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Sal Solaris / Flint Glass - 11.03.16
Dear comrades!

Here's the new edition in the ZHELEZOBETON Distribution Division series - the debut full-length album of the Ästrälflüidz project from Vladimir, Russia, dealing with Alchemy and The Great Work. Atmospheric neoclassic of high grade - a rare choice of style among Russian musicians!

We are also trusted to have the exclusive distribution rights for the new kultFRONT release - the split-tape of Sal Solaris / Flint Glass with the recording of their gig happened in St. Petersburg this March.

Other new stuff in our catalogue: the new album of Detour Doom Project (Aquarellist), tapes of Boevye Cikady and Govorit Radio "KOSMOS" (Biosonar^Lo-End), latest releases by such labels as Frozen Light, COD noizes / COD noir, Operator Produkzion / YAOP, Post-Materialization Music, Cold Spring and Reverse Alignment.

Today we start our traditional winter sale! The terms of sale are simple: order 10 or more CDs, tapes or records marked with the [-50%] sign and get them with 50% discount. The sale features about 1.500 items from our main catalogue + a part of used & rare list marked with green colour. The sale will last until the end of winter. For you it's a good chance to get some recordings for a good price, for us - to free some space and gather resources for new releases which with no doubt will happen soon!

See you soon,

I. New release

Astralfluidz - Mysterium Magnum

"Mÿsteriüm Mägnüm"

CD (ltd. 300)

1. Primä Mäteriä (Chaos)
2. Ænigma Regis - The Red King
3. Ænigma Regis - The White Queen
4. Triä Primä - Sulphur
5. Triä Primä - Salt
6. Triä Primä - Mercurius
7. Qüintä Essentiä (Terra / Aqua / Aer / Ignis / Æther)

total length: 71:54
price: €10

"Mystery of Life" @ bandcamp

Ästrälflüidz: soundcloud | vk.com | facebook | bandcamp

"Mÿsteriüm Mägnüm" is the debut album of the Ästrälflüidz project coming from Vladimir, Russia, and it's entirely dedicated to Alchemy as Royal Art, opening a new page in the history of an endless search for the highest and principal truth of human life. As Éliphas Lévi once wrote: "The Great Work is, before all things, the creation of man by himself, that is to say, the full and entire conquest of his faculties and his future; it is especially the perfect emancipation of his will".

The musical language of this opus may be characterized as a combination of epic symbolism and thoughtful sonic occultism. Ästrälflüidz' retort dissolves and condenses elements of neoclassic and dark ambient, experimental electronics and field recordings, minimalism and ritual inclusions aiming to disclose entirely the main idea of this work. Solve et Coagula!

The disc is packed in a matte 4-panel digipak with a 12-page booklet. The edition is limited to 300 copies.

II. Reviews

Bardoseneticcube & Shinkiro "Inner and Outer Space" CD:
Hattifnatter "Barometrizm" CD:

III. Forthcoming events

Yekaterinburg, NewBar. More info...

13.12.2016 - Midnight Flame 3
Tchelyabinsk, Dom. More info...

16.12.2016 - Karachun
St. Petersburg, Sound Museum (ESG-21). More info...

23.12.2016 - Ineistaya Gipnotsentral'
St. Petersburg, Sound Museum (ESG-21). More info...

24.12.2016 - Y S P E N I E
Moscow, "Brusov" ship. More info...

07.01.2017 - Nightmares Dark Ambient vol. VI
St. Petersburg, Sound Museum (ESG-21). More info...

13.01.2017 - Novoe za Staroe
St. Petersburg, Sound Museum (ESG-21). More info...

20.01.2017 - Drone Fest
St. Petersburg, Place. More info...

22.01.2017 - Elektrovigvam 2
6DB (SIX DEAD BULGARIANS techno versio), ANAZEMON (LUNAR ABYSS rave mutation)
St. Petersburg, HXGN. More info...

IV. New items in mailorder catalogue

CDs & CD-Rs

A Challenge Of Honour -- "Only Stones Remain" -- CD -- €14
2001 Divine Comedy Records, DC 008, (ltd. 500)

Akauzazte -- "Azalberritan" -- CD -- €14
2004 Compania de Suenos Ilimitada, CDSI 005
Spanish group performing experimental avantgarde rock / post rock / no wave. Hard to compare to anyone, but obviously the musicians are talented and full of ideas and their music is quiet psychedelic. Release package is quite luxury and unusual. [YAOP]

Akauzazte -- "Azalberritan" -- CD -- €20
2004 Compania de Suenos Ilimitada, CDSI 005
Spanish group performing experimental avantgarde rock / post rock / no wave. Hard to compare to anyone, but obviously the musicians are talented and full of ideas and their music is quiet psychedelic. Release package is quite luxury and unusual. [YAOP]

Antony And The Johnsons -- "I Am A Bird Now" -- CD -- €12
2005 Rough Trade, RTRADCD223
Second album of Antony And The Johnsons featuring guest appearances by Rufus Wainwright, Devendra Banhart, Joan Wasser and by lead singer Anohni's childhood heroes Boy George and Lou Reed.

Antracot -- "Atlantropa" -- CD-R -- €10
2005 Atlantropa Musikwerk, Nr. 001, (ltd. 100)
The debut full-length album of this German harsh noise project. Jewel case.

Antracot -- "Galvanism" -- 3"CD-R -- €9
2008 Tosom, XS-006, (ltd. 150)
Very active Noise and Power Electronics project from south Germany. Known from the fantastic releases on Steinklang Industries, Atacama Records or Apocalyptic Radio. With ATROX he released as BOLESKINE and THE TIROLER HORN SECTION on Atacama Records and he is a live member of ATROX. "Galvanism" is a 20 minute Noise killer track. Long, loud, aggressive. Mini DVD box with two inlays. [press release]

Atomtrakt -- "Schutt & Asche" -- CD -- €12
2006 Mercenary Musik, WAR 40
Nordic Martial Industrial in style of Wappenbund, Arditi, Triarii. A project of Christoph Ziegler (Vinterriket, Dannagoischd, Nebelkorona). Digipack.

Atrox & Antracot -- "Earth Listen Vol.2: Oppenheimers Garden" -- CD-R -- €14
2006 Atacama Records, a.r.21, (ltd. 100)

Aura Shining Green -- "The Green Man and The White Witch" -- 3 CD BOX -- €19
2016 COD Noizes, SHUM2 / Der Schwarze Tod, TOD27, (ltd. 60)
Neofolk / Ambient / Psychedelic from Finland. "Returning to my native village after many years’ absence: I put up at a country inn and listen to the rain. One robe, one bowl is all I have. I light incense and strain to sit in meditation; All night a steady drizzle outside the dark window. Inside, poignant memories of these long years of pilgrimage" (Ryokan Taigu). Dreamy songs from the finnish Master of fairy tales Joonatan Elokuu and his Aura Shining Green ensemble. [label info] Collector's edition including additional factory made CD in a full colours cardboard sleeve with a matte lamination wich contains "Garlic, Ginseng, Cranes & Masked Bears" mini-album + three post cards all housed in a jute bag with Aura Shining Green`s logotype.

Ball, Dave & Jon Savage -- "Photosynthesis" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2016 Cold Spring, CSR217CD
“We started composing some quasi pop/classical pieces that gradually morphed and evolved into one, hour-long piece. Via digital recording and processing of vintage analogue sound sources (i.e. mini Moog, Sequential Circuits, Prophet 5 synthesizers etc.) the piece gradually took shape. The title ‘Photosynthesis’ was re-appropriated from the botanical process. Sitting in the garden surrounded by trees and plants on a sunny day, the idea of organisms using sunlight to synthesise nutrients from CO2 and water became an inspiration to us. This idea, juxtaposed with mankind’s destruction of the planet through pollution and war gave us the inspiration to compose this soundscape”. Dave Ball (Soft Cell, The Grid) and Jon Savage. Comes in a beautiful 6-panel digipak, cloaked in exquisite flora art. [press-release]

Bastard Noise / Government Alpha -- "Radiation Snowfall" -- CD-R -- €19
2003 Xerxes, ES:45

Big City Orchestra -- "Instructions For Use" -- CD -- €14
1996 Pure, PURE 42

Big City Orchestra -- "Love Film Greats" -- CD -- €14
2006 Roil Noise Offensive, RNOCDR046
Big City Orchestra rework classic Easy Listening in their psychedelic experimental way. Jewel case.

Black Claw -- "Thieving Bones" -- CD -- €10
2016 COD Noir, NOIR1 / Der Schwarze Tod, TOD29
Death Country / Gothic Americana / Dark Folk. COD label and distribution under the banner of "COD noir" in cooperation with "Der Schwarze Tod" proudly presents the first full length album of Canadian dark roots master Black Claw. Black Claw founding member and head preacher Reverend Claw knows that you are damned. However he does not want to save your soul, he simply wants to set it free. Free into the vile pit, the meaningless void, the great unending darkness. The bad Reverend knows that you cannot be, nor do you want to be saved from your sins. Like him, you love your vulgar ways, your drinking, your whoreing, your plans for murder and mayhem. No, all you need to be saved from is the boredom of the life of ease that you have inherited from the toil and sacrifice of your pioneering forebears. And what better way to do this than to sing, stomp and holler along with this Canadian black woods preacher as he sings intoxicating, and intoxicated stories, that echo your own dark thoughts. This is how he will indeed save you. Not from the devil, but from yourself. From the horror that is a world of meaningless ease, doomed to decay, like your own sad selfish soul. You are not alone. Let us scream at the night together. Regular edition: CD in clear jewel case with 8-pages full colors booklet made of rough offset paper. [label info].

Burial Hex -- "Throne" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2016 Cold Spring, CSR232CD
Finally a third volume of the essential reissue series featuring rare and out-of-print vinyl releases from Horror Electronics maestro Burial Hex. This collection takes us further back in time to a more raw and singular vision, whilst still infused with passionate vocals and eerie religious allusions that would eventually lead to a development of increasingly more compositional elements in the Burial Hex cycle. Collecting his sides from the split 7" with Sylvester Anfang on Aurora Borealis, the split 12" with Iron Fist of the Sun on Cold Spring, and taking a side each from “Bagirwa Hymn” on VON Archives and “From The Rites Of Lazarus” on Urashima, we experience the death industrial roots of this expansive project. Without as much focus on otherworldly hybrids, yet still organically eclectic, this offering will bring the grinding grey atmospherics and the nauseating aggression of early Horror Electronics into focus. Artwork by Nathaniel Ritter (Kinit Her). [press-release]

Cabaret Voltaire -- "The Original Sound Of Sheffield '78 / '82 Best Of" -- CD -- €14
2002 Mute, 9190-2 / CABS16CD
Jewel-case with 16-page booklet.

Cabaret Voltaire -- "1974-76" -- CD -- €14
1992 The Grey Area, CABS 15CD

Changes -- "Fire Of Life" -- CD -- €40
1996/2001 Hau Ruck!, HR!22

Chin, Colin -- "Intruding On A Silence" -- CD -- €12
1990 Narada Mystique, CD-2006
Top quality New Age / Ambient from late 80-ies. Recommendations. [YAOP]

Clark, Anne -- "Unstill Life" -- CD -- €8
1991 SPV Records, SPV 084-88362
An album of the British poet of the "acid" early rave era from the beginning of 90-ies. Synth-pop, acid-house and poetry. [YAOP]

The Cubby Preachers -- "A Series of Narrations, Songs, and Sounds" -- CD-R -- €5
2010 Cubby Control Records, CCR-001, (ltd. 1000)
Acoustic freak folk / experimental electronics.

Current 93 -- "A Little Menstrual Night Music" -- CD -- €10
2003/2008 Soyuz / Durtro, DSM 5485-08
Russian official reissue of this album - with all titles and notes in Russian language only.

Dead Bait -- "Nuclear War Afterparty" -- 3"CD-R -- €4
2016 Post-Materialization Music, (ltd. 35)
A project from the Siberian city of Barnaul performing something rhythmical, noisy and very lo-fi... a mixture of concrete sounds, digital noises and monotonous pseudo-techno. The disc is packed in an old Soviet plastic medicine chest.

Detour Doom Project -- "Nothing Remains Of Us" -- CD -- €10
2016 Aquarellist, aquarel 37-16, (ltd. 300)
Imagine a long, empty, foggy road… leading through the deserts on an endless highway… surrounding by nothing… only the darkness of the night… This is the sound of Detour Doom Project, a doom jazz act from Italy and Germany. The band was formerly founded in 2014, a fusion of members from several bands from Italy and USA: Macellaria Mobile di Mezzanotte, Interview, Spiteful Womb and Rosengarten. In 2016 a new singer join the band, Bjarkan Wolfsdуttir from Germany (NO†HING MORE †O SAY). Creating dark atmospheres, persuasive and dilated, directly inspired by visions in monochromatic dreamscapes and deserts is the goal of this project. Detour Doom Project pays tribute to the atmosphere of Film Noir. The biggest influences are in fact b&w movies made of shadows and thrills. If you like the sounds of Bohren & der Club of Gore, Angelo Badalamenti, David Lynch, The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation, Space Dale Cooper Quartett, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, Hidden Orchestra and the dark ambient school of the 90's… you would also like Detour Doom Project. The compositions like long soundtracks for suspended atmospheres… hauntingly… gloomy. [press-release]

Dominator -- "Back For More" -- CD -- €8
2001 Bad Vibrations Records, COMB 37
Old school British BDSM power electronics for the fans of Whitehouse, Con-Dom, Sutcliffe Jugend. Jewel case. [YAOP]

Endless Bummer -- "Death Failure" -- CD -- €10
2011 Spit and Cuss, S&C013
Vague, dirty, heavy sludge from Wisconsin. Jewel case. [YAOP]

Fistula -- "Goat" -- CD -- €8
2010 Crucial Blast, CBR84
"Extreme-metal bands and their fans love gory lyrics. Slayer and Cannibal Corpse keep things theatrical, but on their new EP, Cleveland's Fistula tackle the all-too-real case of alleged rapist and murderer Anthony Sowell. The band cranks out ultra-distorted riffs over clattering drums; the vocals are an indecipherable howl of pain. Goat is a seriously ugly record, as befits its morbid and disturbing subject matter. The music is a buzzing, hostile roar. Samples of news coverage tell the story of sex crimes and the discovery of bodies (and body parts) in Sowell's home. The dispassionate narration, bolstered by grinding riffs, makes the whole thing even more depressing and bleak. There's no Cannibal Corpse-style shock value here — this is real death metal." [Phil Freeman, CLEVELAND SCENE]

Flutwacht / N.Strahl.N -- "Heroinloops / Flut" -- 2 CD -- €14
2008 Steinklang Industries, SK 45, (ltd. 150)
"Heroinloops" is a brilliant, pure Industrial album by German's top-Noiser FLUTWACHT. Their new album brings a great mix of rhythmic oldschool Industrial a la early Esplendor Geometrico, or like the famous early 90ies Steinklang Rhythm-Noisers, with a strong touch of "modern" Power-Electronics. The powerful noise-tracks alternate with hypnotic Ambient-Noise tunes, which give the album a comatose and traumatic character. "Heroinloops" is a varied and well structured Noise-album, for all fans of the early Industrial years. [press-release] Expanded edition comes with an additional CD with a collaboration album by Flutwacht + N.Strahl.N.

Freiband -- "Cubes" -- CD-R -- €10
2016 Reverse Alignment, RA-29, (ltd. 50)
Frans de Waard has been long time active as musician since the '80s and released several albums under named artists and groups such as Kapotte Muziek and Zebra. He's also been working for Staaplaat for 11 years. To me though he's best known as the editor of renowned Vital Weekly and such I first came in contact with him. On "Cubes" he act under his alias Freiband manipulating the sound material from the Ukrainian project Dao de Noize and set loose a 37 minute flood of noisy experimentalism. [label info]

Friedemann -- "Indian Summer" -- CD -- €12
1987 Narada Equinox, CD-3002
Great mild New Age / Ambient inspired by indian summer. Digipak. [YAOP]

The Growing Crystals Lab -- "Science Discoveries" -- 3"CD-R -- €10
2006 Old Europa Cafe, OECDR 016, (ltd. 150)
"The Growing Crystals Lab" was/is the line-up for the latest DBPIT live sets, including : Flavio DBPIT - winds, trumpet, noise; Annaconsuelo - vocals, percussions; Mario F.O.B. of Circus Joy - guitar; Steve Stroll of Ain Soph & Circus Joy - drums. The tracks on this album are 4 live-in-studio free improvisations choosen as the best tracks from a longer session recorded at Gatto Alieno Studios! The title of this album shows that this is a real pioneeristic experiment as the 4 members of the band had never played together before this session ... The final result is a series of very elegant & jazzy post-industrial, scientific & alien discoveries! Profesionally printed 3" mini CDR numbered on CD label and limited to 150 copies, special large cardboard box including insert + test-tubes with very dangerous "alien" substances for your own "alien" experiments.... "attenti al gatto alieno!" [press-release]

Hrossharsgrani -- "Pro Liberate Dimicandum Est" -- CD + CD-R -- €16
2009 Steinklang Industries, SKD 25, (ltd. 150)
"Pro liberate dimicandum est" was released specially for the 2000 years anniversary of the "Varusschlacht". Classical melodies combined with the iron rough edges of MARTIAL INDUSTRIAL on a crusade through the ages. A musical journey far off the trampled paths of industrial art was the basis for each single HROSSHARSGRANI track! HROSSHARSGRANI is Alex Hugin Wieser, the man behind URUK-HAI, BONEMACHINE and several other projects. [label info] Extended edition comes with a bonus CD-R, a pin and an insert.
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

IAMNOTHING -- "The Dead Emotions" -- CD-R -- €5
2016 CVLMINIS, (ltd. 20)
The album was recorded while I stayed at a psychic asylum. You can hear voices of mentally ill patients in the background. Noise symbolises chaos in soul, Orthodox prayer - way to healthy mind and soul. Pain. [from the author]

IAMNOTHING -- "Prayer Through Anxiety" -- CD-R -- €5
2016 CVLMINIS, (ltd. 20)
This mini-album was recorded on a day when I was sad and angry. Noise is the symbol of this. I prayed to pacify my mind. [from the author]

IAMNOTHING -- "Sing A New Song To Our Lord - Live 10th June 2016 anno Domini" -- CD-R -- 350 руб.
2016 CVLMINIS, (ltd. 20)
Live album with noise, drone and Orthodox prayer. [YAOP]

IAMNOTHING -- "Sunrise Prayer Whisper" -- CD-R -- €5
2016 CVLMINIS, (ltd. 20)
Fields recordings, digital drone and Orthodox prayer, very quiet... Lo-Fi Primitive Ambient Noise. [YAOP]

IAMNOTHING -- "Untitled 29th May 2016 A.D." -- CD-R -- €5
2016 CVLMINIS, (ltd. 20)
Track 1 is a mixture of live harsh noise, Merzbow tracks, radionoise and Orthodox prayer. Cosmos versus Chaos. Recorded live. Second track contains radionoise, mouth harp and prayer. [from the author]

Industrialniy Peyzazh (Industrial Landscape) -- "Pustota. Part I" -- CD-R -- €5   [-50%]
2012 Shum Shturm Proizvodstvo, SSP-002, (ltd. 72)
Unique project from Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia - poetic austere avantgarde industrial with screams, poems, metal junk and dense analogue howling. Archived recordings from 2004-2005. Aesthetics of abandoned factories, working outskirts, dead inhabitants of city ruins, burnt out by alcohol and hopelessness. Gloomy brick 5-storey blocks as gravestones on the background of smoked sky, post-industrial hell and this music, seething with reek and anger, won't leave indifferent fans of such projects as Ierophania, Monologue and even Grazhdanskaya Oborona. CDR, 9 tracks, 40 minutes, foldout sleeve. [Ufa Muzak]

Iron Fist Of The Sun -- "Live At The Garage 2011" -- CD EP -- €6   [-50%]
2015 Cold Spring, CSR204B
Recorded live at the Garage, London, 5th March 2011. This CD came along with direct orders of "We Can Yield Our Own Footsteps" from Cold Spring.

Isothesis -- "Cocoon Of Red Light" -- CD-R -- €10
2007 Beast Of Prey, BOP 3.7, (ltd. 200)
Gloomy horrifying oppressive psychoactive Dark Ambient from the French project. Special handmade package. [YAOP]

Kirlian Camera -- "Schmerz" -- CD -- €10
2007 Twilight Records, TW 1.38
Originally released in 1992 as a 7” single, enclosed to a magazine (tracks 1 to 6) and as MCD on KC’s own ‘Heavens Gate’ Label (incl. track 7) and finally as full-length CD in 1995 (all 13 tracks) on extinct record label Discordia, this album sounds as fresh and new as it was recorded yesterday! Schmerz is one of the top masterpieces by Kirlian Camera and contains some of the best tracks ever written (Heldenplatz or Twilight Fields to mention just two)! Kirlian Camera are the historical pioneers of the Italian electronic scene. Active since 1980, it is one of the most important cult bands in Europe and it was about time, to make this amazing album available again! Schmerz is eclectic - we can find dark folk, electronic, ethereal and many other different stiles on the same record. [press release] Limited edition in digipak.
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Knyazhaya Pustyn -- "The True Legend" -- 2 CD -- €11   [-50%]
2016 COD Music, COD8 / Der Schwarze Tod, TOD31
Ritual Folk / Atmospheric Black Metal / Ambient. Summer has faded away, scattering on the damp ground like fire of falling leaves. Snow and frost are not long in coming and ringing spring drops barely discernible in the echoes of winter. In his monumental double CD canvas Княжая Пустынь again organically combines the beauty of the acoustic ambient landscapes with atmospheric heaviness of electrical compositions. "The True Legend" is a song of old wooden Rus' and eternal nature which continually reborn in the rays a young sun. Double CD with 20-pages booklet. [label info]

Kshatriy -- "Userguide / The Final Bonding" -- 3"CD-R -- €40
2004 self-released
Two track EP in beautiful handmade digipak, only 2 copies made.

