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Some new reviews of our releases:

Aidan Baker & The Infant Cycle "Rural Sprawl" CD-R:
by Paul Nielsen @ Connexion Bizarre: http://www.connexionbizarre.net/reviews/r_aidanbakerinfantcycle_rs.htm
by Mari Björkman @ Kuolleen Musiikin Yhdistys: http://www.kuolleenmusiikinyhdistys.net/arvostelut/levyb/Aidan%20Baker_%20infant%20cycle-rural%20sprawl.html

Cyclotimia "Music for Stockmarkets" CD:
by Björkman @ Kuolleen Musiikin Yhdistys: http://www.kuolleenmusiikinyhdistys.net/arvostelut/levyc/cyclotimia-musicforstockmarket.html
by Textura: http://www.textura.org/reviews/cyclotimia.htm

Kryptogen Rundfunk + Hladna "Rokton + Formanta" 3"CD-R:
by Olivier Noel @ Connexion Bizarre: http://www.connexionbizarre.net/reviews/r_kryptogenrundfunkhladna_rf.htm

Noises of Russia "Experimental Structure" CD-R:
by Jiituomas @ Kuolleen Musiikin Yhdistys: http://www.kuolleenmusiikinyhdistys.net/arvostelut/levyn/noises-experimentalstructure.html

by Jack The Ripper @ Heathen Harvest: http://www.heathenharvest.com/article.php?story=20090430104221668


(Moscow, DOM cultural center) More info in Russian...

06.06.2009 - Distsiplina-2
(St. Petersburg, Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21)) More info in Russian...



1000schoen -- "Amish Glamour (Music For The Sixth Sense)" -- CD-R -- €10
2008 Lucioleditions, llns one
1000schoen is Helge Siehl, a German audio/visual artist, ex member of Maeror Tri. He released only a handful of limited edition discs for various German labels. His earlies works were strongly influenced by Zoviet France and Rapoon but "Amish Glamour (Music For The Sixth Sense)" clealry shows he has now digested and assimilated those influences to create his own personal sound... Captivating ambient/experimental atmospheres! [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Baker, Aidan -- "Book Of Nods" -- CD -- €13
2008 Beta-lactam Ring Records, mt163 / negro 40, (ltd. 500)
A new landscape is painted out of darkness by progressive strokes of the dawn. The finished piece is neither night nor day, but the transformation itself. Aidan Baker's (Nadja) "Book Of Nods" crests experimental peaks in similarly paced sonic transmigrations. His lustrous chimera blooms open in shifting onion layers built out of slow-moaning guitar, flute, organ and drums. The resonant frequencies of quietly crashing nodes vibrate the ozone with a sub-textural beating of multi-pianic feathers. Baker's prior metallic inclinations lend in heaviness, adding a certain stylistic thud to Terry Riley-like territories, and colouring portions almost as if they were middle passages in some sprawling prog excursion. A soft eruption of synchronous sweet airs. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Baker, Aidan / ARC -- "The Sun Is Bleeding & Has Black Hands" -- 2 CD-R -- €14
2009 Kokeshidisk, kodi 12
Compiled by Aidan Baker, "The Sun Is Bleeding & Has Black Hands" is a collection of tracks taken from various rare and/or out-of-print releases previously issued as cd, cd-r or mp3, and compilations. Each disc is almost 80min long. The Aidan Baker disc is full of shiny & melodic drones while the ARC disc is full of tribal ambiences the trio is known for, with a noisy & chaotic final! [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Bondarenko, Vadim -- "Sentimental" -- CD -- €11
2009 Faria Records / Fine Acoustic Series, FINE-01, (ltd. 500)
"Sentimental" is an album of sensitive feeling melodies played by the composer himself on the piano. The album contains different pieces, but all they are united by one unique inner mood. Like the brilliant melodies of Ryuichi Sakamoto, this music will be remembered by everyone who likes romantic genre. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Corbacho, Max -- "The Talisman" -- CD -- 430 руб.
2006 AD21 Music, ad202

Critikal -- "Graphorrhea" -- CD -- €10
2007 Kvitnu, kvitnu 4 / Nexsound, ns60 / Zeromoon, ZERO 008
Dmytro Fedorenko (Kotra), Andrey Kiritchenko, Tobias Astrom and Jeff Surak (Violet) join forces to present this masterwork of muscial fragmentation. The new fab four of the electronica world. [label info] “The overall atmosphere changes from harsh and corrupted to dark and evil over the course of the record and I get sucked into a dystopian world that I last experienced this way when I listened to “black vomit” by Wolf Eyes with Anthony Braxton.” [Cracked] “…one is lost in its quagmire of unorthodox tunings and thrashing textures as though in a delirium, only a constant threat can be gleaned from its dark surface.” [Earlabs]

Dead Violets -- "YZMRHS" -- 3"CD-R -- €4
2008 Zeromoon, (ltd. 50)
The long running collaboration between Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words and Violet has arisen from the ashes of dormancy. Dead Violets has received a new lease on its bleak outlook on life with the appearance of its newest member, Bethany Moore, adding sultry vocals/vocalizations to the mix. “Banish” is the result of the dronecore power trio’s first endeavor, and just an apperetif of upcoming audio onslaught that Dead Violets will unleash. A shiny 3" cdr that guaranteed not to shine any light. [press-release]

The Digitariat / Audiocum -- split -- CD-R -- €7
Symbolic Productions, SYMBCD23, (ltd. 200)
7 tracks of English Experimental Noise / Industrial versus 11 tracks of French Harsh Noise. Pathologically. A5 sleeve. [YAOP description]

DN23rd -- "Signals from Outside" + "Zum" + "Who's Speaking" + "Nix" + bonus -- MP3 CD-R -- €9
Mp3 disc contains albums "Signals from Outside" 2001; "Zum" 2002; "Who's Speaking" 2002; "Nix" 2003 + bonus-track. B/w cover, disc is hand-decorates. Author's product. [YAOP description]

Exit In Grey -- "Dim Lines" -- CD-R -- €8
2008 Daphnia Records, ph10
Three long mild tracks, classical guitar-based drone ambient with field recordings. The atmosphere of cosmic forest and infinite blue sky.

freq_out -- "freq_out 2" -- CD -- €11
2005 Ash International, Ash 6.8
C.M. von Hausswolff writes: "We have created a totally new concept for making music. This idea is based upon respect, division and assemblage. The orchestra is dead! The band is dead! The ensemble is dead! Long live the new organic frequency output autocracy! This is the eve of the new music of the 21st Century". The 2nd freq_out cd after Ash 5.8 [2004] features the usual suspects; curated and conducted by Carl Michael von Hausswolff, freq_out 2 was recorded and performed for Ultima the Oslo Music Festival 2004, at the Henie-Onstad Kunstsenter, Norway, by: BJNilsen, J. G. Thirlwell, Jacob Kirkegaard, Jana Winderen, Maia Urstad, Kent Tankred, Finnbogi Petursson, PerMagnus Lindborg, Brandon LaBelle, Franz Pomassl, Mike Harding and Tommi Grönlund & Petteri Nisunen. Much more 'ambient' than the spikey, threatening sonic conflict of the first freq_out CD [Ash 5.8, 2004], this second piece was featured in frieze magazine "Each detail, each instance of noise and silence, simply contributes to the kind of complex atmospheric and emotional swelling that most of us think of as the very essence of musicality. It has to be said: as music, Freq_Out provides a hugely enjoyable experience, and it gets better the longer you spend with it, as you gradually become attuned to the variations of this coming together of sound spaces. But it also has to be said that the integrative force of ‘the mix’ soon gives the territorial metaphor a more precise definition: that of a landscape. For this constantly evolving soundscape most of all evokes the kind of uncontrollable change produced by natural phenomena – but viewed as one big sublime process." [Ina Blom]

Gelsomina -- "Nostalghia" -- CD -- €12
2006 Cipher Productions, (sic 28) / Musically Incorrect Records, MIRCD2, (ltd. 500)
Elite Finnish harsh-noise. Sophisticated A5 package. [YAOP description]

Gelsomina -- "Silver Screen" -- CD-R -- €7
2003 Deserted Factory, DF0008, (ltd. 55)
The legend of Finnish harsh-noise on Japanese label. Sleeve. [YAOP description]

Grassow, Mathias -- "Ambience" -- CD -- €13
1995/2005 Divine Frequency, DivF04

Grunt -- "Early Years 93-94" -- CD-R -- €9
Freak Animal Records
Contains the full archive of Grunt cassettes released by Nykto-Tapes in 1993-1994, plus the material from the split Grunt / Futile Existence 1994. Old school analogue Rough Noise / Industrial / Power Electronics with the (ab)use of electroguitar, microphone, Tascam 4-track, metal percussion, Marshall 12-Volt amp and feedbacks. The artwork contains an article by Mikko A. on the history of creating these recordings. [YAOP description]

Guttersnipe -- "Airless" -- CD-R -- €7
Smell the Stench
British project, bassy analogue droning noise on feedbacks and loops. Sleeve. [YAOP description]

Hanatarash -- "Hanatarash 3" -- CD-R -- €9
RRRecords, RRR 049
An old project of insane Yamatsuka Eye (Boredoms / Naked City) with the reissue of the 1989 album. Antisocial highly traumatic (with pogroms, fights and fires at the shows) japanoise with the elements of old school industrial and noise rock. Epileptically cheerful. Cardboard sleeve with an insert. [YAOP description]

Hinyouki / Cthulhu -- split -- CD-R -- €7
Symbolic Productions, SYMBCD12
Spanish Hinyouki present 7 tracks of harsh noise in japanese style. French project Cthulhu added one track of occult dark ambient. DVD box. [YAOP description]

Hum -- "Le Pilote De L'Onde Vive" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2009 self-released, (ltd. 40)
This release is an addition to the 10" record "The Spectral Ship" (Substantia Innominata, 2008) and contains one 9-min. composition. Strictly limited to 40 copies.

Hybryds -- "Ritual Anthology" -- CD -- €11
2009 Aquarellist, aquarel 10-09, (ltd. 600)
With this CD Aquarellist is proud to present the anthology of early ritual works of this fabulous Belgian project. This music immerses the listener into the space of RITUAL - the magical action aimed to reach the goals beyond the borders of the ordinary world. An action evoking deeper layers of consciousness, deeper memories not active in our everyday life. An action that helps to reveal our potential as powerful and miraculous creatures... Hybryds present their visions of rituals in the form of rhythmical compositions built on repetitive percussive loops crowned with layers of numerous archaic instruments, aided by vocal spells and atmospheric soundscapes with minor electronic additions... This material was recorded in 1986-1993 by Magthea & Yasnaia with the help of their friends: Ah Cama Sotz, Djen Ajakan Shean, Vidna Obmana, Clive Richards, Irae Deprofundo and Bobby Colombo. Three tracks from this CD were previously released on "The Rhythm Of The Ritual" CD (Charnel Music, 1994), one track was released as "The Ritual Should Be Kept Alive - Part 1" CD EP (3RIOART, 1991), and three other tracks are released here for the first time. [press-release]

Ierophania -- "Ritual Works for Destruction I: [sound of coprophagy]" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Tachibana Records 002, (ltd. 139)
The archive album of Ierophania recorded in April 2007. Dedicated to the research of the deviant phenomenon of human coprophagy. In post-modern culture context this phenomenon can be considered as existential modus of modern society. Merciless autopsy of social abnormality and individual pathology in contradiction of symbols of the alchemic "coming into death" with present paradigm of sexually zombiefied consumption of recycled material. Brutal, shocking and at the same time conspirological album different from other works of this project. The sensuality of decay. Catastrophe of psychosomatic unity. Apotheosis of percussive technics. Mutilating bursts of noise, gnashing and screaming interrupted by the echoes of fallen constructions and Japanese marches - the whole ceremonial act dissolves in deep ritual drones. CDr; 2 tracks; mini DVD-box; full-colour print + thematic porn collage; wrapped in black polyethylene. [press-release]

Iud Polk -- "Summer Klezmer Orgy" -- CD-R -- €7
2003 Stop-Eject, This Is Eject03, (ltd. 100)
American noise disgrace. Collage stuttering tracks move into elastic rhythm'n'noise and back. With lots of speech samples playing up the stupidity of "American English": a funny collade made from OK's. Sleeve, insert, stickers on a disc. [YAOP description]

jgrzinich -- "Rudiment Of Two" -- CD -- €10
2007 Edition Sonoro, es01, (ltd. 300)
"Rudiment Of Two" contains three extended compositions based on an array of sound material recorded in 2006 in Estonia, Italy, Portugal, Japan and Finland. Acoustic sounds from various objects, materials, improvisations and field recordings were processed to varying degrees and woven together to form spatial interplay of delicate textures and tonalities. The CD package was designed by the artist which features imagery from a unique series of his photographs and montages. [label info]

