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Some new reviews of our releases:

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Cyclotimia "Music for Stockmarkets" CD:
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Hypnoz "Breath of Earth" CD:
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05.05.2009 - Otgoloski
(St. Petersburg, Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21)) More info...

07-11.05.2009 - Systo Palty Togathering
(open-air, Leningrad region) More info in Russian...

10.05.2009 - Secret Gatherings
(St. Petersburg, club "Sochi".) More info...

12.05.2009 - Secret Gatherings
(Moscow, DOM cultural center) More info....

14.05.2009 - Secret Gatherings
(Orel, club "Kakaka".) More info...

16.05.2009 - Secret Gatherings
(Ukraine, Zhitomir, club "Canyon".) More info...

(St. Petersburg, Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21))



Aluminum Noise -- "Army of Robots" -- CD-R -- €7
2000 Soulworm Editions, Worm VI
This is the second Aluminum's CD-R release after 'Stir of Echoes' out on SSSM. This time American duo comes out with bizarre lo-fi noise made with a wide variety of sound sources - from feedback manipulation to field recordings, shortwave, tapes, guitar and voices. Not as harsh, yet deliciously chaotic and disturbing. [label info]

Anapthergal -- "An Intracranial Disclosure" -- CD-R -- €7
2000 Soulworm Editions, Worm IV
From the mainstay of Finnish woods, from the depths of frozen lakes - here comes Anapthergal. Spooky, carbonized ambience, noisy textures, ritual preparations... A ghoulish orgy heard by the pitch black nights around Anapthergal's lair. The following album consists of the first and the second material, previously released separately on AFP. Now they are gathered together and wrapped in the brand new artwork. [label info]

Atom, Mikhail -- "Astroepos" -- CD-R -- €7
1999 Soulworm Editions, Worm III
A conceptual masterpiece, and the ultimate one among those made by the Russian ambient artist known as Mikhail Atom. Travelling the nostalgic, subtle soundscapes, the author tries to render an illustration to the his own philosophical and alchemic searches. Sheer bells, monumental synths and mysterous, gentle noises... All this drives the listener to some kind of mystical mood while the spirit leaves the body for a while, wondering for what's hidden behind the horizon of meanings... [press-release]

Atrax Morgue -- "Pathophysiology" -- CD-R -- €12
1995/2006 Old Europa Cafe, OECDR 021, (ltd. 200)
Re-edition of a legendary tape out in 1995 on Old Europa Cafe (OEC 062)! The tape was completely remastered at Sweet Slaughter.... To the original recordings was aded: 2 unreleased tracks recorded in 1995, 2 unreleased tracks recorded in 2002. Be(a)st Morgue-Industrial from the cadaverous mind of this sik italian monster! Profesionally printed CDR numbered on CD label. [press-release]

Atrium Carceri -- "Cellblock" -- CD -- €13
2003 Cold Meat Industry, cmi125

Baal remixes Emil Beaulieau -- "Fortean Times" -- CD-R -- €7
2005 RRRecords
Armour-piercing American harsh-noise. Hellish overloads, screams and verbal abuse. Cardboard sleeve. [YAOP info]

Bardoseneticcube -- "zig-ODA" -- 3"CD-R -- €8
2009 S und S Records, SS-2009-010-01, (ltd. 35)
Sonic meditations on understanding of what goes around, on all planes of existence of different forms of consciousness. Recorded in November-December 2008. [label info]

Beaulieau, Emil -- "Emil Beaulieau Has A Relapse" -- CD-R -- €7
1997 RRRecords
Scoffing feedback-collage remixes on 9 artists from Relapse Records: Anal Cunt, Mortician, Merzbow, Brutal Truth, Exit 13, Deceased, Neurosis, Bastard Noise, Masonna. Cardboard sleeve. [YAOP info]

Boevye Cikady -- "Pokamest" -- CD-R -- €8
2009 Extremal Psychonauts, ExPsy 011, (ltd. 46)
Various pieces of situational character united by a concept of "replacement in waiting". These are compositions written with notes, generated from text and graphic files, environmental recordings done with a photosensor, processed recordings made through the wall (using "method of a cup"). Each experiment is threaded in the structures of other experiments and this creates the feeling of compositional construction and makes each track an independent piece. In each recording there is some substitution, some replacement, stripping the core of any sound event - a waiting for return to zero. Handmade artwork - each copy is unique. [press-release]

Boevye Cikady -- "Shtrihi Trepeta" -- CD-R -- €6
2009 BioSonar Revers
Author's reissue of the first album of this St. Petersburg's project (a side-project of Lunar Abyss Deus Organum), released in 2004 on Extremal Psyhonauts label limited to 34 copies. Electroacoustic ambient. Simple artwork. "Wave and microtonal minimalism, acusmatic pieces from the depths of electroacoustic abyss, "drawn sound" + two pieces of live cicada singing". [label info]

Borisov, Alexei -- "Multiviza" -- CD -- €11
2007 Laton, Laton 046
Anthology of live recordings of Alexei Borisov, following after the similar F.R.U.I.T.S. CD released two years ago, appears to be the essential thing. Well, everybody know that his live sets are very different from the studio-albums, but it's just the way the things should be because his albums are usually devoted to something that can't be represented live, even if there is no real technical problems exists. The geography of touring shedules is impressive, but one can wonder if his music can fit in such a different kind of concerts and audiences. Just have a look through the list: Mutek (Montreal), Sonar (Barcelona) and BuduArt (Tomsk). There are more noisy, harsh and unstructured pieces reminding the installations of Achim Wollscheid or kitschy glitch from Mego and Raster-Noton series in the same time, suddenly dissolved into haunting guitar improvisations, warped by unarticulated mumbling and fastened by broken beat collages. Is it possible to imagine within the same track? Well, there will be always good to hear overloaded blasts of ultra-frequencies, so you will not get bored definitely! For those of you who just like me were leaving the concert with a sense of pity for absence the album-versions, now is the time to take over. Perfectly balanced and carefully selected, this is the best ever Borisov's album. [Dmitry Vasilyev, Independent Electronic Music]

Brandkommando -- "Welcome to Paradise" -- CD-R -- €9
Tosom, TOSOM XX-006, (ltd. 150)
New full-length of Polish artist. This time the author turned his attention to the joyless reality of the African continent: the cannibal presidents Amin Dada and Jahn Bedel Bokassa, dictator of Zaire marshal Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku Ngbendu wa za Banga, apartheid and neo-colonialism. Anti-political power electronics, piercing feedbacks, distorted synths, wild noises. Colour cardboard sleeve + 2 photo inserts. [YAOP info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Cattletrain Commando -- "Metropolis" -- 3"CD-R -- €5
Psych.KG, 09, (ltd. 50)
The debut mini-album of a band from Mönchengladbach town located in Nordrhein-Westfalen. The musicians call their style 'industrial blues' although in fact this is quite aggressive noise. Some split-tapes with various little-known projects were released in 2007. Limited edition of 50 copies. [Monochrome Vision info]

Consumer Electronics -- "Teenage Nuremburg" -- CD-R -- €9
Solo Power Electronics project of Philip Best from Whitehouse. Archive recordings from 1982-1983. Generally sounds like his main project. Sleeve. [YAOP info]

Crank Sturgeon -- "Breakfast With Crank Sturgeon" -- CD-R -- €7
2002 RRRecords
The only one unique Sturgeon of the noise scene with a 12-minute piece of harsh madness. Sleeve. [YAOP info]

Crawl Unit -- "Proprietary Acoustics" -- CD -- €12
1996 Pure, PURE 36
Droning Noise with industrial elements in vein of The Haters. Sleeve. [YAOP info]

Dead Body Love -- "Maximum Dose" -- CD -- €12
1996 Pure
Marginal Power Electronics of Italian school in vein of Atrax Morgue, Mauthausen Orchestra, N. Sleeve. [YAOP info]

Deathpile -- "Ne Plus Ultra" -- CD -- €12
1997 Pure, PURE 54, (ltd. 500)
Well-known American adherent of pervert power electronics 'about maniacs' with the legendary full-length from 1997. [YAOP info]

Dissecting Table -- "Day Of Nemesis" -- CD-R -- €10
2006 Multi National Disaster Records, MNDR 2020 B, (ltd. 132)
European edition of this album, one bonus track, special art-leather package.

Dissecting Table / Errare Humanum Est -- "Howling Silence" -- CD -- €12
2008 Psych.KG, Psych.KG 023, (ltd. 300)
Split of the Japanese noise classic and recently returned on stage German project. DisTable presents long harsh track with sporadic metallic percussive moments and heavy, even death-metal guitar coda. E.H.E. gladdens with four live (w/o processing, synths or computers) rough noise tapestries somewhere close to K2. Vinyl box, colour cover, insert. [YAOP info]

DL & EK -- "XIB" -- CD-R -- €7
2001 Soulworm Editions, Worm XII, (ltd. 200)
Formerly known as Dachaulustknaben and Einsatzkommandos, these two legends of German power electronic scene in early Nineties came out with a collaborational release, entitled 'XIB'. The title stands for their deathcamp concept - XIB was the number of the women's block in one of the nazi lagers. But neither DL nor EK did approach the subject alike so many other power electronics outfits. Their attention has turned out to the victims not mutilators. Later on, they have decided to leave this imaginery as nothing original anymore. Anyway, their recordings speak for themselves alone, as only 'alte-schule' power electronics can do. Extremely raw, grinding and obscure electronic assault that crushes your bones and boils your blood, still being soundscape rather than just noise for the sake of noise. This CDR is a re-release of long sold-out one on Bastet Recordings (re-mastered version of the '92 tape). [press-release]

Duncan, John -- "John See Soundtracks" -- CD -- €12
1996 RRRecords, RRR-CD-18
Porno Drone. A collection of John Duncan's soundtracks for Japanese porn films from 1986-1988, plus music from the cultural terrorist performance from 1984. A very nice booklet with pages printed with different methods on different kinds of paper. [YAOP info]

Eldar -- "Sapere Aude" -- CD -- €13
2009 Cold Meat Industry, cmi195

Evil Moisture & Macronympha -- "The Tentacles Of The Octopus Sometimes Compete Against Each Other" -- CD -- €12
1995 Pure, DIDX-031042
Fine shredded harsh noise, brutal, varied, cynical. [YAOP info]

F.R.U.I.T.S. -- "Forbidden Beat" -- CD -- €11
2004 Laton, Laton 029
This is a seminal band of Alexei Borisov and Pavel Jagun, exploring their particular interest in rhythmical music. But, even being very dynamic and nimble by its nature, they can't be considered as dance music. I would be agree with those who bring it up to the more accessible version of Borisov solo works, which is now located completely in experimental/noise domain. FRUITS was founded more than 10 years ago but I still had no chance to grab their records, knowing them only due to frequent and regular appearance in various concerts and festivals. This album, shortly released by the Austrian label Laton, compiled from live gigs material recorded between 1992 and 2003. A kind of live anthology which consists of nostalgic "Industrial gatherings" in Moscow, but also recent performances in Paris and "Avanto" festival in Helsinki. Very heterogeneous album, starting from the square beat and minimal/electro arrangements, then the mood is going to be softer and deliberated, drawing us to the melodious ambient. But the atmosphere is uneasy, raw and noisy outbursts comes back from behind, like the seething magma - it reminds me the spacious feeling in the beginning of Mono No Aware "Kitanai Yatsu" album, released by Hands. But as soon as this melodic component disappears, you can see the vast of electronic dissonances and effects, sheer and shivering noises seems to be a barrier for sludgy and breaking beat. [Dmitry Vasilyev, Independent Electronic Music]

Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim -- "Vaginal Erbrechen" -- CD-R -- €7
2007 Reduktive Musiken, redukt011, (ltd. 100)
Over the years Germany's Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim is perhaps one of the better kept secrets. While they never gained the fame of say Troum or Maeror Tri, they play music that could equally do well. They more or less arrived from the same scene of the late 80s, early 90s cassette underground, and moved from the more harsher angle of ambient music to the somewhat softer version thereof. These days, with the arrival of computer editing, I guess its easier to create something that is a combination of both these angles. On 'Vaginal Erbrechen' (there is room for improvement on the title front I'd say), they create some fine woven, intense music that is the best of both worlds. Ambient of course seems to be the main player in the field, but the material shows a gritty, angular side which mixes nicely with the atmospheric tapestries. To this they add some field recordings and the sounds of concrete objects. Each track opens with a few voice samples which add a nice cinematic feel to it. Throughout quite a nice release from a band that I think should have gained more recognition than they got until now. If Troum or old Vance Orchestra belong to your daily listening habit, then this is your cupper too. [FdW, Vital Weekly #674]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

First Human Ferro -- "Ferrari" -- CD-R -- €7
2002 Soulworm Editions, Worm XXVIII, (ltd. 250)
The industrial spirit is still alive, and for those in doubt here is the album that proves it. First Human Ferro proceed with radicalizing their sound, and compared to the their previous album on Soulworm this one is much more harsh and uncompromised. To lighten up the riot, crushing rthytms and straightforward noise bursts have been crafted – no bitching! Political, commited, yet unlike a pile of power electronics rednecks, intelligent libertarian message is an itegral part of the concept – not just an image. And it keeps them real, which is oh so rare nowadays. [press-release]

First Human Ferro -- "Metaballistik: The Voyeur And His Infra-Red Insekts" -- CD-R -- €7
2001 Soulworm Editions, Worm IX, (ltd. 100)
Coming from the area known of the infamous Chernobyl nuclear plant's disaster, the musicians behind first human ferro seem to be inspired by the tragedy and its aftermath that is to be seen all around them. A sound they create drowns in an eerie atmosphere of abandonment and decay. Cold, hollow ambiences based on a solid foundation of noisy electronics that bites your frail skin as unseen roentgens of radiation do. First human ferro becomes one of the most recognized industrial music outfits from Ukraine. 'Metaballistik...' is the second, and the best of their recordings to date, being released by several labels simultaneously, on various media formats. Of course, the Soulworm's version is a special one - as it contains additional tracks and exclusive artwork. [press-release]

Fractal Heads -- "Light On The Stepped Plates" -- CD -- €11
2006 Laton, Laton 043
This duo from Novokuznetsk composed from Sergei Malkin (Radius) and Dmitry Kravchuk first appeared in the program of "Cultural hero of XXth century" festival in 1999, and debuted on the Exotica label compilation, remains quite unknown outside Kemerovo region for a long time. In 2003, their album "Dreampainting" was released on very limited edition CDR by St.-Peterburg based label Fight Muzik. Finally, this full-length CD is released officially, but the material itself was recorded back in 1999. Actually, this type of music is a bit dated, but in terms of cultural isolation it's really exciting. They combined in very smart way some minimal electronic sequences, mysterious radiovoices and polyrhythmic patterns, all created by soviet analogue synthesizers. The aesthetic feeling is very close to Kraftwerk circa early 80s, that means emotional insensibility and rarefied atmosphere. The static approach in arrangements and simple melodies slowly transformed to amorphous sounds disappearing in the past makes me think about technocratic aspects of ambient music. [Dmitry Vasilyev, Independent Electronic Music]

Gelsomina -- "Greenaway" -- CD-R -- €8
2006 Multi National Disaster Records, MNDR 2012, (ltd. 200)
7 Track CDr about the Moviemaker Peter Greenaway, most brutal Finn-NOISE, lim. edition of only 200 numbered copies in cardboardsleeve w/ orig. photographs. [label info]

Gelsomina -- "Waste Oil Recycled Vol.2" -- CD-R -- €7
Sick Art Products, SAP 02, (ltd. 100)
Harsh-noise from Finland.

Genetic Transmission -- "Rondel Pelen Lajna" -- CD-R -- €7
2003 Soulworm Editions, Worm XXXVI, (ltd. 100)
Tomasz Twardawa is a living legend of the underground industrial scene in Poland. Since the mid eighties, he has taken part in pioneer projects as TKT, Godzilla and a few more, introducing noise and power industrial aesthetics into the numb, self-proclaimed 'avantgarde' crowd, stimulating its development with his uncompromised, radical approach. His main brain-child, Genetic Transmission, with numerous great releases under belt, proves that his flame still burns. The album presented hereby is a bruitist construct of thoughtful, detailed electroacoustics with a remarkable musique-concrete edge and composition methods that are completely unpredictable, yet consistent. Sound is the matter. [press-release]

Guignol Dangereux -- "Robbery Pop" -- CD-R -- €8
2006 Sick Arts, SAP 14, (ltd. 100)
Rhythmic electronic music somewhere between collage / techno / minimal / industrial with quite abstract feeling and sharp sound. 7" cover with photo art by Stefan Weimbs.

Hated Bruit Kollektiv -- "Aktion One" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 New Nihilism, NN II, (ltd. 250)
HBK is an ephemeric project held among musicians behind Genetic Transmission, Moan and Nojsens. Three minds, three individualities, tree artists sharing one inspired vision. These are people we know for years so it became somehow natural to invite their bastard child to our NN therapy group finally, starting the "Harsh Kontakt" series of relases from now on. The sound sculpture presented hereby has been captured at Bez Kontroli Fest 2007 as probably HBK's best gig to date. Expect the unexpected, as they have gone the whole hog, without no mercy to the audience or themselves. OK, it's all there: refreshing traditional industrial, warming harsh noise, stoned bruitist plunderphonics, and last but not least—good taste and the fucking clue, VSOP. The packaging consist of a huge, A2-sized heavy stock poster folded to form A5 sleeve housed in a solid plastic wrapper. [press-release]

Human Flesh -- "Penumbra" -- CD -- €9
2007 EE Tapes, EE10, (ltd. 300)
An exclusive new work by Human Flesh, the legendary musical project of multi-instrumentalist Alain Neffe (Insane Music, Belgium) and his friends-musicians/singers. These never before released tracks, which were recorded between 1985 and 1995 on an old reel-to-reel TEAC 8-track, have been analog-mixed on a 2-track open real tape or DAT (Digital Audio Tape) and digitally remastered by computer. 7" cover printed on deluxe cardboard with insert. [press-release]

In Meditarium -- "Les Fleurs Du Mal" -- CD-R -- €7
2002 Soulworm Editions, Worm XVII, (ltd. 300)
Another fine incarnation of the almighty Ukrainian artists of the First Human Ferro fame. In Meditarium has that easily recognisable sound, but makes a few steps deeper into dark atmospere of decadent joys of an alienated human being. Some ritualistic influnces are to be heard (say Archon Satani in the 'Virgin Birth' period), the rudimetary melodies fulfill the whole setting. The lyrics deal with consensual aspects of love and completion on the one hand, pain and serenity on the other. James Joyce's lines (taken form 'Giacomo Joyce') constitute the final comment and an invocative epitafium to this masterpiece... [press-release]

Irikarah / E.H.E. / C. Vollmer -- "Noise Rhine Westphalia" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 Sick Art Products, SAP20, (ltd. 150)
A triple split of noise enthusiasts of Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. Power Electronics, Old-School Industrial, Harsh Noise. Sleeve. [YAOP info]

Izanami's Labour Pains / Mundkrach -- "Split" -- CD-R -- €7
2006 Reduktive Musiken, redukt010, (ltd. 70)
Both artists works on this split with sound samples from the other. As bonus a track by Audible Pain which was made from the same samples. [label info] The release by Izanami's Labour Pains, Audible Pain and Mundkrach comes in a nice box. Izanami's Labour Pains is from Japan and Mundkrach is one Theo-Ohm of Ohmkill and as the name implies, the music is made with the use of the voice. Audible Pain is the 'band behind the label'. Together they traded sound samples to create this work. The first five tracks are by Izanami's Labour Pains playing around with samples from Mundkrach, although the voice is hard to be recognized. It's a harsh noise affair of distortion and more distortion on the samples. However things are not as loud as on the three Mundkrach tracks, who uses samples from Izanami's Labour Pains, to take them on a trip to feedback land. Quite Merzbow like, and sometimes as good. The final track, perhaps as a bonus, is short and by Audible Pain, using both other bands' sounds and making it distorted and noisy. Quite nice too, but perhaps a bit too short. [FdW, Vital Weekly # 545]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

June 11 -- "Matter is Alive" -- CD -- €9
2008 EE Tapes, EE16, (ltd. 400)
The CD starts with a cover version of By This River, a mood-evoking 1977 Brian Eno song, and contains melodic tributes to other abstract artists like Marthe Wery and Robert Rauschenberg. Harold Budd, another great influence, is honored with a graceful waltz. The music seems to fill the gap between ambient and song. Assembled in layers, electronic ones as well as piano, clarinet, sax, guitars, percussion, and samples from faraway places. All these elements are treated as equal. Also: some very sensual female vocals by Mieke Versyp and special guests Nadine Bal (from BeNe GeSSeRiT, Human Flesh...) and Drita Kotaji (who was - back in the 80ies - the composer and singer of the haunting ballad “my Suitor” by Bernthoeler and is now part of INK). The project was set up in Gent, Belgium by Jan Van den Broeke. Some might remember him as a member of The Misz and Absent Music, a long time ago. This CD puts him back on track, with new tools, old and new friends and a strong and personal new vision. Matter Is Alive: 10 painted songs, 50 minutes of beauty and melancholy in the face of the end of the world… [press-release]

Kadef -- "Statt Disco lullend um sich selbst kreisen" -- CD-R -- €7
Tosom, TOSOM XX-003, (ltd. 99)
4 abstract and desolate minimal-noise pieces in Kadef's analogue lo-fi style. Music for people without Saturday-night-disco-fever. People which circle around itself and this of course alone. [label info]

Knifeladder -- "Music/Concrete" -- CD -- €13
2009 Cold Meat Industry, cmi192

Loo, Andres -- "Skeletons On Rock" -- CD -- €11
2009 Laton, Laton 048
Originally a drummer, Andres Loo is a musician, who does shows with his exclusive wave-edit based music, prototypically rhythm-focused, spiced up with heart ache vocals for cherries on the cake. Coming from Tallinn, Estonia, Loo has recently been warming up bands like Black Dice and writing film music for Estonian feature films. His upcoming collaborations include a musical, to be written alongside Kevin Blechdom. "Skeletons on Rock" (Laton 048) is the debut release by Andres Loo. Loo's sonic edge seems to be hijacked from the experimental, but don't let it deceive you... It is music. Poppy, occassionally extremist sounding powertunes, and a tease for music lovers of many kinds. [press-release]

