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Hey there!

After a long period of silence we're ready again to bring joy in melomaniac hearts with the new music from our label and mailorder! First of all, with our two new releases. A live recording of Mira Drevo made in December 2015 will recall us the mood of gone winter with its mild ambient with a touch of folk music (the edition is available on CD-Rs and cassettes), and the CD-reissue of Zinc Room's album "Window of Erich Zann" will please the ears of rough industrial fans.

The mailorder update features about 150 new items, among which - arrivals from the Polish labels Zoharum, Rage In Eden and Nefryt, Spanish Gradual Hate Records and German Lichterklang, plush such Russian labels as Ostroga / Heart-Shaped Box / Torga Amun, Frozen Light, Down Elcovka Records, Intonema and Kotä Records. There are also new works by Exit In Grey, Bardoseneticcube, Cyclofillydea, a few tapes from the depths of St. Petersburg's underground (G. Avrorin, Purpurniy Dyadya, >o<, Pri Doline Mak), a collaboration cassette of Mathias Grassow and Closing The Eternity in astonishly beautiful handmade package from ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ, and much more!

Because of leaving to the Solar Systo festival, mailorder will be closed from May 6th to 11th, so all orders will be sent upon returning! Also there's gonna be a week-long break in the end of the month: from May 21st to 29th.

Stay tuned and have a good time!

I. New editions

Mira Drevo - Sledy na Snegu

Mira Drevo - Sledy na Snegu

Mira Drevo
"Sledy na Snegu"

CD-R (ltd. 77)

1. Sledy na Snegu

total length: 32:08
price: €7

MC (ltd. 55)

A. Sledy na Snegu
B. Sledy na Snegu

total length: 32:08 + 32:08
price: €7

"Sledy na Snegu" @ bandcamp

Mira Drevo: soundcloud | vk.com

"Sledy na Snegu" ("Footprints in the Snow") is a live recording of Mira Drevo made on December 25th, 2015 in the St. Petersburg Sound Museum (former Experimental Sound Gallery, ESG-21) during one of the nights of the "Alchemy of Noise" party series. This time the project performed as a duo: the permanent leader Dmitriy "Skald" who uses synthesizers, a sampler and authentic field and ethnographic recordings along with acoustic instruments (flutes, mouth harp, percussion) was joined by Pavel from the post-rock / doom metal band Sequoian Aequison, and the mild sound of his guitar brought a special charm to the overall musical fabric... Mira Drevo stay true to their folk ambient sound, their music is a journey through snowy Russian villages and vast spaces which separate them by many miles... Beautiful melancholic melodies and wavy textures pierced by meditative motifs - this is the music of a long winter, the music of the North.

Physical release available in two versions: 77 copies on pro-CDR in a sleeve made of designer's cardboard, and 55 copies on cassette (even numbers on white cassettes, odd numbers on black) with full-colour stickers. The artwork features a handmade runic card with a download code. Digital version is available at bandcamp.

Zinc Room - Window of Erich Zann

Zinc Room
"Window of Erich Zann"

CD (ltd. 300)

1. Window of Erich Zann
2. Cold Corridors of Fear
3. Dust of J. Curwen
4. In the Night. Beyond the Wall of Sleep
5. V-29. The Temple
6. The Rats in the Walls
7. The Dreams at the Witch House
8. Landscape. At the Mountains of Madness
9. Grave Abyss *
10. The Evil Clergyman *

* - bonus tracks

total length: 53:38
price: €9

"Window of Erich Zann" @ bandcamp

"Window of Erich Zann" is currently the latest album by Zinc Room from Ekaterinburg, Russia, led by Alexander "I" (also head of the Evil Dead Productions label and member of Prognostic Zero) and Kein (Sol Mortuus, Church Of Howling Dog, ex-Thy Repentance, etc.). This is a blend of raw noisy industrial and dark ambient with the project's trademark sound: roaring bass guitar, steel sheets and spiral springs are combined with thematic samples, powerful synth pads and slightly unexpected cello intrusions.

The album symbolically marks the past 10-year anniversary of the project's activity and contains several reworked compositions from the debut Zinc Room disc "Cold Corridors of Fear" (2004, Evil Dead Productions). "Window of Erich Zann" was originally released by EDP as a limited edition CD-R in 2015 and now re-issued on a factory pressed CD with the support of Zhelezobeton Distribution Division featuring two exclusive bonus tracks. Digital version is available for purchase at bandcamp.

II. Reviews

Bardoseneticcube & Shinkiro "Inner and Outer Space" CD:
Creation VI & Ugasanie "Birds of Naukan" CD-R:
DMT "Ultimatum" CD:
Hattifnatter "Barometrizm" CD/MC:
Kshatriy "Mushrooms and Kshatriy" CD-R:
Polkka Love Machine "s/t" MC/CD-R:
Pustota "Greatest Hits" CD-R:
Reutoff "No One's Lullabies" CD:
Sal Solaris "Thresholds" CD:

III. Forthcoming events

06-10.05.2016 - Solar Systo 2016 - Drone Glade
open-air, Leningrad region. More info...

Kaliningrad, "Vorota". More info...

14.05.2016 - Drone Glade
St. Petersburg, Sound Museum. More info...

KSHATRIY, A.T.M.O.M., VJ Yuri Elik
St. Petersburg, Sound Museum. More info...

21.05.2016 - Drevo i Chrevo
open-air, Toksovo. More info...

28-29.05.2016 - Shamanik Festival
open-air, Vyborg. More info...

St. Petersburg, Place. More info...

Moscow, Theater. More info...

St. Petersburg, Place. More info...

Moscow, Brooklyn. More info...

IV. New items in mailorder catalogue

CDs & CD-Rs

>o<mutt -- "The Autumn Has Returned" -- CD-R -- €7
2016 YAOP, YAOP 059 / Conclamatum Est, E, (ltd. 39)
The classic of Karelian ambient Omutt (also known for his projects Mare Desiderii, Dime[drone], Galaxy The Incubator, Syvary, Karjalan Tazavalla, etc.) re-interprets the >o< album "The Autumn Has Come". The result is three tracks of wonderful obscure space Drone Ambient, dedicated to the three months of bleak northern autumn. Full-colour sleeve with a photo of Karelian Isthmus in autumn. [label info]

23 Threads -- "Conspicuous Unobstructed Path / Magija" -- CD -- €12
2015 Zoharum, ZOHAR 093-2, (ltd. 400)
23 Threads returns after their 20-year hiatus (so much time has passed since the recording of their debut album "Magija") with a brand new offering. 10 tracks that make up the new album "Conspicuous Unobstructed Path" were recorded in New York by the band's core which is: Marek Marchoff (Different State), Ingrid Swen, Rafal Janus with a cast of guests. The trio calls their own music macabre folk and the term perfectly reflects the nature of their work, with elements of dark or neofolk, and even krautrock with minor inclusions of industrial noise and pulse... In contrast to the work of Different State, Marchoff places greater emphasis on the acoustic sounds; illbient textures are left behind in favour of guitars, acoustic sound sources, flutes, djambe and voices. The words play an important role here. "Conspicuous Unobstructed Path" is a story full of metaphors, references to esoteric tradition, incorporated into a story of a woman moving through mysterious forests, where she discovers herself again while on this mystical journey... This is the thing for fans of sonic esoteria of Current 93 or and ethereal songs of Pearls Before Swine, but also of modern psychedelia represented by the likes of Opal, Stone Breath, Sunburned Hand of the Man or even Wooden Shjips... The album is released in a 3-panel ecopak in a strictly limited edition of 400 copies. The cover is based on the original by Maciej Mehring. It was mastered by Lukasz Miernik. The album is sold exclusively with ”Magija” album. The debut 23 Threads album "Magija" was recorded in Ciechanуw in 1994-95. It was originally released as a limited CDR on Furia Musica (cat no. 003) in 2001. The following participated in the recording sessions: Marek Marchoff, Dorho Marchoff, Rokitzky, Abramelin, Animal'94, Industry AW. This edition of the album has been remastered and released as a CD for the first time. This albums is presented in a card sleeve and is exclusively available with ”Conspicuous Unobstructed Path”. [press-release]

7PM Ritual -- ":08:16:02:" -- CD -- €10
2015 Lichterklang, LK029, (ltd. 300)
7pm Ritual is the new project of the founding Stein members Norbert Strahl, Nic Sender and Oliver Sittig who reunited for spontaneous jam-session after a couple of years, which finally resulted in “:08:16:02”. The album is a dedicated and conceptional piece of work, based on one of the biggest tragedies of the past millennium. Musicalwise 7pm Rituals debut is the perfect blend of songs, influenced by Neofolk and orchestral, cinematic sounds bands that sometimes remind of early recordings of In The Nursery, but with a more folky edge. The songwriting as well as the sound quality are outstanding and there’s no doubt that 7pm Ritual and their musical diversity will leave a deep impact throughout the different genres mentioned before. [label info]

Aabzu -- "It Came From Outer Space" -- CD -- €10
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 069-2, (ltd. 300)
With ”Rambo” album they conquered the Earth, and now AABZU duo (ie. Maciek Szymczuk and Lukasz Szalankiewicz aka Zenial) has decided to take over the whole universe. Their new album entitled ”It Came from Outer Space” is released on Zoharum in January 2014. And, although the title is not a direct reference to the science-fiction classic movie from 1953, those who have just imagined rubber aliens and cardboard scenery, will identify the atmosphere of this new album in the right way. This release is the next audio film for your listening pleasure - this time its theme is adventures in interplanetary area. It will feature aliens attacks, laser duels, plastic rocket flights and mysterious monsters straight from Mars and other planets. If that's not enough, one will also plunge into the secrets of the reptillians or escape from zombie attack. But this is just thematic backgroung for an hour of energetic electronica with hints of dub, ambient and breakbeat. Contrary to the trashy film references, the music on "It Came from Outer Space" is free from such qualities. Once again, AABZU surprises the listeners with their forward ideas and an unusual mix of styles while creating this new (cosmic!) quality... When asked about their influences for recording such an album, the duo answer, without the shadow of a doubt, that they come from their worship of such films - kitschy and cheap - where dwell robots similar to vacuum cleaners and aliens resembling shopping bags. The other, yet natural inspiration, is music, especially the one which is dominated by broken rhythms and massive basslines... The soundtrack to your interplanetary trip is composed of 10 tracks plus two remixes by Jim Coleman (Phylr) and Michal Sliwa (Echoes of Yul) which will only be available on the CD edition of the album. AABZU, Szymczuk-Szalankiewicz duo, invites you on the space flight with a handful of tracks: capturing, danceable at times, but always original. This 3-panel ecopak release is strictly limited to 300 copies. [press-release]

Accomplice Affair -- "The Zone Of Silence" -- CD -- €10
2013 Zoharum, ZOHAR 055-2, (ltd. 500)
The latest Accomplice Affair album entitled "The Zone of Silence" is a journey through ambient-sphere based on guitar sounds and vocals with occasional hints of psychedelic rock and dark wave. 6 long compositions create a audiovisual space painted with both melodies and words. The concept album presents the world through harmed children's eyes, of those who hide in secluded places, dark rooms without windows. This record encaptures the listener's mind by playing with their emotion all the way through the album. The album features guest appearances of Baltazar Kobera (samples), Lugshar (keyboards) and Meres (percussion, double bass, vocals). The album is presented in a 6-panel ecopak strictly limited to 500 copies. [press-release]

Aeterna -- "Abyssos" -- CD -- €10
2012 Lichterklang, LK012, (ltd. 400)
In 2009 the German Apocalyptic Folk Duo Aeterna released their successful debut „New Dawn“ on the Swedish cult label „Cold Meat Industry“. Their unique blend of dark Black Ambient, percussive Martial Industrial and fatalistic Folk was described as „Luciferian Hmyns to the New Dawn“. After three years of intensive work the eagerly awaited successor „Abyssos“ now will be released, radically continuing the path of it’s predeccesor, from the archaic growls of doom up to the ethereal heights of Icarus’ flight, characterized by it’s fateful lyrics, melancholic guitar-melodies, powerful vocals, martial drums and overall driven by the Luciferian ghost of revolt. „Abyssos“ is an album of dark flickering beauty and heathen power, mastered by Cyclic Law Mastermind Frederic Arbour. The exclusive artwork was conceived by the well-respected artist Birthe Klementowski, known for her collaborations with Desiderii Marginis, :Golgatha:, Sala delle Colonne, Apatheia, Vortex and Dawn & Dusk Entwined. [label info]

Al-Wahaar Dhin -- "The Third Power Of Alfta" -- CD -- €9
2002 Fluttering Dragon, 0.29
Solo project of Drakh from MZ.412 and Beyond Sensory Experience. Near rhythm'n'noise electronics with lots of arabic samples in vein of Muslimgauze and with a touch of various rhythmical electronic influences. Great vigorous album. Jewel-case. [YAOP]

Anatomia De Vanitats -- "The Anthropic Principle" -- CD -- €10
2014 Gradual Hate Records, GH 121 CD
Anatomia De Vanitats is Merce Spica from ELDARs solo project, this is an intricate album bubbling with details, a steamy dark ambient epic. In cosmology, The Anthropic Principle states that any valid theory of the universe must be consistent with the existence of human beings. "If the universe must verify certain conditions to our existence, these conditions are checked because we exist." The various attempts to apply this principle to the development of scientific explanations of the universe cosmology have led to much confusion and controversy... "The world is necessarily as it is because there are beings who wonder why so..." Composed and produced by Merce Spica at Oxid Studios Barcelona 2013, mastered by Simon Heath (Atrium Carceri, Cryo Chamber), design by Alonso Urbanos. [label info]

Angel -- "Hedonism" -- CD -- €10
2008 Editions Mego, eMEGO 093
Despite only being released now 'Hedonism' is actually the first studio album by Dirk Dresselhaus (Schneider TM) and Ilpo Väsiänen (Pan Sonic) as duo, a project which started in 1999. 5 years in the making and being started before Hildur Gudnadottir joined forces, 'Hedonism' is colllision of urban and rural settings. The opening five blistering tracks retain a full in sci-fi punk feel being made in Dirk's Berlin studio. Tracks such as ‘Holding Loose’ and ‘Adrenaline Strike’ are brutal urban mantras bristling with energy. These are followed by electro-acoustic exercise manipulating various concrete sources, leading up to the final 2 pieces recorded at Ilpo's lakeside cottage in the wilds of northern Finland. Here fragile field recordings of insects, fish eating mosquitos, birds mesh with the duos shiny electronics to create the massive 'Mirrorworld'. The closing 'Hornet' while stating a calm atmosphere has a somewhat startling surprise in store for the listener. [press-release]

Aquavoice -- "Early Recordings" -- 2 CD -- €13
2015 Zoharum, ZOHAR 102-2, (ltd. 500)
This double album collects the most interesting songs from the early years of AQUAVOICE. The first disc is almost completely repeated album 'Water Music', previously released only as a CDR, including "Underwater Flight" among others - a composition which landed in top 10 of the best electronic chart on National Radio 3. The second album collects the most interesting recordings lifted from "Soundchaser" and "Dreamdesigner" albums - also CDRs, which have been been unavailable and requested for since long. As a bonus, there is an unreleased song sung by the great singer Julia Doszna recorded a few years ago, that only now sees the light of day... The collection was entirely revised by the author, who lovingly refreshed recordings, some of them being slightly reworked to adapt them to the needs of this release. They now sound fresh, new and they make up a coherent set of recordings. At the end, the tracks were mastered by the invaluable Marcin Bocinski (already known for some Zoharum recordings, such as the two previous Aquavoice albums, Zenial and X-Navi:Et LPs)... With this album Tadeusz Luczejko closes the early period of his musical activities and, moreover, is a 20th anniversary release celebrating those years of Aquavoice... The CDs are housed in a ecopak sleeve and the album is strictly limited to 500 copies. [press-release]

Aquavoice -- "Grey" -- CD -- €10
2013 Zoharum, ZOHAR 049-2, (ltd. 500)
The first AUQAVOICE album on Zoharum label. "Grey", the eighth album in the project's discography, contains 10 compositions covering musical territories than before. It's pure electronics, but a bit more experimental than simply ambient or Berlin school, as previosly associated with AUQAVOICE. The formula and the sound might be different, but the creative method and approach has not changed. As always, Tadeusz Luczejko treats synthesizers and computers as a sound source. But it's just the start of the puzzle, where all the elements, one by one, create music. Music which is inspired by films at once, literature as well. It is an outlet of emotions and acts as a sort of feedback. The production is also vital when it comes to "Grey". The mastering has been done by Marcin Bocinski, a well-known specialist in the field of electronic and avant-garde music. This 3-panel ecopack CD is limited to 500 copies. [press-release]

Aquavoice -- "Nocturne" -- CD -- €10
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 077-2, (ltd. 500)
"Nocturne", the second AQUAVOICE offering on Zoharum, is a successor to well-received last year's "Grey." The material for both albums was created around the same time and was divided according to the following key: "Grey" - more experimental and coarse compositions; "Nocturne" - more dreamy, low-key and soothing ambient textures. The new album includes 11 new songs clocking in at 50 minutes, songs a bit darker and colder than before where one can find inspirations taken from Scandinavian art. Tadeusz Luczejko, the author of this material and the man behind AQUAVOICE, says: Despite not liking cold on a daily basis, I do like it in art. I am inspired by the extraordinary works of artists such as Arve Henriksen, Jan Garbarek, Lars von Trier, Geir Jennsen and Eivind Aarset. I have an impression that we are on the same wavelength. This quote sums up the spirit of the album in the best possible way. One can find the answer, the feedback to those inspirations on "Nocturne." It is still varied, highest quality electronic music, with hints taken even from jazz. This 3-panel ecopak release is strictly limited to 500 copies. [press-release]

Artificial Memory Trace -- "Tidal" -- CD -- €13
2013 Auf Abwegen, aatp40, (ltd. 300)
Tidal zone is a fluid line between land and sea, a site of perpetual motion and metamorphoses. During 2008 – 2010 I collected a variety of sounds in coastal areas of Western and Southern Ireland and on the other side of Atlantic Ocean in Newfoundland, Canada: the remote fishing village of Conche, the ghost settlement of Crouse, and the St.Georges peninsula. I recorded underwater: crackles of decapods, dolphins, mink-whales, a breaking iceberg, a sea-otter fishing in the harbor. And on land: a wooden church crackling in the wind, engines of boats, pebble-surf, sea-gulls… All sounds and individual sequences used in the composition were recorded as-it-is. There is no other transformation than editing and mixing. Though sounds are organized in groups by the location of recordings, there is no intention to re-create an acoustic representation of the location itself. Sounds are chosen solely by morphologic associations and treated as abstractions. Recorded and composed by Slavek Kwi in July 2010 (1,2) and April/May 2011 (3,4) in Tentacles-Of-Perception Studio, Ireland. [label info]

Aura Noctis -- "Itineris I" -- CD -- €10
2011 Gradual Hate Records, GH 111CD / Twilight Records, TW 1.84
Neoclassic / Dark Wave. Aura Noctis is a neoclassical darkwave band from Spain that consists of two members; Olga (Pianist) and Pilar (Cellist). Music is a journey through emotions, representing everything that words cannot describe. Wailing wind interspersed in the forest dream, hazy endless tunnels, or the peace that only in nature you can embrace. Inspired by romanticism, Aura Noctis aims to transport us to those places where the mind had never been, arousing fantasy that is latent within us. Their melodies are the hope that drives away the pain. [label info]

Autopsia -- "White Christmas" -- CD -- €13
1994 Hypnobeat, CD 3421-2
Four long Christmas Neoclassical / Martial chorales from the legend of the European industrial scene. Jewel-case. [YAOP]

Batty, James -- "Sanctuary (Overtones and Deviations)" -- CD -- €8
2016 Frozen Light, FZL 041, (ltd. 300)
“Sanctuary (Overtones and Deviations)”, the debut album of London-based composer James Batty, is a project where he let his ideas “roam free, without the constraints of a particular sound or genre”. Some tracks masterfully combine otherworldly ambient electronics with ephemeral snippets of re-tuned piano; other are perfectly-crafted solo piano compositions that exploit harmonic resonances to evoke different moods. The music was inspired by painting, sculpture and film by artists Jo Baer, Henry Moore and Michael Haneke. Jewel case, limited edition: 300 copies. [label info]

Bjerga, Sindre & Micromelancholie -- "Invisible Paths" -- CD -- €10
2015 Zoharum, ZOHAR 097-2, (ltd. 300)
Another instalment in the ongoing collaborative mail-art series by the duo of Sindre Bjerga and Robert Skrzynski aka Micromelancolié. The first is a well-known Norwegian sound artist that works alone and in many projects (including the excellent drone Star Turbine) and runs the label called Gold Soundz. Robert Skrzynski does not slow down his creative momentum appearing for the first time on Zoharum with a collaboration (after highly acclaimed albums "It Does not Belong Here" by Micromelancolié and "Najas Flexilis Exequiae" by ForrrestDrones)... The two parts of the title composition included on the album "Invisible Paths" is a continuation of sound exploration by both artists. The duo put on a more modest sonic arsenal than on the previous releases, which does not reduce the quality of these two recordings. In these collages there is a place for ambient textures, surreptitiously recorded conversation, oily drones, and even a little bit of tape music. Here and there scraps of melody emerge from from the bubbling magma, although, in contrast to "Prayer Calls" for example, they only serve as ornaments. "Invisible Paths" is an exercise in focusing attention of the listener, but it's a risk worth taking... [press-release]

Borisov, Alexei & Olga Nosova -- "Samsa for a Friend (remixed by Yura Gorodezkii" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Heart-Shaped Box, HSB-095, (ltd. 30)
Experimental sound collage. Pro-CDR, 30 copies. [label info]

Brinstaar -- "Infotswetock" -- CD -- €10
2011/2014 Kotä Records, 01, (ltd. 450)
Here is what Brinstaar told us about this album: "I was creating Infotswetock using my guitar and some pedals, you can hear a synth I used in some tracks, it seems to be Polivoks as far as I remember. I had nowhere to play at that time, so I grabbed up my stuff and get it to the work office, and play the music when I had a break (and by the way, I want to say thanks to all colleagues and owners for the great patience they paid to me)... I made a creation process in the way of playing with hardware for a while to the moment I got sound I liked, then I get myself deep into sonar meditation. I improvised until I had my mind completely off, then I push the record button and get a condensed and intensive version in a right state of mind. Every track holds a several lines recorded in this way. For 2 years, while I was working on the album, I made hundreds of tracks, then I started to collect the coolest ones of them… then I dreamed a name Infotswetock, and that is how it was born... At the same time something happened with my perception, I’ve started to see patterns and structures everywhere, especially on people faces. I’ve thought about the nature of this patterns, and realized that it can be just another layer of the reality interpretation in my mind. Nothing magic, but pretty beautiful..." [press-release] Transparent plastic pack with silk screen.

