ZHELEZOBETON news - 25.02.2021
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The time has come again to plunge headlong in the abyss of dark, unusual and obscure music! About 150 new titles have arrived in our distro catalogue, including new items from the Russian labels Agfa Archive (sub-label of Ufa Muzak), Iconic Promo (reissue of the very first tape by Zuboff Sex Star, videotape with the movie "Tinnitus" dedicated to Dmitry Vasilyev, and a lathe-cut from the project Dark Glass), the debut album by the Russian-Dutch electro-industrial duo Razmotchiki Katushek (released by Zaplatka), new ambient albums from ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ and Global Pattern (including one more VHS with video art), as well as many kilometers of magnetic tape from Nazlø Records, Akt-Produkt, Metamodernoise, Post-Materialization Music, Glass Jelly Souffle and BioSonar^Lo-End.

New international stuff features the reissue of Maeror Tri "The Singles" CD from the Belgian label EE Tapes, some classic releases from Dutch Staalplaat, and a decent amount of CDs and tapes from various European and American artists performing ultra-heavy styles of electronic music (PE/HN).

February mix with selected material from the update is waiting for you here:

Thanks to everyone who took part in the WINTER SALE! We were able to free up our shelves a bit and raise funds for the upcoming titles. You still have the last chance to shop with a 50% discount – the sale will continue until February 28th.

Like always, send your orders by e-mail mm@radionoise.ru or zhelezobeton@inbox.ru. Reservations are possible for a reasonable period.

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I. Forthcoming events

26.02.2021 – Barometrizm
St. Petersburg, Sound Museum / ESG-21. More info...

St. Petersburg, Temneet. More info...

27.02.2021 – A Very British Evening
Moscow, online. More info...

20.03.2021 – Noise Walk With Me
Cryptorave in St. Petersburg, all info in Telegram by request

21-24.05.2021 – Solar Systo Togathering
open-air, Leningrad region. More info...

II. New items in mailorder catalogue

CDs & CD-Rs

ASTRO -- "Shell Star / Spica" -- CD -- €10
2004/2009 Cipher Productions, (sic39), (ltd. 500)
Noise. In March 2004 I released what was then, and remains now, one of the titles I am most proud to have released on Cipher Productions: the Astro 'Shell Star/Spica' 2x3"CDR. Now five years later that material is reissued on CD, with all-new artwork from Mike Shiflet. 'Shell Star/Spica' was one of the first Astro releases to truly crystalise Hiroshi Hasegawa's use of subtle editing techniques and beautiful layering/mixing control with his synth mastery, for two near-20 minute tracks of dizzying orchestration and arrangement. This is where the modern Astro sound began, to be continued into equally competent works as 'Astral Orange Sunshine', and I'm incredibly pleased to make it available again for those who missed out the first time around. [label info]

BIZARRE UPROAR / AUNT MARY -- "Recordings 1991-1992" -- CD -- €25
2005 Freak Animal Records, FREAK-CD-031, (ltd. 200)
Noise / Noisecore. Early recordings made by Pasi Markkula for his projects BIZARRE UPROAR (harsh noise / power electronics) and AUNT MARY (noisecore).

BLOODYMINDED -- "Gift Givers" -- CD -- €10
2005 BloodLust!, B!045
Power Electronics / Noise. The band's third full-length release. Two years in the making. Ten full tracks, five blast songs, an unexpected introduction, and a voyeuristic middle passage. Multiple vocal layers, in English, French, and Spanish. Guest appearances from Michael D. Williams (Eyehategod, Outlaw Order, Arson Anthem, The Guilt Of...) on the song "Ten Suicides" and Pierpaolo Zoppo (Mauthausen Orchestra) on "Private Thoughts." [label info]

BLOODYMINDED -- "Magnetism" -- CD -- €10
2006 BloodLust!, B!057
Power Electronics. This is the fourth full-length BLOODYMINDED album. Surprisingly released little more than a year after their previous full-length, "Gift Givers" [B!045, 2005], this album demonstrated a disturbingly updated approach to the band’s sound. It is comprised of fifteen feedback-drenched tracks -- ten of which are relatively full-length songs and five of which are the band’s trademark blast songs, although track length lines may be a bit blurred in the greater context of the album. Some listeners might equate the sound of "Magnetism" to the band’s often urgent and turbulent live sound -- certainly more so now, as the group has focused on several of these songs in the live setting over the past four years. This album features much more abstract, eccentric, and guttural vocals, which encompass screaming, howling, yelling, moaning, etc., and without a doubt, it strongly divided listener opinion... [label info]

BLOODYMINDED -- "Trophy" -- CD -- €10
1995 BloodLust!, B!001
Power Electronics. First BLOODYMINDED album after the disbanding of the group INTRINSIC ACTION. 47 songs, 74-minute power-electronic debut, a combination of "blast" songs, 2- to 3-minute songs, and one long 20-minute track.

BLOODYMINDED -- "True Crime" -- CD -- €10
2002 BloodLust!, B!040
Power Electronics. The band's second full-length release. Guests include Xavier Laradji of "Timeless" magazine (now a full-fledged band member), Paolo Bandera of SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS/SIGILLUM S, Andrea Chiaravalli of IUGULA-THOR, Akifumi Nakajima of AUBE, Jonathan Canady of ANGEL OF DECAY/DEATHPILE/DEAD WORLD, and John Balistreri of SLOGUN.

BSICTRANSIT -- "Аэлита" -- CD -- €10
2019 Akt-Produkt, akt-produkt 39
Soundtrack / Ambient / Experimental. Cosmism is becoming a promising idea again, and it would be difficult for Akt-Produkt to stay aside from this trend. So we present our first cosmist release (and 39th overall). “Aelita” is the music for a ballet of the same name, created by Tomsk-based experimental collective bSICtransit. The ballet, which itself was an experimental work in progress, was first performed on November 7, 2014. Dance artist Ksenia Belenkova was responsible for its choreography, and its libretto based on the eponymous novel by Alexei Tolstoy was compiled by philosopher German Preobrazhensky... bSICtransit recorded a minimalistic and alchemical soundtrack where everything oscillates between the two poles. On the one hand there’s warm and old-fashioned Earth, where, however, there is no place already; on the other hand there’s cold, strange and alien space, where there is also no place (yet?). But there are 2 things that connect them – those are love and revolution. However, both of them remain somewhere in between those non-places, in the incomplete (or endless) flight towards. [label info]

CACTUS TRUCK with WADIM DICKE -- "Live In Siberia" -- CD-R -- €6
2019 Akt-Produkt, [akt-produkt 36] / Tractata Records, 004
Free Jazz. Akt-Produkt presents its 36th, this time another international release – live recording of Amsterdam-based power jazz trio Cactus Truck together with Wadim Dicke, bassist from Tomsk, Siberia... The Dutch trio describes its music as a mix of free jazz, japanoise, no wave, and delta blues. Saxophonist John Dikeman, guitarist Jasper Stadhouders, and drummer Onno Govaert create a high density sonic flow. On the one hand, their sound could be called old-school – it is inhabited by ghosts of free jazz, recalling the frenzy of Albert Ayler (whose "Spirits Rejoice" is quoted in the recording) or the first experiments of mixing jazz with heavy music; on the other hand – it is nuts and reckless in a punk rock way... Like many improvisers, Cactus Truck often collaborate with other musicians. In 2012 they did a joint release with Terrie Ex. "Live in Siberia" is a collaboration with Wadim Dicke – bassist, improviser, conductor of Strangelet Ensemble, and a member of such experimental outfits as Sect of Phoenix and Sine Seawave. Due to Wadim's presence, the sonic hailstorm seems to be even denser, and at the same time, more complete... This highly energetic recording was made at the "Energetik" house of culture in Cheremushki, the engineers settlement of the Sayano–Shushenskaya Dam. The EP consists of two improvised numbers, plainly titled "The Long Track" and "The Short One". The former unremittingly holds your attention for 19 minutes; the grindcore-like rapid firing of the latter, performed as an encore, fits under 15 seconds (not counting the applause), with a lot going on during those seconds. [label info]

CLINIC OF TORTURE -- "Whip And Pierce" -- CD -- €25
2001/2003 Freak Animal Records, FREAK-CD-030, (ltd. 200)
Noise / Industrial. One of the numerous projects of the restless Mikko Aspa (GRUNT). This CD collects tracks from the 2001 "Whip & Pierce" LP and from the 2003 "Perversion Bizar" 3"CDr. First edition, limited to 200 copies.

DIETER MUH -- "Mutus Liber" -- CD -- €11
1995/2019 EE Tapes, EE40, (ltd. 200)
Industrial. All recordings shaped between 1993-1994 at the Wormery Studios, Nottingham, UK apart from track 5 recorded live at the Narrowboat, Nottingham 17-12-1994. Originally made as a 'give away' cassette for those who shared an interest. Never before released on CD. Packed in a 6-panel digipak limited to 200 copies.

DRESDEN '45 -- "Archiv 1993-1999" -- CD -- €7
2003/2004 Der Elfentanz, DE04, (ltd. 500)
Industrial / Power Electronics from Germany. Re-release of the lim. 99 tape. From dronning dark ambient tracks to rhythmic industrial songs. Well structured, with samples and voices and all in all very good listenable! [Parallax Records]

ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO -- "1980-1982" -- 2 CD -- €14
1999 Staalplaat, S.T. CD 061
Industrial. Esplendor Geometrico was the leading industrial ensemble out of Spain. They began with a rather derivative style, best represented by the cassette "Muerte A Escala Industrial" (1981) and the single "Necrosis en la poya" (1981), but achieved with Mekano-Turbo (1988) the link between the harsh wall of noise of early "industrialists" and the electronic body music of their descendants. "1980-1982" collects the first cassette and the first self-released album: this is Esplendor Geometrico at their most cacophonous, specializing in electronic distortions and drones. This is still an impressive piece of soundwork. This double CD permits finally to accede to EG early stuff to all those that we did not had the opportunity of making it previously. It contains the full "EG 1" tape, "Héroe del trabajo / El acero del partido" LP and "Necrosis en la poya" EP. [label info]

GRASSOW, MATHIAS -- "Himavat" -- CD -- €11
1999 Staalplaat, STCD 036, (ltd. 1000)
Ambient / Drone / Tribal. This album is a non-religious and a non-new age work. It's a pagan work, full of doubt to all certain perceptions. In case of understanding music as a state and not as a tool for entertainment, these compositions once more are a possible way for each listener to walk on own different paths of sanity and consciousness. These ways are only ideas of mine; unlimited ideas and a large painting. The music is the oil and you're the canvas. Together it can be a wonderful picture of a mans state of being and the world behind. So please check out out the five different pathways and the following piece behind each. Surely you'll find a state representing your mind at the moment, like a polaroid... [from the author]

HASEGAWA, HIROSHI / LEID-LINIE -- split -- CD -- €10
2016 Cipher Productions, (sic 86), (ltd. 100)
Noise. Over the first half of this CD Hiroshi Hasegawa (ASTRO, C.C.C.C., MORTAL VISION, etc.) proves just why he is considered a master of the noise idiom. Through textural manipulation of feedback, corrupt electronics and junk metals, "Unconditional Surrender" is as virulent as anything in his impressive 25+ year career. Undeterred, LEID-LINIE - the rebranding of Sascha Mandler's respected IZANAMI'S LABOUR PAINS project - responds with four tracks of finessed cut-up noise abundant with dynamic tension and wrenching juxtaposition. Edition of 100 CDs with cover artwork by MALSONUS mainman Jonathan Canady. [label info]

HYDRA -- "Power" -- CD-R -- €7
1996/2008 BloodLust!, B!111
Power Electronics. Nearly twelve years since its first release in an edition of 50 cassettes, nearly five years since the death of HYDRA-head Greg Scott, with little of his musical legacy remaining, the time seems appropriate to re-visit this barely heard recording from Scott's short-lived, post-FINAL SOLUTION band. The disc is comprised of studio and live recordings (including memorable, between-song banter) for fans of power electronics, noise and old-school industrial. [Tedium House]

INVISIBLE FRONT -- "Interferences And Time" -- CD -- €7
2007 Indie-ziert, IZ.03, (ltd. 477)
Industrial / Noise. "The shortwave pulsates and lives..." Your history, your noises, mysterious signals and the brainwashing function as a propaganda medium were the inspiration for the first album of the Berlin noise project INVISIBLE FRONT "Interferences and Time" with the subtitle "Battle on all sequences". The visual design of the CD, the name and the logo already indicate the subject of the Third Reich. The same is also reflected in titles such as "Neue Propaganda für Neue Hirne" ("New Propaganda for New Brains") and "Harmonie für den Schützengraben" ("Harmony for the Trench"). The main style is pure noise, peppered with a pair of rhythmic industrial interludes and calmer ambient sounds. INVISIBLE FRONT uses plenty of historical speech samples for this, so that the whole album sounds like a kind of radio play. In addition, “Lili Marleen” by LALE ANDERSEN can be heard from time to time, to which the track "Schicksalslied Aller Fronten" ("Fateful Song of All Fronts") is dedicated. None of this sounds particularly innovative and is only intended for very special tastes, but due to the many samples, which sometimes only become apparent after listening to it several times, the album remains quite interesting. As with every story, after all, you want to know how it goes on... The CD comes in a slim DVD box with a photo and sticker and is limited to 477 hand-numbered copies. [Terrorverlag]

K2 -- "Junk-A-Tohgenkyo" -- CD -- €10
2012 Cipher Productions, (sic 67), (ltd. 250)
Noise. This CD closes K2's second chapter which, through almost two decades, littered the noise world with some of the brightest, most bewildering, and most dangerous metal junks-infused noise imaginable. Junk-A-Tohgenkyo bookends that era of K2, following the Target To Nowhere and Brainwash Education CDRs on Cipher and Tochnit Aleph respectively, with a collection of the project's final three live shows each staged in mid 2003. First, a solo set at Tokyo's legendary 20000V aptly titled "The Last Metal Storm". Second, a lengthy collaborative track with those titans of noise, the one and only Incapacitants, again at 20000V. Third, a less abrasive and utterly intriguing collaboration with Yukinori Kikuchi (Billy?) served up at Tokuzo in Nagoya. Each track is a room recording, capturing all the eagerness, pressure, volume and weld sparks of the event. This CD must be played LOUD for true effect. Pro-pressed CD, digipack, edition of 250 copies. [label info]

MACRONYMPHA -- "Close To The Edge" -- CD-R -- €25
2003 Self-Abuse Records
Harsh Noise.

MACRONYMPHA -- "Fetischismus" -- CD -- €10
2017 L. White Records, LW102, (ltd. 100)
Noise. Macronympha provides new material for fanatic's listening purposes. Leo of Armenia and Joe Roemer recently teamed up to create the new version of Macro together, and is more focused on an ambiance-vision with ominous tensions. Despite that, it still has most of the blistering and damaging trademark sounds that have influenced noise in general. 77 minutes finest harshnoise from America! [label info]

MACRONYMPHA -- "Priapus" -- CD-R -- €12
2005 Harshnoise, HN-012

MAEROR TRI -- "The Singles" -- CD -- €11
2005/2020 EE Tapes, EE42, (ltd. 500)
Drone / Industrial. Second edition of the CD compilation of Maeror Tri singles and EPs originally released in 1993-1996 (except for the very first single "Saltatrix", released by Drone Records in 1993). These tracks were originally featured on the following EPs: "Physis" 7" (Fools Paradise Records), "Mystagogus" 7" (Noise Museum), "Exorbitant" 7" (Ant-Zen) and "Pleroma/Altrove" (Ant-Zen). Packed in a 6-panel digipak.

MONTAGE -- "Protest Against The Government" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2005 Misanthrope Studio, MS012, (ltd. 200)
Noise project of Koji Takagi from Japan (aka Iconoclasm, also Monotype label boss).

