Today's update feature wide range of music, among which I can mention the new releases of Russian labels Aquarellist (Phurpa and Rapoon), Biosonar^Labyrint (Lunar Abyss Deus Organum & Co), Waystyx (new CDs by Maeror Tri, Brume, and RLW), Operator Produkzion, Sickcore, Spermodeath, etc., and also the new albums from Hladna (new projects Babayoga and Vedunkoloverti), Veprisuicida (reissue of two early split-releases) and The Infant Cycle.

If this can be interesting to anybody, an interview with me has been published in recent issue of Connexion Bizarre webzine. You can read it here: http://www.connexionbizarre.net/interviews/m_zhelezobeton.htm.

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Some new reviews of our releases:

Noises Of Russia "Experimental Structure" CD-R:
by Rukshan Thenuwara @ MuzikReviews.com: http://www.muzikreviews.com/reviews.php?ID=848
by Sin @ Gothtronic: http://www.gothtronic.com/?page=23&reviews=6051


05.12.2009 - Vetvei
(Yaroslavl, "Open Space" gallery) More info in Russian...

09.12.2009 - Otgoloski
(Moscow, club "Vermel") More info in Russian...

10.12.2009 - PandusFest 2009
(Moscow, Mosproekt) More info in Russian...

(St. Petersburg, Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21)) More info in Russian...

(Moscow, art-basement "Chocolate Factory") More info in Russian...

(Cheboksary, National Library of Chuvash Republic) More info in Russian...

(Kazan', club "White Shark") More info in Russian...

(Rostov-on-Don, club "Podzemka") More info in Russian...

(St. Petersburg, club "Orlandina") Flyer

(St. Petersburg, club "Kamchatka")

26.12.2009 - Recipes of Eternity
(St. Petersburg, Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21)) More info in Russian...



A.M. Salad -- "Lo-Fi For Hi-Fi" -- CD -- €10
2004 Sunship Records, SUN51 / Gold Soundz, GS#34 / Little Mafia Records, LM041 / Nihilist, NIHIL 25 / Sloth Jinni, SJ002 / White Tapes, EM19
The project of Keith Childress (Algebrassiere) who presents here, the highlights of his mid-90’s cassette noise collage & drone work. A deep exploration of mangled contraptions in foreboding places. 71 minutes! [label info]

Adriva -- "Voix de Mythe" -- 3"CD-R -- €6
2009 Abgurd, AB-54, (ltd. 50)
A new mini-album from this Russian project which album Cold Sea Week released by Abgurd in 2007 got good acknowledgement. The new material is completely acoustic without usage of any musical instruments. Only field recordings and feedback. Everything melts down into electroacoustic drone ambient of live tension. [label info]

Aesthetic Meat Front -- "Plague Of Humanity" -- CD -- €10
2002 Collapse Industries, CI 001
The original material for this recording was made in Spring 1999, simultaneously as human population reached It seems as human population increases, human intelligence decreases. Mankind does everything possible to support its own De-volution. The majority of the population uses technology and mass communication only as toll to kill off their senses and intellect. They numb themselves with entertainment that offers non-information and over stimulation. Mass morals suppress the instincts necessary towards evolution. Common sense is replaced by safety laws and thinking is no longer required and encouraged. Over 6000.000.000 degenerated meatmachines currently crowd our planet and consistently work towards the destruction of their own habitat. And still we praise the value of human life as the highest of all. It is on the time to reconsider this and to be more concerned about the value of intelligence! [label info]

Alio Die & Aglaia -- "Private History Of The Clouds" -- CD -- €12
2009 Infraction, INFX 037, (ltd. 900)

Alk0 -- "Music Under Intoxication" -- CD -- €10
2003 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 060
Alk0 is the solo project by Jouni Ulvtharm member of MZ.412 and Econocon! Harsh analog sounds in best powerful nordic industrial tradition... Fear of the unknown, machines alienation & high cerebral intoxication! Large full-color booklet with interesting "technology archeology" graphics. [label info]

Asche -- "Non Apocalypse" -- CD -- €11
1994 Functional Organisation, Functional 007

Atavist / Nadja -- "II: Points At Infinity" -- CD -- €10
2008 Profound Lore Records, PFL 037
Again spanning two epic elongated tracks (around 22 minutes each), “Points At Infinity” goes much further substance and depth wise than the first experimentation these two acts converged in. Definitely taking this experiment between both acts to the next level, albeit creating something wholly new and different when compared to the debut, rather than just continue on from the first release, “Points At Infinity” takes the doom/drone/ambient experiment into new territory as both acts continue to push new sonic ground... “Points At Infinity” also marks the first Atavist recording featuring the new Atavist line-up which consists of new vocalist Matt Bartley and ex-NARCOSIS bass player Oliver Turner. Of course Nadja is and always will be Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff. [press-release]

Aube -- "Dazzle Reflexion" -- CD -- €10
1997 The Releasing Eskimo, IGLOO 007, (ltd. 500)
All composed, mixed, recorded and designed by Akifumi Nakajima at Studio MECCA, Kyoto December 1995 to February 1996; except original version of "Closed Radiant" recorded November 1994 using only the sounds of the fluorescent and glow lamps as source material.

Beequeen -- "Ownliness" -- CD -- €11
2002 Infraction, INFX 003, (ltd. 500)

Bianchi, Maurizio -- "Carcimetrio" -- CD-R -- €11
2006 Simple Logic Records, simlog036, (ltd. 100)

Bianchi, Maurizio / Craig Hilton -- "PU 94" -- CD-R -- €11
2006 Simple Logic Records, simlog041, (ltd. 130)

Bjerga & Iversen / Skullpture -- "split" -- CD-R -- €7
2005 Musically Incorrect Records, MIR #25, (ltd. 100)
More Musically Incorrect Records, although the content is not always a strikingly incorrect thing, as many of their releases hoover nicely along the lines of experimental music. Such as the split by Bjerga/Iversen and Skullpture. The ongoing collaboration between Bjerga/Iversen is here ready with part three of The Lighthouse Tapes: "All things Bright And Beautiful". Iversen plays 'electonics' and effects and Bjerga 'ampilied' objects and effects. In this long piece they gently improvise their way through scratching, moving and rubbing objects, while feeding them to the maggots of electricity, in an atmospherical setting (two candles and a bunch of LEDs lit the entire room, I imagine, while outside the wind can be heard at Norway's Southernmost point). This collaboration is finally growing and growing. Skullpture is a different bunch. They improvise on guitars and feed them through the lines of distortion and delays. Also slightly atmospheric, but much more raw and untamed than those of Bjerga/Iversen and more along the lines of some of the New Zealand lo-fi improvisers. Nice, but a bit long. [FdW, Vital Weekly]

Brandkommando -- "Patria, Socialismo O Muerte!" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Sickcore, SC-19, (ltd. 100)
Power Electronics.
[mp3]   [mp3]

Brume -- "Drafts Of Collisions" -- CD -- €10
1997 Crowd Control Activities, Crowded 02

Brume -- "Emergence" -- 2 CD -- €16
2009 Waystyx, waystyx 65
"These 2 CDs could be played together on 2 CD players, both should be connected to a single usual Hi-Fi amp in order to get some dephasings & maximum effects as well as sound was distilled during the E.P.E. 1990 year installation". Reissue of a double-cassette released by Old Europa Cafe (OEC 016) in 1990. Contains soundtrack for E.P.E. installation created from water sounds.

Burried Machine -- "Austin" -- CD -- €10
2008 Rockatansky Records, rr-001
Based on old horror movie which collage made the horror movie and an imminent records and cds with cassette tape mtr and several cassette tape walkman obstinately as hell that sound image in confusion creates the image of the horror movie which is the subject and the violent collage sound that they made to gradually splash on each other. A vulgar tape collage work by plain machine and the buried original technique. [label info]

Cadaver Yelleth at Amber Tower -- "Code: Algeria" -- CD -- €8
2007 Res Adversae, RSA 009, (ltd. 283)
Utterly cynical Power Electronics by Al-La-Sht-Orr (Ithdabquth Qliphoth). "...another strange drone / electronics project that infests the listener with creeped out frequencies and sound collage... features two tracks that use recordings of intercepted conversations between Russian ground control and air force pilots from Algerian airspace in 2005, layering these recordings with sheets of electronic feedback and drone. Al-La-Sht-Orr creates a grim electronic dronescape that takes on an almost cinematic tension as we listen to these Russian voices cloaked in white noise hiss going back and forth over grating electronic beeps and noises, harrowing high-end drones, growling organ-like clusters of notes, and piercing feedback. The mix of radio transmissions and grim industrial shrieking forms a strange, alien shortwave similar to some of Throbbing Gristle's ominous works. [Crucial Blast]

Camisole -- "Claustrophobic Education" -- CD-R -- €8
2008 Bone Structure, Bone 116, (ltd. 66)

Catharsis & Drape Excrement -- "Homo Homini Lupus" -- CD -- €10
1999 Black Plagve, infest02
Homo Homini Lupus is the second release of the Malignant Records side label Black Plagve. Black Plagve is devoted to releasing some of the finest artists in the death industrial and black ambient fields. The two bands represent the pinnacle of what this most fertile field of dark music has to offer... Catharsis is the project of French artist Pascal Catharsis. His half of this split CD is rife with hatred, anger, and negativity. Grinding, pounding slave-ship rhythms head through monstrously thick dark smog. Tortured, anguished voices howl in the background while melodies sound the arrival of a murderous tyrant, who makes blood rain onto the charred and blackened battlefields... Drape Excrement is a side project of the mind behind the power electronic group Soldnergeist. While Soldnergeist attempts to bludgeon the listen with its terrifying sonic blasts, Drape Excrement crawls about in a subtler manner. Of course, Drape Excrement is equally nefarious, and no less pleasing than Soldnergeist or the Catharsis part of the split. Drape Excrement's 7 tracks are filled with black walls of corroded atmospheres and ghostly wails and moans. "Anger, Remember to My Words," however, gets downright aggressive with its violent, searing electronics and flanged vocals... Homo Homini Lupus is an excellent CD by two death-industrial juggernauts, beautifully packaged with artwork by Phil Easter of Stone Glass Steel. Most highly recommended. [Nirav Soni, ink19]

Celer -- "The Everything And The Nothing" -- CD -- €11
2008 Infraction, INFX 036, (ltd. 300)

Comatose -- "Oceans Of Tears" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 Bone Structure, Bone 67, (ltd. 77)

D.A.W. -- "Der Schwarze Bunker" -- CD-R -- €7
1994/2003 Membrum Debile Propaganda, MDP 7000-17, (ltd. 200)
Originally released as a tape on Keine Zeit Recordings in 1994. Digipack.

Decaer Pinga -- "The Brown Mouth Downer" -- CD-R -- €7
Chocolate Monk, CHOC-126
Modern-psych / lo-fi. DP 5tet of Dylan Nyoukis & Dora Doll with Karen Constance (Smack Music 7), Rhian Thompson (CKDH) and Drew Demeter (Withdrawal Method) recorded in Edinburgh in 2004. A snippet from a sweaty ear rot session rescued from Demeter's erase button finger. [Mimaroglu Music Sales]

Der Feuerkreiner -- "Unsere Zeit" -- CD -- €11
2008 Neuropa Records, NRP14, (ltd. 1000)
Der Feuerkreiner's 'Unsere Zeit' is easily one of the most anticipated records in the neofolk underground scene. Hailing from Italy, this remarkable duo has been working hard since their 2004 Neuropa release 'La 'Nvidia'. Valentina and Federico appeared as Der Feuerkreiner on many festivals & concerts around Europe, each time gathering more & more fans with every concert they played. Today we proudly present you their first full-length album on Neuropa Records: 'Unsere Zeit'. The album consists of 9 newly recorded tracks overviewing the many facets of the band: from tranquil & heavenly voices to brutal & pounding rhythms. If you've liked their previous efforts, then this is a must-have for sure! Presented in a lavishly designed 8-panel digipack. [press-release]

Diagram A -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 Brise-Cul Records, SADE 115
Do you remember the first time you saw Diagram A live? I bet because it’s one thing noibody can forget… I think very few people in the noise scene deserve the term unique than this criminally underrated noise king. On this piece of plastic, you can hear a good half hour of Providence’s best electronician with a brand new console he buiuld out of switches, knobs, metal, junk… You know… What made me laugh last time I stayed at Dan’s place it was that he washappy to mention that he lives close to a Radio Shack. That’s seriously a good neighbour to have when your Diagram A. Well, do I have to mention that this is a kind of essential release? [press-release]

Dissecting Table -- "Dead Zone" -- CD -- €10
1995 UPD Organization, UPD 007

Dissecting Table -- "Groping In The Dark" -- CD -- €10
2002 UPD Organization, UPD 008
Thirteenth album of the prolific Dissecting Table, released in Japan. This record is an exercise in pure musical violence and distorted intensity, choosing digital grindcore as its vehicle of execution. [Mile329]

Dissecting Table -- "Into the Light" -- CD -- €10
1998 Crowd Control Activities, Crowded 05

Dissecting Table -- "Life" -- CD -- €10
1997 Release Entertainment, RR 6401-2

Dissecting Table -- "Memories" -- CD -- €10
2000 Triumvirate
The Japanese Dissecting Table generally has two kind of releases, one is more ambient-noise oriented soundscape stuff, the other is a combination of rhythmic-industrial and noise. I’m not sure if this new CD also presents new material, as it sounds exactly like older stuff by Dissecting Table, but this CD certainly falls into the second category of his releases. On this CD are four long tracks that can best be described as a mix of pure Japanese-style noise and rhythmic grindcore-like riffs. When thinking of Grindcore and Japan, you might be tempted to think of John Zorn’s Painkiller or Naked City projects, and for a part that is quite the direction this stuff is going, but on the other hand this music is far less complicated, and lacks any of the jazzy-finesse Zorn uses. This is far more basic and straightforward blasting stuff with a doomy edge. It will certainly appeal to fans of the grindnoise-group Man is the Bastard, or their noise project Bastard Noise or to fans of both grindcore and Merzbow. [TD, Funprox]

Division S -- "Something to Drink" -- CD -- €12
2007 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 101, (ltd. 400)
After a series of CDr releases here comes the first official CD by this new Italian neo-cabaret / neo pop'n'folk project! The disc contains a selection of best re-worked / re-mastered tracks from the previous CDr albums as well as unreleased material.... This is the perfect disc to listen while drinking a good glass of best Italian red wine. Wonderful atmospheres from the past mixed to typical Italian ballads… A new but old way of playing beautiful and fascinating songs…. Music for piano-bar, music for gangsters, music for dying slowly in the arms of your lover... Numbered edition of 400 copies in wooden box! For fans of: Bain Wolfkind / Novy Svet / O Paradis / Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte…. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Dmitry Rodionov Experience -- "Learn to Keep Silence from Trees" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT50, (ltd. 106)
Guitarist Dmitriy Rodionov founded a project "Lenin & I" in 1999 in small closed Ural naukograd Snezhinsk (Chelyabinsk-70), which is built around a major scientific research institute "Academician Zababakhin's All-Russian Scientific Research Center of Technical Physics Federal Nuclear Center". Dmitry's music is complicated, masterly embodied, deeply philosophic, filled with a spirit of Nature and inhuman tranquility work on the edge of Drone, Dark Ambient and Industrial made with the help of natural and artificial sounds, noise, voices and different acoustic and electric instruments. The album is expanded with 2 video clips - a kind of screen version of noise pictures interpreted to the language of visual images. Fullcolur sleeve. [press-release]

Due Process -- "Combine I -- XVIII" -- CD -- €10
1995 RRRecords, RRR-CD-20
Ahh. Here's some serious art damage that careens from ambient industrial to the astringent squonks, bleeps and clamor of '60s avant-garde to the angst-ridden sonic shards and noisy electronic reflections of the post-industrial mess we find ourselves in now. Featuring Tom Dimuzio, Ron Lessard (the man behind RRRecords) and John Wiggins, Due Process knows how to crank it out. While they can create a terrific din, the music actually leans a bit in the ambient direction, with lower dynamics and muffled timbres, albeit with a raucous pandemonium of noise just beneath the surface. [Dean Suzuki, Option]

F.ormal L.ogic D.ecay -- "LovstakkenI" -- CD -- €10
2001 Dark Vinyl Records, DV 34
Sideproject by Luigi M.Mennella (FURVUS, EN VELOUR NOIR). The structure of this album is based on the harmonized parts of a pure ambientalistic live recording done on the mountain of Lovstakken, Bergen, Norway. Processed moments of those sound recordings and music inspired by the sensations of that moments a wonderful / atmospheric ambient trip inspired by the mountain of Lovstakken. [label info]

Fear Konstruktor -- "Preparation Of Hymanity" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Sickcore, SC-16, (ltd. 100)
Harsh Noise / Power Electronics.
[mp3]   [mp3]

Fear Konstruktor & Mourmansk 150 -- "Arson Acrimony" -- CD-R -- €8
2008 Spirals Of Involution, SOI 052
Power Electronics.

Foundation Hope -- "Our God Is A Consuming Fire" -- CD -- €11
2008 Autarkeia, acd 028
The latest album Our God Is A Consuming Fire by the Dutch project Foundation Hope, just like its earlier output, aims at the exposure of hope institute promoted by the Christian religion. The album is characterised by the transparent but melancholic atmosphere, where each track radiates with quiet and modest despair. Our God Is A Consuming Fire is the high class of ambient deeply affecting human emotions. In short, this album may be labelled the despair consolidated in sound. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Foutredieu!!! / Iversen -- "split" -- CD-R -- €7
2004 Brise-Cul Records, SADE 019
Foutredieu!!! share his coolness with one of Scandinavia's most eccentric noise unit. Iversen delivers concetual ambient drone with a nice force of originality. This is two part of a 29 parts noise symphony. What a crazy project... Foutredieu!!! delivers here one of his most solid performance here, a 3 track concept record dedicated to the videogame Doom. Seriously iut's one step on the Foutredieu!!!'s way for absolute coolness! [press-release]

Ganzer -- "Puppet Faust" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Sickcore, SC-17, (ltd. 100)
Harsh Apocalyptic Noise.
[mp3]   [mp3]

Gen 26 -- "A Door To..." -- CD-R -- €7
2007 Mask Of The Slave Records, MS-009, (ltd. 100)
GEN 26 is dedicated to sound experimentation, natural, urban noise, sound deviation and manipulation. All this is done on the level of improvisation through self-thought manipulation elements. Sound source: balloons, electronics, kitchen fork & small spoon. Great Slovenian project created by Matjaz Galicic. [label info]

Gira, Michael -- "Live in B2, Moscow, 23.09.2004" -- CD-R -- €11
Invisible Hand Distribution, IHD 033, (ltd. 100)
Solo concert of Swans leader in Moscow. Handmade swastika-like package, all info is habdwritten. Megarare. [YAOP]

Gnat / Initial Chaos -- "split" -- CD -- €9
2009 Winter Solstice Productions, WS004 / CyberBorea, CYBER003
Decadent Synth Industrial / Dark Electro. Existential darkness. [YAOP]

Griphhyn -- "The Dream We Didn't Remember" -- CD-R -- €7
2006 WitchHouse Records, whr004, (ltd. 14)

The Haters -- "Ordinarily Nowhere" -- CD -- €10
1995 Pure, DIDX-031037

Heavy Seals -- "Jazz Bust" -- CD -- €9
2005 Troniks, TRO-198

Hex Minora vs. Devis G. -- "Nihilist" -- CD -- €10
2000 Membrum Debile Propaganda, MDP 6000-39, (ltd. 500)
Brilliant collaboration between HEX MINORA and LUNUS, creating ritual/ambient soundsculptures with a lot of disturbing bass and high frequences and some nice female vocals a` la WOMEN OF THE SS, and MASTER/SLAVE RELATIONSHIP. Comes in a black & white A5 sleeve - very recommended! [Nuit et Brouillard]

Hirsch, Vladimir -- "Contemplatio Per Nexus" -- CD -- €10
2009 Ars Benevola Mater, ABM33, (ltd. 435)
Contemplatio per nexus, op. 77, for integrated techniques is an extent work (79 min.) on philosophical-teological theme, based on the writing "Teologia spiritualis mystica", dealing with the process of transformation of human mind during mystical contemplation. The composition describes relatively exactly all phases of it, beeing divided into two seemingly thematically antagonistic parts (complementary-affirmatory) that are but indiscerptible compounds of natural contemplative process. Particular periods are represented by subsections continuously merged one another... The album is an intense musical dialogue between space and detail, a kind of transcription of the relation between human and cosmos, the fight and reconcilliation of intrinsic and extrinsic, real and surreal world. Polymodal architecture of compositions, their sound characteristics, oscillating from perceptional - not voluminal - levels on the border of subconsciousness (Oratio quietis / A Quiet Prayer) over X-ray radiation from obscurity (Obscuritas) to excruciating strength (Tortio Sensuum / Senses Torture) and cohesion of integrated techniques of instrumentation make from this album one of the author's major works. Reception of this opus, expressed with very high autenticity and exposed emotions, needs absolute concetration and submersion of receiving subject, invoking really the state similar to mystical contemplation. [press-release]