Bruno Swiatlocien -- "Czern I Cien II" -- CD -- €10
2015 New Experimental Art, NEA 002
The new album Bruno SWIATLOCIEN, czern i cien II, music and lyrics by Bronislaw Ehrlich. On the new album has 9 songs in the style of Dark Wave, Cold Wave, Noise or ambient. Candid message, the music of a noise mantras, uncompromising lyricism, is the essence of what we do on the album Czern i Cien II. In the music of Group Bruno SWIATLOCIEN can find something fans of early Swans, Kiling joke, Joy Division and Blood Axis. The first album of the band in Music Magazine, beside Wierze Fabryk was deemed album of the year 2013. New material already has similar quotes in the connoisseurs of music in reviews. Responsible for the production of discs Michal Miegon is known for its many projects, especially bands like Shipyard and Kiev Office. [press-release]

Bumsteinas, Arturas -- "Organ Safari Lituanica" -- CD -- €10
2016 Intonema, int019, (ltd. 200)
We are happy to introduce you Arturas Bumsteinas, a composer from Lithuania! This is our second collaboration with him since he participated in the making of our first release Wozzeck "Act III: Comics". A new Arturas’ solo release continues his series of organ works. During Summer 2015 he has visited 20 Lithuanian cities with Gaile Griciute who improvised on a church organ. Arturas has written 3 compositions based on the recorded material where he researched sound details and specificities of different organs along with their sound in the space. [label info]

Column One -- "Cindy, Loraine & Hank" -- 2 CD -- €13
2015 Zoharum, ZOHAR 107-2, (ltd. 500)
Zoharum proudly presents the latest album from the legendary Berlin-based art collective Column One. Their new double album, entitled "Cindy, Loraine & Hank", was in the works for almost 10 years and it is their first album since anniversary box set "No One" from 2011 and "Antiphona" 10" vinyl EP from 2013. For this recordings, Column One were Rene Lamp, Robert Schalinski, Jürgen Eckloff, Andrew Loadman with Nada and Rasmus Schalinski plus a host of guests including Reinhold Friedl and Zeitkratzer Ensemble... This double album presents Column One and their experimental approach to sound at its best. "Cindy, Loraine & Hank" a collection of incestuous figures, a museum of small, lovely bastards. Products of passion & weakness, disorientation and dedication, of dull instincts and narrowness. Twins, triplets, octuplets, dyslexic, presidents, beginners, criminal citizens, sacred Neanderthals, expert idiots. Begotten in haste, hidden in the dirt, covered with garbage... A contourless, monstrous void in the cardigan of the great-grandmother. A voyage through the labyrinthine mind of Column One... a surreal, organic projection. Idiotenmusik - field recordings - orchestral variations - cut-up's - musique concrete - collage... The CDs are housed in a digipak sleeve and the album is strictly limited to 500 copies. The cover was designed by Robert Schalinski, based on "Black Depths" print (1974) by John Hiliard. [press-release]

Crawl Unit -- "Propriety Acoustics (Live)" -- CD -- €5
1997 PPPecords / Pure, PURE36CD

Cyclofillydea -- "Do you remember the melody of light?" -- CD -- €10
2016 K-Records, kr002, (ltd. 300)
The long awaited full-length from the St. Petersburg-based post-industrial project Cyclofillydea! The album is dedicated to war in all its horror. Various destinies, names of fallen, nameless graves, heroes, traitors, those who want to forget and those who want to remember... Dipping its brush in this polyphony, war paints its canvas... The album features contributions from the well-known artists on neofolk- and post-industrial scene: Damiano Mercuri (Rose Rovine e Amanti), Gerhard Hallstatt (Allerseelen), Count Ash (Moon Far Away) and others. Lyrics in Russian, Italian and German languages. Digipak. [label info]

Dat Rayon -- "Motor City" -- CD -- €10
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 062-2, (ltd. 300)
"Motor City" is the second result of a collaborative work between Dat Rayon and Zoharum label, after the "Junkyard" net release. This time it is a physical release - the second compact disc long-player after well-received "Station Wagon" from 2012. Thematically, the latest Dat Rayon album revolves around automobile themes, similarly to "Station Wagon." "Motor City" is dedicated to Detroit - the birthplace of worldwide car industry which is depopulating and decaying now. In 11 compositions one can hear echoes of deserted factories that were once full of life. The illustration of this theme is one of a kind mix of deformed electronica with loads of dub and ambient. It is perfectly complemented by the cover artwork by Rafal Kolsut. This 3-panel ecopak release is strictly limited to 300 copies. [press-release]

Dat Rayon / FOQL / RNA2 / Gaap Kvlt -- "Circuit Integre Volume 1 - A Compilation Of Contemporary Electronica" -- CD -- €10
2015 Zoharum, ZOHAR 101-2, (ltd. 400)
"Circuit Integre" is a new Zoharum series, modeled after Philips' 'Prospective 21e Siecle', released at the turn of the 1960s and 1970s. Our new series presents the most interesting young projects working in the the field of broadly-defined electronic music. Each part will contain recordings of three different projects. In the first part the following participated: Dat Rayon, NZLD.pl and Gaap Kvlt... Dat Rayon is a Gdansk-based project inspired by the automotive industry, in particular the fall of the industrial city of Detroit. In their music they penetrate the periphery of the post-club electronica mixing ambient, dub and minimal techno. Dat Rayon has developed its own sound code that can be heard on "Station Wagon" (Seed Records, 2012) and "Motor City" (Zoharum, 2014) and the web release "Junkyard" (Dat Rayon / Zoharum, 2013)... FOQL and RNA2 are part of the NZLD.pl (formerly under the names Kolektyw Ebola and Marburg). They have released numerous smaller formats (cassettes, EPs, and tracks on compilations). Their music is fully analogue drawing from elements of electro, techno, drone and ambient music. Their music cannot be pigeonholed, so with every listen one can find new elements in it... The last of the artists presented on the first part of the "Circuit Integre" series is Gaap Kvlt. The project has already gained considerable audience thanks to their debut album "Void" (Monotype Records, 2014) and numerous EPs. The mysterious project mixes ambient and drone with hints of orientalism forming a sonic dome. The album is released in a 3-panel ecopak in a strictly limited edition of 400 copies. The cover is designed by Tomek Popakul (the author of an award-winning animated movie ‘Ziegenort’). It is mastered by Pawel Bartnik and his Centrala Studio. The whole production process is overseen by Michal Porwet. [press-release]

DDR feat. Nueva Germania -- "Verlogener Realismus" -- CD-R -- €12
2002 S.P.K.R., THUK XIII, (ltd. 99)
Two underground stars of the German Power Electronics perform collage dada-industrial with historical samples on their collaboration album. Sleeve. [YAOP]

Echoes Of Yul -- "Tether" -- CD -- €10
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 061-2, (ltd. 200)
Zoharum presents ECHOES OF YUL in their new release entitled "Tether". After 2 longplayers ("Echoes of Yul" on We Are All Pacinos and "Cold Ground" on Avantgarde) and a split CD, it's time for the next release, atypical in every respect. It's not a full album in the exact meaning of this word. "Tether" is an extended play which has a record running time for such a release which clocks at 78 minutes. It's a stylistically varied project which is the result of the collaboration with many artists of different backgrounds. "Tether" contains 4 new tracks full of slow heavy riffs, sounds from broken synths and ethereal atmospheres plus a number of reinterpretations by Different State, iconAclass (MCDalek), James Plotkin (OLD, Khanate), Maciek Szymczuk, Stendek, Steve Austin (Today is the Day). All compiled to sound not like a compilation, but a stand-alone cohesive album with many unexpected twists and turns. [press-release]

Ego Collapse -- "Calling Of The Seagull Drones" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Ostroga, OTR-052, (ltd. 15)
Experimental ambient noise. New album from the Russian-German project. Full colour A5 glossy envelope. Pro-CDR, 15 copies. [label info]

Ego Collapse -- "Cosmologically, Every Star Fits Into The Concrete Picture" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Ostroga, OTR-041, (ltd. 15)
Ego Collapse (Light Collapse + Ego God) - Russian-German project. Unknown letters on the face of endless space. Throbbing infinite mystery the unknown universe. The inner and outer space. Polyphony of life and displays of all things. Glossy envelope. Pro-CDR, only 15 copies. [label info]

Ego Collapse -- "Mushroom Place In The Sludge Forest" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Ostroga, OTR-049, (ltd. 15)
Experimental ambient noise. The new album from the Russian-German project. Artwork by Vitaly Maklakov. Pro-CDR, 15 copies. [label info]

Ego Collapse -- "Raccoons Came Into The Garden..." -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Ostroga, OTR-051, (ltd. 15)
Experimental ambient noise. New album from the Russian-German project. Full colour A5 glossy envelope. Зro-CDR, 15 copies. [label info]

Ego Collapse -- "Red Wings Of Autumn" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Ostroga, OTR-036, (ltd. 30)
Experimental noise / dark ambient / field recordings. Ego Collapse: Vitaly Maklakov + Philipp Konieczny. "Together with Philipp Konieczny completed work on a new album. Today, 30 copies of "Red Wing autumn" saw the light. This long composition is dedicated to my friend Sergei Okonechnikov. During the recording, we often talked with Sergey on the topic of this music. He was particularly inspired by the realization of my text in this album. Work on the material was completed shortly before the death of Sergei." Pro-CDR, 30 copies. [label info]

Ego Collapse -- "Snow & Sun" -- CD-R -- €7
2016 Down Elcovka Records, CD-R DER 022, (ltd. 30)
Ambient / Noise / Drone. "Dreary tired swamps in the depths of taiga silently moan waiting for the relieving first snow. And over there only heavy snowy slouds waiting for their hour in the light of lazy autumn sun." Meditative Noise Ambient from the Russian-German project featuring Vitaliy Maklakov (Light Collapse) and Philipp Konieczny (Ego God). Almost an hour-long droning suite for the lovers of late autumn and melancholic black and white movies. CD-R with printed surface packed in half-DVD box. [label info]

Exit In Grey -- "One Lumen In The Past" -- CD -- €10
2016 Frozen Light, FZL 039, (ltd. 300)
Frozen Light presents "One Lumen In The Past" – a new album by sub-Moscow project Exit In Grey. Time runs forward, inexorably carrying us into the darkness of the forthcoming Unknown. But sometimes our path is illuminated by short and bright flashes – flashes of light from our Past. Memory helps us not to get lost, and the Past itself gives us hope and support, because it is devoid of our death. But the Past is already dead and we're not yet... Only flashes... "One Lumen is In The Past" is based on Memory of the space around us, inspiring and charging. Melancholic and anxious Drone / Ambient in the best traditions of Exit In Grey. Digifile, 300 copies. [label info]

Expo 70 -- "Corridors To Infinity" -- 2 CD -- €13
2009/2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 086-2, (ltd. 500)
Originally released in 2009 in a small tape and CDR edition (150 and 100 respectively), ”Corridors to Infinity” has been our favourite in their extensive discography. This edition, which sees the light of the day 5 years after its initial release, has been expanded to a double album with an additional disc entitled ”Star Coloured Clouds”. The original sound of Justin Wright's project – guitar-based drone psychedelia – has been augumented here with organ and synthesizer sounds giving it an even more spacious, but also meditative character. Expo 70 came closely here to Ash Ra Tempel without copying the German trio's sound, but having a similar feel drawing a few parallels with their early work. The second unreleased disc, recorded just one month before the sessions for the main album, has more guitars, yet manages to follow the same contemplative path complementing ”Corridors to Infinity” and thus creating a cohesive 2CD offering. The CD is housed in gatefold sleeve in the vein of Japanese-style vinyl replica and is strictly limited to 500 copies. The cover is based on the original release and the design was handled by Justin Wright. The whole production process was overseen by Michal Porwet. [press-release]

Expo 70 -- "Frozen Living Elements" -- CD -- €10
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 087-2, (ltd. 500)
It's been three years since Expo 70 appeared on the ”From Earth to Sirius” compilation and now they are back to Zoharum with a full-length offering. Their latest album is entitled ”Frozen Living Elements” and it features an expanded line-up. Apart from Justin Wright, Expo 70 were Jim Button on drums and Aaron Osborne on bass and additional synthesizers for the sessions and the result can be described as space rock power trio. With three tracks spread over 45 minutes, the trio takes us on a cosmic tour de force. With influences ranging from analogue electronica through guitar drone to noisy psychedelia, Expo 70 manages to travel back in time to the 1970s, yet stay as contemporary as they can without sounding dated or irrelevant. The musicians transport us to their rehearsal room drenched in dry ice where they play their extended acid jams landing somewhere in-between SunnO))), Can and Sperm... The CD is housed in an ecopak sleeve and is strictly limited to 500 copies. The cover was designed by Justin Wright. "Frozen Living Elements" was mastered by Scott Colburn. The whole production process was overseen by Michal Porwet. [press-release]

Expo 70 -- "Solar Drifting" -- 2 CD -- €13
2015 Zoharum, ZOHAR 099-2, (ltd. 500)
Justin Wright aka Expo 70 has already made himself at home on Zoharum. The first of our joint sonic ventures is an tribute to Robert Anton Wilson entitled "From Earth to Sirius", another is the expanded two-disc rerelease of the album "Corridors is Infinity", and the third is an album of completely new material "Frozen Living Elements". The next and the fourth one is a retrospective disc "Solar Drifting". This compilation is so unique in a sense that it gathers some rare recordings from the years 2008-2011 previously released on limited and long sold-out 7-inch singles and tape EPs on a single disc. And this new release also presents another dimension of Justin Wright's creative output. These are shorter, more concise forms of varied kinds and atmospheres. We are drifting in space once again (or, to be precise, in the light of the sun, just as the title suggests), but this time our journey is full of numerous changes... The album is released in a 3-panel ecopak in a strictly limited edition of 500 copies. The cover is designed by Justin Wright. It is mastered by Scott Colburn. The whole production process is overseen by Michal Porwet. [press-release]

Fahl -- "The Halls Of The Dead" -- CD -- €10
2014 Lichterklang, LK023, (ltd. 267)
FAHL was founded by Dimo Dimov, Marcel P. and Cornelius Waldner in autumn 2008. All members have been active in several Dark Folk, Neoclassic and Black Metal–projects for some time, among them :werra:, Von Thronstahl, Allerseelen, Sagittarius, Miel Noir or Svarrogh (just to name a few.) Four years after their debut „Paths To Emptiness“, FAHL’s second album „The Halls OF The Dead“ is not just a compendium of songs lyrically influenced by the „Mahabarata“, Stefan George, Ludwig Fahrenkrog, Carlo Michelstaedter and Hermann Graf Keyserling, but musicalwise the consequent continuation of what has been started four years ago. „The Halls Of The Dead“ is a dark opus of 13 occult ambient tracks that’ll haunt the listeners by it’s lyrical and musical depth and sincerity. „The Halls Of The Dead“ for sure is not an album for the fainthearted listener. The artwork for the album was done by well-known foto-artist Laetitia Mantis, being a long time friend with the band and it’s members, putting even more emphasis on the occult character of FAHL. [label info]

Fake Cats Project -- "Russian Canon" -- CD -- €8
2016 Frozen Light, FZL 037, (ltd. 300)
Russian Canon is the fourth album - the first on CD - of the Moscow based Fake Cats Project. The title certainly doesn't mean our seventeen pieces form the Russian Canon, rather we are in search of it. We try to avoid Russian clichés, but sometimes play with them. There are no folk songs accompanied by bayan (the Russian Accordion) though you will hear Kiriill Makushin playing bayan. We don’t play typical Russian rock, though Alexey Borisov is a luminary of Russian rock himself, of the bands Nochnoi Prospect and Tsentr. This is not an album of the Russian intelligentsia, singing their sad, simple songs around the kitchen table, though some fragments were recorded by Igor Levshin in Alexey's kitchen. Our Russian Canon is not confined to national culture: we use the Turkish saz and Latin percussion. Our electric guitars certainly do not originate from Russia, and Konstantin Sukhan’s trumpet is more akin to free jazz rather than any Russian tradition. Any overlaps with industrial music or krautrock are sometimes coincidental and sometimes deliberate. Since there is a Russian tradition of fierce speculation on philosophy or revolution at the kitchen table, we use for our sound not cast iron rails, but a buffet filled with utensils, bottles, glasses and a trash bin. We've also added the creaks of rusty swings, screams, laughter and the songs of ordinary people in the Moscow streets. We include both the sane and insane, because no Russian Canon can go without a touch of insanity. [press-release]

Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim -- "A Bug's Life" -- CD -- €10
2016 Zoharum, ZOHAR 114-2, (ltd. 500)
Jürgen Eberhard aka Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim celebrates 25 years of his artistic activity with the first full-length album on Zoharum entitled "A Bug's Life". Keen observers of our activity certainly know his name, for instance from a common vinyl 7-incher entitled "Both Sides of The Looking Glass" shared with Bisclaveret duo or from the composition "Enigmatic Visions", which appeared on a commemorative compilation "07|100|15"... "A Bug's Life" is the tenth full-length album in the discography of Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim. It was being created, like the previous ones, for several years and is another conscious artistic statement. Seven compositions included here are of a collage nature and combine echoes of post-industrial ambient, drone music, musique concrete, field recordings and even plunderphonics. On his first studio album since "Die Legende vom Heiligen Trinker" from 2011, Jürgen Eberhard consciously continues his sonic quest on a depleted terrain and he manages to avoid traps of empty experiments. "A Bug's Life" is at the same time an atmospheric, and even accessible, album, and sonically elaborate and demanding of the listener. [press-release]

ForrrestDrones -- "Najas Flexilis Exequiae" -- CD -- €10
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 082-2, (ltd. 300)
A few months ago tracks with old pictures of various plants started popping up around the net. Tracks full of organic, ethereal drones. Then this tape with covers made of pages from some old book was released and it landed in our hands. A set of 5 tracks entitled "Tallest Trees Gallery". We listened to it very carefully and loved it, but still didn't know who was responsible for those enchanting sounds. We went through the J-card and found only the email address starting from two words "Cough Serenades". Who is that Cough Serenades dude? It's Robert Skrzynski, otherwise known as Micromelancolie (do you still remember his Zoharum CD entitled "It Doesn't Belong Here"?). For his second offering as ForrrestDrones (but the first one on CD format) Robert has created one long piece entitled "Najas Flexilis Exequiae". A perfect contemplative track which takes you on a trip to the woods in the middle of the night. It is the world straight from forgotten fairy tales from sallow books. The owl from the cover is your guide on this dreamy journey. Is the forest real or are we only dreaming? Are those clicks, crackles and pops the sounds of the fire burning or the vinyl being played? Is the melody you hear soothing or sinister? Many questions keep popping up while listening to "Najas Flexilis Exequiae". Are you ready to take the challenge and answer them for yourself?... The CD is housed in an ecopak sleeve and is strictly limited to 300 copies. The cover paintings and design was made by Wiktor Jackowski. "Najas Flexilis Exequiae" was mastered by Mateusz Wysocki (aka Fischerle). The whole production process was overseen by Michal Porwet. [press-release]

Galerie Schallschutz -- "Teddybear" -- CD EP -- €9
2004 Eternal Soul Records, ES13, (ltd. 300)
It is the second part to the HAARP CD released on Tesco Organisation. The standard edition is limited to 300 copies. It comes in a 10" gatefold-sleeve. A cardboard-sleeve for the CD is sticked inside the cover. Inserts are a 2-page 10.5x21 cm postcard.