Lunar Abyss Deus Organum -- "Snegopad" -- CD-R -- €8
2009 Biosonar^Labirint 007, (ltd. 52)
One more disc collected from winter home and processed field and live recordings. Drone-ambient - it's kind of called like this. Three tracks lasting for approximately an hour, enveloping droning-windy sound, spirally twisted distant echoes of outward events, rushing voices of crazed winter spirits. Third track is a rhythmically organized butoh of wood-goblins. Handmade artwork - each copy is unique. [press-release]

Maaaa -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €9
2006 Triangle Records, [TR09], (ltd. 20)
Noise, nothing more... Digipack. [label info]

Merzbow -- "Camouflage" -- CD -- €12
2009 Essence Music, ESS012, (ltd. 800)
The elemental excitement for each new Merzbow album remains intact among us here and, after four long years, the undisputable master returns to Essence Music with a new installment of his unique brand of harsh psychedelic noise assault. A bit distant from Sha Mo 3000’s pulsing, often rhythmic strategies or the recent albums featuring freestyle drums by Masami Akita himself, Camouflage plays by the more straight MERZBOW rules, going back to his comfort zone of audio barbarism. We salute the ferocious torrents of abused, imploding and exploding electronics, the sharp, pulverizing and abrasive high frequencies and the unrelenting punishment of frenzied throbbing machine-screams witnessed in the controlled cacophonic environment of Camouflage! Presented in our deluxe, sturdy gatefold mini-LP packaging featuring intriguing psychedelic collages by Mr. Akita. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Messdiener -- "Würmer im Kruzifix / Klosterarbeiten" -- CD -- €10
2008, Psych.KG 33 / E-Klageto 01/2008, (ltd. 222)
A strange German project playing some crazy avantguard / rock. Collages from samples, rhythmic drums, space synths, sometimes guitars and wild screams in German. Overall great dada atmosphere. A very decent record quality unlike with many homemade projects. Simple edition.

Messdiener -- "Würmer im Kruzifix / Klosterarbeiten" -- CD -- €13
2008, Psych.KG 33 / E-Klageto 01/2008, (ltd. 222)
Sick Old-School Industrial Avantgarde / Neue Deutsche Welle. Analogue electronics, unhealthy songs and sharp noises in vein of Einsturzende Neubauten. Messdiener definitely draw inspiration from the same sources as D.A.F., Laibach, S.P.K., Die Todliche Doris, Clair Obscur... Handmade handpainted cardboard box includes a sleeve with CD, colour booklet, a cross, a pill and a slide. [YAOP description]

Moan -- "Endemia" -- CD-R -- €7
2003 Soulworm Editions, Worm XXXVII, (ltd. 250)
Moan's work has never been easy to pigeonhole, nor should it be overlooked. And here's the proof, almost an hour long excursion through the contaminated psyche, alienated entity and anxious being. After a couple highly anticipated albums (not to mention the 3" on Soulworm, folks!), 'Endemia' seems to be the crucial achievement. Although immersed in Moan's genuine, claustrophobic ambient mood, the songs presented hereby are kept in dark industrial style, with some suggestive, chaotic outbreaks. We are proud to release this wonderful album, the most spectacular manifestation of both talent and approach, and last but not least – a notorious friend of ours. [press-release]

Muslimgauze -- "Armsbazzar" -- CD -- €13
2008 Essence Music, ESS011, (ltd. 999)
Armsbazzar investigates both released and unreleased selected recordings from the intense period comprised between 1994 and 1997. Included are the out-of-print Hebron Massacre and Gulf Between Us singles, which feature two of the longest, most stunning and hypnotic MUSLIMGAUZE pieces ever – plus two inedit, highly percussive tracks taken from the recording sessions of the mythic, yet still unreleased and unheard, Zamindar album. Presented in our custom 6-panel digisleeve packaging - which also houses a 5-color poster - adorned by the highly original and strong artwork from the fantastic Iranian visual artist Mohammad Fadaei. Mastered by Peter Andersson and limited to 999 hand-numbered copies. Unfortunately Bryn Jones, this eccentric music visionary and controversial figure who spent a lifetime moved by personal beliefs and relentless dedication to the Middle East issues, is no longer with us, but his unique and disturbing music is carved in stone and will always be in our hearts and minds. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

N. -- "Communication Overload" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 Mind Control, MC004
Analogue old school power electronics. A live classics. DVD box. [YAOP info]

Navia -- "Holodno" -- CD-R -- €6
2009 BioSonar Revers
Reissue of the recording made in 1997 and first released in 2002 on 8th Moon Art label limited to 30 copies. Lo-fi dark ambient. Chtonic collaboration of people who now play as Hladna and Lunar Abyss Deus Organum, in which one can find their current musical predilections. Simple artwork. [label info]

New Bondage Faeries -- "New Bondage Experiments II" -- CD-R -- €7
2003 Soulworm Editions, Worm XXXV, (ltd. 250)
NBF is the sonic equivalent of a dildo rammed up your virgin little asshole. Bow down to the awesome force that is New Bondage Faeries. [label info]

Nihil Est Excellence -- "Environ" -- 3"CD-R -- €5
2002 Soulworm Editions, Worm XXV, (ltd. 50)
Nihil Est Excellence is an alter-ego of an Ukraininan artist Andrey Kiritchenko, whose works rapidly become well recognized within the international electronic scene. Indeed, it's hard to pass indifferently by his field recording experiments. Two compositions 'Environ' consists of, are based on sounds recorded using nothing more but a microphone. After the skillfull processing a fascinating atmospehrics unveils, sort of theme for environmental contemplation – tempered but hard to forget. [press-release]

Old Monks' Saga -- "09.11.01: Illuvatar's Children Present Time" -- 3"CD-R -- €5
2002 Soulworm Editions, Worm XIX, (ltd. 44)
'During the whole history of human civilization, mankind has fought itself because of religion, ideologies or national differencies. This process has been expressed once more in September 11, 2001 as an apogeum of the conflict between America and the Muslim world. We're at a starting point for the end of civilization...' Unlike the former OMS recordings, the contents of the following disc is much harder. Bombastic orchestrations are collapsing into the decomposed mayhem of industrial sounds, multiplying the feeling of chaos, panic and uncertainty. [press-release]

One Week In August -- "Documentary" -- CD-R -- €7
1999 Soulworm Editions, Worm II
Sound experimentations based on the destroyed, modified and prepared equipment as vintage tape players, drum machines, effect boxes, wires, metal scraps et caetera. No digital devices were used either for sound generation or recording process. Furthermore, no rehearsals or track sketches were taken before the session, everything is just an effect of improvisation and accidents... Yes, such methods point on the 'old-school industrial' tribute recording which this album exactly is. One Week in August's program varies from malignant, gloomy wasteland ambience to harsh industrial, really intense and painful. Not to miss. [press-release]

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio -- "ONANI" -- CD + DVD -- €26
2009 Cold Meat Industry, cmi191, (ltd. 2000)

Pain Jerk -- "Trashware" -- CD -- €12
1995 Pure, PURE 26, (ltd. 500)
A star of Japanese noise with powerful dynamic digital-analogue wall-of-noise album in best traditions of Merzbow and Government Alpha. Feedbacks, samplers and metal junk. [YAOP info]

Park Modern -- "Mechanical Bowels" -- 2 CD -- €13
2005 Laton, Laton 036
Park Modern is the seminal project of Evgeny Beresnev, started in the russian Far-East city Vladivostok in 1999. He participated some local electronic music festivals and produced four full-length albums available online so far, before gaining attention by Franz Pomassl from austrian Laton label. This ultimate anthology is composed from the tracks from all those albums, containing 45 tracks and 157 minutes of music! Evgeny calls his music "noise-IDM", and according to the label press-release it should be like "electro-mechanic musique concrete". So, what is it all about? All tracks are exploring rhythmic structures, but there are nether melodies nore standard techno-arrangements, instead of them, we have huge massive of sampled noises from everyday life. Something you have heard once upon a time, ranging from the railway train clatter to construction sites roaring, dishes clinking and toy instruments strumming. This "discotheque of mechanisms" is something to be associated with Ant-Zen/Hands Productions stuff, so you need more time to override the initial stages and get accustomed to, before you will be able to feel the difference. On this more profound level, you will be surprised with its seriousness and austerity, in spite of frivolous rhythms and jocular tracktitles. This peculiar feature is the main difference from other dance/industrial/noise mongrels. [Dmitry Vasilyev, Independent Electronic Music]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Per Aspera -- "Nil Desperandum" -- CD -- €11
2008 New Nihilism, NN V, (ltd. 500)
The third and the most complete release by one of the most tallented ambient artists hailing from Poland these days. Unifying vast array of elements, Per Aspera once again achieves remarkably introvert but vibrant style. Eerie industrial atmosphere seamlessly blends with serene harmonies of almost orchestral form. Cinematic, monstrous drone formations morph into pulsating abyss of dissonant disturbances and uncompromised sonic experiments, overlaid by subtle beauty of human voice and minimalist acoustic instrumentation. All those skillful, multiformal explorations establish Nil desperandum one of those albums of complex yet stable musical concept—reflecting the incoherencies of human nature and its immanent affection to chaos and order merged together. Per Aspera tends to render tragically compound heritage of the mankind, being constantly shaped by cultural, ethnic and religious or ideologic discrepancies. Definitely not your average dark–ambient buzz, this album stands out of the dull cliche. The sound may appeal to the admirers of T. Köner, Parca Pace, Nocturnal Emissions or Neubautens to name a few but still, expect no pattern follower. Complemented with special A5–sized glossy digipak designed by Ibsen studio, this CD is limited to 500 copies only. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Per Aspera -- "Rain Passes" -- CD-R -- €7
2004 Ibsen Produkt, ID001, (ltd. 100)

Per Aspera Ad Nilum -- "Silentwinter" -- 3"CD-R -- €5
2002 Soulworm Editions, Worm XVIII, (ltd. 99)
The light against its reflection, the snowy landscape monotony against the frost pattern complexity... Keeping the subtle balance between the sound and silence, Per aspera ad nilum's aural ambiences are quite successful attempt of rendering the wintry tranqulity. Clean, tamed but still sophisticated atmosphere creation and good selection of source sounds makes this release a promising debut. [press-release]

Prime, Michael -- "Aquifers" -- CD-R -- €7
1993 RRRecords, RRR-CD-09
Experimental industrial / musique concrete. Track "Racked" utilized the sound of a metal rack and the recordings from a gig in the British Informational Center from 19.11.1991. "Aquatic Synapse" is an improvisation with field recordings from Reading streets, live sounds of traffic and from a mic hidden in public WC. "Rotifers" is a studio improvisation on some "water machine", and "Timeslips" is a symphony of environmental sounds recorded in various places from Britain to Catalonia. [YAOP info]

Prisoner Of Flesh -- "I" -- CD-R -- €7
1999 Soulworm Editions, Worm I
Being a debut release of Prisoner of Flesh, this album proudly opened our catalog. Other than numerous death-industrial acts emerging those days, Prisoner of Flesh stood fresh and innovative - every composition is well arranged, detailed and in a way rather unique. Very atmospheric, industrial constructions drowning in spooking ambience and overwhelming noise - without mercy or compromise. Despite the years passed it is still one of our strongest releases. [press-release]

