This time the newsletter isn't that big, but quite interesting in its contents anyway. Among other things worth mentioning are: I'd like to notice that mailorder will be closed for 2 weeks from July 20th to August 5th. I will answer to any e-mails with the orders as soon as I return on a first-come, first-served basis.

Wish you all the best,

I. Reviews

Some reviews of our releases:

Corvuz "Invisible Landscapes" CD:
Kshatriy "Transforming Galaxy" CD:

II. Forthcoming Events

30-31.07.2012 - Monofest 2012
Ukraine, Kiev, Underground Music Hall. More info...

02.08.2012 - Noise Pollution fest Vol.4
St. Petersburg, Zoccolo club. More info...

02.08.2012 - Monofest 2012
Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk, Kvartira art-center. More info...

04.08.2012 - Monofest 2012
Ukraine, Sevastopol, Volna club. More info...

III. New items in mailorder catalogue


Arcana -- "As Bright As A Thousand Suns" -- CD -- €14
2012 Cyclic Law, 49th Cycle, (ltd. 2000)
Four years after the release of their last full length album "Raspail", and following their "Emerald" EP released earlier this year, ARCANA now offers us brand new material on their 7th full lenght album. As accustomed from this legendary act we are graced with Peter Bjargo’s solemn voice echoing through the blend of strings, guitars, piano and a variety of percussion instruments. Ann-Mari Thim’s beautiful, picturesque soprano floats through the air together with Nuria Luis’ emotional violin and Cecilia Bjargo’s soft, mellow alto blends in with Mattias Borgh’s and Sergio Gamez Martinez’ percussive rhythms. As Bright as a Thousand Suns is a sincere and sapience filled opus from a mature collective, ten diverse songs of thoughts and emotions on one album of pure splendour. Edition of 2000 copies in 6 panel Digipack. [press-release]

Baradelan –- "Infrasonic Cathedral" -- CD -- €8
2006 L. White Records, LW-035, (ltd. 300)
New album from BARADELAN, 9 intelligent dark ambient tracks, infrasonic sounds, dark frequencies and psychoacoustic elements. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Baradelan / Dawn Project –- split -- CD-R + DVD-R -- €10
2003 L. White Records, LW-024, (ltd. 200)
Unfortunately for most Americans, this comes with a seperate PAL DVD, which does nothing but jack the price up. But, by the same token, maybe the music is worth it all. For it is one of the better dark ambient albums I've encountered recently. Heavy, claustrophic yet expansive sounds, rich and layered, pulsing and droning in crushing, cataclysmic waves. Beautiful in it's power and the dark energy it exudes, not all that dissimilar to Inade in parts. Excellent. In DVD packaging, lmtd 200 copies. [Malignant Records]

Biosphere -- "N-Plants" -- CD -- €12
2011 Touch, TO:84
Geir Jenssen writes: "Early February 2011: Decided to make an album inspired by the Japanese post-war economic miracle. While searching for more information I found an old photo of the Mihama nuclear plant. The fact that this futuristic-looking plant was situated in such a beautiful spot so close to the sea made me curious. Are they safe when it comes to earthquakes and tsunamis? Further reading revealed that many of these plants are situated in earthquake-prone areas, some of them are even located next to shores that had been hit in the past by tsunamis... A photo of Mihama made me narrow down my focus only to Japanese nuclear plants. I wanted to make a soundtrack to some of them, concentrating on the architecture, design and localizations, but also questioning the potential radiation danger (a cooling system being destroyed by a landslide or earthquake, etc). As the head of the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency said: "the plants were so well designed that 'such a situation is practically impossible'... The album was finished on February 13th. On March 17th I received the following message from a Facebook friend: 'Geir, some time ago you asked people for a photo of a Japanese nuclear powerplant. Is this going to be the sleeve of your new coming album? But more importantly: how did you actually predict the future? Kind regards, David.'" [press-release]

Biosphere -- "Wireless - Live at the Arnolfini, Bristol" -- CD -- €12
2009 Touch, Tone 38
Recorded live at The Arnolfini, Bristol, 27th October 2007 by the doyen of sound recordists, Chris Watson, using 2 x Sony ECM 77s with a Nagra P11 Ares flash card recorder, and from desk to hard drive. The recording was mixed, edited and mastered by Touch stalwart BJNilsen, in Berlin during March 2009. This concert was part of Touch 25 Live, which also featured a performance of Storm [by Chris Watson & BJNilsen]. Biosphere is Norwegian composer and performer Geir Jenssen, and this is his sixth release for Touch. In the early 1990s he was a pioneer of so-called “ambient techno”, but since then, he has refined his sound into something more magnetic and enduring. His last album, Dropsonde, wasn't a soundtrack like the interwoven Substrata, nor an episodic journey in the way that Autour de la Lune is. It pushed new directions towards the jazz colors of Miles Davis and Jon Hassell, while re-invigorating the pulse and projection of his signature sound: a hypnotic combination of pleasure and dread. Here Geir Jenssen takes this further, incorporating samples of field recordings by Jony Easterby and trumpet by Anders Karlskеs, invoking a sparser, more arresting sound. A landmark release for Biosphere, his first live album, heralding new beginnings without jettisoning the past… [press-release]

Dawn Project –- "Grey September" -- CD -- €8
2002 L. White Records, LW-002, (ltd. 500)
Brilliant new album, in the way of good Lustmord, Bad Sector or Inade, brilliant recommended release. A5 special package. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Dead Voices On Air -- "Mawson’s Will And Other Stories" -- CD -- €12
2012 Ewers Tonkunst, HHE 034 CD
The album is named after a track that Spybey worked on with Robert Hampson of Loop and Main as part of the twentieth anniversary series of 7 inch singles, that has thus far featured collaborations with Simon Fisher-Turner, Edward Ka-spel and Robin Storey. Douglas Mawson was a famous polar explorer and this 12 minute collaboration with Robert became a focal point for this album. The tracks could perhaps be described as musical narratives, each named after a place or an event or a person that has attracted Spybey’s attention. Some are more obvious than others, “Kursk,” for example being about the Russian submarine disaster. But, ironically, in the world of Dead Voices on Air, concepts limit creativity. The studio is a place of invention, with the starting point being the creation of a sound. Ideas are never written down. When Spybey works he becomes engrosssed in the act of making music and in editing it. The studio and everything within it is utilized in the act of creating music. Spybey does not try to create music that is descriptive or literal. For him, the gift of music is in the eye and ear of the listener. The more he makes music, the longer this impossible career progresses, the less he feels like talking about music. He simply makes music. All of the time. The album also features a cameo appearance by Robin Storey and by Utah keyboard player Lori Cole, who has contributed several pieces that Spybey has reworked in the past year. [press-release]

Derniere Volonte -- "Mon Meilleur Ennemi" -- CD -- €13
2012 Hau Ruck!, HR105
After 2 years of silence Geoffroy is back with 12 new songs. Inspired by is own introspection, to fight and love his best ennemy. Some songs are taken from French poesie (Verlaine, Theophile Gauthier...). The sound is a mix from Devant le Miroir and Immortel in a more powerfull area. [label info]

Desiderii Marginis -- "Procession" -- CD -- €14
2012 Cyclic Law, 48th Cycle, (ltd. 1000)
"Procession" heralds the reawakening of the acclaimed swedish dark ambient project Desiderii Marginis, an album that sounds at the same time warmingly familiar and inspiringly new. While Desiderii Marginis is perhaps not as prolific as some other acts, it's "quality over quantity" motto always makes it well worth the wait and this is certainly no exception. The eight pieces that make up this new album stand firmly on their own, and yet form an even more remarkable whole. Johan Levin envokes a grand soundscape, beneath the faded remnants of the celestial spheres where timbres have space to grow, evolve and reflect off each other, a sombre, melancholic thoughtfullness, a calm to dwell in, and long back to. The atmosphere of the album is not that of solid darkness, or an abyss opening beneath you, but rather a wintery pale, grey dusk casting long, sweeping shadows. A haze that makes you uncertain if it’s really getting lighter or darker. We're honored to welcome Johan Levin's long standing project to the ever expanding Cyclic Law family. Edition of 1000 copies in 6 panel Digipack. [press-release]

Fennesz -- "plus forty seven degrees 56' 37" minus sixteen degrees 51' 08"" -- CD -- €12
1999/2008 Touch, TO:40
Touch has reissued a digipak version of Fennesz's first studio album for Touch, previously released as a jewel case in 1999. [There was prior to that a deluxe edition of 1000 copies in landscape art format, which sold out immediately.] It has been out of print for a couple of years. The audio remains the same, the imagery uses the location shots from the deluxe edition. This is Christian Fennesz's 2nd solo full album after the highly acclaimed 'Hotel Paral.lel' (Mego 16). He also released 'fenneszPLAYS', a 3" CD originally issued by Mego but now on Jim O'Rourke's new label, Moikai. Fennesz has also made various contributions to compilation CDs, including the awesome 'Surf' on 'DECAY' (Ash International 3.9) and is a member of MIMEO, fixed line up orchestra alongside Keith Rowe, Kaffe Matthews, Jerome Noetinger, Phil Durrant, Peter Rehberg, Thomas Lehn, Rafael Toral, Gert Jan Prins, Cor Fuhler, Markus Wettstein, and Markus Schmickler. He has also released a live CD on Touch, # TO:CDR3. 'plus forty seven degrees 56' 37" minus sixteen degrees 51' 08"' was recorded in his garden in Austria in July and August 1999; the photographs in the booklet by Jon Wozencroft embroider this. [press-release]