Hirsch, Vladimir -- "Les Scenes Ardentes" -- CD -- €10
2009 Ars Benevola Mater, ABM32, (ltd. 435)
Compositions for integrated ensemble, choir and sola, op. 75. A collection of scenic works, adapted as conceptual album, originally composed or arranged for theatre performances in the period between 1994 and 2003. Rewritten, restructuralized, rearranged and remixed in 2006. The album represents author's typical consistent, achingly nervous harmonic structures with rich inner life and articulation, corresponding with mighty, monolitic sounds of orchestration in original integrated arrangement, ending in the creation of the order of primarily chaotic particulars. Musicians: Vladimir Hirsch - keyboards, synthesizers, samplers, drums, vocals, programming; participation of Martina Sanollova and Dominika Karcovska (vocals) and Czech Integrated Ensemble and Choir. [press-release]

I/DEX -- "Layers" -- CD -- €10
2009 Lagunamuch Community, LMC1001
I/DEX (Vitaly Harmash) is a musician and an audio-designer from an industrial city of Novopolotsk, Belarus. From the mid 90s Vitaly was experimenting making his own music, using analogue synthesizers, radio, guitars, field recordings, various devices and computers. The life in a city with a huge industrial estate has influenced the art of Vitaly. I/DEX music hypnoses and fascinates listeners by its warm structures. His music is a subtle intellectual electronics filled with sunny melodies and micro-glitches, which dissolve in pure ambient landscapes of nature - in forests, fields and lakes. In 2003 the debut album of I/DEX - Seqsextend was released on an experimental label Nexsound and received numerous positive reviews from web-zines all over the world. Since then I/DEX has worked with such people as Pole (~scape rec.), H.H.T.P., Kriipis Tulo, Guy Van Belle and took part in several European festivals of electronic music. Hand by hand with his concerts, Vitaly continued recording his art experiments and recorded a very deep and a serious album Layers. Layers is an outstanding collection of inner feelings, transmitted by an audio-artist with its music. Each element here is a multi-layered synthesis of intellectual art - micro-electronic, idm and deep ambient. Each of 9 tracks is an insight into a world of surrealism and fantasy with their mysterious flora and fauna. When listening to this album-exposition, you will see your own images and landscapes. This is how your own world will be mirrored in this music. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

In A Nutshell -- "Arrhythmia" -- CD -- €12
2007 Lagunamuch Community, LMC334
The second album of In A Nutshell is called Arrhythmia. It is a further exploration of dark corners and mazes of inner conscience. This time everything sounds even more experimental and darker than last time in Ultraviolet Test. A hidden entrance into another world, where live invisible ghosts and shadows of alienation of the modern civilised society. This album expands intrinsic intellectual space, bridges through the thin line of the horizon, leading to the land where dreams disappear. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

iN sCissorS -- "The Veratrine Evangelicum" -- CD-R -- €7
2007 No Angels Productions, NAP-CD 007, (ltd. 150)
Release in collaboration with Beast Of Prey. Greek project IN SCISSORS created dark ambient/experimental album "The Veratrine Evangelicum" based on religious thread, where main idea was to make soudtrack to some place deep in underground. Wet, dense atmosphere, stench of fust and thrills which you can feel in ancient tombs or fallen sanctuaries. In Scissors takes us there to show forgotten, frightful ceremonies, cultivated by groups of fanatics. For them Promised Land is... under the surface. Atmosphere of this album can be noticed also in "dirty" graphic design, dominated by colours of rotten green and bronze, filled with specific religious pictures. Unconventional release - professionally printed CDr in hard foil envelope, placed in 3-part folded, professionally printed, cardboard package. Extra card with graphics is placed inside. Foiled. Size is 14x14 cm. Edition limited to 150 handnumbered copies. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Incorporeal Consciousness -- "Demoscapes" -- CD-R -- €6
2009 Spermodeath Records, SD-05, (ltd. 100)
Irreality sounds, creaking doors from the outside. Meditations of spaces of the incorporeal consciousness, the remote rustle of other and cold lips of death. The reckless jump in a black tunnel - somewhere there far shivers a pupil, absolute emptiness, fear of eternity. Starting fingers in the incorporeal. Experiments for all and for anybody. Style: drone ambient, dark lo-fi experimental. Form: cd-r / cardboard package with inserts. [label info]

Indra -- "Through the Cold Wells" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT12, (ltd. 100)
Second full-length album of Indra was being prepared for several years. First track was recorded in 2001, looks like this is the earliest recording by Indra, second was created in 2003 on the ruins of a building bombed during WWII, third was recorded in 2002. Noise ambient, mainly linear, but in the 2nd track more cyclic... many sounds for this album were recorded in wells. The disc contains a video-clip made by >o< for Indra on the ruins of a mysterious street in Lagoda. Cold and dampness. Big full-cover sleeve with inserts. [press-release]

The Infant Cycle -- "A Mysterious Disc" -- 3"CD-R -- €5
2009 The Ceiling, CEIL032
A disc mysterious. The release has not a single letter on the sleeve or the media.

The Infant Cycle -- "The Sand Rays" -- CD -- €10
2009 Diophantine Discs, n = 20, (ltd. 500)
We're happy to introduce the new full-length record from The Infant Cycle. The Sand Rays is to be played from the outside to the center, from whichever edge you choose. The Sand Rays is pinball rhythm reverberations from sliced vinyl record playout grooves, gravelly surface vibrations. The Sand Rays is exploiting broken cords, near-empty batteries, half-broken equipment. We loved it and think you will too. Just be prepared to be a bit more confused when it is all over, but don't worry: you'll be too busy wiping that silly grin off your face because you had such a fun time... The Infant Cycle, active since 1992, is the brainchild of Jim DeJong. He has released material on such labels as Drone, EE Tapes, Hands, Moloko+, Afe, Zhelezobeton, Blade, Abgurd, and his own The Ceiling. Additionally he is a former member of Mind Skelp-cher and (as The Infant Cycle) has collaborated with numerous artists including Aidan Baker, Orphx, and Dronaement. [press-release]

Jarboe + Justin K Broadrick -- "J2" -- CD -- €11
2008 The End Records, TE096
J2 is the much-anticipated ambient musical exploration from singer/songwriter/performer Jarboe (ex-Swans) and Justin K Broadrick (Jesu, Godflesh), a collaboration fueled by a unique and diverse energy. [discogs.com]

Jarl -- "Fragile Confrontation" -- CD -- €10
2005 Annihilvs, APEX001
ANNIHILVS proudly presents FRAGILE CONFRONTATION, our second full length CD release by Swedish Darkambient sound sculptor JARL. Since the release of the debut full length SEALED VOID in 2003, this brilliant artist (who has already shown his mettle as a member of IRM) has released albums for such noted labels as MALIGNANT RECORDS and SEGERHUVA. Now, JARL has returned to ANNIHILVS as the label begins its rebirth. FRAGILE CONFRONTATION finds JARL looking back into the sparse, cold isolationist landscapes of SEALED VOID, while instilling an undercurrent of impending violence, like a blade slowly moving toward flesh in tense, scraping frame-by-frame action. Metallic drones and static waves slide against each other as the confrontation between steel and skin comes to a mind-numbing collision. [press-release]

Jarl -- "Sealed Void" -- CD -- €10
2003 Force Of Nature Productions / Annihilvs
Jarl has already taken the world of dark electronic music by storm as one half of Irm, hailed the world over as the new leaders of the Swedish noise-industrial underground. With his solo project, he has once again risen to the throne and stands strong as a force to be reckoned with. SEALED VOID takes the listener drifting past dying suns, through black holes and beyond, to a place where the universe takes human form. [press-release]

Jazzkammer -- "Mort Aux Vaches" -- CD -- €10
2005 Mort Aux Vaches
Last year Marhaug's duo with John Hegre as the ongoing Jazzkammer was in The Netherlands to play the Earational festival and took up the occassion to record a session at the VPRO radio studio and now being released in what should be known by now as the John Peel sessions for underground music: Staalplaat's Mort Aux Vaches series. This is not the first entry for noise in the series, following Merzbow and the Sensorband. Jazzkammer has one piece to play of sonic overload, building from scratch. A highpitched tone, scraping the surface with a contactmicrophone and from there building things up by adding layers of nasty frequencies. As the piece evolves the high end techniques of laptopnoise start to mingle with low-end electronics. This work, a straightforward, unedited recording is a bit on the regular side of noise. But even at that, Jazzkammer on an ordinary day is way more interesting than many other noise heads on a good day. [FdW, Vital Weekly]

Kaiten -- "Turning Of The Heavens" -- CD -- €10
2005 Annihilvs, APEX002, (ltd. 500)
ANNIHILVS proudly presents TURNING OF THE HEAVENS, the debut album from KAITEN, the collaborative project featuring Erik Jarl (IRM, JARL) and Lirim Cajani (INSTITUT, OPERATIV PERMANENT). As would be expected from an alliance of these two Swedish artists, KAITEN is a foray into dark, dense, and superb harsh electronics. Taking their name from the infamous Japanese manned torpedoes, a submarine counterpart of the Kamikaze planes of WWII, KAITEN submerges the listener in a world of claustrophobic, shuddering tension. Distorted echoes of mayhem resonate against the hull of a steel coffin speeding toward certain destruction. Grating, shouted vocals, radio intercepts, and bombastic rhythms are crushed together to represent an inevitable fiery death and a hero's grave in the cold, crushing depths of the Pacific Ocean, all in the name of imperious glory. [press-release]

KK Null / Moz -- "A Split Release" -- CD -- €10
2000 Crionic Mind, CM007, (ltd. 500)
KK NULL presents five new tracks of frenetic electronics and rhythmic experiments, ranging from cacophonous to an almost tribal atmosphere. Ever evolving within a sphere of obscure tension the details reveal themselves with a stalwart elegance. MOZ delivers 6 tracks of socially introspective Death Industrial and Dark Ambient. Drifting slabs contrast sharply with vitriolic sonics to render this misshapen pillar of sobering electronics. [press-release]

Knox Om Pax -- "Laudanum" -- CD -- €10
2007 Destructive Industries, DI001, (ltd. 1000)
Heartful, yet very morose Neoclassical/Ambient. Suicide soundtrack for the fallen. [label info]

Knurl -- "Vermifuge" -- CD -- €10
2007 PACrec, PACrec134 / Troniks, TRO-269

Krmshn / Parchim -- "Dshntvr / Voice" -- CD-R -- €6
2009 Spermodeath Records, SD-06, (ltd. 60)
The Black-and-white Ural winter resists to the Don patterns of the thrown factories. Krmshn: rings of dense suffocating noise of a wind through groan animalsimilarity the nature. Parchim: the rusty pulp of a droning sound serially replaces a birth sudden Catalepsy of death. Universal dreams of a universe envelop the night sun and the peeled off paint of strange houses. Windows will not be, the humanised day releases a twilight. The Earth has begged to the sky, watery snow lays down. Here not to disappear. Style: death drone ambient, cold lo-fi experimental. Form: cd-r / cardboard package with inserts. [label info]

The Legendary Pink Dots -- "All The King's Horses" -- CD -- €14
2002 SPV Poland / Big Blue, SPV-L 0132
For longtime listeners of the Dots, it is a welcome return into the beautiful dread of Edward Ka-Spel's idiosyncratic poetry, Silverman's kaleidoscopic synths, Niels van Hoornblower's weaving flutes and Martijn de Kleer's swirling, effects-laden strings. 'All the King's Horses' and 'All the King's Men' mark a sort of turning point for the band. After losing drummer/guitarist/bassist Ryan Moore (of Twilight Circus Dub Sound System), the Dots have made a clear and deliberate step back from the heavy progressive rock influence of the last couple albums. The lack of live drumming has brought more programmed beats and drum machine back into the mix, and along with it an emphasis on more minimal, eerie compositions. Additionally, the violin solos of mid-80's albums like 'The Golden Age' and 'The Lovers' are back, in a somewhat more subtle form. This material bears more in common with Ka-Spel's solo albums, or early Pink Dots albums such as 'The Tower' than the fuzzy, psyched-out prog of recent albums like 'Nemesis Online' and 'A Perfect Mystery'. [Jonathan Dean, Brainwashed]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

The Legendary Pink Dots -- "The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse" -- CD -- €14
1990/2001 SPV Poland / Big Blue, SPV-L 0072
If you're interested in The Legendary Pink Dots and don't know the way in their enormeous discography, "The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse" might be a very good starting point. This album offers high quality material and at the same time it's one of the more accessible LPD-albums. "I Love You In Your Tragic Beauty" and "Princess Coldheart" are amongst the most beautiful ballads in their discography. Tracks like "The Safe Way" and "The Death Of Jack The Ripper" will give you a glimpse of the Dots' more experimental side, while "Just A Lifetime" and "New Tommorow" are a good introduction to the lyrical qualities of singer Edward Ka-Spel. Note that this is the first album featuring Niels Van Hoorn. Highly recommended! [discogs.com]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

The Legendary Pink Dots -- "Curse" -- CD -- €14
1983/2002 SPV Poland / Big Blue, SPV-L 0112
Another fine reissue of an early Dots LP, Curse contains much the same mood and psychedelic style that marked most of the early days of the band. Though limited somewhat by fairly cheap technology, the Dots have always been remarkable in their ability to craft entrancing songs no matter what instruments were at their disposal. Creativity has long been their calling card. Much of Curse is in the same field as 80's new wave, as "Wall Purges Night" or "Aarzhklahh olgevezh" demonstrate. But as with much of their early material, the certain innocence to the music entails a lot of simple catchiness. "Doll's House" and "Lisa's Party" both are very memorable pieces. As with many of the early Dots albums, Curse is great for historical purposes and the occasional fun listen. [http://www.zona.lt/lpd/]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

The Legendary Pink Dots -- "Live at the Metro" -- CD -- €14
1999 SPV Poland / Big Blue, SPV 150122
Recorded live at the Cabaret Metro, Chicago on November 11, 1998.

The Legendary Pink Dots -- "The Maria Dimension" -- CD -- €14
1991/2001 SPV Poland / Big Blue, SPV-L 0042
The Maria Dimension, is the epitome of "kaleidoscopic"; these subdued, glowing coals of electronics, electro-acoustic guitar/ sitar, brass, clarinet and voices ("sometimes from beyond," the sleeve says) come in pulsating colours, stained Eastern and Western, some with nursery rhyme fragility as exquisite swooners "The Ocean Cried "Blue Murder"' and "Belladonna" for example, while others spurt ultra vividly, like slow-motion fireworks, as on "The Third Secret" and "The Grain Kings." The nineminute "Evolution" connects heavily with Spacemen 3's luminous dream-drones (refer to "Ecstacy Symphony")-an inseparable chicken-and-egg situation here-as well as the post-Syd Barrett, space-chasing Pink Floyd, although to deny Syd Barrett isn't the Dots' ever-present watchman is to deny the Dots breathe oxygen (nb: vocally, Ed shares the same careworm quaver as the Only Ones' Peter Perrett, a Barrett disciple in his own right). But The Maria Dimension is such a personal mindscan; the likes of "A Space Between"'s labyrinthal collage-50 pastel shades of baroque-or "Disturbance"'s mantra-sonic undertow are legendary, flushed pink, unique. [Martin Aston, CMJ]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Legendary Pink Dots -- "Synesthesia" -- CD -- €12
2002 S.P.K.R., THUK VIII
SYNESTHESIA is a low-key release for the Amsterdam-based modern psychedelic outfit THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS, led by the enigmatic EDWARD KA-SPEL. The DOTS material herein is a companion release to CHEMICAL PLAYSCHOOL VOLUMES 11-13, and is perhaps more electronic-oriented than the usual DOTS fare. There's little evidence of saxophone or acoustic guitar, but there are a number of good tracks including "Shining Path" and "The More It Stays The Same", which captures the DOTS' musical craftsmanship while providing an insight into the peculiar poetic vision of KA-SPEL, delivered in his customary nasal SYD BARRETT-esque tones. SYNESTHESIA also features some more overtly experimental sound pieces. [Compulsion Online]

Liquidated Error / Ragnar -- "split" -- CD-R -- €8
2002 L. White Records, LW-007, (ltd. 200)
New German industrial, sometimes experimental, heavy, brutal, droning, sick, first release by this two projects. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Luasa Raelon -- "80000v" -- CD-R -- €7
2003 Snip-Snip Records, SNIP-SNIP 13

Luasa Raelon -- "Automatic Satan" -- CD-R -- €7
2002 Snip-Snip Records, SNIP-SNIP 02

Luasa Raelon -- "Storms Of Neptune" -- CD-R -- €7
2002 Snip-Snip Records, SNIP-SNIP 01

Luminous -- "Links" -- CD -- €10
2008 Tara Records, TARA 004
Time for some sub-aquatic bubbling abstract electronics and dark ambient sound worlds from Links. 'Luminous' Two 30 minute tracks take you on a sonic journey and really give you the sense that your lost in a different space and time, like floating around in some liquid metal dreamscape. With the sound of drones creating a feeling of amnesia. Very absorbing stuff. I'd like to listen to this whilst locked in a cupboard and become a total void. Housed in a red clamshell case on Tara Records. [Norman Records]

Lunar Abyss Deus Organum + Anamezon -- "Nidra" -- CD-R -- €8
2009 Biosonar^Labyrint, 010/2009, (ltd. 108)
Anamezon is a new project by Evgeny Savenko characterized by more electronic synthetic sound, and this "collaboration" is sort of balance between natural ambient of L.A.D.O. and electronic embient, sometimes even rhythmic. Field recordings, sounds of forest and alien voices are mixed with monotonous dronings, gentle pulsations and cosmic vibrations of analogue and digital synthesizers. Trademark multi-layered sound, psychedelic atmosphere and even-tempered energetics guaranteed. One track features Pepelaz A.B.

Macelleria Mobile Di Mezzanotte -- "La Dolce Vita" -- CD -- €10
2006 Butcher's House Prod., BHP 020 / Musica Di Un Certo Livello, MCL05 / Cold Current Productions, C.C.CD003
Adriano Vincenti, the leader of Macelleria Mobile Di Mezzanotte is back (after 2 album on Old Europa Cafe) with a new astonishing album! "La Dolce Vita" is a new cocktail of jazz noises influences, nihilism, 50's movies soundtracks, sex - martini - rock 'n' roll, drunken gamblers, sexy girls, 60' - 70' esthetic, revolvers and more! [label info]

Macelleria Mobile Di Mezzanotte / Profile -- "La Dalia Nera" -- CD-R -- €7
2003 Sin Organisation, SIN16, (ltd. 300)
Neo-Italian Rape-Electronic monsters, sexy & murderous muzak cocktail! [Old Europa Cafe]

Maeror Tri -- "The Wheel" -- 2 CD -- €20
2009 Waystyx, waystyx 39, (ltd. 432)
This is mainly a collection of long deleted compilation tracks by M.T. that appeared on various MC- & CD-compilations, along with some previously unreleased material, sorted chronologically by the date of creation / final mastering. All material was collected from various 4-track masters, DAT-masters, compilation tapes & CDs by BarakaH early 2009, and re-mastered my Markow C. in April 2009.

Maison Close -- "s/t" -- CD -- €10
Force Majeure, Force 005
Inspired by "Johnny Got His Gun," this self-titled release contains many samples from the movie that can be heard all throughout the album. It was recorded in 1998-99 and contains electronics, metal tapes, and vocals. The works are akin to Anenzephalia, and Maison Close's minimalism is reminiscent of Dagda Mor's "Border of Light," though it seems to incorporate a more emotional approach. Packaged in a digipak. [label info]

Maths Balance Volumes -- "Black Husk" -- CD-R -- €7
Weirdo Records, (ltd. 50)
Most low-key Maths recording in a while, and one of the best...mostly short pieces, with childlike melodies being forced into repetitious and grime-covered songs, trance-inducing synth/percussion grooves, black holes of tape murk, lullabies, and a few large ensemble explosions of rock n' noise... [Microsound-announce] Minnesota gypsy violin gyrations, samples stretched & broken until they morph into odd casio songs, unruly tape pieces let go over acoustic guitar thump & back porch stomp. [label info]

McKaras -- "Right To Stay Bestial!" -- CD -- €10
2008 Autarkeia, acd 032
The tracks of the album Right to Stay Bestial! have been recorded at least thirteen years ago. It travelled through the hands of lovers of dark electronics, among the Lithuanian underground people, in the form of a re-recorded CRD. Everyone admired depressing atmosphere, spite and sterile aggression of this disc. Today, the album author McKaras (McWAR) newly interpreted the old tracks, complemented them with a number of various samples and produced a new master. The results is an esp. fine, newly sounding album, the style of which can hardly be defined. Some may think it is hard techno, yet dancing is hardly possible to this rhythmic music. Gloomy atmosphere, aggressive rhythms, psychedelic loops will push the audience into heavy criminal and politically incorrect mood. The album is ideally suited for listening in the car driven towards criminal purposes. However, bear in mind the punishment, will you? Mckaras is to techno as Darkthrone is to black metal perhaps. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Meizter, K. -- "Tetraphobia" -- CD -- €10
2009 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 117
After channelising all his musical energy into Beyond Sensory Experience for the past two years, K. Meizter finally returns with a new solo exertion. Spawned during the sinister last months of a northern year, Tetraphobia scans through the kafkaesque layers of human anxiety, and continues K. Meizter’s distinctive manipulation of sound, melody and pulse. Following Travelling Light, Dark Matters and the Horologium collaboration Eight Studies in Transition, K. Meizter’s new release develops even more unsettling atmospheres of reflection and alteration. With 10 tracks and over an hour of foreboding avant-garde, Tetraphobia is K. Meizter’s most convincing work this far. Dark and solemn. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Merzbow -- "Batztoutai With Material Gadgets" -- 2 CD -- €11
1986/2005 RRRecords, RRR-CD-06
Reissue of the do-LP "Batztoutai With Memorial Gadgets" from 1986 remixed in 1993 + bonus CD "Loop Panic Limited" containing cut-ups from various records.