Genetic Transmission -- "Last" -- CD -- €10
2015 Zoharum, ZOHAR IYHHH 009-2, (ltd. 444)
'Last' is the latest Genetic Transmission album. Distributed only as a handful of CDRs a few years ago, it is only now that it appears as a regular CD release as part of the IYHHH series. The idea behind the recording of this material was to the creation of sonic miniatures, short forms created from the acoustic preparations or electro-acoustic sources resulting in numerous sound experiments which Tomasz Twardawa has been known of. As a result, the album is composed of fifteen tracks in total, mostly shorter tracks, which are more than one hour of music. 'Last' is the end of a chapter, as the title indicates. This is the last studio album in the discography of Genetic Transmission. This one is the end and the summary of Tomasz Twardawa's activities under this banner. And also the last, 9th part of the IYHHH series, presenting interesting discoveries or unusual sounds from Polish artists in an unconventional way. The album is released in an ecopack with a postcard and limited to 444 hand-numbered copies. [press-release]

Gorduw -- "Vtoraya Chastt Istorii Feitnathorotha. Zemla. Tayga. Hvoyniy Thron Taygi" -- 2 CD-R -- €14
1996/2015 Torga Amun, Amun-085, (ltd. 20)
Black Ambient / Folvork Dark Ambient. This reissue of one of the albums of the legends of the Siberian underground. Digitizing the material was made from the original master tapes. Siberian brother Beherit unfolds before the listener picture virgin forests of the Siberian taiga. Sound austere, but confident. Sometimes there are reminiscences with Mortiis. This album - the story of arrival Folvorks on Earth. Folvorks - a special form of creatures. Folvorks also live among the people, but differ from them. Here tells the story of another alternate reality. It would seem that the material was irretrievably lost, but this album is like a magic stone that chthonic realm pushes into the sunlight, came to us from the past. This reissue used elements of the original design. 2 x pro-CDR, only 20 copies. Glossy envelope with two foto-inserts. The physical release contains unnamed bonus track. [label info]

Griefer -- "Brute Force" -- CD -- €10
2007 Deterrent Industries, DETERCD01
Exhausting, torturing Power Electronics / Death Industrial dedicated to the Internet espionage. Truly inhuman material for the fans of Anenzephalia, Ex.Order, Heimkomputer80, Institut... Luxurous black & silver thick digipak. [YAOP]

Hati -- "Metanous" -- CD -- €10
2015 Zoharum, ZOHAR 105-2, (ltd. 400)
"Metanous" is HATI's third album on Zoharum, but the first one including new material. Two years after releasing "Wild Temple" CD (MonotypeRec., 2013) the band is back with a new album which is a summary of the period 2011-2012 when the musicians performed as a trio of Rafal Iwanski, Rafal Kolacki and Robert Darowski. It's the next time in their history when the duo changed their line-up to expand the sonic formula and create music of a slightly different nature. In the case of "Metanous" the weight of percussion is balanced by the sound of the didgeridoo which exists here not so much as an addition, but a fully-fledged instrument. As usual, you can hear many other instruments making up the sonic world of HATI from the very beginning of the band. Here you can find gongs, drums, bells, found objects, horns and other wind instruments. The sound generated in this new interaction is rich, song structures are usually complex, often based on a dialogue of characteristic gong-based rhythms with didgeridoo and several other instruments played by Robert Darowski. Here are also acoustic drone explorations, equally important in the music of the group. Once again HATI reveals a new, hidden face. By re-building their line-up or inviting new members or collaborators (so far they include Z'EV, Dariusz Brzostek, Slawomir Ciesielski), Rafal Iwanski and Rafal Kolacki still explore new sonic areas. "Metanous" is the transformation (of the mind); the word 'meta' (Latin) means as much as the boundary, the end, the turning point. In the case of HATI, it is in fact the end of that period for Torun musicians. The group will never return in such a configuration again. This album is a recording of an interesting period of the group included in seven compositions recorded for the purpose of this release... The cover is designed by Tomek Mirt. The album is mastered by Lukasz Miernik. The CD is housed in a digipak and the album is strictly limited to 400 copies. [press-release]

Hybryds -- "The Rhythm of the Ritual / Ein Phallischer Gott" -- 2 CD -- €13
1994/2016 Zoharum, ZOHAR 116-2, (ltd. 500)
Zoharum continues reissuing past works of one of the most interesting projects coming from the 1980s underground - Hybryds. ”The Rhythm of the Ritual / Ein Phallischer Gott” is the fifth instalment in the reissue series of Hybryds classic releases... Sandy tells a few words about the period: In the 1990s only small independent labels existed which had their own area to cover distributionwise hoping to spread our music in the world. ”The Rhythm of the Rituals” (1994, Charnel Music) and ”Ein Phallischer Gott” (1997, Crowd Control Activities) shared some songs. There were no official media supporting this world of “underground” music. Acid and rave became popular in the “commercial” scene. Pro Tools was the magic word. But we made our music live on the 8-track. The only sequences were the drum machines. We stayed loyal to working the old-fashioned way. It's the more rhythmical and ethnical side of Hybryds, lots of percussion, played acoustically, or sampled and looped, or from drum machines. Some of the basic music was from the 1980s but by then we worked on a reel-to-reel 8-track tape recorder with a bigger mixing desk. Livewise we started to transfer to our cyberpunk period (as visible in the live version of ”Whisper”). Depending on the demand we had two live shows, the “magical” or the cyberpunk. It was also the time when Yasnaia and me did the live shows alone. We did not work live on stage with others anymore. We had a manager, Patty Hele from Motherdance. It was easier to travel and perform with two people only. Yasnaia released her solo album and started playing live with her solo project... The first CD collects tracks from two studio releases ”The Rhythm of the Ritual” and ”Ein Phallischer Gott”. The live CD contains live versions of the studio CD (some taken from the live Obuh vinyl LP) and some extras, like an unreleased song ”Dusk Falling”... The album has been digitally remastered from the original master tapes by none else but Sandy Nys, who also provided the cover based on the previous editions. The CDs are housed in a digipak sleeve and the album is strictly limited to 500 copies. [press-release]

Hybryds -- "The Ritual Should Be Kept Alive" -- CD -- €10
1991/2015 Zoharum, ZOHAR 089-2, (ltd. 500)
Zoharum continues reissuing past works of one of the most interesting projects coming from the 1980s underground - Hybryds. This album is the fourth instalment in the reissue series of Hybryds classic releases. It is an expanded reissue of ”The Ritual Should Be Kept Alive (1)” EP released back in 1991. That release featured only the first part of the title composition. The Zoharum edition was extended to a 70-minute full album with the other two parts of ”The Ritual Should Be Kept Alive” included plus one more bonus song... Contrary to the previous releases (”Mythical Music from the 21st Century” and ”Music for Rituals” - both reissued on Zoharum – with lots of short pieces), ”The Ritual Should Be Kept Alive” contains slowly-evolving, long pieces which will hypnotise the listener with their sonic magic. Four songs on this album come from the same period, so it sounds very cohesive. And because three of them were not published before, ”The Ritual Should Be Kept Alive” v.2014 might be treated as a new album... The album has been digitally remastered from the original stereo cassette master by none else but Sandy Nys, who also provided the cover based on the previous editions. This is the ritual music at its best. Now you can enjoy it in the best digital quality. The CD is housed in a digipak sleeve and the album is strictly limited to 500 copies. [press-release]

If, Bwana -- "The Ice Moons" -- CD -- €10
2015 Nefryt, N 027, (ltd. 400)
A collection of 5 amazing "instrumental / structured drone" tracks, oscillating between contemporary music, experimental and electronics, immersed in a minimalist atmosphere. Performed on baritone sax, bowed hammer dulcimer, violin, alto clarinet & cello by different musicians (Al Margolis, with Steve Norton, Dan Joseph, Viv Corringham, Nathan Bontrager), and the human voice on one track... creates a special 'breathing' and organic atmosphere of almost cosmic music and disturbing drones. Ltd x 400 copies in an A5 gatefold cover. [Cold Spring]

Illusion Of Safety -- "Rules Of The Game" -- 3"CD -- €5
1994 eM 13n, M 1304073
An 18 minute audio collage, using computer cut-ups, piercing FM synthesis, drum lock-grooves, ambient tonal passages, hyper-reality field recordings, etc. [Forced Exposure]

In Scherben -- "Dort An Jenem Baume...." -- CD -- €10
2011 Lichterklang, LK003, (ltd. 500)
After "Erlkönige" (2008) and "Ostrakon" (2009), IN SCHERBEN release their third album, "Dort an jenem Baume", which is their first release on "Lichterklang". While the two preceding albums were marked by the struggle for a distinctive identity, "Dort an jenem Baume" is not just the result of their acquired musical maturity, but, above all, an affectionate commitment to the concept of "Heimat", which can be experienced in Maren's and Lars's lyrics, but also in their musical interpretations of poems by Eichendorff, Nikolaus Lenau and Gottfried Benn and was inspired by their move from Leipzig to the Swiss Alpine republic. What elsewhere is often nothing but a common neofolk stereotype, a romantically idealised understanding of the homeland and its cultural and social origins, is transformed into a groundbreaking declaration of love, dedicated to one's own roots. Be it the Ruhr Valley, which is lyrically glorified in "Horizonte" or "Sachsenland", IN SCHERBEN's musical versatility and sparkling instrumentations are far from being restricted to cliches of the genre, but open up new horizons of classically inspired neofolk. Thus, they continue the tradition of strongly influential artists of the genre, such as Forseti or Dies Natalis, focused on the essential and united in their consciousness of the virtues of an honestly and deeply experienced affinity with nature and cultural achievement. [label info]

The Infant Cycle -- "A Mysterious Disc" -- CD-R -- €7>
2009 The Ceiling, CEIL032
The very first "mysterious disc" in the series by the Canadian project The Infant Cycle, containing remixed tracks collected throughout the whole projects discography, and also some previously unreleased material. Packed in white cardboard sleeve with no text info at all. 6 tracks, 45 minutes.

Inner Vision Laboratory -- "Austeros" -- CD -- €10
2015 Zoharum, ZOHAR 092-2, (ltd. 300)
”Austeros” is the third album of Inner Vision Laboratory, an ambient project of Karol Skrzypiec, on Zoharum following ”Future Chaos” (2011) and ”Perpetua” (2012), and two collaborative releases ”Decline” (2010) with Hoarfrost and ”Ambit” (2014) with Nepenthe. On the new album "Austeros" the artist unite sounds from the surrounding reality. The meanings and references do not illustrate or deconstruct as usual, but allow completely new musical beings to peal out, torn alive from random, lost radio broadcasts, the cacophony of everyday life, or unspecified ether. "Austeros" is an album that allows the individual to enjoy the sounds, served with reverence, which, thanks to its minimal consequences reverberate with the strength. The more they strike, the more you get into this kind of futuristic world, disappearing faster and faster into oblivion. Once again IVLAB shows that the form is a useful tool in overturning established routines... to build on their ashes a message sent to sublime senses. The CD is housed in an ecopak sleeve and is strictly limited to 300 copies. The cover was designed by Ewa Skrzypiec. [press-release]

Kolacki, Rafal -- "Ninkyo Dantai" -- CD -- €10
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 068-2 / Noisen Rec., D 006 / Huta Artzine, HUTA_SND002, (ltd. 300)
'Ninkyo Dantai' is the first full solo album by Rafal Kolacki. It was created mainly on the basis of field recordings. Quite specific noises made by various kinds of electrical appliances (transformers, fans, etc.) were used sound sources. Created in a continuous, monotonous, quiet at times, they were then fed into the computer and processed. They also served the purpose of creating additional sounds (samples, midi). At the end of this post-production process, they were all mixed electronically. The album is filled with repetitive compositions of a cohesive structure and minimal character, thus referring to the sound of machine at work. In this respect, Kolacki announces his own ideological manifesto whose main idea is the thesis that technology is assuming control over contemporary civilisation and culture including music, the consequences of which are numerous natural and industrial disasters (especially the nuclear ones.) Trivial, but true. [press-release]

Kolpakopf -- "Body Electric" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Ostroga, OTR-054, (ltd. 23)
Russian dark drone ambient project. Full colour A5 glossy envelope. Pro-CDR, 23 copies. [label info]

Kolpakopf -- "Die Stunde Der Welt" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Ostroga, OTR-056, (ltd. 23)
Russian dark drone ambient project. Full colour A5 glossy envelope. Pro-CDR, 23 copies. [label info]

Kolpakopf -- "Under Glass" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Ostroga, OTR-055, (ltd. 23)
Russian dark drone ambient project. This album - the industrial side of the project. Pro-CDR, 23 copies. [label info]

Konstruktivists -- "Anarchic Arcadia" -- CD -- €10
2015 E-Klageto, Exklageto 12, (ltd. 300)
Konstruktivist, the legendary industrial/experimental group from the UK, returns with a new album entitled 'Anarchic Arcadia'. It is their first regular album since 2007's 'Back to Black' followed by a few self-released CDRs and downloads. The album features 8 new tracks recorded during the past two years. Glenn M. Wallis and Mark Crumby prepared one hour of experimental songs, twisted dance music, dark electronica. The influences span 4 decades. 'Anarchic Arcadia' is an album that will appeal to both fans of classic projects such as Coil, Chris and Cosey or SPK and followers of modern dark electronics in the vein of Demdike Stare or The Haxan Cloak. The great cover was designed by Natascha Schampus. The album is strictly limited to 300 copies. [press-release]

Kromeshna -- "Tropic Of Cancer" -- CD-R -- €7
2016 Ostroga, OTR-057, (ltd. 34)
Ethereal drone ambient. Deep Space diptych. Dedication to the constellation of Cancer. Pro-CDR, 34 copies. [label info] Previously released on a split-tape with Lunar Abyss (BioSonar^Lo-End, 2013).

Kucz, Konrad -- "Railroad Paths" -- CD -- €11
2008 Generator.pl, GEN CD 005
Great work from the Polish composer. Futuristic Berlin school electronics somewhere between Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk, dedicated to railroads. [YAOP]

La Pietra Lunare -- "s/t" -- CD -- €10
2015 Lichterklang, LK027, (ltd. 260)
La Pietra Lunare's debut is a concept album dedicated to the mysteries of Italy. It tells how, in the years between the two wars, in some small villages of the south it was believed that magic rites and amulets could have some form of will on daily life. Taking inspiration from some cult Italian books, such as Tommaso Landolfi's homonymous novel, these songs show how neofolk music has an esoteric origin through their real popular beliefs. Recorded in five years, the album includes guests from the italian neofolk scene, such as Egida Aurea, ZSP, Lupi Gladius and Antiqua Lunae. Their genre could be a strange kind of neofolk called "verist post-folk". [label info]

Laibach -- "Nova Akropola" -- CD -- €47
1994 Cleopatra, CLEO 9483-2

Land:Fire -- "Incandescent Sonic Lodge" -- CD -- €9
2014 Power & Steel, PAS 36
Reissue of two limited CDRs from 2006/07 that were available on the band's own label Shortwave Transmissions. This edition includes the MCD "Incandescent" and the "Live At Sonic Lodge" CD, both originally released in very small numbers. Now available again in a remastered and polished form. A purging, extreme listening experience that'll leave you feeling as though you've just gone over an abandoned area of sonic assaults and monstrously frequency manipulation. 'Incadescent Sonic Lodge' is resoundingly bleak and characterised by biting distortion rhythms, with noise-oscillators and disfigured vocal samples floundering around the mix at every turn. This is another claustrophobic soundtrack of Land:Fire with dark atmospheres and fear-loaded electronics with deep ambient soundscapes under it's sonic surface. 6-panel digisleeve. [press-release]

Lavelle, Brian -- "Supernaturalist" -- CD -- €5
2008 EE Tapes, EE 12, (ltd. 300)
Exclusive new output from this ambient/electronic artist from Scotland, UK. On ‘Supernaturalist’, Brian Lavelle presents 4 long brilliant compositions (70 minutes), minimal at first hearing, but with full maximum impact: bare to multi-layered drones, gentle to hallucinogating field recordings with natural elements, ambient noises and real instruments (piano, bass…). A classic album with style, hauntingly beautiful!! Full metallised CD housed in the usual 7” folder cover, ‘pвle bleu’ (pale blue), in an edition of 300 copies only. Mastering, photography and design by Brian Lavelle. [press-release]

Leger Des Heils -- "Salutare" -- CD -- €46
2015 Aristae, ARIS IV, (ltd. 37)
Modern Classical / Neofolk. Strictly limited CD-only edition of 37 handnumbered copies in cardboard sleeve with booklet.

Les Colonnes De L'Eternite -- "A Soldier of Lifeforce" -- CD -- €10
2012 Lichterklang, LK011, (ltd. 300)
LES COLONNES DE L’ÉTERNITÉ were founded in 2009, when Vilkas found new forms of expression in the Martial Industrial-genre after first musical experiences in the Black Metal scene. „Soldier Of A Lifeforce“ now is his first step into public where powerful drumming corresponds with melancholic melodies und muliple layered passages, influenced by neoclassical orchestrations and choirs. Conceptionalwise „Soldier Of A Lifeforce“ deals with the clash of cultures in a global world, where the loss of cultural identitiy is increasing day by day. LES COLONNES DE L’ÉTERNITÉ stand in the tradition of bands such as Toroidh or Karjalan Sissit, but with their own unique musical brand that makes „Soldier Of A Lifeforce“ nothing less than one of the most impressive Martial Industrial albums of the year. [label info]

Light Collapse -- "Fractal Incubator" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2015 Torga Amun, Amun-094, (ltd. 15)
Radio-drone. Mini-album on the theme of genetic engineering and psychotronic weapons. 3`CD-R, 15 copies. [label info]

Litvin, Arseniy -- "Case History" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Torga Amun, Amun-092, (ltd. 20)
Old school / harsh noise industrial. Pro-CD-R, 20 copies. [label info]

Litvin, Arseniy & Vitaliy Maklakov -- "Son v Poludenniy Znoy" -- CD-R -- €7
2016 Ostroga, OTR-063, (ltd. 19)
The sound sources for this collaboration work were: sound loops, field recordings, live home session recordings. Limited edition, pro-CDR, 19 numbered copies. [label info]

Machinefabriek -- "The Measures Taken" -- CD -- €10
2015 Zoharum, ZOHAR 091-2, (ltd. 300)
After last year's two releases (a compilation of rare tracks ”Dubbeltjes” and the reissue of a collaborative album with Dag Rosenqvist entitled ”Vintermusik”) a renowned sound artist Rutger Zuydervelt returns with a completely new album called ”The Measures Taken”. It is the score for a dance performance by choreographer Alexander Whitley and visual artists Marshmallow Laser Feast. ”The Measures Taken” was originally commissioned by the Royal Opera House (it premiered there in May 2014). The spectacular performance involves a lot of hi-tech interactivity between dancers and projected visuals. The theme of man vs/with machine is magnified by the music, which combines warm melodic pads with glitchy white noise and (more than on any other Machinefabriek release) propulsive rhythms. Now you can enjoy the music from the performance on a physical album which is also striking without the use of the visual side... The album is released in a 3-panel ecopak in a strictly limited edition of 300 copies. The cover is based on the original by Rutger Zuydervelt. It was mastered by Lukasz Miernik. The whole production process was overseen by Michal Porwet. [press-release]

Machinefabriek -- "Wendingen" -- CD -- €10
2016 Zoharum, ZOHAR 117-2, (ltd. 300)
This is the third Machinefabriek album (and Rutger Zuydervelt's fourth) released in cooperation with Zoharum. After last year's well-received previous album, "The Measures Taken", containing music to the contemporary dance performance, Rutger prepared "Wendingen" for us. The album which is a compilation and at the same time it is not; which contains recordings of other artists and at the same time is completely fresh look at them through the Zuydervelt's glasses; finally it is an album that contains remixes and at the same time sounds like a completely new Machinefabriek album... In fact, from the beginning of its activity under the name Machinefabriek, Rutger Zuydervelt also acts as a prolific remixer for the likes of Nils Frahm, Balmorhea, Dirk Serries and Amon Tobin. The collection entitled "Wendingen" collects a substantial part of those reworks and contains reinterpretations of tracks by Mensenkinderen, Wouter Van Veldhoven, Fieldhead, Aaron Martin, Coppice, de la mancha, The Moi Non Plus, Djivan Gasparyan, Amon Tobin, Gareth Hardwick, Fiium Shaarrk, Vladimir and Red Stars Over Tokyo. Because they are reconstructions done by, not for, Machinefabriek, "Wendigen" sounds like a completely new album, not a compilation. It is also the proof of the craftsmanship of one of the most interesting figures on the European electronic or experimental music scene... The album is released in a 3-panel ecopak in a strictly limited edition of 300 copies. The cover is based on the original by Rutger Zuydervelt. It was mastered by Lukasz Miernik. The whole production process was overseen by Michal Porwet. [press-release]

Maklakov, Vitaly -- "Njera" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2015 Ostroga, OTR-053, (ltd. 20)
Monochrome rituals of a found place. 3`CDR, 20 copies, foto-insert. [label info]

Maklakov, Vitaly -- "Rural Landscape With Water And Wind" -- CD-R -- €5
2016 Polevoy Dnevnik, P(F)D 005, (ltd. 17)
Half an hour of raw windy drone and water splash. Refreshing! Full-colour sleeve. [label info]

Maklakov, Vitaly -- "Village Sketches" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Ostroga, OTR-042, (ltd. 15)
Pure field recordings. Pro-CDR, only 15 copies. [label info]

Maklakov, Vitaly -- "Zheleznye Skazki" -- CD-R -- €7
2016 Ostroga, OTR-057, (ltd. 34)
Two stories told by the sounds of iron, field recordings, DIY-synths sounds, weaves analog and digital sounds. The two parts of the deep, dive in yourself and in the world. Pro-CDR, 34 copies. [label info]

Maklakov, Vitaly / Big Bandes -- split -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2015 Ostroga, OTR-038, (ltd. 17)
Raw field recordings from Russia and France. Special unique design. Mini-CDR, only 17 copies. [label info]

Maklakov, Vitaly & Arseniy Litvin -- "Zazarkalnoye Molochko" -- CD-R -- €7
2016 Down Elcovka Records, CD-R DER 023, (ltd. 20)
"- How would you like to live in Looking-glass House, Kitty? I wonder if they'd give you milk in there?" (Lewis Caroll "Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There"). The Urals - Siberial mail collaboration. A joint album of the Kamensk-Uralskiy-based artist and noise activist Vitaliy Maklakov and Arseniy Litvin, head of Down Elcovka Records. The album is dedicated to the literary comments of the translators of the Caroll's book "Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There" to Russian language (published in 1989). [label info]

