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ZHELEZOBETON Baltic Tour 2016

We keep faithfully providing your stereo systems with new portions of drones, noises, strange tunes and atmospheres!

Sixty-fifth ZHELEZOBETON release is the album by the St. Petersburg based project Kryptogen Rundfunk. In fact, this is the project's first big studio work in the past 12 years. The album is based on the live program performed in 2013-2016, and the last live versions of this program will be presented during the Baltic Tour in Latvia, Estonia and Finland on October 10th-15th, where Kryptogen Rundfunk goes with the label mates Neznamo and Uhushuhu.

This time the mailorder update is not so large - due to lack of time, mostly spent on preparation of the new release and organizing the tour. Nevertheless we got some releases from the labels 213 Records (France), Frozen Light (Russia), Cold Spring (UK), Malignant Records (USA), Drone Records (Germany), as well as many other varied CDs.

Baltic Tour starts on Monday and will last for a week, so the mailorder will be closed from October 9th to 16th, but the new update with many more specialities and fresh ZHELEZOBETON podcast is scheduled for the end of October - early November. Stay tuned!

Best vibes,

I. New release

Kryptogen Rundfunk - Liquid Circuits

Kryptogen Rundfunk
"Liquid Circuits"

CD (ltd. 333)

1. Subaudition Coils
2. Iridescence
3. Pyramidoid
4. Vibroseis
5. Collapse of Neurotic Illusions
6. Informancer
7. We Forget

total length: 65:20
price: €10

"Liquid Circuits" @ bandcamp
"Liquid Circuits" @ CDBaby
"Liquid Circuits" @ iTunes Store

Kryptogen Rundfunk: website | soundcloud | bandcamp | facebook | vk.com

"Liquid Circuits" is the second solo studio album by Kryptogen Rundfunk released 12 years after the debut album "22.SZ" (Mechanoise Labs, 2004). The gap between these two works was filled with many collaborations and split recordings with such artists as Hladna, Lunar Abyss, Neznamo, Umpio, Forgttn, to name a few, and many tracks on various experimental and noise music compilations. Behind the project stands M.M., also known for running the ZHELEZOBETON and Muzyka Voln labels and participating in other projects such as Hattifnatter, Govorit Radio Kosmos, etc.

The album is built on the use of analogue synthesizers and effect processors, various found sounds, samples and, of course, traditional for this project multiple kinds of radio noises and interceptions recorded both in home studio and various unusual places (the Caucasus mountains, Kola polar region, several cities of Western Europe…). Kryptogen Rundfunk combines elements of sound collage, drone and dark ambient, power electronics, chaotic and structured noise, weaving his multilayered musical fabric from them. Sonic streams radiate with all shades of frequencies, looped pieces of interference spiral out and soft rhythmic pulsations make room for scorching detailed electric noise burning out holes in sonic perception.

Sound mastering performed by Kshatriy (http://kshatriy.pro). The compact disc edition is limited to 333 copies. Digital version can be purchased at bandcamp (including high resolution 24-bit FLAC), CDBaby, iTunes and other platforms of digital distribution.

II. Reviews

Sal Solaris "Thresholds" CD:
Siyanie "Mystery of Life" CD:
Uhushuhu "Geoscience" CD-R:

III. Forthcoming events

07.10.2016 - 100 Years Of Dada
St. Petersburg, Sound Museum. More info...

Moscow, Hideout. More info...

08.10.2016 - Eternal Return
St. Petersburg, ul. Goncharnaya 15а. More info...

09.10.2016 - Spina Party 19
St. Petersburg, Vinyllasky. More info...

10.10.2016 - Zhelezobeton Baltic Tour
Latvia, Riga, Chomsky. More info...

11.10.2016 - Zhelezobeton Baltic Tour
Estonia, Pärnu, Kultuuriklubi Tempel. More info...

12.10.2016 - Zhelezobeton Baltic Tour / Grande Noise Marathon
Estonia, Tallinn, MIM Studio. More info...

14.10.2016 - Zhelezobeton Baltic Tour
Finland, Turku, Kirjakahvila. More info...

15.10.2016 - Zhelezobeton Baltic Tour / Akusmata Sound Festival
Finland, Helsinki, Akusmata. More info...

Moscow, Shagi. More info...

Moscow, Hideout. More info...

St. Petersburg, Sound Museum. More info...

Moscow, Shagi. More info...

28.10.2016 - Petrograd's Drone Gathering
St. Petersburg, Sound Museum. More info...

Moscow, Red. More info...

St. Petersburg, Zal Ozhidaniya. More info...

IV. New items in mailorder catalogue

CDs & CD-Rs

Beyond Enclosure -- "Dungeon of Total Void" -- CD -- €10
2016 Malignant Records, TumorCD98
Prominent S&M inspired electronics is not a new theme, but it has been a long time since such a vital voice has arisen. Enter Beyond Enclosure. With their debut recording Dungeon of Total Void, this Portuguese duo fronted by Samantha Diabolik with the assistance of Andre Coelho (of the now defunct Sektor 304 and operating here as "The Analyst"), have assembled an imposing homage to discomfort, pain, and pleasure. Built around a foundation of subversive and deviant themes, the eight tracks here undulate and throb with malfunctioning electronics, noxious, droning wavelengths, brooding, low slung bass, and malevolent psychoacoustics, with a stream of processed vocal instructions and commands that create a heightened sense of tension and unease. It's a brilliant display and musically should find immediate appeal among fans of Puce Mary, IRM, Sewer Goddess, and Haus Arafna. [label info]

Burroughs, William S. -- "Haxan: Witchcraft Through The Ages" -- CD -- €10
Sotpackan, sp0067
Grave robbing, torture, possessed nuns, and a satanic Sabbath: Benjamin Christensen’s legendary 1922 film uses a series of dramatic vignettes to explore the scientific hypothesis that the witches of the Middle Ages suffered the same hysteria as turn-of-the-century psychiatric patients. But the film itself is far from serious; instead it’s a witches’ brew of the scary, gross, and darkly humorous. In 1968, an abbreviated version of the film (77 minutes) was released. This version features an eclectic jazz score by Daniel Humair (played by a quintet including Jean-Luc Ponty on violin and Daniel Humair on percussion) and dramatic narration by William S. Burroughs. The artwork features great stills from the film.

Canaan -- "Blue Fire" -- CD -- €20
1996/2002 Eibon Records, CAN001
Born from the ashes of RAS ALGETHI, CANAAN offers a morbid blend of dark, industrial and metal with a deep search for sonic/visual melancholy... [label info] First album of the famous Italian darkwave project - 2002 reissue in jewel-case, sold out from label long time ago!
[mp3]   [mp3]

Canaan -- "Brand New Babylon" -- CD -- €20
2000 Eibon Records, Can023LTD / Prophecy Productions, PRO 029LTD, (ltd. 1000)
The dark side of life - a depressive, languorous work born out of desperation and isolation. Droning ambient meets melancholic dark with a destructive tone... [label info] Third album of the famous Italian darkwave project - original limited edition made in a luxurious leather digipack coming with embroidered sleeve + 6 cards + booklet.
[mp3]   [mp3]

Club Moral -- "Living(stone)" -- CD -- €13
2004 Club Moral, CM66
Club Moral Living(stone)concert was recorded live on 23 december 2003 in Berchem. All the tracks were improvised on the spot and the lyrics were taken from 'Gazet van Antwerpen' newspaper of the same day, except for 'On Suicide'. About 35 people witnessed the concert in Lies and Marthe's (real) livingroom. The set was recorded on mini-disc and digital Pro Tools mixer. The final mix on this CD approaches as much as possible the original sound in the room. [label info]

Common Eider King Eider -- "Extinction" -- CD -- €10
2016 Cold Spring, CSR219CD
A new ritual from this long running doom/drone/ambient collective, offering up modern manifestations of ancient energies, channelled into smouldering swathes of ceremonial hypnosis and explosive gouts of blood-red radiance. Extinction is an extended ceremonial rite conducted below ground at the Wisp House (R.I.P.). A song suite of psychedelic devotionals assembled from reverb drenched industrial drones, billowing clouds of metallic throb, and churning, rhythmic bombast. Fields of ghostly incantations suspended in the ether, draped over metallic murmurs and moaning melancholia. The low end rumble of monk-like chants beneath the soft tangle of keening lamentation. A slowly evolving sensory sacrament, tense and harrowing, punctuated by dense dramatic swells and aching, mournful mantras. [label info]

Concrete Mascara -- "Perennial Disappointment" -- CD -- €10
2016 Malignant Records, TumorCD93, (ltd. 500)
Since 2011, Concrete Mascara have been sharpening their skills across various formats and releases, pushing the envelope of intensity and extremity as they quickly ascended the ranks of American power electronic acts. Perennial Disappointment marks their Malignant debut and their second full length disc following 2014’s Blossoms of Shame on France’s Corrosive Arts Records. The sheer violence of this recording is astounding, and it stands as one of the most unnerving and visceral releases ever under the Malignant banner. From the dystopic atmosphere of opener “Flesh of This World” and post mortem ambience of “Mouth of Flies, Tongue of Maggots”, to the traumatizing and unmitigated physicality of “Utopian Nightmare”, “Defined by Absence” or “Delusion of Sacrifice” Perennial Disappointment is rife with urgency and tension, where caustic, distortion filled frequencies meet slashing, blown out noise, hyper-rhythmic pulsations, and venomous, dueling vocals. Collectively, it’s a perfectly engineered and concise declaration of arrival that should be a revelation for those that consider the genre to be one dimensional and stagnant. In jewel box with 6 panel booklet, designed by Si Clark. [label info]

Das Synthetische Mischgewebe -- "Some Conceptual Obligations, The Usual Rough & Rumble And The Conspiration Of Silence" -- CD -- €10
1998 Pinch A Loaf Productions, PAL-19
The album with the long title "Some Conceptual Obligations, the Usual Rough & Rumble and the Conspiration of Silence" has become a kind of crucial moment for the history of DSM. Before it most of works were quite noisy and chaotic and here it's all completely different - turnes ot silence can be much more extreme than noise! Listening to this album one understands that Guido Hübner is able to create minimalistic, complex, silent, noisy, boring and interesting music - all at the same time in the same track. The album comes with a huge fold-out poster / booklet where Guido in his usual manner has put quite voluminous but hardly readable and almost meaningless text. Limited edition in a special case, 500 copies. [Monochrome Vision]

Deutsch Nepal -- "Alcohology" -- CD -- €12
2015 Entartete Musikk, 08
Deutsch Nepal and Lina Baby Doll is back after 5 years in the retreat of the Swedish woods with a new album - “Alcohology“. Obviously in between (or even during) the recordings there was some examination of bottles and the liquor they contained going on, the object for the album is the impact alcohol might have on people when consumed. Alcohology mainly contain slow pounding industrial music in the vein that are familiar to all Deutsch Nepal fanatics in the same way as the previous album Amygdala. Swirling mirrors of looped sounds loosely glued together with pounding or haunting beats followed with simple melodic input. The dystopian vocals present a surrealistic scenario built up inside your head while listening. The album take off in the track Alcohology Superior which might be a praise to the misery of a meaningless life only decorated with boredom, violence and a lot of alco …and then the study of the fact of this situation - Alcohology … followed by To the Earth’s bombastic description of celestial visions that might strike one under intoxication … “and falling asleep outside the liquor store one day“ together with a hungry Python. The thoughtful statements of the gain and dangers of the consumption of alcohol continues as a theme all through the album and end with a re-recording of Erosion from the album with the same name from 1999 where the impact fluids have, not only on the human body but also on Mother Earth itself. Though a frequent appearance on stage alone or together with others in different constellations releases from Deutsch Nepal are comparably rare. So don’t miss this chance for some fresh Deutsch Nepal released on Entartete Musikk. [press-release]

Gintas K -- "Dimensions" -- CD -- €8
2016 Frozen Light, FZL 042, (ltd. 300)
“Dimensions” by Lithuanian composer Gintas K was prepared as a live-in-studio recording to be presented at ISEA2015 (The 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art) during the main exhibition program “Immersive Sound Room”; Vancouver, Canada, August 14-18, 2015. “Dimensions” was created and performed using Plogue Bidule software and various VST plugins. The plugins were assigned and controlled by midi keyboard and midi controllers. All the elements were played live and engaged with improvisation, granules, noise and the computer as instrument. Relationships are formed between composed, live playing, improvisation, and generative software. Similarly, connections are made between vintage electroacoustic, digital noise and a soft touch. [label info]

Gnawed -- "Pestilence Beholden" -- CD -- €10
2016 Malignant Records, TumorCD97
Since its inception in 2009, Grant Richardson’s Gnawed has propelled itself into the top tier of heavy electronics and death industrial with a stream of high quality releases over a variety of formats. For his 3rd full length disc, Pestilence Beholden, the template set forth by prior works remains intact, but is dragged down into an even darker space, this time enriched by added layers of foreboding atmospherics and foggy ambience. Make no mistake, this is Gnawed through and through, but Pestilence Beholden is even more sculpted and refined than before, finding an intersection between tensile dread and controlled aggression, as ominous synth beds and throbbing drones are augmented with the cataclysmic reverberations, resonating scrapyard acoustics, and mechanized dirge you’ve come to expect. Recorded in industrial complexes in and around Minneapolis, the sound here is deep and immense, once again solidifying Gnawed in a category all their own. [label info]

Grim -- "The Past Is Still In Current Use" -- CD -- €10
1985/1999 Drag & Drop Industrial, DDI 3336
First official retrospective CD with 21 tracks in total, contains all material of debut 7inch "Amaterasu", LP "Folk Music", 12inch "Message", and also selected compilation tracks include another moniker Howling Of Himalaya's work and one previously unreleased recording. Published by now defunct German label Drag & Drop Industrial in 1999. Slightly differs from second official retrospective CD "Folk Songs For An Obscure Race" as to track listing and sound quality according to mastering process. Great archive of early works by Japanese cult industrial legend Jun Konagaya a.k.a. Grim. Comes with a 12 paged booklet includes reproduced original artworks. [Lust Vessel]

