It's time for our mailorder newsletter, and among many other additions we can mention new releases of Russian labels Operator Produkzion, YAOP, Noo Slava Bogu and projects Interior Disposition (InterioRepertoR) and Uedineniya (7Hz), plus also new stuff from infamous German label Galakthorrö, Polish Wrotycz Records and Ukrainian Quasi Pop. And of course many many more...


I. Reviews

Some reviews of our releases:

Cyclotimia "Sci-Fi Music: Soundtrack to a Nonexistent Movie" CD:
Culture Is Not Your Friend !: http://cinyf.wordpress.com/reviews/cyclotimia-%E2%80%93-sci-fi-music/

II. Forthcoming Events

12.10.2011 - Minimal Music Concert
St. Petersburg, Freud's Dreams Museum. More info in Russian...

St. Petersburg, "ESG-21". More info in Russian...

Yaroslavl, art-gallery "Dom Muz".

Moscow, cafe "Ex:Libris". More info in Russian...

16.10.2011 - Experimental Rock Festival
Moscow, cultural center "DOM". More info...

Kiev, club "Stolz". More info in Russian...

21.10.2011 - Burning in Autumn
St. Petersburg, "ESG-21". More info in Russian...

22.10.2011 - Transsurrealistic Yoga
St. Petersburg, V-Club. More info in Russian...

Moscow, cultural center "DOM". More info in Russian...

Moscow, Jerry Rubin club. More info in Russian...

St. Petersburg, club "Zoccolo". More info in Russian...

III. New items in mailorder catalogue


Aelia Capitolina -- "Requiem" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 NAID, naid-002, (ltd. 22)
Second release of NAID is Aelia Capitolina project, known for good web releases, but this time the release is physical and it represents a conceptual work in slightly tragical and nordically creative mood. Snowstorm from north brought enveloping synthesizer drones, making you peer into dense mist and inhale cold wind of crushing of last hopes for Freedom. Stylistically this is close to funeral nordic ambient. Ideologically it resembles gloomy Canadians from Cyclic Law. Recommended. [Ufa Muzak]

Anemone Tube -- "Dream Landscape" -- mCD -- €10
2010 Silken Tofu, stx.11, (ltd. 500)
‘Dream Landscape’ is the first official solo release by ANEMONE TUBE after 9 years of silence. Originally founded in 1996 in Southern Germany, ANEMONE TUBE has quite made a name for himself in the industrial/noise genre especially due to the psychogenic nature of his music. On this new release ANEMONE TUBE creates massive ambient/noise soundscapes. The sounds are pulsating, drowning and floating, tormenting and caressing – all culminating in a haunting sonic experience. ‘Dream Landscape’ is – together with the album ‘Death over China’ – the first part of the ‘Suicide Series’. To this field recordings made in China provide a conceptional basis. ‘Dream Landscape’ is a concept album of fierce malignant power. In a poetic way ANEMONE TUBE combines analytical realism of the phenomenal world with buddhist psychology and nihilist rhetoric influenced by the visionary authors H.P. Lovecraft and Yukio Mishima. Mastering by JAMES PLOTKIN. [press-release]

Aphelion -- "Lay" -- CD -- €10
2008 Shadowgraph Records, Shadow 1
Aphelion is a hardcore industrial outfit that pull no punches while driving home their inimitable style of wrenching, break-neck, dystopian future shock. Their new CD, Lay has 10 tracks of pure terror which all bleed into one another, leaving the listener no time or chance to stop the madness, so to speak. It is an atonal, dehumanized, automated and bloody record that can be either cathartic – at the right moments – scary in other mood swings, or it could be just plain noise to the uninitiated, but that would only show the lack of creativity and the absence of experimentalism in one's mentality... [Heathen Harvest]

Argentum / Sigvegr -- "Black Sun Is Rising" -- CD -- €11
2007 self-released
High quality Martial Industrial from two acclaimed projects. Exalted compositions with different sound, from pompous melancholic neoclassics to harsh urban industrial, lots of military and political samples, tracks dedicated to historical past and the realities of modern NS movement. Jewel case, 8 page booklet. [YAOP]

Ashtray Navigations -- "Four Raga Mood" -- CD -- €10
1997 Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers
Ashtray Navigations is a solo project of Phil Todd known for participating in such projects as A Warm Palindrome, Anna Planeta, Churinga Canaries, Lysergic Scum, Zen Nuns and many others, which albums he released on his own label Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers, and now on Memoirs Of An Aesthete. His other solo projects include Dogliveroil, Inca Eyeball and Tea Culture, more known between the lovers of noise music. As for Ashtray Navigations, in ten years of project's existence there were quite a lot of albums, and with its productivity it still continues to surprise with original and creative music. Stylistically it's something close to post-rock and drone ambient, but with lots of experimental electronics tricks: tape manipulations and analogue synths, roundelays of percussion and impressive massif of guitar sound - powerful and enveloping at the same time. [Monochrome Vision]

Åstrom, B. -- "Utan Titel" -- CD -- €10
2010 Åderlåtning Produktion
11 tracks of field recordings, static, ambient, guitars, stoy, pop, grind, improvisations, madness, maraccas, 80's drums, bootlegging, melodies, piano, samples etc. in 46 minutes. Ten "original" compositions + one cover song from an old skateboard video. Recorded on different tape recorders, arrangement and completing sounds using software. [label info]

The Bastard Noise -- "A Culture of Monsters" -- CD -- €10
2010 Housepig, HPIG-27
Less noise, more Bastard! On the heels of the critically acclaimed "The Red List" split with The Endless Blockade, Wood and Nelson welcome original Man Is The Bastard drummer Connell back into the fold to craft a skull servant's dream. Crushing prog complexity meets all-out brutality with interludes of interstellar drift, including reworkings of some long-lost MITB tracks. Produced by Michael Rozon (Rogue Astronaut / The Red List), this cd is packaged in a mini-lp style gatefold sleeve, with a full-color 12 page booklet. [label info]

Bastard Noise & Sikhara -- "Tukano Khalkha" -- CD -- €10
2006 Gender-Less Kibbutz, GLK24
In December 2003, Sikhara came together with Bastard Noise, one of the most respected bands in American noise for a studio session in CalArts (Valencia, CA) with engineer Bob Bellerue. The 2 groups, each in turn created the groundwork for a track which the other played over the top of, for a sort of duality in the composition. At this time, Bastard Noise were in the 3 man line-up of Wood/Weise/Nelson, contributing a classic example of their "Caveman Electronics" combined with laptop manipulations. Sikhara leant a sense of identity to the tracks with a series of vocal collages, invoking a story to accompany the harsh sound beds of BN. Yet the recording was, but one step in the process. For the production of the disc, the groups turned to the sonic architecht Kamilsky for a surgical approach to mixing and editing, resulting in one of the most detailed and technically advanced sounding noise records conceivable. This masterpiece of harsh noise has finally been made available by the Nashville-based GLK records. A notorious label with works from Government Alpha, Daniel Menche, Aube, MSBR, Haters and Mr Natural, amongst others. [The Hop-Frog Collective]

Bionulor -- "Sacred Mushroom Chant" -- CD -- €10
2011 Wrotycz Records, WRT011
Inspired by the work of such artists as Aube and William Basinski, Bionulor again rakes the past, looking like an alchemist for the most appropriate material for their work. "Sacred Mushroom Chant" is a record created solely on the basis of treatment of the human voice without additional sounds or instruments... Each of the five tracks is based on a separate part of the sound source. Then the base is: an archival record of shamanic chant associated with the ceremony of taking hallucinogenic mushrooms, a Japanese traditional song extracted from a collection of old vinyl records, Neil Armstrong's walking on the lunar surface famous phrase, a fragment of an interview with Marcel Duchamp telling about his first ready-made, and finally the voice of the artist himself denouncing the sentence attributed to Hassan ibn Sabbah (“Nothing is true”)... Over 50 minutes of pure experimental music (mix of minimal, ambient and even noisy sounds) created on the basis of author's creative method called the "100% sound recycling". Cover art by Monika Machnik, mastered by Peter Andersson. Comes in 4-panel digipack. You will be really impressed when you realize that those tracks were crafted only with scraps of samples. [press-release]

Black Leather Jesus -- "Skuff" -- CD -- €10
2008 Turgid Animal, TA371, (ltd. 500)
The latest full length by these US Harsh Noise Heroes! Kevin Novak, Richard Ramirez, Scott Houston, Vance Osborne and Sean Matzus take you on a journey of self degradation and filthy revenge riddled noise violence. Step back in time to the slave auction. Hear the abuse. Black and White covers designed by our very own Tisbor. [label info]

Boy Dirt Car -- "Heatrig" -- CD -- €10
1987/2001 Lexicon Devil, lexdev003
Renewed availability of the Boy Dirt Car material from the '80s is a darn good thing and includes, in the case of Heatrig, a remastering job that clarifies certain sounds well beyond the expected vinyl-to-digital threshold. The opening title track presents the group's roots in hypnotically aggressive garage rock, complete with a vocal both irritating and monotonous. It isn't long before the sense of regularity in rhythm moves from a rock & roll riff to a typical electronic music process in which something mysterious repeats while slowly evolving, detail by detail. If it resembles Phillip Glass, it is only because a couple of hobos are melting one of his old records in place of their normal supply of sterno. The six members of the group take no particular credits for instruments or an identifiable contribution of any sort -- instead they collectively put together group compositions in which there is simply no predicting what will happen, sound sources merging and dividing, a train arriving at one moment and a feather floating magically through an ocarina the next. [Eugene Chadbourne]

Canaan -- "Contro.Luce" -- CD -- €12
2010 Eibon Records, Can83
CONTRO.LUCE is the new album from Italian Dark Masters Canaan. It will probably lift some eyebrows, not only because it's entirely sung in italian, but also because it's hardly comparable to what the band has done before. The concept of "dark music" still fits, but it's way too narrow and restrictive to describe what CANAAN year 2010 are playing. Cold Wave ? Ambient ? Dark ? Ethnic music ? All of these and something more. Now take a deep breath and sink into the shadows the band creates through the 71 minutes of this lightly dimmed abyss. A journey from ashes to dust. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Club Moral -- "Mit Neuen Waffen" -- CD -- €10
1983/2010 Trash Ritual, trash052
On July 30th, 1980, DDV sent out invitations to his friends to search for him in the international Culture Centre building, taking only sleeping pills with him. On August 2nd he was found by AMVK. Club Moral was formed in 1981 with "Mit Neuen Waffen" containing their first recordings along with live documentation from July 17, 1982 Budapest. Contains the early workings of future classics such as Exces Kontrol, Eating Limbs, Lonely Weekends, etc. Connections here can be traced to V-Side, Minus Delta T, Gyuri Kozma and Janos Veto's Band. All material originally recorded onto a plain cassette deck and Sony walkman. Issued on tape format in 1983 this CD reissue can be seen as the first step in the physical archive of Club Moral activities on Trash Ritual. [press-release]

Contagious Orgasm + Government Alpha -- "Heartstrings" -- CD -- €10
2006 SSSM, SSSM-108, (ltd. 500)
Third recent collaboration release on Contagious Orgasm's home label, this time with Yasutoshi Yoshida of Government Alpha who's been responsible for the great collage artwork on all these CDs. Over these 12 tracks, Government Alpha's screeching blasts of white-hot electronic noise are cut-up and mixed in with Contagious Orgasm's industrial rhythms, off-beat collages and found sounds. Surreal, unusual and highly listenable. [Mechanoise Labs]

Contagious Orgasm + Kadaver -- "A Tragedy Without A Border Line" -- CD -- €10
2011 Wrotycz Records, WRT012
Collaboration between Hiroshi Hashimoto from already legendary Contagious Orgasm and Michael Zolotov from Israeli power electronics and noise project Kadaver. "A tragedy without a border line" is a mixture of ambient, PE and noisy sounds. Consists of 3 long pieces of musick without frontiers... Bubbling drones, sampled voices, crashes and hums. All packed in a 6 panel digipack - designed by Michael - with rather controvensial photo inside (at least some will think so). [press-release]

Dasein vs. Norma Reaktsii -- "93" -- CD -- €9
2011 Sickcore, SC-22, (ltd. 300)
Power Electronics / Death Industrial dedicated to the tragic political events in Moscow in 1993.

Dissecting Table -- "Broken Music" -- CD -- €10
2008 UPD Organization, UPD 034, (ltd. 105)

Dissecting Table -- "Chaos Attractor (Remix 2)" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2010 R.O.N.F. Records, RNF-052
Advance for "Chaos Attractor" full length CD on R.O.N.F. Records. This Mini CDr includes an exclusive track by Dissecting Table recorded in 2009. Different stuff than which included on the "Chaos Attractor" CD being this really a remix of the full lenght material with different approach and sounds. Dissecting Table released this full work entitled "Chaos Attractor" on his own label UPD Organization but only 10 copies were pressed and quickly distributed. This Mini-CDr comes loaded with an amazing unsettling dense instrumental and full of details track of Noise / Industrial / Ambient with weird synth sounds, psychedelic detunings, paranoid futurism and metal objects by the Japanese mastermind Ichiro Tsuji. [press-release]

Dissecting Table -- "There Is No End To The Existence Of Consciousness" -- CD -- €10
2010 UPD Organization, UPD 062, (ltd. 100)

Fe-Mail -- "Voluptuous Vultures" -- CD -- €10
2005 PsychForm Records, PFR 05CD
Previously issued as a 10", now on CD with an additional track. Fe-mail is a electronics/noise duo consisting of Maja Ratkje and Hild Sofie Tafjord, both known from the anarchistic improv quartet SPUNK. Fe-mail's music is electronic music based on improvisation with live sampling as well as recordings of their own generated sounds and field recordings. Their music is characterised by the use of old fashioned, analogue electronic and acoustic sound sources such as pan pipes, harmonica, and other underestimated instruments, side by side with computers and samplers. The new release on PsychForm Records is a rolling thunder of mayhem that combines all of these elements with the spazmaticly beautiful vocal stylings of Maja Ratkje. [press-release]

Gorduw & Tchort & 16P17R15O19T15O19T23Y16P -- "4 Albums In MP3" -- CD-R -- €9
2003 Folvork'prod., Kfeytzez 046 (3)
270 minutes of music (mp3 320 kbps) from Russian industrial underground: Gorduw "Desiataya Chastt Istorii Feitnathorotha. Gan Sensory", Tchort "Pidrilo" and double album of 16P17R15O19T15O19T23Y16P "Death Roots", plus all covers, photos, texts and information. Promo-release in b/w sleeve. Megarare. [YAOP]

Haare -- "Funeral Of Souls" -- CD -- €10
2010 Freak Animal Records
New CD on Freak Animal. Psychedelic funeral drone. Full color covers in jewelbox. [label info]

Haare -- "Madon Evankeliumi" -- CD -- €10
2010 At War With False Noise, ATWAR091, (ltd. 500)
It's taken long enough but I'm chuffed to finally be doing a release with one of my favourite noise (I sue this in the loosest term) artists going around right now, Finland's Haare. This is total swirling psychedelia, incredibly heavy shifting tides of drone with evil organ lines permeating the noise. I can't better the description Haare himself gave it: "a slow, heavy bell". Based on source sounds provided by Olly Pearson, Chris Chantler and Dom Finbow. You may have heard of them! 500 copies in an A5 pro-printed foldover wallet and PVC sleeve. Amazing art by Andrew Labanaris (Electric Wizard and MOSS). [press-release]

Hands To -- "Artiment" -- 2 CD-R -- €10
1989/2009 Impulsy Stetoskopu, 015, (ltd. 120)
This material was originally released by Big Body Parts in 1989. All tracks were digitally remastered by Glaukos at Impulsy Stetoskopu Studio. Cover diagrams used in this issue provided by Jeph Jerman. Design and artwork by Glaukos and Sylwia Kochan. CD-R's housed in sisal textile.