Marchoff, Marek X. -- "Funeral Musik Fur Jenny Marchoff" -- CD -- €10
2013 Zoharum, ZOHAR 058-2, (ltd. 300)
The most atypical album in Marek Marchoff's discography. For the first time, one will look for Different State traces in vain. "Funeral Musik fur Jenny Marchoff" is the result of a recording session which took place around 15 years ago in quite unusual circumstances. It was created after Marek's grandmother passing, a person who was a key figure in Marek's life. The whole spectrum of emotions, from nostalgia through despair to moments of hope - all those can be found on this record. The theme/inspiration of this album may not be the most important for the listener, but the music itself. And it is based on sounds created with analogue synthesizers, tone generators and tape loops, so commonly used by contemporary musicians in the experimental scene. The music for this album was created at an express pace - just a couple of studio hours. 8 compositions, 60 minutes of music which is hard to define. It has been hidden deep down at the botton of the drawer for a number of years to be released just now. To convey the spirit of the original recordings, the material was not treated in any way. One can enjoy "Funeral Musik fur Jenny Marchoff" in the same shape as created many years ago. [press-release]

Marchoff, Marek X. -- "Funeral Musik For You And Me" -- CD -- €10
2015 Zoharum, ZOHAR 108-2, (ltd. 300)
'Funeral Musik for You and Me' is the follow-up of the ideas that guided the creation of the previous Marchoff album entitled 'Funeral Musik fьr Jenny Marchoff'. However, in this case, it is devoid of a personal element, which was the laudation or registration of tormenting feelings after the loss of a loved one, and is more of a reflection on the meaning of life and death. The common denominator for both discs is certainly the nature of work and the type of measures, which helped Marek X. Marchoff during the recording sessions. While recording he also used analogue audio sources, including synthesizers of this type. This time he also invited his friend Tom Kalinovsky to collaborate on this album. Music, though far from the stem of Different State and 23 Threads styles, is equally interesting, intriguing and even inspiring. As in the case of 'Funeral Musik fur Jenny Marchoff', the material has not been mastered in order to preserve the original shape and character of the 'Funeral Musik for You and Me' album as it was at the time of recordings. [press-release]

Micromelancholie -- "It Doesn't Belong Here" -- CD -- €10
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 064-2, (ltd. 300)
”It Doesn’t Belong Here” is the first release of Robert Skrzynski aka Micromelancolié on Zoharum. It contains almost an hour of music which will appeal to fans of ambient spheres, but also to seekers of less conventional sounds. ”It Doesn’t Belong Here” is a trial at merging two worlds together: traditional praise, wedding and funeral songs with contemporary avant-garde music. With electronics, field recordings, microsamples and archival tracks available on the creative commons basis, the artist created four experimental compositions based on glitches, noises, clicks created as a result of various (often deliberate) defects. They border on the areas of ambient, drone, clicks’n’cuts, even academic music. The title track features a guest performance by Mia Zabelka - a renowned composer from Vienna, Austria, considered one of the most innovative violinist in the field of free improv. This 3-panel ecopak release is strictly limited to 300 copies. [press-release]

Mirrorman & India Czajkowska -- "Secretia" -- CD -- €10
2013 Zoharum, ZOHAR 052-2, (ltd. 350)
"SECRETIA" is the latest project of MIRRORMAN, a Polish independent musician and photographer, and INDIA CZAJKOWSKA, a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist known for her solo album "Cosmospir" on Hic Sunt Leones (Alio Die's label) among the others. They first crossed their paths in 2009 during sessions for "Holy Rain" - the last album of trip-hop project BLACK GLASS where India guested on two tracks. "SECRETIA" is the title of the last song on "Holy Rain", the fifth and the last album of the previous MIRRORMAN project. The concept of "SECRETIA" has appeared before, and is the continuation, but also a new beginning for both artists. Dark, often sultry and psychedelic sounds, so characteristic for MIRRORMAN productions, are lit up with INDIA's voice that is ideal for contemplative and hypnotic atmosphere of the album. Stylistically, "SECRETIA" is a intriguing mix of trip-hop rhythms, ambient textures and ethereal vocals. Nine trance-inducing songs compose a sonic mysterium filled with minimalist, yet refined arrangements... The CD is housed in a 6-panel digipak designed by Agnieszka Motyka, a photographer who has been collaborating with MIRRORMAN for many years. [press-release]

Moloch -- "Abstrakter Wald" -- CD -- €4
2013 Metallic Media, METALLIC 016

Moloch -- "Fragmente" -- CD-R -- €8
2010 Le Crepuscule Du Soir, LCDS022, (ltd. 50)

Moloch -- "Meine Alte Melancholie" -- CD-R -- €20
2011 Le Crepuscule Du Soir, LCDS067, (ltd. 50)

Moloch -- "Nur Die Berge Erinnern Sich Der Winde Die Hier Ihren Anfang Fanden Vor So Langer Zeit" -- CD -- €4
2010 Nihil Art Records, NAR 008, (ltd. 500)

Moloch / Svartedauen -- "Die Versammlung Im Nebel" -- CD-R -- €8
2010 Der Neue Weg, DNW009, (ltd. 100)

Moloch / Tomhet -- "Where Winds Forever Cry" -- CD -- €7
2010 Glorious North Productions, North 003, (ltd. 200)

Neonymus -- "O" -- CD -- 700 руб.
2013 self-released
Medieval Folk / Spiritual Music / Visigoth. Neonymus is a unique musical project of Silverio Cavia (Silberius Ura), which creates a very personal mixture of voices, sounds and instruments, using early music and vocal harmonies. You can close your eyes, if you will. You will not need to read the texts. It’s enough that you hear the music. At the end of the day, are stories of the remote, populated by legendary characters who never heard, but they do not are unknown. This work was recorded in May 2013 at the Benedictine Monastery of Santo Domingo de Silos, the neanderthal Cave of San Pelayo, Ura valley, Arlanza valley and la Casa del Rio in Salamanca (Spain). [label info]

Niedowierzanie -- "Paradies" -- CD -- €10
2015 Zoharum, ZOHAR 098-2, (ltd. 300)
"Paradies" is the latest Niedowierzanie album. This is the first CD release in rich discography of the project, after three vinyl releases and two cassettes. It is a unique project with a Polish name run by a Frenchman who lives in Berlin. The sounds presented on Niedowierzanie albums are equally cosmopolitan. The influences of modern classical, electronic music and folk can be heard here. This album is a dramatic soundtrack, ranging from slow and lazy patterns to abstract noise crescendos and drowning melancholic loops, using mostly cello, accordion and mandoline along electronic treatments. It was composed and recorded in Berlin, as a memory of the south, the Mediterranean coast, the lost wanderings under the burning summer sun. This is probably the most cinematic and melodramatic Niedowierzanie album to date... The CD is housed in gatefold sleeve in the vein of Japanese-style vinyl replica and is strictly limited to 300 copies. The album is mastered by Demian (O Paradis). [press-release]

Niedowierzanie -- "Paradies / Strade Senza Fine" -- 2 CD -- €17
2015 Zoharum, ZOHAR 098-2 B, (ltd. 100)
"Paradies" is the latest Niedowierzanie album. This is the first CD release in rich discography of the project, after three vinyl releases and two cassettes. It is a unique project with a Polish name run by a Frenchman who lives in Berlin. The sounds presented on Niedowierzanie albums are equally cosmopolitan. The influences of modern classical, electronic music and folk can be heard here. This album is a dramatic soundtrack, ranging from slow and lazy patterns to abstract noise crescendos and drowning melancholic loops, using mostly cello, accordion and mandoline along electronic treatments. It was composed and recorded in Berlin, as a memory of the south, the Mediterranean coast, the lost wanderings under the burning summer sun. This is probably the most cinematic and melodramatic Niedowierzanie album to date... The CD is housed in gatefold sleeve in the vein of Japanese-style vinyl replica. The album is mastered by Demian (O Paradis)... In addition to the regular album "Paradies", this set also includes a bonus album 'Strade Senza Fine". This second album is atmospherically very different from the basic disc. It is a soundtrack for an abstract quest, somehow meditative pieces of anguish, eternal loops and drones of manipulated acoustic sounds. It is a limbo of nothingness where time stands still, a flux of endless paranoiac tranquillity. [press-release]

Niemandsvater -- "Zeitenlos" -- CD -- €10
2012 Lichterklang, LK009, (ltd. 300)
"Zeitenlos" represents a reflection about the aesthetic of time, transience and the consequential fate of mankind. Withal it is revealing the love for the idea of a forgotten felt and idealistic human greatness. The topics of the album twine mythically around an ideal temporality and temporal ideals and portray a quest for cultural and human beauty. With minimalistic classical music and some inspirations from the world of sounds of the Greek-Roman antiquity "Zeitenlos" forms an elegiacal and dreamy atmosphere. The vocals of Christoph Lotte, as the centre of the compositions, are accompanied on the piano and the sounds of lyre, trumpet, percussion instruments and subtle ambient effects. Mastered by Axel Frank (Werkraum). [Cold Spring]

Nimh -- "Circles Of The Vain Prayers" -- CD -- €10
2016 Rage In Eden, Rage 110
Giuseppe Verticchio (aka Nimh, Hall of Mirrors, Maribor, Twist of Fate…) is known for his high-quality post industrial dronescapes and ethno-ritual sound productions through various technologies, field recordings, noises and treated acoustic instruments. Since 2002 his materials have been notably published by Rage in Eden, Silentes, Malignant, Eibon Records, Naked Lunch Records… Developed around loops, samples and minimal acoustic sequences, this new Nimh album offers thrilling sonic sound rituals with a distinctive aestheticism which embraces the universe of pantheistic, pagan and animist beliefs. The music originally explores the mystical influences, the meaningful sacred energies, dreamlike hypnotic effects obtained by obsessional sound patterns and cyclical rhythms. «Circles of the Vain Prayers» is a great companion of later works from Nimh, including «Missing Tapes» (Silentes, 2007), «Krungthep Archives» (Silentes, 2011). Your perfect ambient, entrancing and blackened music pilgrimage to revisit sacred places of foreign small scale societies. [press-release]

Noiseuse -- "Ruin Of Legend" -- 3"CD-R -- €8
2006 Misanthrope Studio, MS017, (ltd. 100)
Mini-album of solo project by Shinichi Shikada, owner of Teito Sound label. The work is not really typical for the Japanese scene - raw military Death Industrial more akin to Folkstorm, Anenzephalia and Operation Cleansweep rather then chaotic japanoise. Slim-case. [YAOP]

Opollo -- "Stone Tapes" -- CD -- €10
2015 New Nihilism, NN XII, (ltd. 400)
"Stone Tapes" is the physical debut album of Opollo, the solo project of Jaroslaw Leskiewicz (usually under the moniker Naked On My Own). The first works of Opollo were released online as part of "Rover Tracks" album. 10 compositions included on "Stone Tapes" develop the ideas of that release and expands them with new elements. Opollo music is a meeting place of shoegaze, ambient, sludge and drone, and all of the sounds float in interplanetary space. The lightness of sonic structure is equal to zero gravity. "Stone Tapes" is a perfect gift for fans of Brain Eno, Edward Artiemiew, Lull, and Justin K. Broadrick and his projects, especially Final. The album is released as a digipak and is strictly limited to 400 copies. [press-release]

Pacific 231 + Lieutenant Caramel -- "Aunt Sally" -- CD -- €19
2013 Alone At Last, AAL[5], (ltd. 500)
One of the first 50 copies of the album with an extra postcard signed by the musicians.

Pulsating Veins + Arseny Litvin + Vyazkiy Sharab -- "Along The Line" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Torga Amun, Amun-091, (ltd. 15)
Experimental noise wall. Excellent texture and oscillations. Design: Vitaly Maklakov. Pro-CDR, 15 copies. [label info]

Rabor / Polnoch Zimy / Voronmrak -- "Mysteries of New Spring" -- CD-R -- €10
2016 Flecktarn Productions, fleck 005cd, (ltd. 60)
Flecktarn Prod. proudly presents the triple split of Russian projects Rabor / Polnoch Zimy / Voronmrak dedicated to the New Spring, the holy awakening of Nature from winter sleep. Kostroma, Transbaikal and Russian North are tied together in the echoes of distant songs that are heard through the depths of the past in drippings of a spring thaw, etwining in the mysteries of Spring... Limited to 60 copies, somes in DVD-case, includes 3 postcards with folk paintings and a ritual "kuvadka" doll. [label info]

Rajkowski / Zgraja / Reginatto / Romisch -- "WasserturMusic" -- CD -- €10
2013 Nefryt, N 024, (ltd. 350)
Meditative improvisation recordings made in a historic water tower in Braunschweig (Germany), by: - MIROSLAW RAJKOWSKI - overtune singing, tibetan bells; GRZEGORZ ZGRAJA - trumlet, flugelhorn, pipe organ, Bulgarian flute; MARCEL REGINATTO - alto sax; HENRYK RÖMISCH - double bass, e-bass... very wide, spacey, flowing sounds with endless reverb... nice oversized gatefold cover. [Drone Records]

Rapoon -- "Blue Days" -- CD -- €10
2015 Zoharum, ZOHAR 110-2, (ltd. 500)
After three well-received, new albums ("Time-loop Anomalies" [2012], "To West and Blue" [2013] and "Fall of Drums" [2014]) and a series of reissues and archive collections, Rapoon returns to Zoharum with a brand new album. "Blue Days" is completely different from those previous releases. While on those three albums long, slowly developing compositions dominated, here there are as many as fourteen of them with the longest being less than eight minutes long, and the two shortest only forty seconds long. This is a record of ideas, sketches. The album is dominated with conciseness; however, all the songs compose one bigger piece. They show that Robin Storey is constantly looking for new artistic paths. [press-release]

Rapoon -- "Seeds In The Tide, Vol. 3" -- 2 CD -- €13
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 088-2, (ltd. 500)
The third volume in our ongoing series of albums collating Rapoon's rarities from 2003 and 2004. As always it's composed of 2 discs. The first one features two rare releases; number one is ”Monomyth: Par Avion” CDR (limited to 199 copies only) is a source material for a collaborative album with Birds of Tin, and number two is ”Jane from Whitley Bar” 7” vinyl plus a number of tracks from compilations. The second disc is a real treat as it contains a previously unreleased recording from a 2004 gig in Vienna... The CDs is housed in a digipak sleeve and the album is strictly limited to 500 copies. The cover was designed by Maciej Mehring based on Robin Storey's paintings. "Seeds in the Tide Volume 3" was mastered by Lukasz Miernik. The whole production process was overseen by Michal Porwet. [press-release]

Rapoon -- "Seeds In The Tide, Vol. 4" -- 2 CD -- €13
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 088-2, (ltd. 500)
Zoharum releases the fourth part in the series of RAPOON's archival recordings entitled "Seeds in the Tide". Like the previous three, this album is divided into two parts. In the first one we find songs from the years 2005-2007 from rare, limited releases, various artists compilations plus a remix of Rapoon made by the project Xela. This first disc, almost 75 minutes long, features a variety of recordings presenting Robin Storey's project from different angles. The second disc is a recording of the next concert from Rhiz in Vienna. This time it is a little shorter, only 45-minute-long appearance, very consistent, strongly contrasting with the first disc... The CDs are housed in a digipak sleeve and the album is strictly limited to 500 copies. The cover was designed by Maciej Mehring based on Robin Storey's paintings. "Seeds in the Tide Volume 4" was mastered by Pawel Bartnik (Centrala Studio). The whole production process was overseen by Michal Porwet. [press-release]

Rapoon -- "What Do You Suppose? (The Alien Question) / Project Blue Book" -- 2 CD -- €13
1999/2015 Zoharum, ZOHAR 096-2, (ltd. 500)
The mainstay of our label, or Robin Storey aka Rapoon that is, returns with the next release of archival recordings. In this case, it is the third reissue of an earlier album, which has been expanded in the new version with an additional disc with previously unpublished material. This album is coming in 1999. "What Do You Suppose? (The Alien Question)". Different among the works of Rapoon, because it is based primarily on the word. Canvas of this project are the theories related to aliens and their presence on the planet made by William Cooper. Music is therefore subordinate to the text, it is much more withdrawn than on other Rapoon releases, but it does not make it one-dimensional. On the contrary, by moving the centre of gravity to the verbal layer, Robin Storey redefined his compositional language. The bonus disc called "Project Blue Book" is the new album mixed in the current year, which uses the original tracks to the "What Do You Suppose? (The Alien Question)," but this time it is devoid of the narrative. The result is not even an alternate version of the original, but a completely different album, where accents are distributed differently. More ethnic trips here, but it will also include pieces for lovers of shimmering ambient... The CDs is housed in a digipak sleeve and the album is strictly limited to 500 copies. The cover was designed by Maciej Mehring based on Robin Storey's paintings. "What Do You Suppose? (The Alien Question)/Project Blue Book" was mastered by Maciej Bartkowiak. The whole production process was overseen by Michal Porwet. [press-release]

Rapoon + Pacific 231 -- "Tour De Force" -- CD -- €32
2014 Alone At Last, AAL[6], (ltd. 500)
One of the first 50 copies with an additional art card with a unique hand-drawing by Robin Storey.

Re-Drum / b°tong -- "Hush! / Ascending In The Light Of An Alien Sun" -- CD -- €10
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 065-2, (ltd. 400)
The next Zoharum offering is the split album between Russian RE-DRUM and Swiss B°TONG. Each project has prepared 30 minutes for this special release. Avid Zoharum observers already know Pavel Aleshin's project called Re-DrUm. 5 years ago we released his album "S" and it was our 7th release. In the meantime, he has been touring extensively plus released one full album, a digital EP and offered his music on a split release with Rovar17. Now Pavel returns to Zoharum with 3 new tracks of contemplative nature. They are full of slow acoustic sounds and field recordings. His sound on "Hush!" is less droney than on "S", but much more organic and laid-back. The second part of this release belongs to Chris Sigdell and his renowned project b°tong. In contrast to Re-DrUm, "Ascending in the Light of an Alien Sun" is a different affair - a dark, brooding affair full of oily drones and treated sounds. Again, composed of 3 songs, it takes you on a trip to the desolate factory inhabited with ghosts of its previous owners... This special project is released in a mini-vinyl sleeve and is strictly limited to 400 copies worldwide. [press-release]

Rosenqvist, Dag & Rutger Zuydervelt -- "Vintermusik" -- CD -- €10
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 080-2, (ltd. 300)
One album, seven tracks, two people. Who are they? Dag Rosenqvist is a Swedish musician releasing solo music under his own name/previously Jasper TX moniker, and Rutger Zuydervelt is prolific Dutch sound artist familiar to most as Machinefabriek, already known to Zoharum followers via ”Dubbeltjes” compilation of his rarities. And what is ”Vintermusik”? Actually, it is another rarity being reissued. The tracks from this album date back to 2006 and are one of the early tracks commited by both Dag & Rutger. They did not meet at the time of the recordings, they used the Internet to exchange files. And so 50 minutes of music was created. It is contemplative music full of shimmering guitar drones, delicate piano melodies and bits of field recordings. They sound cold, yet warm at the same time. So the time for releasing this music is just right – it is a little bit of winter music for the end of the summer... The original version ”Vintermusik” came out on a CDR limited to just 200 copies. Due to a popular demand we decided to re-release it. It has not dated in the least bit, it is as fresh as on the day of its release. As a special bonus, another rare gem was added, that is ”Feberdrom” coming from a 3” CDR. It gives you the full picture of those early ventures into duo collaboration between Dag and Rutger... ”Vintermusik” is released in a 3-panel ecopak in a strictly limited edition of 300 copies. The cover is based on the original by Rutger Zuydervelt. It was mastered by Lukasz Miernik. The whole production process was overseen by Michal Porwet. [press-release]

Saturn Form Essence / Muldeponie / i AM esper -- "Cold Astral Universe" -- CD-R -- €5
2012 CVLMINIS, (ltd. 50)

Schattenspiel -- "R/Evolution" -- CD -- €10
2016 Lichterklang, LK028, (ltd. 275)
Three years after SCHATTENSPIELs last album "Aus dem Dunkel" their new opus "R/Evolution" finally has been released. "R/Evolution" marks a big step forward for SCHATTENSPIEL with the addition of Miss Kitty as a permanent band member back in 2014, taking care of all female vocals and therefore adding more variety to the impressive compositions of Sven Phalanx and Lionel Verney. "R/Evolution" combines neoclassical and Dark Ambient influences with hints of Martial Industrial influenced soundscapes while the arrangements of the fourteen songs are outstanding. SCHATTENSPIEL found their unique and distinctive style proving that musical diversity and integrity can not be missed in todays underground culture. [label info]

Silk Saw -- "Imaginary Landscapes" -- CD -- €10
2015 Kotä Records, 12, (ltd. 500)
After 9 years of silence, here's the 11th album from the unclassifiable Brussels-based duo. With their usual tamping drums (just mention the two parts of "The Decision to Exist" or "Same Area", led by a ferocious 808), a regular bass guitar hammering, some bare minimum poor voices, threatened violins, skinbound flute and oboe here and there, a distorted furious piano everywhere and finally some tiny cautious optimism (the extra-human guitar in "Enough Slaps"), the whole is carefully assembled in order to obtain an accurate picture of life on Earth. Pain and pleasure are different aspects of the same mental construction... CD comes in a lovely sleeve with gorgeous illustrations by russian street artist Grisha and vinyl-like inner sleeve. Limited to 500 copies. [label info]

