetry of buildings, objects, bodies. biquitous symmetry. Brand new album of Cold Fusion reflets ist theme - dynamic, marching atmosphere from one side, melancholy and reverie from another. Illusory lack of symmetry or rather its confirmation? 11 tracks, 44.30 minutes comes in nice digipack designed by Michal Karcz. [press-release]

Contagious Orgasm -- "Spill Drop" -- CD -- €10
2003 Waystyx Records, WR09, (ltd. 410)
New step on the way of Hiroshi Hashimoto creative evolution, one of the most controversive Japanese musician, presenting dense stream of sound, explosing by traditional for Contagious Orgasm flashes of sexual obsession, ritualism and culture permeate. Mature and complicated work. It's a mirror, in which crystall depths everyone of us will see his real matter - purest drop of human prejudices, fears and drawbacks essence. On one hand you can find microglitches, clicks, subtle melodies and controlled rhythmic clicks'n'cuts. And on the other hand more experimental sounds: from rough field recordings, noisy frequencies and distorted voices to sinewaves and continuous glitches. As always on Waystyx Records, exclusive design, consisting of transparent heavy polyethelen and strip of technical ribbon with red landmark. [press-release]

Darkwood -- "Ins Dunkle Land" -- CD -- €14
2009 Heidenvolk, HV12
This new recording is a work of magic realism presenting harsh industrial themes, catchy neofolk songs, and hypnotic folk tracks on a torrent into the Dark Land. 12 tracks like 12 pillars of perception are seperating the realm of darkness from the realm of light. The album comes with a rougher sound using a lot of drums, completed by industrial patterns, acoustic instruments, and again English and German vocals. The CD is delivered in a noble digipack with 20pages booklet. [press-release]

Darkwood -- "Notwendfeuer" -- CD -- €14
Heidenvolk, HV 10
Darkwood proved to be one of the most prolific and outstanding German neofolk bands. This upcoming studio album is certainly the most forceful recording so far. It combines martial acoustic songs and dark folk tunes, using acoustic sources like guitars, classical instruments, organic drums, and distorted basses. The 10 tracks dedicated to Youth & Fire are the perfect soundtrack for Winter Solstice. They shall evoke the burning need for a great change, forcing hands into hands. The standards already high after "Flammende Welt" and "Herbstgewölk" are even set higher now. [press release]

Darkwood -- "Weltenwende" -- CD -- €14
Heidenvolk, HV 09
This forceful acoustic release brings back the 8 vinyl tracks including 5 further re-recordings from the "In the Fields" and "Flammende Welt" period. The album appears as a whole, dealing with Forest not only as the place for Retreat and Consideration (Waldgang) but also as the place for Resistance and Change (Wende). Here, the seeker gathers new strength for his nearly hopeless struggle against new forms of might - and finally prevails. [press-release]

The Days Of The Trumpet Call -- "I Saw No Temple In The City / Reminiszenz 1999-2006" -- 2 CD -- €16
2008 Trutzburg Thule, TRUTZCD003
The Days Of The Trumpet Call are back! Neoclassical surrounded by a large range of ambient, experimental and folk rock. "I Saw No Temple In The City" was TDOTTC's 2nd opus and was originally released back in 2001 on 10" picture disc (Ltd x 555) by Ars Musica Diffundere. "Reminiszenz..." provides a review of the strongest work of TDOTTC from 1999-2006. 13 select pieces have all been revisited and remastered in the studio. Last but not least is a special bonus track, written by Sagittarius and sung by Troy Southgate (H.E.R.R) and Vera Debaillou. This double album is presented in a stunning 6-panel digipak. [press-release]

The Days Of The Trumpet Call -- "Purification" -- CD -- €11
1999/2010 Trutzburg Thule, TRUTZCD004
"Purification" is the re-issue of Raymond P.'s first album (1999, Black Rain). This edition comes remastered and in all new artwork. "Purification" was recorded at the same time when Josef K. and Raymond P. recorded Von Thronstahl's first two albums for Cold Spring. Dark and Neoclassical soundscapes with many voice samples. Digipak. [Cold Spring]

Deadwood -- "8 19" -- CD -- €10
2006 Cold Spring Records, CSR53CD
Outstanding Power Electronics from Sweden. This is DEADWOOD's debut album and is a solid, pounding force of electronics, Death Ambient atmospheres and brutal vocals. Featuring a member of Satanic Black Metal act Blodulv. File alongside such luminaries as The Grey Wolves and Mz.412. DEADWOOD is a relentless assault on the senses! Approach with due caution! [press-release]

Death In June -- "Abandon Tracks!" -- CD -- €16
2005 New European Recordings, NER BAD VCCD49
This new Death In June release brings you rarities, remixes and original unreleased recordings. Brilliant remastered, "Abandon Tracks!" is journey into the mastermind of Douglas P. himself, 70 minutes of pure Death in June, extensive liner notes, deluxe digipak.

Death In June -- "Nada!" -- CD -- €16
New European Recordings, NER BAD VCCD13
Finally re-pressed! "Nada" is one of the most classical recordings of Death in June till today. Tracks like " C'est un reve", "Leper Lord" and "Carousel" are unique, a release when DIJ was with Patrick O'Kill aside of Douglas P. and a s special this CD contains the "Born Again" material as bonus now! This release comes in a very nice deluxe digipak, with embossed metalic-foilblocked titels, as nice as the new versions of "But what ends..." and "Rose clouds..."! Contains a extended 16 page booklet with new artwork and all the texts. [label info]

Death In June -- "The Rule of Thirds" -- CD -- €17
2008 New European Recordings, BAD VC CD 51
The first new Death In June studio album in more than three years. The CD edition is presented in an embossed softpak with 16 page lyric book. The embossed whiphand looks like the birds on AA and this is where the music continues. Minimalistic and pure, nearly no other instruments then the guitar and the voice of Douglas P. A break with what you know from "Symbols" or albums like "TCAC" and "OH". You will love the artistic pictures in the artwork. Recommended! [Tesco]

Der Blutharsch -- "Live at the Monastery" -- CD -- €14
Wir Kapitulieren Niemals, WKN 24
The recording of acoustic concert played in Vienna on May 1, 2005.

Der Blutharsch -- "Live In Copenhagen" -- CD -- €14
2006 Wir Kapitulieren Niemals, WKN28
A life document from the Der Blutharsch`s „Farewell" tour 2006, presenting the rock oriented side of Der Blutharsch…On this tour Der Blutharsch was: Marthynna (vocals, drums, percussion, keyboard, strum stick), Jorg B. (guitar, bass guitar, backing vocals), Bain Wolfkind (drums, vocals), Alessio B. (guitar, bass guitar, backing vocals) and of course Albin Julius (vocals, harmonium, keyboards, theremin, raagini) - thee ultimative line up for thee ultimative nasty rock music. So bring your iron rain down upon me! [label info]

Der Blutharsch -- "Live in Leiden" -- CD -- €14
2010 WKN, WKN 37
Live in Leiden by Der Blutharsch is the 3rd album in a series of live recordings - after "Live at The Monastery" and "Live in Copenhagen". Live in Leiden was recorded at "The Night of Confusion" held September 28th 2oo4 at legendary venue LVC (where already artists like Nico performed) and was the "most cntroversial" concert in the 40 years history of this venue. Nevertheless, this night was a huge success and this recording is a document of this night. At the same time it is the last live recording of the "old" Blutharsch - a small reminder about what Der Blutharsch was dreaded for before they morphed into "era two" and turned into a dark psychedelic kraut monster. This is a great live document of a concert of the thee band who invented "martial industrial" as well as "military pop" - a MUST of all die hard fans of this genre as well as for people who want to know why this band once has been considered "dangerous". The CD comes in a foilblocked digipak. [press-release]