Haus Arafna -- "New York Rhapsody" -- CD -- €15
2011 Galakthorrö, Galakthorrö 028
This is no typical Haus Arafna album. It has already celebrated its premiere in September 2009 as part of the New York Fashion Week. Haus Arafna had accepted the offer to create the soundtrack for a show featuring the fashion designer Katie Gallagher. Somewhat of an unusual venture into a new environment, and in front of a new audience, this was obviously an exciting challenge for creative artistes, and for “Industrialists”, considering the extreme style of expression, a very pleasurable experience. The emphasis laid on the various elements on this album is different to that of the earlier releases. That is why Haus Arafna has preferred to delay the issue of “New York Rhapsody” until after the release of the “official” album “You”. Angst-Synthesizer, raw electricity, metal percussion, artfully reduced electronic textures and unusual vocal performances combine into a “sound from the Abyss” with deep ritual undertones. No sign of “Screams’n’Shouts” here. Instead Haus Arafna has created Angst-Pop hits and Industrial Monsters with an extra dose of darkness, almost as if the March into Destruction has to be sweetened somewhat. Well-dressed, of course... CD in jewel case with 12 page booklet incl. all lyrics. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Hladna -- "March 2003" -- CD-R -- €7
2011 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT85, (ltd. 60)
Ultra powerful initiative Power Electronics with deep earthy bass pulsations and shamanic energy. Ritual rhythms take all your bowels out and leave the body whirling around the bonfire like a frantic phantom with glassy eyes. Slim box, embossed cover. [label info]

Indra -- "Seven Mortal Sins" -- CD-R -- €7
2011 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT13, (ltd. 92)
Conceptual Death Industrial / Power Electronics album inspired by the concept of seven deadly sins. Sound was created from processed recordings of real manufacturing equipment, to be compared with best projects of Italian PE school, like Atrax Morgue and N. The disc is packed in a 5" flexi disc package and comes with 4 double-sided inserts with pictures for each track. [label info]

Indra / YAO 91404 D -- "Khibinogorsk" -- 2x3"CD-R + MC -- €14
2011 YAOP, YAOP 046, (ltd. 31)
The long-avaited second part of the series dedicated to during expeditions and walks. The city of Khibinogorsk (now Kirovsk) was built on Kola peninsula, among Khibiny mountains in the late 1920s - early 1930s by "special migrants" (agrarians who were exiled from Central Russia during Stalin's collectivisation). The nucleus of the city was Apatite-nepheline concentrating factory ANOF-1 - the first enterprise of such a kind which was intended to let USSR get rid of necessity to import chemical fertilizers. In 1931 Khibinogorsk recieved a status of city and the factory started its work. In December 1939 a giant building of railway station was opened. It had splendid interior with parquetry, marble walls and bronze chandeliers and received trains from Moscow and Leningrad. But gradually the importance of the city went down, it gave its role away to the neighbour city of Apatity which was esatblished in 1959 12 kilometers far from Khibinogorsk. In the 60-s direct trains between Kirovsk and the capitals were abolished, in the late 80s the railway station was abandoned, in early 90s same happened with the factory. Nowadays the city is significant only with ski resorts and monumental ruins... A collaboration release between two industrial projects includes a disc with live recording of performance / live without audience at ANOF-1; a cassette with a studio album asembled exclusively from recordings made there with analogue tape recorder; a disc which includes almost 200 historical pictures of Khibinogorsk and a scanned book about the city from 1933 and a photo insert. [press-release]

Interior Disposition -- "From Autumn..." -- CD-R -- €7
2011 InterioRepertoR, IR08, (ltd. 100)
New album of this Moscow based project envelops the listener with sorrowful drones and uncomplicated melodies, immersing into autumnal melancholy. [label info]

Iversen, Jan-M. -- "1.05 Drone" -- CD-R -- 230 руб.
2007 Triple Bath, TRB.003, (ltd. 96)
"1.05 Drone" is a 65-minute procession of floating abysmal and spacey sound, sublimely deep and dimensional. Cryptically exhaled blessings and curses towards destiny, take form and become huge, agonizing tidal flows. The final acid wave comes to sooth passions by wiping the memories that once haunted the inner-abyss. Redemption... Does all this sound pretentuous? Maybe it does. Although, this release is a must, not only for Jan-M. Iversen releases' collectors but also for those who need drone music like a cure. [label info]

Iversen, Jan-M. –- "Restituent L'Atmosphere" -- CD-R -- €7
2005 TIBProd., tibcd45
Almost an hour of atmospheric arctic drone ambient from a well-known Norwegian artist. Sleeve, pro-CDR. [YAOP]

Japanese Torture Comedy Hour / Lockweld -- split -- CD -- €10
1997/1998 Heartplug Records
Highest recommendations. A perfect split, as Japanese Torture Comedy Hour are absolutely brutal as fuck harsh noise with mostly fast short songs and Lockweld present thick deep sounds with nigh indecipherable vocals and very long songs. Both bands have about half an hour of stuff on the disc, JTCH have 13 tracks and Lockweld only two. JTCH's opener is one of the harshest songs of all time, a real endurance test and twitch inducer of a track. Perfect for dealing with uninvited guests, and perhaps it might even be powerful enough to clear your sinuses. So order this already. Does it help drain your wallet to know that JTCH is Scott Hull of Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Lockweld has Dwid of Integrity and Psywarfare? [Assume Power Focus]

Jennifer Gentle -- "Concentric" -- CD -- €8
2010 A Silent Place, ASP39, (ltd. 500)
Better known as purveyors of quirky, semi-sleazy avant pop gems on their Sub Pop albums, Jennifer Gentle have also issued through the years a series of weirder releases, running the gamut from out-there psychedelic rock to “crunching and hefty slab of tripped out musique concrete worthy of Joji Yuasa, Kunihara Akayima or one of their equivalent early ‘60s greats” (Julian Cope). Concentric is the last and also their bleakest, most uncompromising and probably best experimental album to date. This time Fasolo took his live band in his own Ectoplasmic Studio, recorded them and then spent hours painstakingly editing the material, adding here and there the odd effect and generally directing what sounds like a nightmarish Surrealist movie perversely shot in lush Cinemascope, or a hellish version of Lumpy Gravy as played by a freaked-out jazz combo. Digipak. [label info]

Kadef -- "Wir Leben Zwischen Fremden Gesichtern, Neuen Bildern Und Unerhörten Klängen" -- CD-R -- €7
2003 Tosom, TOSOM 008, (ltd. 250)
Germanys wellknown and always active KADEF, in collaboration with suchlike colleagues - under his regie - from the D.I.Y. Network: K2 from Japan, AMES SANGLANTES from Canada, RICHARD RAMIREZ from USA, ARMENIA from Ecuador. 4 long, different and intense Industrial-Noise tracks, in Kadef's harsh and analogue lo-fi style, with a playing time of 69 minutes. Cover graphic like usual from Kalojan Witanski himself. [label info]

Kapotte Muziek -- "Verder" -- CD -- €10
1994 Harsh Dept. Productions, ABYSS 002
This album was recorded by Frans de Waard by recycling the sounds sent to him by four composers: Telepherique, Agencement, Merzbow and The Haters. "In the past other composers sent me tapes of (un)organised noise, which were to be used by me in a new musical context. Mostly these pieces ended up being rather short, even when there was extensive soundmaterial at hand. Recycling was executed by all sorts of means: sampling, cutting, adding, speeding up, slowing down, etcetera. Without any limitations..." [Frans de Waard]

Lay, Josh -- "True Mask" -- CD -- €10
2009 Small Doses, DOSE66, (ltd. 200)
It’s hard to believe that this is the first Josh Lay release to find its way to the compact disc format. Fittingly, Josh considers this to be his best work to date, and I can’t say I disagree. This is a four track, nearly 40 minute meditation on the masks people wear to make their way in the world. Elements of black metal, harsh noise, power electronics and dark ambient combine to create a dark, twisted environment built from electronics, guitar, and some of the most gutteral vocals I’ve heard him spew. The accompanying art was hand-made by the artist. Edition of 200 copies packaged in jewel cases with 4-panel inserts and double sided jewel cases. [press-release]

Lomakin, Andrey -- "Obscure Domestic Chaos 2005-2006" -- CD-R -- €5
2008 Skotomogilnik, SM003, (ltd. 12)
Andrey Lomakin from St. Petersburg, noise of various velocity levels. Rough sleeve made of a carpet found on a car graveyard. [label info]

Maska Genetik -- "Strada" -- CD -- €15
2011 Galakthorrö, Galakthorrö 027
“I’ve reached the limits of my strength” said Amon Radek, and set off in search of a new life. There was to be no place for Maska Genetik, it was too much of a torture to justify those high standards he insisted on. We were astounded and couldn’t believe it, and so we held his album back for some considerable time. Perhaps he wanted urgently to replace one of the songs? An artist of course, has his sensibilities, and a Russian has an additional inbred melancholy. So let us not be too hasty. Over the years we have certainly fulfilled our role as inheritance trustees, and so now we present his first and probably last album. It is all the more regretful, because Maska Genetik represented a pinnacle in the history of Galakthorrö, for us and for many of our listeners. This is obviously the case with Strada. There are songs to be heard that were created before, and after, the sought-after Quarantine EP. Radek’s inner conflicts and his very real suffering have shaped his Angst Pop into its own unique form. We are not presented with self-pity, but with anger and a deep sorrow, at a world fashioned by mankind, in which a future for humanity is hard to imagine... CD in jewel case with 8 page booklet. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Merzbow -- "Dead Zone" -- CD -- €10
2011 Quasi Pop Records, QPOP CD059, (ltd. 500)
The multi-billions trasinternational concerns think we want more and more cars, computers and mobile phones. For offering all these crap to us for cheap, they need more and more cheap energy. They want nuclear power plants which are powerfull and good in making money, but this technology is extremely dangerous for the people and for our planet. To get a cheap plastic junk today, we are agree to kill our child's future today. We have already had two colossal nuclear disasters in only last 25 years: Chernobyl (Ukraine) in 1986 and Fukushima (Japan) in 2011. There are lots of information everywhere about the sas consequences of both and do we really need more proofs?.. Japanese noise master Masami Akita recorded CD "Dead Zone" in March 2011, the day after the first explosion of Fukushima Nuclear power plant. All pictures for the artwork were taken in Chernobyl and Prypiat in May 2011. This CD is dedicated to the worldwide anti-nuclear movement. [label info]

Microspora -- "Wool" -- CD-R -- €7
2011 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT79, (ltd. 101)
First track is soft psychedelic sci-fi space ambient based on warm retro electronic sound, resemblind some sci-fi movies from 60-s. Second track contains strange music as if old Suicide from 1975 with their garage electronic sound tried to perform Autechre compositions. Sleeve. [press-release]

Nordvargr -- "Re-Awaken" -- CD -- €12
2002/2011 Eibon Records, Nor037R / Code666, Code013R
Revamped, remixed, remastered and expanded version of the long time sold out cult album "Awaken". Thick, massive and utterly dark soundscapes of true black ambience coming from one of the founders of the now legendary Swedish industrial scene. Drones, strings and voices of the dead join forces in the cavernous cellar of Bohult. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

NP vs. Thirdorgan -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €7
1998 Solipsism, Solipsism-16, (ltd. 100)
2 projects from Japan playing harsh noise.