MOTHER SAVAGE -- "Kryptopyrrole" -- CD -- €10
1993/2013 Industrial Recollections
Noise. Joseph Roemer and Rodger Stella from MACRONYMPHA. Very physical and hand-on approach on industrial-noise with many similar sonic qualities as MACRONYMPHA. This tape originally published under this name in 1996 by Mother Savage Noise Productions. Industrial Recollection version includes artwork from it's earlier version simply known as Mother Savege "2" tape. [label info]

MUSLIMGAUZE -- "Iranair Inflight Magazine" -- CD -- €11
2014 Staalplaat, MUSLIMLIM 021, (ltd. 700)
Experimental / Tribal / Dub. Each title is a page in the Iranair inflight magazine. "Behind a false plaster and mud partition covered with posters declaring Muslims are being massacred by the forces of imperialism, Ghulam, a tall bearded youth whispers instructions into a radio set using code words from the Koran..." Title of track 3 comes from a passage of a Sunday Times article (4th October 1998) about Bin Laden's men infiltration in indian state of Jammu and Kashmir: "In the bazaars of Srinagar's old town, chuddar-clad women now speak of the jihad and the bearded foreigners in their midst..."

MUSLIMGAUZE -- "Souk Bou Saada" -- CD -- €11
2012 Staalplaat / Muslimgauze Archive, 3, (ltd. 700)
Experimental / Dub. Hefty slabs of beefy beats are seasoned with spicy South Asian melodies while mouth numbingly hot bass lines are smothered in distortion chutney; "Souk Bou Saad" was broiled in Machester’s finest tandoor and is now served by Staalplaat. If you love East-Indian flavor with a neo-Bhangra beat, this disc will not disappoint, equally at home on the dance floors of Bradistan, UK or Mumbai, India. On a buffet, this sizzling dish ought to be placed somewhere between "Silknoose" and "Lahore & Marseille", but with some unique takes on Bhangra beats... Though "Souk Bou Saad" overall is decidedly East-Indian, it also acts as a bridge between above mentioned albums, great for Muslimgauze completists who want to hear all versions of previously released works along with something new and essential to those who are slaves to the rhythm. [label info]

MUSLIMGAUZE -- "Un​-​used Re​-​mix's 1994​-​1995" -- CD -- €11
2014 Staalplaat / Muslimgauze Archive, 28, (ltd. 500)
Experimental / Dub. "We do not work on a release, a piece is done at a time. A CD is drawn from various tracks which can span a few days, weeks or a month, or a day, each release is different." [Bryn Jones, Grinding Into Emptiness interview, 1998] Here we have an excellent example of the perils and rewards of that approach; eight mixes, just over an hour, of some of the dubbiest, most spacious material Jones ever put to tape. The tracks collected on Un-used Re-Mix’s 1994-1995, the newest release in Staalplaat’s Muslimgauze Archive series, are too good to leave collecting dust, but Jones never got around to organizing or even titling them (except, perhaps, inside of his own head). The truly diligent might be able to track down the source for some of these tracks after hours poring over the rest of Muslimgauze’s vast discography, but no such trainspotting is needed to appreciate the smeared, haunting vocal and hand percussion of the third track, or the ominously rattling, echoing sixth track, or the heavy organ overlay that brings the last track as close to shoegaze as Muslimgauze ever came. [label info]

MUSLIMGAUZE -- "Zilver / Feel The Hiss" -- CD -- €11
2015 Staalplaat / Muslimgauze Archive, 30, (ltd. 500)
Experimental / Dub. Use the same kinds of devotional voices found on much of "Minaret Speaker", but here other voices are present too. Conversational or angry, male or female, English or French or Arabic, almost inaudible or forcing their way to the front of the music, these "Zilver Tracks" (the name based on a note Jones wrote on the tape) engage more directly with the world Jones was so fascinated with and tried to represent over and over again in his work as Muslimgauze. [label info]

MXM -- "Flesh-Biting Paedophile" -- CD -- €15
1995/2013 Industrial Recollections
Noise. A collaboration of Joe Roemer and Rodger Stella of MACRONYMPHA with Shohei Iwasaki of MONDE BRUITS. Reissue of a tape published by Mother Savage Noise Productions in 1995.

ONE DARK EYE -- "Death Is Knocking At The Door" -- CD-R -- €10
1997/2003 Self Abuse Records, (ltd. 100)
Noise. Side-project of MACRONYMPHA. Originally released in 1997 on the KDF (Kadef) label in Germany. Recorded and produced 1996.

ONE DARK EYE -- "Manic Depression" -- CD -- €10
1996/2012 Ljud & Bild Produktion, LBP007, (ltd. 300)
Noise. Experimental tape recordings by Rodger Stella (MACRONYMPHA) from the early to mid-nineties. Psychedelic analog noise and drone consisting of tape manipulation, obscure electronics, shortwave, field recordings and acoustic delay. [SoundOhm]

PREDOMINANCE -- "Nocturnal Gates Of Incidence" -- CD -- €10
2000/2012 Loki Foundation, LOKI 26
Originally released in 2000 the second album of Predominance marked another step further into new dimensions. Pulsating heavy background textures are contrasted by symphonic-monumental and rhythmic proportions, brooding walls of sweeping soundwaves and vocals as well. A deep ambient soundtrack that rises from the very center of a convoluted labyrinth and creates a unique image of ancient myths and extraterrestrial traces. [label info] Second edition with remastered sound and two bonus tracks taken from the "Nord Ambient Alliance" compilation (Cyclic Law, 2002).

2020 Zaplatka, ZPT024
Industrial / Electro / Rock. RAZMOTCHIKI KATUSHEK is an industrial electro duo, conceived and nurtured by two seasoned masters of the experimental scene: Ekaterina Fedorova (Iva Nova, ZGA, FIGS) and Remko Muermans (ex-ZEA, Holland). For several years they have been meticulously assembling and connecting the conceptual forms of electronics and industrial into an organic symbiosis, presenting the audience with a deeply original product at the intersection of these two worlds of music. These two veterans of the stage will immerse you in a balmy world of analogue effects, live and electronic rhythm, domestic noise and the positive constructivism of soothing factory sounds... The debut album is released in an unusual cut-out 4-panel digipak with foldtray and a card, includes a sticker set for replacing the original album title. [label info]

THE RITA -- "Bodies Bear Traces Of Carnal Violence" -- CD -- €15
2004 PACrec, PACrec109 / Troniks, TRO-150, (ltd. 1000)
Harsh Noise Wall. Pure sound influenced by Italian Giallo violence & harsh noise cassette culture. Extreme, dirty, low-end electronic crust. First proper cd release from this long-running Canadian cult act, following notable cdrs on Self Abuse Records & Chondritic Sound as well as several self released cassettes. Two tracks, 60+ minutes, including a collaboration with Texas sleaze sicko Mania (Taint). Black gloves and razors. [label info]

THE RITA -- "Thousands Of Dead Gods" -- CD -- €23
2006 PACrec, PACrec124 / Troniks, TRO-231, (ltd. 500)
Harsh Noise Wall. The Rita returns with his second full length cd, his ultimate tribute to the GREAT WHITE SHARK. Almost academic in his noise purity obsession, The Rita mercilessly charts every nuance of crunch & crumble, the space between demolition, white out & heavy flood. Dead Gods pushes nearly 60 minutes thick of RAW WALL, recorded live using source sound from great white shark cage diving. [label info]

THE RITA -- "The Voyage Of The Decima MAS" -- CD -- €20
2009 Troniks, TRO-293
Harsh Noise Wall. From the mind behind "Thousands Of Dead Gods" and "Bodies Bear Traces Of Carnal Violence" comes a sea of obsessed deliberation and suffocating HARSH WAVE. Sourced from live snorkeling murk, overdriven detail defines the unfathomable abyss. "The Voyage Of The Decima MAS" proves there is NO MORE HOPE. [label info]

ROTAT -- "Hussy Rescue" -- CD -- €10
2019 Obsessive Fundamental Realism, OFR-CD 05
Noise. New full-length album from this uprising Finnish dominator. Upfront and aggressive songs that offer both straight-to-the-point harsh noise and at the same time subtle and thought out song structures and very individualistic aspects. [Cold Spring]

RYR -- "116 G. OT R. A.G." -- CD-R -- €12
2005/2020 Agfa Archive, AGFA 01, (ltd. 50)
Martial Industrial / Sound Collage. A romantic blend of martial, harsh electronics and right-wing aesthetics, classics, ragged noise, whistles, marches, snatches of speeches. Thunderous stretching layers of sound, fragments of the past, overloaded memories, dark calling depths, pulsating air of a dream. Even deeper, more hidden. Ambiguity. Through the fusion of Martial industrial and Dark ambient, the task is to understand the inexplicable. The presence of the secret of a common European myth through a concrete slice of history... Reissue of the first RYR album, originally released in 2005 by the labels NEUROPA / VERDIKT88. New design and premium presentation for the 15th anniversary of the album: mini-artbook with 6-page booklet, 2 postcards (one artificially aged), sticker. [label info]

SACHER-PELZ -- "Zre Has Celp" -- CD -- €10
2014 L. White Records, LW-085, (ltd. 250)
Industrial / Noise. To the 35th anniversary and dedicated to SACHER-PELZ himself (1979/2014). SACHER-PELZ has returned back. But maybe he never went away. From the depths of the more radical and dark sonic experimentation here resurface a systematic arrangement composed of magmatic and hypnotic sounds. The listener will be fascinated by them, as long as he will free his mind and heart by the unnecessary weight proposed by the modern mass media and embraces the freedom of the post-industrial neuro-modular average. [label info]

SCANNER -- "Trawl" -- CD -- €13
2020 Aquarellist, aquarel 54-20, (ltd. 300)
Experimental / Dub. The track "Trawl" was recorded by Robin Rimbaud in 1996. In the same year, the Chreode label released a 12" record containing two remixes of this track by Bill Laswell and Mick Harris. This CD contains seven compositions: the original track, two remixes, two tracks from the same 1996 session and two new tracks recorded by Robin in November 2020 based on material from 1996. Packed in a 4-panel soft touch laminated digipak. [label info]

SEKTA PHOENIXA -- "The Jolly Bonfire of Emptiness" -- CD -- €10
2015 Акт-Продукт, [akt-produkt 23]
Experimental / Industrial / Spoken Word. The enigmatic, provocative and controversial, eluding any kind of definition, having survived break-up, schism and reformation, Sect of Phoenix comes to light with a new album - its first new statement in 14 years. Here, it is cut down to a duo of two key members, one of them having contributed the most to the establishment of a mythical 'cult' of SPh in its early years with his paradoxical lyrics and charismatic stage presence, the other one having produced all the recorded output of the Sect up to these days... Most of the material was recorded live in November 2013, and, while using the benefits of studio technology for creating a finer, more complex and more controlled sonic image, the Sect strives to preserve the electrifying magic of here and now interaction which manifests itself with especial keenness in best performances. The concert in Tomsk on November 20, 2013, that this album is based on, was one of such special performances. [label info]

SEWER ELECTION + TRERIKSROSET -- "The Killing Sessions" -- CD -- €25
2005/2007 Troniks, TRO-249 / Chondritic Sound, CH-175, (ltd. 500)
Harsh Noise from Sweden. A reissue of two cassettes ('Killing For Norrland' and 'Killing For Finland') originally released on Harsh Head Rituals.

STEEL HOOK PROSTHESES -- "Calm Morbidity" -- CD -- €10
2016 Malignant Records, TumorCD96
Industrial / Power Electronics. 15 years in and with 9 full length releases under their belt, it’s safe to say that the terminally morbid, Dallas based duo that is Steel Hook Prostheses are the undisputed flag bearers for American death industrial. Perhaps they have been for a long time, but if there was any doubt, it’s quickly erased within the first minutes of Calm Morbidity, their first full length since 2013’s The Empirics Guild. Once again, we find them channeling all things grim and grotesque, and while they don’t stray too far from the charnel house atmospherics you’ve come to expect, there’s a dynamic and dark energy that exists with Calm Morbidity that never fully existed before. From the heavily polluted and blackened drones, decrepit, percolating frequency beds, and acid dripping, highly processed vocals, everything about this release feels intensified and elevated. An immersive and riveting display of the macabre and unequivocally a high watermark in an already illustrious discography. In 6 panel DVD Digipak designed by Maurice De Jong of Gnaw Their Tongues. [label info]

STEEL HOOK PROSTHESES -- "The Empirics Guild" -- CD -- €10
2013 Malignant Records, TumorCD65
Industrial / Power Electronics. The first full length release since 2008's Atrocitizer, The Empirics Guild finds this Texas death industrial duo digging even deeper into the depths of depravity and clinical madness, having taking their time to create 12 tracks of gristly, necro-horror atmospheres and multi-layered, hallucinatory soundscapes, where shuddering waves of charred and blackened electronic filth meet heavily distorted, sadistic vocalizations. Ghastly and nightmarish, this is the soundtrack to surgery performed amidst filth and grime, with flickering lights, rusty scalpels, and absolutely no hope of anesthesia. SHP have always been adept at fusing dark, cinematic ambience with power electronics and they have certainly perfected that skill with The Empirics Guild. In 6 panel digipak with suitably gruesome artwork. [label info]

STEMCELL RESEARCH PROJECT -- "Charnel Houses" -- CD -- €10
2011 Syzmic Records, syzmic09
Death Industrial. Five songs inspired by death and post-mortem rituals with each passage delving deeper into the stygian abyss. Charnel Houses is profoundly imbued with feelings of despair brought forth with field recordings of actual autopsies taking place. Somber moments layered with metal percussion, white noise and rhythmic drone that envelopes the listener like a lead blanket. Mastered by John Stillings of Steel Hook Prosthesis. [White Centipede Noise]

STUDIO OF UNCONSCIOUS MUSIC -- "Perekati-Pustotu" -- CD -- €10
2019 Akt-Produkt, [akt-produkt 34]
Industrial / Techno. The first full-length studio album of SUM:techno – the techno-industrial hypostasis of the Siberian experimental formation STUDIO OF UNCONSCIOUS MUSIC. Tumbleweed-emptiness in the age of confluence of eyelids - either fog, or dawn, or the light of a source that does not exist... Within the Studio, there have always been a number of parallel projects, one of which is SUM:techno. The project was an attempt to occupy an intermediate position between experimental and pop music. We decided to play something danceable with a straight hard beat, and jokingly called it all "techno", although, in fact, we got industrial punk (later we dubbed all this "no-techno" - by analogy with no-wave)... The project originated back in 2012, during our techno-industrial improvisations in Novosibirsk. For the first time in a more or less mature form, no-techno manifested itself in St. Petersburg, at a concert in the now defunct smithy at the Karl Marx factory. Since then, the world has managed to turn upside down several times, and not in the best way, and now, finally, the album is ready... Almost all of these minimalistic and repetative songs about true life were played by us at concerts, except one. If we talk about the album as a whole, it's music for the dumb and hip-hop for corpses. It sounds at an apocalyptic zombie dance party somewhere in the outskirts of the world. All those bitten by the sun grow with rays that eventually end. Laughing despair and dizziness from decomposition rolls in all directions over the void and dissolves the brains in its own alikeness. The curtain - yet again - twitched. Let's go to the fields, we'll play there forever, every day - if you can still hear us. [label info]

TRERIKSROSET -- "Sexregler" -- CD -- €20
2002/2007 Troniks, TRO-261 / Chondritic Sound, CH-151, (ltd. 500)
Noise. Sexregler is solid release from noise artist Tommy Carlsson aka Treriksröset. The release is an exploration of dirty electronics in every sense of the word. The main sound source for this material, as Carlsson lays out in the linear notes, is his genitalia. For 46 minutes Carlsson explores the masturbatory nuances of crude sounds created from what I assume is a basic set-up of contact mics and effects pedals. All though the noise remains focused throughout, the limited sound palette does get tedious after awhile. I am glad Carlson decided to keep the length of his phallic inspired track just above LP length. [itzmehall, Discogs]

VO.I.D -- "Neue Waffen (Die Kriegsstellung)" -- CD-R -- €7
1999 Membrum Debile Propaganda, MDP 7000-08, (ltd. 200)
Noise. Czech noise-industrial project from Děčín.

