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Greetings amigos,

This is what we received in last couple of months: the new collaboration of raison d'être & Troum "Xibipiio. In And Out Of Experience" dedicated to a special concept of existential fickleness found in the Amazon Pirahan tribe, 2 recent tape releases by Bad Sector ("Absolute" and "Live at Maschinenfest 2015"), some raw noises from Terror (Lithuanua) and Dotsmark (Japan).

New stuff from Russian local scene: nicely looking cassettes from Otzepenevshiye (kind of a double album on two different tapes, 2CD version will come in November), solo album of Max Khachmanukian (Cyclotimia, Archon Orchestra, Sphere Rex) following the path of neoclassical minimalism, fresh releases by such projects as Neznamo, Пустота, Laskovoe Echo, and new editions from Intonema, Stauropygial Records, Nazlo Records, and much more...

The October mixtape is available on mixcloud like always:

Take care, see you soon!

I. Reviews

Melodie Des Vergesens "Palustre Genesis" CD-R:
Uhushuhu ~ Ogni Videniy ~ Lunar Abyss CD-R:
V/A "The Owls Are Not What They Seem: David Lynch Tribute Remixes" 2 CD:

II. Forthcoming events

04.11.2017 - Elektrovigvam 4
St. Petersburg, Hexagon. More info...

St. Petersburg, Opera. More info...

Moscow, ШАГИ. More info...

Moscow. More info...

Ekaterinburg, Svoboda. More info...

St. Petersburg, MOD. More info...

St. Petersburg, Opera. More info...

Moscow, ZIL Arena. More info...

30.11.2017 - Cyclofillydea - XX years!! Act Two. Apotheosis!!
St. Petersburg, Zoccolo 2.0. More info...

Moscow, Chinese Pilot Jao Da. More info...

St. Petersburg, Fish Fabrique. More info...

III. New items in mailorder catalogue

CDs & CD-Rs

Airth / Triangular -- split -- CD-R -- €7
2012 No Brain Productions, NO BRAIN PRODS. 016, (ltd. 51)
Polish quartet Airth performs viscous cold winter Drone Ambient based on obscure cello sounds. Triangular from Chile presents frosty Droning Noise Ambient making an impression of music played by some Scandinavian act like Nordvargr or Northaunt. Sleeve + insert. [YAOP]

Amy Weinrausch / SUPERROR / OS125 / Henry C. Rial -- split -- CD-R -- €5
2013 Shit Noise Records, SNR 433
Appetizing noise split by four projects. Amy Weinrausch presents long meditation made of dark base vibrations in vein of Abruptum. SUPERROR - digital psychedelic noise cocktail. OS125 - melodious lo-fi digital noise / ZX-Spectrum style. Henry C. Rial - Harsh Noise Wall of highest quality. Sleeve. [YAOP]

Audiocum / Fbrz -- split -- CD-R -- €5
2008 Cnccr / Självmordsoljud, 015, (ltd. 50)
Great quality live recordings of furious feedback-ish Harsh Noise in Masonna style from French and Swedish projects. Last track by Audiocum - 22 minutes of insane moving harsh noise wall. Sleeve, cover made of beautiful metallic polymer film, xeroxed insert. [YAOP]

Bagman -‎- "Men Who Solicit Sex" -- CD-R -- €5
2012 Murderabilia Records, MR003, (ltd. 100)
Sex, prostitution, sexual violence... a study in five parts on the topic of unlawful sexual solicitations, a truly masterpiece of power electronics by Mr. Bagman. Cdr comes in jewel case format, wrapped in black cellophane, 8 pages booklet with graphic arts by Agresso Expresso and one special sticker as insert. Limited to 100 copies. [label info]

Blackphone666 -- "Accumulation" -- CD -- €10
2017 [...]dotsmark, ooo-31
Harsh Noise. Extreme electronic music act / original harsh noise sound seeker from Tokyo, renowned for tons of gigs, "BLACKPHONE666" drops his long-awaited 1st official release. "BLAZE" is started with nervy electronic sound, then, gradually torture your ears. "OXD" destroys your audible field with rough energy. When you listen these 2 tracks, you must notice why worldwide listeners from various genre rocks out by his sound. "BLACKPHONE666" is the leading act of relentless electronic music in the 21th century. The time has come when his "Accumulation" of pitch-black noise overflows from speakers around the world. The remix tracks by ENA (Samurai Horo) and KYOKA (raster-noton) are recorded as the bonus tracks only for CD. These 2 impressive artists create edgy and dope re-construction of his blackphone noise, like no one else can do. The mastering is by Noguchi Taoru, who has worked with Nisennenmondai, Kukangendai, Atsuhiro Ito, etc, as the recording/mastering engineer. [label info]

cleaninglady -‎- "Monday 11_03_13 BizCDr" -- bizcard CD-R -- €2
2013 Cantankerous Records, CAN-073
We are honoured to release cleaninglady's first physical offering. One prime slab of Serge modular synth destruction, artfully sculpted tones weave in and out of each other intertwining to form a rich tapestry of eclectic hard synth beauty. [label info]

DJ Kaos -‎– "Look What They've Done To My Brain Ma" -- CD-R -- €5
2012 Vomit Bucket Productions, VBP 106, (ltd. 30)
Spacey atmospheric Psychedelic Harsh Noise. Totally trippy sound. Sleeve. [YAOP]

Dotåbåtå ‎-- "Lumber" -- 3"CD-R -- €5
2009 Cantankerous Records, CAN-036, (ltd. 40)
Meditative Drone Ambient performed on a semi-acoustic guitar with a tube amp. Enchanting. Sleeve, full-colour cover, insert. [YAOP]

Emme! ‎-- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €5
2011 Sincope, SIN004, (ltd. 25)
Abstract industrial noise composition from the Italian project. For the fans of Nurse With Wound, Throbbing Gristle and Ur. Sleeve. [YAOP]

Horst Quartet -- "Edged Timbre" -- CD -- €10
2017 Intonema, int023, (ltd. 200)
Horst Quartet is a Finnish band formed in 2010 which has released several cassettes and two CDs. In the recent years though, their latest work has not been published. Now their original free improvisation is mixed with electro-acoustic experiments and working with the space. Their new album Edged Timbre, released by Intonema label, states exactly these new trends in the work of these Finnish musicians. The result is on the edge of music and sound art; sound structures built in real time; sound concentrated on itself; acoustic instruments, preparations and electronics. [label info]

