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Today we're glad to present you our new releases. First solo album by Sal Solaris in 15 years, published in cooperation with the musicians' own label NEN Records, and also the debut album by the Ekaterinburg-based project Church Of Howling Dog, inevitably plunging into the instrumental rock psychedelia! More info about both editions - a bit below.

Among the fresh additions to the mailorder catalogue are the new albums of our beloved projects Bad Sector, Majdanek Waltz, Six Dead Bulgarians, Russian labels Sulphur Flowers, Shadowplay, Ufa Muzak, COD Noizes, La Notte Di Architetto, BioSonar, two new doom jazz CDs on Aquarellist label, noise releases by Japanese Gravity Swarm Records with great artworks, arrivals from Malignant Records, Dark Vinyl, Galakthorro, Terror and much more...

Record collectors may be interested in vast additions to our rare & used list.

That's it for now!

Best vibes,

I. New editions

Sal Solaris - Thresholds

Sal Solaris

CD (ltd. 333)

1. Cryptosystem
2. Limit Value
3. Polygyny Model
4. Displaced
5. Error (Eigen's Paradox)
6. Adaptation
7. Pain
8. From Now to the New De Sitter Space (Uhushuhu Remix)
9. Tautology (Myrrman Remix)

total length: 71:01
price: €10

"Thresholds" @ bandcamp

Sal Solaris: website | soundcloud | bandcamp | facebook | в контакте

"Thresholds" is the first Sal Solaris solo album in 15 years marked by a variety of collaborations, splits and minor releases. From a musical point of view this is probably the most complex and certainly the most rhythmic work of the duo which opens a new chapter in its history.

The Sun radiates and cools down. Mountains erode and grind into sand. Any system tends to minimum energy and maximum entropy, that is to uniformity. But while chaos does not reign yet, the universe is a complex thermodynamic landscape filled with low grounds and peaks, ridges and valleys. To go from one valley to another we need a breakthrough. As when a match boosts energy to let reagents gain ability to cross the threshold, and continue to roll freely and independently.

"Thresholds" is an acoustic study of a breakthrough over the threshold. Therefore the album constantly crosses genre limits. The listener is taken from a thicket of dark techno to a rave meadow, and in the middle of dark ambient wasteland he or she gets thrust against a rock of minimal electro.

"Thresholds" is also an attempt to answer the question of what may be a match in human life situations. How to cross the pass, when the ridge is covered with clouds. The album can be regarded as a box of matches, or an experimental map of passes for those who feel confined in their valleys.

Authors can not guarantee its absolute accuracy.

Cassette version of the album with two exclusive remixes is released by NEN Records and available for purchasing at their bandcamp as well as in our mailorder catalogue.

Church Of Howling Dog - Umbra

Church Of Howling Dog

CD (ltd. 300)

1. Reubau
2. Elysium
3. Forma Separata
4. Umbra
5. Aeternum Vale
6. Larva
7. Pars
8. Requiescat in Pace

total length: 66:09
price: €9

"Umbra" @ bandcamp

The talented multi-instrumentalist Kein from Ekaterinburg, Russia has already proven himself in such projects as Sol Mortuus, Prognostic Zero and Zinc Room, and now the time has come for his new incarnation - Church Of Howling Dog. The labels Evil Dead Productions and Zhelezobeton Distribution Division present his first full-length work "Umbra".

"Umbra" is slow hypnotic instrumental psychedelic rock. Reverberated guitar chords, slides and coarse fuzz, a dispassionate drum machine and psychedelic string percussion, delicate organ pads, the hum of guitar amplifiers and the wheeze of cello - these are the elements creating this tapestry. Pleasantly enough, the author knows how to treat silence as it plays a significant role in his compositions - each note takes its time to fade away, mesmerizing the listener with its vibrations.

Some familiar musical landmarks to be mentioned here are Earth albums "Hibernaculum" and "The Bee Made Honey in the Lion's Skull" (although Earth is more monotonous and straightforward), and the famous OST for the Jim Jarmush movie "Dead Man" by Neil Young.

II. Reviews

Polkka Love Machine "s/t" MC / CD-R:
Pustota "Greatest Hits" CD-R:
Reutoff "No One's Lullabies" CD:
X3D5 x Noises Of Russia "Theurgy" CD-R:

III. Forthcoming events

St. Petersburg, "Les" bar. More info...

18.03.2016 - Alchemy Of Noise
St. Petersburg, Sound Museum. More info...

19.03.2016 - dRЁmA-11
St. Petersburg, Zanza. More info...

Moscow, "Brooklyn". More info...

Moscow, "Muse". More info...

St. Petersburg, Sound Museum. More info...

Moscow, "Zil". More info...

St. Petersburg, "Place". More info...

Moscow, tea club "House of a White Crane". More info...

12.04.2016 - Co 2016
St. Petersburg, Sound Museum. More info...

St. Petersburg, "Zal Ozhidaniya". More info...

Moscow, "Zil". More info...

IV. New items in mailorder catalogue

CDs & CD-Rs

Aderlating -- "Hell Follows" -- CD -- €10
2015 Black Plagve, Infect16
The 5th full length CD for Aderlating finds the duo of Eric Eijspaart and Maurice De Jong returning to Black Plagve for the first time since 2013’s Gospel of the Burning Idols. Hell Follows takes a somewhat altered approach as it moves away from the ritualistic horror and smothering claustrophobia of past releases, and into a more spacious realm, with more distinguished sounds and clearer instrumentation. That’s not to say that Hell Follows isn’t steeped in atmosphere and dark energy. The 9 tracks are unpredictable, wildly hallucinatory and beguiling… odes to nightmares and flickering visions of torment and anguish, an alchemy of blackened kosmiche keyboard textures, raspy, foreboding voices, and passages of corrosive rumblings, hellish drift, and sinister percussive clangor. Mories has stated that Hell Follows was recorded live in the studio with less computer processing, and it shows in the amorphous quality of the tracks; a Coil like sense of psychedelia and surreal wooziness to some, a hopelessly dark and apocalyptic feel to others that adhere more to the traditional Aderlating template. Collectively, it’s a wild and mercurial sonic journey that resides on the peripheral of anything Mories and Eric have done to date, and yet at the same time, makes perfect sense within their discography. [press-release]

Allerseelen -- "Fruhgeschichte I - Schwartzer Rab" -- CD -- €10
1990/2014, Ahnstern, Ahnstern 52 / Aorta, AORCD15, (ltd. 300)
This is a reissue of one of the first recording of ALLERSEELEN, originally recorded in Nov. 1989 and released as a tape on the AORTA' label in 1990. It contains the six original tracks, entirely remastered in 2014. Using kettle drums, processed violin, bass, human bones, loops, ALLERSEELEN composed dark, hypnotick, repetitive instrumental ambient ritual soundscapes. Comes in a four-panel digipack, limited to 300 copies. [label info]

Aura Shining Green -- "The Green Man and The White Witch" -- 2 CD -- €11
2016 COD Noizes, SHUM2 / Der Schwarze Tod, TOD27, (ltd. 440)
Neofolk / Ambient / Psychedelic from Finland. "Returning to my native village after many years’ absence: I put up at a country inn and listen to the rain. One robe, one bowl is all I have. I light incense and strain to sit in meditation; All night a steady drizzle outside the dark window. Inside, poignant memories of these long years of pilgrimage" (Ryokan Taigu). Dreamy songs from the finnish Master of fairy tales Joonatan Elokuu and his Aura Shining Green ensemble. [label info]

Bad Sector -- "Storage Disk 3" -- CD -- €12
2016 Bad Sector, BS 02-2016, (ltd. 500)
The third chapter of the Storage Disk anthology of rare and unreleased tracks. This is a sort of new album because it includes five official songs never released on Bad Sector's albums but only on VVAA compilations (from 2004 to 2011), two tracks from rare singles (2000 and 2001), one web release only (2008) plus four totally unreleased tracks (2003, 2014 and 2x2015). Whilst Storage Disk 1 and 2's graphics dealt with the history of Russian computer technology, this 6 panel digipack CD focuses on the computer history in Italy and in particular in Pisa. Limited edition of 500 hand-numbered copies. [label info]

Begottened -- "s/t" -- CD -- €10
2015 Gravity Swarm Recordings, UT-47 / Nostalgia Blackrain, cold ashes - 003, (ltd. 500)
Begottened is the inevitable, dark encounter of two dark Japanese minds - Chew of doom act CORRUPTED, and the harsh electronics lion Kohei The Fast of GUILTY CONNECTOR. The miking of a drum set, excessive sound equalisation in real time, the strange lowbeats of GUILTY C., the strong beats of Chew... The result ranges from minimal, experimental, musique concrete, to slow stripped-back dub-doom; at times (according to the label) 'reminiscent of the 70's Lee Perry sound'. Quite different to the normal output of these two artists. [Cold Spring]
[soundcloud]   [soundcloud]

Bisclaveret -- "In Hortis... Aegri Somnia (Early Recordings)" -- CD -- €10
2015 Dark Vinyl, DV63, (ltd. 300)
Ritual / funeral ambient recordings from their more darker beginnings, for all fans who are familiar with bands like PROFANE GRACE ("A Cast in the Mold.."...) or early CURRENT93 ("Nature Unveiled / Dogs Blood rising")...... On its 15th anniversary, Bisclaveret has gathered a special compilation collecting early recordings, lifted mainly from their first CDR releases "Aegri Somnia" and "In Hortis", but also adding a few individual songs from their concert album "Er Roud El Aater fi Nezaha El Khater" and a number of rarities: versions and unreleased songs. The whole material has been designed in such a way that it creates a coherent album. The material has been re-mastered by Lukasz Miernik (often appearing live with Bisclaveret), who is also responsible for the sound of the last disc "Theu Anagnosis"... "In Hortis... Aegri Somnia" is a summary of the early activities of the group, a reminder of archival recordings that, although they differ stylistically from what the band is performing today, show what the evolution of Bisclaveret sound looked like. The evolution of the band which has been firmly rooted in the ambient scene since its very beginning. 6-page ecopak strictly limited to 300 copies. [press-release]

Bruta Non Calculant -- "Instinct" -- CD -- €10
2015 Dark Vinyl, DV62
Instinct is a wonderfully discomfiting album, but not in the self-conscious way so often seen and heard in post-industrial genres. Supremely weird and difficult to categorize, it meanders through minimal synth and folk, techno and industrial, grabbing handfuls of the worst vibes from each genre and combining them to form a slurry of miserable vocals and beats both druggy and danceable without the slightest hint of irony. In a sense, Bruta Non Calculant is accomplishing what so many artists in the much-maligned witch house genre set out to do and ultimately failed at, falling into k-holes of late 80s/early 90s nostalgia and Tumblr posturing. Though at times it’s hard to believe that Instinct is a recent album, it lacks any “retro” affectations, or any affectations, period. It’s brutally honest, and wields that honesty like a subtle sledgehammer. Use all the Third Reich samples or autopsy photos you like, but listening to Instinct is like sitting alone at a dingy club in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language, and realizing you’ve been drugged. [Rebecca C. Brooks, Heathen Harvest]

Caprice -- "Think Caprice" -- CD -- €6
2010 Shadowplay Records, SPR 093
A compilation of the best tracks from the Russian band Caprice, playing in their own unique style which they call "elvenmusic", with unusual time signatures, using many traditional acoustic instruments and some electronics. Most of their releases were published by the well-known French label Prikosnovenie..

Cawatana -- "Decline Of Privileges" -- CD -- €10
2015, Lichterklang, LK033, (ltd. 270)
Five years after their last sign of life the hungarian neofolk legend return with a new 6-track EP, continuing the concept that has started with the "Advocation Of Privileges" CD. [label info]

Corde Oblique -- "A Hail Of Bitter Almonds" -- CD -- €7
2011 Shadowplay Records, SPR 128
Fourth album from the Italian guitarist Riccardo Prencipe. We were expecting this new beautiful album refined in a New York studio ! On this opus, the sound is extremely pure. Corde Oblique's musical landscape is like a warm wind from the Mediterranean sea, a Folk music tinted of nostalgia, enchanted by Italian female voices. Riccardo welcomes in his line-up the violinist and pianist of Ashram, Argine's drummer, a cellist and exquisite female voices as Claudia Sorvillo... Like a painter, Prencipe composes a musical painting with many guests as Daemonia Nymphe, the Synaulia (musicians on the movie 'Gladiator'), Anathema's Duncan Patterson, Sergio Panarella, singer of Ashram. Special mention to the beautiful acoustic cover of Radiohead 'Jigsaw Falling'. Corde Oblique's music captivates by its grace, its beauty and the strength of his compositions, like a heady perfume. [press-release]

Deathstench -- "Massed In Black Shadow" -- CD -- €10
2012 Black Plagve, INFECT 11
Debut full length from the Los Angeles based duo of Darea Plantin and John-Paul Whetzel, also known for their work in the misanthropic black-doom trio, Welter in Thy Blood. Within their short discography, DEATHSTENCH has proven particularly adept incorporating elements of death industrial, dark ambient, doom, and black metal, and hideously transforming and molding them into a writhing mass of absolute filth and abject darkness. Built upon field recordings, scrap metal percussion, harrowing electronics, down tuned guitar & bass, and demonic vocalizations, the sound is both nihilistic and vile, rife with occult incantations, buzzing, distorted horror, and saturated walls of droning depravity that dissolve into roiling murk and hellish, blackened smear. Their latest installment, Massed in Black Shadow, is an impious communion summoning and invoking the soundtrack for all death to come. 6 tracks, totaling just over 45 minutes, guaranteed to deliver some of the most terrifying and purely misanthropic sounds you’re likely to find anywhere. “Bastards of the Black Flame” features additional sounds and effects by Cory Rowell of Demonologists, and all tracks are mastered by Billy Anderson (Neurosis, Sleep, Eyehategod, Crisis). For fans of Steel Hook Prostheses, MZ.412, Brighter Death Now, Abruptum. [press-release]

Der Flagrum -- "=0=" -- CD-R -- €6
2016 Vibrio Cholerae Records, VHR350, (ltd. 66)
New project of Maxim M. from STRUP. One 40-minute track with caleidoscopic moods flowing into each other. All starts with a web of string reverberations and abstract female vocals, then turns into echoed noises and industrial clanging with an extatic vocal. The tension is dissolving in pacified industrial humming with measured beats and comlex layering of rumbling waves, rasps and noises, slowly fading into nothingness. Everything seems to be sort of hazy and this illusionary feeling integrates the album and brings it to a common irrational denominator.