Merzbow / Carlos Giffoni / Jim O'Rourke -- "Electric Dress" -- CD -- €10
2007 No Fun Productions, NFP-15
Electric Dress covers the full spectrum of sound color possibility, from totally brutal walls of destructive noise to beautiful minimal synthetic interplay, analog drone and shifting alien electronics. A total face melting collaboration recorded live in Tokyo using an array of analog synths and a variety of custom analog equipment, including Merzbow's classic home made spring/junk metal instrument. Warm, varied, and obsessive this is what industrial music should have been, the sound of infinite machines demolishing a planet and creating a new structure where live organisms have been eradicated. Edited and mastered by Jim for maximum sonic annihilation. [press-release]

Miel Noir -- "Der Honigflugel" -- CD -- €11.
2009 The Eastern Front, Front 021, (ltd. 500)
Apocalyptic Chanson Doctrine Another, absolutely different project of Dimo Dimov (Svarrogh, Sturmpercht, Allerseelen, Saggitarius). Brilliant piano symphony with industrial elements and samples from Russian movies inspired by classical Russian novel «Crime and Punishment» written by Fyodor Dostoevsky and Goncharov’s novels. [label info]

Mine Ocean Effect & Voe_Ero -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €7
Zhivu, Zhivu05-88, (ltd. 88)
Ambiental of reverb\delay guitar, bass, drums. Without words and extensively, structures dragging oneself along spontaneously, disintegrating in a taciturn adventureand removed supervision. Joint living work of comrades from MINE OCEAN EFFECT, NIGHT SHIFT and basic participant Voe_ero. Psy Post-rock \ Experimental. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Moljebka Pvlse -- "Tamon" -- CD -- €12
2004 Segerhuva, SEGER 8
Mathias Josefsons one-man-project Moljebka Pvlse from Stockholm, Sweden here stretches the boundaries of ambient drone-music, perhaps a surprising listen for those accustomed to his other recordings put out by Eibon and Cold Meat Industry to name a few. This work to a larger degree features a sound pallette unarguably harsher than his other recordings. Tons of frenzied, computerized, but crispy clear distortion flows out over you like an ice wall and leaves the listener in a nervous state, begging for a warming aftermath. Static walls of rampant treated guitars and billowing droney backgrounds screaming endlessly out over the cold plains of the earth. Ambient gourmets also get their piece, though somewhat in a more experimental way. Full color digipak. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Moon Lore -- "The Spheres Beneath The Heavens" -- CD -- €10
1997 Malicious Records, MR111, (ltd. 1111)

Mourmansk 150 -- "Catharsism Of A Triggers" -- CD -- €10
2006 Misanthrope Studio, MS012, (ltd. 500)
Bristling violent antipathy-StridorHarshNoize, distress/trauma therapy-PowerElektronix and lethargic enervating despair sodden-DeathIndustrial/drones! Mourmansk150 explores, relays and personifies the final bleak outpost of sonic extremity before it transcends into front line active terrorism, hatecrimes and fatal vendettas! When nothing remains but the drive to great your own death aside taking a selection of the despised with you... [press-release]

Mourmansk 150 -- "Zwischen Verfall Und Veranderung / Between Decadence And Mutationy" -- CD -- €12
2003 L. White Records, LW-012, (ltd. 300)

Murmansk -- "End of Navigation" -- CD-R -- €7
Another active force in the world of CDR is the Norwegian Humbug label. Their first new release is by Murmansk, a group from Dublin. The members first met a workshop by AMM percussionist Eddie Prevost in 2001. They also run a label Deserted Village. There are six members in Murmansk who play a wide variety of analogue and digital instruments. As you can imagine with such an inspiring background as with Eddie Prevost, this the world of total free improv, but the AMM influence of silent music starts only in the fourth piece 'Still In Search'. In the other three tracks the volume is more upfront, and we can detect mostly percussive sounds aswell as some stringed sounds. Quite atmospheric stuff, especially in that aforementioned 'Still in Search' piece. [FdW, Vital Weekly]

Naevus / KnifeLadder -- "Document Three" -- mCD -- €13
2004 Terra Fria, tf002, (ltd. 500)

Napalmed / Merzbow -- "Crash Of The Titans" -- CD -- €10
2001 Merciless Core Records, MRS 012/01 / Napalmed, (ltd. 1000)
Despite what its title could have implied, Crash Of The Titans is not a collaboration between Czech underground noise duo Napalmed and the Lord of Japanoise Merzbow. This split CD offers 35 minutes of music from each artist. The youngsters perform merciless noise based on field recordings made at a factory using metals, microphones, and analog effects (guitar and pedals, voice, etc.). They sound like a cross between early Einsturzende Neubauten and Merzbow's early years. Yet their approach feels fresh and free of gratuitous violence or primal scream-type mayhem. The music peels off wallpaper and it will make your neighbors wonder if you haven't turned your house into a foundry. On the other hand, Merzbow's contributions are subpar (which works to the advantage of Napalmed, the contender). "Untitled-1" remains a one-dimensional stream of noise through the whole duration of its 15 minutes (and fades out at the end). "Chemlage Mini" begins with a high-pitched tone and ends with a sub-bass tone. Between these two points hell breaks loose. "Orgiastic Noise" is the best description here, although the music lacks some depth -- it simply feels like Masami Akita is going through the motions. Merzbow completists will have a hard time locating a copy of Crash Of The Titans and they'll probably end up seeking more of Napalmed's own material. If one of the sumo wrestler on the cover is Czech (and why not?), he won. [Francois Couture, All Music Guide]

Never Presence Forever -- "Disturbed Visceral Nociception" -- CD -- €10
2002 Crionic Mind, CM009, (ltd. 500)
NEVER PRESENCE FOREVER unravel slowly with a profoundly well conceived album of Bleak Minimalism and Dark Ambience. To this foundation they add somniferous hints of melody, abrasion and rhythmic punctuation. Rich textural drifts and detailed craftsmanship give this release a enveloping penetration and depth. NPF has a few limited releases but "Disturbed Visceral Nociception" is the marks the first widely available release. [press-release]

Neznamo / Kryptogen Rundfunk / Lunar Abyss Deus Organum -- "Magnitnaj Zmij" -- CD-R -- €8
2008 Biosonar^Labyrint, 08/2009, (ltd. 52)
A triple split from the projects which played together in the cultural center "Dom", Moscow on February 17, 2009, containing the material recorded live at that event. Neznamo - archaic drone ambient with live flute. Kryptogen Rundfunk - gritty noisy electronics filled with radio interference, samples and analogue signals. L.A.D.O. - multi-layered fractal psychedelic ambient.

Niellerade Fallibilisthorstar / Green Army Fraction -- "Westerbotten" -- CD -- €10
2009 Cathartic Process, CP-14
After Sweden’s Niellerade Fallibilisthorstar’s impressive full length albums Hеlrum (SNSE) and Skrankverk (Dystonia EK) (among other stellar releases), this collaborative album shows an even further development in their sound. The pairing with Green Army Fraction (also from Sweden) for Westerbotten results in a massive, powerful sound. Their heavy use of cymbals and analog electronics creates impressions that surpass harsh noise trappings, and the listener immediately realizes that Westerbotten exceeds genre definitions or expectations of either group involved. The sounds created reveal the magickal qualities of Metgumbnerbone or Coil, the dark psychedelic ambiance of The Stargazer's Assistant The Other Side of the Island or Wolf Eyes’ Black Wing Over the Sand, and the cacophony of The New Blockaders. Prepare yourself for one of the most impressive listens in recent memory. Elaborately printed with metallic inks and packaged in a gatefold sleeve, along with a 16-page booklet. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Nihilist Commando -- "Assault Noisecore - Demo 2002" -- CD-R -- €7
2002 self-released
One of the projects by Mikko Aspa (Grunt, Freak Animal label). Noisecore. "Extreme and brutal sound. Aggressive voice with lyrics (included)". [author's info]

Nihilist Commando -- "Demo 2005" -- CD-R -- €7
2005 self-released
One of the projects by Mikko Aspa (Grunt, Freak Animal label). "176 songs with lyrics printed on cover. over 14 minutes of extreme nihilistic assault noisecore! Not for the weak! Noisecore mental corrosion!" [author's info]

Nihilist Commando -- "Noisecore Genocide - Demo 2006" -- CD-R -- €7
2006 self-released
One of the projects by Mikko Aspa (Grunt, Freak Animal label). "88 songs with lyrics printed in cover. About 14 minutes of extreme nihilistic assault noisecore! This time much more longer blasting tracks than on previous demo, and less 1 second explosions. Sound in drums is clearer, but remains still utmost sonic cruelty!" [author's info]

Nitrous Flesh -- "Shadow Fracture" -- CD -- €10
2003 Tantric Terror, KALI 001
Debut full-length CD. Psychedelic death industrial and dark ambient soundscapes with overtones of horror and the occult. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Nyrja -- "Nielu" -- CD-R -- €7
2005 Toiko, TOK-05
Nyrjä, the solo project of Antti Joensuu, goes through a wide range of machine-based styles of post-industrial music. Included are dark ambient, death industrial and hard heavy electronics. Most of the material is quite minimalist in nature, yet succeeds nevertheless in being both unique and original. The closest, but not too close, points of comparison would be several of Michael Ford's projects - especially Valefor and early Psychonaut - with the difference that Nyrjä's soundscapes are far more intriguing... [Jiituomas, Kuolleen Musiikin Yhdistys]

Objekt4 -- "Extermination Processing Tower" -- CD -- €10
2006 Ravenheart, RAVEN 36
Swe. Second album from this really unique dark ambient project. New tracks with new sound/noise ellements! Grim, base and harsh influenced of nihilism... Dont exist any similarly project in this cold-steel style!....other side of light..... [label info]

Objekt4 -- "Her Face Among The Shadows" -- CD -- €10
2006 Ravenheart, RAVEN 43
Swe. Next dashing dark ambient album from Objekt4 "Her Face Among the Shadows" including new never released 4 bonus songs. Each track starts with gently undulating tones, building on that base and adding swirling mists of sound and menacing atmosphere that ultimately increases in anxiety. Dark horror, thriller soundtrack and combination of menacing atmosphere... drones build before crashing beast and heavy bass. Rhytmic and frame-chaotic and desperate trip to other side of light! [press-release]

Oblivion Ensemble -- "Seraphim Hallucino" -- CD -- €10
2006 Malignant Records, TUMOR CD28
The music of Oblivion Ensemble remains as elusive and surreal as the ever-shifting cast of musicians and performer swho participate, knowingly, or unknowingly in their work. Founding members are John Bergstrom and Brannon Hungness (aka Figure). Hungness is a virtuoso experimental guitarist and composer and a former member of the Glenn Branca Ensemble. Bergstrom is a computer-music gearhead and a film composer with a classical music pedigree, and mastermind behind the industrial-noise assembly Torse. Seraphim Hallucino is Oblivion Ensemble's fifth full-length release, the first since the virtual opera "Nightmare: Sinistrotorse" (Complacency, 1995). At Seraphim Hallucino's source are strange, electro-acoustic improvisations of percussion, trumpet, voice, synthesizers and guitar. These improvisations are sculpted and sampled, twisted and turned, shaped into building and diminishing moments, and, at times appearing alone, pure and unmodified. Deeply imbedded in the music and fragmented lyrics are secrets, intertwining themes, voices, and imprinted messages. All come together to create an enormously complex, mercurial mix of surreal, dynamic and dark sounds. To fully appreciate the scope and intricacies of Seraphim Hallucino, headphones in a darkened room are highly recommended. "The band most likely to compose a fitting soundtrack for the end of the world". (Sorted magAZine) "Visionary gothic pyschedelia". (The Wire) "The most undefinable gorgeous musical anything that I have ever witnessed ... a beyond great performance, chilling and anxious". (Best of Times) In superb digipak, with artwork by Matt Vickerstaff of darkwaveart.co.uk. [press-release]

Onirot -- "Deus Ex Machina" -- CD -- €10
2006 Inner Gravity Records, IGR 004, (ltd. 500)
The final chapter in the Onirot trilogy (following on from Augusta and Ritualis). Deus Ex Machina delves into the dark heart of obscure contemporary cold ambience: Mechanical / Industrial sounds sprawl across heart-wrenching and inhuman, dark, deep and ancient star filled landscapes full of subtle sound threads. Deus Ex Machina is full of violent beauty delivered across five tracks of pure sonic anxiety. A fine Dark Ambient feast in the vein of Raison D'Etre or Herbst9 etc. [label info]

Orchid -- "Das Syndrom der Einsamkeit" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Winter Solstice Records, WS006
A masterpiece of Russian darkwave. Sometimes atmospheric and thoughtful, sometimes almost danceable. A project of heathen metal band Nezhegol'. Jewel-case, pro-printed cover. [YAOP]

Oxyd / Sumad -- "Mysterious Places Of Dead Souls" -- CD -- €10
2005 Ars Benevola Mater, ABM 16, (ltd. 545)
Dark soundscapes of onyric ambient, accompanied by the restless breath of drones and samples overwhelmed with typical scandinavian distressing atmospheres. “Mysterious places of dead souls” opens gloomy horizons upon dead landscapes where all the shades of grey are reflected into a magma of sombre uneasiness. The ideal soundtrack to open a passage upon new and unknown dimensions. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

PGR -- "A Hole Of Unknown Depth" -- CD -- €14
1995 Noctovision, NCVCD 03

Phragments -- "Earth Shall Not Cover Their Blood" -- CD -- €10
2008 Malignant Records, TUMOR CD37
You've seen it before. Certain bands or artists delivering their finest work with their first recording. Then, in futile attempts to capture some of the same magic, becoming formulaic and stale, rehashing ideas and never really achieving the same caliber of work. Others, expanding on the elements of their prior releases, and through a natural maturation process, get stronger with each release. That would certainly be the case with Phragments. With their third full length studio CD, this Slovakian duo have made remarkable strides not only in quality but in scope. Equipped with an enriched sonic palate, Earth Shall Not Cover Their Blood mixes forceful brass and dark orchestral strings with rolls of powerful tribal percussion, somber wind instrumentation, ominous atmospheres, industrial clangor, and a strong and commanding vocal presence, particularly on tracks like "Over Deadlands" and "The Kin of Cain". Cohesive, complete, and epic, this is a release that will open some eyes to new found authority of Phragments. Yours to discover. In 6 panel digipak. [press-release]

Phurpa -- "Nag bDud Ceremony" -- CD -- €10
2009 Aquarellist, aquarel 12-09, (ltd. 500)
This voyage began in the middle of the 1990's in Moscow, when a group of artists and musicians led by Alexei Tegin and based at the legendary Fabrique of Cardinal Art commenced their studies of traditional ritual music, drifting away from the field of contemporary electroacoustic and industrial music with the intent to delve deeper into the ancient musical cultures of the ancient Egypt, Iran and Tibet... The original 2003 lineup of the project that emerged as a result was dubbed Phurpa (one of the five tutelary deities of the Father Tantra in Bon tradition), and all the members have carried on with their research in the field of Tibetan liturgies up to the present day. The ensemble adheres to the rgyud-skad tradition of Tantric overtone chanting. This CD contains The Last Life Practice of Mapang Yinchen, Yang-drub Ceremony and Black Dud Ceremony, recorded live in the underground, 2008. Ritual Tibetan instruments as used by the ensemble include the following: dunkar, silnyen, bub, damaru, kanling, nga, shang. [label info]

Plan-A / Totenhaus / Desolation Zone -- "Grunberg Maschinen Sturm" -- CD-R -- €7
2005 Beast Of Prey, BOP 2.2, (ltd. 200)
Split of three representatives industrial scene from Zielonagora. Power of Industrial Music - maschines game. released on CDR in limited edition to 200 copies. Released by unconventional way: two rectangular piece of printing cardboard, between this steel grind-:-internal cardboard with sandpaper. Released in two colours-:- all odd numbers in red colour, even in brown colour cardboard. [press-release]

Po.No.(i)Za. -- "K/chto ya est' i ch/kto menya est" -- 2 CD-R -- €9
2009 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT46, (ltd. 27)
Mid-frequency cyclic radionoise. The creative development of the Veprisuicida aesthetics. Lo-fi, old school, total purity. A view from aside. Each of 2 CDs aside from audio tracks includes a gallery of author's photos. Double DVD-box, 2-colour cover, insert. [label info]

Prurient -- "The Baron's Chamber" -- CD -- €10
2005 Nihilist, NIHIL 28, (ltd. 1000)

Ramirez, Richard -- "Start Again" -- CD -- €10
2008 Unrest Productions, UNPRCD03
Twisted scrap iron wreckage meshing violently with fatal force. Crushing and ear splitting noise barrage from this Texas legend. Hauntingly violent passages drag you into the hollow murk, fingers buried muscle deep. Eyes once blind now envision the end... and witness perverse ferocity. Ramirez in familiar territory. A deathride through sickness and disease, chaos and inferno at breakneck speed. Artwork by Pete Burn (Marzuraan/RYN). [press-release]

Rapoon -- "Wasteland Raga" -- CD -- €12
2009 Aquarellist, aquarel 11-09, (ltd. 1000)
New album of Rapoon dedicated to the memories of real art born from industrial wastelands of northern England. Trademark dark ambient combining melancholic tunes with industrial landscapes, tribal rhythms with sitar and other ethnic instruments, experimental approach with traditions... "While I was recently traveling through Eastern Europe recently, I passed through an area of industrial decline that reminded me strongly of the devastation of the Industrial heartlands of the UK during the early Thatcher years. The broken windows and twisted metal of the abandoned warehouses, the derelict pit-heads and the ruined factories all brought back memories of that grim time when the divide between rich and poor was never so obvious. Yet amongst the derelict factories and the red-brick estates of the North of England new music and art sprang forth as if driven by the desolate conditions. Out of the darkness came forth beauty in many forms. Wasteland raga is a remembrance of those times when art and politics held close and intertwined out of a real sense of purpose and unity. Now we have the bland unoriginal days of New Labour and the suits, bland self-satisfied music, and the crassness of yet another bad "art installation" in a "city of culture". Passing through the derelict wastelands of Industrial decline in Eastern Europe I was touched with nostalgia for a time when there was a sense of "us and them"... Art has stuck it's fat lazy arse on the side of the suits and the money men. Viva revolution!!!" [Robin Storey]

Reynols -- "The Bolomo Mogal F Hits" -- CD -- €11
2004 Audiobot, BOT 007

Rich, Robert -- "Bestiary" -- CD -- €10
2001 Release Entertainment, RR6514-2
Bestiary (2001) is an album by the American ambient musician Robert Rich. This album showcases the musical concept that Rich has long referred to as “glurp”. It evokes a frenetic and surreal landscape inhabited by a wide variety of bizarre organisms. Work on this album began while Rich was working to create a library of Acid Loops for the Sonic Foundry company. He had previously created an Acid Loop library in 1999 called Liquid Planet. In this project Rich began creating a library of unusual sounds with his new MOTM modular synthesizer. As the synthesizer grew, Rich became increasingly impressed by its potential and decided to abandon the Acid Loop project in favor of creating a new album. MIDI played an extremely limited role in this album as most of its material was recorded live to hard disc with the audio feature of the Cubase program. It was then assembled into a continuous 53 minute audio file. [Wikipedia]

RJF -- "Greater Success In Apprehension & Convictions" -- CD -- €14
2008 Segerhuva, SEGER 24

RLW -- "Herzblutanteil (I.K.K. IV)" -- CD -- €16
2009 Waystyx, waystyx 47, (ltd. 432)
Once upon a time, in far 1794 year, Christoph Schmid wrote the lyrics for Ihr Kinderlein Kommet, which was performed soon after in Thanhausen an der Mindel. He united it then with the melody, composed by contemporary composer Johann Abraham Peter Schulz. In the end of 2001, a few weeks before Christmas, I recorded my daughter Sonja (aged 5 then) singing some of her favourite xmas tunes, including I.K.K. When Jos Moers (owner of Meeuw Muzak label) was asking me to contribute to a series of xmas 7"s he is doing once every year, I used 2 of those recordings for 2003's yearly event: merry merry (mm 027 - I.K.K. release #1 in retrospect). Side one has Sonja's singing (Stille Nacht = silent night) unedited "live". Side 2 has a funny piece composed from a transformed Ihr Kinderlein Kommet. When the 7" was done i had the impression that the transformed sounds had a quality of their own, so i used them for further transformations and to compose a new piece of about 15 mins length: I.K.K. - Purpur - Scharlachrot. Following my course of collaborative works I invited some friends to take part in this adventure. The result, I.K.K. - Purpur (CD, Sirr 025), was released in 2006, including contributions from Dan Warburton, Andrew Deutsch, Chris Halliwell, then Strotter Inst., Stephen Vitiello, also Johannes Frisch and Bhob Rainey, I.K.K. #2). Two lengthy pieces by Domenico Sciajno and myself followed later that same year as Gelbe Tupfen (CD, Bowindo 07 - I.K.K. release #3; not to mention a version by Reto Mader on his CD Fireproof in 8 parts, Hinterzimmer 2007). But other projects needed their time, so it took until 2008 before I came back to the KInderlein. The distance made it easier to go back to the sources: an extract from the original recording and the meeuw version are presented here superimposed for your pleasure in the end of this release. And so, the starting point is set by C. Renou (Brume), who uses extracts from almost all the following pieces for a glorious introduction: Merry merry! Don't wish me a merry Christmas, I won't have one. [RLW]

RLW -- "Tonlose Lieder" -- CD -- €15
2004 PARA disc, PACD-013

Sector X -- "Rzeczywistosc" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Sickcore, SC-18, (ltd. 100)
Power Electronics / Noise.
[mp3]   [mp3]

Shebuzzz -- "White Noise" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT42, (ltd. 82)
A mini-album of the electronic project from Moldova. Bright mysterious ambient, positive and cosmic. Fill-colour sleeve. [label info]

Showers -- "Lepers, Lions, Cowards, Cunts" -- CD-R -- €7
Ignorant Gore Records, #1
Damaged and fuzzed out to the max, there is more than a little Harry Pussy in the Showers. But please don't mistake their music for that of a tribute band, as a rock foundation is even more prevalent in their music than that of the aforementioned. Five songs crunch and rumble by in a little over eight minutes. This disc will leave you stoked, confused, and checking your speakers to make sure they are not broken. Absolutely fantastic stuff from this new Providence band. [indieworkshop.com]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Sleepy Town Manufacture & Unit 21 -- "No Traces" -- CD -- €11
2009 Infraction, INFX 027, (ltd. 800)

Son-Dha -- "Red Sector A Speeds Up Alio Die" -- CD -- €10
2001 Release Entertainment, RR 6516-2
Son-Dha is Alio Die (Stefano Musso) and Red Sector A (Andrea Bellucci). Their debut (as a duo) is Red Sector A Speeds up Alio Die. This is a very cool concept. Musso recorded some of his signature minimalist drones and Bellucci then reconstructed them with frenetic rhythms that are not quite techno. It works fairly well. Many have tried similar projects that remix existing compositions, but these atmospheres were designed specifically for Bellucci's handiwork. Again, this is not techno or new ambient. It will appeal to fans of the Orb, William Orbit, and Mo Boma. [Jim Brenholts, All Music Guide]

Stavostrand, Mikael -- "Illuminence" -- CD -- €10
1999 Firework Edition Records, FER 1017
Solo album by the member of Inanna and Archon Satani.

