Nazi Bastards From Aldebaran - Invasion

Nazi Bastards From Aldebaran

CD-R (ltd. 250)

1. Invasion [mp3]
2. Swastika Man
3. Illuminati [mp3]
4. Cleansing the Planet
5. Nazi UFO Attacks Paris Nightclub
6. Old Cunt [mp3]

total length: 25:05
release date: December 30, 2007
out of print


An unknown artifact of the 90-ies Russian industrial scene! Having recorded several tracks in 1997-1999 the members of the project haven't done absolutely anything to make the result available for the public, and they just disappeared in complete obscurity... Years later the composition "Swastika Man" was released on the "Red Square" compilation by KultFRONT label. And only now can the gap be considered completely filled as this disk contains the full legacy of the project.

Music of NBFA is a kind of old school electro industrial: catchy rhythms, melodies and well thought-out synthetic fillings of tracks. Various samples spice up the compositions, and their titles like "Illuminati", "Cleansing the Planet", "Nazi UFO Attacks Paris Nightclub" unambiguously talk about the ideological basis of this mysterious project.


Achtung! This is a collection of all the tracks recorded by this mysterious band from the late 90's russian scene. The music is old-school electro-industrial with pumping bass lines, arpeggiated melodic loops and clanging beats, all mixed up with some samples to spice up the affair. With completely over the top titles such as "Swastika Man", "Illuminati" and "Nazi UFO Attacks Paris Nightclub", this is sure to be a hit with all the DJs in Neuschwabenland.

Tirdad C.K., Mechanoise Labs.

Nazi Bastards From Aldebaran were a particular industrial e.b.m. Russian band active during the 1997/99 period. They recorded only a bunch of tracks and didn't do anything to promote them. Only recently people got aware of them because "Swastika Man" was released on the "Red Square" compilation by KultFRONT label. On this MCD you can check the particular instrumental industrial e.b.m. blend of the combo. Their tunes are characterized by catchy tunes, great and fitting samples, upbeat tempos and a good sense of irony (see the title "Nazi ufo attacks Paris nightclub" or "Old cunt"). On "Swastika Man" they used what I think to be Hitler samples, on "Illuminati" Aleister Crowley vocal excerpts, on "Cleansing the planet" other WWII samples along with cries, etc. I know that only by reading my description you can think that Nazi Bastards From Aldebaran were only a bunch of morons... Who knows, anyway what's for sure is that they were able to compose great tunes where they were able to create a crescendo effect made of industrial e.b.m. sounds used as they should be used. This MCD made me discover a great band and you should check some excerpts here Act fast if you like them because there are only 250 copies available.

Maurizio Pustianaz, Chain D.L.K..

Camp, over-the-top fascism and B-grade films collide jarringly on the techno/electro/industrial crossover that is "Invasion," a selection of seven tracks originally recorded in the latter half of the 1990s by Nazi Bastards From Aldebaran. This group represents the cream of late-90s Russian EBM, typifying the genre with catchy electro-inspired basslines and heavily laden with horror/sci-fi movie samples.

With a band name like this, and a track listing featuring such gems as "Swastika Man" or "UFO Attacks Paris Nightclub," you know in advance that there isn't much to take too seriously on this collection. In fact, it is this tongue-in-cheek attitude (mirrored in the badly-drawn CD cover, featuring black-and-white blobs sporting SS helmets and babbling incomprehensibly) that makes "Invasion" worthwhile. The mixing is amateurish and very careful EQ tweaking is required to avoid distortion at higher volumes, but the actual music is fairly impressive stuff. Subtle shifts in melody and rhythm make the listening process more interesting - an absolute necessity, as no tracks contain any vocals except for the aforementioned sampling that includes such oddities as wartime propaganda speeches and 'Ordo Anno Mundi' ritual chants. The mood developed is akin to cinematic soundtracks, building and releasing tension with great regularity - a fairly difficult thing to accomplish in under four minutes, the average track length.

Comparatively speaking, this recording is very similar to dark electro releases in the same vein (for example, Velvet Acid Christ's "Calling Ov the Dead") - almost trancey in the rhythmic section, heavily laden with trademark dark and mysterious samples, and all linked together with grumbling atmospheric pad work. In other words, it's old, it's analog, it's not very well produced, and it's unlikely to make a lasting impression on anyone but older fans of the genre.

David vander Merwe, Connexion Bizarre.

When I first took this release out of the envelope, my first thought was that someone is making jokes of me. A glance at the name of the project: NAZI BASTARDS FROM ALDEBARAN. A comic story about nazi aliens as cover, Titles like "Nazi UFO Attacks Paris Nightclub" or "Old Cunt"left me a bit confused. I had no idea what to expect, especially as I don't like tomfoolery in music...

... which turned out to be very cool. It's oldschool electro, full of nice and catchy melodies, stimulating beats, samples (for example Crowley - same which Current 93 used on "Islands"). Apparently, NAZI BASTARDS FROM ALDEBARAN is some legend of Russian scene. I don't know, I see this name first time in my life, but that doesn't change the fact that this short CDr gave me much joy. It's really unpretentious, catchy music. And as I mentioned above I don't like jokes in music, in NAZI BASTARDS FROM ALDEBARAN case (thank you Lord for copy+paste function) I didn't feel offended at all..