Detour Doom Project -- "Detour Doom" -- CD -- €12
2016 Aquarellist, aquarel 33-16, (ltd. 500)
Detour Project Doom, doom jazz act from Italy and USA. Our combo was born in 2014 from the union of members of several bands: Macellaria Mobile di Mezzanotte, Interview, Spiteful Womb and Rosengarten. The goal of the project is to create dark atmospheres, persuasive and dilated, directly inspired by visions in monochromatic dreamscapes and deserts. Detour Doom pays tribute to the atmosphere of film noir. Among our biggest influences are in fact black & white films, made of shadows and thrills. We compose a kind of long soundtrack, for suspended atmospheres. We are currently working on our debut album, trying to merge typical noir doom sounds with jazz and ambient / drone music. Our music is influenced by the works of Bohren & der Club of Gore, Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation - Space Dale Cooper Quartet, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble Hidden Orchestra, and the dark ambient school of the 90's. [from the musicians]

DOR -- "Samolikvidatsiya" -- CD-R -- €9
2015 Ufa Muzak, UFA 69, (ltd. 50)
Power electronics / Shoegaze / Black ambient. Arthropods currents of children and old women, precious relics of toothless mouths, in wide wings of night beams of the resurging black & white Moscow, dead teleportation of insatiable Humbert-Moloch, shadow of reincarnated Judas' cloak, will gobble the top of all ways without a doubt, when spitted in God's grave, close by the experience of cesspool's soft order, drunk Nabokov dances and vomits his bowels out, hey-ha-ha, are you still not afraid, not amused, not ashamed. After three years of silence we meet the big album by DOR which compensates the incredible tension of waiting by all fans of this furious heavy electronics over and above. More profound, more heartfelt - outwardly resembling perverted scenography, irrational inside a man and irrational outside of him, try (if you dare) to look at the world through the distorted and anxious mind of the author. The image of purgatory appears in 10 Maldoror's sonnets, where entwined in a knot are the rustling analogue airwaves and vomit, flowing down the ceramic tile, synchronized signals of capacitors and language of drunken backstreets, tension of overheated I/O gateway and poetry of self-made mannerism. More smooth and grown-up soud of this Yaroslavl-based project won't leave you indifferent, and you, lost and embittered, will return again and again in the kingdom of the almighty Repeat. Try this dish from the best chefs - on dirty midwives hands you'll be served plastic hyenas under the sause of nitroglycerine and oil. This lunar dics will reflect the real light, from which one can never wash. Does everyone have clear conscience?.. 9 tracks, 65 minutes, pro-CDR, matte digipak, 8-page booklet, cardboard folder, 2 inserts (evidence), postcard. [press-release]

Echo West -- "Pagan City Ghosts" -- CD -- €10
2015 Dark Vinyl, DV64
"Pagan City Ghosts" is the 7th album by Echo West and the 4th CD release on Dark Vinyl. Furthermore it's the second part of the "Pagan City" trilogy and will bring well known Angst Pop tunes and EBM rhythms in the old style of The Klinik to the listeners again. The CD contains 9 unreleased and brand new tracks that have been created between 2011 and 2014 plus a re-mix of the track "Are We City Humans" that appeared on the "Pagan City Gods" CD in 2013. The soundscapes reach from minimal electronic arrangements via negative pop to hard rhythmic madness. [label info]

Echo West -- "Pagan City Gods" -- CD -- €10
2013 Dark Vinyl, DV60
ECHO WEST has gained great attention and respect with their last 2 albums on Dark Vinyl: 'Echos Of The West' and 'In Pop We Trust'. Both were described as a combination of the elements of industrial music and cold-pop of the 80s. On their new album ECHO WEST is presenting more melodic and partly even danceable 'Analog - Minimal - Electro' songs, comparable to bands such as NOVEMBER NOVELET or BAKTERIELLE INFEKTION. [label info]

Gnawed -- "Feign And Cloak" -- CD -- €10
2014 Malignant Records, TumorCD79
Active since 2009, Minneapolis based Grant Richardson has solidified a reputation for creating a strain of death industrial and power electronics that’s particularly ferocious, visceral, and just insanely heavy. Alongside Nyodene D, The Vomit Arsonist, and Steel Hook Prostheses, Gnawed represents an act at the forefront of a genre, whose music is built on a European foundation, but is sculpted and heightened with American aggression and intensity. Despite numerous cassettes, splits, and compilation appearances, Feign and Cloak is just Gnawed’s second full length CD following 2012’s masterful Terminal Epoch (Phage Tapes), and sees Richardson continuing down a similar path, only having tightened the reigns, sharpened his focus, and honed his skills. Few artists are as adept or as capable at building tension and atmosphere as Gnawed, then releasing it in an onslaught of deep barreled percussion, pneumatic reverberations, scrap metal debris, and turbine fueled drones, the processed vocals resonating and slicing through the mix with force and rigor, the end result a perfect marriage of controlled chaos and structured composition. A modern masterpiece of true industrial music. In 6 panel digipak with matte finish. Artwork by Brian Vander Pol. [press-release]

Grim Talkers -- "Built Sand Invasion" -- CD -- €10
2014 Gravity Swarm Recordings, UT-42 / Live.pro
Chapter IIII in the Grimm story - a meeting of Tokyo's BLAHMUZIK (aka BrothersGRIM) and GUILTY CONNECTOR. A crazy album that was waged in mid-winter, assembled in Zukazuka, in a Grimm hut quietly nested in the mountainous region. Sweeping, violent harsh noise; a dangerous noise storm, which may awaken unexpected anxiety. 7 tracks, 59 minutes of broken Japanese-made free music / noise Wave sounds. [Cold Spring]

Grim Talkers -- "Grimly City" -- CD -- €10
2013 Gravity Swarm Recordings, UT-40 / Live.pro
Tokyo's sampler ninja BLAHMUZIK a.k.a. BrothersGRIM meets GxCx's grimly harshest noise! Brain rotten overbearing stuck-up scum maggots puke up in the awful black rain in a grimy city, dissolute town. Japanese real nightmare sounds from the sickest island. [label info]

Guilty C. -- "Bury #6" -- CD -- €10
2015 Gravity Swarm Recordings, UT-45
"Grim Ninja Noise! Sickest sounds / Harsh Storming from far east ruined islands of the skull, distorted noise wind dystopia". Two lengthy tracks (35 minutes and 11 minutes) of walls of harsh noise and amplified pulse sounds. Surging noise and multi-layered sounds colliding and declining, disappearing only to be regenerated and repeated. There also appears to be an emotional element amongst the hardcore noise, with the use of impressive drone and bass - slowing expanding and taking advantage of the long scale of the pieces. Recorded 2015. Comes in a specially printed foldout sleeve with spot-varnished print and insert. [Cold Spring]

The Illusion of Silence -- "Black Rainbow" -- CD -- €7
2016 Sulphur Flowers, SF 8
Sulphur Flowers is proud to present you its another release which we hope will bring you no less delight that it has brought us. Hailing from Italy, the man behind the project, Luca Bonandini, is known for his devotion to Russia: he was noticed in numerous collaborations with several locally distinguished Russian dark folk artists like Jhonnie from Kratong and Alexey Popov from Sunset Wings, and they have surely paid back by contributing to the Black Rainbow... With his debut work Luca brings us the gift of his beautiful music that is bound to stun all the admirers of traditional first-wave dark folk music. Sounding in the best possible way that a hypothetical mix of Current 93 and Ataraxia would happen to be, the songs of TIoS are a bottomless sea of sorrowful yet warm and somehow comforting melancholy. This is a tale of beauty and sadness, of everything that is doomed to die and to be born again. This is the image of barren trees in winter covered by peaceful snow... Take a breath and join us in this journey. [label info]

IRM -- "Closure" -- CD -- €10
2014 Malignant Records, TumorCD82
This album marks the end of a trilogy that started with the ”Indications of Nigredo” 12” (2008) on Segerhuva and continued with the ”Order4” CD (2010) on Cold Meat Industry. Four years on, IRM now release the grand finale on Malignant Records. While the last album flowed between opposites and extremes, this new opus marks a kind of a return to more familiar ground, where traditional song structure and melody occasionally appear and are more suited to the shorter track timing. That’s not to say that this is an easy listen – this can be an electrifying and highly charged listen, that feels visceral and almost physical in nature, and there’s plenty of nightmarish circumstance to wade through. But the omnipresent narrative feel ultimately gives these recordings a nuanced and soothing edge. People familiar with subjects associated with IRM, such as flamboyance, exclusion and theatrical immersion will also find a home here this time around. Harder to grasp is what kind of existentialist limbo the perpetrator here resides in. Redemption - not likely. The album also features the stellar performances of English cellist Jo Quail and Swedish percussionist Ulrik Nilsson. Includes 20 page booklet. [press-release]

K2 -- "Tamayura" -- CD -- €10
2012 Gravity Swarm Recordings, UT-38
The new K2 forges ahead, another blast of cut-up hyper-distortion, synths, video games and noise fuckery. Smashing! [Cipher Productions]
[soundcloud]   [soundcloud]

Karen Karnak -- "Death In Ankara" -- CD-R -- €6
2016 Vibrio Cholerae Records, VHR353, (ltd. 66)
Underground music from Belarus. Rhythmical electronic ambient with an experimental approach and Middle East aesthetics. Industrial easy listening for restless hearts.

Kirchohmfeld -- "Motion" -- CD -- €10
2015 Dark Vinyl, DV65
MOTION is the new, but final album by KIRCHOHMFELD. After 3 fulltime albums ("Sic Transit", "Diode" and "Querschnitt") the chapter will get closed with "Motion". Cold & melodic Minimal Electronic songs in best tradition of / reference to German avantgarde / electronic bands of the 80i`es (such as Kraftwerk, La Düsseldorf, Der Plan...) with melancholic vocals, added by modern soundcollages and surprising melodies. [label info]

Le Syndicat Electronique -- "1996-2016" -- CD -- €10
2015 Dark Vinyl, DV68
To celebrate 20 years of Le Syndicat Electronique, Alaxis Andreas G (the master himself), has selected, remastered and arranged 20 tracks covering the Le Syndicat Electronique period 1996-2016 since the birth of the project. 10 tracks were still unreleased and 10 tracks are from rare & deleted releases. [label info]

Low Vision remix Grim Talkers -- "The Incendiary" -- CD -- €10
2014 WD Sounds
The hardcore noise of Low Vision reminds us that it is culture that breaks down walls. The harsh noise of Grim Talkers covers the town like a fog. Rather than a remix per se, Grim Talkers describe this collaboration as full of electricity, and unexpected occurances, the axis of each other present at the same time without distortion. All 6 tracks have been created without losing any of the individual flavour of each act. 25 minutes of Grimm-talk from the shadow of the city. Slimline jewelcase. [Cold Spring]

Lunar Abyss Deus Organum + Hattifnatter -- "Lesnaya" -- CD-R -- €7
2009/2016 Biosonar^Labyrint 009/2016, (ltd. 17)
"Lesnaya" means "woody" in Russian, so this is a new woody album from LADO & Hattifnatter. Having walks in a forest in company with ether creatures, talks of trees, movements of roots, singing of streamlets melt together in deep psychedelic (dark)-ambient with haunting atmosphere. Each copy is handmade. Second edition - 17 copies.

Majdanek Waltz -- "Die Blinden Schutzen" -- CD -- €12
2016 Sulphur Flowers, SF 7
Catharsis as art - the new full-length work of the leading Russian dark-folk project perfectly transmits the feeling of the devouring purification: death folk still has the right to exist, although most part of the time we are immersed in the deep swamps of dark ambient, embraced by the mysterious neoclassical chimes. 6-panel digipak in slimcase. [label info]

Navicon Torture Technologies -- "The Gospels Of The Gash" -- 2 CD -- €13
2009 Malignant Records, TumorCD39
The final and definitive double CD release from NTT, The Gospels of the Gash chronicles one man's journey into a world devoid of light or hope. This is a place where the air is alive with the stink of pain and the beating of great black wings. The two discs compile material from a slew of limited releases from 2005-2007, as well as newer tracks recorded specifically for this release. As a result, Gospels of the Gash is unquestionably the most complete NTT recording to date and nothing short of a monumental achievement... a culmination of the best aspects of past releases combined into an epic odyssey of apocalyptic atmospheres, brutish frequencies, harrowing darkness, and razor sharp vocals. The Gospels of the Gash includes collaborations with various stalwart members of the NTT priesthood such as Cenotype, Fragment King, and M Slagle and more recent converts Autoclav 1.1 and Covet. Isomer and Steel Hook Prostheses have also made valuable contributions. Mastered by STROM.ec, and packaged in a two-tray DVDigipak with layout and artwork by Leech and Jorden Haley (www.karbine.com), this release is a fitting funerary rite for NTT. With all due respect to all the other artists, this may be the finest Malignant release ever. [press-release]

O Paradis -- "Llega El Amor, Asoma La Muerte" -- CD -- €10
2015 Dark Vinyl, DV66
Ô Paradis is the work of Demian Recio. Since fifteen years Demian is now creating a melancholic Mediterranean feeling in his music, free from all general trends and hypes. On this trip he met several artists (like Novy Svet, Val Denham or Thomas Nöla among others) and the result was a common cooperation and inspiration. If we understand the work of Ô Paradis as a long search for Demian`s own aim, we could say that his new creature "Llega el Amor, Asoma la Muerte", can be seen as his "Ithaca" or personal masterpiece. There are fresh new inspirations / directions in this album, but we recognize also a homecoming to his old love for Latin music and the melancholy of English folk music, but all under the gaze / banner of the death. Ladies and gentlemen, you are invited to participate: "La Muerte" (The Death) is coming with a smile on his face. [label info]

Obscene Noise Korporation -- "Primitive Terror Action / The Rape Of The Blue Planet" -- 2 CD -- €13
2014 Malignant Records, TumorCD78
If Negru Voda is the bastard step child of Megaptera, then O.N.K. is the brutish, backwoods cousin with an insatiable thirst for schadenfreude. Pure industrial sounds and cold mechanized rhythms from the blackened heart of the legendary Peter Nystrom, this sprawling 2 CD collects every recording ever done under the O.N.K. moniker, and adds copious amounts of all new material. Disc 1 contains not only the 11 original recordings from the Primitive Terror Action LP (1997) on Slaughter Productions, but also the track “One Happy Gravel Pit And The Death” from the 1999 Cold Meat Industry compilation, Esthetiks of Cruelty, and a multitude of demo tracks and otherwise unreleased material. Disc 2, The Rape of the Blue Planet, are all new recordings from 2013 and 2014. Collectively, you can expect nothing but the rawest and most primitive of factory sounds and analogue terror. Very little layering and barely any overdubs, just strictly saturated frequencies and pulsating chunks of distortion drenched monstrosities. It’s Swedish, it’s industrial, it’s stripped down and downright ugly, just the way you want your Obscene Noise Korporation to be. Features vocal input and additional sounds from J. Stillings of Steel Hook Prostheses and a surprise track at the end exclusive to the physical CD. Layout and design by L. Kerr (Steel Hook Prostheses) in 8 panel 2CD digipak. [press-release]

Phelios -- "Gates Of Atlantis" -- CD -- €10
2013 Malignant Records, TumorCD70
The first new recording from Phelios since 2010’s highly acclaimed Astral Unity, finds Martin Stürtzer in fine form, creating yet another masterwork of meticulously crafted, richly detailed cosmic doom. Very few acts, if any, are more adept at composing such epically scaled atmospheres and Gates of Atlantis once again sets the bar impossibly high, offering up a multi-colored tapestry of sweeping sounds, full of majestic, nebulous drones and ominous strings, propelled forth by rising waves of tribal percussion and more earthen, textural darkness. The scope and breadth of the 7 tracks here truly transcends dark ambience, and the sheer weight and complexity of sound is nothing short of awe inspiring. A triumphant return from one of the genre’s great practitioners. In 6 panel eco-wallet with artwork by Pär Boström (Kammarheit) and mastered by Secret Lab. [press-release]

Pogrom -- "Liberal Cunt / Liberali Pyzda" -- CD -- €10
2010/2015 Terror, TR-41 / Filth And Violence, 32
Re-release of the first Pogrom album. Raw and primitive PE. [label info]

Polygon -- "Sein Lernen" -- CD -- €8
2015 Aliens Production, AP 33, (ltd. 333)
Great news to present this project under the wings of Aliens production and even more that this gifted musician has for long time held this pearl in his production under his lock and on the light of the world gets in these days. Ingo Lindmeier a member of the legendary MORTAL CONSTRAINT and a producer of many great albums whether under the name POLYGON, POLYSPACE, DELTA E and AUDIOKULAR opens up its next stage in his production. The new album is a showcase of the best which this project has to offer. Cinematic atmosphere which waves in electronic oasis. Combination of hypnotic rhythms and irredeemable atmospheres. Electronic poetry and minimalistic compositions. German male and female vocals and all in the creative suit and unrivaled production that stands out for its creativity and ingenious form. Harmonic and in the same time clustered fragments of falling meteors in performance of musical engineer that calls himself POLYGON. [press-release]

Pustota -- "Avtopopusk" -- CD-R -- €4
2012/2016 Biosonar^Lo-End, 020/2016, (ltd. 10)
Digital version of the cassette from the series of multiple re-recordings of empty cassette tapes of various quality levels on various kinds of apparatus without any special technical or aesthetical task. In fact, this recording is an example of amplified and manipulated cassette noise, that very noise that was fought against by the technology of last years. Aside from the technical nature of this document, this recording can be listened for aesthetic delight and other recreational purposes. Ultra-limited edition in cardboard seleeve. [label info]