Sutcliffe Jugend -- "This Is The Truth" -- CD -- €12
2007 Ground Fault Recordings, GF-166 / Hospital Productions, HOS-166

Thelema -- "Der Gewundene Erkenntnisweg" -- CD -- €10
2003 Membrum Debile Propaganda, MDP 5000-04
Thelema is the solo-Project from STURMPERCHT / SOULSEARCH / MAGDALENA - member Haju. Thelema exists since the early 90ies and in the last 15 years he played several live shows in Austria and Germany, and has released a few limited tapes and CDr's. [discogs.com] Telema is a dark ambient project hailing from Austria. This album is a conceptual release in memory of Viktor Schauberger, who was an Austrian forester with a deep knowledge in biology, physics and chemistry. Musically speaking, Telema composes dark ritual pieces full of raw sounds and cold cellar atmospheres. The 5 tracks remained untitled, but the opening cut perfectly illustrates the capacities and abilities of the project. There's also a kind of angelic female vocalist who adds a sacred touch to the opener. Together with the tribal rhythmic, it creates this ritual character that comes back again on the 3rd cut. Telema then evolves into less inspired ambient structures with less animation, which finally ends in a resurrection of ritual and tribal elements at the end of the last cut. 5 pieces for more than 55 minutes are maybe a bit too long to remain fascinating, but I personally enjoyed the main part of the work! [DP, Side-Line]

Torsten Wjiik -- "Komprimert Munn" -- CD-R -- €7
2006 self-released, (ltd. 30)
Drone Ambient inspired by Sunn0))) and sometimes turning into droning noise. A project of Norwegian musician Kjetil Hanssen. Recorded with the use of electoguitar, computer and realtime samples. A cold and urbanistic work. [YAOP]

Totenhaus / Insane Asylum -- "On Obedience And Insanity" -- CD-R -- €7
2004 VOID Rekordz, VOID003, (ltd. 150)
Interesting split album between Totenhaus and Insane Asylum. Totenhaus presents 8 tracks ranging from rhythmic industial textures to noisier pieces. Insane Asylum offers 3 long tracks varying from oppressive atmospheres to pulsating electronics. Limited edition of 150 copies [this is a re-release of the Kultura Industrialna sold out edition]. [BSAH Distribution]

Tronus Abyss -- "Kampf" -- CD -- €10
2008 Aeternitas Tenebrarum Music Foundation, CULT 001
Repressed in a luxury 16 pages High Quality Digibook, with 2 bonus tracks, 1 never released before. The ATMF Cult collection is opened, Kampf is finally back available and repressed, the avant-garde but traditionally Indo-European act Milestone of the Italian Scene in movement, unleashed in the first edition under the banner of Pagan Moon also in consequence of the split of the label that was supposed to be release it, Varg Vikernes' (Burzum) Cymophane. Tronus Abyss history has started in the 1994 as an active part of the Black Metal scene but lately become something out of any easy classification. Kampf is a trip to the ancestral atavism and beyond human prison to unknown dimensions, musically a personal and still innovative, after 4 years from the release date, act stating how Black Metal can turn in something unique, a proud character merging electro-folk, ambient and industrial moods. Crossing the border of a genre understood as stereotypes, TA moved by nothing but their inmost research and the will to transcend the narrow human visual. [press-release]

Tugend -- "Optimism Is For The Weak" -- CD -- €10
2004 Somnambulant Corpse / Ultima Comparatio Productions, SC/UCP005, (ltd. 1000)
An album that carries a quote from Ernst Junger cannot be fundamentally bad, it's the least one can hope, and this album won't contradict me. Tugend is an American project that takes its inspiration directly from the second world war, using period samples, set to a background of various sound collages, menacing loops, repetitive and harsh percussions, with an industrial atmosphere that remains revenchist and intact. Indeed, one thinks of Les Joyaux de la Princesse, mainly for the period sound collages associated with a harsh and uncompromising sound, but one can also hear influences ranging from Turbund Sturmwerk, Non, Der Blutharsch to Darkwood of Von Thronstahl and more recently A Challenge of Honour. The atmosphere is set immediately, martial and solemn. An ambient music that intensifies crescendo its experimentations, resulting in an impressive sonic orgy, a cathedral of apocalyptic and desperate sounds. Sirens wail, machineguns rattle, airplanes cover the ambient noise and explosions round off the carnage. The album invites the listener to a voyage in time, to countries where metal and blood are king, filled with an almost indecent and voyeuristic nostalgia. War remains one of the major themes for some formations, not because of a particular attraction to bellicose tendencies, but more by fetishism and by the strong symbolic connotation engendered by violence, in respect of all those useless deaths, to understand human destiny, to avoid the unavoidable… The titles of this album talk for themselves, "Dresden", "Sacred Blood", "Panzer Marsh", "Purification", "Persecution", and also "Dreams". Critics often reproach these bands their more or less political connotations, often wrongly, to which Tugend replies: "we act politically in order to fulfil our spiritual aims; we act spiritually in order to fulfil our political aims". A record that is equally cold and sentimental, as hard as it is respectful. A very nice ambient industrial work, and a total success for a first album. [Stephane F., Heimdallr]

Unicorn -- "Playing With Light" -- CD -- €10
2004 Housepig, HPIG 001
A field report from an outpost at the border where droning ambience, minimalist melody and pure noise share an uneasy truce. Unicorn (featuring longtime members of Bastard Noise and Sleestak) serves up seven tracks, where melodic lines skate across a surface of disturbing drones and scathing noise. CD-Rom content includes three short films by Stephanie Miller, with soundtracks by Unicorn. Presented in a gorgeous letterpressed sleeve by Thumbprint press. [press-release]

Vagranok -- "Shag v Bez.Dnu" -- CD-R -- €9
2009 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT51, (ltd. 117)
Second excursion of this project into the territory of Soviet past, the release of the materials recorded in summer 2008. The project line-up consists of SGI (Vresnit / Vetvei) and one of the members of Moscow-Yaroslavl trio Night Shift. 6 noise canvases dedicated to the visions of outer darkness seen through the old radio receivers and black and white photographs. To the inseparability of the dark Cosmos and bright future in the unsaid doctrines of Soviet mysticism. Flying and diving into the lost time, search for foothold, responsibility before the communist party and the people, coldness of supervisor's look and his lofty voices. In comparison to the previous release "Voz.Dukh" put out by Kerpg, this album is less dusty, it's sometimes condenses to industrial noise traditional for St. Petersburg noise wave, and sometimes disperses to manifold nuances of technogenic ambient. Fat raw sound, lots of samples and archive recordings, voices, radionoises, guitar, synths and Soviet vinyl. The last steel from cooled Vagranok. Author's artwork: full-colour photographs in typical SGI style and a signal sleeve. [press-release]

Vedunkoloverti -- "Lesnoy Sobor" -- CD-R -- €8
2009 Hladna
Another new project by Nikolay Kalmykov, previously known for HLADNA. Forest recordings, pipe and soft ringing of the bells are mixed with powerful crunches sounding like breaking branches. Silent electronic drones, then suddenly a monk sings, and his voice is refracted by effects which create strange warped dimension where listener stays until the end of the disc. Handmade package in a paper packet.

Vedunkoloverti "Lesnoy Sobor" / Babayoga "Zelye" -- 2 CD-R -- €12
2009 Hladna
Vedunkoloverti - another new project by Nikolay Kalmykov, previously known for HLADNA. Forest recordings, pipe and soft ringing of the bells are mixed with powerful crunches sounding like breaking branches. Silent electronic drones, then suddenly a monk sings, and his voice is refracted by effects which create strange warped dimension where listener stays until the end of the disc... Babayoga - a new side project of Hladna vivdly shows the change of musical view of the author after his move from St. Petersburg to deeply remote Vepsians village Yarogora. The first track is almost 40-min. long field, or more precisely forest recording with minimal instrumental presence. Sunny tranquillity, singing birds, light rustles and rattles with just a few moments interrupted by deeply reverberated noisy overloads. Despite the soothing quality, it's still possible to feel some brutality, primitivity of sound, so peculiar to Hladna, and in the end of the track it shows up in a short intense fragment made from author's one year old daughter voice. On the 2nd track the recording of dripping serves as a background, against which unfold cold electronic noisy soundscapes... 2 CDRs packed in linen sack.

Veprisuicida -- "Heavy Metal Cyclothimia / Science Friction" -- CD-R -- €9
1999/2009 Dubinogolovaya Korobochka, DK-4, (ltd. 66)
Reissue of two works previously published on teo split-cassettes: "Heavy Metal Cyclothimia" (split with Cisfinitum, Spirals Of Involution, 1999) and "Science Friction" (split with Comforter, Ultra, 1999).

Verde & Clay Figure -- "Kalliopora" -- CD-R -- €7
2006 Audiobot, BOT 026, (ltd. 150)
It all started with a newspaper ad. On the morning of April 3rd, 2004 I was reading through a local newspaper. There I saw an ad where some store sold rock drills that they had got from Swedish army surplus. On the evening of the same day I was in another town to play my first gig as the guest bass player for Verde. I told Mika of Verde about the hilarious ad that I had seen in the paper. We had already recorded most of the material for the this collaboration, and Mika suggested that we should name the collaboration album "Kalliopora", which is of course Finnish for rock drill. Then he started fantasizing how he would buy one and drill his way beneath his neighbours house and set there a bomb. This recording doesnt sound much like a rock drill or even a bomb. Instead, there is the unique sound of Mikas self-built synthezisers, a bunch of guitars played by yours truly, and all kinds of other sounds that I hope you all like, even if they dont sound like rock drills. [Pekka PT/Clay Figure]. Packaged in stencil-printed oversized covers by outsider rehab man Dennis Tyfus.

Versus Reality -- "Hyro" -- CD-R -- €7
WitchHouse Records
Versus Reality (a name which was lifted from the name of a Techno Animal album) is a project of Sean Gallagher, also of the band Journal Square (www.myspace.com/journalsquare) In this project, he creates atmospheres and sound collages to stimulate the mind. Moods tend to be dark, and yet underneath it all, there is positivity. Samples are manipulated, sounds are stretched out, eternity extends... Using repetition, stimulation, and thought-evoking techniques, Versus Reality is not everyone's cup of tea, but rather, is an acquired taste. [from myspace profile]

Vidna Obmana -- "Tremor" -- CD -- €10
2001 Release Entertainment, RR 6509-2
Atmospheric music that induces trance states in listeners who understand the language of sound. The first Vidna Obmana recording in what will be a trilogy of albums drawing inspiration from the classic Dante poem. [label info]

Vomir -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Rokot, RKT-06, (ltd. 77)
This French project regularly releases untitled albums containing deep static noise. It's recommended to put the volume level to maximum and put on a black bag on your head to reach the sertain level of sensory deprivation. [label info]

Wilt -- "Wither" -- CD -- €10
2001 Crionic Mind, CM008, (ltd. 500)
Wilt extol the invisible corners of the thirsty earth with this exaltation of decay and reclamation. Best described as Noise Ambient, "Wither" is a aural quagmire of dusky vapors and ivy draped relics, grating erosions and the thorny shadows that rise and fall across dying landscapes. Moldering Dark Noise from this inspired American project. [press-release]

WOK -- "Zelt1910er" -- CD-R -- €7
2005 Farbstoff Abstrakt Media Prod., FAMP CD-R III, (ltd. 150)
Italian one man project WOK offers you a mysterious tour to a dreamworld, far away from the daily noises which contaminate your mind. The music is made up of minimalistic sounds, ambient elements and electronics. The perfect soundtrack for your personal mind annihilation ritual. Pro-duplicated CDR with professional cover artwork in a transparent DVD case. [label info]

Wolfskin -- "O Ajuntar das Sombras" -- CD -- €11
2008 Malignant Records, TUMOR CD22
Finally, after years of delay, O Ajuntar das Sombras by Wolfskin is finally unleashed. Initally intended to be a re-issue of 2001-s very limited The Gather of Shadows by the Setting Sun CDr (Ajna), it eventually evolved into a re-working of three tracks from that release, complimented by 7 newly recorded tracks. As the Wolfskin era comes to end, this release represents a glimpse into their past - a more organic, flowing ambient record than what you may find today, and perhaps the least conceptual of all their releases. That being said, it most certainly will go down as one of their more stunning, darker visions; a masterpiece of shadowy atmospheres and drifting currents, featuring multiple layers of archaic sounds, foggy, nebulous textures, and ritual invocations, perfectly combined to form a release of intense depth and complexity. Must certainly rank among the finest dark ambient records released in the history of Malignant. In elegant 4 panel digipak. [press-release]

Y -- "Vmanza\2587" -- CD-R -- €7
self-released, Sgi N.o.l. 06, (ltd. 12)
Experimental post-hardcore from Yaroslavl, Russia. The members are known by the projects Voe_Ero, Pugna, Vresnit, Vagranok... Mp3 album lasting for several hours. [YAOP]

Zahnrad -- "Zubchatokolesnoe" -- CD-R -- €6
2009 Spermodeath Records, SD-07, (ltd. 110)
Power electronics with the Latvian colour. The eyes turned to the sun of War and Will - the guidebook for soldiers of a new era. Poetry of machine tools, lead and a steel, the manifesto of the future words of classics: Vituhnovskaya, Letov, Mishima, Imermanis, Laicenz, Majakovsky, Evola, etc. will soon drop out new snow. Style: power electronics, martial future noise. Form: cd-r / cardboard package with inserts. [label info]

Zaimph -- "Sexual Infinity" -- CD -- €10
2006 Hospital Productions, HOS-162
Marcia Bassett of Double Leopards, Hototogisu, GHQ fame on her first proper solo full length has given us one of our favorites in the history of Hospital Productions. Sexual Infinty stands refreshingly organized into six escalating pieces of her signature guitar, voice, and electronic moodscapes entrancing the listener with sinister seduction. Comparisons to early 80's power electronics and industrial acts as uncommunity, Mauthausen Orchestra and Ramleh reside in the underbelly of Zaimph's ability to generate ominous, gritty, and doom laden atmosphere cloaked in a thick lush drone. What begins with raw ethereal guitar shadows of longing delight closes with vital gripping electronic tension. [press-release]

V/A -- "Deprogramming Music Volume One" -- CD -- €8
2002 Sacred Noise
John Wiese, Robot Vs. Rabbit, Anapthergal, Nothing, Yama-akago, Amber Asylum, dreamSTATE, Lefthandeddecision, Mason Jones, MagWheels, Merzbow, Ashrae Fax, Mindspawn, Cold Electric Fire, Gruntsplatter, Ovum.

V/A -- "Funeral Songs" -- CD -- €11
2001 Crowd Control Activities, CROWDED 26 / Release Entertainment, RR 6507-2
raison d'etre, Tertium Non Data, Amber Asylum, Agnivolok, C17H19NO3, Shinjuku Thief, Alio Die, Gruntsplatter, Dreams In Exile, Nasopharyngeal, Chaos As Shelter, House Of Low Culture, 27.

V/A -- "Mutations Of A Dream" -- CD -- €10
2001 self-released, MOAD-01, (ltd. 300)
Compilation released independently by ten Finnish noise / industrial / ambient artists: The 4th Floor, Vasemman Raajan Halvaus, Loyly, Maelstrom, Haava, DiversAeon, Nyrja, Konemessias, Hombre Muerto, Koje.

V/A -- "Pagan Folk und Apocalyptic Psychedelia" -- CD -- €4
2009 Steinklang Industries
Here is our this-year's LABELCOMPILATION, fresh out for WGT-Festival, as every year. all songs are taken from releases of AHNSTERN, HEIMATFOLK, PERCHT and VRIHASPATI. some albums are not out yet, some songs are shorter versions and a few songs are pre-versions. the JA"NNERWEIN song is a exclusive song (version) only for this compilation. btw. we changed the artwork and the name of the compilation, because this year we have mainly Folk+Co. news and just a few Industrial-releases (not included here). Artists: Tethrippon, Vinterriket, Sturmpercht, Werkraum, Jannerwein, Falkenstein, Allerseelen, In Gowan Ring, Riharc Smiles, Svarrogh, Sagentoeter, Seelenthron, Sangre Cavallum, A Challenge Of Honour, Waldteufel, Soulsearch. [label info]


Aube -- "Deglaze" -- LP -- €12
1998/2002 Old Europa Cafe, OELP005, 2nd. ed., (ltd. 470)
Second edition of this great conceptual work. Dense soundscapes using only glass as sound source. Great industrial sound-sculptures in best Aube tradition. First edition was on transparent vinyl, second edition on heavy black vinyl. [label info]

Institut -- "Motionstruktures" -- 10" -- €12
2002 Sin Organisation, SIN15, (ltd. 525)
Industrial noise / power electronics. All tracks recorded in 2000 except "Lufta E Popullit", which is taken from the Cassette "Straight-Megaphone-Ammunition", released 1994-95.

Mushroom's Patience -- "Eaten Alive" -- 10" -- €10
2002 Hau Ruck!, HR!39, (ltd. 300)
Recorded live in Vienna in May 2002.

Mushroom's Patience -- "Roma, Wien" -- LP -- €14
2000 Hau Ruck!, HR!44, (ltd. 400)
Psychedelic post-chanson, a project of Italian artist Raffaelle Cerroni aided by the members of Ain Soph, Spiritual Front, Novy Svet, etc. Amazing mix of abnormalities of all kinds: romantic medolies turn to howls in stomatological chair, serious music steps back under the pressure of atonal crookedness, sensible vocal is replaced with frank mockery, everything is impregnated with the spirit of derangement. Great music.

Ostara -- "Whispers To The Soul" -- 10" -- €11
2001 Eis und Licht, Eis017, (ltd. 1000)

Propergol -- "Tormentor" -- 7" -- €9
2003 Nuit Et Brouillard, NB V 01, (ltd. 1000)
First 7" and vinyl release for this French confirmed project. "Tormentor" is dealing with usual PROPERGOL’s intimate obsessions and again music is nothing less than a reflection and an exploration of his confused and chaotic innerworld... Tracks are made of nervous, repetitive and hypnotic pulsations as well as noise injections and vocals in the typical PROPERGOL’s style made of anger and despair underlying his personal oversensitivity... With this 7", PROPERGOL takes you both to a trip to places overwhelming with imagination and to a mental journey on the sinuous and unhealthy roads of neurosis when your own imagination is becoming your most intimate enemy. Like a nice musical score on schizophrenia... Deluxe packaging on a glossy fold-out cover plus postcard. [press-release]

Radio Murmansk -- "Untitled (Kolyma / Sibir')" -- 7" -- €7
2003 Steinklang Industries, SK7-09, promo copy
Hard and subliminal analogue noise-disco on side A - pure terror-noise on side B from the depths of Sibiria - FROSTY! [label info] Promo copy in white sleeve.