PTU -- "Hard Week" -- CD -- €11
2009 Laton, Laton 051
Modern technologies, Soviet synthesizers from the 1980s and live sessions form the basis of Electro, Minimal, Techno and - yes! - Pop oscillating sound cosmos of PTU. The trio, consisting of the twentysomethings Alexey Belousov, Alina Isolenta and Kamil Ea has not only the seriously-ironic bandname ("PTU" in Russian means "vocational school"), but also develops their own direction of danceable and fresh soundscapes filled with technoid and exotic imaginings of their place of origin - Kazan. [press-release]

Putrefier -- "Trace Element Syntax" -- CD -- €12
1997 Pure, PURE 53
Old school British rough noise, not very aggressive, but quite austere and varied. Neanderthal. Sleeve. [YAOP info]

Ramirez, Richard -- "Civilization Hysteria" -- CD-R --€7
Tosom, TOSOM XX-001, (ltd. 200)
First release in the TOSOM XX serie. In the future, this will be the Noise side of TOSOM. The serie starts with one of the US Noise masters: Richard Ramirez don't need big introduction. He is active since many years with many releases on various labels. Also wellknown with his projects Black Leather Jesus and Priest In Shit. "Civilization Hysteria", recorded 2004, is best exciting US Noise with some unexpected moments. [label info]

Renoised / TBC / Audible Pain -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Sick Art Products, SAP 23, (ltd. 80)
A split of three German experimental / noise musicians. Renoised - not really harsch white noise, distorted electroguitar and lo-fi electronics. TBC - more juicy stuff with vinyl recorder, tapes, samples and effects, exploring various noisy ranges: from soft psychedelic to harsh. A fat part. Audible Pain - four different tracks of general experimental / noise direction.

Renou, Christian -- "7 Kisses" -- CD -- €11
2003 EE Tapes, EE02, (ltd. 325)
Ex-Brume. Computer music originally composed and recorded in early 2000 at Brume Rec. These recordings were the first experiment made with old, defective and more recent computers. No analog stuff used. Comes in a 7" sleeve. [label info]

RRR, Fe-Mail + Friends -- "Call Me" -- CD-R -- €7
2004 RRRecords
A project recorded with the participation of Emil Beaulieau. Avanguard, lots of spoken word, funny fables about Masami Akita and his wife, surrealistic delirium, sick rock'n'roll and noise attacks. One-hour long noise vaudeville. Cardboard sleeve + insert. [YAOP info]

S-H-M -- "Zuhause Is Es Immer Noch Am Schönsten" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 Sick Art Products, SAP 21, (ltd. 100)
German project playing rhythmic industrial music with elements of techno and EBM. Dark but not harsh electronic songs, mostly instrumental.

Schmerz -- "Old School Misanthropy" -- CD-R -- €7
2007 New Nihilism, NN I, (ltd. 300)
Old School Misanthropy is a debut release by a new band formed out of three individuals running their notorious noise mongering projects as Leichenhalle, Mantichora and Sujoy. Schmerz unifies their sound–abrassive struggle in another form. Right form the start it has been pretty obvious that after several initial rehearsals and spontaneous live-without-audience recording sessions they will came up with nothing else than deliciously rough and grinding, industrialised power electronics noise mayhem with angry screamings and insane scansion of profound lyrics. Intentional use of limited variety of tools like analog synthesizers, mangled electronics, processed feedback, metal junk abuse and pissed off attitude has brought Schmerz back to simple, yet effective basics. Such approach is kind of hard to came across nowadays which makes this album a gem. Yes, this is a brutal stuff. And yes, you'll love this. [press-release]

Seism -- "From Station to Station" -- CD-R -- €7
Smell The Stench
This Canadian musician putting out huge amount of releases loves shortwave radio and field recordings which form the basis for this album. Fine chopping of ether and frequency chaos. Sometimes resembles Sadogipnoz from St. Petersburg, Russia. [Abgurd description]

Skorpio, Niko -- "Psilocybe Necrophilia" -- CD -- €10
2009 Some Place Else, SPECD09052, (ltd. 418)
Niko Skorpio's new album is called Psilocybe Necrophila, referring to a psychoactive mushroom that grows on decomposing flesh. Although recorded mostly in 2007, parallel to last year's acclaimed Half Born in Half Light, it is quite a different trip. The basis of this work was Niko Skorpio's old cassette tape collection from the 1980's. Containing mostly heavy metal demos and live bootlegs, the dozens of kilometres of obsolete tape were sacrificed on the altar of creation. Does consciousness survive decomposition? Magnetic tape — as a symbol of DNA — was deconstructed, cut, mangled, eaten and torn apart by a number of malfunctioning cassette players. These emerging mutations were captured, processed and reconstructed, over and over until a new form began to take shape. Carefully chosen and prepared additional ingredients were then introduced to this primal tissue in order to impregnate it with a new kind of energy. Metaphorically speaking, soul was injected into the golem. As is common with Niko Skorpio's works, the album works thematically on many levels. On the immediate surface it reflects a surreal journey to the deepest chasms of inner space, where — quite unexpectedly — one may find herself in wholly unfamiliar surroundings. And what's more, one may not find herself alone anymore, but instead, communicating with something unknown. And it always gets the darkest just before dawn. But whatever happens, eventually the dawn comes. In the end we return to where it all began, but affected, observing that things will never be the same again. Some call Psilocybe Necrophila a "death album". Skorpio agrees and adds: "It can be perceived as symbolising the process of death and reincarnation. Besides, it is likely to remain the last 'conventional' album from me in the foreseeable future, so calling it a 'death album' has certain appeal." [press-release]

Smell & Quim -- "Diameter Of Elvis' Colon" -- CD -- €12
1995 Pure, PURE 19
Classic of sick British harsh-noise. Sleeve. [YAOP info]

Soldnergeist -- "Terror" -- CD -- €12
2001 Art Konkret, ART 26 / Pure, PURE 51
Elite German Power Electronics / Death Industrial. Genocide. [YAOP info]

Stegm -- "Abstinence" -- CD-R -- €6
2002 Soulworm Editions, Worm XXI
Finally, we are glad to intruduce an album dealing with our long-live fetish interest. Adorable, BDSM oriented, voiceless power electronics radically executed by Ryan Bloomer (Flatline Construct). Harsh, malignant yet very atmospheric sound makes 'Abstinence' a perfect soundtrack for a satysfying intercourse. [press-release]

Sudden Infant -- "Solothurn" -- CD -- €12
1994 Pure
Classical album from legendary Swiss performance act, a member of Schimpfluch Gruppe. Children screams, water murmur & ticking clock turn into barbarian power electronics and metal clanks. Powerful! [YAOP info]

Sutcliffe Jugend -- "Live Assault 01" -- CD -- €12
2006 RRRecords
First official live album of the legend of British power electronics. Sleeve. [YAOP info]

Tarsus -- "Solifugae" -- CD-R -- €6
Multi National Disaster Records, MNDR 2013, (ltd. 175)
Industrial / power electronics / rhythmic noise.

Temnoyar -- "Nordscapes" -- CD -- €7
2009 Valgriind, VG 18
Majestic sounds from the North landscapes. 3 unreleased mini-albums, combined with general concept. Excellent graphic design supplements music. [label info]

Temple Of Tiermes -- "Psychotropic Substances" -- CD-R -- €7
2003 Soulworm Editions, Worm XXXIV, (ltd. 333)
Being an incarnation of the Tiermes duo, Temple of Tiermes explores the sonic areas that are pretty close, from another angle though. Mind mangling, powerfull dark industrial ambience based upon acoustic and electronic preparations with almost shamanistic approach. While the bands members often dissapear in the woods to 'revitalize' among the fruits of mushroom, the eerie recordings they bring back are remarkable. Ritual – this should be a keyword when discussing Temple of Tiermes activities. The acompanying booklet presents photographic work by one of the bands members, and further visuals can be found in video presentation playable on the computer. Previously released on vinyl by Kaos Kontrol, the album became highly acclaimed and sold out soon after. Don't miss the secong chance as there could be no another chance given – it's a limited edition release again. [press-release]

Totstellen -- "Tunnel Brücke" -- CD-R -- €7
2007 Reduktive Musiken, redukt012 / Totes Format, totform 05, (ltd. 500)
A study of architecture and the perspectives it implies. An acoustic reflection of so called civilisation. Entirely recorded inside the structure of a motorwaybridge, wich is also a tunnel or even a labyrith underneath the droning traffic. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Veprisuicida -- "Zlvoennonamerennayaneopoznannayakobelyomblednozheleznayadevstvennitsa" -- CD-R -- €9
1996/2009 Retrogad 01, (ltd. 100)
Reissue of the 2nd album of harsh-collage project by Alexander Lebedev-Frontov (Linija Mass), with a video bonus track.

Winquist Virtanen -- "All Hope Is Gone" -- CD-R -- €7
2001 Soulworm Editions, Worm XIV, (ltd. 250)
Known of the brilliant harsh noise experimentations, this mysterious Swedish duo surprises us by their actual interest to minimal dark ambience works. Utilizing electronic preparations and low frequency manipulation, 'All Hope is Gone' is a brilliant example of what was once called 'isolationism', or even a step further... [press-release]

Winquist Virtanen -- "Dead Last" -- CD-R -- €7
2002 Soulworm Editions, Worm XXXIII, (ltd. 100)
Bleak. The word might have been overused, but this new album from Swedens Winquist Virtanen entitled Dead Last is the very definition of that word. Some call it dark ambient, some call it isolationism and some call it the soundtrack of hopelessness, but regardless of which description you deem most fitting, this album is bound to send you looking for the razor blades and erase what little remains of your will to live. "Dead Last" follows in the steps of its predecessor "All Hope Is Gone" with it's combination of dark, slowly evolving drones and the cold reverberations of metal against metal, but takes it one step futher to an even colder, more desolate domain of absolute darkness. Through the course of its 50 minute duration it offers no escape, no relenting and no hope, only desperation, fear and hopelessness. [press-release]

Women Of The SS -- "John Zewizz Presents His Infamous..." -- CD-R -- €7
1999 RRRecords, RRR-CD-07
Avantgarde / Musique Concrete / Porno Ambient, based on nazisploitation-porn-movies from 1970-s. Sleeve. [YAOP info]

Xiphoid Dementia -- "Wounds Never Heal" -- 3"CD-R -- €5
2002 Soulworm Editions, Worm XXVII, (ltd. 50)
These three intense bursts of heavy, cold ambience with sinister noisy inteludes are the first Xiphoid Dementia release for a pretty long time. Was it worth waiting? Definitely yes, no matter if it's not a full-lenght material. Reborn, Xiphoid Dementia amuses the listener with sound that resembles the uncoscious fears that he may have experienced when being closed in the mother's womb. [press-release]

YAO 91404 D -- "Pervomai" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Valgriind, VG 21
One of the best albums from St. Petersburg. Walls of three-dimensional noise constructions and documental recordings from the beginning of the XX century. Scratching of the gramophone needle on the breath of the agonizing country. [label info] Cover made from roofing material + postcard.