VO.I.D -- "Zyihen" -- CD -- €7
2001 Membrum Debile Propaganda, MDP 6000-57
Noise. Czech noise-industrial project from Děčín.

THE VOMIT ARSONIST -- "Meditations On Giving Up Completely" -- CD -- €10
2017 Malignant Records, TumorCD106
Death Industrial / Power Electronics. Anyone familiar with The Vomit Arsonist’s past body of work should know to expect a healthy dose of negativity and hopelessness with every release, but never has that been more true than with his 5th full length, Meditations on Giving Up Completely. There is no reinvention of the sound and no veering off course, but rather a narrowing of the sonic palette, condensed into a continual free-fall of complete despair and nihilism. As Andy Grant described it, Meditations is a release about "futility, failure, and no longer being able to find even a shred of worth in humanity". That mindset is perfectly captured and reflected in the stripped down, monolithic nature and sheer dense weight of the 7 tracks here, where distant furnace blasts and scraping metal abrasions churn amidst toxic fumes and opaque, polluted murk, the vocals roaring through the mix in thick sheets of distorted fury. Those with a fragile mental state may want to steer clear of this one, but for those that find solace with the curtains drawn or at the end of a rope, Meditations on Giving Up Completely is unwavering in its direction and resolute in its approach. [label info]

THE VOMIT ARSONIST -- "An Occasion For Death" -- CD -- €10
2013 Malignant Records, TumorCD67
Death Industrial / Power Electronics. When one looks at the hierarchy of US power electronics and death industrial, few names belong at the top like Rhode Island’s The Vomit Arsonist. The project of Andrew Grant since 2004, time has seen The Vomit Arsonist evolve into a major force, channeling aggression, negativity, and spite, and molding it into a focused, pinpoint display of barely restrained power and purely dark emotion. The 7 tracks found An Occasion for Death encapsulate this to near perfection, blending bleak, atmospheric drones and ominous synth layers with distorted frequency grind, mechanized rhythms, looping pulsations, and vocals that cut through the mix with unbridled animosity and ferocity. A welcome, and perhaps overdue addition to the Malignant roster! In 6 panel digipak, mastered by Steel Hook Audio. [label info]

THE VOMIT ARSONIST -- "Only Red" -- CD -- €10
2015 Malignant Records, TumorCD77
Death Industrial / Power Electronics. Two years after "An Occasion For Death", Andrew Grant's The Vomit Arsonist returns with a vengeance with his second full length for Malignant, "Only Red". Inspired and galvanized by Brighter Death Now's US shows in 2014, Grant's latest takes on an even more visceral and dynamic feel than works past, and is unquestionably the heaviest thing he's ever done. If An Occasion for Death showed moments of self discipline and hints of subtlety, no such restraint exists here, as everything about this record feels amped up to an entirely new realm of intensity... This is The Vomit Arsonist in full attack mode, as explosive and bludgeoning percussion loops emerge from a churning, monolithic pit of corrosive electronics, menacing transformer buzz, chain dragging atmospherics, and gasping machine exhalations. Throw in a heavy dose of processed, acidic vocals and the whole record becomes an adrenaline fueled ride, wrought with tension, extreme nihilism, and palpable hostility. With Only Red, Grant has laid down a new flag at the summit of an already impressive catalog. Final track is a remix of Go Without featuring Kristoffer Oustad. In 6 panel digipak, mastered by John Stillings. [label info]

THE VOMIT ARSONIST -- "Wretch" -- CD -- €10
2009 Cipher Productions, (sic 57) / Force Of Nature Productions, FON19, (ltd. 500)
Death Industrial / Power Electronics. First CD album by The Vomit Arsonist after several web-releases and split-tapes. Cardboard sleeve.

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Dies Natalis Invicti Solis" -- CD -- €13
2020 Live Bait Recording Foundation, LBRF056
Industrial / Dark Ambient. To assist in your solitary winter rituals… "Mithras, God of midnight, here where the great bull dies, Look on thy children in darkness. Oh take our sacrifice! Many roads Thou has fashioned: all of them lead to the light. Mithras, also a solider, teach us to die aright!" – Rudyard Kipling (350 AD). The participants are: KLEISTWAHR, GNAWED, ORD, CONTRASTATE, MURDEROUS VISION, KONSTRUKTIVISTS, DEUTSCH NEPAL, ENVENOMIST, DREAM INTO DUST, FAILING LIGHTS, BRIGHTER DEATH NOW, THEOLOGIAN & THE VOMIT ARSONIST. Six-panel digisleeve. [label info]


ANOTHER UNKNOWN ARTIST -- ".stl" -- 10" lathe-cut -- €30
2020 Nazlo Records, NzR150, (ltd. 11)
Experimental / IDM. Transparent one-sided 10" lathe-cut record with 3D artwork of transparent plastic designed by Stepan Vladovsky and printed by VItalicPrint applied to the record, limited to 11 copies only, housed in generic 10" plastic bag with info handtyped on sticker. [label info]

ATTESTUPA -- "1867" -- 12" -- €10
2009 DNT Records, DNT #059, (ltd. 330)
Industrial / Experimental. A winter so harsh, a spring so cold and a summer so late. A dead harvest. The failure of the crop meant starvation and thousands and thousands of people died. Bark bread, lichen gruel and families slowly fading away. This bleak period, ended in 1869, resulted in that more Swedes than ever emigrated to Northern America and other places for a better life. Based around those years, Gothenburg's Ättestupa here creates an absolutely terrific soundtrack to this misery with their new 3-song EP. Exploring the dark past of their native country Sweden, this is a well-executed journey into the never ending well of hopelessness. Into the struggle of nature and mankind. The unique production is getting close to perfection, a raw and disgusting thick sonic bliss with a continuous crunch. A sharpened blend of noise, Kraut and black metal with a crude melancholic atmosphere. Vocals buried deep under the soil and guitars being more prominent. Organs, screeching metal junk, tape loops. Pounding drums. The recording reeks of bad times and tremendous coldness and it's hard to grasp for air. No hope and definitely no joy. Recorded during the first three months of 2009. Limited to 330 copies on black vinyl. [label info]

DARK GLASS -- "Evolution (Remixes)" -- 10" lathe-cut -- €16
2021 Iconic Promo, 043, (ltd. 5)
Experimental / IDM. New release from the Moscow project DARK GLASS. An evolution of sound that rips apart and joins together under the merciless influence of environmental factors. Matte black envelope, transparent record. Remixes made by ABJECTIVE, OLEG KOZLOV, MAMOTO. [label info]

DEE DEE DARKFOLK -- "Rocknroll Against Intelligent Life On Earth EP" -- 7" lathe-cut -- €13
2020 Post-Materialization Music, PMM2020, (ltd. 10)
Sound Collage / Lo-Fi / Noise Rock. Clear round lathe-cuts, two color riso-printed cover with insert.

DIJKSTRA, RAYMOND -- "De Schroef" -- LP -- €10
2009 Le Souffleur, (ltd. 200)
Experimental. Perhaps our most beloved outsider in experimental music. Raymond Dijkstra never ceases to amaze me. 'De Schroef' ('the screw') is his biggest edition so far (I think), limited to 200 copies. That's not the only chance here. The music is ten pieces of maybe one minute to 90 seconds, ending in a silent lock groove and with lots of blank space in between those pieces. Meaning you have to get up to place the stylus into the next piece. Most odd. It doesn't end there. Each of the pieces seems to be a variation on the same theme. An organ/harmonium sound, scraping of glass; all done rapidly. But the proceedings are short and one is left to think its the same thing, but perhaps its not. That's the great thing about releases by Raymond Dijkstra. It leaves an endless amount of thinking about it. Is it same, or different? Why is it cut like this? Poetry. I think Dijkstra offers us sound poetry. Without words, but these ten poems are variations on a few sounds. It will surely annoy a few listeners, but no doubt the true fans of Dijkstra - count me in there - are amazed. Once again. The great outsider. [FdW, Vital Weekly]

MURDER BOOK -- "Wooden Enclosure" -- 12" + CD-R -- €10
2008 Turgid Animal, TA386
George Proctor´s MURDER BOOK project has been focusing on the more Mondo Cane side of heavy drone music and the more murderous side of old school industrial noise. This first vinyl outing is no different. The first and only side of this release is a full on bass/guitar kraut-styled work out from the depths of the Sparrow Pit. Slowly weaving and blurring itself into abyss. Ending with a slow growl of discomfort. The CD-r features two drawn out synth experiments from the tail end of this year to round off the proceedings. Grim. Laser-printed artwork loose inside a PVC sleeve with the record inside a white paper sleeve and housed in a black card outer sleeve. Simple like the music within. [label info]

MURNAU -- "Decoder" -- LP -- €10
2004 220N, 220N 17, (ltd. 300)
Power Electronics. The first single LP for the label, and somehow the more simple, condensed shape fits the "musical" content quite well: While earlier 220N releases (of which the Mürnau and Eisengrau, i.e. this artist's released formed the majority) were more freeform and experimental, this is a linear record that takes you on an enjoyable trip throughout, with some variety on the way: The A-side is pure powerelectronix, distortion and shouting with subcurrent bass rhythms, while B1 and B2 appear more subdued and with an old school/analogue feel before the final tracks slices everything apart with highpitched frequencies. Thoughtful, recommended. [label info]

SMEGMA -- "All Records Are Skip" -- 7" lathe-cut -- €13
2021 Post-Materialization Music, PMM# SM03, (ltd. 20)
Noise / Lo-Fi. Single-sided lathe-cut 7" record with a track from the legendary insane American collective.

SMELL & QUIM -- "Bulls Penis Soup" -- 11" lathe-cut -- €40
2021 Post-Materialization Music, PMM​-​LC#20 / Glass Jelly Souffle, GJS1, (ltd. 50)
Noise. Late great album by legendary UK band Smell & Quim. Released with silk-screeened mirror cover and liner notes inside a zip-lock bag. Artwork by Phil Monopolka.

WESTLAND -- "s/t" -- 7" -- €8
1995 La Deviation Totale, DT 001
Experimental Musique Concrete / Minimal Industrial and Turntablism with psychedelic flavour from the French project from the nineties, which was known for a collaboration with Siegmar Fricke and a tape on Self Abuse Records. Sharp intrusions of brakes' squeals and sounds of car crashes. Photocopies cover + insert.


ABORTED SHYLOCK -- "Swastikvlt" -- CS -- €8
2014 Anschluss
Death Industrial.

ABUTOR -- "Stalinorgel" -- CS -- €8
2007/2020 Winter Solstice, (ltd. 10)
EBM / Martial Industrial from Arkhangelsk, Russia.

ACTION/DISCIPLINE -- "Implementation Of Pain Device" -- C-47 -- €10
2017 Bacteria Field, Bacteria Field 046, (ltd. 90)
Noise. Американский шумовой дуэт, состоящий из Брэда Григгса (HEAT SIGNATURE, PENIS GEYSER) и Стефана Ауне (BREAKING THE WILL, KJOSTAD).

ANAMNESIS -- "Aldan" -- C-40 -- €6
2020 Nazlo Records, NzR153, (ltd. 40)
Minimal / Glitch. These are images of a dark and cold Siberia engraved in the memory of a child. It is about a high mountain where the snow never melts, about empty streets, about an exploited mighty nature, abandoned with its guts spilling out. It is about a shattered nuclear plant, and black mornings when the freezing air stings the skin with its chilly needles. Landscapes that the child observes quietly, within a very slow motion of time, on which children hover. [from the artist]

ANTICHILDLEAGUE / THE RITA -- split -- C-40 -- €10
2018 Obsessive Fundamental Realism, OFR-021
Power Electronics / Harsh Noise Wall. Two giants from to somewhat different fields come together and present over 15 minutes of material each. Antichildleague presents structured, atmospheric but still spitefully harsh PE songs, whereas the Rita's side is dark and crackling texture study with the ripeness of sound that has made this project stand out for so long. [label info]

ANTRACOT -- "Electronic Outburst" -- CS -- €8
2006 Atlantropa Musikwerk, AMW 02, (ltd. 20)
Industrial / Noise. Special package with a fragment of a circuit board attached to a cassette case.

BAGMAN -- "For Kenneth McKenna" -- CS -- €9
2008/2014 Crucial Blast, INFERNAL 021, (ltd. 200)
Power Electronics / Noise. Originally released on CDR in 2008 by Skum Rex, this limited edition cassette features five tracks of pitch-black power electronics and vicious harsh noise from UK fiend BAGMAN. Total misanthropy, total disease, total evil. Humanity is a plague. [label info]

BAGMAN -- "In Their Blood And From The Gutter" -- CS -- €9
2009/2014 Crucial Blast, INFERNAL 022, (ltd. 200)
Power Electronics / Noise. Originally released on CDR in 2009 by Sub Rec, this limited edition cassette features five tracks of pitch-black power electronics and vicious harsh noise from UK fiend BAGMAN. Total misanthropy, total disease, total evil. Humanity is a plague. [label info]

BAGMAN -- "Welcome To My Fucking Misery" -- CS -- €9
2008/2014 Crucial Blast, INFERNAL 023, (ltd. 200)
Power Electronics / Noise. Originally released on CDR in 2008, this limited edition cassette features five tracks of pitch-black power electronics and vicious harsh noise from UK fiend BAGMAN. Total misanthropy, total disease, total evil. Humanity is a plague. [label info]

BITTER -- "s/t" -- CS -- €6
2006 :VENE: (Voor Een Nieuw Europa)
Power Electronics / Noise from the Netherlands.

CALHAU -- "s/t" -- C-51 -- €7
2018 OTA, OTA027, (ltd. 30)
Experimental / Electroacoustic / Hometaping from Portugal.

CLOSING ON FLESH -- "Elektroprovodnost' Tela" -- CS -- €8
2021 Winter Solstice, WS 017 / COD Nozes, SHUM37MC, (ltd. 50)
Ambient / Experimental / Neoclassical. A one-time project of Alexander Chulkov (SIX DEAD BULGARIANS) created back in 1998 and dedicated to the exploration of the electrical conductivity of the body. "Human body is a natural conductor of electrical impulses, and different parts of the body have different resistance, capacitance and inductance, and thus, the human body can be used as a generator of the simplest signals. Some of the sounds used in this project are a natural background obtained as a result of the interaction of the human body and electrical impulses. Some pieces are completely recorded using sounds as described above. The human body is the synthesizer of the future." [from the author]
[soundcloud]   [soundcloud]

COLTRANE, ANDREW -- "Crippled Autopsy" -- C-32 -- €4
2012 White Centipede Noise, WCN016
Noise. Crumbling murky mix of synths, metals and sounds from under the soil. Heavy and solid masses that maintain layers of obscurity. Type II Chrome cassette. [label info]

COLTRANE, ANDREW -- "The Devil's Mark" -- C-32 -- €4
2014 Hermitage Tapes

COLTRANE, ANDREW -- "Scourge Of Slaves" -- C-31 -- €4
2009 Hermitage Tapes

COLTRANE, ANDREW -- "Systems And Their Self-Organization" -- C-40 -- €4
2009 Excite Bike, ExBx 96, (ltd. 70)
Experimental / Noise.

