Vetrophonia - Dadacacophonia Dao

"Dadacacophonia Dao"

CS (ltd. 70)

A1. Transfuriozo-Sverchcomatozo
A2. Deglorifikacija Debeloy Royaly v Temnoj Komnate Kotoroy N_et
A3. Sakralnaya Virusologika
A4. Shah Koroleve Brilliantovych Deviantov
A5. Sdvig Paradigm Vnutriutrobnogo Buddhisma

B1. Bitva Tankov-Mrakomutantov na Beskrajnich Prostorah Torsionnich Poley Mnimosticheskogo Plagiarisma
B2. Dadacacophonia Dao
B3. Korotkoje Zaikanije

total length: 33:05 + 32:54
release date:March 31, 2021
price: €8

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Almost 10 years have passed since the release of the last album of the St. Petersburg project Vetrophonia "Formula of War" (Der Angriff, 2011). Of course the duet of Alexander Lebedev-Frontov and Nick Sudnick hasn't been idle all this time: they recorded and released the soundtrack to the movie "A Page of Madness" (Zhelezobeton Film, 2014), the multimedia compilation "Vizualizacija" (Ultrasomnambula U, 2017) and the "Russian Universal Robots" EP (Zhelezobeton, 2017), not taking into consideration multiple solo ventures of both musicians – but the truly new full-length audio work is being released only now.

"Dadacacophonia Dao" was recorded over three years: from 2017 to 2020, and unlike many other recordings of the duet it's not really a conceptual work. In its form, it is a complex collage of a great number of sounds: samples, percussion instruments, fragments of TV and radio programmes, musical pieces and anti-musical noises varying from subtle yet annoying crackles to blustering industrial clatter. Like always with Vetrophonia, all this is composed utterly meticulously, thoughtfully, and spiced up with peculiar humour. This album isn't easy for listening, yet it will surely reward a curious listener with its uniqueness.

The work found its physical embodiment in the form of an audio cassette, released in an edition of 70 hand-numbered copies. The digital version is available on bandcamp.

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