Lanz, David & Speer, Paul -- "Desert Vision" -- CD -- €14
1987 Narada Equinox, CD-3003
Hot desert jazz New Age Ambient. Jewel case. [YAOP]

Lanz, David & Speer, Paul -- "Natural States" -- CD -- €14
1985 Narada Equinox, CD-3001
Jazz ambient journeys through forests and mountains. [YAOP]

Lark Blames -- "Chimney" -- CD -- €10
2006 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 085
"Chimney" is the end result of a year of sporadic and inspired sessions of improvised music making by Marc Blackie (of Sleeping Pictures) and Lloyd James (of Naevus), both artists have already released one full album on OEC ! "Chimney" exemplifies a strict yet free approach to the creative process resulting in the collision of humour with dense atmospheres. For the making of these recordings the rules of performance were quickly chosen, a recording was made immediately after and the results were mixed to remain as faithful as possible to the original impetus. The instrumentation used ranges across piano, naive percussion, guitar, broken synthesizer, detuned accordion, electronic treatments and abused microphones to produce pieces whose styles could be variously described as ambient, mock-power electronics, exotica... But, for the most part, the pieces here simply defy description. "Chimney" also includes guest vocals from the inimitable Rose McDowall (of Strawberry Switchblade, Sorrow, Coil, etc) on one track, while another track features vocals, samples and theremin courtesy of John Murphy (of KnifeLadder, Shining Vril, SPK, The Associates, etc.). "Chimney" is an essential testament to the power of spontaneous composition. [press-release]

Litvin, Arseny & Igor Kuptsov -- "On the Ruins of Industrialisation" -- CD-R -- €6
2016 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT134, (ltd. 34)
Unexpected continuation of our series of collaborations made during journeys and trips came from Siberia, where Arseny Litvin and Igor Kuptsov (Vyazkiy Sharab) recorded a post-industrial ritual performance on the ruins of an abandoned Soviet missile unit located deep in taiga. Old School Industrial Avantgarde with the use of metal percussion, flute, mouth harp, radionoise, metallophone, singing, etc., recorded on analogue dictaphone. Very pleasant and meditative work resembling early Einstürzende Neubauten, ZGA, industrial performances of Psychic TV in mid-80-ies. Hand-numbered sleeve + 4 full-colour photo inserts reproducing avantgarde film photos made during the performance. [press-release]

Lost Salt Blood Purges -- "Only the Youngest Grave" -- 2 CD -- €11   [-50%]
2016 COD Noises, SHUM3
Ambient / Ritual / Post Rock / Experimental. New gear in "COD noizes" machine! Australian experimenter Michael Snoxall and his Lost Salt Blood Purges project with a new album "Only The Youngest Grave". "Only The Youngest Grave" explores the disparity of melody and dissonance and how they affect one another. This album is a ritual journey through unsteady musical soundscapes where esoteric drones are changed by neofolk strings and reflective post-rock passages and then disappear in blasts of harsh noise. Regular double CD version in a jewel case with a full colours 4-pages booklet made of the heaviest paper with a matte lamination and UV stencil varnish printing. The second CD "Lethean" contains previously unreleased bonus track. [label info]

Lost Salt Blood Purges -- "Only the Youngest Grave" -- 3 CD BOX -- €19
2016 COD Noises, SHUM3
Ambient / Ritual / Post Rock / Experimental. Strictly limited collector`s edition with an additional factory made CD with "The Voids We All Long For" album in matte laminated digisleeve, sticker and special packaging.

Mariani Wine -- "Methamphetamine" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2016 COD Noir, NOIR2
Noir Rock / Catacomb Blues / Alternative Chanson. In the last rays of autumn sun the city reveals its mysteries. Shadows dwell in uncertain electric light and find shelter in the corners of night cinemas. Air gusts bring forth weird songs, songs about ridiculous love and bizarre death. COd label and distribution present "Methamphetamine" - theater of macabric chanson - the new release of COD noir. Urban romance - slow, dark and desperate. For those who appreciate tactual sensation of music we offer the CD with a six-page fold-out booklet made of very thick paper with gloss and matte lamination. [label info]

MNL9 -- "Love To The Worldly Is Enmity With God" -- CD-R -- €5
2016 CVLMINIS, (ltd. 20)
Orthodox Christian Noise. [YAOP]

MNL9 -- "Monument Pt.2" -- CD-R -- €5
2016 CVLMINIS, (ltd. 20)
Harsh Noise Wall, dedicated to the statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro. [YAOP]

MNL9 -- "Morning Mystery" -- CD-R -- €5
2016 CVLMINIS, (ltd. 20)
Orthodox Drone Ambient. [YAOP]

MNL9 -- "Morning Mystery Pt. 2" -- CD-R -- €5
2016 CVLMINIS, (ltd. 20)
Orthodox Drone Ambient. [YAOP]

MNL9 -- "Noise Diary Pt. 1,2,3" -- CD-R -- €5
2016 CVLMINIS, (ltd. 20)
"As I wrote before, noise is the new language for me, glossolalia, a gift of the Saint Spirit. Here are 3 albums in one. The pure Post-Dada Reis Art." [from the author]

MNL9 -- "Noise Diary Pt. 4,5" -- CD-R -- €5
2016 CVLMINIS, (ltd. 20)
"New album from the "Noise Diary" series. Glossolalia, a gift of the Saint Spirit. Lutheran Christian Noise Avantgarde Art." [from the author]

Mollusk -- "The Cloud Expedition" -- CD-R -- €10   [-50%]
2016 Reverse Alignment, RA-28, (ltd. 100)
After two albums from Johan Boberg and Per Åhlund on Reverse Alignment this year we now release Mollusk finale: "The Cloud Expedition". Beginning with the superexperimental meltdown "Aeon Synapses Connect" Johan and Per took the step into the domains of hyperyoga and touched upon the feets of deities in "Astral Mechanics". "The Cloud Expedition" takes off where "Astral Mechanics" ended. New experimental sounds in the genre of classical ambient unravels together with Mollusk skills in glitch and click. This sometimes reminds of the "Opto files" conducted by Alva Noto and Opiate, sometimes calling for an undefinied position among genres. With Mollusk sonic treaments you're always up for a nice suprise. "Modular soundscapes resonating within the organic machinery feedback". Professionally made CDr w/ 4-panel digipack in a limited edition of 100 copies. [label info]

Monopolka -- "Monopolka Fluxus Action" -- CD-R -- €16
A set from Monopolka: CD-R with previously unreleased recordings and a voluminous pack of posters, unused album covers and other printed rubbish. Only one copy for the ultimate Monopolka fan!

Nebelkorona -- "Tannenhochforst" -- CD -- €14
2010 Heimatfolk, HF09, (ltd. 500)
Neofolk / Neoclassical project of Christoph Ziegler (Vinterriket, Dannagoischd, Atomtrakt). Digipack.

Nebula VII -- "Alienation, Worship, Paranoia" -- CD-R -- €6
2011 Kadaath Records, Kadaath 09, (ltd. 50)
Cosmic Dark Drone Ambient, pierced by the flames of northern lights and solar wind. Sleeve. [YAOP]

Nigulesugci -- "The Hope Of The God's Children" -- CD-R -- €5
2016 CVLMINIS, (ltd. 20)
A blend of various noises with a preaching of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria (Inkerin Kirkko) Aarre Kuukauppi. Lutheran Noise. [from the author]

Nigulesugci -- "Pentecost" -- CD-R -- €5
2016 CVLMINIS, (ltd. 20)
A blend of various noises with a preaching of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria (Inkerin Kirkko) Aarre Kuukauppi. Lutheran Noise. [from the author]

Nigulesugci -- "The Technology Of Salvation" -- CD-R -- €5
2016 CVLMINIS, (ltd. 20)
The unity of technoligies - digital noise and the "technology" of salvation in Christianity. Religious talk about Salvation with a pastor before a liturgy mixed with active noise. [from the author]

Padzem & Zeuge -- "Habit[at]" -- CD-R -- €4
2010 Deadpixel Records, DPXL05
This work is the logical continuation of cooperation of two "heavy-weight" electronic producers from Belarus: ZEUGE aka HEADSHOT and PADZEM aka DUMB MUTANT STOKER. CD contains 14 tracks filled with malicious breakcore madness with obvious elements of dark drum'n'bass and hardcore techno, atmosphere of each track brings uneasiness to a digital underground dancefloor. [label info]

People On The Hill (Lyudi Na Holme) -- "Nordavind" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2016 COD Noises, SHUM4
Neofolk / Dark Folk / Nordic Folk. COD label and distribution proudly presents "Nordavind". Sincere neofolk debut from Russian North under the banner of COD noizes. Compact disc in clear jewel case with laconically designed 8-pages booklet made of heavy coated paper with glossy varnish. [label info]

Plinth / Textile Ranch -- "The Rest, I Leave To The Poor" -- CD -- €9
2008 Make Mine Music, MMM051, (ltd. 1000)
This 44 minute piece may structurally resemble a classical composition - divided as it is into several interlocking stanzas - but it's difficult to place it comfortably within the realm of modern music. If anything, 'The Rest....' evokes the otherwordly, fantastical obsessions of the Victorians (Conan Doyle, Lear, Grandville, Wellcome, etc) through means of meticulously manipulated instrumentation, samples and voice. 'The Rest, I Leave To The Poor' comes as a strictly ltd edition (1000 copies), letter-pressed sleeve of recycled chipboard with red metallic ink finish. [label info] Beautiful ambient sound collage, like a nice book with fairy tails.

Prokofiev, Sergey -- "Pas d'Acier" -- CD -- €16
1991 Мелодия, SUCD 10-00205
The example of near-industrial avangarde of Soviet era, the ballet "Pas d'Acier" in this edition is supplemented by "Russian Ouverture", "Ode on the End of the War" for symphonic orchestra and cantata "Flourish, Mighty Homeland!". The CD was released in Soviet Union, as seem by the catalogue number SUCD. [YAOP]

Psychic TV -- "Hell Is Invisible...Heaven Is Her/e" -- CD -- €10
2007 Feelee, FL 3215
Official Russian edition.

Psychic TV -- "Live In Russia" -- CD -- €14
2006 Feelee, FL 3212, (ltd. 1000)
Recorded at Port Club, St. Petersburg, Russia, October 13. 2004 and the Apelsin Club, Moscow, Russia, October 14. 2004.

Radio Murmansk -- "MOC" -- CD -- €14
2004 AgitProp, AP004, (ltd. 100)
Classical Minimal-Electro music from the 80ies mixed with pure Japan Terror-Noise and a subtile touch of heavy and dry electronic rhythms. Simply a masterpiece of modern Elektro-Noise! Originally released as CDR and LP in 2004. [label info]

Screloma -- "Rotten Sarkoma" -- CD -- 1000 руб.
2008 Steinklang Industries, SK - IN 15, (ltd. 100)
Newcomer in the Japanese Noise scene. Music is a mix of harsh noises and heavy Power Electronics; most tracks have concrete or sublime rhythms. All music is recorded analogue. [label info]

Siratori, Kenji -- "Exquisite Corpse" -- CD-R -- €14
2008 Spirals Of Involution, SOI 053
Kenji Siratori is a modern Japanese cyberpunk writer, painter and musician. He's a real hard worker. He has released enormous amounts of works - books, albums, collaborations - during last couple of years. This time he tries himself in harsh noise and quite successfully. Kenji himself defines his genre as "deth noise". [label info]

Siyanie -- "Mystery of Life" -- CD BOX -- €29
2016 Moonsun Productions, MS010 / Frozen Light, FZL 045 / ZHELEZOBETON distribution division, ZHBD-12, (ltd. 24)
Special collector's edition - 24 copies in envelopes with 17 cards of A5 size printed on silver cardboard featuring reproductions of Sergey Ilchuk's artwork made in 2012-2016.
[bandcamp]   [+]

Smell & Quim -- "Live Bradford, Collab With Evil Moisture And More Live Stuff" -- CD-R -- €4
A collection of live recordings from this infamous English idiotic noise band.

Stein -- "Haldor" -- CD -- €12
2010 Heimatfolk, Heimatfolk 11
STEIN was founded in 2005 as the solo-project of Norbert Strahl, the singer of SEELENTHRON and NOTHING ENDS, who was also basic member of the famous NeoFolk outfit DIES NATALIS. Norbert's aim with Stein was, to compose songs for the poems of Georg Thom (his grandfather), written between 1911 and 1936. In the beginning of the band, Norbert worked with Jens Vetter of GRUNLAND, who also was ex-Dies Natalis member, but due to the intense work on Seelenthron, Stein stopped in the fledgling stage, until in 2009 the project finally grew to a real band. Finally in summer 2010 the first album "Haldor" was recorded in the Studios of Alexander Meier. "Haldor" is a mix of romantic-paganism and apocalyptic visions, packed in real handmade, classical NeoFolk. The album is dedicated to Lorenz Klinger, Norbert's little son, who fights against leukemia with the power of a tiny rock. "Haldor" is Norse and means "Thor's rock". 10 songs / 40 min. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Sun Ra / Merzbow -- "Strange City" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2016 Cold Spring, CSR228CD
Officially licensed from Irwin Chusid of the SUN RA estate, Cold Spring’s Justin Mitchell negotiated rare and unreleased tracks from the SUN RA archive to be remixed and treated by Masami Akita. The tracks incorporate the jazz power of SUN RA, carried into brutal excess by the legendary Japanese artist, MERZBOW. [label info]

Tangerine Dream -- "Rubycon" -- CD -- €14
1975/1995 Virgin / Tangerine Dream Definitive Edition, TAND 6
Remastered reissue of the 1975 masterpiece in a jewel-case with 8-page booklet.

Tunnels Of Ah -- "Surgical Fires" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2016 Cold Spring, CSR226CD
Following the sulphureous sting of 2015’s ‘Thus Avici’, Tunnels Of Ah’s third album, ‘Surgical Fires’ is a dense, fermentative working. Asemic vocals are sunk beneath an alienated electronic landscape of seismic drones and paranormal frequencies. Loss, gain, conflict, resolution, decay and transformation as an initiatory path is the current running through ‘Surgical Fires’; the surgery alluded to in the title being psychic surgery. With original album artwork by Stephen Ah Burroughs (HEAD OF DAVID) and a vocal contribution from London-based ritual artist Soror Anji Cheung, ‘Surgical Fires’ is another singular Tunnels Of Ah release evasive of categorisation. [label info]

Winterblood -- "Culti Segreti" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2016 Frozen Light, FZL 046, (ltd. 102)
Frozen Light presents the new album by Italian project Winterblood – “Culti Segreti” – «Incantazione» continuation, the secret cult of cold, frost, snow and icy wind. Crispy and tingling Drone Ambient will chill the listener to the bones and collapse into the icy abyss. Where demons masked as angels around and the stars in the black winter sky are seen from there… CD, 3-folders digipak, limited to 102 hand-numbered copies. [label info]

Xenophobic Ejaculation -- "Past Atrocities" -- 2 CD -- €15
2016 Filth And Violence, FILTH&VIOLENCE-145 / Wrath, WRATH 13
Re-issue of W.P. and Vala cassettes. Hate filled electronics from Finland not for the squeamish. CDs in clamshell cases with 12 page booklet in black bag. [Malignant Records]

Zoloft Evra -- "Murder Chamber" -- CD -- €12   [-50%]
2016 Frozen Light, FZL 047, (ltd. 300)
The new second album, entitled “Murder Chamber” follows the obscure, cruel, sadistic and perverse path already started with the debut album “Negative Infliction Pleasure” (2015), presenting an evolution in the suicidal and asphyxiating drone overall sound and atmosphere, faithfully crafted by Zoloft Evra’s own trademark and time forward musical experimentality. The album has been recorded during 2016 between Italy, Norway and USA and mixed / mastered by Cold in his Negative Propaganda Studio. Featuring guest appearances by Cory Rowell from Demonologists / Harko City (USA) and Tenebra from Dreariness (Italy). CD, jewel box with 8-page booklet, limited to 300 stamp-numbered copies. [label info]

V/A -- "Cottage Industries 3: Vestibule & Separate" -- CD -- €5
2003 Neo Ouija, neo21cd
IDM / Experimental / Ambient. Rod, Apparat, Pandatone, Xela, Helios, Don Mennerich, RJ Valeo, Julien Neto, Greg Davis, Sleepy Town Manufacture, Maps & Diagrams, Metamatics & Xela.

V/A -- "Coup De Grace / Invasion & Friends 2k5" -- CD -- €6
2005 Invasion Wreck Chords, INV028
Crno Klank, Muckrackers vs. Lith, Adam Strang, Mimetic Fake, Synapscape, Deathsitcom, Ctrler, Rasputin, BooT-SectoR-ViruZ, Schizoid vs. Thoracic Disruptor, Fragment King, Flint Glass, Maladroit, Dead Data Ponks, Mourmansk 150, Rank Sinatra, Az-Rotator, Not Half, On / Off, Ambassador 21.

V/A -- "New [Input] Noise" -- CD -- €4
2006 Hellektroempire, HE:01
Lith, Bahntier, Ah Cama-Sotz, Caustic, Genetic Selection, Hypnoskull, Modulate, H.I.V.+ & Stendeck, Atrox, Proyecto Mirage, Substanz-T, Mono No Aware, Shizuka, Contagious Orgasm, Ultra Milkmaids.

V/A -- "Noise Transmission" -- CD -- €12
1999 Deafborn, dbcd01
Live recordings from the Noise Transmission festival happened in 1998 in Dusseldorf, Germany. Contains 2-3 powerful noise tracks from each participant: Rectal Surgery, Irikarah, Cazzodio, Morder Machine. Jewel case.

V/A -- "Steinklang Industries V: 2012-2013" -- CD -- €6
2013 Steinklang Industries
March Of Heroes, Escuadron De La Muerte, Ostarbeiter, Stahlwerk 9, Vasilisk, Striider, Leger Des Heils, Rasthof Dachau, Inner Depth, Grim, Vronthor, Organisation Toth, Dissecting Table, Allerseelen, While Angels Watch, Pale Roses, Rauhnacht, Sturmpercht.


A Challenge Of Honour / Praetorio -- "Hadrian's Wall" -- 10" -- €20
2005 Vrihaspati Recordings, VR001, (ltd. 500)

Aalfang Mit Pferdekopf -- "Fragment 36" -- 7" -- €14
2006 Drone Records, DR-79, (ltd. 300)

Bianchi, Maurizio -- "Das Platinzeitalter" -- 2 LP -- €17
2007/2009 Weird Forest Records, WF-33, (ltd. 500)
A quintessential Bianchi construction, this album meditates upon the minutiae of crumbling systems, returning to a common theme of Bianchi’s classic period — the cancerous body faced with a slow demise through ancillary pathogens. His sounds are blackened ambiences culled from stacked grey-smear loops and elongated ashen drones, some of which have been purported to originate from Jozef Van Wissem’s lute recordings, although you’ll be hard pressed to find anything lute-like in these shadowing sounds. Ominous. Grim. Foreboding. Oppressive. Neurotic. These are all apt descriptions to Bianchi’s best work; and those all apply here, but with the strange twist that this ambience is somewhat contemplative, as if Bianchi’s death-obsessed soundtrack is more of an enveloping invitation instead of a scream of horror. [label info]

Cold Flesh Colony -- "Sanatorium" -- 7" -- €10
2003 Steinklang Industries, SK7-03, (ltd. 150)
Side-project of Eisengrau / Murnau. Cold straightforward German Power Electronics. [YAOP]

Conrad, Tony / P-Orridge, Genesis Breyer / O'Dowd, Edley -- "Live At The HAU2" -- LP -- €66
2012 Angry Love Productions, OTTT24, (ltd. 230)
Colour vinyl, embroidered patch attached to cover, booklet + 2 cards inside. [YAOP]

Diktat / Irikarah -- "Chapters Of The Whitehouse" -- 7" -- €18
2001 Multi National Disaster Records, MNDR 2004, (ltd. 200)

Flutwacht -- "Fiebertentakel" -- 7" -- €8
2007 The Tourette Tapes, TT#6, (ltd. 300)

Flutwacht & Vincenzo Bossi -- "Brechen [Bruchstuck #1: Beyond Mental Borders]" -- 7" -- €8
2008 The Tourette Tapes, TT#13

Green Army Fraction -- "Caste War - Back In Their Place" -- LP -- €33
2006 Steinklang Industries, SK 38, (ltd. 100)

Hijokaidan -- "Emergency Stairway To Heaven" -- picture LP + CD -- €15
2015 Cold Spring, CSR208P, (ltd. 750)
Cold Spring are proud to announce the new studio album from the legendary Japanoise act Hijokaidan. The set arrives on luxurious 12” picture disc and CD – both formats have completely different audio! 12” Picture Disc: The new studio album, four slabs of unique sounds that only Hijokaidan can provide. In the studio – the full line-up of JOJO Hiroshige, T. Mikawa, Junko and Futoshi Okano. CD: Live at Uplink, Shibuya, 20th May 2014 – JOJO Hiroshige: synthesizer, T. Mikawa: electronics, Junko: screaming. Live at Chikusa-za, Nagoya, 21st Dec 2014 – JOJO Hiroshige: electric guitar, T. Mikawa: electronics, Junko: screaming, Futoshi Okano: drums. Ltd x 750 copies only! [label info]

Incapacitants / Sewer Election -- "Mental Derivatives / Shining Obsession" -- 12" -- €10   [-50%]
2006 Segerhuva, SEGER 15, (ltd. 500)

Indra Karmuka -- "Su'O / Rana" -- 7" -- €20
21996 Drone Records, DR-21, (ltd. 250)

Jennifer Gentle -- "Sacramento Session / 5 Of 3" -- LP -- €10
2006 A Silent Place, ASP03

Loss -- "You Are What Eats You" -- 7" -- €10
2006 Spectre, S24, (ltd. 252)
Harsh pulsating Rhythm'n'Noise. Gorgeous fetishist package. [YAOP]

Makoto, Kawabata -- "Hosanna Mantra" -- LP -- €20
2006 A Silent Place, ASP04, (ltd. 550)
Japanese psychedelic Drone Ambient. Solo album of the Acid Mothers Temple leader. Gatefold LP. [YAOP]

MOHR -- "How To Make Darkness Visible" -- 7" -- €20
1994 Drone Records, DR-02, (ltd. 200)
Cult project for German scene. Second edition on transparent green vinyl. [YAOP]

Mother Destruction -- "Fetch" -- picture LP -- €23
1998 Ant-Zen, act 85, (ltd. 888)
Esoteric post-industrial electronics. [TAOP]

Origami Romantika -- "Seven Inches Of Love" -- 7" -- €8
1996 Speeding Across My Hemisphere, tinnitus / v.S. 003 / Dunkel Prod, Spaze XV / KomKol Autoprod, 082, (ltd. 600)
This record was released as a wedding gift for two members of Origami family. Garage Psychedelic Rock, faturing the cover-version of "Venus In Furs" of The Velvet Underground. [YAOP]

Psychic TV Three -- "Greyhounds Of The Future / Alien Lightning Meat Machine Part II" -- 12" -- €120
2014 Angry Love Productions, OTTT28, (ltd. 230)
Signed by all members of the band including Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, comes with a patch and inserts.