Kiritchenko, Andrey -- "Bees & Honey" -- CD -- €10
2003 Zeromoon, ZERO 003
Five tracks by Andrey Kiritchenko, followed by remixes from Brian Lavelle, Marcus Maeder, Scanner, 833-45, Kotra, Violet, The Moglass, Kim Cascone, Cray, Freiband. “Kiritchenko’s work is spacious and alluring without lapsing into blissed out blandness, the roughness of its surfaces complementing rather than compromising its soft centre.” [Wire] “Kiritchenko has a unique, glitchy approach to electronic music that is quite peaceful and ambient, though far from commonly accessible. Elements of Fennesz, Farmers Manual, and the more experimental side of Pluramon all reside in his unique sound…Bees & Honey is a very satisfying experimental electronic release. Recommended.” [Indieville] “This disc is without doubt a very good collection of contemporary ‘ambient glitch’. Kiritchenko fits into this category very well and has placed himself accordingly with this CD.” [Vital Weekly] “A compelling work” [Eld Rich Palmer] “The music has a tranquillising touch and timeless frame, slowly moving into a spaceless entity…(an) excellent compilation.” [Phosphor Magazine]

Kirkegaard, Jacob -- "Labyrinthitis" -- CD -- €12
2008 Touch, Tone 35
Jacob Kirkegaard has turned his ears inwards: His new work LABYRINTHITIS is an interactive sound piece that consists entirely of sounds generated in the artist’s auditory organs – and will cause audible responses in those of the audience. LABYRINTHITIS relies on a principle employed both in medical science and musical practice: When two frequencies at a certain ratio are played into the ear, additional vibrations in the inner ear will produce a third frequency. This frequency is generated by the ear itself: a so-called “distortion product otoacoustic emission” (DPOAE), also referred to in musicology as “Tartini tone”. By arranging the tones from his ears in a composition and playing them to an audience, the artist evokes further distortion effects in the ears of his listeners. At first, each new tone can only be perceived "intersubjectively": inside the head of each one in the audience. Kirkegaard artificially reproduces this tone and introduces it, "objectively", into his composition. When combined with another distorting frequency, it will create another tone... until, step by step, a pattern of descending tonal structure emerges whose spiral form mirrors the composition of resonant spectra in the human cochlea. Paradoxical as it may sound: we can listen to our own ears. The human hearing organ – still often perceived as a passive unidirectional medium – does not only receive sounds from the outside, it also generates its own sound from within itself. As a matter of fact, it can even be “played on”, just like an acoustic instrument. [label info]

L'ahka Muza -- "V Zablesku Vecnosti" -- CD -- €11
2004 Dangus, DGCD014
The 5th full-lenght album from legendary Slovakian band presents sublime gothic-industrial darkwave with outstanding hexen vocals by mistress Gudrun Snake. Charming with sensual beauty, deep ritualism, lambent melancholia and dark sexuality this opus also unveils a peculiar sort of esoteric rhythmics. Its entrancing pulse, driven by strong chanting, ornamental guitars and powerful modern machinery, creates an elegant equilibrium on the edge between magic and industrial. After 20 years in the scene, Lahka Muza offer their best. And it is the first "international" Dangus release - a flaming sign of new darkwave sally coming from Eastern Europe. The trim digipack CD includes 9 songs and heavy multimedia galleries. [press-release]

Legendary Pink Dots -- "Ancient Daze" -- CD -- €11
2006 Beta-lactam Ring Records, mt120a
A collection of some of the earliest material recorded by the Legendary Pink Dots including three unreleased tracks. In 1980, the formation of The Legendary Pink Dots with Phil Knight & Edward Ka-Spel (together they have been the only immutable core of the band throughout its many line-up shifts) burst onto the British underground scene with a handful of private cassette releases appearing in their first couple years. Even early on it was clear that LPD's electro-psychedelia, though in step with the zeitgeist of the era, was never fully in phase with any given trend or genre. EKS' spare, somewhat mournful vocal delivery, paired with surreal, poignant lyrics, rich with imagery, driven home by a band that frequently sounded like acid on mushrooms, made LPD a truly acquired taste. That LPD still exist some 60+ official releases on (closer to 200 if you count collections and live recordings), is a testament both to the band's creative tenacity and to the increasing legions which have, in fact, acquired that rarified taste for LPD in the sky with diamonds. The group's minimalist aesthetic and use of electronics dovetailed nicely with the cold wave/post punk movements cropping up at the time, but also suggested something much deeper, much weirder and, in reality, not all that cold. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [+]

The Legendary Pink Dots -- "Chemical Playschool 8 & 9" -- 2 CD -- €15
2008 Beta-lactam Ring Records, mt172
2xCD housed in a full color custom made book bound sleeve and printed inner sleeve. Chemical Playschool Volumes 8 and 9 documents the largely unseen universe of The Legendary Pink Dots between the years 1990 and 1995. History has been amended where necessary. The cast for this voyage: The Silverman, Niels Van Hoornblower, Edward Ka-Spel, Martijn de Kleer, Father Pastorius, Cevin Key, Elke Skelter, Raymond Steeg, Ryan Moore, Maria, a brass band and Calyxx. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [+]

Legendary Pink Dots -- "Traumstadt One" -- CD -- €11
2003 Beta-lactam Ring Records / Terminal Kaleidoscope, TEKA10/B-LRR
A compilation of 'ATOMIC ROSES' and 'APPARITION' cassettes (Traumstadt 1) to CD. Recorded in 1981/82 on primitive equipment. Thanks to Bernard for the sound enhancement. CD packed in a full color digipack. An official TeKa release manufactured and distributed by Beta-lactam Ring. Bonus Track: No Bell No Prize (Version Ridiculous) Originally released on 'I Love Liberty' compilation cassette. [press-release]

Liles, Andrew / Menche, Daniel -- "The Progeny Of Flies" -- CD -- €13
2008 Beta-lactam Ring Records, mt206, (ltd. 500)
Ed. of 500 copies in a book bound CD case. Kold Krush Groove, y’all. Literally! Individually Liles and Menche have torn the experimental world many new ones, but as a unit they achieve a critical mass so monumental that they deserve their own Hollywood-style canoodling name. That name: Linch-Me-Eels. The graceful ferocity that oozes out within the first few seconds is such that…well, let’s just say that if you called friends and told them you were on the moon, they would believe you. A vicious, celestial-cathedral rumble gapes its maw and spews forth into a sluggish river of electro-magma, reshaping landscapes once carved out by Cremaster Cycles and the gravitational forces of the planet Solaris. While Menche’s test-tones defying low-end slowly compresses the woofers into diamond earrings, an emerging theme for tack piano cautiously stabs at the din. And just before cowboy-robot-gone-mad Yul Brynner shows up to kill all humans, the piano slinks away to make room for the buzzing progeny of the flies, whose crescendo of wing-beats quietly, subtly rises and rises the swarm to Jupiter and beyond the infinite. After multiple listens a Xen(akis)–like state is realized and there should be a giant Star Fly-Child in your living room. Brutally cosmic!!! [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Maeror Tri -- "Yearning for the Secret(s) of Nature" -- CD -- €12
2009 EE Tapes, EE13, (ltd. 300)
Born as an obscure cassette on Fool's Paradise (London 1993), this exclusive and essential work by Maeror Tri made a brief appearance earlier as a CD-r on EE Tapes (Saint Nix 2001) before it quickly vanished into oblivion. Due to popular demand it has finally been made available again as a limited CD release! Repolished in sound and housed in a new designed jacket, 'Yearning....' has now become of full value between such masterpieces as 'Myein' or 'Language of flames and sound'. Don't miss it this time....... Restoring/remastering work by Anders Peterson @ ghostsounds.net. Art design by Alan McClelland @ eyelyft.blogspot.com. [press-release]

Mavis, Mac -- "Fresh Tracks" -- CD -- €11
1998 Exogenic Records, EXOCD 04

Mavis, Mac -- "Gatefinder" -- CD -- €11
2003 Exogenic Records, EXOCD 18

Mavis, Mac -- "Report from the Lake" -- CD -- €11
2009 Faria Records, FAR-27, (ltd. 500)
Synthesized audio report from far away lake and it's surroundings of natural beauty and original almost untouched wilderness. Drifting in a boat with only a small synthesizer and portable recorder to create ideas for later production. Capturing moments of peace impossible to tell in words. Life by this lake, where only handful of people live. Meetings with the friendly natives living near by. From waking up to early morning sunrise to late night boat journeys,losing all sense of time and date. World as we know it has no meaning in here. This is no 2 week holiday watching TV. This is wildlife, survival for the inexperienced. When the evening falls and winds calm down you can hear whispers of the wilderness. When thunder storm arrives you have wooden cottage for shelter. No need to worry about electricity blackout because here you never had any. Old radio at the cabin porch playing ambient music, battery operated synthesizer, guitar and food. Silence is everywhere. This album is based on real life experience. Melodic and warm ambient music, created totally with hardware synthesizers and sequencer. With some actual on location field recordings as reference. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Moljebka Pvlse -- "Fall In Woodland Cemetery" -- 3"CD-R -- €6
2008 Taalem, alm 49
With his first works released on well-known labels like Cold Meat Industry, Eibon Records or Fin de Siecle Media, Mathias Josefson's Moljebka Pvlse has fastly gained a strong reputation in the dark ambient/industrial world. Including more & more field recordings in his sound, Josefson soon departed from his typicial "Swedish roots" to more droney sounds like his more recent productions on Mystery Sea, Gears of Sand, Drone Records or this very 3". Minimal yet captivating droney field recordings! [press-release]

The Moon And The Nightspirit -- "Osforras" -- CD -- €17
2009 Equilibrium Music, EQM023BK, (ltd. 1000)
Collector's edition in a digi-book.

Nakajima, Akifumi -- "Water 1991" -- 2 CD-R -- €14
2008 Kokeshidisk, kodi 11
With "Water 1991", Kokeshidisk continues the re-release of pre-AUBE releases. Like "Water 1990" we released in 2005, this is the soundtrack to an exhibition by Arichi+Sasaoka in 1991 and is a two-disc set (to respect the format of the original release) designed to be played at the same time. Don't worry they can perfectly be played separately, though! Nakajima-san follows the same path started on "Water 1990": using mainly water as sound source, he composed an almost peaceful soundtrack with a (not so) surprising noisy finale, announcing the first AUBE works... [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Netherworld -- "Hallucinations" -- 3"CD-R -- €6
2007 Taalem, alm 40
A few months after the highly successful Cryosphere compilation he released on his own Glacial Movements label, Netherworld proposes us a perfect example of his fine dark ambient: processed field recordings (done in Scotland), acoustic & electronic sounds mixed together to create deep & droney atmospheres in the great Italian ambient tradition. [press-release]