Vromb -- "Le Tourne-Disque" -- 10" -- €12
2002 Ant-Zen, act 121.10
After the pulsating soundscapes of the concept album 'Episodes' and the electro-acoustic 'first chapter in an electronic opera for ultratonical machines' named 'Memoires Paramoleculaires', between Hugo Girard's legendary live appearance at the 'Mutek' festival in Montreal/Canada and the Maschinenfest 02' in Aachen/Germany, Ant-Zen presents this nicely designed Tourne-disque. 'Le Tourne-Disque' is more beat oriented which fits perfectly to Vromb's live sets, but it will come as no surprise to those who own Vromb's earlier works. Girard's music contains minimal electro rhythmic explorations beyond cold atmospheric soundscapes. There are also manipulated voices on this record - Hugo Girard implements the spoken words of his infant relatives Frederique and Philippe. [press-release]

Vromb -- "Rayons" -- LP -- €13
2003 Ant-Zen, act 151.1
Hugo Girard's (a.k.a. Vromb) input has grown enormously during the last few years. It started in 1993 with the release, 'Jeux de Terre' (now re-released) and then continued with only a few releases over next six years. But since 2000 there have been at least two records a year. In 2003, after his first split release with Szkieve and a 10" vinyl, the fourth full length Vromb album on Ant-Zen, 'Rayons' (rays) is released on cd and vinyl... Girard's intention on 'Rayons' is to translate several kinds of rays into music - ranging from sunbeams to optical rays. So, 'Rayons' can also be seen as an aural sight-seeing tour. The 'speed' factor is that of a person moving (whether by foot or in different vehicles). This movement was transformed into rhythmic patterns. Imagine the aural equivalent of taking a walk during a thunderstorm ('Eclairs') or feeling the sun peaking through a clouded sky while window shopping ('Boulevard')... All sounds were generated with analog and digital synthesizers. The listener might believe that they are hearing modulated samples but this is not true. It is once again, an example of Girard's virtuosity in creating 'naturalistic' soundscapes with pure electronic equipment. For the images on the album cover, Girard gave the photographer, Alain Gauvin the basic audio tracks for inspiration. The final musical structure on 'Rayons' is based on inspirations from Gauvin's pictures which were taken in the Montreal area. So close your eyes, let yourself go and feel the rays coming out of your speakers. [press-release]


Macronympha -- "Recycled Music" -- MC -- €7
1995 RRRecords

Taint -- "Recycled Music" -- MC -- €7
1995 RRRecords

Tchernoblyad -- "Sowjetisch" -- MC -- €11
2009 YAOP, YAOP 036, (ltd. 8)
Lo-Fi Death Electronics. Dirty dark sound, cacophony of noises and samples, pathology and uneasiness. Two long tracks + remix of one of the songs of a "Russian rock hero". The cassette is fetishly packed in a craft-packet with a big sticker and contains a certificate of a shock worker of Communist labour (as an info-cover) + antique Marxist book published in 1903-1952 (unique for each copy). [press-release]


Killing Joke -- "XXV Gathering" -- DVD -- €11
2005 Rajon Vision, RV0534
This DVD was filmed on their sold-out 25th anniversary show at the Shepherd's Bush Empire in London. 17 tracks are included. Emerging from the first wave of late-1970s post-punk, the British band Killing Joke distinguished themselves with a proto-industrial sound and an infamous stage show driven by the near-psychotic antics of lead singer Jaz Coleman. XXV GATHERING! captures one of Killing Joke's trademark live performances with thunderous renditions of tracks like "War Dance," "Wait," "Psyche," "Song and Dance," and "Communion." [label info]

Murderous Vision -- "Sacrament Of The Flesh" -- DVD-R -- €8
2004 Live Bait Recording Foundation, LBRF 019


Vepsian doll (six-hand) -- €9
2009 Hladna
Ritual Vepsian dolls from Nikolay Kalmykov (Hladna). Vepsian doll is made of line pieces without usage of scissors or needles, so that the life of a kid would be "not cut or stabbed". The doll has a ritual character, it can protect from evil forces, take the diseases and misfortunes upon itself, help to gather a good harvest. Six-hand doll symbolizes worship to Triglav, to Trinity. A small sack with herbs is strapped to the doll, you can brew them up and make a tea. Watch image.

Vepsian doll (for women in labour) + CD-R -- €10
2009 Hladna
Ritual Vepsian dolls from Nikolay Kalmykov (Hladna). Vepsian doll is made of line pieces without usage of scissors or needles, so that the life of a kid would be "not cut or stabbed". The doll has a ritual character, it can protect from evil forces, take the diseases and misfortunes upon itself, help to gather a good harvest. A doll for for women in labour is a symbol of mother's care and love, it has a toy-baby attached to it's belt. The doll comes with a CD-ROM containing photos from Vepsian villages Yarogora and Yaroslavichi and bits of video from the rituals / performances held by Nikolay in his village. Watch image.

Frea market (used & rare)


Project - Album - Format - Condition (disc/cover) - Year - Label - Cat. # - Ltd. - Price

16 Bitch Pile-Up - Bury Me Deep - CD - VG+ - 2007 - Troniks - TRO-250 - Ltd. 1000 - €9.59
Actus - A Way To The Empire Of Strength And Order - CD - 1993 - Novum Organum - NOE CD 001 - Ltd. 777 - €29.68
Al Gromer Khan & Amelia Cuni - Monsoon Point - CD - 1995 - New Earth Records - CD 77119 - €11.42
Algiz - Claire-Voie - CD - 1998 - Tursa - TURSA 015 CD - €13.47
Alio Die - The Hidden Spring - CD - 1998 - Crowd Control Activities - Crowded 04 - €16.44
Alio Die - Il Tempo Magico Di Saturnia Pavonia - CD - 2003 - Hic Sunt Leones - HSL023 - €12.56
Alio Die - Leaves Net - CD - 2001 - Hic Sunt Leones - HSL019 - €12.56
Alio Die - Password For Entheogenic Experience - CD - 1998 - Hic Sunt Leones - HSL015 - €12.56
Alio Die - Sit Tibi Terra Levis - Introspective - CD - 1993 - Hic Sunt Leones - HSL000-001 - €18.26
Alio Die - Suspended Feathers - CD - 1996 - Aqua - A9602 - €16.44
Alio Die - Under An Holy Ritual - CD - 1993 - Projekt - PRO 39 - €12.56
Alio Die & Amelia Cuni - Apsaras - CD - 2001 - Projekt - PROJEKT126 - €12.56
Alio Die & Antonio Testa - Healing Herb's Spirit - CD - 1999 - Crowd Control Activities - Crowded 13 - €14.38
Alio Die & Francesco Paladino - Angel's Fly Souvenir - CD - 2004 - Hic Sunt Leones - HSL027 - €12.56
Alio Die & Jack Or Jive - Mei-Jyu - CD - 2005 - Projekt - PROJEKT167 - €13.47
Alio Die & Mathias Grassow - Expanding Horizon - 2 CD - 2003 - Release Entertainment - RR 6578-2 - €17.35
Alio Die & Nick Parkin - Aquam Metallicam - CD - 2000 - Musica Maxima Magnetica - EEE 42 - €12.56
Alio Die & Ora - The Door Of Possibilities - CD - 1994 - Hic Sunt Leones - HSL006 - €14.38
Alio Die & Robert Rich - Fissures - CD - 1997 - Fathom - 11076-2 - €14.38
Alio Die & Vidna Obmana - Echo Passage - CD - 2000 - Musica Maxima Magnetica - EEE 41 - €12.56
Alio Die & Yannick Dauby - Descendre Cinq Lacs Au Travers D'Une Voile - mCD - 1998 - Aqua - A9803 - €12.56
Amber Asylum - Frozen In Amber - CD - 1996 - Elfenblut - SAG I - €11.42
Amber Asylum - Songs Of Sex And Death - CD - 1999 - Release Entertainment - RR 6416-2 - €10.50
Amygdala - Memento Mori - CD - 1997 - Hyperium Records - 39101812 - €16.44
Aqnazar - Raqs - CD - 2004 - Buda Musique - 822672 - €11.42
Aqnazar - Rumi - CD - 2004 - Buda Musique - 822682 - €11.42
Art Of Primitive Sound - Musical Instruments From Prehistory - The Paleolithic - CD - 1993 - Hic Sunt Leones - HSL003 - €12.56
Asianova - Burning The Blue Skies Black - CD - 1999 - Influx Communications - Audio Odditions #00 - €12.56
Atman - Personal Forest - CD - 1997 - Drunken Fish Records - DFR-34 - €14.38
Atman - Tradition - CD - 1999 - Drunken Fish Records - DFR-45 - €14.38
Aube - Duplex-Sphere - CD - 2004 - Ultra-Mail Prod. - U.M.P.-002 - Ltd. 445 - €10.50
Aurora Sutra - The Land Of Harm And Appletrees - CD - 1993 - Cleopatra - CLEO 9493-2 - €11.42
Autumn Tears - Love Poems For Dying Children... Act I: Reprise MCMXCVIII - CD - 1998 - Dark Symphonies - DARK 3 - €11.42
Autumn Tears - Love Poems For Dying Children... Act II: The Garden Of Crystalline Dreams - CD - 1997 - Dark Symphonies - DARK 2 - €12.56
Ave Maria Avida - Distance Balance Symmetry - mCD - 1993 - Hyperium Records - 39100652 - €11.42
Bad Sector - Ampos - CD - 1995 - God Factory - Ltd. 777 - €15.30
Brandkommando - Time Of Violence - 2 CDR - VG+ - 2006 - Beast Of Prey - BOP 2.7 - Ltd. 200 - €12.56
Brandkommando - Total 2.1 - CDR - VG+ - 2008 - Mask Of The Slave - MS-018 - Ltd. 60 - €5.25
Brume - Erection - 3"CD - 2001 - Kling Film-Records - KF-02 - Ltd. 500 - €17.35
Brume - Krieg - CD - 1999 - Intransitive Recordings - INT006 - Ltd. 500 - €13.47
Brume - Permafrost - CD - 1994 - Art Directe - AD III - Ltd. 500 - €13.47
Brume - Standard - CD - 1994 - ND - NDCD07 - €12.56
Brume - Xeros - CD - 1993 - Korm Plastics - KIP 002 - €13.47
Brume - Zona Ventille [sp. ed.] - CD - 2001 - Elsie & Jack Recordings - eaj 008 - Ltd. 100 - €15.30
Brume feat. Vrischika - s/t - CD - 1998 - Old Europa Cafe - OECD 016 - Ltd. 500 - €11.42
Cherche-Lune - Dun Emrys - CD - 1994 - Prikosnovenie - PRIK005 - €15.30
Cintecele Diavolui - The Devil's Songs - CD - 1997 - Dark Dungeon Music - TOWER CD 04 - Ltd. 1000 - €14.38
Claire Voyant - s/t - CD - 1997 - Hyperium Records - CD 39101892 - €11.42
Corvus Corax - Ante Casu Peccati - CD - 1989 - John Silver Production - JSCD 1598 - €11.42
Corvus Corax - Tempi Antiquuii - CD - 1999 - John Silver Production - JSCD 0899 - €11.42
Corvus Corax - Tritonus - CD - 1995 - John Silver Production - JSCD 1798 - €11.42
Corvus Corax - Viator - CD - 1998 - John Silver Production - JSCD 1898 - €11.42
Corvus Corax / Zumpfkopule - Congregatio - CD - 1993 - John Silver Production - JSCD 1698 - €11.42
Das Zeichen - Aufgewacht - CD - 1999 - Hyperium Records - 39101992 - €12.10
De Fabriek - Compressie Slag - CD - 1993 - Artware Production - ARTWARE 09 - Ltd. 700 - €18.26
De Fabriek - Made In Germany - CD - 1991 - Artware Production - ARTWARE 02 - Ltd. 500 - €22.83
Dolores Dewberry / Origami Genitalia - s/t - CD - VG+ - 2005 - Apop Records / Carbon Records / Gold Soundz / Little Mafia Records / Nihilist / Sunship Records - Apop 001 / CR109 / GS#36 / LM043 / NIHIL 26 / SUN53 - €8.45
Five Thousand Spirits - A Tapestry For Sourcerers - CD - 1995 - Sempiterna Mutatio - SM 004 - €14.38
Five Thousand Spirits - Mesmeric Revelation - CD - 1999 - Crowd Control Activities - Crowded 12 - €14.38
Gae Bolg And The Church Of Fand - John Barleycorn Must Die - CD - 2000 - Cynfeirdd - Cyn 007 CD - Ltd. 909 - €15.30
Gamil, Soliman - A Map Of Egypt Before The Sands - CD - 1997 - Touch - T33.15 - €10.50
Hedningarna - s/t - CD - 1989 - Alice - ALCD 009 - €13.47
Hedningarna - Hippjokk - CD - 1997 - Silence Records - SRSCD 4737 - €12.56
Hedningarna - Kaksi! - CD - 1992 - Silence Records - SRSCD 4717 - €13.47
Hedningarna - Karelia Visa - CD - 1999 - Westpark Music - WP87067 - €12.56
Hedningarna - Tra - CD - 1994 - Silence Records - SRSCD 4721 - €13.47
Hybryds - Ein Phallischer Gott - CD - 1997 - Crowd Control Activities - Crowded 01 - €12.56
Hybryds - Music For Rituals - CD - 1992 - Artware Production - ARTWARE 07 - Ltd. 1000 - €14.38
Hybryds - The Atavistic Fetisj - mCD - 1994 - 3RIOART - 3RIOART 006 - Ltd. 999 - €20.55
Hybryds - The Rhythm Of The Ritual - CD - 1994 - Charnel Music - CHCD-13 - €14.38
Hybryds - The Ritual Of The Rave - CD - 1995 - Daft Records - D1011 CD - €14.38
Hybryds - The Ritual Should Be Kept Alive (Part 1) - mCD - 1992 - Discordia - DISC 004 CD - Ltd. 999 - €18.26
The Iditarod - The Ghost, The Elf, The Cat And The Angel - CD - 2002 - Bluesanct - INRI 065 - €16.44
The Iditarod - The River Nektar - CD - 2003 - Bluesanct - INRI 071 - €14.38
The Iditarod - Yuletide - 2 CD - 2003 - Camera Obscura - CAM 063CD - €20.55
The Iditarod and Sharron Kraus - Yuletide - mCD - 2003 - Elsie & Jack Recordings - eaj 014 - €12.56
Illusion of Safety - Cancer - CD - 1992 - Tesco Organisation - TESCO 008 - Ltd. 1000 - €20.55
The Invisible Empire - Chants Before The Last Battle - CD - 1998 - Oktagon - OKT 001 - Ltd. 600 - €12.56
Jaramar - A Flor De Tierra - CD - 1999 - Opcion Sonica - OPCD120 - €12.56
Jaramar - Entre La Pena Y El Gozo - CD - 1993 - Grabaciones Lejos Del Paraiso - GLP047 - €13.47
Jaramar - Fingir Que Duermo - CD - 1995 - Grabaciones Lejos Del Paraiso - CDGLP 074 - €12.56
Jaramar - Lenguas - CD - 1998 - Opcion Sonica - OPCD79 - €12.56
Jaramar - Que Nadie, Nadie Creera el Incendio - CD - 2002 - Opcion Sonica - OPCD175 - €11.42
Jaramar - Si Yo Nunca Muriera - CD - 1997 - Grabaciones Lejos Del Paraiso - CDGLP082 - €13.47
Karpaty Magiczne (Magic Carpathians Project) - Denega - CD - 2001 - OBUH Records - D14 - €11.42
Karpaty Magiczne (Magic Carpathians Project) - Ethnocore - CD - 1999 - Fly Music (Poland) - €13.47
Karpaty Magiczne (Magic Carpathians Project) - Ethnocore 2: Nytu - CD - 2000 - Drunken Fish Records - dfr-48 - €13.47
Karpaty Magiczne (Magic Carpathians Project) - Ksiega Utopii - CD - 2000 - OBUH Records - D11 - €11.42
Karpaty Magiczne (Magic Carpathians Project) - Water Dreams - CD - 2002 - Fly Music (Poland) - €11.42
Laraaji - Ambient 3: Day Of Radiance - CD - 1987 - Editions EG - EEGCD 19 - €11.42
Laraaji / Roger Eno - Islands - CD - 1995 - Sine Records - SIN001 - €11.42
Love Spirals Downwards - Ardor - CD - 1994 - Projekt - PROJEKT 51 - €13.47
Love Spirals Downwards - Idylls - CD - 1992 - Projekt - PRO 36 - €13.47
Maeror Tri - Emotional Engramm - CD - 1997 - Iris Light Records - i-light 005CD - €15.30
Maeror Tri - Language Of Flames And Sound - CD - 1996 - Old Europa Cafe - OECD 008 - Ltd. 1000 - €19.41
Maeror Tri - Multiple Personality Disorder - CD - 1993 - Korm Plastics - KIP 001 - €13.47
Militia [1] - Elvengamello - CD - 1997 - Materiali Sonori - MASO CD 90072 - €12.56
Militia [2] - Kingdom Of Our Lord - mCD - 1996 - Praxis Dr. Bearmann - TH-20 - €14.38
MNortham - Breathing Towers - mCD - 2000 - Dorobo - DLE6 - Ltd. 400 - €12.56
The Moors - s/t - CD - 1998 - Hyperium Records - 39101942 - €14.38
Nehil, Seth / Jgrzinich - Stria - CD - VG+ - 2002 - Erewhon - CDWhON008 - €9.59
Nurse With Wound & Aranos - Santoor Lena Bicycle - CD - 2001 - United Dairies - UD 053 - Ltd. 500 - €36.53
Omala - Germ - CD - 1993 - Hyperium Records - 39100662 42 - €16.44
Omala - Relicon - CD - 1991 - Frequent Frenzy - FREQCD003 - €16.44
Once A Barge - Conditio Humana - CD - 2003 - Holzruna - 001 - Ltd. 300 - €16.44
Ophelia's Dream - All Beauty Is Sad - CD - 1997 - Hyperium Records - 39101782 - €14.38
Ora - Rosea - CD - 1996 - Hic Sunt Leones - HSL010 - Ltd. 450 - €12.56
Organum - Desola - mCD - 1995 - Robot Records / Aeroplane - RR-09 / AR18 - Ltd. 1000 - €13.47
Organum - Submission - CD - 1994 - Complacency - CPCD9401 - Ltd. 2000 - €14.38
Organum - Veil Of Tears - CD - 1994 - Matchless Recordings - MRCD24 - Ltd. 1500 - €14.38
Othila - s/t - mCD + zine - 2001 - Cynfeirdd - Cyn 010 MCD - Ltd. 493 - €11.42
Price, Kate - Deep Heart's Core - CD - 1995 - OmTown - OMCD 44859 - €11.42
Price, Kate - The Isle Of Dreaming - CD - 2000 - OmTown - OMCD 48526 - €11.42
Rajna - Ishati - CD - 2001 - Projekt - PRO00113 - €12.56
Rasa - Devotion - CD - 2000 - Hearts Of Space - 11099-2 - €11.42
Rasa - Shelter - CD - 2003 - New Earth Records - NE2401-2 - €11.42
Regard Extreme - Vague A L'Ame - CD - 1998 - Perspectives - PERS 03 - €13.47
Reyes, Jorge - Authentic Precolombian Music - Ek-Tunkul - CD - 1997 - Spalax Music - CD 14977 - €12.56
Reyes, Jorge - Bajo El Sol Jaguar - CD - 1992 - NO-CD - CDNO 02 - €14.38
Reyes, Jorge - Comala - CD - 1993 - Grabaciones Lejos Del Paraiso - CDGLP 001 - €12.56
Reyes, Jorge - Ek-Tunkul - CD - 1994 - Grabaciones Lejos Del Paraiso - CDGLP 004 - €14.38
Reyes, Jorge - El Costumbre - CD - 1993 - Extreme - XCD 021 - €14.38
Reyes, Jorge - The Flayed God - CD - 1994 - Staalplaat - STCD 069 - €22.83
Reyes, Jorge - Mexican Music: Prehispanic - CD - 1990 - ParaMusica - PMCD-010 - €12.56
Reyes, Jorge - Mexican Music: Prehispanic Mystic Rites - CD - 1994 - ParaMusica - PMCD-115 - €12.56
Reyes, Jorge - Mort Aux Vaches - CD - 1996 - Mort Aux Vaches - Ltd. 1000 - €27.40
Reyes, Jorge - Nierika - CD - 1993 - Silent - SR9326 - €14.38
Reyes, Jorge - Tonami - CD - 1995 - NO-CD - CD-NO 10 - €12.56
Reyes, Jorge & Antonio Zepeda - A La Izquierda Del Colibri - CD - 1992 - Grabaciones Lejos Del Paraiso - CDGLP 042 - €12.56
Reyes, Jorge & Piet Jan Blauw - Pluma De Piedra - CD - 2002 - Geometrik - gr-2108 - €12.56
Reyes, Jorge & Steve Roach - Vine ~ Bark & Spore - CD - 2000 - Timeroom Editions - Timeroom Editions 5 - €12.56
Reyes, Jorge & Suso Saiz - Cronica De Castas - CD - 1991 - Grabaciones Lejos Del Paraiso - CDGLP 031 - €14.38
Rich, Robert & Lisa Moskow - Yearning - CD - 1995 - Fathom - HS11050-2 - €11.42
Ronan Quays - Ebbing Wings Of Wisdom - CD - 1996 - De Nova Da Capo - DNDC 008CD - €12.56
Rongwrong - The Story Of Alfons Czahor - CD - 1996 - OBUH Records - D 2 - Ltd. 500 - €17.35
Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores - Novenna - CD - 1997 - Hyperium Records - 39101842 - €14.38
Roth, Gabrielle & The Mirrors - Bones - CD - 1989 - Raven - 36998-5894-2 - €10.50
Roth, Gabrielle & The Mirrors - Luna - CD - 1994 - Raven - 36998-5948-2 - €10.50
Roth, Gabrielle & The Mirrors - Ritual - CD - 1990 - Raven - 36998-5905-2 - €10.50
Roth, Gabrielle & The Mirrors - Totem - CD - 1985 - Raven - 36998-5862-2 - €10.50
Saiz, Suso - Katuwira - CD - 1998 - NO-CD - CDNO 20 - €12.56
Schulze, Klaus - Historic Edition - 10 CD - 1995 - Manikin - KS 11-20 - Ltd. 2000 - 3 €18.26
Seven Pines - The Garden Of Fand - CD - 2001 - self-released - Fand 001 - €16.44
Smooth Quality Excrement - Bird And Truck Collision - CD - 2000 - Influx Communications - influx 4 - Ltd. 1000 - €12.56
The Soil Bleeds Black - Alchemie - CD - 1999 - World Serpent - WSCD 024 - €12.56
The Soil Bleeds Black - Alchemie - CD - M/P - 2006 - The Fossil Dungeon / Twilight Records - FD 027 / TW 1.20 - €1.14
The Soil Bleeds Black - March Of The Infidels - CD - 1997 - Draenor Productions - DPR002 - €12.56
The Soil Bleeds Black - May The Blood Of Many A Valiant Knight Be Avenged - CD - 1998 - Draenor Productions - DPR005 - €12.56
The Soil Bleeds Black - Mirror Of The Middle Ages - CD - 2003 - The Fossil Dungeon - FD 013 - €11.42
The Soil Bleeds Black - Quintessence - CD - 2001 - World Serpent - WSCD 033 - €11.42
Sola Translatio - Ad Infinitum - CD - 2001 - Eibon Records / Hic Sunt Leones - Sol028 / HSL020 - €12.56
Sonnwin - Fehu - CD - 2000 - Lichtbringer - €15.30
Speaking Silence - Speak In Silence - CD - 1994 - Hyperium Records - 39101032 42 - €14.38
Steel Hook Prostheses - Torturous Anxiety - CD - VG+ - 2004 - L. White Records - LW-028 - Ltd. 200 - €9.59
Stella Maris - s/t - CD - 1998 - Hyperium Records - 39101932 - €17.35
Stellamara - Star Of The Sea - CD - 1998 - Intuition Records - CTR 8016 2 - €11.42
Stille Volk - Hantaoma - CD - 1997 - Holy Records - HOLY 24 CD - €11.42
Stillpoint - Maps Without Edges - CD - 1998 - Intuition Records - CTR 8018 2 - €13.47
Stone Breath - The Long Lost Friend: A Patchwork - CD - 2003 - Perun - Run 0404 - €12.56
Stone Breath - The Silver Skein Unwound - CD - 2003 - Camera Obscura - CAM 061CD - €12.56
Taras Bulba - Peyote Moon - CD - 1997 - Hyperium Records - 39101272 43 - €17.35
Taras Bulba - Shiva Diva (Invitation) - mCD - 1997 - Hyperium Records - 39101883 - €16.44
Taras Bulba - Sketches Of Babel - CD - 1993 - Hyperium Records - 39100782 42 - €17.35
Trance - Augury - CD - 1995 - OBUH Records - D 4 - €16.44
Ure Thrall & The Fruitless Hand - Forbidden Fruit - CD - 1999 - HydrX Delusions - hydrx one - €12.56
Vas - In The Garden Of Souls - CD - 2000 - Narada World - 72438-49188-2-8 - €11.42
Vas - Offerings - CD - 1998 - Narada Productions, Inc. - 72438-46289-2-5 - €11.42
Vas - Sunyata - CD - 1997 - Narada Equinox - ND-63039 - €11.42
Vasilisk - Liberation And Ecstasy - CD - 1990 - Musica Maxima Magnetica - EEE 08 - €13.47
Violet - Foreign Lands - CDR - VG+ - 2006 - Spirals Of Involution - SOI 051 - Ltd. 157 - €5.25
Vond - Selvmord - CD - 1994 - Malicious Records - MR004CD - €14.38
Vromb - Jeux De Terre - CD - 1993 - Tesco Organisation / Batarr - TESCO 014 / TAR 01 - Ltd. 1000 - €19.41
Vromb - Le Facteur Humain [sp. ed.] - CD - 1996 - Ant-Zen - act 38 - Ltd. 505 - €19.41
Werkbund - Aquis Submersis - CD - 1989 - Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien - WULP 008 - Ltd. 1000 - €25.11
Werkbund - Haithabu - CD - 1992 - Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien - WULP 013 - Ltd. 1000 - €31.96
Yasnaia - Oniro - CD - 1996 - World Serpent - lilith 01 - €13.47
V/A - Les Envahisseurs (Balaam Galang, Catharsist, Plug-In City, Vromb) - CD - 1995 - Batarr - TAR 02 - Ltd. 500 - €12.56
V/A - Ophir (Tuu, Desaccord Majeur, Moments Presents, Muslimgauze, Hybryds, Largo, Internal Fusion, Nightmare Lodge, Ah Cama Sotz) - CD - 1994 - Desaccord Majeur - D.M.009 - Ltd. 580 - €14.38
V/A - The Promises Of Silence (Hybryds, Djen Ajakan Shean, Steve Roach, Vidna Obmana, Jeff Greinke, Art Of Primitive Sound, Ora, Alio Die, Robert Rich, Saffron Wood, black tape for a blue girl, Temps Perdu?, Ashley/Storey) - CD - 1993 - Projekt - PRO 41 - €14.38


