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Hello everybody!

On the last day of summer we're glad to provide some fresh material for you open-minded melomaniacs!

Here's what we have today: Have a nice autumn,

I. Reviews

Anthesteria "Eis" CD:
Ästrälflüidz "Mÿsteriüm Mägnüm" CD:
Creation VI & Uhushuhu "Δ" CD:
Siyanie "Mystery of Life" CD:

II. Forthcoming events

St. Petersburg, Cliche. More info...

St. Petersburg, Serdce. More info...

Moscow, DOM. More info...

13.09.2017 - Cold Beat VIII
St. Petersburg, Hexagon. More info...

St. Petersburg, Zoccolo 2.0. More info...

Moscow, Shagi. More info...

16.09.2017 - Board Games Pt. 3
Moscow, Ground Khodynka. More info...

St. Petersburg, Serdce. More info...

Moscow, DOM. More info...

St. Petersburg, Les. More info...

Moscow, Shagi. More info...

26.09.2017 - David Lynch Tribute in cinema
St. Petersburg, Angleterre Cinema Lounge. More info...

St. Petersburg, Avrora. More info...

Moscow, YotaSpace. More info...

St. Petersburg, Place. More info...

III. New items in mailorder catalogue

CDs & CD-Rs

Ajna & Dronny Darko -- "Black Monolith" -- 2 CD -- €14
2017 Reverse Alignment, RA-34, (ltd. 200)
Dark Ambient / Drone Ambient. Despite the continental drift and the apparent distance between USA and Ukraine, Chris F and Oleg Puzan has been working together for some years now. Black Monolith though, is the first release under the Reverse Alignment banner and includes previously released tracks from EP Facing the Void and the long single 1000 Years of Cryosleep put out digitally by norweigan Petroglyph Music in 2013-2014. These have been remastered together with new material, forming a continuum of collaborative work... Ajna, known from it's release "Inevitable Mortality", and Dronny Darko, one of Cryo Chamber's highly esteemed artists, create an alliance in pitch black ambient to carry out our minds to the outer rim territories of discovered space and the dark vastness of a universe without an end... This is beauty and fear, calmness and disturbance. This is the "Black Monolith". [label info]

Alio Die & Aglaia -- "Private History Of The Clouds" -- CD -- €12
2009 Infraction, INFX 037, (ltd. 900)
Ambient. Played and performed by Stefano Musso, Gino Fioravanti and Gianluigi Toso in 2007. Alio Die: Drone, Loops, Zither, Field Recordings, Mixing, Treatments. Aglaia Sounds: Gino Fioravanti - Synth Textures and Analogies, Gianluigi Toso - Programming and Sound Manipulation. Stoughton Japanese style mini-lp gatefold cover.

Beautumn -- "Bordeaux" -- CD -- €12
2015 Infraction, INFX 066, (ltd. 400)
Ambient. The long-awaited new release from Russian ambient artist Alexander Ananyev, Bordeaux is set against an icy landscape with desolate atmospheres. There are though, more dimensions to Ananyev's work rather than just providing backdrop music for snow-driven walks. The deception is in minimal presentation - the more attuned and concentrated Beautumn than in recordings past. Beautumn has always been his ambient vehicle, though there were dabblings in IDM that existed in each of the previous full-lengths - White Coffee and Northing... There is little dabbling here. Beautumn is more focused, but perhaps more interesting as there is so much subtlety being interjected. The mournful violin (courtesy of Maria Romanova) of the title track enhances as a well placed string theme can, without dominating. "Telegram" opens the album and sets the tone of a slowly rotating canon, picking up and resting each of it's components in a ghostly void. The echoed clicking, the sounds of radio, the captured air of a water tower - these familiarities and fingerprints of a well-composed Beautumn track are here and sprinkled over these haunting synth arias. There is something inherently Russian about Bordeaux, about this sound. Tragic, cold, mysterious and beautiful - it is a product of the land whether it is meant to be or not... The design by Pyhai befits this recording perfectly. The visual of a wind and snow swept landscape dotted with isolated structures and lonely winter treks. It is housed in a 6 panel Stoughton printed mini-lp gatefold sleeve. [label info]

Beequeen -- "Ownliness" -- CD -- €10
2002 Infraction, INFX 003, (ltd. 500)
Ambient. A powerful, calm tempest of alternative sounds made of moody (ambient) minimal, post rock instrumentals. Formed by the Dutch avant garde artist Franz de Waard, this project is dominated by impressive guitar textures, shimmering acoustic atmospheres, sustained but discreet drum rhythms and some tape manipulations. A very surprising effort. The whole album is floating into a "sonic" musical landscape. A must for fans of Beneath The Lake and Andrew Chalk... for the others it remains perfect for long "dreamy" nights. [Prog Archives]

Belorukov, Ilia / Maklakov, Vitaly -- split -- CD-R -- €15
2015 Ostroga, OTR-45, (ltd. 26)
Sound & visual collage travel. Different sound sources and instruments, tape experiments, field recordings and samples of different nature, all blending into one surreal landscape. Design - paper collages from Vitaly Maklakov's archive. Each copy has an exclusive hand-made artwork. Pro-CDR, 26 copies. [label info]

Berry, Keith -- "Simulacra" -- 2 CD -- €15
2017 Infraction, INFX 069, (ltd. 400)
Ambient. Expansive new recording from Keith Berry. 2 discs in envelope style inner sleeves, housed in a mini-lp gatefold outer sleeve. [label info]

Berry, Keith -- "Towards The Blue Peninsula" -- CD -- €12
2013 Infraction, INFX 056, (ltd. 500)
Ambient. This is a previously unreleased and new work from Keith Berry. Partially inspired by Koda's "Movements" full-length recording from almost 10 years ago, Berry has moved away from the computer-based compositions of 'The Ear That was sold...' utilizing Akira Rabelais's Argeiphöntes Lyre software to something a bit more windswept perhaps or at times aquatic and organic sounding. Not that prior endeavors were ever easily categorized as computer-based, or sterile environments - quite the opposite. What makes Berry's recordings so engaging, is that one is never quite sure what the source of sound is. It doesn't matter - each piece in their own right is magnificent from the debut 'The Golden Boat' to the twin masterpieces, "The Ear That Was Sold to a Fish" and "A Strange Feather" to "The Cartesian Plane" LP and now "Towards the Blue Peninsula". Berry's recordings are the result of letting ideas take their course, revising, re-visiting and letting the works breathe. Edition of 500 copies. CD is housed in a gloss cardstock envelope and then in a tip-on, mini-lp Japanese style gatefold outer sleeve. Designed by Timothy O'Donnell. [label info]

Black Wanderer -- "Hostile Territory" -- CD -- €10
2017 Ksenza Records, KSZ 018, (ltd. 350)
Dark Ambient / Drone / Isolationism. Black Wanderer (BW) is a new cinematic drone project from Algol. According to the author, BW explores much more inhospitable territories. It focuses on darker minimalistic tunes which suit perfectly sci-fi and horror films. Consider “Hostile Territory” as an alternative soundtrack with more menacing and suspended atmosphere. BW recorded using only bass and electric guitars which deliver more natural ambiance and presence to the sound. [label info]

Cascone, Kim -- "Anti-Musical Celestial Forces" -- CD -- €10
2009 Störung, str006
Field Recordings / Experimental. Continuing the series of field recording based CD's, 'Astrum Argentum', 'Pharmacie: Red & Green' and 'Music for Dagger & Guitar' (aural terrains), 'Anti-Musical Celestial Forces' presents a thirty minute cinematic montage of field recordings -gathered in the fall of 2008 while on tour in Europe, mixed with computer generated textures and spoken word... Brakhage's theorem: 'For any finite series of shots ('film') whatsoever there exists in real time a rational narrative, such that every term in the series, together with its position, duration, partition and reference shall be perfectly and entirely accounted for'. [label info]

Cawatana -- "Comprende" -- CD -- €10
2016 Gradual Hate Records, GH 130 CD / Twilight Records, TW1.147
Hungarian apocalyptic folk band Cawatana returns to the roots with a special release. The purpose of the new CD is to collect the songs from (mostly long sold out) compilations, vinyls and split releases that have been written and published in the first 15 years of the band, into one album... All songs have been re-recorded in 2016 (some of them have been slightly reworked), additionally a new (previously unreleased) version of an old song has been recorded for this release. 10 songs in the "classic Cawatana style": acoustic guitar-based neofolk with martial industrial and neoclassical influences, with the classic lineup of the band including both founding members Kiss Balazs and Sörös Gergö. For all of those who miss the old sound of Cawatana... 4-panel digipak CD with 12-page booklet, containing all the lyrics and information about the songs. [label info]