Nurse With Wound -- "Stereo Wastelands" -- CD -- €16
2006 Beta-lactam Ring Records, mt065, (ltd. 500)
A Collection of Musical Debris from the Original "Who Can I Turn to Stereo" sessions. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Nurse With Wound / Jim O'Rourke -- "Angry Eelectric Finger 1 (Tape Monkey Mooch)" -- CD -- €11
2004 Beta-lactam Ring Records, mt085b
Repress of the album packaged in a full color gatefold case. Thou had best be ready when the angry electric finger points to YOU! Fortunately, the 3 collaborators above stepped up to the challenged poking, resulting in each offering electric fingers of varying emotional levels ready to fist you in the ear. THUS SPAKE NURSE (& Xhol): The recipe began with our fearless leader, Steve Stapleton, cooking up some recordings & mixing in a few tablespoons of Xhol Caravan. He then sent this delicious sound casserole, one each, to Jim O'Rourke, Cyclobe & Irr.App.(Ext.) & asked that they bake said casseroles in their own sonic ovens. The 3 separate sound casseroles were then returned to the NWW kitchen where Chef Steve added just a dash of this & a pinch of that. Beta-lactam Ring now serves up these 3 piping hot dishes to you, the hungriest of hungry, hungry hippos. Tape Monkey Mooch: The NWW/Jim O'Rourke duumvirate finger points to a brilliant and long overdue marriage. Their consummation has produced an ambient masterpiece; something of a hermaphroditic hybrid between Soliloquy For Lilith/Spiral Insana and Jim's previous Disengage/Tamper. Haunting, weird, dark and beautiful...just like you! [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Nurse With Wound / Cyclobe -- "Angry Eelectric Finger 2 (Paraparaparallelogrammatica)" -- CD -- €11
2004 Beta-lactam Ring Records, mt086b
Thou had best be ready when the angry electric finger points to YOU! Fortunately, the 3 collaborators above stepped up to the challenged poking, resulting in each offering electric fingers of varying emotional levels ready to fist you in the ear. THUS SPAKE NURSE (& Xhol): The recipe began with our fearless leader, Steve Stapleton, cooking up some recordings & mixing in a few tablespoons of Xhol Caravan. He then sent this delicious sound casserole, one each, to Jim O'Rourke, Cyclobe & Irr.App.(Ext.) & asked that they bake said casseroles in their own sonic ovens. The 3 separate sound casseroles were then returned to the NWW kitchen where Chef Steve added just a dash of this & a pinch of that. Beta-lactam Ring now serves up these 3 piping hot dishes to you, the hungriest of hungry, hungry hippos. Paraparaparallelogrammatica: On the other hand, NWW + Cyclobe = free form freakout! Cyclobe chose to mince the NWW provisions into a deeply psychedelic electro attack. An ocean of circuits swell & ebb & crash against your woofers in a noisy, electro-acoustic mist. More of an angry electric fingering. & DON"T YOU DESERVE IT?! [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Nurse With Wound / irr. app. (ext.) -- "Angry Eelectric Finger 3 (Mute Bell Extinction Process)" -- CD -- €11
2004 Beta-lactam Ring Records, mt087b
Thou had best be ready when the angry electric finger points to YOU! Fortunately, the 3 collaborators above stepped up to the challenged poking, resulting in each offering electric fingers of varying emotional levels ready to fist you in the ear. THUS SPAKE NURSE (& Xhol): The recipe began with our fearless leader, Steve Stapleton, cooking up some recordings & mixing in a few tablespoons of Xhol Caravan. He then sent this delicious sound casserole, one each, to Jim O'Rourke, Cyclobe & Irr.App.(Ext.) & asked that they bake said casseroles in their own sonic ovens. The 3 separate sound casseroles were then returned to the NWW kitchen where Chef Steve added just a dash of this & a pinch of that. Beta-lactam Ring now serves up these 3 piping hot dishes to you, the hungriest of hungry, hungry hippos. Mute Bell Extinction Process: As the final finger in the fist, Irr.App(Ext.) de.emp.has.(ize) the musical aspect of the source material, instead punching it down to its more spacial, raw & cavernous aspects. The textural shifts are long & building. The fractured fallouts reduce everything to a quietly smoldering hollow...like your devastated heart! [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Opium -- "Etere" -- 3"CD-R -- €6
2008 Taalem, alm 50
Known for his solo albums on respected ambient labels like Hic Sunt Leones or Silentes, as well as numerous collaborations with Stefano Musso / Alio Die (Sola Translatio) or Francesco Paladino (Nosesoul), Italian ambient master Teo Zini describes Opium sound as "a river of different frequencies". A perfect definition of "Etere": luxurious ambient with multiple layers & samples, ethnic percussion and field recordings... [press-release]

Reynols -- "Pacalirte Sorban Cumanos" -- CD -- €11
2002 Beta-lactam Ring Records, mt051
I think Reynols' may have devised a new genre of music which we shall call here 'sushikraut.' All the syrupy, searing guitar hallmarks & plodding time signatures of the finest psychedelic krautrock legends: Ash Ra Temple, Amon Duul II, Guru Guru (early), Xhol Caravan, & Can (early) etc. All the psychedelic, syrupy r&om lo-fi looseness & spirtual spaciousness of Ghost, Acid Mothers Temple, White Heaven, & Magical Power Mako. Throw in sing-songy Gergorigegege style vocalisations (For some reason J&ek also sticks in my craw) & you've got yourself a masterpiece called Reynols. LP edition sold out. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

RLW -- "An Archivist's Nightmare" -- CD -- €15
2007 Beta-lactam Ring Records, mt138, (ltd. 300)
Black Series 2 - Ed. of 300 numbered and signed copies by RLW (P16.D4). RLW moves in to the world of sound art with his piece "The Archivist's Nightmare". "The nightmare has been produced as a sound feature for radio resonance, London, in mid 2003 and was “aired” on internet October 3rd 2003. It is dedicated to Benjamin Green and would not have been possible without the help of Dorothea, Soeren, and Sonja. Index points are set for your pleasure. The feature itself embraces the whole CD. Total Time: 60:00 Some notes: "...i will read the titles of the last records i got (i guess about 1000 should fit into one hour). selected, insofar as i'll leave out those i found not worth listening to anyway. no criteria of order otherwise (therefore the title). ... imagine a future archivist interested in experimental/avantgarde/underground - however you will call it - sounds of the past 21st and 20th century, trying to find a path..." rlw, april 2003 “in an earlier mail i told you i would like to add some pieces of mine to the feature. Meanwhile i think this only would distract the listener?s attention from the reading. Instead i will additionally read parts of my letters to you and include these recordings in the feature. this additional level of self-reflection will also be of use as an structural element. “ rlw, may 2003 “sounds fucking great.. and i can sense an opening of possibilities… working with children is something I would be interested in doing, with some kind of structured improvisation/game pieces… strange… i keep getting a very high pitch sound in one ear when I type loudly, which reminds me of yr piece.” ben green, may 2003 “thanks for the radio feature. it?s really great. the funniest thing i?ve heard in a long while. it's a weird thing, initially i thought these were the records that would get played later, and then i started thinking like 'got that one, heard that name before, did the cover for that one, dunno this`.” jos moers, june 2003". [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Sanfilippo, Bruno -- "The New Kingdom" -- CD -- €11
1995 AD21 Music, ad102

Sanfilippo, Bruno -- "Solemnis" -- CD -- €11
1998 AD21 Music, ad103

Sanfilippo, Bruno -- "Suite Patagonia" -- CD -- €11
2000 AD21 Music, ad104

Telepherique vs. S·Core -- "Past-Art" -- 3"CD-R -- €6
2007 Taalem, alm 41
While preparing the "Result of a Mail-Art 1992" re-release, we've had this idea: why not asking Telepherique to rework/remix some S·Core tracks 15 years later? It should be interesting to confront material from the past with technique from today. Unfortunately, as Japanese artist S·Core has gone missing for a few years now (if anybody knows how to get in touch with him, please tell us!), we had to choose a previously released disc. "Tarnish" 7inch was an obvious selection as it was issued on Telepherique's label (Drahtfunk-Products) in 1995 and moreover as it's a perfect example of S·Core talent to create unique atmospheres. The result is indeed unique: raw & crude sounds from Japan remixed/reworked/refined by the German artist. To complete the release, Telepherique created a very special track they define themselves as "a musical acoustic history about my project-name Telepherique". It's a beautiful opposition to the previous track, gentle, soft & very atmospheric. [press-release]

Telepherique vs. S·Core -- "Result of a Mail-Art 1992" -- CD-R -- €11
2007 Kokeshidisk, kodi 9
Back in 1992, German Telepherique & Japanese S·Core were very active in the cassette-scene. Telepherique had released quite a lot of cassettes on their own Drhafunk-Products label and S·Core on its own Afflict Records as well as many foreign labels (Extreme or Staalplaat to name a few). They were both fond of collaborations: with Kapotte Muziek or MSBR for Telepherique, with Merzbow or Stefano Biasin for S·Core. It was then logical to find them working together. This "result" is excellent: raw & crude sounds, some smoother atmospheres, you can feel both influences in those eight untitled tracks... On a side note, S·Core has sadly gone missing since 1999/2000. If anybody knows how to get in touch with him, please contact us! [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Temple Music -- "Incompleteness" -- CD -- €11
2009 Faria Records, FAR-26 / Shining Day, SHINE-10, (ltd. 500)
“INCOMPLETENESS” is the all new album from the visionary duo of TEMPLE MUSIC, beautifully presented in typical Faria fashion with 4 full colour inserts in an immaculate art housing... In 1931, the Czech-born mathematician Kurt Goedel demonstrated that within any given branch of mathematics, there would always be some propositions that couldn't be proven either true or false using the rules and axioms of that mathematical branch itself... the implication is that all logical system of any complexity are, by definition, incomplete; each of them contains, at any given time, more true statements than it can possibly prove according to its own defining set of rules. This implies that you'll never entirely understand yourself, since your mind, like any other closed system, can only be sure of what it knows about itself by relying on what it knows about itself... TEMPLE MUSIC'S Alan Trench and Stephen Robinson have used both the implications of Gцdel's theorem and the doctrine of anamorphosis to compose and fashion an album of 4 interconnected and complementary tracks that somehow look both forward and back; that juxtapose the old and the new into an organic whole of both sacred and temporal instruments - Indian harmonium and shruti box, plucked and hammered dulcimers, bodhrans, mosenos, various flageolets, synthesisers and keyboards, guitars, bass, Tibetan bells and singing bowls - 4 drifting shards of ethereal and sometimes frightening beauty, rose petals on the snow that are finally revealed to be tiny, perfect drops of crystalline blood... Tracy Jeffery of Orchis, Cunnan and SQE contributes to 2 tracks: vocals to Elemental and harp to Anamorphosis. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Testa, Antonio & Susana Beatriz Alvear -- "Ecosphere" -- CD -- €11
2008 ExperimenTribe, ET 001

Thighpaulsandra -- "Double Vulgar II" -- CD -- €11
2004 Beta-lactam Ring Records, mt089a
CD is packed in a 6 panel digipack with artwork by Peter Christopherson (Coil, Throbbing Gristle) sure to offend someone somewhere! TPS's resume is probably one of the most schizophrenic in the musicians' pool. That's likely why his own projects are increasingly interesting, dynamic, cosmic and ever ready to poke a bit of fun at musical conventions. Even unconventional conventions. The opening scherzo of the first electro-acoustic track seems to take the piss out of countless atonal mezzo-soprano works of the 60's and 70's (think Robert Ashley, Peter Maxwell Davies, Luigi Nono, etc.). The sung dialogue contains such insightful phrases as 'but does the commander wear glasses,' and 'my nostrils are just perfect,' and 'I'm not above using these tongs you know.' Even while giving the battered old genre a good whollup, TPS nonetheless manages to make a modern electro-acoustic mezzo-soprano work work (though methinks tis a falsetto here). He has a bit of fun with it all and then resoundly tears the thing asunder into melting pool of glinting and burbling electro, not unlike some of Coil's latter day schizotronics. And that's just track 1! The next is a vast psych out with rhythmic bass and keyboard dialogues digressing into eruptions of drum cadence and electronyxx, vulcanizing as into a new Earth. Heavy and improvisational, like Red Crayola's Free Form Freakout spliced into Verto or Brainticket. The gelatinous citizenry finally sets into a closing garage punker that almost sounds lifted from a Pebbles compilation. The following extended form electronic work incorporates sinewy modern jazz guitar lines with vibes creating, perhaps, the fourth stream? The frequencies clang and grunt, again, like Coily-poo, but with an arrangement that could be nothing but TPS (kind of like Music Is Rotted One Note taken to a much weirder extreme). A quietly atmospheric, Sylvian-esque churner brings the mood down a shade, leading to the album's closing coda; a sequenced and psychedelic stroll through an avant jazz landscape, pinging a touch like LPD crossed with ancient Clock DVA. Thereafter, the laser retreats back to track one and the ear tries to once again to parse all the intricate and sublime arranging that makes this such a compelling album. TPS may well be the Bach, or possibly the Esquivel of today's avant garde set. Either way, the thigh's have it! Coil, Spiritualized, Brain Donor, Julian Cope, ... [press-release]

Tzesne -- "Crossing TierraHueca" -- 3"CD-R -- €6
2009 Taalem, alm 55
Tzesne is a Basque sound artist who perfectly combines field recorings and eletronic processings. His previous works were released by Drone Records, Mystery Sea or his own imprint Series Negras. "Crossing TierreHueca" is a collection of four quite short tracks, maybe more on an ambient side than some of his other works... [press-release]

V -- "Fam" -- CD-R -- €8
2008 Still*Sleep, CDR09
Deep low frequency drone with almost static compositional structure. Sounds from the abyss...

