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(St. Petersburg, Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21))

12.02.2010 - Vetvei
(St. Petersburg, Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21)) More info in Russian...

15.02.2010 - Vetvei
(St. Petersburg, club "Chinese Pilot Jao Da") More info in Russian...

(St. Petersburg, youth house "Rekord") More info in Russian...

(Moscow, cultural center "DOM") More info...

(St. Petersburg, club "Ulitka na sklone".) More info...

(Kazan', Museum of KOnstantin Vasilyev) More info in Russian...

20.03.2010 - Day of Your Execution
(St. Petersburg, Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21)) More info in Russian...



Ain Soph -- "III" -- 2 CD -- €12
1985/2000 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 023 / Misty Circles, MCR16
This stuff was previously produced by the band only as tape in a very limited edition of just 100 copies & never reissued! This legendary tape is now finally released into 2 cd's: 1st cd features "ritual 00" which is an endless trancy loop used for a Bhakti Yoga rite which can be used also as background for ritual concentration... 2nd cd is enttitled "the failure of Jesus, visible oscurity, garbage, the city & the death"... for sure the more obscure & rare Ain Soph release! co-produced with Misty Circles... [label info]

All Hail The Transcending Ghost -- "s/t" -- CD -- €10
2009 Cold Spring, CSR122CD
Dark Ambient / Guitar Drone. The debut album from All Hail The Transcending Ghost - a joint collaboration between Henrik Nordvargr Björkk (MZ.412, Toroidh, Folkstorm etc) and Tim Bertilsson (Fear Falls Burning, Switchblade). Together the Swedish legends have created arguably one of the most haunting drone-dark-ambient-industrial works in recent years, invoking the spirits of old Nordvargr, meets the sludge-doom vibe of Tim's hellish guitar. This has to be the most unsettling work from Nordvargr, as the man himself states "truly the most scary music I have recorded". An icy chill down your spine... a cold hand on your shoulder... you are never alone in the darkness. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Anti-Verstand -- "Electroorganics" -- CD-R -- €7
2010 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT27, (ltd. 92)
Reissue of a legendary album with a bonus-track and new artwork. Old schoola low-frequency rough noise created with the use of low-voltage currents fed through human body and picked by microphone input of a magnetophone, recorded in 2003. Bonus track is an electrified mid-frequency concrete noise based on a field recording made in July 2007 in Kurkiyoki. DVD-box, handmade cover with technologic paper, mini-poster. [press-release]

Atomine Elektrine -- "Archimetrical Universe" -- CD -- €11
1999/2009 Eternal Pride Productions, EPP 015, (ltd. 1000)
Eternal Pride Prod. presents re-mixed version of "Archimetrical Universe" + bonus tracks from extra limited CDr boxed version of the album "Nebulous". New edition like DIGI-CD with new design. Space is an illusion. Peter Andersson (Raison D'?tre, Stratvm Terror, Svasti-ayanam, Necrophorus) is one of the handful of finest sound manipulators in the world. Period. Archimetrical Universe showcases Peter’s dissection of the sky, a Caesarean section that births massive, geometrically perfect sonic diversions, all spheres and angles, burnished metal dreams and pristine sonic caresses that reconfigure sound into smooth surfaces. To counterbalance the exactness of the sonic development, light rhythms emerge, huge slabs of disrupting tones puncture, the scattered remnants of all of Peter’s projects utilized in the creation of the music here. Everything seems to be in perpetual motion, evolving, revolving, reinvented at the mercy of Peter’s deft hands and devious whim. The clarity of production and meticulous restructuring of the known (space, stars, planets) with the unknown (space...stars...planets...) only heightens the journey upon which he guides us, an alluring venture into the cavernous realm of space...but not a space most of us would imagine. Whether he is sonically scrubbing the architecture, or just mesmerizing us with another sound sculpture at the edge of forever, Archimetrical Universe is, quite possibly, Peter’s finest release yet, which says a lot because his sonic portfolio runneth over with intoxicating, mind-altering sound manipulations that inspire one’s imagination with conflicting emotional responses (sorrow, desolation, awe, wonder) at all times. Space is an illusion... but Peter has brought it to life. Essential! [press-release]

Baciamibartali / Winter Light -- "The Mournful Gloom" -- CD -- €10
1982/2009 Oltrelanebbiailmare, CD200902
Rhefined and superbly workmanshipped Elettro-wave music, brought to your attention by two unforgettable and unforgetted italian bands that left their own mark during the Eighties. Collected here on a single and extraordinary CD are the remastered versions of Baciamibartali’s “The Mournful Gloom” 12” vinyl and the “Baciamibartali / Winter Light” split 12” vinyl originally released between 1982 and 1984. An unmissable CD for all the band’s aficionados who were lucky enough to follow them since the early days, and a unique chance for the New Wave music lovers who still haven’t known and appreciated them. [label info]