Nrodum -- "V" -- CD-R -- €9
2009 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT52, (ltd. 95)
A project of the guy standing behind Vresnit / Vetvei, Vagranok, ex-Pugna & Kerpg, known for his atmospheric earthy and retro-technicistic works on audio, video, photo and design. Second part of the U-V-Y trilogy making up the whole project's discography. Raw hypnotic drone and waving multilayers of eternal radio ether, voices, signals of various devices and earth-hitting cellar samples. All this existed before the radio received was invented, but only after this people could hear and fixate these signals. The work envelops with same otherworldly charm as "U", but unlike the previous one, presents "more musical" forms. Industrial archaics and monotonous power electronics. Author's artwork: multidimensional colour photo images attached to a black sleeve 15 x 16 cm. [press-release]

Olneyville Sound System -- "Efforts In Freedumb" -- CD -- €10
2003 Last Visible Dog, LVD 035 / Hospital Productions, HOS-076, (ltd. 500)
Lo-fi, Noise Rock. Rhode Island locales sounding like a Lightning Bolt 78 played at 16rpm or a smacked out James Brown jamming with the Starfuckers or better yet ESP weirdos Cromagnon trying to cover This Heat. [label info]

Othala -- "Nar Alting Er Glemt..." -- CD -- €11
2008 Ravenheart, RAVEN 54
A very promising mysterious neofolk duo from Denmark! The album is full of classical instruments, guitars, keyboards, male and female vocals in native language with intellectual lyrics. Othala is thought-bringing music inspired by the classical Of the Wand and the Moon and Solefald. [Infinite Fog]

Pain Jerk / Incapacitants -- "Live At The No Fun Fest 2007" -- CD -- €10
2007 No Fun Productions, NFP23
Like no other music in this planet, these two Japanese noise masters deliver obsessive, precise and unforgettable live sets of intense electronic harsh beauty. Legendary Japanese noise masters Incapacitants and Pain Jerk performed for the first time ever in the US at No Fun Fest 2007, this CD include crystal clear board recordings of their sets, mastered for full audio brutality. If you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing either of this acts live this is your chance, if you have then this is also your chance to re-experience two of the most amazing live performers of our time. Liner notes by Carlos Giffoni and Chris Goudreau (Sickness). [press-release]

Pain Jerk & John Wiese -- "Nerima" -- mCD -- €10
2010 Anoema Recordings, NOCD 060
Hey there, looking for a healthy dose of electrocution? We got it right here! Two titans of noise, Pain Jerk (aka Kohei Gomi) and John Wiese, continue their trans-Pacific affairs. While the previous episodes have been mail collaborations with Mr. Wiese at the helm, this studio live session has a more distinct Pain Jerk flavor to it (and is a tasty aperitif for his yet-to-appear new studio material). A vivid amalgam of vintage analog synthesizers, classic noiselectronics and DSP, at less than 18 minutes this brief statement in fury leaves nothing to be desired. In a world filled with filth and depravity, it is a rare pleasure to encounter such a beautiful & vibrant example of good, old-fashioned noise. This is music to soothe the soul. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Pain Jerk & John Wiese -- "Terrazzo" -- CD -- €10
2007 Harbinger Sound, HARBINGER 055, (ltd. 1000)
Have you ever wondered what a record would sound like that totally filled every bar on your graphic equalizer? Well you don't have to wonder for long because the combined noise terror of Pain Jerk (aka Japanese feller Kohei Gomi) and US laptop-noise supreme John Weise have managed to do that exactly. Those of you who managed to grab hold of John Weise's utterly jaw-dropping 'Soft Punk' earlier this year will know what sort of ear-bashing intensity the man is capable of, but little will prepare you for the Merzbow-meets-Hecker kind of screaming white noise you get on 'Terrazzo'. Little needs to be explained about the music, save for the last track is very appropriately named 'Absolute Hell'; this is not the disc to buy if you live in an apartment block, let's say it's the disc that almost encourages you to go get an ASBO. Since Masami Akita has moved back to analogue squelchery and Hecker has gone into the world of art-led academia it's nice to see these guys carrying on the rich tradition pioneered by Mego back in the day, and hearing some fresh spirit on the whole computer-noise subgenre. It's evil, loud and it will definitely upset almost anyone you could ever play it to... buy it. [Boomkat]

Po.No.(i)Za. -- "Gymnastic Step" -- 2 CD-R -- €10
2011 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT96, (ltd. 19)
Futuristic looping collage noise, bouncy rhythms and energetic crunches. Vinyl box, handmade cover with the use of vintage paper. [label info]

Ramirez, Richard -- "Identity Amnesia" -- CD -- €10
2008 Chi Omega Institute, trophy 002
A new work of Richard Ramirez (Black Leather Jesus, Priest In Shit, Werewolf Jerusalem etc), a man of influence from Texas, USA. His continuing sound is deepening - always the dry sound that seems to hark back to the desolate earth of Texas. His theme this time is of "loneliness." Three tracks of harsh, dynamic noise. One track pays tribute to Incapaticants / Hijokaidan. 53 minutes of music. Japanese import. [Cold Spring]

Ramirez, Richard / Black Leather Jesus -- "Scrapyard" -- CD -- €10
1995/2011 R.O.N.F. Records, CDO-001 / Phage Tapes, PT:136, (ltd. 500)
Reissue of this classic Harsh Noise vinyl LP released back in 1995 in the German label Praxis Dr. Bearmann. R.O.N.F. Records and Phage Tapes united forces to unbury this gem up including the full album plus one extra track by Richard Ramirez. Real factory pressed CD packaged in jewel case with new artwork by Jovan Hernandez. Limited edition of 500 copies. 4 tracks / 51 minutes Length. [label info]

Rock'n'Roll Jackie & Pain Jerk -- "Super Relaxed" -- CD -- €10
2010 Second Layer Records, SLR009, (ltd. 500)
Over a year in the making this is the first collaboration between Pain Jerk (Kohei Gomi) and Rock’n’Roll Jackie (Jackie Stewart of Smegma, Tenses, Los Angeles Free Music Society, etc). The source sounds were provided by Jackie and then Kohei obsessively worked these into the 2 long tracks you hear on this disc. This is by no means a conventional harsh noise record. The influence of the musique concrete masters of old echoes heavily throughout these tracks whilst still maintaining the playfulness and non-purism found throughout LAFMS recordings. Old sound effect record samples, TV recordings, Flower Travellin Bands guitar riffs and J-Pop drum beats are all included in the mix alongside Kohei’s synth sounds. This was recently described by long term LAFMS champion Takuya Sakaguchi as “high-velocity psychedelic electronic punk”, and that suits this well. Limited edition of 500 copies in 6-panel ogun digipack with full-colour artwork/collages from Jackie Stewart. [press-release]

Shift -- "Bulk" -- CD -- €13
2009 Silken Tofu, stx.10 / Unrest Productions, UNPRCD05, (ltd. 350)
After several tape, cdr and vinyl-releases, ‘Bulk’ is the 2nd cd-release for Shift and a somewhat different sounding disc in shift’s discography, because of its harsh and monotonous approach. Some thoughts about the album: “This is the material that is suitable to feel with gut wrecking volume in live situation. cranium crushing!” – Pasi Markkula (Bizarre Uproar). “Slowest shifting sounds of fuzzy static rattle, monotonic synth droning and pulsing, with massive tracks of very little happening. It’s as monumental as the cover design, featuring a monstrous concrete center. Grey and still. Designed to certain rough elegance, but not pretty … When you sit down to investigate the layers of sound and subtle details of crackling fuzz distortion, you start to notice all kinds of hidden patterns behind the ‘wall’, and subtance becomes more audible than in something that’s mere pedal distortion with no additional information to consume.” – Mikko Aspa (Grunt / Freak Animal). Or as one Unrest employee described it: “Like planets burning down or the day ten million tons of filthy black shit rained down on the heads of a beaten species”. [press-release]

Sirotek -- "My Art is My Psychota" -- CD-R -- €7
2011 Bored Bear Recordings, [SIR001], (ltd. 30)
My Art is My Psychota, as the album would suggest, in an intensely personal album of harsh noise. Laden with feedback, other welcome touches abound, such as an undertow of drones on album opener Slow Trauma, as well as a distinct PE influence on the harsh high-pitched feedback that breaks through Dedicated to Zagorodny Sad. All of these elements surround the harsh noise that is expertly melded into one fantastic fucking forty minute record. [press-release]

slMakita -- "Cleveland, Ohio" -- CD -- €10
2010 Housepig, hpig-024, (ltd. 300)
Steve Makita has been immersed in noise for nearly two decades. From the power violence attack of Apartment 213, to the organic power-tool assault of Lockweld, to lending noise to terrorizers like Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Fistula, he has steadily honed his approach while expanding his range. Now, with his solo concern slMakita, he joins the Housepig family and brings forth a tightly focused slab of experimental sound. Finding inspiration in his unabashed love for the legendary Nurse With Wound, he bypasses imitation and instead immerses the listener in an open-ended sound space where grinders duet with piano, pitted metal meets the fragile voice, all enveloped in the resonance of a decayed environment. A most extraordinary work inspired by a most mundane locale... "Cleveland, Ohio" is packaged in a standard jewel case with full-color four-page booklet, and is limited to 300 copies. [press-release]

Smell & Quim -- "Lavatory" -- CD -- €5
2011 Paleolist Press, (ltd. 200)
New album of the greatest band singing about dicks, cunts and Jesus Christ. The extended booklet contains memoirs of one of the founders of Russian Milovan Srdenovic Appreciation Society, and some canonical texts by Milovan Srdenovic himself. Print run of 200 copies, A5 booklet, 24 pages, offset print. [press-release]

Sunday Strain -- "Destiny.Done" -- CD -- €10
2011 Wrotycz Records, WRT013
After a strictly limited debut album on Sonderuebertragung Sunday Strain is back with new energy and ideas. Formed in 2005 as a side project of Llovespell it is now a full-grown band still experimenting but this time also using bass and drums instruments accompanied by clear and strong vocals of Dorain W. "Destiny.Done" brings over 45 minutes of sophisticated electronic music with admixture of pop elements and dark atmosphere. Mastered by Andreas Wahnmann (First Law) comes in an elegant 6 panel digipack designed by Hans Johm (Antlers Mulm). [press-release]

Uedineniya -- "Red Meridian" -- CD -- €8
2011 7 Hz Records, 7HZ 05 D / Chernaya Zemlya
Uedineniya is a one-man project by Alexander Elin (the doctor by a trade) from forests of Tambov, Russia. Uedineniya is not the first project by the author but it’s the first project which has level with the physical carrier. The genre can be characterized as dark / drone ambient with big experimental and isolating elements. The author speaks the album is a musical support for the 8mm-record with videomaterials of travels on the first Arktika’s series icebreakers were born at the middle of the twentieth century. This record has been found in the garage of the Alexandr’s relative (the former seaman and polar explorer) Sergey Borisov. The main idea of this album is making the atmosphere of infinite cold and very long days during travels in ices, to remind listeners about places where life and short stay are very dangerous for people. For this reason the album has been named Красный Меридиан (eng. – “red meridian”) – dangerous line, the place for strong spirit people capable on heroically acts... Single CD edition without inserts in digisleeve. [label info]

Uedineniya -- "Red Meridian" -- 2 CD -- €10
2011 7 Hz Records, 7HZ 05 D / Chernaya Zemlya
Uedineniya is a one-man project by Alexander Elin (the doctor by a trade) from forests of Tambov, Russia. Uedineniya is not the first project by the author but it’s the first project which has level with the physical carrier. The genre can be characterized as dark / drone ambient with big experimental and isolating elements. The author speaks the album is a musical support for the 8mm-record with videomaterials of travels on the first Arktika’s series icebreakers were born at the middle of the twentieth century. This record has been found in the garage of the Alexandr’s relative (the former seaman and polar explorer) Sergey Borisov. The main idea of this album is making the atmosphere of infinite cold and very long days during travels in ices, to remind listeners about places where life and short stay are very dangerous for people. For this reason the album has been named Красный Меридиан (eng. – “red meridian”) – dangerous line, the place for strong spirit people capable on heroically acts... Double CD edition with 2 cards in digisleeve, second disc contains video in SVCD-format with unique records with one of the first arctic expeditions. [label info]
[listen]   [youtube]

Uedineniya -- "Red Meridian" -- 2 CD box -- €13
2011 7 Hz Records, 7HZ 05 D / Chernaya Zemlya
Uedineniya is a one-man project by Alexander Elin (the doctor by a trade) from forests of Tambov, Russia. Uedineniya is not the first project by the author but it’s the first project which has level with the physical carrier. The genre can be characterized as dark / drone ambient with big experimental and isolating elements. The author speaks the album is a musical support for the 8mm-record with videomaterials of travels on the first Arktika’s series icebreakers were born at the middle of the twentieth century. This record has been found in the garage of the Alexandr’s relative (the former seaman and polar explorer) Sergey Borisov. The main idea of this album is making the atmosphere of infinite cold and very long days during travels in ices, to remind listeners about places where life and short stay are very dangerous for people. For this reason the album has been named Красный Меридиан (eng. – “red meridian”) – dangerous line, the place for strong spirit people capable on heroically acts... Boxset double CD edition with lots of inserts, second disc contains video in SVCD-format with unique records with one of the first arctic expeditions. [label info]
[listen]   [youtube]

Vazhes -- "Steam Locomotives" -- CD-R -- €7
2011 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT72, (ltd. 154)
Classical Industrial Drone from the machinist and fireman of locomotives of "E" and "L" series, created from the recordings of these locomotives and filled with their sounds made in Russia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (Banovici, Kakan). The disc also includes a video with FT4 locomotive. Normal edition in handmade sleeve. [label info]

Vazhes -- "Steam Locomotives" -- CD-R -- €9
2011 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT72, (ltd. 15)
Classical Industrial Drone from the machinist and fireman of locomotives of "E" and "L" series, created from the recordings of these locomotives and filled with their sounds made in Russia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (Banovici, Kakan). The disc also includes a video with FT4 locomotive. Special edition comes with an additional wrapper unique for each copy created from "metallic" paper and vintage Soviet materials. [label info]

Vo Skorbyah -- "s/t" -- CD -- €9
2007 Sound Age Productions, SAPCD 101
Russian funeral doom metal based on folk wailing and mournful songs. The word "funeral" here is not about music, but more about lyrics and the mood of the album. The result is amazing - deep tragical songs creating truly incommunicable atmosphere, not oppressive, but high souled, respectful for the mystery of death, even rather for the transition between life and death. Each track (except the last one) lasts more that 10 minutes and reveals its mood to the uttermost. The last track is worth special mentioning - it is a funeral cry for a died child recorded in a small village from Belgorod region, and the musicians decided not to make heavy arrangements, but instead experimented with electronics and created a unique mixture of folk and trip hop. To some extent this great experiment resembles the works of another Russian great folk electro magicians Moon Far Away. [Atlantis]

Voda I Ryba -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €7
2007 YAOP, YAOP 029, (ltd. 75)
Band from Southern Russia, but sounds very St. Petersburg-like. Cold, damp, suller indie rock a bit like Cocteau Twins. 7 depressive outpourings. 75 copies in cardboard sleeve of exclusive construction. [label info]

Vornoff -- "Body And Blood" -- CD-R -- €7
2005 self-released, (ltd. 111)
11 gothic neoclassic elegies with melancholic autumnal mood and specific necrophiliac crunchy sound. [YAOP]

Vornoff -- "Forledt" -- CD-R -- €7
2003 self-released
Gorgeous gothic neoclassics. Walks through cemetaries in late autumn. [YAOP]

Xotox -- "Indre Stilhed" -- CD-R -- €8
2003 Tosom, TOSOM 009, (ltd. 200)
Xotox is a wellknown project from Germany in the area of Rhythmical Industrial with pumping rhythms and distorted sounds. Several releases exists on CDRs or Tapes, but also a few compilation contributions. With ‘Indre Stilhed’ XOTOX goes other ways and TOSOM is proudly to present it. On ‘Indre Stilhed’ you don’t hear nothing like rhythmical parts or distorted sounds, forget what you know or heard about this project. ‘Indre Stilhed’ shows “the silent side of Xotox’. 17 Tracks full of beautiful calm sounds, sometimes with a little classical touch. “This album is dedicated to all those who can still feel the silence” and who’s not? Xotox is the project of Andreas Davids, who also runs with‘Neuf Noir Records’ a little but very fine label, worth to check it. "indre stilhed" was composed to show the world of silence, fear, nature and beautiness beyond industrial soundscapes. [press-release]

V/A -- "Projekt Presents: A Dark Cabaret" -- CD -- €10
2005 Projekt, PROJEKT176
Compilation of artists inspired by 1920s/30s cabaret, but often with added darkness and sleaze courtesy of further influences from punk, rock and goth: The Dresden Dolls, Revue Noir, Jill Tracy, Katzenjammer Kabarett, Audra, Nicki Jaine, Pretty Balanced, black tape for a blue girl, The Brides, Rozz Williams, ThouShaltNot.


