Petrograd Drone Gathering - Puerhwave

Petrograd Drone Gathering

CD (ltd. 112)

1. 28102016
2. 30112019

total time: 66:01
release date: March 31, 2021
price: €12

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Together with BioSonar^Labyrint we are pleased to present the third release of Petrograd Drone Gathering after "Live at Electro-Mechanica 2018" (Zhelezobeton, 2019) and "17022017" (Status Prod., 2020), with two pieces recorded live in 2016-2019.

The first track is a 20-minute fragment of the very first live performance of the Gathering on October 28th, 2016 at the St. Petersburg Sound Museum (ex-GEZ-21). At that time the project consisted of Evgeniy Savenko (Lunar Abyss), М.М. (Kryptogen Rundfunk), Pavel Dombrovskiy (Uhushuhu) and Pyotr Abysov (Ogni Videniy). From the very beginning the ensemble acquired their trademark sound – a dense psychedelic cocktail of experimental ambient character, based on vibrating guitar drones, processed acoustic instruments, shamanic incantations, analogue synthesizers and field recordings.

The second track is a 45-minute set recorded at the tea club "Know The Tea" on November 30, 2019 with an extended line-up: Evgeniy Savenko (Lunar Abyss), Dmitry Maslyakov (Mira Drevo), Alexey Korablin (Reconstruction Of Moss), Pavel Dombrovskiy (Uhushuhu), Lilia Tkachuk (Tremorkikimor), Anton Sonda-Junglov & Sergey Shmykov (w i i). A gentle stream of sound, enveloping the listener with layers of abstract patterns, into which one can plunge entirely and have a good trip, or simply use it as background for a tea party with hatters of any degree of madness.

The physical manifestation of the album is presented as a limited edition CD of 112 copies, packed in cardboard boxes with silk-screened covers and some inserts hand-made by project members. Digital version is available on bandcamp.

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