Hruzt ‎-- "Junk Not Dead" -- CD-R -- €7
2013 Sickcore Special Edition, SE-02, (ltd. 30)
Underground Russian Harsh Noise / Power Electronics from the cult project known in narrow circles. Very powerful and clean sound and lots of interesting takes. 8-page red & black booklet. [YAOP]

Jesus Of Nazareth -- "The Shame Of Being A Child" -- CD -- €10
2006 [...]dotsmark, ooo-11
2nd CD of US Extreme crazy erectlo noise grind unit. Jesus Of Nazareth are unit by Jake Cregger (Shit On Command, Triac). He seems to be conscious of a machine noise grind. However, actually he take in various elements, and he becomes a very individual sound. Grind, Gabba, Drill'n base, Industrial, Gothic, Noise, Collage... Most brutal and cruel! Heresy of grind! [label info]

Keitai Denwa Chudoku -- "Hiwaon" -- CD -- €10
2001 [...]dotsmark, ooocd-3
1st full length CD by Japanese mobilephone cheap technoise / ambient unit. Keitai Denwa Chudoku making tracks that used only mobilephone and effect pedals. There were 2 members in this time. One operated mobilephones, and another one operated effect pedals. They repeated recording such as live session. They record the tracks of various styles. Sound like Ambient, Technoise, Techno pop, Harsh noise... [label info]

Khachmanukian, Max -- "De Rerum Natura | Saxophone Quartet" -- CD -- €10
2017 Monopoly Records, MONO XXV
MONOPOLY RECORDS label is glad to present the album «De Rerum Natura | Saxophone Quartet» by Max Khachmanukian. Album’s author is known for being a member of CYCLOTIMIA electronic duo as well as a creative force behind the SPHERE REX and ARCHON ORCHESTRA projects. The musical content of the new album is largely a development of the spectrum of ideas originally conceived within the framework of ARCHON ORCHESTRA project with the only difference that this time mentioned ideas were implemented not in the usual «sampler-synth» format, but rather in an «academic» one and with the participation of the first-rate musicians. The author therefore found it appropriate this time not to «hide» behind a certain name of a project, which is – in his view – more in line with the canons of the so-called official culture... New album could be roughly divided into three parts: The first one is a long-lasting major piece inspired by philosophical poem «On the Nature of Things» by Lucretius. Here the idea of the ever-transforming matter is embodied into a «fractal» method of subtle sequential changes, thus creating a meditative «cosmic atmosphere», alluding both to the future as well as to the ancient past... The second segment is a four-piece cycle for the saxophone quartet. The quartet's debut was held in February 2016 at the Hall of Directorate for Educational Programs in the Sphere of Culture and Art during the lecture-concert «Minimalism. New Simplicity, New Complexity». Despite the definitive proximity of this music to the genre of American minimalism («Opening», «Convergence»), there is also a subtle flare of «orientalism» («Eluding») and some «interventions» into the jazz territory as well as early modernism («Ambivalence»). The third part consists also of four pieces for solo flutes and accompaniment. This time the music – remaining entirely within the same genre – tends to the so-called holy minimalism, containing clear medieval («Descending», «Noel») and oriental motives («Calligraphy», «Humility»)... This album was recorded with the collaboration of The Gallery of Actual Music Ensemble musicians. Glazunov Saxophone Quartet (leaded by Andrei Kravchenko) was founded more than a decade ago, and is known for its regular concert activities; the quartet is a participant and winner of numerous musical competitions and festivals. Polish flutist Edyta Fil, a graduate of Chopin Music Academy in Warsaw as well as Strasbourg Conservatory, a winner of many international competitions. Svetlana Boichenko, a graduate of the Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory, all-Russian Bella Voce competition diploma winner, performs the soprano in the main composition... By the agreement with the Beauton Art Gallery, album cover art is based on the work of Danish artist Kirsten Rotbøll Lassen. [press-release]

Koikaze -- "Pyramid Blast Order or The Gospel to the Lovers of the 21st Century" -- CD -- €10
2008 [...]dotsmark, ooo-15
Koikaze is a collaboration of Marco Maruyama (Variations Of Sex), Kiyoshi Mizutani (ex-Merzbow) and Katsumasa Motoki. Their first album is dedicated to the escape from noise establishment towards song-oriented music. Of course there's not much of traditional songs here, still lots of noise, surreal sonic collages and transcendental vocal performances. New extreme form of pop-music! [Monochrome Vision]

Masked Diode -- "Chusu Shinshoku" -- CD-R -- €7
2010 [...]dotsmark, ooo-18, (ltd. 200)
Masked Diode - Japanese power electronics project which released their debut album ”Dojin no shinkeisen” in 2005 on a German label L-White Records. Later the albums were released by such labels as L-White and Open Wound (run by The Grey Wolves). This album was released in 2010 and consists of 4 tracks which the musicians themselves call "hardcore electronics" - nervous electronic noise that eliminates excessive decoration with Japanese lyrics full of irony and metaphors. Limited edition with a sticker and an A3 poster. [Monochrome Vision]

The Merlons ‎-- "Water Naked Nature" -- CD -- €7
1996/2005 Shadowplay Release, SPR 015
Russian reissue of the masterpiece of gothic folk rock, also contains the EP "Salamander" (1996). Jewel-case, 16-page booklet. [YAOP]

Nurse With Wound -- "Am Awkward Pause" -- 2 CD -- €15
1999/2006 Jnana Records, UNITED JNANA 1921
Durtro Jnana is pleased to re-release one of the most popular albums in the Nurse With Wound discography. Originally released in 1999, An Awkward Pause adds David Tibet (Current 93), Christoph Heemann, Colin Potter and Petr Vastl (Aranos) to the mix, resulting in an extremely unique sounding and dare we say, rocking release. The two-CD set features a deluxe six-panel digipak and adds to the the original recording an entire disc of previously unreleased material. Most interesting for Nurse fans may be the bonus version of "Two Shaves and a Shine" which contains all the elements listeners will need to take and create their own mix. Absolutely essential! [press-release]