16 Bitch Pile-Up / Mike Shiflet -- "Make Like A Fetus And Abort / Extract, Behold" -- LP -- €15
2007 Ecstatic Peace!, E#105, (ltd. 500)
Ohio has been rampant on the Ecstatic Peace play lists lately with the release of a long player earlier this year by Leslie Keffer and a forthcoming split LP by Emeralds and Tusco Terror. Like Keffer, who’s moved to Nashville (to be closer to Be Your Own Pet), 16 Bitch Pile-Up and Mike Shiflet are both ex-pats of Ohio. 16 Bitch to California and Shiflet to some weird small town in Japan... Mike Shiflet we’ve known for years as he has produced some of the more interesting tapes and whatnot of midwestern out-ness from his Gameboy label and from his legendary duo tour with Burning Star Core / C. Spencer Yeh of a few years back. Like the amazing beard he has sported since childhood his music is a free-fall of acoustic wonder... He is also the cat responsible for turning on most of the world to the radical charms of three girls from Ohio wickedly named 16 Bitch Pile-Up. With a name like that you may have expected something just kinda funny but what made itself imminently obvious was that 16 Bitch was really and extremely into producing a wholly personal thrombosis of noise improvisation. Crystallized to the trio of Sarah Bernat, Sarah Cathers and Shannon Walter this trio has become one of the most consistently exciting live experiences of the last five years. These recordings by both artists were done when both were still residents of Ohio and reflect that time and space right before each other’s exodus. They are raw and righteous and ready for you to take a bite. [press-release]

AMK -- "Needle Hit The Groove" -- LP + flexi 7" -- €32
1998 Pinch A Loaf Productions, PAL-18, (ltd. 400)
Pressed on Marble Green Vinyl. All Tracks on Side A were composed using cut-up and montaged versions of the compilation flexi included. Side B is a cut-up flexi glued onto the actual record. Also Included is the original 7'' Flexi. File under : Industrial-noise. The flexy contains tracks by: AMK/ Crawl Unit / Gino Robair / Con-Dom / Small Cruel Party / Gen-Ken / Smell & Quim / Hands To / Zipper Spy / Spastic Colon / Haters / Fin. [Old Europa Cafe]

C.D. -- "Un Piano En La Garganta" -- 7" -- €9
2003 Drone Records, DR-63, (ltd. 300)
Another newcomer on DRONE Records is C.D. (aka CHRISTIAN DERGARABEDIAN) originally born in Buenos Aires and now residing in Barcelona. Christian once played with REYNOLS and is now currently working solo. Here we can enjoy a six tracks album that shows us the fascinating universe of C.D. A dimension where static slow sound waves, disturbing noise-entities and meditative storm-breezes with sound effects are guaranteed to make you shiver! Imagine THE HAFLER TRIO meeting the dynamics of BRUME… endless thick waves of overwhelming drones shaping up to this digital ambience that sounds purely organic... Filed under: monumental slow-wave-drones. RED TRANSPARENT VINYL. WHITE COVERS WITH HANDMADE DRAWING AND STAMP. [press-release]

Club Moral -- "Instruments Of Attraction (II. Sociale Hygiene)" -- 10" -- €18
2010 No Basement Is Deep Enough, NBIDE#2, (ltd. 520)
10” set with a large booklet and historical notes that documents some early recordings from Club Moral, a European Industrial/electronic cell that existed parallel to the whole Whitehouse/Nurse With Wound/Coil post-Industrial Reverse with a deeper connection to radical European art and actionism. Club Moral was simultaneously a group, a club space, an art gang, a publisher and a distributor with an in-house magazine – Force Mental – and a presence at many of the key 1980s subterranean summits, from The Equinox Event through the Berlin Atonal. This classic collection – with a ridiculously great cover shot – presents them as a group caught somewhere between Whitehouse-style hysteria, European minimal synth and bandstand rocking wildmen like The Cramps, all of which comes together on their delirious cover of the Trini Lopez hit “Lonely Weekends”. A track like “Now I Step On You” could almost be Japan’s Oshiri Pen-Penz in terms of disobedient bloodymindedness and the group have an overall level of ‘commitment’ that is so Belgian it feels as if that country alone is responsible for punk’s inheritance and transformation into a socially radical and deeply experimental form of Middle European Madmanism. Throw in some recordings of speaking clocks, austere keyboard drones and what sounds like a prison riot and you have a mainline that leads all the way to the whole Dennis Tyfus/Ultra Eczema scene. “This is Club Moral’s true live Raw Power”. Recommended. [Volcanic Tongue]

Combative Alignment -- "Image Acoustique" -- 7" -- €9
2003 Eternal Soul Records, ES06, (ltd. 300)
A fitting title for this Eternal Soul releases, which is perhaps somewhat more Ambient-oriented than its predecessors, but still features a militaristic tone. Heavy black vinyl, limited to 300 copies. [Equilibrium Music]

Crank Sturgeon -- "Upon My Discovery Of The Huso Dead Pan Lair" -- LP -- €15
2003 RRRecords, RRR 002

Des Esseintes / Negru Voda -- split -- 10" -- €15
2001 Fin De Siecle Media, FDS 02, (ltd. 700)
This is a split between Des Esseintes and Negru Voda, limited to 700 copies. Des Esseintes consist of Magnus Sundström from The Protagonist. Negru Voda consists of Peter Nyström from Megaptera. This sounds pretty much what you could expect. Harsh metallic and industrial sounds mixed with dark ambience form this nightmarish experience. "The Mine Shaft" by Negru Voda is a pretty odd composition including some Swedish speech, which is rather amusing. The other song by Negru Voda, "The Drill", is my favourite track on this single. It has some noisy beats, which add the spot. The tracks by des Esseintes are also good and make me think of Dive. I would say that the two bands sound pretty similar and they would probably appeal to anyone fond of Cold Meat Industry stuff... [Johan Astemark]

Dusa -- "Ljung" -- LP -- €22
2006 Alternativkultur Ambassaden, AkA 11, (ltd. 300)
Half lost images of landscapes and early memories, a haunting nostalgia. Heaths and shrubbery. Dull audio collages of creaking, dim ambiances coupled with folk sounds, foggy melodies and the humming of a graybeard organ... 12" LP, 32 minutes. Edition of 300 copies with full color insert and 7 postcards. [label info]

Eisenkrone -- "Morgen...Ist Ein Anderer Tag" -- 7" -- €9
2003 Dictatvre, IV.MMIII
2 tracks of high-quality martial music with loud drumming, droning organ sounds and operatic voices. [Mechanoise Labs]

Grabowski, Pawel -- "Cirr's Songs" -- 7" -- €9
2005 Drone Records, DR-72, (ltd. 300)
Grabowski is a young Polish soundmaker now relocated in Dublin, with a couple of releases under his belt, on Laub and his own Silence Is Not Empty label. Grabowski may be young but he surely doesn't lack talent and a refined style. Both "songs" are based on subdued, far-away drones and concrete elements (dripping water, a creaking door...), and the artist knows well how to weave captivating and emotionally engaging soundscapes with those minimal elements only. Grabowski's approach to minimal music reminds of great artists like Mirror, Coleclough or Monos - my favourite ep of the new Drone batch. This 7" comes in a black cover with a photo and, oddly enough, on black vinyl. [Eugenio Maggi, Chain D.L.K.]

Grunt / Love Hole -- split -- 7" -- €22
1996 Freak Animal Records, FREAK-EP-007, (ltd. 200)
Grunt has brutal power electronics / noise and Love Hole surpriced everybody with amateurish, sweet and sick pop music. [label info]

The Haters / Lockweld -- split -- LP -- €15
2003 Gameboy Records, GB45, (ltd. 300)
Ugly. Industrial. Noise. Haters side features masked-man G.X. accompanied by Radiosonde's Scott Arford. They present the 22nd performance of “Dirwyn”, the intense, monotonous sound of a calcluator and a fan blade colliding for 17 minutes. It ain't pretty. Lockweld counterattack with a couple ‘songs.’ They present six harsh, looping tracks. A bit more of their P.E. influences shine through here & that's no bad thing... Ugly, industrial packaging to match. Plenty of spray paint, block-printing ink, duct tape & long hours went into these... and they still look horrible. Fitting. [press-release]

Haus Arafna -- "New York Rhapsody" -- LP -- €25
2011 Galakthorrö, Galakthorrö 028, (ltd. 913)
This is no typical Haus Arafna album. It has already celebrated its premiere in September 2009 as part of the New York Fashion Week. Haus Arafna had accepted the offer to create the soundtrack for a show featuring the fashion designer Katie Gallagher. Somewhat of an unusual venture into a new environment, and in front of a new audience, this was obviously an exciting challenge for creative artistes, and for “Industrialists”, considering the extreme style of expression, a very pleasurable experience. The emphasis laid on the various elements on this album is different to that of the earlier releases. That is why Haus Arafna has preferred to delay the issue of “New York Rhapsody” until after the release of the “official” album “You”. Angst-Synthesizer, raw electricity, metal percussion, artfully reduced electronic textures and unusual vocal performances combine into a “sound from the Abyss” with deep ritual undertones. No sign of “Screams’n’Shouts” here. Instead Haus Arafna has created Angst-Pop hits and Industrial Monsters with an extra dose of darkness, almost as if the March into Destruction has to be sweetened somewhat. Well-dressed, of course... 12" LP, black vinyl, sturdy cardboard cover, printed inner sleeve and insert card incl. all lyrics. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Hermit / Roy Gbiv -- split -- 7" -- €9
1996 Garbage Society, be 058, (ltd. 200)

Hinageshi Bondage -- "Tirez Sur Le Musicien" -- 7" -- €9
2001 Verdura, verdu-06
When it comes to making music "Tirez Sur Le Musicien" displays the diversity and unexpectedness of Hinageshi Bondage. Here's a complete change of sound compared to the previous "Diesel fruit my darling" 7"; instead of nightmarish panic sounds and harsh noises HB roams this time within much more "sofisticated" and calmer moods, though the atmosphere has remained quite the same. Two long pieces, 14 mins of beatiful and hypnotic soundscapes, both harmonic and rhytmic, being the result of a long recording process. [label info]

I-C-K -- "This is Nihil Tronix" -- 7" -- €9
2003 Blade Records, WMDA049, (ltd. 300)
Dense, aggressive & violent, beating power noise for your party time. Great danceble industrial. [Old Europa Cafe]

Ildjarn-Nidhogg -- "Hardangervidda Part 2" -- LP -- €18
2002/2007 Hearse Records, HS12

In Meditarivm -- "Mare Internum" -- 7" -- €9
2005 Drone Records, DR-75, (ltd. 300)
IN MEDITARIUM is maybe Ukraine's finest dark ambient-project at this time, consisting of Sergey Svistelnik (who also runs the UKRAINIAN DARK SYNDICATE and is musically active as FILIVS MACROCOSMI), and Oleg Kolyada (mastermind of FIRST HUMAN FERRO (F.H.F.) / ODA RELICTA). MARE INTERNUM, their first vinyl-release, is a perfect example for “esoteric organic drones” that impress with their density and fullness: slowly waving drones, sub-bass pulses, totally suspended & hidden harmonies appear in the background and soft ringing-tones, like being in an huge organic cathedral... Listening to IN MEDITARIUM-sounds might give you an impression of touching something “unknown”, yet known unconsciously from some forgotten time... like being suspended in warm mothers womb.... The coverartwork shows a combined symbol made of Yantra (meditation), Rosa (woman) and OM (the absolute), showing the way from Uterus to Universe. WHITE VINYL. SILKSCREENED SYMBOL-COVERS. [press-release]

The Infant Cycle –- "Clear Hexagon" -- 8" -- €32
2003 The Ceiling, CEIL027, (ltd. 40)
A lathe-cut record from the legendary "Clear Shapes" series. Single-sided, 33 rpm, hexagonal form. Sound sources: carved vinyl playout groove, water tank, feedback, poly 800. Rarity. [YAOP]

The Infant Cycle –- "Clear Triangle" -- 8" -- €32
2003 The Ceiling, CEIL027, (ltd. 40)
A lathe-cut record from the legendary "Clear Shapes" series. Single-sided, 33 rpm, triangular form. Sound sources: cymbals, shortwave. Rarity. [YAOP]

Maska Genetik -- "Strada" -- LP -- €25
2011 Galakthorrö, Galakthorrö 027, (ltd. 608)
“I’ve reached the limits of my strength” said Amon Radek, and set off in search of a new life. There was to be no place for Maska Genetik, it was too much of a torture to justify those high standards he insisted on. We were astounded and couldn’t believe it, and so we held his album back for some considerable time. Perhaps he wanted urgently to replace one of the songs? An artist of course, has his sensibilities, and a Russian has an additional inbred melancholy. So let us not be too hasty. Over the years we have certainly fulfilled our role as inheritance trustees, and so now we present his first and probably last album. It is all the more regretful, because Maska Genetik represented a pinnacle in the history of Galakthorrö, for us and for many of our listeners. This is obviously the case with Strada. There are songs to be heard that were created before, and after, the sought-after Quarantine EP. Radek’s inner conflicts and his very real suffering have shaped his Angst Pop into its own unique form. We are not presented with self-pity, but with anger and a deep sorrow, at a world fashioned by mankind, in which a future for humanity is hard to imagine... 12" LP, black vinyl, sturdy cardboard cover, printed inner sleeve and insert card. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

No Xivic -- "Rauhattomuus" -- 7" (promo) -- €9
2003 Drone Records, DR-61
DRONE Records is proud to present NO XIVIC, a newcomer from the growing Finnish drone era. His very first release consists of underground ‘dronish’ experimental sounds. The three pieces on this EP are based on long & moving metallic drones (as if coming from BERTOIA) mixed with higher, near-distorted frequencies and low rumblings. This results in pure & elegant floating dronescapes that never stands still, giving you nothing to fix upon from your completely immersed mind. An atmosphere which is as much haunting as it its otherworldly. These three Finnish titles: ‘Rauhattomuus’ , ‘Kemikaaleja’ and ‘Sieni’ translate as ‘Restlessness’ , ‘Chemicals’ and ‘Mushrooms’. These tracks are pointing to an inherent tension and have a brilliant intoxicating quality to them. Filed under: hallucinogenic drones. CLEAR VINYL [press-release] Promo copy without a handmade cover.

