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Tonight we have a great pleasure to present the new release of Muzyka Voln label - second CD album by Russian dark drone ambient project Kshatriy. The album is available in normal edition (6 panel glossy digipak) and special collector's edition (first 30 copies), and also as a digital download at our label's page on bandcamp.com website. There you can also listen to the whole album.

This time the new additions to mailorder catalogue are not that numerous, but this is gonna be changed soon in the next newsletter! Meanwhile we have some new discs from Russian labels Cold Graey and Valgriind, new release with archive recordings from Alexander Lebedev-Frontov, a cassette by Hattifnatter, two compilations of various underground music from St. Petersburg-based Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21), a collector's edition of Rapoon's CD "Messianicghosts" (Aquarellist) and some other stuff.

I can remind you that we still have a mega-sale action, when you can order 10 (or more) items from the catalogue marked with the symbol [-50%] for half-price. The action will go until the next update (approx. late March - early April). For collectors this is a good chance to supplement their record libraries and purchase presents for themselves and their friends, and for experimental / industrial DJs - to get the material in quality format! :)

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I. New release

Kshatriy - Transforming Galaxy

Kshatriy - Transforming Galaxy

"Transforming Galaxy"

CD (ltd. 500)

1. Initiation into the Higher Self
2. The Song of the Unknown [mp3]
3. Omut
4. Awakening
5. Transforming Galaxy [mp3]
6. Hymn to Kali (part 2)
7. Hymn to Kali (part 3) [mp3]
8. Love is the Key [mp3]

total length: 77:55
release date: March 17, 2012
price: €12
collector's edition (ltd. 30): €39

* bandcamp.com

"Transforming Galaxy" is the second full-length album of Sergey Bulychyov (aka Uak-Kib) from Vsevolozhsk, Russia - an imprint of direct experience of the Universe. The album is dedicated to the end of Kali-Yuga - the age of technocratic lack of spirituality and moral decay - and to the attainment of human awareness of the Unity.

Eight hasteless compositions of psychedelic drone ambient combine a light atmosphere with deep multilayerness, crystal clear sound transparency with mild and sometimes uneasy melodies. Soft organic tracks full of plangent drones, noises and natural recordings neighbor with dense and saturated hymns to Hindu goddess Kali. The disk is closed by a beautiful lyrical composition reminding us that the best way to overcome ignorance and realize unity is Love.

The album is released in a glossy 6-panel digipak with front cover by Sergey Ilchuk (Siyanie, ex-Vetvei & Vresnit Art).

First 30 copies are designed by the author as special collector's edition: hand-crafted bag made of brown velvet containing art printed on a thick wooden plate 28 x 30 cm, and also an additional CD-R with a live recording of Kshatriy's performance in Moscow-based cultural center "DOM" on October 23, 2010.

II. Forthcoming Events

17.03.2012 - Forest in Wait (chill area)
St. Petersburg, Bar Line. More info in Russian...

30.03.2012 - Drone Glade
Moscow, cafe "Ex:Libris". More info in Russian...

Moscow, cinema theatre "35 mm". More info in Russian...

Moscow, club "16 Tonns". More info in Russian...

III. New items in mailorder catalogue


Ego Death -- "Thanatos Athanatos" -- CD-R -- €4
2011 Nitro Atmosfericum Records, NRN-004, (ltd. 77)
Prolific Greek project Ego Death works in the field of lo-fi digital sound, sometimes taking this appoeach to an extreme level of Neanderthal savagery. Two half an hour long tracks of minimal synth playing destroyed by ultramundane levels of digital compression and distortion.