Pustota -- "Svema 375" -- CD-R -- €4
2012/2016 Biosonar^Lo-End, 026/2016, (ltd. 10)
Digital version of the cassette from the series of reel-to-reel noise research. Multiple re-recording of the empty "Svema-375" tapes resulted in forming of the characteristic crunching droning hum. Aside from the technical nature of this document, this recording can be listened for aesthetic delight and other recreational purposes. Used are the reel-to-reel tube recorder "Gründig Deluxe" and cassette recorder "Vega-122". Ultra-limited edition in cardboard seleeve. [label info]

Salem Guest -- "Visions" -- CD -- €9
2014 Shadowplay Records, SPR 150
Salem Guest was founded in autumn 2010 by Andrey "Andy A. Tremo" Agatipov and Maria "Annabel" Agatipova in Ekaterinburg, Russia. The idea of creating the project appeared from the mutual interest in the authentic Western European music as well as the modern Dark Folk genre with its inherent ideological spirituality. Already having some experience in composing and performing, the musicians based their new project on melancholic neo-folk with neoclassical elements. Inspired by the European musical legacy, folklore tradition and modern music of the related genres, Salem Guest create their own material as well as variations of the classical and traditional songs. A lot of instruments are used in the recordings, such as acoustic and electric guitars, Irish bouzouki, hurdy-gurdy, Celtic harp, various percussion and symphonic samples, which allows to exand the boundaries of sound and fill it with different atmosphere. The lyrics are devoted to the stories of the bygone ages - traditional Western European folklore, classical romantic and medieval poetry, occult and esoteric themes. Songs are sung in English, German, Spanish, Latin and other languages. The album consists of 12 tracks and will be interesting to the fans of neo-folk and modern gothic music. [label info]

Sewer Goddess -- "Painlust" -- CD -- €10
2015 Black Plagve, INFECT14
Sewer Goddess’ 2010 CD debut, “With Dirt You Are One”, seemed to come and go in the blink of a rotted eye, and while there have been numerous tape, compilation, and live recordings since then, nothing could possibly prepare you for the evolution in sound that has occurred since then. Recent material and performances have certainly hinted at it, but “Painlust” goes beyond all expectations and delivers what is up to this point, their benchmark recording. Now backed by a full fledged band and recorded in studio, Kristen Rose and co. have taken a blade to the original Sewer Goddess template and ceremoniously cut the fat, leaving a lean, sinewy carcass that’s as much doom metal as it death industrial. The 6 tracks here are an asphyxiating death march that’s concise and devastatingly heavy, the lurching, sludge driven guitar, dissonant riffs, and bass all in a rigid lockstep with heaving, pneumatic percussion. Bound with bewitching and often maniacal vocal shrieks and moans, and heaps of ghastly electronic filth, it’s a brilliant dichotomy between human and machine, resulting in a listening experience that’s at once enthralling and terrifying. In jewel box with 8 page booklet, designed by Andre Coelho. [press-release]

Shibalba -- "Samsara" -- CD -- €10
2015 Malignant Records, TumorCD91
Active since 2009, Shibalba bring their first full ritual expression to the halls of Malignant. Samsara summons five chthonic explorations using all the hallmark instrumentation of the genre to great effect; liturgical chants and spectral vocal incantations, minor keyboard orchestrations, resonant chimes and prayer bowls, ceremonial percussion, and atmospheric drift ensconced in sepulchral reverb. It’s a tapestry of richly detailed and layered sounds that emanate from candlelit chambers and underground passages, and an intoxicating and majestic homage to the darkest of arts. Previous work must be noted and recognized, but it is with Samsara that Shibalba’s vision is fully realized. And while the shadow of Endvra, Funerary Call, and Halo Manash loom in the background, Shibalba have forged a new path and solidified themselves among the leaders of the new realm. We have entered the Halls of Inner Sadhana to re-unite Pilgrimage and Austerity, to gaze once more behind the Eyes of Samadhi, and to reach new starfields of alienation. [press-release]

Six Dead Bulgarians -- "Mirror of a Field (Zerkalo Polya)" -- CD -- €10
2016 Shadowplay Records, SPR 152
"Wherever we are, - wrote John Cage in his book "Silence", - what we hear is mostly noise. When we ignore it, it disturbs us. When we listen to it, we find it fascinating". Alexander Chulkov and his friends know how to listen to this environmental noise, and while listening, they structurize it, turning it into music. And the vocals by Alla Megaoma add up the ethnic beauty and spontaneity to this recording. Such techniques of combination of the folklore singing and ambient noise were already used in the past on such albums as "Types of Arkhangelsk Region" (2008) and "Silence 29-39" (2011), here they are technically refined to the logical perfection. Favourite piece is "The Return (Vozvrascheniye)" with sounds of forest and singing birds - just perfect! [label info]

Somnambulist Quintet -- "The Big Sleep & The Nightjar Looks On" -- CD -- €13
2016 Aquarellist, aquarel 34-16, (ltd. 100)
Somnambulist Quintet is an electronic jazz music project by Darren Johnson which attempts to blur the boundaries between electronic sampling and live performance. The music is notable for its tense and unpredictable shifts and turns, as well as its detailed sampling of saxophone and percussion. Seemingly improvised jazz recordings are in fact hand written and then digitally stitched together from single hit samples which have been edited individually for pitch, length, and timbre. Piano and bass, however, are performed live. [artist info] Reissue of two EPs previously released on CDRs in 2009 and 2010.

Sphare Sechs -- "Enceladus" -- CD -- €10
2015 Malignant Records, TumorCD83
A follow up to the highly acclaimed and quickly sold out Tiefschlaf CD (TumorCD56, 2012), this project of Phelios’ Martin Stürtzer and Christian Striztel finds the duo traveling even further out into space, beyond the reaches of light and into realms never before explored. While the overall approach is similar to Tiefschlaf and there’s certainly some shared DNA at play here, the seven tracks that comprise Enceladus feel weightier and darker… a glorious amalgam of drift and synth drone that seems to extend beyond any visual measure, the tones and textures floating off into an infinite expanse, pulled and stretched by an unseen gravitational force. Space inspired dark ambient can be a tricky thing… a common theme attempted by many with some measure of success, but few capture the coldness, stillness, and awe inspiring beauty of the interstellar void so brilliantly as Sphäre Sechs. Recorded solely on analog equipment without the use of computers, Enceladus is a deeply mesmerizing and hypnotic excursion best played on headphones or in solitude for maximum effect. 4 panel, matte finished digipak with metallic ink highlights designed by Alonso Urbanos. [press-release]

Splendor Solis -- "Rosarivm: Fraternitas Spiritualis" -- CD -- €8
2015 Sulphur Flowers, SF 6 / Shadowplay Records, SPR 153
One of the most anticipated dark folk albums of 2015 has been finally released. Splendor Solis from Arkhangelsk, Russia have intrigued the world participing on a "Ruthenia: From West to East" compilation with their promising track "Contritum". And now the monumental construction of their second long-play album is finally completed. [label info]

Stillife -- "Lullabies" -- CD -- €9
2012 Shadowplay Records, SPR 141
Eleven well-known Russian traditional lullabies are retold in an absolutely unrecognizable manner. Besides, the overall musical style of the project undergoes significant changes. Chill and all-devouring electronic soundscapes of the first albums give way to dreamlike acoustic moods. A new album is created upon the basis of classic sound of European neo-folk music and the unique melodism of Stillife. And it definitely won’t let you go from the first guitar chord until the last viola passage. So, when the lights go out and the last gleams of sunset are fading away, it’s time for “Lullabies”, it’s time for Stillife. [press-release]

Strup / Chernoe Solntse A.R.CH. -- "Lesopolosa" -- CD-R -- €6
2013 Spasi i Sohrani Сохрани Records
Split-release by two projects from Belarus and Ukraine. Chernoe Solntse A.R.CH. presents 7 tracks lasting 45 minutes - weird crooked dirges with sticky and viscous background bads articulated by crunchy vinyl loops, pitched human groans and laughs, squeaks of rubber ducks and god knows what else... Slow, thick, a bit delusionsl... Three tracks from Strup last 26 minutes mostly occupied by the first track "There is a higher intelligence!!!" (22 mins). This is more noisy material, not really harsh noise, rather more contemplative and detached stuff. The split is dedicated to the famous Soviet serial killer Andrey Chikatilo (1936-1994).

Terra Sancta -- "Exile" -- CD -- €10
2014 Malignant Records, TumorCD69
6 years have passed since the last full length Terra Sancta release, and time has treated Australia’s preeminent dark ambient export well. Exile finds Greg Good revisiting some of the more orchestral elements that made up his Malignant debut, Aeon, but wrapping them up in the sweeping, sand blasted drones and windswept textures that defined the latter releases, Disintegration and the 2011’s CDEP, Sunken|Buried|Forgotten. The interplay is perfectly conceptualized and executed… immense, lightless ambience with piercing slivers of beauty and serenity breaking through dense clouds of swirling dust and monoliths of blackened synth hum. What has stayed constant is the massive scale in which Terra Sancta operates. This is at once majestic and panoramic, yet desolate and abyssal, drifting in varied and continuous shades of desert and earthen colors, the track titles revealing the nature of the sounds: Empire of Ashes..., ...Kingdom of Dust, Celestial Extinction (featuring Rasalhague), The Desolate Land, Descent II, Vanishing Point, End Path. In beautiful 6 panel eco-wallet designed by Kerry Braud (Rasalhague/Maculatum). [press-release]

Theologian & STROM.ec -- "Hubrizine" -- CD -- €10
2014 Malignant Records, TumorCD68
Proper and overdue re-issue of a limited edition 12 cassette on Annihilvs released back in 2012. Hubrizine was two years in the making and features source material by Finland's mighty STROM.ec, undoubtedly heralded as masters of the PE oeuvre, as reinterpreted and re-engineered by Theologian, in celebration of a shared appreciation for the works of Philip K. Dick. From the opening moments, what immediately strikes you is that this probably isn't what you thought it was going to be, given the history of both acts. Sure, there are a good deal of passages of volatility and focused intensity as you might expect, but they are complimented by an equal amount of passages of hallucinatory ambience and cold, serene atmospherics. It's this very dichotomy that makes this such a masterful recording, and listening to it one sitting becomes almost mandatory just to wrap your head around the mind fuckery that unravels over its 7 tracks, as celestial drift and horizon filling textures collide with sudden eruptions of militantly hostile vocals, machine clatter, blistering frequency pulsations and writhing distortion. The title track is clearly the centerpiece here... an epic and sprawling 18 minute track of climatic and shimmering drones that disintegrates into corrosive generator hum and contorted loops with an insane vocal outburst that rivals any STROM.ec output ever created. Hubrizine clearly takes heavy electronics in a direction where few have dared go, and few will ever match. In fold out presentation folder with artwork by Andre Coelho (Sektor 304). [press-release]

TOIT / A.R.CH. / Strup -- "These Iron Birds (Eti Zheleznye Ptitsy)" -- CD-R -- €6
2016 Vibrio Cholerae Records, VHR349, (ltd. 66)
A collaboration work by Maxim M. (STRUP) - sounds, sampling, CHERNOE SOLNTSE A.R.CH. - composition, and Ekaterina Samigulina - poetry, voice. Quite abstract musical compositions made from the pieces of orchestra music, all sorts of samples and found sounds and acoustic instruments (pipes, mouth harp), and a detached female voice reciting gloomy existential poetry in Russian language.

Yen Pox -- "Between The Horizon And The Abyss" -- CD -- €10
2015 Malignant Records, TumorCD85
Arriving on the scene in 1993 with their self-titled demo, Yen Pox immediately made their presence known with an ability to create monumental, light devouring soundscapes that transcended all that had come before it. Proceeding releases, including their debut CD, Blood Music, 2000’s New Dark Age, and the collaborative CD with Troum only solidified their standing and reputation. With Between the Horizon and the Abyss just being their first full length recording in over 15 years, Yen Pox will never be accused of being prolific. After all, with the two members spread out between Indiana and Washington State, creating new material doesn't exactly lend itself to convenience. But on the rare occasion that recordings do arise, it’s nothing short of masterful, reminding listeners why they’ve achieved such notoriety with such a limited discography, and why their recordings are consistently recognized as benchmarks within the dark ambient genre. Time between releases has been well spent, with the new material taking the early template and expounding upon it greatly, adding layers of industrial churn and structure to the infernal kosmische sprawl they’re so adept at creating. And yet throughout its entirety, Between the Horizon and the Abyss is remarkably polished and fluid. Within its realm, no seconds feel wasted, and every sound feels purposefully placed, even as it moves and flows in perpetual motion; strains of a distant angelic choirs fall beneath a complex array of arcing tones, liquidous, molten textures, & harrowing orchestral shimmer, with fervent masses of malevolent atmospherics billowing forth in glorious detail. While this technically falls under the banner of dark ambient, what Yen Pox has managed to create goes far beyond genre specifications and boundaries, crafting a new benchmark and adding a high water mark to an already stellar discography. [press-release]

V/A -- "Colours Of Black: Russian Neo-Folk Special" -- CD -- €10
2015 Shadowplay Records, SPR 154
Epochal and fundamental collection of Russian dark- and neo-folk, summarizing two decades of the genre development in the Russian cultural soil - as well as the first decade of the existence of the pioneers of Russian dark industry - Shadowplay label. The compilation has united the cream of Russian Neo-Folk - 18 projects provided exclusive tracks, as well as historical rarities, also never released before. The participants feature both well-known stars and completely new bands and artists with their first publications. The disc contains a huge booklet with an impressive history of Russian neo-folk written by the leader of MOON FAR AWAY - Alexei Sheptunov and some collaboration tracks created specially for this compilation: a joint composition by the leaders of KRATONG and NEUTRAL, and a collaborative track by MOON FAR AWAY and DVAR. Full list of participants: SUNSET WINGS, SPLENDOR SOLIS feat. COUNT ASH, SALEM GUEST, MAJDANEK WALTZ, EIRIKURA, JHONNIE & ASH, DMITRIY PARAMONOV, UMBRA LUSERNA, STILLIFE, AUSTRAS LAIWAN, WOLFSBLOOD, HANDS OF DUST, INNERLICHT, SISTEMA BEZOPASNOSTI, MOON FAR AWAY & DVAR, LIHOLESIE. [press-release]

V/A -- "Influence... When Haunting Voices Are Calling" -- CD -- €6
2007 Shadowplay Records, SPR 031
Romantic darkwave and ethereal have become very popular among domestic underground audience practically from the moment of it's foundation. And it is difficult to say why. May be thanks to the romantic, tragic and the beauty of the music that are very appreciated by Russians and may be thanks to the disposition of the people who formed such style to the experiments and unavailability to understanding of their music:. But we could say with the assurance that being such popular this style of the music is elite in some way. At the very beginning of the genre foundation almost all bands had it's own face and style. But in the course of time there were more and more imitators and it's find really difficult to find something that could draw attention. This compilation includes the most interesting to our opinion representatives of these genres on the modern scene. Among them are the bands that have been at the origin and very young projects: ATARAXIA (It), CHIRLEISON (It), CORDE OBLIQUE (It), DAEMONIA NYMPHE (Gr), DANDELION WINE (Aus), DONIS (Lt), ENDRAUM (Ger), ETHODIUS (US), JACK OR JIVE (Jp), LACKLUSTRE MIRROR (Ru), MOON FAR AWAY (Ru), THE MOON & THE NIGHT SPIRIT (Hu), SEVENTH HARMONIC (UK), TEMPUS FUGIT (Fr). [press-release]

V/A -- "Ivan The Terrible" -- 2 CD -- €13
2015 Ufa Muzak, UFA 70 / Anenerbe Music Club, (ltd. 300)
Bombastic martial / Strange Neofolk / Weird electronic / Obscure ambient. Ufa Muzak in cooperation with Anenerbe Music Club presents to all fans of epic, conceptual and electronic music this 2-CD album with a collection of tracks from bands from all around the world, dedicated to the film by Sergey Eisenstein "Ivan The Terrible" (1945-1958). Over 100 minutes of the most varied and interesting sonic palette present the contemporary soundtrack to the motion picture which is a milestone in historical cinema. Big and complex work which was never entirely finished (being shot during the World War II, 2nd part released many years after the first one, 3rd part remained only in screenplay, preliminary sketches and notes), containing mystical prophetic motives of the tragic role of the country at the crossroads of world history, offering most violent physical and moral ordeals. The very image of Ivan IV The Terrible, ruling Russia during 50 years in uneasy times, is very ambiguous and open for research, and at the same time it is a historical symbol of those times, inspiring not only science workers, but also artists to create works in honour of his name. Having this monumental picture created by the genious director, now the musicians make no less painstaking work to express the breath of those dark times, soaked in dissension, wars, tyranny, oprichnina and constant civil strifes. If you care about the history of Russia, history of cinema and its masterpieces, actual and thoughtful Industrial / Neo-Folk scene, be sure this album will bring a lot of pleasant surprises. The Word and the Deed. NOISES OF RUSSIA, AIN SOPH, L'EFFET C'EST MOI, TEATRO SATANICO, SCHRK, TSIDMZ, ZLYDOTA, LONSAI MAIKOV, PARZIVAL, DER ARBEITER, VIR', MOON FAR AWAY, NECROPHONIX, REL', BARBAROSSA UMTRUNK, NEVOD, ANENERBE MUSIC CLUB, SPECTRE. [press-release]

V/A -- "ZugZwang IV" -- CD -- €85
2013 Chamber Music Records, CMR005, (ltd. 50)
Exclusive tracks from TROUM, RAPOON, REUTOFF. Released at "ZugZwang-Festival IV", 02.11.2013 at "Weststadt Bar" in Darmstadt, Germany. This is the special "Slatebox" edition limited to 50 numbered copies. The box consists of two slates (20x20cm) and two felt sheets (glued on the slates). There is a metal band on the back and the front, the band on the back is left blank, the band on the front shows the "ZugZwang IV" label (cut out with laser). Includes a 4-page booklet, the english flyer for the festival and a sticker.