Origami Swan -- "Traditional Kaiju Violence" -- CD -- €10
2013 [...]dotsmark, ooo-17
The debut album of the Canadian band fomed in Vancouver in 2004. They combine many styles of extreme music (death metal, black, grind, breakcore, emocore, noise and industrial) and create interesting interbreeding. If you can imagine a jam session by Discordance Axis, Painkiller, Merzbow, John Zorn and Venetian Snares - this could sound alike. The musicians themselves call their music "chaos without reason" and tell that it is close to the insanity of the modern Japanese culture. That's why they draw their inspiration from Japanese music, building songs with mysterious storylines, modulated vocals (like in power electronics) and weird guitar riffs. [Monochrome Vision]

Playing With Nuns ‎-- "Frolicking Through The Meadow" -- CD-R -- €5
2011 Dark Meadow Recordings, DMR012
Experimental Ritual Drone Ambient following the aesthetics of Matthias Grassow, Lustmord, Klaus Wiese... Music of endless wastelands in the rays of sunset and midnight sabbaths. Full-coloured sleeve. [YAOP]

Praying For Oblivion ‎–- "Cathartic Disgorgement" -- CD-R -- €5
2007 Roil Noise Offensive, RNOCDR083
Great moving American Power Electronics / Harsh Noise Rumble. Insane drive against obscure nodding. Full-coloured sleeve. [YAOP]

raison d'etre & Troum -- "XIBIPIIO. In And Out Of Experience" -- CD -- €13
2017 Transgredient Records, TR-12
The second part of the collaboration that started in 2013, now all RAISON D'ETRE source material was used, processed and mixed with additional recordings by TROUM (guitars, voices, flutes, accordeon, cello, violin, didgeridoo, dombra, tapes, found sounds...); sounds completely different than part 1 ("De Aeris"..)! Based on a notion of the fascinating Amazonian Piraha tribe, this is an excursion into nine different micro-worlds of perception and consciousness. Music that reaches for the eternal, but it only exists in the very moment. [label info]

Shiver -‎– "Born To Lose" -- 3"CD-R -- €5
2011 Diazepam, dzp 01
Mighty Italian Power Electronics from a member of UR and chef of Diazepam label. Dense electronic roar in vein of such projects as Brethren / Control / Slogun. Mini-DVD case with b/w cover & insert. [YAOP]

Sick Seed -- "Prison Songs" -- CD -- €10
2016 Filth And Violence, 153 / Terror, TR-43
World consists of various prisons. Different geophysical locations, different cells, different guards though couple of things are common to them - darkness and sounds, echoing from dark cells of everyone's own slammer. What do different protagonists see when they peek into others' cells. And what sounds do they hear? New Sick Seed album explores different angles of that in his newest album "Prison Songs". Dark, weird, scary and different from what has been released any time before it. CD in jewel case with more than 45 minutes of fresh material. Filth and Violence and Terror co-release. Artwork by Si Clark. [label info]

Solvent Cage ‎-- "Ceremony" -- CD-R -- €5
2014 Iceage Productions / Smell The Stench, ICE037, (ltd. 25)
Magickal, ritual Droning Noise of the highest level. Sleeve. [YAOP]

Soma, Tomoaki -‎- "This Old Tale" -- CD-R -- €7
2014 Highland, highland-10, (ltd. 20)
Static, meditative, ringing Drone Ambient from the Japanese artist, submerging into the atmosphere of an ancient magic tale. Sturdy craft cardboard with hand-printing and full-color insert. [YAOP]

Variations Of Sex -- "My Cock Is Beyond Good And Evil" -- CD -- €10
2006 [...]dotsmark, ooo-12
Variations Of Sex is the project of a Japanese musician Koichi Maruyama. This third album was initially released on a CD-R by his own label Elekt, and now reissued on a CD with a bonus track placed in the beginning of the album. Koichi uses analogue synthesizers, effect pedals, samplers, voice and metal percussion. Turning into a moster during recording sessions, he then calmly edits the material in the studio, and his noise music turns out to be incredibly powerful yet intelligent. [Monochrome Vision]

Wormhead ‎-- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €5
2012 Vomit Bucket Productions, VBP 094, (ltd. 30)
Expressionist German Harsh Noise full of base rumble, feedbacks and metal clanks. Black & beige sleeve in retro style. [YAOP]


Bonch-Bruevich, Rachel -- "Untitled 1978" -- 7" lathe cut -- €16
2017 Nazlo Records, NzR071, (ltd. 20)
new record / old music. found-art / outsider art / hauntology. 7" lathe-cut, ltd. to 11, handmade envelopes, record labels made from old pictured probably made by the author, late-Soviet outsider piano-player and composer. [label info]

VIII Months -- "Rose and Cross" -- 7" lathe cut -- €9
2017 self-released
Fresh wave of neofolk from the shores of Neva river! Three tracks composed in best traditions of the European classics. Integrity, mysticism, minimalism, lyrics in Russian language. Clear 7" lathe-cut records with mono sound, 45 RPM.

Yen Pox & Troum -- "Mnemonic Induction" -- 2 LP -- €25
2002/2016 Burning Inside Records, BURNIN01, (ltd. 500)
First released on cd on Malignant in 2002. First time ever released on vinyl. Limited to 500 copies worldwide. Given their separate history as masters of droning atmospherics, and their mutual admiration for each others work, a collaboration seemed only natural. Now, after years of discussion, Mnemonic Induction has finally materialized on vinyl, resulting (not surprisingly) in one of the greatest, most mind bending works of dark ambient ever. A 60 plus minute exploration through nebulous, grey areas of the mind. Expansive drones and spiraling vortex' of sound that hover near the shadowy, distorted zones of a nightmare before ascending to mountainous heights and dense, billowing climaxes. This has a remarkable, liquidous feel that unfolds in a fluid, intense nature. Patterns converge and meld seamlessly as layers of sound are added and subtracted; thundering lows rise up from the abyss, and spiral into the stratosphere, only to dissipate into a vacuumous black hole. The effect is something that plays on the mind, recalling moments before complete wakefulness exists. A tattered and restless dream state where images & thoughts flicker and appear from a fog. Designed by Stephen O'Malley, housed in an attractive gatefold sleeve with thoughtful tekst. [label info]