Esche -- "Wendigo" -- CD-R -- €6
2011 Valgriind, VG 45 / Alarmstufe, Alarmstufe02, (ltd. 186)
Over the banks of melt waters in last whisper of fierce winter comes Wendigo's breath. From beneath the roots bound by blizzard, behind the ancient bark, in the stone heart of the forest comes this music - metaphysical incarnation of the spirit of winter Frost and Hunger. A borderline between autumnal and winter cycles, the only attempt to hide in wolf grass and survive in Snowstorm. A call of blood from the far North. Second full-length of Esche released by common will of the labels Valgriind и Alarmstufe prod. Field recordings, guitar, mouth harp, synthesizers, voice, percussion & various electronics summoned to document this mysterious ritual. This time the artwork is made by Sergey Ilchuk (Vresnit & Vetvei Art). 186 copies, full-colour cardboard sleeve + inserts. [press-release]

Hakobune -- "Heath Grass" -- CD-R -- €8
2011 Still*Sleep, CDR18
Takahiro Yorifuji creates mild static Drone Ambient worth comparing to Klaus Wiese and Mathias Grassow. [label info]

The Infant Cycle / The Ancient Tapes of Indu Mezu -- "In Between and in Both Sides in the Same Time" -- CD-R -- €7
2012 Cold Graey, MF18, (ltd. 57)
Jim DeJung and Swill Klitch reworks each other's sources. 22" of very strange sounds. The Infant Cycle source: Strange unpredictable noises that Alesis USB interface makes when Mac G4 is in sleep mode. TATo Indu Mezu works: Sampled to cassette tape with various speeds and manual manipulations, cutted, looped, digitized back and mixed. TATo Indu Mezu source: An old computer reel from a wardrobe-sized ones. Stolen at the secret Soviet aircraft plant. The tape was about 4 times wider than cassette player head so it was pressed and regulated by hands and sometimes passed manually. The Infant Cycle manipulations: Reworked with no added instrumentations. At one point there were sources stored on tape 4-track, mini-disc 4-track, DAT, and the hard drive. It came out very fragmented, and "voices" appeared. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Kolpakopf -- "Wet" -- CD-R -- €7
2010 Cold Graey, MF16, (ltd. 57)
Kolpakopf was based in the end of 2005 by Mihkail Lyonushkin in Rostov. Album Wet was recorded in 2007. Musically it’s a dark ambinet on the edge of microsound. You can actually feel wet caverns, as if you were there. As if you were it. Nine tracks with no names. Very strong debut from promising musician. The release presented as a handmade DVD-sized sleeve. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Lebedev-Frontov, Alexander -- "Production Waste" -- 2 CD-R -- €10
2012 ALF Produkt, No. 18, (ltd. 44)
Previously unreleased archive recordings from 1985-1987. Must be some of the earliest Soviet industrial sound experiments created long before Linija Mass project.

Neuf Le Muet -- "Murderous Mind" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2010 Cold Graey, MF15, (ltd. 57)
Neuf Le Muet sounds like cross between production of 4AD, some trip-hop and ambinet. Foggy sound, touching voice, some guitar, piano and lots of strong, gloomy emotions. Music to listen to with the extinguished candle, while looking at the cold damp night. The release presented as an poster-sleeve wrapped in parchment and tied with braid. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [youtube]

Norma Reaktsii -- "Vril" -- CD-R -- €4
2008/2011 Nitro Atmosfericum Records, NRN-006, (ltd. 100)
Analogue Ambient with Radio noise elements, recorded with the restored radio of 1937 release, with the Russian language lyrics and pure female voice. Sound manifestation of Eternal Ice and Hollow Earth theories. CD-box with radio details. [Valgriind]

Rapoon -- "Messianicghosts" -- CD -- €25
1997/2012 Aquarellist, aquarel 18-11 b, (ltd. 70)
Collector's edition of this album comes in a linen bag with silk-screen print, with 5 photographs and aromas.