Ionophore -- "Sinter Pools" -- CD -- €10
2016 Malignant Antibody, Treatment06
Ionophore is the project of the SF Bay Area/London-based multi-instrumentalists Leila Abdul-Rauf, Jan Hendrich, and Ryan Honaker. The trio weaves dark electronics and neoclassical soundscapes with heavy drones, seamlessly melding the orchestral strings of Honaker, the horns and voice of Abdul-Rauf, and electronic manipulations of Hendrich. Working closely with mastering magician Myles Boisen (known for his work with Angelo Badalamenti, John Zorn, Fred Frith), the result is an entrancing original sound, combining cinematic tones with beat-driven, ethereal ambience. A genre-bending and highly creative album that embodies the more adventurous and forward thinking nature of what Malignant Antibody was designed to release. [label info]

Karpaty Magiczne -- "Ksiega Utopii" -- CD -- €10
2000 OBUH Records, D11
Second album of ex-ATMAN Marek Styczynski and Anna Nacher project with friends. Flocks of acoustic instruments from all over the world in airy ethno-psychedelic dance. Refined spaces and moonlight trance. Music from the spectacle of Theatre of Dreams. [label info]

KK Null & David Brown -- "Terminal Hz" -- CD -- €7
2000 Ground Fault Recordings, GF012
Null and his nullsonic are gentle mostly here, offering a sandpapery surface or cottony scree and moan that Brown seems to play acoustic or electric guitar over in a sort of minimal, plucked-string way. Like interpretational folk-music for robots. Has a seriously threatening undertone, not soothing, but not really "noise" either. Sort of this asteroid-sized conglomeration of opposing forces, they never quite have a head-on collision but scrape by each other in a frightening scrape and drift. We get to hear the skins of these two spaceships have a near miss. [Vince Harrigan, Manifold Records]

Lady Morphia -- "Recitals To Renewal" -- CD -- €10
2000 Surgery, SURG004
First full-length CD album of the British neofolk duo after three mini-albums. Dedicated to the memory of Ernst Jьnger (1885-1998).

Lady Morphia -- "Essence And Infinity" -- CD -- €10
2006 Surgery, SURG005
After a period of quiet consolidation, during which the band concentrated on collaborations with the likes of WERKRAUM as well as contributions to compilations, LADY MORPHIA are back with their second full-length album, featuring 10 new songs and coming with a lavish sixteen-page booklet which includes lyrics in addition to artwork that reflects the album's concerns and aesthetics. The range of styles contained on the CD is immensely diverse, stretching from tenebrous experimental ambience to beautiful acoustic ballads, via lush classical orchestrations, darkly energetic rock and more. Despite the genre-spanning nature of the various compositions, the entire recording is underpinned by a conceptual & atmospheric unity. All pieces are inspired in some way by the work of the German philosopher Oswald Spengler; not least by his theory of the bloom and decay of cultures according to organic principles... LADY MORPHIA essentially began life in 1996 as a creative outlet for Nick Nedzynski. It remains a forum for the artistic expression of his personal obsessions, thoughts, beliefs and emotions. He and Chris Nedzynski form the nucleus of the group. On Essence and Infinity, Nick performed male vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, keyboards, piano, orchestrations, samples, tapes, timpani and percussion. Chris handled drums, timpani, percussion, piano, samples and tapes. He also took care of the engineering and mixing duties. For two tracks the brothers were joined by Emily Woodall, who offered her talents as a female vocalist. [press-release]

Lustmord -- "The Place Where The Black Stars Hang" -- CD -- €20
1994 Side Effects, DFX 16
"The Place Where the Black Stars Hang" was first released in 1994 on Side Effects, via Soleilmoon and while the earlier Lustmord album "Heresy" (Soleilmoon) gave birth to the "dark ambient" genre, it is "The Place Where the Black Stars Hang" that defines it. It's a work regularly cited by critics, audiences and musicians as being amongst the very best and most influential albums of its decade. [Soleilmoon] This is the original edition made in 1994.

Lux Interna -- "Ignis Mutat Res" -- CD -- €10
2004 Eis Und Licht, EIS040
For some reason Lux Interna sounds different than most dark folk bands. Is it because they are American? Or is it caused by the performance of Joshua Gentzke, whose vocal style makes me think of people like Nick Cave or Michael Gira? Lux Interna also makes me think of the British band Naevus, though with less rock elements... Compared to ‘Absence and plenum’, ‘Ignis mutats res’ sounds more dynamic and varied, with more different elements, both in composition and sounds. You can literally hear the fire that the title alludes to. Songs like ‘In the hidden fields’, ‘Horizon’ and ‘Weep not’ have a strong sense of energy and urgency. There are certainly also introspective, romantic moments, like ‘Rosa Mundi’, a nice acoustic folk song, with pleasant strings and female vocals. Or ‘Distance’, a shimmering atmopsheric song with half-whispered female vocals, in the best 4AD-tradition. There also songs that refer more to ‘classic’ apocalyptic folk, like ‘Europe’s green remnants’, which makes me think of Current 93. [HD, Funprox]

Mitsuru, Tabata -- "Mankind Spree" -- CD -- €10
2010 Fourth Dimension Records, FDCD75
"Mankind Spree" is the latest solo album by Tabata Mitsuru (Acid Mothers Temple, Zeni Geva, ex-Boredoms), which is every bit as good as one may expect from an artist who has the power and vision to soundtrack time folding in on itself whilst simultaneously pushing the psychedelic envelope into realms where melodies, static white crackle and overflowing rivers of electronics converge like the very points where sanity opens its welcoming hands to madness. Featuring several guests, including Acid Mothers Temple's synth player, Higashi Hiroshi, "Mankind Spree" comprises seven cuts that cough 'n' splutter over angular rhythms, suck up noise as colourful and beautiful as a perfect rainbow, hit back with some melodic scree and never stray too far from Tabata's keen ear for those rather more avant-strained sensibilities. [Cold Spring]

Mizutani, Kiyoshi -- "Transcend Sideways" -- CD -- €10
1997 Artware Production, Artw. 019, (ltd. 500)
Full-length second CD from Kiyoshi Mizutani, a former member of Merzbow and SCUM. Contains four extended pieces of intense sonic experimentation / prodigy live-concrete material. A bit far from author's later/recent works which are mostly pure field recordings. Another incredible solid stuff from this author. Comes in special packaging. Limited to 500 copies. [Lust Vessel]

The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud -- "s/t" -- CD -- €30
1993 Arthur's Round Table, ART 01
First album of the cult Austrian medieval martial ambient project by Albin Julius (Der Blutharsch) and Alzbeth. Second edition made in 1993 in a jewel-case.

The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud -- "A New Soldier Follows The Path Of A New King" -- CD -- €35
1995/1998 Arthur's Round Table, ART 3
Third album of the cult Austrian medieval martial ambient project by Albin Julius (Der Blutharsch) and Alzbeth. Third edition made in 1998 in a jewel-case.

Morpheus -- "Elochim" -- CD -- €5
2001 Drama Company, UM679, (ltd. 500)
Ritual-industrial dark ambient focusing on contradiction and duality inspired by Hebrew and Gnostic mythology.

Muslimgauze -- "Fakir Sind" -- CD -- €25
1999 Soleilmoon Recordings, SOL 80 CD, (ltd. 1000)

Muslimgauze -- "Vampire Of Tehran" -- CD -- €25
1998 Staalplaat, STCD 127, (ltd. 1000)
Dedicated to a just end. "Gholamreza Kordieh was dubbed the 'Vampire of Tehran' because he preyed on girls and women at night while working as a taxi driver. He was flogged then lashed by relatives of his nine victims, then hanged from a mobile crane to the chants of 'Allahu Akbar', a just end."

Organum & Z'EV -- "Tinnitus VU" -- CD EP -- €10
2004 Touch, TONE 19, (ltd. 1000)
I must admit I like unlikely collaborations, and I could have never believed that Z'ev and Organum would be together in the studio. Being a big fan of Organum and a keen follower of Z'ev (but without liking everything he did). They met in 1999 for the first time and in july 2003 they meet again, just about as Organum was going back into the studio to record new works. Z'ev joins him and here are the four results. We hear the recent piano works by Organum with the addition of thickly layered, highly processed percussive sounds of Z'ev. In the second piece, it seems like a field recording of wood splinters washing ashore. I'd say this music is probably more Organum sounding than Z'ev sounding, but altogether it's an excellent release with only one problem: it's way too short. Would have loved to get the double portion. [FdW, Vital Weekly]

Penny Rimbaud’s L’Academie Des Vanites -- "Yes Sir, The Truth Of Revolution" -- CD -- €12
2016 Cold Spring, CSR223CD
Punk / Free Jazz / Experimental. The former leader of CRASS Penny Rimbaud prepared this completely reworked version of CRASS' classic "Yes Sir, I Will" (1982) specially for the Rebellion Festival in the UK (2014) along with the former CRASS vocalist Eve Libertine and a group of leading musicians from the London jazz scene with whom they'd worked extensively in the past. The live recording of that show, presented here, captures all the tense excitement created by presenting a primarily punk audience with complex poetics of love, accompanied by equally demanding freeform, improvised jazz. However, as had generally been the case with CRASS' output, wild, willing and worrisome, it would be wise to expect the unexpected... Digipak with huge 28-page booklet. [label info]

Predominance -- "Nocturnal Gates Of Incidence" -- CD -- €10
2000 Loki Foundation, LOKI 26, (ltd. 1000)
Originally released in 2000 the second album of Predominance marked another step further into new dimensions. Pulsating heavy background textures are contrasted by symphonic-monumental and rhythmic proportions, brooding walls of sweeping soundwaves and vocals as well. A deep ambient soundtrack that rises from the very center of a convoluted labyrinth and creates a unique image of ancient myths and extraterrestrial traces. [label info] Original edition of 2000 in 6-panel digipak.

Roach, Steve -- "Space And Time: An Introduction To The Soundworlds Of Steve Roach" -- CD -- €10
2003/2004 Nextera, ERA 2031-21
Space and Time offers an unique overview of the nearly 20 years of groundbreaking recordings from noted ambient pioneer Steve Roach. Excerpting tracks from his thirteen Projekt Records CDs, Roach hand-selected and mixed these pieces into a perfect flow which serves as an ideal insight into his vast recorded history. “Space” and “time” are two themes that run constant in all Roach’s music. Rich with emotion and nuance, his sound creations evoke a strong sense of space and atmosphere while simultaneously altering the perception of time within that space. From the expansive, time-suspending landscapes reflected in releases such as 1984’s Structures from Silence and 2003’s Mystic Chords & Sacred Spaces to the fire breathing, rhythmic-shamanic expressions woven from all things electric and organic on 1989’s Dreamtime Return and 2000’s The Serpent’s Lair, Roach has earned his position in the international pantheon of major ambient-atmospheric-electronic artists. Fueled by Roach’s prolific nature and uncompromising approach, Space and Time invites the listener on a 74-minute journey into the extraordinary soundworlds of Steve Roach. [press-release]

Sophia -- "Sigillum Militum" -- CD -- €10
2000 Cold Meat Industry, CMI.89
The debut album by the side-project of Peter Petersson (Arcana), neoclassic / martial ambient.

Star Turbine -- "Nothing Should Move Unless You Want It To" -- CD -- €7
2016 Frozen Light, FZL 043, (ltd. 300)
Frozen Light presents new Star Turbine CD – «Nothing Should Move Unless You Want It To». Five highlights from concerts 2014–16 show minimal sound movements and tense stasis. But you never know what will happen the next second. Live concrete music vs drones and samples. Strange music for strange world. [label info]

TeHOM -- "Theriomorphic Spirits" -- CD -- €10
2000 Twilight Command, NERO XXVII
Dark / ritual ambient. Written and produced by Sinisa Ocurscak (Croatia), helped like co-member Miljenko Rajakovic. Released on Twilight Command / NER through Tesco Distribution. In the way of LUSTMORD and MORTHOUND. Their two albums “Despiritualization Of Nature” and especially this one “Theriomorphic Spirits”, heavily influenced by the occult arts of which Ocurscak was a practitioner. His musical exploration was ritualistic and esoteric and pretty original, he promised a lot but unfortunately he died '97.

Tribe Of Circle -- "Rien Ne Disparait Jamais Vraiment..." -- CD -- €10
2000 Athanor, ATNR009
Martial Industrial / Neofolk / Neoclassical from France. First album on Athanor label.

Tribe Of Circle -- "The Advent Of Redemption" -- CD -- €10
2001 Hau Ruck!, HR!18
Martial Industrial / Neofolk / Neoclassical from France. Second album on Hau Ruck!.