Zavoloka -- "Plavyna" -- CD -- €11
2005 Laton 032 / Nexsound, ns37
Zavoloka is young ukrainian female musician, debuted with her "Plavyna" album in 2004 after some mp3-appearances on highly-acclaimed domestic Nexsound label. Her work seems to be unique transformation of ethnic musical heritage into abstract soundscape enriched by unconventional electronic sounds, amorphous rhythms and enigmatic voices. Each piece evolves in its own unpredictable way, dense and dynamic structures developes into complex arrays, which are going further to restless, fragile rows. The music frequently indicates phenomenal behaviour: sometimes you just think it's familiar and accessible, but in the next few seconds this impression could be totally destroyed by layered sound attacks. Zavoloka goes the way of endless search, bringing the listener deep into the underworld, leaving no way to recover his senses. Her artistic intuition seems to be very similar to childlike motions, switching attention between events, going ahead without special plan. But the overall impression regenerates into the different quality, forcing me to listen it again and again to understand how it works. All tracks are mostly instrumental, except the sevents one ("Kolyskova") - here the voice appears, caressing and lulling you, singing a strange but somehow familiar melody. Basically, many sounds can be apprehended as sampled traditional instruments, but instead of it, turning to glitch-variations and percussive elements. The partial peculiarity of this album also can be explained by originality of female view on music composing - more freedom, disengagement and intuition never can be harmful for any creative process. [Dmitry Vasilyev, Independent Electronic Music]

Zone Nord -- "Roferon A" -- CD -- €12
Genocidal Rough Noise / Power Electronics in vein of Soldnergeist, Vandal X... Sleeve. [YAOP info]

V/A -- "Culmination" -- 2 CD -- €13
2005 Laton, Laton 030
Park Modern, Benzo, Phagz, Radius, Zavoloka, Thilges 3, F.R.U.I.T.S., Recorderman, ADD, Pomassl, Brain Fork, The Closing, Infra Red Army, Mombus, Alois Huber, Ki wa, Andres Loo, Philipp Quehenberger, Tania Stene & Alexei Borisov, Auxpan, Auralbino, Fractal Heads. "Culmination" is the anniversary compilation of austrian-russian label Laton, released to celebrate 15 years of its existence. So the participants are mainly russian and austrian musicians, but you can also meet here some single french, estonian, ukranian and icelandic projects. The stylistic scope is much more wider, there are several efforts from the wold of contemporary electronica - like post-IDM, electro-ambient, glitchy soundscapes and rhythmic tracks, but also some abstract and really hard to classify experimental pieces. Besides Laton residents (F.R.U.I.T.S., Benzo, Alois Huber, Radius, Zavoloka), there are many new names with quite interesting works. For me, certain highlights are Park Modern from Vladivostok with the symphony created from train noises and clatter, ADD from Petrozavodsk using a lot of looped sounds in a melodic way, and also Fractal Heads from Kemerovo with their long last but not least piece assembled from interference between layered rhythmic structures and narrating radiovoice in the background. [Dmitry Vasilyev, Independent Electronic Music]

V/A -- "Manifesto Industriale Italiano" -- 4 CD-R -- €25
1996/2008 Old Europa Cafe, OECDR 001, (ltd. 150)
Second re-edition of the 4xC60 tapes box-set released back in 1996 by OEC into digital format on pro-printed CDr's! All sounds was exclusively recorder for that box, a great document on best Italian Industrial tradition! The box contains: 4 high quality professionally printed CDr's; 8 inserts (In this edition the inserts come in full colours...); 1 Handnumbered booklet with notes on groups and tracks; 1 Industrial pin with same design as on the CD labels. Featuring: SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS, IUGULA-THOR, ATRAX MORGUE, DEAD BODY LOVE, LVNVS (Side project by Devis G. of Teatro Satanico), MURDER CORPORATION, BAD SECTOR, APOCALYPSE FANFARE (side project by Eraldo Bernocchi of Sigillum S). [press-release]

V/A -- "Melodia" -- CD -- €11
2007 Laton, Latona 01
A compilation of experimental / IDM / ambient projects from Russia, Ukraine and Estonia. Kyskas, Mombus, Test Pressing, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, ADD, The Festival Of Non-Existing Bands, Khaki, LLAC, Inkredible Diz, Nikola, Dambo, Infra Red Army, Radius, Belki, Zavoloka.

V/A -- "The Old Europa Cafe" -- 7 CD -- €35
2008 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 100
This compilation was planed during 2007 for the 25th OEC anniversary. For celebrate the label and all the work done over all those years 101 artists / groups / projects which was / are / will be involved with OEC was invited to submit an unreleased or anyway re-worked / exclusive track devoted to the theme: Europa! Europe: from Portugal to Russia. Europe: his history. Europe: his culture. Europe: his cities. Europe: his beauty.… At last, a true Old Europe Cafe soundtrack.... [label info] Artists: A Challenge of Honour, Aesthetic Meat Front, Ain Soph – Tra le Rovine, Albireon, Alessandro Pacciani, All My Faith Lost..., Argine, Artefactum, Asianova, Astro, Autopsia & K.Rossmann, Bad Sector, Beyond Sensory Experience, Black Sun Productions, Bleiburg, Camerata Mediolanense, Circus Joy, Claustrum, Cristian Renou, Cropcircle, D.B.P.I.T., David E. Williams, Dawn & Dusk Entwined, Dead Man’s Hill, Deutsch Nepal, Discordance, Division S, Dogs Hate Monet, Dream Weapon Ritual, Egida Aurea, Folkstorm, Foreign Trade, Foresta di Ferro, Furvus, Gerechtigkeits Liga, Grey Wolves, GX Jupitter-Larsen, H.E.R.R., Horologium, Hybryds, Jerome Deppe and Gentlemen Oscura, K. Meizter, Kallabris, Kenji Siratori, Knifeladder, Lark Blames, Lonsai Maikov & Dissonant Elephant, Lt. Caramel, Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte, Malato, Mauro Guazzotti, Moljebka Pulse, Musterion, MZ.412, Naevus, Nazi UFO Commander, Ninth Desert, Njurmannen, Nocturne, Nordvargr, Northgate, O Paradis, Organisation Toth, Pacific 231, Peter Andresson, Post Contemporary Corporation, Rapoon, Richard Ramirez, Roma Amor, Runes Order, S.Q.E., Sacher Pelz, Sala Delle Colonne, Second Amendment, Seelenblut, Seelenlicht, Selfishadows, Shining Vriel, Siegmar Fricke, Simulacrum, Sleeping Pictures, Slogun, Space Alliance, Spiritual Front, TAC, Tam Quam Tabula Rasa, Tears of Othila, Teatro Satanico, The Lindberg Baby, The Soil Bleed Black, Thomas Nola et Son Orchestre, Tribe of a Circle, Troum / Asianova / Voice of Eye, Ventral Metaphor, Vestigial, Voice of Eye, Vox Populi!, Wermut, Wertham, Wheian, XX Century Zorro.
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

V/A -- "Sacral Symphony" -- CD -- €14
2008 EE Tapes, EE14, (ltd. 300)
Caution: this limited compact disc contains highly meditative drones only, compiled and mastered by our comrade Eugeny Voronovski from Moscow! Five well-known contemporary artists/projects out of the dark drone forests created each around 15 minutes of their best output for this exclusive production on EE Tapes: 1000Schoen (Germany), Troum (Germany), Cisfinitum (Russia), Rapoon (Great Britain), First Human Ferro (Ukraine). No doubt this is a classic compilation in the true Russian spirit! Outstanding cover artwork too by Eugeny Kuprienko. Silver print on anthracite 7" cardboard cover. [label info]


Diktat / Irikarah -- "Chapters Of The Whitehouse" -- 7" -- €8
Multi National Disaster Records, MNDR 2004, (ltd. 200)
Industrial / noise.

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio -- "ONANI" -- LP -- €24
2008 Cold Meat Industry, cmi191LP, (ltd. 444)

Psychologische Abwehrfront -- "Burgerkrieg" -- 7" -- €8
Multi National Disaster Records, MNDR 2007, (ltd. 300)
Power electronics, dedicated to Ernst von Salomon. [label info]


Auf -- "O]["-- C-60 -- €4
Smell the Stench
An interesting experimental release of Greek project. Art-noise, old school industrial, rhythmic electronic music with analogue noises... Recommended. [YAOP info]

The Barracks Of Afghanistan -- "Mother Tongue" -- C-30 -- €4
Spacelessjam, SPACE 12
A very strange release. Analogue and mostly acoustic industrial noise played on metal junk somewhere in vein of YAO 91404 D and K2, recorded into right channel only... Single-sided cassette. [YAOP info]

Betty -- "Primeval" -- C-60 -- €4
BTR, BT025
Fat analogue harsh noise on feedbacks. Photocopied cover. [YAOP info]

Ceramic Hobs -- "May be Triggering" -- MC -- €5
Monopolka, This Is Monopolka 84
The legendary British group consisting of mental home patients who performed live tours in fraternal medical institutions. This cassette contains archive recordings from 1987-89 with covers on "Louie, Louie", Led Zeppelin and The Exploited. Wild schizophrenic (in direct sense!) garage punk / household noise / avantgarde. Comes with a silk-screened 16-page booklet. [YAOP info]

F/i -- "Recycled Music" -- MC -- €4
F/i come from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and were formed in 1981 under the name of The Surfin' Fuhrers (changed title to F/i in 1983), they have released half dozen of full-length LPs on RRRecords. The band started as a noise project following the tradition of Throbbing Gristle and Nurse With Wound. They took also som einfluence from Hawkwind and Spacemen 3. This cassette contains the live recording on which they play music quite unusual both for tham and for RRRecords, as this is space garage surf reminding of Dick Dale, Duane Eddy and even some of most melodic songs of Dead Kennedys. Handmade artwork. [YAOP info]

Maaaa -- "Kello On Soinut" -- MC -- €5
2008 B-Rush, [B-33], (ltd. 20)
First side of this cassette was recorded in 2007 and sent to Belgian musique concrete label Kourlyk which was closed soon after releasing because of serious desease of it's owner. A year later the project decided to put out this release on a small Karelian label with some new material for the B-side. The release has been delayed for several times because of strange events happening with project members and the publisher during the work on this release. Musically this differs a lot from what Maaaa has been doing before - the A-sise contains one long YAOP-like track composed from concrete samples of squeaking doors, ticking clocks, sirens, etc. Second part is more multi-layered: field recordings, occasional sounds, voice mantras, screams - all this merges into whole obscurely bewitching picture in vein of early works of :Zoviet France:. Artwork - orange cover, all information is typewritten, similar insert - everything is packed in a sewn mitten with attached hand bell. [press-release]

Мaaaa / Ecoute La Merge -- "split" -- MC -- €5
2008 Underground Pollution, (ltd. 47)
Harsh-noise split on French label. The cover says: "Maaa is a king of Russian noise. Listen with vodka and catch hallucinations". About ELM: "This is the sound of life. Rough. Ugly. This is useless. Listen on maximum volume. Close your eyes. Dream... and scream "Fuck!". Packed in full-colour one-sided A4 package, factory recorded cassettes. Unfortunately not sealed because of financial crisis. [YAOP info]

Pedestrian Deposit -- "Recycled Music" -- MC -- €4
2003 RRRecords
Catacomb American rough noise. K2 of the stone age. Handmade package. [YAOP info]

Sonic Disorder / Emil Beaulieau -- "s/t" -- MC -- €4
Smell the Stench
A mutual performance of the American and Canadian artists on Spokanoisefest 2005 festival. Noise, bedlam, lots of spoken word and laughter. [YAOP info]

Wolf Eyes -- "Recycled Music" -- MC -- €4
2003 RRRecords
US harsh-noise trio featuring Aaron Dilloway presents their material for well-known RRR series of reworked tapes. [YAOP info]


ID m Theft able & Crank Sturgeon -- "@ Gallery 119" -- DVD -- €14
2007 Statuory Tape
Two famous representatives of American noise scene. Live show from 2007 filled with the spirit of local Massachusetts patriotism :) [YAOP info]


Hard and Obscure #2 - Musically Incorrect Fanzine -- zine -- €5
Musically Incorrect Records
Rare long sold out Finnish zine in English. 40 pages A5, b/w laser print. Interviews with Bizarre Uproar, Grand Belial's Key, Nkondi, Loinen, Rulla, Frogskin, 15 pages of music reviews, a couple of pages contain reviews on other zines. [YAOP info]

Used & rare

Project - Album - Format - Condition (disc/cover) - Year - Label - Cat. # - Ltd. - Price

Halo Manash - Am Kha Astrie - CD - M/NM - Aural Hypnox - [AH10] - Ltd. 1000 - €6,82
Skorpio, Niko - Psilocybe Necrophila [ltd. ed.] - CD + 3"CDR - NM/VG+ - Some Place Else - SPECD09052 - Ltd. 23 - €17,05

You can download the full list of rare & used items here.