Sirotek / Obozdur -- "...After Yufit" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Ostroga, OTR-044, (ltd. 25)
The joint album of two Vitaly. Dedicated to the works of Eugene Yufit. Necrorealism and black and white philosophy in sound. Pro-CDR, 25 copies. [label info]

Skin Graft -- "Dystrophy" -- CD -- €10
2011 Hanson Records, HN 241, (ltd. 500)
Debut CD release for Cleveland's SKIN GRAFT. WYATT HOWLAND aka SKIN GRAFT has been blasting his crude noise in the filthiest Cleveland basements and scum punk bars every two or three nights…A WEEK! for the past five or so years. He has a knack for writhing in the filthy underbelly of sound using junk metal, field recordings and primitive electronics. DYSTROPHY is complete audio horror texture…pulverizing harsh sounds of fluttering static, feedback and crushed metal… This is the sound you hear when you are stuck upside down in the backseat of a hit and skidding car. Just HORRIBLE SOUNDS! The complete OPPOSITE to the sounds of his past collaborators EMERALDS and BEE MASK. Whereas they have aimed for outer space…SKIN GRAFT has aimed himself head first into a shitty old Cleveland gutter. Always touring, always playing gigs, and always recording…solo and as a member of long running Cleveland noise punks DEAD PEASANT INSURANCE as well as Power Violence heavyweights APARTMENT 213. Recommended for fans of Wolf Eyes, The New Blockaders, Napalm Death, Taint, Murder Corporatrion, Negative Approach, Prurient, and Controlled Bleeding. [press-release]

Stein -- "Georg Thom" -- CD -- €10
2012 Lichterklang, LK013, (ltd. 500)
The new STEIN album is based on poems written during the time of the first World War by Norbert Strahl’s Great-Grandfather Georg Thom. It’s a collection of poems he wrote and handed over to his wife later on. Some of them were already used on previous albums longing back to the days of DIES NATALIS („Gedenken“) and SEELENTHRON („Heimkehr“). „Georg Thom“ features twelve tracks of pure German neofolk STEIN as well as SEELENTHRON or DIES NATALIS are known for. [label info]

Strom Noir -- "Glaciology" -- CD -- €10
2015 Zoharum, ZOHAR 090-2, (ltd. 300)
Strom Noir, which is a moniker for Emil Matko, amazed everyone with his last year's album "Urban Blues", which saw Emil exploring urban spaces with the use of ephemeral guitar melodies. On his new album on Zoharum, Emil goes to entirely different places: filled with white glaciers and snow-capped mountains. The subtitle of Strom Noir latest album is "Four Songs about Snow and Ice." Emil Matko skillfully converted the arctic landscapes into sonic structures. Four compositions filled with static guitar drones resemble a snowy picture. They unravel very slowly and subtly into one another. They require focusing on them. A 20-minute bonus track which is the full version of ”Niekedy Sa Vracaju” originally released on "Tanec Rusaliek" cassette in the shortened version, has a similar sense... The CD is housed in an ecopak sleeve and is strictly limited to 300 copies. The cover is based on photos by Martin Matula. ”Glaciology” was mastered by Michal Ilias. The whole production process was overseen by Michal Porwet. [press-release]

Strom Noir & Micromelancholie -- "49°05'19,3"N22°34'04,0'E" -- CD -- €10
2016 Zoharum, ZOHAR 115-2, (ltd. 300)
The album of the enigmatic title "49°05'19,3"N22°34'04,0'E" is the result of the collaboration between two artists signed to Zoharum: Emil Mat'ko aka Strom Noir from Slovakia and Robert Skrzynski aka Micromelancolié from Poland. Both have two albums and participated in several compilations released on our label on their account. Their collaborative album is a piece of work suspended between two stylistics penetrated within their own solo projects, and at the same time it is perfectly complementary. On one side we have the guitar/electronic passages so characteristic of Strom Noir, and on the other the sonic structures prepared from defects and scraps that has been explored for several years by Micromelancolié. Two untitled compositions float slowly and are contemplation of places a bit distant to urban civilization. "49°05'19,3"N22°34'04,0'E" is a sound postcard from the mysterious place hidden in the title. Where is it? The answer is in the music itself, and in the coordinates composing the title of this collaborative album. [press-release]

Synapscape -- "Again" -- CD -- €10
2009 Ant-Zen, act227
The dynamic duo from Bielefeld is back - one and a half years after 'now', Tim Kniep and Philipp Münch present another full dose of massive electronics for the mind and body. Tracks like 'Who Painted My Cat Black' and 'Stuck' keep up Synapscape's aural trademark: heavyweight interlaced polyrhythms, distorted textures and Tim's non-reversible voice - an ecstatic mixture evolved to make you move! On 'Countercroque' or 'Requirement', crystal clear technoid detroit synth lines meet strictly accentuated beats, disturbing samples and captivating melodies. The more you listen to this album, the more details that will be visible. Proper heavy engine! The fascinating aspect of this project's work (since the beginning) is their ability to innovate in a genre in which many participants seem to restrict themselves - despite the countless amount of technical options. Once 'again' Synapscape assert their position as one of the most innovative artists of industrial music today. Ahuenna! [press-release]

Szymczuk, Maciek -- "Music For Cassandra" -- CD -- €10
2015 Zoharum, ZOHAR 103-2, (ltd. 400)
"Music for Cassandra" is the latest solo album of Maciek Szymczuk. Ten new tracks present the musical tale of mythological Cassandra and death - as an all-pervasive and inevitable force. The rhythm of steps of the Death, which walks the world like on medieval engravings, defines the axis which Maciek Szymczuk has built his songs around. Despite the gloomy topic, the album is filled with bright and spacious songs - moody ambient landscapes are intertwined with melodic compositions here. On "Music for Cassandra" Maciek Szymczuk refers to the atmosphere of his previous releases - soothing and deeply contemplative. Meditative, trance-like aura accompanies us throughout the entire, 40-minute, instrumental only album with guest appearance from live percussion, string and wind instruments... The album is released in a digipak in a strictly limited edition of 400 copies. The cover is designed by Tomasz Gut. It is mastered by Kuba Luka. [press-release]

Tidal / Chaos As Shelter / Igor Krutogolov -- "Ingathering Of Exiles" -- CD -- €5
2003 Ground Fault Recordings, GF024
Tidal is David Brownstead, previously known for his harsh noise project 666 Volt Battery Noise. Now focusing on minimal ambient music, David has released CDs under the name Tidal on Alluvial Recordings and on Manifold Records... Conceived in 1999, Vadim Gusis (Chaos as Shelter) is Israel's premier solo composer of Soundscape, Neo-Folk, Ambient Drone music. He works out of New Jerusalem Studio... Igor Krutogolov is an experimental multi-instrumentalist (including cello, piano and throat singing) based in Jaffa, Israel. He is a frequent contributor to Chaos As Shelter as well as various other projects in genres ranging from ambient to improvisation to harsh noise... Historically "The Ingathering of Exiles" is when, in the Messianic age, all Jewish people, including the Ten Lost Tribes, would gather from their exile around the world to Israel. The Ground Fault Recordings CD, "Ingathering of Exiles" is an idea that explores the shared heritage of the three collaborators. [label info]

Traum'er Leben -- "...Was Wird Bleiben?" -- CD -- €10
2013 Lichterklang, LK017, (ltd. 350)
Five years, characterized by line-up changes and musical experimentents, the German Darkfolk-band TRAUM’ER LEBEN finally returns with their impressing new album „…was wird bleiben?“ Based on Hermann Hesse’s novel „Demian“ and the trials and tribulations of that time the album is completed by several more new tracks, describing personal ripenings and developments as well as the human interactions of a protagonist not defined any closer. TRAUM’ER LEBEN have grown personally as well as musically while the musical tenor has become more dark and melancholic than known by the band up to this date. „El Sol I La Neu“ emphasizes the long and intense friendship to the Catalan band ARNICA while the remaining songs display what TRAUM’ER LEBEN trademarks have always been: the characteristic duets of female vocalist Bia and her male counterpart Jay, the great melodies and the enduring instrumentations of the perfectly arranged songs. The CD has been mastered by Axel Frank at the „Blue Lounge“ Studio in Berlin. [label info]

Turnavel -- "Unbewusste" -- CD -- €10
2013 Gradual Hate Records, GH 118 CD / Twilight Records, TW 1.109
Neo-Classical / Dark Ambient. Maurice Maeterlinck compared the unconscious to an unfathomable ocean scarcely illuminated by a dim phosphorescence. Unbewusste is a kind of promenade through it, along a series of diverse soundscapes that could serve as scenery for an ecstatic duel between the Muse and the inexorable scythe of Saturn. Turnavel is a project born in 2003, after its existence in some latent mental form while his founder played in bands with different styles during the previous years. It develops a wide range of mainly neoclassical soundscapes which sometimes draw inspiration from other media, such as films, painting or literature, usually related to oneiric or symbolic subjects and addressed to the imagination of the listener. CD cover design of Max Hierro. [label info]

Valence -- "Allogene" -- CD -- €10
2012 Lichterklang, LK008, (ltd. 300)
For the first time in twelve years existance, american VALENCE release an album in Germany. VALENCE is the musical union of N2 Itinitl and Sasha Feline, well known for their works with GNOMONCLAST and LUFTWAFFE. „Allogene“ is Neofolk at it’s best. The instrumental basis of the rough songs is laid by drums, acoustic guitar, accordeon and a virtuos flute. Only now and then orchestral samples are being used to complete the overall impression. Although the influence of CURRENT 93 can not be denied, VALENCE have their own identity and remain fresh throughout the whole album. Along the rough charme of their initial neofolk roots, VALENCE fascinate by their powerful drumming which contrasts with the melancholic and fragile melodies. Especially the male vocals perfectly celebrate the nihilistic charachter of the music between sufferance and aggression, giving proof that neofolk arose from the ashes of the postpunk movement, while the female vocals emphasize the beauty of the moment. „Allogene“ is a rough and unpolished diamond of original and passionate neofolk, based on it’s powerful arrangements and the balance of the obvious contradictions. This is the kind of neofolk that should appeal to people who like IN GOWAN RING or BIRCH BOOK as well as CURRENT 93. [label info]

Venta Protesix -- "An Italian Girl In The World Of Japanese Pornography" -- CD-R -- €7
2016 Torga Amun, Amun-098, (ltd. 40)
Sometimes the most private feelings and habits can emerge from someone's depths and explode in public as lifechanging decisions: that applies for sure to things such as porn or noise music. The virtual encounter between Venta Protesix and Victoria Yuki is possibly a meaningful epiphany for the work of both. Two sides of a screen, the masturbator and the pornstar; two complementary lives narrating of the same devotion and deviation, from different point of views. Almost 1 hour of new material coming out of Italo Belladonna's laptop, filled with japanese porn jpegs, delivering a fresh HNW version of his previously released stuff. Comes with a special dedication from Victoria Yuki. Pro-CDR, 40 copies. [label info]

Verney 1826 -- "Ex Libris" -- CD -- €10
2013 Lichterklang, LK016, (ltd. 260)
The main concept behind "Ex Libris“ was to create a collection of songs that are linked to a book or to an author, which have a very special meaning to Verney 1826’s mastermind Lionel Verney. In collaboration with the Italian Gothic band Victim’s Ball, mezzo sopranist Anna Aliena and the German neoclassical project Schattenspiel, 12 tracks can be found on "Ex Libris“ with a wide musical diversity ranging from Neoclassical parts, Martial Industrial and Dark Ambient to Neofolk. All these different influences make the album an outstanding and timeless release. Mastered by Axel Frank (Werkraum). [label info]

Verney 1826 -- "The Ghosts Of Yesterday" -- CD -- €10
2015 Lichterklang, LK026, (ltd. 275)
Verney 1826's new album is nothing but a masterpiece of orchestral arrangements, neoclassical influences and an overall martial and almost cineastic gothic atmosphere, which stands out among the current stereotype releases of the Martial Industrial genre. While it's 2013 released predecessor "Ex-Libris" was a conceptual work of poetry that influenced Lionel Verney over the years, "The Ghosts Of Yesterday" is an album of 17 tracks based on historical events that speak for themselves, offering a wide variety of songwriting skills and numerous guest musicians (among them Schattenspiel, Bjarkan Ar Valda, The Victim's Ball) that leave their mark on the respective tracks. [label info]

Werra -- "MMI - MMV [Revisited]" -- CD -- €10
2012/2015 Lichterklang, LK031, (ltd. 300)
While the German neofolk was in its early days the year 2001 saw the foundation of the German neofolk-duo :werra:. Over the next couple of years several songs saw the light of the day, all written at several bonfires within nature’s palm. They were recorded and reworked between the years 2003 – 2005 and due to private circumstances it took some more time before some of them were used for a number of compilations which gained a lot of interest. The request for a complete album became so overwhelming that now, eleven years after :werra:’s foundation, the debut „MMI-MMV“ was released by the German label Lichterklang. The eight songs reveal the spirit of the early German neofolk, that means a return to the traditions of our ancestors as well as the search for own cultural identity and the longing for a new and hopefully better world. The digipak-album contains all material thus far recorded by :werra:, including 2 songs with Cornelius Waldner (Sagittarius) as a guest-musician. The mastering took place at Luftschutzkerker in 2012. This is the re-release of the debut album including 5 unreleased bonus-tracks. [label info]

V/A -- "07|100|15" -- 2 CD -- €10
2015 Zoharum, ZOHAR 100-2, (ltd. 500)
Jubilee double album with a catalog number 100. Although the number of titles published by Zoharum exceeded one hundred long ago (including the series IYHHH, singles, collaborative initiatives), '07|100|15' is a regular release with a number ZOHAR 100-2. For us it is a special reason to be proud. As an independent label, working mainly due to the support of a group of music fans from around the world who regularly supplement their collections with the consecutive albums with a Venetian mask, we reached the amount which may not be impressive by major label standards releasing music on physical formats, such as CD or LP. However, it is quite an impressive number looking at the realities of a small label. Therefore, this album is a form of 'thank you' which should be given especially to fans of the music on Zoharum, as well as all the bands, artists, the media, journalists, with whom we worked from the humble beginnings of our activities (2007) till today (2015). The album '07|100|15' is composed of two discs containing tracks performed by the bands collaborating with our label prepared especially for this occasion. They only show an excerpt of what Zoharum catalogue looks like, but they also show the variety of music issued under this name. The album is divided into two parts, with "left" featuring artists from Poland, and "right" representing artists from different parts of Europe. Left part: ZENIAL, 23 THREADS, TUNDRA, AQUAVOICE, DAT RAYON, AABZU, MAMMOTH ULTHANA, MONOPIUM, MICROMELANCOLIE, RAFAL KOLACKI, AB INTRA. Right part: MACHINEFABRIEK, RE-DRUM, FEINE TRINKERS BEI PINKELS DAHEIM (feat. DOG SPACE), STROM NOIR, LAGOWSKI, DESIDERII MARGINIS, RAPOON, TROUM, 1000SCHOEN, HYBRYDS. [press-release]

V/A -- "Bdenie (a collection of sound fixations of the world)" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Ostroga, OTR-050
It is an anniversary release of the label. This is a collection of pure field recordings, without further processing. Participants: Irina and Arseniy Litvin, Creation VI, SoonDook, Big Bandes, The End Of Empire, Pustota, Pastuhamovci.

V/A -- "Holod Gryaduschey Zimy (Cold of Forthcoming Winter)" -- CD-R -- €8
2016 Flecktarn Productions, fleck 004cd, (ltd. 50)
Flecktarn Prod. proudly presents the new release - a compilation dedicated to Winter... The compilation features dark\ambient and dungeon synth artists from various parts of Russia and Ukraine. Each artist tried to present his own vision of the Everlasting winter, its mystery, its magic, recalling winters that have passed and those that will come... WIND, NORDLOTH, RAVENBLOOD, THE LAST REDLETTER DAY, TUURNGAIT, ALVA SET, VORONMRAK, IMPRUM, POLNOCH ZIMY, THEOROTH, RABOR... In the cold of blizzards and snowstorms, in entrancement of the ancient Mountains and Forests will It reign. The Forthcoming Eternal Winter... [label info]

V/A -- "Wieza Cisnien II" -- CD -- €5
2015 Zoharum, ZOHAR 095-2, (ltd. 500)
A compilation of artists connected with CKiS Gallery "Wieza Cisnien" ("Tower"), Poland with exclusive tracks from ZENIAL, SUMPF, DEMONSZY, MONOPIUM, SAMBAR, BACHORZE, KALEKA, X-NAVI:ET, TER, MICROMELANCOLIE and MIRT. The album is released in a 2-panel ecopak with a 4-page booklet in a strictly limited edition of 500 copies.


Bizarre Uproar -- "Unsafe and Insane" -- LP -- €19
2007 Dogma Chase, DOGMA 003, (ltd. 320)
If one should mark few milestones in Finnish noise, this is one of them. Bizarre Uproars return into activity after few years of small activity resulted flood of releases what could be said culminated in debute full length LP issued by Dogma Chase (Japan). Level of filth & violence has been target of vast amout of imitators and admired by loyal followers. Sweat, tears, piss, shit, chains whipping rusty metal objects, strangulation, scat smeared faces and black boots stomping life out of scum. [Freak Animal]

Brinstaar -- "Testarossa" -- LP -- €19
2013 Kotä Records, 06, (ltd. 320)
Testarossa is third studio album by Brinstaar. He says that this album is dedicated to redheaded blue-skinned Goddess. This work is reflecting Brinstaar's deep and emotional chase for the elusive moment of infinite bliss that keeps him alive and conscious. While using mainly processed guitars for Infotswetock and synths for Mielisss, Brinstaar uses a lot of acoustic instruments and field recorded sounds in Testarossa now, thus creates much more intimate compositions. Of course, his specialty mesmerizing synth parts and precisely constructed guitar timbres are still here too. 320 numbered copies on black 12' vinyl packed into gorgeous holographic jacket. [press-release]

Burstbot -- "Memory Imprints" -- LP -- €19
2014 Kotä Records, 11, (ltd. 325)
Mexican musician Marco A. Fierro Mendoza played drums in various grindcore, death metal and punk bands in the 90’s, moving onto free improvisation, drone, noise and ambient music in the past decade or so. Mendoza refused to create computer-based music, but then a chance meeting with musicians Holly Herndon, Mat Dryhurst and Scott Arford in Mexico City helped change his mind... As Burstbot, Mendoza releases his first computer-based album ‘Memory Imprints’, on Russia’s Kotä Records. The title refers to Mendoza’s thoughts on human cloning and its consequences. The album cover art give you an indication of what to expect, a fascinating musical mosaic of various shapes, colours and textures. ‘Memory Imprints’ is a crisply composed album which flips from ambient to experimental jazz and modern classical music. Its a dazzling, prismatic journey thats mostly upbeat and playful in spirit. ‘Saliva’ and ‘Orphan Embryo’ are wonderful moments of illumination, ’Tiling Tissue’ and ‘You’ve Specified’ are playful and experimental, ‘Plasmid’ and ‘Cleanup Reaction’ fearful and paranoid, and ’Inherited’ and ’Cytosine’ open and close the album with a more questioning perspective.... ‘Memory Imprints’ is a beautifully accomplished album which is full of ideas and insights, and it only gets better with repeated listens. Thanks to Herndon and company, Mendoza’s epiphany has clearly paid off. [Tarumatu] Pressed on black vinyl with a custom jacket featuring stunning illustration. Limited edition 325 copies.

Cloama -- "In The State Of Unbelief" -- 7" + C-10 BOX -- €9
2007 Cipher Productions, (sic 31), (ltd. 50)
Bitter power electronics layers and raw throwback aggression. The boxset includes a 7", a c-10 cassette, a badge, two buttons and two inserts.

Cloama -- "Provokaattori" -- 7" -- €5
2001 L.S.D. Organisation, LSDO-S028, (ltd. 500)
Blood-red vinyl, comes with a postcard.

Galerie Schallschutz -- "KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation" -- 10" -- €9
2012 Pollution Sonore, edition 01, (ltd. 500)
"KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation" is an interrogation manual published in 1963. The 127-page report, originally classified as secret, is a comprehensive guide for training interrogators in the art of obtaining intelligence from "resistant sources". KUBARK - a CIA codename for itself - describes the qualifications of a successful interrogator and reviews the theory of non-coercive and coercive techniques for breaking a prisoner. The long-range purpose of interrogation is to get all the useful counterintelligence information the source has. The short-range purpose is to enlist his cooperation to this end or if he is resistant to destroy his capacity for resistance and replace it with a cooperative attitude. Creating a sense of unfamiliarity, disorientation and isolation are the hallmarks of psychologically undermining a detainee in the purview of the KUBARK manual. Practices like starvation, keeping inmates in small, windowless cells with unchanging artificial light and forcing inmates to sit or stand in uncomfortable positions for long periods of time are useful instruments to reach the objective. Finally, the KUBARK manual is a work of historic importance and a fundamental source document for all Counterintelligence Interrogation in the world to this day… [press-release] Blue vinyl edition, ltd. 250.

The Grey Wolves -- "Catholic Priests Fuck Children" -- LP -- €56
1996 Praxis Dr. Bearmann, TH-15, (ltd. 500)

The Grey Wolves -- "A Wealth Of Misery / Lest We Forget" -- 7" -- €10
1995 Xn Recordings, Xn Recordings 002, (ltd. 486)
Limited edition of 486 hand-numbered copies pressed in orange vinyl. Packaged in a poster cover containing a black card envelope sealed by sticker.