Animal Liberation Factory / Second Signaling System -- "SP1Λ // VVMVV" -- CS -- €4
2017 Nazlo Records, NzR074, (ltd. 16)
"it has become a tradition in our post-traditional society to make a split release in august, this time from two collectives alike, sharing passion for reverberation, meditative sound, located nearby geographically and having a thirst for unclear and ambiguous historical allusions and also audio tapes - because of the latter (in terminal phase) the title track of the first band has turned into a random abstract remix of a song by vysotskiy, which may be even interesting to some point as nobody actually loves him - in short, a knot of irrational semantic weaving, a bundle of circumstances, music of future, retrowebpunk and stuff like this... handstamped and handnumbered on the inside bnw covers" [label info]

Bad Sector -- "Absolute" -- C-48 -- €20
2017 Luce Sia, 035, (ltd. 60)
BAD SECTOR’S “Absolute” is in fact seing the light for the first time as a physical release in a cassette edition, limited to 60 numbered copies now! The tracks featured in this tape were composed over the years as soundtracks for underground videos, or scientific documentaries and then rediscovered and compiled in this work. This incredible collection of tracks was previously made available through Bad Sector’s homepage only for free download in 2015. [label info]

Bad Sector -- "Live At Maschinenfest 2015" -- C-60 -- €13
2017 Raubbau, RAUB-054 / Pflichtkau, pflicht 073, (ltd. 200)
For more than two decades, Massimo Magrini aka Bad Sector has succeeded in spellbinding fans of all kinds of eclectic electronic music. May it be industrial beats or ambient - his musical creations range from simply beautiful soundscapes to pulsations that will grip and energize your entire body. Minimal arrangements of distorted bleeps and clicks, distant voice samples and radio recordings of numbers, technical terms or alike blend with farreaching pads, infinitely stretched with massive reverb - thereby generating the impression of moving like a cosmonaut through open space. The reductionistic creations however do not lack complexity by any means, as each sound is allowed to unfold, maximizing each instruments power. The incredible portfolio of Bad Sector is now topped by Raubbau’s release of his live performance at Maschinenfest 2015. A perfectly balanced mix of every facet Bad Sector has to offer. [Ant-Zen]

Bezymjannnyj Vitamin / Fantasticheskaja Zhaba -- split -- CS -- €6
2017 Stavropigialniya Plastinki, LXV / Sharapov Sound System
From the depths of St. Petersburg underground... Bezymjannnyj Vitamin - a project of Galina Chickiss, lo-fi pseudo-pop songs performed on vintage synthesizers, reverb unit from USSR, vocals and nostalgic samples... Fantasticheskaja Zhaba - a project by G. Avrorin, R.A. Pavlov and Sharapov - formless sludge/punk with infra-low tuned dirty guitars...

Fantasticheskaja Zhaba -- "s/t" -- CS -- €6
2010 Sharapov Sound System / Stavropygial Records, LIII / Cerosene / Yaitsekletka
New Noisecore Band initially formed by me to add more Stage Convincingness to Goosli Noise. Included my self on Bass Guitar, Grigory Avrorin on goosli and Szaparow on Drums. Most Concerts and Records featured also Female Vocals. Releas'd with SzSS, Cerosene and Yaitsekletka. [R.A. Pavlov, Stavropygial Records] Artwork by Monopolka.

Fantasticheskaja Zhaba / Pissdeads -- split -- CS -- €6
2011 Sharapov Sound System / Stavropygial Records, LXII
Split of two underground noisecore bands from St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Galkina / Avrorin / Dmitriev / Lis -- "August'17" -- CS -- €5
2017 Stavropigialniya Plastinki / Post-Materialization Music, (ltd. 40)
Abstract music performed on four plastic tubes. "We continue our way along the Primorskiy avenue. From Ushakov roundabout underneath the earth, into the crosswalk near the park. Fullmoon, the water in the Great Nevka has risen, rare nocturnal pedestrians unwillingly participated in the recording - and willingly the night automobile traffic above on the highway." [from the author]

Knurl -- "Phenohalasin" -- C-40 -- €7
2017 Terror, TR-46, (ltd. 100)
Harsh noise. Prolific Canadian noise alchemist starts yet another harsh and noisy journey to microworld. This album is not the one that you can of the "easy listening Knurl with some rudiments of music". On the other hand, it's not a blind, uncompromising brutality. Tape balances in the area that Knurl started to explore in late years - in between anxcious thoughtfulness and shattering world. This is euphoria, hanging in high frequences and the one you can feel physically. It gets calmer just in rare occassions and you are thankful to your ears that they got through it. Until the next wave of noises. Master of this release was lying in here for far too long so I am truly sorry, but at the same time truly happy to say "it's out". Magnificent harsh noise. [label info]

Kubota, Kazuma / Guilty C. -- split -- C-40 -- €7
2014 [...]dotsmark, ooo-30, (ltd. 150)
Split tape by Japanese harsh noise / skull electronics GUILTY C. and Japanese cut-up harsh noise artist Kazuma Kubota. [label info]

Laskovoe Echo / Paragon Belial -- split -- 2 x C-16 -- €8
2017 ЯОП, ЯОП 092, (ltd. 20)
The four cassette sides are like four psychedelic spiral journeys: through a sophisticated meditative industrial avant-garde and powerful earthy Droning Noise with LE, and through the otherworldly space synth Dungeon Drone with PB. A5 cover, cassette with stickers, card with information. [label info]

Neznamo -- "Rite Unknown" -- C-45 -- €7
2017 Moonsun Productions, MS011, (ltd. 20)
Ritual / drone. "This recording is the sonic representation of the Ritual revealed to Neznamo by unknown entity in 2013. The origin of this obscure Ritual and its purpose are still a mystery." [label info] One 22.5 min. long composition, repeated on both sides.

Otzepenevshiye -- "Disconnection. 23 000" -- CS -- €10
2017 NEN Records, NEN17, (ltd. 33)
The lacerated wound of the crucified Madness of the necromagic visual series, black and white suggestive Horror. In the otherworldly quality is represented the necromantic deconstruction, total resistance and dogmatic living frenzy. Execution, yes, the interlacing of the dirty nightmare, the humanoid Death of the inner Enemy with a hypnotic, coarse bass, and at the same time soft. In the process of forming the concept of intersection, the adepts were marked by circles: an alarming, sullen absolute darkness of deep vibrations guitar drone-doom. Pinning dissected protostruktur Abyss. Aaaaaa. Unpredictable and apotheosis! Pervohaos and Mamyr. Dead mystery rattle angels at the bottom end atomic time. [label info] Artwork - cardboard slipcase, two-sided black & white inlay, two cards and a sticker with Otzepenevshiye logo inside.