Desaccord Majeur -- "La Couleur Odorante" -- CD-R -- €9
1998/2006 Kokeshidisk, kodi 6, (ltd. 100)
Reissue of the tape released in 1998 on our previous label Harmonie, "La Couleur Odorante" gathers eight tracks previously released on various international compilations from 1990 to 1995, showing the evolution of Désaccord Majeur music & sounds with more and more ethnic influences while keeping a melodic and evolutive structure. This reissue includes two previously unreleaseds track from 1989 (one of the first Désaccord Majeur tracks, very ambient) and 1993 (more in the ethno-ambient sounds he's known for). [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Dieter Müh -- "Cari Saluti" -- CD -- €10
2000/2002 Functional Organisation, Functional 014
Voices, loops, field recordings of airport terminals, travelogues, and electro-acoustics are layered into a mix of low- and hi-fi, analog and digital, novelty, special effects, and humor, juxtaposed with hallucinatory journeys into darkness. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Drakh -- "Bethlehem" -- CD -- €12
2010 Essence Music, ESS014, (ltd. 400)
One third of the cult post-industrial Swedish legends MZ.412, one half of the amazing experimental act Beyond Sensory Experience and Nordvargr’s long running loyal partner on classic endeavors – including the abyssal black ambient duo Nordvargr/Drakh. With such high caliber resume, we are more than honored to present the first DRAKH solo album! While mostly known for his demonic, truly Swedish guitar interventions on the MZ.412 or N/D pitch black ambiences, Bethlehem finds Jonas Aneheim walking through slow, quasi-harmonic, subtle, yet thick drone fields weaving elaborate and unexpected damaged electronic rhythms and harsh, crackling ambient textures that can become – at the same time – both delicate and haunting, warm and freezing, to finally drown in a sea of reverb, glacial riffing and distortion on his own shadowy interpretation of the city of Bethlehem. Simply perfect. Masterfully conceived and recorded on the road during his many world travels over the past years – from the US State of Indiana to Asia –, the album successfully narrates unknown angles from these places via ominous sonic vistas and pallets that truly honor the charming aura and tradition of the bleakest Swedish sounds. Presented in our custom 6-panel digisleeve packaging with stunning and desolate photography by Seldon Hunt. Not coincidentally mastered by no one else than Jouni Ollila (aka Ulvtharm, from the MZ.412 fame) at oLLiLaboratories Studios. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Einleitungszeit -- "Auranoise" -- CD -- €10
2002 Ars Morta Universum, (ltd. 1000)
2002 album from the Slovakian Industrial / Noise legends, headed by Norg (VO.I.D.). Clearly leaning again to the harder Industrial range, dominated this time by violent noise attacks with a deconstructed, textured base. 59 minutes of music for hardened Industrial Noise freaks! Limited to 1000 copies in a folded cardboard sleeve, sealed with twisted wire. [Cold Spring]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Faryus -- "Silence Spells" -- CD-R -- €9
2010 Practising Nature, PN10037
The sound of this album is diverse, because each of the tracks have been recorded over time in different places. Everything developed towards the final idea when I was in Portugal at the end of 2007. I sat on a cliff above the coastline and looked down at the sea. There was almost complete silence after the rainfall, the rush of the waves barely audible from that height. I sat there for a long time and gradually felt my mood alter. I began to hear a stillness, to perceive itas a substance, she whispered to me.. it was like the "Silence Spells". [from the author] A varied album with four highly atmospheric pieces recorded over time in different places by Andrey Sadovnikov, founder of the Faria Records label. Dark synth washes, subtle noises, nature sounds and distant voices create a trance-like soundscape which asks for a careful listening to uncover its secrets. [label info]

Genetic Transmission -- "R.E.T.R.O." -- CD -- €10
2007 War Office Propaganda / Rage In Eden, WOP41
Genetic Transmission is a project of Tomasz Twardawa - a legend of polish industrial scene. The newest GT album - R.E.T.R.O is recorded in vein of old industrial. Most of basic sounds are microphone recordings of different instruments, original acoustic installations like set of stones, glass and metal as well as field recordings. The equipment is wide spectrum of contact and dynamic microphones, old telephone headphones. All enriched with vintage soviet made electronic devices from early 80's. More than sixty minutes of pure industrial sounds in six tracks, CD in digipack. [press-release]

Grassow, Mathias -- "Calibration" -- CD-R -- €9
2009 Practising Nature, PN09028
Mathias Grassow strikes again with over an hour of a great atmospheric drone ambient, with an incredible deep mood. [label info]

Grassow, Mathias feat. Jiri Mazanek -- "Music Infinity Meets Virtues" -- CD -- €10
2009 Nextera, ERA 2059-2
Performed Live at Church of St.Simon and Juda, Prague 1 - Old Town, May 23rd, 2009.

Green Army Fraction -- "The Greater & The Lesser Holy War" -- C-35 -- €8
2009 Erratic Sporadicism Tapes, EST.007, (ltd. 199)
Green Army Fraction continues its one-man-strife against the decayed values of the present day society. A-side includes only the title track - seventeen and a half minutes "epic" journey of harsh droning electronics landscapes, junk metal abuse, feedback and constant vocal action spitting disgust towards the modern world. B-side has three shorter tracks connected to the same topic. One pulsating instrumental piece, one in a more industrial vein and one with with almost melodic use of feedback. We'd say together with Caste War full-length, clearly his best work up to date!.. High bias chrome cassette packaged in a green silk screened canvas bag. Comes with four pro-printed fold-out inserts. A total of 16 pages including all the lyrics, rich graphics and illustrations and a selection of well chosen quotes from various philosophers and thinkers. Hand numbered and limited to 199 copies. Reaction is the wave of the future! [press-release]

His Divine Grace -- "Reverse Aleph" -- CD -- €14
2001 Hau Ruck!, HR!14
A lot of secrets around this band, no information. Even the labels seems to know nothing about this formation. So is the music, dark & ritual, doomy and gloomy, coming from behind, getting you in your sleep. Haunting you in your deepest nightmares. You may be dead and even then you don't know a thing about this release. Just experience it! [label info]

Hum -- "Inner Navigation" -- CD-R -- €13
2006 Mystery Sea, MS30 (ltd. 100)
Russian sound alchemist Chistov Dmitry of the Moscow region, feeds his aural obsessions with his immediate environment as well as the deep psyche...Letting a certain sense of urban deliquescence & the beauty of ambient decay corrode his compositions, but also probably inspired by the founder & essential fluxes animating Nature, he succeeds in sculpting mantric tones with a very own character and dynamics... These pieces are casted in permeating movements acting like close metaphors of primary pulsions & feelings... To cover their large palette, Dmitry has so far operated under many names denoting different approaches (SPHOGHA, NIGREDO, MIKOSTERION, SMALL TOWN ZOMBIE, & above all HUM...)... Passionate & extremely meticulous, he released most of his works in private editions under his own imprints (SPHOGHA, A DATURA LANDSCAPES...) For Mystery Sea, Dmitry uses his main HUM identity... Hum is a vehicle for making low continuous vibrating sounds often based on a specific sensation explored in its multiple variations... So, "inner navigation" is about what blooms under your skin, that unnameable flow which underlies every breath, a search for isolating impulses & conductions... "inner navigation" is a meandering journey through the layers of Unconsciousness, gradual erosion, stasis, and ultimately loss... going there beyond, at the heart of a reflection itself where a sheer emotion surges, like a sudden enlightening open sky... "inner navigation" is following the unknown river of our masked soul, reaching for supreme acuity... [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Inade -- "Samadhi State" -- CD -- €14
2006 Loki Foundation, Loki 41
A Japanese edition of collected studio works from the last years, recorded during several sessions and rehearsals at the Light Channel. Remixed, re-constructed and re-edited in 2005. This release was accompaning the Spring Equinoxe concert in Tokyo and is now available outside of Japan as well. "Samadhi State" is illuminating the space of reality and the luminous arcs of dreams. Samadhi is a over-conscious experience that lies beyond waking, dreaming, and deep sleep. The realisation made in Samadhi is numinous realisation. A perfect condition in vigil, a condition of absolute consciousness. It is the final goal of everything and the highest form of self-possession, in the sense of collecting all the faculties of the constitution towards reaching union or quasi-union, long or short in time as the case may be, with the divine-spiritualЕ Life in the spirit is not fading. If the restrictions of the empirical being are exceeded, the universal life is intensified. The life becomes cosmical and even hypercosmical. The Samadhi State is neither guards nor dreams it is the fourth dimension, where the infinite eternity prevails. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