The Haters / Hal Hutchinson -- "Xylowave 2010 / Amplifaction II" -- LP -- €10
2010/2014 Auf Abwegen, aatp43, (ltd. 300)
The self-titled split cassette, The Haters / Hal Hutchinson, was originally released on Der Bünker Records in 2010. Now, by popular demand, Auf Abwegen re-releases it on blue vinyl... The Haters are a noise and conceptual art troupe from the United States. Founded in 1979, they are one of the earliest and best-known acts in the modern noise scene. The group is primarily the work of the Hollywood, California-based artist, writer, and filmmaker GX Jupitter-Larsen, accompanied by a constantly changing lineup of other members... Hal Hutchinson has previously released several of his scrap metal sound recordings on labels such as Freak Animal Records, Unrest Productions and many others. In the last couple of years he has moved to incorporate analogue synthesizers, field recordings and other elements into his work, collaborating with projects such as Mania and Shift amongst others. The recordings on this vinyl were originally released on Hal’s Der Bьnker label in 2010 on a limited edition cassette. Here, Hal presents a recording made entirely of scrap metal and concrete wreckage with a very primitive sounding end result. [press-release]

Papa Srapa / ::vtol:: -- "Joyful Breeze / Ramzan" -- 2 LP -- €30
2014 Kotä Records, 07, (ltd. 300)
::vtol:: is the project of Dmitry Morozov, Moscow media artist, musician and engineer of strange sounding mechanisms. In the mid 00s Dmitry started to use actively his DIY and Circuit Bent instruments for his own music projects, as well as making instruments for other musicians and media artists. He is the first batch producer of music and video synthesizers at the post-Soviet area. Besides making music and instruments, Dmitry creates audiovisual art installations and promotes Circuit Bending and DIY Electronics in Russia by means of lectures and workshops... Papa Srapa is a contemporary visionary, analog synths shaman and sound artist. His name is Eduard Srapionov. His DIY music instruments have no analogues in this world and are constantly changing for better. He calls himself no composer, neither musician nor inventor. He doesn't use many words, calls himself Papa Srapa and his music — "Experimental electronic". He lives and works in Rostov-on-Don. Double 180g LP packed in two disco-sleeves with transparent plastic slipcase with ziplock. Limited to 300 copies. [label info]

Schloss Tegal -- "Oranur III - The Third Report" -- LP -- €13
1995 Artware Production, ARTWARE 17, (ltd. 1000)

Silk Saw -- "Parallel Landscapes" -- LP -- €25
2015 Kotä Records, 12, (ltd. 300)
After 9 years of silence, here's the 11th album from the unclassifiable Brussels-based duo. With their usual tamping drums (just mention the two parts of "The Decision to Exist" or "Same Area", led by a ferocious 808), a regular bass guitar hammering, some bare minimum poor voices, threatened violins, skinbound flute and oboe here and there, a distorted furious piano everywhere and finally some tiny cautious optimism (the extra-human guitar in "Enough Slaps"), the whole is carefully assembled in order to obtain an accurate picture of life on Earth. Pain and pleasure are different aspects of the same mental construction... LP comes in lovely sleeve with unique illustrations by Grisha with black inner sleeve, contained selected tracks from the album "Imaginary Landscapes" (CD, Kotä Records). Limited to 300 copies. [label info]

Telepherique / De Fabriek -- "PWZ" -- LP -- €14
1993 De Fabriek, FABPROD 16 / Drahtfunk-Products, DFP 038, (ltd. 500)
Packaged in a hand-made painted sleeve made of wallpaper. Contains an elaborate insert of papers, maps, photos, handprints, shoeprints, and wallpaper samples sewn together.

Telepherique / Tesendalo / Brume -- "Tryptychon" -- LP -- €14
1994 Marginal Talent, MT 291 / Drahtfunk-Products, DFP 046, (ltd. 300)
Clear vinyl, packaged in a hand-painted sleeve. Contains a color advertising booklet from a German grocery store specializing in French foods and an insert.

X-Navi:Et -- "Dead City Voice" -- LP -- €15
2013 Zoharum, ZOHAR 053-1 LP / Eter, eter 15v, (ltd. 250)
"Dead City Voice" is the second vinyl album by Rafal Iwanski aka X-Navi:Et (of HATI, Voices of the Cosmos, KAPITAL, Innercity Ensemble fame). It's the follow-up to acclaimed "Soundtracks for the Dying Moments" LP released on Instant Classic last year. It contains 6 new electroacoustic compositions recorded from 2010 to 2013. The theme of the city has appeared in the modern art territory quite a few times before. Wim Wenders, a cult German director, once said that "the city shapes people, leaves its stigma on them and deforms them to its own likeness." Murray Schafer, a Canadian composer, while working on the concept of "soundscape", claimed that many of the surrounding sonic incidents infiltrates the music of our times. Following the footsteps of Charles Baudelaire among others, urban artists, Rafal Iwanski and Ewa Binczyk, replayed the city, penetrated its spirit and echoed it in their activities. Telling the city by means of sound and vision is becoming an inward journey as well... Inside the cover one can also find the literary text by Dariusz Brzostek (Ph.D. at the University of Torun, Poland) - a literari, anthropologist and music journalist who has collaborated with many magazines, such as Glissando, Trans/Wizje, Antena Krzyku, Teksty Drugie, Magazyn Fragile. Visually the album is of the highest value. The gatefold cover is adorned with works by Ewa Binczyk. The album was released by Zoharum in collaboration with Eter Records, a label set up by Rafal Iwanski to release music by his projects X-Navi:Et, HATI, Voices of the Cosmos in digital and analogue formats. The album is released in a gatefold cover in a strictly limited edition of 250 copies. [press-release]

Zenial -- "Minotaur" -- LP + DVD -- €15
2015 Zoharum, ZOHAR 104-1, (ltd. 200)
Zoharum presents their next vinyl release which is the next full-length album by Lukasz Szalankiewicz aka ZENIAL, who returns to the label after a well-received 2014 album "It Came from Outer Space" as AABZU (a duet with Maciek Szymczuk). "Minotaur" is 40 minutes of recordings that will appeal to fans of experimental electronica, as well as well as its contemporary trends. Five of the seven compositions were recorded during the second artistic residency of Lukasz Szalankiewicz in the well-known Stockholm EMS studio. Additional songs are part of the show in Germany and collaboration with Norwegian artist Jürgen Knudsen (the co-founder of an iconic ambient project Information). The vinyl album is strictly limited to 200 pieces. The mastering process was overseen by Marcin Bocinski (Legato Recording). The cover is adorned with the paintings of Wiktor Jackowski, who is also the the designer of the cover. The release is also supported with the occasional DVD, where most of the composition are accompanied by videos. [press-release]

V/A -- "Natural Order" -- 2 LP BOX -- €32
1997 Stateart, SA-P1, (ltd. 650)


>o< -- "Trucks & Nightingales" -- C-60 -- €5
2016 Polevoy Dnevnik, P(F)D 002
Eine städtische nachtmusik for restless construction areas, frantic nightingales, droning and squeaking cranes, roaring trucks and hissing (like a waves down on the beach) cars, awakening crows and alarmed seagulls. Recorded in one touch to portable cassette recorder in the dawn, June, 02, 2015 on the seashore of Vasilyevsky Island. For all the lovers of honest unprocessed lo-end field recordings. Fully analog cassette release, duplicated directly from the master tape. Not to be ever digitized or uploaded to Internet. Cassette packed into ziplock bag with 2 fullcolour photo cards, cassette shell with photo stickers. [label info]

Avrorin / Galkina / Dmitriev / Platonov -- "November 2015" -- MC -- €4
2016 self-released
Self-made pipes of bass and contrabass register, contrabass-bayan, soprano and bass vocals - improvisation recorded in a WC in a basement of "LenPoligraphMash" factory, natural acoustics and lots of droning. [from the author]

Avrorin G. / Purpurniy Dyadya -- "split" -- MC -- €5
2015 self-released, (ltd. 30)
Split of two St. Petersburg based noise artists - 45 minutes from each. Grisha Avrorin beginns slowly, the rustlers rustle, troubadours blowing, delay on, distortion on, let's go! Somehow insensibly this turns into a hell of organ mess, suddenly taking away to a forest glade with a fireplace and Pan flutes (Soviet reverb units not forgotten). And then like a swing: there and back, from the clouds of roaring tonal overflows to calm pastorals, turning into train whistles... Psychoactive mayhem, resulting in a dense drone tapestry!... Purpurniy Dyadya (The Purple Uncle) on his side starts also with soft loops subtly melting in monotonous droning and fuzzing amorphous cloud, a nice place to hang out for a while. The cloud dissloves in a radio room of some industrial object: working mechanisms, squeaking transistor electronics, we report the plan is carried out in time. This industrial theme widens to a dystopian scale, soddens with dramatism and then again dissolves on radio towers emitting in unknown directions...

Bardoseneticcube -- "Koyamby" -- C-60 -- €6
2016 Bookwar Records, book43, (ltd. 40)
New album from St. Petersburg-based patriarch of ambient waves. 60 minutes of expressive serenity. These long tracks are like fullmoon insomnia, a trip to Kamchatka, long farewell of winter. A healing lullaby after a long storm. [label info]

Ego Collapse -- "Industrial Diptych" -- C-90 -- €7
2015 Torga Amun, Amun-089, (ltd. 17)
Two long rough composition. Dive into the melancholic industrial landscapes. Beauty without humans. Cold and impersonal forms clumps. The second album of the joint Russian-German project. C90 (Sony Super EF90), 17 recycled hand-numbered tapes. [label info]

Grassow, Mathias & Closing The Eternity -- "s/t" -- C-60 -- €15
2016 Pantheon, PAN022, (ltd. 77)
In the deepness of the earth, among the mountain roots, between the sleeping ore deposits, colourful minerals and clear crystals slowly growing... There are empty corridors, dimly illuminated with green light; luxurious halls, decorated with rare gems and mineral patterns, strange stone trees, changing their colours... Who lives there, who owns these treasures of the deep? No one knows the entrance, but at the vernal equinox, in certain hour of night, it opens for a while. Mountain moans under huge starry sky, humming and roaring, startling sleeping birds in the nearby woods, making pine crowns bow to the wind. Ancient spirit emerges among the mossy rocks, crawling its way down, where the village dogs are looking anxiously at the forest edge. Filling with rustles of leaves and chimes of unseen bells, night disguises the mystery and no one knows what exactly happens at this time. Strange lights are wandering between the cliffs, green lizard eyes might sparkle in the dark... Only rays of morning reveal strange trail of gold pebbles and shining gems on the slopes, as if giant snake made a track by its stone scales, scattering the treasures of the underworld... Inspired by the astonishing nature of Ural region and folk stories from "The Malachite Box" cycle by Pavel Bazhov (goo.gl/dqDhSG), this collaboration between German drone maestro Mathias Grassow and prominent Russian project Closing The Eternity reveals thoroughly crafted aural world, where deep chthonic drones interact with huge ambiences and multiple percussion sounds. Constantly breathing, organic, always changing and yet truly monolithic sound, which tells stories about hidden secrets of the earth... Artwork includes: black cardboard box with textured hand-painted acrylic artwork, finished with craquelure varnish, pro-printed O-card with soft-touch silk effect lamination, black shell chrome (type II) cassette with labels on both sides, jute bracelet with one wooden and two natural malachite beads, printed inserts. [press-release]

Pri Doline Mak -- "s/t" -- C-90 -- €5
2016 YAOP, YAOP 082, (ltd. 28)
Second full-length from the new magnificos of the St. Petersburg noise school. Classical old school Drone Ambient with psychedelic folk twists. The album was recorded in mono on tape during one night in smoke in one live take using only authentic re-patched Soviet analogue devices, string, percussion and wind instruments and electro-acoustic DIY stuff fed through mixing desks and analogue portastudios. The work represents the destructive aggression of the harsh reality against a beautiful tree and excellent grass that breathes and sounds in the recording. Cassette with coloured photo-stickers packed in ziplock bag 10 x 15 cm with black and white hand-numbered cover. [label info]

Purpurniy Dyadya -- "Agobi" -- MC -- €5
2016 self-released, (ltd. 27)
Fresh lo-end from the St. Petersburg underground! Half an hour of raw analogue loops and noisy flight of imagination. Nothing really harsh, sometimes even dreamy... main technique - raw analogue applique.


More Future Suffering -- "The Secret Of 3rd Planet" -- biz-card / mp3 -- €3
2016 self-released, (ltd. 30)
Soulful warm home-sweet mini-disc release. 14-minute EP never uploaded to the Internet except for one track. Recommended to all fans of guitar ambient, tape loops and Soviet cartoon "Mystery of The 3rd Planet" to which this release is dedicated. [Pantheon] Minimal but pleasant handmade artwork.

Frea market

Brume - V s /M 3-44-65 / Time Out Of Joint - 7" - VG+ - 2000 - Drone Records - DR-45 - Ltd. 250 - €4.40
Clear Stream Temple - XVI - CD - VG+/VG - 2003 - Cold Spring - CSR47CD - €1.40
Crawl Unit - Aftermusic - CD - VG - 1994 - Povertech Industries - PVRCDI - €4.40
Cyanosis - Stave - CD - VG/VG+ - 1998 - self-released - €4.40
Galerie Schallschutz - Cocoon - Live In Antwerp - CD + DVD - NM/VG+ - 2008 - Tesco Organisation - TESCO 073 - €8.90
Grunt - Installation Of Blood And Steel - LP - NM/VG+ - 2007 - Harsh Head Rituals - hhrlp 002 - €8.90
Inade - Aldebaran - CD - VG+ - 1996 - Cold Spring - CSR13CD - Ltd. 1000 - €4.40
Inade - Antimimon Pneumatos - CD + t-shirt BOX - NM - 2011 - Loki Foundation - LOKI 53 - Ltd. 300 - €44.30
Inade - Burning Flesh - CD - NM/VG+ - 2000 - Loki Foundation - LOKI 24 - Ltd. 500 - €8.90
Inade - Samadhi State - CD - NM - 2006 - Loki Foundation - LOKI 41 - €8.90
Land:Fire - Gone - LP - M/VG+ - 2002 - Power & Steel - PAS 14 - Ltd. 750 - €4.40
Land:Fire - Physical : Mental : Psychological - CD - M/VG+ - 2004 - Tesco Organisation - TESCO 059 - €4.40
Land:Fire - Shortwave Transmission - CD - M/NM - 2009 - Power & Steel - PAS 25 - €4.40
Moloch - Galdr - CDR - NM - 2008 - The Kether Crown Productions - TKC0815 - Ltd. 50 - €6.50
Moloch - In Einer Umarmung Von Tiefen Kalten Waldern - CDR - NM - 2011 - Le Crepuscule Du Soir - LCDS039 - €3.80
Muslimgauze - Baghdad - CD - VG+/VG - 2000 - Staalplaat - MUSLIMLIM 014 - Ltd. 2000 - €13.20
Muslimgauze - Hummus - CD - NM/VG+ - 2002 - Soleilmoon Recordings - SOL 104 CD - €8.90
Muslimgauze - Hussein Mahmood Jeeb Tehar Gass - CD - NM - 1999 - Soleilmoon Recordings - SOL 73 CD - €8.90
Muslimgauze - Jah-Mearab - CD - NM/VG - 2008 - Staalplaat - archive one - Ltd. 700 - €17.70
Muslimgauze - Speaker Of Turkish - CD - NM/VG - 2006 - Soleilmoon Recordings - SOL 138 CD - Ltd. 1000 - €8.90
Renou, Christian / Anemone Tube - Transference - CD - NM - 2003 - Auf Abwegen - aatp012 - Ltd. 500 - €4.40
Troum & Aidan Baker - Nihtes Niht [SIGNED] - CD - VG+/NM - 2012 - Alone At Last - AAL[4] - Ltd. 500 - €30.70
Veprisuicida - Vaginacentrism - CDR - VG+ - 2003 - 8th Moon Art - 8M-CD-19 - Ltd. 62 - €8.90
VV AA LR - Polis - CD - M/VG+ - 2015 - Intonema - int014 - Ltd. 200 - €4.10

Don't forget to check the full list of rare & used items with all details, it's here.

V. Back in stock

Ab'she -- "G" -- C-28 -- €5
2010 Silentes Tapestry, Collezione Del Silenzio - G, (ltd. 100)
Collezione Del Silenzio is a series of 26 white cassettes of 26 Italian artists. Each cassette is associated with a letter of the alphabet, representing artist's personal vision of silence.

Astral & Shit + Kromeshna -- "Emyd Lub" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2012 Ostroga, OTR-023
20'56 mn unique track issued from a collaboration between two Russian musicians. The result is an instrumental droning ambient piece, mixing electronic and concrete sounds. Nice sound. Housed in a special painted enveloppe. [Nuit Et Brouillard]

Bolverkstorm -- "9 Steps To Death" -- CD -- €6
2013 Vegvisir music, o:009, (ltd. 200)
Martial Industrial. Bolverkstorm it is the name of new russian industrial project. “9 steps to death” is dedicaded to World War II and all those who perished thereat. Album consists of 8 tracks, each of them is about tragedy of soldiers death and act of bravery as well. Music of Bolverkstorm is made of hum of battles, archival records, blustering soundscapes, noises, groans, wardrums and trumpets. [label info]

Brume -- "Anastomose & Other Stories" -- CD -- €10
2013 Nefryt, N 023, (ltd. 444)
A collection of rare Brume tracks previously unreleased on CD. "Anastomose 1 & 2" was previously released as a picture 10" LP by Ant-Zen in 1996 and remastered from DAT-master in March 2013. "Seven Trumpets" was previously released as a cassette by Voluntary Whores in the end of 2012 and remixed, overdubbed in March 2013. "Charlemagne the 33rd" was previously released as a 7" EP called "Charlemagne" by Membrum Debile Propaganda in 1997. Side one was remastered from DAT-master in March 2013. A5 gatefold cover. [label info]

Combative Alignment -- "…And Outside Glows The Red Dawn" -- CD + CD-R -- €9
2005 Malignant Records, TumorCD24, (ltd. 100)
After several releases, including full length vinyl releases on LOKI and their own label Avatar, and a 7" on Eternal Soul, the first full length CD from this powerful and visionary German project on US label Malignant now. Can perhaps be seen as Combative Alignments benchmark, offering 6 tracks that work as a virtual musical thoroughfare to a more dreamlike, illusory state. Deeply brooding atmospheres, where omniscient layers of drones and reverberating sound currents meet measured, ritual percussion as performed under the glowing, gloomy haze of a primordial sunrise. And Outside Glows the Red Dawn shines a dim light on a world of obscure origin, full of dark Germanic mysticism and unearthly sonic terrain. On a whole, this is a more focused, deeper, and fluid recording than you've heard before, yet triumphantly carrying on the tradition laid down by previous releases. [press-release] Limited edition with bonus disk "...And Red Glows The Dawn Outside".

Cossano, Bruno -- "Saffo's Pleasures" -- CD -- €11
1986/2010 Ars Benevola Mater, ABM43
Reissue of old tape (1986). Primitive electronic sound mixed with ethereal atmospheres. TRUE italian industrial music from 80's. [label info]

Day Before Us -- "Misty Shroud of Regrets" -- CD -- €10
2013 Rage In Eden, RAGE 98, (ltd. 300)
“Misty shroud of regrets” presents a corpus of spleen-piano based ambiences and nightly soundscaping laments for electric organ and darkened chords. The musical ensemble reveals microtonal bitter melodies occasionally punctuated by a few narrative parts, an array of noises, found sounds and field recordings. “Misty shroud of regrets” is a timeless musical effort based on the existential photographic poetry of Yulia Kazban... Day Before Us is a darkly cinematic and semiclassical ambient project from France and formed by the piano player Philippe Blache. Since 2011 a handful of albums have been published on independent labels such as Rage in Eden, Cathedral Transmissions and Kadaath Records. [label info]

Death Pact International (Con-Dom + Grey Wolves + Wertham) -- "Siege (1999-2009)" -- CD -- €5
2009 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 108, (ltd. 900)
Recorded and assembled between 1999 and 2009, “Siege” is the audio-documentation of the activities of cultural terrorist multiple name entity known since the 80’s as DEATH PACT INTERNATIONAL - a monicker worn as a balaklava by several notorious noisemongers to undermine certainties and spread chaos through heavy electronics tracks, slogans and art-war. For this occasion sounds and words were collected by members of The Grey Wolves, Wertham, Con-Dom with the help of other anonymous collaborators. Power electronics / old school industrial not too dissimilar from compositions of the afore mentioned projects mixing for this occasion studio tracks along with semi-live tracks reworked in studio empowered by further sampling and multiple vocal aggression... Mastered at the Quadraro basement (Truceklan, Metal Carter, Noyz Narcos, Wertham, etc.) - it was well worth the wait of so many years. The CD comes in a de-lux digi-box including 9 front/back printed inserts and 1 four pages booklet all pressed on heavy glossy paper and is limited to 900 copies. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Delphium -- "Darkfloor EP" -- 7" -- €5
The Ceiling, CEIL024, (ltd. 500)
Britain's Delphium have been active since the early '90s, with a steady stream of releases, including three CDs, and enough vinyl EPs to drain the planet's petroleum supply for good. Delphium's music has always been hard to peg (frustrating for critics, but wonderful for the aurally adventurous), while easily identifiable as Delphium: sampled rhythms that misbehave in an uncommonly organic way, deep and churning basslines, melodic fragments of melody, and abrasive textures. Terms like "post-rock" and "industrial" have been used quite often by the press, but one can also hear the group's affection for dub and punk-rock roots. That big mouthful said, their past has always been a take-off point for new vistas, as evidenced on the new recordings for this EP. "Bleep 27" is one of the most aggressive tracks Delphium have recorded: jungle rhythms sped and roughened up to an almost-grindcore pitch, wayward basslines that sound like they will snap loose from the track at any moment, and a generally loud assault on the cranium. "Kill.All.Scooter.Riders" is almost happy in comparison, and highlights the group's affection for common 303 and 909 textures, but placed in such unconventional patterns, that they sound as alien as they originally sounded before they became commonplace. "Green Lane With Delphium" may have the most relation with previous recordings. A longer, more complex piece, featuring basslines and sampled rhythms that don't swing so much as lurch, along with some beautifully echoing musical fragments and a queasy string overlay. If dance music stopped being made for the ecstasy crowd, and instead for those who abuse stuff found in their parent's medicine cabinet, this would be it. [label info]

Einleitungszeit -- "Die Infektion Der Geburt" -- CD -- €12
2008 Hirnlarm Laboratorium, Hirnlarm 09
The new Einleitungszeit album named „DIE INFEKTION DER GEBURT“ consists of 10 tracks with overall length of 68 minutes. This album frames very vivid material operating with industrial amplitudes of pulse noise and subliminal vibrations of thundering “hallucinatory ambient”. With its dramatically contrast structures and experimental sound work, the compositions on this album may rather evocate the sense of an avant-garde classical music piece. In contrast to their prior work, this Einleitungszeit album is specific with colourful sound texture and psychoactive atmosphere of “clinical leitmotiv”. As this is so far the most complex Einleitungszeit work, the album will be distributed in black-silver digipack. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Frozen Ocean -- "Oneiric In Geocentricism" -- CD -- €4
2011 Nihil Art Records, NAR 017, (ltd. 500)
Drone space/dark ambient.