Otzepenevshiye -- "Disconnection. 24 212 Days" -- CS -- €10
2017 NEN Records, NEN15, (ltd. 33)
The night wall of forest beyond the train window. Memory lapses and the Ural ugluboze. Opium of the people masses and heavy droning psychedelia. I have a chasm in my chest and there my heart hurts. Tracks 2, 5 and 7 created in collaboration with Voron (Cisfinitum), track 5 features short guitar intermezzo by Sergey Milushkin (Vir'). [label info] Artwork - cardboard slipcase, two-sided black & white inlay, two cards and a sticker with Otzepenevshiye logo inside.

Otzepenevshiye / Vir' -- "For a Knife" -- CS -- €5
2013/2015 Freak Friendly D.I.Y., ff020, (ltd. 100)
Reissue of an album originally released on CD by ZHELEZOBETON Distribution Division in 2013, contains two bonus tracks. The original press-release says: "Otzepenevshiye were formed in 2006 and by now have already recorded a conceptual split-album with Allerseelen and Neutral (2008, Ewers Tonkunst / Indiestate), have taken part in a series of releases of the Heliophagia label and contributed to several compilations. The band consists of members of the well-known Russian post-industrial projects Sal Solaris and Reutoff... Vir' dates from 1996, having released some self-made demos, split-releases and two full-length albums: "Lower Forest" (2006, Indie-Go!) and "Horna" (2008, Mosquito Records)... The creation of a collaboration album was conceived by the members of both bands during their collective gig in Kazan'. Through the mutual exchange and editing of material they managed to record not just a split but something more that combined the planes of both acts and surpassed their traditional sound, not always resembling the individual works of both projects. The style of the album is really hard to define but to mark the relative field we could use such tags as sludge / drone doom / industrial / dark ambient... Roaring guitars and the powerful drive of a live drum kit turn into measured industrial drum-machine rhythms, a clatter of iron sheets, synthesizers and field recordings, then again giving room to overdriven strings and profound insane vocals of Sergey Milushkin (Vir')... Metaphysically this album is a kind of optical device, a magic lantern with opaque glass - matching the anguish and desperation of Russian life. However looking more closely one can distinguish amazing patterns on the black soot of this glass behind which shines the everburning living fire."

Pustota -- "Veter V Sosnah (Wind in Pine Trees)" -- C-90 -- €6
2017 Biosonar^Lo-End, 072/2017, (ltd. 15)
90-min cassette. First September winds, clear air and rare sounds of summer house activities. The recording of master-tape was done right on a cassette dictaphone from the last century, on a not very fresh tape which became a fatal turn of events for the sound, as did the re-recording completely downgraded the reality of sounds in tape noise and playback artifacts. No stitching, no mixing, no mastering. Packed in a box covered in tarpaulin, bark and pine needles. [label info]

Pustota -- "Za Gribami (For Mushrooms)" -- C-90 -- €6
2017 Biosonar^Lo-End, 073/2017, (ltd. 15)
Another documentary cassette - the recording was done on a cassette dictaphone during the process of searching and picking mushrooms, the silent hunt. For the whole immersion into the situation of a mushroom-picker all fragments are combined on one side of a 90-min tape, second side features a bonus track with the recording of an autumnal rain. Noisy artifacts filling the tape are the result of re-recording from the master-tape to a cassette. Packed in a box covered with artifacts of forest origin. [label info]

Tiese -- "Show" -- C-46 -- €7
2017 Terror, TR-43, (ltd. 100)
After 4 years with no physical releases, countless delays, changes of plans etc. I am proud to finally present the second release of this Lithuanian duo, consisting of Vilius (Lys) and Antanas (Gana2). They get unbelievably better with every live show and without a doubt, this release is a huge step forward in rough, harsh sound that Tiese builds so professionally. They do not get involved into cheap verbal constructions, but remain true to themselves in sound. Joy of dynamic and energizing noise just before the summer starts. Let the Cobra bless you. [label info]

Velemara / HSSK / VR / Fulmar -- split -- 2 CS -- €12
2017 Terror, TR-40, (ltd. 100)
This double tape release was one of the slowest moving projects ever. That's why I'm so glad that after almost four years of struggling, this 4 way industrial / post mortem / power electronics / noise release is finally out! Almost 1.5 hour of sound under the main unifying theme - city. You must not be a genius to see that some of these projects are directly associated with urban motives - because of their aesthetics, albums, live performances or overall message. But truth is, I could not believe myself how good this double tape sounds and what an amazing atmosphere it creates! The best material to date, presented in four different styles. More atmospheric stuff in black tape: VELEMARA - debut and only album release via Autarkeia several years back. He presents CMI-style industrial at its best. Seeing him on stage or listening to his releases, you can feel that the spirit of CMI is alive. In another country, another form, another mood, but it's here. Gloomy scenery in blind alley of the city... HSSK - he does not appear so often with fresh releases, however the person is active in industrial scene for more than 10 years. Though you could call HSSK sounds as post-mortem, the project provides a bit different sound trip with unconventional instruments in this split while remaining loyal to himself. Darkness and desperation is here. Here you see a ray of light and here it's gone in the mist of the city... White tape with more noisy approach: VR - in late years, VR (Vidine Ramybe) explores skyscrapers through HNW sounds, but not in here. In this split you find primitive and raw power electronics, right where VR started years ago. And though I don't see huge buildings before my eyes while listening to these four tracks, but damn, they are so full of energy and pain.. Powerful!.. Fulmar - debut record. There is not too much you can say about harsh noise, or there is too much and you can start going through all the technical details, trying to put them into one picture. Several live performances in Lithuana and recording. Searching for a shore under waves of noises. And while you are searching, all the people around you, helps you by throwing stones. Alter ego of one pretty well known Lithuanian power electronics act. [label info]

xbelayalaikax -- "s/t" -- CS -- €4
2016 Nazlo Records, NzR046, (ltd. 20)
"at last, after a long break on easy listening and other scintillating overproduced content - normal manly release on tapes, good old left-wing radical noise with near-religious radio connotations from the cvlt noise artist well-known in narrow circles, somehow connected to some fractions of some bands. lo-fi printed blood red covers with a photo by a very well-known photographer vera barkalova, single-sided cassette - one beautiful radionoise track which we won't put in the internet to keep the intrigue..." [label info]