Psychic TV Three -- "Mother Sky Vs Alien Sky" -- 12" -- €60
2011 Vanity Case Records, VC-10, (ltd. 500)
Signed by Genesis Breyer P-Orridge.

R.Y.N. -- "Whistle And I'll Come To You" -- 7" -- €10
2006 Drone Records, DR-80, (ltd. 300)

Shadow Theatre -- "Ein Splitter Glas" -- 7" -- €10
2005 Apocalyptic Radio, AR 014, (ltd. 500)
German power electronics.

Shift / Institut -- "Enders / Beginners" -- 7" -- €10
2005 Animus Productions, Animus02, (ltd. 500)
A split of two well-known Power Electronics projects from the UK and Sweden. [YAOP]

Sister Iodine / Masaya Nakahara -- "Meth: Live In Tokyo" -- LP -- €10
2010 Premier Sang, Premier Sang 004, (ltd. 300)
Black and white offset cover, limited to 300 copies. Recorded live at Showboat, Tokyo, Japan, on 18th of January 2010. 25 minutes of joyful fracas and live euphoric free-noise collaboration between Sister Iodine (French no-wave / avant-rock heroes active since early 90's!) and animal leader of Hair Stylisitcs and cult Violent Onsen Geisha, Masaya Nakahara. [Sound Ohm]

Soldnergeist -- "You Want Him / Hyper Climax" -- 7" -- €10
1998 Self Abuse Records, SAR-17

Soulcripple -- "Technology" -- 7" -- €10
2003 Steinklang Industries, SK7-07, (ltd. 150)
Death Industrial from Germany.

Vance Orchestra -- "Hot Water Music" -- 7" -- €10
1999 Drone Records, DR-26, (ltd. 300), 2nd edition
Dutch duo on an orange 7" with full-colour sleeve. [YAOP]

Werkraum -- "Early Love Music" -- 2 LP -- €15   [-50%]
2008 Ahnstern, Ahnstern23
14 progressive & traditional, psychedelic & medieval folk songs and chants of Early Love. 14 dreamy memories of the merry blue days from Early Times. Together with friends of the groups CHANGES, LADY MORPHIA and STURMPERCHT. "Early Love Music" is not just a Folk album. "Early Love Music" is a quantum leap for the new Folk generation of the third millennium and an enhanced assortment of early and new Folk-styles. Progressive- and Psychedelic Folksongs mix up and alternate with British and German traditionals in the vein of early Donovan (HMS), Spirogyra, Shirley Collins, Mellow Candle, Ougenweide,... just to name a few. Some songs even have a songwriter-like character, as if they were played somewhen in the mid 60ies in a dark Britanny forest by a suicidal Jackson C.Frank or Shawn Phillips. The complex arrangements and large variety of instruments even remind to The Incredible String Band and some early Acid-Folk bands. As a dot on the i, "Early Love Music" brings 2 coverversions of Donovan's ingenious fairytale "Jabberwocky" and Steeleye Span's traditional-hit "The Blacksmith". With "Song for Erik" Nicholas and Axel have created the sadest song ever sung, filling every father's eyes with a lake of tears... DoLP is limited to 500 copies, comes in coloured gatefold album cover with 2 side lyric sheet and includes another bonus track. Bandphotos are also different to the CD version. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

V/A -- "Dog Bone" -- 2 x 7" -- €7
2008 Anarchymoon Recordings, anok24, (ltd. 161)

V/A -- "Heilige Feuer" -- LP -- €20
2002 Der Angriff, Nr. 3, (ltd. 500)
Two exclusive tracks from each project: Sal Solaris, Deutsch Nepal, Genocide Organ, Der Blutharsch, Reutoff. Booklet.

V/A -- "In Stahlgewittern (II. Kapitel)" -- 4 LP BOX -- €47
2003 Steinklang Industries, SK25, (ltd. 750)
Phosgen, Neuropathic Force Feedback, Totensonntag, Irikarah, Azoikum, Painslut, Wiener Aktivisten, Stahlwerk 9, Allgrena, Legion Condor, Thorofon, Dawn Project, Operation Cleansweep, Diutesc, Genevieve Pasquier, Operation Julmond, Radio Murmansk, Belial The Sal, Sektion B, Seraphim, SRP, DJK, Nobdrun, PTT, Viron, Industriepalast, Order Of The Werewolf, Rasthof Dachau, Thelema, Allerseelen, Trotzdem Rain, Simon Schall, Dresden 45, Schwadron, Atrox, #define, Drape Excrement, Human Destructure, DKF, Soulcripple, Werkraum, Materialschlacht, Leiche Rustikal, Psychologische Abwehrfront, Tugend Mensch. Box made of steel, 12" booklet.


Big City Orchestra -- "Don't Let Him Touch You" -- CS -- €27
1999 BLACK ORCHID Productions, 010

Big City Orchestra -- "Ymiz" -- CS -- €14
2009 Agharta Tapes, 3, (ltd. 70)

Boevye Cikady -- "Pryamohozhdeniye" -- C-90 -- €7
2016 Biosonar^Lo-End, 058/2016 (ltd. 18)
This cassette opens the series of live recordings by the drone artists from St. Petersburg. The project Boevye Cikady was self-created in 2004 as a documentation of acousmatic and electro-acoustic exercises while working in ambient formation Lunar Abyss Quartet. Since 2007 the project has turned into actionism, oriented towards sound performances with the involvement of wide circle of friends in synthesis. This cassette presents four fragments of live recordings from various years, mostly of experimental noise and drone ambient, analogue texture. Ultra-limited edition and DIY-artwork in cardboard box with fragments of postcards and pocket calendars. [label info]

Celtic Spirit -- "s/t" -- CS -- €8
1997 Reflections Of Nature, RNTA9215
Celtic folk tunes from the band from Scotland.

Club Sound Witches -- "Hashram" -- CS -- €5
2016 Post-Materialization Music, (ltd. 100)
New album of the Australia-based duo of lo-fi minimalists. Gurgling analogue electrnonics, sleepy rustling noises, muffled dreamy female voice singing - everything sounds as if from deep under water, all very quiet, smeared and calm...

Govorit Radio «KOSMOS» -- "Shturm Orbity" -- C-90 -- €7
2016 Biosonar^Lo-End, 059/2016 tape (ltd. 10)
A collaboration project of E.S. (Lunar Abyss, Hattifnatter, Boevye Cikady, etc.) and М.М. (Kryptogen Rundfunk, Hattifnatter). The recordings of Govorit Radio «KOSMOS» have never been released in solo format, only some fragments of live shows on different compilations. The project is absolutely focused on live actions: peremptory noise created of radio interference and device abuse, plastic performance and psychedelic video projection. Therefore this cassette is only a fixation of two live gigs from various years, remotely resembling the atmosphere of fanatic inspiration and enthusiasm, accompanying noise actions of Govorit Radio «KOSMOS» project. Ultra-limited edition with DIY artwork. [label info]

Green Army Faction -- "Airyanem Vaejah" -- CS -- €27
2008 Cult Cassettes, (ltd. 88)

Messer Chups -- "Atom's Bride (Nevesta Atoma)" -- CS -- €5
2000 Elektrus, EL003MK

Messer Chups -- "Miss Libido 2000" -- CS -- €5
2000 Solnze Records / XOP, SMC-001

Messer Chups -- "Vamp Babes" -- CS -- €5
2000 Solnze Records, SMC-005

Messer fur Frau Muller -- "Hyper Utyosov Presents" -- CS -- €5
2001 Lyogkie, LG 010-2

Norma Reaktsii -- "Vartman / След колеса" -- C-44 -- 350 руб.
2016 YAOP, YAOP 088, (ltd. 48)
The album of Norma Reaktsii recorded in 2006, exctracted from archives and published ten years after. Esoteric Radionoise performed on vintage gear from the same era as "Tectonic Charge Condensation" and "Telluric Energy". Blizzards of Nordic technomagic. Artwork made by the author. [label info]

Pragnavit -- "Sljach Da Dnja Adnauliennja Stomlienaj Maci" -- CS -- €14
1998 Possession Productions, PS02
First album of this Belorussian project. Slavic Pagan Ambient / Dungeon Synth.

Pragnavit -- "Viede..." -- CS -- €8
1999 Possession Productions, PS06

Sal Solaris / Flint Glass -- "11.03.16" -- C-90 -- €9
2016 kultFRONT, KF-XXIX, (ltd. 75)
The twenty-ninth release by kultFRONT is the third part in a series of tapes collecting live recordings of like-minded musicians from different kinds of dark musical directions. This time we offer you the split-recording of Russian and French electronic experimentalists. Sal Solaris and Flint Glass met for the first time in March 2016 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Their joint gig took place in the "Ionoteka" club located on the site of former railway warehouses. SS presented their long-awaited new album "Thresholds" and for the first time played live the material that was being born in the studio over such a long time. Quite an uneasy spring for the band and its members. It's important that the transition to new rhythmical bases happened in that very point in time and space. Gwenn Tremorin performed the program especially prepared for this gig. Aside for well-known passages his set contained completely unique tracks. Perfect music for experts in sleepdancing. And if Sal Solaris have already physically released some of their live recordings, for Flint Glass this is the first time his live experiments are published. The epigraph to this edition contains the words of the French philosopher, psychiatrist and one of the most influential persons in the history of psychoanalysis – Jacques-Marie-Émile Lacan: "Death belongs to the realm of faith. You're right to believe that you will die. It sustains you. If you didn't believe it, could you bear the life you have? If we couldn't totally rely on the certainty that it will end, how could you bear all this?" The album is released in an extra limited edition on 75 white cassettes traditionally decorated with pieces of black paper. Sweet dreams. [press-release]

Son Of Salami -- "Bacon Street" -- CS -- €5
2016 Post-Materialization Music, PMM-CS-03, (ltd. 100)
American home tape recording artist from Burlington, Vermont who builds all his songs with an eraserheadless tape recorder which does not afford him the ability to listen to the previously recorded track as he adds layer after layer of detail to his music. And this sounds nice!

Swans -- "The Burning World" -- CS -- €20
1989 UNI Records, UNIC 601

Time Deleters -- "At Poly Ferox" -- CS -- €8
2009 Ingen Vag, 007, (ltd. 40)
Experimental Krautrock / Space-Rock.

Tower Of Frozen Ravens (Bashnya Ledyanykh Voronov) -- "Death Is Not Afraid Of The Cold" -- C-60 -- €5
2016 YAOP, YAOP 089, (ltd. 48)
Both demos of Tower Of Frozen Ravens (Bashnya Ledyanykh Voronov) released together on one C-60 cassette. This is a project with unusual style, modern neo-pagan folklore. Meditative tracks with winds, mouth harp, gusli, singing and mild noises, recorded in winter forest. Absolutely live and unpretentious, natural music. As a breath of fresh frosty air in the world permeated with deceipt. Artwork made by the author. [label info]

Veprisuicida / Cisfinitum -- "Heavy Metal Cyclothymia / Otklonenie Ot Simmetrii" -- CS -- €40
1999 Spirals Of Involution, SOI 022, (ltd. 52)

Wire -- "A Bell Is A Cup... Until It Is Struck" -- CS -- €20
1988 Enigma Records, D4-73314
British experimental Post-Punk.

Frea market


Aida, Yuki - Songbook - CD - VG+ - 2011 - Murmur Records - MMR-07 - €4.50
Aethere - In Coma - CD - NM/VG+ - 2009 - Rage In Eden - RAGE 61 - Ltd. 500 - €4.50
I8U - Surface Tension - CD - VG+ - 2011 - Murmur Records - MMR-10 - €4.50
Infant - Growing Up - CD - NM - 2002 - Neo Ouija - NEO 12 CD - €3.40
Lericolais, Rainier - My Song Exaggerated To Dilate Horizontally - CD - NM/VG+ - 2007 - Ytterbium - YTTERBIUM 19 - €4.50
Liquid Weeld - Racol - CD EP - VG+ - 2006 - Murmur Records - MMR-01 - €4.50
Melek-Tha - War Is Coming - CD - VG+/NM - 2004 - Dark Vinyl - DV 49 - €3.40
N.E.M.O. - What is Break? - 3"CDR - VG+/VG - 2007 - kultFRONT - KF-VII - Ltd. 111 - €2.50
Nebelkorona - Tannenhochforst - CD - M/VG - 2010 - Heimatfolk - HF09 - Ltd. 500 - €4.50
Propergol - Program Vengeance - CD - NM/VG - 2005 - Malignant Records - TUMOR CD21 - €8.30
Rukkanor - Ende - CD EP - NM/VG+ - 2007 - War Office Propaganda - WOP 36 - Ltd. 400 - €3.40
Seelenthron | Traum'er Leben | Trinithos - III - CD - VG+ - 2008 - Heimatfolk - HF 02 - €3.40
Shebuzzz - White Noise - CDR - VG - 2009 - Operator Produkzion - OPERPRODUKT42 - Ltd. 82 - €2.50
Sigillum S - Cybertantrick Quantum Leaps - CD - NM/VG+ - 1992 - Artware Production - ARTWARE 03 - Ltd. 500 - €13.40
Svarrogh - Yer Su - CD - M/VG+ - 2008 - Ahnstern - Ahnstern34 - €4.50
Ten - Lowlands - CD EP - VG+ - 2011 - Murmur Records - MMR-06 - €4.50
The North Sea & Rameses III - Night Of The Ankou - CD - NM/VG+ - 2006 - Type - TYPE012 - €4.50
Ulkomaalaiset - One - CD - G+/VG+ - 2007 - Beta-lactam Ring Records - mt147 - Ltd. 300 - €6.70
Uranium USSR 1972 - Avarie - CD - NM/VG+ - 2006 - SmallVoices - SVR06022 - €3.40
Werkgruppe Ludendorff - s/t - CD - M/F - 2016 - Lichterklang - LK034 - Ltd. 260 - €1.50
Werkraum - Kristalle - CD - M/VG+ - 2005 - Ahnstern - Ahnstern 17 - €3.40


#define - {blowOUT} - 7" - VG/VG+ - 2003 - Steinklang Industries - SK7-06 - Ltd. 150 - €3.40
40 Sekunden Ohne Gewicht / Zwei Tage Sauerstoff - split - 7" - NM/VG+ - 2001 - Emphase Records - es-01 - €9.40
Allerseelen - Gotos=Kalanda - 2 LP - NM/VG+ - 2005 - Ahnstern - Ahnstern 4 - Ltd. 600 - €28.30
Allerseelen - Knospe - 7" - NM/VG+ - 2005 - Carpe Noctem - CN4 - Ltd. 600 - €6.20
Amon - Nona - 10" - NM/VG+ - 2003 - Weird Amplexus - WAX07V - Ltd. 300 - €12.60
Bardoseneticcube - Rain in June - 7" - NM/VG+ - 2003 - Drone Records - DR-59 - Ltd. 300 - €20.80
Blowhole - Killing Noise - LP - NM/VG+ - 1995 - Zabriskie Point - POINT 11 - €5.70
Common Eider, King Eider - Amnesia - pic 12" - NM/VG+ - 2010 - self-released - Ltd. 100 - €8.90
Corker Conboy - Six For Five - 12" - M/NM - 2004 - Vertical Form - VFORM035 - €5.70
Dead Machines - The Night Callers - LP - VG+ - 2006 - Blossoming Noise - PYG02VIN - Ltd. 500 - €6.70
DKF - Larmpegelmaximum - LP - VG - 2004 - Steinklang Industries - SK 29 - Ltd. 500 - €6.70
Fane, Julian - The Moon Is Gone / Rattle - 7" - VG - 2006 - Planet Mu - ZIQ161P - €3.40
Fear Falls Burning - We Slowly Lift Ourselves From Dust - pic 10" - VG+ - 2007 - A Silent Place - ASP07 - €4.50
Jaworzyn, Stefan - Drained Of Connotation - LP - VG+/NM - 2014 - Blackest Ever Black - BLACKEST027 - Ltd. 700 - €11.20
Jennifer Gentle - Sacramento Session / 5 Of 3 - LP - NM/VG+ - 2006 - A Silent Place - ASP03 - €6.70
Konntinent - Kiruna - LP - VG+ - 2012 - Hibernate - HB40 - Ltd. 200 - €8.90
Me Succeeds / Christian Naujoks - Pudel Produkte 22 - 10" - VG/VG+ - 2013 - Staatsakt - Aktsie 044 - €6.70
Nimoy - The Spark - 7" - NM/VG+ - 1995 - Ant-Zen - ACT 20 - Ltd. 200 - €20.80
Phillips, Dave & John Wiese - At A Loss For Words - 7" - VG+ - 2006 - Blossoming Noise - PYG05VIN - Ltd. 500 - €4.50
Rasthof Dachau - Blut und Boden - LP - NM/VG+ - 2003 - Steinklang Industries - SK 15 RE - Ltd. 450 - €20.80
Sagentoeter - Prayers To Othinn - LP - VG+ - 2005 - Ahnstern - Ahnstern14 - Ltd. 500 - €6.70
Slepcy - We Are The Newest Battle Models - LP - VG/VG+ - 2006 - Cock Rock Disco - Vrock005 - €5.70
Tecumseh - Sea(s) - 12" - VG+ - 2010 - Black Horizons - bh-35 - Ltd. 333 - €6.70
The Haters - Drops Ascending - 2 x 7" - NM/VG+ - 1995 - Vinyl Communications - VC-85 - €20.80
Tormentum - Plowshares To Bombshells - LP - VG+ - 2004 - AgitProp - AP003 - Ltd. 373 - €6.70
Viki / Hair Police - s/t - LP - NM/VG+ - 2003 - Scratch And Sniff Entertainment - SNSE030 - Ltd. 300 - €6.70


Revolting Cocks - Linger Ficken' Good... And Other Barnyard Oddities - MC - NM/VG - 1993 - Sire / Reprise Records - 4-45462 - €14.90

Don't forget to check the full list of rare & used items with all details, it's here. Fields marked with green colour may be added to [-50%] winter sale!


Bizarre Uproar -- "Dekadenz" -- poster -- €3   [-50%]
2016 Filth And Violence
Poster made for the support of "Dekadenz" album, based on album cover. A2 format (42 x 59 cm).

Psychic Cross Embroidered Leaf -- patch -- 700 руб.
Psychic TV
Black and grey embroidered patch 5 х 7.5 cm. Photo.

Psychic Cross Steel Pin -- pin -- 1000 руб.
Psychic TV
Steel pin. Photo.