Contagious Orgasm -- "Dessert Addicts Will Return To This" -- 2 CD -- €20
2004 Ant-Zen, act 171
Contagious Orgasm's new work, two years after 'The Cause Of The Flow', is presented on Ant-Zen as a 2-cd set, consisting of 'Dessert Addicts...' on cd 1 and all of the album tracks remixed by 11 different artists on cd 2. The variety of sounds and musical styles on this album is remarkable. A few examples: dub-like beats ('Livewire Voodoo'), a nearly neo-classical tune with bowed and pizzicato strings ('In the Dim Light'), a surreal piece reminding one of a soundtrack to a picture by René Magritte ('Unstable Parade'), a possible reference to Barry Adamson - that is, 60's movie phrases and jazz trumpet ('Lounge') - and of course the atmospheric ambient soundscapes C.O. is known for. Top all of that off with the rhythmic and abstract usage of various percussion instruments. Also, C.O. has employed found sounds: sounds taken during the project's trip to Europe in 2001, "Peek and Poke" (microcomputer's basic command for 'Read and Write') includes voices and sounds from a German TV documentary - these voice samples have only been used for the sound itself because C.O. mastermind Hiroshi Hashimoto doesn't speak German. Japanese references can be found on the calm, chilling final track of the cd - with this track C.O. masterfully works with beautiful female vocals... CD2 is a reconstruction of the tracks from the album - done by artists from all over the world. Ultra Milkmaids turn C.O.'s work into a Sonic-Youth-like acoustic guitar & electric bass tune. Daniel Menche adds an intense bass, irritating voice samples and lots of noise. Telepherique embeds the strings on 'In the Dim Light' into meditative bass pulses that are followed by shuffling beat sequences. Xabec presents an ambient soundscape with clicks and drones. P.A.L's track is a little radio play based on the German sample "Als ich in die Wohnung kam..." - the story of a worker ant who arrives at home to find it conquered by various uninvited guests. Roger Rotor's unstable parade is a stable, fast tek-track, followed by the dark ambient drones and slight beats done by The (Law-Rah) Collective. Donna Summer says: "Who is Barry Adamson - disco will never die!", and after dancing, it's time to listen to Imminent's strange rhythmic piece. The last two tracks are ambient soundscapes done by Orphx and Ontayso... Packaging: special transparent paper booklet + 2cd-jewelcase. [label info]

Contagious Orgasm + Flutwacht -- "Inspection Of 1 Hour" -- CD -- €12
2009 SSSM, sssm-110 / The Tourette Tapes, tt#17, (ltd. 300)
Following the collaboration track featuring on the FLUTWACHT "Secondface" CD, "Showy atmosphere", here's the first full-length release between the Japanese act CONTAGIOUS ORGASM and the German musician FLUTWACHT. The CD includes 12 "Inspections" for a total time of one hour,and mainly contains Dark ambient/Experimental soundscapes only intermingled with a couple of noisier parts. So, if both acts are already known for you, you'll not be surprised nor disappointed with this album.... in cardboard cover, limited to 300 copies. [Nuit et Brouillard]

Cutcutcutcut -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €7
2016 Torga Amun, Amun-097, (ltd. 20)
Harsh noise / fat collage made from pieces of everyday life. Pro-CDR, 20 copies. [label info]

Doom Of Valyria -- "Warg" -- CD -- €10
2017 Gradual Hate Records, GH 132 CD
Neofolk. WARG is the second album of Doom of Valyria, consist of seven epic tunes that sound to past ages and bloody battles. Folk music set in fantastic literature like Song of Ice and Fire and The Warlord Chronicles. [label info]

Drape -- "Let There Water Air" -- CD -- €12
2016 Infraction, INFX 060, (ltd. 300)
Ambient. Spencer Williams and Ryan Gracey's 2nd full length LP as Drape on Infraction. Analog orchestras and guitar notes that expand for minutes on end. The first two tracks on Let There Water Air are awash in a guitar and cello haze, rising up on 'new mountains' like the morning sun cresting over the horizon. When it gets quiet, as in with the opening of 'Interiors', it is a stark-like Cage piano piece with the sounds of the piano repair shop these tracks were recorded in captured like bits of dust. The buzzing of a not too faraway guitar still makes it's presence known, but it is the slooow melody of textural piano that is the centerpiece here. Where Drape in the past has blended noise AND ambience, here the noise is weighted, perforated and the light is allowed to filter through... All filters aside, Let There Water Air is Drape shining brightly. Balance and restraint - the soft noise of guitar, the melodic anchor of carefully chosen piano notes, the occasional metallic reverb and hum, even a cacophonous (relatively) piano hammering (courtesy of Doug McDiarmid of Why?), and the entwining of guitar strings with cello strings... The CD is housed in a tip-on style mini-lp sleeve with printed inner cardstock envelope. [label info]

Eluder -- "Through Horizon" -- CD -- €12
2013 Infraction, INFX 055, (ltd. 400)
Dark Ambient. Through Horizon documents the voyage of an unnamed vessel through star fields, solar superstructures and dark space. Here, silence is as omnipresent as the metallic creaks of the pressurized ship. The crew, what is left of them now, sleep a dreamless white sleep inside their bio-pods, unaware that most of the ship's inhabitants have long since jettisoned after the impulse-powered craft began to drift into the gravity pool of an unmapped black hole. The clean and cold metal walls and halls seem to breathe with their own slow-motion anticipation as the ship approaches the infinite. From far below the human habitats, the engine levels of the massive ship groan and churn with a near-musical harmony. Small bits of sound can be heard at times in the empty spaces - stuck-loop playbacks of vid-comms and unchecked automations running their diagnostics and scans in circles forever. Parts of the ship have begun to pull apart as the grasp of the black hole nears, and these areas have been auto-quarantined with forcefields that resonate with their own blue machine hum. Untended plant biomes and med labs are overgrown with flora and mold, and the last remnants of the navigation AI occasionally switch on to attempt course alterations and counter-maths to preserve the ship's systems. Somehow, in these emptied spaces, a very human loneliness can be felt. Through Horizon is the last signal propelled from this ship in an effort to warn those in the black hole's path. Its sound-notation and environment image remapping are all the dying ship can think to say as the stars take it back slowly, leaving us only to listen and perhaps decode the coordinates of the vessel's last stand. For now, all we can hear is sadness. [label info]

Fibreforms -- "Treedrums [re/lux]" -- CD -- €12
2013 Infraction, INFX 058, (ltd. 300)
Guitar Ambient / Post Rock. Long before KILN turned to the sunset-soaked textures of Dusker (2007), they made music as Fibreforms. Treedrums (1996) documents their transition from live performance trio to sound-art synergists, balancing symbiotic instrumental spaces of kit-drums and treated guitars with lost & found sound to evoke moments that are at once invigorating and tranquil... Seventeen years later, Treedrums is presented here as an economized, re-amped, remixed, and properly restored archival edition of this once buried treasure of sonic curio. One-time numbered edition of 300. Includes two previously unreleased tracks from that early era. [label info]

Gorovoy, Prohor -- "Don Juan" -- CD-R -- €7
2016/2017 Heart Shaped Box Prod., HSB-104, (ltd. 30)
Experimental / Ambient / Noise.

ISH -- "Structures of Mind / Second Line" -- CD + CD-R -- €15
2017 Aliens Productions, AP 41, (ltd. 50)
IDM / Ambient. Master of natural surfaces and mysterious landscapes is back. Atmospheric temptation aka ISH is announcing his arrival with a new work so after a longer time is his completely hot new work under the wings of Aliens production. Igor aka ISH and his electronic story has already with his first album Resonance Level knew how to attract the attention with his musical merger where the combination of ambient and electronics dominates in mid-tempo and around it revolves many stories and melancholy. New album is a continuation of what Igor has begun. This time the sound and the structure moves into more technical parameters in which plays a strong participation combination of IDM and hypnotic electronics, that stands on analog fragments and alternately dark and dreamy positions in which pulsates nice beats and strong messages. Ish is again something new and in a different plane than offers todays electronic underground. Emotive piece is full of great music and unexplored landscapes. CD is again accompanied with strictly limited musical and visual bonus. First 50 copies including CD bonus printed on profesional CDr with A4 Poster / Card / Badge. [label info]

Jarl -- "Hypnosis Colour" -- CD -- €10
2017 Reverse Alignment, RA-38
Dark Ambient / Drone. Without taking as much as a short break, Jarl is returning with the new production "Hypnosis Colour", mastered by fellow musician Peter Andersson (Raison D'être) and arts crafted by Karolina Urbaniak. Continuing from where "Amygdala Colours - Hemisphere Roation" ended Jarl takes us on a 47 minute trip further into the psyche of human mind. Hypnotically coloured sounds that evovles into a mixture of acoustic and electronic sounds are to be expected. Disturbing and beautiful. [label info]

Khost -- "Governance" -- CD -- €10
2017 Cold Spring, CSR237CD
Doom Metal / Industrial. “Governance” continues KHOST‘s immersion in themes of detachment and dissonance, and ruminates upon the exertion of wills that are not your own, and upon the ways to detect and trace the outlines of the presence(s) that may exert these daily wills upon you, day by day. It was written over the course of the 2016/17 Winter, during times of unease and sickness for the band, including one near-death experience. The resulting album is a hinterland of low resolution transmissions interspersed with broad concrete columns of distortion that loom suddenly from the dim landscape. Governance is like driving at night with your spirituality asleep at the wheel... With demoralizing vocal terror, hypnotic nightmarescapes, frost-encrusted tones, and horrifying rhythms, KHOST’s Governance devastates the listener with nearly fifty minutes of entrancing yet hazardous tectonic doom-laced revulsion. Features guest appearances from Eugene Robinson (OXBOW), and Jo Quail, and includes a remix of the track ‘Coven’ by Tel Aviv artist Adrian Stainburner... 6-panel digipak. [label info]

La Breiche -- "Le Mal Des Ardents" -- CD -- €10
2017 Cold Spring, CSR224CD
Dark Folk / Ritual / Dark Ambient. LA BREICHE ("the witch") features two well-known musicians: Arexis and Lafforgue of Stille Volk - a band best known since 1994 as one of the pioneers of Pagan Folk in Europe - and of Pagan Black French band Sus Scrofa. "Le Mal Des Ardents" ("Holy Fire") is a concept album about fears, terrors, about the balance between folklore and reason, myth and common sense, light and darkness, past and present, modernity and archaism. The album marries minimalism, purity, a fine approach and ancient instruments: traditional music (hurdy gurdy, shawm, polyphonies, percussion, gongs); the gloom of oppressive dark ambient; the slow pace of ritual music, wavering between modernity and archaism. Voices rise towards beauty, lifting it away from some occult mud. Holy Fire takes us back to a forgotten world - a primal, ancient, wild and free world, pervaded by secret dances of sorcerers', unfathomable forests, remote and lifeless places. 6-panel digipak. [label info]