Noumena / Season Of Discontent -- split -- 7" -- €9
1998 Gameboy Records, GB02
An electronic gathering only Ohio could spawn. We met the Seasons at an Assück show in Cleveland forever ago. Conversation on BN lead to noise talk and tape exchange. We were hooked and here's what came of it. Noumena adds new-found synth chirp to their feedback-drenched guitar work, whilest Season of Discontent contribute an extremely dense, unidentifiable wall of tapes, computers, vocals, effects and who-knows-what-else. Pressed on gold vinyl and packaged in aluminum foil covers with bee image affixed. [press-release]

Putrefier & Romance -- "Live Collaboration Newcastle 2007" -- LP -- €22
2009 Harbinger Sound, HARBINGER 063 / Birthbiter, 011, (ltd. 250)
Getting on with the real work. Captured live in Newcastle during 2007 this set owes more to Durgan's more recent work such as that found on the Pan Records disc and then letting Glaister's workouts run amok across everything as they attempt to dig their way out of the wine-cellars at INA-GRM and surface in some geordie real-ale house. Released by long-term cohort, and the notoriously elusive and stubborn Harbinger Sound label in arms with Putrefier's own Birthbiter imprint. No website, no MySpace, no nothing. [press-release]

Spyke Point -- "No Coast Jazz" -- LP (single-sided) -- €15
2007 Troniks, TRO-262, (ltd. 128)
Collaboration between Spykes and The Cherry Point. One 16-min. track.

Tile -- "Poseidon / Prick Of Misery" -- 7" -- €9
2010 Kult Of Nihilow, (ltd. 308)
Pissed off, feedbacked noiserock. [label info]

Winterkalte -- "Progressive" -- 10" -- €13
1997 Hands Productions, V006, (ltd. 1000)
Classical rhythmic power noise record.

V/A -- "Like a Frog in Winter" -- 12" + 7" -- €18
2008 Hospital Productions, HOS-138, (ltd. 500)
A compilation of American noise artists: FFH, A Fail Association, Immaculate:Grotesque, Cleanse, Pedestrian Deposit, Chrysalis, Ahlzagailzehguh, Habeeb, Craniopagus, Alberich, Bereft, Barrikad, Prurient, Sewer Election, Panicsville, Filthy Turd, Omei, The Seven Arts, Age Of Enlightenment, Mark Solotroff, Whorebutcher, Climax Denial, Stegm, Burden.


Dannagoischd –- "Emm Dichda Ondrholz" -- MC -- €7
2011 YAOP, YAOP 054, (ltd. 36)
Dannagoischd - the ghost of the dark forest - is a project coming directly out of the deep Alpine and Swabian woods. ”Emm dichda Ondrholz” (in the dense brush-wood) features 16 tracks of Alpine Forest Folk, telling tales in ancient Swabian language about creatures living in darkest fir woods. Dreamy songs, dark atmospheric tracks and folk tunes played with a vast variety of instruments. The rustling of trees, mysterious fires, ghosts and wild animals - the real forest atmosphere. A project by Waldwuudz, alias Cz (Vinterriket / Atomtrakt / Nebelkorona / Battle Dagorath / Nocternity / Sturmpercht). Mastered by Axel Frank (Werkraum/ Sturmpercht). A cassette version of album previously released by Percht. Only 36 copies in handmade cardboard double box with fullcolour stickers. [press-release]

Ezra Found / Do I Like Gilgamesh –- split -- MC -- €3
2011 Noo Slava Bogu, nsb! 004, (ltd. 50)
Ezra Found - Dima Khvatov and Kostya Popov. 2008-2010. Bardcore / martial industrinal / noise / chanson / neofolk. St. Petersburg. Do I like Gilgamesh - Misha Shishkin and Leva Gankin, musical project created in Moscow in January 2009. Influenced by Finnish psych folk from Fonal Records, British obscure psychedelia from 60s and St. Petersburg noise scene, this duo improvises on forest themes. Birds singing, bell, primitive noises. Music for passing out. [label info]

Iedomu Draugu / Picismo –- split -- MC -- €5
2011 Noo Slava Bogu, nsb! 003, (ltd. 50)
Iedomu Draugu was created by mentally retarded tourists during the festival "Hip-hop Avatar" in Riga where it performed without any musicians on stage, except for cardboard head named Mustafa Ibrahim. The instruments used in this recording are cheap Casio keys, bagpipe made of orthopedic ball, tape deck, plastic guitar and Lithuanian rhythm box. One of the projects of indefatigable Philipp Volokitin (Monopolka, Massive Ejaculation, etc.). Picismo (translated from esperanto as "fuck-up") - first punk / hardcore / crust / grind / noise band in the world propagating international plan languages. Actually it doesn't need a lot of introduction. [label info]

Shameless Barbarians -- "Pinkmilk" -- C-30 -- €7
2011 Quasi Pop Records, QPOP CS057, (ltd. 40)
Shameless Barbarians is Ukrainian free-membership, having interest in theatre/scene/audio performances, free improvisation, audio/anti-audio objects, sound/anti-sound tracks, spaces meta-integrations etc. Music on this cassette was recorded in 2008 by trio of performers (electro-organ, keyboard, analogue synth + prepeared tape) as free improvisation jam in stricktly reglamented tonal key. As for the "basis partiture" the prepeared tape has been used (vocoder + echo + found sounds). Both sides of the cassette contain the different version of the same two pieces - Birdmilk and Pinkmilk. Versions differ more likely, by dynamic and space-forming nuanses, than compositionally. The result, in our opinion, is a bit old-fashioned synth-music on "sci-fi esoteric-mythologic" theme. Perhaps it's cosmic psychedelic synth ambient. UK-made (pink!!!) cassettes dubbed in real-time on vintage Hi-Fi cassette decks. Professionally printed on nice recycled paper j-cards, all packed in plastic boxes. [label info]

Sol, Edward -- "Motels & Cupids" -- C-30 -- €7
2011 Quasi Pop Records, QPOP CS050, (ltd. 50)
Thematically, this album is about having slept in stranger's places: motels and lover's beds. It's about a felling of new unused rooms, hearing a strange new sounds etc. Technically, It's a audio collage out of lo-fi found tapes, untuned radio-signals, clear and manipulated field-recordings, retro-samples + some synths. Actually, quite sleepy, claustrophobic and boring music. Most of the recordings I have used on this I made in 2007-2009, when I used to live in my old small appartment in the city. I've decided to release that material in contrast to my actual open-spaced village existence. Real-time dubbed red cassettes. Full-color printed on recycled paper O-Cases. [label info]

Sol, Edward -- "Provocative Manner" -- C-40 -- €7
2011 Quasi Pop Records, QPOP CS031, (ltd. 45)
This one is Edward's rare "pure noise" psychedelic album. Recorded in 2011 and based mostly on sound material prepeared for live performances. Some of the elements are computer-processed textures, the rest are tonns of feedbacks, oscillators, effects, guitar, analogue synth and tapes. Composed and collaged on mixer desk/4-track, edited and mastered with computer tools. Dedicated to the physycal power issue and to phenomena of male-female friendship off the sexual context. UK-made cassettes dubbed in real-time on vintage HiFi cassette decks. Professionally printed on nice recycled paper j-cards, all packed in plastic boxes. [label info]

Tinemo Abbora / Ego Death –- "Spalttonband #5" -- MC -- €5
2010 The Tourette Tapes, TT#27, (ltd. 19)
Tinemo Abbora play guitar based Droning Noise, vaguely resembling Finnish Mockingwyrd. Ego Death presents here Industrial Noise with gothic flavour. [YAOP]

YAO 91404 D -- "Atmen Oszillationen" -- MC -- €5
2011 YAOP, YAOP 053, (ltd. 31)
Electroacoustic psychedelic canvas created from processed recordings of heart and lungs auscultations. New full-length album of YAO 91404 D, almost 1 hour of sound. Vague retrograde sound ranging from Droning Noise Ambient to Old-School Industrial, physiological concretics and industrial shamanism. Cover made of vintage paper. [label info]

YAO 91404 D -- "Paoda silingbu" -- MC + 3"DVD-R -- €11
2011 YAOP, YAOP 056, (ltd. 7)
Death Industrial / Musique Concrete created exclusively from sounds recorded in China during the Cultural Revolution 1966-1976. Bump retrograde industrial noise, shouting red guards, speeches of Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and Hua Guofeng, revolutionary songs, factory howlers, sinister drones and beats. Cardboard cover, 3"DVD-R containing a set of documentary films about the Cultural Revolution (in Chinese, English and Russian), each copy contains an un-repeating propaganda book published in Beijing in Russian during that times plus original handmade dazibao. [press-release]

YAO 91404 D -- "Vihtula" -- MC -- €5
2011 YAOP, YAOP 055, (ltd. 29)
Another full-length electroacoustic album of YAO 91404 D. Two lengthy Droning Noise tracks created by means of analogue processing (the instruments of early Musique Concrete from 50-60-s) of the recordings made by the author under water, also from phonograms of choral singing. Chtonic shamanic mood. [label info]

Frea market

Project - Album - Format - Condition (disc/cover) - Year - Label - Cat. # - Ltd. - Price


Actus - A Way To The Empire Of Strength And Order - CD - 1993 - Novum Organum - NOE CD 001 - Ltd. 777 - €34.64
Borisov, Alexei - Multiviza - CD - VG/F - 2007 - Laton - Laton 046 - €1.15
Chartier, Richard - Levels - CD - 2006 - Line - Line_ED05 - Ltd. 250 - €6.93
Chartier, Richard - Of Surfaces - CD - 2002 - Line - Line_008 - €6.93
Chartier, Richard - Series - CD - 2000 - Line - Line_001 - €6.93
Chartier, Richard - Set Or Performance - CD - 2004 - Line - Line_018 - €6.93
Chartier, Richard - Two Locations - CD - 2003 - Line - Line_013 - €6.93
Cisfinitum - Coniunctio [1st ed.] - 2 CD - NM - 2005 - Ewers Tonkunst - HHE 009 CD - €9.93
Cisfinitum - Nevmenosis - CDR - NM - 2008 - Afe Records - afe110lcd - Ltd. 150 - €5.31
Cisfinitum - Tactio - CD - NM - 2008 - Mechanoise Labs - mn 033 - Ltd. 500 - €6.93
DDAA - Deficit Des Annees Anterieures - CD - 1980 - Illusion Production - Ltd. 515 - €20.32
Elggren, Leif - Extraction - CD - 2002 - Firework Edition Records - FER 1039 - €6.93
Elggren, Leif - Talking To A Dead Queen - CD - 1996 - Fylkingen Records - FYCD 1008 - €6.93
Gunter, Bernhard - Redshift / Abschied - CD - 2002 - Trente Oiseaux - TOC021 - €6.93
Hafler Trio, The - One Dozen Ecomomical Stories By Peter Greenaway - CD - 1994 - Sub Rosa / L'Innome - SR71 - €9.93
Hypnoz - Autumn Sun - CDR - NM - 2009 - Absurd Vibration - Ltd. 50 - €3.93
Hypnoz - Breath Of Earth - CD - NM - 2008 - Zhelezobeton - ZHB-VI - Ltd. 500 - €5.31
Jackman, David - Verhalte Dich Ruhig - CD - 2001 - Die Stadt - DS16 - Ltd. 700 - €6.93
Ka-Spel, Edward / Jetzmann/L.Ski / Asmus Tietchens - Das Digitale Vertrauen - 2 CD - 1997 - Soleilmoon Recordings - SOL 54 - €26.10
Karkowski, Zbigniew / Lopez, Francisco - Whint - 2 CD - 2000 - .Absolute. - .a.[l] 003-01 - €9.93
Lamb, Alan - Original Masters - Night Passage - CD - 1998 - Dorobo - Dorobo 013 - €6.93
Life Gargen - Ahitanaman - CD - 1995 - Agni Music - AGNI 002 - €28.87
Life Gargen - Caught Between The Tapestry Of Silence & Beauty - CD - 1991 - We Never Sleep - WNS 011 - €28.87
Life Gargen - Pry Open My Mouth With The Red Knife Of Heaven - CD - 1992 - We Never Sleep - WNS 020 - €28.87
Life Gargen - Seed - CD - 1993 - Agni Music - €34.64
Love Spirals Downwards - Ardor - CD - 1994 - Projekt - PROJEKT 51 - €9.70
Love Spirals Downwards - Idylls - CD - 1992 - Projekt - PRO 36 - €9.70
Nurse With Wound - Rock'n'Roll Station - CD - 1994 - United Dairies - UD 039CD - €9.93
PGR / Merzbow / Asmus Tietchens - Grav - CD - 1991 - Silent - SR9114 - €23.09
Raksha Mancham - Ghazels - CD - 1994 - Musica Maxima Magnetica - EEE 19 - €6.93
Reyes, Jorge - Mort Aux Vaches - CD - 1996 - Mort Aux Vaches - Ltd. 1000 - €28.87
S·Core - Crime - CD - 1998 - Daft Records - D1026 CD - €6.93
S·Core - Sediment - CD - 1994 - God Factory - €6.93
S·Core - Shedder - CDR - 1999 - Solipsism - Solipsism-28 - €6.93
Soil Bleeds Black, The - A Medieval Melange - CD - 2000 - Renaissance Magazine - €48.19
Sons Of God, The - The Object - CD - 1999 - Firework Edition Records - FER 1014 - €6.93
Sva - Ulahado-Ulahado - CD - 2004 - Kailas Records - kls 027 - €4.16
Svensson, Per - Energy Loop / Element II - CD - 1998 - Firework Edition Records - FER 1008 - €6.93
Tietchens, Asmus - Adventures In Sound + Nachtstucke - 2 CD - 2003 - Die Stadt - DS55 - Ltd. 1000 - €20.32
Tietchens, Asmus - Das Fest Ist Zu Ende. Aus - CD - 1993 - Barooni - BAR 010 - €23.09
Tietchens, Asmus - Das Vieh Und Sein Vater - CD - 1996 - Realization Recordings - RZD 020 - €23.09
Tietchens, Asmus - Daseinsverfehlung - CD - 1993 - Stille Andacht - STILLE 01 - €23.09
Tietchens, Asmus - Die Nacht Aus Blei - CD - 1994 - Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien - WULP 017 - Ltd. 1000 - €23.09
Tietchens, Asmus - Glimmen - CD - 1999 - E(r)ostrate - EROSCD 002 - €23.09
Tietchens, Asmus - Marches Funebres - CD - 1994 - Multimood - MRC 008 - €23.09
Tietchens, Asmus - Notturno - CD - 1992 - Barooni - BAR 007 - €23.09
Tietchens, Asmus - Phosphor - 3"CD + book - 1999 - Auf Abwegen - AATP07 - Ltd. 500 - €20.32
Tietchens, Asmus - Sechs Heidelberger Studien - 2 CD - 2003 - Material-Verlag HFBK Hamburg - Ltd. 500 - €26.10
Tietchens, Asmus - Seuchengebiete 2 - CD - 1991 - Syrenia - Syrenia 1 - €34.64
Tietchens, Asmus - Seuchengebiete 3 - CD - 1997 - Artware Production - ARTWARE 21 - Ltd. 500 - €23.09
Tietchens, Asmus - Sinkende Schwimmer - CD - 1991 - Barooni - BAR 004 - €23.09
Tietchens, Asmus / Arcane Device - DBL_FDBK - CD - 1993 - Stille Andacht - STILLE 03 - €23.09
Tietchens, Asmus / Arcane Device - Flussdichte - CD - 2001 - Disco Bruit - eP2 - €12.01
Tietchens, Asmus / Arcane Device - Speiseleitung - CD - 1996 - Raum 312 - CD RAUM06 - €23.09
Tietchens, Asmus / Bekker, Okko - Stockholmer Totentanz - CD - 1999 - Artware Production - Artware 022 - Ltd. 500 - €23.09
Tietchens, Asmus / Mueller, Jon - 7 Stucke - CD - 2002 - Auf Abwegen - AATP10 - Ltd. 500 - €12.01
Tietchens, Asmus / PBK - Five Manifestoes - CD - 1992 - Realization Recordings - RZD-008 - €23.09
Tietchens, Asmus / Wollscheid, Achim - Repetetive Movement - CD - 1998 - Staalplaat - STCD 124 - €23.09
Voice Of Eye - Vespers - CD - 1994 - Cyclotron Industries - CYCI CD - 222 - €17.32
Voice Of Eye - Mariner Sonique - CD - 1992 - Cyclotron Industries - CYCI CD - 111 - €17.32
Voice Of Eye - Transmigration - CD - 1995 - Cyclotron Industries - CYCI CD - 333 - €28.87
Voice Of Eye & Life Garden - The Hungry Void - Volume One: Fire - CD - 1995 - Cyclotron Industries / Agni Music - VOID 001 - €28.87
Voice Of Eye & Life Garden - The Hungry Void - Volume Two: Air - CD - 1995 - Cyclotron Industries / Agni Music - VOID 002 - €28.87
Zoviet*France - Collusion - CD - 1992 - The Grey Area - SION 1 - €23.09
Zoviet*France - Loh Land - CD - 1992 - Staalplaat - STCD 018 - €23.09
Zoviet*France - Popular Soviet Songs And Youth Music [1st ed.] - 3 CD BOX - 1994 - Staalplaat - STCD 024 - €43.42
Zoviet*France - Shouting At The Ground - CD - 1990 - Charrm - CHARRMCD12 - €23.09
Zoviet*France - The Decriminalisation Of Country Music - CD - 2000 - Tramway - TRAM 1 - €12.01
Zoviet*France / Jim O'Rourke / The Hafler Trio - Unentitled - CD - 1995 - These Records - THESE 11 CD - €23.09