v. / Ultra Milkmaids -- "Drone + Unease" -- CD -- €10
2002 Zeromoon, ZERO 001, (ltd. 1000)
The Ultra Milkmaids from France meet v. from Washington DC and give birth to a mutant baby quite unlike either of its parents. Abstract, dense music that you can hum and that will swirl around in your head. [label info] “Each of the seven tracks featured here offers a unique and immensely engaging sound environment. …it has proven to be a recording that reveals its secrets slowly and with careful listening. Recommended.” [Incursion] “Brilliant by many factors, the most important of which in my opinion, the difficulty of joining the more improvised nature of v w/ the more electronica evolution of the milkies.” [Absurd]

Vance Orchestra -- "No More Boleros" -- CD-R -- €9
2000 Ignis, DI 005, (ltd. 350)

Violet -- "Violet Ray Gas And The Playback Singers" -- CD -- €10
2009 Zeromoon, zero008 / Sentient Recognition Archive, SRA010, (ltd. 1000)
Whereas violet light resides at the short-wavelength end of the visible spectrum, Violet sound projects outwards beyond the audio spectrum; from Minimalism and near-silence to full-on tonal Brutalism. »Violet Ray Gas & The Playback Singers« creates a personal soundtrack to Futurist and Avant Guard cinema, filled with clipped foreign voices, the surface noise of old vinyl acetates and film projector hum. Seemingly familiar ethnic melodies decay and drone, with subtle turns of well-crafted and honed vision. Not unlike great film art, all composition leads to that awkward moment of dumbstruck awe upon completion, bathed in the deafening silence before one, then several, and finally thunderous audience applause bursts forth. That collective moment wherein the mind seeks to process the full range of aesthetic and emotional experience laid out before it: bewilderment to recognition, disruption to blissfulness, but never indifference or ambivalence. You are now changed from this experience and exposure. [press-release]

Waldteufel -- "Rauhnacht" -- CD -- €13
2007 Percht, Percht08
6 songs and 40 minutes about the Austrian / South German Rauhnacht rituals. "Rauhnacht" is a rural, ancient soundtrack for the holy Jul nights, combined with dreamingly sad Folk balads and Pagan Folkmetal hymns. All artwork for this edition was painted by Markus Wolff in may 2007 on wood-plates and the CD, as well as the LP, has a booklet with german and english lyrics. The album was mastered by Axel Frank (WERKRAUM) at the Blue Lounge Studios / Berlin. [label info] Released + remastered from edition on Terra Fria (2005). Includes 2 new songs.
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

V/A -- "Generals Tachibana Kamitori Festival" -- 2 CD-R -- €10
2009 Tachibana Records 001, (ltd. 149)
Noise / Heavy Electronics / Ritual / Black Industrial / Necro Ambient / Experimental / Neofolk / Martial. Double disc compilation gathering the elite of Russian noise and ritual music. A unique sound document. A catechism for dedicated. An act of ritual cannibalism. Meat notches on the Way of Warrior. Each image actualize the initial coordinates where the Fiery South, Holy East and Steadfast West meet at the point of the Inner North. Noise assaults, hidden voices, victory marches, mantras of junction. Sickly landscapes of emptiness. Exposions of stars spreading silver seed. Archaic pulsations under the layer of secular snow. Immersion in space wells. War as the principle of existence. Eternal sacrifice as debt to the Absolute. On different side of human futility. Beyound the bounds of illusive constructions of reality. Listen in solitude at the gates of dawn!!! DISK I: Dima Beslan (ex-MP44), DASEIN, Merry Salaspils, PARCHIM, Pententacles, Necrasota, Awohaar, Organoid, Self-Sacrifice EIHWAZ (ex-BUNKER), HIERS XXVI, Ierophania feat. DASEIN. DISK II: PURBA, Sub Figura, RYR, Ierophania, Morgentayna, Aelia Capitolina, Vitaly Lalia, KIRLIT, Chasm Haze, Phurpa, Horth. 2 CDr; 22 tracks; 4 panel flat cardboard digisleeve; full-colouyr print; 2 inserts; wrapped in the Manifest of "Tachibana-art", hand-written (risography) in Russian. [press-release]

V/A -- "SWALKA # 01" -- CD-R -- €8
2008 Mind Control, mc012, (ltd. 250)
A survey of Russian Harsh Noise & Power Electronics scene. Exclusive tracks from AELIA CAPITOLINA, GANZER, NECRASOTA, ORGANOID, FUGAS, TYDISH, INDRA, COMFORTER, OBOZDUR, FEAR KONSTRUKTOR, ORGANOMEHANIZM, MURDER JUNKIES, STAHLVERSION. From atmospheric distorted loops of Power Electronics to the walls of deconstructive Harsh Noise. Only extreme sounds. DVD-box, full-colour print. [YAOP info]


Troum -- "Sen" -- 2 LP -- €38
2008 Equation Records, E=mc13, (ltd. 147)
Special reissue of Troum's long out-of-print Mort Aux Vaches CD from 1999.(This is the first time that Staalplaat have allowed one of their releases to be reissued). This is - quite simply - the most lavish & extravagant packaging ever produced by Equation. The LP records come in a unique clear PVC semi-circular gatefold wallet with a velcro fastener and two satin-finish outer stickers on the front and back. Secured inside is a super-thick 7" PVC sleeve (specially imported from the UK) containing three satin-finished circular double-sided thick cards with stunning and incredibly complex artwork by eyelyft (printed at very high resolution). Also thrown into the set is a 3" sticker and each copy is individually hand-numbered. This version of release in printed on heavy 180 g tan with halo vinyl. [label info]


Gelsomina -- "Deus Ex Garbage Can" -- MC -- €9
2007 Turgid Animal, TA137, (ltd. 50)
The legend of Finnish harsh noise. Full-colour fetishist cover. [YAOP info]

Haare -- "Mutations" -- MC -- €7
Black Arts Productions, Black arts 14, (ltd. 75)
Psychedelic Noise from Finland. Chrome tape. [YAOP info]

Koje -- "Cyanide High" -- MC -- €7
Black Arts Productions, Black arts 13, (ltd. 47)
Sick Finnish harsh noise. Chrome cassette. [YAOP info]

Maaaa -- "Human Waste" -- MC + E-CARD -- €9
Rokot, [RKT-01], (ltd. 50)
Power Electronics from Karelia. Thick mutilating sound. Pulsations of deepest hatred. Includes CD card with a cover version of Distress "Progress-Regress". [label info]

Newton -- "Ode To RRR & Emil Beauleau" -- MC -- €5
2007 Breathmint, BM234, (ltd. 100)
American harsh noise, very quality-done, substantial and varied. Unusual polyethylene box, full-colour cover, cassette with stickers. [YAOP info]

PCRV (Pop Culture Rape Victim) -- "Me Tarzan, Eugene" -- MC -- €7
Black Arts Productions, Black arts 12, (ltd. 50)
Drive American harsh noise. Colour cover + insert. Chrome tape. [YAOP info]

Polaris -- "s/t" -- MC -- €9
2003 Ultima Ratio, Fokum-03, (ltd. 42)
Lovecraftian dark ambient from the creator of SudanStrain and Mesopic Vision. Rare. [YAOP info]


"1, 2, 3, Whiteout - The End of the Light Age" -- DVD + CD -- €13
2009 Zeromoon, zero007
The latest feature film from James June Schneider. “This ‘tone poem for darkness’ mixes amazing original vignettes with diverse archive found footage, an exceptional sci-fi sensibility and incredible soundscapes to form a blissfully imaginative and retro-futuristic creation. Set in ‘an old-fashioned kind of future’, Veronique and an inventor (the legendary Lou Castel) are trying to bring back a ‘positive’ darkness to offset the glaring, bright, technological man-made light and ‘make the night night again’. As much about sound as about darkness, it asks: Can we shine when we are faced with blinding light?” - Leeds International Film Festival. DVD includes 2 short experimental films created using x-rays that feature music performed by Violet and CD of music used in the film. [press-release]

Frea market (used & rare)

Project - Album - Format - Condition (disc/cover) - Year - Label - Cat. # - Ltd. - Price