Stark, Apostazja.

Der zweite Streich folgt zugleich: Nochmal Russland, nochmal Electro. Im Vergleich zu Cyclotimia (siehe meine andere Besprechung von heute), gehen die Nazi Bastards From Aldebaran (NBFA) deutlich eingängiger zu Werke. Einen Preis und Bonus für lustige Band-Titelnamen und cooles Artwort wird schon mal vorab reserviert. Über dieses Projekt ist so gut wie nichts bekannt, da zu Lebzeiten der Band das Material gar nicht veröffentlicht wurde, es aber nun - nach Jahren - von "Zhalezobeton" (Label und Distributor aus Russland) wiederentdeckt wurde. Flugs packte man 6 ausgesuchte Titel zusammen und presste sie auf 250 ganz in schwarz gehaltene Plastikscheiben. Das ist dann die EP "Invasion", welche in einer ebenfalls schwaren, edlen Papphülle kommt. Die Titel wurden von 1997 - 1999 aufgenommen.

Ja, Humor und Ironie, das sind Trademarks der NBFA, aber stimmt auch die Musik? Ja, ist die Antwort. Beim ersten Titel wird man an drei Buchstaben erinnert: VAC! Sogar dasselbe Sample ("Resistance is futile...") wie beim Klassiker aus Bryan Ericksons Feder "Futile" wurde verwendet. Aber auch instrumental kann man durchaus Parallelen ziehen, sowie zu anderen Bands aus der Mittelphase des EBM. Allerdings sind alle Lieder auf "Invasion" stimmlos und dieses wurde wieder einmal mit Sprachsamples wettgemacht. Nicht so schlimm, denn die Lieder funktionieren so wie sie sind schon gut. Schöne analoge Sequenzen mit teilweise nach Acid und Goa klingenden Arp Tönen, sowie gute Flächen sind die handwerklichen Merkmale von NBFA. Abgerundet durch eine passende (=laute) Produktion, könnte das hier wohl auf Oldschool Tanzflächen gut bestehen. Keine Kommerz-Trance oder Hellectro Elemente! Titel 1 wie erwähnt instrumentaler Electro ala Velvet Acid Christ. Titel 2 "Swastika Man" mit zum Glück kaum nervenden deutschen (WW2, Hitler?) Samples - da leise im Hintergrund und guter, scheppernder Drumprogrammierung, sowie analogen Leads und dezenten Gitarren (samples?). Die "Illiminati" hauen dann mit eher "4 on the floor" Drums und feinem Acid/Goa Geblubber rein. Das könnte man sowohl auf Goa Parties aber auch im EBM Schuppen spielen. "Cleansing The Planet" - ein bisserl Industrial-krachig gehalten. Leider verderben hier die Hitler Samples ein wenig den Spass, dafür gibt es manchmal eine verzerrte Stimme zu hören. Weiter geht es mit mehr "Lärm": "Nazi UFO Attacks Paris Nightclub" hier viel Industrie Geschepper und Gekrache. "Old Cunt" (lol @ Titel) dann wieder entspannter: Schöne Hintergrund Flachen, schleppender Rhythmus und wieder Arp Geblubber prägen diesen feinen Song.

Leider gefallen mir die Titel 4 und 5 nicht ganz so gut, aber alle anderen Songs sind Klasse. EBM und New Beat Fans können zugreifen. Da es nur 250 Exemplare gibt, die - wie ich denke - aufgrund des guten Materials auch an den Mann gebracht werden, sollte man nicht zu lange zögern. Immerhin gibt es hier mal etwas, was wirklich sonst kaum erhältlich und selten ist. Ich denke in P to P Netzwerken werden die Songs aufgrund der absoluten Unbekanntheit der Band, sowie der Limitierung der Auflage kaum zu finden sein. Man muss also schon die CD erwerben, was ich auch - wenn der Preis okay geht - ausdrücklich empfehle. Obwohl ein Innovationspreis nicht gewonnen wird, sowie zwei nur mittelmässige Titel enthalten sind, beträgt die Endwertung doch 4,5 Punkte, inklusive dem in der Einleitung erwähntem Bonus.

This limited edition black CDr contains about 25 minutes of bizarre music recorded between 1997 and 1999 by Nazi Bastards From Aldebaran, surely one of the funniest band names ever heard in history. Judging from the demented comics printed on the front cover and song titles like "Swastika Man", "Nazi UFO Attacks Paris Nightclub" and "Old Cunt", you can't expect these guys to be serious at all. The music is funny and entertaining, a big parody full of primitive EBM rhythms, flying saucer noises, 3rd Reich speeches and other oddities. If you fancy having a good laugh while dancing to unpretentious and easy-going stuff, "Invasion" will probably work pretty good.

Simon V., Filth Forge.