Ah Cama-Sotz - Excramentos Diabolicos - 7" - 2001 - Klanggalerie - gg35 - Ltd. 200 - €43.42
Ah Cama-Sotz / Frames A Second - Ankh / Deceptive Rate - 7" - 2000 - Nocturnus - Noc 4 - Ltd. 399 - €14.55
Ah Cama-Sotz / P*A*L - Guilty / Audiowall - 7" - 1999 - Nocturnus - Noc 2 - Ltd. 399 - €14.55
Atman - The End Of Philosophy - 7" - 1993 - OBUH Records - V 8 - €8.55
Atman - Personal Fores - LP - 1996 - Lollipop Shop / Catweezle Records / Ruhra Pente Records / Mushroom Runner Records - LLP 001 - €12.01
Brume - Anastomose - pic 10" - 1996 - Ant-Zen - act 47 - Ltd. 497 - €14.55
Cisfinitum - Devotio - 10" - NM - 2006 - Substantia Innominata - SUB-04 - Ltd. 500 - €8.55
Contagious Orgasm - In My Heart - pic 10" - 1998 - Ant-Zen - act 80 - Ltd. 480 - €14.55
Contagious Orgasm - Hydrophobia - 7" - - Ant-Zen - Ant-Zen JED 03 - €20.32
Contagious Orgasm / Third Organ - Ceremony 01.11.1997 - 7" - - SD-Image - V02 - Ltd. 300 - €14.55
Contrastate - A Live Coal under the Ashes - LP + CD - - Tesco Organisation - Tesco 010 - Ltd. 1150 - €34.64
Die Wappen Des Thodt - In Memoriam - LP - - Memento Mori - MORI-LP02 - Ltd. 399 - €13.16
Hostia - Alpha Delta - LP - - Dark Vinyl - DVLP 34 - Ltd. 449 - €14.55
Hybryds - Ein Phallisher Gott - 7" - - Ant-Zen - Act 35 - Ltd. 501 - €12.01
Hybryds - Live - LP - - Obuh - V16 - Ltd. 555 - €23.09
Hybryds + P*A*L / Yasnaia - On The End Of The Seventh Day / Cold Moon Over Black Water - 7" - - Spectre / Nocturnus - noc 1 - Ltd. 399 - €14.55
ICK - Les Reflexions Misantropiques - LP - - La Nouvelle Alliance - LNA 004 - Ltd. 300 - €12.01
Idpa - Stream - 7" - 1997 - State Art - SA005 - Ltd. 200 - €10.85
Leitmotiv - Un bal a Sarajevo - 7" - - Abyss Records - WAR09 - Ltd. 123 - €12.01
Lucisferrato - Weltanschauliche Mission - LP - - Hau Ruck! - HR!12 - Ltd. 600 - €9.70
Maeror Tri - Exorbitant - 7" - 1996 - Ant-Zen - act 42 - Ltd. 304 - €23.09
Maeror Tri - Hypnotikum I - LP - 1998 - Soleilmoon Recordings - SOLV 008 - €20.32
Maeror Tri - Hypnotikum II - LP - 1998 - Poeta Negra / absurd - PN 5 / # 5 - Ltd. 400 - €20.32
Maeror Tri - Mystagogus - 7" - 1994 - White Noise - WN 003 - Ltd. 333 - €20.32
Maeror Tri - Physis - 7" - 1995 - Fool's Paradise - FP 037 - Ltd. 285 - €26.10
Maeror Tri - Pleroma / Altrove - 10" - 1998 - Ant-Zen - act 79 - Ltd. 434 - €20.32
Maeror Tri - Saltatrix - 7" - 1993 - Drone Records - DR-01 - Ltd. 200 - €20.32
Maeror Tri / Crawl Unit - Forazeihan / Broken Books And Wings - 7" - 1999 - Disaster Area - DA 007 - Ltd. 500 - €20.32
Maeror Tri / Telepherique - Simulationswelten - 7" - 1998 - Rendezvouz Radikal - 04 / 1998 - Ltd. 550 - €20.32
Mohr - How To Make Darkness Visible - 7" - - Drone Records - DR-02 - €12.01
Mondblut - Man's Infinite Soul - 7" - - Ant-Zen - act 12 - Ltd. 330 - €9.70
Muslimgauze - Buddhist On Fire - LP - 1984 - Recloose Organisation - LOOSE 008 - €28.87
Muslimgauze - Eye For An Eye - LP - 2001 - Staalplaat - MUSLIMLIM 029 - Ltd. 500 - €28.87
Muslimgauze - Hammer & Sickle - 7" - 1983 - Hessian - HESSIAN 1 - €23.09
Muslimgauze - Hunting Out With An Aerial Eye - 12" - 1984 - Limited Editions - LIMITED 1 - €28.87
Muslimgauze - Melt - 12" - 2001 - BSI Records - BSI 019-1 - Ltd. 2000 - €23.09
Muslimgauze - Minaret-Speaker - 7" - 1996 - Staalplaat - MUSLIMLIM 005 - Ltd. 200 - €14.55
Muslimgauze - Nile Quartra - 7" - 1994 - Jara Discs - JARA 002 - Ltd. 750 - €14.55
Muslimgauze - No Human Rights For Arabs In Israel - 10" - 1995 - Staalplaat - MUSLIMLIM 002 - Ltd. 200 - €28.87
Muslimgauze - Port Said - 12" - 1999 - Audio.nl - 004 - Ltd. 350 - €23.09
Muslimgauze - Tandoori Dog - 4 LP BOX - 1998 - Staalplaat - MUSLIMLIM 010 - Ltd. 300 - €130.02
Muslimgauze - Uzi Mahmood - 12" - 1998 - Soleilmoon Recordings - SOLV 009 - Ltd. 1012 - €23.09
Nimoy - The Spark - 7" - Ant-Zen - act 20 - Ltd. 300 - €9.70
O Yuki Conjugate - s/t - 7" - Syntactic - OYC 52 - Ltd. 100 - €10.85
:Ot The Wand And The Moon: - I Crave for You / In a Robe of Fire - 7" - Prophecy Productions - €10.85
:Ot The Wand And The Moon: - Sol Ek Sa - 7" - - Hau Ruck! - HR!6 - €10.85
Troum - Autopoiesis - pic LP - 2004 - SmallVoices - SVV001 - Ltd. 585 - €20.32
Troum - Darve sh - 10" - 2003 - Beta-lactam Ring Records - mt030 - Ltd. 500 - €20.32
Troum - Ljubimaya - 10" - 2003 - Waystyx - waystyx 03 - Ltd. 455 - €14.55
Troum - Nahtscato - 12" - 2005 - Paranoise Records - pnp09 - Ltd. 300 - €17.32
Troum - Un/Mahts / Aetas Vetus - 7" - 2004 - Equation Records - E=mc09 - Ltd. 444 - €12.01
Vasilisk - Aqua - LP - - Musica Maxima Magnetica - eee04 - €23.09
Ve Europa - Heiliges Europa! - 7" - - Mjolnir Tonkunst - Ltd. 200 - €34.64
Voice of Eye - Live - LP - - Anomalous - Ltd. 400 - €17.32
Yasnaia - Onokoro - pic 7" - - Ant-Zen - Ltd. 466 - €14.55
V/A - Audacia Imperat! (Tribe Of Circle, :Of The Wand & The Moon:, Spiritual Front, Von Thronstahl, Waldteufel, Cadaverous Condition, Kirlian Camera, The Days Of The Trumpet Call, Dies Natalis, Sonne Hagal) - pic LP - 2002 - Oktagon - OKT 010-B - Ltd. 650 - €34.64

You can download the full list of rare & used items here.

IV. Back in stock

Aeoga -- "Coav" -- CD -- €10
2004 Aural Hypnox, [AH02], (ltd. 1000)
Finnish label Aural Hypnox was founded only in 2004 but has already obtained reputation of qualified provider of dark drone/ritual music with their project Halo Manash. The new band on this label sounds quiet in vein - music is based on eerie guitar feedback textures, archaic drum and cymbal patterns, atonal/tonal vocalizations and various distant/peculiar sample layers. "To exhaust mind and body in order to obtain a condition of non-consciousness and thus receive, realize and create material based on both primal and absent vision". The CD comes in octagon shaped cardboard cover which you can easily use as wall-decoration in your room.
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [+]

Altai Ashram -- "Thynbhura" -- CD-R -- €9
2003 Fight Muzik, FM09, (ltd. 420)
Recorded in Altai, at the bottom of Belukha mountain, in the western Shamballa entrance, by Mighty Shaman Altai Kagan Khum and His progeny. It is live heathen shamanic ritual session in His magical Domicilium. The Mighty Shaman sings magickal formulas by guttural singing, talks in language of animals and birds also. His progeny creates soft real-time noises as well as some keyboard and sound fx. [label info] Handmade 10" cardboard cover with inserts & photos.

Amon -- "Foundation" -- 2 CD -- €12
2005 Afe Records / Eibon Records, afe070cd / Amn053
"Foundation" is an Eibon Records / Afe co-production that comes in the form of two full-lenght CDs packaged in a beautifully designed heavy cardboard sleeve. It features most of the tracks originally contained on the first untitled Amon album which was out on Murder Release in 1996, the whole "Mer" limited edition CD-R released by Blade Records in 2000, and a few unreleased/rare bonus tracks. Popular demand for a "Mer" second edition has always been high, and five years later from its original release it's time to make it available to the public again along with an improved version of the untitled Amon debut CD. All the tracks on "Foundation" were performed and recorded by Andrea Marutti between September 1995 and April 2000 at Lips Vago Digital Studio and were fully remastered and post-produced on purpose of this release. "Foundation", the title track, was sourced from a Memory Moog improvisation played by Riccardo Marmugi. "Prepare to Leave" was originally released by Eibon Records on the "Dissolution Fahrenheit" CD compilation back in 1997. [Afe press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Amon -- "Nona" -- 10" -- €10
2003 Weird Amplexus, WAX07V, (ltd. 300)
After a long release-pause here's a new 10" vinyl from one of the best dark ambient-acts. Nona is a fascinating soundjourney into pre-verbal spheres, mysterious and truly beautiful noises move in slow but dynamic waves through time and space. "Nona" takes inspiration from a case of xenoglossy (the ability to speak in an unlearned and unheard foreign language, often associated with past-life recall, states of trance or hypnosis and mediumship) discovered in Great Britain around the early Thirties when a woman in state of trance expressed herself in a language which was recognized as ancient egyptian. This voice from the past was called "Nona" or "The One Without a Name". [label info]