Fennesz -- "Seven Stars" -- CD EP -- €10
2011 Touch, Tone 44
Using acoustic and electric guitars, bass, synths, computers, Fennesz continues to engage and entrance us in equal measure. Fennesz says: "My friend Steven Hess, with whom I have worked before, happened to be in Vienna at the time of the sessions, so I invited him to join me in the studio. Christoph Amann recorded the drums using a selection of his great microphones including his amazing new Josephson. I wanted to make a record that has a certain lightness about it and at the same time explore new territory using drums on one track. This might be something I will continue with in the future."I wanted to make a record that has a certain lightness about it and at the same time explore new territory using drums on one track. This might be something I will continue with in the future." [label info]

Fennesz / Sakamoto -- "Flumina" -- 2 CD -- €15
2011 Touch, Tone 46
The 24 pieces of 'flumina' are based on piano compositions/improvisations which Ryuichi Sakamoto had recorded whilst touring in Japan. On that tour Ryuichi played a piano piece in a different key at the beginning of every show, always having a 'fennesz sakomoto' project in mind. After 24 shows he had 24 tracks in 24 different keys, covering all 24 tonal steps of the western tonal system. Sakamoto sent the tracks over to Christian Fennesz and he worked on them using electronics, guitars and synths. They met in New York then and mixed the album together with Fernando Aponte at KAB Studios. This is their 3rd collaboration released on Touch, after the live recording of 'Sala Santa Cecilia' [Touch # Tone 22, 2005] and 'Cendre' [Touch # Tone 32, 2007]. [press-release]

Genocide Organ -- "s/t" -- CD -- €13
2003/2012 Tesco Organisation, TESCO 050
Released for the 1st live appareance of GO in Japan in 2003, using material recorded between 1985-1990, this album was originally intended for release in 1990 in Japan as Genocide Organ's 2nd LP and is somehow the missing link between "Leichenlinie" and "Save our Slaves". This re-release contains 3 extra tracks taken from the acetate 7"s released in Japan in 1991/1992. The complete material is remastered by Jerome Nougaillon (Propergol) and comes in a digipack with different artwork. [label info]

Guilty Connector –- "Mother's Bloated Corpse" -- CD -- €10
2003/2008 Utsu Tapes, UT-25
2nd edition of this 2003 album from extreme Japanese Noiser Guilty Connector. This album collects together the best tracks from various compilations and small run releases, as well as unreleased material from this multi-dimensional Japanese artist. Harsh noise, metal junk, collage and experimental sound recordings. A must for fans of GxCx and a perfect start for new fans too! J-card sleeve. [Cold Spring]

Ikeda, Ryoji -- "Matrix" -- 2 CD -- €14
2001/2008 Touch, TO:44
Double CD in gatefold wallet. 2008 second edition, without postcards. Matrix is the final element in a trilogy of CDs that began with +/- in 1996. When it was first released, +/- came like a bolt out of the white. Nobody had used digital recording processes to produce sound as pure, as intense and as exhilarating. Since releasing 0°C in 1998, Ryoji Ikeda has progressively refined and enhanced the distinctive sonic fields and microsounds that have strongly influenced post-digital composition, resisting the transitory cycle suggested by the term 'Glitches', creating compositions that probe deeply: our relationships to time and space, sound and light. Much of the time since 1998 has been spent touring with the Japanese performance group, Dumb Type, whose landmark show [OR] is shortly to be followed by a new presentation for which Ikeda has composed the sound, Memorandum. In January 2000, Ryoji Ikeda toured the UK with Zoviet*France. A closer connection to the 20 new recordings that make up Matrix can be found on the recent Touch 00 sampler, Matrix for an Anechoic Room, which came out in Spring 2000. That's the only forewarning of what awaits you on putting the first CD into your player. The layers of sound that make up Matrix [for rooms] transform both the listener and the listening environment into another dimension. The dimensions change as you move about the space, or simply turn your head around the sound like surveying the angles of a building. Matrix has much in common with the work of La Monte Young, Tony Conrad, Alvin Lucier..., but poised closer to the imminent and auto-interactive virtual world we are promised, Ryoji Ikeda's new work pushes the parameters of the drone to ask timely questions concerning our relationship to own perception, and to our existing living spaces. [press-release]

The Infant Cycle / ARC -- "Periodical II" -- 3"CD-R -- €6
2006 The Ceiling, CEIL030, (ltd. 80)
A series of mini-CDR split-releases between The Infant Cycle and other artists operating in the underground world of Southern Ontario. THE INFANT CYCLE has been in operation since 1992, producing numerous CDRs, CDs, vinyl, cassette and MP3 releases, alongside many compilation appearances for labels all over the planet. The Infant Cycle creates eccentric sound-worlds from disparate strands of instrumental phrases, field recordings, and everything in between; composition mixing with improvisation, influenced by happy accidents and technical failures. The piece contained is a mixing of previously recorded tracks, rethinking the past and foreshadowing future releases. ARC is a Toronto group comprising Aidan Baker, Richard Baker and Christopher Kukiel, and in the past few years have created numerous evocative soundscapes flowing from the rudiments of percussion and guitar. Most of their music is created live in real time: discreet elements are introduced in loops, guitar cascades meshing with gradually shifting polyrhythms. Their "side" is an early take of material recorded live, that was later worked on in the studio for their "The Circle Is Not Round" CD on Italy's Small Voices label. [label info]

KK Null -- "Fertile" -- CD -- €12
2007 Touch, TO:74
KK NULL (real name KAZUYUKI KISHINO) was born in Tokyo, Japan. Composer, guitarist, singer, mastermind of ZENI GEVA and electronic wizard. One of the top names in Japanese noise music and in a wider context, one of the great cult artists in experimental music since the early 80's... Kazuyuki writes: "In June of 2006 i had the good fortune of visiting Darwin in the Northern Territory in Australia and explored in Kakadu National Park with some good friends. I took my digital recorder along with me and did some live field recordings there. First we encountered a flock of wild birds (Little Corella or Cacatua Pastinator) just beside the South Alligator River, and then we happened to find "bush fire" flaring just beside the road we were on. I also had a unique opportunity to record a magnificent symphony orchestra of insects, frogs and birds in wetlands just before sunset. At that time i had no idea or no specific purpose for using these field recordings, and in the middle of working on this album [Fertile] in my home studio, suddenly came up with the idea of mixing these field recordings into some of the tracks that were unfinished. I felt comfortable with layering & mixing different sounds from different locations and times, digital and analogue sounds into one piece. I like also the balance of spontaneity (field recording) and intentional act (studio recording)." [press-release]

Koner, Thomas -- "Novaya Zemlya" -- CD -- €12
2012 Touch, TO:85
The artwork, by Jon Wozencroft, includes an essay by Thierry Charollais, "Thomas Köner's Novaya Zemlya: towards a metaphysical geography"... "Of course we find the unique Koneresque glowing drones that we know from his previous works. But we will also be touched by an unrevealed, barely perceptible sense of melody and harmony that Köner gradually developed since Kaamos (1998) and Nuuk (2004)..." Novaya Zemlya, also known in Dutch as Nova Zembla and in Norwegian as Gеselandet (lit. the Goose Land), is an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean in the north of Russia and the extreme northeast of Europe, the easternmost point of Europe, lying at Cape Flissingsky on the northern island. [press-release]

Le Cose Bianche –- "Cose Di Nessuno" -- CD-R -- €7
2010 Striate Cortex, S.C.28, (ltd. 50)
Industrial ambient and atmospheric industrial. Rethinking of Throbbing Gristle heritage with the use of modern technologies. Handmade artwork: two cardboard plates, textile grid, oil paint. [YAOP]

MSBR –- "Structured Suicide +" -- CD-R -- €10
2003 Denshi Zatsuon, DZ-CDR010
Reissue of a 30-min "Structured Suicide" track from a cassette dating back to 1993 + another 20-min track.

Neznamo & Siyanie –- "Sonans" -- CD-R -- €8
2012 Moonsun Productions, MS006, (ltd. 111)
Live inprovisation from Dmitry Shilov (NEZNAMO) and Sergei Ilchuk (SIYANIE) with guest appearance of Pavel Kuzmin. Recorded in Otgoloski Festival 11/25/2011. The weave of soft soundstreams, chants, overtones, ritual drones and recitations. Triune Sound of Universum that long even after you stop the record. Lo-fi Drone Ambient. CD-R, 111 copies, 6-panel envelope. [label info]

Nilsen, BJ -- "The Invisible City" -- CD -- €12
2011 Touch, TO:77
Recorded and Mixed during 2008-2009 in Berlin. All tracks composed by BJNilsen using Tape Recorders, Computer, Organ, Acoustic Guitar, Electronics, Viola, Subharchord. Field recordings from; Sweden, Iceland, Norway, UK, Japan, Portugal and Germany. The Subharchord was recorded in the EAM Studio @ Adk, Berlin. Viola played by Hildur I. Gudnadottir. Mastered by Denis Blackham at Skye. [label info]

Objekt4 –- "Mindscars" -- 2 CD -- €18
2007 Regimental Records, REG046 / Sabbathid Records, hoof026 / Ravenheart, RAVEN 51
Industrial Death Ambient, Sweden. 2 CDs unit. "Realms of Rust, Domains of Decay" & "Other Side of Light"... [label info]

Objekt4 –- "Shades Of Night" -- CD -- €11
2007 Regimental Records, REG054 / Sabbathid Records, hoof021 / Basilisk Productions, BP-028 / Bugs Crawling Out Of People, bcp004
Objekt4 was formed in 2003 by Sweden's Anders Peterson with the aim of expanding cinematic sound design into music, by creating hybrids with field recordings and musical instruments/approaches. The objective was to create musical ambiance rather than ambient music. Shades of Night is Objekt4's 6th full length release. Objekt4 expands on his early albums with a hybrid approach between various nocturnal ambience, brilliantly combining unique sounds into something that transcends the individual noise. Field recordings of the night blend with musical instruments, analogue feedback, and distant voices. The world of Objekt4 combines the crackling of a small distant fire in light rain with the singing of night birds, a far off lighthouse foghorn intertwines with the chaos of an insect swarm. Electric guitar, gongs, plate bells, crotales, and a 12-string acoustic guitar all seep out of the darkness to add their contribution. That objekt4 can amass these separate sources and construct them into a perfectly blended atmospheric piece is where the beauty and mystery of Shades of Night comes out of the void and reveals itself in all its glory. 4 separate and unique labels have joined together to deliver this release: Australia's Basilisk Productions, Canada's Bugs Crawling Out Of People, USA's Regimental Records and Japan's Sabbathid Records. [press-release]

Objekt4 –- "Space Jungle Slums" -- CD -- €11
2007 Ajana Records, AJACD008
The last album of the project: detached downtempo darkness, post-human rhythmic textures, scattered noises and glitches build in the industrial atmosphere of Bladerunner. [Abgurd]

Pop Culture Rape Victim -- "Two Dot" -- CD-R -- €7
2006 Xerxes, ES-53
Matt Taggart releases his experimental harsh noise material on Government Alpha label.