V. Back in stock

A Challenge Of Honour -- "No Way Out" -- CD -- €14
2008 Vrihaspati Recordings, VR013
Finally after a long pause, the new A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR album is out now! Their last album "Seven Samurai" was released 4 years ago and in these past years many things changed (in) ACOH. With "No way out" you will hear a completely new side of ACOH. The album would be best described as a pure Neo(Pop)Folk album with many Neoclassical and some Martial elements. Peter learned to play several acoustic instruments in the last years and some guest musicians also helped to create the band's new style. On "No way out" you hear acoustic piano, guitars, e-bass and contrabass, drums, violin and bells, as well as electronic instruments. Most songs are with lyrics and have quite a dreamy and catchy atmosphere with monumental and heroic parts. Some songs even spread a feeling of early 80ies independent music like Joy Division, The Fall, New Model Army... [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Allerseelen -- "Edelweiss" -- CD -- €12
2005 Aorta, AORCD11
This outstanding collection of newer musical works of the Austrian artist ALLERSEELEN is a co-production of AHNSTERN and Allerseelen's own label AORTA. the 74 minute CD in luxurious 6-side digipack contains a selection of the best ALLERSEELEN songs, many of them for the first time on CD. also some unreleased Industrial-Folk hymns will give pleasure to the listener's ears. at a bigger part of the songs, ALLERSEELEN was supportet by guest-musicians: Demian (O PARADIS), Rosa (CIRCE), Gaya (HAGSHADOW), JOSEF and Herr Percht (STURMPERCHT) help to give this album a very special touch. [label info]

Allerseelen -- "Venezia" -- CD -- €12
2001 Aorta, AORCD06
Dedicated to Mediterranean culture and music, this album was inspired by the beautiful city of Venice, Italy. The albums music moves between powerful and rhythmic oriented tracks to soundtrack-type grooves, encompassing the decadent, inspired, hypnotic and surreal. Based on R.M.Rilke and inspired by Nietzsche and E.Pound. Lounge and downtempo industrial. [label info]

Allerseelen / Sangre Cavallum -- "Barco do Vinho" -- CD -- €14
2006 Ahnstern, Ahnstern 21
Barco do Vinho is the Portuguese word for Wine Boat - the boats that in the past brought the barrels of wine from the vineyards in Callaecia (Northern Portugal) on the river Douro to the town of Porto. The CD features four exclusive songs by the Northern-Portuguese group Sangre Cavallum and four exclusive songs by the Austrian group Allerseelen - ancient and traditional but at the same time brand-new avant-garde music, somewhere between apocalyptic folklore and psychedelic rock. Poetical songs about wine taken down rivers with crews of strong men, floating down throats with crews of sparkling spirits. Inspired by the vineyards that welcome the sun bringing character to grapes. Then a silent darkness, a timeless life inside oak barrels turn wine into flavoured blood for a toast between men and nature. [label info]

The Altai Chamber Orchestra -- "T.A.C.O." -- pic LP -- €13
1995 Steinklang Industries, SK 05, (ltd. 500)
Russian ritual music from the mastermind of SYNTACTIC / KLANGGALERIE himself. Rough and hypnotic! For fans of early Laibach. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Among The Stars -- "The First Flight" -- 3"CD-R -- €4
2008 BioSonar^EleKtro - 011, (ltd. 99)
Space disco in best traditions of mixing industrial and dance genres. More psychedelic than Ant-Zen, less danceable than psy-trance. The authorship is carefully hidden, but after all everybody knows. Author's packaging - small cardboard sleeve. [press-release] Psy-trance side-project of Kshatriy, bright cosmic psychedelic work. [YAOP]

Antracot -- "Ferropolis" -- CD-R -- €8
2007 Steinklang Industries, SK-IN 05, (ltd. 150)
The fourth fulltime album from Antracot comes in a small DVD-case and is limited to 150 copies. 7 tracks - 70 minutes noise, heavily influenced by japanese noisicans. From metallic sounds to pure aggressive powerful harsh frequencies and feedbacks with screams full of hate! Highly recommended for fans of this genre! Track 7 feat. Stahlwerk 9! [label info]

Antracot -- "Maschinenraum 173" -- CD-R -- €8
2006 Steinklang Industries, SKD 13, (ltd. 250)
65 minutes of violent Harsh-Electronics and structured Power-Noise by this ATROX bandmember. [label info]

Antracot -- "Neurokinesis" -- CD-R -- €8
2009 Steinklang Industries, SK-IN 14, (ltd. 77)
One hour pure Japan-hardcore-noise by this german ultra-noise act. A brutal wall of noise with rumbling and screaming sounds. This album was released especially for their concert in Tokyo/Japan on 27.10.2007. [label info]

Antracot / Screloma -- "Live In Salzburg 10.10.2008" -- CD-R -- €8
2010 Steinklang Industries, SK7-25
The fifth part of the new old SK7 series. Here a german / japanese collaboration cd with Antracot and Screloma. You will get 18 minutes of rumbling and droning noise from Antracot and about 30 minutes of wonderful japanese Powerelectronics as it’s best. Both are live recordings from the Steinklang pre-shop-opening event on 10.10.2008 in Salzburg. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Applicator 120 -- "Neue Osterreichische Post-Avantgarde" -- LP -- €20
2004 Lurch, Lurch 01, (ltd. 250)
Austrian Cut-Up Avantgarde in the way of HNAS / People Like Us / Strafe für Rebellion. Totally weird! [label info]

Atrox -- "Bremse Unbrauchbar" -- CD -- €12
2006 Steinklang Industries, SKD 14, (ltd. 333)
The new ATROX CD was especially recorded for the live gig in Tokyo and contains over 60 minutes of darkdroning Experimental-Noise and Powerelectronics, of course in typical ATROX-style. [label info]

Atrox -- "Dear Great Leader" -- CD-R -- €8
2010 Steinklang Industries, SK7-22
After one year of silence Atrox comes back with a new album. He arranged several weird sounds to a wonderful trip in a strange world. Old School Industrial like Haus Arafna meets the typical Atrox style. So you will get a mixture of Industrial, Experimental, Ambient and Powerelectronics. Welcome to the trip in a real strange world... [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Aun -- "Utica" -- 7" -- €14
2009 Drone Records, DR-96, (ltd. 300)
Behind AUN we find Montreal's Martin Dumais, a long time activist in the Canadian scene. With AUN he has already released 3 solo albums on ORAL, and lately the acclaimed Motorsleep on ALIEN8. The sound of AUN is a marriage between very harmonic/emotional drones and distorted machine-power, between sensibility and noise-strength, usually based on guitar sound-sources. The two pieces on his DRONE EP (first AUN vinyl) show his melancholic side: "The tracks were put together after a summer of very noisy concerts and AUN recording. Usually a split entity, AUN always has a lighter and more heady and melancholic side to the more physical powerdrone material, these two tracks are of the lighter more luminous nature." The material on the A-Side ("Utica") is still very expansive and builds an impressive suspense curve, but especially the B-Side "Lelehudah" is full of touching & yearnful harmonic structures, a majestic dance of polyphonic overtones. Filed under: ROMANTIC POWER-DRONES. WHITE VINYL. GREAT GEOMETRIC PATTERN DESIGN BY MATHIEU BEAUSE'JOUR, HAND-ASSEMBLED FULL COLOUR COVERS M BY ARIANE GAGNE'. WHITE INLAY w. RED PRINT. [press release]

AX -- "Metal Forest" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2012 Cold Spring, CSR167CD
AX is the project of British rock and electronic musician Anthony Di Franco (Ramleh, Novatron, Ethnic Acid, JFK, ex-Skullflower). Extreme and uncompromising, AX presents a unique sound world of blistering power electronics, pulverising bass drones, feedback symphonies, and dark atmospheres. This CD includes tracks from the legendary long out of print mid-90s vinyl albums, digitally remastered for the first time. [press-release]

Bardoseneticcube & Vresnit & Kshatriy -- "Creation" -- CD -- €5
2011 Vetvei, V20, (ltd. 580)
A new CD release is presented on the Vetvei label. It is a split of three already well-known projects: Bardoseneticcube (St.-Petersburg), Vresnit (Yaroslavl) e Kshatriy (Vsevolozhsk). Being active and variously cooperating in studios and at concerts, the authors have got a vision of joint release: this split is inspired by a condition of direct experience, transformation, sensation of a new life arrival, display and realization of nature, creativity comprehension as a natural form of being. Some tracks from each project are presented on the disk as a seven acts of creation. BARDOSENETICCUBE: Igor Potsukajlo together with Alla Ryzhenkovoj (traditional Russian vocal) and Edward Dragunov (overtone singing) have presented light Ambient with colorific electronic patterns. Songs "Za verhom" and "Golymba", opening this disk, brightly show a female, mother nature. Further the space reveals as an active man nature. VRESNIT: As a initiator of the release concept, Ilchuk Sergey has presented multilayered psychedelic Drone Ambient with a plentiful use of the field and found records, guitar and cassete drones, analog electronics. "Time is Art "," Anahata "," Creation "... two of this tracks are written down together with a spiritually close project Kshatriy. Becoming even more professional mastering engineer with each his work, Sergey Uak-Kib (KSHATRIY) in the traditional key has presented two powerful space Drone Ambient tracks, " Well of Soul " and " Intention ", showing in music an author's experience of beauty, harmony and a resonance. A unification of the interweaving beginnings in the solemn act of the world creation. A new act of the initiating resonance and contemplation of the universal art and boundless self-similarity with open hearts. Mastering - Kshatriy. Design presented by six-panel full-colored envelope and card Vresnit & Vevei Art. [press-release]

Biomass vs. Comforter -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €8
2004 Spirals Of Involution, SOI 039, (ltd. 197)
Biomass tracks (project comes from the city of Jaroslavl) are dedicated by japanese movie "The Ring" by Hideo Nakata and represent rather calm noise flow. Comforter whips out with hurracane of cut-up porno-harsh-noise with Vladimir Zhirinovsky as a guest vocalist in the last track.

Bleeding Heart Narrative -- "All That Was Missing We Never Had In The World" -- CD -- €7   [-50%]
2008/2009 Cold Spring, CSR109CD
Orchestral / Avant-Garde. Reissue of the stunning debut BHN album from spring 2008 (Ltd x 200). Working with a constantly evolving autumnal orchestra of layered cellos, repeating piano melodies, hushed vocals and mutant textures of sound and noise, Bleeding Heart Narrative has constructed a unique, haunting and compelling album. BHN is the work of sole composer, artist and producer Oliver Barrett, working in the live spectrum as a septet. Presented in a digipak with the new and exclusive bonus track 'Blueskywards'. We can't recommend this highly enough! [press-release]

Burial Hex -- "Book Of Delusions" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2011/2012 Cold Spring, CSR166CD
During the period in which Clay Ruby first began working on this piece of art, he had become so completely surrounded by evil and deception that he was forced to begin summoning a particularly extreme and ancient force of protection and vitality just to make it alive through the end of 2008. Aside from spiritually fortifying Ruby's life, the complexities of these new elemental entities brought with them circumstances causing a much more rich and intense recording experience than he could have ever composed on his own. Classic horror electronics and post-industrial apocalyptic soundscapes with unsettling notes, anguished cries and voices of the dead. His most ritualistic album yet. Reissue of the extremely limited LP with bonus tracks taken from the split LPs with Kinit Her and Zola Jesus, all available on CD for the first time! All tracks have been carefully remastered. [press-release]

Burial Hex -- "In Psychic Defense" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2014 Cold Spring, CSR197CD
Burial Hex is a composition cycle of Post-Industrial music, dubbed “Horror Electronics”, by Clay Ruby. With a progressive mix of influences as far-reaching as vintage Industrial and Power Electronics, Kosmische Music, Black Metal, Techno and Electro, Early Music and Contemporary Classical, these dynamic compositions are simply unclassifiable. This compilation continues the stunning trajectory of the previous Cold Spring reissue collection, “Book of Delusions”, falling even further into the spiraling abyss of ritual music made in preparation for the Final Mysteries in the twilight of this Kali Yuga. Collecting tracks from various out-of-print vinyl releases, including In Psychic Defense, The Tower, Fantasie und Fuge, Hunger, and the highly sought-after “A Kiss To Birth The Rotted Sun” from the WVNDRKMMER 5xCS compilation, this volume is a welcome addition to every Burial Hex collection, as well as an ideal introduction for the Horror Electronics neophyte. [press-release]
[soundcloud]   [youtube]

CD-R -- "Antipathetic" -- CD-R -- €8
2004 Spirals Of Involution, SOI 038, (ltd. 99)
First official release of young Moscow-based noise band. Dissimilar sounding compositions blend together features of analogue sound sources and digital design/processing. The last track is a provocative hello to Anna Hermann, done as a unrecognizable recycling of her song.

CD-R -- "Disorder" -- CD-R -- €8
2004 Spirals Of Involution, SOI 042
This recording is inspired by the movies of Wong Kar Wai. 5 digital noise tracks are made using samples from these movies. The last track is a kind of remix on "The End" by Jim Morisson (The Doors).

Chalk, Andrew / Ralf Wehowsky / Eric Lanzillotta -- "Yang-Tul" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
1998/2016 Cold Spring, CSR220CD
A legendary sound collaboration formed of two lengthy pieces. The first track features Andrew Chalk (Mirror, Ora, Ferial Confine) gently reworking the sound materials of Ralf Wehowsky (P16.D4). A hypnotic, slowly-evolving drone with waves of mysterious sounds, static and glitches. The second piece, on the other hand, finds Ralf Wehowsky composing a frenzied journey into otherworldly realms using sound material from Andrew Chalk and Eric Lanzillotta (Eye Music). These pieces reflect a sound unique from the work of any of the three individual participants, but clearly related. Subtle, but full of detail for the willing listener. Originally issued as limited coloured vinyl only on Lanzillotta’s label Anomalous Records in 1998. Cover painting by Andrew Chalk. Remastered for CD from the original master recordings. Digipak. [label info]

Changes / Allerseelen -- "Men Among The Ruins" -- CD -- €14
2006 Ewers Tonkunst, HHE 011 CD

Cisfinitum -- "Music Of Light" -- CD-R -- €8
2005 Spirals Of Involution, SOI 050, (ltd. 157)
This is the most atypical album for Cisfinitum - a collection of most experimental, harsh and uneasy noisy tracks. Contains a fragment of insane live performance in Moscow, 1999.

Code 243 -- "Urban Guerilla" -- LP -- €18
2004 Steinklang Industries, SK 33, (ltd. 500)
Code 243 is the Industrial side of Peter S., the frontman and mastermind from A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR. This new project is a smashing mixture of good old Rhythm-Industrial, as Steinklang customers know from our earlier releases, with a strong touch of modern Power-Electronics and several fine samples, crowned by Peter's psychedelic voice. This is 100% analogue agressive-guerilla-electronics with industrial-dancefloor guarantee!!! [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Cold Fusion -- "Occupatria" -- CD -- €10
2005 Steinklang Industries, SKD 07, (ltd. 1000)
An oppressive atmosphere in a occupied town, in a occupied country. Only illusion of freedom - no freedom. Cold Fusion - Occupatria - a musical journey on the thin line between urge of freedom and lack of its realisation. 45 minutes of beautiful symphonic Martial music, compared to A Challenge Of Honour, Les Joyaux de la Princesse, with a strong touch of early Dead Can Dance and Graeme Revell's soundtracks! [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Con-Dom -- "We Who Were Living Are Now Dying" -- DVD -- €10   [-50%]
2014 The Epicurean, cure.4 / Peripheral Records, PR020 / Silken Tofu, stx.31, (ltd. 222)
Mike Dando/CON-DOM has operated in the multimedia domains incorporating sound, film and performance since his early years. He confronts the audience in extreme ways, touching on taboo subjects suppressed or reduced to primitive stereotypes by the mass media of today. With a devastating barrage of noise he traces the unconscious religious subtext of modern mass society, crossfades religious and political (border) phenomena and relates them with violent and pathological aspects. In the six super 8 short films, created in the 1980s to early 1990s and finally digitally restored in 2013, daily routine scenes are juxtaposed with grainy photos of criminals, dictators and clerics and book pages bearing crude, racist interpretations of Scripture, filmed line by line. Packaging: DVD digi pack, High quality 400 chromolux paper, includes woven patch with Con-Dom logo. [press-release] This copy comes without a patch.

Delplanque, Mathias -- "Ma Chambre Quand Je N'Y Suis Pas (Montreal)" -- CD -- €12
2006 Mondes Elliptiques, .E.Q.05.02, (ltd. 500)
This is the stereo version of a sound installation presented at Montreal's Studio Cormier in December 2004. It is the second part of the "Ma chambre quand je n'y suis pas" series. The piece is based on the recording of 'silences', i.e. the recording of sound produced in spaces with no human presence. The sound of an 'empty' Studio Cormier was therefore used as the material for the production of this piece. The sound takes were done during the quietest moments of the day, by means of microphones placed strategically throughout the Studio by the artist. The sounds gathered were then amplified, and their frequencies, accentuated to the extreme. In the installation itself, the sound was broadcast in multi channel mode over 11 loudspeakers, including a subwoofer, in four Studio Cormier spaces ('Hall', 'Living room', 'Bedroom', 'Lab'). This installation closed Mathias Delplanque's Montreal residency at Studio Cormier from July to December 2004, as part of Les Inclassables program, proposed by the Association francaise d'action artistique (AFAA), in partnership with the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Quebec (CALQ) and the Office franco-quebecois pour la jeunesse (OFQJ)... The result of the experiment, as presented on this record, constitutes a genuine drone odyssey playing on fullness and emptiness, presence and absence, "speak" and "non-speak"... One long track full of subtle movement and enlivened with various underlying currents. A sheer delight... Mathias Delplanque is known, among others, for his releases under the LENA moniker on the Quartermass label. As THE MISSING ENSEMBLE, Mathias Delplanque, John Sellekaers and Daniel De Los Santos recorded the HIDDEN DOORS cd, released on MONDES ELLIPTIQUES (.E.Q.05.01.). [press-release]

Der Blutharsch -- "Live In Copenhagen" -- CD -- €12
2006 Wir Kapitulieren Niemals, WKN28
A life document from the Der Blutharsch`s „Farewell" tour 2006, presenting the rock oriented side of Der Blutharsch…On this tour Der Blutharsch was: Marthynna (vocals, drums, percussion, keyboard, strum stick), Jorg B. (guitar, bass guitar, backing vocals), Bain Wolfkind (drums, vocals), Alessio B. (guitar, bass guitar, backing vocals) and of course Albin Julius (vocals, harmonium, keyboards, theremin, raagini) - thee ultimative line up for thee ultimative nasty rock music. So bring your iron rain down upon me! [label info]

Der Blutharsch -- "Live in Leiden" -- CD -- €14
2010 WKN, WKN 37
Live in Leiden by Der Blutharsch is the 3rd album in a series of live recordings - after "Live at The Monastery" and "Live in Copenhagen". Live in Leiden was recorded at "The Night of Confusion" held September 28th 2oo4 at legendary venue LVC (where already artists like Nico performed) and was the "most cntroversial" concert in the 40 years history of this venue. Nevertheless, this night was a huge success and this recording is a document of this night. At the same time it is the last live recording of the "old" Blutharsch - a small reminder about what Der Blutharsch was dreaded for before they morphed into "era two" and turned into a dark psychedelic kraut monster. This is a great live document of a concert of the thee band who invented "martial industrial" as well as "military pop" - a MUST of all die hard fans of this genre as well as for people who want to know why this band once has been considered "dangerous". The CD comes in a foilblocked digipak. [press-release]

Dislocation -- "Out Of Memory" -- CD-R -- €8
2001 Spirals Of Involution, SOI 026, (ltd. 100)
Japanese improv-noise band Dislocation has a cult status within industrial-noise community, both in the homeland and outside of it. The original blend of saxophone, electronics and guitar allows them to create unique sound more close to the works of Stockhausen then to the traditional Japanese noise artists like Merzbow or Hijokaidan. [label info]

Echo West -- "Some Thought us Dead" -- CD -- €33
2003 Cabinett, KA101
Some thought us dead is the second album by Echo West. Musically this record is a mix of minimal electronics and cold wave. The album opens with the title track, which has a strong Siglo XX feeling. This is dark, even negative, cold wave you seldom hear nowadays. Echo West gives the listener a treat of different flavors of dark minimal electronic sounds on Some thought us dead. Some songs are more in the distorted elektro vein like ‘You want to be afraid’. At times the music even goes into deformed minimal electronic eruptions like those of Haus Arafna (‘Soul cleaning’). ‘Entangled by a blue catastrophe’ calls to mind the Klinik, due to its industrial-like terrifying rhythmic sounds. This is a vague and dark record that despite its diversity in tracks sound likes a whole. Some thought us dead is very much recommended to any fan of extreme, minimal and dark electronic sounds like those of Haus Arafna, the Klinik and Le Syndicat Electronique. [Funprox.com]

Emme Ya -- "Chthonic Transmission (Abysmi Vel Daath)" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2013 Cold Spring, CSR175CD
“Chthonic Transmission” is Emme Ya’s 2nd full-length album for Cold Spring. Ritual Dark Ambient with esoteric vocals and an archaic magickal energy. “The album itself is an Alchemical process, in which I am descending and ascending, in a series of ritual visualisations under the veil of daath, being all such 6 stages of personal spheres of transmutative inner magickal paradigms, which are just part of the development of my own personalities, sexual feminine energies evoked and transmuted, with the sole purpose to transcend this existential reality in which I am submerged. Trying to explore in the sea of nothingness, searching my own inner light of self-creative power. Transforming, mutating, developing. Once again and again in a giant cosmic ouroborus… entering my parallel worlds eternally” (Emme Ya).