Bastard Noise / Government Alpha -- "Resurrection" -- CD -- €10
2006 Thumbprint Press
Government Alpha & The Bastard Noise celebrate forms of partial and total rebirth of body and spirit. YOSHIDA (Government Alpha, Tokyo), NELSON & WOOD (The Bastard Noise, Los Angeles) "resurrected" past foundational ideas of flesh, bone, metal, electronics and workshops with cuts composed at Xerxes studio Tokyo and John Muir studio San Pedro; G.A. attacks relentlessly with true precision and purpose while B.N. loom slow and ominous as purple-black storm clouds and distant thunder on a darkening horizon. Astonishing illustrations by YOSHIDA reproduced on custom inked triple fold synthetic paper package printed by the Thumbprint Press, as well as 2 color commemorative sticker; All parts enclosed in a heavy gauge / archival vinyl "hydraulic" poly sleeve. Best thing since the plastic grass and chocolate bunnies! [press-release]

Bianchi, Maurizio (M.B.) -- "Ludium" -- CD -- €10
2009 Silentes Minimal Editions, sme 1033
A long and almost “solemn” track built with reverberated piano notes, a slow and rhythmical flow leaned on a background made of clashing hisses and vague, distant, rustling ambient noises… A brief interval based on obscure drones moving in circles, inexorably entangled on themselves… Therefore another long piano-based track, this time more dilated, confused, ethereal and prim, so much that it takes the distinguishing features of an indecipherable sonic mass, abstract and booming, estranging, deep and psychedelic… A few and minimal elments, “directed” in a masterly fahion and assembled in an absolutely fundamental work, from the brightest mind of Italian experimental scene and of all the music “without compromises” of the last thirty years… One of the last contributes to the History of Music from an artists that, even in a phase of extraordinarily and unstoppable creative mood, has recently choose and officially announced to quit his long artistic activity. Simply essential. [label info]

Bianchi, Maurizio (M.B.) & Appelbaum, Maor -- "Mene Teqel Farsin" -- CD -- €10
2009 Silentes Minimal Editions, sme 1034
Storms of cosmic energy, boiling and gurgling electronic fluxes, sonic masses made of monolithic and impenetrable drones, visions of smoky afterdeath landscapes, scorching and infernal… A neverending tunnel with no way out, a sense of deep anguish, of desolation and resigned impotence that lead the dark journey from the beginning to the end of this hallucinatory path. The sound quality and the sharpness of details are absolutely insuperable, they will offer you a “wrapping” and emotionally all-involving listening experience. [label info]

Bianchi, Maurizio (M.B.) & Cria Cuervos -- "Azazel" -- CD -- €10
2009 Silentes Minimal Editions, sme 0928
Three long and “majestic” tracks where Maurizio Bianchi’s typical deep and reverberated sonorities, full of crepuscular melodies and subtle dissonances, get enriched by more electronic elements and fascinating elaborations, sophisticated manipulations and strong dynamic interventions operated by Cria Cuervos… Three touching compositions built on progressive “crescendos” and a raging of slow sonic stratifications that lead to real “explosions” of sounds, drones, pulsations, frequencies, vibrations… A new, magnificent and very successful collaborative experience. [label info]

Bianchi, Maurizio (M.B.) & Craig Hilton -- "PU 94" -- CD -- €10
2007/2009 Silentes Minimal Editions, sme 0926
Here at last is a deserved and “rightful” CD re-release of this fantastic collaboration created in 2007 by Maurizio Bianchi and Craig Hilton. Until now this recording was only made available in a very limited CD-R edition. Extremely dark atmospheres, restless and dramatic… Sharp masses of metallic noises cleave pulsating substrates of low frequencies, mixed with magmatic agglomerates of more processed sounds of an unrecognizable nature… Moments of stasis and apparent quietness… Handfuls of minutes of an unutterable, hanging and distressing tension… Sudden showers of vibrant frequencies that emerge from nowhere and bury everything under an heavy and devastating sonic mantle… A real masterpiece of incredibly dark and subterranean music. [label info]