Reformed Faction -- "Years Of Lightning, Day Of Drums / The Partisan And His Dog" -- 2 CD -- €40
2012 Ewers Tonkunst, HHE 032 CDSP, (ltd. 50)
Special edition of the album "Years Of Lightning, Day Of Drums" with a full-length bonus CD in a canvas bag with embroidered patch of Reformed Faction attached.

Salt -- "Re.wasp" -- 3"CD BOX -- €15
2000 Ant-Zen, act 100, (ltd. 606)
No, no, no... Release 100 is not the typical various artists releasing one unreleased and / or remixed track compilation in a special package. Release 100 is to celebrate and to commemorate the label founder and master of martial ants - Salt himself. Rarely has a label and the people working behind it gained such success over the years without losing the spirit, the identity and the idealism searching for innovative sound artists and providing them with a platform to release their work - on the visual as well as on the audio side. The, of course, specially designed record features the long-awaited live performance from the Maschinenfest 1999 - slightly re-recorded but still a gem among the past releases from your favourite label. For those having missed the live performance - two longer tracks starting off with chilling drones based on various loops later interrupted by feedback, sound experiments and disturbing noises. Furthermore 'Re.wasp' features a set of postcards with 13 full-coloured motives with the concept as a whole to display the correspondence of colour and structure as well as sound and structure. Let's have a drink on another 100... ants up! [press-release]

Salt -- "Re.wasp" -- 3"CD -- €5
2000 Ant-Zen, act 100, (ltd. 606)
Simple 3"CD in a cardboard wallet, w/o postcard set.

Sirotek -- "Slon" -- CD-R -- €4
2009 self-released, (ltd. 15)
Side-project of Russian PE-unit DOR with experimental noise electronics.

Siyanie –- "Shining Of Unity" -- CD -- €10
2012 Moonsun Productions, MS005, (ltd. 300)
The first new release from Sergei Ilchuk after Vresnit & Vetvei closing. This album contains some new materials recorded from January to May 2012: 4 majestic tracks containing warm Drone Ambient. The space passages mixed with flutes, voices, samples and field recordings. Meditating holographic music similar to Klaus Wiese and Mathias Grassow. Features Neznamo and Kshatriy. Mastered by Kshatriy. CD, 300 copies, 6-panel envelope. [пресс-релиз]

Stahlwerk 9 -- "RetroMekanik" -- CD -- €10
2009 Steinklang Industries, SK 48
This album is a masterpiece of oldschool Industrial / Power-Electronics - probably the most powerful album Stahlwerk 9 ever did! The album consists of unreleased songs, recorded between 1999 and 2007 for various compilations never released, as well as some other unreleased songs from the band's early years and 2 perfectly recorded and exclusive live-songs. 11 tracks / 67 min. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Svarrogh -- "Yer Su" -- CD -- €10
2008 Ahnstern, Ahnstern34
"Yer Su" is the 5th full length bulgarian folklore avantgarde doctrine and the 3rd release under the banner of the bearer of european heritage Ahnstern. Svarrogh (Dimo Dimov) presents here a very complex post folk experience, trully dedicated to the holy earth-water Yer Su from the mystic and ancient bulgarian pantheon of Tangra - nonetheless it also shows the symbiotic allegiance to slavic mythology and european culture from the depths of the Pamir mountains and meadows through the slavic steppes up to the Balkan realms. Traditional bulgarian instruments like Gaida (bagpipe), Gadulka (balkan viola), Tamboura (big mandoline), Kaval (balkan shepherd flute), Ocarina, Clarinet, vocals in bulgarian, italian, english, lithuanian, Guitars and Drums arranged to a balkan post folk and avantgarde dark folk adventure with ambient drones, elements of Industrial & Black Metal and traditional compositions. Feat. very special guests like Kostas (Defile des Ames), Marcel P. (Allerseelen), Valentina (Der Feuerkreiner), Michael Z. (Negura Bunget) and Gyte Tamosiunate. All songs lead eachother through the central theme with snowsteps interludes recorded on the Hochries Mountain in Upper Bavaria and with a ritual lithuanian evocation. An album for the sparkling water which flows through europe, an album for the warm black earth, which lays a quilt over the ones, who stand strong through the fall of time, seen by the silvery eyes of the sky Tangra. Wake up sky - wake up stone - wake up earth - wake up water! I will be sky then - I will be stone then - I will be earth then - I will be water then! The album comes in a Digipack with 12 pages booklet, designed by the bulgarian photographer and artist Kaate Haate (Katia). [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Svarrogh / Defile Des Ames / Arnica -- "South European Folk Compendium" -- CD -- €10
2009 Ahnstern, Ahnstern37
This thriple-split CD is a unique compendium of South European folk music, inspired by Balkan, Catalan and Hellenic traditional culture. The sources and the stylistic devices of the three artists are quite different and descending from three different cultural regions, but there is just one intention and one deep mythological spirit, that unites the musicians to build up an axis through the mediterranean sunlit landscapes. On this album you will drown into the ritual, Alpine-Folk shamanism of Arnica, using a wide range of traditional instruments and the spirit of Catalunya - Svarrogh drags you to the deep and dark forests of Bulgaria by slavic chants, where you will meet the god Veles in his wooden shrine - and you will waft through a droning and apocalyptic haze to the powerful and emotional hellenic spheres of Defile des Ames from Greece. - 10 songs / 60 min. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Trolis & The Giberlingers –- "Quark Gluon Plasma" -- CD -- €10
2003 Dangus, DGCD 007
Dynamic and enigmatic musical poetry, telling a story about the beginning of the Universe. Electronic shamanism is about to fill your room with new aesthetics, fresh air, experimental waves, original tribal/trance rhythmics and massive snow-slips of dark ambient. Travel in time to remember the prehistoric times when every new day began from creating the World. One composition was contributed by prominent Finnish composer Seba of Dead Reptile Shrine. CD includes 8 pulsating audio tracks and 2 animated video clips. Refresh your cosmos! [press-release]

Uruk-Hai -- "In Durins Halls" -- CD -- €10
2000/2010 Runenstein Records / Bleichmond Tonschmiede / W.A.R. Productions
The world was young, the mountains green, No stain yet on the Moon was seen... The world was fair in Durin's Day. Going back to 1999, where all has started and URUK-HAI recorded their first Demo "In Durins Halls", a legend began: 11 years later we proudly present the re-arranged and remastered Demo from 1999 with totally new, epic & powerfull soundscapes and rough Black Metal Hymns feat. Pr. Sergiy from MOLOCH. Mastered at the Luftschutzkerker Studios Suisse by CZ of Vinterriket, Sturmpercht... "In Durins Halls" is rough, epic, dark and full of forgotten legends. The album was hidden for a decade in the mines of Moria but now its unleashed! ...No harp is wrung, no hammer falls: The darkness dwells in Durin's Halls. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Vomir -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €6
2010 Uzusounds

ZGA -- "Futurosis" -- CD -- €15
2012 self-released
This album is dedicated to the 100 years of Russian futurism. 23 tracks based on the poems by Russian futuristic poets: A. Kruchonykh, P. Kokorin, V. Kamensky, V. Gnedov, Bodzidar, D. Burliuk, I. Terentjev, T. Churylin, and played by Nick Sudnick and co on self-made string & percussion instruments created on the base of wash-boards: dzirute-vangale, shulamiha, otshturkha, yurmanka and smargachka. Nick Sudnick writes: "Combining the poetry of futurists with music we kept in mind the spirit and letter of futuristic manifests, calling for rejection of everything academical. That's why we used self-made sonic constructions in forms of wash-boards as musical instruments. Our task was not just arrange the poems with music, but to create the sonic environment which could be adequate to poetic ideas of futurists, as if the development of the new language and technologies in music in that time could happen as quick and radical as in poetry and fine arts." Despite the seeming sheer avantguardism, the album sounds quite integrally and musically, seamlessly melting experimental, contemporary classical and Russian folk music. The CD comes with an extensive booklet with poems in Russian and English languages, pictures of the instruments and a short essay "The Verbal Universe" by the translator of the poems.