Amputation Desire -- "bIId" -- CD-R -- €8
Sick Arts, SAP 18, (ltd. 100)
Side-project of Flutwacht oriented towards raw minimal industrial noise ambient. Monotonous factory loops slowly pulsate and generate sickly pictures of mechanical schizophrenia. [Abgurd description]

Ataraxia -- "Paris Spleen" -- CD -- €14
2006 Cold Meat Industry, CMI165, (ltd. 2000)
First edition in digipak.

Atomine Elektrine -- "Nebulous" -- CD -- €12
2007 Essence Music, ESS007, (ltd. 800)
On this second installment for Essence Music, Peter Andersson brings ATOMINE ELEKTRINE to an utterly refined and perfectionist sphere! The trancey beats and sacral atmosphere of Binomial Fusion are past and widely replaced by a truly out-of-body, deeply layered and dynamic cosmic experience in form of a masterful ambience filled with energy outbursts, synthetic movements and algorithmical rhythms. An aural projection for a detailed exploration of nebulas, black holes, exploding stars and unknown deep corners of the cosmos. Very much influenced by the electronic side of the kraut scene and with the ability of imposing his very own classic trademark, Andersson sets a new stone and makes Nebulous one of the greatest albums related to this genre since the early 70’s. Another amazing proof of talent from this Swedish genius! Presented in an snowy white gatefold digisleeve and tracing paper packaging. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Atrium Carceri -- "Kapnobatai" -- CD -- €13
2005 Cold Meat Industry, cmi148
Beyond the malignant jail cells and narrow asylum walls, our hidden tormentors laugh at us from a world of smoke and mirrors. Kapnobatai, the third installment from Atrium Carceri, ventures further still into the wretched world beyond the place we so resignedly inhabit, and into the sublimely unkown. Shattered yet enlightened we are thrust forcefully through the illusion of our making, to the ancient sprawling city that is the one true testament to human achievment. The visions of the Kapnobatai (those who walk in smoke) are seen, heard and felt in this genderbending and exquisitely detailed black ambient album from philosopher/visionaire/composer/artist Simon Heath. This is a place of ancient machines, rusty walls and whispered sighs. With lavish attention to detail this profound composition of the mind wrests the listener away from the mundane, perchance never to return. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Atrium Carceri -- "Seishinbyouin" -- CD -- €13
2004 Cold Meat Industry, cmi133
Seishinbyouin is the second album from Atrium Carceri, and drags the listener on a violent journey through haunted mental asylums, ripe with the cries of the lost and the damned. Rotting jailcells, past insanity and the crumbling domes of the other side are a few of the many eerily twisted images that this evocative music compels. There is a constant dark majesty that forcefully propels the message of inevitability: The colorful illusion people spend most of their lives in is fragile as a rose petal, and just as easily shattered in Seishinbyouin. With brilliant use of the full spectrum of dystopia, this will surely leave no one unscathed. The album is filled with dark ambient soundscapes, haunting symphonic intensities and engulfing atmospheres that let you get inside the twisted psyche of the total other. One can but wonder at the twisted mind of the tortured soul that made this vision spring to ghastly unlife. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Audible Pain -- "Mehrzeitiger Hirnstamminfarkt" -- LP -- €13
Reduktive Musiken, redukt 001, (ltd. 320)
Pretty weird stuff from a new German artist. I really have a hard time describing this; it could be categorised as glith, noise, minimal or whatever but none of those really gives a correct description of the material. The sounds are very stripped down and usually the tracks consist of just one electronic buzzing sound just... well, buzzing around. At times it goes into loops and then again cuts and goes completely random. A few of the tracks include some noisier parts where the buzz turns into high pitched feedback and is also layered so that the sound becomes a bit more dimensional and varied. Still, it never gets noisy enough to call it noise. And the sound aren't exactly what I'd call glitch. It's just minimalistic sound. Apparently the material has been recorded after the artist has suffered from a stroke of some sort and I guess that explains a lot [...] [review from J, Degenerate #3]

Azoikum / Government Alpha -- "Das Methadonprogramm" -- CD -- €10
2005 Multi National Disaster Records, MNDR 2015, (ltd. 444)
Harsh noise.

Bad Sector -- "Plasma" -- CD -- €12
1998 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 011, 2nd edition
If "Ampos" is the "plastic" masterpiece by Bad Sector this is the "surgerical" masterpice by the Italian industrial master! great conceptual work! sound sources: Magnetosphere, Vostok + Salyut + Soyuz original recordings, Pulsar, High Voltage, Neon... all this sounds are building a unique powerful & pulsing sound sculpture, a great mind experience! The cover presents a series of interesting "electricity / energy " photos! Second print with a new full color re-worked cover! [press-release]

Bad Sector / Contagious Orgasm -- "Vacuum Pulse" -- CD -- €12
2000 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 032
"...From a mere description, this could end up sounding like every other drone and ambient noise release you own, but the fact is that nothing can account for the sheer depth and richness of the sounds on offer here. Everything has an almost organic quality to it, the drones sounding so liquid and deep that they take on a life of their own, both separate and a part of their generative technology - an otherworldly symbiosis of life and machine that stems directly from science fiction. It is hard to distinguish the two different artists' efforts from one another, as their approaches to sound and composition are so alike, especially when focussed towards this common theme. It is, then, almost the perfect collaboration, each artists' talents serving to enhance the other's and producing a work that is not far removed from their usual output, but that has that elusive X-factor of genius and serendipity that quickly ranks this as a classic of modern music. Nearly indescribable, highly recommended." [Gavin Lees, Immanence Records]

Bardoseneticcube + Noises Of Russia -- "New Orthodox Line" -- CD -- €10
2007 Some Place Else, SPECD07043
New Orthodox Line brings together two of the most notable Russian post-industrial / experimental groups: Bardoseneticcube and Noises of Russia. This unique collaboration stirs the best of both artists to surface, and results in an extremely powerful and intense emotional experience. The opus travels from sacral soundscapes of orthodox choirs and church bells to a more punishing end of the sonic spectrum provided by pounding rhythms and howling feedback. Here, the opposites unite with passion and compliment each other for the sake of the greater good, the synergetic New Orthodox Line. [label info]

Burial Hex -- "Walls of Zombies" -- MC -- €5
2007 Triangle Records, [TR031], (ltd. 50)
Chtonic ritual industrial/power-electronics from graveland USA. Analog synthesizers, organ, metal, earth, insect, voice, piano, manipulates with tapes, feedback... horror electronics! ltd. to 50 copies. [press-release]

Cisfinitumaaaa -- "Drone" -- CD-R -- €13
2008 Triangle, TR-37, (ltd. 20)
Mail-art collaboration between Moscow project Cisfinitum and Karelian project Maaaa. During the long period of time the bouquet of field fixations was collected on the Karelian ranges and later reworked by Evgeny Voronovsky. Four drone/concrete pieces. Two of them are of natural origin (anxious forest birds singing and night vanity of gluttonous toads), and two others are of technological genesis (metal creak, glass crunch and suffering of lost radio frequencies). In spite of using various sound sources the whole work sounds quite harmonic and produces powerful hypnotic effect. [press-release]

Contagious Orgasm -- "Illegal Occupation of Ears" -- CD -- €12
2000 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 026
The Japanese master of recycled ambient-sounds! 2 long tracks, 2 real sound sculptures, 2 more surprises for your ears with his unique way to re-work & assembling broken sounds! The cover presents some collages by Ryuta Nogouchi a new very interesting japanese designer. [label info]

Coph Nia -- "Holy War EP" -- mCD -- €10
2001 Cold Meat Industry, CMI.93
Where the debut album ’That which Remains’ was somewhat solemn and introspective, ”Holy War EP” is more ’in your face’. Like its predecessor it varies a great deal in styles, but this time it more aggressive and sexual in nature. Digipak. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Coph Nia -- "Shape Shifter" -- CD -- €13
2003 Cold Meat Industry, cmi122
The second full length album displays familiar streaks while simultaneously pointing out new directions. The pitch-black darkness is eased by moments of sacral ambience, while at times a grand piano and screeching choirs augment the goings-on. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Dead Man's Hill -- "Dog Burial" -- CD -- €12
2007 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 092
7th full length album for Dead Man’s Hill! Far more violent and darker atmosphere than ever before. This entire album handles about the loss of nature, all the people who destroy it, knowing and unknowing what they’re doing. Further it handles also about nature making conspiracies with the Loa’s to let mankind disappear from the earth. The music sounds like a storm wiping away everything in the neighbourhood. Extremely dark classical death industrial with choirs, the voice of the Apocalypse telling people in their dreams how it all will evolve, magical and Black Metal atmospheres .. For all lovers of "In Slaughter Natives"! Art-work presenting a series of magnificent Caravaggio paintings! [press-release]

Desiderii Marginis -- "Deadbeat" -- CD -- €13
2001 Cold Meat Industry, CMI.86
Mjölby: hick town, epicentre of Swedish counter-culture, a power-plant transmitting anti-art currents over the national grid. Home of the legendary deathseekers Brighter Death Now, of the infamous scatologist Raison d'Etre, and not least of the decadence afficionado Desiderii Marginis. 'Deadbeat' is Desiderii Marginis' magnum opus, a bewitching tale from a midwintery Sweden veiled in darkness, firmly maintaining their ranking among the upper crust of the Mjölby avantgarde. Listening to Desiderii Marginis is like travelling in time, back to the days when you first discovered CMI and instantly became enchanted. By watching and learning from old mages like Raison d'etre and Morthound, Johan Levin has aggregated different styles, but eventually the music is still distinguished by his highly personal touch. Close your eyes, and find yourself moved to desolate windswept forests - where mist lingers around leafless branches, moonbeams just barely break through, and distant howls both entice and frighten. These are emotions so familiar and so novel at the same time, evoked by classic CMI material that both looks back and points forward. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Desiderii Marginis -- "Seven Sorrows" -- CD -- €13
2007 Cold Meat Industry, cmi173
Seven Sorrows is the sixth album by the renowned swedish dark-ambient project Desiderii Marginis, and a most eagerly awaited follower to the highly acclaimed album of 2005, That Which Is Tragic And Timeless. With the material on Seven Sorrows Johan Levin, the mind behind Desiderii Marginis, has dug deeper than ever before within the creative depths and so ventures even further into the darklands of dispair and solitude, deeper into the vibrant shadows of the human mind. Since the very debute in 1993, Desiderii Marginis has, with every new offering, refined and reinvented the trademark sound, and this release is no exception to the rule. Strummed guitars and dulcimers blend seamlessly with soaring strings, raging drones, the sound of twisted metal and spoken word. Diverse sources, yet tamed to an intriguing and alluring whole that slowly spin it’s web around the helpless listener and drags them into the vortex of dreamlike darkness. First 2000 copies in a 6-panel digipak, artwork photos taken by the exceptional photographer Birthe Klementowski. [press-release]