COLTRANE, ANDREW -- "Then Death Chewed Man For Compost To Feed The Many-Scented Fungus Gardens" -- C-31 -- €4
2009 Hermitage Tapes, (ltd. 45)

CONCRETE MASCARA -- "Delusion Rituals" -- CS -- €8
2016 Black Psychosis, BLACK05 / Vanity Recordings, [VR-003], (ltd. 80)
Power Electronics. When only pieces remain from a life of trauma, no dedication to the ego is too great. When the after taste of shame and guilt is unending and all-consuming, no offering of blood is sufficient. When every waking moment is a nightmare, no dosage is high enough... Concrete Mascara is proud to announce the newest document of depravity, “Delusion Rituals”. This cassette documents two complete live performances, from United Forces of Industrial II and M.A.P.S. Fest respectively. These recordings contain live renditions of material from “Blossoms of Shame”, “History of Ruin” and “The Pursuit of Hedonism”. [label info]

CONTENT NULLITY -- "Scorn of Totality" -- C-16 -- €5
2012 Audial Decimation Records, ADR016, (ltd. 200)
Power Electronics. Another vehement chapter from this young British power electronics / industrial artist. This EP is the link from the debut self titled album to works of the present and future. Traditional junk metal abuse and synthesizer cacophony collide with vicious, misanthropic vocals filled with hysteria and disgust. The raw lyrical content, since almost left behind in favour of ambiguity, makes this stand out as a definitively explicit addition to the growing discography. Expertly mastered by Thomas Garrison at Misanthrope Studio, with design by Stephen Wilson / Black Uroborus Illustrations. Professionally manufactured red tint cassettes with black ink in oversized case with cover and insert. [label info]

CONTROL -- "Over Maschinenfest, Paris And Berlin (Nudity, Blinded Eyes And Burning Gear)" -- C-50 -- €16
2014 Raubbau, RAUB-024 / Pflichtkauf, pflicht 056, (ltd. 100)
Industrial / Power Electronics. Much has been said and written about how Thomas Garrison has managed to breathe innovation into the restricted power electronics style through his unique one-shot-recording technique, and really, where others are concerned with rage and aggression, Control calls forth a whole range of emotions. Control is about sound, and this tape captures eight tracks in ear-splitting mixing desk quality. The majority of tracks is new or live exclusive, with “Anoxia” being the calm before the storm of multilayered piercing noises, distorted bass sounds and upfront vocals that have been tested positive to conjure up primordial fears. A 48-minute trip that’s not for the feeble-hearted! [label info]

CORPUSCLE -- "Victoria Snuffbox" -- C-40 -- €7
2012 Maniacal Hatred, MH04, (ltd. 76)
Power Electronics from Somerville, Massachusetts, USA.

2014 Narcolepsia, narco034, (ltd. 55)
Harsh Noise Wall. Dead Body Collection provides infinite darkness through an unmoving static hole, while Placenta Lyposuction devotes itself to severe, arid decay. True balcanic hell. [label info]

DECONDITION -- "The Universal Nothingness" -- C-45 -- €9
2006 Freak Animal Records, Freak-tape-022
Industrial / Power Electronics from Finland.

DEDICATED TO BOB FLANAGAN -- "s/t" -- C-50 -- €7
2011 Untergeschoss, UNTER08
Noise. Minimal electronic noise dirt for bondage and humiliation sessions. Not wall of noise but Wall Of Pain. Dedicated to late S/M Superman. Explicit artwork. Professionally duplicated tapes. [Terror]

DEEP / MLEHST -- "Split Tape 1996" -- C-60 -- €6
1996 Deliria Productions, DP #007, (ltd. 333)
Industrial / Experimental.

DEEP THROAT -- "Nylons Nailed To A Concrete Floor" -- C-20 -- €7
2016 Bacteria Field, Bacteria Field 034, (ltd. 100)
Harsh Noise.

DOLPHIN HOSPITAL -- "Poluchenie Znakov ot Ptits (Receiving Sigils from Birds)" -- CS -- €7
2021 Nazlo Records, NzR156, (ltd. 23)
Ambient / Experimental / Sound Collage from the boss of the Moscow-based label Nazlo Records.

DYNASTOR -- "Tales of a Story" -- CS -- €7
2020 Pantheon, PAN137, (ltd. 30)
Ambient / Drone. According to the idea of the master of ambient crafts from the Netherlands, formerly known as BZAURIE, a new project appears with a unique kaleidoscopic journey through the world of sound, which takes you far away from any hustle and bustle and literally "tells a story", many stories, each of them unique every time - for any listener with closed eyes and open ears... With the last rays of the sun pouring through the clouds, turning everything into a game of colors and shadows ~ the story begins. It might be an adventure you wanted since being a kid, it can be something unexpected and surreal but certainly, it will be different every time. Simply because it happens in those sanctuaries of our mind which are opening when we close our eyes, when we start breathing slower and deeper, turning our mind's gaze inwards... When we go to sleeplands... This world remains unexplored despite the billions of adventurers sailing off the shores of their lives into the unknown. Who knows, what treasures are lying hidden in those labyrinths. You may only find out yourself. [label info]

E.E.M. -- "As Father Told Me To" -- C-20 -- €7
2013 Narcolepsia, narco024, (ltd. 61)
Power Electronics / Noise. Heavy discipline for anonymous victims. Orgies of power, orgies of crime. [label info]

EASTERN WAVE / THE END OF EMPIRE -- "We Are The Pigs" -- C-12 -- €4
2013 Church of Freedom, 019, (ltd. 25)
Harsh Noise Wall from the Russian musician Yura Gorodezkii. Packed in a PVC ziplock bag with a foldout collage poster.

EVERLASTING PUNISHMENT / PLANTATION -- "Creation.Destruction.Genocide" -- C-20 -- €9
2015 Vanguard Productions, VP32, (ltd. 80)
Power Electronics / Noise. Collaboration cassette, featuring 3 tracks ~17 mins. EVERLASTING PUNISHMENT laid the base noise tracks and PLANTATION provided vocals and additional noise layers. Pro CS limited to 80 copies. [label info]

FLOWERDAY -- "Girl on Film" -- C-30 -- €7
2009 Cathartic Process, CP-20
Noise. Blaring, rumbling, crackling loud-as-fuck wall noise from RE Fontainbleau's second cassette on CP. "Girl On Film" is more extreme than "Snuff Victim" in every sense. I can't bring myself to upload mp3 samples, because it was recorded to tape, mastered on tape, and no digital file can capture the saturation and hiss that comes from your VUs slammed in the red with violent harsh walls tearing through the speakers. [label info]

GOMES, MIGUEL PACHECO -- "É Este O Sítio?" -- C-40 -- €7
2017 OTA, OTA012, (ltd. 30)
Field Recordings. Sound Recordings from Coimbra, Pernes, Ourique, Luz, Vale de Santiago (Portugal) and from radio and television.

HANNUM, TERENCE -- "Burning Impurities" -- C-60 -- €7
2012 Beläten, n
Dark Ambient / Experimental / Noise. "Being one third of the avant metal drone collective of LOCRIAN, the sole perpetrator Terence Hannum embark on a rough journey between industrialism and meditative unconsciousness..." [Repartiseraren]

HEEL IN MOUTH -- "Violation" -- CS -- €9
2014 Vulnavia Editions
Noise. Project featuring Joseph Gates, Richard Ramirez, and Sean Matzus.

KEEPSLEEP -- "Textures Surround Me" -- CS -- €7
2020 Global Pattern, glo089, (ltd. 25)
Ambient. The album was recorded in a difficult period - when the spread of the coronavirus Covid-19 began in China. On the one hand, this is peaceful ambient, but on the other, it conveys some restless feelings around what is happening. One track was partially recorded during an examination in the infectious ward of the Beijing Hospital. I always believe the good, bright thoughts remain with me. Listen to these sound notes that have home, industrial, and natural noises and textures. [from the artist]

KEEPSLEEP -- "Time for Bed" -- CS -- €7
2020 Pantheon, PAN141, (ltd. 30)
Ambient / Drone. KeepSleep is the ASMR / Ambient project from China. The release includes four tracks and consists of recordings of various objects on a 3D microphone, light background electronic textures and processing all sounds on the computer. Hypnotic works are well suited for sleep. The tunes will help you unwind and get rid of worries. But make sure to listen to them in your earphones! [label info] "I tried to record the most sleepy and tactile landscapes and light textures. Pleasant noise is the basis for this work. You will be relaxed by the spatial phonetic whisper and echo effects. In the background, you can hear some of my sound fantasies: the sea wave, gentle tapping on wooden dishes, typing on the keyboard and pencil drawings". [from the author]

KOSMISCHE HORROR -- "s/t" -- CS -- €7
2012 Mask Of The Slave, MS-035, (ltd. 60)
Noise. A new project of Ilkka Vekka, the mastermind of HAARE, GOLDEN VOMIT. In the same vein as old GOLDEN VOMIT recordings but even more minimal. Heavy, static, warm, fuzzy and cosmic... Psychedelic HNW? [label info]

MACRONYMPHA -- "For Better Or Worse" -- 3 x C-40 -- €25
2018 Phage Tapes, PT:243, (ltd. 99)
Its Macronympha. Its harsh noise. If youre into harsh noise you already know you will be into this. [label info]

MACRONYMPHA / DIN-I-ILAHI -- split -- C-60 -- €10
2018 Bizarre Audio Arts, (ltd. 50)
Harsh Noise split between the US and Japanese projects.

MAIM -- "Codeine Enema" -- CS -- €4
2005 BTR, BT009
Noise project of Jonas Lindberg (aka BLACK POPE, MÖRKERMÄNNEN).

MAREHELM -- "s/t" -- C-40 -- €8
2016 Cosmic Winnetou, #38, (ltd. 70)
Dark Ambient. Marehelm, the work of an anonymous Aarhus resident, tries to capture the ambivalence of being alive through ambient sounds. The songs refer to specific places and times and serve as a memory of past feelings and experiences. Organic drones for the darker side of live. [label info]

MASKHEAD -- "Anonymous Sadism" -- C-20 -- €10
2017 Gutter Disease, GD09, (ltd. 50)
Noise. Does the world needs more perverted Finnish Harsh Noise? Of course it does! Maskhead returns with a C20, this time more minimalistic and pedal based, spiced with some samples and a nice cover picture. [label info]

MAZAKON TACTICS -- "Epitomes Of Carnal Despoilment" -- C-40 -- €7
2011 Obscurex, OBS010
Power Electronics from Sascha Mandler aka IZANAMI'S LABOUR PAINS.

MEMORY FAIL SAFE -- "Principia Discordia" -- C-60 -- €7
2020 Nazlo Records, NzR138, (ltd. 20)
Experimental / Glitch. Yellow c60 tapes in handmade covers with handtyped cover on old marble paper.

MENDING -- "The Narrow Road to the Deep North" -- CS -- €7
2016 Blank Tapes, BT002, (ltd. 50)
Folk / Ambient. Premier full-length from Chicago-based duo of Kate Adams & Joshua Dumas. Dynamic songs set into shifting dronescapes. [label info]

MISHKIN, SASHA -- "Pastoral Breakfast" -- CS -- €8
2017 Cosmic Winnetou, #41, (ltd. 70)
Organ Music. Met Sasha many moons ago at a festival in Austria. During his set, which was pretty similar to the music recorded onto "Pastoral Breakfast", my heart was torn apart. He sat on stage just with his cheapo electric organ and played kind of homage to the ol' Johann Sebastian Bach as well as weird folk songs. Each and every note pronounced a heartaching longing for some place in the world he belongs to. Still not sure if this place exists in the "real" world, or if he wish to be at some kind of otherworldy place... Weirdo organ music for the romantic gnome inside of us. Psychedelic and pure at the same time. Go and buy this tape and play it to start your inner slide show with pictures of happy childhood memories. [label info]

MOONLIT SUN -- "Glass Skies" -- C-40 -- €7
2014 Diazepam, dzp 28
Industrual. A new interesting project from Canada. Home made sounds heavily processed and delayed, creating hypnotic and rhytmic, almost tribal soundscapes. All songs were recorded in 2010-2011. Moonlit Sun uses natural objects, a butter knife, cast iron forks, chain, guitar pedals, hardware sampler, microphone, vocals and a mixer. [label info]

NORMA REAKTSII -- "Compilation" -- C-60 -- €6
2019/2021 Dödens Kultur, DK№07, (ltd. 100)
A compilation of rare tracks, reworks and versions from the cult Russian Experimental Noise project. [YAOP]

NRYY / WORMHEAD -- "Part 2" -- C-60 -- €6
2011 Puzzle Records, Number 77, (ltd. 20)
Harsh Noise split of Japanese and German projects.

ONEIRINE & RYOSUKE KIYASU -- "The Harp of Nihilism / The Twang of the Void" -- CS -- €8
2021 Metamodernoise, MN01
Noise Rock / Free Improvisation. Summer of 2018, Japanese citizen Ryosuke Kiyasu have played in Moscow at the "Normal Jazz Festival-2" that was held at the now-deceased Model T metal bar; firstly as part of the weirdo-noisegrind band Sete Star Sept, and the next day — with an equally exuberant solo show of a man with a snare drum. Between these events the musician was pumped with oneirine in the dark corridors of the former factory on Maryina Roshcha and led into the Red Eyes space, hidden in the depths of the same building. There the noise trip of The Endless Blockade founder and (for some time now) a member of the great and terrible Fushitsusha was documented. This document drove several people crazy: they tried to make it public and lose their mind in the process completely. And now METAMODERNOISE label offers it to widespread attention of a narrow circle of people in a cassette format. [label info]

2020 Pantheon, PAN164, (ltd. 30)
Ambient / Drone. A collection of the tropical Pacific mirages, overexposed over a winter train trip from Russia to Belarus to play a couple of gigs. Right before the mind journeying has become a worldwide [mandatory] trend, two projects from St. Peterburg managed to present their audio-visual imaginaries to the audience in a museum and a tea house. Two visions of a utopian future-past, the vague fantasies of the worlds in between here and there. The paradoxically renewing static of the constant movement, the rings that make spirals, that make pathways, that make melodies... All the way over the infinite labyrinth of imagination and back to the straightforward train trajectories. [label info]

PUSTOTA -- "Cinemaslyshaniye" -- C-40 -- €6
2021 BioSonar^Lo-End, 118/2021, (ltd. 10)
Minimal / Noise. A new trend of sound invasion of words and text into the natural / technical noise of tapes. This phonogram is a re-recording of a found tape which contained a recording of an unknown cinema about a blind poet... quite surreal by itself, yet primarily interesting for the big amount of soundless parts and specific concrete sound of the plot. Limited edition in paper sleeve. [label info]

PUSTOTA -- "Radiopostanovka" -- C-40 -- €6
2021 BioSonar^Lo-End, 117/2021, (ltd. 13)
Radio / Field Recordings. Something new and unusual for the project: an accidental audio recording of a radio show depicting the life of St. Petersburg "black helmet astronauts" who were cleaning the streets of the city from "alien agents and their accomplices" in the end of January. Completely technological recording without any semantic content, but full of noise signals imitating digital interference, encoded transmissions and speech. Limited edition in paper sleeve. [label info]

RAMIREZ, RICHARD -- "Abrupt Decision" -- C-20 -- €10
2012 Red Light Sound, RLS29, (ltd. 50)
Noise. Ripping new tracks from the Texas noise legend and owner of Deadline Recordings. Pure old school style analog noise. Balls to the wall adrenaline rush on poppers with a super gay cover. [label info]

RAMIREZ, RICHARD -- "Perverse Territory" -- C-20 -- €10
2012 WGM Tapes & Vinyl

REDROT -- "On Drowning" -- C-26 -- €9
2014 Chondritic Sound, CH-294, (ltd. 100)
Rhythmic Industrial / Power Electronics from Ryan Oppermann aka KLINIKAL SKUM, NEUNTÖTER DER PLAGE, etc.

SACHER-PELZ -- "Erschepzal" -- CS -- €10
2012 My Dance The Skull, Hill Devil Drum ‎01, (ltd. 100)
Experimental / noise project of Maurizio Bianchi (M.B.).

SHARPWAIST -- "Poison Harbor" -- CS -- €9
2009 Razors And Medicine, Razors and Medicine 16
Noise / Power Electronics. Sharpwaist offers some of the best industrial/power electronics in the world and hails from my very own hometown Boston. It is the project of Carl Haas who has been active in the scene since the mid 2000s. This is some of Sharpwaist’s best work. The raw character that pervades most of his recordings is still here, yet this time it’s coupled with a ferocity not seen in his earlier endeavors. This material hits hard as hell. There is a dark edge in all of the tracks but it is succinctly mixed with aggression to create a fine honed point... [Existence Establishment]

SHARPWAIST -- "Trailers Flooded In The Wake Of A Hurricane" -- C-62 -- €9
2010 Razors And Medicine, Razors and Medicine 26, (ltd. 75)
Noise / Power Electronics.