Escuadron De La Muerte -- "Omnia Vincit Mors" -- CD-R -- €10
2010 Ufa Muzak, UFA 34, (ltd. 141)
Apocalyptic noise / Power electronics. Going wind in black pits, in ropes with no way out. This is the situation of reality. All of you are sitting tied to chairs, and information goes right in your brain. Abnormal, infinitely violent and compressed. Blood, lies, hunger, money. Smell of a burned human being and nature of depravity felt in killing fields. Bile of the world, in all corners of constant inconceivable depression. The project from South America presents an hour of music full of total strain and moral hardiness. This is not just noise in it's common form, this is a completely new level where this project exists, leaving behind all rivals. Prepare for adrenaline shock and remember - there's no way out. Escuadron De La Muerte is the music of crisis, all and everything, without an end. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Ezhi i Petruccho -- "Istorii" -- CD -- €4
2006 Lagunamuch Community, LMC600
Russian spoken word / ambient project, devised in late 90-s by Andrey Andrianov. Some time later the musician Andrey Dergachev joined him and they have recorded several philosophic stories about two fictional characters Ezhi and Petrucco, and then released their first album. Since that the project has become more and more famous and popular, attracting the attention of radio stations, animators and just all the interested listeners. [label info]

Fear Konstruktor -- "Nonexistence" -- 7" -- €14
2011 Peripheral Records, PR001, (ltd. 300)
Peripheral Records is proud to announce it's first release with Russian project Fear Konstruktor!!! Fear Konstruktor is Nikita Evsuk, a Moscovite and this is his first vinyl release. Two tracks of disturbingly dark droning ambience and industrial clatterings, that stay the right side of noisy!.. "Fear Konstruktor is a brave new sound from Russia, inspired by brightness and vibrance of modern the world. However it contains retro-futuristic touch as seen through the prism of ultramodern devices. All that chik-chik and wao-wao are just words of the significant phrase... Listening to FK is being inside yourself and outside our Universe at the same time. Because those billions of living sounds are caught for you by the daring one." Limited to 300 copies on black vinyl, with insert. [press-release]

Fear Konstruktor & Mourmansk 150 -- "Arson Acrimony" -- CD-R -- €6
2008 Spirals Of Involution, SOI 052
Power Electronics.

Flutwacht -- "When the Dogs Come Out" -- CD-R -- €8
Deserted Factory, DF012, (ltd. 150)
Brutal German power electronics, Genocide Organ school. [YAOP]

Genocide Organ -- "s/t" -- CD -- €27
2003/2012 Tesco Organisation, TESCO 050
Released for the 1st live appareance of GO in Japan in 2003, using material recorded between 1985-1990, this album was originally intended for release in 1990 in Japan as Genocide Organ's 2nd LP and is somehow the missing link between "Leichenlinie" and "Save our Slaves". This re-release contains 3 extra tracks taken from the acetate 7"s released in Japan in 1991/1992. The complete material is remastered by Jerome Nougaillon (Propergol) and comes in a digipack with different artwork. [label info]

Genocide Organ -- "Live in Japan 2003/2007" -- DVD/CD -- €16
2009 Tesco Organisation, TESCO 077 / Teito Sound Company, TEITO-010
Japan has been a wasteland for German "industrial" and/or "power electronics" bands for many years, but in 2003, Genocide Organ entered the motherland of noise. Invited by Teito and MSBR, Genocide Organ played two remarkable shows in Tokyo. The first in a typical noise/hardcore club called 20000V, and the second at a small theatre called Die Pratze. Because of the two different locations and atmospheres, G.O. prepared two completely different sets. While the material at 20000V featured tracks from what was, at the time, the forthcoming album "In-Konflikt," plus a selection of powerful, well-known tracks, the setlist at Die Pratze featured more "calm" and unreleased tracks integrated into a theatrical-type performance. Both gigs represent the repertoire of Genocide Organ, which makes this band more than just a phenomenon of one genre. The two shows are presented here on DVD in their entirety, edited from three different camera angles by Frank Merten of SWT, known for the visuals of Herbst9 and Land:Fire. The DVD is professionally mastered and features a fully animated menu. In 2007, Genocide Organ returned to Tokyo for two more shows, both hosted at 20000V, and again, each show had a different setlist. The audio CD in this collection features a selection of the best tracks from both evenings. Many had never been released or played live before, while some "old favorites" appear here in completely different versions. The quality of the recording is amazing, and you will feel the full power of these two gigs. [press-release]

Government Alpha -- "Impregnable Storm" -- CD-R -- €8
2009 New Nihilism, NN VI, (ltd. 250)
It's impossible to get a clue about Japanese noise phenomenon without mentioning Yasutoshi Yoshida, the man responsible for numerous extreme music gems such as Government Alpha, S.Isabela, Detroit Core etc. and surely the kingpin of the renowned Xerxes label... Govt. Alpha's mission started in 1992 as a natural conclusion to Yoshida's urge for expression through the art, deliberately in it's terminal form. While incorporating all that awesome elements of Japanese noise sound, Government Alpha suddenly developed its own trademark sound—abstract yet seductive framework of multilayered feedback, mangled distortion roars, wild editing and manic signal processing that takes an assault on your ears with no holds barred... Tokio's wildest, Government Alpha proves it again on Impregnable Storm, an album scheduled for NN so long ago... And worth to wait for, hands down! This is extremely brutal, loud and harsh. This is the passion. This is sexy. This is Government Alpha... Once again the packaging consists of an A2-sized, offset printed poster folded to form A5 sleeve housed in crystal celar plastic wrapper. Limited to 250 hand numbered copies, get yours just now. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Government Alpha -- "Venomous Cumulus Cloud" -- CD -- €14
PACrec 129, (ltd. 1000)
Venomous Cumulus Cloud kicks up one hell of a dense psychedelic shifting kaleidoscope of noise. Balancing perfectly the need to be brutal and complex in its texture and use of sound. Simply put this is one hell of a ride, its prime noise on the same level as some of Merzbow's work... [from Musique Machine review]

Green Army Fraction -- "Chlorophyll Flood" -- CD -- €20
2005 Steinklang Industries, SKD 08
Re-release of this great Power Electronics album from Swedens Noise-Terrorists. Originally released as a CDR edition of 100 copies only! This CD-version was totally remastered in the Steinklang-Studios and comes with new artwork and 2 unreleased bonus-tracks from the same time. [label info]

Green Army Fraction -- "The Greater & The Lesser Holy War" -- C-35 -- €27
2009 Erratic Sporadicism Tapes, EST.007, (ltd. 199)
Green Army Fraction continues its one-man-strife against the decayed values of the present day society. A-side includes only the title track - seventeen and a half minutes "epic" journey of harsh droning electronics landscapes, junk metal abuse, feedback and constant vocal action spitting disgust towards the modern world. B-side has three shorter tracks connected to the same topic. One pulsating instrumental piece, one in a more industrial vein and one with with almost melodic use of feedback. We'd say together with Caste War full-length, clearly his best work up to date!.. High bias chrome cassette packaged in a green silk screened canvas bag. Comes with four pro-printed fold-out inserts. A total of 16 pages including all the lyrics, rich graphics and illustrations and a selection of well chosen quotes from various philosophers and thinkers. Hand numbered and limited to 199 copies. Reaction is the wave of the future! [press-release]

Hati -- "Recycled Magick Drones" -- 7" -- €10
2007 Drone Records, DR-88, (ltd. 300)
The Polish duo HATI is a very active live group, using an array of archaic and ethnic instruments such as gongs, cymbals, north-African drums and clarinets, wooden trumpets, horns and flutes. What’s more, their music also includes found objects of scrap metal, plastic or wood. Their first release on vinyl presents two pieces of multi-layered gong drones, nicely processed for full trance effect and enriched with whistling and rattling sounds and delayed percussion. Above all these sounds, there’s a mighty overtune buzz with heavenly droning contemplation wafts. File under: archaic Trance Drones. RED VINYL, SILKSCREEN-PRINTED COVERS (TEXT & VISUAL), INLAY. [press-release]

Heiliges Licht + ZR 19.84 -- "Empor Die Herzen - A Tribute to St. Michael" -- CD-R -- €12
2008 UFA Muzak, UFA25, (ltd. 181)
Neo Folk/Martial Industrial. Burnt bridges, hands in bloody water, eyes dropped, you can't lift the redden sleeves, amidst the burning land, bloody stains between us, holy spirits in iron betrothal of the unfading field: by weapon - by cruelty - by authority. Mystic folk, ecstatic martial and insane industrial have been crossed in this personified act of Germany and Italy. Non-official modernist calling and resume for the Christian figure of St. Michael. Post-historical approach to the timeless survey inside the military heroic tradition that survived over hundreds and thousands of years... The dragon should be killed, whatever it may cost! A beautiful example of European underground music + melodic and industrial anti-contemporary art. Free people against the World Order! The great tradition - the great path! The successors of pure art! 10 tracks, 52 minutes, CD-r, 6 panel sleeve, full-colour print. [label info]

Helice Pied -- "Conduit No.2" -- 7" -- €10
2006 Drone Records, DR-83, (ltd. 300)
HELICE PIED is a newcomer from Athens, Greece, who had a few outstanding releases before under the nom de plume NIXILX.NIJILX, but for this very first vinyl release a new project-name was chosen. "Conduit No.2" is a perfect example of sensibly spun experimental drone, floating waves with metallic tinkling-sounds slowly approaching and disappearing again, soft white noise-swooshes circulating widely around an invisible center... sound-sources are hardly recognizable (coming from concrete sounds of churchbells and e-guitar), the atmosphere rising is one of quietness & meditation, able to transcend your mind. All words & symbols HELICE PIED uses (see inlay & cover-structure & endgroove) have a strong structural and inter-related meaning...Filed under: hologram-drones. BLACK COVERS WITH HANDPAINTED GOLDEN COCK & CHURCH BELLS ON IT. [press-release]

Herbst9 vs Z'EV -- "Through Bleak Landscapes" -- CD -- €14
2007 Loki Foundation, Loki 45
With this stunning collaboration the dark cavernous drones and ethnic-ritual instrumentation of Herbst9 melts with the complex and percussive sounds of industrial pionier and master of rhythmajik Z'EV. Ten tracks of deep spheres and blazing ruminant lightnings abducting you into golden constellations and swirling worlds full of aural effects and demonic resonance. Both projects worked with raw material of each other while the final mix was made by Herbst9. The result is a sombre and meditative soundtrack made with gongs, choral textures, deep vibrating strings and scraping effect-sounds reaching it's climax with outbursting tribalistic sequences and drummings. An impressive and gripping journey through bleak landscapes and abandoned places accompanied by a 24-pg booklet. [press-release]

Hex Minora vs. Devis G. -- "Nihilist" -- CD -- €10
2000 Membrum Debile Propaganda, MDP 6000-39, (ltd. 500)
Brilliant collaboration between HEX MINORA and LUNUS, creating ritual/ambient soundsculptures with a lot of disturbing bass and high frequences and some nice female vocals a` la WOMEN OF THE SS, and MASTER/SLAVE RELATIONSHIP. Comes in a black & white A5 sleeve - very recommended! [Nuit et Brouillard]

Hlyst -- "Wooden Soldiers of Urfin Jus" -- CD-R -- €8
2005 Spirals Of Involution, SOI 044
From the author: "What are the compositions generally about. About books and pornography. Violence and love. Cinema art and psychopathological deviations. Magic and religious possessed absurd. Drugs and other manias. Painting and modern world order..." Quality-made collage of pornographic themes, brutal noise and soft experimental electronics. Track-titel say for themselves (originally in Russian): "Emasculator", "Every creature is sad after a coition...", "Someone frightful is coming to a pigsty", "Utra right porn star", etc.

Hrossharsgrani / Dead Man's Hill -- "Dead Meat" -- CD -- €12
2010 Steinklang Industries, SKD 26
2-ways split album - a great mix between Martial / Industrial / Ambient / Electronic and more. Five new HROSSHARSGRANI anthems featuring vocals by Bart Piette from D.M.H. and Pr. Sergiy from MOLOCH, as well as five new monumental epics from the master of Dark Ambient, Dead Man's Hill - this time a lot more intense and song-oriented than on earlier releases. "Dead:Meat" is the so far most mature and complex album of both artists. Composition, interpretation and design feel like a smack in the face and leave no room for compromise! Morbidity meets iron avant-garde, romanticism encounters the frozen coldness of metal! When will people finally realize: if you want to feel you MUST listen! [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Hydra Head Nine -- "Kod" -- CD -- €11
Old Europa Cafe, OECD 051
Yes ! we got from Mr. Nordvargr (MZ.412, Folkstorm, Econocon, Toroidh ...) the new master for the second HH9 release on OEC just few days ago... A unique blend of harsh noise and power-electronics, maybe this time more close to Folkstorm's sounds as there are many powerful-noises which reminds to that kind of Mr. Nordvargrs sound but still more chaotic as the previous HH9 cd. A perfect mixture of noise & power-electronics! Defenitively a must for all friends of harsh power industrial and friends of Mr Nordvargr muzak! Uncompromising sounds for uncompromising Industrial people! [press-release]

i: Wound -- "Punish the Guilty" -- 2 CD-R -- €14
2002 The Locus Of Assemblage, assemblage011, (ltd. 200)
Experimental collage ambient made from Indian field recordings. First disc "The Other Within" is like a trip through Indian sights, you can walk by your ears through the marketplace, walk on a street, peep at some ritual, sit in a cafe, etc. Second disc "Fire - A Meditation On Impermanence" is one long drone using recordings from the burning ghats in Varanasi and the brass band of the security police of greater Mumbai.

The Infant Cycle -- "Secret Hidden Message" -- 7" -- €10
2008 Drone Records, DR-95, (ltd. 300)
THE INFANT CYCLE is a long operating experimental project from Ontario (Canada), active since 1992 with many releases on MC & CDR on different labels and the home imprint THE CEILING. The three pieces on this EP were created using sounds from various instruments as Trombone, guitar, windchimes, marimba, birdcage, etc. The result sounds rather electronic & hypnotic, with bright shining drones & repetitive rhythmic patterns & loops moving into more amorphous & multilayered sounding electro-acoustics. In spite of the rather experimental working-methods the outcome is very compact & condensed. THE INFANT CYCLEs approach to sound is based on the belief that words and explanations can only fail to describe or explain it, what is needed is a non-verbal, intuitive understanding of the work: "The artist's ego must not inhibit the piece's effect. It is the sound you are hearing, not the artist." Is the artist playing the sound or the sound playing the artist? Filed under: Multilayered Drone-Hypnotism. FOGGY VINYL; BLACK COVERS WITH DIFFERENT SIZED BLACK SPOTS ON IT & TRANSPARENT COVERAGE USING INFANT CYCLE-LOGO. [press-release]

Institution D.O.L. -- "Diskotheka Dekadenza" -- CD -- €12
2004 Halbwelt Organisation, Halbwelt 003, (ltd. 1000)
This album is a collection of various soundscapes ranging from mellow ambient sounds to harsh noise, but it steers clear of structured rhythmic noise. Institution D.O.L. creates post-industrial music similar to early Cold Meat Industry releases. [Tesco]

Institution D.O.L. -- "Eleven Anticlerical Supersongs" -- CD -- €13
2005 Steinklang Industries, SKD04
The style of this (already third) album by I.D.O.L. is very strange and hard to identify. Perhaps "experimental death electronics"? You can find everything here: from power electronics to ambient, from agressive shouting vocals to real pop tunes with kind lyrics like "It's time to die! Oh baby, I love you so...", from distorted rhythms to sampled acoustic and electro-guitars... Really not what you used to hear in this genre.

Institution D.O.L. -- "Instructions for Modern Weakniks" -- CD -- €14
2007 Steinklang Industries, SKD 23, (ltd. 500)
"Instructions for modern Weakniks" is the opus magnum of the Austrian Obscure-Electronic act no.1. This album is the most violent, harshest and simultaneosly the most musical release in the history of INSTITUTION D.O.L. The album was recorded in co-operation with artists from projects like CONTROL, OPERATION CLEANSWEEP, A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR, RASTHOF DACHAU, WERTHAM and FUCKHEAD. This is a groundbreaking piece of Extreme Electronic Music with all facettes and at the same time a very entertaining and enjoyable piece of weird and sick Noise-Pop. Digipack with booklet, CD includes a video. [label info]

Institution D.O.L. -- "This Is My Life" -- DVD -- €8
2006 Steinklang Industries, SKD 18, (ltd. 500)
After many incredible problems and a delay of 3 months, IDOL's autobiographic video-documentation is finally out now! On this professionally made DVD are all the brutal facts which never ever should have been released. Bain Wolfkind (Novo Homo) breaks with all secrets and beats M. the shit out of his bowels, Mr. Fuckhead analyzes subject and scene, a truely horrible horror clip (don't watch it alone), M. totally drunk on stage, a studio session on how studio sessions should not be, live clips, video clips... and much more! [press-release]

Ionosphere -- "Angular Momentum" -- CD -- €14
2004 Power And Steel, PAS 19
With the first full length work of this German project another remarkable release in dark and space ambient has earthed that accompanies with the classic works of this genre. The ten tracks on this album following their previous 10 inch release on Avatar Records, creating a giant sphere full of  thick and brooding soundscapes with thunderous eruptions, imploding stars, ghostly voices, powerful machine noises and pulsing rhythms. On "Angular Momentum" Ionosphere probing the darkness until it's deepest core! Digipack CD. [label info]

Iron Fist Of The Sun -- "We Can Yield Our Own Footsteps" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2015 Cold Spring, CSR204CD
In a scene dominated by outsiders, Iron Fist Of The Sun still seems to stand alone. “We Can Yield Our Own Footsteps” sees IFOTS maintain his exemplary, melancholic, cold industrial, with sinister frequencies and tumultuous, mutilated vocals. The album utilises new recording methods and extraordinary, intoxicating song arcs that will leave the listener still hearing and absorbing the album long after it has been filed away. “Follow no-one… yield your own footsteps”. [label info]
[soundcloud]   [soundcloud]

Jahrtal -- "Lichtbuch" -- CD -- €12
2007 Ahnstern, Ahnstern30
After the CD-single "Zwei Lieder" now follows the first album by the Austrian Psychedelic-Folk artist Jahrtal. The man behind Jahrtal is Ewald Spiss, a artist from Tyrol, who might be known by some of you from the early days of Industrial music (early 80ies). Lichtbuch is a true treasure of Psychedelic Folk Music, a unique collection of traditional folksongs from the Alps, musical versions of poems by Joseph von Eichendorff, traditionals from England and Scotland in german translation and even a traditional Tibetan prayer. Lichtbuch is a absolute authentic Folk album with great heart and pure soul. The songs and balads on Lichtbuch have mainly a sad-optimistic mood, they shall delight the listener, as well as touch him thoughtfully. Jahrtal is non-academic, honest music, which delivers the message of affection and momentaryness, of cause and effect. A wide and balanced instrumentation gives the album a unique touch. Besides a guitar, which the artist reconstructed himself to a Sitar (Gzitar), Jahrtal uses acoustic guitars, electric guitars, lute, banjo, dulcimer, gzitar, harpzither, psalter, flute, duduk, schalm, violin, organ and bird's voices. The main influences of Jahrtal are in the end-60ies and early 70ies with bands like Witthuser & Westrupp, Spirogyra and C.O.B., but a comparison to the most beautiful balads of Current 93 is inevitable as well. 12 tracks / 75 Min. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Kandelin, Toni -- "Abstractions Оf Kindness" -- CD-R -- €8
2004 Spirals Of Involution, SOI 040
Yaroslavl-based label Spirals Of Involution is a true discovery for real noise-lovers and this disc isn't the exception. Toni Kandelin - a Finnish musician and founder of Hammasratas label - seems to be a big noise-lover as well. Powerful analogue sound, abstract composition structures, harsh noise as it is!

Keranen -- "Green Car Crash" -- C-30 -- €27
2009 Erratic Sporadicism Tapes, EST.012
Finally new solo material from Finland's harsh noise wizard Tommi Keränen! After burying Rulla a few years back, he is known from his several supreme live shows, which truly compare with the legends of the genre in quality. The debut release under "Keränen" moniker shows the same intensity trasferred on a record... Two highly energetic tracks with rich details and multiple layers, creating a slowly evolving dense wall of sound. Side A is more organic with vibrating feedback and manipulated loops, while Side B has more electric approach. A finely crafted piece of harsh noise! HAIL ANALOG!.. High quality chrome tapes packaged in heavy duty card board box with four large inserts. [press-release]

Kryptogen Rundfunk -- "Live 2005" -- CD-R -- €7
2011 ZHELEZOBETON, ZHB-XXXII, (ltd. 150)
After several limited edition split and collaborative releases this is the first solo recording by Kryptogen Rundfunk since the release of his album "22.SZ" on Mechanoise Labs label back in 2004. The disk contains live recordings made during the "Noise vs Glamour" festival in 2005 in St. Petersburg and Moscow, later reworked in home studio... In fact the same program was prepared for both shows so some fragments of the compositions intersect, but due to the live mixing of sampled layers of analogue and computer synthesis and use of such instruments as analogue synth "Rokton", radio receivers, voice and processing units, both tracks sound entirely different in the end. In both cases these are constantly moving psychoactive soundscapes spreading from soft pulsations and drones to sprightly noisy fragments spiced up with a couple of funny samples.
[mp3]   [mp3]   [+]

Kshatriy -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €40
2005 self-released
Apocaliptically calm bright'n'dark drone-ambient with impregnated with unhurried cosmic pulsations, visions of galactic warriors of light. Author's artwork - A5 sleeve. [Biosonar]

Kshatriy -- "Drones" -- CD-R -- €40
2008 BioSonar^EleKtro, 012, (ltd. 60)
Melancholic anxious melodic and droney dark ambient, slow flowing structures in a field of endless vibrational space. Astral trip a the warrior of light in his sonic body through the waves of galactic convergence. Reissue of a self-released CDR. Author's artwork - A5 cardboard sleeve. [press-release]

Kshatriy -- "Live 19.06.04" -- CD-R -- €40
2005 self-released
Live recording of the very first Kshatriy gig. Self-released by the author.