Bleeding Heart Narrative -- "All That Was Missing We Never Had In The World" -- CD -- €10
2008/2009 Cold Spring, CSR109CD
Orchestral / Avant-Garde. Reissue of the stunning debut BHN album from spring 2008 (Ltd x 200). Working with a constantly evolving autumnal orchestra of layered cellos, repeating piano melodies, hushed vocals and mutant textures of sound and noise, Bleeding Heart Narrative has constructed a unique, haunting and compelling album. BHN is the work of sole composer, artist and producer Oliver Barrett, working in the live spectrum as a septet. Presented in a digipak with the new and exclusive bonus track 'Blueskywards'. We can't recommend this highly enough! [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Bloodyminded -- "Plays Bloodyminded" -- CD-R -- €8
2007/2008 BloodLust!, B!095
Ex-Intrinsic Action. Power Electronics / Noise. CD edition of out-of-print cassette, first released in a numbered edition of 100 copies for the April 2007 BLOODYMINDED tour, then in a numbered edition of 25 copies for the Leaderless: Underground Cassette Culture Now exhibition at Printed Matter in New York City; Special conceptual recordings approved by Pierpaolo Zoppo himself (Mauthausen Orchestra). [label info]

Cages -- "Folding Space" -- CD -- €10
2009 Cold Spring, CSR121CD
Post-Rock / Experimental. There is nothing fun or pedestrian about dreams that are uncompromising to the point of reality. The shaking notes that make up “Folding Space” were recorded by two people holed up in their whole respective imaginations of visions of loops, layers and pleading lyrics. It is stubborn but not ugly, nearly one hour of music set in studios buried by blizzards of the American Great Lakes region... Cages is Nola Ranallo and David Bailey. They practiced, moved apart, relayed tapes through the mail, revised the entire damned thing, and then rejoined to capture every last seizure on this record. They sought sounds from the same dreams that give fools belief and colorfully punctuate the nights of the sanest. It’s sometimes pretty (“Lost Lipids”) or crushing (“Psalm to Mother”; “If It Flies, It Dies”) or left hanged in the speakers (“Dying”). There are elements of dreamy ether and discomfort rather than the easy choruses and catchphrases of the most collected and consumed art form. And, then, you’ll find a song radiating another thing entirely. (sweetness? The Devil’s hand?)... Live, the duo transfers their forged and found music into a very personal presentation that soars above the casually talking show-goers, the poor man’s jazz bands, and the art house showboats. Patrons and fellow musicians are pulled in; sounds are pushed out but never apart... “Folding Space” is a foot to the honest and hard road, which can quickly cut away the uncurious and reward the rest like the tapes listened to repeatedly in the fevers of your youth. Please mull and judge, and add to the tops or bottoms of the lists you think necessary. And know the visions backing this elaborate music were recorded and are performed for a primary reason: to exist freely. [Justin Kern]
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Clew Of Theseus -- "Meridian" -- CD -- €10
2009 Cathartic Process, CP-11
This album shows a projection and further maturity in Clew Of Theseus’ sound. Meridian is a dark and esoteric album, very focused, full of sounds at once harsh and ambient, with forceful drones and rich textures. Sounds were created with acoustic winds, electric guitar, analog and junk synthesizers and gritty electronics, mixed to create a foreboding atmosphere. The album was mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk at Stereophonic Mastering, best known for his work on dozens of Daniel Menche albums. Meridian was recorded in two weeks during the monsoon season of 2008. A careful study into the symbols inside the album show an obsession with elemental force and eternal power. Clew Of Theseus evokes images of furious storms, wiping the landscape of blight, bringing beautiful darkness in its wake. CD packaged in standard jewel case with full-color artwork. [press-release]
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Corpoparassita -- "Inesorabile" -- CD -- €10
2007 FinalMuzik, FM06, (ltd. 500)
Italian project Corpoparassita is known in the industrial underground scene for a few outstanding limited edition CDr releases. "Inesorabile" is their first full length CD, including - trust us! - the most obscure and colder stuff around! Just imagine a modern version of Italian 70's horror movies' soundtrack meeting thrilling dark ambient and morbid black noise. "Inesorabile" is a must for industrial / dark ambient fans, and it is available in a beautiful poster sleeve akin to some Crass and hc / crustcore releases. [label info]

Darkwood -- "Ins Dunkle Land" -- CD -- €14
2009 Heidenvolk, HV12
This new recording is a work of magic realism presenting harsh industrial themes, catchy neofolk songs, and hypnotic folk tracks on a torrent into the Dark Land. 12 tracks like 12 pillars of perception are seperating the realm of darkness from the realm of light. The album comes with a rougher sound using a lot of drums, completed by industrial patterns, acoustic instruments, and again English and German vocals. The CD is delivered in a noble digipack with 20pages booklet. [press-release]