November Novelet -- "The World In Devotion" -- LP -- €20
2015 Galakthorrö, Galakthorrö 037
In recompense for the long waiting time, November Növelet is rewarding its dedicated listeners with a carefully created complete work of art, which complements its celebrated precursor Magic, in a splendid fashion. The new album shows a further development – the magical mixture continues: Mrs. Arafna’s unique vocal timbres, a beguilingly resigned performance full of melancholy, couched in deep black analogue electronics embossed with the characteristic Növeletic stamp. Fragile ghostly melodies, with weeping pad sounds together in tried and tested partnership, powered by driving bass figures and thrashing rhythms that strike sparks of divine light through the comfortless darkness of the present European Condition. Let your soul be illuminated from this shining jewel of timeless Synthesiser music, and thus experience – The World In Devotion. Second unlimited edition, black vinyl, sturdy cardboard cover, standard white inner sleeve. [press-release]


84 / Yuzhnaya Likantropiya -- split -- MC -- €5
2016 Nazlo Records, NzR048, (ltd. 20)
New release in best traditions - finally - no silk-screen printing, no memes, all by traditions and covenants of ancestors - noise split by the projects Yuzhnaya Likantropiya (Southern Lycanthropy) and 84 (new project by Strup), wrapped in the most tender cardboard of spring cardboard colour and the most tender vintage handmade barbed wire - search in baber shops and distro spots of the default city, etc. Too much Internet in our lives, we have to do more walking in the streets, more rafting on the rivers, more repairs in Tulas, more journeys on rafts, shoot more films about journeys and rafts, sing songs about rafts, well, you got it... [label info]

Mashanov, Alexander & Ilia Belorukov / Natasha Shamina & Sergey Kostyrko -- "Open Readings" -- MC -- €5
2016 Spina!Rec, sr024, (ltd. 50)
Spina!Rec proudly presents a new release produced in collaboration with "Open Readings". We and our friends who organized this project are concerned with negative trends which are taking shape in modern culture during last years. Barbarization of content, devaluation of moral and spiritual values and denial of cultural archetypes raise the main uneasy. We couldn't keep aloof and decided to focus on strengthening the role of cultural and educational activity. It resulted in the produced cassette where you can listen to the works of the best classical writers of the Silver Age performed by leading artists of the theater and cinema to the accompaniment of the talented contemporary musicians. [label info]

Mutilated Slut -- "Acid Attack" -- MC -- €6
2015 Terror, TR-37, (ltd. 100)
Recorded in 2009 by Hal Hutchinson. This release consists of one 46 minute track, offering sounds of corroded metal slashing human flesh, vitriolic & diseased feedback, field recordings of violent & tormented suffering in industrial hellholes, with all manner of other fucked up & infected horror recorded to 4 track tape & drenched in acid with the intention to disfigure, maim, torture and kill. Edition of 100. Material repeats on both sides. [label info]

Relic Radiation & Modvs -- "Congregatio" -- C-30 -- €5
2016 La Notte Di Architetto
New cassette by wonderful St. Petersburg-based label La Notte Di Architetto - minimal dark lo-fi techno at it's best!

Sal Solaris -- "Thresholds" -- MC -- €7
2016 NEN Records, NEN101, (ltd. 78)
"Thresholds" is the first Sal Solaris solo album in 15 years marked by a variety of collaborations, splits and minor releases. From a musical point of view this is probably the most complex and certainly the most rhythmic work of the duo which opens a new chapter in its history... The Sun radiates and cools down. Mountains erode and grind into sand. Any system tends to minimum energy and maximum entropy, that is to uniformity. But while chaos does not reign yet, the universe is a complex thermodynamic landscape filled with low grounds and peaks, ridges and valleys. To go from one valley to another we need a breakthrough. As when a match boosts energy to let reagents gain ability to cross the threshold, and continue to roll freely and independently... "Thresholds" is an acoustic study of a breakthrough over the threshold. Therefore the album constantly crosses genre limits. The listener is taken from a thicket of dark techno to a rave meadow, and in the middle of dark ambient wasteland he or she gets thrust against a rock of minimal electro... "Thresholds" is also an attempt to answer the question of what may be a match in human life situations. How to cross the pass, when the ridge is covered with clouds. The album can be regarded as a box of matches, or an experimental map of passes for those who feel confined in their valleys... Authors can not guarantee its absolute accuracy.

Umpio / Kryptogen Rundfunk -- split -- MC -- €5
2016 Spina!Rec, sr025, (ltd. 50)
Spina piles into the jungle of electronic noises and presents a split album of significant projects from Finland and Russia: Umpio from Turku, Kryptogen Rundfunk from Saint-Petersburg! The former gave us untypical material for his music which he made with a cunning sound synthesis including software synthesizers and additional analog devices, the latter works with analog equipment to conjure feedbacks and noises. Dense and slow textures of the latter contrast with animate and moving soundscapes of the former. [label info]


Karini, Maria Assunta / Francesco Paladino / Simon Fisher Turner -- "Ghosts Of Industrial Sunday" -- DVD + CD -- €13
2014 13, sps1303
Here comes a new welcome entry in the ‘private sounds’ series of the now growing 13 catalogue. "Ghosts of Industrial Sunday" is a short film by Maria Assunta Karini and Francesco Paolo Paladino, whose music were composed by Simon Fisher Turner. This release consists of a video DVD, which contains the film, and a audio CD that features the original soundtrack and other compositions inspired by this project that Turner created on purpose; they are accompanied by an oversize 20 pages booklet that offers some images taken from the film and delves more into the concept behind it... As a film, “Ghosts of Industrial Sunday” portrays those places attended by human beings in order to carry out their profession, while they are empty, for a limited period of time, during a break, on a Saturday or Sunday. These are places where the human presence, fatigue, pain, hope are palpable presences, where silence seizes the humble labor objects almost by magic and where things talk and expose without having to necessarily utter any words. The path chosen by the directors relates to a sort of secular “via crucis”, it is an objective progress through the human work’s granted moment of interruption in order to analyze it, to describe it and to underscore its dramatic sense, through the exclusive aid of inanimate objects... The music created by Turner as a soundtrack to the film expresses a delicate tranquillity through notes of piano which are just mottled by the electronic elements in the background, while an unspoken sense of drama hovers in the air and the circular motion of the composition gradually absorbs the listener. Among the remaining tracks, is worth mentioning the evocative and intense soliloquy of "Piano For Double Lesson" and the hanging drones of the first part of "Some Lost Music". [label info]

Frea market

Bad Sector - Polonoid - CDR - VG+/NM - 1998 - Bastet Recordings - BR 010 - Ltd. 200 - €37.40
Kirlian Camera - Solaris - The Last Corridor - 2 CD - VG+ - 1995 - Discordia - DISC 027 LTD - Ltd. 1500 - €49.90
Maeror Tri - Hypnobasia / Ultimate Time - 2 CDR - NM - 2005 - Old Europa Cafe - OECDR 005 - €28.70

Conrad, Tony - Fantastic Glissando - LP - 2003 - Table Of The Elements - 82 Pb - €18.70
Cow, Henry - Western Culture - LP - 1978 - Broadcast Records - BC1 - 3000 руб.
Darksrtyle - Black Crystals - 10" - NM/VG - 1997 - Some Place Else - HAM010MLP - Ltd. 200 - €5.00
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Dragons' Realm - Windy Witches - LP - 2002 - Fluttering Dragon - Fluttering Dragon 0.20 - Ltd. 477 - €9.40
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Edwige - The Inconsolable Widow Thanks All Those Who Consoled Her - LP - 2006 - Segerhuva - SEGER 16 - Ltd. 275 - €33.70
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Government Alpha - Alphaville - LP - 1999 - Segerhuva - SEGER 1 - Ltd. 510 - €18.70
GX Jupitter-Larsen / The Haters - Polyheiluttaa - 7" - 2007 - Freak Animal - fa-ep-018 - Ltd. 300 - €5.60
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Herz Juhning - Paradise - 7" - NM - 2014 - Galakthorro - Galakthorro 035 - Ltd. 659 - €15.00
Incapacitants / Sewer Election - Mental Derivatives / Shining Obsession - 12" - 2006 - Segerhuva - SEGER 15 - Ltd. 500 - €15.00
IRM - Four Studies For Crucifixion - 10" - 2002 - Cold Meat Industry - CMI119 - Ltd. 700 - €15.00
Irukandji - Prey For Me I-V - LP - 2007 - RRRecords - RRR 200 - Ltd. 241 - €9.40
Kaaos In Eccentris / Liddikoatight & Leif Elggren - No-one Takes One Too Free / Trapezoid - 7" - 2004 - Some Place Else - SPE7SP04031 - €5.60
KK Null - Live @ Electron - LP - 2008 - Noiseville - NOISEVILLE #85 - Ltd. 300 - €15.00
Kojo, Hitoshi - Ezo - 10" - 2009 - Alluvial Recordings - A29 - €9.40
Kopp, Hermann - Cerveau D'Enfant - 7" - NM - 2010 - Galakthorro - Galakthorro 026 - Ltd. 500 - €15.00
Lockweld - Mel Pig - LP - 2003 - Maruta Records - MRLP 002 - Ltd. 220 - €7.50
Lucky Dragons - Widows - LP - 2006 - Marriage Records - MAR027 - €15.00
Lunar Abyss Quartet - Hyperborean - 10" - 2003 - Der Angriff - Nr. 8 - Ltd. 300 - €11.20
Maska Genetik - Strada - LP - VG+/NM - 2011 - Galakthorro - Galakthorro 027 - Ltd. 608 - €31.20
Mental Destruction - Before The Night - 7" - 2001 - Ant-Zen - act 77 - Ltd. 404 - €28.70
Merzbow - Protean World - LP - 2008 - Noiseville - Noiseville #79 - Ltd. 700 - €18.70
Merzbow / Band Of Pain - The Celebration Of The Lizard / March Of The Myriapoda - pic LP - 2008 - Dirter Promotions - DPROMPLP 60 - Ltd. 1000 - €18.70
Niellerade Fallibilisthorstar - Halrum - LP - 2005 - Scratch And Sniff Entertainment - SNSE050LP - Ltd. 300 - €9.40
November Novelet - Heart Of Stone - 7" - NM - 2012 - Galakthorro - Galakthorro 030 - Ltd. 793 - €49.90
Novy Svet / His Divine Grace - Nachtfang - 10" - 2005 - Reue Um Reue - RUR001 - Ltd. 525 - €15.00
Panicsville / Inflatable Alterboys - s/t - 12" - 2000 - Nihilist - NIHIL 14 - €9.40
Pole - Steingarten - 2 x 12" - 2007 - ~scape - sc44 - €18.70
Prurient - Pleasure Ground - LP - 2007 - Load Records - Load 101 - €37.40
Reptiljan / Ibrahim Terzic - Pangrenade / Yuck Brij - 7" - 2004 - Some Place Else - SPE7SP03028 - €5.60
Reynols - 10.000 Chickens Symphony [2nd ed/] - 7" - NM - 2003 - Drone Records - DR-42 - Ltd. 300 - €5.00
Salt - Re-Active - 7" - 1994 - Ant-Zen - act 10 - Ltd. 200 - €12.50
Schloss Tegal - Oranur III "The Third Report" - LP - 1995 - Artware Production - ARTWARE 17 - Ltd. 1000 - €12.50
Schloss Tegal / Gehirn.Implosion - Birth: Beginning And Ending Of All Worlds - 7" - 2007 - Verstand Recs. - 07 - Ltd. 99 - €18.70
Silk Saw - This Time It's War - 12" - 1998 - Hymen Records - ?010 - €16.90
Source Direkt / Keimbefall - s/t - 10" - - SD-Image - SD-I V 03 - Ltd. 300 - €9.40
Sshe Retina Stimulants - Hadaka - 7" - 1995 - Ant-Zen - act 15 - Ltd. 300 - €12.50
ST 37 / Vocokesh - Derobe - LP - 1996 - RRRecords - RRR 102 - €9.40
Stella, Roger - Foucault Zombie - LP - 2007 - Gods Of Tundra - GOT 1000 - €15.00
STROM.ec - Dogs Of Total Order - LP - 2006 - Freak Animal - FREAK-LP-023 - Ltd. 275 - €18.70
Subliminal - Look At The Creation - 7" - NM - 2009 - Galakthorro - Galakthorro 023 - Ltd. 520 - €9.40
Subliminal - Under Pressure - 7" - VG+/NM - 2012 - Galakthorro - Galakthorro 031 - Ltd. 517 - €9.40
Te/DIS - Comatic Drift - LP - VG+ - 2014 - Galakthorro - Galakthorro 036 - Ltd. 460 - €18.70
The Female Anchor Of Sade - Bless The Machine God For He Has Given Us Tanks In Plenty - LP - 2002 - Lady Godiva Operations - LGO 003 - €9.40
The Haters - Cultivating Calamity - 10" - 1997 - Vinyl Communications - VC-125 - €12.50
The Rita - The Tortured Ghosts Of Creeks And Rivers - LP - 2006 - Trash Ritual - trash012 - Ltd. 200 - €28.10
Thighpaulsandra - Chamber Music - pic LP - 2006 - Lumberton Trading Company - LUMB002LP - Ltd. 525 - €12.50
Throbbing Gristle - Grief - LP - 1989/2005 - Get Back - get84 - €12.50
Troum - Ljubimaya - 10" - NM/P - 2003 - Waystyx - WAYS 03 - Ltd. 455 - €5.60
V/A - California (The Cherry Point, Moth Drakula, Yellow Swans, Amps For Christ, Oscillating Innards, Spastic Colon, Open City, John Wiese, Tralphaz, Xome, Damion Romero, Joe Colle, Rubber O Cement, GX Jupitter-Larsen, The Skaters, Solid Eye, R.H.Y. Yau, Gerritt, Control, SIXES) - 10 x LP - 2006 - Troniks / Ground Fault Recordings / RRRecords - TRO225 - Ltd. 1000 - €41.20
V/A - Japanoise Of Death (MSBR, Noiseuse, Guilty Connector, K.K. Null, Government Alpha, Incapacitants, K2, Defektro, Wage-Slave Exchange, Masonna) - LP - 2003 - Steinklang Industries - SK - IN 01 - Ltd. 500 - €18.70
V/A - Kosmoloko 2 (November Novelet, Subliminal, Herz Juhning, Hermann Kopp, Haus Arafna) - LP - NM - 2012 - Galakthorro - Galakthorro 029 - Ltd. 647 - €18.70
V/A - Land:[Schaft] (Inade, Predominance, Bad Sector, Cisfinitum) - 2 x 10" BOX - 2004 - Cold Lands Distribution - CLAN 01 - Ltd. 444 - €24.30
Vegas Martyrs - The Female Mind - LP - 2007 - Troubleman Unlimited - TMU 180 - €16.90
Viki / Hair Police - s/t - LP - 2003 - Scratch And Sniff Entertainment - SNSE030 - Ltd. 300 - €12.50
Wolf Eyes - River Slaughter - 2 LP - 2006 - Hospital Productions - HOS-135 - Ltd. 1000 - €28.10

Don't forget to check the full list of rare & used items with all details, it's here.