The Infant Cycle -- "Playout" -- CD-R -- €8
2007 ZHELEZOBETON, ZHB-XI, (ltd. 250)
The Infant Cycle is a project of the Canadian artist Jim DeJong working under this name since 1994. It may seem surprising, but all these 13 years he remained in the underground of experimental music, and his name is well-known only to inveterate enthusiasts and explorers of this strange phenomenon. The project has put out 6 full-length albums on cassettes and CD-Rs, several singles and an amazing series of minions called "Clear Shape" released in ultra-limited editions on transparent vinyls of unusual forms (square, hexagon and triangle). Jim has also recorded a lot of collaboration works with such musicians as Big City Orchestra, Dronaement, Orphx, Aidan Baker, Delphium, etc., some of them were published by his own label The Ceiling... The Infant Cycle's music has never been notable for tensity or ornateness, instead of this it focuses on the subtle aspects of sounding of separate timbres and their combinations. Such textural orientation allows to create a completely peculiar effect, and the seeming minimalism carries into the contemplation of the infinity of possible microsound combinations. In this connection, Jim knows how to get on with both rhythms and drone ambient prostration. Among his favourite instruments are Poly-800, shortwaves, feedback, field recordings and altered vinyl records... Vinyls deserve special mentioning. Jim carved the runout grooves of records and thus created simple and unembellished (yet in some ways, unpredictable) rhythm patterns. Once he decided to start a project severely limiting the sound sources to one carved playout and the operational sounds of his old 4-speed Califone record player. Additional noises were generated by running a razor blade along the platter while it was spinning (the blade at different altitudes, and the platter at different speeds which was picked up by the needle), and the tone arm being vibrated into different tones by a violin bow (amplified via the needle)... An early track (called, fittingly "Playout (Early)") appeared on "Lágrimas De Miedo N°8 - Sund", a compilation CD coming with the eighth issue of France's "Fear Drop" magazine (2001). Two excerpts were also released as a free promotional 5" by The Ceiling to announce the then-upcoming CD release of "Playout" on the American label Merchants Of Sound. But the label soon folded out, and the recording was lying and lying in the bins of The Infant Cycle's archive. And now we are infinitely glad to have an opportunity to present this work to your attention!
[mp3]   [mp3]

Jazkamer -- "Balls The Size Of Texas, Liver The Size Of Brazil" -- CD -- €10
2007 Purple Soil, pulse zero: four
If "diverse" is the very word for JAZKAMER duet (John Hegre + Lasse Marhaug), it also seems to be the best "Balls the Size of Texas, Liver the Size of Brazil’s" description. None of the band’s previous full-length albums were same or similar to each other, so are(n’t) the "Balls". If "Panic" is band’s ultimate blues record, "Balls" are band’s "London Calling", with each song different not only within the album, ranging from harsh noise outburst to calm to dreamy guitar ambiences. But the blues is still in and on with simple artwork, consisting strictly of landscape pictures to underline the album’s misty, dreamy, nostalgic atmospheres. Full length CD, paper fold-out cover. [label info]

Kasyansky, Grundik -- "Floating Point" -- CD-R -- €7
2007 Topheth Prophet, TP011, (ltd. 100)
Grundik Kasyansky plays feedback synthesizer, field recordings, theremin, samples and assemblage and here on 'Floating Point' one Fyodor Makarov plays toy concertina. The music is an 'audio collage based on three works written for dance', all mixed up into one piece, so the relevance of the music for dance is gone, I'd say. In his previous releases Kasyanksy was a man who showed his love for quiet music, with a big role for silence among the silence, and perhaps a soft peep here and there. But on this new release he makes a step forward. It may end out in his usual soft mood, but over the course over the thirty-six minutes that go before that he brings his material alive through a very strong audio collage. Field recordings and feedback, and occasional bang on the toy piano: it makes up quite a strong release. At times I was reminded a bit of Andrew Liles, even when Kasyansky's music sounded at times more fully loaded than Liles. It marks a great step forward for Kasyansky and is by far his best release to date. [Vital Weekly]

'kirchenkampf' -- "Babel" -- 2 CD -- €15
2007 Diophantine Discs, n = 8,9, (ltd. 500)
"Babel" follows the recent and well-received albums "Island of the Dead" (on Cohort) and "Transmissions" (which we released last year). It is an extremely dynamic and dense work that could generally be classified as experimental dark ambient. The theme here is the Tower of Babel and each disc takes a somewhat different yet complimentary approach: the first ("Red Babylon") is generally a rather heavy and intense recording, while the second ("Citadel of the Nevermind") is more droney and dream-like. A profound and monumental journey lasting well over two hours... 'kirchenkampf', the project of John Gore (Cohort Records, The Oratory of Divine Love, >wirewall<), has been active since 1986. Since that time he has released numerous recordings on his own and other labels. Additionally, John has collaborated with a number of others, including Steve Hall (Yen Pox), C. Reider, and Brett Smith (Caul)... The CDs come packaged in a stunning printed gatefold sleeve. [press-release]

Krutogolov, Igor -- "White" -- CD -- €10
2006 Auris Media, aum 10 / Topheth Prophet, TP006, (ltd. 1000)
From Israel comes Igor Krutogolov, who is besides a musician also the designer for Topheth Propeht. Apparently he is mostly known for his 'klezmer core' project Kruzenshtern & Parohod but also a 'toy orchestra' Igor Krutogolov's Karate Band as well as various collaborations he has done with people like Chaos As Shelter, Agnivolok, Bastard Noise, Tidal and Darkwood. For 'White', which comes with a booklet with white pages (funny or arty) he plays bass with bow and strings, voice, keyboards, objects, flute and birds and gets help from somebody playing bells and someone delivering a tape of rain sounds. Divided into seven parts, this is however very much one piece. The musical theme's re-occur in every track, the rain sounds return every now and then. The label compares this is to Colin Potter and Andrew Liles, which, especially in the case of Liles, I can see some parallel. The drone like sounds form the backbone of the piece and with irregular intervals, real instruments are added. Unlike Liles however, Krutogolov doesn't dwell that much of sound effects, and rather uses them in a more natural sounding way. Quite hypnotic and engaging at times, this is surrealist music, with a built in tension that keeps lurking around the corner, and the listener is waiting for something to happen. Wether or not it happens I won't reveal, but it's a pretty strong CD. [FdW, Vital Weekly #560]

Liles, Andrew -- "My Long Accumulating Discontent" -- CD -- €10
2004 Nextera, ERA 2035-2
‘My Long Accumulating Discontent’ is the fourth and certainly the strangest recording from Andrew Liles. This CD is in places more ‘melodic’ than Liles’ previous output and its 17 tracks cover a wide musical territory. Some songs are short and harmonious, other pieces are longer, subtle and contemplative with drifting delicate drones. In places the CD is truly bizarre and defies all conventions. The album doesn’t fit easily into any definable bracket and we feel this oddity belongs in a class all of its own. Traditional English vernacular culture connoisseur Andrew King joins Andrew Liles for one track and Aaron Moore and Nick Mott of Volcano the Bear contribute to several other songs. ‘My Long Accumulating Discontent’ is a distinct and peculiar excursion from the norm. [press-release]