SHIVER -- "The Light Within Has Turned Into Darkness" -- C-20 -- €6
2012 Diazepam, dzp 08
Industrial / Noise. Distorted percussions and tape loops manipulation. Throbbing drones and field recordings. Pissed off lyrics/vocals. [label info]

SHIVER -- "The Taste Of Repent" -- C-30 -- €6
2011 Prairie Fire, PF027, (ltd. 40)
Noise. "The Taste Of Repent" is two tracks and 30 minutes of heavy psychological terror. "Breeding" is a dark dark thundering, feedback soundscape. It builds and builds – heaping pain upon pain until the inevitable breaking point hits with screams of torment. "Conscience is a Mutilation" takes half a step away from its soul-shattering predecessor. The addition of a sense of beauty to the proceedings makes the aural torture seem even crueler. Much like being dragged out of a dungeon and into the most visually stunning cathedral in order to receive a most vicious round of torture. [label info]

SKIN GRAFT -- "Magnetic Resonance Images" -- C-40 -- €9
2014 Narcolepsia, narco033, (ltd. 85)
Noise. Abrasive basement electronics, combining massive power with rusty outbursts of psychedelic ash. [label info]

SPIES BOYS -- "Love (Anthology Vol. 1)" -- CS -- €8
2020 Winter Solstice, WS 012
Future Jazz / Experimental. The first part of the anthology includes all the lyrical mood from the sound arsenal of Spies Boys. “Love, love, love - these three concepts...” - as Zinoviy ​​Gerd used to say on behalf of the entertainer from the “Unusual Concert” play. Here we have put compositions from the period of cooperation with the singer Nadezhda Tikanova. We were looking somewhere in the funk area, and then we smoothly moved on to deepbluejazz. Heartfelt lyrics about the eternal, about love, about the search for oneself. Kilometers of electro piano, unhurried rhythms, stringy fretless bass... everything to take your mind off a little and look through a window glass, wet from the rain, somewhere into the distance. Melodies? As much as you wish! [label info]
[soundcloud]   [soundcloud]

STARK -- "s/t" -- CS -- €9
2014/2016 Black Psychosis, BLACK06, (ltd. 50)
Power Electronics. Side-project of BAGMAN.

THE STREETCLEANER -- "Ehre" -- CS -- €7
2012 Untergeschloss, UNTER14
Power Electronics / Noise. LOUD and VIOLENT power electronics noise from a new Italian project. Perfect balance of old and new, always harsh and intense. Professionally dubbed tapes with bodyprints. [label info]

STREETMEAT + RESPIRATOR -- "s/t" -- C-10 -- €6
2012 WGM Tapes & Vinyl
Power Electronics / Noise.

SUNHIILOW -- "Whispers Of A Dream Wind" -- CS -- €7
2020 Pantheon, PAN145, (ltd. 30)
Ambient. «Sunhiilow is exploring the sounds from the lost cultures, creating new stories from the oldest collective imaginary» ~ and by doing that Valerie Magisson, the dreaming force behind the alias, creates an exquisite world full of gentle warmth and iridescent forms, an imaginary flora and fauna living its own ways of universal evolution. Known for her releases on some of the best cassette labels out there, Sunhiilow is a storyteller whose voice might not be familiar to many, but for those who once heard it stays forever as a special feeling somewhere deep inside their hearts... «Whispers of a Dream Wind» is a fairy tale, a diary of explorations of the world usually not seen or noticed, quiet nuances hidden in the textures of our world and glowing through the tiny sparkles on the surfaces of waters or crystals or leaves... This wind is always changing but at the same time it stays intact, it may whisper and sing through the knobs and wires, it may enter your dreams at night and give pleasant views of the world which is yet to come. [label info]

TASKMASTER / WINCE -- split -- C-40 -- €10
2016 White Centipede Noise
Harsh Noise Wall. Exhumation of ghoulish Canadian overseer TASKMASTER - Cold, hard, mummified post-mortem harsh noise. WINCE answers TM's call from the grave with swampy, radioactive harsh noise necrosis. [label info]

TORTURING NURSE / THE CHURCH OF HATE -- "Technicheskaya Estetika" -- CS -- €7
2020 Nazlo Records, NzR154, (ltd. 30)
Harsh Noise / Sound Collage. Split of Chinese harsh noise act TORTURING NURSE and Moscow-based collagenaut THE CHURCH OF HATE. Solid yellow cases with vinyl stickers and recycled cassettes.

UESUGI, YASUUGI / YAUZA -- split -- CS -- €4
2021 Glass Jelly Souffle, n23, (ltd. 22)
Noise / Experimental. Russian/Japanese split tape. All covers are unique and made by Asya Em. She is gathering old soviet medical books on dentistry, veneral diseases and so and she made her collages while being drunk out of that stuff. Postal marks everybody knows. [label info]

UNCLEAN / LAPOT -- "Sortovuosien Terrori / Represijų Metai" -- C-77 -- €7
2013 Terror, TR-17, (ltd. 100)
Power Electronics / Harsh Noise / Field Recordings. A little unexpectedly the release date of this album is the same with Independence day in Lithuania which was declared in 1918 02 16. It's interesting because more than a year ago when we were talking about the concept of the upcoming album, the idea was to associate it with repressions of Russians in the beginning of XXth century in Finland and Lithuania. Different countries, different path how they saved their identity up to this day, but overall impressions, when looking to these events hundred years ago are somewhat similar. Unclean - Finnish harsh noise/power electronics project. For my ears, his output is the strongest in this album of all his discography. Filthy and rough noise with bitter taste of hate. Lapot presents one long, uneasy track, constructed of mostly untouched field recordings. [label info]

VAKOSH -- "Smertyu" -- CS -- €7
2015 Chornye Tropinki, (ltd. 50)
No Wave / Lo-Fi. "Sleepy rock" from the Russian underground artist Arkadiy Tropinkin.

VAT -- "Bubble Probe" -- C-30 -- €10
2015 New Forces, NF035, (ltd. 100)
Noise. The absolute filthiest. White hot, crashing down around you, the true spirit of Americanoise. No pretension or subtlety, just pure aggression. Vat has assembled an impressive discography to date and is poised to takes its place among the top tier of contemporary American harsh noise. "Bubble Probe" feels like a total structural collapse. [label info]

VINDFAENGSEL -- "You Can't Regret What You Don't Remember" -- CS -- €6
2021 Nazlo Records, NzR155, (ltd. 30)
Dark Ambient / Experimental. Conveying intimacy inside, dealing with the fragility not inherent to our everyday lives, this work reveals the pure, uncut vision of the twilight mindstate by trying to catch a balance between unconciousness stream, depletion of sensation, spatial and temporal disorientation and involuntary and impulsive movements. The sound and concept are formed by isolated meditation, experimental work with traditional musical instruments and obscure sound gear manipulations. Recorded and mixed by Vindfaengsel. [label info]

WEST, AARON NICHOLAS & JEROEN DIEPENMAAT -- "Broadcast Interrupted" -- C-46 -- €7
2020 Nazlo Records, NzR149, (ltd. 40)
Dark Ambient / Experimental. Soundtrack for dreams based on biblical plots from prominent European analysts of acoustic events, contemplators of the contact of mechanics and electromagnetism and masters of slow mesmerizing combinatorics. Blue tapes of recycled plastic with light marble effect and two-sided printed j-card. [label info]

WHITESWAN -- "Bestial" -- C-20 -- €9
2017 Hiisi Productions, Hiisi 011, (ltd. 50)
Power Electronics / Noise. Raw and filthy finnish Whiteswan offers 20 minutes of pure PE/HN bliss. Professionally dubbed tape comes with full-color cover art. [label info]

WHITESWAN -- "Insatiable Lust" -- C-20 -- €9
2014 Wrath, WRATH 04B
Power Electronics / Noise. Second pressing of an official debut cassette after 2013 demo from this Finish act based in Kajaani. Purely analogue power electronics noise with synth and vocals, recorded live in 2014 without distortion pedals/metal junk/other extra material kept to absolute mininum. No overdubs. No mixing. No mastering. [Terror]

WINCE / SSRI -- split -- C-40 -- €8
2012 Untergeschoss, UNTER09, (ltd. 99)
Noise split wetween the US act WINCE (Oskar Brummel from the bands DEATH JENK, GRAIN BELT, PROSTATE) and the Finnish project SSRI (Pekka PT of GELSOMINA / SICK SEED and Toni Kandelin).

ZHERTVOPRINOSHENIYA -- "Nastupila Pustota (The Emptiness Has Come)" -- CS -- €8
2021 NEN Records, NEN52 / Akt-Produkt, AP 47, (ltd. 33)
Noise Rock / Doom Metal. NEN Records and Akt-Produkt present a second studio album by Zhertvoprinoshenya. In music it reproduces the crushing black metal atmosphere by means of a heavy improvisational orchestra. In ideas the album is dedicated to the political depression, which has particularly escalated in Russia lately... According to the vocalist and author of lyrics Max Stropov, Zhertvoprinoshenya is closely connected to another political and artistic project — Party of the Dead. However, the Party is charged with the paradoxical positive idea of universal justice and, therefore, is alien to the mesmerized stare at death and decay. For Zhertvoprinoshenya, such a stare is intrinsic. It is a fascination in the face of death, not personal death, but the death of others... Zhertvoprinoshenya do not tell us all what to do — those of us who stare face-to-face, but they do pose a kind of agonizing question... The album is dedicated to right-conservative turns and the gloomy timelessness of reaction. [label info]

ZHERTVOPRINOSHENIYA -- "Necromechanica" -- CS -- €8
2020 Akt-Produkt, [akt-produkt 44]
Free Improvisation / Doom Metal / Noise Rock. Reconstruction of "Pop-Mechanica" act by sacrifices. An installation / concert which took part in a series of events called "33 sounds: the ABC of Petersburg's experiment" on 05.10.2019. During the re- or deconstruction we used "Utyugon" – the legendary "first Soviet synthesizer", invented at least in 1983 by Timur Novikov and Ivan Sotnikov (and if you believe Sergey Kyryokhin, it was assembled by Vladimir Mayakovskiy). The release is dedicated to the 666th anniversary of Sergey Kuryokhin. [label info]

ZUBOFF SEX STAR -- "Ty (You)" -- CS -- €8
2021 Iconic Promo, 038, (ltd. 50)
New Wave. The album "You" by ZUBOFF SEX STAR was recorded in the summer of 1999 in the basement of the Children's Art House in Fryazino, Moscow region. The bands line-up was formed by Dmitry Zubov after the tragic collapse of one of the leading bands in Fryazino at that time – INTERESTED PERSONS, whose vocalist was killed by street bandits the day before. The drummer Dmitry Lantukh and the guitarist Dmitry Generalov were recruited by Zubov in SEX STAR, and the bass player Evgeny Solovyov went with Roman Sidorov to play trip-hop in FATAL... This cassette contains a number of hits and demonstrates Zubov's potential as a singer-songwriter, and also tells a bit about the future music of ZUBOFF SEX SHOP. The cassette is also interesting as evidence of the stormy musical activity that took place in the Fryazino Basement at that time... Dmitry Zubov's debut album is a unique artifact, marker and evidence of the creative activity of the Fryazino music community of the late nineties and will take an honorable place in your collection. [Evgeny Solovyov]


2020 Pantheon, PAN164, (ltd. 30)
Ambient / Drone. A collection of the tropical Pacific mirages, overexposed over a winter train trip from Russia to Belarus to play a couple of gigs. Right before the mind journeying has become a worldwide [mandatory] trend, two projects from St. Peterburg managed to present their audio-visual imaginaries to the audience in a museum and a tea house. Two visions of a utopian future-past, the vague fantasies of the worlds in between here and there. The paradoxically renewing static of the constant movement, the rings that make spirals, that make pathways, that make melodies... All the way over the infinite labyrinth of imagination and back to the straightforward train trajectories. [label info] Video art by Cht00 (instagram.com/cht00000).

ZINCHENKO, DANIIL -- "Tinnitus" -- VHS -- €8
2020 Iconic Promo, 038
Daniil Zinchenko's film looks at industrial music as a way to talk about death. The plot is triggered by a conversation between composer EVGENY VORONOVSKY (Cisfinitum) and music researcher DMITRY VASILIEV, in which they talk about musicians of the 1990s and 2000s, who worked with the theme of death. Those who worked, as many of them are no longer alive (suicide, drugs and other mysterious circumstances). The perilous area of action which these sound artists chose for themselves consumed them and destroyed them. Against this background, one of the characters of the film dies under highly controversial circumstances. Real death materializes from talking about it, and the film begins to change, acquiring new characters, stories and meanings. Russian language, English subtitles. [afisha.ru]


2021 NEN Records / Akt-Produkt
Silver cotton tote bag with Zhertvoprinosheniya logo. A perfect choice for buying records or groceries at your local store.

Flea market

ANDROPHILIA - Tradition And Family - CS - NM/VG+ - €7
BAGMAN - New Wave Of British Murder - CS - NM - €8
BLACK LEATHER JESUS - Yes, Sir (Filth Play) - CD - VG+/NM - €9
BRANDKOMMANDO - Achtung! Achtung! Der Kommunismus Kommt! - CDR - VG+/NM - €9
HAUS ARAFNA - Blut - Trilogie Des Blutes | Nachblutung - CD - NM - €13
IUGULA-THOR & SUCTION MELENA - Snuff Recorded - CS - VG+ - €8
MASKHEAD - Qliphotic Doglust - CS - NM - €8
MURDER CORPORATION - Auf Wiedersehen - CDR - NM/VG+ - €13
PENETRATION SQUADRON - Rectal Assault - CS - NM - €8
RENOU, CHRISTIAN & ANEMONE TUBE - Transference - CD - NM - €7
STAHLWERK 9 - RetroMekanik - CD + CDR - NM/VG+ - €9
STARK - Frank - CS - NM - €8
SUBKLINIK - Dead Forever - CS - NM - €8

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III. Back in stock

ALO GIRL -- "U" -- C-41 -- €4
2011 Silentes Tapestry, Collezione Del Silenzio – U, (ltd. 100)
Collezione Del Silenzio is a series of 26 white cassettes of 26 Italian artists. Each cassette is associated with a letter of the alphabet, representing artist's personal vision of silence.

2006 Teito Sound Company, TEITO-006
Dark Ambient / Industrial / Power Electronics. Nearly more than 10 minutes of unreleased material by each group. This compilation was released by the japanese label TEITO to go along with the first live appearance of all three bands in Tokyo, Japan.