Desiderii Marginis -- "Songs over Ruins" -- CD -- €13
1997 Cold Meat Industry, CMI.56
The tune of a little bell overlaid by strange voices seemingly far away. Melodic atmospheric ambient sounds, one piece with straight rythms, the other very slow and quiet like musical description of a tree without its leaves, haveing cold and waiting for spring that never comes... [label info]

Desiderii Marginis -- "Strife" -- CD -- €13
2004 Cold Meat Industry, cmi131
’Strife’ is, as the name implies, a sort of reflection over the rather pityful human desire to engage in all kinds of conflict. Everywhere and always. There is admittedly a healthy aspect of conflict or competition – the clash of ideas, ideologies, opinions and the like. But often strife takes the form of mere pointless destruction for no purpose. That particular lack of meaning is what this album is all about. ’War is a continuation of politics’ von Clausewitz wrote in the 1830’s. But if there’s no political visions to realize, no higher goal to pursue, no new beginning, no rebirth, then what? Guns go silent only to discover that nothing has really been accomplished. Old structures of injustice remain, recent conflicts are added to old ones. Does this sound depressing? I think it is. The music on this album is not intended to sound like the blazing guns of a world at war. It is what it is simply because these kind of thoughts went through my head as the music was made. I have had no ambition to address any particular issue, I’m definitely not trying to promote, or badmouth, any political or ideological points of view. Politics are firmly rooted in the present. Strife itself is eternal. The music is, as always, a strictly personal way to deal with and express the ever present madness of man. Nothing changes, everything is new... [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Deutsch Nepal -- "Dystopian Partycollection" -- CD -- €13
2008 Cold Meat Industry, cmi180
Deutsch Nepals Dystopian Partycollection contain previously released material from compilations and limited edited vinyls. It is not to be seen as a major release from Deutsch Nepal but a small shop of horrors where everyone could shoplift whenever in the spirit. Quality and atmosphere is different from track to track as there is no theme or secret path to follow on this album - It's plain Deutsch Nepal - Just as we love it! So just C'mon get naked... remember nude improvised dancing is not only for fun it's also for free! This is Deutsch Nepals Dystopian Partycollection to be followed by many more sad experiences in your poor and empty lives... Tracks are taken from the following releases: Heilige Feuer (Der Angriff), 10" vinyl (WKN), Flowers Made of Snow (Cold Meat Industry), A Rainy November Day in Wroclaw (Ars Benevola Mater), Death Odours II (Slaughter Productions), 1-sided LP vinyl (Extremocidente Records), 3A4ИCTКA - Fuck the Modern World (Autarkeia). [label info]

Fecalove -- "Cock to Russia" -- CD-R -- €7
2006 Triangle Records, [TR012], (ltd. 60)
Harsh-noise from Italy. Brutal sound. Ramones covers! Hand-made digipak. [label info]

Gelsomina + no Xivic -- "Furnace" -- CD -- €10
2007 Some Place Else, SPECD07044
Furnace is an unlikely yet strangely natural union of no Xivic, renowned sculptor of dark electro-acoustic soundscapes, and Gelsomina, Finland's most prolific harsh noise artist. The title track, also the main piece on the album, is a live collaboration recorded in late 2006, a grand opus of psychedelic noise with a peculiar 'kraut' flavour! In addition to this, both artists created exclusive tracks on their own to complete the album. In total, Furnace is a 44-minute blast of fire, brimstone and hazardous electric currents, and thus a fine completion of Some Place Else's tenth year of activity. [press-release]
[mp3]   [last.fm]

Haare -- "Trauma" -- CD-R -- €7
2006 Sick Arts, SAP 12, (ltd. 100)
Psychedelic drone ambient, noisy and chaotic with a billow of low frequencies and capticatind hi-freq whistlings. [YAOP description]

IDX1274 -- "The Crimean Tatar Architecture Of The Zincirli Medrese In Bakhchisaray" -- CD-R -- €7
2007 Triangle Records, [TR026], (ltd. 50)
Necrotic rough-noise as a creation of Death her Majesty. Her bone fingers never let you go, as you was catched once. Impenetrable darkness and total misery. Ltd. to 50 copies. [press-release]

Infra Red Army -- "EnTrails" -- CD -- €11
2007 Laton, Laton 037
Under this playful moniker there is the ukrainian project appeared for the first time on the "Polyvox Populi" CD released in 2003 by Nexsound label. Another track was included in the "Culmination" compilation released by Laton, so here is it, the debut album released in 2006, also by this austrian label. The material presented here is very close to ambient music, but based not on sustained drones rather on various sounds and samples interweaved into multi-layered almost static soundscapes. One thing to be recognized here for sure is guitar (Dmitry Soroka is the classically-trained guitarist). The music has some distinctive features like melancholic mood, downtempo timeframe and very subtle emotional organization, revealing the sort of dramatic plots behind the steady sound images. Eleven tracks with strange and intriguing titles like "NocTurn" and "OptiMystique" will help you to make one step forward to understand the enigmatic ukrainian soul. [Dmitry Vasilyev, Independent Electronic Music]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Izanami's Labour Pains -- "Womb of Izanami" -- CD-R -- €6
Sick Arts, SAP 15, (ltd. 25)
Juicy digital noise, with it's brutality and cruelty close on the heels of Russian project Comforter. [Abgurd description]

Kriminaaliset Metsänhaltijat -- "Finlandia" -- CD-R -- €10
2008 Triangle, TR-35, (ltd. 10)
The only recording of this project made in a professional studio. This recording was made for one of the leading post-industrial labels, but by common agreement the material was not released. Ten years later the band decided to publish some of the materials from that record-session. In 2007 it was remastered, mainly the vocal parts. Here are used the field recordings, settled in Southern Finland and Mourmansk region of Russia, analogue syths, drum-machine and sound-processing units. Exceptionally warm sound. Musically it differs a lot from the other works of this project and presents industrial power ambient with influences from SPK from industrial and Inade from ambient. Hypnotic bursts of industrial rumbles, sythesizer ambient buzz, live concrete sounds and mysterious vocals. [press-release]

Kromeshna -- "Antiworlds" -- CD-R -- €7
2007 Ostroga, OTR-012, (ltd. 30)
Mini-album of Ural-based project (side-project of Light Collapse and Obozdur). Three tracks sounding like roaming in a pitch dark electronic forest by feel. Isolationist dark ambient.

Kromeshna -- "Locked in the Sky" -- CD-R -- €7
2007 Ostroga, OTR-013, (ltd. 25)
Mini-album of Ural-based project (side-project of Light Collapse and Obozdur). One almost 20-minute long trask. Movements in total darkness. Hollow distant dark ambient / drone.

Maeror Tri -- "Language Of Flames And Sound" -- CD -- €13
1996/2008 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 008, (ltd. 544)
Finally we are going for the re-edition of this great Maeror Tri album! Power for the right side of the brain! Our world is dominated by the left brain hemisphere! M.T. is here supporting the theory that it is necessary to stimulate and challenge the right hemisphere in order to get back to an equal activity of the two brain sides... Best Shamanic Meditation music of the industrial era! Maybe the best and more intense Maeror Tri album! All material PRODUCED by MAEROR TRI [...] from 1992 to 1996. Comes packed in a special brain-shaped folder. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Maeror Tri -- "Myein" -- CD -- €10
2005 Waystyx, WR10, (ltd. 675)
Re-edition of one of the most beautiful and significant musical work in the history of industrial music previously released by ND in 1995. Slowly evolving layers of guitar droning, sometimes harsh and distorted, sometimes clinking and melancholic, sometimes abstract and meditative. Total hypnosis.

Massive Ejaculation -- "Your Problems Is Obvious (”In” Rings Have A Ball With)" -- CD-R -- €10
2007 Triangle Records, [TR027], (ltd. 66)
Really dark and psychodelic stuff from Leningrad-horrible mix of power-electronics, industrial drone and black-metal. Dead animal's organs devourment, necrofascism and sanatanism. Death tide. The best record that have been recorded. Attention - its too extreme! Comes in A5 size envelope, plus 12 pages book. Only 66 copies. [press-release]

Melanchoholics -- "A Single Act of Carelessness" -- CD -- €10
2006 Multi National Disaster Records, MNDR2017 / Deafborn, dbcd04, (ltd. 1000)
This album has become an opening of the year and local cult for us. Incomparable Kraut Dark Ambient, aristocratic like Raison d'Etre, reactionary like November Novelet, psychedelic like Can, hypnotizing like Neil Young's soundtrack to "Dead Man", autumnal like Mogwai, cozy like soundtrack to "Twin Peaks". Special thanks to guitarist and accordionist! [YAOP description]