Project - Album - Format - Year - Label - Cat. # - Colour - Ltd. - Price

23 Skidoo - The Culling Is Coming - LP - L.A.Y.L.A.H. Antirecords - LAY 23 - €22,83
Ah Cama-Sotz - Excramentos Diabolicos - 7" - Klanggalerie - gg35 - black - Ltd. 200 - €45,66
Ah Cama-Sotz - Poison - 10" - Old Europa Cafe - OEMP 002 - Ltd. 600 - €17,12
Ah Cama-Sotz - The House of Lordh - LP - ANT-ZEN - ACT.104 - Ltd. 601 - €34,25
Ah Cama-Sotz / Frames a Second - Ankh / Deceitive Rate - 7" - Spectre / Nocturnus - NOC 4 - Ltd. 300 - €29,68
Ah Cama-Sotz / PAL - Guilty / Audiowall - 7" - Spectre - Ltd. 300 - €29,68
Anna Gardeck - Bondage Woman - LP - Greyland Records - GR 11 - black - Ltd. 188 - €18,95
Arcana - Cantar de Procella - LP - Cold Meat Industry - CMI.55 - Ltd. 1000 - €22,83
Argine - Marisa Allasio - 7" - Energeia - ENE045 - Ltd. 100 - €18,95
Atlas, Natacha - Ayeshteni - LP - Mantra Recordings - MNTLP1024 - €18,95
Atlas, Natacha - Diaspora - 2 LP - Nation Records - NATLP 47 - €27,40
Atman - Personal Forest - LP - self-released - black - €17,12
Atman - Theatre of Sound - 7" - Obuh - V8 - Ltd. 300 - €11,19
Aube - Monochordattune - 7" - Gender-Less Kibbutz - GRD9601 - Ltd. 500 - €11,19
Aube - Re-Chant / De-Coda - 7" - Drone Records - DR-15 - red - Ltd. 250 - €14,16
Aurum Nostrum - Whip of Mind - LP - Ring-Tor - ERDE-01 - Ltd. 500 - €22,83
Aurum Nostrum / Sonne Hagal - Sinister Practics / In Bright Sunshine - LP - Ring-Tor - ERDE-02 - Ltd. 500 - €22,83
Autumn Tears - Love Poems For Dying Children Act 3 - Winter & The Broken Angel - LP - Dark Symphonies - DARK8 - €15,98
Avarus - Vaathera Janiksen Hannankieliset Seikkailut - 7" - Veglia Records - Veg020 - black - €9,36
Backworld - All That Remains - 12" - Eis Und Licht - Eis042 - 1-sided black - Ltd. 500 - €11,19
Bad Sector - Dolmen - 7" - 1998 - Drone Records - DR-18 - blue marbled - Ltd. 300 - €31,96
Bad Sector - Jesus Blood - 10" - 1998 - Power & Steel - PAS 06 - Ltd. 300 - €34,25
Bad Sector - Toroidal Body - 7" + CDR - 2000 - Eibon Records / Pre Feed - Bsc024 / Pf 004 ep - Ltd. 300 - €34,25
Beefcake - In Medias Res - 12" - Hymen - ?024 - €9,36
Brume - V s / M 3-44-65 - 7" - Drone Records - DR-45 - black - Ltd. 250 - €17,12
Brume - Anastomose - 10" - Ant-Zen - ACT.47 - picture - Ltd. 497 - €18,95
Brume - Charlemamnge - 7" - Membrum Debile Propaganda - 6000-10 - Ltd. 300 - €17,12
Camerata Mediolanense - Mediolani DXV (Inferno II) - 7" - My Castle - My Castle 04 - Ltd. 500 - €13,24
C.O. Caspar - From the Secrecy - LP - Epileptic Recordings - Ltd. 300 - €15,07
Changes - Fire Of Life - LP - Hau Ruck! - HR!22 - black - Ltd. 500 - €13,24
Changes - Orphan In The Storm - LP - Hau Ruck! - HR!48 - black - €13,24
Chaos As Shelter - New Ierusaleum Now! - 7" - Drone Records - DR-48 - Ltd. 250 - €9,36
Circus Joy vs. Novy Svet - Roma Total! / An Italiandaustrian Lo.Fi. EP - 10" - 2002 - Old Europa Cafe / Misty Circles - OEMP 006 / MCR27 - grey - Ltd. 500 - €17,12
Combative Alignment - Everlasting Sun - 10" - Avatar Records - AVATAR 1 - Ltd. 150 - €9,36
Combative Alignment - Image Acoustique - 7" - Eternal Soul - ES 06 - black - Ltd. 333 - €15,07
Contagious Orgasm - Daft Jarring Effects - LP - Multi National Disaster Records - MNDR 6 - Ltd. 300 - €18,04
Contagious Orgasm - Hydrophobia - 7" - Ant-Zen - Ant-Zen JED 03 - €22,83
Contagious Orgasm - Impregnate Mannequin - LP - Harbinger House - HARBINGER 105 - Ltd. 300 - €18,95
Contagious Orgasm - In My Heart - 10" - Ant-Zen - Act 80 - picture - Ltd. 480 - €18,95
Contagious Orgasm - Loop Floor - 7" - Speeding Across My Hemisphere - Tinnitus Verlorene Stille 007 - €17,12
Contagious Orgasm - Seeking Sensation Scale Music - LP - Praxis Dr. Bearmann - TH-16 - Ltd. 500 - €18,95
Contagious Orgasm / Third Organ - Ceremony 01.11.1997 - 7" - SD-Image - V02 - Ltd. 300 - €15,98
Contagious Orgasm / Use Your Pain - Subconsciously Scrutinize Sampling Music / Fliegen, Maden, Kakerlaken - 10" - Dreizehn - Dreizehn 1307 - Ltd. 202 - €18,04
Contrastate - A Live Coal under the Ashes - LP + CD - Tesco Organisation - Tesco 010 - picture - Ltd. 1150 - €21,00
Control Resistance - Germ Warfare - 10" - Power & Steel - PAS 07 / II - black - Ltd. 300 - €15,07
Decadence - Romance Love Boy - 7" - Hau Ruck! - HR!15 - black - €9,36
Decadence - Something To Love, Something To Spend - LP - Hau Ruck! - HR!55 - black - €15,07
Deep Forest - Boheme - LP - Columbia - €12,10
Der Blutharsch & Deutsch Nepal - Apocalyptic Climax II - 10" - WKN - WKN 5 - Ltd. 404 - €22,83
Die Wappen Des Thodt - In Memoriam - LP - Memento Mori - MORI-LP02 - Ltd. 399 - €21,00
Endvra - Biomechanical Soul Journey - 10" - Power & Steel - PAS 09 / IV - black - Ltd. 400 - €18,95
Gillis, Manon Anne - Lxgrin - LP - self-released - black - Ltd. 500 - €13,24
Harvest Rain - Evening and Devotion - 7" - 2004 - OPN - OPN EP01 - Ltd. 300 - €9,36
Heimatic Sunsets - Weihnachten im Aroma Club - 7" - Audiplex Studio / Meew Muzak - MEEW MUZAK 029 - €9,36
Hostia - Alpha Delta - LP - Dark Vinyl - DVLP 34 - Ltd. 449 - €21,00
Hybryds - Ein Phallisher Gott - 7" - Ant-Zen - Act 35 - picture - Ltd. 501 - €18,95
Hybryds - Live - LP - Obuh - V16 - Ltd. 555 - €22,83
Hybryds + P*A*L / Yasnaia - On The End Of The Seventh Day / Cold Moon Over Black Water - 7" - Spectre / Nocturnus - noc 1 - picture - Ltd. 399 - €21,00
ICK - Les Reflexions Misantropiques - LP - La Nouvelle Alliance - LNA 004 - clear - Ltd. 300 - €17,12
Id Battery - The Foot - 7" - Drone Records - DR-56 - Ltd. 250 - €9,36
Jack Or Jive - Gyakkou - 10" - White Rabbit Records - White Rabbit 001 - Ltd. 999 - €13,24
Jack Or Jive - Opera-Legend of Biwako - LP - Low Life - €15,07
Karpaty Magiczne (The Magic Carpathian Project) - Encorpius Carpathicus - LP - Obuh - D16 - Ltd. 500 - €13,24
Klood - Gag-Hamin - 7" - Drone Records - DR-38 - Ltd. 250 - €11,19
Leitmotiv - Un bal a Sarajevo - 7" - Abyss Records - WAR09 - Ltd. 123 - €13,24
Life Garden - Transplutonian Dub [1st edition] - 7" - Drone Records - DR-20 - Ltd. 250 - €11,19
Lucisferrato - Childish Songs For Ugly Useless Dead Friends - 10" - 2002 - Der Angriff - Angriff 7 - black - Ltd. 300 - €9,36
Lucisferrato - Weltanschauliche Mission - LP - Hau Ruck! - HR!12 - black - Ltd. 600 - €9,36
Maeror Tri - Exorbitant - 7" - 1996 - Ant-Zen - act 42 - white - Ltd. 304 - €25,11
Maeror Tri - Hypnotikum II - LP - 1998 - Poeta Negra / absurd - PN 5 / # 5 - Ltd. 400 - €21,00
Maeror Tri - Mystagogus - 7" - 1994 - White Noise - WN 003 - white - Ltd. 333 - €27,40
Maeror Tri - Physis - 7" - 1995 - Fool's Paradise - FP 037 - Ltd. 285 - €29,68
Maeror Tri - Pleroma / Altrove - 10" - 1998 - Ant-Zen - act 79 - picture - Ltd. 434 - €27,40
Maeror Tri - Saltatrix - 7" - 1993 - Drone Records - DR-01 - Ltd. 200 - €27,40
Maeror Tri / Crawl Unit - Forazeihan / Broken Books And Wings - 7" - 1999 - Disaster Area - DA 007 - picture - Ltd. 500 - €25,11
Maeror Tri / Telepherique - Simulationswelten - 7" - 1998 - Rendezvouz Radikal - 04 / 1998 - Ltd. 550 - €27,40
Maria Zerfall - Als Ware Nichts Gewesen - LP - Loki Foundation - LOKI 18 - black - Ltd. 500 - €22,83
Maria Zerfall - Komfkreig 1985-1995 - 2 LP - Membrum Debile Propaganda - Ltd. 300 - €18,95
Maria Zerfall - Zarah Zerfall - MLP - Membrum Debile Propaganda - 6000-43 - black - Ltd. 400 - €15,98
Mohr - How To Make Darkness Visible - 7" - Drone Records - DR-02 - €11,19
Mondblut - Man's Infinite Soul - 7" - Ant-Zen - act 12 - Ltd. 330 - €12,10
Multer - Quantenengel / Subdruese - 7" - Drone Records - DR-51 - Ltd. 250 - €9,36
Muslimgauze - Buddhist On Fire - LP - 1984 - Recloose Organisation - LOOSE 008 - €38,81
Muslimgauze - Eye For An Eye - LP - 2001 - Staalplaat - MUSLIMLIM 029 - Ltd. 500 - €38,81
Muslimgauze - Hammer & Sickle - 7" - 1983 - Hessian - HESSIAN 1 - €29,68
Muslimgauze - Hunting Out With An Aerial Eye - 12" - 1984 - Limited Editions - LIMITED 1 - €38,81
Muslimgauze - Melt - 12" - 2001 - BSI Records - BSI 019-1 - Ltd. 2000 - €22,83
Muslimgauze - Minaret-Speaker - 7" - 1996 - Staalplaat - MUSLIMLIM 005 - picture - Ltd. 200 - €22,83
Muslimgauze - Nile Quartra - 7" - 1994 - Jara Discs - JARA 002 - Ltd. 750 - €21,00
Muslimgauze - No Human Rights For Arabs In Israel - 10" - 1995 - Staalplaat - MUSLIMLIM 002 - Ltd. 200 - €25,11
Muslimgauze - Port Said - 12" - 1999 - Audio.nl - 004 - Ltd. 350 - €21,00
Muslimgauze - Tandoori Dog - 4 LP BOX - 1998 - Staalplaat - MUSLIMLIM 010 - Ltd. 300 - €187,21
Muslimgauze - The Unfinished Mosque - 12" - 2000 - Staalplaat - MUSLIMLIM 023 - Ltd. 1000 - €21,00
Muslimgauze - Uzi Mahmood - 12" - 1998 - Soleilmoon Recordings - SOLV 009 - Ltd. 1012 - €27,40
Nimoy - The Spark - 7" - Ant-Zen - act 20 - Ltd. 300 - €11,19
Noise-Maker's Fifes - Intervisage - 7" - Drone Records - DR-23 - €10,27
Novy Svet - Aspiral III - 10" - White Label - WL003 - Ltd. 200 - €27,40
Novy Svet - Envenenado - 7" - Klanggalerie - gg68 - Ltd. 300 - €21,00
Novy Svet - Felix Navidad - 7" - Junges Wien - JW 11 - clear - Ltd. 111 - €22,83
Novy Svet - Terror - 7" - Ars Benevola Matter - €18,95
Novy Svet - Venezia - LP - Junges Wien - JW 12 - Ltd. 313 - €34,25
Novy Svet & Foresta Di Ferro - Bulli e Pupe - 2x7" - Hau Ruck! - HR!31 - Ltd. 400 - €21,00
Novy Svet & His Divine Grace - Nachtfang - 10" - Reue um Reue - grey - Ltd. 525 - €18,95
Novy Svet & O Paradis - Siento Sensacion / Guerra - 7" - Nekofutschata - picture - €18,95
Novy Svet / Circus Joy - Olvidado / Le Cose Che Ami - 7" - Old Europa Cafe - OESR 002 - €18,95
Novy Svet / Der Blutharsch - Cafe Mentone - 7" - WKN - WKN18 - €22,83
Novy Svet / Teatro Satanico - Confesso Tutto - 7" - Punch Productions - PP02 - picture - Ltd. 369 - €18,95
O Yuki Conjugate - s/t - 7" - Syntactic - OYC 52 - Ltd. 100 - €18,95
:Ot The Wand And The Moon: - I Crave for You / In a Robe of Fire - 7" - Prophecy Productions - €13,24
:Ot The Wand And The Moon: - Sol Ek Sa - 7" - Hau Ruck! - HR!6 - €15,07
Osso Exotico - VII - 7" - Drone Records - DR-37 - Ltd. 300 - €10,27
Quartiere Nuovo feat. Novy Svet - Cara O Cruz / Mladi - 7" - Junges Wien - JW10 - black - Ltd. 100 - €25,11
Scivias - Stong-pa-nyid - 12" - 2004 - Eis Und Licht - Eis041 - black - Ltd. 500 - €11,19
Soldnergeist - You Want Him / Hyper Climax - 7" - Self Abuse Records - SAR-17 - black - Ltd. 150 - €9,36
Soldnergeist / Drape Excrement - Hunting French Tourists / Villages On Fire - 7" - Stateart - SA008 - black - Ltd. 200 - €9,36
The Soil Bleeds Black - Lead Into Gold - 10" - Lichtbringer - Ltd. 484 - €18,04
The Soil Bleeds Black - Thee Living,Thee Dead - 10" - Old Europa Cafe - OEMP 009 - purple - Ltd. 300 - €18,04
Sonne Hagal - Starkadr - 7" - self-released - Ltd. 500 - €11,19
Sonne Hagal - Tarja - 7" - Divine Comedy - DC030 - picture - Ltd. 300 - €11,19
Sonne Hagal - Dygel - 7" - Eis & Licht - Eis037 - black - Ltd. 300 - €11,19
Sonnentau - Das Laub Fallt von den Baumen - 10" - Prophecy Productions - PRO 065 LP - black - €11,19
Sons of Silence present: Spoke - s/t - 7" - Syntactic - GEAR 29 - Ltd. 90 - €17,12
Spear - Not Two - 7" - Drone Records - DR-36 - Ltd. 250 - €9,36
Stromlinie - Tunnel - 10" - Ant-Zen - act 48 - Ltd. 495 - €11,19
Sudden Infant / Brume / Tadpole - Sperm + Egg - 7" - 1992 - Tadpole - TAD-001 - Ltd. 504 - €18,95
Synapscape - Positive Pop - 3x10"+CD - Ant-Zen - ACT.117.7 - €27,40
TBC - Gute Luft - 7" - Drone Records - DR-57 - Ltd. 250 - €9,36
Teatro Satanico / Novy Svet & Teatro Satanico - Teatro Satanico - LP + 7" - Amplexus - Ltd. 300 - €36,53
Terroritmo - A~F - LP - Punch Productions - PP 04 - Ltd. 444 - €15,07
Terroritmo - Serpenta - 10" - Hau Ruck! - HR!52 - €12,10
Tesendalo / Telepherique / Doc Wor Mirran - Schaschlik - 7" - M.S.B.R. - MR15 - Ltd. 100 - €18,95
Totenlieder - Mi Muerte Para Su Amor - 7" - 2004 - Punch Records - PP005 - Ltd. 404 - €11,19
Troum - Autopoiesis - LP - 2004 - SmallVoices - SVV001 - picture - Ltd. 585 - €18,95
Troum - Darve sh - 10" - 2003 - Beta-lactam Ring Records - mt030 - Ltd. 500 - €27,40
Troum - Daur - 10" - 1998 - Cohort Records - CRV 003 - Ltd. 300 - €27,40
Troum - Frama?eis / Var - 12" - 2000 - Moloko+ - PLUS 035 - Ltd. 300 - €36,53
Troum - Kapotte Muziek By Troum - 7" - 2001 - Korm Plastics - kp 9101 - Ltd. 300 - €22,83
Troum - Ljubimaya - 10" - 2003 - Waystyx - waystyx 03 - Ltd. 455 - €13,24
Troum - Nahtscato - 12" - 2005 - Paranoise Records - pnp09 - Ltd. 300 - €18,95
Troum - Un/Mahts / Aetas Vetus - 7" - 2004 - Equation Records - E=mc09 - picture - Ltd. 444 - €17,12
Ultra United - Ultraphysical Research - 7" - Drone Records - DR-40 - Ltd. 250 - €9,36
Vasilisk - Aqua - LP - Musica Maxima Magnetica - eee04 - €25,11
Ve Europa - Heiliges Europa! - 7" - Mjolnir Tonkunst - Ltd. 200 - €27,40
Violence & The Sacred - Dull Knife Dull Life - 7" - Freedom In A Vacuum - VAC7.00 - black - Ltd. 100 - €7,31
Vir - Strika b/w Solaris - 7" - Drone Records - DR-43 - Ltd. 250 - €9,36
Voice of Eye - Live - LP - Anomalous - Ltd. 400 - €18,95
Vromb - Rotation - 7" - Klanggalerie - Ltd. 100 - €18,95
Vromb & Szkieve - 58/67 (Le Pavillion des Oiseaux / Le Monorail) - 7" - HushHush - HSH 15 - black - Ltd. 100 - €12,10
Wappenbund - Zeitenwende - LP - Greyland Records - 164/300 - €27,40
Wiener Aktivisten - Chapter II - 7" - Eternal Soul - ES 08 - black - Ltd. 208 - €15,07
Wiener Aktivisten - Und Wir Reiten Durch Das Land - LP - Greyland Records - GR 008 - black - Ltd. 232 - €25,11
Yasnaia - Onokoro - 7" - Ant-Zen - picture - Ltd. 466 - €18,04
Zetazeroalfa / SPQR - Pistolet Automatique / Cuore Nero - 7" - Hau Ruck! - HR!50 - picture - Ltd. 300 - €15,07
V/A - Audacia Imperat! (Tribe Of Circle, :Of The Wand & The Moon:, Spiritual Front, Von Thronstahl, Waldteufel, Cadaverous Condition, Kirlian Camera, The Days Of The Trumpet Call, Dies Natalis, Sonne Hagal) - LP - Oktagon - OCT010-B - picture - €34,25
V/A - Hau Ruck! Festival (Novy Svet, Tribe Of Circle, C.O. Caspar, Mushroom's Patience, :Of The Wand & The Moon:, Derniere Volonte, I-C-K, Novo Homo) - LP - Hau Ruck! - HR!40 - picture - Ltd. 250 - €27,40
V/A - Neue Welten (Coinside, Dies Natalis, Painbastard, Ophir, Transform Collage) - 10" - Ragna Organisation - RO 008 - black - Ltd. 500 - €21,00