Kshatriy -- "Mushrooms And Kshatriy" -- CD-R -- €14
2006 self-released

Kshatriy -- "Uak-Kib" -- CD-R -- €40
2008 self-released
Material recorded as a result of crossbreeding of trance and noise cultures. Three Kshatriy's own tracks, one remix of Hladna and three remixes of Lunar Abyss Deus Organum, performed in ascetic dark psytrance style. Precise grid of minimal rhythm and pulsating bass combined with loops and flows of abstract sounds.

Leiche Rustikal -- "333" -- CD -- €4
2007 Steinklang Industries, SKD 16, (ltd. 500)
The brandnew album of Munich's primary Industrial act brings you Death-Noise hymns and rhythmic Noise tracks in old-school-Steinklang manner with modern elements, partly even with song-character and male+female vocals. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Leiche Rustikal -- "Impuls" -- CD -- €8
2004 Steinklang Industries, SKD 03, (ltd. 500)
Industrial Electronics with great rhythms and voice, sometimes very bombastic, then again very noisy and modern. "I Forgot" (track 11) will be the new hit at dark industrial dancefloor! "Impuls" is the consequent development of their first LP "Rudra". [label info]

Licht-ung -- "Kristall" -- 7" -- €10
2007 Drone Records, DR-86, (ltd. 300)
LICHT-UNG (German for "glade") is the name of a label, art- (publishing lyrics, pictures, etc.) and sound project from the western part of Gemany with a very peculiar and rather dadaistic approach. The two pieces on "kristall" seem to be based mainly on feedback- and metal or glass sounds that are carefully put together for a queer-sounding trip. Side A ("Listen to the music playing in your head") consists of humming, growling drones, low siren-like sounds and high-frequency feedbacks, powerful and absorbing and very abstract, while never turning into sheer noise. Side B (with the odd title "Heute war ich bei den weissen Elefantens") delivers a crystal-clear noise chant and metallic overtones processed with obscure effects. File under: high-tension & crystal Drones. BLUE VINYL WITH BLACK STRIAE. COVERS WITH SILKSCREEN-PRINTED TEXT & VISUAL, SILVER-PRINTED BLACK INLAY. [press-release]

Liles, Andrew -- "My Long Accumulating Discontent" -- CD -- €12
2004 Nextera, ERA 2035-2
‘My Long Accumulating Discontent’ is the fourth and certainly the strangest recording from Andrew Liles. This CD is in places more ‘melodic’ than Liles’ previous output and its 17 tracks cover a wide musical territory. Some songs are short and harmonious, other pieces are longer, subtle and contemplative with drifting delicate drones. In places the CD is truly bizarre and defies all conventions. The album doesn’t fit easily into any definable bracket and we feel this oddity belongs in a class all of its own. Traditional English vernacular culture connoisseur Andrew King joins Andrew Liles for one track and Aaron Moore and Nick Mott of Volcano the Bear contribute to several other songs. ‘My Long Accumulating Discontent’ is a distinct and peculiar excursion from the norm. [press-release]

Lunar Abyss Deus Organum -- "Brusnika" -- 7" -- €14
2005 Drone Records, DR-77, (ltd. 300)
LUNAR ABYSS (ext.) is the child of Evgueny Savenko from St. Petersburg who did some excellent releases (Vinyl, CDR, CD) over the past years with his own peculiar touch of doing this hypnotic-ethno-ambient industrial music mostly under the name LUNAR ABYSS QUARTET. This very first 7" EP for L.A.D.O. is a pure aural-shamanistic-journey where heard and felt are Earth's elements and life itself such as fire, voice-murmurs, strange animals noises, wind's force and whistles, the enchanting voice of a woman singing, various softly looped voices are perceptible throughout this sound journey. All these natural sound-ingredients are merged into a deeply etched vibrating rhythm of raw and deepest rumbling analogue sounds. These are the kind of electro-acoustic drone-pieces that breathes spiritual strength and build shamanistic atmospheres full of intensity. Each cover is hand-painted with very colourful Mandala-like forms!!! [press-release]

Lunar Abyss Deus Organum feat. Kshatriy -- "Listopad Vot On" -- CD-R -- €40
2007 Biosonar^Labirint 02, (ltd. 64)
Here it is, the fall of leaves, here is it's flickering dance, whirling in the time cell between the branch and the earth. We gathered the recordings of the autumn, for the immersion and for the movement, for the games with the astral doubles and etherial creatures. Rhythmic rolls, cyclic funels, helix passages, magnetic pickups. Admiring the transition season. The Earth breathes... Two ritual ambient tracks are recorded and mixed in 2003, the following two are dark-psychedelic remixes on the material from "Zeleznaya Voda" CD and "Brusnika" 7". Packed in cross-folding handmade sleeve with lots of inserts unique for each copy. [press-release]

Maeror Tri -- "The A.V.E. - Tapes / Live in Nevers" -- CD -- €10
2010 ZHELEZOBETON, ZHB-XXX, (ltd. 500)
The German band Maeror Tri existed from early 1988 to the end of 1996. Over these nine years they have made a serious contribution to the development of the European post-industrial scene and had significant influence on many young musicians. Much of this was also achieved by their own record label Drone Records which has discovered a lot of talented artists. Even now, after the break-up of Maeror Tri, the band members continue to excite fans with recordings of their new projects Troum and 1000schoen... Unlike many industrial and noise musicians exploiting the themes of violence, politics and social problems in their creativity, Maeror Tri turned attention to the transcendental quality of sound, to its ability to expand consciousness and to awaken timeless and non-personal spiritual experiences. They recorded their music, which can be formally called industrial drone ambient, with the use of guitars, percussion, tape loops, various objects and effects, turning everything in a coherent flux of unconscious drones... This compact disk contains the last previously unreleased recordings by Maeror Tri. Four tracks are fragments of the band's 12-hour concert at the "Audio-Visual-Experimental" festival in Arnhem, The Netherlands, on November 11th, 1995; the fifth track is a part of their performance at the "Musique Ultimes" festival in Nevers, France, on May 14th, 1995. The material was thoroughly remastered by Sergey Uak-Kib (Kshatriy) and the artwork was prepared by Sergey Ilchuk (Vresnit & Vetvei Art).
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [+]

Mantra, Michael -- "D#m/Gm" -- CD -- €8
2008 Purple Soil, pulse zero: five
The so far unreleased 1998 album. Classical example of static music. Two lengthy ambient tracks, heavy on subtle drones and concrete sounds, descending slowly forwards. [label info] "D#m/Gm is an album of extended ambient listening of sonic icebergs slowly shifting over time. This album is based in ultra minimal atmospheric dronecore, an exploration into the dark unknown of somber sonic states of the mysterious unknown and leveraging changes in states of feeling and states of consciousness. For maximum sonic effect, listening to this CD with stereo headphones is recommended. Do not listen to this album while operating heavy machinery or operating an automobile, motorcycle, marine craft, aircraft of extra terrestial craft. This album is dedicated to world peace for all sentient beings." [sleeve notes]

March Of Heroes -- "La Chute" -- CD -- €12
After 2 outstanding releases on Rage in Eden, Steinklang is proud to present the third full lenght album from the French masters of Martial Neoclassics MARCH OF HEROES, who present us a superb opus fulfilled with finest Martial Industrial Music and a strong Neoclassical influence and well orchestrated soundtrack-like music. For this album, Romain L. has joined forces with Jim Breedveld (Staalkracht) and Mitchell Keepin to deliver one of the most powerfull and immersive albums of the genre. Going hand-in-hand with the musical elements of the second MARCH OF HEROES album, “La Chute” also uses some of the best elements developed in the first album. The new album is definitely one step above both parent albums, made to always remind the listener about the senseless violence and cruelty of war. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Mesektet -- "Towards A Bleak Sun" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2014 Cold Spring, CSR191CD
Ancient Egypt inspired, monolithic drone/dark ambient. Mesektet created rumbling earth drones that echo through caverns and temples. Vast swathes of ominous drones, primordial vibrations, and ceremonial ambience take you on an immersive journey to the Netherworld. The name ‘Mesektet’ comes from one of the two boats which the Egyptian solar deity Ra travelled in: Mandjet was his ‘morning boat’, and Mesektet the ‘evening boat’. Ra used Mesektet as a boat to travel back to the Netherworld from a long day of shining. The deity’s travels were an inspiration for the essence and rich sound of “Towards a Bleak Sun”. Six lengthy tracks (46 minutes) composed as a soundtrack for the deep pyramids and long travels to the Netherworld. [press-release]

Miller, Scott / Lee Camfield / Merzbow -- "No Closure" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2013 Cold Spring, CSR185CD
"No Closure" is the collaborative output of ex-Sutekh Hexen members Scott Miller and Lee Camfield, with Japanese noise mastermind, Masami Akita, aka Merzbow. Mixing elements of psychedelia, black metal, doom and industrial music, the three musicians created a spellbinding work of experimental art... Conceptually crafted in a dark basement recording studio in the Mission District of San Francisco and later fleshed out in Tokyo, Japan, Miller, Camfield and Akita have completely pushed the boundaries of sound far beyond their individual comfort zones. With the implementation of standard instruments being force fed through loop pedals and precise layering, multi-instrumentalists Miller and Camfield set out to build an album rooted deep in the exploitation of intentional rhythms and deliberate patterning... Through their use of guitar, bass, drums, organs, synths and vocals, purposely devoid of their usual feedback drenched and oscillator projections, they left the inevitable incorporation of varied sound manipulation and textures strictly to Akita, thus giving birth to these two tracks. A 44 minute long masterpiece of epic mind warping experimental composition. [press-release]

The Missing Ensemble -- "Hidden Doors" -- CD -- €12
2006 Mondes Elliptiques, .E.Q.05.01., (ltd. 500)
Three sonic trajectories which tie and untie. Three creative entities to orchestrate the whole. John Sellekaers (Xingu Hill, Dead Hollywood Stars), Daniel De Los Santos (Tamarin) and Mathias Delplanque (Lena, Bidlo) open us the door to a universe whose maze conceals a multitude of other doors. Some are half-open, others are closed and many are, at first sight, invisible. As we explore further, we must let those secret doors some time to take shape, to reveal themselvesЕ and it will then be possible to fix our attention on various aspects of the sound labyrinth that is presented to us, to come and go while letting ourselves be carried by the waves and the modulations, which then become our exploratory vehicle and form one body with us in the journeyЕ Indeed, many doors are hidden, but they are awaiting to be discovered, probedЕ Behind them, fullness or emptinessЕ Here, John Sellekaers, Daniel De Los Santos and Mathias Delplanque have concocted a sound fabric which explores the tangents uniting or dissociating Сlowercase soundТ, drone and dark ambient. Where does each of those styles start, where does it end? No one could tell... Nevertheless, HIDDEN DOORS brings its share of answersЕ in a very personal way: lots of textures, palpable ambiences, subtle drifts. The whole is produced in an elegant and stylish fashion. [label info]

Monstrare / Wilt -- "Graveflowers" -- CD -- €10
2004 .Angle.Rec., .A.R.05.02., (ltd. 500)
For the last few years, the enthusiasts have been enjoying the evolutionary sound creations of CORDELL KLIER (MONSTRARE) and JAMES KEELER (WILT). The first, very often, in his solo adventures, works in a register which one could hail as "dark glitch", or a close encounter of the third kind between modern technology and the abyss, as the second builds us somber sonic monoliths, raw blocks of black bruitist matter and dark lo-fi atmosphericsЕ It was no doubt that the collision, or fusion, between these two aesthetics tinged with psychotropism was going to give way to a genuine journey, a unique and peculiar epic, in the image of the respective projects of the two creators. There is a natural fit between these projects as both focus on dark mathematical projections. In this monumental production, MONSTRARE feeds us with new-school sonorities as WILT opts for old-school sounds, an it goes without saying that one used the source sound material of the other to crystallize his own visions, and vice versa. Side by side, the intemporal, uncompromising and often arrhythmic sonic fluids secreted here sometimes have a textured minimalistic feel, sometimes reflect a will of nuanced saturationЕ Here one will easily recognize the traditional ambient and subtle black noise WILT feel, just pushed to the utmost level, with MONSTRARE doing the dark-clicked drone he is renowned for, but in an especially demented way. Alternately, the listener finds himself wandering through the uneven meanders of subterranean cathedrals and flying over futurist cities radiant with an aura of strangely coloured neons. But there are a thousand and one other possible interpretations. Organic yet bleak, the music presented here symbolizes the passing of life into subharmonic spirituality. Now is your turn to make yourself your own interior movie while listening to this album! [press-release]

Mourmansk 150 -- "Fight Or Become Their Slaves" -- CD-R -- €16
2000 Spirals Of Involution, SOI 025, (ltd. 52)
Classical power-electronics with French origin. Raw textures, dirty sound, noisy samples - everything absolutely correct and traditional within this style.

Murmer -- "In Their Homes And In Their Heads" -- 7" -- €10
2007 Drone Records, DR-85, (ltd. 300)
The man behind MURMER is the US-American field recording specialist PATRICK MCGINLEY (who lives in France now), who’s also responsible for the great 'Framework' radio programme on London’s RESONANCE 104.4FM. The two pieces on this "Drone" captivate the listener with intelligently assembled and multi-layered recordings of a garden in London (i.e. tree bark, water, footsteps, a creaking gate), processer and ventilation sounds of an old computer, and beads of a broken necklace. All sounds were left un-processed. Combined, they take you on a trip into an other world of low drones and high-pitched noises, crunching and gritting microsounds, surprising cut-ups, all very near and clear... File under: concrete Drones. CLEAR VINYL, HAND-ASSEMBLED COVERS WITH PIECES OF A SCARF, SCRAPS OF A NOTEBOOK AND HAIR OF PATRICK MCGINLEY! [press-release]

Navicon Torture Technologies -- "The Church Of Dead Girls" -- 2 CD -- €20
2002 Malignant Records, TUMOR CD18
The second full-length release on Malignant from Navicon Torture Technologies digs deeper into the doomed psyche of NTT founder Leech, in yet another cathartic step down the darkened evolutionary path that began with Scenes From the Next Millennium. Having coined the term "Power Romance", Leech now seeks to refine and solidify the idea into a true sound and vision of his own, once again combining the volatile, highly charged delerium of power electronics with the claustrophobically heavy atmospheres of dark ambient. The Church of Dead Girls is a darker and more disturbing journey than any previous NTT release, but is nevertheless rife with the brutal honesty which has begun to permeate every facet of the NTT mindset. A document of crushed emotional states and savage impulses, The Church of Dead Girls asks the listener to face their own worst thoughts and feelings, despite the pain and discomfort, ultimately leaving them with a permeable feeling of uncleanliness. This is the ultimate expression of Power Romance sensibilities, spanning more than two hours of sonic self-evisceration. Packaged in a unique hi-rise digipak. [press-release]

Navicon Torture Technologies -- "Dripping with the Power of her Flesh" -- CD -- €14
2003 Immanence Records, IMMCD001
Re-release of the album previously issued by Annihilus Records on CDR limited to 50 copies. Brutal power electronics of american school. Abrasive sound, distorted vocals, plenty of hatred and perverted romance.

Navicon Torture Technologies -- "I Fucking Hate You All And I Hope You All Fucking Die" -- CD -- €20
2002 Eibon Records, Nav035
One of the world's best dark ambient/noise acts. Turning your worst nightmares to music via a rough injection of abrasive sounds. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Navicon Torture Technologies -- "Scenes From The Next Millennium" -- CD -- €14
2001 Malignant Records, TUMOR CD15
After numerous underground tape releases and live actions, the much anticipated disc of this long standing member of the NYPE crew has arrived. Navicon presents an infinitely bleak and apocalyptic vision that transcends what's normally classified as power electronics. This is the sound of a post nuclear-war society, where war machines shudder and grind in endless cycles, and the black soot of dying factory production fills the poisonous air. Structured elements of loops and samples meld with caustic textures, erupting amidst bridled chaos and pulsating waves of white hot, saturated noise and distortion. An anguished, confrontational vocal presence makes itself known, exploding in a cathartic aggression brought on by suppressed demons and festering hate. [press-release]

NDE -- "Kampfbereit" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2012 Cold Spring, CSR164CD
The legacy of misantrophy, a life of brutality, the aftermath. The second album from mysterious Belgian act NDE is finally here. Now a solitary enterprise, ‘Kampfbereit’ rings in a new era of isolation and desolation. Gone are the Martial elements from ‘Krieg Blut Ehre Asche’ (CSR110CD) and instead the listener is engulfed in claustrophobic Death Industrial turmoil. The music is the focus here. Use your imagination while listening to it. [press release]

Netherworld -- "Kall - The Abyss Where Dreams Fall" -- CD -- €14
2007 Mondes Elliptiques, .E.Q.05.03, (ltd. 441)
Always concerned with pushing even further its explorations on the side of "drone" drifts, angleREC adds to its parallel series, that is the MONDES ELLIPTIQUES label, a new release in the form of the first official CD production of Italian project NETHERWORLD. This CD has the rather evocative title of ''KALL - The Abyss Where Dreams Fall''. Alessandro Tedeschi's project previously gained a fair share of attention with CDR or mini-CDR releases on fine labels such as UMBRA, GEARS OF SAND, TAALEM/KOKESHIDISK! Alessandro also runs the GLACIAL MOVEMENTS label, which gave us, in 2006, the acclaimed CRYOSPHERE compilation. In a tradition that is anchored, at the same time, in avant-garde, ritual soundz and dark-ambient, with a typically Italian touch, NETHERWORLD gives a peculiarly and elegantly organic and palpable feel to sounds that, in the hands of others, would maybe fall flat ...and it is as if the sound universe conjured by the magic of NETHERWORLD was strangely how could one say? OCCUPIED. Each moment, each twist and turn of this sound adventure bears infinite richness and elasticity, at all times ...those are rather "busy" sound layers but each of the elements has sufficient breathing space and can differentiate itself from the other surrounding components. This antagonism represents one of NETHERWORLD's greatest strengths. Another noteworthy antagonism: this tendency to propose us ambiences that are excessively introspective, subdued, withdrawn into themselves, but which, at the same time, expand, subtly dilate to occupy an incommensurable space. Upon the first notes (or pulses??) of the opening track, "KALL", this infinite abyss, envelops us and our dreams sink, dissolve, reinvent themselves... The sound propositions found on "KALL" have enough movement and density to please the ones fond of depth in their music, but the overall 'purified' feel will please the most discerning purist. For the occasion, MONDES ELLIPTIQUES once again used the mastering talents of JOHN SELLEKAERS @ METARC and it is CHRISTIAN SALETTE who put his savoir-faire in our service for the design of the sleeve and images. Limited to 441 copies! Deluxe cardboard sleeve. [press-release]

Noises Of Russia -- "We Sorrow For You" -- CD-R -- €5
2007 ElectroIndustria, 09EICDr
Second full-length studio album of Noises Of Russia, the result of two-year work with archaic layers of consciousness and saturated sound canvases. The album's sound came out even, dark and discreet. It's textural basis is one of the central monuments of Indoeuropean culture, one of the most anscient spiritual instructions of humanity - "Upanishady" - the precept of defence against the monsters born by endless vigil of mind. The subject of this electronic symphony in 5 parts is the ironical lesson of merited pass out, from child's carelessness to death through the experience of existence. [label info]

Nos Royaumes -- "L'Antichambre" -- 7" -- €14
2004 .Angle.Rec., .A.R.07.01., (ltd. 222)
Before running aground onto the shores of a minimal, somber, muffled and textured electro with strains that are nevertheless poetically devastating, the creator behind the Montreal project Nos Royaumes flirted with the uneven terrains of rhythmic noise, pure noise, hard ebm and a zillion other sonic outlets, under various names. It is, however, with the founding of its current project that he proudly delivers us his first official release, which is the result of months, even years, of experimentation, discovery and refining. The enriched synthesis made by Nos Royaumes with his first 2-track 7 inch single, «L’antichambre», brings us to a crossing of the different roads the creator followed in his many experimentations and sonic discoveries in recent years, to a place where the demarcation line between old-school industrial, dark ambient, narrative paths not spelt out and recursive bruitism takes on blurred and original shades. Nos Royaumes demonstrates, with the two monumental tracks of his first release, that oppressing ambiences can easily go together with enveloping atmospheres. [press-release]

Novy Svet -- "Siderant - A Beat Monkey Meditation" -- CD EP -- €14
2005 Nekofutschata, NEKO 15, (ltd. 300)
The Barcelona-based group returns with the second part of their EP-trilogy, that will make up the huge "Desde Infiernos De Flores" project (From A Hell Made Of Flowers), together with a live-LP and a complete full-time album. Produced through the band's own imprint it is exclusively distributed by TESCO worldwide.

