Cyclotimia - Styx


CD (ltd. 500)

1. Dow Jones' Magic
2. Rich & Famous [mp3]
3. Capre Diem
4. Liberal Wormz
5. Rendezvous [mp3]
6. Stock Demons
7. Discovery
8. Landscape
9. Gainers / Losers [mp3]
10. Wall Street
11. Rich & Famous [business edit] *

* - bonus

total length: 39:53
release date: December 30, 2009
price: €10


ZHELEZOBETON in cooperation with the Voronezh label Shadowplay and the Moscow label Monopoly Records presents the new 7th full-length album from the masters of "stockmarket industrial". "Styx" is the most mainstream-oriented work in the Cyclotimia discography. The music here is free of experimental and academic explorations traditional for the band; here the emphasis is made on the rhythmical component. Inexorable like an economic recession and steadfast like a financial indicator chart, eleven compositions depict the sickly technogenic reality of the planet wrapped by networks of global capital, media glamour and ideological obsessions.

In the ancient Greek mythology Styx was the embodiment of primeval dread and gloom, from which the first living creatures emerged. This was a personification of the underworld river whose pestilent currents seclude life from death... Similarly to this mythic river, currents of credits, percent, funds, financial quotations, capital issues, barrels of oil and advertising spaces flow on the Cyclotimia album to the accompaniment of hard, sterile and atmospheric electronic music.

Recommended to the fans of Skinny Puppy, Clock DVA, Laibach (of the "Das Kapital" period), Front Line Assembly.


[...] In comparison to the earlier materials of the band, "Styx" has more exclusive focus on the melodic electronica-based part and less weight put on harsh industrial-like expressions. To say that one of the albums works better than the others would be wrong, since both albums has its qualities and great moments, however there are some excellent rhythmic moments on "Styx". Such as the dramatic and cool big beat-like "Liberal wormz"-track. Generally it seems like the album is an ode or more likely critic of the right-winged political parts of the U.S.

Yet another great production by Cyclotimia. This one stands out from the others in one way since it more "action filled" than their other creations. I like how they have mixed influences and flirts with EBM and techno. Take songs like 'Dow Jones Magic' and 'Rich & Famous' for example, great examples of how great composers Cyclotimia is. Although, this album is not as dark as their earlier productions it still does have the distinctive Cyclotimia sound that I like. [8/10]

John Wikström, Brutal Resonance.

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