Lo.By... -- "And she was drivin' images..." -- MC -- €5
2006 YAOP, YAOP 025, (ltd. 57)
Original view on radionoise from deep north Russia. Pieces of ether and noise are subjected to maniac processing, mixing and looping, turning into completely unhealthy but extremely sprightly collage. Performed on three magnetophones and an equalizer. [press release]

Lucisferrato -- "Childish Songs For Ugly Useless Dead Friends" -- 10" -- €13
2002 Der Angriff Nr. 7 (Prometheus PYRO Gamma), (ltd. 300)
Two tracks that sound nearly half-an-hour open to the listener a world full of misanthropy and tragedy, yearning and hope, it brings into concord sensible view of things and passionate gusts beyond... Incredible voice passages made with great passion and technically stainless interwoven into the unsettling canvas of harmonica, percussion and background ambience. [label info]

Lunar Abyss Quartet -- "Hyperborean" -- 10" -- €13
2003 Der Angriff Nr. 8 (Prometheus PYRO Epsilon), (ltd. 300)
Mysterious travel into the heart of ancient Baltia, where the cold lakes and moss-covered stones in the pine-woods still keeping the secrets of the times long forgotten… Chants, ambient layers and delicate percussion together with some sound effects shroud the listener in the mist of the Hidden… [label info]

Lustmord -- "Beyond" -- CD -- €17
2009 Vaultworks, J-3, (ltd. 1000)

Maeror Tri -- "Hypnotikum I" -- CD -- €12
1998/2010 Nefryt, N 018, (ltd. 300)
First time on CD. Both packed in A5 gatefold covers, both limited & numbered to 300 only!!! Postindustrial ambient and hypnotic loops created by legendary Maeror Tri. These recordings are based on loops that were used by Maeror Tri during their live-concerts in Torino, Cologne and Ghent 1996. [label info]

Maeror Tri -- "Hypnotikum II" -- CD -- €12
1998/2010 Nefryt, N 019, (ltd. 300)
First time on CD. Both packed in A5 gatefold covers, both limited & numbered to 300 only!!! Postindustrial ambient and hypnotic loops created by legendary Maeror Tri. These recordings are based on loops that were used by Maeror Tri during their live-concerts in Torino, Cologne and Ghent 1996. [label info]

Maeror Tri -- "Myein" -- CD -- €10
2005 Waystyx, WR10, (ltd. 675)
Re-edition of one of the most beautiful and significant musical work in the history of industrial music previously released by ND in 1995. Slowly evolving layers of guitar droning, sometimes harsh and distorted, sometimes clinking and melancholic, sometimes abstract and meditative. Total hypnosis.

Mantra, Michael -- "D#m/Gm" -- CD -- €10
2008 Purple Soil, pulse zero: five
The so far unreleased 1998 album. Classical example of static music. Two lengthy ambient tracks, heavy on subtle drones and concrete sounds, descending slowly forwards. [label info] "D#m/Gm is an album of extended ambient listening of sonic icebergs slowly shifting over time. This album is based in ultra minimal atmospheric dronecore, an exploration into the dark unknown of somber sonic states of the mysterious unknown and leveraging changes in states of feeling and states of consciousness. For maximum sonic effect, listening to this CD with stereo headphones is recommended. Do not listen to this album while operating heavy machinery or operating an automobile, motorcycle, marine craft, aircraft of extra terrestial craft. This album is dedicated to world peace for all sentient beings." [sleeve notes]

Moljebka Pvlse -- "dvnkl" -- CD -- €11
2006 Fifth Week, FW003 (ltd. 500)
The 7th full-length album of this Swedish project is recorded by Mathias Josefson in cooperation with Karin Jacobson, who usually sings and plays drums in the band Les Issambres and also takes part in experimental theatre group Kekelejfs. In the hands of Mathias Karin's voice and instrumentation is transformed into a multilayer of sound. Spoken words, singing, sounds of nature, manipulated and twisted, takes us away on a journey. A journey inwards into the mind, cause it's not just any mind, but the mind of someone that is far from alright, someone experiencing the world through multi personalities and trying to make sense of her perceptions, a chaotic mind meeting a chaotic world. But this is far from chaos: the music is done with theatrical precision, carefully directed, performed and executed. This is not an easy listening album, but right from the start it puts a spell on you and you know that you have to listen to it to the end. [label info]

Moljebka Pvlse -- "Sadalmelik" -- CD -- €10
2002 Cold Meat Industry, cmi113, (ltd. 1000)
Imagine someone delicately rolling out a dough comprising both the subtler moments of Maeror Tri and the hypnotic ambience of mid-eighties Lustmord, incorporating low frequency factory sounds and you might come close to this monotonous drone-party. [label info]

Moljebka Pvlse / Seventeen Migs Of Spring -- "Ravha / Electricity Gardens" -- CD -- €10
2007 Topheth Prophet, TP015, (ltd. 500)
This collaboration album by Moljebka Pvlse (this time as a trio, with Karin Jacobson and Maria Nordin as the extra members) and the Israeli band Seventeen Migs of Spring contains both individual works from each project and a material that has been made together. It starts with Moljebka Pvlse's nearly 27 minutes long Ravha, a soundscape with breeze-sound and crowd noises as its most obvious elements. There's of course lots of other things in the mix as well, such as a violin and "walking in leaves and Styrofoam". What results is a strange, developing sound-art work that defies catgorization. It breaks and changes, yet stays intact at all times. Second in line is the shared work, Calm Gardens (at night), which clearly fuses together the styles of both groups into one whole. It is also the definitely best piece on the album. The solo part of Seventeen Migs of Spring is divided into five tracks, all of the different fro one another, yet existing as a logical procession. Electricity Gardens thus moves forward, track by track, in an increasingly minimalist, increasingly clinical-sounding fashion. There is nevertheless a warm tone and a certain fullness to it. In addition, the structure of even the most minimalist parts is remarkably solid; for example, Alternating Current uses in its squeals patterns that far more typical in harsh noise than in the glitch music it sound-wise resembles. This album is in no way easy to approach or light to listen to. It also becomes more and more difficult and increasingly distant from the listener the further it progresses, that's how weird it gets.. Despite these issues, it is a very fine piece of work, something one can genuinely call "experimental music" in the best sense of the phrase, and something that well combines the legacy of avant-garde to new innovativeness. [Jiituomas, Kuolleen Musiikin Yhdistys]

Mushroom's Patience -- "The Spirit of the Mountain" -- CD -- €14
Hau Ruck!, HR!33, (ltd. 1000)
One of the strangest bands on Earth. Inspired and based on the writings of Evola and more psychedelic than anything Mushroom`s Patience ever released. [label info]

Mushroom's Patience -- "Water" -- CD -- €14
Hau Ruck!, HR 72
New CD by Roman psychedelic masters Raffaelle Cerroni, Clau D.E.D.I. (Ain Soph), J. Weber & Frl. Tost (Novy Svet), and Flavio (D.B.P.I.T.).

Muslimgauze vs. Species Of Fishes -- "s/t" -- CD -- €10
2007 Tourette 003
Bryn [Jones] took 2 different albums of Species of Fishes to create this album. Because this is a remix, we get some different sounds than usual for a Muslimgauze release, which is nice! There are still occasional Arabic voices, and overall this release has a pleasant sound to it overall, not as 'challenging' as some Muslimgauze can be, but there are still spots that make you take hold, like, wow, what an ear piercing first song! This looped whistle gets into your head and makes the world a different place. Dubby sounds on track 2 with the trademark dropouts of Muslimgauze. There are other tracks with sharp sounds, but they aren't distorted like on some other releases - just the sharp without the static. This is a cool release for Muslimgauze. Some are take it or leave it, but this one is worth hearing. [EAR/Rational] Previously released in 1999 on Species Of Fishes (FCD 01). The original tracks from Species Of Fishes albums "Songs Of A Dumb World" and "Trip Trap" were used for this remix project. All remixes, summer/autumn 1998.