Rituals -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €7
2010 Cold Graey, MF17, (ltd. 57)
Dark drone ambient from nonamed project with untitled tracks. Unidentifiable sounds, electronics, touch of granular and nice old school influences. What kind of rituals is it - the listener must decide for himself. Occult or social, both or neither - difficult to say. But you will want to know it when you start listening. The release presented as unique fold-pack. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Teatro Satanico -- "Black Magic Block" -- CD -- €10
2008 Steinklang Industries, SK 46
The new masterpiece from the black demons of electro-satanic Post-Industrial music!!! Black Magic Block is a very dense album, full of scary droning soundwalls combined with sublime and hypnotic rhythms. Devis DeV deviLs g., Kalamun and Faber intonate lyrics from Aleister Crowley and Austin Osman Spare with their totally mental voices, aided by Musique Concret - like compositions from DeviLs g. In fact, BMB is a very varied album, in some passages it could even be called the blackest Industrial-Pop album ever, with a strong touch of early Pan(a)sonic and Suicide. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Uruk-Hai -- "Black Blood, White Hand" -- CD -- €10
2010 Sturmklang, Sturm 01
Epic/mystic Black Metal (Ambient) with a heroic Martial touch! The 10-years-jubilee-album of Uruk-Hai (Austria) longs from the rage of the Orks to the beauty of Galadriel. "Black Blood, White Hand" is the most varied album and the absolute highlight in the history of the band. Gloomy Black Metal Hymns go along with fairy-like soundscapes and guide the listener through a unique acoustic journey on the most hidden paths of Middle-Earh. Eleven songs and one video-clip come in a mystic digipack with images of Luciferia (DIMMU BORGIR, DANZIG,..) as cover model. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Uruk-Hai -- "Northern Lights" -- CD -- €8
2011 Valgriind, VG 47
Among those musicians who have read of tons of heroic fantasy books and spent hours listening to the music of Varg and Summoning and then rushed to torture guitars and synthesizers creating "inspired epic music", Alexander Wieser and his Uruk-Hai are the most pleasant to me, being a usual listener. He manages to create really epic compositions imbued with the spirit of ancient tales, soaked in spirit of bloody battles or beauty of fairy worlds where the dreamy author's nature tries to get with the help of rich fantasy. "Northern Lights" is a reissue of a cassette from 2005, with excluded track "Moria" (caused by of lack of space) and new bonus tracks instead old ones. This album material perfectly shows the essence of Wieser's music. On the one hand, it is black metal rawness and rage of Burzum (although the instrumental cover-version sounds very peaceful), on another - fantasy-like "otherworldness" of Enya (whose track "May It Be" is sung by some Hildr Valkyrie good in everything except for the fact that she is far from being Enya, and it speaks for itself)... When many adherents of "black ambient" play on two-three synth keys, Wieser manages to compose simple but heart-stirring electronic symphonies... A good work of Uruk-Hai waited for more effectrive media and meeting larger audience. [maeror3.livejournal.com]

YAO 91404 D -- "Coal" -- CD -- €8
2011 Valgriind, VG 48
Pure old school industrial with raw tape sound. Two long soundscapes made of roughly recorded industrial and machinery noises (sometimes coming to the levels of power electronics), metallic percussion and sampled fragments of Soviet movies and gramophone records. Sonic flow in mine worker's mind suffernig from long sleep deprivation and claustrophobia in heavy conditions of work below ground.

YAO 91404 D -- "Yuksporryok" -- CD-R -- €6
2011 Valgriind, VG 46
Recorded in 2010 in Khibiny Mountains, this album contains four tracks of mysterious field (?) recordings, out of which only the last one can be defined as made near a railroad. The other three impress by monstrous primitive shamanic-primeval noises and rattle and fat static ether radionoises. Total minimalist and absolute suppression of harmony. [Abgurd]

Zlye Kukly -- "Strange Tomorrow" -- CD -- €10
2007 Ahnstern, Ahnstern26
After several private CDR releases, "Strange Tomorrow" is the first official album by this unique Russian Folk band, based in Jerusalem / Israel. Dreamingly beautiful, sad and at the same time weird and progressive Folk songs with a gentle early 70ies touch. The band uses a large variety of perfectly played acoustic instruments, as well as some fine electronic sounds. The powerful and empathetic (Russian) vocals from Fred Adra and his (background) singers give a very personal and unique touch to the music of Zlye Kukly. This band is really hard to compare to other artists; maybe some of their songs remind a bit to the folky Gae Bolg, the best balads of Boyd Rice, but mainly You can feel the spirit of the great early 70ies aera of Yugoslavian folk artists, such as Kladivo Konj in Voda, Svremena na Vreme, Drugi Nacin and others. This album will guide you through a strange theatre between the worlds... [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