Bad Sector -- "1994" -- t-shirt -- €18
2015 Bad Sector
Colour print on a black t-shirt. Image. Size M.

V. Back in stock

Altieri, Corrado / Gianluca Favaron -- "Decomposed Days" -- CD -- €10
2014 13, sps1406, (ltd. 225)
"Decomposed Days" is the new collaborative effort by Corrado Altieri (Candor Chasma, Monosonik, Uncodified) and Gianluca Favaron (Ab'she, Under The Snow, Zbeen), two major artist in the experimental electronic scene. Released one year after "The System of Objects", a tribute to Jean Baudrillard, "Decomposed Days" relates to the possible connections between space, time and memory, making reference to imaginary movies as well as existing ones (like Peter Greenaway's "Vertical Features"). The album's five compositions are built with a crosspollination between musique concrete, abstract noise textures, radical computer music and techno splinters, leading to surreal territories. [label info]

Ataraxia -- "Kremasta Nera" -- CD -- €7
2007 Shadowplay Records, SPR 053
There was a time in which the olympic and monotheistic religions were not flourishing yet, there was a far time in which a primordial cult, inspired by the White Goddess's power, was practised and felt. In the island of Samothrace, the triple Goddess devoted to the earth, the night and the everflowing cycle of nature was reigning. In order to be initiated into her mysteries, men and women, Greeks and foreigners, free people and slaves had to submit to nine rituals called creation, dominion, love, birth, sacrifice, ablution, memory and crowning. The last ritual had no name, the ninth ritual couldn't be revealed. Fascinated by the mistery surrounding the island and feeling the urge to portray in music an age and a place where the balance between the feminine and manly powers and their deep link with the nature voice and rhythms were as natural as life itself, we started the adventurous creation of this album. The music draws archaic mantras, ritual movements and lunar elegies, whispers magic spells and eastern litanies, forge tribal rhythms and dark ceremonies inspired by Samothrace's full of energies sites. "Kremasta Nera" is a thirty metres high cascade falling in the sea from a sheer cliff; "Axieros" is the name of the inscrutableGoddess; "Gria Vathra" is an enchanted glade where the sound of rivers, sources and the caresses of the wind on the leaves create a magic natural simphony; "Kaviria" were the priests in charge of the initiation rites, "Fengari" is the highest mountain in the island, the mount of the moon; "Therma" is a place rich of powerful curative springs; "Klethra" is a divinatory spell linked to the soul of the forest; "Migratio Animae", the trasmigration of the souls, is a long voyage from a form into another, a painful progression, a spiritual evolution... This album is inspired by the lights and shadows of an extinguished civilization, a lost world which eclipsed with its secrets. A mix of acoustic sounds, strings, electronic and eastern percussions and a deep evocative singing become the door to enter the purple reign of the Goddess. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Ataraxia -- "Llyr" -- CD -- €8
2010/2011 Shadowplay Records, SPR 100
Three years after the last studio album Kremasta Nera, Ataraxia is back with a marvellous new album! Llyr (Lyra) is the name of the instrument of the Bards and the Greek lyrical poets; a sacred musical instrument visually inspired by the grace and nobleness of the swans. Ataraxia, in this voyage, played the following instruments: classical, folk and 12 strings guitars, chitarra battente, keyboards, flutes, sitar, gamelan, daf, frame drums, santoor, tablas, zard and bells. Female vocals are sometimes accompanied by male vocals. This new album is a new story inspired by pagan myths, feminine celebrations Of Mother Nature, celtic traditions… Ataraxia and her charismatic singer Francesca Nicoli have now create their uncommon genre of music: a cosmogonic dark folk praying for Beauty. [Prikosnovenie] Russain edition comes with a bonus track and an slipcase.

Aube -- "Reworks Nimh Vol. 1" -- CD -- €10
2007 Silentes Minimal Editions, sme 0611
Another must have work by audio decomposition-genius and sound-sculptor AUBE. Ethnic-electronic sound sources (as with "The Missing Tapes" by NIMH) transfigured and remodeled into completely new sonic lifeforms with state-of-the-art audio processing algorithms. Residual fragments of the original sound-sources occasionally appear in the mix like aquatic fauna swimming to the surface for a brief second. A magnum opus in four movements. Intensely facinating work by the unparalleled master of experimental sound design. AUBE is peerless. A minimal mosaic of sound that takes the listener on a slow-motion expedition into the very fabric of tone. A ocean of sound-grains for the listened to swim in. Spoken language doesn't (yet) contain words that properly describe these sounds... an absolute must have for the experimental music devotee. [press-release]

Aube -- "Reworks Stefano Gentile II" -- CD -- €10
2008 Silentes Minimal Editions, sme 0720
Long static drones and suspended frequencies of harmonic, sonorous wafts in constant evolution riding cyclical hypnotic perennially changing synthetic curved waves... Loops and fluctuating waves meet expand sonorous carpets and push-buttons electronic micro-sequences that progressively decompose in minimal rhythmic structures... Submerged melodic fragments emerge soft between stuffed with wadding magma flows... Extraordinary atmospheres and great new tension for this, most waited chapter of "Aube Reworks Stefano Gentile"! [press-release]

Bad Sector -- "Cephus" -- CD -- €12
2015 Bad Sector, BS 01-2015
In this release M. Magrini left aside his more experimental vein creating a series of retro-modernist tunes using his usual tools joined with a little bit of acoustic drums and electric guitar. A set of surprisingly rhythmic and organic songs, supplemented with minimal and conceptual "lyrics". Made by mixing digital structures and analog warmth, this album is another weird planet in the (pretty large) universe of Bad Sector. [label info]

Bad Sector -- "Plasma" -- CD -- €12
1998 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 011, 2nd edition
If "Ampos" is the "plastic" masterpiece by Bad Sector this is the "surgerical" masterpice by the Italian industrial master! great conceptual work! sound sources: Magnetosphere, Vostok + Salyut + Soyuz original recordings, Pulsar, High Voltage, Neon... all this sounds are building a unique powerful & pulsing sound sculpture, a great mind experience! The cover presents a series of interesting "electricity / energy" photos! Second print with a new full color re-worked cover! [press-release]

Bad Sector & Tommaso Lisa -- "Reset / Rebis Periferiche" -- CD + book -- €18
2005 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 075
For this release Massimo Magrini was joined by the Italian cyberzone-writer Tommaso Lisa. So the album was recorded as conceptual reference to Tom's "Italian neuro-poems" collection "Rebis". Short spoken fragments of the texts are treated and inserted in a sonic structure built with minimal, strangely sincopated pseudo-rytmhs and sharp pulsing noises. The effect of those spoken texts is really disqieting, a very severe & obscure release different from all previous Bad Sector albums. In the background, Bad Sector's trademark chilling micro-melodies completes an upsetting, allucinated but crude vision of our "Collapsing Civilization". The CD is packed inside a book cover, the book contains Tom's neo-futuristic & cyber-poetry. [label info]

Becuzzi, Gianluca & Fabio Orsi -- "Muddy Speaking Ghosts Through My Machines" -- CD -- €5
2006 A Silent Place, ASP12
Muddy Speaking Ghosts Through My Machines' is the brand new album released together by Fabio Orsi and Gianluca Becuzzi. This album will be certainly followed by other cooperations, considering the big friendly artistic sodality between them. Fabio e Gianluca are a strange duo, considering the big differences of their artistic back-ground. Fabio Orsi is a young and unexpected talent. After his first album, "Osci" (LP, SmallVoices 2005), produced by Gianluca Becuzzi, he got a lot of positive feedbacks, worldwide, by the most important international media, confirmed by his second official release "For Alan Lomax" (CD, A Silent Place 2006) splitted with cosmical Italian duo My Cat is an Alien. Gianluca Becuzzi is a very well known character of the Italian experimental scene since from the 80s, under many different alias. Recently known as Kinetix, Gianluca latest release is the very well appreciated "Memory Makes Noise" (CD, SmallVoices 2006) a great electroacoustic pearl. The unexpected uncounter between different forces, experiences and visions of this two artists is prefectly melted in this album: strong and tied, an imaginary place where folkway and research, past and present, distance and closeness, mud and clouds, ghosts and machines meets. Shreds of ballads, guitars and old keyboards floating on the vibrant surface of this faery river and disappear, towed off by drones and rumors, pouring between distant voices and centenary blues songs from the Alan Lomax archive. Raptur and sweet lostness: this is the main sensation. It could be listed as Avant-Folk, or Experimental-Blues, Ambient- Roots or contemporary aesthetics and aching nostalgia... [press-release]

Bianchi, Maurizio (M.B.) -- "Menstruum Regles" -- CD -- €10
2008 Silentes Minimal Editions, sme 0716
Decomposition instead that composition. De-structured music that instead structured music. Not to complex and articulated technologies for recording, mixing of the parts and mastering; not to one sophisticated production and maniacal and defined participations correct in post-production... This the new "challenge" capacity to the extreme limit from Maurizio Bianchi, a new musical effort, "directed", "raw", immediate, absolutely uncompromising new, to outside of every law and from every pre-constituted rule... Fragments of music, short fragments of sonorous material of varied extraction, now short, now long, placed in sequence one behind the other, in a "dry" way, following absolutely unforeseeable times and dynamics. Continuous loops, raw unexpected cuts, noise alternated to musical parts, single sounds, drones, notes of piano, buzzes, soft pads, electric current workers... Two long traces, 75 minutes, a listening experience over any edge and reliable definition... This CD was released as part of a trilogy entitled "An Absurd Trilogy", the other titles being "The Self Portrait Of M.B." (sme 0715) and "Dead Colours" (sme 0717). [label info]

Bianchi, Maurizio -- "The Plain Truth" -- CD -- €10
1983/2013 Officina Fonografica Italiana, OFI007
Presented in an elegant digipack featuring a new artwork based on the original cover pictures and fully approved by the author, "The Plain Truth" continues the series of reissues dedicated to the undisputed master of Italian Noise and Experimental Music. Officina Fonografica Italiana is particularly proud to introduce this title because it is one of the best entries in Maurizio Bianchi's ever-growing discography. Originally released in the U.K. as a 500 copies limited edition LP by Broken Flag in 1983, the album is a strong but very accessible work where Bianchi pays his homage to the German Cosmic Couriers of the Seventies. "Dedicated to all the redeemed people", "The Plain Truth" offers two long tracks of layered synthesized sounds treated with vintage effects that depart from his previous more aggressive works and is one of his earliest experiments in desolate and dark electronics. The title track is led by elaborate electronic textures that float above an intense soundscape, it has an absolute claustrophobic feeling, and is as creepy as mysterious. The rest of the album consists of more transcendent ghostly droning sequences with long and immersive synth lines. This "visceral" emotive music of the highest quality will appeal to fans of Tangerine Dream, Thomas Koner, Klaus Schulze, Lull, Cranioclast, etc. [label info]

Bianchi, Maurizio / Appelbaum, Maor -- "Electrostatic Deflection" -- CD -- €10
2007 Silentes Minimal Editions, sme 0714
"Electrostatic Deflection" is a new industrial-music masterwork, created through collaboration with MAURIZIO BIANCHI, and Israeli musician MAOR APPELBAUM. It's represents Bianchi's more extreme direction... a sample of whats comming in the future from the historic Italian composer. Amazing impact, immense slabs of industrial sound in motion. Sweeping vistas of intense static energy, storm-fronts moving across the stereo field, an acoustic tidal wave approaching landfall, breathtaking deep and dark voyages through underground abysses... a massive and monumental work. Sounds of Sodom and Gomorra burning... don't look back! An apocalyptic prophecy of sound. Waves of sound that can penetrate the thickest steel-plate. Let it wash over you. At high volume, this cd becomes a very physical experience. [label info]

Bianchi, Maurizio (M.B.) & Cria Cuervos -- "Azazel" -- CD -- €10
2009 Silentes Minimal Editions, sme 0928
Three long and “majestic” tracks where Maurizio Bianchi’s typical deep and reverberated sonorities, full of crepuscular melodies and subtle dissonances, get enriched by more electronic elements and fascinating elaborations, sophisticated manipulations and strong dynamic interventions operated by Cria Cuervos… Three touching compositions built on progressive “crescendos” and a raging of slow sonic stratifications that lead to real “explosions” of sounds, drones, pulsations, frequencies, vibrations… A new, magnificent and very successful collaborative experience. [label info]

Bianchi, Maurizio + Saverio Evangelista -- "Micromal Sonorities" -- CD + A4 booklet -- €14
2007/2015 13, sps1508, (ltd. 250)
A collaboration between Maurizio Bianchi and Saverio Evangelista (Esplendor Geometrico). Originally published only in Japan in 2007 and deleted since long, it's now time for this long awaited re-release, which - along with the CD - features the photographic work "Micro" by Stefano Gentile, inspired by the album. [label info]

Birds Of Tin -- "Altarwise" -- CD -- €10
2009 Diophantine Discs, n = 24, (ltd. 500)
We are very pleased to present the latest recordings by Birds of Tin: a project we have long admired and fate finally brought us together. The two lengthy tracks of "Altarwise" were recorded in late 2004 and remastered earlier this year. The first track is a 30-minute experimental work that gradually moves through a wide range of sounds (echoing chimes, mysterious noises, subdued clanking, drones). The second piece is an epic 46-minute composition of deep ambient/drone music that manages to float freely through the listener's imagination while keeping his attention... While many modern day experimental artists have moved on into the computer realm, Birds of Tin has remained true to the experimental sound of tape loops, lo-fi samplers, and collections of unique toy instruments running through small fx boxes. The sound of the work may have become more cohesive and seamless over the years, but the methods have largely remained the same. Birds of Tin was always about creating and expressing by opening the heart and mind to the muse... in this way the sounds flowed through the artist, not from the artist. Birds of Tin is honest music. As the quote from Jackson Pollock states emphatically, every artist paints what he is. In the case of Birds of Tin, the sounds are no mere window dressing..this is who he is... Brooke Oates' Birds of Tin project has been active since 1996. His previous works have been released on such labels as Manifold, Solipsism/Self Abuse, Syntactic, XZF, and Hypnos. Additionally, Birds of Tin has collaborated extensively with such artists as Rapoon, Mechanism, and Augur... Housed in a custom printed color wallet. [press-release]

Black Lung -- "Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars" -- CD -- €6
2008 Shadowplay Records, SPR 016
Russian reissue of the first album of Black Lung, a project run by Davi Thrussel (Snog, Soma).