Art Abscons -- "Les Sentiers Eternels" -- LP -- €17
2012 Fronte Nordico, AA III, (ltd. 150)
Fronte Nordico is happy to present its second release from Art Abscons, one of its most favourite current neofolk projects. «Les Sentiers Eternels» is a brand new album including 10 tracks finished and mixed in early 2012. This work took about one and a half years in the making and shows further development both in technical refinement and the creative side of the project. The genre borders of neofolk are broken and we see here a varied mix of many style elements – from pure dark folk guitar ballads to more eclectic conceptual tracks close to something which could be defined as kraut-rockish psychedelic industrial, from electro-pop / minimal wave tunes to harsher and more aggressive pieces. The album was produced according to an innovative recording technique called «Stereo Spektral Sunrise» and is the first album to feature the SPEKTRALOPHONE, a sort of organic synthesizer developed by Art Abscon himself. «Les Sentiers Eternels» also brings Art Abscons' spiritual kinship with American neofolk project Gnomonclast to a new level and contains various noteworthy contributions from N2 ItinitI and Sasha Feline. This album is a kind of sounding universe strictly based on the principles of Abscons Magik and N2 ItinitI's cabalo-gnostic achievements, and, thus, includes any contradictions the real universe presents us with. There's everything here – Sun and Moon, Day and Night, Love and Hate, Joy and Grief, all act according to the hidden principles eternal, and this work is the most complex and intellectual to be found among Art Abscons albums until now – the literal and accurate revelation of the Hidden God – a pure excitement to the intelligent listener who is into occult matters! The cover artwork for the album was done by famous German artist Reiner Langer. Regular edition: embossed die-cut thick grey rough carton cover with full-colour picture in the centre, attached full colour 12" info sheet, transparent blue vinyl in an attached black special paper original Fronte Nordico cut-out inner sleeve. [press-release]

Art Abscons -- "Les Sentiers Eternels" -- LP -- €25
2012 Fronte Nordico, AA III, (ltd. 50)
Advanced edition: full colour 20x30 cm insert with full cover picture inside, embossed die-cut thick grey rough carton cover with full-colour picture in the centre, attached full colour 12" info sheet, silver vinyl in an attached black special paper original Fronte Nordico cut-out inner sleev, the whole set is tied up with silver ribbon and sealed with white wax by the genuine Fronte Nordico logo stamp. [label info]

Column One / Idpa / MZ.412 -- "Live Action / Voodoo Bumble Bee" -- LP -- €17
2010 Tourette, tourette 012, (ltd. 412)

Hypnoskull -- "Operation Tough Guy!" -- 2 LP -- €23
2002 Ant-Zen, act 134.1

Intricate -- "In Pectra" -- LP -- €17
2004 Spezialmaterial Records, SM014LP004

Leiche Rustikal -- "Epitaph" -- LP -- €25
1993/2006 Corzar-Records.com, CorZar 34 LP, (ltd. 111)

Lunar Abyss Deus Organum -- "Atanimonni Aitnatsbus" -- 10" + CD + CD-R BOX -- €55
2012 Drone Records / Substantia Innominata / BioSonar, SUB-16, (ltd. 13)
Author's fetish copies in designer's boxes made of fiberboard (30 x 30 x 6 cm) with handmade inserts: hand-painted cardboard boxes with moss, linchen, fragments of bark and dried plants + an album with photo collages made by the author, CD compilation "Uzor", CD-R with live recording from 2010 based on material of this record. The price is high, but you may be sure that this money would be invested into next CD by LADO. [from the author]

Murcof -- "La Sangre Iluminada" -- LP + CD -- €28
2011 Infine, iF1014LP

Naujoks, Christian -- "True Life / In Flames" -- LP -- €25
2012 Dial, DIALLP24

Painslut -- "This Is My War" -- 7" -- €7
2004 Steinklang Industries, SK7-11, (ltd. 180)
Pure Power-Electronics from Munich! Nihil's very best songs ever! Lim. 180 hand numbered copies. [Equilibrium Music]

Rasthof Dachau -- "Blut und Boden" -- LP -- €10
1998/2003 Steinklang Industries, SK 15 RE, (ltd. 450)
Bootleg-like reissue of this Ritual-Noise classic album, dealing with the act of dying from different cultural aspects; Santeria-Rituals, christian mythology, early celtic mysticism and japanese death rituals. Rereleased in white-cover with sticker & insert. [Equilibrium Music]

Reutoff -- "ReuTRauM VII" -- 7" -- €15
2012 Fronte Nordico, HHE 030 V, (ltd. 50)
The very last release in the ReutRauM series of seven 7”es on seven different labels from seven different countries. This volume eventually made on Russian label is a black celebration of the fact that the metaphysics of Reutov is completely vanished away – the process of spiritual destruction gone too far and now metaphysical Reutov is drowned in the pink piggy world of modern consumerist buildings. It remains only in the memories of those witnessed its dark gloomy mysterious grandeur and in the sounds of this vinyl series - RIP! We believe that one day genius loci will make its revenge and all these shiny skyscrapers will be striked with decay so the true essence of this place will return to its throne. But we would never see it most probably. Regular edition: fold out cover made of designer pink paper with two photos attached on its front and back sides, rubber-stamped black ink logos, pink vinyl in thick black inner sleeve. [press-release]

Reutoff -- "ReuTRauM VII" -- 7" + CD-R -- €27
2012 Fronte Nordico, HHE 030 V, (ltd. 50)
Advanced edition: fold out cover made of designer pink paper with two photos attached on its front and back sides, rubber-stamped black ink logos, pink vinyl in thick black inner sleeve, professionally printed and burned CDR with three exclusive bonus tracks. [press-release]

Reutoff vs Troum -- "Kreuzung Zwei" -- 2 LP -- €28
2012 Fronte Nordico, HHE 019 V, (ltd. 150)
Second vinyl release in Kreuzung series of collaboration between Reutoff and their musical friends. This time the brothers-in-arms were German drone ambient combo Troum. The basic sound sources and samples made by Reutoff especially for this release have been treated, arranged and mixed with an addition of their own instrumental parts by Troum. Dark profound harsh ambient with some occasional rhythmic patterns intertwined with transcendental prepared guitar loops and perfect drone noises - a perfect blend between two project distinctive features and creative manners. The concept of this work is based on cosmology of Hildegard von Bingen. The first three sides of this double LP contain the tracks previously appeared on this album CD version released in 2008 by Ewers Tonkunst / Indiestate Distribution which is now sold out. The fourth side contains two more collaboration tracks made by the bands which are exclusive to this vinyl set. Regular edition: special folder cover made of kraft paper with big full colour sticker attached, transparent green vinyls in white generic inner sleeves. [press-release]

Reutoff vs Troum -- "Kreuzung Zwei" -- 2 LP -- €45
2012 Fronte Nordico, HHE 019 V, (ltd. 50)
Advanced edition: canvas bag with band logos embroidered patches attached, golden vinyls in thick kraft paper inner sleeves with big full colour stickers. [label info]

Stahlwerk 9 -- "Der Tod Nagelt Die Augen Zu..." -- LP -- €23
2006 Steinklang Industries, SK 37, (ltd. 333)

Stahlwerk 9 -- "Sebastian Im Traum" -- 7" -- €12
2006 Steinklang Industries, SK7-19, (ltd. 180)

Tobin, Amon -- "ISAM" -- 2 LP -- €28
2011 Ninja Tune, ZEN168

Vromb -- "Jeux De Terre" -- 2 LP -- €25
2003 Ant-Zen, act 161.1

Waldteufel -- "Rauhnacht" -- LP -- €24
2005/2007 Percht, Percht08, (ltd. 500)

Watson, Chris -- "El Tren Fantasma - The Signal Man's Mix" -- 12" -- €17
2011 Touch, TO:42V

V/A -- "Pop Ambient 2012" -- LP + CD -- €25
2012 Kompakt, KOM 247
Mohn, Superpitcher, Morek, Magazine, Marsen Jules, Wolfgang Voigt, Triola, Bvdub, Simon Scott, Loops Of Your Heart.


Lebensfaden –- "Besessenheit" -- C-30 -- €20
2011 self-released, (ltd. 80)
Anatomic no-fi heavy electronics filth derived from raw analog synths and devices with manic vision for the human organism. Filled with insane throbbing pulses as a heap of half-dead entrails. Studio-live material without overdub. Chrome tape. [Lust Vessel]

Lebensfaden –- "Die Vollendete Schonheit" -- C-60 -- €25
2011 Lust Vessel, LV#006, (ltd. 130)
Debut full-length album contains 8 tracks of possessed heavy electronics / old school synth industrial based on the collection of medical photographs by Dr. Ikkaku Ochi (1875 - 1930). Quite raw and obsessive analog synth composition with insidious intelligence and enthusiastic interests. Concentration upon congenital and pathological deformations. Comes with an A4-sized xeroxed poster. Chrome tape. [label info]

Lebensfaden –- "Eine Sattigung Der Leere" -- C-30 -- €20
2011 self-released, (ltd. 100)
Studio mini-album contains two long projected sound sculptures of the vanity of mankind. Somberly structured and bleak electronics drawn with analog synths, electric devices and latent sequences through pessimistic view. Respiratory movement in a void. Chrome tape. [Lust Vessel]

Lebensfaden –- "Reinheit" -- C-30 -- €20
2011 self-released, (ltd. 80)
Necrophiliac heavy electronics filth. Piled up with gruesome analog synths and devices closely observing youthful and immaculate corpse. In the locked and abandoned basement, The body tells about himself. Studio-live material without overdub. Chrome tape. [Lust Vessel]

Star Turbine -- "The Sleeping Land" -- C-50 -- €7
2012 Radiodrone Records, RD-07, (ltd. 1000)
Enter the Sleeping Land, a celestial zone somewhere between the outer space and the inner space, hidden somewhere in the black shadows of Jupiter or in the zoned out dream states of the unconscious. Through celestial navigation Star Turbine set sails through dark oceans of deep space, burning through the hemispheres and amped up on high-octaned, astral energy in search for the Sleeping Land… Claus Poulsen from Denmark and Sindre Bjerga from Norway are a newly formed duo. Working mainly with electronics and prepared amplified objects, they have produced in a short time 4 albums. Both artists are also highly active as solo musicians and in other collaborations. The duo also did a tour of Denmark and Germany March/April 2012. [press-release]
[soundcloud]   [soundcloud]