Gelsomina -- "s/t" -- 7" -- €5
2006 Freak Animal Records, FREAK-EP-017, (ltd. 275)
Debute 7" release from praised Finnish harsh noise artist. Taking more simple WALL OF NOISE method on this release. Strong and ultra heavy distortion walls with few layers of ear torturing details. [label info]

Hasegawa, Hiroshi & Vitaly Maklakov -- split -- MC -- €7
2015 Ostroga, OTR-034, (ltd. 60)
Studying invisible at first glance processes in nature. The movement of air particles and disclosure of mentality mushrooms. Secret Laboratory of Russian-Japanese subconscious. Modular analog synthesis and endless intellectual drift, invisible pulsations of the world. Artwork and design is done by Vitaly Maklakov. [label info]

The Haters -- "Ordinarily Nowhere" -- CD -- €5
1995 Pure, DIDX-031037

Hati vs. Z'EV -- "#1" -- CD -- €5
2006 Ars Benevola Mater, ABM 21, (ltd. 950)
A sensational collaboration between HATI & Z'EV, the unique Rythmajick's master. Here the sound-qabalhist melt some raw audio-materials provided by HATI in order to condense 50 minutes approx. of AL-chemical sounds. HATI are a great Polish duo playing inspired psych-ambient soundscapes mixing gongs, metal discs, aluminium bars with wooden pipes, animal horns and trumpets... Z'EV, who is very well-know for his percussiive music skill, edited and treated Hati's tracks those were originally recorded in 2003. His rhythmajickal remix created structures with a long range of mystical drones. This album is well-recommended to true experimental magick-percussive industrial music-lovers! [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Hrossharsgrani -- "Pro Liberate Dimicandum Est" -- CD -- €11
2009 Steinklang Industries, SKD 25, (ltd. 1000)
"Pro liberate dimicandum est" was released specially for the 2000 years anniversary of the "Varusschlacht". Classical melodies combined with the iron rough edges of MARTIAL INDUSTRIAL on a crusade through the ages. A musical journey far off the trampled paths of industrial art was the basis for each single HROSSHARSGRANI track! HROSSHARSGRANI is Alex Hugin Wieser, the man behind URUK-HAI, BONEMACHINE and several other projects. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Hum -- "Lambent" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2008 self-released, (ltd. 35)
3 new tracks from this Russian lo-fi drone ambient project. For those who love tranquility and harmony.

Hum -- "Lost In White Flame" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2006 Datura Landscapes, DATURA 8
One track recorded in 2001. Dedicated to all fallen asleep in embraces of winter. Melancholic detached drone ambient.

Hum -- "Sleepland Emission" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2003 Sphogha, Ultra Low Fidelity 10
Beautiful drone! Soft and at the same time moderately raw analogue sound carries away into spiral depths of unknown levels of consciousness.

I.R.O.N. -- "Evolving" -- CD -- €10
2013 Rage In Eden, RAGE 99, (ltd. 300)
The information, that I.R.O.N and Legionarii is the same person would be pretty good recommendation, but then we could ask why it isn't just next Legionarii album? All the more it is also martial industrial. But, the music on "Evolving" it's different than Legionarii recordings. It's pure domination of industrial and machines, in short - Legionarii is into spiritual sphere of war, while I.R.O.N is technical. And that's the album is. Rhythmical, mechanical, industrial and martial. [label info]

I.R.O.N. -- "Re-Forge: Metalized, Mechanized & Upgraded" -- CD -- €10
2013 Rage In Eden, RAGE 104, (ltd. 300)
We can only give you a faint image of what you should expect from the new I.R.O.N. release, because you need to be there for yourself to experience it. A completely futuristic atmosphere, combined with explosions of old school industrial power, and now with something totally new to this project - a touch of heavy metal. All of this is there to forge a landscape of militarized world of future, where technology aggressively reigns supreme, and where wars are no more waged flesh to flesh, but steel to steel... "Re-Forge" took a job of upgrading some of the old material (4 tracks out of 9), completely recharging it into a new, heavier, more futuristic frame and wrapped into a more progressive and crushing sound. If it was possible to make tracks from "Evolving" even heavier, this release completely nailed it. Every track is manufactured to make your adrenal glands produce rushes of hormones, to make you feel uplifted by power and even bang your head on certain moments. The other half of release (5 tracks) is forged out of a completely new material, for which similar story can be applied. "Re-Forge" presents one more step forward in the evolution of the sound in the genre, and will certainly be a strike in the center for the fans of powerful and head-smashing, advanced industrial sound, and even fans of metal, fans that I.R.O.N. expects to already have aquired. If not, a time for them to become close followers of I.R.O.N. project is no better than after this release. [press-release]

iN sCissorS -- "The Circus Of Ichneumons" -- CD -- €10
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 071-2 / Beast Of Prey, BOP 79, (ltd. 300)
iN sCissorS returns with its fourth full length release "The Circus of Ichneumons", delving deeper into the cinematic themes hinted from previous works. Within the four acts of the album, expansive melodies ranging from baroque to ethereal and avant-garde create the soundtrack for a film or a theatrical play, that aches to be realized. Vincent Andelmoth is the director of this dream act, Aimaproject the main narrator and the rest of the cast is full of special guests, including Maciej "Dragos" Mehring from Bisclaveret, Evor Ameisie, Michiel Spape from H.E.R.R. and Annamaria Bernadette Christian. This imaginary travelling company introduces to us the life cycle of the ichneumons. The mysterious members of this circus satirize the pestilence of man over nature and its similarities with the parasitic insect. Parasites can be found amongst all species. [press-release]

The Infant Cycle -- "Left Ear Revolt (Mysterious Disco 2009-2012)" -- CD-R -- €7
2012 The Ceiling, CEIL035
Collecting recent EP, rare and unreleased tracks into one package, we have here a selection of the more recent manifestations of the subconscious-electro-acoustic-rock-drone-clatter that has been spilling out of the dilapidated ceiling headquarters. As The Infant Cycle rapidly approaches its twentieth anniversary with a regularly expanding discography of obscure and sometimes confusing releases, this travelogue may be the best introduction for the uninitiated, and a good way for older listeners to catch up on the project's new directions. [press-release]

The Infant Cycle -- "Playout" -- CD-R -- €7
2007 ZHELEZOBETON, ZHB-XI, (ltd. 250)
The Infant Cycle is a project of the Canadian artist Jim DeJong working under this name since 1994. It may seem surprising, but all these 13 years he remained in the underground of experimental music, and his name is well-known only to inveterate enthusiasts and explorers of this strange phenomenon. The project has put out 6 full-length albums on cassettes and CD-Rs, several singles and an amazing series of minions called "Clear Shape" released in ultra-limited editions on transparent vinyls of unusual forms (square, hexagon and triangle). Jim has also recorded a lot of collaboration works with such musicians as Big City Orchestra, Dronaement, Orphx, Aidan Baker, Delphium, etc., some of them were published by his own label The Ceiling... The Infant Cycle's music has never been notable for tensity or ornateness, instead of this it focuses on the subtle aspects of sounding of separate timbres and their combinations. Such textural orientation allows to create a completely peculiar effect, and the seeming minimalism carries into the contemplation of the infinity of possible microsound combinations. In this connection, Jim knows how to get on with both rhythms and drone ambient prostration. Among his favourite instruments are Poly-800, shortwaves, feedback, field recordings and altered vinyl records... Vinyls deserve special mentioning. Jim carved the runout grooves of records and thus created simple and unembellished (yet in some ways, unpredictable) rhythm patterns. Once he decided to start a project severely limiting the sound sources to one carved playout and the operational sounds of his old 4-speed Califone record player. Additional noises were generated by running a razor blade along the platter while it was spinning (the blade at different altitudes, and the platter at different speeds which was picked up by the needle), and the tone arm being vibrated into different tones by a violin bow (amplified via the needle)... An early track (called, fittingly "Playout (Early)") appeared on "Lágrimas De Miedo N°8 - Sund", a compilation CD coming with the eighth issue of France's "Fear Drop" magazine (2001). Two excerpts were also released as a free promotional 5" by The Ceiling to announce the then-upcoming CD release of "Playout" on the American label Merchants Of Sound. But the label soon folded out, and the recording was lying and lying in the bins of The Infant Cycle's archive. And now we are infinitely glad to have an opportunity to present this work to your attention!
[mp3]   [mp3]   [+]

The Infant Cycle / The Ancient Tapes of Indu Mezu -- "In Between and in Both Sides in the Same Time" -- CD-R -- €7
2012 Cold Graey, MF18, (ltd. 57)
Jim DeJung and Swill Klitch reworks each other's sources. 22" of very strange sounds. The Infant Cycle source: Strange unpredictable noises that Alesis USB interface makes when Mac G4 is in sleep mode. TATo Indu Mezu works: Sampled to cassette tape with various speeds and manual manipulations, cutted, looped, digitized back and mixed. TATo Indu Mezu source: An old computer reel from a wardrobe-sized ones. Stolen at the secret Soviet aircraft plant. The tape was about 4 times wider than cassette player head so it was pressed and regulated by hands and sometimes passed manually. The Infant Cycle manipulations: Reworked with no added instrumentations. At one point there were sources stored on tape 4-track, mini-disc 4-track, DAT, and the hard drive. It came out very fragmented, and "voices" appeared. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Inner Vision Laboratory & Nepenthe -- "Ambit" -- CD -- €10
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 066-2, (ltd. 400)
Two years after well-received "Perpetua" album, INNER VISION LABORATORY returns to Zoharum with their new album entitled "Ambit". Not a solo venture, but a collaborative effort with young, but promising NEPENTHE project. The album was 3 years in the making when they were searching for a common language and fiddling with sonic matter using the Internet in this respect, they have created a monolith - a very cohesive, yet symbiotic world. It might be easily labelled as "ambient", yet they break the patterns of that style. "Ambit" is composed of 7 compositions, clocking in at 50 minutes. It is composed of beautiful, yet unsettling melodies, for those who are fascinated with sounds coming from Cyclic Law and Loki Foundation labels, but also for new-comers to the genre. For those open-minded for something new and touching, a kind of music painted with the whole palette of colours and sounds. [press-release]

Institut -- "The Struggle Never Ended" -- CD -- €12
2005 Cold Meat Industry, cmi143, (ltd. 1000)
Lirim Cajani's project Institut should be well established now, having played a lot around Europe over the years. This newly recorded effort, the first CD without earlier member Johanna Rosenqvist, is a solid tribute to the struggle of the little man. A strong delivery of faith to the oppressed and a raging ripper for your right to only remain. The sound is more up-front live-centered, almost totally devoid of rhythms throughout and with a lot of anguished and hateful vocals. Full of drenching static and simple but effective walls of noise and reverberating samples which surely works sufficiently incisive. Kill your inconveniences! [press-release]

Jarl / Envenomist -- "Tunguska Event" -- CD -- €10
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 083-2, (ltd. 300)
A long time ago we discovered little known musician called Erik Jarl. We really liked his first albums and we were watching his music mature over the years. So when Erik contacted us with the offer concerning releasing his album we jumped at the chance. Erik has teamed up with David Reed aka Envenomist to create a sonic reenactment of the Tunguska event. It was ”was a large explosion which occurred near the Podkamennaya Tunguska River in what is now Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia, at about 07:14 on June 30, 1908” [Wikipedia]. It flattened 2,000 km2 of the forest and it caused glowing sunsets on the horizon. There are many theories concerning the cause of this particular event. Some scientists claim it was connected with an asteroid or comet that burst in the air above the region, others claim that it might have been a small black hole passing near the Earth. The mystery is still unsolved... The music, presented here in five parts, is full of oily drones and industrial blasts intertwined with unsettling ambient textures. The sound on this recording is of complex and mature nature, which hardly comes as a surprise when thinking about years both musicians spent mastering their skills (David with Envenomist and Luasa Raelon; Erik both in IRM and Skin Area, and solo known simply as Jarl). It is an interesting piece of work for those who search for something on the fringes of electronic music... The CD is housed in an ecopak sleeve and is strictly limited to 300 copies. [label info]

Karna / Velehentor -- "Era Of Cold Hearts / The Asha Blaze - 7 Minutes Later" -- CD -- €4
2009 Nomos Dei, LEGIS VI, (ltd. 666)
Split CD of two leading Russian noise projects. This release contains 4 previously unreleased tracks from Karna's EP "Era Of Cold Hearts" and a 30-min long track from Velehentor, dedicated to the biggest railway disaster happened in Russia on June 4th, 1989 near Asha town which maimed and destroyed lifes of many people. The atmosphere of icy inhuman horror from Karna. Sonic minimalism and strict aesthetics of macro-implosion from Velehentor. Special artwork in super jewel case. [press-release]

Kraschau -- "Falanx" -- CD -- €10
2013 Gradual Hate Records, GH 120 CD / Twilight Records, TW 1.119
Martial / Industrial / Neoclassical. The second full-length work of Kraschau consists of two parts: the first six tracks follows the monarchist, counter-revolutionary standpoint introduced on the debut album with a blend of christian mysticism and it deals mainly with the history of Central-Europe (eg. the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Prussia). The last four songs are dedicated to the history of the spanish civil war. Musically Kraschau continues the symphonic, neo-classical concept, this time with more tension: sometimes even more harsher industrial elements, sometimes more clear and glorius orchestral anthems. [press-release]

Kraschau -- "Offenbarung" -- CD -- €10
2012 Twilight Records, TW 1.95 / Gradual Hate Records, GH 114CD
We are proudly to announce the debut album of a promisse in the musical scene. If you like bands as Triarii, Arditi, March of Heroes etc... you are in the right way with Kraschau!! The debut album of Kraschau was inspired by the great empires and kingdoms of Europe, like the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Prussia and also 20th century christian and legitimist movements, eg. the Falange or the Carlists of the spanish civil war or Romania's Legionary Movement. The lyrics are dealing with the themes of christian mysticism and the spirit of struggle - as opposed to the coward comfort of the modern world. The album features various guest musicians from the hungarian industrial and neofolk scene... Kraschau was built upon the ruins of Adam Berces' prevous martial-neofolk project, Durch Heer und Kraft. The aim of this new project is to create high quality, live sounding neoclassical/symphonic music with the strictness of martial rhythms and with the power of industrial sounds. Adam was trained as a classical musician on trumpet and trombone, that's why brass instruments has a big role in Kraschau's music. It also incorporates various speeches, which are not too common in the martial-neofolk genres collected from documentary films and historical archives. [press-release]

Lagowski -- "Redesine +" -- CD -- €10
2009/2013 Zoharum, ZOHAR 056-2, (ltd. 300)
Following last year's reissue of Legion's "False Dawn" in anniversary 2CD edition, Andrew Lagowski returns to Zoharum with an album of new music. It is his first physical album in 7 years under his own surname following "Temporary Distractions" released in 2006. In the meantime, he's been busy with live gigs, his arctic ambient project S.E.T.I. and reissuing his older material as Legion and Nagamatzu. "Redesine+" is his return to the dormant post-techno side of his music. It's very hard to pigeonhole Andrew's music. From sterile cold wave through underground techno to icy dark ambience, and that's just the tip of an iceberg. As Lagowski, he penetrates the world of rhythms and digital electronics as opposed to ambient albums by S.E.T.I. and defunct Legion. On his new solo albums he gathers 13 songs (79 minutes of music!!!) where he teases us with a myriad of sounds, samples and beats. Retaining the traditional elements of 1990s IDM and techno, he filters his music through an ambient sensibility, thus creating a completely new sonic spectrum. A very strong release in Lagowski's discography and one of the best releases in Zoharum catalogue. Mastering: Lukasz Miernik. This release is presented in 6-panel ecopak and is strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide. [press-release]

Lasik Surgery -- "Cyclo" -- CD + DVD -- €8
2010 Silentes Minimal Editions, sme 1039
Tense electronic plots, calm ambiental stasis, inserts of sharp and harsh metallic sonorities, distorsions, filaments of subliminal melodies, masses of dark and penetrating low frequency drones. The journey of Lasik Surgery starts with a whirlwind of atmospheres and perpetually prismatic sonorities that have a big impact on the listener. This project was born from the minds of Pierpaolo Zoppo (Mauthausen Orchestra), the memorable noise-power electronic author who firmly came back to the fore in the recent years, and Gianluca Favaron, a skilled master controller and sound assembler with a long experience, already active under other aliases (Ab'she, Under the Snow, Metal Music Machine). The first exciting chapter of Lasik Surgery - a name that will surprise us again in the future for sure - comes with a free DVD that includes two videclips created by Enrico Bressan. [press-release]

Lasik Surgery -- "F" -- C-28 -- €5
2011 Silentes Tapestry, Collezione Del Silenzio - F, (ltd. 100)
Collezione Del Silenzio is a series of 26 white cassettes of 26 Italian artists. Each cassette is associated with a letter of the alphabet, representing artist's personal vision of silence.

Legionarii -- "Disciples of the State" -- CD -- €10
2013 Rage In Eden, RAGE 100, (ltd. 300)
With powerful hammering of industrial drums, with epic and monumental choirs that roll down on listener like a mountain, the release provides a total immersion in a tidal wave of militaristic Power, a feeling of creation from destruction, an Order out of War, following the previous established, dark and glorious militant cult of Legionarii. Only this time, the evolution has gone a different but the right way, the music has taken a great dose of grandiosity, orchestrality and overall epicness and awe - because of all that, this monumental release will certainly present one of the Titans in the scene of martial industrial. [label info]

Legionarii -- "Iron Legion" -- CD -- €10
2012 Rage In Eden, RAGE 95, (ltd. 500)
The beginning of 2012 was a time for a premiere of the first record of Legionarii – “Europa Rex”. Now, it’s September and I am presenting you a descendant of the debut - “Iron Legion”. The record is not similar to its predecessor; a lot has changed in the musical sphere. The arrangements are more elaborate. An intrinsic component, which appears in the music, is a clear and powerful rhythm which highlights the author’s message. What about the message? Like on „Europa Rex”, there is no compromise; the message is clear and legible. "Legionarii continues to forge the iron spirit of today's world! "Iron Legion" now leads you into the modern battlefield, created especially for you, to provide an ultimate spirit of war using only your speakers. Embrace a vision of a thousands of tanks rolling accross the vast battlefield, crossing the minefields, constantly bombarded by heavy artillery; Behind them, the supporting units of infantry are marching forward, with the strength of an animal and the mind of a machine, with no option for retreat or surrender. The Iron Legion of Europe is rising - and there is no other way than the way of victory!" [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Light Collapse / Pulsating Veins / Radiostalking -- "Mystic Radionoise Tales" -- CD-R -- €7
2014 Down Elcovka Records, CD-R DER 019, (ltd. 33)
Radionoise split from three projects from the Urals, Belarus and Leningrad. Three legends, three mystic acts hidden below the gritty flows of radiowaves waiting for the experienced psychonauts to find them. CDR with printed surface, packed in a half-dvd box. [label info]

Lopez, Francisco -- "Untitled (2011)" -- CD -- €10
2014 Nefryt, N 025, (ltd. 444)
Field recordings from Amazon, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Brazil, Spain, South Africa, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, Columbia and Morocco. Prepared & assembled by Lopez at his Mobile Messor studio in 2011. Gatefold A5 cover. [label info]

Luftwaffe -- "Trephanus Uhr" -- CD -- €10
2004/2013 Lichterklang, LK014
Reissue of Luftwaffe's 2004 album, featuring Boyd Rice (NON), Douglas P. (Death In June), and Richard Leviathan (Ostara). "Luftwaffe create effective industrial atmospheres through swathes of harsh electronic noise interspersed with samples, dialogue and declamatory lyrics. The constant martial rhythms and occasional orchestral effects ensure easy comparisons with NON's epochal live recording "In The Shadow of the Sword". Several tracks adopt a harsher outlook... A folk based approach incorporates gentle flute but the vocals remain rooted in a masculine and stern manner. Ostara's Richard Leviathan delivers esotericism over acoustic guitar and spirited trumpet score... Douglas P.'s refined tones are set against a backdrop of acoustic guitars and kettle drums recalling early Death In June. Both tracks are free of the industrial posturing proving the age old adage: less is more" (Compulsion). Digipak.