ARKHAION -- "When Gods Walked The Earth" -- CD-R -- €7
2012 Ufa Muzak, UFA57, (ltd. 150)
Heroic / Mythical sympho neoclassic ambient. Human history is not what is seems for the majority of modern people today. There's no evolutionary and progressive history of development. The primitive modern science can only suppose that it all started about 8000-6000 years B.C. The raven darkness of this delusion is penetrated by other theories which may seem to be completely fantastic, talking about cyclic models of development. 10.000 years before the Common Era humanity was at the peak of cosmic growth and highest development. All myths and heroic eposes, ciphered and allegorical, tell about that times. In those times there was a different race on Earth, now we call them Gods. The great ancestors built gigantic cities, they were developing and lived according to the highest wisdom. This race was certainly of cosmic origin, and they laid the foundation of the whole history on this planet. There were humans like us too, who lived in the same time with the highest creatures, the Gods, and received knowledge from them. First kings described in ancient myths were the offsprings of the Gods - they belonged to the other level and deserved complete worship. Their power allowed them to reach the highest spiritual state, the biggest progress of science of much more absolute character, to build the cities of unseen constructions. The power of human beings came from the Gods who gave them self-consciousness and combined their fate with their own great fate and goal within the Universe. It started 200.000 years ago. Majestic, triumphant and cryptic album of the conceptual project Arkhaion opens up slowly and calmly like movement of a huge body in cosmic space. Everything is undisturbed and grandiose, white light divides in spectral colours and the micro-symbol starts rotating, a mandala containing the new model of the Universe. Ambient and symphonic structures repeat the process of matter efflux from the stars. Immersion in music is like obtaining wings for a short time enough to see the fabulous picture from the bird view. Genetic memory will allow only a few to dive deeper into the visionary space of the Ancient and live some more time there. 8 tracks, 52 minutes, pro-CDR, 8-page booklet with 8 myths. [press-release]

ASTRO & CORNUCOPIA -- "Deep Wind" -- CD -- €7
2010 Quasi Pop Records, QPOP CD055, (ltd. 500)
Noise / Psychedelic. The second collaboration between Japanese noise legend Hiroshi Hasegawa (Astro) and duo Cornucopia from Puerto Rico, though the first one released on CD. Each from two tracks is from the particular artist, and based on opponent's sound sources. Totally psychedelic record, often in extreme frequences & dynamics, it features some Cornucopia's trademark pulsating sounds, while Astro's track is unstopable stream of deep, heavy and slow as hell noise magma. Physical, brutal and meditative. Pure beauty of modern extreme electronic music. [press-release]

BARBAROSSA UMTRUNK -- "Der Talisman des Rosenkreuzers" -- CD -- €8
2012 Ufa Muzak, UFA 49, (ltd. 400)
Military pop / Ethereal neoclassic. We present the fundamental work by the French musical formation completely dedicated to the mysterious personality of Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorf and his work "Der Talisman des Rosenkreuzers" published in 1925 in Germany. One of the founders of powerful secret organisation "Thule Society", a member of Turkish masonic lodge "Order of Rose Wreath", a numerologist, an occultist, a Sufi practicioner with misty entangled fate - he fits very well for a subject of detailed study, and one of the forms of it is this album. Musically, you'll hear one of the most powerful combinations of martial, neoclassic and ambient. From the very first seconds it goes deep in the significant years of the XX century, grandiose flashes - slices of troublous times, exotic geographic locations, dangerous people, occult-war intrigues and famous mystical German movement. Walls of heavy drones, explosive drumming and songs of dervishes, sublime samples of classics and dark rhythms encoded by electronics, a whisper from the other world, making heart beat high. During all the long and comprehensive material there is an intuitive investigation of entangled weltanschauung of "the baron", a combination of sufism, masonry and aryosophy. 13 tracks, 70 minutes, 6 panel cardboard sleeve. [press-release]

BELORUKOV / BOSSHARD / DENZIER / MARKVART -- "Bizarre Perspectives" -- CD-R -- €7
2020 Akt-Produkt, akt-produkt 41
Free Improvisation / Electroacoustic. Swiss violinist Patricia Bosshard and Franco-Swiss saxophonist Bertrand Denzler, active in various fields of modern improvisational and composed music, play together with Russian experimental musicians, whose range of activities is also rather wide: Ilia Belorukov plays here alto saxophone and electronics, Alexander Markvart uses feedbacks of a prepared acoustic guitar and extracts sounds from a variety of objects. The recording was made at the Sound Museum at the end of 2017, Bosshard and Denzler appeared then in St. Petersburg as representatives of ONCEIM – Orchestra of New Musical Creation, Experimentation and Improvisation, and performed together with St. Petersburg Improvisers Orchestra... 5 thoughtful and contemplative improvisations, in which it’s not always clear what instrument is the source of sound. Any of these improvisations is a trace or a document of a meeting, which, anyway, opens rather bizarre perspectives... The release has a physical form – CDr in a cardboard envelope (that is also rather strange at this difficult time). [label info]

BODY MORPH / OBOZDUR -- split -- C-45 -- €6
2018 Heart-Shaped Box Prod., HSB-112, (ltd. 21)
BODY MORPH presents a mixture of free-improv music and raw lo-fi noise, while OBOZDUR produces abstract noisy analogue electronics.

BONCH-BRUEVICH, RACHEL -- "44" -- 4" lathe-cut -- €15
2020 Nazlo Records, NzR144, (ltd. 40)
Piano / Modern Classical. "very small and as always most probably the last release by rachel. two-sided lathe-cut picture disk, cover pictures allegedly taken by the author, design and layout by agendath netaim." [label info]

BORISOV, ALEXEI & OLGA NOSOVA -- "Samsa for a Friend (remixed by Yura Gorodezkii)" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Heart-Shaped Box, HSB-095, (ltd. 30)
Experimental sound collage. Pro-CDR, 30 copies. [label info]

THE CHURCH OF HATE -- "Intranatal" -- C-34 -- €13
2020 Nazlo Records, NzR141, (ltd. 22)
Experimental / Noise / Sound Collage. "NOW IN 3D! Sonic auto-biopic by Church of Hate about stillbirth originally recorded on 1/4" tape. Shut-white cases with a sticker inside and 3D artwork designed by Stepan Vladovsky and printed by VItalicPrint attached to the case, dubbed on recycled black and white tapes with white stickers, no info on tapes except for sticker inside with ambigraphic Church of Hate logo by Metänoia." [label info]

CISAK, PIOTR + PETAR STIPSITS -- "Phonetics Of The Unspeakable II" -- CD-R -- €6
2017 Ostroga, OTR-078, (ltd. 50)
Instrumental / Improv / Electronics. Recorded in Vienna, Febriary 9th 2016. Piotr Cisak - cello & effects, Petar Stipsits - drums. 50 copies in PVC sleeve.

CLINIC OF TORTURE -- "Live Sadism" -- CD -- €10
2012 Institute Of Paraphilia Studies
Noise. All 3 Clinic Of Torture live shows. Full uncut versions. Over one hour of fierce and vile industrial-noise. Musical equivalent of s/m session - from bright and intense moments to clumsy transitions and following of primitive intuition. [label info]

CORPS -- "s/t" -- CD -- €10
2018 Aussaat, 07
Industrial / Noise. CORPS is an apocalyptic noise project by the Russian musician and artist Alexey Tegin, better known as the leader of PHURPA. "Corpse is the post-apocalyptic sound of a time to come. World War III destroyed civilisation as we know it. The knowledge of music has gone.. is lost. The survivors start creating their own, new forms of music by building their instruments from what has been left..." This release captures Corps in Moscow on March 13, 2016 (over an hour in length). Digipak. [Cold Spring]

CREATION THROUGH DESTRUCTION -- "Belt-Zone Circulation" -- CD -- €10
2014 Terror, TR-29, (ltd. 300)
Noise. Creation Through Destruction is a more raw harsh noise amplua of Dr Alex (aka Dead Body Collection). This CD is a collaboration of Creation Through Destruction and four Japanoisers - Government Alpha, Contagious Orgasm, K2 and Hiroshi Hasegawa. The CD consists of 4 long tracks that were recorded in 2009-2013 by Dr Alex, using radio static, field recordings (wind, water, trains and various machines) and additional sounds by aforementioned Japanoisers. Sounds - more than an hour of playing time, ranging from drones to pure harsh noise attacks while exploring the cosmic theme of four gas giants - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Digipack with 8 page booklet. Limited to 300 copies. [label info]

CREATION THROUGH DESTRUCTION vs. NUNDATA -- "2213: Decomposed Circuits" -- C-60 -- €5
2013 Impulsy Stetoskopu, 036, (ltd. 100)
Noise. Collaboration of two Serbian noise projects. Constructed + deconstructed on 2nd February, 2013 by A. N. and Srdjan Eftimovski. No mastering, no editing, no overdubs, just pure live noise! [label info]

2013 Torga Amun, Amun-067, (ltd. 20)
Field recordings + noise wall. Juicy monolithic record. But, at the same time intense activity and bustle of bazaar day. [label info]

DOR -- "Life in Russhausen" -- CD-R -- €7
2011 Ufa Muzak, UFA 42, (ltd. 120)
Power Electronics. Boundless distance of dark areas, corridors, side streets, bottomless niches. Catacombs of endless labyrinth, suppressing with monumentality of its cruelty. Everyone who is here feels horrifying despair, because this territory is not somewhere outside, it is inside of people. Those who are entrapped, beaten and humiliated. Who lives in a country where treachery and violence has become the basis, where all human rights are defied, and there's only one freedom left: survival and slave submission. The project of harsh analogue anti-music in Power Electronics style, presents its requiem suite of the basics of people's structure resulted in a formula: "Hate your neighbour as yourself". Eight tracks of manic depressive convilsions. Sick therapy session either going to cure you, or plunge deeper in the abyss of the vicious circle. To all born in the period of new distemper. Russia is an ordeal... 8 tracks, 45 minutes, 8-page cardboard booklet. [press-release]

DOR -- "Something Without A Name" -- CD-R -- €7
2012 Ufa Muzak, UFA 52, (ltd. 120)
Power Electronics / Angst Pop / Shoegaze. Entering the forbidden territories can turn into nothing but total change. Returning into habitual environment is a catastrophic experience, strongest shock of striking difference. Familiar things, people, feelings, dreams turn out to be covered with thin layer of rot and decay. Time of absence turned into "time" of instand death, past and future combined in a dead-end, hidden from the visible existence, and everted to destroy everything completely. If once you touch this hardly visible gray mirage, the objects and forms of living and non-living nature turn into cloud of ashes. That's exactly why there are only two ways: do not enter, or do not return. The second album of DOR presents the radical view of another world. This is not the complete oblivion of the present, but already highly intensive attention to those who stayed at this side. Hammering as pales for the construction of huge columbarium with thousands of non-existing names, philosophic shots, tracks of this album call in there. While listening to them one has to concentrate not to be carried away... 7 tracks, 50 minutes, 6-panel cardboard sleeve with a postcard. [press-release]

EMIL BEAULIEAU -- "Moonlight In Vermont" -- CD -- €10
2005/2011 Hospital Productions, HOS-RRR
Noise. The true sound of love by America's greatest living noise artist. [label info]

ESCUADRON DE LA MUERTE -- "Omnia Vincit Mors" -- CD-R -- €7
2010 Ufa Muzak, UFA 34, (ltd. 141)
Apocalyptic Noise / Power Electronics. Going wind in black pits, in ropes with no way out. This is the situation of reality. All of you are sitting tied to chairs, and information goes right in your brain. Abnormal, infinitely violent and compressed. Blood, lies, hunger, money. Smell of a burned human being and nature of depravity felt in killing fields. Bile of the world, in all corners of constant inconceivable depression. The project from South America presents an hour of music full of total strain and moral hardiness. This is not just noise in it's common form, this is a completely new level where this project exists, leaving behind all rivals. Prepare for adrenaline shock and remember - there's no way out. Escuadron De La Muerte is the music of crisis, all and everything, without an end. [press-release]

FLUE -- "Beyond The Edge Of Nowhere" -- CD -- €10
2007 Diophantine Discs, n = 7, (ltd. 500)
"Beyond the Edge of Nowhere" is Flue's first full-length album, following the trio's debut 7" in 1999 on Obuh. This is a wonderfully atmospheric and experimental recording: the enchanting and mysterious sounds are created largely from guitars, bass, and synth, imparting an extremely unique feel to the work. It is certainly a very active work, with many diverse elements and threads fused and juxtaposed together (often simultaneously) into a cohesive whole, lasting for fifty minutes... Flue consists of three figures from the Bay Area experimental music scene: Mason Jones, Jason Stein, and Chris Miller. Mason is known through his solo work, the classic Trance project, and his Charnel Music label. He has also been a member of many groups, including SubArachnoid Space and Culper Ring. Jason has been a member of SubArachnoid Space and Tekachi, and Chris has also been a member of Tekachi. This album features guest contributions from Geoff Walker (Gravitar)... The CD comes packaged in an elegant blue paper wallet with silver printing. [press-release]

FLUTWACHT -- "When the Dogs Come Out" -- CD-R -- €9
2004 Deserted Factory, DF012, (ltd. 150)
Brutal German power electronics, Genocide Organ school. [YAOP]

FURRR -- "s/t" -- 7" lathe-cut -- €15
2020 Nazlo Records, NzR147, (ltd. 20)
Experimental / Techno. New 7" single by the prominent post-idm \ ritual glitch project Furrr - only 20 two-sided lathe-cut square records. [label info]

GALKINA / AVRORIN / DMITRIEV / LIS -- "06.01.20" -- C-20 -- €6
2020 Nazlo Records, NzR145, (ltd. 30)
Electroacoustic / Experimental / Musique Concrete quartet from St. Petersburg, Russia.

GASPARIN, GI & ANDREINI, JACOPO -- "Il Giro del Mondo in 80 Pezzi" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 Lunhare, zzz - 8, (ltd. 100)
That is, "Around the World in 80 Tracks". Gasparin and Andreini are active in the Italian impro/alternative circuit since the early 90's. Here they join forces and travel around every musical genre and style you can mention. This is the world music you'll never find in a world music shop. [label info]

GOVERNMENT ALPHA vs .NYCTALOPS. -- "Into The Stupor" -- CD -- €9
2012 Sickcore, SC24, (ltd. 250)
Psychedelic Harsh Noise split from Tokyo, Japan and Andreevka, Russia. Glossy digipak with collages made by Yasutoshi Yoshida.
[soundcloud]   [soundcloud]

HEART OF THE WHORE -- "Life Of Vapor" -- 2 x C-30 -- €10
2012 Phage Tapes, PT:142, (ltd. 85)
Harsh noise collaboration by Ohio masterminds Luke Tandy, Matt Reis and John Moloney. Edition of 85 in side-by-side Norelco case with shells stamped with a handmade lino cut. Cover collage by Nate Tandy. [label info]

HOLOCODER -- "Arctica" -- CD -- €7
2020 MIC Label, MIC 012, (ltd. 100)
EBM / Future Pop. Holocoder is delighted to present its new album: “Arktika.” The LP features the rhythmical and vivid sound at the intersection of EBM, synthpop, and futurepop. The lyrics recount the conquest of Arctics by brave polar explorers, the real heroes who sacrificed themselves for the future of their motherland. Our long-time fans will be surprised with the new versions of “Enemy Nation”, one of Holocoder’s top hits, and “Necrolife”, a song from the eponymous single edition that now has its lyrics in Russian. [label info]

INADE -- "The Crackling Of The Anonymous" -- CD -- €10
2001 Loki Foundation, LOKI29
After 5 years since the last studio album Aldebaran, we can finally announce the release of a new full lenght work. With The Crackling Of The Anonymous, Inade move beyond all pre-conceived notions of sonic creativity. The plethora of puzzle pieces that interconnect in the expanding universe that Inade unwaveringly explores have grown amorphous, no longer defined by distinct outlines, melding as one whole, obscure entity. The expansion comes in many levels, incorporating the vast parameters of time, dimension and reality as viable participants in Inade's aural objective: to shine a light on the enigmatic unknown and give it a vague silhouette. The dark and hallucinatory masterwork that is The Crackling Of The Anonymous, is constructed via the never heard utterances of the void, while tapping into the psyche of the impossible. A stunning release that defies all logic because it creates its own! [press-release]

J ORPHIC / EPOCH / TSIDMZ -- "Unsere Weltanschauung" -- CD -- €10
2015 UFA Muzak, UFA68 / Sulphur Flowers, SF5, (ltd. 300)
Combative martial industrial / Neoclassic. Ladies and Gentlemen, UFA Muzak presents you the fresh almanac album from the new names of the European industrial underground. This recording features a dozen of chapters comprising musically and artistically all the important events in history, politics and economy from the traditional point of view of these artists who give special meaning to their work. You will have the complete image of aesthetical and cultural movement, inalterably keeping the idea of resistance against the modern decay, which, we have to say, increases its power and scale with every year. Back in 1938 Julius Evola wrote in German press, that a European started with eliminating the hierarchy inside of him and used his freedom for spiritual destruction, and only then called these phenomena of decline and decay with such innocent words as "progress" and "democracy". The music of these projects loudly claims one should not forget about the spiritual factors of the real European Unity which is now subsituted by such an absolutely degenerating market phenomenon as European Union. The album is split in three parts and each of them brings its own colour to the whole picture. J ORPHIC: Epic symphonic aquarelles of the various chapters of history in periods of especially solemn, triumphant and critical moments. As if you're in the Vienna Opera caught by fire, but the concert doesn't stop until the last line is crossed. EPOCH: Plunges you in a constrained world of hypnotic techno rhythms combining melodic anxiety with looped orders / incantations. No concession to the New World Order! The head is swirling of stupefying adrenalin raising its amount in blood. TSIDMZ: Here oriental tunes melt incredibly with waltzes of the previous century and clash of the cavalry timpani. Restless whisper spells the possibility of the Fourth World War amidst the unstopping mechanichal rattle. Despite of using the whole pleiad of sonic colours, "Unsere Weltanschauung" sounds as a united whole, and it offers some surprises even for the very experienced genre addicts. Carthago delenda est! 12 tracks, 63 minutes, 8-page booklet. [press-release]

K2 -- "Musik Fur Enthauptung" -- CD-R -- €7
2013 Impulsy Stetoskopu, 034, (ltd. 100)
Noise. New material recorded in spring 2013. Ultra-compressed cut-up harsh noise.

