Majdanek Waltz / Denis Tretyakov / The Noktulians - Pentagram

Majdanek Waltz / Denis Tretyakov / The Noktulians

CD (ltd. 300)

Majdanek Waltz & The Noktulians:
1. Pentagram
2. Sombre Splendour
3. Under the Waning Moon
4. The Palace of the World
5. Corona Astralis
6. Ut

Denis Tretyakov & The Noktulians:
7. Hell Hath No Queen
8. To Suffer So, and So Rejoice
9. Augur XI
10. Initiation IX
11. Black Mass
12. Initiation X

total length: 71:31
release date: December 01, 2017
price: €10

"Pentagram" @ bandcamp

Majdanek Waltz: website | bandcamp | vk | facebook
Denis Tretyakov: vk | facebook
The Noktulians: bandcamp | soundcloud

Aleister Crowley's poems translated into Russian were first published in 2017 – the same year we release the album on which musicians inspired by his works create their sonic dedication. This album was created by Russian dark scene musicians who have never met before but have been following each other's activities for a long time – Majdanek Waltz and Denis Tretyakov.

The latter professes his own religion which implies faith in a mole as an underground deity. Being the leader of two bands – "Tserkov' Detstva (Church of Childhood)" and "Bratya Tuluzovy (The Tuluzov Brothers)" – for the first time he acted as a reciter of poems. Majdanek Waltz from Ryazan' remembered their early musical experiments and primary sources of inspiration. Priceless support was granted by the secret musical project The Noktulians. The final black balance was masterfully adjusted by the member of Reutoff and OtzepenevshiyeArSch aka Myrrman.

Apart from all other obvious jubilees and important round dates, 2017 marks the 70-year anniversary of Aleister Crowley's death. This recording should close the gap of the jubilee list of the year. Instead of the always fashionable red stars better use this black digipak. Put it in windows, nail it to the front door, take it with you wherever you go. "Every man and every woman is a star".

300 copies in glossy 4-panel digipak, released by kultFRONT with the support of ZHELEZOBETON Distribution Division.

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