Dawn Project –- "Grey September" -- VHS -- €7
2002 L. White Records, LW-V01, (ltd. 75)
Brilliant new album, in the way of good Lustmord, Bad Sector or Inade, brilliant recommended release. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Frea market


Anenzephalia - Ephemeral Dawn - CD - €10.80
Bimka - Rosacea - CDR - €2.50
Book Of Wisdom - Catacombs - CD - €10.80
Book Of Wisdom - Jaegers Kreutz - mCD - €10.80
Book Of Wisdom - Ultra - CD - €10.80
Hands To - Nazha - CD - €10.80
Lopez, Francisco - La Selva - CD - €31.40
Po.No.(i)Za. - Gymnastic Step - 2 CD-R - €4.30
Po.No.(i)Za. - K/chto ya est' i ch/kto menya est - 2 CD-R - €4.30
Reformed Faction - Until… - CD - €7.50
Zoviet France - Shadow, Thief Of The Sun - CD - €31.40
V/A - Guerilla Tactics (Vehemence 6.2, [POiNT_BlaNK], Buben, Painslut, Rasthof Dachau, Atrox, Rtek, Legion Condor, Code 243) - CDR - €4.30
V/A - Kaos Ex Machina I (Grunt / Cloama, STROM.ec, Putrefier, Temple Of Tiermes, Dieter Muh) - 2 CDR - €5.80
V/A - Stahlerne Lichter (Dieter Muh, Flutwacht, N.Strahl.N, Galerie Schallschutz, Atrox, Minamata, Le Syndicat, Vacio Perfecto, Kraftkammer, Leiche Rustikal, Wach, Fieberflug, Erdlicht, Sturmkind) - CD - €7.50


Painslut - The Exploration Of Pain And Grief - LP - €7.50
Salt - Re.Klad - 7" BOX - €10.10
Winterkalte - Progressive - 10" - €7.50

You can download the full detailed list of rare & used items here.


Terror #2 -- zine -- €5
Terror #2 is out today. Magazine, oriented to noise / power electronics / industrial. Interviews: Martin Bladh (sharing thoughts about IRM, Skin Area, performance art, art in general, sound etc.), Mikko Aspa (huge interview about Special Interests and other magazines, Freak Animal, Grunt, Nicole12, Northern Heritage and many more things), Slogun (USA true crime power electronics legend - answers from back then to what's up now), Sick Seed (one of the greatest from Finland - about imagery, releases, what and why), Dieter Müh (UK industrial veteran - from early days to now - more than 30 years of activity), Barrikad (chat with one of quite a few anarcho-noisers in here - war?), Remlap (Canadian HNW artist - Art As Intent label owner - why the sound should be free and other nuances), Impulsy Stetoskopu (label from Poland - Encyclopedia of Industrial music, DIY releases). Bunch of reviews. 44 a4 pages. Offset printing. English language. [press-release]

IV. Back in stock

1000schoen -- "Amish Glamour (Music For The Sixth Sense)" -- CD-R -- €11
2008 Lucioleditions, llns one
1000schoen is Helge Siehl, a German audio/visual artist, ex member of Maeror Tri. He released only a handful of limited edition discs for various German labels. His earlies works were strongly influenced by Zoviet France and Rapoon but "Amish Glamour (Music For The Sixth Sense)" clealry shows he has now digested and assimilated those influences to create his own personal sound... Captivating ambient/experimental atmospheres! [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Adriva -- "Equites" -- CD-R -- €8
2005 Observatory Records 005, (ltd. 38)
Adriva is a side-project of industrial unit Sunchariot coming from Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Rough and harsh lo-fi ambient, early recordings of the project.

Adriva -- "Losung" -- CD-R -- €6
2007 Strely Peruna, SP017, (ltd. 100)
«Losung!» is a victoriously offensive shout of pagan barbarians directed to Roman garrisons. Obscure and heavy enveloping noise and rhythm of Death. For all lovers of dark ambient, death industrial and ritual. Special non-standard package, limited edition. 47 minutes. [press-release] Re-edition of the original CDR on Observatory Records with a bonus-track.

Aeoga -- "Zenith Beyond The Helix-Locus" -- CD -- €11
2005 Aural Hypnox, [AH05], (ltd. 1000)
From beyond the mundane symbolscape, the 2nd album of Aeoga - entitled 'Zenith Beyond the Helix-Locus' - emits aural phenomena from devouring multi-layered elemental ambience to amorphous and hallucinatory sequences entrancing one's awareness thoroughly. The fifteen formations manifest themselves in various forms; bright and luminous helixes intertwine with shadowed and shapeless non-beings. All in all truly overwhelming material where acoustic instruments and electronic equipment mingle themselves to channel forth the aural elemental current. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [+]

Anti-Verstand -- "Listen, the Other Side" -- CD-R/Lathe -- €6
2010 Produck
A digital / analogue release: first 21 mm from the center of a usual CD-R are recorded traditionally, and the outer 15 mm are lathe-cut for record players. Actually this material was given to label as YAO 91404 D, but Produck has named it Anti-Verstand for some unknown reason. So, the digital side is "Listen, the Other Side": fragments from self-titled Soviet-Mongol movie from 1971 about military noisicians (!), analogue rough noise and lo-fi industrial, free singing in Mongolian and Japanese languages. "Vinyl" part presents a track from the forthcoming YAO 91404 D (whatever labels say! :)) album, conceived in far 2002 and recorded in almost primordial concrete industrial way in 2008. Sleeve. [from the author]

Apoptose -- "Nordland" -- CD -- €25
2000 Tesco Organisation, TESCO 041, (ltd. 1000)
This is the first release from the German one-man project who makes instrumental, mostly electronic music, with great depth and variety. УNordlandФ is a beautiful journey expressed through the use of drums and orchestral soundscapes. The music has an arctic, barren atmosphere, with harsh industrial sounds that are combined with softer ambient passages and orchestral parts. Stunning artwork by Polygon completes the digipak, containing images of deserted archaic structures. [press release] First edition.
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Atrium Carceri -- "Reliquiae" -- CD -- €13
2012 Cold Meat Industry, cmi212
Atrium Carceri - Reliquiae sends the listener careening through the dim mists of time immemorial. There are asylums, prison halls and dark corridors in the twisted nether where our current illusion was created by our former slaves - now transformed to cruel masters by the Council of Twelve. Through the citadels of the Lost God, Where the rejuvenation of the collective soul has become brainwashing of the endless hordes that await his return with bubbling glee. This journey is one not soon forgotten, as the churning cogs of the old city dig ever deeper into humanity's clandestine past. A sickly dull thud of stone on flesh is all that interrupts the ceaseless moanings and burrowings of the old city of our past glories. That and the incessant clamour of machines beyond count. The yearning for a way out of the illusion leads us to the top of the thousand steps of obsidian, where the processing plants never stop the injection of false hope to the masses of divided consciousness. A memory springs unbidden to my wandering mind: A black worm eats at the heart of the sun... Reliquiae is a syringe filled with the deepest of sounds, with details so carefully perfected and indeed profound that it will make you listen to the album again and again, falling deeper and deeper into the void of the awakened. Spanning 19 tracks this is one epic release that tells a tale revolving around the relics that are the basis of our enslavement. It truly must be heard to be fathomed. [press-release]

Baptist Skin Communiti -- "Magnified Section of Dreams" -- MC -- €7
2008 Triangle, TR-38, (ltd. 38)
A project of Richard Ramirez and two more noise persons. Rich juicy noise. [label info]

Biosphere -- "Dropsonde" -- CD -- €12
2006 Touch, TO:66CD
Widely regarded as one of Norwegian electronic music's most important artists, Biosphere's [Geir Jenssen] career spans nearly two decades, several albums, lots of remixes, various sound installations, commissions, soundtracks and even the odd Himalayan summit. You may recognise his work without knowing it, so frequently does it crop up on TV trailers and idents. In the early 1990s he was a pioneer of so-called 'Ambient Techno', but since then, he has refined his sound into something more magnetic and enduring. 'Dropsonde' isn't a soundtrack like the interwoven 'Substrata' nor an episodic journey in the way that 'Autour de la Lune' is. Here Geir Jenssen is pushing new directions towards the jazz colours of Miles Davis and Jon Hassell, whilst re-invigorating the pulse and projection of his signature sound: a hypnotic combination of pleasure and dread. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Biosphere -- "Substrata 2" -- 2 CD -- €15
2001 Touch, TO:50
First CD of this double album contains remastered version of "Substrata" previously released in 1997 by All Saint Records and considered by critics as one of the best electronic albums of 90ies. The second CD contains soundtrack to a silent movie "Man with a Movie Camera" (directed by Vertov, 1926, USSR), made for presentation on Tromso International Film Festival using Vertov's written instructions for musical accompaniment. Stylistically it's athmospheric ambient with sharp sound detalization, musical recitations and spoken samples. Besides this, the CD includes two rhythmical, almost danceable, bonus-tracks which have been previously released only on Japanese version of "Substrata".

Blood Axis -- "Blot: Sacrifice in Sweden" -- CD -- €12
1998 Cold Meat Industry, CMI X
In November 1997, Blood Axis was invited to fly to Sweden and present a special live performance for the Cold Meat Industry 10th Anniversary Feast. The show was recorded on digital multi-track directly from the mixing board, and the resulting tapes were brought back to USA and re-mixed and re-processed by Blood Axis temselves for an exceptional result: a crystalline and intense summoning of everything from haunting heathen mantras to electronic aggression, traditional European melodies to crushing bombastic anthems. [press-release]

Cyclofillydea -- "Live 09.04.06" -- DVD-R -- €10
2006 ALDSZN Production, ALDSZN 001
This disk contains a half-hour live set of Russian performance-group Cyclofillydea in St. Petersburg's club "Legenda", plus 11-min. long film with cuts of various excesses produces by them during various concerts with ever their soundtrack. Insane kasha of experimental sound, theatrical tricks, childish tunes and industrial rock.