La Comunidad ‎-- "MK-Ultra" -- CD-R -- €14
2003 L. White Records, LW-019, (ltd. 200)
First release of an new industrial star, finest German power electronics, with themes in the way of SRP and IEG. [label info]

Laskovoe Echo / >o< -- "Death of Underwater Jungle / Baltiki Ystera" -- CD-R -- €5
2017 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT136, (ltd. 25)
The world's most polluted sea, Baltic, as a morbid uterus with its cervix bandaged by a grandiose tumor of militaristic and industrial northern capital of the agonizing empire. The bottom of Baltic sea is covered by unprocessed wastes of mortal activity of the metropolises and wrecks from naval scrambles of imperialist predators, the underwater jungle of its seaweeds is dead. Contaminated ill uterus as a cause for female insanity - mind please, the term "hysteria" came from ancient Greek "hystera", and this term means "rabies of uterus" literally. Baltic region relentlessly supplies us with sad examples of female insanity - the authors were inspired by Ingmar Bergman's "Persona", where pictures of women's madness are set against the background of pines and stones of Baltic shore, and also by the story of lesbian relationship between famous Tove Jansson and her partner, female graphic artist Tuulikki Pietilä on Klovharu island in the Gulf of Finland. The cold and dampness of Baltic lie in wait for a weak female consciousness not only on sea shores... insanity hides in the shadows between the ancient ferns and in creaking of the dilapidated houses of village old women, spreads over the stone trenches of the cold ungracious cities and creeps into dull rooms and lonely beds. All these complex schizo-associative series are raised in the conceptual split of two projects from Ingria. The split of so intertwined and mutually intergrown tracks that it has already turned into an integral conceptual album, just like the ones by the classics of the 70s prog-rock. Creating these analog pieces Laskovoe Echo (ex-Pri Doline Mak) used a lot of devices, closed circuits, radio-stalking, modulation of super low frequencies, synthesizer soup and, at the end of its part (war in the underwater jungle) - rhythmic patterns from glued magnetic tapes. Precise formulations of the entire spectrum of sound, mixing on tape devices, each sound is extracted manually without using the squalid technologies of the future and digital crap. >o< presents one, almost half an hour track (quiet or noisy in its diverse parts), the only source of sound for which was a pack of mica plates produced by the Leningrad mica factory. The result was a harmonious combination of the two projects in a fairly similar sound and frequency range of the ritual-psychedelic Drone Noise Ambient. The digital version of the split is released by Operator Produkzion in a limited edition in double-sided handnumbered covers of the format slightly smaller than A5. [label info]

Light Collapse -- "Human Hologram" -- 8 CD-R -- €30
2017 Torga Amun, Amun-109, (ltd. 6)
Harsh Noise Wall.

Light Collapse -- "Species" -- CD-R -- €7
2017 Torga Amun, Amun-106, (ltd. 36)
Experimental noise / Drone / HNW. A sincere and uncompromising album of Urals project. [label info]

Light Collapse / Cat.n.Bone -- split -- CD-R -- €5
2011 Torga Amun, Amun-023
Experimental / Lo-Fi / Noise. Xeroxed cover.

Light Collapse / Wram -- split -- CD-R -- €7
2014 Torga Amun, Amun-079, (ltd. 15)
Ambient Noise Wall / Harsh Noise Wall. Pro-CDR, 15 copies in special xerox design. [label info]

Lopez, Francisco -- "Untitled #281" -- CD -- €10
2014 Störung, str010
Field Recordings / Experimental. Untitled #281 was created by extreme mutation and evolution of bird calls from original recordings carried out over a period of fifteen years (1995-2010) in multiple wilderness locations of Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Spain, South Africa, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Peru. The most dramatic antithesis of any "birdsong" piece you could imagine. Mutated, edited, mixed and mastered at Mobile Messor (Chafarinas Islands), summer 2011. [label info]

Maklakov, Vitaly -- "Dom Iz Peska (House Made Of Sand)" -- CD-R + zine -- €10
2016 Ostroga, OTR-065, (ltd. 34)
Audio-visual piece of a sunny day in May. Overheard near children's dandpit. Artwork features a mini-zine (A5 format) with a photo report on 24 pages. [label info]

Maklakov, Vitaly -- "For A Distant Lands" -- 2 CD-R -- €10
2017 Ostroga, OTR-089, (ltd. 50)
Ambient / Field Recordings. Two contemplative ambiental works from the Russian musician Vitaly Maklakov (Light Collapse, Kromeshna, etc.)

Maklakov, Vitaly -- "January Collage" -- CD-R -- €20
2016 Heart Shaped Box Prod., (ltd. 5)
A collage of digitally processed anti-records, cassette experiments and live poultry sessions. This release includes an art object / anti-recording + pro-CDR. Each copy is unique. Only 5 copies. [label info]

Maklakov, Vitaly -- "Svad'by Reptiliy Na Ochistnyh (Reptile Marriages At Sewage Facilities)" -- CD-R -- €7
2017 Ostroga, OTR-087, (ltd. 50)
Field Recordings. Albums name speaks for itself.

Maklakov, Vitaly & Chris Silver T -- "Simple Beauty" -- CD-R -- €7
2014 Ostroga, OTR-029, (ltd. 28)
Chris Silver T: electronics, field recordings (nostockproject.wordpress.com), Vitaly Maklakov: electronics, field recordings, concrete sounds. Based on matherials from the projects: Children's Noise Orchestra of Children's Arts School #1 (tracks 1, 3) and Kromeshna (track 2). [label info]

Minadeo, Joseph & Curt Brown -- "Wood Land" -- CD -- €12
2012 Infraction, INFX 053, (ltd. 400)
Ambient. Wood Land is a story of a nameless worker caught in the mundanity of placid bureaucracy. Wood Land is a story of buried towers and subtle rebellion. Wood Land is a story of unsubtle rebellion and totalitarian overthrow. Wood Land is a story of deep space awakening and astronaut spiders. Wood Land is a story of return and reconciliation. Wood Land is a story... Scored by Joseph Minadeo and written by Curt Brown with imagery by both... Sonically, 'Wood Land' was an extension of Joseph Minadeo's first foray into ambient - 'sounds from a photograph', a 'Pearl'-esque LP of Lanois affected piano and placid drones. 'Wood Land' extends that premise and gives a hazy nod towards Noto and Sakamoto's collaborative soft digital clicks and sustained piano... Airy atmospheres are constructed with multiple piano layering plus guitars dissolving into despondant organ, synth sequencing and minimal drum padding. Slow cadences of hope and light are countered with ominous sonatas. Indescernible Vocals, courtesy of Gabriela Kropf, are mixed into the mellotron choirs... 'Wood Land' features deluxe packaging with a perfect bound booklet of 28 pages, matte digipak, housed in a slipcase. [label info]

Moljebka Pvlse -- "Discourse on Lightness" -- CD -- €10
2017 Reverse Alignment, RA-32, (ltd. 300)
Drone / Dark Ambient. After 2015's "A Transformation" Moljebka Pvlse is back with a new work on Reverse Alignment. As the title "Discourse on Lightness" suggest, the new album explore the semantics of "light". As "light" can have obvious different meaning, the three tracks that comprise Mathias Josefson's new album also has a different approach soundwise. As entering track "A History of Levitation" takes a swarming grip on drone with carefully laid out details the second one, "Between Lightness & Luminance", is more experimental, unpredictable to it's character but still keeps to the format. Ending track "A Field Guide to the Sunrise" is somewhat a mixture between the two previous, as if two unmatched views or discourses becomes one common. [label info]

Necrotik Fissure -- "Distant Quasar" -- CD-R -- €7
2017 Torga Amun, Amun-108, (ltd. 30)
HNW from Hungary. Pro-CDR, 30 copes.

Necrotik Fissure -- "Looking Through A Barren Landscape" -- CD-R -- €7
2017 Torga Amun, Amun-107, (ltd. 30)
HNW from Hungary. Pro-CDR, 30 copes.

Neighbor's Nightshade -- "To Heat The Flesh" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Torga Amun, Amun-082, (ltd. 15)
American HNW-meat. Pro-CDR, 15 copes.

Neighbor's Nightshade / Light Collapse-- "Rapid Eye Movement" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Torga Amun, Amun-084, (ltd. 15)
HNW-split of the US and Russian projects. Pro-CDR, 15 copies.