Flea market

Bardoseneticcube - Noosphere - CD - VG+/F - 2008 - Monochrome Vision - mv24 - Ltd. 500 - €2.70
Bardoseneticcube & Lieutenant Caramel - Silence Submarine - CD - VG/VG+ - 2011 - Studio Forum - €3.70
Ierophania - Detstvo (Childhood) - 2 x 3"CDR - VG+ - 2007 - Embrion D - 001 - Ltd. 40 - €3.00
Militia - The Face Of God - CD BOX - VG/P - 2015 - Subterra Recordings - subrec 006 - Ltd. 666 - €8.90
Velemara / HSSK / VR / Fulmar - split - 2 MC - M/VG - 2017 - Terror - TR-40 - Ltd. 100 - €7.20

Don't forget to check the full list of rare & used items with all details, it's here.

IV. Back in stock

Astarium -- "Winter Growths (Part II)" -- CD -- €6
2015 Dark East Productions, DEP 019 / Nihil Art Records, NAR 024 / NitroAtmosfericum Records, NRN-031, (ltd. 1000)
Where the snow covered branches weaved like arches of unknown cyclopean chambers hanging overhead, where unity with nature plunges into the maelstrom of careless dreams and meditations, where the white veil gives delight and peace for tired mind caught the madding crowd... There staring Astarium on the second part of the cycle of records in the genre of ambient with elements of neo-classic and darkwave, dedicated to winter theme. [press-release]

Baker, Aidan -- "Same River Twice" -- 7" -- €6
2004/2014 Drone Records, DR-68, (ltd. 300)
Finally the re-edition of one of the most beautiful Drone EPs (both in sound & artwork) is out, more than 10 years after its first appearance this was the also the very first VINYL release of AIDAN BAKER => two pieces of shimmering guitar drone harmonics, with titles inspired by literature phrases; filed under: Poetic & trancy day-dream-drones ~ lim. 300, colour vinyl, new artwork by AIDAN himself !! [label info]

Breaking The Will -- "Choosing Death" -- CD -- €10
2015 Terror, TR-12 / Narcolepsia, narco062
First full length album in discography of this harsh noise artist from USA. The sounds that were recorded to tapes, released during 5 years of activity, were not only visible and audible in excessive sea of information and sounds, but always attracted attention with truly high quality and well done cut-up harsh noise. This conceptual release was in plans for several years already and is finally out. Almost 40 minutes of preparation, execution, playing, destroying and annihilation is documented in this digipak CD, released in 300 copies. Choosing Death mood varies from darker droney parts and field recordings to openly aggressive and fast cut-up harsh noise. Without a doubt the strongest work of Breaking the Will to date. [label info]

CETb 9/19 -- "5"" -- 5" lathe-cut + tape-loop -- €13
2016 Nazlo Records, NzR063, (ltd. 20)
Tape-loop project of the late Soviet outsider composer Rafael Moron, the tape-eater and one of the few representatives of Russian "musique concrete". This is a double-sided 2 min. single supplemented by an original reel-to-reel tape-loop. Transparent records with info etched on it, sealed in plastic together with original 1/4" tape-loop and spray-painted white carton, numbered by etching.

Circle Of Iron Tape -- “As Kosher As They Wanna Be” -- C-30 (one-sided) -- €10
2007 Monopolka / Emerson Lake & Headache
Another star from our local perverts. One long track starts from cynical insulting and horribly innacurate black metal - throws up few surprises and goes really heavy in places. Picture is the best one i did, really. [press-release] One more project of Dmitry Zubov (aka Hypnoz, Zuboff Sex Shop).

Creation Through Destruction -- "Belt-Zone Circulation" -- CD -- €10
2014 Terror, TR-29, (ltd. 300)
Creation Through Destruction is a more raw harsh noise amplua of Dr Alex (aka Dead Body Collection). This CD is a collaboration of Creation Through Destruction and four Japanoisers - Government Alpha, Contagious Orgasm, K2 and Hiroshi Hasegawa. The CD consists of 4 long tracks that were recorded in 2009-2013 by Dr Alex, using radio static, field recordings (wind, water, trains and various machines) and additional sounds by aforementioned Japanoisers. Sounds - more than an hour of playing time, ranging from drones to pure harsh noise attacks while exploring the cosmic theme of four gas giants - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Digipack with 8 page booklet. Limited to 300 copies. [label info]

Dead World -- "The Machine" -- CS -- €7
1993 Release Entertainment, RR 6049-4
Industrial metal band formed in the US by former Relapse Records art director Jonathan Canady.

Endon -- "Acme Apathy Amok" -- CD EP -- €10
2011 G.G.G.R., 001 / Dotsmark, ooo-22
ENDON is an experimental acoustic collective from Tokyo, first gathered in 2007 in order to bring a decisive rally on contemporary extreme music. In addition to a conventional band formation of vocal, guitars, and drums, there are two additional electronics performers, allowing them to create harsh, distinctive sounds in various chaotic mix of styles ranging from noise, hard core, black metal, industrial, to grind core, through an absolutely physical embodiment of pure hard core mentality. Their staging can be characterized as a plethora of physical and acoustic momentum, with destructive performances involving self-mutilation and bleeding, receiving high critical acclaims in the underground live scenes and are touted as one of the most exciting acts. [press-release]

Fantasticheskaja Zhaba / Vir' -- split -- C-45 -- €6
2012 Sharapov Sound System / Stavropygial Records, LXVII
First side - one long dirty garage 18-min sludge track from Fantasticheskaja Zhaba ("fantastic toad") with viscous greasy guitar feedbacks, super slow drums, yells and moans. Second side - two tracks from Vir': "Irmos" with background flow of distorted bass guitar and layered slices of political TV samples, and "Spiral Canyon" - desolate industrial ambient landscape with hypnotising rhythm.