Dahlia's Tear -- "Dreamsphere" -- CD -- €13
2012 Cold Meat Industry, cmi207
Have you ever repeated the same nightmare time after time after time? Three years after the critically acclaimed release of, "Under Seven Skies", Dahlia's Tear delivers a new album. "Dreamsphere" conjures visions from the depths of elusive, eerie dreams. It enables your mind to step out of reality, into haunted spheres. This introspective work, is an enigmatic dark ambient-industrial recording with compositions; reflecting a light starved-timeless journey. The listener will experience bleak emptiness of depression. The dark corridors of your mind will release your fears and anxiety as it enters the hypnagogic phase. The subconscious will unfold into the obscure unknown, experiencing ominous desolation and whispering echoes of distant nocturnal voices. The droning sound of ancient machines and ghostly clicks of clock gears provide a prophetic lullaby to your personal dream sphere. "Dreamsphere" provides dark soundscapes, manipulated field recordings and narrative speeches combined with cold lush strings and raw pad layers. A world detached from reality... Inviting the listener to their personal nightmare with Dahlia's Tear! [press-release]

Fanum & Kromeshna -- "Zapredel" -- CD-R -- €7
2011 Radiodrone Records, RD-04, (ltd. 100)
Sacred / pitch darkness drone ambient from Moscow and Ural musicians. The view out of transcendent territories. Ropy postmortality saddle stitched thin ordinary existence by rough crow’s cawing. The Metaphysics of the other world. Mamleev’s Idlers meets Mercier and Camier. Envelope from craft-paper with fullcolour print. Limited 100 handnumbered copies. [label info]

Gen 26 -- "A Door To..." -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2007 Mask of the Slave, MS-009, (ltd. 100)
GEN 26 is dedicated to sound experimentation, natural, urban noise, sound deviation and manipulation. All this is done on the level of improvisation through self-thought manipulation elements. Sound source: balloons, electronics, kitchen fork & small spoon. Great Slovenian project created by Matjaz Galicic. [label info]

Government Alpha vs .nyctalops. –- "Into The Stupor" -- CD -- €11
2012 Sickcore, SC24, (ltd. 250)
Psychedelic Harsh Noise split from Tokyo, Japan and Andreevka, Russia. Glossy digipak with collages made by Yasutoshi Yoshida.

Hladna -- "March 2003" -- CD-R -- €6
2011 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT85, (ltd. 60)
Ultra powerful initiative Power Electronics with deep earthy bass pulsations and shamanic energy. Ritual rhythms take all your bowels out and leave the body whirling around the bonfire like a frantic phantom with glassy eyes. Slim box, embossed cover. [label info]

Hladna -- "Untitled 2004" -- 2 CD-R -- €8
2004 self-released, (ltd. 27)
The latest release by this mysterious St. Petersburg's project. His music has nothing in common with everyday reality: abstract ambient and roaring noise, spacy drone and fragmented analogue rhythms. All this is combined with stunningly deep feeling of emptiness and complete absence. First CDR contains audio-album + the recording of live show in Severodvinsk in mp3 format. The second disc contains two video recordings of two live shows held in St. Petersburg's clubs "Red" and "Moloko", plus some near-cosmic bonuses. Handmade package of paper and technical cloth, a set of photos unique for each copy.

I Am Nothing -- "Without People 2 - There Will Be Later" -- MC -- €5
2005 self-released, (ltd. 12)
The continuation of radio fixations from I Am Nothing. All the material of this work belongs to B.

Ierophania & Fanum -- "Escort Of Endless Summer" -- CD -- €11
2012 Radiodrone Records, RD-09, (ltd. 250)
The new chapter in the chronicle of the end of times. Ierophania (UFA Muzak, SkullLine) from Rostov-on-Don and Moscow based act Fanum (Valgriind, Radiodrone Rec.) gathered in order to convey their disturbing mystical revelation to us. Stepping “through the open reality” with them, you risk to gain the experience that is incompatible with your past life, to be in the midst of a tense battle between Madness and Faith. Here, on the border of physics and metaphysics, “the temple on the blood of Human” is dominates, from which we can hear snatches of spiritual songs, blending with the roar of infinity. The fragments that was ?ollected on the battlefields adds up to an apocalyptic picture. But the “Soldiers of prophecy” is coming closer, and the “heart inherit the eternity.” [press-release]

Ikeda, Ryoji -- "+/-" -- CD -- €12
1996/2011 Touch, TO:30
Ikeda's "+/-" is classics of minimalistic microwave music. Liner notes say: "+/- has a particular sonority whose quality is determined by one's listening point in relation to loudspeakers. Furthermore, the listener can experience a particular difference between speaker playback and headphone listening. The sound signals can be thought of in the same way as light is made spotlight. Lastly, a high frequency sound is used that the listener becomes aware of only upon it's disappearance." The album contains two works: "headphonics" with three mathematically precise rhythmic tracks and "+/-" itself with micromodulated frequency drawings.

The Infant Cycle / Antmanuv -- "Periodical III" -- 3"CD-R -- €5
2006 The Ceiling, CEIL031, (ltd. 80)
THE INFANT CYCLE presents more "Unrelated Work Tapes" - part of series of that is both deeply interconnected (to other parts and future and past Infant Cycle tracks), yet can be heard on their own. Like much of the Ceiling catalogue, what is seemingly chaos later reveals itself as something else, and features much of the Infant Cycle's uneasy balance between abrasive textures, and quiet meditation - a balance often on the verge of tipping over. Over the past few years, ANTMANUV has created a diverse body of work in many different mediums. On this release, he has contribued a piece of wholly organic sound, a dense and growing entity of everyday sounds propelled into a hypnotic sphere of the familiar moved into unfamiliar territory. [label info]

L'Homme Eternel -- "Jour Gris De L'Homme Eternel - Sessia" -- CD-R -- €4
2008 Observatiore 20, (ltd. 28)
L'Homme Eternel is a collaboration project of two Russian musicians: Denis Shapovalov (Adriva, Sunchariot, Matter) and Alexander Selivanov (Mortart). The material was recorded within one evening of February 12th, 2008. Atmospheric and hypnotising ritual, which differs from their solo projects with its new mood and more bright sounding. [label info]

L'Homme Eternel -- "Maladie Orientale - Sessia" -- CD-R -- €4
2008 Observatiore 21, (ltd. 50)
L'Homme Eternel is a collaboration project of two Russian musicians: Denis Shapovalov (Adriva, Sunchariot, Matter) and Alexander Selivanov (Mortart). The second work of H.E. is made in the same vein, but more chaotic and surreal. It doesn't contain flowing tracks as before, but still has the mesmerizing ritualistic feeling. Like in the previous album here the most interesting think lies in live improvised sonorities. Sounds are like alive creatures from other dimensions inhabitating the surreal jungles, they frighten and surprise one's consciousness. In general, this is a rough and abrupt work. [label info]

Lens Cleaner Trio -- "C.D. + Lens Cleaner" -- LP -- €15
1999 The Ceiling, CEIL023, (ltd. 300)
The Lens Cleaner Trio hail from Argentina, a country that we have discovered has a great deal of unusual experimental musical emanating from within. This LP has its genesis in an improvised session conducted in 1999 by Jose Marchi (guitar), Marcelo Aguirre (drums). and C.D. (electronics). After the initial recordings, C.D. took the recordings and disassembled them, constructing new sound shapes from the various puzzle pieces. The results are what C.D. calls "electro-acoustic rock"; we have a hard time coming up with any type of descriptive term. Early tracks on side A are faithful to the original recordings; strange polymorphous jams featuring nimble but muscular drumming, and a large vocabulary of guitar scrapes and molten distortion, but soon we start to hear the tracks fold into themselves, the sense of time and space distorting as if some powerful psychotropic drug is starting to kick in. Emerging from these folds in space, the listener enters new locations; guitars that echo like chimes through radio static into places both soothing and menacing, organic and manufactured- a deeply ambient space, yet jagged as broken glass. Even if there are no easy classifications, "C.D. + Lens Cleaner" is a release that holds up to countless listenings, each play revealing something new and encouraging even more spins of the disc. Limited to 300 copies. [press-release]

Lilly -- "Lilly's Kiss" -- CD-R -- €7
2010 Folvork'prod, Kfeytzez 100, (ltd. 50)
65 min. Drone Dark Ambient & Power Electronics / Power Noise (GORDUW / TCHORT & OBOZDUR Members). Special cardboard packages made of the boxes from DXM containing cough syrup Tussin Plus + HIV-infected used syringe! [label info]

Lo.By... -- "And she was drivin' images..." -- MC -- €4
2006 YAOP, YAOP 025, (ltd. 57)
Original view on radionoise from deep north Russia. Pieces of ether and noise are subjected to maniac processing, mixing and looping, turning into completely unhealthy but extremely sprightly collage. Performed on three magnetophones and an equalizer. [press release]

Lo.By... -- "G.G." -- CD-R -- €6
2006 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT07, (ltd. 39)
Methodical loop noise inducing to manic activity. Industrialized noise greetings to comrades Marinetti and Russolo. Played completely on tape loops. Handmade sleeve from imported :) gray film. [label info]

Lo.By... -- "Prodolzhoj Dejstvevet'" -- CD-R -- €6
2006 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT06, (ltd. 51)
Cyclic harsh-radionoise. Completely sick collage of the most sharp ether cuts. Who said that schizophrenia isn't contagious? Lo.By... will inoculate you with the virus and you'll continue to act... 51 copy in special PVC cases with cut out logo, milled by Danil from YAO 91404 D. [label info]

Lopez, Francisco & Roden, Steve -- "Le Chemin du Paradis" -- CD -- €11
2002 Fario, Fario cd05
Split/collaboration of two electroacoustic musicians working with processing of field recordings into music. Collaboration track opens the CD with unsteady contours and distant sounds. Then comes solo composition of Steve Roden - slowly unfolding spiral of melodic drone. Sleeve notes say: "headphones recommended". Besides this it can be also recommended to listen this album on high volume and good apparatus otherwise you have a chance to miss Francisco López' track recorded with extremely low signal level.