Tvlpa -- "Mountain Of The Opposer" -- CD -- €10
2016 Malignant Records, TumorCD95, (ltd. 500)
TVLPA are an anonymous group of musicians from Gothenburg, Sweden. Their core members sorcerers working within the Draconian current of occultist Thomas Karlsson’s Left Hand Path initiatory order, the Dragon Rouge. A sigil of sound, each piece is assembled with intent, opening gateways and guiding the listener through passages inaccessible to all but the most resolute and fearless. What constitutes “Ritual Music”, really? The endless amounts of Ambient scores that serve as background fodder for little more than exercises in New Agey meditation, or carefully constructed compositions that not only require the listener to meet them halfway, but to become an active participant? TVPLA are brazenly among the latter. “Mountain of the Opposer” is case in point. While undeniably Industrial in approach, there is a hypnotic quality to each of the nine tracks. Undulating electronic howls meet pulsating rhythms, voices appear as waning mist, ripple and swell, then recede into the murk. Subdued, diverging textures give way to intense, throbbing beats. I believe I even detected a didgeridoo. Nothing is true, everything is permitted. But alas, to preach only the cogitative applications of this release would be a disservice. There’s enough meat here to keep one occupied on a purely entertainment level. Aside from the Ambient pieces, there is a nod to the bygone days of the experimental Industrial vanguards. Regardless of your approach, TVLPA is undoubtedly worth your time. Lmtd 500 copies in 6 panel digipak, designed by T. Ekelund (Trepaneringsritualen). [press-release]

Yrsel -- "Abraxas" -- CD -- €10
2013 213 Records, 213cd08 / Tuguska, TGSK010, (ltd. 200)
The album «Abraxas» is recorded during 2011-2013 and contains some of the bands most challenging and yet accessible music so far. On this album the band has taken in some guests to contribute with sounds. Denis Del Nista (Moon, Burning Emptiness label) appears with sounds on the track «Simon Magus» and Alice Dourlen (Chicaloyoh) contributes with vocals on the tracks «Asat» and «Nequaquam Vacuum»... YRSEL is a collaboration between Julien Louvet (Austrasian Goat, Death To Pigs, 14:13) and CJ Larsgarden (Ondo, APF, Forest City). Though hailing from different musical genres and from France and Sweden respectively, the two artists bonded following a split release on the label Burning Emptiness. YRSEL create complex, multi-layered and atmospheric music that fully explodes the genres of drone, doom and electronica resulting in a glacial melt of sound and texture... Silscreened digisleeve. [label info]

V/A -- "Prager Kodex - Songs of Three Brotherhoods" -- CD -- €7
1995 Discordia, DISC 050
A compilation of tracks by AUTOPSIA, AUTOPSIA side-projects HUSSITE and SPLENDOR SOLIS, plus a track from KARL ROSSMANN.


2:13 PM / Motherfucking / La Sixieme Faute -- "Collaboration" -- LP -- €15
2011 213 Records, 213v29, (ltd. 300)
This LP is the result of a programmed gathering between Julien Dupont (MOTHERFUCKING), Julien Louvet (2:13 PM), Eric Duriez (2:13 PM), Gael Moissonnier (MOTHERFUCKING, LA 6e FAUTE) and Samuel Moncharmont (LA 6e FAUTE). It was recorded on July the 9th, year 2011 in a rehearsal room located in Ay-sur-Moselle. It probably contains subliminal fragments of ANTHRAX, SLAYER, MEGADETH or METALLICA, who played not so far away. Improvisation is an attempt to communicate sensitively. Beyond the verb, we’re designing other spaces, marking out new territories, defining our own rites. Twisting and turning into the addition of our individualities. It is, paradoxically, in the momentary abandonment of ourselves that pleasure emerges. This record is a way to document these collusions. Seven fragments from a harnessing which makes sense for those who lived it, and for them the purpose is the process. [label info]

A Casa -- "Escaleras Abajo De Los Arboles" -- LP -- €15
2015 213 Records, 213v35, (ltd. 213)
A CASA is one of the numerous projects of proteiform Argentinian artist Jose De Diego. A CASA offers a meditative odd to nature on this first LP of the «Synesthetic Alchemy» serie curated by 213 Records and dedicated to free music and improvisation. Limited to 213 copies with silkscreened insert. For fans of Neu, Can, Nurse With Would, Eliane Radigue, Popol Vuh... [label info]

(ad)VANCE(d) -- "24" -- 10" -- €12
2011 Drone Records / Substantia Innominata, SUB 15, (ltd. 500)
[ad]VANCE[d] is the brainchild of MARS WELLINK from Arnhem, NL, active since many years as a part of VANCE ORCHESTRA and graphic & printing designer. On this new 10" in our series dedicated to the UNKNOWN he and JAN DEKKER transformed "every day" environmental recordings from a full day (24 hours) of their existence into a surrealistic collage. Listen to a unique atmospheric travelogue, the aural world seen from a subsconscious perspective. Great cover-collage by ROBERT SCHALINSKI (COLUMN ONE) and TOM PLATT. 500 copies pressed in 'flamed solid white & black' colour. [label info]

Chicaloyoh -- "Porte Devergondee" -- LP + book -- €18
2016 213 Records, 213v39 / Et Mon Cul C'est Du Tofu?, TOFU 111, (ltd. 500)
Chicaloyoh is the Alice Dourlen solo project, a music between soundscape exploration and intimate contemplation. With this new album, the priestress is reinventing his mantraic language, echoing Tom Bodlin's saxophone on few songs. For fans of Inca Ore, Nico, Catherine Ribeiro, Pharmakon... LP comes with a 36-page A4 sized booklet entitled "My Nails, the Sea and the Human Pyramid". [label info]

Dimuzio, Thomas -- "Amid Zero Echo" -- 2 x 10" -- €20
2014 Drone Records / Substantia Innominata, SUB-20, (ltd. 500)
The jubilee release, a double-10" in gatefold cover with four breathtaking drones by Californian sound-designer & multi-experimentalist THOMAS DIMUZIO, whose massive hypnotic soundscapes already released in the 90's were much ahead of the time! Comes with great gatefold-cover art by MARS WELLINK, lim. 500, clear vinyl! [label info]

Ensync -- "s/t" -- LP -- €15
2016 213 Records, 213v38, (ltd. 213)
We're really proud to announce the release of the second volume of the "Synesthetic Alchemy" serie - dedicated to free forms of music - by ENSYNC, the unexpected reunion of Bastien Champenois' drumming (DAiKiRi, Gouffre, ...) and Riccardo Gamondi's sound knowledge (Uochi Toki, La Morte, ...). When rounded drums meets deep live feedback and sub frequencies. 213 copies with Silkscreened insert. For fans of Limbo (OST), Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, mantra music in general... [label info]

Kallabris -- "Music For Very Simple Objects" -- 10" -- €12
2009 Drone Records / Substantia Innominata, SUB-12, (ltd. 500)
Maybe the most mysterious & thought-provoking german experimental project with recordings derived from field recordings so bizarre it's difficult to find any words for it! This work features very short sequences of concrete sounds, arranged in a structural and temporal way that the "known reality" is placed in a new frame & context, thus making it possible that the world behind may become "visible" through our acoustic senses. What is usually familiar is suspended in order to make new experiences. The used acoustic elements have been configured in a certain causal formation which is not consciously perceivable within the phenomenal order. The phenomenon hides the principle & substance of the sound-pieces... Great full colour artwork by Mal Hoeschen (Multer, Genesungswerk), edition of 500 copies, transparent fluor green vinyl. [label info]

Yrsel -- "Abraxas" -- 2 LP -- €20
2013 213 Records, 213v31 / Tuguska, TGSK010, (ltd. 500)
The album «Abraxas» is recorded during 2011-2013 and contains some of the bands most challenging and yet accessible music so far. On this album the band has taken in some guests to contribute with sounds. Denis Del Nista (Moon, Burning Emptiness label) appears with sounds on the track «Simon Magus» and Alice Dourlen (Chicaloyoh) contributes with vocals on the tracks «Asat» and «Nequaquam Vacuum»... YRSEL is a collaboration between Julien Louvet (Austrasian Goat, Death To Pigs, 14:13) and CJ Larsgarden (Ondo, APF, Forest City). Though hailing from different musical genres and from France and Sweden respectively, the two artists bonded following a split release on the label Burning Emptiness. YRSEL create complex, multi-layered and atmospheric music that fully explodes the genres of drone, doom and electronica resulting in a glacial melt of sound and texture... Black vinyl, 2 x 180 gr. [label info]


Gedankent Raum / Graal -- split -- MC -- €4<
2000 Black Orchid Productions, 017
Gedankent Raum - German project playing something between rhythmic noise and industrial avantgarde. Graal was a Ukrainian band performing occult-avantgarde music with standard rock instruments. Live recording from 1998.

Salivating Lamb -- "The Words That Form His Name" -- C-45 -- €5
2010 213 Records, 213t01, (ltd. 100)
Dark Ambient / Black Metal / Death Metal / Drone. Silk-screened slipcase.


V/A -- "The Sound Of Progress" -- DVD -- €14
1988/2016 Cold Spring, CSR194DVD
The official release of the infamous 1988 film THE SOUND OF PROGRESS. This DVD has been completely remastered / authored from the original master film stock. The documentary shows the mindset of the some of the most original and influential artists of the experimental scene. An unprecedented insight into the workings, the methods and the ideas that made these names legendary. Filmed in Hamburg, Amsterdam and London: COIL – CURRENT 93 – FOETUS – TEST DEPT. Interviews – live material – studio work – opinion. DVD case with 6 panel booklet containing liner notes by David Keenan. The DVD also includes a gallery of never before seen pictures of each band. Director: Alexander Oey, Producer: Marc Van Der Bijl / Justin Mitchell. [label info]


Wakeford, Tony -- "Non Omnis Moriar" -- T-shirt -- €15
2009 The Eastern Front
Official t-shirt released by the Israeli label The Eastern Front to support the album "Not All Of Me Will Die". Black colour, front image features Sol Invictus logo with the words "Non Omnis Moriar", back side features the title "Not All Of Me Will Die" in English and Hebrew. Size L. Image.


Humans -- "Obsolete Medicine" -- floppy -- €7
2012 Auris Apothecary, AAX-070, (ltd. 280)
Over 50 releases ago, we helped introduce the debut of HUMANS with one of the shortest albums we’ve ever worked on, the 8-minute Are Dead cassette. Since then they’ve evolved & matured, added a member, lost a member, recorded & released 2 more EP’s and toured America in a van. With Obsolete Medicine, HUMANS have outdone their previous record, with 3 songs clocking in at exactly one and a half minutes, each song being written by one of the individual members then bit-crushed down to add a lo-fidelity digital degradation. This assortment of composers & purposeful reduction of quality leads to a uniquely-varied display of HUMANS’ signature weirdo punk sound filtered straight from the brains of each piece of the puzzle. Ultra minimal in design & length, Obsolete Medicines is an amped-up postcard of HUMANS in their rawest prime... Black laser-jet printing on white cardstock sleeves with eyes cut out, sealed inside clear bag by a white circle sticker with black laser-jet printing. 9 colors of floppy disks rubber stamped in black ink, containing MP3’s + PNG files of artwork. Digital download code & serial hand-numbered in black ink. [label info]

Frea market

Aube - Set On - CD - VG/NM - 2000 - Manifold Records - MANCD37 - Ltd. 1000 - €7.90
Column One - Feldaufnahmen I - CD - NM/VG+ - 2007 - Auf Abwegen - AATP21 - €4.30
Darkwood & Chaos As Shelter - Lapis - CD - NM/VG+ - 2004 - Heidenvolk - HV 08 - €7.90
Flint Glass - Circumsounds - CD - VG+ - 2008 - Brume Rec. / Tympanik Audio - BRUME20 / TA007 - Ltd. 777 - €4.30
Flint Glass - Hierakonpolis - CD - NM/VG+ - 2003 - Funkwelten - FW 005 - €6.40
Flint Glass - Nyarlathotep - CD - VG+ - 2006 - Brume Rec. / Funkwelten - BRUME 13 / FW 007 - €6.40
Karkowski, Zbigniew & Antimatter - KHZ - CD - VG+/NM - 2005 - Auscultare Research - aus 021 - €5.00
Kerovnian - From The Depths Of Haron - CD - NM/VG+ - 2001 - Cold Spring - CSR35CD - Ltd. 1000 - €6.40
Muslimgauze - Your Mines In Kabul - 3 CD - NM/VG+ - 2000 - Staalplaat - Your Mines In Kabul - Ltd. 700 - €57.10
Sol Invictus - Lex Talionis - CD - M/G - 2008 - Infinite Fog Productions - IF003 - Ltd. 1001 - €3.60
Terra Sancta - Aeon - CD - VG+/NM - 2004 - Malignant Records - TUMOR CD20 - €5.00

Don't forget to check the full list of rare & used items, it's here.

V. Back in stock

Amon -- "Foundation" -- 2 CD -- €13
2005 Afe Records / Eibon Records, afe070cd / Amn053
"Foundation" is an Eibon Records / Afe co-production that comes in the form of two full-lenght CDs packaged in a beautifully designed heavy cardboard sleeve. It features most of the tracks originally contained on the first untitled Amon album which was out on Murder Release in 1996, the whole "Mer" limited edition CD-R released by Blade Records in 2000, and a few unreleased/rare bonus tracks. Popular demand for a "Mer" second edition has always been high, and five years later from its original release it's time to make it available to the public again along with an improved version of the untitled Amon debut CD. All the tracks on "Foundation" were performed and recorded by Andrea Marutti between September 1995 and April 2000 at Lips Vago Digital Studio and were fully remastered and post-produced on purpose of this release. "Foundation", the title track, was sourced from a Memory Moog improvisation played by Riccardo Marmugi. "Prepare to Leave" was originally released by Eibon Records on the "Dissolution Fahrenheit" CD compilation back in 1997. [Afe press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Anenzephalia -- "s/t" -- CD -- €10
2001 Death Factory, DEATH-011, (ltd. 2000)
Anenzephalia are a wellknown cult band in the underground industrial scene in Germany, Europe and the World. With obscure limited edition releases on labels such as Tesco and RRRecords and with a close relation to their label mates Genocide Organ, they, or he, or whoever really is the core of this mysterious band, have made a mark in the annals of German industrial music. This is not just another Anenzephalia live recording, since this was a special, and may we add a very odd occasion: In Slaughter Natives and Mortiis(!) opening up for Anenzephalia!! We who were there recall an almost religious experience, an intense show with throbbing electronics setting up the scene for B. Moloch's chilling voice. Now, five years later, this legendary live set sees the light again with this release, and hopefully gets the attention it deserves. Digipak. [press release]

Aube -- "RM4" -- CD -- €7
2002 Ultra-Mail Prod., U.M.P.-001, (ltd. 1000)
Rusty metal was the sound source for this work of japanese master. Absolutely abstract soundscapes, droning and ringing, very intelligent soundwork. Hypnotic minimalism. One of the tracks has been previously releasen on home label of Akifumi Nakajima - G.R.O.S.S. - as a 3" CD-R limited to 22 copies.