Black Tape For A Blue Girl -- "A Retrospective" -- CD -- €7
2008 Shadowplay Records, SPR 070
Black tape for a blue girl - legends of the Neo-Classical / Heavenly Voices / Darkwave scene - have their first Russian best of courtesy of Shadowplay Records. Featuring tracks from all eras of their career, A Retrospective is designed for recent fans of vocalists Elysabeth and Bret from The Scavenger Bride and Halo Star as well as those who go back to the 80's and 90's with Oscar's vocals. Keeping things lively, Sam picked alternative mixes of many tracks, and also included three re-recordings with current members ("Remnants of a Deeper Purity"," "Overwhelmed, beneath me" and the previously unreleased "I have no more answers."). [press-release]

Breaking The Will -- "Choosing Death" -- CD -- €10
2015 Terror, TR-12 / Narcolepsia, narco062
First full length album in discography of this harsh noise artist from USA. The sounds that were recorded to tapes, released during 5 years of activity, were not only visible and audible in excessive sea of information and sounds, but always attracted attention with truly high quality and well done cut-up harsh noise. This conceptual release was in plans for several years already and is finally out. Almost 40 minutes of preparation, execution, playing, destroying and annihilation is documented in this digipak CD, released in 300 copies. Choosing Death mood varies from darker droney parts and field recordings to openly aggressive and fast cut-up harsh noise. Without a doubt the strongest work of Breaking the Will to date. [label info]

Control -- "Deadly Sins" -- CD -- €10
2010 Malignant Records, TumorCD48
11 years after making his debut on Malignant side label, Black Plague, the legendary Control returns home to roost, with another pulverizing display of power. 7 tracks, thematically centered around the 7 deadly sins (with each track clocking in at the 7 minute), originally released as lmtd CDr for the Elektroanschlag 11 festival. There is no atonement here, nor redemption offered. Just cold, jarring currents of massively built power electronics and horror filled death industrial, full of clamoring factory debris, razor sharp sheets of sonic violence, and grisly metallic grind, rounded out with Garrison's trademark vocal devastation. In 4 panel digipak, designed by John Balistreri of Slogun. [press-release]

Creation Through Destruction -- "Belt-Zone Circulation" -- CD -- €10
2014 Terror, TR-29, (ltd. 300)
Creation Through Destruction is a more raw harsh noise amplua of Dr Alex (aka Dead Body Collection). This CD is a collaboration of Creation Through Destruction and four Japanoisers - Government Alpha, Contagious Orgasm, K2 and Hiroshi Hasegawa. The CD consists of 4 long tracks that were recorded in 2009-2013 by Dr Alex, using radio static, field recordings (wind, water, trains and various machines) and additional sounds by aforementioned Japanoisers. Sounds - more than an hour of playing time, ranging from drones to pure harsh noise attacks while exploring the cosmic theme of four gas giants - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Digipack with 8 page booklet. Limited to 300 copies. [label info]

Creation Through Destruction / Black Leather Jesus -- split -- CD -- €10
2012 Terror, TR-14, (ltd. 300)
CD for old-school harsh noise fans. Creation Through Destruction - harsh noise project from Serbia. Alex is perhaps more known for his activity as Dead Body Collection, but this time he provides something more than a wall. Absolutely raw and brute noise. Without any pleasant feedbacks, samples, melodies and so on. Black Leather Jesus - legendary harsh noise project from Texas. This time the band provides strong and harsh material. More than 50 minutes of pure harsh noise in all its beauty. For purists. 8 page booklet. Jewel case. 300 copies. [press-release]

Cyclotimia -- "Deja Vu" -- CD -- €6
2008 Shadowplay Records, SPR 061
The Moscow project CYCLOTIMIA is not needed to be present. It's albums were released at the cult western electro-industrial labels and also in Russia. It's music were sent even in space. During the period of 9 years there are lot of reviews about this band almost all sites and magazines that are devoted to the electro-industrial music mention CYCLOTIMIA or write articles about it. But you could make your own opinion about it - just listen the CD... All songs from the album were written in 2001 year and were released as two vinyls "Same Time Same Place" and "Metamorphosis" in 2002 year. But were difficult to buy because of the very limited edition... Chronologically the album "Deja Vu" is between "Wasteland" and "E$chaton". [press-release]

Deison + Gianluca Favaron -- "Nearly Invisible" -- CD + A4 booklet -- €14
2015 13, sps1510, (ltd. 230)
Cristiano Deison and Gianluca Favaron met in 2011 when the latter was a guest on Deison's "Night Sessions" album on Silentes. Both involved in many projects and music collaborations - Favaron with Lasik Surgery, Maribor, Zbeen and Under The Snow, and Deison with Mingle, Matteo Uggeri and Maurizio Bianchi - during the summer of 2015, at last free from previous engagements, they finally decide to mix their sound attitudes and give life to "Nearly Invisible", an album where they process concrete sounds, field-recordings, digital impulses and analog tapes. A sort of "rational improvisation" where the two artists have a conversation talking through the sounds of their surrounding realities. A slow overlapping of contaminated drones, embedded with manipulated noises describes "nearly invisible" environments visually captured by the companion pictures taken by Stefano Gentile. Rough images, textured, dirty; details that open windows onto landscapes where you can recognize panoramas, shadows and structures. All of this is presented in a high quality package. [label info]

Dvar -- "Jraah Mraah" -- CD -- €6
2007/2010 Shadowplay Records, SPR 116
Reissue of the 2007 album will all cyrillic spelling. Original press-release: "After a year odd of silence DVAR comes back with a new extraordinary creation. "Jraah Mraah" presents 30 finely crafted miniature masterpieces made at the meeting-point of indietronics, gothic, fantasy pop, minimalism and avanguard. Blazing expressive pieces vary from driving ones to meditative, from "cheerful" to tragic. That's possibly how "punk" or "synthpop" should sound if performed by cockroaches, flies and caterpillars from old Soviet cartoons. And really, one can't but admire this inventive sickness in performance! The disc is literally covered with odd obscure atmosphere similar to David Lynch's movies. This feeling, when under a mask of a clown you can see a skull, or when a colorful wrapping of a chocolate sweet hides a pile of dead earthworms inside... Besides traditional fans of Dvar, this album will be surely appreciated by sentimental lovers of touching child's music and other most unusual, experimental and innovative. Unambiguously recommended to the fans of «Schnappi, das Kleine Krokodil», THE RESIDENTS, DRAGIBUS, PLUXUS, MESSERCHUPS, Yan Tiersen, LITTLE COMPUTER PEOPLE, SNAKESKIN, etc."

Dvar -- "Madegirah: Bizarre Rares & Early Works" -- CD -- €6
2009 Shadowplay Records, SPR 102
An absolute collection of all kinds of rarities and oddities recorded by the project during their "seclusion" period (1992-1997) and during the recoring of their full-length albums until "Jraah Mraah" (2005). Contains tracks from the legendary cassettes "Dvar" and "Raii". This album is only for true fans of DVAR open for different sides of the project's manifold legacy. 80 minutes and whole 50 tracks of total madness, animated shamanism, theatrical grotesque and gothic surrealism! Specially recommended for the lovers of subtle absurdity and post-modern magic. Contains a cover-version of a track "Fly" of a neo-classical band Caprice. WARNING: this music can seriously injure your mental health for indeterminate period of time. [press-release]

Dvar -- "Piirrah / Taai Liira" -- CD -- €6
2009 Shadowplay Records, SPR 103
The complete and final reissue of the material from the legendary albums "Piirrah" and "Taai Liira" on one CD with a generous bonus-track section. The occult project DVAR has become known for the "gothic" community after the compilation "Edge Of The Night" released in the year of Millennium. The song "Taai Liira" stood out among the rest of material. Full of inhuman aggression, paranoidal hysteria and infinite pathology this song created at the junction point of darkwave and electronic black metal has opened a window for mass audience. Later followed the release of the first full-length album "Piirrah" in Italy, then powerful stylistical metamorphoses, creation of their own unique style "lightwave", release of 5 albums on Russian label Irond, including "Taai Liira", and many more... This CD presents the complete reissue of "Piirrah" and it's Russian reissue as "Taai Liira" also featuring previously unreleased material. This is a sort of archive mould of surely one of the most dark and sickly chapter in the history both Russian and international "dark scene". [press-release]

Endraum -- "In Flimmernder Nacht" -- CD -- €6
1993/2006 Shadowplay Records, SPR 029
"In Flimmernder Nacht" was originally released by Danse Macabre in the year 1993 (KROK 122). This is a Russian reissue with bonus tracks.

Endraum -- "Innerlichkeit" -- CD -- €6
1996/2006 Shadowplay Records, SPR 027
German darkwave band. Russian reissue with bonus tracks.

Endraum -- "Zeitenlicht" -- CD -- €6
1992/2006 Shadowplay Records, SPR 028
"Zeitenlicht" was originally released by Danse Macabre in the year 1992 (KROK 69). This is a Russian reissue with bonus tracks.
[mp3]   [mp3]

False Mirror -- "Derelict World" -- CD -- €10
2010 Malignant Records, TumorCD47
"In the beginning it looked like an ordinary storm..." After three years of intense work, Dark Ambient disciple False Mirror returns with his third full-length journey, aptly entitled "Derelict World". With the timeless drones of his debut "Chronostatic Scenes" and the icy soundscapes on his highly acclaimed sophomore masterpiece "North" still resonating through space, solo artist Tobias Hornberger delivers "Derelict World", his most massive and epic undertaking so far. As its two brooding predecessors, also his third work of masterfully crafted Ambient has become a monumental alliance of dark drones, frostbitten soundscapes and warm vibrating tones from the deep bowels of the earth. Famous for his skilled use of field recordings from an extremely diversified range (some of the recordings stem from an old monastery, the medieval city of Ulm or the Arabian sea) and for his ability to cloak the superior forces of nature into menacing, yet beautifully devised sounds, "Derelict World" also offers a truly apocalyptic concept that blends perfectly with the dense wall of sound on this mysterious Ambient challenge: Nothing less than the end of humanity, brought upon this world by the relentless forces of nature forms the basis on which the resonating and thundering tracks develop into chimaeras of terrible momentum, ever-changing and ever-increasing their dramatic potential. Devised with sophisticated software he solely created for composing this album, False Mirror easily evokes elemental feelings like sublimity, fear or trepidation - culminating in an impending sense of doom that never leaves the listener and brings to life the destructive side of nature that surrounds us every day. From the sheer force of a tornado set loose to the beguiling calm within the eye of the storm, "Derelict World" is a 74 minute long sonic journey into a desolated, depopulated world. A 20 page booklet with a conceptually linked short story written by author and journalist Bjorn Springorum accompanies the release. The album is moreover equipped with a number of hidden messages that lead to a rewarding "Bonus World" on falsemirror.de. "...and the rest was silence." "...One of the best dark ambient releases in recent years". 9.5/10 Orkus Magazine. "The False Mirror album is one of the best CDs I've ever listened to!" M. Sturtzer, Phelios. [press-release]

Favaron, Gianluca -- "Equivalent XI" -- CD -- €10
2014 13, sps1405, (ltd. 200)
Following the publication of the extremely limited single-sided 12" record “Surfaces”, which occurred just a few months ago and is now hopelessly sold-out, Gianluca Favaron returns on 13 with a new solo work released in the prestigious "Private Sounds" series. Besides having published a few solo works, Favaron is part of Under The Snow along with Stefano Gentile and collaborates with Ennio Mazzon on the Zbeen project. In the past he has released music as Ab'she and was part of Lasik Surgery along with Pierpaolo Zoppo. Among his most recent releases we remember his collaboration with Corrado Altieri entitled "The System of Objects". "Equivalent XI" continues the path undertaken with "Surfaces", also benefiting from some excerpts that were already included in the aforementioned work, which are proposed again on this new CD. Starting from simple recordings of sounds produced by everyday objects (…such as paper, scissors, kitchen stuff etc.), treated mainly with two delay machines, Favaron has collected eleven compositions. The idea behind this new release is to create some patterns based on the repetition of small sound particles obtained from a single source. In the eleven tracks on the album, mostly of short duration, we witness the proliferation of particular sound events that, sometimes wandering alone or sometimes by congregating into small throbbing and vital lumps, generate a vibrant microcosm characterized by short loops, slowly but constantly evolving. In some cases, as for example in the more long-lasting closing number, the simplicity of the construct and the infinitesimal tonal progressions are appreciated for their intrinsic hypnotic quality. Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi. [press-release]

Favaron, Gianluca + Stefano Gentile -- "Entretien" -- CD + A4 booklet -- €14
2015 13, sps1509, (ltd. 230)
The project originates from "in black" images taken by Stefano Gentile. Takes that flow in the most hidden sides of the soul. Gianluca Favaron gives sounds to these images with notes that don't leave room for imagination. Field-recordings and electronics to tell the same visions, the same soul moods. This release includes a 16 pages A4 booklet featuring the photographic work by Stefano Gentile and a CD with the sounds created by Gianluca. [label info]

Guilty C. -- "Bottom Down" -- CD -- €10
2011 Gravity Swarm Recordings, UT-37, (ltd. 500)
Japanese noise inspired by: "Crowded towns and city networks... tinnitus in a ghost town... forgotten memories, vomiting and sinking into a stagnant river bed.. guitar feedback in the chilly rain... a putrid mess in the corner of a dirty town. Outbursts of chirping crickets in the night fog, harsh noise and drone... hellish rumbles from the earth and endless darkness.... black solitude harsh drone works". [label info]

Hall Of Mirrors -- "Altered Nights" -- 2 CD -- €13
2012 Malignant Records, TUMORCD54
3rd CD from the acclaimed dark ambient collaboration between Andrea Marutti (Amon, Never Known, among others) and Giuseppe Verticchio (Nimh). Spread out over two CDs and totaling over 100 minutes, there’s a lot to absorb here; organic, textural ambience that’s murky and abstract, uncurling like tendrils of smoke before coalescing into a simulacrum of shadowy figures, to turbulent, more immersive post industrial sounds that prowl the depths of subterranean caverns and forgotten, still radioactive ruins. At its core, this is dark ambient, but with its roughly edged, mildly corrosive machine edges and cascading factory whir, Hall of Mirrors moves into a much more active and cerebral sonic realm. Features contributions from Vestigial, New Risen Throne, and Pietro Riparbelli/ K11, among others. 2 discs in 6 panel eco-wallet, with 4 tracks on one disc, and one 45 minute track on the second. A must for fans of Troum, Terra Sancta, early Zoviet France, and of course all related Andrea Marutti projects. [press-release]