Maeror Tri -- "Meditamentum" -- 2 CD -- €13
1994/2013 Zoharum, ZOHAR 046-2 / New Nihilism, NN X, (ltd. 500)
After a successful reissue of a long-lost classic "Emotional Engramm", MAEROR TRI returns to Zoharum and New Nihilism with another album. This time it is a double, deluxe reissue of both volumes of "Meditamentum" (released previously on Holonom and Manifold respectively). Unavailable for many years, "Meditamentum" is a collection of tracks culled from tape releases and rarities hidden on many compilations. It spans the whole existence of Maeror Tri, starting with 2 tracks from 1989 ending with 3 tracks from 1996. It is a sort of "best of" Maeror Tri, as it tells the story of the bands progress. From rough edges of "Peak Experience" to dreamy soundscapes of "The Beauty of Sadness". "Meditamentum" is also a document of the underground tape scene of the 1980s and 1990s, and of a genius of MAEROR TRI as purveyors of mind-altering sonic experience. It's "Music for the Brain" at its best. The release is presented in a lavish gatefold Japanese vinyl replica designed by Marcin Lojek (Ibsendesign, responsible also for the cover for Zoharum's reissue of "Emotional Engramm"). Each volume is extended with a bonus track making the whole collection 155 minutes long and comprising of 23 tracks. The sound is greatly enhanced by our remastering wizard Lukasz Miernik. "Meditamentum" is co-released by Zoharum and New Nihilism to give you the maximum sonic experience. This double CD is strictly limited to 500 copies. [press-release]

Maninkari -- "Continuum Sonore Part 7>14" -- CD -- €10
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 085-2, (ltd. 300)
Maninkari, a duo hailing from France, should be a well-known one for ambient lovers. They have already released six albums on renowned labels such as Conspiracy, Neuropa or Basses Frequencies. Their influences range from classical music through jazz and free improv ending with ambient and drone. Therefore, it is not easy to classify them as a modern post-industrial electronica combo. The duo works quite intensively. They have just prepared the second volume of their 2012 "Continuum Sonore" album. What enchanted us about Maninkari while listening to part 7-14 "Continuum Sonore" compostion of is their easiness in creating beautiful, but haunting melodies drowned in cinema-like atmosphere. It is not surprising as the duo have created music for films of Thomas Pantalacci. Their other advantage is varied instrumental textures. Apart from regular synthesizers and not so common persussion, they use atypical instruments, such as bodhran, viola, cimbalom, santoor. It brings them closer to the neoclassical genre. The CD is housed in an ecopak sleeve and is strictly limited to 300 copies. [label info]

Maribor -- "X" -- C-25 -- €5
2011 Silentes Tapestry, Collezione Del Silenzio – X, (ltd. 100)
Collezione Del Silenzio is a series of 26 white cassettes of 26 Italian artists. Each cassette is associated with a letter of the alphabet, representing artist's personal vision of silence.

Marutti, Andrea -- "Z" -- C-42 -- €5
2010 Silentes Tapestry, Collezione Del Silenzio - X, (ltd. 100)
Collezione Del Silenzio is a series of 26 white cassettes of 26 Italian artists. Each cassette is associated with a letter of the alphabet, representing artist's personal vision of silence.

Moljebka Pvlse -- "Zojo" -- CD -- €5
2010 Greytone, grey008, (ltd. 500)
The Moljebka Pvlse album Zojo was recorded during the Mathias studies at the Royal Institute of Art. He was inspired by the longest night of the year in Stockholm, the day when there is almost no daylight. His ambition was to make an acoustic album of minimal music without any musical instruments. Moljebka Pvlse setup long nylon strings across his entire studio at school, which he then plucked and bowed and recorded with his favorite contact microphones on that very night. These recordings became the fundament of the album and set the tone for the rest of the work. Moljebka Pvlse are very grateful for the contribution by the Japanese artist Michiko Kashiba on this album. [press-release]

Nagamatzu -- "Neural Interval" -- 2 CD -- €13
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 084-2, (ltd. 500)
Thanks to music lovers from all around the world, forgotten gems from the analogue era hidden in basements have been popping up in the digital age. We have witnessed (re-)discovery and (re-)appreciation of new age, library music, acid house, post-punk and many others. One of those hidden gems from the 1980s is Nagamatzu with Stephen Jarvis and Andrew Lagowski (known for his ambient/electronica releases on Zoharum amongst the others). In their 10-year tenure, they pioneered their own peculiar instrumental version of the so-called dark wave, a mixture of goth-tinged post-punk with pulsating, danceable electronica... Nagamatzu released 3 tapes and a 12" vinyl back in their heyday. They gathered good reviews, small but devoted following, but once they drifted apart, their music was lost. Fortunately, not to all. First, some tracks kept popping up on Andrew Lagowski's website. Later, Josh Cheon from San Francisco-based label called Dark Entries re-released their two cassette-only album on vinyl. Now, it is time to present their analogue output in its enirety on CD... "Neural Interval" collects all the three tape albums from Nagamatzu: "Shatter Days" (1983), "Sacred Islands of the Mad" (1986) and "Igniting the Corpse" (1991). It also adds "Space Shuttle Shuffle" 12'' (1987) and an unreleased version of "Lift Off" as bonus tracks. It gives you an insight into still little known work by this excellent duo (or trio at times) who should have been a mainstay of 4AD, Beggars Banquet or Factory back in the 1980s. We hope that thanks to the vinyl reissues of Dark Entries and Zoharum CD anthology the band will achieve such a kind of recognition they truly deserve... The CDs are housed in a digipak with an additional poster booklet inside. [label info]

Nimh -- "V" -- C-36 -- €5
2011 Silentes Tapestry, Collezione Del Silenzio - V, (ltd. 100)
Collezione Del Silenzio is a series of 26 white cassettes of 26 Italian artists. Each cassette is associated with a letter of the alphabet, representing artist's personal vision of silence.

Obozdur -- "Nemezida Probkovogo Shlema (Pith Helmet Nemesis)" -- CD-R -- €7
2014 Down Elcovka Records, CD-R DER 018, (ltd. 25)
Drone/Noise. "In the damp basement between the worlds, where bearded scrapers hide in slots of tile, waiting for an opportunity to bite your hill with their sharp teeth, remember about the main thing - don't meet an eye of Pith Helmet Nemesis. Even if she looks like a simple kitchen girl..." New album from the cult project from the Urals, Russia. More than 40 minutes of lo-fi droning noise, rumbles, rustles and mystical chimes. Especially recommended for night insomnia listening. Just keep the kitchen door closed. CDR with printed surface, packed in half-DVD box. [press-release]

Oda Relicta -- "Lux Aeterna" -- CD -- €10
2011 Gradual Hate Records, GH 113CD / Twilight Records, TW 1.89, (ltd. 200)
"Lux Aeterna" is a chamber requiem that follows a classical arrangement with soprano, bass and tenor vocals juxtaposed with angelic chants of the Child's Choir, piano and organ passages of simple composition yet true purifying power. A collaborative release of Twilight Records and Gradual Hate Records. The CD comes in a grey/black digipak. The Requiem "Lux Aeterna" was originally composed by Mykhayil A. Shukh in 1988. It was premiered in Donetsk (Ukraine) in 1990/1991. The recordings took part at the festivals in Gori (Georgia) and at "Vorsel Meetings" (Ukraine). Re-recorded, re-engineered and re-arranged by Mykhayil A. Shukh & Olegh Kolyada at Oda Relicta HQ in 2010. [label info]

Olhon -- "Veiovis" -- CD -- €32
2001 Spectre Nautilus, NA03
A collaboration between Massimo Magrini (Bad Sector) and Zairo (Where). The album is based on underwater recordings made in a set of Italian volcanic lakes. The sensing device hardware was built around a hydrophone sensor, enclosed in a heavy waterproof steel body. A very long cable (200m) as been used for connecting the recording device, placed in the deeper point of the lakes to a digital recorder on a boat. These recordings cannot be considered a pure audio documentation: the recorded sounds have been treated and re-mixed with the intention of recreating the moods and sensations of the recording sites. All "unwanted", accidentally recorded noises were also used in the final mix: boat noises, water drops, noises of the metal sensor hitting the lake bottom, remote preamplifier hiss, clicks and pops etc. No synthesizers or additional sounds were used during the re-mixing phase. Veiovis: Ancient pre-Roman god, responsible for earthquakes and volcanic activities.

Ottaven -- "O" -- C-26 -- €5
2011 Silentes Tapestry, Collezione Del Silenzio - O, (ltd. 100)
Collezione Del Silenzio is a series of 26 white cassettes of 26 Italian artists. Each cassette is associated with a letter of the alphabet, representing artist's personal vision of silence.

Rapoon -- "Seeds In The Tide, Vol. 2" -- 2 CD -- €13
2013 Zoharum, ZOHAR 057-2, (ltd. 500)
In December last year "Seeds in the Tide Volume 01" saw the light of the date and met with loads of interest. As promised we continue the series with the second installment in this collection of Rapoon rarities. This time, apart from compilation tracks, "Seeds in the Tide" features three (yes, three) rare releases. The first one being "Live at Klanggalerie" tape from 2000; the other 2 being "Pell Mell" and "Ep Et Vee" EPs, all the three released in very small quantities. "Seeds in the Tide Volume 02" is therefore your chance to grab these titles, not on eBay (where they fetch enormous sums), but in one collection at a reasonable price. All in all, the second volume contains 150 minutes of pure sonic bliss with a quality sign, just like any Rapoon release is. Once again, the tracks were faithfully restored by Maciej Bartkowiak. The paintings on the cover is by Mr. Robin Storey himself and the design duties were handled by Zoharum in-house designer Maciej Mehring. The whole production process was overseen by Michal Porwet. Note: this is the second volume in the series. Next year Zoharum is releasing the next volume covering rare tracks from years 2004-2007. This release is strictly limited to 500 copies. [press-release]

Rybicki, Marek -- "Opowiadania" -- 2 CD-R -- €10
2004 Nefryt, N 012, (ltd. 222)
The first solo work of member Ucho & Arche. Environmentals, deep ambient, enigmatic electro-stories. The music is like symbiosis: a computer with a nature. Special A5 cover, 222 numbered copies, the first double album from Nefryt!!! [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Sacher-Pelz -- "In Hoc Urbia Miazi" -- CD -- €12
2007 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 090
After more than 28 years the seminal contamination by Maurizio Bianchi / MB called "Sacher-Pelz" is finally back with dyslexic hollows in the hypertoxic forewarning of scrupulous connoisseurs: "In Hoc Urbia Miazi" is its irrational title, and you should take note of this for your survival! Uncompromising & best quality old-school industrial-noise like in the very early "Come Organisation" times by this Italian CULT project! [press-release]

Sacher Pelz / Amun Cell -- "Hibakusha" -- CD -- €11
2011 Silentes Minimal Editions, sme 1146
Cyclic loops based on static drones, intersected by electronic frequencies algorithmic variations of undefined sonic materials, moved by delays and landscape perspective variations recurring in space, a sequence of metallic waves in a continuous tone variation, heavy dissonance sonic stratification in progressive and pseudo-random composition / decomposition; desolate silences corrupted by resounding echoes of evolving electric rhythmic impulses. Long awaited re-issue of this unbelievable album by Maurizio Bianchi / Sacher-Pelz and Sandro Kaiser / Amun Cell, previously only available on a limited release. [label info]

Shyopot Run -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €40
2008 Valgriind, VG 03, (ltd. 50)
Mysterious Russian acoustic neofolk. This acoustic project uses such native instruments as pipe, balalaika and other. Beautiful guitar playing and wonderful female voice. Like a wind playing with leaves in a spring forest... No doubt, one of the most talented representatives of this style in Russia. A project of the members of NSBM-band M8l8th. Slim-box with a birch bark insert. [YAOP]

Strom Noir -- "Urban Blues" -- CD -- €10
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 060-2, (ltd. 300)
Strom Noir debuts on Zoharum with his 9th full-length album entitled ”Urban Blues”. This renowned Slovak one-man project of Emil Mat'ko penetrates the textures of shimmering ambient, urban drone with delicate tints of post-rock. His next offering contains 8 compositions of staggering beauty and cinematic feel. "When you listen to music while walking in the city, background sounds and noises may supplement it in a non-recurring way and, even if you know the track by heart, your only feeling for the very first moment is that something is different… I have tried to capture this feeling of reverse dejа-vu on my latest album “Urban Blues” which presents a trip through the city – the city you believe you are familiar with, but, on the other hand, your feeling that something is wrong is increasing." This CD is packaged in a ecopak limited to 300 copies. [press-release]

System Morgue -- "Inkeri" -- lathe 7" s/s -- €9
2015 Noyade Records, NR-04, (ltd. 10)
One 5-minute track of lo-fi monotonous guitar drone textures. Single-sided lathe-cut record, mono, only 10 copies.

Tchernoblyad -- "Atomophobia" -- CD-R -- €7
2009/2015 Torga Amun, Amun-088, (ltd. 30)
Side-project of YAO 91404 D, reissue of a cassette album released in 2009 in ultra-limited edition of 3 copies. "Experimental noise from Russia. Nuclear technology and the problem of its use. Atoms for Peace and nuclear weapons. During the Cold War. Historical notes and sad picture of the future... Design: black and white glossy envelope + 3 photo inserts. Pro-CDR, 30 copies." [label info]

Tomutonttu -- "s/t" -- CD -- €5
2007/2009 Fonal Records, FR-66
Fonal Recods is re-releasing this long sold out debut Tomutonttu originally released on LP by Beta Lactam Ring records. Tomutonttu ("dust gnome") is a human called Jan Anderze'n, a visual artist and the leader of a respected avant-garde sound group Kemialliset Ystävät. Toy reed streams, mutilated vocals and groovy loops of animal noise are some of the colours used to create the whirling mess that is the lonely song of Tomutonttu. It is like a confusing detail of the Kemialliset Ystävät freedom flow, a microcosmos of strange sound creatures and dirt flying around in the stereo space and interacting with a logic all of their own. [press-release]

Tundra -- "Tajnie I Glebie" -- CD -- €10
2014 Zoharum, ZOHAR 076-2, (ltd. 350)
Apart from countless reissues and new materials by renowned projects, Zoharum searches for new faces. This time it is a duo based in the same town as the label, namely Gdansk, called Tundra - an electroacoustic project of Dawid Adrjanczyk and Krzysiek Joczyn, whose inspiration is, first and foremost, space, both in its physical manifestation and the spiritual meaning. Beside samples, field recordings and sound manipulation, they use acoustic instruments. "Tajnie i Glebie" (Mysteries and Depths), their new recordings, is a temporary departure from the region of improvisation for the sake of studio work. The first full-length album of Tundra is a continuation of the previously chosen path; soundwise, it is based on the sonic contemplation of space. Here it is mostly of spiritual nature. The starting point situated in the subarctic region is left behind, and is replaced with wanderings among symbols scattered in the infinity. This path leads to a point which seems to be familiar to us, but it is not its beginning of the journey... By using various means of expression, the duo reread the canon of experimental music and explore new sonic territories. Six compositions presented here serve the purpose of a soundtrack to imaginary journeys into places where peace and chill reign simultaneously. These are akin to more ethereal songs from the World Serpent realm, but also academic compositions or free improv. The sounds on "Tajnie i Glebie" lose tracks and inspirations luring the listeners with an ambiguous atmosphere at the same time. [label info]

Ultrapolyarnoe Vtorzhenie -- "Formirovanie Ne-Smertiya" -- CD-R -- €13
2012 Ufa Muzak, UFA54 / Shum Sturm Proizvodstvo, SSP-003, (ltd. 100)
Apocalyptic industrial noise/ Post-military ambient. "The one who discovered the knowledge of death too early will not be able to close oneself to it..." The album "Formirovanie Ne-Smertiya" ("Forming of Non-Deathness") is a profound Decree of Peace, where death acts as an anonymous party, a path for the chosen and obsessed ones, near the walls which noone should break, because what lies beyond them is not for humans. The front localizes souls, depriving their carriers of all that belongs to those left after the war, so the game rules mean something different here. Both stake and gain in this game are unknown. About the album. Roughly sewn from the skins by coarse sinews of corpses, digged out from the desecrated mound, all in soil and slimy swarming worms, it was confiscated and brought to the autopsy table, this mistake was understood and even the most faithless ones crossed themselves, they filed it under "music" and hid themselves to wait for the darkness cherishing a dream of self-asphyxia. A host of screams, yells, wailing, praying, groan came out of the mortuary with the songs of this Russian project. Rough heavy slabs of ambient, noise and post-industriall fall over one's head leaving no room for doubts "if hell really exists?" 8 tracks, 52 minutes, pro-CDR, 4-panel cardboard sleeve + sticker. [press-release]

Vir Martialis -- "Hierophanie - Prelude To A War Of The Future" -- CD -- €10
2013 Rage In Eden, RIE 96
Rage in Eden present the more recent work of Vir Martialis under the name of "Hierophanie - Prelude to a war of the Future-". This work focused on the sacred, has 11 tracks and more than 45 minutes of pure Industrial Martial music, with a great orchestration and overwhelming forcefulness, Vir Martialis presents complex compositions, epic and evocative of virtues, in this work the spirit of the Vir (Hero) is manifiest more than ever. Barbarossa Umtrunk prints his mystical sign with his collaboration and the German neofolk group Karma Marata gives voice to a powerful track. [press-release]

Zinc Room & Obozdur -- split -- MC -- €7
2014 Ostroga, OTR-027, (ltd. 30)
Two Ural-based projects. Midnight tradition and shamanism. Bottomless quagmire and cries, sinking into the night. Dark ambient Industrial / death industrial, field recordings and recordings of forest performances. Design: 30 cassettes dressed in exclusive cardboard covers. Each case features a unique oil monotype. Each cassette painted in tricolor acrylic texture. Comes with a photo card of a real wooden idol from a small village Maly Atyazh from the Urals. [label info]

V/A -- "15 Poems by Franz Kafka" -- book + 2 CD -- €15
2014 ZHELEZOBETON distribution division, ZHBD-06 / Own Editions, (ltd. 300)
We are pleased to present this unique double release produced by our label along with the "Own Editions" publishing house, the translator Olga Roschina, the illustrator Daniil Grazhdankin and a number of musicians from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Rostov-on-Don and Odessa. The first part - the "15 Poems by Franz Kafka" book - is the first ever bilingual illustrated edition of all known Kafka lyrics (in German and Russian). The second part is the musical compilation based on the material of this book... As it turned out Kafka's works and their atmosphere are close to musicians from very different cultural layers. It's the point where many musical styles interwine: radical chanson and neofolk, female choir and collage electronics, post-industrial and dark ambient, rampant neoclassic, minimalistic improvisation and post-rock. The compilation features I. Belorukov, A. Popovskiy + D. Sorokin + B. Shershenkov, Pustotsvet, N. Sudnick, UtrovortU, Uhushuhu, Chumaho DRU, Bardoseneticcube & Chivadeshe, Eject, Kryptogen Rundfunk, Majdanek Waltz, Monocube, Sal Solaris, Sequoian Aequison, The Tune 3.0.
[bandcamp]   [+]

V/A -- "Muzyka Voln" -- CD -- €10
2007 Muzyka Voln, MV-I, (ltd. 500)
The first release of a new sublabel of ZHELEZOBETON - Muzyka Voln - is a compilation of the same name, containing compositions from twelve Russian projects playing ambient / drone music. A selection of audio-tales in which each project introduces the listener to its own sound world he's living in: mystical stories, isolationism, altered states of consciousness, space landscapes, monotonous technogenic rumble, guitar passages and much more... Specially for this compilation exclusive tracks were provided by: Anthesteria feat. Kaj?, Bardoseneticcube, Cisfinitum, Closing The Eternity, Exit In Grey, Hum, Instant Movie Combinations, Kshatriy, Lunar^Abyss^Deus^Organum, Necropolis, Polaris and RemoteBand. This compilation may be useful for those interested in the Russian experimental scene and just for lovers of beautiful contemplative music. The CD is housed in a six-panel digipak decorated with photos of Baltic Sea made by Pavel "fljõt" Pevnitsky.

V/A -- "Walking In The Rain On The Ostrow Tumski" -- CD -- €5
2006 Ars Benevola Mater, ABM 24, (ltd. 1035)
Leiche Rustikal, Oxyd, Allerseelen, Troum, Job Karma, Sol Invictus, Lagowski, Tabor Radosti, Herbst9, Hati vs. Z'EV.

V/A -- "The Walls Are Whispering..." -- CD -- €5
2003 EE Tapes, EE03, (ltd. 525)
Inade, Troum, Dieter Müh, Vidna Obmana, Kallabris, PBK, Steve Roden, Christian Renou, Toy Bizarre.

V/A -- "The Walls Are Whispering... Volume II" -- CD -- €5
2004 EE Tapes, EE05, (ltd. 525)
Ian Robert McKenzie, Ah Cama-Sotz, Y Create, Reutoff, Radboud Mens, Brainquake, Lasse Marhaug, Eric La Casa, Vance Orchestra, The [Law-Rah] Collective.

V/A -- "The Walls Are Whispering... Volume III" -- CD -- €5
2005 EE Tapes, EE07, (ltd. 525)
Shifts, MNortham, Oren Ambarchi, Azymbol, Seth Nehil, Eric Lanzillotta, Fear Falls Burning, Af Ursin, Yannick Dauby, Felix Kubin, Acid_Soma, Contagious Orgasm.

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