Bad Sector & Tommaso Lisa -- "Reset / Rebis Periferiche" -- CD + book -- €15
2005 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 075
For this release Massimo Magrini was joined by the Italian cyberzone-writer Tommaso Lisa. So the album was recorded as conceptual reference to Tom's "Italian neuro-poems" collection "Rebis". Short spoken fragments of the texts are treated and inserted in a sonic structure built with minimal, strangely sincopated pseudo-rytmhs and sharp pulsing noises. The effect of those spoken texts is really disqieting, a very severe & obscure release different from all previous Bad Sector albums. In the background, Bad Sector's trademark chilling micro-melodies completes an upsetting, allucinated but crude vision of our "Collapsing Civilization". The CD is packed inside a book cover, the book contains Tom's neo-futuristic & cyber-poetry. [label info]

Brume -- "Two Characters" -- 10" -- €12
2013 Drone Records / Substantia Innominata, SUB-19, (ltd. 500)
The French "atmospheric musique concrete" master on the Drone Rec.-sublabel with two highly evocative drone-pieces, full of tension & great sounds, showing a compelling densification process. Lim. 500 coloured vinyl; cover-artwork by Mal Hoeschen (Multer). [label info]

Canaan -- "A Calling to Weakness" -- CD -- €10
2002 Eibon Records, Can036
Proudly introducing CANAAN’s fourth full-lenght album, and without any doubt their most melancholic one. “A calling to weakness” music is much sharper, rougher, heavier, darker than ever before. The 17 songs of the album create an incredibly enthralling and mournful atmosphere - your next psychic black hole... [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Canaan -- "Walk into my Open Womb" -- 2 CD -- €15
1998/2003 Eibon Records, Can010, (ltd. 500)
Originally released in 1998, and since then already repressed a few times, "Wimow" was CANAAN's second album, and contains some of the most significant tracks composed by the band. Taste the early days of the masters of deception..... This last repressing (in a limited edition of 500 copies) comes with new graphics. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Caul & Kirchenkampf -- "Sleep - Night - Death" -- CD -- €10
2008 Malignant Records, TUMOR CD31, (ltd. 888)
Two artists return to the Malignant roster, having teamed up to create over 60 minutes of dark ambient solitude. A soundscape for late night reflections, full of quiet, whispering drones, cosmic flutterings, arching climatic tones and textures that ascend and descend in a delicate interplay between beauty and bleak desolation. You know their work as separate entities, find out what they do when brought together. Limited to 888 copies with specialty eco-wallet packaging designed by ::: eye.lyft ::: (www.eyelyft.com). [press-release]

Changes -- "Orphan in the Storm" -- CD -- €10
2004 Hau Ruck!, HR!48, (ltd. 1000)
The long-awaited album by this folk legend is finally available. This recording also features performances and back up by Michael Moynihan and Robert Ferbrache, members of long standing neo-folk outfit Blood Axis. The CD version comes in nice digipak with a 16-page booklet. [label info]

Column One -- "AntiphoNA" -- 10" -- €12
2013 Drone Records / Substantia Innominata, SUB-18, (ltd. 500)
'ANTIPHONA AD INTROITUM'! Finally on SUBSTANTIA we can present to you the highly regarded German masters of experimental dadaism & de-construction, whose releases are always a thoughtful play with hidden meanings, conceptions & contradictions: 'Learning to play. Disorder. Destruction of programmed Solutions. Learning to see.' COLUMN ONE is a long existing collective of multimedia artists hailing from the Berlin-area with frequently changing members; their performance & artworks are as important as the music (see also their impressive website: www.column-one.de). On this mysterious 10" you will disocver two pieces that sound completely different: ANTIPHONA is a bewildering work of musique concrete, changing between very fast moving collages and quieter parts, always surprisingly fractured, using an amazing quantity of different sound-sources of all kinds. The second piece INTROITUM is a meditative overtone bowl-drone recorded at the legendary "Sibirische Zelle" in Berlin with three microphones in three different rooms, resulting in strange sound-effects and audio interactions. Both tracks can be regarded as anthiponies forming a single whole. For us these are metaphors for the emergence of the "Irrational" and "Sacred" in the daily profane lives, using notions from religious scopes in a new context. Side A ends in an endless groove, the artwork comes from SEAN HILLEN, pressed on bleak vinyl in an edition of 500 copies. [press-release]

Coph Nia -- "The Dark Illuminati" -- CD -- €10
2007 Cold Meat Industry, cmi163
The Thelemic Warlord is back; and after years of silence and solitude Aldenon once again presents us with a true masterpiece - "The Dark Illuminati - A Celestial Tragedy in two acts". This is an epic saga of eight illuminating pieces trying to penetrate the core of the Darkest Light. Aldenon's characteristic growling coupled with Linus's bombastic drums and Karin's serene voice come together in a tapestry of ritualistic, penetrating and sinister ambiance. Included are three timeless classics in new and improved formats... Choirs, strings and intricate orchestrations bring about an unforgettable tale that won't leave any listener untouched; possibly giving rise to more questions, than it poses answers. So what is it? The Dark Illuminati - The Dark Enlightened.... A global elite attempting to enforce a world government? An organization controlling world affairs? The New World Order? Or a Secret Few, merely seeking to preserve the Dark Light....? Well... The Stage is set. The Music begins to play. But the Script has been lost. [press-release]

Ctephin -- "Duad" -- 7" -- €7
2009 Drone Records, DR-97, (ltd. 300)
"For I am divided for love's sake, for the chance of union". CTEPHIN is a curious "drone-family" built around the main couple StF & Aedria Hughes who create atmospheric & noisy soundscapes, with various friends and their 7 children. Calling themselves "Umbrella Noize Collective", they live to the: "Law of Liberty as laid out in Liber AL vel Legis". DUAD is their first vinyl release and uses pumping drones, field recordings (rain), guitars, metallic effects and a kind of very harmonic cembalo instrument. The two tracks develop in a lovely way; from pure ambience to noise and back. The same use of beautiful harmonics & noise-drones creates quite a special atmosphere, from NOISE LIGHT to LIGHT NOISE. Filed under: THELEMIC LIGHT DRONES AND DRONE LIGHTS. GOLDEN VINYL WITH LOVELY MARBLE EFFECT & SILVER-GOLD LABELS. BLACK COVERS WITH THICK WHITE PAINT STAMPED ON. RED INLAY WITH GOLDEN PRINT. [press release]

Dead Man's Hill -- "Lakes Of Sacrifice" -- CD -- €10
2006 Bugs Crawling Out Of People, bcp002, (ltd. 500)
Dead Man's Hill has been brewing and gaining strength in the dark underground of the Belgium Death Industrial scene since 1998. Having released four limited edition full length cdr albums and a split disc, the time has at last come for Dead Man's Hill to reveal his full potential. With Lakes of Sacrifice, his best cd release to date, Dead Man's Hill makes his sound widely available to a North America audience, striking out from Canadian label Bugs Crawling Out of People... Dead Man's Hill represents the pinnacle of the Death Industrial scene, offering a brilliant blend of militaristic drums, epic orchestrations, and dark sensibilities. Tired of computer constructed sounds? Bored of standard beats? Had enough of bands following simplistic formulas, conforming themselves to be clones of the newest trend? Dead Man's Hill defies these limitations, with a sound that is both classic and renewed; a sound that crosses, combines, and surpasses the subgenres, resulting in a tour de force of industrial, gothic, neo-classical and neo-folk. Lakes of Sacrifice is a powerful entity with a horror movie soundtrack feel; it is classic industrial in the old school way, yet will surprise and reveal something new to the listening audience... The disc features the incredibly powerful collaborative track "Sacrifice of Subscription" with spoken wordcore artist it-clings and a remix of "Legions of Coldness" by Nick Gorman of Fractured. [press-release]

Deadwood -- "Ramblack" -- CD -- €10
2008 Cold Spring Records, CSR104CD
"Ramblack" is the follow up to Deadwood's successful 2005 album "8 19" (CSR53CD). Over the past 3 years this Swedish artist has been toiling away, creating a new black ambient / death noise masterpiece and "Ramblack" is the result. Cloaked in a more raw and morbid sound then its predecessor, this album truly changes ones perspective of audial darkness. This analogue beast of an album layers the tonal prayers of demons and the distorted cries of angels, sickness and depravity. True Death Electronics. The soundtrack to your end. "Ramblack" features guest vocals from Norwegian Black Metal legend Maniac (Skitliv, ex-Mayhem), who's vocal approach on the song 'Forakt' shows the full range of his capacity. Truly one of the most sick and twisted pieces of sonic art ever recorded. Enjoy the disease! [press-release]

Decadence -- "Where Do Broken Hearts Go?" -- CD -- €10
2005 Cold Meat Industry, cmi147
Decadence has been proudly signed to Cold Meat Industry for their first album since the "Something to love, something to spend" LP in 2003. With their new album "Where do broken hearts go?", Decadence manage to create a perfect harmony between sophisticated Neo-Classical and Neo-Folk music; dramatic classical orchestrations, militaristic snares and soft melodies played by piano and acoustic guitars. Fragile innocence presented by female singer Eufrosyne, and completed by the cynical voice of Petros - a perfect combination of Romance and Sin. Decadence have released very limited vinyls on prestigious labels before, that were instantly sold out, so we are finally glad to present their new album, to a larger audience. Jewelcase with 24-pages fullcolour booklet with decadent and sexy pictures. [label info]

Dies Natalis -- "Abyss" -- CD EP -- €5
2002 Eis & Licht, Eis028, (ltd. 1300)
Neofolk. Comes in a 6-panel foldout sleeve with cardboard insert on which the CD is fixed.

Drahomira Song Orchestra -- "La Chambre de Styrene" -- CD -- €10
2002 Vacuum, v09.0
This album is the first release of the Drahomira Song Orchestra, the musical subsidiary of the multimedia art factory 'Institut Drahomira' (Drahomira Ink.). 8 obscure ambient tracks: bizarre string loops and mysterious unidentified speaking voices create a worrying atmosphere of claustrophobia. So far, their works (about 50 albums) were only produced on cd-r or tapes and distributed randomly by mail, to people picked in the phonebook. Since the late 80's some live performances were also organised in secret places and transmitted by phone to the audience. [Ant-Zen]

Dronaement -- "Wassermond" -- 7" -- €5
2000/2007 Drone Records, DR-41, (ltd. 300), 2nd edition
DRONAEMENT is a newcomer from a small village in East Germany, who is also active in DAS RHYTHMISCHE ORNAMENT and D:RHYTHM:O and his small cassette-label NAUZE MUZICK. After a few amazing tapes, this is the very first vinyl issue for DRONAEMENT, containing two flowing tracks based on water sounds, entitled "wassermond" and "wassertank". Sounds go up and down like waves, pulsate soft and tender, surround you like cotton wool, being added up by sensitively created electronics. This is a kind of hommage to water, symbol for life, moving and development. Listen to the endless streaming and flowing of life. [press-release]

Dual -- "Klanik" -- 7" -- €5
1999/2005 Drone Records, DR-39, (ltd. 300), 2nd edition
DUAL hail from Doncaster, now based in London, England and have so far released two cassettes and a 7" on Dirter Promotions. Their music is a mixture of mighty guitar-drones with massive sub bass undertones & slight rhythmic structures that evoke feelings of total transcendence and grandeur. On Side A (KLANIK) there seem to be cascades of tuneful layered guitars that speak a special language of their own, on Side B (4tH) more concrete elements (rumbling and squealing) and unpleasent feedback arising, added by strange backwards sounds creating a rather eerie and challenging feel to it. This is highly demanding incremental experimental guitar-music with a very individual style! [original Drone Records press release]

Hadit -- "Arise" -- CD -- €7
2003 Memento Mori, MORI 16
Ritual / dark ambient project by MONDBLUT. "Aware of the Intention of tearing doorways into the indoctrinated veil of enforced reality, we formed the soundscapes and words of HADIT. At first, scattered into the subsections Arcus Arcanum, Drachenschlucht / TAO, Shadows of Abaddon, that were partly released as cassettes on Culturcreis TYR / Hamburg, we took some tracks of these recordings and unified them under the concept of HADIT. It's ritual Intentions are counterpart and complement of our former releases as MONDBLUT. A resurrection of forgotten manifestations out of the void, and furthermore the revival and re-awakening of ritual musick!" [label info]

Hirsute Pursuit -- "Tighten That Muscle Ring" -- CD -- €10
2012 Cold Spring, CSR158CD
Music that smells like a man! “I play Hirsute Pursuit at all of my DJ gigs” (Peter Christopherson) “Tighten That Muscle Ring” features collaborators such as Bryin Dall of Thee Majesty, Boyd Rice of NON and Sleazy of Coil / Throbbing Gristle. The music is real. The sex is real. Created by Harley Phoenix and his musical partner, Bryin Dall, this is Gay Sex Music that offers no apologies. Enticing rhythms combined with raw sex and a commanding, deep, resonate voice, Harley has transformed explicit instructions for serving his pleasure into a musical orgy that hits the gay community where it plays, the dance floor and the bedroom. Sleazy dance beats pound along at tempos that encourage carnal exploration, while sounds of ecstasy cannot be ignored... Without any publicity or releases, Hirsute Pursuit has had over 140,000 plays on Myspace in less than a year! Drawing fans from all musical genres, including House, Country, Rock, Hip Hop, etc. Primarily attracting a gay audience, recent fans also include female dominatrixes, middle-class housewives and straight guys (as is evidenced in the video, Boys Keep Swinging featuring Boyd Rice and James Pope, both straight). The raw sensuality has now crossed over into the heterosexual domain. This is music you can fuck to, as well as bump and grind. Comes in a 6-panel digisleeve. [press release]

Hum -- "The Spectral Ship" -- 10" -- €12
2008 Substantia Innominata, SUB-08, (ltd. 500)
Two great new pieces by this Russian artist from the Moscow-area, most sensible & emotional drone-ambience, a graceful dance of acoustic reflections & resonances. "Spectral Ship" and "Tidal Fire" appear like universal mantras, revealing the basic HUM of the universe. These works seem to represent perfectly the concept of the SUBSTANTIA-series: Sound that exists but which is not originating from the impact of two subjects in contact. Sound that is simply "there", with no beginning or ending. Edition of 500 copies on silver-coloured vinyl, with a full colour sleeve design by DANIEL CROKAERT / MYSTERY SEA. [press-release]

Hum / Misery -- "Landmarks In Mistscape / Vjosla Navjih Rek" -- CS -- €12
2009 Linija Shuma, SHUM 0009, (ltd. 33)
Split-cassette from two Russian musicians. Wonderful handmade box package.