MZ.412 -- "Infernal Affairs" -- CD -- €13
2006 Cold Meat Industry, cmi161
After 7 years of hard work MZ.412 finally deliver their swan-song "Infernal Affairs". After the prelude "Domine Rex Inferum" this is the ultimate new album of MZ.412, nothing but pure bombastic evil manifested in explicit sounds; and it is terrifyingly beautiful! As always, based on the dark arts, the sound is classic MZ.412 taken to the extreme and beyond. Whatever dark fetishism you're into, it's all here; from abysmal ambient parts, heavy pounding industrial dance hits, to grand orchestral maneuvers. The Swedish Legion returns to dominate the scene once again, with an album that clearly defines what true black industrial music is all about.... After inventing the style that degenerated an entire genre in the early 90's, they show once again that they are here to lead the way for future generations.... Yes, you may think you've heard it before - but never ever this powerful! No, we're not here to convince you - We're telling you! MZ.412 are the original home for members of many wellknown projects in the electronic scene. The CD comes in an extremely dark and very MZ-stylished embossed 6-panel digipak. Release date: 6.6.6. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Necrophorus -- "Drifting In Motion" -- CD -- €13
2000/2008 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 104
”Arctic ambience, melting with imagination, leads the listener to the frozen tundra at the top of the world. This rarely explored land, resonant with a shimmering radiance that is bleak, barren and mysterious, is distinguished by slivers of fantastical nuances that twinkle like crystals under the midnight sun.” The above quotation was taken from a review of the original CD release of ’Drifting in Motion’ (2000 on Crowd Control Activities). Now, 8 years later it is time for an enhanced re-release for even more refined sound and experience of ’Drifting in Motion’. The entire album has been carefully re-mixed in 2007 and has been spiced with 3 more nuances... Peter Andersson is a multi-talented man most famous for his RAISON D'ETRE project on the notorious label Cold Meat Industry LABEL but he is also are responisble for music projetcs like Stratvm Terror, Bocksholm, Atomine Elektrine, Panzar and many more. For this new release, two artists, Maria Gullqvist (Sweden) and Eva Verholen (Holland) has been asked to contribute with their own impressions of experiencing ’Drifting in Motion’. Their amazing works are presented on the completely new designed CD artwork in a six panels digipak. Composed by Peter Andersson in 1998-1999, except track 7 (2001), track 8 (2006) and track 9 (1991). All tracks re-mixed in 2007. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

no Xivic -- "Uneksija" -- CD -- €13
2004 Onyxia, onyx003
Henkka Kyllonen, the Finnish artist trading as no Xivic, will probably not thank me for describing him as a twenty-first century Sibelius, but that is the first thought that springs to my mind upon listening to this dark and edgy slab of doom ambience. Kyllonen has spent a staggering fourteen years studying music theory and piano at the Oulu Conservatory, which sounds a whole lot more fun than getting a job. What we have here are long swathes of grey textures, each a slightly different beast from its predecessor, nagging at the corner of the mind like half-seen apparitions, this interspersed with tinkling piano and muttered voices. It's almost Thomas Köner territory, pleasantly soporific yet vaguely sinister. There is silence here, and space. Time and distance are magnified, there is resonance, depth. [...] [Fluxeuropa]

no Xivic -- "Yksityisyys" -- CD -- €13
2007 Onyxia, onyx007
After a seemingly long wait, we have finally been presented with no Xivic's second actual full-length album. The album is titled Yksityisyys ("Privacy") and contains an array of intimate emotional states ranging from pleasure to anxiety and hopelessness. [...] Yksityisyys is definitely a very well thought-out and executed album. It follows a clear concept where each track forms an individual story. Different musical styles form narrative tools, and Henkka Kyllonen proves he can master them all, from piano to drone to harsh noise. The true display of mastery, however, is being able to merge them all into one expressive and meaningful whole. The only catch is that the record really requires the full attention of it's listener: it should be listened to like reading a book, otherwise it will only turn into meaningless background drones. When given focus, however, it proves to be very accessible, musical, emotional and intimate. [John Bjorkman, Kuolleen Musiikin Yhdistys]

Nocturne -- "Terroriser Manipuler Convaincre" -- CD -- €13
Old Europa Cafe, OECD 082, (ltd. 150)
Concept album builded arround the figure of Doctor "Mabuse" the anti-hero of Norbert Jacques's novel, the genius of crime and chaos, the genius of finance in a slow falling world in the first part of 1900... Slow moving tracks reminding to a world brocken by First World War. Very industrial concept using analog instrumentation mixed up to sounds from the beginning of the last century and many samples in German language taken from the legenadry movie as well as french vocals. Oversized 7" cover plus inserts. [label info]

Nordvargr, Henrik Bjørkk -- "The Dead Never Sleep" -- CD -- €12
2005 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 073
The undisputed master of nordic darkness & leading mind of MZ.412 returns once again from his cellar with a new offering for OEC. Following the success of the more experimental CD "On broken wings towards victory", "The dead never sleep" is a massive journey of classic Scandinavian darkambient, but with added outbursts of more violent layers and haunting electronics. Without comparison, this is the only fix of darkambient you need this year to satisfy your needs. Take heed as the dead souls surrounding you slowly twitches and claws to come back to haunt you... [press-release]

Nordvargr -- "For the Blood is the Life" -- CD -- €13
2007 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 097, (ltd. 666)
Musically we have an album of the finest darkambient music around, yet this piece also contains many other elements that we usually dont get served up by our household Swede - rythmic arrangements, faint melodies that flows in and out of our perception and the distinct sound of old 78 rpm acetate records. This is darkambient that makes you want to move because of the grooves, but also to check that noone stands behind you... Composed by Henrik Nordvargr Bjorkk during the winter of 2006/2007, this is his tribute to old folklore, myth and mysteries surrounding VAMPIRISM! A musical plunge into cold nights, abandoned castles and forgotten entities. [press-release]

Nordvargr, Henrik Bjørkk -- "On Broken Wings Towards Victory" -- CD -- €12
2003 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 061
Following in the steps of "Awaken", this CD explores the dark cellars of Bohult even deeper... This time new elements are thrown into the trademark darkness, using knifes, water and some broken electronics this CD is sure to deliver a new perspective on the way we see and hear our nordic wolf. [label info]

NTL (Non Toxique Lost) -- "Terre Et Argent" -- LP -- €13
Reduktive Musiken, redukt 008, (ltd. 300)
In colaboration with Wachsender Prozess we present the 2nd edition of this compilation of old tape releases of Non Toxique Lost. Rhythm industrial - not old school but old. With the dirty sound of the 80ies which nobody makes today thanks computer. That's cult! Editition of 300 copies in a silk-screen print cover. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Out of Focus -- "Monokanal" -- DVD-R -- €10
2006 Triangle Records, TR013, (ltd. 60)
Video-noise! 34 video-clips by Karelian project Out of Focus with music of Out of Focus, Maaaa, Suokas. Video-noise once again! Packed in printed cardboard sleeve. Limited to 60 copies. [label info]

Raison d'Être -- "Metamorphyses" -- CD -- €13
2006 Cold Meat Industry, cmi158
Transformation is the key to the psyche. Breath and feeling intertwined is the given links for the search of inner wisdom and to unlock the hidden inside us. _Metamorphyses_ is a journey into the deep inner; a drama of the sublime and trancendental transformation of the psyche through a katabasis ritual of six transitional stages into a final completion. _Metamorphyses_ is a key to the psyche. Hypnotic, introspective and yet more difficult. As the seventh fullenght album from raison d_etre _Metamorphyses_ is in many aspects different from previous works by Peter Andersson. The organic flow and the use of drones has been extended creating a varied output of both calm/meditative and harsh/intense sound structures. The transformation in sound is also present in the feelings; demanding, tempting and deceptive are only a few elements that characterize the ordeal the listener has to withstand. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Roma Amor -- "s/t" -- CD -- €12
2008 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 106
Charming Italian Neo Cabaret’n’Folk band with intense deep female voice, poignant accordion, essential guitar, tough bass and velvety percussions. An eleven-cut debut including an amazing cover version of Jacques Brel’s Next! Romantic songs with a taste of Italian folk tradition and rough cabaret stuff from nostalgia up to present. Try the dark side of folk-cabaret! For those who rely on traditional love songs, retro tavern music and noir cabaret. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Rotten Piece -- "N9-N1" -- CD-R -- €7
2006, Sick Arts Products, SAP 17, (ltd. 100)
This project is known for its outstanding live performances since early 90s. Industrial power electronics with small dose of rhythm. 41 minute of pleasure for the experts in old school sound. [YAOP description]

Sarcoma Caposhi / PlaZmat / Ritual -- "split" -- CD-R -- €9
2006 Triangle Records, [TR07], (ltd. 28)
Gloomy triple drone-split: dark minimalism and obscure drones. [label info] Very cool fur package!

Sophia -- "Herbstwerk" -- CD -- €13
2001 Cold Meat Industry, CMI.96
From 2001 comes this long out-of-stock milestone, finally available again, this time in a jewelcase, and without the 3" bonus CDS which was included in the first edition. But no tears, be happy to have it available again! Comparisons for this ARCANA side-project with DER BLUTHARSCH and even IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES are legitimate, as Sophia paint a similar sort of epic frescos. These are the solemn and sonorous melodies belted out by the pipers and drummers while the army retract from a hard day's work at the battlefield, saving the kingdom from legions of infidels… [label info]

True Colour Of Blood -- "Awakened, To Never Sleep Again" -- CD-R -- €7
2001 Soulworm Editions, Worm XVI
Raw and uneasy guitar drone ambient from States. "Guitar does not seem to be the perfect tool to create ambient sounds. But Eric Kesner proves it can work just perfect. The ominous monotony and minimalistic approach embed in these sounds makes 'Awakened...' an uneasy listening experience for the listener - by it's almost psychosomatic, resonant touch." [press-release]

Ultra Milkmaids -- "Live USA 02/03" -- mCD -- €8
MNDR, Psych.KG 003, (ltd. 300)
As you can see from the CD title, here is the material recorded by this well-known French project during live sets in the Land of Landing Boeings. 5 tracks varying from 2 to 12 minutes long, consisting of disintegrating guitar tunes, whirling chirrings, whistles of tone-generators and distortions, however not turning into noise. [Abgurd description]

Voltage -- "Lucifer Over Ptz" -- MC -- €5
2007 Triangle Records, [TR032], (ltd. 50)
Album was recorded in winter of 2005, but never released. Intense industrial dark-ambient, create atmosphere of sadness and endless winter. Journey trough misty and foggy landscapes. Sounds of gears, that works in the Abyss of coldness and ice. Final chapter in history of this Karelian project. The End. Pro-printed tape, pressed-paper cover sealed tape. 50 copies. [press-release]

Voltage -- "Nightmare" -- CD-R -- €9
2006 Triangle Records, [TR06]
Karelian dark ambient. Cold... Total pacification and calmness. Lie inside. Coffin lid closed. The night began. Let's go. One of the oldest post-industrial projects from Karelia. Nice double envelope. [YAOP description]

Von Hausswolff, C.M. -- "Maggots / Maskar" -- mCD -- €11
2007 Laton, Laton 045
Swedish frequncy war-loard, Carl Michael von Hausswolff has nearly worked over 20 years in This border situations that occur in daily life and music experience. He blurs the boundaries between traditional classifications using radios, movement dedectors, telephones, surveillance cameras, sonartechnologie and other appliances from the arsenal of equipment that can be procured by certain (vetted) persons. Interferences, interruptions and interdependences are various ways of altering conditions. Beside, CM von Hausswolff with Leif Elgren is co-founder of the selfproclaimed „The Kingdoms of of Elgaland-Vargaland“ (KREV) that were found on 27th may 1992. This CD presents his second conceptual album in a series exclusive for Laton. Packaging contains original bag of thai maggots. [label info]

Von Hausswolff, C.M. -- "Rats / Rattor" -- mCD -- €11
2004 Laton, Laton 031
Isn't it really amazing, to have a look at the world through the rat eyes? This eternal enemy of mankind, all seemed to be existing only for the purpose of reproduction and subsistence, actually is the one of most sensible living thing on the earth. Listening to these three pieces, you can feel real tension of the space, like sitting in the dark corner, stifled like the piece of stale bread or cardboard scrap. From all sides there is a rustle, puffing, scurrying armsteps on the wooden floor. Pushing one another, sniffing around, hitch you up and dragging somewhere. You're afraid but curious to know what will happen next? There is not much time to live out rat's days, so the total running time of this CD is just about 11 minutes. The more appropriate definition is the CD-single but I don't think there will be continued by full-length album. On the other hands, who knows? The most irreconcilable and uncompromising conceptual musician Carl Michael von Hausswolff can always prepare some surprises... Attention: there is a packet of ratsbane hidden inside the cover, instead the booklet! [Dmitry Vasilyev, Independent Electronic Music]

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