V/A -- "Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21) Presents, Vol. 2" -- CD -- €8
2004 Strange Sounds Records, SSR-04012-PR
Second part of the series with live recordings presented by St. Petersburg-based Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21), showcasing the diversity of Russian underground experimental music in all genres. This compilation contains tracks from: Les Palmas, Nickolai Rubanov + Vladislav Bistrov + Nick Soudnick, Svaha, Vjacheslav Gaivoronsky + Andrey Kondakov + Vladimir Volkov, Eveline Petrova, Nick Soudnick, Das Sand Project, Alexander Ragazanov + Dmitriy Kahovsky, Rituanlaya Bioingeneria, Ekaterina Fedorova + Bredford Reed, Rushobo, Messershtern, Klever, Hladna, Richard Deutch + Georgy Bagdasarov + Markus Goodvin, Iva Nova.

V/A -- "Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21) Presents, Vol. 3" -- 2 CD -- €9
2009 Pushkinskaya-10
Third part of the series with live recordings presented by St. Petersburg-based Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21), showcasing the diversity of Russian underground experimental music in all genres. This compilation contains tracks from: Vjacheslav Gaivoronsky + Dmitriy Petrov, Alexey Shmurak, Totalitarian Musical Sect, The Noise of Time, Pustotsvet, Vedan Kolod, Russian Saxophone Mafia, Shakin Manas, Igry I Sny, Vespero, Wozzeck, Logic Of Chaos, Dots and Lines, Benzolnye Mertvecy, Sasha Pushkin, Alexei Borisov + Ignaz Schick + Maxim Pozin + Ilya Belorukov, Doroga V Arktiku, Maria Grigoryeva & Mini-orchestra, Vera Sazhina, Br[om], Cyclofillydea, Melonoise, Japanese Saxophone Quintet, Kira Lao, Elena Antonenko, Silence Corporation, Nado Podumat', Atlantida, Vlechenie Zvuka Iz, Magic Letters, Eject, Les Phares.

V/A -- "Somehow They Knew..." -- CD -- €10
2006 Vrihaspati Recordings, VR007, (ltd. 500)
Vrihaspati Recordings is the label of Peter Savelkoul, the leader of the famous Martial-/ Neoclassical formation A CHALLENGE OF HONOUR. On his new labelcompilation, Peter compiled a wide variety of all projects, where he is involved in and which are (or will be) released on Vrihaspati Recordings. The song-styles vary from Neoclassical Soundtracks over Martial Hymns and from mesmerizing Folk pieces over trippy Ambient-Tunes, to violent Power-Electronic attacks. All tracks/versions/mixes on this compilation are unreleased and most of them are exclusive for this release! Contains tracks from: The Arkwoods, Laharis, Praetorio, Straight Mental Institute, Un Defi d'Honneur, Comtesse Du Nord, A Challenge Of Honour, Ex.Zero, Code 243. [Steinklang Records]

V/A -- "Visions: A Tribute To Burzum" -- 2 CD -- €15
2002 Unholy Records
A double CD with Modern Classical, Black Metal, Experimental & Ambient cover-version and reworks of various tracks by BURZUM: Aborym, Aegishjalmar, Black Queen, Cryogenic, Earthcorpse, Ewigkeit, Fornost, Funeral Procession, Judas Iscariot, Krigstrommer, Krystal, Luror, Nokturnal Mortum, Orthaugr, Pagan Hellfire, Sarnath, Schizoid, Starchamber, The Syre, Tronus Abyss, Wolfsburg, Woods Of Fallen, Herrenvolk.


Bruzgynai / Norma Reaktsii -- split -- C-44 -- €4
2011 Agharta, 005, (ltd. 71)
Perishing frost loops, gongs, strain, static noise and a hope for escape, these are a few interpretations of Bruzgynai (eng. Bush) world. As always, outsider and hardly defeated. Norma Reaktsii – sharp, cold drone and mechanical crackle from Russia. Melody of night watcher. Sigh of sleeping hospital. [label info]

Gray Forest -- "Free Spirit" -- MC -- €4
Frozen Darkness Productions, FDP13029, (ltd. 88)
Brazilian dark ambient project with National-Socialistic aesthetics. "The whole ideology of the project is born from Exoteric National Socialism, the worship of ancient gods, the quest for freedom of spirit, from the interpretation of the ancient alphabet, and from the knowledge that will free our race".