Dasein vs. Bardo -- "Prima Materia" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2010 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT56, (ltd. 72)
Moscow based noise act Dasein (a side-project of Fanum) reworks the compositions of another Moscow project Bardo (aka Sergey Gabbasov, pre-Vazhes), played on Tibetian ritual instruments, into a 20-minute mysterious drone noise ambient nocturne. Dense low rumblings of pre-matter, enigmatic sounds flowing through low-frequency layers, chilly night music for contemplation over the riddles of the universe. Handmade cardboard sleeve, cover photo by Orleane. [press-release]

Deison & K.K. Null -- "Into" -- CD -- €10
2009 Silentes Minimal Editions, sme 0931
Penetrating “Hi-tech” music, always on the border between sound, silence and noise… Splinters of sonic fragments, buzzings, electronic hisses, pulsations, hypnotic loops, ambient textures, sudden rays of light… A kaleidoscope of syntethic sounds and digital glitches, in a universe dominated by binary codes, that evolves through the cold-hearted control of sophisticated algorhythmic mutations programmed by human entities that already reached a level beyond the borders of our earthly knowledge… [label info]

Dense Vision Shrine -- "Unwinding The Inside" -- CD -- €10
2007 Rape Art Productions, RAP#028, (ltd. 500)
DVS is a dark ambient side project from Norweigan artist Karsten Hamre aka Penitent. Material dense produced under an orchestral ambient mixtured with pure and deep sounds in 3 amazing conceptual tracks. If you like acts as Lustmord, Archon Satani, MZ412, Inade, Cold Meat Industry, Cold Spring, War Office Propaganda titles I recommend you it. Black & white art works. Comes packaged in PVC sleeve. [label info]

Folkstorm -- "Sweden" -- CD -- €10
2004/2009 Cold Spring, CSR29CD
Death Industrial / Power Electronics. Discovered in the Cold Spring archives, an album shelved for over two years (recorded 2000). Pulled out, dusted down and remixed by Lord Nordvargr himself! This is the final full body of work by the legendary harsh Industrial Noise project. Prepare yourself for an intense trip through these 11 brutal and punishing tracks! 2nd, unlimited edition with modified artwork for 2009. [label info]

Folkstorm -- "Victory Or Death" -- CD -- €10
2000/2009 Cold Spring, CSR31CD
Death Industrial / Power Electronics. The mammoth sound of Folkstorm in captured here, on what has been called the project's finest album to date! Samples of war, speeches, harsh noise, heavy gritty vocals. Distorted rhythms and extremely intense sonics fuse into this mammoth blast of war themed assaults. Executed with brutal thoroughness by Nordvargr, of MZ.412, Toroidh etc. Brilliantly re-mastered, unlimited 2nd edition with modified artwork for 2009. [label info]

Genetic Transmission -- "Ascetic" -- CD -- €10
2007 Beast Of Prey, BOP 4.0, (ltd. 444)
New album of Polish industrial scene leader, Tomasz Twardawa, long-time artist, creator of legendary project Genetic Transmission, coauthor of such projects as ?adne Kwiatki, Godzilla and Hated Bruit Kollectiv. "Ascetic" is an acoustc, experimental album in bruit convention represented by GENETIC TRANSMISION. Over 60 minutes journey trough ascetic world of industrial collages. It's like cubism, synthetic in music, acoustic colours, natural objects and artistic deformation become a discussion between reality and art. What in reality and sorrounding is common for us GENETIC TRANSOMISIONS deforms, shatters and turns in it's bruit style. In recording of "Ascetic" were used mainly field recordings, experimantal-industrial sounds and combined allogether. The album is released in an unconventional package, in form of round paper circles of 150mm diameter. Three round paper inserts plus two round inserts of brown paper. In all circles are four holes and all is combined with a small rope. The CD is attached on a rubber insert between the papers. All hand made and numbered, to 444 copies limit. [press-release]
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Gulaggh -- "Vorkuta" -- CD -- €10
2009 New Era Productions, NEP10, (ltd. 300)
In 2007 when Stalaggh completed their trilogy ('Projekt Nihil', 'Projekt Terrror' and 'Projekt Misanthropia') Stalaggh changed their name to Gulaggh. A Stalag is Nazi POW concentration camp, a Gulag is a Soviet work camp. The extra G and H stand for Global Holocaust. With Gulaggh they will also create a trilogy. The titles of the trilogy are as follows: 'Vorkuta', 'Norilsk' and 'Kolyma'. These are the names of worst Soviet Gulag concentration camps that were located north of the Arctic Circle. The first Gulaggh cd was finished in july 2008 and this time they used only classical instruments like violins, trumpets etc. For vocals they used several mental patients and over 30 children from a youth mental asylum. [press-release]