Nytt Land -- "Fimbulvinter" -- CD -- €10
2017 Cold Spring, CSR234CD
Ritual / Nordic Folk. Notably outstanding on the Russian scene and largely compared with the legendary Wardruna, NYTT LAND are unique in their devotion to ritual Northern music and tradition. Their approach, using genuine native hand-crafted instruments, and true Old Norse, help them to grasp the true spirit of ancient Northern music like no one in Eastern Europe has done before. Their music is mostly based on the sources from Poetic Edda, performed in original Old Islandic... "Fimbulvinter" is enriched with instruments like bagpipes and trembita (Alpine horn), and throat singing skillfully used to illustrate the occurrence of the forces of chaos; chthonic monsters in the world of men and gods. Fear and powerlessness alongside belief in the coming revival, renewal... All Scandinavian mythology is permeated with fatalism, humbleness to fate. The same mood saturates "Fimbulvinter". The first part is dedicated to the creation of the world and people, embodying the warm seasons. The second half to winter, the death of all living things... 6-panel digipak featuring all lyrics. [label info]

Offthesky & Pleq -- "A Thousand Fields" -- CD -- €12
2015 Infraction, INFX 061, (ltd. 300)
Ambient. A Thousand Fields offers a splendid representative example of what can happen when two electronic producers pool their considerable talents. That it's the first collaboration between Colorado-based offthesky (Jason Corder) and Poland-based Pleq (Bartosz Dziadosz) comes as a bit of a surprise, given how seamlessly the two have blended their contributions on the fifty-six-minute release. But then again, perhaps it shouldn't be: after all, both producers are veteran ambient-electronic recording artists who collectively have been involved in dozens of recordings, whether they be solo releases, collaborations, or compilations. At this stage of the game, both artists are well-versed in the art of music-making and know how to bring out the best in those with whom they're working. [Textura]

ORDZ -- "Symphony No. 1" -- CD-R -- €8
2016 Torga Amun, Amun-101, (ltd. 44)
Industrial noise symphony by two Italian artists. Each of their new albums represents new instruments, new sound, new ways of expression. Significant conceptual project exploring industrial sound. Original design using layered acrylic monotypes. Each copy is unique. [label info]

Penderecki, Krzysztof -- "Kosmogonia" -- CD -- €10
1974/2017 Cold Spring, CSR238CD
Modern Classical / Avant-Garde. Unnerving, intense, bloodcurdling, sinister, dramatic - the music of "Kosmogonia" features Penderecki's famous, unorthodox instrumental techniques, and some of the darkest music ever composed... Hailed by The Guardian as "Poland's greatest living composer", Krzysztof Penderecki is the maestro behind the unforgettable, disturbing music on The Shining (including 'De Natura Sonoris II', featured here). A complex tapestry of sound with striking use of pizzicato and flexatone, with aggressive barrages from brass and percussion, dissonant woodwind chords, spoken and hissing sounds, fervent strings, swirling organ, climactic choral and solo vocals... Krzysztof Penderecki's unique music has featured in films such as: The Shining, The Exorcist, Children Of Men, The People Under The Stairs, Shutter Island, Inland Empire, Fearless, Wild At Heart, and recently featured on the Twin Peaks reboot... Thanks to the estate of Krzysztof Penderecki, Cold Spring are honoured to present this masterpiece in digital format for the first time since the 1974 vinyl release. Sympathetically remastered for CD by Denis Blackham and Martin Bowes. Digipak. [label info]

Penny Rimbaud's Kernschmelze II -- "Cantata For Improvised Voice" -- CD -- €10
2017 Cold Spring, CSR239CD
Spoken Word / Experimental / Noise. Kernschmelze: ‘the dying gasps of the Age of Enlightenment’. 'Kernschmelze II' is a cantata for voices, in this case the voice of CRASS songstress EVE LIBERTINE, processed by CHARLES WEBBER to almost choral proportions. Working on Kernschmelze II alongside Eve Libertine, PENNY RIMBAUD has been able to produce a classic album on a par with their ‘Acts of Love’ of 1984 (Crass Records). Libertine’s sparse, vulnerable poetics counter the almost Wagnerian scale of the work, challenging preconceptions of what music should be and making strong suggestions as to what it might yet become. Extreme electronics sourced solely from vocal sounds to create noise music of an intense and highly demanding nature. Ecopak with artwork by GEE VAUCHER. [label info]

Pustota -- "V Dva Poluoborota (In Two Semi-Turns)" -- 2 CD-R -- €6
2017 Paper Moon Republic, PMR_11, (ltd. 20)
Field Recordings / Noise. Leningrad-based audio alchemist Evgeniy Savenko is known mostly for his psychedelic drone-ambient project Lunar Abyss. But he also has a more noisy incarnation in his project Pustota where he's mostly busy with dissection and experiments on old hissing audiotapes as well as low-fi field recordings. Paper Moon Republic presents the release combining both sides of the project. Two discs of digitized tape recordings. Two consistent crossfades: from natural field recordings to tape noise on the first disc, and vice versa (from noise to nature) on the second one. Perfect soundtrack for your morning meditation in the kitchen of a Khrushchev-era house. Two CD-Rs with printed surfaces packed in a DVD-case. [label info]

Roadside Picnic / Light Collapse -- split -- CD-R -- €7
2014 Heart Shaped Box Prod., HSB-085, (ltd. 24)
Noise wall / harsh noise wall / experimental sound. The album turned out original and fresh. Even in such genre as wall of noise experiments are possible. First and the most moving part of the split belongs to the project from the UK. Russian project experiments with tapes and composition structure (analog / digital). [label info]

Rose Sobchak vs. Amateur Ant -- split -- CD-R -- €7
2011 Torga Amun, Amun-024, (ltd. 46)
34 min. Fat harsh noise & radio frequency noise. CD-R, 46 copies.

Saturn Form Essence -- "Structure 14-79-33" -- CD-R -- €7
2014 Vibrio Cholerae Records, VHR156, (ltd. 91)
Minimal Space Ambient / Drone.

Semilanceata -- "Dødhelighaz" -- CD -- €9
2010/2015 Darker Than Black, DTB 185, (ltd. 500)
Weird sort of Swedish monotonous instrumental acoustic music (dark folk? post black metal?) played on detuned guitars.

Semilanceata -- "Lifløse" -- CD -- €9
2010/2015 Darker Than Black, DTB 186, (ltd. 500)
Weird sort of Swedish monotonous instrumental acoustic music (dark folk? post black metal?) played on detuned guitars.

Shift -- "Abandon" -- CD -- €10
2017 Cold Spring, CSR236CD
Death Industrial. Following the unrestrained act of aggression that was 2014's "Altamont Rising", Swedish Death Industrial act SHIFT returns to more personal and ethereal domains on "Abandon". Created over a ten year period from a huge cache of sources, boiled down to four tracks of unyielding slow moving heaviness. Abandon features several guest appearances and is SHIFT's most complex recording to date. Spot-varnished digipak. [label info]

SiJ & Item Caligo -- "Queer Reminiscence" -- CD -- €10
2017 Reverse Alignment, RA-37
Drone / Dark Ambient. Since 2015's album "The Lost World" Vladislav Sikach ambient project SiJ released "Reflections Under the Sky" in February 2016. This time together with Textere Oris and under the banner of the Cryo Chamber label. With "Queer Reminiscence" SiJ returns to Reverse Alignment, teaming up with Item Caligo. As you can expect, "Queer Reminiscence" deliver drifting ambient to get carried away with. [label info]

Sirotek / Obozdur -- "Functional Lessons" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Torga Amun, Amun-087, (ltd. 15)
Harsh noise.

Skullflower -- "The Spirals Of Great Harm" -- 2 CD -- €13
2017 Cold Spring, CSR225CD
Noise / Industrial. The new sprawling double disc from black noise classicists Skullflower – referencing Inferno 17, Dante and Virgil’s spiralling descent into the abyss on demon Geryon. Full of harsh beauty and hymns for lost Albions, battle songs against the homogenisation of modern ‘lyfe’ – fuck the new estate!.. “Hedgerows, tapestries, dream woods, dragon lands. After “Draconis”, we have been released to roam through the multiverse, fashioning trinkets and ornaments from jewelled sounds, and leaving them as waymarkers on our astral travels. We seem to be circling, encountering familiar territories, yet always changed, because these circles, from a true perspective; are all part of a great averse spiral, our pattern, our map, which is the terrain itself. You will hear hints and echoes of native keening, lush prog romanticism, and the charcoal textures of noise, but all subsumed within our alchemy, the unmistakable wellspring of sound that is SF”... 6-panel double digipak. [label info]

Solco Chiuso -- "L'Alcova D'Acciaio" -- CD -- €10
2017 Gradual Hate Records, GH 134 CD
Industrial / Electronics. The new album of Solco Chiuso taken his title by a poetry of Filippo Tommaso Marinetti and feature 9 tracks of Extreme Electronics plus 1 track in collaboration with Les Champs Magnètiques. A mixture of electronics, Industrial and noise with a touch of experimental sounds... Solco Chiuso was born in 2014 and is the solo-project of Gabriele Fagnani (Kannonau, Corazzata Valdemone). The name means "closed rut", that was the ancient way to create loop, carving a closed rut on the vinyl and recording on it a sound that play continously. [label info]

Ten -- "Yukon Youth" -- CD-R -- €8
2016 self-released, (ltd. 100)
Guitar Drone / Ambient / Soundscape. The new nine-track album from Leeds UK ambient experimental solo project Ten was inspired from a two-week trek across the grand and extraordinary landscapes of Alaska. Leeds-based artist and musician Dominic Deane started recording the album in late 2014 with long time collaborator, producer and engineer Ross Halden of Ghost Town Recordings, with mastering by Tim Hann. After a short hiatus from other projects, the record was finally completed over the summer of 2016. The album as received some great feedback on BBC 6music, Resonance FM, Crow Versus Crow, Hibernated, Noctone, Shipfull of Bombs, Soho Radio and a feature in Wire Magazine. [press-release]

TenHornedBeast -- "Death Has No Companion" -- CD -- €10
2017 Cold Spring, CSR227CD
Drone / Doom / Ritual. Created from the solitude of the high and lonely places, Death Has No Companion uses the TenHornedBeast aesthetic to explore the isolation of the inner and outer worlds. Discordant piano chords build to shimmering blizzards of feedback. Drones and tones fall like snow and settle in the frozen landscapes. Strings flutter in the bitter winds. Does the spirit not falter when the Wanderer sees the night fall before him? Lamentation and sorrow. Winter eternal and everlasting. We all must walk the Long Road alone. Death has no companion. 6-panel digipak. [label info]

