i.m.m.u.r.e. - The New Circle

"The New Circle"

CD-R (ltd. 250)

1. Yellow Town
2. Empty
3. Once [mp3]
4. Conversation
5. Happy Birthday
6. In Love with Dog [mp3]
7. Too Much Joy
8. Lithium
9. Casket Full of Dreams [mp3]

total length: 43:39
release date: November 02, 2009
price: €7

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The project i.m.m.u.r.e. is a part of St. Petersburg based musical foundation Forbidden Sounds Group and "The New Circle" is its first release on physical media. Before this the project successfully performed live several times and released a number of recordings on the net-label DNA Productions. The music of i.m.m.u.r.e. combines serious dark ambient, rhythmic electronics and psychedelic industrial in vein of English school a la Coil. It is full of gloomy melodies, light noises and sonic experiments, and is flavoured with morbid vocals narrating about infinite love to the dog and other schizophrenic joys of life. Part of the compositions from the album appeared to the author in his dreams. A nice soundtrack for an introspective pastime.


[...] I.M.M.U.R.E. are not easy to pin down I thought. There are pieces in which a keyboard plays a melody, but with somebody else playing some electro acoustic music on top. What is a consistent feature here on this release, is the use of reverb. Its used a bit too extensively for my taste and used to create that creepy atmosphere they deem necessary for their music. If there is an influence to be mentioned for them, then I'd say Coil comes close, and when they use vocals there is someone who tries to sound like David Tibet. Throughout the music is mostly instrumental, meandering into experimental electronics, sometimes spiced up with bouncing rhythms and sounds borrowed from the world of techno, sometimes losing themselves a bit too much in the experiment, such as in the piece 'Casket Full Of Dreams', but throughout this was a very nice psychedelic ride.

i.m.m.u.r.e. is an experimental project from St. Petersburg founded in 2006 by Alexey Oleynikov. Before album The New Circle released by label Zhelezobeton project's music was released by net-label DNA Production. On this organization's site one can find several solo works of i.m.m.u.r.e., they are rather interesting researches of abstract substance of drone ambient and experiments with digital noises. The new album is an elegant and courageous step towards psychedelics and melodies, and it seems to me that it noticeably reveals the creative potential of its author, more slyly operating with listener's mood. Undoubtedly, The New Circle can be called a new round in musician's development.

From the first, entering track "Yellow Town" music deepens you into psychedelic bath of reverberations and extensive drones. Oleynikov's voice diffuses with them, he monotonously declaims hardly distinguishable text. His voice will be heard further here and there, sometimes thoroughly supplemented with effects. That's easy to frighten kids with such "vocal", and not all grown ups will stay imperturbable if it's dark outside. And according to its horror percent, track "In Love With Dog" can be compared to Andrew Liles or Leafcutter John - masters of making people feel creepy all over. The New Circle forever shifts somewhere the dark sides of city suburbs where industrial buildings are mixed with houses-barracks, and rare street lamps throw dull streams of light tears over the dirty asphalt. Fast shifts are dangerous, time accounting slows down, it seems that night has come forever. Sometimes composition is led by melodies, like pulse of gloomy thoughts in mind, sometimes there appears even something like rhythm. But in general abstraction level always remains high. Quintessence of the album becomes a wonderful 15-minutes track "Casket Full Of Dreams" which can be called an attractive trip to the collection of nightmarish dreams. Drone, howling, rumble, scraps of speech samples - it all boiling in waves of reverberations, slightly comes up over the Earth and takes the listener away to the open space, where of no doubt, there is what to think about.

pi micron, Sound Proector.

[...] i.m.m.u.r.e. "The New Circle" is apparently the first real record coming out from the group. It succesfully and originally combines reverb, drone and electric crackling to create horror from another realm. Similar effects are masterd by e.g. Inade.

I still wonder when did the artists loose the sense of the fine line between own expression and imitatimng their idols. The Coil influences are so strong on the 6th track (In Love with Dog) that one could think John Balance has returned from the grave to express his feelings for a dog. The artwork on the covers also unfortunately speaks for a passion for Current 93. However, to my delight, ending tracks Lithium and Casket Full of Dreams prove that i.m.m.u.r.e. is not just another budding from the English psychedelic industrial scene. This is the music playing from the unknown room of your own house found in a dream.

[...] The music of i.m.m.u.r.e and on this release ‘The New Circle’ is not to be placed in a specific genre. The music is partly very dark, but also very playful, hence the artwork in the booklet, which consists of drawings like it came from a children’s book. The music is rather diverse and is a combination of drones, vocals elements, synth layers, weird sounds and analogue equipment. The first song, ‘Yellow Town’, is dark soundscape which uses some distant vocals, drones and sound effects. ‘Empty’ goes the other way and is very melodic and melancholic. ‘Once’ is again a very immersive soundscape which seems to take you to some twilight place with its very mystical sound. ‘Too Much Joy’ is a crazy little song with all kinds of strange sounds and vocoded vocal effects. It seems you find yourself into a schizophrenic state of mind. ‘Lithium’ is based on rhythms and good immersive soundscapes and strange vocal elements to deliver a very convincing and atmospheric song.

‘The New Circle’ is a very good and effective atmospheric recording. It has ambient and drone elements, melancholic parts and some rhythmical ventures. The album benefits from some inventive and original sound design and the element of surprise. Recommended to lovers of experimental ambient music.

Fabian, Gothtronic.

I.M.M.U.R.E. is a Russian project that was founded in 2006 by Alexey Oleynikov. The main idea behind this project consists of researching people and some surrounding factors that can have an influence on them. The music is touching different senses like love, pain, despair and especially their extreme forms. I have to admit it sounds all a bit confusing to me, but the music work of the project is definitely more captivating. “The New Circle” reassembles different influences moving from dark ambient to experimental to industrial. Some links have been made with Coil, which is rather amusing. I personally experience some vocal parts as quite Gavin Friday-like? when he contributed with his particular timbre of voice to the famous “Scatology”-album of Coil! Just have a listen to “In love With Dog” and you might be aware of the link. The vocal parts inject a very spooky touch reinforcing the darkness of the work. There’s a huge diversity running through the track and that’s of course the strength of this opus. So the “Empty”-cut caught my attention for the kind of harpsichord sound on top of a dark an deadly atmosphere. Another remarkable and I dare to affirm brilliant composition is “Lithium”. This track sounds like the offspring between industrial sounds and ambient moods where screams are injecting an extra tormenting element. A very last detail about this album is the artwork and frontcover. It’s full of colors and looks like drawings of animals made by children. The illustrations aren’t definitely representative for the darker content of the music!

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