Frozen Ocean -- "Steamworks: Hibernation" -- CD-R -- €4
2009 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT38, (ltd. 62)
The age of steam technology left almost the same mark in mankind culture history as stone or bronze ages. Locomotives, steamboats, manufactures based on steam power - all this formed the basis for civilization in XIX and early XX centuries. Now this age is gone but it still inspires technical artists working in different genres. The Moscow based project Frozen Ocean also paid it's homage in the form of beautiful old school industrial dark ambient album dedicated to steam technology. Now even the official mass media seriously consider the possible demise of modern industry based on electrical energy (2012 cataclysm) and who knows, maybe today's state of steam machines is just a hibernation before future awakening?... Sleeve + insert. [press-release]

Government Alpha -- "Seventh Continent" -- CD -- €10
2009 [...]dotsmark, ooo 16
An original full length CD last in 00's by Japanese noise hero! CD with six collage leaflets which Yasutoshi Yoshida (a.k.a. Govt.A) produced in special plustic case. [label info]<

Instant Movie Combinations -- "For the Travellers Sadly Walking in Ever Mist" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 Cold Graey, MF07, (ltd. 57)
The first three drone noise tracks are taking the listener to the reflective journey, similar to the one illustrated on the cover. It is the deepest and most complex IMC's work by now, which carries you in a stuffy moonlit midnight, where you must be ready for any suddenness. The three tracks are followed by two additional tracks for a more profound perception. The release presented as a luxury handmade poster-digipack. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Kakawaka -- "Kassette Kassette Wassette Kassette" -- CS -- €7
2005 Monopolka, This is Monopolka 66
Krovastyle from Berlin. Krova – cow (Polish) (so you better don't ask in Poland "Where is toilet krova?". Style – style (English). Looks like a title for magazine, but it's not. Cows are black and white, they have 2 horns, cow gives milk and has four calves. It always chew. Hinduists consider cow to be a holy animal. It eats grass and says "mo-o-o". Krovastyle is true rock'n'roll. Pro-duplicated cassettes. [label info]

Kommando -- "Necroinvasiv" -- CD -- €12
2007 L. White Records, LW-050, (ltd. 300)
They digged very deep in the UMB-archive, and finally brought some really rotten, dirty, sticky "audio-corpses", dated from mid of the 90`s,to the surface. The material had been digitally cleaned and partly restructured for being presented for the very first time on cd. Well arranged power-electronics with distorted screams and aggressiv vocals, leads to the roots of this pre-THOROFON project. [press-release]

Lunar Abyss Deus Organum / Boevye Cikady / Pustota -- "Vetry Pamyati (Winds of Memory)" -- CD-R -- €8
2010 Biosonar^Labyrint, 018/2010, (ltd. 52)
Three live fragments recorded in various years, of the three projects by one person, previously unreleased. L.A.D.O. - calm, almost soporific drone ambient, remote echoes of reindeer breeders tribal songs and howls of wind in the night. Boevye Cikady - a hurricane of digital twists and wildness of information flows, matted in funnels of noise whirls. Pustota - live version of the track "Ravens at the Sea" - dense natural noise, rumpus of crows in spring and a sorm in winter city of Yalta, all mixed on the basis of mountain wind. Each copy is handmade and handnumbered. [label info]

Mortart -- "Annihilation" -- CD-R -- €6
2006 Imbecil Records 017
As it was noticed by critics "in all Mortart's albums slow death approaches to the listener, but in each album it looks a little different". Here it's incarnated as three long and very slow tracks, filled with senseless scraps of human speech and deep low frequencies. Compositions breathe with despair and blackness in listerer's face.

Mutilated Slut -- "Acid Attack" -- CS -- €7
2015 Terror, TR-37, (ltd. 100)
Recorded in 2009 by Hal Hutchinson. This release consists of one 46 minute track, offering sounds of corroded metal slashing human flesh, vitriolic & diseased feedback, field recordings of violent & tormented suffering in industrial hellholes, with all manner of other fucked up & infected horror recorded to 4 track tape & drenched in acid with the intention to disfigure, maim, torture and kill. Edition of 100. Material repeats on both sides. [label info]

Ovro -- "Horizontal / Vertical" -- 7" -- €7
2008 Drone Records, DR-93, (ltd. 300)
OVRO has already been called "the wondergirl of Finnish experimental music" and with this, her first ever vinyl-release, she really proves this! On HORIZONTAL / VERTICAL deep waving droning noises are set against vortexing echoes & swirling digital effects, derived from what could be instrumental sources or object recordings, moving the willing listener into a surrealistic subconscious dimension. Especially on the second side the contrasting conrete material can fill your imagination with "something" that "happens", so captivating & condensed! This music spreads like an unconscious aural travelogue in different spatial directions (horizontal & vertical). What makes OVRO so special is her capability to create very "cinematographic" and "narrative" drone-atmospheres or landscapes, with great care for even tiniest details. OVRO is also a part of the SOME PLACE ELSE-association, together with NIKO SKORPIO. Filed under: Subsconscious Travel-Drones. WHITE VINYL. HANDMADE COVERS PASTED UP WITH NEWSPAPER-SHEETS & FILMSTRIPS. [press-release]

Pogrom -- "Liberal Cunt / Liberali Pyzda" -- CD -- €10
2010/2015 Terror, TR-41 / Filth And Violence, 32
Re-release of the first Pogrom album. Raw and primitive PE. [label info]

Six Dead Bulgarians -- "Reincarnation" -- CS -- €16
2015 Nazlo Records, NzR040, (ltd. 25)
The long-awaited and quite unusual edition for our label normally releasing outsiders and sound artists of various degree of greatness unacknowledged by the fastidious art-establishment. This time on black-black tapes in a dark forest in the light of a campfire we dubbed the material by one of the most prominent Russian industrial groups, Six Dead Bulgarians. As the legend says, "Reincarnation" existed for twenty years in a for of a single non-digitized master-tape that was recently discovered by the members and uploaded in the Internet. We, and probably many others, for a long time have been disturbed by the ritual incompleteness of this act, and untilising some special spiritual practices and social networks we got the agreement from the authors to publish this release physically. To attain the maximum of occultism the production of package was divided in three stages - artwork was done after several days of meditation by the designer named Michael Gorbatchov, inserts with track-list printed in now defunct underground collaborationist printing house run by Aarrewerull Leїba, and the covers themselves were laser-cut on oak plates by our warlock friends from Sketchbook SOL. [label info]

Sputnik 404 -- "Thirteen contacts of milk" -- CS -- €6
2017 Nazlo Records, NzR066, (ltd. 33)
The debut tape from the Russian project based in Khabarovsk, broken beats raised on the foundation of Autechre, Aphex Twin, Muslimgauze and Venetian Snares, yet mutated further with the use of live percussion samples, sounds of military airplane engines and pieces of various weird movie soundtracks. Quite original in a natural way. Recycled tapes and pro-printed covers.