Hyios -- "Consuetudines" -- CD -- €10
2009 Malignant Records, TUMOR CD40
The alluring debut from Leipzig Germany's Hyios, Consuetudines offers 7 lengthy compositions of cold ritual drones, arching trajectories, and visceral descents into subterranean caverns, where rich, kinetic textures and deep resonant tones move and morph in a fluid, serpentine fashion, sprinkled with the debris of an ancient culture and something more otherworldly and primordial. Leipzig has historically proven to be fertile ground for dark ambient and Consuetudines continues in the fine tradition set forth by such notable acts as Inade and Herbst9. In 6 panel digipak, mastered by Secret Lab. A great new discovery. [label info]

Illusion Of Safety -- "Sweet Dreams" -- 10" -- €12
2012 Drone Records / Substantia Innominata, SUB-17, (ltd. 500)
3-track EP by the legendary experimental project from Illinois / Chicago-area around DAN BURKE, one of the inventors of what once was called "Ambient Industrial", undergoing through many musical changes through their almost 30 years of existence; SWEET DREAMS is an almost psychedelic record, using many incredible acousmatic sounds coming from field recordings & instrumental sources; lim. 500 3-colour vinyl with stunning artwork by TILMANN BENNINGHAUS, Berlin, and mastering by THOMAS DIMUZIO!! [label info]

In Death's Throes -- "Tactical Disorder" -- CD -- €5
2003 Art Konkret, ART 36, (ltd. 500)
This rare CD is recommended for the lovers of good old analogue power electronics / death industrial. Abrasive and analogue sounds, synthesizer pulsation. Top-level sounding dark culture of terror. Featuring Schloss Tegal. [UFA Muzak]

Inade -- "The Crackling Of The Anonymous" -- CD -- €10
2001 Loki Foundation, LOKI29
After 5 years since the last studio album Aldebaran, we can finally announce the release of a new full lenght work. With The Crackling Of The Anonymous, Inade move beyond all pre-conceived notions of sonic creativity. The plethora of puzzle pieces that interconnect in the expanding universe that Inade unwaveringly explores have grown amorphous, no longer defined by distinct outlines, melding as one whole, obscure entity. The expansion comes in many levels, incorporating the vast parameters of time, dimension and reality as viable participants in Inade's aural objective: to shine a light on the enigmatic unknown and give it a vague silhouette. The dark and hallucinatory masterwork that is The Crackling Of The Anonymous, is constructed via the never heard utterances of the void, while tapping into the psyche of the impossible. A stunning release that defies all logic because it creates its own! [press-release]

Inanna -- "Day Ov Torment" -- CD -- €10
2007 Cold Spring, CSR71CD
Reissue of the massive Death Industrial album from this ARCHON SATANI side-project, originally issued by Staalplaat in 1993. INANNA were at the forefront of a new force in Doom Ambiance way back in the early '90s. This stunningly remastered and repackaged album brings alive one of the classic scene albums - a milestone in ultra grim and crushing death sonics, that paved the way for many Drone and Ritual Industrial bands around today. Mixed by J Havukainen (IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES). [press release]

Iron Halo Device -- "The Collapsing Void" -- CD -- €10
1996 Malignant Records, TUMOR 07
"The Collapsing Void" has two distinct segments. Tracks 01-04 were recorded live at the Hurricane in Kansas City on July 31, 1996. The performance was composed entirely of samples taken from other bands. You can easily identify the obvious cuts borrowed from Nine Inch Nails, Dead Can Dance, Skinny Puppy, Coil, Curve, Lords Of Acid, SPK, etc., etc. The detailed letters from music industry lawyers contained within the liner notes show that Iron Halo Device is definitely not a band that fears litigation. Tracks 05-08 were compiled from home studio demos written and recorded in August and September 1995, utilizing the same guerilla recording techniques. Most of the sample material, however, is based on slowed or accelerated percussion and drones, rather than than readily identifiable cuts. Yet the trained ear can hear a bit of Lustmord on 'The Abduction of Winter' so the samples are not that well masked. A slithery, all encompassing sonic octopus of diverse samples manipulated into cohesive, illusive, mind altering songs. A jumble of percussive elements, a hazy rippling horizon of sounds and sonic textures flow from inception to realization with smooth, deceptive grace. You'll applaud Philip T. Easter (STONE GLASS STEEL) for his daring sample based construction techniques and his dedication to the artists who contributed unknowingly. [Sickness Still Abounds].

Kerovnian -- "Far Beyond, Before The Time" -- CD -- €10
1999/2015 Cold Spring, CSR24CD
Reissue of the long sold out and sought after Dark Ambient masterpiece from 1999, with 4 previously-unheard bonus tracks. "Far Beyond, Before The Time" was the first genius offering of Kerovnian, spewing forth the bleakest, Blackest Ambient ever released. This music comes from the deep abyss, the bottomless wells, the blackest pits. Coupled with ultra low sonics, is the deep language of Kerovnian - words of a 1000 year old mixture of Persian and Greek. First released in 1999, "Far Beyond…" has received wide critical acclaim as an essential album of the genre. We're very proud to finally reissue this masterpiece! The album was mastered by Denis Blackham. First edition was Ltd x 1000 copies. The 2015 edition comes with 4 bonus, previously unreleased tracks, recorded during the same sessions. For fans of Lustmord, Inade, Atrium Carceri. [label info]

Khost -- "Copper Lock Hell" -- CD -- €10
2014 Cold Spring, CSR202CD
With their debut "Copper Lock Hell", Birmingham-based duo Khost provide an intense wall of sound. Drop-tuned, monolithic structures of super-heavy chords, interspersed with chilling, pagan soundscapes made for worship at the altar of extreme sludge-industrial-doom. Found sounds, glitches, esoteric / gnostic ideas form the backbone of this hefty release. The whole experience is tense and unsettling, and is a solid primer for their live shows. Khost is Andy Swan (Iroha, Final, Atrocity Exhibition), who is joined on live shows by Damian Bennett (Carthage, Deathless). Guests: Tunnels Of Ah, Kevin Laska (Novatron, Transitional), Eugene Robinson (Oxbow), Jo Quail (SonVer). [label info]

Khost -- "Corrosive Shroud" -- CD -- €10
2015 Cold Spring, CSR211CD
Khost is Andy Swan (Iroha, Final, Atrocity Exhibition), and Damian Bennett (Carthage, Deathless). Corrosive Shroud is the second album from Birmingham band Khost, following the 2014 debut Copper Lock Hell. The album has a singular theme: inside the hand-me-down concrete relics in which we necessarily live and from which we draw perceptions. The music is the sound of lightless blocks, oxygen-starved sheds and apparitions, using stark and unrefined found sounds stacked against Khost's massively detuned guitars. The album includes Eugene Robinson of Oxbow and Syan who add their stories to the narrative, along with personnel Jo Quail, Daniel Buess, Gustave Savy and featuring a contribution from Tel Aviv-based Hostage. [press-release]

Kreuzweg Ost -- "Gott Mit Uns" -- CD -- €10
2012 Cold Spring, CSR141CD
2nd monumental album from Kreuzweg Ost for Cold Spring, headed by Michael Gregor (SUMMONING / AMESTIGON). "We see a light through the dim and cloudy shadows of our existence. In the electric field between total faith and desperation, hope and doubt, eternal bliss and delusion, we walk an unsure path to an unknown end. When the clouds open, the light navigates. The loud music of the sky: pounding drums surrounded by trumpets and swirling voices echoing from a distance unknown". Kreuzweg Ost rises again with God on their side. "Gott Mit Uns" combines a variety of different musical styles: from Martial Industrial to Classical sounds, from deep Ambient to cinematic Pop music. These musical prayers are made for those seeking salvation. [press-release]

Lunar Abyss Deus Organum -- "Atanimonni Aitnatsbus" -- 10" -- €12
2012 Drone Records / Substantia Innominata, SUB-16, (ltd. 500)
The fantastic experimental drone/ethno/trance project from St. Petersburg, Russia, with two long tracks (total 23+ min.) of stunning multi-layered compositions, using lots of detail-sounds from animals, analogue synths, female eastern voices/singings, subtle (neo) classic harmonies, bells & gongs... hyper-dense & fluid; both tracks end up in endless grooves (of water & fire), to symbolize the connection to timeless energies; lim. 500 with artwork by ARTYOM OSTAPCHUK, comes on sky-blue & white mixed vinyl. [label info]

Lundvall, Tor -- "Ghost Years" -- CD -- €10
2010 Tursa, TURSA101
"Ghost Years" is my first retrospective CD featuring tracks from various compilations, vinyl-only releases plus some unreleased material. The focus is more on my vocal work, however there are a few instrumental pieces included as well. Although the music spans about a decade, I was surprised at how well the tracks flow together to make a coherent ensemble, evolving from my earlier song-oriented compositions to the more ambient nature of my recent recordings. [Tor Lundvall, November 2009]

Marchetti, Lionel -- "Sirrus" -- CD -- €8
2001 Auscultare Research, aus 014
Enter Lionel Marchetti, a fine member of the concrete school, who opts for the spins of the tape machine and processing rather than the laptop. Marchetti's music abstracts sounds at points equal to Schaffear and Luc Ferrari. But an even closer reference point is Stockhausen's "Sans la Soleil" as well as Karlheinz's other abstract works (although that segment of Stockhausen’s corpus is not strictly speaking musique concrete)... Marchetti's music, however, channels more eclectic sources than Stockhausen's. In “Passerele,” a fragment of wild organ brings a moment of warmth to a landscape of analog blurbs. “Sirrus” features some sped-up sounds providing a balance to the darker drones below. At times the album has the feel of a full fledged score, with sounds disengaged from their original source congealing into symphonic structures... On pieces like “Micro-climat,” though, Marchetti uses a structure closer to field recordings than the abstract sequences of distortions that make up much concrete. Perhaps Marchetti owes a little to the acoustic-ecology of R. Murray Schafer in that this work sounds more like a study of the acoustics of an environment than a direct abstraction of a symphonic score. But Marchetti seems less worried than Schafer about decorating casual listening environments with a conceptual premise. Sirrus is a complex work, with each segment unfolding into a recurring motif of ambient noises that's ahead of the pack of laptop manipulators... Marchetti’s work is hardly a new direction for concrete, but holding Marchetti up to such groundbreaking impositions might be too lofty. Like the clicks-and-cuts punks who see this school as their predecessors, what’s important here is that the music on Sirrus is a challenging, rewarding, and engaging experience, just not a new one. [Andrew Jones, Dusted Reviews]

Melanchoholics -- "Masking My Monkeys" -- 7" -- €7
2009 Drone Records, DR-98, (ltd. 300)
The MELANCHOHOLICS are a german trio producing "thick atmospheric darkness" as they call it. With a background rooted in Death Metal & Grindcore as well as in Industrial, they still use guitar, bass & electronic sounds nowadays, but their aim is to explore the realms of loneliness and melancholy by sculpting almost filmic soundtrackish atmospheres with not much aggression anymore. This is their first vinyl-release and both tracks are filled with beautiful accordeon drones, desert-like guitars, electronic sounds and voice-samples (for the experienced: on the second track "MESSAGE FOR THE OPERATOR" you might recognize a very famous old man). Thus they are enlarging the "classic" drone sound in a very fruitful way. Filed under: ADDICTIVE BLUE BLUES-DRONES. DARK BLUE TRANSPARENT VINYL. SILK-SCREENED COVERS IN SIX DIFFERENT CARDBOARD COLOURS & WITH TWO PRINT COLOURS. BLACK INLAY WITH SILVER PRINT. [label info]

Merzbow -- "Anicca" -- CD -- €10
2008 Cold Spring Records, CSR107CD
The first track on Merzbow's latest opus was recorded at Tin Pan Alley studios, London, on 20th April 2008 - the day after his momentous performance at ULU. Akita created an astounding and very unique 20-minute track, playing freestyle drums over his trademark noise. The final 2 tracks were created at Munemi House in Tokyo. Another fine example of why Merzbow is the undisputed King of Japanese Noise! 58 minutes in total. [press-release]