KAYAKA / VITALY MAKLAKOV -- "Estol Voice / Untitled Mix" -- CD-R -- €6
2012 Ostroga, OTR-022, (ltd. 50)
Kayaka - pseudo-songs played with deliberately childish and at the same time near-industrial approach. Vitaly Maklakov - one long collage made from many different sound sources: from sampling old records and tape manipulations to deep ambient and psychedelic noise.

LE FUTURISME -- "Instrument Of Darkness" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Valgriind, VG 28, (ltd. 50)
Industrial / Experimental. Radical art on the border of obsession and adequate perception. Straem of deformated crunch, going through consciousness like a hymn of electric beast in whirlwinds of magnetic fields. [label info]

LINGUA FUNGI -- "Flowery Dreams" -- CD -- €10
2006 War Office Propaganda, WOP 23
Dark Ambient. Magical journey through the strange dreams in beautiful flowery scenery, drifting and melting. No sharp line between sorrow and joy, dark and bright moments. Lingua Fungi takes us along on the trip to the land of subconscious. Real instruments - flutes, guitars, bass, mandolin and different kind of ethnic percussions mixed with ambient soundscapes. Glossy varnished digipack designed by Michal Karcz. [label info]

LUNDE, ERIC -- "Mimefistofele" -- CD -- €10
2011 TraitMediaWorks, tmw030
Experimental / Noise. Are you familiar with opera? Then Boito's Mefistofele ought rank right up there, despite the sickening stench of an omnipresent g*d, but the devil has the game in this one and its worth listening to "son lo spirito che nega sempre tutto". Anyway. Eric Lunde has taken the first act of this beloved opera and given it the reduplication treatment. Layered and processed, it barely sounds like the original, which was the intent. Harsh, nearly criminal assault on this beloved masterpiece of evil, sin and redemption, except that now the devil comes out on top... [label info]

MACHINEFABRIEK -- "Vloed" -- CD -- €10
2008/2010 Cold Spring, CSR138CD
'Vloed' is a collection of (slightly edited) live performances, recorded between 2006 and 2008 in Amsterdam and Den Haag. "All performances find Machinefabriek in fine form, offering up thick billows of warm guitar shimmer, fluttery staticky ambience, and at one point some uncharacteristically heavy super distorted metallic guitar, but here, it's not so much metal as simply a mighty drone, thick and throbbing and super intense. There are long stretches of near silence and super minimal high end drone, glimmering slow building crescendos, squalls of distorted choral buzz, warm whirring metallic reverberations, shimmery and dense black dronemusik, all the stuff we love about Machinefabriek" (Aquarius). Beautifully remastered with a 20-minute bonus track, 'Vloed' captures the immersive live experience of a Machinefabriek concert. Presented in a stunning matt digipak with modified artwork. [press-release]

MAEROR TRI -- "Multiple Personality Disorder" -- CD -- €10
1993/2009 Purple Soil, pulse zero: six
Repress of the first CD release by Maeror Tri (1993, Korm Plastics). "Multiple Personality Disorder" is a concept CD divided in four long parts recorded back in 1991 that fully showcase their mastery in distorting drones and layering guitar sounds. Stefan Knappe and Martin Martin Gitschel now record under the guise of Troum. Presented in a very nice 6-panel digifile with booklet and postcard, featuring the original (yet unused) cover for the album's initial 1993 release. Expanded liner notes and the story behind the album by Frans De Waard. [Cold Spring]

MAJDANEK WALTZ -- "Die Blinden Schutzen" -- CD -- €10
2016 Sulphur Flowers, SF 7
Catharsis as art - the new full-length work of the leading Russian dark-folk project perfectly transmits the feeling of the devouring purification: death folk still has the right to exist, although most part of the time we are immersed in the deep swamps of dark ambient, embraced by the mysterious neoclassical chimes. 6-panel digipak in slipcase. [label info]

MAKLAKOV, VITALY -- "56°29'20''N (56.488839) 63°26'10''E (63.435983)" -- CD-R -- €7
2016 Monotype Series, (ltd. 20)
Field Recordings. The recording was made on 03.07.2015 at an unnamed lake lost in the woods of the Dalmatovsky district of the Kurgan region, Russia. Subsequently, the material was digitally revised. Packed in a hand-painted monotype (oil on water) sleeve with an insert. Each copy is unique.

MAKLAKOV, VITALY -- "Library Dream" -- CD-R -- €6
2016 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_3, (ltd. 30)
Drone Ambient / Noise. Shelves and old books covered with dust like with a blanket. Neither people nor timber worms won't disturb its dream stretched out to subjective millenia. Are you ready to plunge into the depth of their dreamy choir? Would you risk to send your astral body to their dreams risking not to go back? We just offer the gates there in a form of the album by this Ural-based artist and noise composer. CD-R with printed surface, packed in half-DVD box. [label info]

MAKLAKOV, VITALY -- "Nochniki" -- C-60 -- €11
2017 Ostroga, OTR-091, (ltd. 30)
Light of a night-lamp enveloped in myriads of insects. Tactile world of a summer night. The caves of the old Trans-Ural house, covered with thousands of living points. There is air, land and water. The recordings of the album include: field recordings from the village of Malyi Atyaj and the sound of homemade analog synthesizers. [label info] Handmade cardboard cover with a 16-page mini-booklet and a numbered card with an artist's fingerprint.

MEDITATIONS -- "Eternal Absence" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2008 Small Doses, dosethirtythree, (ltd. 115)
This is the third release from this trio - Franklin Teagle, Matt Yacoub, and Ryan McGill (Bones of Seabirds). Schizophrenic noise -PE-like one moment dark ambience in others - of the highest order - drenched in feedback with a heart of stone. [label info]

2008 Cold Spring, CSR102CD, (ltd. 1000)
Released on the occasion of Merzbow, Sutcliffe Jügend and Satori at ULU, London, 19th April 2008. Japanese Noise, Power Electronics and Fortean Electronics from these 3 giants of the Noise / Industrial scene, with one exclusive studio track from each act. This CD is presented in a full colour card slip and is shrinkwrapped. [label info]

MILLER, SCOTT / LEE CAMFIELD / MERZBOW -- "No Closure" -- CD -- €12
2013 Cold Spring, CSR185CD
"No Closure" is the collaborative output of ex-Sutekh Hexen members Scott Miller and Lee Camfield, with Japanese noise mastermind, Masami Akita, aka Merzbow. Mixing elements of psychedelia, black metal, doom and industrial music, the three musicians created a spellbinding work of experimental art... Conceptually crafted in a dark basement recording studio in the Mission District of San Francisco and later fleshed out in Tokyo, Japan, Miller, Camfield and Akita have completely pushed the boundaries of sound far beyond their individual comfort zones. With the implementation of standard instruments being force fed through loop pedals and precise layering, multi-instrumentalists Miller and Camfield set out to build an album rooted deep in the exploitation of intentional rhythms and deliberate patterning... Through their use of guitar, bass, drums, organs, synths and vocals, purposely devoid of their usual feedback drenched and oscillator projections, they left the inevitable incorporation of varied sound manipulation and textures strictly to Akita, thus giving birth to these two tracks. A 44 minute long masterpiece of epic mind warping experimental composition. [press-release]

MINOTAUR -- "Obsession" -- CD -- €10
2012 Phage Tapes, PT:160 / The Institute For Organic Conversations, {OR/CO} 40, (ltd. 200)
Power Electronics. Minotaur is a power electronics project featuring James Keeler (Wilt) and George Proctor (Mutant Ape). Obsession deals with sexual themes with lyrics appropriated from the book Delta of Venus by Anais Nin. Nin is known for writing short stories in the 40’s about taboo sexual experiences but often discussed erotic situations from a feminine point of view. [label info]

MONUMENT STRAKHA -- "Monument Strakha / Spring / Shadow" -- 3 x CD-R -- €13
2011 Retrogad 02, 03, 04, (ltd. 30)
A 3 disk set containing the recordings of the Leningrad-based band Monument Strakha (Monument Of Fear). Retrogad 02: "Monument Strakha" - contains same material as the cassette released by Ultra label. The press-release says: "A hard case of late Soviet proto-pseudo-quasi-gothic from rainy Leningrad of late 80-ies. The released was announced by ULTRA as far back as 1995 but because of mysterious disappearance of the master tape in the archive depths of bass player Yuri Kovalsky and it's lucky discovery just in the end of 2008, the release is made only now in mass edition of 30 copies for especially steady maniacs. Sound a la Joy Division or Bauhaus, sepulchral lyrics, the atmosphere of invigorative dread and black humour"... Retrogad 03: "Spring" - a reissue of rare cassette from 1991. Retrogad 04: "Shadow" - mini-CDR with previously unreleased audio and video materials... The set also contains 3 posters and is packed in black PVC sleeve.

MUTILATED SLUT -- "Acid Attack" -- CS -- €9
2015 Terror, TR-37, (ltd. 100)
Noise. Recorded in 2009 by Hal Hutchinson. This release consists of one 46 minute track, offering sounds of corroded metal slashing human flesh, vitriolic & diseased feedback, field recordings of violent & tormented suffering in industrial hellholes, with all manner of other fucked up & infected horror recorded to 4 track tape & drenched in acid with the intention to disfigure, maim, torture and kill. Edition of 100. Material repeats on both sides. [label info]

N.B.S. (NEKAYA BULKAUSHAYA SREDA) -- "From Space Chaos To Cosmic Noise" -- CD -- €7
2012 Provoloka, PRVLK-0003, (ltd. 500)
Analog Synth / Sci-Fi / Power Electronics. The project appeared during the expansion of the so called "Izhevsk wave". First recordings were made in 1992 (mini-album "Centuria"), and resembled the works of classical electronic composers, but with a touch of retro-futurism. The last album was a one-session recording made in 1997 on a Polyvox synthesizer, lost soon after the recording. However 10 years later the author has wound this work, converted it to digital format and gave it to the label. Now we proudly present this weird agressive synth-based power electronics charged with a spirit of Soviet sci-fi. [label info]

NYTT LAND -- "Skopun" -- CD -- €10
2016 Sulphur Flowers, SF 9
Nordic Folk. All lyrics on this album are taken from the "Elder Edda" (Edda Saemundar), mostly from "Prophecy of the Völva" (Voluspa) and sung in ancient Icelandic language, the language in which "Elder Edda" was written. All musical material was performed on reconstructed ancient Scandinavian instruments from the times of the original epos was conceived: bowed lyre (tagelharpa), overtone flute (seljefloyte), frame drum, mouth harp. [from the authors]

OBOZDUR -- "Raw Expressive Forms - Vol.4" -- CD-R -- €6
2019 Heart-Shaped Box Prod., HSB-118, (ltd. 30)
Experimental / Noise.

OBOZDUR -- "Raw Expressive Forms - Vol.7" -- CD-R -- €6
2019 Heart-Shaped Box Prod., HSB-117, (ltd. 30)
Experimental / Noise.

ONE DARK EYE -- "Transmissions Of Fistulae Auris" -- CD -- €10
1994/2010 Industrial Recollections
Rodger Stella of MACRONYMPHA with his obscure experimental yet crude noise cut up's. Re-issue of mid 90's Mother Savage Noise Productions tape on Industrial Recollections. [label info]

ORDER OF THE VIOLENCE -- "Studies For Degeneration And Destruction Of Brain Cells" -- CS -- €7
2014 New Approach Records, NAR10, (ltd. 100)
Power Electronics from Serbia (side-project of CREATION THROUGH DESTRUCTION).

PROPERGOL -- "Un Dechainement De Violence / Cleanshaven" -- CD -- €10
1997/2006 Functional Organisation, functional 015
Industrial / Power Electronics. Both first released in the last decade as CD-Rs only in a very ltd. edition of 99 and 200 copies! This are the first releases and first recordings by Propergol and are true pearls and wanted Industrial releases. Both are digitally remastered for a perfect sound like a sharp knife or lets better say razorblades! This French project delivers dense unhealthy atmospheres, well structured power-electronics, noise supported by dark & loud rhythms and samples, collages and some vocals. [label info]

PSYCHIC TV -- "Live At Thee Marquee" -- CD -- €14
1988/2013 Cold Spring, CSR189CD, (ltd. 1000)
PSYCHIC TV's complete, unheard show, recorded at the prestigious Marquee Club, London, 20th May 1986. For this event Psychic TV were: Genesis P-Orridge, Alex Fergusson, Mouse, Matthew Best. Ltd x 1000 copies, featuring an 8-page booklet of unseen photos. [label info]

2015 Torga Amun, Amun-091, (ltd. 15)
Experimental noise wall. Excellent texture and oscillations. Design: Vitaly Maklakov. Pro-CDR, 15 copies. [label info]

THE RED TIBET -- "Canal Army Songs" -- CD-R -- €7
2019 Kislorod
Neofolk / Soviet. Soviet heroic songs performed in a renewed way by the people who most probably have been listening to England's esoteric underground at their time. The album is dedicated to "the Great Construstion of the White Sea – Baltic canal in the name of Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, 1931-33". The program features the canal army song in Russian and Italian, a song about the austere Arctic, a song about Dzerzhinsky, and a psychedelic dream of the same canal army man. Great work with sound and arrangements, invigorating energy, sensitive balance of pathos and self-irony! Packed in a heavy glossy 4-panel digipak.

REDUCTIO AD ABSURDUM -- "Do You Feel Crunch In Your Ass, Yellow Bastards?" -- CD -- €7
1997/2012 Provoloka, PRVLK 0004, (ltd. 375)
Fifth album of the veterans of post-Soviet noise industrial music, previously released by Ultra label in 1997 as a cassette edition of 30 copies. The reissue also features bonus track "Subfrontal zoomorphism accompanied by dysphoria" taken from "Zvukoterror-3" compilation (Ultra, U25, 1998).

REGOSPHERE / XIPHOID DEMENTIA -- "Subterranean Transmigration" -- CD -- €10
2014 Phage Tapes, PT:208 / Annihilvs, APEX2014-02, (ltd. 500)
Dark Ambient / Industrial. On this split release, REGOSPHERE and XIPHOID DEMENTIA take a joint exploration of remote territories; lowering the listener into deep, cavernous tonal atmospheres, as finely tuned deathindustrial synth drones blaze a harrowing sonic journey across desolate, frozen psychological landscapes. [label info]

RENOU, CHRISTIAN / THE BASTARD NOISE -- "Brainstorming II" -- CD -- €10
2009 Housepig, HPIG-20
Christian Renou really should not need an introduction. The French master of detail has been cranking out releases under the name BRUME since the mid-1980's. On "Brainstorming II" THE BASTARD NOISE and Renou prove once again they are capable of creating some of the most haunting and progressive collaborations beheld. Renou brings unnerving rhythms + unsettling concrete sound; Wood fuses insect with cruel-tech; both exponentially more than the sum of their parts. "Brainstorming II" is startling in it's beauty, fascinating in it's discomfort, spacious and intense. Housepig is blessed to deliver sounds of such advanced design. [label info]

RENOU, CHRISTIAN + K2 -- "Untitled Collaboration" -- CD-R -- €7
2011 Test Tone Music, TTMR-005
Mail collaboration between Christian Renou (Brume) and Kimihide Kusafuka (K2) recorded in 2002 and released only in 2011.

