Cloning Experiment Failure - Thousand Noises

Cloning Experiment Failure
"Thousand Noises"

CD-R (ltd. 115)

1. Death, Noise & the 2econd Reaction
2. They Can't Enslave Us Now
3. 2econd Reaction
4. 1000 Noises
5. Death You
6. Choose Your 2econd Reaction
7. Intolerance of Outsiders *
8. Sane *

* - version

total length: 9:05
release date: December 08, 2002
out of print


C.E.F. was created in 1999 in Pskov, Russia. Their first records combined cliches of metal and breakbeat styles in absolutely perverted and impetuous version. Evolution of the band processed on the way of noise domination, and concentration of sounds per second dramatically increased with every new recording. Peculiarities of band's style are emotional screaming vocals and fragmented structure of compositions. We can notice some resemblance with DELPHIUM, ATARI TEENAGE RIOT and even with some early Ant-Zen releases.

"Thousand Noises" - their last recording by nowadays - represents the distillation of band's energy. Very rhythmical, with cracklings of overloaded apparatus, feedbacks and sampled guitars, it splashes out all the hidden fury of Pskov's duet. Undoubtedly, this is not a kind of music for masses. The album is released as limited edition of 115 hand-numbered CDR-copies in cardboard sleeve with technological film inset (every frame is unique). The album is completed with two bonus-tracks of remixed songs from the first demos.


What's the difference between "professional" and "non-professional" labels? There are lot of people who have enough courage to start their own labels in absence of funds - so their production is mostly home-recorded CD-Rs, released in very small edition (around 100 copies) with low-budget packaging, presenting the works of absolutely unknown, new projects of the friends and neighbours. The typical neglecting opinion of the near-major labels is formed to the following two reasons: short life of CDRs and unpromising contracts with artists who want to reach wide audience. The newly formed Zhelezobeton label from St.Petersbourg, started in 2002, has the same attitude on the face of it. It would seem, what is the point to release CDR of absolutely unknown band in limited edition of 115 copies with duration time less than 10 minutes? What is the reason - pure experiment, self-assertion, unselfishness? So I was musing upon it until got this release in my hands. Honestly, I'd never believe that it's handmade! Really stunning design and originality which can say even more than music itself, and it will tell you about well-deserved attention, the creative capability behind the label. The music is however quite unusual for industrial minds, as it deals more with digital hardcore influence than with noises. The band leader passed away after the car-accident, so it's also the memorial issue... everytime I see this true gem of iunderground culture, the little revelation occurs.

Dmitriy Vasilyev, Independent Electronic Music.

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