Merzbow vs Nordvargr -- "Partikel III" -- CD -- €10
2013 Cold Spring, CSR180CD
The third and final part of the Partikel trilogy is finally here! Another beautifully constructed collaboration from the two noise giants – Japanoise King Masami Akita (aka Merzbow) and Swedish Overlord Henrik Nordvargr Björkk (MZ.412, Folkstorm, Toroidh). The styles on ‘Partikel III’ range from total noise barrages, to intelligent electronics, to subtle dark ambient pieces. Essential! Presented in a luxurious matt laminate digipak. [press-release]

Mizutani, Kiyoshi -- "Bird Songs" -- CD -- €7
2000 Ground Fault Recordings, GF010
Essentially these are field recordings of various nature locations. The focus mostly remains on bird songs, but it goes a little bit beyond that: Mizutani arranged and enhanced the material a bit. The song of the "Binzui" is echoed by electronic treatments, broken down to its constituents for us to marvel in its complexity. That's as far as the artist goes though. In "Aokigahara," the only non-nature sound is the tinkling of a music box (or a jack-in-the-box or other toy) played very slowly, two or three notes at a time. "Hokora no Mizuba," recorded near a spring fountain, features metallic sounds, like someone lightly hitting a metallic grid. A similar addition is heard in "Nimbo". This piece is a collage of recordings in a Chinese city. It is the only manifestation of human civilization on this album and also features a metallic "klang "(a fence?, rods of different lengths?). All these alterations (except for the electronic "birds" in the first tracks) vanish into the recorded environment. [Francois Couture]

Modell, Rod / Mantra, Michael -- "Radio Fore" -- CD -- €30
2003 Weird Amplexus, WAX05, (ltd. 500)
This dark ambient masterpiece combines influences of deep space communications, UFO phenomenon and the cosmic night sky. Deepest shades of dark blue, with pin-points of twinkling white star-light. Simply a trip in the darkest universe. Two tracks of over 30 minutes each. Comes as a limited 500 hand-numbered CD edition in special packaging. [press-release]

Morpheus -- "Babylon" -- CD -- €5
2002 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 055
Great dark ambient sounds from this Spanish composer at his 3rd full album, texts are singed in many different languages. Features collaborations with Francesco Banchini of Italian bands Gor and Ataraxia plus Marie and Gernot of the german band Pilori, as well as texts by William Shakespeare, Italo Calvino, R.M. Rilke, J.L. Borges, Aleister Crowley, Pierpaolo Pasolini, Hakim Bey, the Book of Genesis and the Enuma Elish. [label info]

MSBR -- "Ultimate Ambience 2" -- CD -- €10
2000 20city, 20C-3

Mushroom's Patience -- "Water" -- CD -- €5
2005 Hau Ruck!, HR!72
New CD by Roman psychedelic masters Raffaelle Cerroni, Clau D.E.D.I. (Ain Soph), J. Weber & Frl. Tost (Novy Svet), and Flavio (D.B.P.I.T.).

MZ.412 -- "Burning The Temple Of God" -- CD -- €10
1996/2010 Cold Spring, CSR140CD
This is the ultimate statement in Swedish Black Industrial, summoning forth the act's controversial black metal side and recalling the Norwegian church burnings of the early 90s. Nightmare inducing ritual old school industrial, alongside raw black metal, this album has been hailed as one of the greatest albums in the genre by noise and black metal fans alike! It could actually be considered the first real crossover album between the genres. Remastered and extended version of the 1996 album with bonus tracks and alternate takes culled from the original masters. Housed in a matt laminate digipak with spot varnishing. [press-release]

MZ.412 -- "Domine Rex Inferum" -- CD -- €10
2001/2011 Cold Spring, CSR145CD
Reissue of MZ. 412's 2001 Satanic masterpiece! The inventors of Black Industrial take you on a misanthropic journey through a claustrophobic vortex, filled with sinister dark ambient and threatening Industrial atmospheres. "Domine Rex Inferum" is a less noisy affair than previous MZ. 412 albums, maintaining lower frequencies for a more intimidating experience... Originally limited to 2000 copies, now carefully remastered and reissued with two bonus tracks in a matt digipak with spot varnishing. [press release]

MZ.412 -- "In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi" -- CD -- €10
1995/2010 Cold Spring, CSR136CD
First of 5 albums in the MZ. 412 reissue series, with a new album planned for next year. 1995 bore witness to the resurrection of nefarious Swedish horde MZ. 412 (previously manifest as Maschinenzimmer 412) - Nordvargr, Drakh, Ulvtharm and Shaitan. This ground-breaking, genre-defining album saw the inventors of "Black Industrial" blur the boundaries between Black Metal, Ritual Industrial, Dark Ambient and Power Noise. "In Nomine..." captures the darkest sides of Satanism, death and ritual sacrifice. An enduring, blasphemous statement of True Swedish Black Industrial. This remastered version features two previously unreleased tracks, alternate versions and all new artwork. Housed in a matt digipak with spot varnishing. [press-release]

MZ.412 -- "Infernal Affairs" -- CD -- €10
2006/2011 Cold Spring, CSR146CD
7 years after possibly their darkest and most subdued album "Domine Rex Inferum", the Black Industrial pioneers step things up with a bombastic Industrial magnum opus! Opulent orchestral arrangements sit perfectly alongside cavernous dark ambient and blackened noise to create another monumental release from the Swedes who have dominated the scene since their inception in the early 90s. Reissued with two extra tracks in a stunning matt digipak with spot varnishing. [press release]

MZ.412 -- "Nordik Battle Signs" -- CD -- €10
1999/2011 Cold Spring, CSR144CD
Another Satanic tour de force from the overlords of Swedish Black Industrial! "Nordik Battle Signs" is a disturbing ordeal of Power Electronics, malevolent vocals, Industrial Noise with an explosive harshness. This Satanic ritual features the militaristic drumming of an infernal army, a collaboration with Ordo (Rosarius) Equilibrio and one track featuring voice-based noises from the band's fan-base... Remaster of the 1999 album with new artwork, drastically improved and completely remastered audio and 4 extra tracks (including the spectacular completed version of the long deleted 'Legion Ultra' 7") in a matt laminate digipak with spot varnishing. [press release]

Nadja & Troum -- "Dominium Visurgis" -- CD -- €10
2010 Transgredient Records, TR-07
This is something you could call a "dreamlike liaison". When the Canadian "avant metal / drone doom"-duo NADJA (who name TROUM as one of their early influences) and the German post-industrial / experimental drone pioneers TROUM (years ago active as MAEROR TRI who are still discovered by many drone-fans these days) combine their exceptional styles, they form something even vaster as usually known from them. These three long collaboration tracks were recorded as a result of a spontaneous improvisation in April 2008 "live in the studio" near the Weser-river in Bremen, Germany, and suck you in with their powerful & emotional drone melancholy that works in many micro-& macrocosmic ways, using electric & acoustic guitars, bass, accordeon, drum-machine & voice. [press-release]

Negru Pvlse -- "Madeira" -- CD -- €5
2002 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 056
Collaboration between 2 great swedish CMI area projects: Negru Voda (Megaptera's new main project!) & Moliebka Pulse, 2 long dark industrial tracks in best cold northern tradition. [press-release]

Never Known -- "On the Edge of Forever" -- CD -- €10
2000 Eibon Records, Nev021
Melodic dark ambient. New chapter in the NEVER KNOWN saga, and this time it's even better than before. Deep melodies, rumbling drones, the new edge of forever... [label info] The second album by Andrea Marutti also known by his Amon project and AFE Records label. Beautiful soft and deep calm dark-ambient.
[mp3]   [mp3]

Noise Dreams Machina -- "In / Out" -- 7" -- €7
2008 Drone Records, DR-90, (ltd. 300)
NOISE DREAMS MACHINA is the project of Spanish artist OSCAR MARTIN. Now living & studying in Berlin & Barcelona, he is currently exploring the possibilities of homemade software with free tools for sound deconstrucion and realtime performance. IN & OUT is his first vinyl release and uses a wide range of environmental recordings which are processed digitally in more "electro-acoustic" ways. This leads to a balance between "Drone" and "Electro-Acoustic" where the acoustic potential of conventional reality is enlarged via digital processing. In his own words: "It brings attention to the peripheral zones of the sound phenomenon". Through intense mutation & deconstruction of acoustic materials a new or previously hidden meaning can be revealed for the blind spot of our perception. Filed under: ADVANCED ELECTRO-ACOUSTIC DRONES. MILKY VINYL, WHITE COVER WITH BLACK SILK-SCREENED PRINT. [press-release]

Northam, Michael -- "Suhina" -- 10" -- €12
2009 Substantia Innominata, SUB-10, (ltd. 500)
Brilliant new recordings by the prolific cosmopolitan (currently residing in Berlin) MICHAEL NORTHAM. "Suhina" is a notion for the sound of the wind moving through the trees. Instead of doing field recordings of wind MICHAEL NORTHAM tried to capture this feeling & the essence of this process through instrumental recordings from Indonesian flute & keyboard. Nature phenomena seen as the true manifestation of the Unknown. Stunning full colour artwork by Indian artist ROHINI DEVASHER. White vinyl, edition of 500 copies, incl. inlay with text by M. NORTHAM. [press-release]

Novy Svet -- "Faccia a Faccia" -- CD -- €7
1999/2006 The Nekofutschata Musick Cabaret, neko 17
Unavailable for some years, "Faccia a Faccia", NOVY SVET's second album, stands out as a classic from the late 90's post-industrial explosion. First issued by the now defunct british WSD label, here's this influential album now in new artwork and with a different ghost track from the same sessions. Foggy music and scratched melodies make up this CD that once was named the best release to commit suicide to. In other words: just beautiful. [label info]

O Paradis -- "La Boca Del Infierno" -- CD -- €7
2005 Punch Productions, PP011
"La Boca Del Infierno" (Hell's Mouth) is by far the darkest and most suffered album by Ô Paradis. As tracks go on you sink in a sort of dantesque circle, the boundary between joy and suffering,life and death, where Eros and Thanatos melt and become the same thing. The cover couldn't be more explicative! Is this the door to life and joy or isn't it more true that it's the door to hell and its torments? Here Ô Paradis laid himself bare. Sounds have become more industrial and dreary than ever. The warm and melancholic mediterranean ballads, dear to the heart of the catalan project, get oriented in more experimental directions; here melancholy leads to a truly dark and choking anguish. [press-release]

O Paradis -- "Reinos" -- CD -- €10
2002 El Circulo, KWCD014
“Reinos” is the second full-length album by Ô Paradis, a quite original and talented Spanish project, whose surreal and melancholic moods, bring to mind a more refined formula of Novy Svet’s style. [label info]

Olhon -- "Lucifugus" -- 10" -- €12
2009 Substantia Innominata, SUB-11, (ltd. 500)
This shows the collab-project of BAD SECTOR & WHERE recording pure sounds from an abandoned large metal water tank located in a forest in Tuscany, Italy (originally used by miners from that region). Both tracks are based entirely on these field recordings. Orange vinyl & stunning artwork by Berlin-based artworker Tilmann Benninghaus who was also responsible for the highly praised CISFINITUM cover (SUB-04). Edition of 500 copies. Lucifugus music for Lucifugus men! [label info]

Oophoi -- "Potala" -- 10" -- €12
2008 Substantia Innominata, SUB-07, (ltd. 500)
First ever vinyl by the Italian deep ambient master! Two long contemplative tracks into the center of holy places (may it be physically or mentally), opening endless spaces with low humming & reverberating meditation-drones! Edition of 500 copies pressed on luminous green vinyl, full-colour artwork by 1000SCHOEN aka ex-MAEROR TRI-member HELGE SIEHL. [press-release]

Oophoi & Tau Ceti -- "Subterranea" -- CD -- €7
2003 Nextera, ERA 2029-2
After their acclaimed debut CD release "Celestial geometries" released in 2001 on Amplexus, considered as one of the best space albums ever, italian sound sculptors Oцphoi and Tau Ceti are back with the long awaited second CD "Subterranea", inspired by a book about the myth of Agharti, the hidden realm located in central Asia. Vast sonic explorations with synths, flutes, stones and shells, ranging from subtle and mysterious atmospheres to highly dynamic passages, describe this out of reach underworld. The last part of the long suite "The chamber of eternity" features the unique sound of the tibetan singing bowls of Klaus Wiese. After the outer space adventures of their first CD, "Subterranea" deals with the inner space. [press-release]

Ostara -- "Immaculate Destruction" -- 2 CD -- €10
2005 Trisol, TRI 248 CD
Richard Leviathan founded Ostara in 1999 after having worked and toured with Death in June in the late 1990s. The band has been making a name for itself ever since the release of their first album, "Secret Homeland," in 2000. Now, in 2005, comes the most definitive release to date: "Immaculate Destruction". A profound and visionary work delivered with a perfect blend of passion, aggression and intimacy. Esoteric, poetic, apocalyptic but consistently inventive and contemporary, Ostara has achieved a unique fusion of lyrical complexity and musical accessibility with songs that appeal to the head and the heart. The album features new band members including Dave Renwick (formerly of Bronski Beat and The Communards). A highly polished and professional production gives "Immaculate Destruction" a cutting edge sound that will win Ostara many more admirers. Released in a deluxe double CD limited edition with exclusive material. [label info]

Parca Pace -- "Raumspannung" -- CD -- €10
2005 Cold Meat Industry, cmi140, (ltd. 1000)
Raumspannung by Parca Pace is a beautiful and emotionally dramatic search for sacred rooms. Guided by symphonic neo-classical sounds, intriguing samples and challenging field recordings. There are obvious traces from Jan Carleklevs work in Sanctum, Mago and Azure Skies but Parca Pace is something different. Pending between tense and fragile, bombastic yet humble, together in a unique mixture. Parca Pace released a CD already in 1999 with one long piece dedicated to an art-exhibition. This time the exhibition is Life itself. This album is an orchestrated beauty with a gentle aggressiveness, wriggling but not reluctant. [press-release]