Nadja / Atavist / Satori -- "Infernal Procession... And Then Everything Dies" -- CD -- €10
2008 Cold Spring Records, CSR111CD, (ltd. 1000)
Split release from Canadian Shoegaze / Droners Nadja (Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff), Manchester Doomers Atavist and UK Fortean Electronics / Dark Ambient act Satori. Released to coincide with their UK joint tour. Ltd x 1000 copies in a 6-panel outsized sleeve. [label info]

Necrophorus -- "Drifting In Motion" -- CD -- €13
2000/2008 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 104
”Arctic ambience, melting with imagination, leads the listener to the frozen tundra at the top of the world. This rarely explored land, resonant with a shimmering radiance that is bleak, barren and mysterious, is distinguished by slivers of fantastical nuances that twinkle like crystals under the midnight sun.” The above quotation was taken from a review of the original CD release of ’Drifting in Motion’ (2000 on Crowd Control Activities). Now, 8 years later it is time for an enhanced re-release for even more refined sound and experience of ’Drifting in Motion’. The entire album has been carefully re-mixed in 2007 and has been spiced with 3 more nuances... Peter Andersson is a multi-talented man most famous for his RAISON D'ETRE project on the notorious label Cold Meat Industry LABEL but he is also are responisble for music projetcs like Stratvm Terror, Bocksholm, Atomine Elektrine, Panzar and many more. For this new release, two artists, Maria Gullqvist (Sweden) and Eva Verholen (Holland) has been asked to contribute with their own impressions of experiencing ’Drifting in Motion’. Their amazing works are presented on the completely new designed CD artwork in a six panels digipak. Composed by Peter Andersson in 1998-1999, except track 7 (2001), track 8 (2006) and track 9 (1991). All tracks re-mixed in 2007. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Njurmannen -- "Terror In The Dollhouse" -- CD -- €13
2008 Old Europa Cafe, OECD110
NJURMANNEN was the VERY first project in which Lina DEUTSCH NEPAL was involved!!! And he was working and recording with the rest of this "CULT" band all the tracks on this album!!! The album features studio recordings arround 1990 by the legendary Swedish electronica pioneers Njurmännen! This CD album contains the most part of their long time out of print LP "Reality Adventures" plus some stray material from compilations and seven inch vinyl and one previously un-released track! Snappy gothic pop tunes meet electronic gamelan meets Russian poetry in outer space... Or something like that... Or much more simply "The real cult release of 2008" !!!?!?!? [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Nocturne -- "Terroriser Manipuler Convaincre" -- CD -- €13
Old Europa Cafe, OECD 082, (ltd. 150)
Concept album builded arround the figure of Doctor "Mabuse" the anti-hero of Norbert Jacques's novel, the genius of crime and chaos, the genius of finance in a slow falling world in the first part of 1900... Slow moving tracks reminding to a world brocken by First World War. Very industrial concept using analog instrumentation mixed up to sounds from the beginning of the last century and many samples in German language taken from the legenadry movie as well as french vocals. Oversized 7" cover plus inserts. [label info]

Nordvargr -- "In Oceans Abandoned By Life I Drown..." -- CD -- €12
2007 Essence Music, ESS008, (ltd. 800)
The Nordic giant purveyor of modern dark ambient death drone sounds strikes again on Essence Music! This time Mr. NORDVARGR leaves behind the detailed abyssal land of haunting minimalistic atmospheres found on Vitagen, released under his full name – Henrik Nordvargr Björkk – and moves towards the blackest side of the drone doom micro cosmos. A grim place where, sitting on the throne, he commands the crushing, ear splitting and slow motion processed guitar blasts that emerge from the depths of the pitch black ambience background. Cavernous rumbles, disembodied voices and disturbing malfunction machines play the role and prepare the terrain for one of the most demonic axe attacks to come! Presented in our custom 6-panel digisleeve packaging with stunning artwork by Stephen O’Malley (Sunn O))), Khanate) and photography by Seldon Hunt. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Novy Svet -- "Fin. Finito. Infinito" -- CD -- €14
Nekofutschata, Neko 16
Even within the enigmatic discography of NOVY SVET the album FIN. FINITO. INFINITO takes a special place. The original 12" coming in an edition of 77 copies only offered nothing more than the title in embossed red letters - the rest was all blackness. The group's comments to this major work summed up to complete silence, which opened space for a mass of partly obscure interpretations. For sure this album was conceived as a good-bye, finding a climax in the suicidal title track. Rare example of a cult item coming up to the listener's expectations for the first time on digital format. [label info]

O Paradis / Novy Svet -- "Entre Siempre Y Jamas Suben Las Mareas, Duermen Las Ciudades" -- CD -- €14
2003 The Nekofutschata Musick Cabaret, neko 12
Novy Svet adds their distinctive voice to 15 tracks recorded in cooperation with the traditional folk project Ô Paradis. Beautiful arrangements which will not only satisfy the pure Novy Svet fan but also reach people who feel attracted to Mediterranean folk music. [label info]

:Of The Wand And The Moon: -- "Sonnenheim" -- CD -- €14
2005 Heidrunar Myrkrunar, HEIM003
This is the 4th, long awaited and anticipated masterpiece from :OTWATM: with 15 new tracks also featuring collaborators from Forseti and Sonne Hagal. Musically this is Kim Larsen and :OTWATM:, but with a very big development in sound and atmosphere. Comes in very nice digipack with embossed metallic-foilblocked titles and debossed images and a 12 page booklet with all the texts.

One For Jude -- "Figures" -- CD -- €5
2001/2006 Infinite Fog Productions, IF-01, (ltd. 500)
French band, playing quiet strange neofolk mixed with electronics, gothic and rock music. "From first minutes, music full a melancholy and romanticism, will transfer you deeply, to the farthest, warm, and probably for a long time the lost memoirs. Where it will want to come back again and again... Guests musician - Eric Roger(ex-Sol Invictus; Gae Bolg)." [label info]

The Oratory Of Divine Love -- "Meditatio" -- CD -- €10
2008 Diophantine Discs, n = 16, (ltd. 500)
One of the children of John Gore (aka 'kirchenkampf'), The Oratory Of Divine Love presents here their third CD: a fifty-plus minute track of ambient electronic drone that, with gradual progression, features melodies and voices filtering in and out throughout the sound. Though a generally contemplative recording, the piece is quite engaging and will elicit the attention of all who enjoy experimental and drone musics. Previous recordings under this name have been issued by EE Tapes and Waystyx... Housed in a custom printed color wallet. [press-release]

Organomehanizm -- "Quiet Insanity" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Rokot, RKT-07, (ltd. 100)
New album of recently reactivated noisician Kirill Stoukalin from Leningrad — you must forget about Saint-Petersburg here for it's pure concrete hash, rusty metal, killing cold humidity and mouldiness of Soviet era city on the banks of Neva. Kirill was a founder of Reductio Ad Absurdum — one of the very first Russian Industrial projects which started in the same time infamous Alexander Lebedev-Frontov did (early 1990s). If you still haven't heard a track from it -- you are loosing some great experience of feeling pure old-school madness and simplicity in the vein of M.B. and M.O. "Quiet insanity" includes 8 tracks of decomposed vinyl records, analogue sound sources and various schizophrenic samples. [press-release]

Origami Galaktika / i: Wound / Inderst Elia -- "Monolake" -- CD -- €10
2005 Purple Soil, pulse zero: three
Repress of the most beautiful of several live collaborations of these projects. Recorded already in 2000 in Oslo, originally released as limited CD-R on AMBERMUSIC year later, using fragments from still legendary, but still unreleased ORIGAMI GALAKTIKA “Laos Vegas” album, this high-peak of live ambience comes again carefully re-mastered from the original minidisk (by Karel Kourek, man responsible for the sound of all recent h3o and OOPHOI albums) and re-packaged in nice paper fold-out cover. [label info]