Amon / Nimh -- "Sator" -- CD -- €12
2007 Eibon Records, Amn069
AMON (Andrea Marutti), the most important and estabilished italian Dark-Ambient project, and NIMH (Giuseppe Verticchio), a well-known and eclectic alchemist of electronic-ethnic–acoustic-ambient sound mixtures, worked side by side for some weeks to create their first collaborative effort. SATOR is a granitic and majestic work, a musical journey through time and history that throws the listeners into the most remote abysses of Earth. Massive magmatic sounds mixed with the technologic and synthetic vibrations of oscillating sinewaves & with frosty isolationist timbres programmed through fluxes of information written in binary code… In digisleeve. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Asianova -- "Love Like a Veiled Threat" -- CD -- €12
2005 Eibon Records / Radiotarab Records, Asi057 / Rt002
A few years after the acclaimed & praised "Burning the blue skies black", ASIANOVA are back with a brand new MONUMENTAL opus. Rarely (or should I dare saying never ?) a dark ambient cd has encompassed so many different elements & influences: from ultra-low abysses of drones to ghostly female vocals, from ethnic percussive sequences to bright, shimmering flute melodies, from crystal-clear guitar harmonies to immersive synth-layers. A long journey through a magical world - once again, all I can say is that words alone fail in describing this album - you have to check out by yourself..... [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Atrox -- "Bremse Unbrauchbar" -- CD -- €10
2006 Steinklang Industries, SKD 14, (ltd. 333)
The new ATROX CD was especially recorded for the live gig in Tokio and contains over 60 minutes of darkdroning Experimental-Noise and Powerelectronics, of course in typical ATROX-style. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Aube -- "Variable Ambit" -- CD -- €10
2011 Housepig, HPIG-16, (ltd. 300)
This long-awaited disc finally sees the light day! Recovered from a now-defunct label, delayed for various reasons including a fake cd plant scam, Housepig is proud to present "Variable Ambit"! The master of single-source recording takes a simple starting point - feedback - and manipulates it into a rich tapestry of overlapping tones and textures. Eight tracks, 66 minutes. Pro CD in jewel case with full-color four-page booklet, limited to 300 copies. [label info]

Autopsia -- "The Knife" -- CD -- €10
1989/1992 Staalplaat, STCD 020
Reissue of the 12" originally released by Staalplaat in 1989 in a standard digipak (w/o die-cut). Features two bonus tracks. "Solemn piano, rising strings and bells, synthetic horns, al overwhelming with a blinding sense of ancient powers and glorious triumph. Music for these new dark ages." [miki, Discogs.com]

Bizarre Uproar -- "Bunker Sessions" -- CD-R -- €8
2007 Housepig, HPIG 013, (ltd. 150)
Perverted Finnish harsh-noise played on metal junk. Recorded in a beton bunker remained from WW2. [YAOP]

Bizarre Uproar / The Cherry Point / Gelsomina -- "split" -- CD-R -- €7
Rokot, RKT-03, (ltd. 100)
Three Harsh Noise substances that you know perfectly well created three 18 minutes long tracks sounding mangling and indivisible. Pro-done silk-screened CDR in a half-DVD-box. [label info]

Blood & Sand -- "Bardo" -- CD-R -- €10
2007 Bunkier Productions, BXV CDr, (ltd. 350)
Without doubt one of the most interesting albums released lately on the dark folk scene. "Bardo" is a collection of never published before songs by Russian dark folk masters: Blood & Sand. Eleven astonishing acoustic ballads with plenty of instruments and wonderful arrangements. Released as an oversized, eight page booklet with lyrics. Professional print. Strictly limited to 350 copies, hand numbered. A true must for fans of Backworld, Forseti... [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Bocksholm -- "The Haunting Curse Of Skogs-Sara" -- CD -- €10
2006 Wrotycz Records, WRT 003
There is a legend saying that Skogs-Sara lived in the forest called Osterskogen, she got a virgin born child named Frans Enoch. Soon after the birth three nude gay men arrived, they had followed the bright iron sign in the sky to the small Skogs-Sara lodge. These three men gave Frans Enoch the bastard one gift each; black clogs, an orange thermal Helly Hansen sweater and a box of snuff. Frans Enoch later worked as a cheese producer but on his spare time he preached that one day there will come two men named Peter Andersson and then the city of Boxholm will forever be doomed. The citizens of Boxholm did not believe Frans Enoch, so they crucified him in the forest and let him die alone. Skogs-Sara went furious and put a curse on the citizens by letting two named Peter Andersson to be born who would terrorize the citizens for all time with a project called Bocksholm. The third terror attack by Bocksholm is now here. After two successful albums on Tesco Organisation and NATO, Bocksholm now turns the root of the problem with the album "The Haunting Curse of Skogs-Sara". The music is a weird and explosive experience, it is harder and stranger than ever. It is a psyhological weapon that sneak upon the victims. The citizens of Boxholm will get fucked - and so will probably you! [press-release]

Brighter Death Now -- "Necrose Evangelicum" -- 2 CD -- €22
2008 Cold Meat Industry, cmi179
Recorded during 1995 – that most creative of years for Brighter Death Now, which also produced the much harsher album Innerwar, as well as the final part of the epic “Great Death” trilogy – Necrose Evangelicum was immediately received as a new milestone in the genre of “sacred-death-industrial.” In fact, the album had the most favorable reception of any BDN record, and has generally been considered the most easily accessible of BDN’s work. In order to once more make this groundbreaking album available, we have gone back and digitally restored, remastered and remixed the tracks to give them the facelift they so richly deserve. This new edition of Necrose Evangelicum is presented in a beautiful foilprinted digipak together with a “live” CD recorded during the same era. Actually the “live” CD is the recording of a rehearsal for a concert in Vaasa, Finland, which ended up never taking place! The permission of the organizers ran out, and the evening came to an end, before BDN had an opportunity to take the stage. [label info]

Canaan -- "A Calling to Weakness" -- CD -- €12
2002 Eibon Records, Can036
Proudly introducing CANAAN’s fourth full-lenght album, and without any doubt their most melancholic one. “A calling to weakness” music is much sharper, rougher, heavier, darker than ever before. The 17 songs of the album create an incredibly enthralling and mournful atmosphere - your next psychic black hole... [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Canaan -- "The Unsaid Words" -- CD -- €12
2006 Eibon Records, Can060
4 long years have passed since "A calling to weakness". But finally CANAAN are back...... stronger than ever....... If ACTW was a moan of pain, "The unsaid words" is a chant of knowledge. Of the knowledge of an unstoppable physical and psychical withering. Dark, profound, sinister music. No other band sounds like this........ [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Cisfinitum -- "Bezdna" -- CD -- €10
2005 Monochrome Vision, (mv02), (ltd. 500)
New album of Moscow-based project Cisfinitum shows final turn from gothic influences to electroacoustic music. Very strong and unusual album with precise and deep sound. A whole bunch of Soviet analogue synthesizers were used on this recording, even the famous ANS. Plus some traditional acoustic instruments processed to full unrecognizability.
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [+]

Cisfinitum -- "Music Of Light" -- CD-R -- €8
2005 Spirals Of Involution, SOI 050, (ltd. 157)
This is the most atypical album for Cisfinitum - a collection of most experimental, harsh and uneasy noisy tracks. Contains a fragment of insane live performance in Moscow, 1999.

Es -- "Kesamaan Lapset" -- CD -- €10
2009 Fonal Records, FR-64
"This is my fifth solo release as Es. Kesa"maan lapset was recorded during a three year period. It is a mix of soundscapes and pop tunes. You can hear influences varying from contemporary indie to ancient classical music. It’s a summer album and a childhood photo album. The name translates as “The Children Of The Summerland”. It an homage to the Pekka Streng album “Kesa"maa” (Summerland) which is one of my favourite Finnish albums ever made. It also refers to Finland of course. I’ve been travelling a lot these past three years and every time I return here it feels more and more like home... I’ve used lots of instruments, from high-end analogue synthesizers and upright pianos to cheap flea market Casios. I’ve recorded parts of this abroad and at home in my studio and in my bedroom. There are a few special guests: Laura Laurila plays violin, Tuomas Eriksson (Risto) plays trombone and Elissa Ma"a"tta"nen who has sung on most of my albums is present again to give her special voice to the tracks... I hope you enjoy the album. It is not as ambitious a work as my previous double album Sateenkaarisuudelma. But this one is meant to be listened to in many more situations and it might just fit as music for a house party too…" [Sami Sänpäkkilä / Es]

First Human Ferro -- "Guernica Macrocosmica" -- CD -- €12
2003 Eibon Records, FHF045, (ltd. 700)
"Melodic" Dark ambient. Who said dark ambient has nothing to share with melodies ? Who said it is not possible to combine dark, deep and dense drones with traditional music and melodies ? These phenomenal russian musicians are here to prove there are NEW seemingly undiscovered ways to conceive and create dark ambient. Put your imagination to work, and try to figure out something like AMON meets Red Army choirs, LUSTMORD meets sad russian popular music. Very hard to explain with words alone..... You'd better check it out..... Prepare yourself for a strange and challenging listening experience - n.o.t.h.i.n.g. in this record sounds like a "deja`-heard" (?)........ [press-release] Strange desolating dark-ambient, built up on flowing scraps of old soviet songs. Packed in a nice digipack.
[mp3]   [mp3]

Gelsomina / Squamata -- "Junkyard Behemoth" -- CD -- €10
2007 Freak Animal Records, FREAK-CD-038, (ltd. 300)
Finnish harsh noise at its best!!! Full of energy, scrapmetal, feedback,... I dare to say best material in the harsh noise category and recommended to any noise freak. [label info]

Gruntsplatter -- "Pest Maiden" -- CD -- €10
1999/2004 PACrec, PACrec107, (ltd. 1000)
You cannot escape. Grim, opressive deathscapes. Haunting atmospheres / impending doom / obsessively constructed heavy electronics detailing the plague devastation. Reissue of his early 7" + cassette release on Troniks (1999). Remixed & remastered for your ultimate death trip. [label info]

Hall Of Mirrors -- "Forgotten Realm" -- CD -- €10
2009 Silentes Minimal Editions, sme 0927
Second “chapter” in the “Hall of Mirrors” saga, a project that hides the fervid minds of Giuseppe Verticchio/Nimh and Andrea Marutti/Amon. On this release they’re supported by Andrea Freschi (Subinterior, Konau…) and Andrea Ferraris (Ur, Sil Muir…), who gave their contribute with additional sound sources. Another long and fascinating journey among the ruins of lost and ancient civilizations, among desolate landscapes forgotten by time… To enrich the already busy electronic stratifications, among slowly evolving ambient sonorities and occasional parts of more sharp and “rough” elements of a Post-Industrial nature, we also find suggestive sound of reverberating flutes and dilated electric guitar parts, ending with delicate melodic arpeggios and evocative rhythmic accents of a vague cinematic taste. The adventure goes on… [label info]

Haus Arafna -- "Children Of God" -- CD -- €15
1998 Galakthorrö 008
The second album of legendary German angst-pop band. Horror from the dark corners of consciousness, rage, putrid cold and absolute electronic insanity. "Our paralysed Agnesle with the pretty hydrocephalus learns to speak only to tell her heart's desire: let me die in gas".
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Haus Arafna -- "The Singles 1993-2000" -- CD -- €15
2003 Galakthorrö 015
The official re-release of all 4 vinyl singles on one compact disk, dated for 10 years anniversary of the band and the label. Contains "Sex U Mas", "Take One Get Two" (split-single with Karl Runal, CD release contains only Haus Arafna's part), "The Last Dream Of Jesus" and "Für Immer".
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Hladna -- "Gromoglasnoe DA!" -- CD-R -- €7
2006 Hladna, (ltd. 7)
Special edition of long sold-out live album "Gromoglasnoe DA! jertvam himicheskoy ataki" prepared for gig in Ryazan' on January 5, 2006. Harsh power electronics/noise. Contains 4 video clips of the side-project Xerox 667. Handmade sleeve + photo insert.

Horologium -- "Songs for Hunters" -- 3"CD-R -- €10
2006 Bunkier Productions, BXII CDr, (ltd. 100)
Five tracks influenced heavily by classical music of Berlioz, Wagner, Puccini and others, martial industrial and musical psychodelia of '70 at times. These 20 minutes bring a fusion of orchestral sounds, industrial music and opera arias. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

The Human Voice -- "Exit Lines" -- CD -- €12
2008 Eibon Records, Voi077
Dark ambient/post rock. NORTHAUNT mastermind Harleif Langas gives voice to a less dark and oppressive journey with "Exit lines", and explores the thin boundary between ambient (not necessarily dark....) music and spacious post-rock. Deep drones and sparse melodic guitar lines, "skeletal" structures and subtle noises. Appealing to both the Constellation-freaks and the courageous (and open minded) dark ambient travellers. Digisleeve. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

I Am Nothing -- "Without People 3 - Under Concrete and Glass" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 Valgriind, VG 01, (ltd. 50)
Fast impulsive radionoise / philosophy. Reissue of a self-released work, handmade artwork (overexposed X-ray film, X-ray paper package). [label info]

I.Corax -- "Spectral Metabolism" -- CD -- €14
2005 Kaos Kontrol, K\K 012, (ltd. 1000)
Haunting revelation of sonic worlds where primal elements and archaic voices flux side by side with contemporary methods of amplifying the relation between sound and mind to culmination. Whirling soundscapes of organic and natural phenomena woven together with the synthetic and manipulated; the outcome being nothing short of utmost brilliance in the field of dark ambient and post-industrial. After a few highly acclaimed limited CDr works, the Finnish duo finally presents their first CD release, undoubtedly setting out to challenge the stagnance of the genre they master eminently. Stunning black/white oversized foldout carton sleeve. [press-release]

In Meditarivm -- "The Great Limbo" -- CD -- €10
2010 Wrotycz Records, WRT 010, (ltd. 500)
In Meditarivm is an Ukrainian apocalyptic ritual & dark ambient project organized in 2000 by Olegh Kolyada known by his projects First Human Ferro, Ostarbeiter and Oda Relicta. The albums like “Les Fleurs du Mal” and “Uterus” outlined the old school approach of the project clearly influenced by highlights of Morthound, Ildfrost, ConSono or Archon Satani. "The Great Limbo" is based on the re-engineered early works selectively crafted anew in summer 2009 at Olegh's Oda Relicta home studio. An elusory history of the project proceeds with a special Wrotycz Records release. The record, accompanied by a talented artwork of Kati Astraeir, comes as a limited to 500 copies 4-panel UV-varnished digipack with a poster. [press-releases]

Ion & Sophus -- "Transit Station" -- CD-R -- €7
2011 InterioRepertoR, Ir05, (ltd. 100)
New album by one of the projects of Sergey [S] (Exit In Grey, Sister Loolomie, Candyman & Evil Flowers, etc.) deals with the theme of railroad stations, so close to the heart of any Russian man. First long track (nearly 29 minuites) - samples of traffic controllers and recordings of rail station stmospheres interlaced in mild yet persistent substance, balancing between melody and drone, merging altogether into an unhurried ambiental soundscape. Second track features same kind of melody combined with wave-like celestial noise creating more active and cosmic feeling.