Phelios -- "Astral Unity" -- CD -- €10
2010 Malignant Records, TumorCD44
Following two CDs on Eternal Soul and a recent split LP on LOKI, Germany’s revered dark ambient project Phelios makes their first appearance for Malignant. With its swirling cosmic drones and sweeping, cinematic drift, the music of Phelios is breathtaking and hypnotic, often evoking moments of serenity and beauty, yet spiking them with deep cushions of ritualistic percussion and textural squalls that suggest something much more ominous and threatening looms on the vast horizon. Collectively, Astral Unity is thoughtful and concise – a vivid and richly detailed entity that’s alive and constantly evolving, channeling the universe while simultaneously exploring the inner regions of a more primordial earth. In 6 panel digipak, with gold foil stamping. [press-release]

Phelios -- "Gates Of Atlantis" -- CD -- €10
2013 Malignant Records, TumorCD70
The first new recording from Phelios since 2010’s highly acclaimed Astral Unity, finds Martin Stürtzer in fine form, creating yet another masterwork of meticulously crafted, richly detailed cosmic doom. Very few acts, if any, are more adept at composing such epically scaled atmospheres and Gates of Atlantis once again sets the bar impossibly high, offering up a multi-colored tapestry of sweeping sounds, full of majestic, nebulous drones and ominous strings, propelled forth by rising waves of tribal percussion and more earthen, textural darkness. The scope and breadth of the 7 tracks here truly transcends dark ambience, and the sheer weight and complexity of sound is nothing short of awe inspiring. A triumphant return from one of the genre’s great practitioners. In 6 panel eco-wallet with artwork by Pär Boström (Kammarheit) and mastered by Secret Lab. [press-release]

Phillips, Dave & R.H.Y. Yau -- "Illusion Is A Natural Condition" -- CD -- €10
2005 Auscultare Research, aus 023, (ltd. 1000)
Dave Philips + R.H.Y. Yau present “Illusion is a natural condition", the long anticipated Phillips + Yau collaborations culled between 2000–2005. Dave Phillips began his musical career when he was 17, co-founding the hardcore extremists Fear of God in 1987. As Fear of God developed Phillips began to see that their faster, shorter, noisier approaches to grindcore were merely a springboard for more psychologically challenging and physically demanding artforms. Soon after Fear of God’s demise in 1989, he joined the actionist Schimpfluch-Gruppe which has followed the traditions of abjection and transgression as dictated by the Viennese Aktionists. Phillips has further developed these transgressions along with sociopolitical actionism in his solo efforts. R.H.Y. Yau is a curator and sound artist who has been active in the sonic arts since 1993. Yau’s sonic works are inspired by sound poetry, actionism, and the processes of musique concrete. But bored by the musique concrete’s academic cliques, Yau creates what he calls “action-concrete.” These organic synapses of voice, body, and raw materiality are then combined with raw electronics to sound experiences of both ultra-violence and absolute absurdity at its most base level. This release features ten lithographic reproductions of original drawings by Leif Elggren. [press-release]

Pimentola -- "Misantropolis" -- CD -- €10
2007 Cold Meat Industry, cmi167
After 10 years and a good selection of releases, such as the highly praised album "MM-MMV" on Twilight Records; we are most proud to present the new album: MISANTROPOLIS. Presented in a luxurious silver foilprinted 6-panel digipak and features guest appearances by members of the well-renowned folk music group Garmarna, the neo-classical project Dead Man's Hill, a fantastic and bizarre cabaret/musical style vocal performance by Aprox, and a remix by Somnivore. Misantropolis introduces more vocals than on past Pimentola releases; hysteric screams, gloomy choirs/harmonies; hand in hand with electronic sounds, samplings and acoustic instruments; accordion, violins, theremin, metal percussions and various kinds of drums. Ten ill star prayers from the Black Globe; an end of times sound-work ranging from martial neoclassical to drum n' bRass and tripjazz. Paralyzing absinthe nightmares morphed with opiatic tunes of the orient. [label info]

Pimentola -- "MM-MMV" -- CD -- €10
2005 Twilight Records, TW 1.14
PIMENTOLA is a musical formation from Finland, active since 1996, originally with a line-up of two members. Today PIMENTOLA has slimmed down to a one-man formation. The person behind is Lempo and he knows exactly wich music want to offer to the listeners. While the first two demo tapes were experiments in dark metal, today Pimentola delivers a debut-album, that stands out from the masses of the releases in the NEOCLASSICAL scene! MM-MMV offers finest neoclassic/dark orchestral music, but also infusing ethnic and industrial sounds and incorporating self-produced samples and acoustic instruments to the music. An album very much in the vein of bands such as In Slaugther Natives, Raison D'Etre or Arcana during their best period, and in the second part of this amazing album you can find similar music to Sopor Aeternus songs! Pimentola is a great and refreshing discovery and promises to have a bright future! [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

raison d'etre -- "Mise En Abyme" -- CD -- €12
2014 Transgredient Records, TR-10
Transgredient Records is very proud to release the newest studio-work by this well known Swedish ambient industrial project, continually re-newing the dark ambient genre since 1992. "Mise en Abyme" is the first raison d'etre studio album in over 4 years, following a very special "initation concept" with an emphasis on the experience of sequential psychological states with cathartic effects - diving into the deepest regions of the subsonscious in order to return with a fresh and 'empty' mind. All the previously beloved elements of raison d'etres music are here: spacious deep drones, touching sacral choirs, ritualistic sounds from gongs and bells and other awesome integrated field / object recordings - all impressively enhanced to reach a new level of masterful atmospheric composition. Moving from dramatic tension and threatening uproar to meditative beauty, this near hour long album reveals various changes and details, while always sounding monolithic (all of one piece), expressing almost unbearable sensations of melancholy, vastness and contemplation. The idea behind this album, in the words of the artist: "'Mise en Abyme' is an inner journey down to the most hidden and dark parts of the Self. 'Mise en Abyme' literally means 'placed into the abyss' and conceptually the album contains ingredients from 'The Divine Comedy' by Dante or any similar stories/myths around the katabasis theme. Instead of being linked to religion, history or morality, it is purely a psychological and therapeutic trip to the underworld, investigating the subconscious. But even in the darkest and chaotic places in the depths, there are small shades of light, hope and understanding; one can be enlightened and purified upon returning to the conscious world." [press-release]

Regard Extreme -- "Resurgence" -- CD -- €10
2001 Cynfeirdd / Perspectives, Cyn 012 CD / PERS 04
The so long awaited re-edition of the 1996 album, 6 brand new orchestrated and recorded tracks, 2 original versions and 1 unreleased track, presented in a smart digifile. [label info]

Regard Extreme -- "Utopia" -- CD -- €10
2004 Cynfeirdd / Perspectives, Cyn 024 CD / PERS 05
Third album by French neoclassical - orchestral project. Ten brand new tracks in a liturgic and martial mood. Includes as bonus tracks two exclusive remixes by Gae Bolg’s Eric Roger and Cynfeirdd Chorus. [label info]

Reynols -- "10.000 Chickens Symphony" -- 7" -- €5
2000/2003 Drone Records, DR-42, (ltd. 300), 2nd edition
One of the most famous and immensely requested EPs on Drone ever by this unique group from Argentina, finally re-released!! "First 7" for this obscure group from Buenos Aires that has existed since 1993, as they entered the international cassette scene with a kind of abrasive ambient sound. Since then, they have released several cassettes & CDs on various labels, did concerts in their home country and recently worked with PAULINE OLIVEROS. For their first 7", REYNOLS did field recordings of (at least) 10.000 chickens and effected them to create a deep-frequency drone with bits of chicken sounds in it for side 1. As a contrast, side 2 shows the more original face of the recordings, a storm of unbelievably high & shrieking sounds (similar in a way to FRANCISCO LOPEZ insect recordings), which are at last also being manipulated to increase the astonishing orchestral noise the chickens produce. A very successful field-recording experiment made of pure animal sounds!!!" [original Drone Records press release]

RLW -- "Contours Imaginaires" -- 10" -- €12
2007 Substantia Innominata, SUB-06, (ltd. 500)
After a break SUBSTANTIA INNOMINATA is back with a terrific 3-track 10" by the prolific german composer RLW (Ralf Wehowsky, who started his activities back in the early 80's and was the main member of the legendary german experimental outfit P16.D4). The full title is: CONTOURS IMAGINAIRES. The whole composition is based on only few seconds of piano-sounds and vocals (the rest is "imagination") and the track-titles & pieces offer strong inter-relations in a complex way. The used sounds develop through imagination & decay ("denaturing transformations") and appear in the pieces with different emphases. The "classical" piano-sounds and its highly processed permutations are set in contrast with the highly emotional voice-material, like entering a convoluted labyrinth of voice-frazzles, drones & fragmented strange sounds...... Being on a microlevel ("phantasized cell"), judging the decay of shadows. Are these the memories of single cells? The shadow of abrasion-processes? The slow decay of imaginations? A fantastic work where conceptual thoughts and emotionally driven acoustics merge in a perfect way. 500 copies, colour-vinyl, full colour artwork by Oliver Jakobi. [press-release]

Sanctum -- "Let's Eat" -- CD -- €10
2004 Cold Meat Industry, cmi132
Like Sanctums previous work it's still about contrasts, but with stripped down sounds, less bombastic, rougher and more powerful. Still a pleasurable experience, for sure not easy to digest - more hard reality instead of baroque feasts. [label info]

Shibalba -- "Samsara" -- CD -- €10
2015 Malignant Records, TumorCD91
Active since 2009, Shibalba bring their first full ritual expression to the halls of Malignant. Samsara summons five chthonic explorations using all the hallmark instrumentation of the genre to great effect; liturgical chants and spectral vocal incantations, minor keyboard orchestrations, resonant chimes and prayer bowls, ceremonial percussion, and atmospheric drift ensconced in sepulchral reverb. It’s a tapestry of richly detailed and layered sounds that emanate from candlelit chambers and underground passages, and an intoxicating and majestic homage to the darkest of arts. Previous work must be noted and recognized, but it is with Samsara that Shibalba’s vision is fully realized. And while the shadow of Endvra, Funerary Call, and Halo Manash loom in the background, Shibalba have forged a new path and solidified themselves among the leaders of the new realm. We have entered the Halls of Inner Sadhana to re-unite Pilgrimage and Austerity, to gaze once more behind the Eyes of Samadhi, and to reach new starfields of alienation. [press-release]

Shinjuku Thief -- "The Scribbler" -- CD -- €10
1992/2007 Cold Spring, CSR62CD
Reissue of the 1992 classic by this Australian genius, originally released in an edition of 500 copies. Occasional bursts of factory noise, industrial rumblings and disembodied German voices form the backdrop to a minimalist reworking of Kafka's "The Trial." An album of dense filmic atmospheres and orchestral instrumentation. 'The Scribbler' has been digitally remastered and is enhanced with a series of video clips constructed by Richard Grant (I+T=R), incorporating both new material together with the original images prepared for "The Scribbler" live show. [press release]

Sion Orgon -- "Orgonised Chaos" -- CD -- €10
2004 Experimental Seafood, EXP 05 CD
A kind of 'lost classic' album, rare and hard to find. As the official voice of Thighpaulsandra's (Coil / Julian Cope) band, Sion's debut release on the label comes with a whole host of high profile guests: Thighpaulsandra, ex-members of µ-Ziq and Jhonn Balance (COIL), who passed away around the time of release. Kraut-electronics, acoustics and drones make a sound that is more akin to bands like Sunburnt Hand Of The Man or Faust. Fans of modern day electronics and psych will both enjoy this unique work. [Cold Spring]

Skullflower -- "Draconis" -- 2 CD -- €14
2014 Cold Spring, CSR190CD
Synapse scorching occult industrial prog noise folk from the strings of Matthew Bower and Samantha Davies. Churning mantras and drukpa elegies for two erased darkside tree limbs: that of the Draconian in Khem, and of Drax Priory in West Yorkshire, which together with Bhutan are the Dragon Lands. The twilight language of flowers is spoken and wolves are raised, finally, Kali dances. For fans of Bathory and Popul Vuh. Comes in a deluxe 6-panel outsized double-digipak with a 16-page booklet. [label info]
[soundcloud]   [youtube]

Sleep Research Facility -- "Stealth" -- 2 CD -- €13
2012 Cold Spring, CSR159CD, (ltd. 1000)
Sublime new album from the drone / dark ambient legend. As a project commissioned for Cold Spring, "Stealth" presents itself as an exploration of sounds neither here nor there, textures camouflaged against their own background noise, and the distant crackling telemetric code-speak of a vague humanity hidden behind a cloak of deadly high-technology. Comprising of five deeply-layered extended tracks, mixed and edited from re-sampled location recordings originally captured inside the hanger environs of a Northrop-Grumman B-2 Stealth Bomber, during a period of downtime maintenance at a U.S. Air Force base in Cambridgeshire, England. Original field recordings and texture preparations by FOURM/Si_Comm. First edition pressing of 1000 copies includes bonus disc comprised of this *pre-mix* material in its original, un-edited form, as a representation of the source audio from which "Stealth" was reconstituted. Deep listening inspired by one of the most mysterious aircraft of the twentieth-century. Headphones recommended. [press-release]

Tarkatak -- "Skarva" -- 7" -- €5
1998/2003 Drone Records, DR-34, (ltd. 300), 2nd edition
A North German drone-project that has since this EP developed to one of the main german atmospheric deep droners... Beautiful & dark transcendental noise. “First full-lenght E.P. of a quite unknown German project, which only appeared on 3 cassettes so far and on a split-7" with DEEP. TARKATAK uses synths and other electronic devices, the music is slow & dull, non-impulsive and dream-like. Very low rumblings, dark harmonies, some subliminal & dense backwards-effects, this is sensible "archaic music" which could be easily compared to old Zoviet France and the likes. Another Mind-Drone. If you're able to go INTO the sound, the sound will pulsate in YOU and have effects for a long time...” [original Drone Records press release] 300 copies on blue-white-red multicolour vinyl and beautifully designed fullcolour covers by Mario F.