>o< - Abyssal Jar - CDR - NM - 2005 - Operator Produkzion - OPERPRODUKT03 - Ltd. 90 - €3,46
Aube - Imagery Resonance - CD - M/NM - 2007 - Aquarellist - aquarel 05 - 07 - Ltd. 1000 - €5,76
Big City Orchestra - In A Persian Market [2nd ed.] - CDR - G - 2003 - Verato Project - verazitat 010 - Ltd. 100 - €2,30
Bouchet, Pierre - Sale Timbale - CD - VG - 1998 - Suicide Commercial - 2-9509100-3-3 - €6,91
Chaos As Shelter - Waves - CDR - G - 2005 - Verato Project - verazitat 024 - Ltd. 60 - €2,30
Cisfinitum - Music of Light - CDR - VG+ - 2005 - Spirals Of Involution - SOI 050 - Ltd. 157 - €3,46
Clement, Joda - Movement + Rest - CD - VG+ - 2005 - Alluvial Recordings - A20 - €4,59
Dadazu - Sin Of Omission - CDR - VG+ - 2007 - Farm - farm 05 - €2,30
Denuding To Nights - s/t - CDR - NM - 2003 - self-released - €1,84
Do Shaska! - Dark Live Fest - CDR - NM - 2005 - Galerie Gryf Records - Galerie Gryf CD - 020 - Ltd. 69 - €6,91
Do Shaska! - Live At Styx (18.6.2005) - CDR - NM - 2005 - Galerie Gryf Records - Galerie Gryf CD - 018 - Ltd. 80 - €6,91
Exit In Grey - Radionarayan - CDR - VG+ - 2007 - Daphnia Records - ph08 - €2,98
Exit In Grey - Twilight Waters - CDR - VG+ - 2007 - Abgurd - AB-41 - Ltd. 100 - €2,98
Fanum - s/t - CDR - VG - 2008 - Kerpg - Kerpg11 - Ltd. 68 - €2,98
Faryus - Night Forest Reality - CD - VG+ - 2008 - Faria Records - FAR-20 - Ltd. 500 - €4,59
Faryus & Vadim Bondarenko - 8 Atmospheres - CD - VG+ - 2008 - Faria Records - FAR-25 - Ltd. 500 - €4,59
Femme Under Plastic - Primitive Means [2nd ed.] - CDR - NM/VG - 2005 - Recordings For The Summer - #148 - €2,30
Half Mile Down - Fish-Headed Idols - CDR - NM - 2006 - Musically Incorrect Records - MIR #27 - €2,98
Hilter - Sexfilms - CD - VG - 2004 - Ars Benevola Mater - ABM 07 - Ltd. 500 - €3,46
Hladna - Melting Water - CDR - NM - 2007 - self-released - €6,91
Hollowing & Chaos As Shelter - Heavenly Letter - CDR - VG+ - 2005 - Mechanoise Labs - mn 025 - Ltd. 100 - €3,46
The Infant Cycle / Uphold - Our Past Present (Now Then) - 2 3"CDR - VG+ - 2007 - Afe Records - afe086mcd - Ltd. 100 - €2,98
Jarl - Akatisi / Somnolens - CD - VG+ - 2004 - Tantric Harmonies - TANTRA X21 - Ltd. 499 - €4,61
Krutogolov, Igor - Muzika Elektronika - CDR - VG+ - 2006 - Heart Shaped Box Prod. - HSB-007 - €2,30
Lanceolaria Im Licht Der Laterne - Olympus Mons - CDR - VG+ - 2008 - Still*Sleep - CDR05 - €2,98
Light Collapse & Bidoche Musique - s/t - CDR - NM/VG+ - 2005 - Ostroga - OTR-004 - Ltd. 59 - €2,76
Light Collapse / IDX1274 - s/t - CDR - NM - 2005 - Heart Shaped Box Prod. - HSB 004 - Ltd. 138 - €2,30
Light Collapse & M.Nomized - Combinat - CDR - VG+ - self-released - €2,30
Light Collapse / Plazmat - Split - CDR - VG+ - 2005 - Sickcore - SC 005 - Ltd. 50 - €2,30
Lo.By… - G.G. - CDR - NM - 2006 - Operator Produkzion - OPERPRODUKT07 - Ltd. 39 - €3,46
Lo.By… - Prodolzhoj Dejstvevet - CDR - VG+ - 2006 - Operator Produkzion - OPERPRODUKT06 - Ltd. 51 - €2,30
Majdanek Waltz - Cold - CD - VG - 2006 - KultFront - KF-IV - Ltd. 500 - €2,30
Mem - It Was A Very Good Year - CD - VG+ - 2003 - Alluvial Recordings - A16 - €4,59
Misery - Circles Of Life - CDR - NM - 2007 - Operator Produkzion - OPERPRODUKT16 - Ltd. 160 - €3,46
Misery - Rechi Angelov Angelam - CDR - NM - 2001 - 8th Moon Art - 8M-CD-11 - Ltd. 45 - €13,82
Monopolka / Dump - 356-0-356 - CDR - NM - Monopolka - €3,46
Monopolka / Pichismo - 356-0-356 - CDR - VG+ - Monopolka - €3,46
N|B|K - Miasmas Of Civilisation - CDR - VG+ - 2006 - Sickcore - SC 006 - €2,30
Napalmed - Up To The Ears In Tinnitus - CD - VG+ - 2006 - Stand Against Vivisection Records - €4,61
Necropolis - Necrosphere - CD - VG - 2006 - Cold Spring - CSR51CD - €3,46
Reductio Ad Absurdum - The Greatest Hits - CDR - VG - 2005 - Ultra - UCD 23 - €2,30
Rothkamm, Frank - Moers Works (1982 - 1984) - CD - VG+ - 2006 - Monochrome Vision - mv10 - €4,61
Solnzev, Gosha / Elik, Yuri - Voices Of The Dead - DVD-R - VG+ - 2006 - Zhelezobeton Film - ZF-II - Ltd. 250 - €4,61
SS (SudanStrain) - HA PP Y ERA VEY! - 3"CDR - NM - 2005 - Operator Produkzion - OPERPRODUKT04 - Ltd. 157 - €2,30
Sshe Retina Stimulants / Bad Sector - Neurotransmitter Actions - CDR - NM/NM - 2000 - Loud! / Solipsism - L!CD01 / Solipsism-26 - Ltd. 73/150 - €34,40
Stoukaline, Kirill - Programma 3 - CDR - VG - 2002 - self-released - Ltd. 40 - €2,30
Uton - Sacred Hiss / Ghost Oracle - CDR - VG+ - 2006 - Ikuisuus - IS-004 - €2,98
Vetrophonia - The Space Voyage - DVD-R - VG+ - 2006 - Zhelezobeton Film - ZF-I - Ltd. 250 - €6,91
Vresnit - Kalen Ven - CDR - NM - 2009 - Vetvei - V01 - Ltd. 108 - €4,59
Vresnit - Stalist Lik Sveta - CDR - VG+ - 2008 - Kerpg - Kerpg16 - Ltd. 96 - €4,59
YAO 91404 D - Concrete Optimism - CDR - NM/VG - 2006 - Heart Shaped Box Prod. - HSB 002 - Ltd. 62 - €4,61
YAO 91404 D - Workers Song - CDR - VG+ - 2006 - Ostroga - OTR-007 - Ltd. 50 - €4,61
V/A - Das Dreidimensionale Mobiusband (Achim Wollscheid, Asmus Tietchens, Conrad Schnitzler, Das, Darius Ciuta, Es, Felipe Caramelos, Frans de Waard, Ilpo Vaisanen, John Watermann, Trevor Wishart, Animist Orchestra, Spectre, RLW, Merzbow, Liddikoatight, Leif Elggren, Juozas Milasius, Kouhei Matsunaga) - 2 CD + 3"CD-ROM - VG+ - 2003 - Flying Swimming - fs00001 - €27,65
V/A - Inquinamento Acustico Vol.1 (Amon, Murder Corporation, Deca, Bad Sector, I Burn, Kluster Cold, Sshe Retina Stimulants, ... Today, I'm Dead., Deison, Clau D.E.D.I., Dither Craf & Spiritual Front, Teatro Satanico Charles Manson, Stable, Morder Machine) - CD - M/NM - 2000 - Misty Circles / Oktagon - MCR20 / OKT 008 - €12,16
V/A - Mia Runa (Belborn, Graumahd, Allerseelen, Riharc Smiles, Sturmpercht, Soulsearch, Thelema, A Challenge Of Honour, Gegentum, Sagentoeter, Nihilistic Front, Boleskine, Die Wachter, Hekate, Jagerblut, Werkraum, Institution D.O.L. presents Lipgloss Dolce, Derniere Volonte, Teatro Satanico, Praetorio, Tyr-Kreis, Cawatana, Radio Murmansk, Stahlwerk 9, Simon Schall) - CD BOX - NM - 2005 - Steinklang Industries - Ltd. 111 - €23,04
V/A - Muzyka Voln (Kshatriy, Exit In Grey, Closing The Eternity, Hum, Necropolis, Cisfinitum, Anthesteria feat. Kaj?, Lunar Abyss Deus Organum, Instant Movie Combinations, Bardoseneticcube, Polaris, RemoteBand) - CD - NM - 2007 - Muzyka Voln - MV-I - Ltd. 500 - €4,61
V/A - Rush For Black Celebration - Russian Industrial Depeche Mode Tribute (Das Reut, Light Collapse, Тbilisi-89, Interior Disposition, Sal Solaris, Alexei Borisov, М-28, Stpocold, Ganzer, Hladna, Instant Movie Combinations, Maroon, Kryptogen Rundfunk, Tsaraas, Noises Of Russia, Kaj?) - CD - NM - 2008 - KultFront - KF-IX - Ltd. 500 - €3,46
V/A - Sicktron (Lasse Marhaug, Azoikum, Koje, Grunt, STROM.ec, Sektion B / Green Army Fraction, Brutum Fulmen, Klangstabil, Bardoseneticcube, MFS, Hidden Technology / UF18, No Xivic, Zer0-Sum) - MC - NM - 2006 - Black Arts Productions - Black Arts 10 - Ltd. 100 - €5,76
V/A - Wir Rufen Deine Wolfe (Der Arbeiter, Graumahd, O Paradis, Waldteufel, Erdgeist, Werkraum, Cawatana, Lady Morphia, Turbund Sturmwerk, Blood Axis, Allerseelen, Sturmpercht, Sangre Cavallum, Belborn, Circe, Riharc Smiles, Der Feuerkreiner) - CD - VG+ - 2003 - Aorta - AORCD09 - €8,06
V/A - Zvukolan: Atmosphere, Landscapes, Strategy (Unknown, Hum, Sunchariot, Kromeshna, Lunar Abyss Deus Organum, YAO 91404 D) - CDR - VG - 2005 - Strely Peruna - SP 015 - Ltd. 222 - €2,76

You can download the full list of rare & used items here.


Adriva -- "Cold Sea Week" -- CD-R -- €7
2007 Abgurd, AB-43, (ltd. 100)
Project of Denis from formations of SUNCHARIOT, ENMERKAR and MATTER shows a little more experimental Drone Ambient than the one he performs in his main project, SUNCHARIOT. The album is dedicated to the author's sojourn on the shores of Black Sea in winter. Slack, congealed soundwaves crystallize in the air and gently descend on eyelids and shoulders, immersing one in eternal slumber of Suspense. Floating spectres of drowned fishermen, call-signs of ultramundane submarines, icefloes that ram Eternity, chasm of scalding coldness and pitch-darkness. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Adriva -- "Cuore Mini" -- CD-R -- €6
2008 Observatiore 18, (ltd. 18)
Ritual old school industrial from Rostov-on-Don, Russia.

Adriva -- "Lacte Sessia" -- CD-R -- €10
2008 Observatoire 24, (ltd. 38)
One 30-min. piece made in monotonous drone ambient way typical for Adriva, but at the same time "shifted" towards more fluent mood: the sound became more flowing, loops - more wave-sounding, atmosphere - more abstract.

Adriva -- "Oriens" -- CD-R -- €10
2008 Observatiore 23, (ltd. 38)
The album was recorded in winter 2008. Lost - somewhere in reality and dream interactions. Clarity - only in search of one of the four cardinal directions... Total time - 60 minutes. [label info]

Anti-Verstand -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €7
2006 Abgurd Subdivision, AB-17, (ltd. 75)
Side-project of YAO 91404 D. Leningrad's catacombs shamanism. This disk contains all previously released works of the project except for "Electroorganics". Brainblasting imbecil shit noise created from radio ether, collages, distorted voices and stable overload in everything. As a bonus there's a 30-min track recorded in summer 2005 and containing sickly improvisation for voices and feedbacks. [press-release]

ARC -- "13th" -- 3"CD-R -- €6
2002 Taalem, alm 10
ARC is a Canadian trio comprised of Aidan Baker, Richard Baker (no, they're not brothers) and Christopher Kukiel. It was formed spontaneously in 1999. ARC's music is based on drones and melodic loops created by Aidan's heavily-treated guitar. Add Richard and Chrisopher's tribalish rhtyhms made with various percussive instruments and you get the picture. When we, at Taâlem, first heard ARC, we couldn't help thinking of Life Garden and Voice of Eye, those great US tribal ambient bands from the 90's. But ARC is no copycat! [press-release]

Ataraxia / Autunna et sa Rose -- "Odos Eis Ouranon - La Via Verso il Cielo" -- 2 CD -- €17
2005 Equilibrium Music, EQM004
A deluxe Digipak double-CD, by two of the leading figures in the Italian Neo-Classical scene, Ataraxia and Autunna et sa Rose. Autunna et sa Rose have used material from their first 3 albums, hereby interpreted on piano and cello, and featuring soprano vocals and poetic recitation. Saverio, the group's mastermind, and his companions bring to life dramatic pieces that push the typically softer tones of Neo-Classical music into a more demanding ground dominated by Contemporary Classical music. Interpretations of compositions by Ataraxia and Tuxedomoon were also part of the concert recorded in Rovigo that evening and included in this release. Borrowing an ancient Wiepking and Co. piano, Ataraxia rearranged a collection of their finest tracks that would fit an entirely acoustic format, revisiting them in a warmer and more intimate form. This selection covers not only tracks from most of their releases, but also titles from the sold-out EPs "Orlando" and "Des Paroles Blanches", as well as two previously unreleased songs and material never before issued on CD. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Aube -- "Pôle Nord" -- 3"CD-R -- €6
2005 Taalem, alm 21
Does Aube really need an introduction? After more than 160 releases (!) in fourteen years, I guess he doesn't. For this 3"cd-r, Akifumi Nakajima has, as usual, used a single source to create his music; this time feedback. You could then imagine the tracks to be noisy as hell. Thankfully they're not. Aube knows perfectly how to mix noise and ambient music. So the result is noisy, yes, but listenable; ambient, too, but not boring. A great work, as usual should I say. [press-release]

Aube -- "Reworks Maurizio Bianchi Vol. 2" -- CD -- €10
2006 Silentes, sme 0609
As the title suggests, the second meeting of these experimental minds. Static music, suspended by a thread of silence. Circular flowing audio structures. Archeology of sound. Mind expanding ambient textures. A new, fascinating operation of disassembly and restructure of sonic material by Maurizio Bianchi (the entire album 'The Testamentary Corridor'), by incomparable Japanese "audio sculptor" Aube. Silentes is a sub-division of Italian label Amplexus. [label info]

Aube -- "Reworks Stefano Gentile II" -- CD -- €10
2008 Silentes, sme 0720
Long static drones and suspended frequencies of harmonic, sonorous wafts in constant evolution riding cyclical hypnotic perennially changing synthetic curved waves... Loops and fluctuating waves meet expand sonorous carpets and push-buttons electronic micro-sequences that progressively decompose in minimal rhythmic structures... Submerged melodic fragments emerge soft between stuffed with wadding magma flows... Extraordinary atmospheres and great new tension for this, most waited chapter of "Aube Reworks Stefano Gentile"! [press-release]

Baker, Aidan -- "The Taste of Summer on your Skin" -- 3"CD-R -- €6
2004 Taalem, alm 15
I'm not sure Aidan Baker really needs an introduction. Also a member or the tribal-ambient trio ARC (remember "13th" we released some months ago), he has built an impressive discography in a few months, releasing his beautiful drone/ambient guitar-ish music on every interesting label (Mystery Sea, DTA, S'Agita or The Locus OF Assemblage to name but a few). Of course we couldn't not be part of (smile!). So here is "The Taste of Summer on your Skin", "a melodic, shimmering multi-instrumental drone track" as Aidan describes it himself. [press-release]

Bardoseneticcube -- "The Sacral Member" -- 3"CD-R -- €6
2006 Taalem, alm 36
Bardoseneticcube is a now well-known artist from Russia, with releases on various labels like Drone Records, Steinklang, Athanor or Mechanoise Labs. For this 3", Bardoseneticcube has looked into his archives and found these two tracks in an ambient/ritual style, sometimes rhythmed by percussions that could remind our dear Internal Fusion. [label info]