You can download the full list of rare & used items here.


310 -- "Nothing To See Here: Short Stories By 310" -- CD -- €10
2001 Desolat Recordings
First release on Manifold's sub-label for extreme isolationist drift. 310, notorious for the enigmatic records 'Aug 56' and 'The Dirty Rope', turn their attentions here to an utter darkambient, beatless landscape replete with cinematic tension and reflective creepiness. Sudden startles, unknown source sounds, draining resonance like a pale fogland of whispers and shadows, 'Nothing To See Here' is a parading scene of moribund circumstance and slow-motion horror. [label info]

Aesthetic Meat Front -- "Temple of Flesh" -- CD -- €10
2006 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 087
"Temple of Flesh" is based on an Invocation of Rapture from A-M-F's "Blood Sun Rising" Rituals (2003-004). The text of this invocation has been translated into 12 languages, and sculpted into a dark electronic abyss. Ritual drones are the framework for haunting invocations and chants, which are supported by the seductive mantras of Zaskia Morgan. Bombastic drums and instruments connected with hooks into the skin of the ritual participants are also sound sources for this release. Elegantly packaged in a DVD case, Temple of Flesh comes with 6 double-sided cards reflecting the essence of an A-M-F ritual. Italian invocation featuring vocals by OEC master : Rodolfo Protti... Sounds remixed by R|A|A|N. [label info]

Anapthergal -- "An Intracranial Disclosure" -- CD-R -- €7
2000 Soulworm Editions, Worm IV
From the mainstay of Finnish woods, from the depths of frozen lakes - here comes Anapthergal. Spooky, carbonized ambience, noisy textures, ritual preparations... A ghoulish orgy heard by the pitch black nights around Anapthergal's lair. The following album consists of the first and the second material, previously released separately on AFP. Now they are gathered together and wrapped in the brand new artwork. [label info]

Antlers Mulm -- "Of Withered Sparks" -- CD -- €11
2007 Loki Foundation, LOKI 47
The third album of ANTLERS MULM opts for deep resonating tones that are harmonious and hypnotic with a greater emphasis on percussion, and the massive foray into song based structures. Dark Beats linked with impressive vibes bringing highlights of an extraordinary world of sound. Phantasmagorial Melodies are melting into an intense atmosphere guided by the outstanding voice of the father of shadows Hans Johm. Throbbing samples enriches this compositions to a homogenic masterpiece. These 10 songs are catching the mood of the warm feeling of being at home and creating a landscape of a coruscant kingdom that lies deep within the lyrical and musical expression. These tracks building melancholy on the most song based LOKI release ever - take a deep breath and get lost in this aural world of ANTLERS MULM. Limited Digipak with 12page booklet. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Arcana -- "Le Serpent Rouge" -- CD -- €11
2005 Displeased Records, D-00145
This 6th full-length album is Arcana as you have never heard them before. With melodies from the orient, feelings of the hot Arabic landscape and beautiful sounds of instruments like the Duduk and the Hammered Dulcimer, Arcana has on this release moved further from the original sound that we have heard through out the years. Along with the fabulous art of Agnieszka Szuba, this album is a release you can't miss. European edition. [press release]

Baal remixes Emil Beaulieau -- "Fortean Times" -- CD-R -- €7
2005 RRRecords
Armour-piercing American harsh-noise. Hellish overloads, screams and verbal abuse. Cardboard sleeve. [YAOP]

Baltic Flour Mills -- "s/t" -- CD-R + 3"CD-R -- €8
Autarkeia, acd 002, (ltd. 250)
A common project of two lithuanian musicians - A. Raila and D. Ciuta. Two half-hour-long tracks, assembled from the samples recorded in abandoned mill building. Ventilation system dronings, door rattles and metal gnash are combines with pure noise fragments. True industrial music. Three-inch CD-R contains a small video-clip with this building.

Bianchi, Maurizio / Land Use -- "Psychoneurose" -- CD -- €10
2005 Manifold Records, mancd046
Italian Avant-Noise legend M.B. and Land Use collaborate on dramatic, subterranean wall-of-noise constructions and swirling textural storms, dense and complex arrangements, shifting and shimmering tones barely under control, streaming toward some distant and indefineable precipice. Not noisy, but way too tense and corrosive to be called ambient. These vibrant monoliths of sound shift the listeners pysche into a restless sort of zen, a blissful chaos - truly mind and mood-altering. Bianchi released early records on Whitehouse's Come Org. label and has been active since the 1970's. And a recent and conspicuous absence from the experimental music world has been broken by several recent releases of surprising freshness and relevance. It is unclear where MB leaves off and Land Use begins but Psychoneurose is definitely a clear and brilliant return to early MB techniques with several refinements in delivery and focus. Psychoneurose will be the clear weapon of choice for those who prefer their ambience with teeth and their Power-Electronics with more of the deep, vaster textures than violence. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Black Seas Of Infinity / Kaniba / Ugegi Aoiveae A Ser -- "The Trinity of Non-Being" -- CD -- €10
2005 Autumn Wind Productions, AWP004
The Trinity of Non Being focuses and reifies, the manifestation of non manifestation, through searing, transcendent whispers, to the bottomless depths of unbecoming, the keys to the palace of wisdom are revealed, through the cacophonous creations of Black Seas of Infinity, Kaniba, and Ugegi Aoiveae A Ser. The initiation of the angular interstices has begun. Dark Ritualistic Ambient. [press-release]

Black Sun Productions -- "Astral Walk" -- CD -- €10
2004 FinalMuzik, FM01, (ltd. 1000)
Black Sun Productions is an international collective of radical artists well known since almost a decade on the industrial and underground scenes in Europe and USA. Black Sun Productions' members Massimo & Pierce are the creators of the performance project Plastic Spider Thing (a ritual/installation in 23 parts carried by the couple throughout 2002 and 2003) and live members of Coil on their only tour in more than twenty years of the band's recording activity. Massimo & Pierce are also friends and collaborators of Lydia Lunch, HR Giger and Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo (Larsen) with whom they're currently working on a project of industrial renditions of Bertolt Brecht's lyrics and Kurt Weill's music. Black Sun Productions' member Drazen is the author of the only official full lenght album of Coil remixed, Plastic Spider Thing, available on Eskaton (Coil's own label). [label info]

Brandkommando -- "Imperium" -- CD-R -- €7
2007 Symbolic Prod, SYMBCD37
New album for the Polish power noise Master. 7 songs of ultra-violence & anti-conformism. CDR with pro-printed artwork. [label info]

Caul & Kirchenkampf -- "Sleep - Night - Death" -- CD -- €10
2008 Malignant Records, TUMOR CD31, (ltd. 888)
Two artists return to the Malignant roster, having teamed up to create over 60 minutes of dark ambient solitude. A soundscape for late night reflections, full of quiet, whispering drones, cosmic flutterings, arching climatic tones and textures that ascend and descend in a delicate interplay between beauty and bleak desolation. You know their work as separate entities, find out what they do when brought together. Limited to 888 copies with specialty eco-wallet packaging designed by ::: eye.lyft ::: (www.eyelyft.com). [press-release]

Circadian -- "Flanking The Black Moose" -- CD -- €10
2004 Radiotarab Records/Eibon Records, Cir050/RT001
Mutual release of two Italian labels - a good example of well-combined elements of heavy ambient, noise, field recordings and various strange electronics.

Comforter Inc. -- "Faustrecht" -- CD-R -- €8
2002 Spirals Of Involution, SOI 033
Relentless terror for ears, performed with the help of modern technologies. I think that's how the depths of computer would sound if you connect it directly to electricity transmission line with tension of ten thousand volts.

Comforter vs. Lefthandeddecision -- split -- CD-R -- €8
2003 Spirals Of Involution, SOI 031, (ltd. 104)
Split release of Russian and American projects, playing digital harsh-noise. An hour of constant flow of dense, gritting sound, like a fork in your ear. Highly brutal.

Contrastate -- "Throwing Out The Baby With The Bathwater" -- CD -- €11
1995 Functional Organisation, Functional 008
Ambient soundscapes interspersed with rhythms and noises from the masters of ritual industrial. [label info]

Das Reut -- "Arte De Ben Morire" -- mCD -- €10
2004 Divine Comedy Records, DC 037, (ltd. 500)
Das Reut is a side project of russian dark industrial's leading combo, the mighty Reutoff... Here, we present its very first release : a 4 tracks MCD. The music is a very weird affair... Mid tempo rythmics flirting with dark-electronica (and even ebm), enhanced by some desperate and aggressive vocals, but without any intention of dance floor's conquest. There's also an 80's touch all around but the Reutoff's tragical and frozen atmosphere still remains... Let's add the artwork is composed of amazingly strange drawnings in a cool packaging! [label info]

The Digitariat / Audiocum -- split -- CD-R -- €7
Symbolic Productions, SYMBCD23, (ltd. 200)
7 tracks of English Experimental Noise / Industrial versus 11 tracks of French Harsh Noise. Pathologically. A5 sleeve. [YAOP]

Dissecting Table -- "Human Breeding" -- CD -- €10
1997 Release Entertainment, RR 6954-2
The fourth full-length release from this highly-revered Japanese post-industrialist.

Dub Constructor -- "Ulitka Zen" -- CD -- €7
2004 Lagunamuch Community, LMC100
The first release of Lagunamuch community was a collection of the best tracks of Dub Constructor. Roots dub, experimental electronic dub, ambient-dub - you find all major dub trends there. Ulitka Zen is an outstanding work of sound engineer and live-sessions master. Anyone who heard this release knows that the Babylon is going to fall. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

First Human Ferro -- "Motherwards" -- CD -- €10
2002 Eldritch Music, em011ee, (ltd. 999)
Non-extremal monochrome noise pieces - psychoanalytic exploration of mothers archetype. Jewel-case with full-color print.

First Law -- "Terrorforming" -- CD -- €11
2009 Loki Foundation, LOKI 49
The 6th full-length album of FIR§T LAW is setting real moments of artificial and creative substance. Intermittent bass and percussive elements as well as thrilling sound structures arrange a wide aural spectrum from ambient to drones through analogue modulations to complex compositions with outstanding vocals on top. Conceptually don't get it wrong, this album is not about religious airheads getting their way. This is not about the threat terrorist attacks impose on any of us nor has it the intention to proliferate violence as a viable way to change the status quo. At the least, as long your opinion stands against the opinion of the majority, you are pretty much out of luck. No, this album is about leverage; it is about deception and opportunity, by accident or by design; it is about resignation and self-delusion; but most of all, this album is about fear. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Gae Bolg vs. Omne Datum Optimum -- "s/t" -- mCD -- €10
2005 self-released, 7vsXXI, (ltd. 467)
4 tracks, 2 from each band, previouly unreleased. CD comes in cartonsleeve and is limited to 467 pieces.

Hladna -- "Vetrokamni" -- CD-R -- €9
2007 self-released
Basic material for this new album of St. Petersburg-based project was found in old recordings from 1996, which then had been seriously reworked in 2007. If one tries to define the style, he can find electroacoustics, lo-fi, drone ambient, ritual, noise, etc... but all these definitions are secondary, and primary is the power, the spirit lying inside, and here are no problems with that. The disc instantly grasps your mind and holds until the end for an hour, and forces to press "repeat" afterwards. Earnestly recommended to everyone who loves hypnotic records. The artwork consists of a woven sack with a couple of inserts.

Ierophania -- "Ritual Works For Destruction II [Amphitheatre of War]" -- CD-R -- €6
2008 Spermodeath Records, SD-04
Ritual martial ambient. Tragedy of existence and approaching bundles of pain. Fading light of meaty lanes, the war promises to be harsh. The depth of Russian thought, bloody despair and painful loop of necessity. Sharpened blades of fear and scream of fire. "...mass people extermination do not mean the end of the world..." Style: ritual martial ambient. Form: cd-r / cardboard package with inserts. [label info]

Imagho & Ultra Milkmaids -- "By Mail..." -- CD -- €10
2001 SSSM, SSSM-102, (ltd. 500)
COLLABORATION works, very ambient/melodic sound, Feeling of floating drifting electronics of atmosphere is ambient air space of characteristic. From France. [label info] A great CD for ambient / guitar drone lovers!

Indigo Larvae -- "Abandoned to Despair" -- CD -- €10
2007 Steinklang Industries, SK 42, (ltd. 500)
This is a new project of STAHLWERK 9 with a even darker and far more aggressive and sinister atmosphere. Created in the ultimate depth of hell these 9 symphonies of misanthrophy, despair and self-mutilation hold the key to carnage and suicide. Listen to it, and start to squirm…you are never alone! A new shadow has appeared in the black forests of Death Industrial to blot all your hopes out. But beware: this is not the end! It is just a beginning. - a new revelation for BRIGHTER DEATH NOW addicts! [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Infamis -- "Upiór - Qualis Rex, Talis Grex" -- CD-R -- €7
2005 Beast Of Prey, bop 2.0, (ltd. 333)
Neoclassic dark ambient with vivacious melodies and gregorian chorales. Stylish artwork made in a form of a A5-formatted booklet with thematic pictures and texts.
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Insphera -- "Shape" -- CD-R -- €7
2003 Terra Inferna, TinF 001
Classic old school dark ambient - omnious atmosphere, industrial noises and distant percussion, smooth electronics and echoes of working factories. Musical walk through the abandoned industrial territories.

Institut -- "Live Like Traitors, Die Like Traitors" -- CD -- €12
2003 Cold Meat Industry, cmi106
Allow yourself to remember the sixties for a moment, a world full of ideals, protesters and national secrecy. Steaming masses, no repents, frightful threats. Influenced by political regulation, dramatic borderlines and acute strife, Institut claim their view of disorder with nine throbbing new radical outbursts. The sound presented here has a narrower approach than before, tending to even more monotony, though no compromises has been made in intensity levels. Full of splendid hate for one and all. Feel the presence and keep your head held high. So, no more dancing folks, this is serious business. Chew stone, fuel for fistfights, instead of your daily falafel. Explore new ground. There's a lot to change. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Ion And Sophus -- "Three" -- CD-R -- €8
2008 Still*Sleep, CDR10
Third album of lo-fi ambient project of Sergey [s], just as gentle and fairy as previous two.

Karna -- "Diabolic (Soundtrack For My Nightmares)" -- CD -- €8
2005 Eternal Pride Productions / Posession Productions, EPP 002 / PS17
On this new CD Russian project KARNA performs brilliant Satanic Cold Black Ambient with cold night feelings spreading the Darkness. Soundtrack that gives birth to the ghostly visions calling into the bottomless Abyss ... [label info]

Kenotaph -- "Promise" -- CD -- €10
1998 Functional Organisation, Functional 012
Side project of Skalp presents the material of an old tape with bonus material. Distorted rhythmic noise with harsh pounding machinelike sounds and slow whispering voice.

Kinetix -- "White Rooms" -- 2 CD -- €14
2004 Small Voices, SVR04014
Kinetix is the new moniker of Gianluca Becuzzi (LIMBO). Kinetix' second official release on Small Voices, "White Rooms" is a work which conjugates radical electronica and expressive power in a unique formula made of stylised and very personal minimalist sound-design. The relationships between physical space and acoustic space constitute the main theme of this double-CD, packaged in an elegant digipak. "White Rooms" is a limpid digital gallery through which the listener is invited to discover bright and resounding spaces, white flats inhabited by concrete sounds, ultra-frequencies, noises, voices and silences. An aesthetic experience placing itself beyond the genres in territories of pure contemporary avant-garde." [press-release]

Krepulec -- "New Radical" -- CD -- €10
2007 Beast Of Prey, bop 4.5
The new album of KREPULEC is over 40 minutes of martial, neo-folk and industrial music. Big portion of melody, accordions, drums and accoustic gitars. "New Radical" is an album witch mix genres, new radical style. Thematicaly it reaches to the post war times, the coming "new" times, building new alliances on the brink of common fight for the good of country and the nation. "New Radical" is a new vision of reality that was forming after long time of fighting and determination. The vision of times and changes people were doing creating "new" system. Unconventionally released album as line of folded and printed paper. After folding to 13cm x 18cm size the package is wrapped with fabric ribbon. On it are printed four different quotes from the time of building "new" system. Whole package is foiled. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Law -- "Wading Knee-Deep in Your Blood" -- CD -- €10
2002 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 039
Oroginally issued in 1997 as blood-red vinyl LP in a very limited edition on OEC and long time sold-out! This album was re-released into digital format completely re-mastered by Thomas Dimuzio at Grench Studios. Original album plus some bonus material for a total length of 67 minutes of obsessing harsh & heavy power-industrial sounds for a new LAW! "The composite picture of man that merges from the art of our time is the gigantic figure of an aborted embryo whose limbs suggests a vaguely anthropoid shape... screams in abysmal terror at the universe at large"... For lovers of grups such as Propergol, Genocide Organ, Slogun... An album which needs to be discovered! [press-release]

Le Testament De La Lumiere -- "Der Tod ist ein treuer Kamerad" -- CD -- €10
2004 Dark Vinyl, DV #42
Something between Les Joyaux De La Princesse, Derniere Volonte, Inade, Raison d'etre and Der Blutharsch...