Hattifnatter -- "Liven'1" -- C-60 -- €9
2012 L.Sh., (ltd. 28)
A collection of live recordings by Hattifnatter. Side A contains an edited version of the performance in the Moscow cultural center "DOM" at "Otgoloski (Echoes)" festival on 23.05.2010. The project line-up was Evgeny Savenko, Artyom Kryptogen (M.M.) and Mitya from Lesnaya Pogan'. A half-hour long immersion into a psychedelic forest trip ambient. Side B features three live tracks recorded by Evgeny and Artyom in St. Petersburg's Experimental Sound Gallery in 2008-2010 in various projects: Hattifnatter, Lunar Abyss and Govorit Radio Kosmos (with Nikolay Kalmykov from HLADNA and Alla Ryzhenkova, a live member of BARDOSENETICCUBE). Experimental 15-min. trip ambient from Hattifnatter, ringing and droning canvas from Lunar Abyss and dense drone noise from GRK with interwoven traditional Russian female vocals. Chrome cassette with handmade insert.

IV. Back in stock

Five Elements Music -- "New Communications: One" -- CD-R -- €8
2006 Still*Sleep, SS09
Russian project FEM works approximately in the same conceptual course as Japanese Aube, but oriented towards "natural" approach. While Aube uses only one sound source for an album, may it be tone generator's waves or sounds of water, FEM chooses only 5 elements: air, water, earth and stone. And while Aube often goes mad with building mathematically precise multy-level constructions with hi-fi sound, FEM on the contrary inherited droning structure of tracks from other projects of [S] (Sister Loolomie, Exit In Grey) with muffled lingering sounds. This album starts with literally stone ambient but by 10th minute the identification of sound practically disappears and only sometimes kind of familiar timbres emerge: cicadas, radionoises, etc.

Five Elements Music & [D] -- "New Communications: Two" -- CD-R -- €8
2006 Still*Sleep, SS12
From the author: "My first collaboration work with Diona. The work of this artist is quite diverse... in this case it's presented in two acts. In the first act this is more post-industrial material... short distorted loops, pulsations, modulations and knocks. Pretty abrasive and rusty. In the second act she synthesises pleasand and lingering ambient. Droning and near static. Tones are layering one over another, hanging in the air and returning back to the un-revealed. Developing her creativity in these directions, she undoubtedly reaches very successful results. And I sincerely hope we'll hear again from her. Some nice and recognizable material was sumbitted by FEM as well."

Hasegawa, Hiroshi -- "Ascension No. 999" -- CD -- €10
2008 Steinklang Industries, SK-IN 13, (ltd. 500)
Hiroshi Hasegawa's musical roots go back to the late 80ies, where he started as a pioneer under the Japanese Experimental Electronic artists. Hasegawa is the man behind C.C.C.C., ASTRO, MORTAL VISION, TRANCE and other projects. He released also several works together with Akifumi Nakajima from AUBE. Ascension No.999 is his first album under his real name (besides a split LP from 1988) and it's also his very first Ultra-Noise work! The sounds vary from experimental cut-up noise, over dronning sound-walls, to screaming high frequency manipulations. Cover-design by Yoshihiro Nakano. 50 min. / 2 tracks. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Ion And Sophus -- "Three" -- CD-R -- €8
2008 Still*Sleep, CDR10
Third album of lo-fi ambient project of Sergey [s], just as gentle and fairy as previous two.