Bates, Martyn -- "Migraine Inducers / Antagonistic Music" -- 2 CD -- €16
2007 Beta-lactam Ring Records, mt196/mt197a, (ltd. 1000)
Freed from layers of sand, the ancient seal is cracked and the stone portal pried away. A hoary blizzard of slowly settling dust and mold is finally sliced by the first tantalizing glint of a mythological cache. At long last a lost experimental classic from the earliest days of the UK diy movement is delivered from legendary obscurity. “…violent anti-music: I think this is a brilliant tape…hauntingly beautiful and totally refreshing sound.” So wrote Geoff Rushton (aka Jhon Balance) in a 1980 issue his Stabmental magazine about Martyn Bates’s “Dissonance” cassette (“Migraine Inducers” was the project's title). Originally released as a micro-edition in the UK in 1979, the more definitive American version was released as a cassette in the US shortly afterwards. For the first time “Dissonance” sees a limited edition CD and vinyl reissue, appended by a bonus disc with the 1994 “completion” of the piece. “Dissonance” presaged Martyn’s solo career and his work as part of Eyeless In Gaza in a most unusual way. Rather than directly suggesting what was to come, the cassette, instead, suggested a composing and sound AESTHETIC that exists to this day. That first cassette-only cri-de-coeur would have you believe that Martyn would be the next Nurse With Wound. Instead, rather like a more extreme Vice Versa or Human League, with Bates literally finding his voice, the later music (solo and with Eyeless In Gaza) evolved into a textural, fractured, DIY chamber pop INFORMED by the avant-garde, occasionally straying back into outright experimentalism (Pale Hands I Loved So Well, eg.). That Eyeless In Gaza (and let’s not forget Peter Becker) and post 70’s Martyn Bates manifested from “Dissonance” makes this bizarre and essential release even more of a precious find. If Martyn had not recorded another note, this would still stand as an extremely important early, incredibly forward thinking moment of sonic exploration. Dynamic, visceral and jagged but musical and deliberately constructed, “Dissonance” captures, maybe even defines the zeitgeist of the DIY attitude that was rising in the heady days of the late 70’s and early 80’s. An undeniable antecedent and a true revolution. Ed. of 1000 copies in a deluxe 5 color gatefold sleeve, 16 page booklet with liner notes about the project by Else Teicher. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [+]

Birch Book -- "Fortune & Folly" -- CD -- €12
2006 Helmet Room Recordings, HR6
A side-project of In Gowan Ring. Drifting away from the overtly psychedelic, medieval, and soporific atmosphere which typified In Gowan Ring, B’ee displays a more organic, individualistic approach to songwriting. Fortune & Folly blends elements of idiosyncratic folk-pop and outcast-country with brooding layers of sound and sense, yielding a spectral ethereality in a captivating chiaroscuro thick with the visionary allusions of a haunted wanderer. [label info]

Black Deal With Snow & Mesopic Vision -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €8
2008 Still*Sleep, CDR06
Black Deal With Snow is one of the multiple incarnations of Russian drone-musician [S], known for his projects Exit In Grey, Five Elements Music, Sister Loolomie, etc. Mesopic Vision is a creation of another Russian musician who previously used the name Polaris and is also known for his label Abgurd. Their collaboration work is a one 37-min. long track of dark drone ambient. Really strong, varied and powerful recording.

Candyman And Evil Flowers -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €8
2008 Still*Sleep, CDR07
One more project of Russian musician [S] known for Exit In Grey, Five Elements Music, Sister Loolomie, etc... Under this name he explores more dense sounding side of drone ambient music, sometimes even bordering with noise, but still driven by emotions. The closest analogues are Maeror Tri and Troum albums. The lovers of these projects should really draw their attantion to this release - you won't be disappointed. The recording was done with the help of guitar, accordion, flute, voice and percussion.

Chaos As Shelter -- "Message" -- 3"CD-R -- €6
2002 Taalem, alm 9
Chaos As Shelter, from Israel, is one of those bands that don't really need to be presented. He has fastly become a big name in the ambient industrial world thanks to a handful of releases on various labels around the world. For this 3", Vadim has worked from a spy message he had captured on his shortwave radio. The always evolving 20mn track he has composed is simply fascinating and obsessive. At the first listening you're hooked! [press-release]

Cotard Delusion -- "Le Dеlire De Nеgation" -- CD-R -- €9
2007 Triangle Records, [TR029], (ltd. 50)
New full-length album. Sick autumnal depressive/black-metal, raw archaic sound. Fallen leaves soaking under the rain. Surreal sound smears the consciousness. Recorded in ancient Vepsian village Shjoltozero in the end of September. The album contains reworked material from previous demo plus five completely new tracks. Long 60 minutes of suffering and pain. Silver sleeve with insert, limited to 50 copies. [press-release]

DIME[drone] -- "Love Powder: Guide For Soft Tongue And Gentle Fingers" -- CD-R -- €7
2007 self-released, (ltd. 10)
Manual for the chosen ones. Orgasm as a gift from above is universal. Muddy remembrances of evening encounters presented in the form of drone canvases. Low frequency rumbles, roars, chorch chorales, splashes, rings. DVD-box with an ampuole with unknown powder and a condom. Disc contains thematical photoalbum with 293 pictures. Side-project of Russian act Galaxy The Incubator. [author's description]

Ellende -- "Bitter Lemons" -- 3"CD-R -- €6
2004 Taalem, alm 18
Ellende is a mysterious project. No one knows exactly who contributes to Ellende. All we can say is that some people contributes sound to one Dutch man living in Japan. This man carefully builds (he's an architect) his tracks with these sound contributions et voila! Active for many years but releasing his music for only 2 years, Ellende has fastly got a very strong reputation in the dark ambient/experimental scene thanks to a bunch of cd-r's and mp3's releases on many labels all over the world, creating unique atmospheres that can't be compared to anything else. This 3" gives a perfect example of Ellende music, maybe a little harsher and darker than previous works... [press-release]

Enmerkar -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €9
2007 Observatory Records 10, (ltd. 18)
A new project of Denis Shapovalov (Sunchariot, Adriva) from Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Despite the new name, his musical stylistics is in the old vein - mega-old-school ritual ambient with hollow sound. Monotonous subdued rhythms, low-frequency drone and looped fragments of string passages. One 33-min. track. Package - folded sheet of golden paper with minimum of information.

Enmerkar -- "Untitled II" -- CD-R -- €6
2007 Observatory Records, Observatory 12, (ltd. 20)
Side project of Sunchariot. Perserving, drowsy and vision-inducing drone ambient. Trapeziform cardboard package. [YAOP description]

Exit In Grey -- "Emotional Resounding" -- CD-R -- €8
2005/2007 Daphnia Records, PH06, 2nd edition
Slowly evolving spaces filled with deep guitar drones, field recordings and ocassional electronic sounds. Definite recommendations! Second edition.

Exit In Grey -- "Magnetoline - Night Medidation" -- CD-R -- €8
2006 Daphnia Records, PH04
The new album of one of the best Russian drone projects is made out of sounds of processed guitar, field recordings and prepare singing bowls. Slowly rolling hollow and distant rumbles swallowing up the attention like a huge swirl, slowly evolving melodies and flowing by frequency fibers like clouds. During listeting the brain tunes itself down to lower frequency waves and smoothes down emotional state.

Exit In Grey -- "Nowadays Warm" -- CD-R -- €8
2004/2007 Daphnia Records, PH01
Reissue of the very first album of EIG, originally released in carved wooden box, limited to 10 copies. Classical guitar drone ambient, beautiful and melancholic. Similar artists: Troum, Aidan Baker, True Colour Of Blood, etc.

Exit In Grey -- "Radionarayan" -- CD-R -- €8
2007 Daphnia Records, ph08
This time Exit In Grey, reduced to one member [S], experiments with combining guitar drones and radionoises, and does it really successfully! More than an hour of calm yet energetic meditative drone music.

Exit In Grey -- "Sub Pluvia" -- CD-R -- €8
2007 Daphnia Records, ph07
"This work is dedicated to all those forlorn during the rain." Emotional guitar drone ambient with uneasy and sorrowful atmosphere. Each track features sounds of rain, thunder or flowing drops. This is the most rough album of the project because of wide use of distorted guitar.

Five Elements Music -- "Kapotte Muziek By" -- CD-R -- €9
2008 Moving Furniture Records, MFR001, (ltd. 100)
The Dutch duo of Frans de Waard and Roel Meelkop traveled all the way to St. Petersburg, Russia in May 2008, where they did some live performances as Kapotte Muziek. From these performances one has been reworked by the Russian sound/drone artist [S] who also works under the name Five Elements Music. The result is an amazing piece combining field recordings with metal scrapping and oozing drones. [label info]

Five Elements Music -- "Magic Of Deconstructor Band" -- CD-R -- €8
2005 Still*Sleep, SS08
Rustling and slightly ringing ambient sometimes turning into drone, collected from processed field recordings. Very calm atmosphere like with always that [S] creates.
[mp3]   [mp3]

Five Elements Music -- "New Communications: One" -- CD-R -- €8
2006 Still*Sleep, SS09
Russian project FEM works approximately in the same conceptual course as Japanese Aube, but oriented towards "natural" approach. While Aube uses only one sound source for an album, may it be tone generator's waves or sounds of water, FEM chooses only 5 elements: air, water, earth and stone. And while Aube often goes mad with building mathematically precise multy-level constructions with hi-fi sound, FEM on the contrary inherited droning structure of tracks from other projects of [S] (Sister Loolomie, Exit In Grey) with muffled lingering sounds. This album starts with literally stone ambient but by 10th minute the identification of sound practically disappears and only sometimes kind of familiar timbres emerge: cicadas, radionoises, etc.

Five Elements Music -- "Nexus" -- CD-R -- €8
2008 Still*Sleep, SS15
Electroacoustic ambient made from field recordings. The album consists of two long tracks. The first one, unlike many F.E.M. recordings, has dense and saturated sounding. The second one is more smooth and calm in atmosphere, but not less in density of sound - several sonic layers collide and create multifarious wave pattern drawing inside like a swirl in which you can notice every tiny detail while drowning...

Five Elements Music -- "Pictures from Sand : Boiling Line" -- CD-R -- €8
2008 Still*Sleep, SS18
Two mini-albums on one disk. "Picures from Sand" is based on the sounds of sand: low-frequency gentle drones, layered and rustling, gradually accumulate slowly lingering resonances, then again turning into dry field recordings. The theme of "Boiling Line" is the sound of boiling water, but it's not that obvious at once: the noise of electric kettle transforms into wind moans, hi-pitched signals turn out to be seagull voices, and the sound of gurgling liquid is set off by monotonous low drones.

Five Elements Music -- "Six Acts Of Saprofields" -- CD-R -- €8
2005 Still*Sleep, SS07
Still natural field recordings ambient. Perhaps this is the sort of music stones and insects are enjoying!
[mp3]   [mp3]

Five Elements Music -- "Solumpremoterra" -- CD-R -- €8
2005 Still*Sleep, SS05
The second album of FEM is entirely dedicated to the earth element - completely low-frequency drone, to some extent close to the collaboration album of Troum & Yen Pox.
[mp3]   [mp3]

Five Elements Music -- "Stok (Drainage)" -- CD-R -- €8
2008 Still*Sleep, SS17
The album with Russian title "Stock" ("drainage") contains two tracks with soundscapes, based on the sounds of water. Unhurried laminating clear and processed field recordings create comfortable atmosphere, filled with drawling drones and resonances, and great number of small details (hissing sand, rivulets, stones and other artificially amplified natural sounds) carry away listener's attention, leaving him in a numb contemplation of the tangled sound flow.

Five Elements Music -- "Suite In Terra" -- CD-R -- €8
2005 Still*Sleep, SS04
Five Elements Music is a conceprual project of Sergey [S] (Exit In Grey, Sister Loolomie), based on using natural sounds. Drone ambient with lots of field recordings: earth, water, sand, fire, salt...
[mp3]   [mp3]

Five Elements Music -- "Sylphstream" -- CD-R -- €8
2008 Still*Sleep, SS16
First half an hour long track sounds a lot like another project of [S] - Ion And Sophus - very quiet atmospheric tunes accompanied by lo-fi field recordings. Second track starts to condense the sound and brings the feeling of being in a primeval night forest not in the best time... the campfire is playing tricks, the swamps are droning, the wood spirits are wandering around... The last third track continues this feeling drawing in the very inside of fire - here dominate the sounds of flames and charcoal crackles, little by little dissolving in their own echoes...