Thorofon ‎-- "This Summer Suicide" -- CD -- €12
2003 L. White Records, LW-020, (ltd. 500)
Fulltime live release from the phantastic concert in Ulm, some unreleased new material, without playbacks and complete live created. [label info]

YAO 91404 D -- "Blackashflakes" -- CD-R -- €5
2003/2017 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT137
Long-awaited digital reissue of the cult album. Gloomiest misanthropic shamanic drone + mid-frequency genocidal industrial. Totalitarian sound of secret laboratories. The album is completed by a 20-minute bonus track recorded in 2012 with the same methods, but new gear. Sleeve. [label info]

Zabelka, Mia & Asférico -- "The Broken Glass" -- CD -- €10
2017 Störung, str011
Electroacoustic / Experimental. The Broken Glass is a work conceived and produced between Austria and Spain and represents the eleventh reference of the catalogue of Störung Label. In this collaboration, field recordings and synthesis processed by Asférico create cyclical and hypnotic structures, which Mia Zabelka furnishes with her violin and voice... The LP consists of two versions of the piece, the first more minimalist and conceptual and the second more rhythmical and synthesizer based... Through a display of distorted and isolated sounds, we are driven in the first version into a deep listening, as if sounds where placed under a microscope or we were contemplating them through a telescope. This approach lets us perceive the bare physicality of sounds in a way which enables us to grasp subtleties and aspects of sound which we are not used to... The second version continues where the first version left us, but in this piece, we are eventually flooded by hypnotic loops, white noise and synthesis and the experience has a different flavor. Now what we have acquired through the first version, the enhancement of our listening and appreciation of subtleties of sounds, is inserted into a rhythmical structure which acts as a strong current, pulling us inside an ocean full of astonishing sounds... In the CD version we also get Sonidos del Subconsciente II (Sounds of the Subconscious II), which brings a more mysterious and obscure kind of sonic experience. This time we get a more saturated display of sound consisting of oceanic layers extending indefinitely, approaching and receding, sometimes revealing hidden and mysterious banging sounds, but just when it seems we will finally grasp them, they recede again in the unknown and another new sound calls for our attention. We seem to be placed inside a cave, hearing a sonic thunderstorm outside, trying fruitlessly to make sense of what goes on outside. But all our intentions of understanding, all our efforts of consolidating the sound in a certain form are frustrated by continuous change and reveal themselves in the end as just created illusions. [Sebastián Porrúa]

V/A -- "Museum" -- CD-R -- €7
2017 Evil Dead Productions, EDP 020, (ltd. 50)
A compilation of Russian artists close to the Yekaterinburg-based label Evil Dead Productions: ZINC ROOM, CARVED IMAGE OF EMPTINESS, SOL MORTUUS, VESICATORIA, CHURCH OF HOWLING DOG, ORD, ANDREW KEIN, KROMESHNA, LEMNA. From industrial and dark ambient to rituals and sonic experiments. All tracks were recorded specially for this compilation and never released before.

V/A -- "Pyre" -- CD -- €3
2016 Cold Spring, CSR207CD
A nice-price CD compendium of Cold Spring current / forthcoming releases. 15 tracks of Industrial, Esoteric, Dark Ambient, Ritual, Japanese Noise, Drone, Power Electronics, Doom, Death Industrial, Experimental. Unearth the world of Cold Spring! Sealed card slip. [label info] TROUM, KHOST [Deconstructed And Reconstructed By] GODFLESH, LA BREICHE, SKULLFLOWER, PENNY RIMBAUD'S L'ACADÉMIE DES VANITÉS, TUNNELS OF AH, SUTCLIFFE JUGEND, TENHORNEDBEAST, SUN RA | MERZBOW, SHE SPREAD SORROW, COIL, COMMON EIDER KING EIDER, TREPANERINGSRITUALEN, HENRIK NORDVARGR BJÖRKK / MARGAUX RENAUDIN, DAVE BALL • JON SAVAGE.


Contagious Orgasm ‎-- "Hydrophobia" -- 7" -- €14
1994 Ant-Zen, JED 03, (ltd. 300)

Moloch -- "Horizont" -- picture LP -- €14
2014 Legs Akimbo Records, DEAD LEG 001 / Legs Akimbo Records, dead leg 001 / Depressive Illusions Records, cut1254 / Le Crépuscule Du Soir, lcds 148/4, (ltd. 248)

Moloch / Voidstar -- split -- picture 12" -- €14
2015 Nocebo Records, four, (ltd. 247)

Oede -- "One Man's Trash" -- 7" -- €9
2012 Holy Terror, HT-010, (ltd. 600)
Lo-Fi Blues / Black Metal / Noise.

Shibalba / Phurpa -- "Teachings Of Eastern Traditions" -- LP -- €30
2016 Cold Spring, CSR221LP, (ltd. 100)
Ltd x 100 copies on RED vinyl with download card.


Bruising Pattern + Light Collapse -- "Suprematist" -- CS -- €7
2017 Heart Shaped Box Prod., HSB-105 / Fall Into Void Recs, FIV - NMBR 107, (ltd. 40)
Russian-Austrian mail-art collaboration. Bruising Pattern - HNW source sounds. Light Collapse - free improvisation & experiments. [label info]

Ge-Stell -- "Obedience" -- CS -- €7
2017 Post-Modernism Observatory Archive, UUU#GS-01, (ltd. 60)
Italian project with the debut album exploring such phenomena as obedience and manipulations of human will. Post-industrial aesthetics, cold precise sound, sharp rhythms, analogue electronics & spoken word samples.

Gopota -- "Music For Primitiver" -- C-60 -- €7
2016 Luce Sia, 024, (ltd. 60)
Second album of Gopota, after "Knots of Fear" released by Torga Amun Records in January 2016, the second chapter, the new opus created into the perspective and uncompromised death industrial sound. A deep descent into the real abyss of dark/death ambient. Sick sounds, desolate music fields, apocalyptic and haunting. Released in limited edition (60 copies on tape, HANDNUMBERED) by the Swiss cult label LUCE SIA. [Empty Chalice]

Laskovoe Echo / >o< -- "Death of Underwater Jungle / Baltiki Ystera" -- C-60 -- €5
2017 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT136, (ltd. 25)
The world's most polluted sea, Baltic, as a morbid uterus with its cervix bandaged by a grandiose tumor of militaristic and industrial northern capital of the agonizing empire. The bottom of Baltic sea is covered by unprocessed wastes of mortal activity of the metropolises and wrecks from naval scrambles of imperialist predators, the underwater jungle of its seaweeds is dead. Contaminated ill uterus as a cause for female insanity - mind please, the term "hysteria" came from ancient Greek "hystera", and this term means "rabies of uterus" literally. Baltic region relentlessly supplies us with sad examples of female insanity - the authors were inspired by Ingmar Bergman's "Persona", where pictures of women's madness are set against the background of pines and stones of Baltic shore, and also by the story of lesbian relationship between famous Tove Jansson and her partner, female graphic artist Tuulikki Pietilä on Klovharu island in the Gulf of Finland. The cold and dampness of Baltic lie in wait for a weak female consciousness not only on sea shores... insanity hides in the shadows between the ancient ferns and in creaking of the dilapidated houses of village old women, spreads over the stone trenches of the cold ungracious cities and creeps into dull rooms and lonely beds. All these complex schizo-associative series are raised in the conceptual split of two projects from Ingria. The split of so intertwined and mutually intergrown tracks that it has already turned into an integral conceptual album, just like the ones by the classics of the 70s prog-rock. Creating these analog pieces Laskovoe Echo (ex-Pri Doline Mak) used a lot of devices, closed circuits, radio-stalking, modulation of super low frequencies, synthesizer soup and, at the end of its part (war in the underwater jungle) - rhythmic patterns from glued magnetic tapes. Precise formulations of the entire spectrum of sound, mixing on tape devices, each sound is extracted manually without using the squalid technologies of the future and digital crap. >o< presents one, almost half an hour track (quiet or noisy in its diverse parts), the only source of sound for which was a pack of mica plates produced by the Leningrad mica factory. The result was a harmonious combination of the two projects in a fairly similar sound and frequency range of the ritual-psychedelic Drone Noise Ambient. The cassette version of the split is released by YAOP in a limited edition with handmade covers. All information is handwritten. [label info]

Light Collapse -- "Cut" -- C-60 -- €7
2016 Torga Amun, Amun-105, (ltd. 10)
Harsh noise / HNW. A sincere and uncompromising album of Urals project. [label info]

Light Collapse -- "Prazdniki Konchilis' (Holidays Are Over)" -- C-50 -- €7
2017 Fall Into Void Recs, FIV - NMBR 102, (ltd. 25)
Harsh Noise Wall. White cassettes, 25 copies.

Light Collapse & Pastuhamovci -- "Polosa Otchuzhdeniya (Right-Of-Way)" -- CS -- €7
2016 Heart Shaped Box Prod., HSB-101, (ltd. 10)
Experimental / Noise / Drone.