RHUCLE / KROMESHNA -- split -- CD-R -- €7
2018 Monotype Series, (ltd. 50)
Ambient / drone split of Japanese and Russian artists. Packed in a hand-painted monotype (oil on water) sleeve with an insert. Each copy is unique.

THE RITA -- "Eyeliner Into Nylon Back Seam" -- CD -- €10
2012 Sickcore, SC-25, (ltd. 250)
Harsh Noise Wall from Canada. Digipak.

RULLA / MONTAGE -- "Gray Comedy / Messin'" -- CD -- €10
2005 Monotype, MN006
Finnish-Japanese power electronics split.

SANSPATRIE -- "Aentropia" -- C-22 -- €6
2020 Nazlo Records, NzR143, (ltd. 30)
Experimental / Noise. The debute work by the Berlin-based project. Single-sided j-card on metallic paper and recycled tapes. [label info]

SEKTA PHOENIKSA -- "Vozdeystviye (Impact)" -- CD -- €10
2009 Provoloka, PRVLK 0001 / Tomsk - 001, (ltd. 250)
Old-school industrial band from Siberian city Tomsk, Russia. First album was recorded at 1999 and reissued on 2009 on CD. Insane synth pulses and mad psychedelic guitar sound - if you love old Throbbing Gristle sound (end of 70') - this is for you! [label info]

SHIFT / SICK SEED -- "s/t" -- CD -- €10
2011 Freak Animal Records
Industrial / Noise / Power Electronics. Shift at his most aggressive here. Monolith track from harsh crackling industrial noise with aggressive voice to thick and heavy droning sounds with subtle spoken word sampling. Sick Seed presents 3 tracks of caveman power electronics. Ugly, fierce and nasty stuff. Packaged in jewelbox with 3 full color insert cards. [label info]

SUBKLINIK -- "Musik For Dekomposition" -- CD -- €10
2010 Fall Of Nature Records, FN06
Death Industrial. Since 1996, Subklinik has continued to create some of the darkest Death Industrial / necro-soundscapes in existence. Enter "Musik For Dekomposition", the latest full length from Subklinik, featuring six torturous expressions that convey a foreboding atmosphere abundant with feelings of death, and isolation, manifested through a sonic vortex of analogue filth and decay. [label info] "Lo-fi, unsettling, and ultra grim, this immediately takes me back to the early-mid' 90s and the heyday of the Slaughter Productions cassette scene." [Jason Mantis, Malignant Records]

TEATRO SATANICO -- "Der Tod In Venedig" -- CD -- €10
2016 Ufa Muzak, UFA72, (ltd. 170)
Macabre Synth / Cold Necro Wave / Experimental. Here we have a unique release - reissue of the long sold out album, so unusual that its extravagance can only compete with the cause of such a collection of rare compositions. The album title sounds a bit pretentious, but it has very few lines of contact with famous literary and cinematographic sources. "Death in Venice" refers to the famous "Island of the Dead - San Michele", the necropolis, privileged refuge for the dead of this city on the water. This place is famous for the numerous burial places of renowed artists, and already in the second number we meet one of the "Cantos" by Ezra Pound who found his last resort in this place. Free poetry of this eminent American rebellion has to be heard, not read... music as expression, words as echoes, spoken long time ago. The Italians will never disown their sacred and forbidden figures of their culture, and the third number features lines from the monster novel, the mystery novel, unfinished, interrupted by the author's death - "Il Petrolio" by Pier Paolo Pasolini. Sound design, musical patterns, peculiar flow of images made of deadly techno rhythms and hissing layering synthesizer backgrounds. Spiral up further, another symbolic figure of Julius Evola is waiting for us. Text from the book "Meditations on the Peaks" disclosing the sacred symbolism of mountains as habitation of gods, where rulers and warriors go, where yogis achieve full liberation. The atmosphere is rarefied, so little oxygen that one has to breath deeply, feeling ringing in ears because of pressure, but the beauty has to overpower all unpleasant feelings. What next? The song with the same title as a theoretic book about suicide, we hear flappings of predatory owls in the night. From which world have these messengers come? Or was it a gondola that brought us to cypresses of San Michele? It's early to disembark, the rhythm pulls swings up and down, up and down. The original album is supplemented with three tracks, visions and insights continue. Charon hasn't yet received the payment for transportation, still lying under the deadman tongue according to the funeral rite... 9 tracks, 65 minutes, matte 4-panel A5 digipak. [press-release]

TELOOPERATOR -- "Crions" -- CS -- €7
1999/2015 NEN Records, NEN01, (ltd. 33)
Telooperator is a 'salute' smelling of low-end port "Agdam" and iron red-hot with the sun from Rostov-on-Don of Russian "dashing nineties". The only record of Telooperator, Crions, is soaked in science fiction. At the same time this is a full-blooded commentary on Russian reality of millennium end, which was fun and scary as the world was bulging at the seams. Still Crions value should not be reduced to an archive value. It is something more than a sample of an early wave of Russian post-industrial, a product of the age of net-zine RWCDAX and SEVER mailing list. This is a demonstration how absence of map or ignorance of genre boundaries promotes discoveries. A minimalistic burst of power electronics slipping into catatonic pseudo-techno sounds fierce, sometimes naive, but always refreshing and well-timed. Recorded by Konstantin Mezer (SAL SOLARIS) in 1997-1998. First version appeared on now defunct Moscow label Grief Recordings in 1999. Remastered in 2015 by Arnold_pR (REUTOFF). Cover photo: Polina Vrublevskaya. [label info]

THIRDORGAN + OBOZDUR -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €7
2016 Heart Shaped Box prod., HSB-098, (ltd. 25)
Experimental analogue / digital noise from Japan and Russia. Source tracks provided by Obozdur (Vitaliy Maklakov aka Light Collapse, Krimeshna, etc.) and transformed by Thirdorgan (Akihiro Shimizu aka Alienlovers In Amagasaki).

TROUM -- "Acouasme" -- CD -- €10
2015 Cold Spring, CSR213CD
After the much praised collaboration with RAISON D’ETRE released summer 2015 (“De Aeris In Sublunaria Influxu”) and the final volume of the ‘Power Romantic’ trilogy with “Mare Morphosis” in late 2013, “Acouasme” is the first full length album from TROUM in over 2 years. With this album, TROUM wanted to go in a completely different direction, creating a ‘harsher’ and more ‘Industrial’ sounding album as a contrast to previous releases. But through the trademark troumatic machining, the final result doesn’t sound at all like standard harsh noise – it’s rather industrial noise as if filtered through a feverish dream, through a deranged perception. The six long tracks of pestering transrational drones on “Acouasme” sound like an aural psychiatric symptom, a humming hallucination leaving the stable reality. [press-release]

TROUM -- "Mare Idiophonika" -- CD -- €10
2010 Silken Tofu, stx.12, (ltd. 500)
Mare Idiophonika ('The Self-Playing Ocean') is the new album by the German duo TROUM and contains the studio-version of the live programme Troum performed in 2007, with a new ending added later. Using bass, guitars, metal objects, voices and choirs and for the first time also singing-bowls and ‘dry’ beats Troum creates yet another magnificent journey into unknown dimensions. Its sounds are stunning and enchanting, leaving one in a state of bewilderment while exploring the world of the unconscious. With its compelling drones and haunting atmosphere Mare Idiophonika is a masterpiece of transcendental soundscapes. It is a mind-blowing dreamy and moving experience, reaching out towards the inner self and beyond. [press-release] European edition in oversized cardboard folder with silver print.

TROUM -- "Syzygie" -- CD -- €10
2013 Cold Spring, CSR183CD
Formed by Glit[S]ch and Baraka[H] in 1997, Troum rose from the ashes of Maeror Tri. The duo create unbearably beautiful drones, multi-layered transcendental noise, and highly atmospheric dream-muzak. Syzygie: Zusammenkunft und Gegenschein zweier Planeten, or: an antithetic relationship between (personified) beings of the spiritual world and their shadows. A collection of rare / deleted tracks from compilations Vol. II (1999-2002). Everything recorded by TROUM between November 1999 and May 2002 on analogue 8-track. 9 meticulously crafted tracks, carefully compiled by Troum and delicately remastered by Martin Bowes (Attrition). [label info]

TROUM -- "Tjukurrpa (part two: drones)" -- CD -- €10
Transgredient Records, TR-01b
This part two is dedicated to "drones", presenting five highly atmospheric and droning tracks ranging from minimal to monumental sounds, from dark ambient to more ritualistic areas: these are drones to loose your rational mind in. The music on Tjukurrpa II is made by loops based on metal-sounds, percussion & other more obscure sources, as well as mouth-organ, choirs, guitars, and effects. [press release]

TROUM -- "Tjukurrpa (part three: rhythms and pulsations)" -- CD -- €10
2003 Transgredient Records, TR-01c
Dronecore. This is the third part in Troum's Tjukurrpa-trilogy, following part 1 (harmonies) and part 2 (drones). This final part is dedicated to "rhythms" and "pulsations", with a focus on rhythmic, pounding, looping & repetitive elements and structures. With Tjukurrpa 3, Troum shows a not so well known side, using the trance-power of repetitive textures. In every of the seven extensive tracks (playtime 66+ min) rhythms in various moods build the basis: from smooth ambience-pulsations over ritualistic surroundings up to ecstatic pounding harshness, from underneath & soft pulsative patterns up to evolving harsh & overwhelming rhythmic loops. The music on Tjukurrpa 3 is made by raw & processed loops & handplayed percussion, along with electric guitar & bass, balalaika, mouth organ, male & female human voice, flute, and accordeon. No samplers, synths or computers used. [press-release]

VASSBOTN -- "Besok Fra Italia" -- C-45 -- €7
2015 Terror, TR-30, (ltd. 100)
Noise. "Besok fra Italia" is the second full tape release from Norwegian/Italian Vassbotn. 45 minutes of rich, dynamic and enjoyable old school harsh noise recorded straight to tape and dubbed from tape. Vassbotn is a continuosly changing and evolving noise animal so you never know who or what is standing behind the name, what these noises mean and what is the purpose of it (tension shoots through the roof). A tape for purists who does not care about the names, titles and medals, but cares about noise and it's quality. [label info]

VERDANT -- "Sincerity" -- CD -- €10
2013 Existence Establishment, EE17, (ltd. 200)
Power Electronics. Verdant is Zach Adams who is also the man behind BKPR the esoteric and obtuse harsh noise project of relative obscurity. With this new work Adams presents a new dimension to noise in the form of quiet power electronics. The work of Verdant focuses on spoken word, secret promises, dusty corners, delicate instruments, and obsolete equipment. In the span of a few tracks Verdant’s sound can range from a seething attack of brooding noise and industrial to carefully constructed soundscapes that have been packed away in the attic of an old victorian where even the walls whisper of the things they’ve seen. Sincerity opens up a complex inner world of lost loves, silent betrayals, hidden jealousies, and blind grief forcing the listener to stumble in the darkness of a familiar place. The album is limited to 200 copies in a full-color 4 panel digipak. [press-release]

VO.I.D -- "Alloskren" -- CD -- €10
1998 Membrum Debile Propaganda, MDP 6000-27
Czech noise industrial, power noise electronic project from Decin, acting between 1994 and 2008. Line-up: Martin Jarolim – vocals, effects, Vojtech Hanka (later Robert Hnat) – keyboards, electronics, noise generators. Original conception of the project can be characterized by its leader M. Jarolim words as a thunderous prayer, transcending the world's din into Silence.

WERKRAUM -- "Kristalle" -- CD -- €13
2005 Ahnstern, Ahnstern 10
The new mini-album of WERKRAUM is not only fascinating because of it's gracile perfection in composition and musical virtuosity, but also through it's musical diversity, supportet by Nicholas Tesluk and Robert Taylor (CHANGES), by Nick Nedzinsky (LADY MORPHIA) and by Antje Hoppenrath. Fulfilled with traditional melodies and psychedelic moments, WERKRAUM guides the listener in a magical world of acoustic sounds and picturesque poetry, telling from ancient fairiedays. The 6 beautiful Folk-songs of this mini-album together fill handsome 32 minutes. [label info]

WHITEWATER ORGASM -- "When Was I Ever Wrong?" -- CD -- €10
2012 L. White Records, LW-070, (ltd. 200)
Do you like power electronics from Finland in the way of FREAK ANIMAL or FILTH&VIOLENCE? So here you can have it! 3 releases from WHITEWATER ORGASM before came only in a limitation of less than 50 copies each! A fulltime album of finest power electronics mixed noise walls, blowingly harsh vocals and ritual synth landscapes! [label info]

WILL OVER MATTER -- "Lust For Knowledge" -- CD -- €10
2011 Freak Animal Records
Industrial / Dark Ambient / Noise. Freak Animal Records is proud to present new album of Will Over Matter. Band continues its path to new dimensions. Utterly unique approach bordering genius and utterly insane. Making choices that nobody else dares. Will Over Matter's take on esoteric-industrial noise abandons the cliche's of dark ambient/reverb drenched ritual muzak etc. It doesn't sound "retro", yet approach has more in common to M.B. and Musiikkivyöry for example, than contemporary noise. [label info]

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Ivan The Terrible" -- 2 CD -- €15
2015 Ufa Muzak, UFA 70 / Anenerbe Music Club, (ltd. 300)
Bombastic martial / Strange Neofolk / Weird electronic / Obscure ambient. Ufa Muzak in cooperation with Anenerbe Music Club presents to all fans of epic, conceptual and electronic music this 2-CD album with a collection of tracks from bands from all around the world, dedicated to the film by Sergey Eisenstein "Ivan The Terrible" (1945-1958). Over 100 minutes of the most varied and interesting sonic palette present the contemporary soundtrack to the motion picture which is a milestone in historical cinema. Big and complex work which was never entirely finished (being shot during the World War II, 2nd part released many years after the first one, 3rd part remained only in screenplay, preliminary sketches and notes), containing mystical prophetic motives of the tragic role of the country at the crossroads of world history, offering most violent physical and moral ordeals. The very image of Ivan IV The Terrible, ruling Russia during 50 years in uneasy times, is very ambiguous and open for research, and at the same time it is a historical symbol of those times, inspiring not only science workers, but also artists to create works in honour of his name. Having this monumental picture created by the genious director, now the musicians make no less painstaking work to express the breath of those dark times, soaked in dissension, wars, tyranny, oprichnina and constant civil strifes. If you care about the history of Russia, history of cinema and its masterpieces, actual and thoughtful Industrial / Neo-Folk scene, be sure this album will bring a lot of pleasant surprises. The Word and the Deed. NOISES OF RUSSIA, AIN SOPH, L'EFFET C'EST MOI, TEATRO SATANICO, SCHRK, TSIDMZ, ZLYDOTA, LONSAI MAIKOV, PARZIVAL, DER ARBEITER, VIR', MOON FAR AWAY, NECROPHONIX, REL', BARBAROSSA UMTRUNK, NEVOD, ANENERBE MUSIC CLUB, SPECTRE. [press-release]

VARIOUS ARTISTS -- "Truth Is Invented By Liars" -- CD -- €10
This CD was produced for to the 2012 Japan tour of Dave Phillips & Francisco Meirino and features 5 Noise / Avant-Garade / Electro-acoustic artists from Japan and Switzerland all with original tracks: DAVE PHILLIPS, FRANCISCO MEIRINO, RUDOLF EB.ER (R&G), ABISYEIKAH, MASS PHALLOCENTRISM ATTACK.

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