Guseva -- "URO" -- MC -- €9
2008 Triangle, TR-040, (ltd. 10)
An exclusive album from an extravagant noise girl from Petrozavodsk, Karelia, Russia - Evgeniya Guseva. Sighs of huge monsters and tinkling of lonely bells, totally female material. Fourty minutes of sorrow and yearning. Strictly limited to 10 handnumbered copies. [label info]

Hitti, Enten -- "Giant Clowns Of The Solar World" -- CD -- €10
1996 Aqua, A9601, (ltd. 1000)
A rare sort of ambient work, 'Giant Clowns Of The Solar World' sounds more like an orchestra of voices, instruments and song. Crave a new Mandible Chatter, IAM Umbrella or Voice Of Eye disc? Well, here's a great experience that will grab your imagination. You can almost see people dancing odd steps in some oak grove for a crowd. But there are the drifting, cloudy moments too. The ambient drones ornamented with the sparse instrument: guitar, violin, female voice like an angel, a piano ghost. Very orchestral, inspiring, an orchard of sound... And for you artwork freaks, this one's really nice. It is a six panel, large-sized fold-out display book on heavy artpaper, full-color printing of surreal images and landscapes. Lots of text but most of it in Italian. [Manifold Records description]

Hum -- "Crux Vitae" -- C-74 -- €8
2001 Ultra Low Fidelity 5

Hum -- "Lambent" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2008 self-released
3 new tracks from this Russian lo-fi drone ambient project. For those who love tranquility and harmony.

Hum -- "Lost In White Flame" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2006 Datura Landscapes, DATURA 8
One track recorded in 2001. Dedicated to all fallen asleep in embraces of winter. Melancholic detached drone ambient.

Hum -- "Mystery Of Moonlight" -- C-90 -- €8
2001 Ultra Low Fidelity 7

Hum -- "Pilgrim on the Way of Negation" -- 2 CD-R -- €12
2007 Datura Landscapes, DATURA 10
Calm and minimalistic work in Hum's particular style. Slow detached modulations of synthesizers' signals and floating resonances, reverberated faint sounds of unknown origin. Unlike the previous noisy album "Blade Charm", this one is much more ambient-oriented and even bright to some extent.

Hum -- "Sleepland Emission" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2003 Sphogha, Ultra Low Fidelity 10
Beautiful drone! Soft and at the same time moderately raw analogue sound carries away into spiral depths of unknown levels of consciousness.

Hum -- "Somnia Ficta" -- CD-R -- €9
2005 Sphogha
Area of raw structured droning, re-issue of cassette material from 2001. The album is dedicated to all victims of insomnia.

Hum / Misery / Exit In Grey -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €12
2008 Linija Shuma, Shum 0005, (ltd. 67)
LINIJA SHUMA presents a split-release of three Russian artists: HUM, MI3ERY, EXIT IN GREY. This release is dedicated to one of the most multifaced and ambiguous heroes of the anscient myths and modern social landscape - a crow (Corvus corone cornix, or carrion-crow). It is a shaman's prospector in the spiritual worlds and a foreteller of misfortune and war; a "queen" of carrion and rotten flesh, and a getter of vivifying moisture and rain. A Raptor, a thief, a turnskin, a chtonic symbol of Navia, a harbinger. In any case, regardless of a characteristic, anxious voice of a grey crow is always magical and pricks the ears... HUM - quasi-rhythmic ornithomorph collage created under influence of crow voice and places of living. Sound material of 2003-2006. To all lovers of shades of grey. MI3ERY - minimalistic noise-concrete built on field recordings of crows and atonal backgrounds. Crows were recorded at the cemetary during the period of little crows learing to fly, when the energies of fear and activity unify in these birds most vividly. A symbolical exit of inner self from suffocating embrace of reality. EXIT IN GREY - emotional guitar noise-drone meditation. Bird as a key to the unknown reality, a guide to the other side. A collision... deep experience and elusive images. Dis-identification of a self with surrounding. A new instinct... The release is packed in a DVD-box and limited to 67 copies, handmade. Contains conceptual inserts: three cards and a magic packet. [press-release]

Ion And Sophus -- "The First Step towards the Abyss..." -- CD-R -- €8
2007 Still*Sleep, cdr1
One more project from the Exit In Grey / Five Elements Music company - created by Sergey [S] and [D]iona. Stylistically it's almost the same: totally calm atmospheric ambient woven from mainly processed field recordings and smooth synth tunes.

Ion And Sophus -- "Three" -- CD-R -- €8
2008 Still*Sleep, CDR10
Third album of lo-fi ambient project of Sergey [s], just as gentle and fairy as previous two.

Lanceolaria Im Licht Der Laterne -- "Olympus Mons" -- CD-R -- €8
2008 Still*Sleep, CDR05
Dark aspects of human mentality – there is an area of Lanceolaria im Licht der Laterne. That is darkest the than the most incognizable, that remains unknown, even being placed under a lantern of reason. It is that part of human mentality which is hostile to the person. The space theme is actual and for this project, but space in it is submitted as an excited environment - as aggressive, as our subconsciousness. This small album is devoted to volcanic activity on planets and satellites of system of our star. In record of an album singing Buddhist monks, and set of the effects which have been written down in real-time is used, create stratification of sounds to listen attentively more and more. [from the author] Side-project of Interior Disposition (ID).
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Lopez, Francisco & Roden, Steve -- "Le Chemin du Paradis" -- CD -- €11
2002 Fario, Fario cd05
Split/collaboration of two electroacoustic musicians working with processing of field recordings into music. Collaboration track opens the CD with unsteady contours and distant sounds. Then comes solo composition of Steve Roden - slowly unfolding spiral of melodic drone. Sleeve notes say: "headphones recommended". Besides this it can be also recommended to listen this album on high volume and good apparatus otherwise you have a chance to miss Francisco López' track recorded with extremely low signal level.

Lvpercalia -- "Florilegium" -- CD -- €13
Equilibrium Music, EQM 005
In the finest Italian neo-classical medieval/gothic italian tradition, Lupercalia's second album blends together eastern and european influences in an alchemical creation produced by top-notch musicianship and a strong soprano voice.

Maeror Tri -- "Ambient Dreams" -- CD -- €15
2007 Beta-Lactam Ring Records, mt157, (ltd. 500)
This is a reissue of the cassette release on ZNS Tapes, made in 1990 and limited to only 50 copies with different photo-covers. All sound you hear on this CD originated from natural ambient sources. No electronic sound-sources were used. Ambient recordings made between August 1989 and June 1990 in West Germany. Produced by Maeror Tri in August-October 1990.
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Nadja / Netherworld -- "Magma to Ice" -- CD -- €11
2008 Fario, farioCD10, (ltd. 500)
Talented Italian ambient composer Alessandro Tedeschi runs the Glacial Movements record label and plays music as Netherworld. His fascination for polar landscapes and soundscapes makes him close to industrial ambient pioneers such as Thomas Koner, Rapoon, Biosphere and Lull. Icy, windy, droning and deeply 'protomelodic' at once, his music is a poetic translation of the ice floe. For this record, he used processed fragments of classical music. Nadja is the drone / doom / ambient duo of Canadian musicians Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff. Their behemoth of sound is a construction of heat, weight, loop and vapour. Here, they had to break Netherworld's ice and find a way to the red core of Earth. The common track brings heat onto ice, which warms up, crackles and soon melts. As a conclusion, the long piece by Nadja is total heat. This is Nadja 'unrhythmed', which means pure lava. This CD features exclusive graphic concepts and artwork by Alan McClelland (www.eyelyft.com). [press-release]

Neglekt -- "Abuse" -- CD-R -- €7
Imbecil Records 009, ltd. 77
Neglekt = Mortart. Classical death industrial from the south of Russia. Dark soundscapes and factory atmosphere, vague blows, low frequencies. The album is recorded in old school manner, without any computers, only tapes, field recordings, metal percussion, etc.

Netherworld -- "Kall - The Abyss Where Dreams Fall" -- CD -- €11
2007 Mondes Elliptiques, .E.Q.05.03, (ltd. 441)
Always concerned with pushing even further its explorations on the side of 'drone' drifts, angleREC adds to its parallel series, that is the MONDES ELLIPTIQUES label, a new release in the form of the first official CD production of Italian project NETHERWORLD. This CD has the rather evocative title of ''KALL - The Abyss Where Dreams Fall''. Alessandro TedeschiТs project previously gained a fair share of attention with CDR or mini-CDR releases on fine labels such as UMBRA, GEARS OF SAND, TAALEM/KOKESHIDISK! Alessandro also runs the GLACIAL MOVEMENTS label, which gave us, in 2006, the acclaimed CRYOSPHERE compilation. In a tradition that is anchored, at the same time, in avant-garde, ritual soundz and dark-ambient, with a typically Italian touch, NETHERWORLD gives a peculiarly and elegantly organic and palpable feel to sounds that, in the hands of others, would maybe fall flat Еand it is as if the sound universe conjured by the magic of NETHERWORLD was strangelyЕhow could one say? OCCUPIED. Each moment, eac h twist and turn of this sound adventure bears infinite richness and elasticity, at all times Еthose are rather СbusyТ sound layers but each of the elements has sufficient breathing space and can differentiate itself from the other surrounding components. This antagonism represents one of NETHERWORLDТs greatest strengths. Another noteworthy antagonism: this tendency to propose us ambiences that are excessively introspective, subdued, withdrawn into themselves, but which, at the same time, expand, subtly dilate to occupy an incommensurable space. Upon the first notes (or pulses??) of the opening track, СТKALLТТ, this infinite abyss, envelops us and our dreams sink, dissolve, reinvent themselvesЕThe sound propositions found onТТKALLТТ have enough movement and density to please the ones fond of depth in their music, but the overall СpurifiedТ feel will please the most discerning purist. For the occasion, MONDES ELLIPTIQUES once again used the mastering talents of JOHN SELLEKAERS @ METARC and it is CHRISTIAN SA LETTE who put his savoir-faire in our service for the design of the sleeve and images. Limited to 441 copies! Deluxe cardboard sleeve. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

no Xivic -- "I Do Blame You" -- 3"CD-R -- €6
2004 Taalem, alm 17
no Xivic is Henkka Kyllonen, a Finnish artist you may have discovered thanks to his untitled 7" released last year by Drone Records, described by the label as "underground 'dronish' experimental sounds, based on long & moving metallic drones mixed with higher, near-distorted frequencies and low rumblings. This results in pure & elegant floating dronescapes that never stands still, giving you nothing to fix upon from your completely immersed mind." "I Do Blame You" might be harsher & noisier than this previous piece of vinyl. Here, no Xivic proposes us a near 24min long track, perfect blend of noise and dark ambience, piercing frequencies and rumbling drones. "Try this in supermarket or some place filled with people! (works everytime)". [press-release]

Paladino, Francesco & Opium -- "Nosesoul: Angel Ghost and Human Shades" -- CD -- €11
2006 Hic Sunt Leones, HSL 032
Teo Zini / Opium: "Nosesoul project is pure improvisation, my sessions have been improvised and directly mixed with Francesco's voices. These sounds are pure breathe, pure prayers, pure mourns and pure pleasures to me. I hope this experience won't leave me trough my next years." Francesco Paladino: "I found I've a voice inside me but it is not mine. I supported it through my 'nosesoul' and 'lamentationes' researches. Some artists, beautiful friends, helped me by their influences and elaboration and the voice has gone out. So I moved."
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Rapoon & Birds Of Tin -- "Monomyth" -- CD -- €11
2004 Manifold Records, mancd041
This record is what all collaborations try to achieve: the best techniques of two artists, melded into something beyond either. The driving percussions of Rapoon are woven perfectly with the light, intropective drifts of Birds Of Tin. All the little adornments, touches and unexpected moments are in place, here and there, signposting your journey into a work that stays interesting and even changes, listen after listen. Monomyth manages to sound both tribal and futuristic all at once. A flight over haunted, surreal byways, unfigurable landscapes, the joining point of all spiritual elements and ideas. Those elements become expanded, magnified into something greater than just another Rapoon or Birds Of Tin disc. [label info]

Rich, Robert & Moskow, Lisa -- "Yearning" -- CD -- €13
1995 Fathom, HS11050-2
The musical concept behing Yearning emerged during the making of ROBERT RICH's 1994 Hearts of Space release Propagation, when LISA MOSKOW arrived to record her sarod improvisations. "I was struck by the possibility of a spatially enhanced, sound-designed album of alap," Rich explains. "I was looking for the album I was hearing in my head, something no one had ever done before, a complete aural womb that would go on forever and ever." [label info]