Maaaa / Out Of Focus -- "Blood And Shit" -- MC -- €4
2008 Triangle, TR 034, (ltd. 50)
Blood clot of noise evil from Karelia. M: industrial rumbles of concrete samples, recorded on tape in Leningrad, and a shroud of analogue noise, extruded from Polyvox and materials at hand. OOF: not frequent but melodic synth lines and vinyl records manipulations, processed with Soviet electronic devices. Karelian school of industrial noise. 4-page booklet, sealed tape. Factory-made, 50 copies. [press-release]

Matter -- "Pinkly Lips" -- CD-R -- €4
2007 Observatoire, Observatoire 14, (ltd. 50)
Matter is a project of Russian musician Denis Shapovalov (Adriva, Sunchariot), in which he explores the possibilities of computer technologies. However he does it in the same way as in his main projects. The result is rather strange meeting of digital sound and raw primordial approach: monotonous noises, crackles, loops and complete obscurantism. An engaging release.

Microspora -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €4
2011 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT73, (ltd. 83)
Operator Produkzion opens a series of releases by Microspora - most likely the least known project of the "Leningrad noise school". It's creator - Valery Rakcheev - belongs to a group of such artists as A. Lebedev-Frontov and K. Stoukaline, he's been active (in the fields of music, fine arts, philophonia, audiophilia, etc.) in the underground since late 70-s, but somehow hasn't released anything from his music until today, just making some copies of his albums for friends. This album is filled with old school power droning electronics, pulsating minimal noises and technogenic claustromanic rumble. Last track is a sort of experimental downtempo industrial with samples from German history of the second third of XX century. Handmade montage cover with the graphics of V. Rakcheev. [press-release]

Microspora -- "Necrofuturism" -- CD-R -- €4
2011 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT89, (ltd. 53)
Second release from the classic of the Leningrad noise school for Operator Produkzion. Sampledelics, swinging Moog organs, buzz of valve electrobees mixed with blurry factory noise, abrasive rustle and shocking redneck beats. Sleeve. [label info]

Morgen Mittag / Daruin / Galaxy The Incubator -- split -- CD-R -- €7
2007 Dotnum Dunton, dotnum02, (ltd. 30)
Morgen Mittag - nice microwave minimalism, chattering and squeaking signals, spontaneuosly organizing in rhythmical patterns, sibilant and hissing backgrounds. Daruin - 20-min track constructed from various rags: noise, field recordings, abstract electronics. Galaxy The Incubator - fat digital noise, strange acoustic effects and insane collages of movie samples.
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

MSBR -- "Ultimate Ambience 2" -- CD -- €12
2000 20city, 20C-3

Napalmed -- "Live Performance in Zofingen 13.12.2003" -- CD-R -- €8
Sick Arts Products, SAP 06, (ltd.100)
Noise ritual. Horrible mixture of dark ambient, power electronics and old-school collage noise. DVD-box. [Abgurd]

Napalmed -- "Smell The Sound" -- CD-R -- €7
2004 Smell The Stench
The recordings from Napalmed first ever professional studio session. Noise, concrete metal sounds, processed voice and feedbacks, ambiental parts... one complex track lasting 35 minutes.

Narrowmind vs. Sudanstrain -- split -- C-60/2 -- €4
2005 Res Adversae, RSA 003, (ltd. 197)
Split-tape of two Moscow-based projects. Old-school power-electronics with totalitarian lyrics from the first project and death-indusrtial from the second. Comes with a kit of sticking plasters for ears, mouth and eyes.

NGC 292 -- "Alien Sky" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 InterioRepertoR, ir02
NGC 292 is a Ukrainian project (coming from Odessa), performing pompous melodic synthesized ambient on space themes. Resembling artists: Interior Disposition, Algol, 'kirchenkampf'.

Norma Reaktsii -- "Dying Land" -- MC -- €4
2011 YAOP, YAOP 052, (ltd. 28)
Deadly Noise Ambient / Musique Concrete, based on abstract drone, industrial noises and field recordings. Archive material from 2007. A visionary esoteric work. Comes with a bonus from 2009 "Agartha (In The Shadow Of Ragnarok)". A5 cover. [label info]

Nova-Sak -- "Ignominy" -- CD-R -- €5
2007 Triangle Records, [TR015], (ltd. 100)
Brutal ambient and viscous space noise from USA. Astronauts tortured by unfriendly humanoids, sounds of airborne computers, alien talks and drone of wrecking orbital station. Noisy and powerful. Package: cardboard envelope, serigraphy. [label info]

Obozdur -- "Live - 9.01.08" -- CD-R -- €4
2010 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT68, (ltd. 32)
Lo-Fi Mechano Industrial Noise. Dirty old-school sound, rough tape collages, clangs of metal, unstoppable mid-frequency crack and heavy overload. For the fans of YAO 91404 D, Anti-Verstand, Veprisuicida, Vivenza, Reductio Ad Absurdum. A5 artwork containing vintage Soviet art. [press-release]

Obozdur -- "snth" -- CD-R -- €6
2010 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT67, (ltd. 8)
Soviet magic, mysterious side of everyday routine and the transcendency of Khruschev's communism in three tracks of mystical Drone Noise Ambient, masterly evoked from household items. A surprising, deep and rich work resembling at the same time the fathers of electronic music from 50-60-s, the works of Akifumi Nakajima (Aube), and music from the Soviet sci-fi and popular science movies. Special edition in hand made pseudo digipak made from PVC blocks widely used as apartment garniture in Soviet times. [press-release]

Obozdur -- "Winter 2007" -- 2 CD-R -- €6
2010 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT65, (ltd. 62)
Rhythmic Old-School Industrial Avantgarde built on technogenic rhythms of a drum-machine, radionoise, obscure noises and urban samples. Closer to the end the sound mutates in weird industrial Noise Ambient based on feedbacks and reverberation. The dark side of retro-futurism. For the lovers of Veprisuicida and the cassette releases of Ultra label in mid 90-s. Black and white cover. [press-release]

Obozdur -- "XXX" -- CD-R -- €4
2010 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT66, (ltd. 23)
Trash mystical Musique Concrete over rhythmical Ambient. Aliens, special services manipulating mass consciousness, psychopressure of television, drugs, asocial teenager groups, musty microcosm of philistine flats, city legends - the aesthetic of this album is something one can call psychic underground of a city, it's spiritual sewerage. Dirt and psychopathy. Handmade cover of vintage paper and half-DVD box. [press-release]

Paladino, Francesco & Breanin, Sean -- "Musica Fiuto" -- CD -- €10
2006 Hic Sunt Leones, HSL 033
Elaborated from the same basic 'voices' for "Nosesoul" made by Francesco Paladino, and then mixed, processed and integrated by Sean Breadin with totally acoustic improvisations with pocket corner, crwth, viola, gusle, voice, bendhir. A very original combination between improvisation music, drones and weird folk. [press release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Po.No.(i)Za. -- "Dokumentazion" -- 2 CD-R -- €6
2006 YAOP, YAOP 026, (ltd. 84)
Po.No.(i)Za. is a new brand of A. Korotkov came to change his project Lo.By..., but it continues to develop similar creative methods. The same totally analogue schizo-collaged looped radionoise without any analogues (not counting some parallels with Veprisuicida). 6-page booklet size A5. [press release]

Po.No.(i)Za. -- "Evil Irons of the Black Producers" -- 2 CD-R -- €6
2008 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT30, (ltd. 52)
The newest insanity from Russian project Po.No.(i)Za. happened to be more clear and even "holed" in sound, comparing to "Dokumentazion". But there's not less schizophrenia, and what makes us glad, the aesthetics of the project have become much more nostalgic. 60-s, "Moscow says and shows", Soviet movies, science and technology and even some completely unexpected here military touch. "KVN" TV-set, registered in a psychiatric dispensary, versus radio-gramophone "Yunost", fueled with lysergine. Each of 2 disks comes with the galleries of photo-works by the author. 52 copies in vinyl boxes with full-colour glossy cover. [press-release]

Raison d'Etre -- "When the Earth Dissolves in Ashes" -- CD -- €13
2012 Cold Meat Industry, cmi213
Album contains unique material formerly live only performed at different locations during 2010 and 2011: Zürich, Wuppertal, Rotterdam, Cologne, Leipzig (WGT), Cherkassy and more. The starting point for these live tracks is mainly the sounds used for "In Sadness, Silence And Solitude", "Metamorphyses" and "The Stains Of The Embodied Sacrifice" looped and mixed live together with on spot improvised sounds, thus shaped into new never before heard sonically expressions. 6-panel digipak. [label info]

RemoteBand -- "Nofuture" -- bizcard CD-R -- €5
2007 Abgurd, AB-39, (ltd. 26)
REMOTEBAND is a Drone Ambient project now, though in 2004 Iudjin tried his skills as a Harsh Noise performer. His noise was really outbursting and mind-blowing but there are no recordings kept. Thus, we offer you a track which was supposed to be a part of our compilation and was excluded by some reasons — shame on us! So, now we want to prove us right— enjoy. [press-release]

RemoteBand -- "Pinche Madre" -- CD-R -- €8
2008 Abgurd, AB-36, (ltd. 100)
Moscow project with a short but rich history. The only person standing behind REMOTEBAND began his experiments with sound as REMOTE and created mindblowing Harsh Noise and some bizarre electroacoustics. In that short period there were some performances with Nikita Golyshev of CD-r. It's a pity but we think there is not a single chance to listen to any recordings from that period though those were really fascinating. In some time the musician became interested in softer kinds of electronic music, changed his name to REMOTEBAND and gave a few concerts in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg charming audiences with Space Drone Ambient/Noise. We offer six tracks from the latest period of REMOTEBAND art. Guitar, voice, analogue synthesizers, lots of effects, various pre-recorded samples. All these means of soundexpression very smoothly, skilfully and gently interlace into thick and rich intellectual Drone Ambient with some noisy touch and futuristic moods. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Sektor 304 -- "Transmissions" -- CD-R -- €6
2008 self-released
Portugese project Sektor 304 consists of Joao Filipe - guitars, pedals, and Andre Coelho - samples, junk, voice, hornet (?). With these instruments they work in the field of ritualistic industrial dark ambient: guitar drones, metallic rhythms, noises... The sound is dense, the atmosphere is intense, the music is captivating, in general, a good disc. Partly resembling the products of Finnish label Aural Hypnox.