Pacific 231 -- "Stif(f)le - Etats Brut et Balances" -- CD-R -- €10
2008 Monochrome Vision, (ltd. 150)
Pierre Jolivet has been producing music since 1981. His most recent CD Palestine has been released in 2007 in collaboration with Rapoon. In the Autumn of the same year, he visited Russia with concerts. They were organized in Moscow, St.-Petersbourg and Yaroslavl by Monochrome Vision label, which started the new series of live albums with this one. The concept of "Stif(f)le" is to encompass a space by creating a virtual world based on the use of digital technology. Since my first performance, nearly 25 years ago, progress has been made in creating and controlling the performance in a real time environment. The equipment consists of a single laptop, connected through MIDI to an upper torso exoskeleton and a data projector displaying the visual in sync with the sound feed. Abolishing the instrument liberates the performer as motion sensors on the body facilitate gesture found in dance or in sculpture. The minimalist aspect of the performance makes the spectator closer to an altered state of consciousness, a format used since the early sixties repetitive school of music to include the public as part of the event as a cerebral feedback loop. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Panzar -- "Pratotypon" -- CD -- €12
2006 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 078
OEC was since ever the home for the more harsh & batteling Peter Andersson aka Raison D'etre side projects! OEC was releaseing the debut Stratvm Terrror CD & 2 other very acclaimed ST followers... Now we like to go with this new disc by Peter which will be the very last one for his other "harsh" project: "Panzar"! World War II has ended and so will Panzar... Including a unique live performance from the hot summer desert war 2005 and a number of early prototypes never released before. Also included is a Panzar hit re-mix of the FOLKSTORM track "Victory of Death?"!!! "Pratotypon" contains all you need: harsh and growling electronic sounds, distorted and transformed beats, danger and blood from the battlefield. Comes in jewel case with artwork filled with early tanks. If you have a CD-player in your armoured vehicle this is the definite music to play, or why not: "buy a TANK!" [press-release]

Penjaga Insaf -- "Sama Sadja" -- CD -- €14
2010 Power & Steel, PAS 27
For several years Ingo Sauerbrey made extensive travels through Indonesia, always carrying recording equipment to collect sounds as an audio diary. During periodic return trips to Germany, he started to work on the recordings with electronic devices. Some sounds were edited, cut and transformed, while others were kept completely intact. To name a few sound sources only recordings from Water Puppet and Shadow Theatres, Gamelan and various welcoming and fighting dances like Kecak, Jegog and the Tarian Caci were used for this album. Some of those impressive performances were made of 60 to 90 men chanting and dancing while a bamboo orchestra used 4 meter long bamboo sticks playing bass drums on it. SAMA SADJA is waving together the sounds of living traditions, religions and languages with spherical ambient pads and electronically edited drones from the field recordings. This is an contemplative and intimate soundtrack from the deepest heart of South East Asia. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Post Scriptvm -- "Marginal Existence" -- CD -- €15
2005 Hermetique, H-CD04, (ltd. 500)
A sound work on its own. An extremely dark one. Some sort of contemplative mirror of a sick society. It is without artifice that this American project hailing from New-York (Brooklyn) unveils us a neat and unhealthy piece of sound work of an incredible intrinsic maturity. A now mad and rabid, now suffocating atmosphere. The thread seems uncertain and lures the listener into a cruel maze with no exit. Here each sound is disembodied, jammed and torn out. Is this reality or is it fiction? On edge. Existence is a painful last resort. A desperate move. In search of one's own body, of one's own destiny. The journey is a dangerous and solitary one. Putrefied flesh, fleshless and revengeful spectres. Clockwork is irremediably running towards its last turn. Paralyzing. Like a trepan, Post-Scriptvm goes deeply into the unutterable side of our mind and of our sensitivity. A journey with no safe return guarantee and a possible dead end as an outlet in a pitiless and disjointed pipe dream like scenery. In the heart of the senses and of the emotion. The search for the past, for history and for existence lies in the fact of digging the earth among rubble and muddy bones in order to rebuild this macabre and moribund puzzle of our human life ad infinitum. A unique masterpiece incarnating an open-heart operative field, a brain surgery of the last chance during which a general anaesthesia is proscribed. Mastered by Jerome Nougaillon (Propergol), it comes in special envelope with inserts and is limited to 500 copies. [label info]

Propergol -- "Ground Proximity Warning System" -- CD -- €14
2006 Annihilvs / Stridulum Recordings, APEX004 / STR-010, (ltd. 500)

Propergol -- "Renegade" -- CD -- €14
2001/2006 Tesco Organisation, TESCO 043
A limited re-release of the famous fourth album originaly released in 2001 from this highly recommended French project. Pounding repetive rhythms, cold power-electronics filled with noise effects and well-placed striking samples and cut-ups. Includes the most wanted track "La vie en Rose". Comes in a special cardboard package and four inserts. [press-release]

Pugna -- "MOKZYAKZHAGTU" -- DVD-R -- €9
2007 KERPG, KERPG_2, (ltd. 156)
Third official release of Russian necromagic project of militarized and denumanized noise ambient. This time it's an audio/visual release. Visuals represent project's live video consisting of b/w horror of "seat of war" at the sea. Poles played by: submarines, military vessels and their anthropoid riders, their collision and deconstruction as a result of total resistance and dogmatic glorification of enemy's death. Part of the live performance is used too. Particular attention in sound and video is turned to the functional wreck of submarines - b/w interweaving of dirty dreadful view of the sea, vessels and hypnotizing rough bass and at the same time soft and melodic ambient and codified black column of noise. The release leaves obscure, cold and isolationist impression. Everybody is in the compartement of a sinking submarine. Everybody will die. A monument of suffering and Leviathan's power. DVD-r in a sleeve, metal sheet 20x13 cm, riveted sailcloth, 2 cards. [UFA Muzak]

Puissance -- "Let Us Lead" -- CD -- €15
Equilibrium Music, EQM 007
Originaly released on Cold Meat Industry in 1996, "Let Us Lead" stills stands as one of the most impressive and groundbreaking releases in the Industrial/Militaristic fusion that has become so popular recently. Carefuly elaborated overwhelming orchestrations brought to Puissance's Industrial structures a disturbing apocalyptic touch, impregnated with somber beauty and bitter, often polemic, spoken-word speeches. Announced for re-release on various occasions, "Let Us Lead" is finally made available again, with re-mastered sound and an additional bonus track, presented in matte-black deluxe digipak edition, with classy UV spot-varnish finishing [press-release].