Maklakov, Vitaly -- "Copying Memory" -- CS -- €7
2017 Urubu, UUU#009, (ltd. 100)
Live recordings made in the Clinical House, 19-20 October 2016. This recording is a makeshift collage of field recordings, pieces of theater, radio plays, as well as the hum of virtual synthesizers. [label info]

Regulär -- "Multiband Reaction" -- CS -- €8
2017 NEN Records, NEN18, (ltd. 45)
Regulär is a St. Petersburg based project from an anonymous and clandestine techno community called Remote Control, which the author himself defines as "a house, a temple, for every one of us". Album 'Multiband Reaction' is the first release of the project on a physical medium. If one wants to cling genre tags, it's a crossover of techno and EBM, packed with retro-samples and a powerful bass-line. If one wants to find out emotions, the record is oversaturated with vigorous sadness associated with 'another disappointing conclusion about your own person'. The release is sharp-cut, impudent and lyrical. Such things need to be dispensed in a drugstore without a prescription, upon presentation of a broken picture of oneself. Perhaps Regulär does not stick it, but at least it will sore the pain and will encourage to continue swimming for a good reason, across all hardships of life. [label info]

V/A -- "Argandab" -- CS -- €5
2017 UIS, [UIS-09]
«The Afghans are a brave, hardy, and independent race. With them, war is an excitement and relief from the monotonous occupation of industrial pursuits. Their indomitable hatred of rule, and their love of individual independence, alone prevents their becoming a powerful nation». (Frederick Engels) This compilation brought together twelve projects from Russia, Denmark and Italy. Each participant dedicated his track to the tragic events of 1979-1989 - the war in Afghanistan. Part of the edition was spread on the streets of Kabul in 2017. [label info]

V/A -- "Cénotaphe" -- C-60 -- €6
1991 Les Nouvelles Propagandes, NP.009
A compilation of European experimental electronics from 1991. De Fabriek, Laurent Pernice, La Sonorité Jaune, Muslimgauze, Pacific 231, Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, Esruk, Brume.


Vasilyev, Dmitry -- "Viva Italia" -- book + 4 CD -- €100
2017 Independent Electronic Music, IEM5, (ltd. 700)
VIVA ITALIA book presents the historical overview of experimental music, it's the compilation of numerous articles about the artists and labels appeared in Italy during the recent 60 years. The author's view to their work and impact to the world of art, the first ever attempt in Russia of approach systemically to the knowledge about the cultural phenomena of experimental, industrial, noise, electroacoustic, avantgarde and other unusual music coming from Italy. Here you can find the information about more than 800 musicians, their photos and detailed descriptions of their albums. All the articles are grouped into five chapters: early electronic music (1955-1980), academic music, new wave and industrial scene (1980-1984), music from pre-digital stage (1985-1995) and all the contemporary scene (1996-2015). The last two chapters consists of independent labels review and the interviews with musicians, most of those were intended to be included in IEM magazine which was never published after 2003. Some artists were featured in IEM podcasts, as well as their music, with the intention to represent their creative attitudes at its best. Unfortunately, the idea of the book doesn't allow to achieve the same goal, but it's accompanied by the quadruple CD compilation of the same title, where you can find the exclusive pieces by many italian artists, provided specially for this project and never released before. The book contains 785 pages of text, the size is 21х25 cm, the weight is over 2 kg. This edition is strictly limited to 700 copies. Please note: all the text is in Russian only! More info about the book - http://vivaitalia.xyz.

Flea market

Contagious Orgasm - The Examination Of Auditory Sense - CD - VG+ - 1996 - Ant-Zen - act 41 - Ltd. 729 - €17.90
Innfallen - Three Days Of Darkness - CD - NM/VG - 2009 - First Fallen Star - ffs004 - Ltd. 1000 - €9.30
Voltage - Invisible Part Of Nature - CDR - NM - 2003 - The Other Side - TOS 004 AA - €4.30
Voltage - Lucifer Over PTZ - CDR - NM - self-released - €4.30
Voltage - Sabbat 33 (Mabon-Samhein) - CDR - NM - 2004 - The Other Side - TOS 009 AA - €8.60
Voltage & Cyber Bitches From Hell - Goths Of Fuck - CDR - VG+ - 2004 - The Other Side - TOS 013 AA - Ltd. 13 - €15.80

Laibach - Nova Akropola - LP - NM - 1986 - Cherry Red - BRED 67 - €27.30
Laibach - Panorama / Decree - 12" - NM/M - 1984 - East West Trading Company - 12 EWS 3 - €15.80

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IV. Back in stock

(ad)VANCE(d) -- "Two Events" -- LP -- €20
2009 Waystyx, waystyx 41, (ltd. 200)
Ex-Vance Orchestra. Packend in a poster sleeve + postcard.

Anatomia De Vanitats -- "The Anthropic Principle" -- CD -- €10
2014 Gradual Hate Records, GH 121 CD
Anatomia De Vanitats is Merce Spica from ELDARs solo project, this is an intricate album bubbling with details, a steamy dark ambient epic. In cosmology, The Anthropic Principle states that any valid theory of the universe must be consistent with the existence of human beings. "If the universe must verify certain conditions to our existence, these conditions are checked because we exist." The various attempts to apply this principle to the development of scientific explanations of the universe cosmology have led to much confusion and controversy... "The world is necessarily as it is because there are beings who wonder why so..." Composed and produced by Merce Spica at Oxid Studios Barcelona 2013, mastered by Simon Heath (Atrium Carceri, Cryo Chamber), design by Alonso Urbanos. [label info]

Avrorin, G. -- "Kvakun" -- CD-R -- €7
2014 Heart Shaped Box Prod., HSB-078, (ltd. 30)
Experimental noise music played on a bass guitar. Pro-CDR, 30 copies, A5 black / white glossy envelope. [label info]

Chalk, Andrew / Ralf Wehowsky / Eric Lanzillotta -- "Yang-Tul" -- CD -- €10
1998/2016 Cold Spring, CSR220CD
A legendary sound collaboration formed of two lengthy pieces. The first track features Andrew Chalk (Mirror, Ora, Ferial Confine) gently reworking the sound materials of Ralf Wehowsky (P16.D4). A hypnotic, slowly-evolving drone with waves of mysterious sounds, static and glitches. The second piece, on the other hand, finds Ralf Wehowsky composing a frenzied journey into otherworldly realms using sound material from Andrew Chalk and Eric Lanzillotta (Eye Music). These pieces reflect a sound unique from the work of any of the three individual participants, but clearly related. Subtle, but full of detail for the willing listener. Originally issued as limited coloured vinyl only on Lanzillotta’s label Anomalous Records in 1998. Cover painting by Andrew Chalk. Remastered for CD from the original master recordings. Digipak. [label info]

Contagious Orgasm -- "From the Irresponsible Country Sounds" -- CD EP -- €12
2004 PACrec 105, (ltd. 1000)
If you are familiar with the work of Contagious Orgasm then this is similar in style to their previous work accept with a bit more “sheen” then normal and more variety in their samples. It also has quite a lighthearted feel and conjures up thoughts of a trip through the Japanese country-side, like an audio documentary or something. Overall very nice work and highly recommended, these guys are classic. [Blood Ties]

Contagious Orgasm -- "Invasion" -- CD -- €12
2009 SSSM, SSSM-111
From the outside space to the inner space. Processed field recordings & electro-acoustic sound art collage, a mixture of constituted delicately industrial and noisy ambient sounds. [label info]

Contagious Orgasm -- "Spill Drop" -- CD -- €12
2003 Waystyx Records, WR09, (ltd. 410)
New step on the way of Hiroshi Hashimoto creative evolution, one of the most controversive Japanese musician, presenting dense stream of sound, explosing by traditional for Contagious Orgasm flashes of sexual obsession, ritualism and culture permeate. Mature and complicated work. It's a mirror, in which crystall depths everyone of us will see his real matter - purest drop of human prejudices, fears and drawbacks essence. On one hand you can find microglitches, clicks, subtle melodies and controlled rhythmic clicks'n'cuts. And on the other hand more experimental sounds: from rough field recordings, noisy frequencies and distorted voices to sinewaves and continuous glitches. As always on Waystyx Records, exclusive design, consisting of transparent heavy polyethelen and strip of technical ribbon with red landmark. [press-release]

Contagious Orgasm + Government Alpha -- "Heartstrings" -- CD -- €12
2006 SSSM, SSSM-108, (ltd. 500)
Third recent collaboration release on Contagious Orgasm's home label, this time with Yasutoshi Yoshida of Government Alpha who's been responsible for the great collage artwork on all these CDs. Over these 12 tracks, Government Alpha's screeching blasts of white-hot electronic noise are cut-up and mixed in with Contagious Orgasm's industrial rhythms, off-beat collages and found sounds. Surreal, unusual and highly listenable. [Mechanoise Labs]

Contagious Orgasm + Zyrtax -- "DNA Loops" -- CD -- €12
2005 SSSM, SSSM-107
The speed, the multiple, the scatter of the flow of time, and the curtain of the space are made in the layer, and the sound of them who wraps the listener. This mail collaboration project really has a magic touch when it comes to confusing the issue. From experimental electronic music to industrial monoliths to noisy electrolounge, those materials are resolved, and proliferate. The sound world that they make has been condensed to strength. They have been able, with the passing years, to amalgamate many styles and intrigue the listener, by proposing sonic mix sample based sound sculptures, with a constantly renewed freshness. [SSSM]... Contagious Orgasm and Zyrtax collaborated by mail, the results are the 14 tracks that form this album. Surreal sound collages with lots of variation from gentle atmospherics to more harsh passages and over to loop psychedelia, and soundwise from pure acoustics to heavily processed digital sounds. Comes in a very nice-looking cardboard gatefold sleeve designed by Yasutoshi Yoshida. [Government Alpha]

Corpseincinerating Furmace & Light Collapse -- split -- CD-R + mini-zine -- €10
2016 Torga Amun, Amun-095, (ltd. 20)
HNW. Pro-CDR. Design: booklet with graphic works by Vitaly Maklakov, 12 pages, A5. [label info]

