Eonic - Secret Land

"Secret Land"

CD (ltd. 333)

1. Downward the Rainbow
2. Easterly Wind [mp3]
3. Secret Land
4. Desert Island
5. Temple of Silence
6. Silky
7. Well of Souls [mp3]
8. Meetings and Separations [mp3]
9. Abandoned City [mp3]
10. Seven Flows 2007 *

* - bonus

total length: 52:04
release date: April 05, 2010
price: €10

* bandcamp.com
* zvsfamily.com
* vk.com/eonicmusic

Secret land lost in an unknown dimension... Like ancient ruins this place hides the traces of stories, which are told in this new album by the St. Petersburg project Eonic. This is their 6th release (and 2nd "professional" CD) and it easily combines different stylistic approaches, making its own way to the listener's heart. Ethno-gothic in vein of Dead Can Dance and Arcana is layered over tout electronic rhythms a la Delerium and Enigma and spiced by pleasant psychedelic arrangements. Musicians don't hesitate to step on the territory of pop-ambient and even new-age, and it just adds more lightness and airness to their energetic music. A firm and masterful work.


Eonic, from St. Petersburg, continues on its course of borrowing from other artists. On Secret Land, their primary resemblance is to Deep Forest, but also bands like Enigma, Arcana and Dead Can Dance get their share. That which is the project’s own sounds like something pulled from amidst the new age stuff published by the Innovative Communications label in the 1990’s. Occasionally it does hit its mark, and the result is a bunch of truly beautiful, strongly retro-spirited soundscapes, which are a pleasure to listen to. Those moments are, however, rare and far apart, and so very short.

There is nothing that makes this stand, in the positive sense, apart from others. I so wish the band would start making something of their really own.

Based in St. Petersburg (Russia) Eonic is a project that already had 5 full lengths to their credit. “Secret Land” comes 6 years after their previous album and will be probably the first real introduction to numerous music lovers. I’m not saying that this band is one of Russia’s best hidden secrets, but “Secret Land” is a cool release. It all sounds quite atmospheric and electronic like. Quite rapidly the shadow of Enigma starts to hang over this release. The link with Enigma especially appears in the slow, but danceable and sensual rhythmic. Wafting electronics and rhythmic come together in a very pleasant composition. We now and then get some quite sensual voices on top of the creation while I also noticed some cool chants on the title song. Next to “Secret Land” there’s the remarkable “Meetings And Separations” and the bonus-cut “Seven Flows 2007”. This last song reveals a great progression while the few, sexy voices on top create a kind of sensual climax. In a way it characterizes this production. It seems that these songs were already written a few years ago, but it took a few more years to mix the album and finally release it. Eonic is quite an original electronic formation.

Eonic is a russian duo whose music is based on a mix between ethnic rhythms and ambient lines of synths. The result, influenced by names like Arcana and Enigma is pleasing and, sometimes, even remarkable.

"Easterly Wind" takes attention using an hypnotic reversed loop. "Secret Land", "Desert Island" and "Temple of Silense" dangerously approach the perilous coasts of new age, dampening the meditative mood of the genre with the help of the rhythmic sections. Near the end of the album "Abandoned City" takes the listener with a surprise a solemn field of synths evolving over an ethno rhythm in a real mix of genres. The rest of the album is a sort of new age dance music, clearly influenced by Enigma, but fortunately with a sort of personal gothic view in the songwriting.

This is a strange record: even if is not openly original, it escapes the faults of their musical model making the classic records that someone likes but doesn't know why. A record for the times of the day one need a soundtrack for a mind relax.

Adern X, Chain D.L.K.

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