Rapoon -- "Navigating By Colour" -- CD -- €14
1999/2001 Soleilmoon Recordings, SOL 71 CD

Rapoon -- "Obscure Objects of Desire" -- CD -- €14
2008 Vivo Records, vivo2008039CD
This album is about yearning. That aching emptiness that still exists when all rational processes have been exhausted. The unobtainable, all consuming and immaterial. The irrelevant and the irrational. The dark torments and the light hearted banter. The victories and the defeats. The achievements and the failures. The loves and the losses. When all are accounted for there remains only... the obscure objects of desire. [from the author]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Rapoon -- "Recurring (Dream Circle)" -- CD -- €14
1996 Soleilmoon Recordings, SOL 11 CD

RemoteBand -- "Pinche Madre" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 Abgurd, AB-36, (ltd. 100)
Moscow project with a short but rich history. The only person standing behind REMOTEBAND began his experiments with sound as REMOTE and created mindblowing Harsh Noise and some bizarre electroacoustics. In that short period there were some performances with Nikita Golyshev of CD-r. It's a pity but we think there is not a single chance to listen to any recordings from that period though those were really fascinating. In some time the musician became interested in softer kinds of electronic music, changed his name to REMOTEBAND and gave a few concerts in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg charming audiences with Space Drone Ambient/Noise. We offer six tracks from the latest period of REMOTEBAND art. Guitar, voice, analogue synthesizers, lots of effects, various pre-recorded samples. All these means of soundexpression very smoothly, skilfully and gently interlace into thick and rich intellectual Drone Ambient with some noisy touch and futuristic moods. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Renou, Christian -- "7 Kisses" -- CD -- €11
2003 EE Tapes, EE02, (ltd. 325)
Ex-Brume. Computer music originally composed and recorded in early 2000 at Brume Rec. These recordings were the first experiment made with old, defective and more recent computers. No analog stuff used. Comes in a 7" sleeve. [label info]

Reutoff -- "From The Womb" -- 10" -- €13
2003 Der Angriff Nr. 9 (Prometheus PYRO Sigma), (ltd. 400)
4-trx 30 minutes long 10" is a successor of the last year "Unseen Rituals" CD, but this work is more aggressive, dark, frightening and desperate. Its authentic dark noise melodic soundscapes with voice samples inside create the complex inhuman aura of total degeneration and hate that surrounds a man from birth to death, which is expressed with an irresistible force. [label info]

Rukkanor -- "Despartica - Face One" -- CD -- €10
2007 War Office Propaganda / Rage In Eden, WOP44
Despartica is a collection of impressions, situations and moments in life. The particular parallel between lyrics based on old poetry, and all this what happens nowadays, creates often the atmosphere of bitter reflection and irony. Desires, beliefs, dreams, emotions, experiences, beauty of life and sight of inevitable death in 19th and 20th Century poems "framed" in varied music, from strong industrial rhythms to romantic ballads with melancholic recitations and singing. Yet another different chapter in Rukkanor's musical book. First part of double CDs set - "Despartica - Face One" is now available. 10 songs, 45 minutes, CD in digipack. [press-release]

Rukkanor -- "Ende" -- mCD -- €9
2007 War Office Propaganda / Rage In Eden, WOP36, (ltd. 400)
"Ende" is retrospective compilation of unpublished tracks of Rukkanor. Five tracks composed during Scontum act IV, Triumvire and Despartica sessions with supplement of live recorded track Virus Dei in new interesting arrangement. War theme, military atmosphere - this is the face of Rukkanor on this EP. Release limited to 400 copies only! 6 tracks, 30 minutes. [press-release]

Sal Solaris -- "Outerpretation of Dreams" -- CD -- €14
Hau Ruck!, HR!19
First CD by this Russian project. Ambient noise and machine like orchestral influences, repetitive tunes.

Seelenthron / Traum'er Leben / Trinithos -- "III" -- CD -- €14
2008 Heimatfolk, HF 02
"III" is a 3-way split album by the classic German NeoFolk bands SEELENTHRON, TRAUM'ER LEBEN and TRINITHOS. On this album each band interprets their favourite songs by the other 2 bands + one own new song by each artist. the finale of "III" is a bonus track by Alexander Meier (Seelenthron) - a fantastic, neoclassical coverversion of a Soulsearch/Sturmpercht song. The 3 bands are well known and highly recommended in the German NeoFolk scene, as they are all fantastic musicians and great live-artists. Seelenthron and Traum'er Leben have already released several outstanding albums, but for Trinithos "III" is the debut-release (beside some very limited CDR releases). The first album by Trinithos comes in early may 2008 on HEIMATFOLK. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Seplophobia / Post-Mortem Junkie -- "split" -- CD-R -- €7
Rokot, [RKT-02], (ltd. 76)
Horror Noise masterpiece by two sovereigns of death pulsations, dehydrating distortions and blackened twinkles. Post-Mortem Junkie is a project of horrendous Ryan Oppermann of Redrot, Klinikal Skum, Neuntoter der Plage, Xombie, etc. Previously released as the limited to 50 copies cassette through musicians own labels STOP/EJECT and Skeletone. [label info]

Shinjuku Thief -- "Sacred Fury" -- CD -- €10
2005 Fin de Siècle Media, FDS 12
Leaving aside the sheer viciousness of "Black Ice", the delicate abstraction of "Black Frost" and the calm asphyxiation of his "Matte Black" albums, Darrin Verhagen on his latest release re-embraces all the dramatic theatricality his Shinjuku Thief project is best known for. Hovering midway between gothic orchestral horror and contemporary cinematic narrative, "Sacred Fury" presents us with a score from the midst of judgment. Reflective cinematic odes are strafed by brutal sound design, whilst elsewhere, bombastic homages to In Slaughter Natives pound out a march to the apocalypse in 31 beats. This is the quintessential soundtrack for when all your best military plans turn to shit in your hands, and each new oncoming palletload of reason, ideology and faith seems more combustible than the last. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Sol Invictus -- "Lex Talionis" -- CD -- €13
1990/2008 Infinite Fog Productions, IF-03, (ltd. 1001)
A reissue of a legendary album of a legendary band! "Lex Talionis" was first issued in far 1990, and in 1993 reissued on a CD, being sold out for long time for now... This reissue is a collector's digipak version with the new artwork, 8-page booklet and a previously unreleased bonus track Black Easter (live). This is the 1st edition which contains all the lyrics for this album! With this release the world faced the true force of Sol Invictus' music, after that they were bound to become a part of the musical history. In this recording Tony Wakeford was aided by other legendary musicians: Ian Read, Denis Blackham, Karl Blake, Leithana, and even Richard "Dik" Evans (one of the founders of a pop-band U2). It's not necessary to speak about the music on this CD, we can only say that "Lex Talionis" is definitely the most industrial and rough album of Sol Invictus. This may be the best example of combining the acoustic guitar and melancholic vocals with heavy industrial rhythms and almost noisy elements. This edition is limited to 1001 copies, and probably not everyone will be lucky to get a copy. The following words are true concerning this masterpiece: "Everything that could be said about Lex Talionis has been said before you". "The world is full of gods and beasts, Some to serve and some to feast..." - T. Wakeford. [press-release]

Sonne Hagal -- "Nidar" -- mCD -- €12
Sonne Hagal are working with the ambivalence of good and bad, light and shadow, live and death... overworking and interpret poems of William Blake. A blend mixture of fragile, atmospheric to folkish danceble tracks and their known manner, supported by Andreas Ritter (Forseti), Kim Larsen (Of The Wand And The Moon) and Matt Howden (Sieben). [press-release]

Sophia -- "Herbstwerk" -- CD -- €14
2001 Cold Meat Industry, CMI.96
From 2001 comes this long out-of-stock milestone, finally available again, this time in a jewelcase, and without the 3" bonus CDS which was included in the first edition. But no tears, be happy to have it available again! Comparisons for this ARCANA side-project with DER BLUTHARSCH and even IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES are legitimate, as Sophia paint a similar sort of epic frescos. These are the solemn and sonorous melodies belted out by the pipers and drummers while the army retract from a hard day's work at the battlefield, saving the kingdom from legions of infidels… [label info]

Stalnoy Pakt -- "Anno Mundi Ardentis / Legion Chesty" -- 10" -- €13
2006 Der Angriff, Nr. 23

Stalnoy Pakt -- "Decima Mas / Il Principo Nero" -- 10" -- €13
2003 Der Angriff Nr. 10 (Prometheus PYRO Delta), (ltd. 400)
The first record of the new Alexander Lebedev-Frontov project named Stalnoy Pakt. Alexander is known for his project Linija Mass, his self-released tapes and Europe made vinyls let him deserve the reputation of one of the most interesting russian industrial artist. Stalnoy Pakt is less futuristic and rhythmic than the previous Linija Mass works, it has more atmospheric sound, but the raw density of noise aggression is still there though it became a kind of a shell for the inner delicate soundscapes, deep and subtle, which lie beyond the harsh constructions. [label info]