Ego Collapse -- "Red Wings Of Autumn" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Ostroga, OTR-036, (ltd. 30)
Experimental noise / dark ambient / field recordings. Ego Collapse: Vitaly Maklakov + Philipp Konieczny. "Together with Philipp Konieczny completed work on a new album. Today, 30 copies of "Red Wing autumn" saw the light. This long composition is dedicated to my friend Sergei Okonechnikov. During the recording, we often talked with Sergey on the topic of this music. He was particularly inspired by the realization of my text in this album. Work on the material was completed shortly before the death of Sergei." Pro-CDR, 30 copies. [label info]

Freiband / Kromeshna -- split -- 3"CD-R -- €6
2015 Ostroga, OTR-035, (ltd. 30)
Two different views on experimental music combined in one mini-album. Light sparkling light airplanes from the Netherlands. And cool down from the summer sun gloomy landscapes of Ural from Russia. Artwork and design by Vitaly Maklakov. Envelope of photographic paper 10 x 11.5 cm. [label info]

Gopota -- "Knots of Fear" -- CD-R -- €7
2016 Torga Amun, Amun-096, (ltd. 50)
Harsh noise / power electronics. The first album of the project with the name speaking for itself ("gopnik" in Russian means smth like "mobster"). Themes of violence, barbarism and other diseases of modern society. Critical realism served in a rough manner of execution. [label info]

Haii Yuuko & Obozdur -– "Information Warfare & Abstract People" -- CD-R -- €7
2014 Torga Amun, Amun-080, (ltd. 15)
Harsh noise.

Hilderend & Kamera Sensornoy Deprivatsii -- "Mantras For Sensory Deprivation" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Torga Amun, Amun-090, (ltd. 15)
Changing the world, a new world built on new foundations. New foundations and a new man, new kinds of creatures. The future is not drawn by God. The philosophical perspective on the subject of gene technology. [label info]

Hoarfrost -- "Anima Mundi" -- CD -- €10
2016 Reverse Alignment, RA-27, (ltd. 300)
Anima Mundi - the world soul. Sometimes interpreted as the mythical Gaia or the mother of earth and all it's life and forms. The superorganism of the planet. With their fourth album, Hoarfrost explores the philosophical view of mother earth as the caring ancient goddess and the possibility that she's actually a Medea that will deceive and betray humanity, making us faithless and deprived of our will to survive. And in the end, facing total collapse. On "Anima Mundi", Hoarfrost collaborates with Katarzyna Bromirska (cello), Valdi Rzeszut (guitar), Dawid Chrapla and Tomasz Twardawa (noise structures) bringing us dark ambient industrialism... [label info] "I would highly recommend this to listeners who love to hear musicians step outside the normality of so much modern music. There is little here that could be directly compared to anything else out there. Hoarfrost have presented their most unique work to date." [Michael Barnett, Terra Relicta]

In Slaughter Natives -- "Psicofonias - Las Voces Desconocidas" -- CD -- €13
2016 Gradual Hate Records, GH 131 CD
In the year 2008 the documentary called “Psicofonías: Las Voces Desconocidas” was shot by the film director Jose Moral. This was about the voices of dead people where echoes of spirits leave us some footprint after death. Humankind has believed during a long time that it is possible to communicate with dead people. Over the years, seances, mediums and psychics have been possible instruments to make contact with the afterlife. So, EVP is an espiritual footprint and a communication link to the soundtrack in this documentary. This one relies on some of the most important projects of the Dark Ambient Industrial music: In Slaughter Natives, which is a pioneer in the symphonic industrial field and part of the legendary label Cold Meat Industry. This music project is formed by Jouni Havukainen who carries out an outstanding and deep work full of aspects where in some parts we can listen the voices of dead people. Artwork by Nickolay Busov (Ufa Muzak). [label info]

Kolpakopf -- "Body Electric" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Ostroga, OTR-054, (ltd. 23)
Russian dark drone ambient project. Full colour A5 glossy envelope. Pro-CDR, 23 copies. [label info]

Kromeshna / Miirken Laan -- split -- CD-R -- €7
2016 Ostroga, OTR-064, (ltd. 19)
New work from Vitaly Maklakov and Jaroslav Diviš. This album - a nostalgia for childhood fairy tales, microcosms and surreal dreams. The inspiration for the work was an old Soviet cartoon. Unique design: two-way envelopes of graphic pictures hand-drawn by Vitaly Maklakov. Pro-CDR, only 19 copies. [label info]

La Nomenklatur -- "Asile De Nuit" -- C-40 -- €6
1988 Les Nouvelles Propagandes, NO01
Old school industrial from France! Cassette comes in a carton box with several inserts and a nail.

Last Influence Of Brain -- "Two Faces" -- CD -- €10
2009 Aliens Production, AP 20
In 1996, Solo and Blazena started the electro-industrial project "Samhain" and a few months later, they were joined by Bop, a close collaborator of K.I.F.O.T.H and a founding member of the electro act "Mindscape". In 1998, the trio launched a new project "Loct In" venturing into complex atmospheric sound, but both projects were left unnoticed. The early missteps have prompted the band members to go back to their roots and explore the old school electro sound. Last Influence of Brain (LIOB) came to life in 1999. The demo debut "Revolution Countries Evolution" and the follow-up EP "Escape" have earned them a steadily growing fanbase, and stirred the attention of the now defunct label Black Flames Records, which offered them a contract for a European release in 2003." Four years after their highly-regarded debut "Illusions and Reality", Last Influence of Brain are on the verge of storming their way back into the alternative electronic scene. "Inner Wars" features over 75 minutes of authentic dark elektro pleasure that would appeal to young electrofreaks and veteran rivetheads alike. Gems such as "Return", "Absent Meaning", "Inner Wars" and Why are You Waiting?" are destined to become dark elektro classics. The album concludes with an ecstatic remix of "Why Are You Waiting?" by the Brain Leisure. [press-release]

Lieutenant Caramel & Victor Nubla -- "Dos Hombres Verdes" -- CD -- €15
2010 Waystyx, WR67, (ltd. 256)
Computerized electroacoustic, collage concrete music, hallucinogenic ambient, perverted voices, thoughtpul piano passages, almost rock'n'roll guitar tunes and drums falling to pieces... Totally unpredictable flow of sound, a puzzle for an attentive listener, a real trip.

Light Collapse -- "Flowering Grass" -- CD-R -- €7
2014 Ostroga, OTR-030, (ltd. 10)
Ambient / drone / noise. Subject-associative summer picture. Synth insects and other forest secrets. Pro-CDR, A5 full colour envelope. 3 photo inserts with graphic works Vitaly Maklakov. A special edition of 10 copies. [label info]

Light Collapse -- "Snow Interpolation" -- CD-R -- €7
2012 Heart Shaped Box Prod., HSB-057, (ltd. 22)
Pure radio noise, painted CD-R, handmade sleeve, 22 handnumbered copies. [label info]

Litvin, Arseny + Pulsating Veins -- "Noise For Pelicans" -- CD-R -- €7
2016 Ostroga, OTR-068, (ltd. 30)
Russian-Belarusian mail-art collaboration. Progressive HNW. Currently one of the best works in this style. [label info]

Maklakov, Vitaly -- "Village Sketches" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Ostroga, OTR-042, (ltd. 15)
Pure field recordings. Pro-CDR, only 15 copies. [label info]

Maklakov, Vitaly -- "Zheleznye Skazki" -- CD-R -- €7
2016 Ostroga, OTR-057, (ltd. 34)
Two stories told by the sounds of iron, field recordings, DIY-synths sounds, weaves analog and digital sounds. The two parts of the deep, dive in yourself and in the world. Pro-CDR, 34 copies. [label info]

Maklakov, Vitaly / Litvin, Arseny -- split -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2016 Heart Shaped Box Prod., HSB-099, (ltd. 11)
Minimalistic noise plit of two Ural-based projects. Special handmade foldout paper package.

Maklakov, Vitaly & Arseniy Litvin -- "Eclecticism and Simultaneity" -- CD-R -- €6
2017 Ostroga, OTR-081, (ltd. 44)
Mail-art collaboration between two artists from Siberia and the Urals. [label info]

Minamata -- "KombaTour" -- DVD-R -- €10
2010 Les Nouvelles Propagandes, NP.024
DVD from the Kombat Tour Autumn 2010: one track from each performances in Lille (La Rumeur & CCL), Paris, Gent, Bruxelles, Dresden, Darmstadt & Tours.

Minamata -- "Politkovskaia" -- CD + DVD -- €10
2010 Les Nouvelles Propagandes, NP.023 / L. White Records, LW-062
"Politovskaia" was released in September 2010. Dedicated to the defunct Russian journalist Anna POLITKOVSKAIA, the CD includes eight tracks, as an homage paid to all persons died for the freedom of speech. Compared to the previous releases of the band, "Politkovskaia" offers more atmospheric and more rhythmical parts as, to my point-of-view, the perfect synthesis between LA NOMENKLATUR and MINAMATA. This is a really brillant album, one of the best release of this cult french project, IF NOT the best one! The DVD contains eleven tracks extract from the "Cyclator" and the "Politovskaia" CD's, all recorded live in Russia in October 2009. Full-colour cover in standart DVD case. "Death leads to silence, Silence leads to death". [Nuit Et Brouillard]

Muslimgauze -- "Hussein Mahmood Jeeb Tehar Gass" -- LP -- €55
2009 Waystyx, waystyx 33, (ltd. 171)
Vinyl re-issue of the original album released by Soleilmoon in 1999 (without the last 2 tracks from Uzi Mahmood). Limited edition of 171 hand numbered copies. 180 gram vinyl, dense cotton paper sleeve, serigraphy.