Lonsai Maikov vs Dissonant Elephant -- "Thee Darkening ov Powers" -- CD -- €10
2006 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 079
After 6 years of silence finally we maneged to produce the Long awaited come-back album by LONSAI MAIKOV for this release joining force with DISSONANT ELEPHANT (both projects featured on the legendary compilation "Mystteria Mithrae" by Athanor). Their new common album is an exposition of the Dark side of the Spiritual travel in the world. A Shamanic travel, an extra-corporal musical inner travel, not ecstatic but a meditating one … even if everything has two face, two side and different degrees, and so implies also some violent experiment. The "esosymphonic pop-folk" has been completed by more electronic rough sounds and dark ambient martial sounds … "Thee Darkening ov Powers" has been a long work of meditation, writing and composition, paradox of meditation … elaborating sounds that reflects our thoughts and deeds about the Real Religious and Spiritual History of the World has we know it … from the Claws of Fenriz to the Exaltation of the Cross, from the Wud to the Wonderful Christian Mysteries containing all things by the practice of via negativa and via affirmativa. Musically and spiritually we want to fulfill our "mission" in a christian way and without any syncretism making sound and vibrate the great northern figures as anticipation of the Kingdom of the Logos and the Paraclet. To tell the Truth : composing odes and hymns to an other restoration of the same and eternal REGNUM … by using DOCTRINE EXPOSED AS POETRY what means ORARE et OPERARE. This place us, musicians – trobadors in the line of the northern initiation intimated linked to the antient poetry, and stay alive in the Christian initiation of Chivalry ! The tree is inverted but still we have to climb. We must pass through the darkness of being, the inferior, the most exterior state of being to conquer the highest, but in these Dark ages, the time we are living, our most external lives are already the darkest stages. … Et tenebrae eam non comprehenderunt !" As we at OEC like to say, this is best quality "Neo Pop'n'Folk" ! [press-release]

Luasa Raelon -- "Consumed Within the Years of Lead" -- CD -- €10
PACrec / Snip-Snip Records, PACrec104, (ltd. 1000)
Brooding, dark industrial material with insane structure and sense of space. Inspires a sense of unease and dread, total midnight music. [label info]

Lucisferrato -- "Weltanschauung" -- CD -- €10
2004 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 054
Re-edition with some aditional unreleased material of the Lucisferrato masterpiece album out in 1998 only as CDR in a limited edition of 100 copies on the Russian label Black Dead Rabbit! Surely the most intriguing and controversial Russian dark industrial & martial project, known also for his releases on Hau Ruck! [press release]

Megaptera -- "Staring Back At You" -- CD -- €11
Malignant Records, tumorcd29, (ltd. 800)
In a final celebration of Megaptera's 15 year anniversary, Malignant presents the definitive last statement from this prominent and highly influential death industrial project. Staring Back At You concentrates on demo versions, outtakes, and rare songs from various arenas, including the compilations Zyklon B, Beating the Meat, Slaughter Age '95, The Book ov Shadowz, Death Odors II, as well as material from the Deep Inside mLP, and more. These tracks capture Megaptera at their grittiest, creepiest, and most horrifying...a grinding, lurching monstrosity fueled by the madness, violence, lies, wars, and disease that plague the world. Lmtd to 800 copies, and coming in a 6 panel digipak designed by Marten Kellerman, this has been re-mastered by Magnus Sundstrom (The Protagonist), with additional boosting courtesy of Thomas Garrison (Control). Staring Back At You is final nail in the coffin for Megaptera, and may they rest in peace, but continue to deliver nightmares, maddening thoughts, and the darkest of obsessions. Track listing: More Disturbance (demo version), The Passage (demo version), Disoriented (Totally Different demo version), Lurking Fear (Pre-damaged demo version), Frozen Corpse, The Final Day (excerpt), Morior, Mass Murder, Antropofagi, Deep Inside. [label info]

N. -- "Communication Overload" -- CD-R -- €8
2008 Mind Control, MC004
Analogue old school power electronics. A live classics. DVD box. [YAOP info]

Nekyia -- "Purgatory As The Serpent Domain" -- CD -- €10
2005 Beast Of Prey, bop 2.3
New album of Polish project playing music somewhere between military industrial, darkwave and gothic dark ambient with male and female vocals. The album is decorated with captivating pictures from the course of retro-anatomy.
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

New Risen Throne & Cruel Harvest -- "Shadows Over Humanity" -- CD -- €11
2005 God Is Myth Records, GIM011
3 brand new tracks from Italian dark ambient master New Risen Throne, plus the debut of U.S. dark ambient project Cruel Harvest. 7 tracks total and over an hour of icy cold and treacherous dark ambient soundscapes for fans of Raison D'etre, Northaunt, Svartsinn & Atrium Carceri. [label info]

Nkondi -- "Illuminatedblacknessofmyinvisibility" -- CD-R -- €7
Deserted Factory, (ltd. 99)
Brutal American harsh noise on low and middle frequencies. The Elite. [YAOP]

Nono Orchestra -- "Angels Breakin'" -- CD -- €11
1999 Aurora, AUR006, (ltd. 500)
"Angels Breakin'" is the second album of NONO ORCHESTRA. NONO ORCHESTRA is a group of three people: Klaus Wiese, Rick Rummler and Mani Reisser. The central idea of NONO ORCHESTRA is to create abstract soundscapes with newly constructed natural instruments: a huge steel cello, a bow chime (both played with a bow), and finally a glass harp, on which singing bowl-like background sounds are made. "Angels Breakin'" shows the full range of possible expression of sounds, from a soft whistle to unheard powerful screams, which hit the listener like the sword of a Samurai. Those who like the experimental touch of these instruments may enjoy the energetic charisma of these natural sound sculptures. [label info]

Nordvargr -- "Helvete" -- CD -- €11
2008 Eternal Pride Productions, EPP 013
The newest creation from Villa Bohult, the Nordvargr family burial vault. This time the «cursed poet» Wrest from the USBM Leviathan Cult and Drakhon (Beyond Sensory Experience, MZ. 412) have joined the night sessions of the never sleeping Swedish zombie. It would be totally insane to be waiting for something life-asserting, light and positive for the three of them. «Helvete» is just the overwhelming Darkness and the ice-cold all-filling Terror. Meditative and sinister Dark Ambient rhythms are filled with the ominous whisper of Wrest and Drakh. Deep and lengthy drones as well as the charming atmosphere of the Swedish industrial decadence. At the end of this trip all of those nostalgic for the times of the «Burning The Temple Of God» MZ. 412 will be fully rewarded for all the years of waiting... [press-release]

Oorchach -- "Prisimerkti" -- CD -- €10
2007 Autarkeia, acd 017, (ltd. 500)
Oorchach is not an empty ornate word or a meaningless concept coined to single out the musical project. The Northern nations of Siberia use the term “Oorchach” to define a very specific archaic artefact of the household. This is an iron ring that used to be ringed to the new-born domestic animals to prevent them from sucking their mother’s milk. It is a powerful archaic symbol embodying the encounter with the remorseless reality in early childhood. Oorchach is a strong event of pre-historic worlds brought to us by the archaic primeval nations that upheld and confessed shamanism, the pro-religions of all religions. The signs and sounds of these shamanic cultures extinguished in times immemorial are revived in the new ritual ambient/industrial project of Oorchach composed by Lithuanian artist PoPo. Monotonic powerful loops, tribal rhythms, coarse sound quality, and music composing method remind the aesthetics of old school industrial/ambient and generate strong, archaic atmosphere, the vitality of shamanic rituals and the intoxicating trance of primeval eternal nature. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Ostara -- "Ultima Thule" -- CD -- €12
2003 Eis und Licht, Eis034
Ultima Thule - in ancient times, the furthest point North. The land of the Midnight Sun and the Polar Night. A symbol of the highest and lowest states of being. Ultima Thule represents the realm of the extremities, the non plus ultra of existence. Whereas the last OSTARA album “Kingdom Gone”, is characterised by its melancholic Wave Pop, there are some new, more rock oriented elements on “Ultima Thule”. There are also some new musicians: Kari Hatakka (synth) is well known in the metal and alternative scene as the lead singer and songwriter with popular Finnish band WALTARI. And Stu Mason is a guitarist, composer and programmer. He has worked with American punk band, SKAMPER. [press-release]

Penitent -- "A Shapeless Beauty" -- CD -- €10
2004 Trinity Records, DWTRHK 002
Grand, orchestral dark industrial in the vein of early CMI releases. Majestic soundscapes collide with ethereal washes and martial rhythms.

Pogon' / Hladna -- "Travyenakon'" -- CD-R -- €9
2009 Hladna
3 tracks from Pogon' and 4 from Hladna. 2 of 3 Pogon' tracks present ritual dark ambient / noise with recordings of manta singing, a la brutal Svasti-Ayanam; another track is an experiment with electronic sounds. Hladna - raw electronic drone/noise with an allusion to Russian traditional folklore. Instead of the cover a piece of wooden board is used, you can hang it on a wall as a decoration.

R|A|A|N -- "The Nacrasti" -- CD -- €10
2001 Malignant Antibody, Treatment*02
The remarkable debut from R|A|A|N (Stig Berg) and the second release on our sister-label Malignant Antibody. R|A|A|N delivers dark-ambient in it's classic pure-form, at times, conjuring the spirit of Heresy-era Lustmord or vintage Raison D'Etre. Heavy ritualistic drones, sporadic rhythmic accents, and deep subsonics that will vibrate your very core. An ideal blend of thick warm analog and sharp digital sound that bridges the gap between old and new technology. Thematically, The Nacrasti explores an ancient desert culture that was advanced beyond its time and yet long forgotten by history. Your dark evolving journey into this lost "Nacrastan" landscape is streaked with the warm hue of sun-bleached rock, sand, gold, and fire. A serenely brooding work with a myriad of nocturnal sub-textures. At times a subtle, almost alien combination of sounds. Proof-positive that dark-drones can intone an element of beauty and power. A very promising debut from an equally promising new talent. An album that will leave you excited for what comes next and a critical new addition to every dark-ambient collection. [press-release]

Renou, Christian / Anemon Tube -- "Transference" -- CD -- €10
2003 Aufabwegen, aatp12, (ltd. 500)
C. Renou (aka Brume) reworks ambient tape manipulations by the German project Anemone Tube. Collages and noisy wokrs mix with quieter parts. CD in poster-art package. [label info]

Sewer Election -- "Vengeance" -- 3"CD -- €10
2006 Freak Animal Records, FREAK-CD-033, (ltd. 500)
Swedish harsh noise artist known from many tapes, cdr's etc, but not from many "proper" cd releases. Freak Animal is proud to offer 3"mCD with c. 20 minutes of most intense noise wreckage. [label info]

Siratori, Kenji -- "Digital Salvation" -- CD-R -- €7
Sick Arts Products, SAP 09, (ltd.100)
Already gained certain level of popularity, here's this Japanese writer & noisician with a portion of furious spoken word noise. 12 cyberpunk-mantras sounding like early Whitehouse only in Japanese language. [YAOP description]

Skrol -- "Dances And Marches For Orphan Age" -- CD -- €10
Dagaz Music, DM 001
Surfacing somewhere between the harsh attacks of In Slaughter Natives and the charisma of The Moon Lay Hidden...'s feminine element, Skrol's majestic and uncompromising music is based on contemporary Classical music's orchestral and melodic signatures, recreated in the depths of industrial ambient and therein raped by noises and sounds of modern technology. This third album is based on a more volcanic and martial conception than their previous works, which have appeared on labels such as Loki Foundation or Membrum Debile Propaganda. [label info]

Sol Invictus / Hawthorn / Sieben -- "Writ in Water" -- mCD -- €13
2004 Precordings, PRE001
A concept mini-album dedicated to Percy B. Shelley, John Keat and Lord George G. Byron. Digipak with 12 page booklet.

Sshe Retina Stimulants -- "Some Whores and a Camera Zaibatsu" -- CD -- €10
Old Europa Cafe, OECD 005, (ltd. 1000)
Solo project by Paolo Bandera of "Sigillum S", the cd was released on the conceptual basis of Voyeurism as Performance "Eyes are genitals and mould into self-playing sounds"! At this project was involved: SALT / Aube / Bloodyminded / MSBR / The Sodality / Iugula-Thor! Special fetish booklet cover with series of wonderful female leather & rings photos, ltd. & numbered to 1000. [press-release]

Storm Of Capricorn / Paranoia Inducta -- "Jama" -- CD -- €10
2006 Beast Of Prey, bop 3.0
"JAMA" is a poem written by croatian poet, member of resistance and revolutionist Ivan Goran Kovacic who was murdered in 1943 by opportunists and upset readers of his poems full of shocking scenes of croatian perpetrations. "Jama" is a story and cd devoted to tragedy of balkan world. Dark history enriched by beauty of balkan folklore. French project STORM OF CAPRICORN presents dark martial ambient and polish project PARANOIA INDUCTA shows music full of folklore. CD issued very originally in A5 format, folding cover with two additional postcards and photography. 45 minutes of music issued on CD, all in atypical graphic style. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Unit 21 -- "November" -- CD -- €7
2007 Peace Technologies, PT 006
Unit 21 is the project of Stanislav Vdovin. He started in 2003 with techno-house remixes and later released several non-dance solo albums on independent net labels. Autumn of 2005 marks the beginning of his concert activity. The first performances were played in Moscow, Izhevsk and Nizhnii Novgorod. In May 2006 Stanislav has added to his collection another mini-album "September-October", with 4 tracks, released on Thinner net label. November is the first solo work of Unit 21, released on a hard copy. This is an extension of "September-October", in a more winter and twilight version. This is the album about seclusion and remembrance. The nature of all tracks is thoughtful and contemplative. Noise of planes flying over the winter forest, trudging on the snow, rattling of trains passing stations, rustling of pages of the musicians' books. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Velehentor -- "From The Gloom of Graves: Stonewells of Aeternity" -- CD -- €10
2008 Desolate Catacombs of SMERSH, SMERSH02, (ltd. 460)
Classic dark ambient: cold echoes of the unknown rituals, roaming in te utter darkness of resonant stone labyrynths. Paranoiac trance induced by the feeling of lifeless presence in the anscient crypts, breathing with deadly dampness. Icy calmness of indifferent doom. The album was recorded in winter 1999-2000. Packed in an absolutely black digipak (double-sided print, double black paint), the pictures are applied with varnish. [label info]

Voe_Ero -- "s/t" -- 2 CD-R -- €9
2007 self-released, Sgi N.o.l. 05, (ltd. 34)
2 cd 2 day - 5 and on May, 9 of 07. 2 lives 2 views 2 living records. LIFE. We often only read about it, only examine it on reproductions. But it exactly in us. We are Life. Bass, 2 acoustic guitars, drums, flute, voices: near to ambiental post-rock. Enveloping simple minimalistichnaya, konstatiruyuscheopuskayuschaya, but golovopodnimayuschaya music. Intercourse and narration. About current time and dryings up hands certainly raspustyaschikhsya and raspravyaschikhsya. They will fly away where wanted. They have the intercourse. They will fly away where wanted. They have the intercourse. About harm and force. It is necessary to stop and turn. To turn forward, to look ahead.. that it for you? - what did you do? do you do? Stop and think.... [from the author]

Voe_Ero -- "1858" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 self-released, Sgi N.o.l. 07, (ltd. 18)
Living experimentally-improvisation ambiental post-rock garage record from 18.05.08, in the special spirit of the first recordings, but with a few by a cradle tint. Drums, guitars, vocal, flute. Vitality and cleanness, simplicity of form and depth of maintenance. [from the author]

Voe_Ero -- "Pamyat" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Zhivu, Zhivu08-128
Memory about that was always, about the dearest people, about deep connection, about a fight, about our children, soaring in skies and going by land. We are links in an enormous chain. But anxiety on what be going on and to our place in him. What does take a place?... Again living improvisation record in characteristic stilistike and melodic, for this time most raw from all of written down. By the clean eyes of child in the World. There are not rehearsals, in this life nobody enables you to rehearse. Stream of the deep experiencing for the moment of flying in critical moment, extremely short interval of time, is all of life before eyes. As symbolical sleep. you living and beautiful when you are those, who you are. Time as is there a clock? No, time is deep thoughtful. Guitars, drums and perkussion, vocals and flutes, dear mother, sun and birds. Post-rock \ Psy-folk \ Experimental. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Wermut -- "Anna" -- CD -- €12
2005 Punch Productions, PP012, (ltd. 1000)
The third album of post-apocalyptic minimal electro twosome WERMUT tells the story of Anna, a wooden Colin Archer yacht, which was build in the late 70s by Reiner and Petra, out of the desperate need to seek beyond their horizons. The cherished boat would lead them on a magic three-year-long journey to Scandinavia, Ireland, over the Atlantic and back. A tale of passion, of revelation, of freedom …but also of loneliness and introspection. WERMUT and their guest musicians HIS DIVINE GRACE and FRL. TOST give us the soundtrack to this outer and inner quest. A soothing mixture of acoustic music, electro-wave anthems and “fall on your knees”-ambient, this much awaited first CD combines magnificently both the folk and retro-electro influences of “Les cinq-a-sept post-neoistes” (OEC) and “Hoffnung” (Treue um Treue). A conceptual, melancholic and visionary new album from a band which defies all labelling. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

YAO 91404 D -- "Stahlwinterbosheit" -- CD-R -- €8
2006 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT18, (ltd. 51)
The very first album of YAO 91404 D recorded in November 2001 and never released before. Raw old-school industrial, Einsturzende Neubauten infected by early Burzum, trance-inducing chants supported by ratlle of metallic constructions and howling of electro-engines, manufactured hysteria, apocalyptic militarism on Marshak's poems, cover-version of cult Russian industrial/avantguard project Communism, and finally - thunder-like speech of Benito Mussolini to the accompaniment of Luigi Russolo's noise apparatus... Self-made plastic "metallic" folder A5 format with imprints of engraving with the views of blockated Leningrad. [press-release]

YAO 91404 D -- "The Worker's Song" -- CD-R -- €8
2006 Ostroga, OTR-007, (ltd. 50)
Catacomb old-school industrial with totally analogue sound, built on metal percussion, squeals and buzzes of electro-engines, radionoise and tape loops. A song about locomotive and proletarian-futuristic verses are inserted between the industrial tracks. The 4th composition is a live transmission from the workshop where hard and sweating all over, but well-organized and gaily the locomotive is being born. Deliberately lo-fi quality, but with the burning eyes!

V/A -- "Steinklang Industries Disco 1994-2004" -- CD -- €4
2004 Steinklang Industries
This compilation/sampler contains tracks of the most outstanding Steinklang artists, taken from different albums and singles, both from old sold-out vinyl/CDR releases and from forthcoming albums. The booklet of this CD contains full illustrated discography of the label since 1994 to 2004. Total playing time - 89 minutes. Austro-german power-noise and death-electronics as it is. Artists: Rasthof Dachau, Atrox, Painslut, Sektion B, Krieger, Operation Julmond, Legion Condor, Viron, Simon Schall, DKF, A Challenge of Honour, Stahlwerk 9, Code 243, A.R.S., Tormentum, Radio Murmansk, Leiche Rustikal, Institution D.O.L., Allerseelen, Riharc Smiles, Sagentoeter, Sturmpercht.

V/A -- "Steinklang Industries II: 2005-2006" -- 2 CD -- €5
2006 Steinklang Industries

V/A -- "Steinklang Industries III: 2006-2007" -- CD -- €4
2007 Steinklang Industries
This is part 3 of the label compilation series! 79 min. / 20 tracks, 10 tracks Industrial / Noise / Dark Ambient: Indigo Larvae / Stahlwerk 9 / Flutwacht / Grimbergen / Institution D.O.L. / S.T.U.G.218 / Antracot / Dissecting Table / Maurizio Bianchi + Land Use / A Challenge of Honour, 10 songs Folk and more: Un Defi d'Honneur / Allerseelen / Werkraum / Svarrogh / In Gowan Ring / Zlye Kukly / Sangre Cavallum / Phase II / Sturmpercht / Waldteufel.

V/A -- "Steinklang Industries IV: 2007-2008" -- CD -- €4
2007 Steinklang Industries
Part 4 of the label compilation series - half harsh industrial and half folk music. 80 min. / 20 tracks: Indigo Larvae, Flutwacht, Teatro Satanico, KK Null, Hiroshi Hasegawa, Screloma, Dissecting Table, Radio Murmansk, A Minority Of One, Jahrtal, The Joy Of Nature, Defile Des Ames, Scivias, Svarrogh, Seelenthron, Traum'er Leben, Trinithos, Falkenstein, Jannerwein, A Challenge Of Honour.

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