Cyclotimia - TimeBank


CD (ltd. 500)

1. Bank Lounge 1 [mp3]
2. Toyota
3. Magiclerx
4. Going Down
5. Bloomberg TV
6. Venture
7. Eighties' Demon
8. Bank Lounge 2
9. Nocturne [mp3]
10. Oil-for-Food
11. Office
12. Ask Dow Jones
13. WSJ Theme
14. Bankomat [mp3]
15. Media
16. Economic Meditation [live]

total length: 49:02
release date: December 30, 2009
price: €10


"TimeBank" is a collection of exclusive compositions recorded by Cyclotimia in 2003-2007 and for some reasons left out of the main albums. The material presented here is hard to fit in the Procrustean bed of common musical styles, but we can try to list the ingredients from which this post-industrial "dish" was cooked: both cyber jazz and idm, neoclassics and trademark technological ambient, old-school electronics and atmospheric new age, experimental and many more can be found here...

Despite the seeming stylistic incompatibility the band succeeded in creating a self-sufficient album with a spectacular plot no worse than a good Hollywood thriller. A special jewel of the disk is the track "Nocturne" combining aerial melodies and uneasy sonic "cinematography". Also worth mentioning is the "live" 10-minute prog-industrial suite "Economic Meditation", imbued with psychedelic dramatism.

Words written about the band several years ago remain true even today: "While actively using the possibilities of analogue and vintage equipment Cyclotimia creates unique soundscapes, suspenseful and sublime at the same time. Not so many projects can successfully implement such impressively "cold" atmospheres and, despite being "technological", fill the sound with such a deep humanistic sense." ["Audio Video Saloon" magazine]


Cyclotimia is a Russian duo residing in Moscow. Originally established in 1998, the two members MK and LM has in more than one decade created electronic music of a more experimental kind. [...] Here is the compilation of unreleased materials from the period 2003 - 2007, and despite the fact that the containment here must be considered the "B-sides" of the Cyclotomics-project this is most certainly high class electronics. The music on the album carrying the title "Timebank" takes it's starting point in the semi-harsh field of Industrial, but there a lots of melody and atmosphere to make this a musically complex experience. Cool electro-based rhythm textures occurs momentarily meanwhile other moments are dedicated the ambient-based part of the IDM-scene. The project often uses elements of voice samples from the political sides of the U.S.

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