Sanfilippo, Bruno -- "InTRO" -- CD -- €11
2006 AD21music, ad107
From the start, InTRO sets a relaxing, reflective mood. Sanfilippo maintains a consistent mood, which means the CD makes an ideal sountrack for relaxing and thinking. Eno has suggested that ambient music must be listenable as well as ignorable, supporting various levels of attention, and the tracks on InTRO are excellent examples of this idea. Highlights of the CD include InTROpiano, which recalls Vangelis Memories of Green and the Brian Eno/Harold Budd classic, The Pearl; and InTROvoices, which uses wordless voice sounds to create a choral and even orchestral texture. InTRO is one of the finest ambient releases we've heard this year. [Synthtopia.com]

Sanfilippo, Bruno -- "Piano Textures" -- CD -- €11
2007 ad21music, ad108
“Piano Textures” is an introspective album which offers center stage for the processed sounds of a Grand old piano from 1923, accompanied by some synthesizers, duduk and samples of strings. All eight tracks have a more or less cinematic impact, their sounds tap from some kind of subconscious source, breathing a sense of melancholy that was also found in his former recordings... [Bert Strolenberg, E-dition magazine]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Simulacrum -- "Anti Matter Society" -- CD -- €11
2002 Weird Amplexus, WAX02, (ltd. 555)
A real surprise from Slovakia. After a couple of years from their debut cd on OLD EUROPA CAFE', SIMULACRUM returns with a real masterpiece of ritual ambient in vein of best COLD MEAT sound. A symphony that penetrates our souls for heading towards a desolate but incontaminated world. There isn't any possibility to thought... the only way is to leave himself... and leave the soul fly free... An absolute milestone. [label info]

Sister Loolomie & Kryptogen Rundfunk -- "[W]interloop[s]" -- CD-R -- €8
2008 Still*Sleep, CDR11
This is a mail-art collaboration between two Russian experimental musicians. Kryptogen Rundfunk has prepared the sonic canvas from radiowaves reworked with a computer, and Sister Loolomie has painted it with toned guitar fingering, sample of cosmic vibraions and melodic synth lines. This resulted into one deliberate ambient noise track lasting for half an hour, in which persistent resonances harmonize with glitchy digital effects, non-aggressive noises - with long spatial drones, repetitive loops and samples - with airy melodies...

SKM-ETR -- "Screwdriver City" -- 3"CD -- €9
2006 Freak Animal Records, FREAK-CD-032, (ltd. 500)
Previous full length CD caught plenty of attention in power electronics scene. In this new mCD, SKM-ETR takes more straight forward power electronics approach. Hard electronic noise wall with hateful vocals. [label info]

Sunchariot -- "Eidyllion Delta" -- 3"CD-R -- €10
2007 Observatoire, Observatoire 15, (ltd. 36)
The continuation of the series of restored recordings collected under the sign of "delta". Obscure post-industrial ambient. Recommended to fans of quality-done old school / lo-fi.

Sunchariot -- "Komodia / Eidyllion / Eikon" -- C-90 -- €6
2007 Observatoire, Observatoire 16, (ltd. 36)
Serie of restored recordings collected under the sign of "delta": "Komodia", "Eidyllion", "Eikon". Obscure post-industrial ambient. Recommended to fans of quality-done old school / lo-fi.

Troum -- "Dreaming Muzak" -- CD-R -- €11
2006 Kokeshidisk, kodi 5, (ltd. 100)
"You may hear melodies, you may hear voices, you may hear anything you like. This music was especially designed to be played endlessly during your sleeping hours. The Soundtrack to your dreams. Troum 1997" [original liner-notes] "Dreaming Muzak" was the first (and last) Troum cassette-release and came out on the Belgian label Cling-Film in October 1998 in an edition of 100 copies in a handmade pillow-cover. It belongs with "Ryna" (the first cd) and the "Daur" 10'' vinyl to the first band-releases. Both tracks on "Dreaming muzak" were recorded in 1997 on analogue 4-track and are based on recycled material. "Dreaming Muzak Part 1" had to be re-mastered from the original tapes, so it could differ a little from the original version. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Under The Dome -- "Bellerophon" -- CD -- €11
2002 Neu Harmony, NH029
Deep analogue sounds abound on the 2nd UTD CD. Even though atmospheric it literally fizzes with pent-up energy. And what sequences! Swirling atmospherics dominate at times, while many passsages are melodically beautiful and rather euphoric. The mix of melody lines, sequencer swells, electric guitars, & shifting tempos with sci fi type effects blend as if Under the Dome are literally able to control thunder, putting devastating power into every note, shifting it this way and that. There isn't one meandering moment on the album. Each lead is exquisitely constructed, scorching, menacing or even occasionally tender. It's as if the Gods themselves are hurtling bolts of pure energy. Inevitably the CD finishes with a massive explosion as the album goes super nova. It contains those trademark UTD style sequences as found on their first but it also shows a great deal of maturity. [Lloyd Barde]

Under The Dome -- "Wot No Colin?" -- CD -- €11
2003 Neu Harmony, NH031
British Berlin School band Under the Dome released in September 2003 their new album, Wo Not Colin. The live album combines performances from two concerts, and all the music has been played completely live, without any pre-recorded backing. In addition to tracks from two studio albums, there are also two previously unreleased songs on the CD. [Glenn Folkvord]

Violet / Alexei Borisov / Michael Gendreau -- "Bogatiri" -- CD -- €10
2005 Zeromoon, ZERO006
Three-way split recorded live in Russia during the tour in December 2003. The CD is opened with the track of Michael Gendreau performed at "DOM" centre in Moscow. Psychedelic journey through the fields of soft sound, flowing from frequency to frequency, which become sometimes surrounded by overtones, sometimes naked to sinusoids. Next comes the track of Alexei Borisov recorded in Yaroslavl's Museum of Fine Arts - almost 20 minutes of nervous electronic ambient accompanied by spontaneous vocals. The last number belongs to Violet and is entitled "Demonstration of Decay at GES-21" and done at St. Petersburg's Gallery of Experimental Sound. Smooth but dense crispy drones are insensibly filled with noise stuffing becoming jammed and scattered to the end of the composition.
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Vromb / Telepherique -- "Paradigma" -- CD -- €11
Fario, Fario CD 07, (ltd. 700)
The Fario label was created in 1998 by the staff of the French magazine Fear Drop. The concept behind Fario is the meeting: collaborations between two artists. Each record shows two halves created separately and a common track (here: two), a moment to share views or to oppose feelings. All tracks are previously unreleased. As they had planned to meet for a long time, Canadian artist Hugo Girard alias Vromb and German outfit Telepherique were more than happy to work on Paradigma, maybe to consider their own paradigms. Vromb is a one man project which appeals to different electronic and industrial roots as well as imaginary landscapes of rusted and spinning rotors. Free from gravity, these strange rhythmic lifeforms born from disused factories and psycho scientists are like the perfect bunker soundtracks. Sometimes the bunkers change into rockets silos and Vromb feels then ready for a space program. Telepherique is family affair. Led by Klaus, Danijela & Rene Jochim, Telepherique is a pot of powerful forces, magma and images, rhythms and voices, melancholy and energy. Their music is one of the best and most beautiful extension of industrial music. Always moving, like a river, like air, it's rich enough to become a complete cinema. [label info]

Waldteufel -- "Sanguis" -- CD -- €15
2007 Beta-lactam Ring Records, mt069, (ltd. 900)
After more than three years of research & development, WALDTEUFEL finally deliver their new opus: SANGUIS. First conceived as a 12”, it has since blossomed into a full-length album. SANGUIS features lyrics by two nearly forgotten German personalities – Stefan George & Alfred Schuler, who can be considered the two opposite poles of the ‘Cosmic Circle,’ a group of mystically inclined German authors that were active in Fin de Siecle Munich– as well as lyrical fragments from the ancient Indian Vedas. Musically, it runs the gamut from dense hypnotic atmospheres, ritual passages to metallic chants and triumphant percussion-heavy hymns. It is the most adventurous and varied WALDTEUFEL work so far, and expands and deepens the themes explored in the first album “Heimliches Deutschland.” The instruments used include everything from accordeon, violin, wood percussion, horns to electric guitar, Moog synthesizer and that most archaic instrument of all: the voice. SANGUIS intends to focus the listener’s attention on the realm that lies beyond all appearances, a radiance which is mirrored in our most elemental selves: the essence of breath and blood that surrounds our spiritual core. SANGUIS was entirely recorded by Markus Wolff and Tyrsson Sinclair. Wolff has had a long musical career as a drummer/visual artist of the legendary percussion/performance collective CRASH WORSHIP. He has also been a live drummer/percussionist for many friends, including SORIAH, IN GOWAN RING, BLOOD AXIS, WITCH-HUNT, ALLERSEELEN, and CHANGES as well as the drummer on the ALETHES “Aletheia” album. He is currently also active with Black Metal formation L’ACEPHALE and the experimental chamber musick ensemble A MINORITY OF ONE. In ages past, Tyrsson Sinclair commandeered the extreme metal entity WARHATE. His current solo-project is NORTHMAN and he is also developing a new project called HAMRAMR. First ed. of 900 copies in a smoking hot full color book bound gatefold case and 8 page lyric booklet. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Wereju -- "When The Heart Shows Trough" -- CD-R -- €8
2008 Still*Sleep, CDR08
Blurry, eerie drones that have a lot in common with Aidan Baker's solo guitarscapes, but this is darker stuff. Heavily processed feedback swells in tide-like form, deep and sonorous, and underneath the warbling ambience is a dark soundworld enveloped in shadow. Muted melancholy melodies appear and disappear, soft whorls of sound carry over vast expanses of blackness, and reverberating strings hum suspended in the air. Wereju inhabits a realm of mysterious, drifting, meditative dark ambience. [Crucial Blast Records]

V/A -- "Zvukolan: atmosphere, landscapes, strategy" -- CD-R -- €8
2005 Strely Peruna prod., SP 015, (ltd. 222)
Strely Peruna prod. present the anniversary compilation with projects that supported label in it's 10 year activity with their creative work. The idea of label is spreading the pagan weltanschauung, leaving behind the standards in art perception and liberation from the dogmas of surrounding reality. Geographically this compilation covered North, Centre, Ural and South of Russia which allows to see both common and distinct features in creative landscapes of our Earth. The participants are: Unknown, Hum, Sunchariot, Kromeshna, Lunar Abyss Deus Organum, YAO 91404 D. UNKNOWN (Moscow) is a project of Dmitry Shilov who started his activity in 1996. He released several works on Strely Peruna prod. and claimed himself as an adherent of veda wisdom and search of light in the darkness of the present. Dmitry creates profound and meditative ambient landscapes in which he combines his outlook and great cycles of Nature. Dmitry also took part in a project called Medve Na Veche - the debut release of our label. HUM (Fryazino, Moscow region) - one of the oldest Russian projects working with analogue technology of tape loops. His compositions are very deep and sensitive. The atmosphere of Hum can be compared with a walk in autumnal forest. Dmitry Chistov (Hum) took part in a project Off The Cuff released by Strely Peruna. SUNCHARIOT (Rostov-on-Don) originates from the pagan-metal band gradually reduced to one-man project - Denis Shapovalov. Zoroastrian cult and religions of the Sun are the main inspiration sources for Denis. Minimalistic dark ambient sound of Sunchariot - magic rituals of Sun and Blood. KROMESHNA (Kamensk-Uralsky, Ekaterinburg region) is a young project of Vitaly Maklakov from creative union "Ostroga". Enigmatic ladscapes of Ural, laborious work of Nature, mountain ranges settling down into twilight - all this (and something more that is hard to describe) found it's reflection in music of Kromeshna. LUNAR ABYSS DEUS ORGANUM (St. Petersburg) focuses attention on karelian-finnish shamanism and nothern folklore through the prism of ambient culture and industrial constructivism. The leader of LADO - Evgeny Savenko - also had a project called Koivunmahla released by Strely Peruna prod. YAO 91404 D (St. Petersburg) is a young but promising project absorbing the aesthetics of revolution, labour cult and heroic spirit of industrialisation. Danil Dashkevich (YAO 91404 D) successfully cobines hard psychedelic atmosphere with industrial noises and pagan music primitivism. This symbiosis creates really unusual and emotional ritual/industrial mystery. All projects presented only exclusive tracks for this compilation. The release comes in non-standard handmade sleeve with 6 photos. [label info]

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