Mynoda -- "No Day / Raw Flower" -- 2 CD-R -- €10
2014 Ostroga, OTR-028, (ltd. 20)
Mysterious musical project from Belarus. The brainchild of Maxim (Strup). This edition contains two albums. Here, experiments are intertwined with a drum machine, field recordings, old tapes, piano and other sinking in general haze of sultry atmosphere. In fact the author painted a fairy tale, his fictional world jumping out of our reality, the reality of the author, his memory and experiences. Old toys come to life and tell their stories, and where there are heroes and villains. 2 x pro-CDR, green envelope A5 + 3 glossy colored inserts. 20 handnumbered copies. [label info]

Mynoda -- "Nopirith" -- CD-R -- €7
2014 Ostroga, OTR-033, (ltd. 20)
Dark ambient. Voices of the dead, live instruments, panoramic and impartial picture of eternity in a monotone rite. A5 envelope + 3 glossy colored inserts. [label info]

N|B|K / Light Collapse / Obozdur -- split -- CD-R -- €6
2009 Ostroga, OTR-016
3 tracks of dark and "honest" Death Industrial from now defunct Russian project N|B|K + 2 tracks / projects of pulsating and devouring Noise / Dark Ambient from Ostroga label. Mastered by SGI (Vetvei). Black & white A 5 sleeve with archo-industrial images. [Vetvei]

N. / Obozdur -- split -- CD-R -- €7
2014 Torga Amun, Amun-075, (ltd. 50)
Experimental noise industrial split from Italy & Russia. Two live records. Pro-CDR, 50 handnumbered copies. A5 black / white glossy envelope + photo insert. [label info]

Nigdeniya -- "Steppes" -- CD-R + zine -- €10
2016 Ostroga, OTR-066, (ltd. 20)
Nigdeniya is a project by Vitaly Maklakov (Light Collapse, Kromeshna, etc.) and M.Nomized. This new album is dedicated to steppes and abandoned places and offers 4 long tracks - spatial dark / drone ambient compositions with industrial elements. CD-R comes with 20-page A5 booklet printed on orange paper.

Polygon -- "Sein Lernen - Remixes" -- CD -- €10
2015 Aliens Production, AP 34, (ltd. 333)
Ingo Lindmeier and his production is well known for its specific sound and pure electro sound that is based on minimalistic concepts and penetrating melodies. Original material SEIN LERNER has started a new stage in Ingo’s explorations and its chapter II gets this time a look of remixed versions of original album that has under its shield taken creative musicians from the dark scene. To the new work they have given completely different look and form since its unique musical sensibility opens new gates of modern electro sound. Very colorful and well listenable material which was supported by creative faces of electronic magicians as: FLINT GLASS, RECFRAG, MNEMONIC, ABOVO, HURON, KLANGARCHIES, NORMOTONE, HEADDREAMER, NUANCE, LPF12, TOD, ISH. [press-release]

Post-Materialists -- "Junky Tapes" -- CD-R -- €7
2013 Heart Shaped Box Prod., HSB-059, (ltd. 31)
Reissue of a cassette album previously released by Underground Pollution Records. Russian bluesy noisy industrial pop. Hand-painted sleeve, photo insert.

Rose Sobchak -- "Sun-Protective Pillar" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 Heart Shaped Box Prod., HSB-038, (ltd. 20)
Harsh noise from Russia, CD-R, handmade artwork, cover unique for each copy.

She Spread Sorrow -- "Rumspringa" -- CD -- €10
2015 Cold Spring, CSR212CD
Debut album of the Italian project She Spread Sorrow. Ritual deathscapes, obscure Death Industrial, sinful Power Electronics from Alice K. A trip into distorted faith, repressed desires, guilt, punishment, discipline and perversion. File next to Pharmakon, Puce Mary, Sewer Goddess. 6-panel digipak. [press-release]

Sirotek / Obozdur -- "...After Yufit" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Ostroga, OTR-044, (ltd. 25)
The joint album of two Vitaly. Dedicated to the works of Eugene Yufit. Necrorealism and black and white philosophy in sound. Pro-CDR, 25 copies. [label info]

Sonne Hagal -- "Jordansfrost" -- CD -- €14
2008 Luftschutz Entertainment, Luftschutz 011
SONNE HAGAL's second full-time album once more bestows the listener with a journey into the unknown realms of poetry, mysteries and enthralling melodies. Closely connected to Europa's folk-music tradition and the Northern mysteries, the band develops song structures that reach from simple traditional arrangements to complex compositions. The songs, performed in German and English, reveal rediscovered poems as well as self-written lyrics. The atmosphere of the songs varies from intimate, quiet parts to fresher, light-hearted and lively sounds up to heavy distorted parts supported by real or electronic drums. Each song unfolds its own universe, interconnected by the central idea of "Jordansfrost": the constant changing between light and darkness, the seasons or even life and death themselves. A number of well-known international artists supports the band in their intention to create more than just music: a whole philosophy. Amongst others you'll find: Of The Wand And The Moon (DK), In Gowan Ring (US), Waldteufel (US), Ernte (GER), Lux Interna (US), Darkwood (GER) and Black Sun Productions (CH). The cover artwork uses exclusive paintings by Fabrice/Divine Comedy Records (FR) and underlines the depth and beauty of these 45 minutes of German Darkfolk. Special Digipak comes in three different artworks. [label info]

Thermionic Emission & Light Collapse -- split -- CD-R -- €7
2014 Heart Shaped Box Prod., HSB-074, (ltd. 15)
Radio noise. Two russian projects. Four faces of ether. Four abstract paintings for meditation and for nothing. Eat nothing. Sprayed CD-R. 15 copies. Each copy is unique. [label info]

Tunnels Of Ah -- "Surgical Fires" -- CD -- €10
2016 Cold Spring, CSR226CD
Following the sulphureous sting of 2015’s ‘Thus Avici’, Tunnels Of Ah’s third album, ‘Surgical Fires’ is a dense, fermentative working. Asemic vocals are sunk beneath an alienated electronic landscape of seismic drones and paranormal frequencies. Loss, gain, conflict, resolution, decay and transformation as an initiatory path is the current running through ‘Surgical Fires’; the surgery alluded to in the title being psychic surgery. With original album artwork by Stephen Ah Burroughs (HEAD OF DAVID) and a vocal contribution from London-based ritual artist Soror Anji Cheung, ‘Surgical Fires’ is another singular Tunnels Of Ah release evasive of categorisation. [label info]

Unit+Ass -- "Gravemoans" -- CD-R -- €7
2010 Torga Amun, 020, (ltd. 50)
Side-project of Gorduw. Apocalyptic depressive power industrial. [label info]

Unit+Ass -- "Political Uncorrected Musik" -- CD-R -- €7
2011 Torga Amun, 022, (ltd. 50)
Side-project of Gorduw. Apocalyptic depressive power industrial. Recorded in 2003. [label info]

Venta Protesix -- "An Italian Girl In The World Of Japanese Pornography" -- CD-R -- €7
2016 Torga Amun, Amun-098, (ltd. 40)
Sometimes the most private feelings and habits can emerge from someone's depths and explode in public as lifechanging decisions: that applies for sure to things such as porn or noise music. The virtual encounter between Venta Protesix and Victoria Yuki is possibly a meaningful epiphany for the work of both. Two sides of a screen, the masturbator and the pornstar; two complementary lives narrating of the same devotion and deviation, from different point of views. Almost 1 hour of new material coming out of Italo Belladonna's laptop, filled with japanese porn jpegs, delivering a fresh HNW version of his previously released stuff. Comes with a special dedication from Victoria Yuki. Pro-CDR, 40 copies. [label info]

YAO 91404 D -- "Resident" -- CD-R -- €7
2015 Ostroga, OTR-039, (ltd. 31)
Dedication to the eponymous series of Soviet films. Spy game, traitors, dirty secrets and fears, political and religious movements inspired by the special services. All this set in a bad dream, mixed in a tart surrealistic cocktail. Pro-CDR, 31 handnumbered copies. [label info]

Zinc Room & Obozdur -- split -- CS -- €7
2014 Ostroga, OTR-027, (ltd. 30)
Two Ural-based projects. Midnight tradition and shamanism. Bottomless quagmire and cries, sinking into the night. Dark ambient Industrial / death industrial, field recordings and recordings of forest performances. Design: 30 cassettes dressed in exclusive cardboard covers. Each case features a unique oil monotype. Each cassette painted in tricolor acrylic texture. Comes with a photo card of a real wooden idol from a small village Maly Atyazh from the Urals. [label info]

V/A -- "Le Pacte" -- C-60 -- €6
1985 Europa, EURO 003
Controlled Bleeding, Tools You Can Trust, Non Toxique Lost, Gerechtigkeits Liga, Tox Movement, Vox Populi!, Ankh, Club Moral, Le Rituel, Elcarna, La Nomenklatur, Le Syndicat, A.I.Z. Packaged in a plastic VHS case with wrap-around cover and an eight-page booklet.

V/A -- "Pantsiry i Krylya (Shells and Wings)" -- CD-R -- €6
2014 Ostroga, OTR-21, (ltd. 80)
Philosophical compilation of works by russian artists. Broad interpretation of the theme of freedom and those things that limit us. Pro-CDR, DVD box, 80 copies. [label info] Stpocold, Bardoseneticcube, Aevum Spiritus, Boevye Cikady, The Ancient Tapes Of Indu Mezu, Obozdur, Children`s Noise Orchestra of Children`s Arts School #1, Vresnit, Noises Of Russia.

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