Spontane Images & Obozdur -- split -- CD-R -- €5
2010 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT43, (ltd. 39)
Spontane Images: technogenic canvas of Noise Ambient and Industrial with electronic pulsations and concrete noises. Obozdur: retro-futuristic experimental Sci-Fi Ambient with radionoise and cyclic samples. Regular edition: 39 copies in printed sleeve. [label info]

Stahlwerk 9 -- "Revolution of the Antichrist" -- CD -- €10
2007 Steinklang Industries, SK 43, (ltd. 666)
Stahlwerk 9's new Dark/Death Ambient album R.O.T.A. is more quiet and ritual than his recent works. R.O.T.A. can be compared to his earlier albums "Oradour" and "1905", but a lot more sacral. Deep, sumbliminal drummings, heavy organs and bells and ominously dronning soundscapes guide you to your private Aramgeddon. A blackest soundtrack for the end of the world... The artwork consists of a folder in 7"-size, holding 10 large inlays on heavy cardbord. All paintings on the folder and the inlays were drawn by the Russian painter Alexander Nemkovsky (http://nemkovsky.info), who already worked with Peter Anderson (Raison d'Etre). "With the approach of the Antichrist's authority comes the moment for mankind, of conscious man-godkind and satan-godkind, which have the task to abolish the authority of God and to give the maximum global power to man and devil." (Lev Tikhomirov, "Religious-philosophical Bases of a History"). [press release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

SudanStrain / Tchernoblyad / Indra -- "Power Electronics / Pop Extremism" -- MC -- &eur;4
2006 YAOP, YAOP 023, (ltd. 33)
3-way split tape of promising Russian power electronics projects. SudanStrain presented one exclusive track dedicated to Russian pop music and one archive track from the period of "HA PP ERA VEY!". First track of SudanStrain is a collaged/mixed material taken from the CD with Russian pop songs, second track is taken from the archive material. The result is knocking-out-the-brains power material different from both "HA PP ERA VEY!" and split with Narrowmind. Tchernoblyad will gladden the listeners who swiftly lose human face with pithecanthropoid suite in 3 parts inspired by the new film by Evgeny Yufit "Orthogradity". Disgustingly recorded dirty retarded power electronics with radionoise. Indra chose for the split 3 masterly done tracks of different heaviness degree, down to the elements of dark ambient in the 3rd composition. Handmade artwork from paper and flizeline. [label info]

Sunchariot -- "Exzorcizm" -- CD-R -- €8
2005 Observatory Records, (ltd. 55)
Raw ambient based on hypnotizing loops with harsh and gloomy atmosphere.

Sutcliffe Jugend / Satori -- "Japan Tour 2007" -- CD -- €11
2007 Cold Spring Records, CSR83CD
Split release from these two British acts for their Japanese Tour in April 2007... After "THIS IS THE TRUTH" Sutcliffe Jьgend continue to fuck with your brain. This time with a twenty eight minute diatribe against those who choose the path of least resistance, and suggest not only that they face their demons but embrace them. Are they questioning the listener or holding up a mirror and not liking what they see? Sutcliffe Jьgend continue to explore and understand the human condition with more depth and clarity of vision than a hundred singer/songwriters. A collage at turns ambient, experimental and explosive, they leave the listener thinking where next and more importantly - who is next in the line of fire... Satori arises with its first official release after 12 years of silence. 3 tracks of prime Fortean Electronics and Death Sonics, exploring the Noise side of Satori. Inspired by the Ringu trilogy, these tracks probe the hidden world of dead channel transmissions and unseen realms of the ether. This is the precursor to the Dark Ambient full-length album "KANASHIBARI", to be released on Dogma Chase Records / Molehill, Japan in 2007... Original artwork by Abby Hellasdottir. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Tetragor -- "Made in Madness" -- CD-R -- €8
2009 Abgurd, AB-56, (ltd. 100)
TETRAGOR is a siberian project from the city of Kemerovo. In 2005 it recorded Made in Madness which can be described stylistically as mystic Dark Industrial. Archaic symphonies sound from millions miles away, obliterating tread of Time, rigidity of Chaos, primeval essence of heteroaseity. The album brings reminiscences of the early albums released by mighty Cold Meat Industry - ILDFROST, MEMORANDUM, MENTAL DESTRUCTION - with its aesthetics of introvertive religion of Kali-Yuga. [press-release]

Trezvytel -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €6
Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT05, (ltd. 49)
100% analogue comatose noise pickle for tomorrow's morning. First release of archive album from 1999 by Alexander Korotkov (Lo.By., Po.No.(i)Za.). Original Russian electro-noise: feedbacks, howls, groans and resonances. Quality pure sound. Legal package from the white port #72 and treasures of archive of the Supreme Soviet of RSFSR. Limited to 49 copies for regular use. [press-release]

Velehentor -- "Bleaching of Penury" -- CD-R -- €8
2009 Rokot, RKT-04, (ltd. 100)
The album that is tributed to the events of poisoning of a human by a human. Two long Harsh Noise tracks in the all-burning style of Government Alpha and two short interludes with ear-mangling glitches. [label info]

Vomir -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €6
2009 Rokot, RKT-06, (ltd. 77)
This French project regularly releases untitled albums containing deep static noise. It's recommended to put the volume level to maximum and put on a black bag on your head to reach the sertain level of sensory deprivation. [label info]

Vresnit -- "Vjuga.Ljet.Duj." -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Vetvei, V05, (ltd. 181)
Sky and Earth meld into one where Vjuga Ljet Duj begun with a moment when nestling will begin to see, and then their Mothers give clear statements. Tightly wrapped it soars down, like a raven and enters the House through the roots. It is a journey-exploration and proclaiming each of 9 lines stated in Circle. With deep vibrations we enchant the symbols seen in dreams and ask the people who never spoken using words. Rough ritual ambient sung by voices of three worlds animals and shaped in acoustic-analog form. Iron percussion, loud words of caves and dimensions wrapped in smoke scent. We look after and expect, glorify the Law a song with inexhaustibility of form and content. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Wejdas -- "Zemes Alsavimas" -- CD -- €13
2004 Dangus, DGCD015
Amber ambient originators are back after five years of wise silence. This time it is a profound journey into the depth of earth - "Earth Breath", the 6th Wejdas album. It shivers with magic tenebrous ambient and entrancing tribal parts, fey poetry and solid modern sound. Highly empyreal atmosphere with strong ethnic experience. Wejdas consists of two original Baltic composers - Donatas Bielkauskas (Donis) and Darius Gerulaitis (Ensemble SP). The album has 8 parts and takes your mind away for 70:07 min. [label info]

Xerox 667 -- "Xerocopy 24.12.2002" -- CD-R -- €4
2011 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT81, (ltd. 23)
Legendary project from Nikolay Kalmykov (Hladna). Minimal Old-School Industrial, automated robotic muzak with noise bursts and some infernal touch, close to early S.P.K. and rhythmic tracks of Irikarah. [label info]

Yadokhimikaty -- "Po Uslovnoy Stepi" -- CD-R -- €4
2010 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT21, (ltd. 43)
The anthology of rare recordings of this St. Petersburg experimental project, some of them have never been issued before, others were released as ultra limited edition cassettes. Garage avantgarde, Old School Industrial played on metal scrap, recitation of descriptions of electrical injuries, tape loops, brisk atonal chaos, a collection of "flashes" from the radio ether, the only one in the world composition in death-hop style, vinyl records torture, howl of electric motor and cover-versions of heroes of Russian and foreign rock music. Abominable sound quality and unhealthy mood. Handmade six-panel cardboard slim-case. [press-release]

YAO 91404 D / Yadohimikaty -- "Weltstromen" -- C-45 -- €4
2003 YAOP, YAOP 004
Dirtily recorded neoritualistic shaman's rites. Two long tracks: YAO 91404 D - chtonic bass noise-loops + crystal chimes, Yadohimikaty - looped organ sample used as a background for lines of voice, percussion, metal and brass. Primordial psychedelia of Ice and Sun. [label info]

YAO 91404 D / Tchernoblyad -- "s/t" -- C-45 -- €4
2005 YAOP, YAOP 015, (ltd. 99)
Two long sick noise tracks. Live uncut improvised recording of YAO 91404 D - uneasy drone with strange sounds. Wild brutal mechanically distorted voice recorded through long metal pipe. Harsh noise side - Tchernoblyad - heart-rending nihilistic electronic noise. Raw lo-end sound. Exclusive package made of encephalogram printing. [label info]

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