Terra Sancta -- "Disintegration" -- CD -- €10
2008 Malignant Records, TUMOR CD35
Four years after the release of the highly acclaimed Aeon CD, Disintegration finds Australia's Terra Sancta in fine form, having delivered another sweeping, dark ambient epic. Expanding on the sounds explored on his previous releases, Disintegration pushes the levels of intensity to new heights, featuring four long and texturally turbulent emissions of formidable power and depth. With it's enormous washes of stormy drones and billowing, multi-layered atmospheres, these are tracks that grow and build to such a degree they seem to collapse and erode under their own weight, strewing particles into a vast horizon and creating a broad panorama of ever changing desert colored hues. A completely enveloping and engulfing release, this is dark ambient on a massive scale, something Terra Sancta seems to have a knack for creating and something few do so well. Jewel box with 6 panel booklet, designed by Vestigial. [press-release]

Toll -- "Christ Knows" -- CD -- €10
2006 Cold Spring, CSR66CD
Cold Spring are very proud to re-issue the legendary LP released by Broken Flag in 1986, now for the first time on CD. Featuring Tim Gane (Stereolab), Paul Lemos (Controlled Bleeding) and Pacific 231. This completely remastered disc features the complete 'Christ Knows' LP plus 3 previously unreleased bonus tracks. Classical old-school British Industrial. [label info]

Troum -- "Acouasme" -- CD -- €10
2015 Cold Spring, CSR213CD
After the much praised collaboration with RAISON D’ETRE released summer 2015 (“De Aeris In Sublunaria Influxu”) and the final volume of the ‘Power Romantic’ trilogy with “Mare Morphosis” in late 2013, “Acouasme” is the first full length album from TROUM in over 2 years. With this album, TROUM wanted to go in a completely different direction, creating a ‘harsher’ and more ‘Industrial’ sounding album as a contrast to previous releases. But through the trademark troumatic machining, the final result doesn’t sound at all like standard harsh noise – it’s rather industrial noise as if filtered through a feverish dream, through a deranged perception. The six long tracks of pestering transrational drones on “Acouasme” sound like an aural psychiatric symptom, a humming hallucination leaving the stable reality. [press-release]

Troum -- "AIWS" -- CD -- €10
2007 Transgredient Records, TR-05
AIWS is the first full-length cd release from Troum since 2003. It covers studio-recordings composed from 2002-2005. These musicians have compiled some of their most favorable pieces through the years to be placed on this release. Presenting nine analogue (4 & 8 track) recorded compositions that lead the listener through vast feelings of beautifully deep melancholic and hypnotic states of mind. Composed with guitar-drones and harmonic phrases that are processed in various ways creating an atmosphere of the sublime and emotional meditative states that transcend listener to immerse within themselves. Ingredients: Sufi-songs, old vinyl-crackles, acoustic & e-guitars, e-bow, e-bass, voice & whisperings, accordion & flute. Stunning photography & design work by Alan McClelland (Eye.lyft). One of the most emotional and profound Troum releases to date now available on Transgrediant Records. Dedicated to Eternity. [press release]

Troum -- "Mare Morphosis" -- CD -- €12
2013 Transgredient Records, TR-09, (ltd. 1000)
'Mare morphosis' forms the third & final part of TROUMs so called 'Power Romantic' trilogy that started with 'Mare Idiophonika' in 2010. The basic materials & arrangements for this one long epic piece were created from 2009-2013 (partly based on the recordings for the 'Bach Eingeschaltet, Dritter Band' 7" dealing with experimental reworkings of J.S.BACH pieces) & to some extent used live in different live-programmes: A piece like an 'Ocean of Transformations', morphing through various stages of intensity. 'Mare morphosis' stands out in the history of TROUM studio-albums as their most symphonic, refined and orchestral effort so far. Cover photography by Paul Takahashi, graphic design by Tilmann Benninghaus (8 panel fold out digipack). [label info]

Tunnels Of Ah -- "Thus Avici" -- CD -- €10
2015 Cold Spring, CSR206CD
"Firstly, the punishment is meted out day and night, kalpa after kalpa, without a moment's interruption or relief. Thus Avici". 'Thus Avici' is the second album from Tunnels Of Ah (Stephen Ah Burroughs / Head Of David). The title references 'the sutra of bodhisattva Ksitigarbha's fundamental vows', a section of which Burroughs reads daily in homage to Ksitigarbha whom Burroughs pledged 'entreaty and supplication' under solemn tantric oath 20 years ago. Tantric buddhism, christian mysticism and personal magick make up the subject matter for 'Thus Avici'. Where traces of 2013's 'Lost Corridors' album can be heard, 'Thus Avici' is a harder, more focused offering. Shards of distorted noise, ritual drums, caustic drones and haunted vocals make 'Thus Avici' a dark hallucinatory swoon into the hinterland of the Tunnels Of Ah. The dull blue light of brute-world calls. [press-release]

Ultrasound -- "Death Comes From The Left" -- 7" -- €5
2001/2005 Drone Records, DR-50, (ltd. 300), 2nd edition
Coming originally from Texas, the trio ultrasound (partly ex-STARS OF THE LID) are now located in Den Haag, Netherlands, and Austin, Texas, USA. They did a couple of fantastic guitar-drone-releases in the 90s, climaxing in their so far latest CD-album Hamesh, that went into new musical territory combining melodic songs with drones. With this, their first ever 7 EP, they present two unbelievable emotional touching pieces of guitar & bass-drone-music, where long echoes of overtone guitar-sounds melt in one stream of pure sensible acoustics... ultrasound submerges the listener into a deep salty sea to float on the frail border between air and water, light and reflection, perception and knowing. This is pure yearning transformed into sounds. [original Drone Records press release]

Ure Thrall -- "Premonition 9/11" -- 7" -- €5
2003/2007 Drone Records, DR-58, (ltd. 300), 2nd edition
URE THRALL is an american artist from Houston, TX (living since years in the Bay Area) who is long active in the more atmospheric- transcendental experimental US-scene – in former days he was a member of the pre-VOICE OF EYE project CRUOR and later with ASIA NOVA, and he also participated in the two first V.O.E. – CDs as a guest musician. Now, apart from being a member of SMOOTH QUALITY EXCREMENT, he works solo and creates most impressive soundscapish depth-drones with an incredible emotional quality, harmony & sadness melting together into beautiful aural visions. "This 7”, his first vinyl-release as URE THRALL, contains two long tracks (> 8 min.) with an organic, filmic & sublime quality, using echo-flutes, bass, e-bowed guitar & restrained percussion underneath. THE TRAVELER with all its majestic harmony seems to be like an endless travel through emotional fields of melancholia - expressing the endless search for something once known which is lost forever and you can’t even remember what is was, but you feel that you need it back existentially ! Perfect music for endless drives on highways (both physically and spiritually) ... The title track PREMONITION 9/11 is less relaxed and more of a threatening quality, using faster percussion and strange bass-patterns with oriental sounding flutes & swirling sound-effects. This track also uses field-recordings from the tragical events happened on 11. Sept. 2001 in NYC and must be also seen as a treatment of traumatic experiences. The whole 7” is a personal statement about the politics of the USA after this tragic day, which is expressed also in the cover-artwork and the liner-notes: “THE COVER ART is an effigy of the American Flag in decay and is composed of an extreme close-up shot of the World Trade Center moments before its collapse, its occupants leaning out the windows fully aware of their impending transition to the next plane of existence." [original Drone Records press release]

Voice Of Eye -- "Substantia Innominata" -- 10" -- €12
2009 Drone Records / Substantia Innominata, SUB-09, (ltd. 500)
This release marks the comeback of the legendary duo from New Mexico, USA, consisting of BONNIE McNAIRN and JIM WILSON! Over a decade ago (1992-1995) VOICE OF EYE released three albums with their unique style combining ethnic, ritualistic & folklore influences in an experimental and highly organic way to create a kind of "transcendental drone ambience", using only "real" instruments & self-built devices and an array of electronic effects. In November 1994 they released an EP entitled "Sprocket" on Drone Records (DR-09), which is still one of the absolute highlights in the Drone series... After this first phase of musical creation VOICE OF EYE focused on building an incredible "Earthship" house in the deserts of New Mexico. In 2007 they returned doing shows in the States, Germany, France & Italy and releasing two limited CDRs. This 10" has 3 tracks with NEW material (entitled "VIRYA", "DHYANA" and "PURUSA") inspired by the wisdom of Buddhist / Advaitic meditation & philosophy, where the contemplation within music & sounds appears as a tool to reach a higher consciousness & awareness of reality... This highly sublime & emotional "other-dimensional" ambience is based on lots of ethereal vocal material, flute-sounds and their typical self-built string-instruments, full of yearning and beauty - almost 39 minutes of material coming on clear vinyl with golden striae, with superb artwork by THOMAS DOHMEN... This is the celebration of the "Unknown", seen as a state of mind where the Ego dissolves into a timeless universal consciousness. [press-release]

Williams, David E. -- "Hope Springs a Turtle" -- CD -- €10
2003 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 063
Known among others for his collaborations with Rozz Williams (see the album "Accept the Gift of Sin") and Blood Axis, this great US song-writer delivers after a long silence again a unique combination of best & lovely apocaliptic-folk & pop tunes! Wonderfull songs to be discovered, simply great! "The unbearably important lightness of being Earnest"... [label info]

Wyrm -- "Divination Bones" -- 7" -- €5
2010 Drone Records, DR-99, (ltd. 400)
Excellent abstract drone-experimentalism by this mysterious project by the long active ALLAN ZANE, feat. LIZ LANG (AURACENE); this is second, revised & complete version of both tracks previously released as a picture-7"; silver coloured vinyl & new full cover design. [label info]

Yen Pox -- "Between The Horizon And The Abyss" -- CD -- €10
2015 Malignant Records, TumorCD85
Arriving on the scene in 1993 with their self-titled demo, Yen Pox immediately made their presence known with an ability to create monumental, light devouring soundscapes that transcended all that had come before it. Proceeding releases, including their debut CD, Blood Music, 2000’s New Dark Age, and the collaborative CD with Troum only solidified their standing and reputation. With Between the Horizon and the Abyss just being their first full length recording in over 15 years, Yen Pox will never be accused of being prolific. After all, with the two members spread out between Indiana and Washington State, creating new material doesn't exactly lend itself to convenience. But on the rare occasion that recordings do arise, it’s nothing short of masterful, reminding listeners why they’ve achieved such notoriety with such a limited discography, and why their recordings are consistently recognized as benchmarks within the dark ambient genre. Time between releases has been well spent, with the new material taking the early template and expounding upon it greatly, adding layers of industrial churn and structure to the infernal kosmische sprawl they’re so adept at creating. And yet throughout its entirety, Between the Horizon and the Abyss is remarkably polished and fluid. Within its realm, no seconds feel wasted, and every sound feels purposefully placed, even as it moves and flows in perpetual motion; strains of a distant angelic choirs fall beneath a complex array of arcing tones, liquidous, molten textures, & harrowing orchestral shimmer, with fervent masses of malevolent atmospherics billowing forth in glorious detail. While this technically falls under the banner of dark ambient, what Yen Pox has managed to create goes far beyond genre specifications and boundaries, crafting a new benchmark and adding a high water mark to an already stellar discography. [press-release]

Yen Pox -- "Universal Emptiness" -- 10" -- €12
2011 Drone Records / Substantia Innominata, SUB-14, (ltd. 500)
Finally NEW material (two side-long tracks named ABOVE & BELOW) by this cult project from the US, working with deep e-bass sounds to create a really isolationistic mass of darkest cosmic ambience, a kind of "black hole" ur-drone; when you put this on you are immediately touched by the cold breath of an amorph "otherness" - this sound is so monumental and complex that it seems to suspend not only the mind but also the physis, and you experience intensely that both are the same anyway... there's something in this music that lets you really shiver and feel levitated at the same time.. gloriously, the self is dissolving... filed under: DARK OCEANIC! Artwork by the great artist & photographer EYELYFT (eyelyft.blogspot.com) feat. gloss spot printing parts. Lim. edition 500 copies, comes on BLACK vinyl in order to have the best possible sound quality, over 30 minutes of playtime! [press-release]

Yen Pox & Troum -- "Mnemonic Induction" -- CD -- €12
2002/2015 Transgredient Records, TR-11
Completely re-mastered re-issue of this much requested dark dream-opus from 2002, now bringing out more sound details inside the endless amorphous morass; 4 movements, 63+ min. long. Comes with NEW artwork by GYDJA incl. the 'dream essay' by R.B. HENSLEY that should be read accompanying during this subconscious/subsonic experience... "How could this be anything but perfect? Two of the most capable ambient projects of the current generation doing what they do best: dark ambient. I'm tempted to say nothing except that this is exactly what you hope it will be. Dark, escalating, imperious walls and oceans of titanic sound. Swelling currents of icy miasma swirling endlessly on through a descending subterranean river five miles wide. It rumbles and groans and shudders for ages. How does one get so much depth out of sound? .... The listener can penetrate so far into this landscape. The tones are so elaborately pieced together that the forefront is gauzy, wispy, ghostlike. On the horizon are huge stone structures, mountains, tornados of power but far away and almost invisible to the ear. Affecting you only by subsonic booms that rattle the soles of your feet. You can almost step into this and turn around on your heels, face your room and watch your body recede as you slip slowly away on a living ocean of sound." [Malignant Records]

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