One For Jude -- "Figures" -- CD -- €5
2006 Infinite Fog Productions, IF-01, (ltd. 500)
French band, playing quiet strange neofolk mixed with electronics, gothic and rock music. "From first minutes, music full a melancholy and romanticism, will transfer you deeply, to the farthest, warm, and probably for a long time the lost memoirs. Where it will want to come back again and again... Guests musician - Eric Roger(ex-Sol Invictus; Gae Bolg)." [label info]

Onodera, Yui -- "Synergetics" -- 7" -- €14
2007 Drone Records, DR-84, (ltd. 300)
YUI ONODERA is a composer and multi-instrumentalist from Tokyo, who runs his own label 'Critical Path' to find "new ways to listen to sound" and who is also active in organizing concerts, composing soundtracks for experimental films and in designing sounds for contemporary dance & Butoh. On "Synergetics", he presents two tracks of very minimal and quiet oceanic drones, based on guitar and piano. The music shimmers like light-reflections on water in extreme slow motion, when single recognizable tunes appear. Music for full concentration and contemplation, almost feathery and warm. File under: Silence-Drones. BLUE-WHITE VINYL. MINIMALLY SELF-MADE PRINTED COVERS WITH INLAY. [press-release]

Opium -- "Pain(t)" -- CD-R -- €8
2009 Databloem, DB09023
Opium is well known for his ultra-deep atmospheres, made from the finest ingredients. On Pain(t) Teo Zini expands his musical pallet with gentle rhythmic elements, creating an extra dimension to his highly refined sound. An challenging, edgy album for both the atmospheric as the groove ambient fan. [label info]
[CD Baby]

Orchis -- "A Thousand Winters" -- CD -- €8
1997/2009 Infinite Fog Productions, IF-05
ORCHIS is an English Dark Folk band consisting of Tracy Jeffery (who also sings with Cunnan and J Greco's SQE), Amanda Prouten and Alan Trench (Cunnan, SQE, Twelve Thousand Days(with Martyn Bates), Temple Music). We have so far managed to release four albums to date starting in 1994 with The Dancing Sun (cryptanthus /World Serpent), which was more a collection of formative pieces than anything else, then in 1997 the concept album that was A Thousand Winters (cryptanthus / World Serpent). Mandragora (Trisol), an alchemical album based around the themes of life, death and the transmutation of the soul followed in 1999 and in 2001 Trait (a ‘best of’ released through the Russian Brudenia label). Relocation and various tedious problems put ORCHIS on the back burner for a while whilst we buried ourselves in other projects like the busy bunnies we are; we raised our heads out of the mire again in 2007 with the ‘Other Days’ download ep via the (now sadly defunct) Woven Wheat Whispers legal folk download service... There have been numerous compilation album appearances over the years, with some tracks turning up on the ‘Trait’ album. We like to think, as the Fairports had it, that we are Nicely Out Of Tune - there was the odd perfect take, but those were never the ones that went on the albums - rather it was the ones that kept to the True Spirit.... For now, we are happy, to inform you about the important, re-release of the second long-play, from this Esoteric Dark Folk band! A TOUSAND WINTERS it is improbable result of the deep mystical experiences embodied in studio work! It's a сonceptual album, with Grand Theme: The story of one part of Europe is extraordinarily like every other part; a thriving pagan culture that at first laughs in derision at the priests of the desert messiah, and then is slowly submerged by the rising tide of christianity until all that remains is folk memory and old tales and songs. The cult of the Nazarene has built many truly awe-inspiring cathedrals from the blood of the people of Europe whilst incorporating and subverting their culture into that of the Blood of the Lamb... We can to tell that on music, it is mystical dark folk with an impurity of a classical English psychedelia of the end 60th or "Psychic TV" pouring "Allegory and Self" / "Trip Reset", probably to draw parallels with early works In Gowan Ring, but these words and comparisons it will be final a little what to describe music of great group! This inexpressible travel one way... Now this album also the important part of history Neo-Folk of music to which we again have possibility to touch... So, ORCHIS again with us and returning begins with "A THOUSAND WINTERS" which we with pride represent in 6 pannel-digiCD with a bronze stamping. [press-release]

Pale Roses -- "The Rutted Road" -- CD -- €13
2012 Ahnstern, Ahnstern 49
The Rutted Road is the the third album by French Neofolk band Pale Roses, following Fear Of Dawn (The Eastern Front 2010) and Unveiled (Rage in Eden 2011). Basically, the music remains the same: pastoral guitar arpeggios, melodic bass lines, a bit of piano. However more percussion and sound effects than in the first two albums. Lyrics are a tribute to some historical places (Bedlam and Tyburn), to a few of our favorite authors (The Infidel is inspired by Ambrose Bierce’s Devil’s Dictionary, From The Ancient Woodland by Robert Holdstock and Sea Horses by WH Hodgson; Ancient Mariner, though inspired by ST Coleridge, is not an Iron Maiden cover) and to pagan beliefs and various elements of folklore. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Pragnavit -- "Svietacjam" -- CD -- €10
2007 Crivia Records, Ritual 01
New album of Belarussian project Pragnavit is classical ethnic dark ambient dedicated to the traditional spiritual culture of baltic-slavic region of the Old Europe. Chtonic and obscure side of the rituals incarnated in verbal rite-imaging rank of Svietacjam is an individual esotheric initiation in the legacy and world outlook of the ancestral clans of Crivia (Belarus). Authentic ritual instruments were recorded by the musicians of the band Osimira. The album is released in a nice digisleeve with 6-page booklet and a special postcard. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Psychic TV Three -- "Greyhounds Of The Future" -- 7" -- €27
2014 Angry Love Productions, OTTT28 REDUX, (ltd. 500)
A 45 rpm 7" released specially for Russian tour in May-June 2014. Two tracks in best traditions of powerful psychedelic rock with a convincing sermon from Genesis P-Orridge. Coloured vinyl, each copy is different.

Psychic TV -- "Live At Thee Ritz" -- 2 CD -- €18
1989/2012 Cold Spring, CSR173CD
Recorded on 6th November 1983, this is the complete, mostly unheard document of Psychic TV's first ever show as a full live band, after their appearance at The Final Academy, with William S. Burroughs in 1982. Originally issued on vinyl only in 1989 (in an edition of 5000 copies), rare tapes have been found to expand to a full double CD set, with updated sleeve notes and never before seen photos. The classic PTV line-up: Genesis P-Orridge, Alex Fergusson, John Gosling, Peter Christopherson, and Geff Rushton. [press release]

Psychic TV -- "Those Who Do Not" -- CD -- €40
1997 Cold Spring Records, CSR10CD, (ltd. 1500)
Reissue of the classic album, first released in 1985 by the Icelandic label, Gramm. Remastered from the original reel tapes, with new text by Genesis P-Orridge and never before seen photos of the group from that period. Features a line-up of Genesis P-Orridge, Peter Christopherson and Geoff Rushton (COIL), Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson, Alex Fergusson and John 'Zos Kia' Gosling. [label info]

Radio Murmansk -- "Shinjuku - Pushkinskaja" -- CD -- €16
2007 Steinklang Industries, SKD 22, (ltd. 350)
After several private CDR releases, this is the new official album from German's Minimal-Noise act Radio Murmansk. A powerful mix from 80ies minimal-electronics and pure noise-walls. Very rhythmic tracks with voice and many Japanese samples. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Radio Murmansk -- "Untitled (Kolyma / Sibir')" -- 7" -- €10
2003 Steinklang Industries, SK7-09, promo copy
Hard and subliminal analogue noise-disco on side A - pure terror-noise on side B from the depths of Sibiria - FROSTY! [label info] Promo copy in white sleeve.

Rapoon -- "Seeds In The Tide, Vol. 1" -- 2 CD -- €13
2012 Zoharum, ZOHAR 038-2
2012 sees the 20th anniversary of solo artistic work of an artist extraordinaire Robin Storey under the moniker Rapoon. Since 1992 and the release of his debut album "Dream Circle", Robin has been exploring the potential of post-indutrial ambience enhanced with ethnic sounds of African and Indian origin and using trial-and-error techniques inspired by contemporary experimentalists such as Karlheinz Stockhausen and krautrock giants such as Can and Faust to create elusive soundscapes too enchanting to ignore. With over 50 releases under his belt, he has become one of the most prolific household names in the world of experimental electronics. His works, sometimes harsh in nature, sometimes evocative or even gloomy, gained many devoted followers all over the world. Also in Poland, in Zoharum's headquarters. Together with Robin Storey, we prepared this first volume in the series of archive releases celebrating 20 years of Rapoon's existence. "Seeds in the Tide" will collect all the rare tracks released on compilations, small or limited formats. The first disc entitled "Keepsakes and Oddities" contains tracks recorded between 1993 and 1999. The second one is a reissue of the ultra-limited CDR version of the well-known "Messianicghosts" album which inclides the original version of the four tracks from that album that are significantly different from their later variants. The tracks were faithfully restored by Maciej Bartkowiak. The paintings on the cover is by Mr. Robin Storey himself and the design duties were handled by Zoharum in-house designer Maciej Mehring. [press-release]

Rose Rovine E Amanti -- "Rituale Romanum" -- CD -- €14
2006 Cold Spring, CSR67CD
Rose Rovine e Amanti is the solo project of Damiano Mercuri from Roma. Italian neo-folk with a neoclassical touch. Christianity and old European cabaret sin, Love and Hate. 'Rituale Romanum' features guest appearances from Josef K (Von Thronstahl), Belborn and Pamela Gargiuto. RR&A began in 2002, releasing two previous CDRs and an MCD. [press-release]

Seelenlicht -- "Gods And Devils" -- CD -- €12
2008 Cold Spring Records, CSR86CD
Murder Ballads / Neofolk / Neclassical. This stunning debut release from a project of Troy Southgate (H.E.R.R.) and Butow Maler (Kammer Sieben) contains 14 darkly satirical compositions that strip bare the mechanism of human nature and the madness of the contemporary world. Comprised of Gothic murder ballads, electronic, folk and neoclassical elements, this album is brimming with originality, enthusiasm and creativity. Guests: Herr Twiggs (Kammer Sieben), Maria Southgate (H.E.R.R.) and Eustacia Vye (Horologium). Digipak. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Seetyca -- "The Lake" -- 7" -- €14
2007 Drone Records, DR-87, (ltd. 300)
Another German project dealing with language, poetry and sound is SEETYCA. They use their own orthography and publish lyrics and prose on their projects website. Seetyca’s musical interest lies more in creating "acoustic landscapes" or moods than in telling stories. They’re especially interested in unconscious archaic states of the mind. The two pieces on "The Lake" relate to a sacral approach of experiencing nature. When beautiful (classic?) samples are set into a sphere of extremely wide spaces and reverbation, when these clouds of sounds spread out in infinite refulgence, moving like slow surging billows, a point of utmost inner calmness can be reached..... File under: mysterious organic drones. BLACK MARBLED DARK GREEN VINYL, HANDSPRAYED COVERS WITH COLOUR PHOTO, INLAY. [press-release]

Sektion B -- "Hidden Tracks" -- CD -- €14
2007 L. White Records, LW-051, (ltd. 300)
Power Electronics / Industrial. 12 hidden Sektion B tracks from some rare compilations. Released at the Sektion B concert in Tokyo, Japan, on October 27, 2007.

Severin, Steven -- "Vampyr" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2012 Cold Spring, CSR170CD
Following on from 2010's ‘Blood Of A Poet’ (CSR135CD), Steven Severin presents the third score in his ‘Music For Silents’ series. Acclaimed solo artist and founder member of the legendary Siouxsie And The Banshees, Severin presents a mesmerising score, heightening appreciation of the surreal and enigmatic nature of the original work. ‘Vampyr’, Carl Theodor Dreyer’s unsettling tale of fear and obsession, finds its aural counterpart in Severin’s textured score; a synthesised, highly atmospheric soundscape drawing the listener rhythmically into the story. Shot with a silent film aesthetic despite being within the sound era (and a year after Lugosi starred in Universal’s ‘Dracula’), ‘Vampyr’ is an alternative take on the cinematic vampire, creating an intense, nightmarish atmosphere that haunts the mind. Presented in a textured card sleeve with artwork by Arban. [press release]

Shift -- "Altamont Rising" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2014 Cold Spring, CSR195CD
Ferocious and misanthropic new full-length from Sweden's son Shift. "Altamont Rising" is a calibration of the cosmic equilibrium in 7 chapters presented by Shift. The album deals with the consequences of man defying nature with Altamont as an example of what happens when pushed far enough. Three works / events stand as inspiration for the album: Apocalypse Now, Valhalla Rising and Altamont Free Festival. "Altamont Rising" is a brutal amalgamation of malicious vocals, drenched in heavy, claustrophobic death industrial and harsh noise.. [press-release]

Sion Orgon -- "Orgonised Chaos" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2004 Experimental Seafood, EXP 05 CD
A kind of 'lost classic' album, rare and hard to find. As the official voice of Thighpaulsandra's (Coil / Julian Cope) band, Sion's debut release on the label comes with a whole host of high profile guests: Thighpaulsandra, ex-members of µ-Ziq and Jhonn Balance (COIL), who passed away around the time of release. Kraut-electronics, acoustics and drones make a sound that is more akin to bands like Sunburnt Hand Of The Man or Faust. Fans of modern day electronics and psych will both enjoy this unique work. [Cold Spring]

Sleep Research Facility -- "Nostromo" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2001/2007 Cold Spring Records, CSR34CD, 2nd edition
Ultra deep ambience, based on the first 8 minutes of the movie 'Alien' which depicts the deep space haulage vessel slowly moving through the void. The disc takes you through a slow trip into the ship via tracks DECK A - E, deeper and deeper into the bowels of the 'Nostromo'. Colossal dark ambience from the abyss, with beautiful artwork that evokes the sinister atmosphere of the ship. Reissue with bonus track 'Narcissus'. [press-release]

Soldnergeist -- "Terror" -- CD -- €16
2001 Art Konkret, ART 26 / Pure, PURE 51
Elite German Power Electronics / Death Industrial. Genocide. [YAOP]

Stahlwerk 9 -- "Der Tod Nagelt Die Augen Zu..." -- CD -- €12
2006 Steinklang Industries, SK37
The new album of Germans grandmaster of death ambient. On this album the artist presents his noisy side. Still it sounds like a typical Stahlwerk 9 album, but loaded with dronning and pulsating noise sequences and deep voices from the valley of death. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Stahlwerk 9 -- "The Grey Ghost" -- CD -- €14
2012 Steinklang Industries, SK 59, (ltd. 350)
A masterpiece of Black Industrial and Dark Ambient mixed with hard and pulsating rhythms. The Grey Ghost is a psychotic soundtrack for your worst nightmares, directly crawling into your subconscious. First new Stahlwerk 9 album since 5 years! 7 songs / 67 min, comes as 4-side digipak. [label info]

Stahlwerk 9 -- "Oradour" -- LP + 7" -- €47
2003 Achtung Baby!, ABLP 004, (ltd. 288)
Recommended industrial sounds in the way of Dagda Mor, Les Joyaux de la Princesse, Nocturne, Der Blutharsch, Turbund Sturmwerk and Wappenbund etc. Well known from the track on the DoCD Compilation "Ten Years of Madness..." Heroic dark noise, industrial loops, war samples and pulsating ritual atmospheres. Abwechslungsreich und empfehlenswert!" - notes from MEMBRUM DEBILE PROPAGANDA, catalogue 2001. [label info]

Stahlwerk 9 -- "RetroMekanik" -- CD -- €12>
2009 Steinklang Industries, SK 48
This album is a masterpiece of oldschool Industrial / Power-Electronics - probably the most powerful album Stahlwerk 9 ever did! The album consists of unreleased songs, recorded between 1999 and 2007 for various compilations never released, as well as some other unreleased songs from the band's early years and 2 perfectly recorded and exclusive live-songs. 11 tracks / 67 min. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Stahlwerk 9 / Cold Fusion / Rukkanor -- "Triumvire" -- CD -- €20
2006 War Office Propaganda, WOP 27, (ltd. 660)
Dark and poetical musical vision of stormy times of ancient Roman Republic, civil wars, Triumviratus and Empire. Triumvire is an alliance of three martial industrial projects - Stahlwerk 9, Cold Fusion and Rukkanor. Beautiful wooden box with gold embroidered velour, gold printings and golden CD - 660 copies in three colors (black, red and grey) - only 220 of each! Full handmade, hand numbered unique limited release. [press-release]

Stahlwerk 9 / Rasthof Dachau -- "The Final Resistance" -- CD-R -- €10
2005 AgitProp, AP05, (ltd. 150)
All recordings spring 2003 by R.Hopfe / M.Presch at the Steinklang Studios. Limited edition of 150 handnumbered copies in a foldout paper sleeve. Also released on vinyl. [label info]

Svarrogh -- "Yer Su" -- CD -- €12
2008 Ahnstern, Ahnstern34
"Yer Su" is the 5th full length bulgarian folklore avantgarde doctrine and the 3rd release under the banner of the bearer of european heritage Ahnstern. Svarrogh (Dimo Dimov) presents here a very complex post folk experience, trully dedicated to the holy earth-water Yer Su from the mystic and ancient bulgarian pantheon of Tangra - nonetheless it also shows the symbiotic allegiance to slavic mythology and european culture from the depths of the Pamir mountains and meadows through the slavic steppes up to the Balkan realms. Traditional bulgarian instruments like Gaida (bagpipe), Gadulka (balkan viola), Tamboura (big mandoline), Kaval (balkan shepherd flute), Ocarina, Clarinet, vocals in bulgarian, italian, english, lithuanian, Guitars and Drums arranged to a balkan post folk and avantgarde dark folk adventure with ambient drones, elements of Industrial & Black Metal and traditional compositions. Feat. very special guests like Kostas (Defile des Ames), Marcel P. (Allerseelen), Valentina (Der Feuerkreiner), Michael Z. (Negura Bunget) and Gyte Tamosiunate. All songs lead eachother through the central theme with snowsteps interludes recorded on the Hochries Mountain in Upper Bavaria and with a ritual lithuanian evocation. An album for the sparkling water which flows through europe, an album for the warm black earth, which lays a quilt over the ones, who stand strong through the fall of time, seen by the silvery eyes of the sky Tangra. Wake up sky - wake up stone - wake up earth - wake up water! I will be sky then - I will be stone then - I will be earth then - I will be water then! The album comes in a Digipack with 12 pages booklet, designed by the bulgarian photographer and artist Kaate Haate (Katia). [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Tam Quam Tabula Rasa -- "Cotidie Morimur" -- 7" -- €10
1995/2003 Drone Records, DR-10, (ltd. 300), 2nd edition
A legendary and very original Italian post industrial group from the cassette-underground culture of the late 80’s/ early 90’s, who had their one and only vinyl release on Drone in 1995. They were at the forefront of what one could call “archaic drone-noise”... TQTR are active again these days so we decided to put this early Drone EP back into existence. “Their mysterious and monotonic music can in our opinion be truly classified as real archaic music, evoking emotions of an ancient and fundamental character. Focusing deep into the ground of human existence, their music is a kind of archetypical expression that is timeless and aesthetic. Perhaps to underscore the quality of their music as its own secret language, the band insists on using latins for their titles. This EP shows the group working on a more rhythmic mode, with urgent drones and strange harmonies creating and atmosphere of natural mysticism - mirroring the never understood forces within oneself. Cotidie morimur. Cotidie demitur aliqua pars vitae.” [from the original press release 1995]

Trinithos -- "333" -- CD -- €12
2008 Heimatfolk, HF 03
After several ultra-limited CDR-releases, with "333" finally comes the debut-CD album of the German NeoFolk band TRINITHOS. The band was founded in the early millennium and in the past years they played several concerts together with their friends SEELENTHRON and TRAUM'ER LEBEN. Their music is best to describe as dreamy NeoFolk with a slight DarkPop touch, with orchestral parts, martial drums and even some apocalyptically dark experimental passages. On "333" the band plays a large variety of acoustic instruments, like several different guitars, bass, violins, flutes, drums, didgeridoo,... as well as a few beautiful electronic arrangements. The vocals are polyphonic performances of German lyrics by male and female voices and deal about mythologic themes, natur romanticism and theories of cognition. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Trivial Pudding -- "Rat Poison Cookies" -- CD-R -- €5
2007 Dotnum Dunton, DOTNUM01, (ltd. 44)
An experimental release from the Finnish musician: clanking harsh in vein of Tony Kandelin, radionoise, 8-bit fragments, digital turbulence. Released by Russian label with an unusual package. [YAOP]

Troum -- "Seeing-Ear Gods" -- CD -- €10
2006/2011 Zoharum, ZOHAR 017-2
'Seeing-Ear Gods' is the second collaboration between Troum and Zoharum. The album in question is the re-release of the obscure CDR which saw the light of the day 5 years ago on Discorporeality Recordings label. Here it is repackaged (3-panel digipak) and gloriously remastered by Anders Peterson (from Ghost Sounds mastering studio) responsible for dusting off other Troum / Maeror Tri releases. 'Seeing-Ear Gods' is quite different a release from 'Autopoiesis / Nahtscato' released on Zoharum last year. It's not as multilayered or varied, but at the same time is much more minimalist and hence very hypnotic. It works more on the subconscious level. It demonstrates how to create a mindblowing atmosphere with very little sounds involved. Just one track, divided into 6 separate parts, but be assured that you will press the 'repeat' button a lot of times. [press-release]

Tunnels Of Ah -- "Lost Corridors" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2013 Cold Spring, CSR184CD
Tunnels Of Ah is the new project of former Head of David vocalist Stephen Ah Burroughs. “Lost Corridors” is the first Tunnels Of Ah release and features Burroughs’ “industrial esoterica”, evoking the spirit of the pioneering underground experimental scene in the new dark age. This is psychick war. A mandatory release for those who worship at the altars of Coil, Psychic TV, Arktau Eos, Z’EV… [label info]

Un Defi d'Honneur -- "Aurore De Gloire" -- CD -- €14
2003 Neuropa Records, NRP06, (ltd. 500)
Under the French translation of their project name, A Challenge Of Honour release this full-length album dedicated to all the victims of World War II. A symphony laden in their tradition of martial-ambient neo-classical. Presented in a clear tray jewelcase including 5 postcards/replacable album covers.