Stpocold -- "What Happened Outside" -- CD-R -- €7
2007 Misfake, MF05, (ltd. 57)
Strange rattling mix of power electronics and modern technologies. Howling feedbacks accompanying by masked and shredded lyrics. Native device pulsations keeps monotonous rhytm and cheap drumbox dies overloaded. Tape loops and digital granulations. Hopeless and boiling, shrinked into oneself atmosphere. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Tchernoblyad -- "Atomophobia" -- CD-R + DVD-R + 2 MCs + book boxset -- €30
2009/2015 YAOP, YAOP 035B, (ltd. 10)
YAOP present special collector's edition of the second full-length album by Tchernoblyad. The release is packed in a gas-mask bag and includes CD-R with the album, DVD-R with a collection of Soviet b/w educational movies about civil defence, two audio cassettes (completely analogue copy from the master-tape + about 40 minutes of exclusive material recorded specially for this edition), ancient Soviet book on nuclear theme from 50-80-ies (unique for each copy) and four printed inserts. Only 10 copies, only 4 of them for sale. [label info]

Vassbotn -- "Besok Fra Italia" -- C-45 -- €7
2015 Terror, TR-30, (ltd. 100)
"Besok fra Italia" is the second full tape release from Norwegian/Italian Vassbotn. 45 minutes of rich, dynamic and enjoyable old school harsh noise recorded straight to tape and dubbed from tape. Vassbotn is a continuosly changing and evolving noise animal so you never know who or what is standing behind the name, what these noises mean and what is the purpose of it (tension shoots through the roof). A tape for purists who does not care about the names, titles and medals, but cares about noise and it's quality. [label info]

Vetrophonia -- "Turning Virgins into Doves" -- VHS -- €7
1996 Ultra Video 01, (ltd. 500)
Performance of the futuro-industrial project of Nick Soundnick and Alexander Lebedev-Frontov in St. Petersburg on August 3, 1996. Bonus - video track of Veprisuicida (solo-project of Alexander Lebedev-Frontov).

Violet -- "Foreign Lands" -- CD-R -- €5
2006 Spirals Of Involution, SOI 051
Russian label SOI Tapes published a set of fragments of live performances made by tireless experimentator Jeff Surak in different places during 2005: Budapest, Pecs, Vienna, Yaroslavl. Abount an hour of live breathing electroacoustic material recorded with the use of various unusual devices (i.e. gusli with several e-bows, microgenerators of wave signals, etc.) and improvised means.

Vir' -- "Nizhniy Les (Lower Forest)" -- CD -- €10
2006/2014 Kunsthauch, scream 5, (ltd. 99)
Reissue of the first album by the Moscow-based sludge / dronedoom / noise band, previously released on CDR by Indie-Go! in 2006. Their basic instruments are overdriven bass guitar, drims and furious piercing vocals by Sergey Milushkin, some songs also feature folk instruments (harmonica, whistle, balalaika, mouth harp), well-placed samples and sometimes quite industrial noises made by metal objects, vacuum cleaner, coffee mill, etc. Quite unique band on the verge of Russian metal and industrial scenes - better listen! The reissue is made in a form of 6-panel digipak inside of a paper envelope with additional print.

Vir' / Ankylym -- "Tribute To Ministry" -- 3"CD-R -- €5
2007 Stauropygial Records, XLI
Each of these two Russian bands performed one cover version of Ministry tracks. Vir' plays "Lava" in their characteristic style: harsh distorted bass guitar, hypnotic drums and samples. Ankylym made a cover on "Stigmata", also in their own style of rollicking folk punk: bayan, tuba, tambourine, balalaika and crazy voices!

Vir' & Alexander Kibanov -- "Sent I November" -- CD -- €6
2017 No Bread!
The next development stage of Vir', the best Russian sludge-and-something project. This record, made in collaboration with Alexander Kibanov, a Siberian sound-experementalist, is named after the story by Tove Jansson "Late in November", the most somber part in Moominvalley cycle. After that book Jansson decided to stop writing the Moomin series. The story tells us of an incredibly rainy autumn, when it seems that the "suddenly summer seemed so far away that it might just as well have never been»; and it comes as a revelation that growing up happens through a loss. It would be absurd to draw direct parallels, but analogies are evident: if we understand growing up as a sophistication and acceptance of the fact that the world is incurably wretched, "Sent i november" is the most grown-up album by Vir'. First, the sound picture is much more intricate and at the same time more transparent than the suffocating drone-noise of recent releases. Second, a strange calm reigns in this album, one could even name its mood 'a violent conciliation'. Yes, the reality is understood as injust and desolate but this understanding does not imply that the observer's agreement to the status quo. In other words, "Sent i november" seems to explain that to understand does not necessarily mean to forgive. [NEN Records]

Wyrm -- "Divination Bones" -- 7" -- €6
2010 Drone Records, DR-99, (ltd. 400)
Excellent abstract drone-experimentalism by this mysterious project by the long active ALLAN ZANE, feat. LIZ LANG (AURACENE); this is second, revised & complete version of both tracks previously released as a picture-7"; silver coloured vinyl & new full cover design. [label info]

V/A -- "Truth Is Invented By Liars" -- CD -- €10
2012 [...]dotsmark, ooo-25
This CD was produced for to the 2012 Japan tour of Dave Phillips & Francisco Meirino and features 5 Noise / Avant-Garade / Electro-acoustic artists from Japan and Switzerland all with original tracks: Dave Phillips, Francisco Meirino, Rudolf Eb.Er (R&G), Abisyeikah, Mass Phallocentrism Attack.

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