Exit In Grey - Hysterics of the Eternal

Exit In Grey
"Hysterics of the Eternal"

CD (ltd. 300)

1. Hysterics of the Eternal, Part I
2. Hysterics of the Eternal, Part II

total length: 42:12
release date: August 26, 2016
price: €10

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Radiowaves rustle, layers of ether interference whisper and an electric guitar carefully draws gentle tonal vibrations… The new album by Exit In Grey is indeed largely based on sounds of radio noises, so close to our heart. Although of course this is not a noisy work but rather oneiric, contemplative, shimmering… In two multilayered 20-min long collages we can hear the elements of nature and man-made objects, fragments of random radio interceptions and melancholic guitar parts piercing dark space with its bright emotionality.

The material was recorded by Sergey [S] in March 2011 and mastered by Oleg Hurvatov (Interior Disposition) in 2016. The disc is released in cooperation with the Frozen Light label in an edition of 300 numbered copies in a standard jewel-case with an 8-page booklet. Digital version is available at bandcamp.


Sergey, just Sergey, or just [S], is a very active man, under a plethora of names, Five Elements Music, Radioson, Redhouse, Black Deal With Snow, Candyman And Evil Flowers and Sister Loolomie but as Exit In Grey he seems most active; actually I have no evidence for that, but in Vital Weekly 1031 had a review his previous release. I am never too sure what the actual differences are between all of these names, if in fact there are differences, and not just a smoke screen or a way to release more music than is possible when using one banner. Much of it is about playing out atmospheric long form pieces, incorporating field recordings, electronics or even a bit of radio noise at the beginning of part one, and then further down the lines. The second part, a few minutes shorter but still close to twenty minutes, seems a bit more 'noise' based, with more radio sounds, obscured field recordings and electronics set for a slightly more experimental tune, but this is Exit In Grey, so while it's perhaps bits like this that make this a somewhat different work, it still is the kind of atmospheric music that we know him best for. This is fine release, nothing outstanding, maybe a bit different, and something perhaps for the diehard fans.

Genre/Influences: Soundscape, experimental, cinematographic.

Background/Info: Russian music project Exit In Grey started as a duo, but got reduced to a one-man project driven by Sergey Suhovik. The formation released an impressive number of productions since 2004. This newest opus was originally written in 2011, but it took 5 more years to get mastered and ready to launch.

Content: “Hysterics Of The Eternal” is made of 2 long duration pieces, which each like a soundscape, feature field recordings, radio noises, electronic treatments, guitar and transformed voices. Both tracks are rather monotonous, but the dark atmosphere injects a chilling sensation to the work.

This is a production with certain visual appeal bringing you to a fictive universe of lost corridors and spooky places. The second cut sounds more cinematographic-like.

+ + + : I especially like the global sound concept of this work. There’s an interesting twist between all of the sound sources, which have been all manipulated and transformed to create a strange and obscure sonic texture. The vocals accentuate the spooky aspect of the work. I personally prefer the first cut, which is a bit more elaborate and moves through different passages.

- - - : This is the kind of abstract sound treatment, which will appeal to a very restricted number of music lovers. The second cut is more monotonous and would be really appreciated when joined by a visual creation.

Conclusion: “Hysterics Of The Eternal” is not exactly setting the world alight. It’s an easy listening production without a real highlight.

Best songs: “И.В. Part I”

Rate: (6).

Duo russo attivo da oltre dieci anni e attualmente in silenzio compositivo, Exit In Grey torna con il recupero del disco "Hysterics Of The Eternal", mai pubblicato prima e composto nel marzo del 2011 dal solo Sergey Suhovik. L'album, sapientemente rimasterizzato, consta di due lunghe tracce fondate su una drone-ambient dai contorni melodici creata a partire da field recordings, chitarre preparate, onde radio, effetti vari ed inserzioni di samples vocali. Ne viene fuori un lavoro pregno di mistero e di riferimenti incrociati (dalla natura che caratterizza il bell'artwork alle digressioni dantesche che accompagnano il libretto del CD), sempre in bilico tra il rumore e la tentazione di istigare emozioni tenui. Entrambi i pezzi vedono una stratificazione di elementi tonali che si compattano o divergono a seconda delle occorrenze. Tutto appare circolare, quasi a voler imitare la ruota della natura, in una grande sinfonia orchestrata su drones in crescendo, echi sibillini, armonizzazioni e immagini sonore che ondeggiano su sfondi misteriosi. La tranquillitа viene abilmente alternata a folate caliginose cosм come a sprazzi di colore, in un gioco di contrasti lenti che non disprezzano una melodiositа tesa a spezzare le sempre presenti catene del genere industriale. Se il primo brano appare piщ caleidoscopico e variegato sia nei suoni che negli input proposti, il secondo ha fattezze piщ lineari: i drones diventano scie continue che non si fermano mai, lasciando dietro di sй un indelebile marchio di malinconia. Album non immediato, a tratti aderente sin troppo a schemi noti, ma anche capace di sporcare con l'elettronica una poeticitа mai velata, sfruttando contrasti cromatici senza mai cadere nella trappola facile dell'oscuritа a buon mercato. Disponibile nel classico formato jewel-case con paradigmatiche foto interne. Limitato a 300 esemplari.

Michele Viali, Darkroom Magazine.

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