Jaaportit -- "Avarrus" -- CD -- €13
2006 Epidemie Records, EPR 059, (ltd. 500)
Jääportit is a Finnish band playing profoundly azure electronic ambient music since 1997 CE. With "Avarrus" the band has effected its third auditory manifestation. The new album contains five new diverse songs, composed and produced by Tuomas M. Mäkelä in his home studio during 2004-2006 CE. The record's musical style grows over simple limits. Electronic sequences blend into progressive elements. Roots dig down deeper into the unknown. You travel across levels as rhythmic combinations distance themselves from preceding minimalistic soundscapes. The music of digital machines is enlivened by acoustic instruments such as violin and female voice. In lyrics' stead the story is carried along and afar by soundstream gathered from a live environment. From the twilight of the Age of Aquarius one is moved to the whereabouts of a misty future, and via the nucleus of Space, back again. [label info]

Juhning, Herz -- "Miasma" -- CD -- €15
2009 Galakthorrö 024
After Herz Jühning has whetted the appetite of so many listeners with his Faces EP, Galakthorrö now is proud to be able to present Herz Jühning's first Longplayer. On Miasma he combines the kinetic energy of Power-Electronics with favourite ingredients from the witches'cauldron of Angst Pop. You will hear brutal bass-drones, nasty electrified currents, pumping analog rhythms and eerie frequency modulations. The sound elements have been ruthlessly selected to emphasise the reductive characteristics, and brought together around the incisive vocals to form an homogenous and complete work of art. Whether ailing popsongs, aggressive noise-attacks, or ominous sound experiments, all is artfully united in the 13 songs found on Miasma. Once more it is Jühning's no-frills arranging technique, that shows itself to be so highly effective on Miasma, just as it made Faces so successful. There is much to discover and Miasma will take the hearts of its listeners by storm! How could it not? CD in matt finish digipac, 16-page booklet incl. lyrics. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Kiila -- "Tuota Tuota" -- CD -- €10
2009 Fonal Records, FR-65
Tuota tuota is the third full-length album by Kiila. Its songs were born of peaceful, focused work and intense rehearsals with friends, interspersed with sleep and mealtimes. The album features an eight-strong core line-up but, as always, the composition of the group varies effortlessly according to need. At this table, there is room for everyone... As musical form, songs have always been important to Kiila, and consequently Tuota tuota develops around its songs. On the other hand, the album consists of many details: the sound is full, the web of instruments more varied and carefully orchestrated than before. It is unnecessary to separate the electronic from the non-electronic components. Different traditions of folk and pop music intermingle with electronic music and improvisation, tones and sound itself. This way, the album also poses questions about songs and songwriting... The motifs in the songs are not easy to render in English, but one can at least attempt to translate some of them: master of the house, elk antlers, tree bark, sound of rapids, fog, letters, calves, fingers. The list, however, doesn’t make the songs easier to understand in a foreign language. The words sound archaic, anachronistic or timeless, the language of the myth. But can they be something else, too? And how transparent do we want the myth to be? At the risk of sounding dull, I suggest that the songs do speak to their age, our age, the nature of knowledge and work, the fluctuations of inspiration and threat. Unfortunately, it is mostly only the Finnish-speaking listeners who will be able to assess the validity of this idea... The name of the album, Tuota tuota, translates roughly as “well, well” and signifies a thinking pause, a moment of contemplation. The language alone is likely to give pause to an English-speaking listener, but I hope the idea will convey itself in more ways than just that. And a pause for thinking is, of course, never a waste of time. [Niko-Matti Ahti / Kiila]

Konau -- "Speech From The Shadows" -- CD -- €12
2006 Eibon Records, Kon061
A "hybrid" creature formed by SUBINTERIOR and NEW RISEN THRONE members. Disquieting & obscure dark ambient, with some amazing "melodic" structures scattered through the songs. The shadows are speaking.... [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Kopp, Hermann -- "Under a Demon's Mask" -- CD -- €15
2008 Galakthorrö 021
Everybody who has seen the Buttgereit films Nekromantik 1+2 and Todesking, has heard of Hermann Kopp. The music he wrote and performed for them is ever-present, pervading the atmosphere and has contributed considerably to the advancement of these films into classics. He still retains to this day his exceptional musical ability, and proves it yet again. Galakthorrö is proud to be able to present 13 new songs from the nekrodramatist: more than 40 minutes of new material, which today – just as it did then – has as its core his dissonantly tempered and individualistic violin playing. Combined with electronics, a host of weird instruments and metal percussion he creates an unequalled gruesome opus, carried by an effectively conceived minimalism, and the most beautiful and haunting Angst melodies imaginable. So morbid and wonderful in fact, that we have to ask ourselves how we could manage to survive for so long without any new material from Hermann Kopp – and which demons were riding him that he had to keep us waiting so long. CD in matt finish digipac, 20-page booklet incl. all texts and lyrics. [press-release]

Maaaa & Galaxy The Incubator -- "Fury From Outer Space" -- CD-R -- €7
2007 Triangle Records, [TR023], (ltd. 66)
Dreaming about nothing. Collaboration of two projects coming from Petrozavodsk, Russia, recorded on the night of May 18-19, 2007. Dense and pitch-dark wall of meditative drone-noise. "Fury From Outer Space" is a fixation of hidden reality, the parallel worlds. Thr truth is over here. Packed in 2 plates of radio-chips, fastened with screws, an insert with detailed description and polygraphy. [label info]

Olhon -- "Sinkhole" -- CD -- €12
2006 Eibon Records, Olh062
A cooperative effort of Massimo Magrini (mastermind of the genious BAD SECTOR) and Zairo (of the ultra-obscure dark ambient travellers WHERE). "Sinkhole" was composed using original field recordings taken (mainly underwater) in the "Pozzo del Merro", the world's deepest sinkhole. The result is an extremely organic, almost "breathing" dark ambient journey. Very challenging, that's for sure..... Nobody knows what lies in the abyss. Just sit down and listen to the sound of the earth's depths. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Olhon -- "Underwater Passage" -- CD -- €12
2008 Eibon Records, Ohl075
Field-recordings maestros OLHON are back with a new stunning album. "Underwater passage" is based upon underwater recordings taken in 2006 by Zairo (WHERE), then treated by Massimo Magrini (of BAD SECTOR fame). These recordings were taken using special sensing microphones attached to an abandoned telephone cable running on the sea bottom at -40 m.; they were then processed with particular demodulating treatments, resulting in a complex and rich ambiental monument. Strange clicks, impulses, a load of movements. Definitely far from the usual concept of dark ambient = low-rumbling drones only, "Underwater passage" shimmers with cutting mid/high frequencies bursts. A very challenging listening, trust me. Cd comes in white-trayed, UV-varnished digipack. [press-release]

Psygram -- "Gehörgänge" -- CD -- €10
2002 Weird Amplexus, WAX03, (ltd. 500)
Psygram is Siegfried Fischer (voice, accordeon, samples, percussion) and Dirk Grützmann of Temps Perdu? who is responsible for realtime audio processing, electronics, loops and engineering. The group started around the same time as Temps Perdu?. Their music is focused on surreal ambient-industrial soundscapes and hypnotic live improvisations in a studio setting with influences of electro acustic music. Psygram: "All our music is recorded in those magic moments where emotions, dreams and technology, melt together to achive a perfect musical copy of our subconcious. All selections generated from chance processes, ranging from random sampling techniques to free form improvisation".

Ritual Front -- "The Sun of the Dead" -- CD-R -- €10
2007 Bunkier Productions, BXIV CDR, (ltd. 214)
New mini album of Russian combat-folk project on Polish label! Aside from four cool songs of their own (one of which is sang in Polish language), the disk contains a cover-version of a song by cult Russian cold wave band Chimera plus an instrumental track recorded by Belarussian musician Voist Angiras (M.O.B.A.S. / Pragnavit). In comparison with their debut album one will surely feel the professional growth: rich arrangements (aside from traditional guitars, keys and percussion you'll hear violin and flute parts) and doubtless improvement in sound quality.
[mp3]   [mp3]

Seeker -- "Invocation Of The Sleeper" -- CD -- €11
2007 Autumn Wind Productions, AWP013
Seeker, the manifestation of the will to power, was invoked by Xardas (20.SV, KAFAN, VEINEN, STALAGGH) to the earthly dimensions in year one after two thousand. Its existence is of a transcendent one, it's the path of self-illumination rising from its most disciplined practice to its most oppressive trance inducing rituals. Through seven rituals, Seeker unlocks the seven systems of the Chakra and charges its seven spinning vortex of energy. Invocation of The Sleeper, the first ritual, charges the third Chakra, The Manipura. The Manipura - The Power Chakra, holds fire as the element, the will to act as the verb and yellow as the color. Each and every sound heard is based, manipulated and crafted to charge the Third Chakra and not to produce a musical work for entertainment or a form of aesthetics. Invocation of The Sleeper is an exclusive ritual to self discipline, mental focus and channeling of energies. [press-release]

Svartsinn -- "Devouring Consciousness" -- CD -- €12
2002 Eibon Records, Sva032
Imagine a crossing between Amon and Lustmord, enriched with some dreadful melodies here and there. An orgy of bass frequencies, an apocalypse of drones, a black resounding monolith. Those who are in love with gloomy ambiences won't be put to bread and water. Experience the depths, if you're brave enough......... [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Thorn Agram -- "Ar Dievu" -- 10" -- €13
2004 Ars Benevola Mater, ABM 06, (ltd. 497)
It's an outstanding release, subtle and insidious, demanding (and replaying) multiple listenings, a work dealing with war themes and epic remembrances. From the beginning to the very last breath, this disc exhibits glorious choral passages and powerful vocal effects. This blend of classicism and technology is quite unique, and drives the work beyond mere classification. Yet, there'se not a great deal of diversity, or contrast in quality, so isolating individual tracks would be rather unfair to the rest. Created from spiritual knowledge rather than pure technology, and impressively convincing. [press release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Tomutonttu -- "s/t" -- CD -- €10
2007/2009 Fonal Records, FR-66
Fonal Recods is re-releasing this long sold out debut Tomutonttu originally released on LP by Beta Lactam Ring records. Tomutonttu (“dust gnome”) is a human called Jan Anderze'n, a visual artist and the leader of a respected avant-garde sound group Kemialliset Ystävät. Toy reed streams, mutilated vocals and groovy loops of animal noise are some of the colours used to create the whirling mess that is the lonely song of Tomutonttu. It is like a confusing detail of the Kemialliset Ystävät freedom flow, a microcosmos of strange sound creatures and dirt flying around in the stereo space and interacting with a logic all of their own. [press-release]

Tomutonttu -- "Tomutonto" -- CD -- €10
2007/2009 Fonal Records, FR-67
Fonal Recods is re-releasing this long sold out gem previously released on vinyl by Ultra Eczema. Tomutonttu (“dust gnome”) is a human called Jan Anderze'n, a visual artist and the leader of a respected avant-garde sound group Kemialliset Ystaävät. Toy reed streams, mutilated vocals and groovy loops of animal noise are some of the colours used to create the whirling mess that is the lonely song of Tomutonttu. It is like a confusing detail of the Kemialliset Ystaävät freedom flow, a microcosmos of strange sound creatures and dirt flying around in the stereo space and interacting with a logic all of their own. [press-release]

True Colour Of Blood -- "(Absence)" -- CD -- €12
2003 Eibon Records / AFE Records, Tru043 / Afe052cd
When we think about "guitar players", we are misled by the very traditional concept of the "rock" guitarist playing riffs and solos..... WRONG !! There is a parallel universe where talented musicians like Eric Kesner use guitars (and nothing else.....) to build dense and flowing streams of sound. Dark ambient of the finest kind, where monstrously dark drones meet touching melodies; music that will project you into an unknown universe of reverberating sound-layers.........[press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Wertham -- "Memories From The Pigsty" -- CD -- €13
2008 Tesco Organisation, TESCO 069
WERTHAM is the solo project of Marco Deplano, Italian mastermind of Mediterranean cinematic post industrial/folk combo FORESTA DI FERRO and active collaborator of numberless sound and visual projects spawning from post industrial culture to punk/hardcore. After more than 10 years of wait and a fistful of smaller releases, "Memories from the pigsty" is the first full length CD, displaying a sound rooted in a mix of full frontal power electronics and industrial music with a plethora of samples and very aggressive vocals. All words and lyrics should be interpreted as a real life diary which paints human landscapes describing domestic violence, white trash mentality, ghetto culture and street life in general. A real breakthrough for the Italian power electronic industrial scene, long overdue manifesto of Marco Deplano. [press release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Where -- "Wererat" -- CD -- €12
2006 Eibon Records, Whr066
Cavernous dark ambient, made out of field recordings taken exclusively in sewers and other rats-infested places. A frightening and immersive journey through shadows, somewhere between crepuscule and nightfall, far from the flashing rays of daylight. They are coming to catch us..... [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

YAO 91404 D -- "Antracite" -- MC -- €7
2010 YAO, YAO 039А, (ltd. 12)
Chtonic industrial droning noise played with electronics and tape loops with samples from the Soviet film "Mine Workers" (1937). Sound silicosis. Handmade cardboard package, box with fused metal grid. [label info]

V/A -- "Kosmoloko" -- LP -- €20
2003 Galakthorrö 016, (ltd. 965)
According to plan, the third part of the 10 years of Galakthorrö jubilee edition. This is a compilation comprised of two new and exclusive titles each from Haus Arafna, Karl Runau, Maska Genetik, November Növelet und Subliminal, together on one disc. The artists have lovingly presented their diverse and individual styles. A birthday present for Mother Galakthorrö. 12" LP, white vinyl, sturdy cardboard cover, printed inner sleeve and six card inserts. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

V/A -- "Noise vs Glamour" -- DVD-R -- €10
2006 Magnitophone Recordings
Annual international noise festival Noise vs Glamour: Helsinki - St. Petersburg - Yaroslavl - Ryazan - Moscow. This dosk is compiled from 2 days of Moscow's shows. NOZ W WODZIE - viscous ambient noise with radio, crunches and drone. MAAAA - expressive fucking noise. Blond girl in a ski mask and police uniform blows up the stage. ALEXEI BORISOV - harsh noise cynicism. 10 minutes. GANZER - gothic catatonics with bass guitar and bent vinyl. MONOPOLKA - a psycho in a wig with cables, eating the mic and chewing irons. HLADNA - ritual drone with daubing the face with rust and psychedelic video background. BOEVYE CIKADY - microwave and ambient in full darkness. SPERM HATERS - girls spit their beer in public. PAL SECAM - a Polish guy in black attentively looks into his laptop. COSMODRONE - 4 astropilots are twisting knobs on a control panel on a psychedelic video background. NOISES OF RUSSIA - pathetic noise on laptop and women ohoho-hysteria. Bonus: MONOPOLKA at Fabrika. 6 minutes of insanity with microphone. "I wanna fuck the Millennium!!" Altogether 139 minutes. Slim DVD-box with full-colour print and sticker on a disk. Numbered copies. [label info]

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