Under The Snow -- "W" -- C-33 -- €8
2011 Silentes Tapestry, Collezione Del Silenzio – W, (ltd. 100)
Collezione Del Silenzio is a series of 26 white cassettes of 26 Italian artists. Each cassette is associated with a letter of the alphabet, representing artist's personal vision of silence.

Vinterriket -- "Zwischen Den Jahren" -- CD EP -- €10
2010 Sturmklang, Sturm 03, (ltd. 1000)
After years of waiting, VINTERRIKET is finally back with a new atmospheric Black Metal release. “Zwischen den Jahren” is a powerful and hyponitic Black Metal release with catchy riffs and desolate vocals. Cold chords and stirring hypnotic riffing is paired with haunting and cold synthetic soundscapes evoking an chilling atmosphere full of bleakness, coldness, desolation, solitude, emptiness, melancholy, darkness and nothingness,... The bleak mourning of desolate idleness within eerie and misty sonic landscapes. A tribute to the darkest side of nature... [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Visions -- "Celestial Sphere" -- 10" -- €16
2006 .ANGLE.REC., .A.R.10.02., (ltd. 270)
Visions, or the thousand and one perspectives of the intersidereal infinite, transposed into sounds conjuring spherical images. Frederic Arbour, with his Visions project, released the "Lapse" cd in 2005 on his own label Cyclic Law, and this album stands out as one of our faves of that year in terms of ambient music. So it’s not surprising that we were enchanted by the 2 unreleased tracks Visions submitted to us towards the end of that same year, and that we decided to make a 10" maxi with those tracks. The sound themes and perspectives proposed within the 2 tracks are numerous, and they harmonize in a sublimely complex and thoughtful way. The main backdrop is composed of dark synthetic layers which stretch towards the infinite, and which welcome gradually, among others, sound motifs that are acoustically generated and that echo each other, reinforcing the effect of sound vortex into which the listener is dragged. Ethereal melodies accentuate the epic character of this odyssey into the unfathomable interstellar immensity. A release which will appeal to fans of dark-ambient, of course, but which will also delight fans of atmospheric music in general! [press-release]

Vresnit -- "Kalen Ven" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Vetvei, V01, (ltd. 108)
CD-R, 1 track, 33:35, Triple brown cardboard package, 4 cards. We announce first Release of new Vetvei label - the second album of Vresnit. It sounds like north archaic droning sonic tarpertry inspired by natural symbolism. Dancing trees, singing birds chtonic beasts following the everturning wheel of Cycle. Days, nights, seasons, conditions and births walk in lines. Low, reverb drowned, drums and lightweight flutes, percussion and distant, beckoning voices. Strange rythm goes through numerious shimmering acoustic surfaces - curved branches and veined leaves intervowen. "Soar like a bird!" - whisper They to dreamy traveller, passing through woods and careless swimmer, diving into unknown. Wind raises the eyes and hands of the wanderer, harsh blizzards crave his hands with the letters of everlasting Knowledge and names of every living thing... Reviewers compare this record with early albums of Lunar Abyss Quartet - "Ferrous water", "Cosmolagamma" and the films of Ingmar Bergman - "Seventh seal" and "Virgin Spring". [press-release]

Vresnit & Kshatriy -- "TaeT" -- CD -- €5
2009 Vetvei, V07, (ltd. 484)
Mighty archaic dark ambient woven by two Russian projects with field recordings, voices and acoustic instruments. A very powerful work in this genre. "Vetvei label presented its first CD release, a collaboration of two congenial projects dedicated to the Symbols of Creative Roration. A retrospective journey by the bird through smells of melting herb songs and contemplations of the mysteries of Life. They are flowed away by Water, from the Ice to the boundless lakes dancing in mosses. Following to the Forge of Earth, walking the dense forests, winds and marshes, meeting the Heart Guardians. All the cycles of nature follow each other, Fire goes to Water and Earth goes to Heaven. Cosmos swaddle the birds flying toward dawn. All invocations in the name of Life. Many praising voices of people and animals merged into a rhythm that glorify the Natural Order, eternal and endless. Field recorgings, woodwinds, strings, percussions and drums, voices, tape noises and electronics was used in this work.They're all merged into a single timeless canvas. Spirit of every living thing awakening runs through it. An atmosphere of Ritual crossed with cosmic primordial Drone Ambient. One of the important parts of this release is design - 7"EP 6-panel cardboard envelope covered with the signs of Vetvei. Standing in awe of Majesty and experience of true Beauty. Tradition, vibrations for a New Cycle." [press-release]

Waldchengarten -- "The Leech" -- 7" -- €14
2006 Drone Records, DR-81, (ltd. 300)
WÄLDCHENGARTEN is a danish duo from Aarhus that could be best described as “noise ambient” or “raw / harsh drone” in what they do. After some already very promising releases (i.e. a CD in the Desolation House-series of Relapse Recs) this is their very first vinyl. Their music on "The Leech" is very raw and filled with tiny noisy outbursts, at the same time ultra-sluggish & powerful. Low whistling feedback & pure electronic whirl-tones are omnipresent, everything seems to gradually sink to an alien center of heavy gravity ­ like an organic entity that is slowly sucking energy while everything around is pulsating and rumbling in menacing cascades... this is dark, but its a darkness of sheer beauty. Filed under: heavy-gravity drones. Edition of 300 on dark violet vinyl. Black Covers with silver silk seen print. [press release]

Werkraum -- "Kristalle" -- CD EP -- €12
2005 Ahnstern, Ahnstern 10
The new mini-album of WERKRAUM is not only fascinating because of it's gracile perfection in composition and musical virtuosity, but also through it's musical diversity, supportet by Nicholas Tesluk and Robert Taylor (CHANGES), by Nick Nedzinsky (LADY MORPHIA) and by Antje Hoppenrath. Fulfilled with traditional melodies and psychedelic moments, WERKRAUM guides the listener in a magical world of acoustic sounds and picturesque poetry, telling from ancient fairiedays. The 6 beautiful Folk-songs of this mini-album together fill handsome 32 minutes. [label info]

Wicked King Wicker -- "Evolving" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2013 Cold Spring, CSR154CD
Brand new studio album from Wicked King Wicker. WKW return to Cold Spring with their seventh album proper. Thick, black noise is underpinned by monolithic, crawling doom, in a way that only Wicked King Wicker can deliver. Total annihilation spread over 4 immense tracks. 45 minutes of music to shatter souls. Features cover art from Steve Cerio (The Residents’ regular designer). [label info]

Wright, Peter -- "Air Guitar" -- 7" -- €14
2006 Drone Records, DR-82, (ltd. 300)
Welcome to the Dance of Overtones! New Zealand's PETER WRIGHT (residing for some time in London, UK) has raised a reputation over the last few years with his music built mainly by guitar & field recordings. This 3-piece EP "Air Guitar" consists of little fluxion-mantras, made by waving guitar-overtones & sounds of air & water, with little additional sounds of daily room-noises. Ultra-minimal & harmonic, but with a certain raw directness & concreteness that creates a unique atmosphere, these wonderful over-tonic vibrations & sounds seem to tell little stories or daydream-phantasies... Filed under: Guitar-Mantra drones. BEAUTIFUL STENCIL-COLOURED SLEEVES (ORANGE / WHITE / BLACK). ORANGE VINYL & ORANGE INLAYS. [press release]

Xabec -- "Feuerstern" -- 7" -- €14
2008 Drone Records, DR-92, (ltd. 300)
DRONE RECORDS is very proud to finally issue this long planned Drone by this prolific German artist! FEUERSTERN (which translates as "Firestar") captures two tracks of luminous tones & magnetic resonances which create a warm and floating aural flux. With mellow concrete material setting the counterpoint, very subtle hisses, smacking & clicking sounds can be distinguished. These are enriched further on Side B with field recordings by MICHAEL NORTHAM made in September 2006 at the Audioframes Sonic Art Festival in Herne. This was where FEUERSTERN was also performed in a choreographed way using fireworks! Very delicate tone colours and a perfectly balanced sound pattern allow for contemplative listening sessions... The 7" comes in a golden lettered & embossed grey cardboard box with golden printed grey inlay. Filed under: GLOWING DRONE-AMBIENCE. DARK RED VINYL. COMES IN CARDBOARD-BOX WITH GOLDEN EMBOSSING. [press-release]

Z'EV -- "A Handful Of Elements" -- CD -- €10   [-50%]
2013 Cold Spring, CSR182CD
With “A Handful Of Elements” Z’EV returns to the “dense, carefully laid and deep drone works” [adnoiseam.net] of “Sum Things” (CSR101CD). However, for this release he has drawn deep from his 40 year old sonic archive (from live performances both instrumental and vocal to a range of soundscapes from around the world), producing soundtracks to accompany you to the other side of ambient, through the door between your eyes. [label info]

Zlye Kukly -- "Strange Tomorrow" -- CD -- €13
2007 Ahnstern, Ahnstern26
After several private CDR releases, "Strange Tomorrow" is the first official album by this unique Russian Folk band, based in Jerusalem / Israel. Dreamingly beautiful, sad and at the same time weird and progressive Folk songs with a gentle early 70ies touch. The band uses a large variety of perfectly played acoustic instruments, as well as some fine electronic sounds. The powerful and empathetic (Russian) vocals from Fred Adra and his (background) singers give a very personal and unique touch to the music of Zlye Kukly. This band is really hard to compare to other artists; maybe some of their songs remind a bit to the folky Gae Bolg, the best balads of Boyd Rice, but mainly You can feel the spirit of the great early 70ies aera of Yugoslavian folk artists, such as Kladivo Konj in Voda, Svremena na Vreme, Drugi Nacin and others. This album will guide you through a strange theatre between the worlds... [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

ZR 19.84 -- "Nihil: Un Petit Rien" -- CD-R -- €10
2008 UFA-Muzak, UFA22, (ltd. 141)
Martial Industrial / Noir Folk. Italian "partisan" Rickardo Z. has given exclusively for ours label a completely delightful material of historical music and noisy rhythms. It in a maximum degree the symphony of regeneration and reanimation from ashes of ambassador-military occupation. You stand in the middle of the destroyed city, the death silence, crursh by a sound of broken patephone, plate stammers and hisses, you slowly get a pistol and shoot to yourselves in a head. World Depression. NIHIL. The style, which he presents, is original and practically there are no frameworks and paints in registration of a grandiose picture of post-modern militarism and surrealistic-romantic futurism. Dark predatory ambient, disappearing and from time to time shown noise, decadent noir folk, crushing by marches and weapon martial. All latent becomes obvious. Fascinative music! 10 tracks, 66 minutes, non-standard envelope 15х15 centimeters. [press-release]

V/A -- "Avtogen-Shaitan" -- 2 CD-R -- €4
2007 Ostroga, OTR-015
International compilation gathered by Ural-based label Ostroga. Theme for the compilation is it's title - any associations with these words: "avtogen-shaitan". Cyber Christ, M.Nomized, Bardoseneticcube, Cisfinitum, Eugeny Gnoystrelev, Yakdrizzle (With Hair), Indra, Tchernoblyad, Indu Mezu, Zinc Room, Fire In The Head, IDX1274, Kryptogen Rundfunk, Bidoche Musique, N-616, Aeterna Anima, Light Collapse, Cat'su Ox Tey, Flutwacht, Misery, Instant Movie Combinations. Artwork for each copy is completely different.

V/A -- "Cryosphere" -- CD-R -- €20
2006 Glacial Movements, GM001, (ltd. 300)
Italian drone-ambient compilation dedicated to the theme of ice, cold, frozen landscapes, etc. Featuring: Closing The Eternity, Northaunt, Tho-So-Aa, Lightwave, Tuu, Troum, Aidan Baker, Netherworld, Oophoi.

V/A -- "Don't Hunt What You Can't Kill" -- 3 CD -- €18
2002 L. White Records, LW-004
Thorofon, ExOrder, Anenzephalia, DJK, Phosgen, Virologic (Predominance), Sektion B, Anon Plus, Azoikum, Strom.ec, Axon Neuron/Vagwa, Government Alpha, Streicher, Blank Banner, Irikarah, Napalmed, DШdsdШmd, Alienlovers in Amagasaki, SRP, Today I\'m Dead, Skin Crime, Lefthandeddecision, PTT, Dresden 45, Human Destructur, Sektor, Drape Excrement, Wutanes Heer, Atrax Morgue, Murderous Vision, Propergol, Rasthof Dachau, Krieger, Industriepalast&SK, Taint, Grunt, C.O.Caspar, Sickness, Survival Unit and The Grey Wolves!

V/A -- "DRONE RECORDS - A Selection of Drones Past: Singles 1993-2000" -- 2 CD -- €18
2006 Tumult Records, TM000, (ltd. 1000)
A selection of tracks from Drone Records Vinyl-only EPs 1993-2000, most of the material presented here is for the first time on CD! Tracks by MAEROR TRI, ALIO DIE, DUAL, ULTRA UNITED, DELPHIUM, INADE, AUBE, VANCE ORCHESTRA, OSSO EXOTICO, KLOOD, VIR, REYNOLS, SPEAR, DRONAEMENT, TOY BIZARRE, TARKATAK, F. LOPEZ, KALLABRIS, YEN POX, FEINEN TRINKERS BEI PINKELS DAHEIM. Double-digisleeve, full-colour inlay / mini-poster with all 7"-covers.

V/A -- "The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse" -- CD -- €4
2005 War Office Propaganda, WOP16
Melek-Tha, Insuffer, Paranoia Inducta, Leiche Rustical - each act presents the vision of following apocalyptic disasters.

V/A -- "Heilige Feuer III" -- CD -- €18
2006 Der Angriff, Nr. 12, (ltd. 500)
The third part of this legendary compilation contains 2 tracks from each project: Wappenbund, Inade, Lunar Abyss Quartet, Cyclotimia.

V/A -- "Heilige Feuer IV" -- CD -- €18
2004 Der Angriff Nr. 17, (ltd. 600)
Compilation dedicated to the 4th Russian festival of industrial music called Heilige Feuer. Contains two exclusive tracks from each band: Vetrophonia, Painslut, Rasthof Dachau, Allerseelen, Bearer Of The Inmost Sun.

V/A -- "Holy Mother Russia" -- LP -- €20
2004 Steinklang International, SK-IN 02, (ltd. 500)
A compilation of most known Russian musicians on famous Austrian label. Featuring: Linija Mass, Lunar Abyss Quartet, Reutoff, Sal Solaris, Bardoseneticcube, Stalnoy Pakt, Lucisferrato, Hum.

V/A -- "Negative Message From Collective Mind" -- CD-R -- €14
2005 Spirals Of Involution, SOI 045
This disk is the first in series of compilations dedicated to experimental and noise scene in ex-USSR countries planned by SOI Tapes. We didn't set any genre limitations when compiling it (of course, within experimental and noise subset), didn't impose any concepts or themes to the artists, we also didn't aim to gather "the best representatives" - this is just an attempt to document the scene as we see it... Participants: Six Dead Bulgars, Kritchev vs. Ban, P.N.I.Z., Cisfinitum, Obozdur, Ganzer, Veprisuicida, Velehentor, K. Stoukaline (Organomehanizm), Kryptogen Rundfunk, Hlyst, CD-R, Hladna, Biomass, Cyber Christ, Kotra, Comforter.

V/A -- "Pagan Folk Und Apocalyptic Psychedelia - Kapitel III" -- CD -- €6
2010 Steinklang Industries
Seelenthron, Cafe De L'Enfer, Stormfеgel, Allerseelen, Aeldaborn, Fräkm¨ndt, Arnica, Sturmpercht, Horologium, Dannagoischd, Stein, Atomtrakt, Vinterriket, Rauhnacht, Thrubyred.

V/A -- "Pere Lachaise" -- CD -- €14
2006 Steinklang Industries, SKD 19 / Divine Comedy, DC045, (ltd. 500)
A great compilation of dark and neoclassical music, dedicated to Père-Lachaise cemetery, which is one of the most romantic and mysterious places in this holy world. It's also an unmissable reference in gloomy and cinematic "tragical" culture. Together, Steinklang & Divine Comedy Records are producing a tribute to this worldwide and legendary atmospheric icon. This musical journey is depicted by four top bands (with two tracks each) from the new emerging Dark-Ambiant and Neo-Symphonic scene: HOROLOGIUM; PROJECT WINTER and ARTEFACTUM from Poland completed by FOUNDATION HOPE from the Netherlands. The mood is dark, menacing and epic at time with Horologium being the most martial act. "Paradise One" symbolises a passage from life to death surrounded by fading memories from different areas and destinies. The CD is packed in a beautiful book with full pages sepia pictures by Fabrice Billard, known for his previous pictures and illustrations for DCR releases and bands such as Sonne Hagal. Art and history beyond the graves. Père-Lachaise is a feeric and beautiful place. A place you'll need a whole existence to know "tous les coins et recoins". [press-release]

V/A -- "The Sound Of Progress" -- DVD -- €14   [-50%]
1988/2016 Cold Spring, CSR194DVD
The official release of the infamous 1988 film THE SOUND OF PROGRESS. This DVD has been completely remastered / authored from the original master film stock. The documentary shows the mindset of the some of the most original and influential artists of the experimental scene. An unprecedented insight into the workings, the methods and the ideas that made these names legendary. Filmed in Hamburg, Amsterdam and London: COIL – CURRENT 93 – FOETUS – TEST DEPT. Interviews – live material – studio work – opinion. DVD case with 6 panel booklet containing liner notes by David Keenan. The DVD also includes a gallery of never before seen pictures of each band. Director: Alexander Oey, Producer: Marc Van Der Bijl / Justin Mitchell. [label info]

V/A -- "Steinklang Industries Disco 1994-2004" -- CD -- €8
2004 Steinklang Industries
This compilation/sampler contains tracks of the most outstanding Steinklang artists, taken from different albums and singles, both from old sold-out vinyl/CDR releases and from forthcoming albums. The booklet of this CD contains full illustrated discography of the label since 1994 to 2004. Total playing time - 89 minutes. Austro-german power-noise and death-electronics as it is. Artists: Rasthof Dachau, Atrox, Painslut, Sektion B, Krieger, Operation Julmond, Legion Condor, Viron, Simon Schall, DKF, A Challenge of Honour, Stahlwerk 9, Code 243, A.R.S., Tormentum, Radio Murmansk, Leiche Rustikal, Institution D.O.L., Allerseelen, Riharc Smiles, Sagentoeter, Sturmpercht.

V/A -- "Steinklang Industries III: 2006-2007" -- CD -- €8
2007 Steinklang Industries
This is part 3 of the label compilation series! 79 min. / 20 tracks, 10 tracks Industrial / Noise / Dark Ambient: Indigo Larvae / Stahlwerk 9 / Flutwacht / Grimbergen / Institution D.O.L. / S.T.U.G.218 / Antracot / Dissecting Table / Maurizio Bianchi + Land Use / A Challenge of Honour, 10 songs Folk and more: Un Defi d'Honneur / Allerseelen / Werkraum / Svarrogh / In Gowan Ring / Zlye Kukly / Sangre Cavallum / Phase II / Sturmpercht / Waldteufel.

V/A -- "Wilde Jaeger" -- 2 CD -- €20
2007 Percht, Percht10
WILDE JAEGER is a unique compilation of Alpine Folk Music, Pagan Ritual Music and authentic field-recordings from the darkest woods and deepest valleys to the highest peaks of the sacred Central- European Alps, as well as of other pagan and alpine regions in Europe and the USA. Wilde Jaeger is accompanied by an astonishing 24-page booklet, housed in a highest-quality 6-sided digipack with cover- paintings by Markus Wolff (Waldteufel). Participants: Svarrogh, Werkraum, Sangre Cavallum, A Minority Of One, Allerseelen, Heiliges Licht, Waldteufel, Scivias, Hamramr, Haberfeld, Ernte, Teatro Satanico, Fanes, Sturmpercht, Magdalena, Elli Riehl, Jagerblut, Hekate, The Joy Of Nature, Soulsearch, Jahrtal, Foresta Di Ferro, SagenToeterRiharcSmilesTrollFerd (Riharc Smiles), Thelema. [label info]

V/A -- "Wir Rufen Deine Wolfe" -- CD -- €14
2003 Aorta, AORCD09

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