Haus Arafna -- "Blut + Nachblutung" -- CD -- €15
2006 Galakthorrö, 006
Before someone else does it for us, we'd rather do it ourselves: the debut album from Haus Arafna is, after 11 years, once more available. In re-freshed sound quality, and with a new look: a 24 page monster booklet which is filled to the top with blood-enriched pictures and texts, with which the listeners can also enjoy themselves visually. In addition to the well-known "Trilogie des Blutes" from 1995, there are three bonus tracks ("Nachblutung"), to listen to, which also stem from this period. These have, however, only now been fully completed in order to be included in this re-issue from mr. and mrs. Arafna. [press release]
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Haus Arafna -- "Butterfly" -- CD -- €15
2003 Galakthorrö 014
Third album is finally here, after five years delay. New Haus Arafna album... well, it's very different from all previous works. Some of you who already had opportunity to listen "Fur Immer" 7"-single will definitely understand what I mean. The old fans should be amazed. No, there is even more fascination of the beyond and general darkness. Just like the prominent horror movie which is well done without dead bodies, blood streams and other superficial features of borrowed violence - no need for that while really frightening. All the senses are submerged into fathomless pit of human soul, still continuing torture and threaten with inexplicable force. An awful prophecy and damnable firmness - a bitter grin turns to deadly mask. This album is not so easy to understand, for me it took at least five times to play it back again and again, then something more or less distinct began to standing up against me. On the other hand, there are many people who didn't heard any previous Haus Arafna song, the new generation - seems that for them "Butterfly" should be more accessible. I even think that it could bring much new flesh into the fans camp. According to musicians, this is their first album sincerelly devoted to the true love sense, and logical develpement out of previous releases - like it always was and, I hope so, always will be. [Dmitry Vasilyev, "Independent Electronic Music"]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Haus Arafna -- "Children Of God" -- CD -- €15
1998 Galakthorrö 008
The second album of legendary German angst-pop band. Horror from the dark corners of consciousness, rage, putrid cold and absolute electronic insanity. "Our paralysed Agnesle with the pretty hydrocephalus learns to speak only to tell her heart's desire: let me die in gas".
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Haus Arafna -- "New York Rhapsody" -- CD -- €15
2011 Galakthorrö, Galakthorrö 028
This is no typical Haus Arafna album. It has already celebrated its premiere in September 2009 as part of the New York Fashion Week. Haus Arafna had accepted the offer to create the soundtrack for a show featuring the fashion designer Katie Gallagher. Somewhat of an unusual venture into a new environment, and in front of a new audience, this was obviously an exciting challenge for creative artistes, and for “Industrialists”, considering the extreme style of expression, a very pleasurable experience. The emphasis laid on the various elements on this album is different to that of the earlier releases. That is why Haus Arafna has preferred to delay the issue of “New York Rhapsody” until after the release of the “official” album “You”. Angst-Synthesizer, raw electricity, metal percussion, artfully reduced electronic textures and unusual vocal performances combine into a “sound from the Abyss” with deep ritual undertones. No sign of “Screams’n’Shouts” here. Instead Haus Arafna has created Angst-Pop hits and Industrial Monsters with an extra dose of darkness, almost as if the March into Destruction has to be sweetened somewhat. Well-dressed, of course... CD in jewel case with 12 page booklet incl. all lyrics. [press-release]
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Haus Arafna -- "The Singles 1993-2000" -- CD -- €15
2003 Galakthorrö 015
The official re-release of all 4 vinyl singles on one compact disk, dated for 10 years anniversary of the band and the label. Contains "Sex U Mas", "Take One Get Two" (split-single with Karl Runal, CD release contains only Haus Arafna's part), "The Last Dream Of Jesus" and "Für Immer".
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Haus Arafna -- "You" -- CD -- €15
2010 Galakthorrö, Galakthorrö 025
"You" is an album of contrasts and leads the listener along carefully selected levels of suspense through the full gamut of the Arafna-esque art of sound creation. The spectrum extends from dark jewels which permeate nerve and brain, to great boulders which avalanche their way through the intestines. A peculiar hybrid of various Industrial Music styles forming a malicious monster, remarkable for its changeability and the unexpected. Difficult to control, cunningly applied analogue electronics meet sawing Angst-synthesizer ensembles ingeniously accompanying scream, -speech, -distortion vocals to the beat of noise and steel. That has proved itself, but today’s music from Haus Arafna is generally more advanced, more to the point. All probably created just for "You". CD in jewel case with 16 page booklet. [press-release]
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Hex On -- "In Slow Motion" -- CD -- €6
2008 Shadowplay Records, SPR 077
The compilation of "extravagant" music "Extravaganza!" (http://www.monopolyrecords.com/extravaganza/index.html) released in 2007 by Monopoly Records in cooperation with Stereo & Video magazine, unleashed the debut of this mysterious Russian-American project... It is known that all creative activities concerning the album "In Slow Motion" were performed only during the night, and were supported by strong hallucinogenic and psychoactive drugs, through which the musicians sought to contact the dead stars of American pin-up and vintage erotica. Which certainly has had its effect on the music! The album is packed with dark eroticism, the inseparable whispers making it an ideal soundtrack for succuba and incubi's nightly routs... This highly unconventional style formally belongs somewhere between dark trip-hop and post rock, but in fact it's absolutely unique... Reminiscent of: Recoil, Massive Attack, Portishead... It's worth pointing out the design and the lush booklet containing highly artistic drawings and calligraphy. [press-release]

In The Nursery -- "Era" -- CD -- €6
2007 Shadowplay Records, SPR 041
Prolific creators of sensuous soundscapes, IN THE NURSERY have returned with 'Era', an album exploring the themes of architecture, urban decay, and regeneration. But such is twins Klive and Nigel Humberstone's emphatic feel for their subject matter, this seems like it is less about buildings than something more vital. A picture of the city as a living organism - growing, dying, being reborn. The story of civilisation. A full, almost bombastic, sound driven by trademark militaristic drumming and strings pull against gothically spectral vocals to serve as a vision of strength beset by war, weakness and fate. With Massive Attack's Sarah Jay Hawley singing on three tracks, including the pathos-dripping 'Tempered Wings', 'Era' is fragile yet beautiful and strong yet sweet. [Rock Sound]

The Infant Cycle -- "The Sand Rays" -- CD -- €10
2009 Diophantine Discs, n = 20, (ltd. 500)
We're happy to introduce the new full-length record from The Infant Cycle. The Sand Rays is to be played from the outside to the center, from whichever edge you choose. The Sand Rays is pinball rhythm reverberations from sliced vinyl record playout grooves, gravelly surface vibrations. The Sand Rays is exploiting broken cords, near-empty batteries, half-broken equipment. We loved it and think you will too. Just be prepared to be a bit more confused when it is all over, but don't worry: you'll be too busy wiping that silly grin off your face because you had such a fun time... The Infant Cycle, active since 1992, is the brainchild of Jim DeJong. He has released material on such labels as Drone, EE Tapes, Hands, Moloko+, Afe, Zhelezobeton, Blade, Abgurd, and his own The Ceiling. Additionally he is a former member of Mind Skelp-cher and (as The Infant Cycle) has collaborated with numerous artists including Aidan Baker, Orphx, and Dronaement. [press-release]

Institution D.O.L. -- "With Her I Had Some Tropical Feelings" -- CD -- €10
2005 Steinklang Industries, SKD 09, (ltd. 500)
The new masterpiece from Austria's obscure-electronic act no.ONE! This musical mixture between rhythmic noise sequences, psychedelic melodies and ambient/hypnotic patterns treats the untold story of Madame I. and M. (the man behind INSTITUTION D.O.L.). Listen and be part of a psychoacoustic trip through romantic storytales, disturbed by violence, brutal sex and the sound of a chainsaw! The perfect soundtrack for your private S/M-party; reminds a little to Cosey Fanni Tutti's masterpiece "Time to tell". [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Kadaver -- "Automatic Autopsy" -- CD -- €10
2009 Topheth Prophet, TP018, (ltd. 500)
Second album of Israeli project on Topheth Prophet label. "Automatic Autopsy" is a bit strange material which is not aggressive unlike many of his other works, it's built on blending various styles and this gives specific oppressive sound, and Michael Zolotov did a good job on this. The album consists of multi-layered sound structures of feedbacks, field recordings, sampled loops, etc. which create overall terrifying and depressive atmosphere. [Sickcore]

Kenotaph -- "Promise" -- CD -- €10
1998 Functional Organisation, Functional 012
Side project of Skalp presents the material of an old tape with bonus material. Distorted rhythmic noise with harsh pounding machinelike sounds and slow whispering voice.

'kirchenkampf' -- "Babel" -- 2 CD -- €13
2007 Diophantine Discs, n = 8,9, (ltd. 500)
"Babel" follows the recent and well-received albums "Island of the Dead" (on Cohort) and "Transmissions" (which we released last year). It is an extremely dynamic and dense work that could generally be classified as experimental dark ambient. The theme here is the Tower of Babel and each disc takes a somewhat different yet complimentary approach: the first ("Red Babylon") is generally a rather heavy and intense recording, while the second ("Citadel of the Nevermind") is more droney and dream-like. A profound and monumental journey lasting well over two hours... 'kirchenkampf', the project of John Gore (Cohort Records, The Oratory of Divine Love, >wirewall<), has been active since 1986. Since that time he has released numerous recordings on his own and other labels. Additionally, John has collaborated with a number of others, including Steve Hall (Yen Pox), C. Reider, and Brett Smith (Caul)... The CDs come packaged in a stunning printed gatefold sleeve. [press-release]

Lavelle, Brian -- "Fallen Are The Domes Of Green Amber" -- CD -- €10
2007 Diophantine Discs, n = 10, (ltd. 500)
With "Fallen are the Domes of Green Amber" Brian Lavelle continues in his more recent direction with experimental drone music, while also incorporating some of his earlier recordings into the pieces. At over 70 minutes, the album consists of two lengthy and picturesque tracks. Both are extremely focused, complex, and dynamic -- they evolve, gradually and intricately. Beautiful (yet also melancholy) and abstract, the two pieces are quite distinct from each other in their own respects, yet fit together to form a seamless and monumental overall work... Recording under various guises since 1990 (though generally under his own name), Brian Lavelle's work has covered a large cross-section of experimental music ranging from more noisy works in the past to his more ambient/drone material of recent years. He has released material on such labels as Audiofile, Bake, Afe, Microwave, and Freek. Additionally he has collaborated with artists such as Richard Youngs, Alistair Crosbie, and Emil Hagstrom. Brian also runs the Dust, Unsettled and Quinquaginta labels, and operated one of the earliest mp3-labels: techNoh... The CD comes in a beautiful green printed wallet. [press-release]

Majdanek Waltz / Sal Solaris -- "Tenebrae" -- CD -- €10
2011 Shadowplay Records, SPR 127 / ZHELEZOBETON, ZHB-XXXIII, (ltd. 500)
A collaboration album by two prominent Russian post-industrial projects Majdanek Waltz and Sal Solaris. The conceptual core of the record is the poetry of Paul Celan, one of the major German-language poets of the post-World War II era. His cryptic fractured lyrics spoken in a specific estranged way by Pavel Blumkin is enchased by a weird fusion of avant-garde neoclassic and dark ambient music... This record will seem unusual even for those who are already familiar with the works of both projects. Here you won't find neither soulful neofolk songs, nor strong power ambient - instead the decadent sounds of violin, cello, clarinet, piano and bayan from Majdanek Waltz blend with shimmering electronic drones and uneasy soundscapes of Sal Solaris in paradoxical unity making your heart throb painfully. The last track features the haunting voice of Rada Anchevskaya (Rada & Ternovnik)... It won't be so easy to fall in love with this album from the first spin. It's like an eerie irrational dream able to frighten and cause a desire to wake up somewhat quicker. But the depth of this dream lures and makes you return and experience it again and again.
[mp3]   [mp3]   [+]

Mazakon Tactics -- "The Entrancing Cage" -- CD -- €10
2014 Terror, TR-25
Sacha Mandler has been constantly drifting in-between styles from harsh noise wall to synth pop and back, but his longest living death industrial project remains strong in its ideas and sounds. After several releases on tapes and CDrs here comes the first full-length CD. Painful, dark and personal release that has been delayed to be released far too much, ranging from dark ambient to death industrial, to power electronics. Nightmarish soundscapes, recorded 2008-2010. [label info]

The Moon And The Nightspirit -- "Rego Rejtem" -- CD -- €6
2007 Shadowplay Records, SPR 052
Second album by the Hungarian Ethereal/Pagan Folk duo, complete with an extensive booklet featuring artwork created exclusively for this release by the band's singer Agnes Toth... The Moon and the Nightspirit was formed in 2003 by Agnes and Mihaly. It is a mystical journey into the amaranthine realm of dreams and beauty, long-forgotten by modern man. A journey inspired by pagan fables, ancient Hungarian folk music and nature itself... "Rego rejtem" is a line from ancient Hungarian minstrel songs, which means "I conjure with magic", or, in words even closer to Shamanism, "I am ecstatic in a trance", a vision that suits perfectly the mood on the duo's songs. This time they have traveled further into times bygone, rekindling the flames of the Taltos (Hungarian shaman) and reawakening the spirits of the Elders. The music has acquired a more varied and colorful tone through the use of varied ethnic instrumentation (such as kaval, tapan, jew's harp or zither), and has also become significantly more energetic and vibrant, without sacrificing the unique ambiance that the band had found on their debut album... "Rego Rejtem" also finds the duo leaving behind the English language, and using only Hungarian lyrics this time. They come in the form of poems - chants dedicated to Mother Earth, the spiritual world and the ancient wisdom, and have also served, together with the music, as inspiration for several superb paintings that Agnes has produced to illustrate the album. These three elements (music, lyrics and illustrations) form a strong unity, and only with the existence of these three does "Rego Rejtem" become a whole... Russian issue comes with artwork which is a bit different from original Equilibrium release. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Moon Far Away -- "Sator" -- CD -- €6
2000/2006 Shadowplay Records, SPR 030
Moon Far Away is the band whose debut album "Lado World" was with the single heart recognized as the first true gothic release in Russia. In 11 years of they existence this Arkhangelsk ritual darkwave \ neo-folk project became the cult one on a Russian dark scene and became very popular abroad. The tracks of the band were presented both in Russian and foreign compilations of the dark scene. The musical press gives excellent reviews on all Moon Far Away creations. You can find picture of the band as the centerfold in German magazine Zillo. Japanese director Susei Nisi made a film that is devoted to the Moon Far Away... "...«SATOR», being the second full-scale release of this cultic lineup, expands the boundaries of its sound image even more, going deeper into the ethno-esoteric genre and using symbols of the early Christianity. The experiments with folk instruments and with the structure of the musical pieces, and the unprecedented atmosphere and ritual orientation of the rhythm structures make «SATOR» a complete musical pattern dedicated to the mystery of eternal return lived through over and over again. MOON FAR AWAY sings of the harmony of man’s material outer space - and the unexplored spiritual inner space…" (from Brudenia Records press-release).

Moth Electret -- "Tocasen" -- CD -- €10
2009 Diophantine Discs, n = 19, (ltd. 500)
"Tocasen", Moth Electret's second record, is an engaging and intense hour-long work of experimental ambient music. Landscapes of mysterious worlds are forged from a variety of drones, processed sounds, and other recordings. Within these seven tracks the sounds pulse and flutter through a beautiful and complex metamorphosis. Stig Berg has been recording music since 2000 as R|A|A|N and as a member of Aesthetic Meat Front. His first Moth Electret release came out on Mystery Sea in 2007... Housed in a custom printed color wallet. [press-release]

Nimh -- "The Missing Tapes" -- CD -- €10
2007 Silentes Minimal Editions, sme 0610
Unique stratospheric sounds from another dimension: Processed electronic emulations of traditional Thai (and other indigenous) instruments, esoteric percussion, breathing, drones, feedback, shortwave radio, disembodied voices floating in air and hazy field recordings all combine is a most intoxicating manner. With this CD NIMH returns to a more adventurous style, pushing the boundaries of sonic innovation past anything before. An amazing 50+ minute sonic travelogue of electro acoustic experimentation... [press-release]

November Novelet -- "The World In Devotion" -- CD -- €15
2015 Galakthorrö, Galakthorrö 037
In recompense for the long waiting time, November Növelet is rewarding its dedicated listeners with a carefully created complete work of art, which complements its celebrated precursor Magic, in a splendid fashion. The new album shows a further development – the magical mixture continues: Mrs. Arafna’s unique vocal timbres, a beguilingly resigned performance full of melancholy, couched in deep black analogue electronics embossed with the characteristic Növeletic stamp. Fragile ghostly melodies, with weeping pad sounds together in tried and tested partnership, powered by driving bass figures and thrashing rhythms that strike sparks of divine light through the comfortless darkness of the present European Condition. Let your soul be illuminated from this shining jewel of timeless Synthesiser music, and thus experience – The World In Devotion. CD in jewel case with 16 page booklet. [press-release]

Nytt Land (Ylande) -- "s/t" -- CD -- €8
2015 Sulphur Flowers, SF 3
Nytt Land is a side-project of a Siberian folk-rock band Ylande which first self-titled release's front cover still bears traces of its old affiliation. On this album a group of talented ethno-instrumentalists aim to share the magnificence of genuine Northern nature and culture materialized in Wardruna-inspired ritual-oriented folk music. A vast array of ethnic instruments along with a decent skill to match it bring us a solid and enchanting ritual folk release. [label info]