Stratvm Terror -- "The Only True Septic Whore" -- CD -- €12
1996/1999 Slaughter Productions, SPCD22
Great re-edition of two cult tape releases. Tracks 1-4 were originally released on "The Only True Septic Whore" by Slaughter Productions. Tracks 5-10 were originally released on "Germinal Chamber" by Old Europa Cafe. Track 11 is previously unreleased. [Old Europa Cafe]

Telepherique -- "Zivilisatose" -- CD -- €10
2009 Diophantine Discs, n = 14, (ltd. 500)
"Zivilisatose" represents the culmination of Telepherique's twenty-year career. Having explored all throughout the realms of industrial, ambient, rhythmic noise, and field recordings, Telepherique has created a distinct sound which manifests itself in new and unique ways on each release. With "Zivilisatose" we are mesmerized by flowing and mysterious ambience, and challenged by unusual rhythms and noises. This, a very personal CD to Telepherique, is also their final full-length recording... Since 1989 Telepherique (and its various side-projects) have released nearly one hundred releases, beginning with many cassettes on their own Drahtfunk-Products label. With subsequent releases on such labels as Ant-Zen, G.R.O.S.S., Noise Museum, SSSM, and Afe, their work received a wide exposure. In addition to solo recordings, they have released numerous collaborations and splits with artists such as Contagious Orgasm, MSBR, Ultra Milkmaids, Brume, Aube, M.B., De Fabriek, and Roger Rotor. "Zivilisatose" also features artwork by TJ Norris... Housed in a custom printed color wallet with 4-panel insert. [press-release]

Tetragor -- "Made in Madness" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Abgurd, AB-56, (ltd. 100)
TETRAGOR is a siberian project from the city of Kemerovo. In 2005 it recorded Made in Madness which can be described stylistically as mystic Dark Industrial. Archaic symphonies sound from millions miles away, obliterating tread of Time, rigidity of Chaos, primeval essence of heteroaseity. The album brings reminiscences of the early albums released by mighty Cold Meat Industry - ILDFROST, MEMORANDUM, MENTAL DESTRUCTION - with its aesthetics of introvertive religion of Kali-Yuga. [press-release]

Tvmvlvs Seraphim -- "Fortress Ermetica" -- CD -- €11
2005 Beyond Productions, BEY.0533
Dark ambient. A proud, isolationist project offering the listener a symbolic ground for decodification. An historical document, a chronicle on the hermetic, cold emptiness hold in the events of the Second World War. [Total Rust info] Side-project of Sostrah Tinnitus.

Velehentor -- "Bleaching of Penury" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Rokot, RKT-04, (ltd. 100)
The album that is tributed to the events of poisoning of a human by a human. Two long Harsh Noise tracks in the all-burning style of Government Alpha and two short interludes with ear-mangling glitches. [label info]

Vetrophonia -- "Simultannostb" -- CD -- €9
2003 Ultra, UCD 019, (ltd. 500)
The experimental outfit of A. Lebedev-Frontov (Linija Mass, Stalnoy Pakt) and N. Soudnick (ZGA), known for its split LP with Magmax - MSBR's Koji Tano side-project. Simultannostь is a very interesting collection of the material recorded between 1999 and 2003. Primitivism, automatism and mechanisticism makes Vetrophonia closely connected to the ideas of the early XX century Russian and Italian Futurism, reminding sometimes of Laibach "Rekapitulacija" with its totalitarian feel, but in general it's more abstract and free-form. Old school industrial at its best. The release is limited to 500 copies and comes in a 9" cover with a special artwork by Alexander Lebedev-Frontov.
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Vetrophonia -- "Promzona" -- CD -- €9
2005 Ultra, UCD 22
Brand new album from this legendary orthodox-futuro-industrial project from St. Petersburg. Landscapes of industrial zones, clanks of rusty metal sheets, rings of glass concrete, rumbles of locomotives, roar of fabric pipes and sounds of gramophone from the workshop. Only mind-blowing composition "Protaskivanie Trub" ("Pulling the Pipes") filled with worker's speech samples is worth listening. Vetrophonia doesn't forget about the technological progress too - track "Informatika" tells us about the newest electronic computers working with perforated tapes. Be up to date, listen to Vetrophonia!
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Vishuddha Kali -- "Prem Genocide" -- CD -- €9
2002 Ultra Ways 01, (ltd. 300)
The first album of the one-man project from St. Petersburg. Vishuddha Kali is the art of destruction, musical project, consisting of sounds produced by man's mouth only. All the sounds on the given album are only vocal sounds of different trends of breath & speeches, forwarded through a lot of processing & distorters, but still they are the sounds of the voice only. Creative work of Vishuddha Kali is devoted to total genocide that takes place in human society. It's dedicated to humanity's striving for self-liquidation & destruction. Every track is devoted to one of the stages of this destruction. All the texts being gathered together are a small letter addressed to the man, who realizes its place in the nature, who realizes himself as a small not-separated particle of the surprising manifestation of this life. CD comes in oversized foldout cover sealed with a black wax & includes 2 postcards. [label info].

:zoviet*france: -- "Digilogue" -- CD -- €14
1998 Soleilmoon Recordings, SOL 62 CD
“Digilogue”, originally issued in 1996 by Soleilmoon as a limited edition vinyl album, is presented for the first time on compact disc. The music recorded for “Digilogue” examines the subtle and shifting nuances that contrast the Digital and Analog worlds. :zoviet*france: have always professed their fascination with the failings of the technology by which music is produced, recorded, mass-produced and played back, and have frequently adapted the faults that their own machines develop into means of reshaping sound - the basic material with which they work: “All audio equipment distorts sound to some degree and, eventually through mechanical and electrical failure, fucks it up. Since indeterminacy as a compositional parameter has been a constant in our work, this often produces what we regard as interesting new developments. “Digilogue” was recorded using a mixture of failing analogue equipment and high-end digital equipment, and monitored in our studio exclusively on damaged hi-fi speakers. Sound can be as dirty and as clumsy as anything else we perceive with our senses. This is just as true of sound generated in the digital domain, much as we would all like to believe the claims of near-perfection made by audio equipment manufacturers.” Three tracks from original recording sessions are presented for the first time on this compact disc. They were omitted from the original release because there wasn’t space for them... [label info]

V/A -- "Land:[Schaft]" -- 2x10" -- €25
2004 Cold Lands, CLAN 01, (ltd. 444)
Inade, Predominance, Bad Sector, Cisfinitum. Woden box.

V/A -- "Terra Incendium" -- CD -- €4
2006 no label
Special re-edition of V/A sampler "Terra Incendium" originally released on LOKI in 2003 for the LOKI Foundation festival under the Slogan TERRA INCENDIUM in Moscow, Russia, on November 9, 2006. Features album tracks from First Law, Turbund Sturmwerk, Predominance, Inade, Herbst9, Bad Sector, Land:Fire, Ex.Order, Virologic.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Herbst9 -- "Logo" -- T-shirt -- €12
2006 Cold Lands, (ltd. 40)
High quality 2-sided TS specially made for the Herbst9, Inade, Land:Fire performance in Moscow, Russia in 2006. Light blue colour, size S.

Inade -- "Fishes" -- T-shirt -- €12
2006 Cold Lands, (ltd. 40)
High quality 2-sided TS specially made for the Herbst9, Inade, Land:Fire performance in Moscow, Russia in 2006. Dark-green (khaki) colour, size S.

Land:Fire -- "Logo" -- T-shirt -- €12
2006 Cold Lands, (ltd. 40)
High quality 2-sided TS specially made for the Herbst9, Inade, Land:Fire performance in Moscow, Russia in 2006. Black colour, sizes S, L.

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