KK Null -- "Gamma Ray Burster" -- CD -- €10
2007 Steinklang Industries, SK-IN 09
"Gamma ray burster" is the newest masterpiece of KK Null, one of the most influential artists in japanese Noise and Experimental music. Rhythmic and pounding analogue sine waves combined with experimental electronic sounds, flirring, whistling, crackling, rumbling and noising inside Your head. On "Gamma ray burster" you can enjoy noisy tracks with even danceable parts, as well as pure noise and avantgardistic experimental Cold Electronics. This album contains all kinds of different experimental Noise styles, what makes the 52 minutes very enjoyable and entertaining. Let you take you to a trip into another galaxy. Far from here. Very far! [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Kriegsturm -- "Eternity" -- CD-R -- €6
2009 Valgriind, VG 34, (ltd. 150
Reissue of only one recording of already non-existent Latvian neo-folk project. Combination of live nature recordings, guitar, noise waves and strident female vocals. Design contains documentary photos of The Second World War made on the Baltic territory. Limited edition with professional polygraphy , different from the first edition. [label info]

Nedicry -- "Sincere Wounds" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 Cold Graey, MF11, (ltd. 57)
This is a magnificent piece of old-school dark ambient. Melodically consistent sound that is unusual for the modern ear refers to the foundations of independent industrial as well as the grands of neo-classics. The bands as Reguard Extreme, A Challenge of Honour, Der Feuerkreiner may be recalled. Nevertheless, Nedicry emphasizes string section. It will be a pure discovery for those who seek the ways to feel by the means of music. The release presented as a handmade DVD-size-sleeve. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Nedicry -- "Sincere Frustration" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Cold Graey, MF14, (ltd. 57)
Sincere frustration develops the theme of the first album in the neo-classical way. Even sharper, even deeper. This album is able to raise the wind up inside you, wake you up and call you. Where? Direction is not as important as the impulse. Especially for us, packed into the ground and lost our faith. A strong string section, the solemn and wistful, the restless and thoughtful. Music. Able to awaken and inspire. Oversized sleeve. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Radio Murmansk -- "Shinjuku - Pushkinskaja" -- CD -- €10
2007 Steinklang Industries, SKD 22, (ltd. 350)
After several private CDR releases, this is the new official album from German's Minimal-Noise act Radio Murmansk. A powerful mix from 80ies minimal-electronics and pure noise-walls. Very rhythmic tracks with voice and many Japanese samples. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Soulsearch -- "Liedersammlung" -- CD -- €10
2006 Ahnstern, Ahnstern16
Classic Pagan-Doom Folkmetal with strong and heroic german lyrics and many medieval elements. Soulsearch started in the early 90ies to create their own, unique style, which would today be called Folkmetal. But at that time Soulsearch were alone in the fields. 10 years later, Folkmetal (or Metalfolk) as we know it nowadays, began to establish as a own musicstyle. All songs on this album were recorded between 1993 and 2000. The CD includes the final Soulsearch release: the 10" IHERNO from 2000, which was limited to only 100 copies. the other songs are a fine selection from their early albums (each album has sold 3000 to 5000 copies in the 90ies!) + one unreleased track. After they split in 2001, two ex-Soulsearch members joined again in 2005 and founded together with a third musician OUR SURVIVAL DEPENDS ON US, a more NEUROSIS-orientated formation. Another ex-Soulsearch member (Haju) is one of the basic-members of STURMPERCHT. Haju and the guys from O.S.D.O.U. recently formed MAGDALENA, who will release their first album on Ahnstern in late 2006. [label info]

Trinithos -- "333" -- CD -- €10
2008 Heimatfolk, HF 03
After several ultra-limited CDR-releases, with "333" finally comes the debut-CD album of the German NeoFolk band TRINITHOS. The band was founded in the early millennium and in the past years they played several concerts together with their friends SEELENTHRON and TRAUM'ER LEBEN. Their music is best to describe as dreamy NeoFolk with a slight DarkPop touch, with orchestral parts, martial drums and even some apocalyptically dark experimental passages. On "333" the band plays a large variety of acoustic instruments, like several different guitars, bass, violins, flutes, drums, didgeridoo,... as well as a few beautiful electronic arrangements. The vocals are polyphonic performances of German lyrics by male and female voices and deal about mythologic themes, natur romanticism and theories of cognition. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Ultrapolyarnoe Vtorzhenie feat. Morbus Mundi / Transistorwald -- "Act Of Total Nonrandomness" -- CD-R -- €6
2011 Valgriind, VG43
Martial Industrial Noise split / collaboration from three Russian talented artists. An esotheric work inspired by the ideas of Miguel Serrano. [YAOP]

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