The Oratory Of Divine Love -- "Meditatio" -- CD -- €10
2008 Diophantine Discs, n = 16, (ltd. 500)
One of the children of John Gore (aka 'kirchenkampf'), The Oratory Of Divine Love presents here their third CD: a fifty-plus minute track of ambient electronic drone that, with gradual progression, features melodies and voices filtering in and out throughout the sound. Though a generally contemplative recording, the piece is quite engaging and will elicit the attention of all who enjoy experimental and drone musics. Previous recordings under this name have been issued by EE Tapes and Waystyx... Housed in a custom printed color wallet. [press-release]

Orsi, Fabio -- "Find Electronica" -- CD -- €5
2007 A Silent Place, ASP21
"Find Electronica" is a wonderful album full of fine lyrics, structured as a long drone / ambient suite divided in two portions which are the frames of the articulated central track. A strictly personal exercise on the "Weird Folk" theme, hypnotic and seductive. The "found" electronica meets the sonorities made by the six chords, projecting enchanted landscapes on a vibrant horizon, with an intimate sensibility. Abstract and emotional, deep and dreamy. Digifile. [press-release]

Phelios -- "Astral Unity" -- CD -- €10
2010 Malignant Records, TumorCD44
Following two CDs on Eternal Soul and a recent split LP on LOKI, Germany’s revered dark ambient project Phelios makes their first appearance for Malignant. With its swirling cosmic drones and sweeping, cinematic drift, the music of Phelios is breathtaking and hypnotic, often evoking moments of serenity and beauty, yet spiking them with deep cushions of ritualistic percussion and textural squalls that suggest something much more ominous and threatening looms on the vast horizon. Collectively, Astral Unity is thoughtful and concise – a vivid and richly detailed entity that’s alive and constantly evolving, channeling the universe while simultaneously exploring the inner regions of a more primordial earth. In 6 panel digipak, with gold foil stamping. [press-release]

Red Sector A -- "Transients" -- CD -- €10
2014 Silentes, 201432/cd
Andrea Bellucci's "Red Sector A" is probably one of Italy's best kept secrets, and for sure the project of an author who has always preferred quality over quantity. In 1995, after hitting the European dance charts with a few successful 12" releases, he signed to Minus Habens, the hystorical Italian label. Between 1995 and 2012 he released with them four albums of evolute electronic music, merging deep atmospheres and Techno rhythms, microsounds and Ambient-Dub, big beats and Drum'n'Bass, installing his refined aesthetics on assimilated codes. During the years Bellucci also dedicated himself to Dark-Ambient under the Subterranean Source guise, whose two CD albums were released in the U.S. by Relapse via their Desolation House imprint. He also had the merit to bring Alio Die's music to a wider "Non-Ambient" audience with Son-Dha, a remix project centered on selected tracks culled from the Italian ambient master's early releases. "Transients" is Red Sector A's fifth full-length work and also the first one released by Silentes. The path traced by Bellucci in twenty years of activity is perfectly fulfilled in an album characterized, as always, by complex rhythmic textures. The quality of the music produced is remarkable, the sound is clear and well defined with the album working quite well as a whole without any single weak track. The list of guest-artists who have contributed to the greatness of this work is simply impressive and includes the following: Andrew Lagowski, Teho Teardo, Retina.it, Dean Dennis (ex Clock-DVA), Giorgio Ricci (Templezone), Eraldo Bernocchi of Sigillum S fame, and Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo of Larsen. Since we enjoyed every bit of this release it's quite hard to pick up any favourite: the analogic waves of "Luv - 426" (with Lagowski), the cold sequences of "The Depht of Balance" (featuring Dean Dennis) and the Dub-infected "Think - L" (with Eraldo Bernocchi) are just a few examples. A total winner that will appeal to fans of labels like Minus Habens, Warp, Rephlex, etc. [press-release]

Reutoff / Bad Sector -- "21.11.14" -- C-93 -- €45
2015 kultFRONT, KF-XXV, (ltd. 75)
The 25th release by kultFRONT is a live concert split by the exemplary dark ambient projects from Russia and Italy, Reutoff and Bad Sector respectively. The show took place in the very late autumn of 2014 in St. Petersburg, Russia. The venue initially planned for this event was suddenly shut down and the show was urgently and successfully moved to one of the best clubs for this kind of music - The Place. Also from a technical point of view the concert was flawless so all musicians agreed to publish it. This fact is remarkable because "21.11.14" is the first live release in Reutoff's longstanding history. And in fact the first live album for Bad Sector in its 20 years of existence. The earlier "live" release by Bad Sector was "Xela" published in Russia 14 years ago (Waystyx 01, 2001), however it doesn't really meet the criteria of a "live album". It featured studio materials prepared especially for one of the early live shows of Bad Sector. The Reutoff side consists of live versions of compositions from the "ZugZwang IV", "Eigengrau", "No One's Lullabies" albums and some unreleased material. The Bad Sector side includes live versions of tracks from "Storage Disk 2", "Reset / Rebis Periferiche", "Unification", "Kosmodrom" and "Dolmen Factory". The album is published in a very limited edition of 75 white cassettes. A symbolic glance in the past, as both projects had their first recordings on cassettes too. This release is not planned to be distributed on other media or digitally. [press-release]

Reutoff -- "ReuTRauM I" -- 7" -- €20
2012 Fronte Nordico, RT I, (ltd. 50)
Advanced edition: sewn fold out cover made of designer special grey paper with two photos attached on its front and back sides, logos done in relief with special technology, grey vinyl in thick black inner sleeve, two cards and embroidered patch. [label info]

Rumunija / Obsrr / Vilkduja -- "III" -- CD -- €10
2014 Terror, TR-20, (ltd. 300)
Almost an hour of the best bands from Lithuanian underground. These projects have earned their status with their excellent live shows and usually highly limited releases. And no matter how people try to put them in frames of certain styles - slow neopolka, sharp minor, post-folk, country antigothic or so, the main thing to listen to them is the spirit that they breath. I guess dark cabaret would be the most suitable term of all. But well, you have to listen to that yourself. This is an album for autumn with a dose of melancholy, sadness, light and romance. Nothing to do with noise this time. 300 copies. Digipak CD with booklet. [label info]

Sewer Goddess -- "Hymns Of Infliction" -- CD -- €10
2015 Terror, TR-39 / Filth And Violence, 113
Sewer Goddess - Kristen Rose's death industrial project from USA that does not need huge introductory texts because sounds and international recognition talk for themselves. For a decade already it explores not only death industrial, but also sludge, power electronics, noise styles and transformed from solo project to full band, going beyond the boundaries of contemporary industrial styles. We are turning back to the roots of this project in this compilation - sounds that started Sewer Goddess and attracted everyone's attention to it - pure, raw, primitive and filthy industrial soundscapes when Sewer Goddess was still Kristen's solo project. Material in a CD from 2008-2009. Co-released between Filth & Violence and Terror. [label info]

Sil Muir -- "s/t" -- CD -- €10
2009 Diophantine Discs, n = 22, (ltd. 500)
Italy's Sil Muir presents to us here their first full-length work. It is a beautiful, yet melancholy, hour-long recording carrying us along that sleepless journey from dusk 'til dawn. Powerful and gentle drones shudder and shimmer through these four dense and amazing tracks. Sil Muir is the collaboration between Andrea Marutti (Amon, Never Known, Afe Records) and Andrea "Ics" Ferraris (Ur, Airchamber3, Ulna). Their only previous appearances are a lengthy compilation track on Transf.Order and a collaboration with Horchata on taalem... Housed in a custom printed color wallet. [press-release]

Skin Area -- "Rothko Field" -- CD -- €10
2012 Malignant Records, TumorCD52
3rd full length release from this acclaimed Martin Bladh (IRM) project (in conjunction with Magnus Lindh), following 2002's New Skin CD and 2006's double CD Journal Noir/Lithium Path, both on Cold Meat Industry. Like previous works, Rothko Field is a highly charged and visceral auditory experience... mind bending and turbulent sonic explorations that are grainy and tense, where uneasy frequencies intersect with caustic drones, infected, insectile buzz, swelling drifts, and intense, slow motion percussion driven sludgery. Further comparison reveals Rothko Field to be less schizophrenic, less challenging, and more structured than in the past, coming off as both spacious and yet suffocatingly claustrophobic (and ultimately closer in style to IRM), suggestive of a spiral downwards into mental decay and degradation, and further enhanced by Martin's uniquely distressed and provocative vocalizations. 9 tracks total, broken into two "mirrored parts", with track 5, "Void" acting as the actual mirror itself. In digipak, with full color 24page booklet. Not to detract from previous releases, but this is easily the best Skin Area work to date, and a must for all things Martin Bladh! [press-release]

Snog -- "The Last Days Of Rome" -- CD -- €6
2007/2008 Shadowplay Records, SPR 063
What's piquing our curiosity, aside from the apocalyptic title 'The Last Days Of Rome' and the confusing art-cover, made by Chris Wood and Richard Grant (who craftily subverted the Cadillac SUV ad), is this new change of route of David Thrussell, aka Snog, very skilled in perpetuating the channels of pop and of his oblique media-social critique, always varying his style. This time, the sequences seem to converge towards downbeat atmospheres permeated by rock influences. Melancholic and cinematic atmospheres are the background of ancient Rome in its darkest days, an all-too-explicit metaphor of the corruption and decay of power. It's a very fascinating album, even though it's not very 'electronic', but this artist has already leaned towards the song form in the past, still coherently keeping the energy levels and his activism high. [Aurelio Cianciotta, Neural] Russian edition with 6 bonus tracks.

Stormhat -- "Addicted to Disaster" -- CD -- €10
2008 Diophantine Discs, n = 15, (ltd. 500)
The work of Denmark's Stormhat melds a variety of elements of experimental music, from ambient/drone to field recordings and feedback. With his first pressed CD, Peter Bach Nicolaisen gives us a wonderful hour-long journey though field recordings, reverberating & scraped percussion, and drones. An excellent recording, sure to appeal to fans of all related genres, "Addicted to Diaster" provides a wonderful and engaging listen. Stormhat's work has previously been released on Cohort and A Beard Of Snails... Housed in a custom printed color wallet. [press-release]

Vassbotn -- "Besok Fra Italia" -- C-45 -- €6
2015 Terror, TR-30, (ltd. 100)
"Besok fra Italia" is the second full tape release from Norwegian/Italian Vassbotn. 45 minutes of rich, dynamic and enjoyable old school harsh noise recorded straight to tape and dubbed from tape. Vassbotn is a continuosly changing and evolving noise animal so you never know who or what is standing behind the name, what these noises mean and what is the purpose of it (tension shoots through the roof). A tape for purists who does not care about the names, titles and medals, but cares about noise and it's quality. [label info]

West State -- "Sideways" -- CD -- €6
2008 Shadowplay Records, SPR 074
West State is a side project of the well-known Russian band Cyclotimia. In contrast to the main project's cold, sharply conceptual and monumental style, West State's music rather reminds of movie soundtracks that combine sci-fi with action, drama and a little romance. Both the lovers of atmospheric IDM/ambient and unusual electronics in general, will love this unique musical "trip"... Reminiscent of: Biosphere, Orbital, Download, Black Lung, early Delerium, Vangelis, J.M.Jarre... Here's what the musicians say: "We created West State to develop the ideas that appealed to us but did not fit in the framework of Cyclotimia, our core project. This explains why our work has been spontaneous and sporadic, and some of the tracks remained unfinished for years on end. Besides, West State embraces some of the tracks that were originally meant for Cyclotimia. Despite the seemingly eclectic content and its being created at different times and on different equipment, the result is a complete and self-contained album, not a compilation". [press-release]

Xiphoid Dementia -- "Secular Hymns" -- CD -- €10
2012 Malignant Records, TumorCD61
Actively recording since 1999, Egan Budd’s Xiphoid Dementia has become known in the underground and in numerous live situations for creating meticulously crafted yet hard to define, post industrial soundscapes, navigating between textured ambience, scourging noise, junk metal, field recordings, and surreal atmospheres, sometimes all in one track. Still, there’s a hyper-focus here that ties it altogether, and makes for something that is dynamic, unpredictable, and clearly ambitious. For those that question if there’s originality left in industrial music, Xiphoid Dementia answers with a resounding yes, though not so much in the sounds themselves, but rather how they are layered and placed... Hard to find comparisons here, but those that appreciate the dynamics of Navicon Torture Technologies, Prurient, and Propergol will certainly find something to like. In 6 panel digipak. [label info]

V/A -- "Colours Of Black: Russian Dark Scene Compilation" -- 2 CD -- €7
2004 Shadowplay Records, SPR 001
The material for this release has prepared during half-year. For this time we have tried to capture all possible national dark-scene spectrum and to present the audience the gold of domestic bands of such different genres as classical gothic-rock, electro-goth, dark wave, ethereal, industrial ambient and apocalyptic folk... This release includes tracks of the Russian bands that are very popular not only in Russia but also abroad. Such names as Romowe Rikoito, Moon Far Away, Neutral, Stillife, Dvar, Cyclotitmia, Caprice, Virtual Server… do not require any more representation and for a long time locate in world distributions and labels... Except for known band's names the compilation includes a number of the young musicians who also possess a great potential and talent. This release consists of two CDs that distinguish by the certain stylistic and at the same time they're united by unique art concept. It includes the tracks of 34 bands! The most part of the tracks are published with marks: previously unreleased and exclusive recordings. [press-release] Participants: STILLIFE, ANTISISTERS, THEODOR BASTARD, IZIDA, NECRO STELLAR, DVAR, VIRTUAL SERVER, REQUIEM FOR FM, HALLUCINATIONS FOR TWO, CRUCI-FICTION, PARA BELLVM, THE UNHOLY GUESTS, DOPPELGANGER, CHILDREN OF THE GUN, BLESS, VIDNA NEBO, MOON FAR AWAY, CANONIS, CAPRICE, DROLLS, ROMOWE RIKOITO, KRATONG, SANDCASTLE, EMILY A. SAAEN, NEUTRAL, CYCLOTIMIA, VISHUDHA KALI, MAJDANEK WALTZ, WOLFSBLOOD, LACKLUSTRE MIRROR, LANGUOR, BLOOD & SAND, EMBRACE OF BRANCHES, ANTHESTERIA.

V/A -- "Colours Of Black: Russian Dark Scene Compilation, Volume 2" -- 2 CD -- €7
2006 Shadowplay Records, SPR 025
Not so much time has passed since the first "music diaries" of the Russian dark scene began to appear and the music once concealed began to belong to show-business. We could hardly realize how the underground became the property of the multitude. But it did and the t's were crossed. Such radical changes occurred before our eyes that we, because of our naivety, could not even imagine. The young Russian scene lost its originality in chase of the global standards… But still there are people who are much more interested in the music that belongs to where commercial logic doesn't work. In spite of the fact that sometimes it's not very qualitative in terms of sound and often recorded in home studios with the use of lo-fi equipment still it has one advantage: it is made by those for whom the feeling of creative excitement is more important than material welfare. The second volume of Colours of Black as well as the first one consists of the artists who are not interested in how many copies of their records have they sold, how many complimentary reviews and comments have they received and how major their labels are. They are not the worst or the best as music has never been sport… Our compilation is just an attempt to define what the true independent Russian dark scene is like now. This music is still a requiem for the multitude… [press-release] Participants: TUNNEL, ANTISISTERS, NECRO STELLAR, PURPLE FOR SIDE, DASHA BASKAKOVA & LAUREN VORSE, DEVUSHKIN SON, INTERACTION 5, ON-MOY, T.3.R., MAGIK BRITE, THE-PULSAR, N-616 feat. REQUIEM FOR FM, WAVEFALL, COLD DESIGN, BLOOD TRANSFUSION SET, FLAMMENFORM_36, CISFINITUM & V.EPIFANTSEV, CANONIS & EMILY A SAAEN, TALISMAN TALES, KALTER GLANZ, CHILDREN OF THE GUN, TEARS OF JANNET, DOPPELGANGER, SPINEFISH, LACKLUSTRE MIRROR, DODECCAHEEDRON, VISHUDHA KALI, MAJDANEK WALTZ, ANNO DOMINI, THEATER OF POISON & THEODOR BASTARD, MOON FAR AWAY, AETERNA ANIMA, DECEMBERED, STILLIFE.

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