Very strange and mysterious band and very original too, they faded away with just a handful of songs released in obscure cassette editions. “Invasion” is composed of just six songs that comprehend their whole work in a time period between 1997 and 1999, by the time this album was released in 2007 they have had split a long time ago. Sure, a compilation made with just six songs!. Very short legacy indeed considering the quality presented in here. Nazi bastards from Aldebaran were a band from Russia that played an unorthodox mix of EBM (with a strong typical 90’s electro style) plus some dosage of experimentalism with strong cinematic shades and undertones.

On the musical side they are as mysterious as their own whereabouts and conceptual approach, there is no voices or choruses present. The only human reference found is some sample excerpts from some movies, a Hitler’s speech (Although this work had nothing to do with martial industrial!), some recorded Aleister Crowley recitation and a Von Schirach speech interlude in the more resonant song of the album: “Cleansing the world”, all in all heavy related stuff.

Aside from the excellent EBM vintage made with good beat hooks from start to end, catchy sequences, rhythmic intensity and variety found in each of the six songs, one thing to stand out is the cinematic atmosphere created that is certainly the distinguishing characteristic that this band has consolidated amongst the vast EBM horde, all very dark and menacing, yet powerful and fierce. There’s even some time for some bombastic artillery set a la Feindflug with their typical pounding and martial beat in song “Cleansing the planet”. In general sense this album could be the soundtrack for some obscure movie about some cryptic and occultist case, or perhaps some cynic plot about conspirations.

EBM is hard camp to stand out. There is so many bands and so many classics, so many cliches created, so many aesthetics frequented making it very hard to surpass the barrier of imitation or improvement, but with a good ammount of creativity and disposition anyone can eventually make it. “Invasion” is the probe and Nazi bastards from Aldebaran are the realization of this fact. Without the biggest budget, studio, support or equipment created excellent material. The fact they never succeeded globaly or had more recognition is enterely their personal decision to remain underground.

These ruskys certainly know how to innovate and re-design the whole EBM, Electro style by adding their own amusing creativity and strangeness. Shamefully this band deserved a greater recognition, with all the excellence presented in here and despite the humble production and kinda silly artwork they could be kicking ass over the great majority of major league EBM bands that swarm around these days.

Hope the Nazi bastards from Aldebaran return from their sudden retirement of the underground some day to plan another “Invasion” with their original EBM hybrid project.

Jack The Ripper, Heathen Harvest.

An enigmatic and mysterious act coming from Russia. With some old compositions released through 1997-1999,and with a very sticking album oriented into old school EBM with some post-industrial traces, which together creates an astonishing piece of almost 26 minutes. The first track is “Invasion” with parts really very intense and melodies ready to devour you, are arguments worth to mention due the exquisite rhythmic patterns developed here. “Swastika Man” is also a very interesting piece of high rhythmic elements through the whole minutes. The third is one of my favorites, “illuminati” with catchy melodies and a cinematic atmosphere very interesting. Another factor very surprising it’s the old Aleister Crowley invocations remixed and arranged exclusively for this track. And more coming…yes, the 4th track is the best one “Cleansing The Planet” is almost perfect, with strong beat patterns and such electro parts surrounding the whole spectrum of the track. “Nazi Ufo Attacks Paris Nightclub” has a more industrialish soundscape and some electro elements from time to time. To complement the album is “Old Cunt” another great composition due powerful dense EBM melodies and such Sci-Fi movie elements. So, we are really anxious to know who are those guys involved in NAZI BASTARDS FROM ALDEBARAN, because they have done a very excellent album and we want to hear more. This act reminds me to Italian EBM act known as Limbo. This release comes limited to 250 copies.


Would you look at that! Obscure Russian industrial electro named after fictional extraterrestial fascist vermin, how quaint. At least it's different from the stuff I usually listen to when I'm staring at my computer screen with a cup of coffee and an egg salad sandwich as sustenance. Granted, the band's monicker isn't that excellent from a marketing point of view, but it seems like NBFA didn't regard that to be a relevant concern. The six tracks on this EP, released by Zhelezobeton in a limited edition of only 250 copies, were recorded in the period 1997-1999, so they've been gathering dust for quite a while before they were burned on digital discs in 2007. The unidentified individuals behind this project not only have a queer sense of humour, but apparently they also don't feel the urge to manifest themselves excessively.

The whirling ballet of mechanical rhythmic industrial and old school dark electro contains something tangible, let's call it atmosphere. It's not like the foundations of the whole industrial electro movement are shattered and redefined here, but nicely composed tracks such as these certainly manage to keep my interest. This is also because of the samples used (a certain Fuhrer screaming rhetorics and the quasi-enlightenments of the self-appointed occult grandmaster Aleister Crowley, among others), which spice the whole up a bit more, but the influences from Front Line Assembly, Velvet Acid Christ and Front 242 help as well. Even though "Invasion" certainly isn't suffering from pretentiousness, this black cd with its gradual tension arches indisputably has its moments. Titles such as "Swastika Man" and "Nazi UFO Attacks Paris Nightclub" indicate that we shouldn't take this too seriously. Nonetheless, this old-fashionedly produced disc is rather enjoyable... with or without the accompaniment of a bottle of vodka.

Nanhold, Gothtronic.

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