H.E.R.R. -- "XII Caesars" -- CD -- €10
2009 Cold Spring, CSR117CD
Neoclassical. H.E.R.R.'s 4th album was originally inspired by the book "De Vita Caesarum" by Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus from 121 AD, during the reign of the emperor Hadrian. It is one of the greatest sources of much of what we know about the first twelve Caesars after the fall of the Republic. The first tragi-comic Neoclassical operetta about The Twelve Caesars. Let the light of heart rule in this more "song-based" album. Comes with an elegant 16-page booklet. [label info]
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Hall Of Mirrors -- "Forgotten Realm" -- CD -- €10
2009 Silentes Minimal Editions, sme 0927
Second “chapter” in the “Hall of Mirrors” saga, a project that hides the fervid minds of Giuseppe Verticchio/Nimh and Andrea Marutti/Amon. On this release they’re supported by Andrea Freschi (Subinterior, Konau…) and Andrea Ferraris (Ur, Sil Muir…), who gave their contribute with additional sound sources. Another long and fascinating journey among the ruins of lost and ancient civilizations, among desolate landscapes forgotten by time… To enrich the already busy electronic stratifications, among slowly evolving ambient sonorities and occasional parts of more sharp and “rough” elements of a Post-Industrial nature, we also find suggestive sound of reverberating flutes and dilated electric guitar parts, ending with delicate melodic arpeggios and evocative rhythmic accents of a vague cinematic taste. The adventure goes on… [label info]

Hati -- "Die Mechanik, Die!" -- CD -- €10
2008 Beast Of Prey, BOP 5.7
The album of the group from Torun - this time under the banner of Beast of Prey. A characteristic trance-gong-drone-music in the release "Die Mechanik, Die!" has been saturated with electronic sounds. Such HATI will suprise many of you! More than 45 minutes long album perfectly recorded during the performance in "the Mechanik" club in Gdansk. This time HATI famous for its acoustic sounds - made propably the darkest CD in its discography, the CD enriched with dark ambient tones. Tarry and heavy backgrounds perfectly harmonized with trance and mechanical instrumental variations of musicians move the imagination and bring nearer the world of the dying mechanics. From one side - harmonic and perfectly interrelated pieces of music, from the other side - increasing and intensifying athmosphere of the darkness which - like a rust - conquers more and more parts of urban areas. The title of this release speaks for itself... HATI has got already few albums released in Poland and Europe, also from the concert aspect is one of the most recognizable projects in our country and HATI's live performances take many people breath away. The group has been performing in many cities in Poland and also abroad: in Germany, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands. HATI is a music group founded on sounds of acoustic instuments - traditional ones with the industrial instrumentarium. [press-release]
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Hogan, Anni -- "Kickabye" -- 2 CD -- €15
2009 Cold Spring, CSR99CD
Murder Ballads / Funeral Pop / Experimental. From her early days as a legendary Batcave DJ, through her work with Marc Almond, Anni Hogan is one of the true geniuses of the alternative scene. A composer, songwriter, arranger, producer, promoter and DJ, she helped to shape the sound of the 80s. Cold Spring is proud to present her debut release expanded and brought to the public for the first time on CD. "Kickabye" features some of the leading lights of the alternative scene: NICK CAVE, MARC ALMOND, FOETUS, BUDGIE (Siouxsie And The Banshees) and GINI BALL amongst others as well as production by Jim "Foetus" Thirwell, plus 10 extra tracks from the same period. The second CD also features tracks from the same period, featuring YELLO and production by BARRY ADAMSON. Digitally remastered with 4 new and exclusive song versions. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Intrinsic Action -- "Five" -- CD -- €10
1988/2004 BloodLust!, B!048
"Aggressive and fully adrenalised Power Electronics / Extreme Noise feedback and ‘sado-electronics' from a project of Mark Solotroff (Bloodyminded). All tracks have been digitally remastered for CD." [Cold Spring] American-style PE back from 80-s!

Iron Fist Of The Sun -- "Behavioural Decline" -- CD -- €10
2009 Cold Spring, CSR116CD
Power Electronics / Black Noise. Personal obsessions skewed by drug use, codes of behaviour observed by a misanthropic mind. Bitter and cold. Nihilistic and scornful. Elitist and Pure. Behavioural Decline documents the rise of treachery and the fall of honour. Power electronics that sonically takes inspiration from electro-acoustics and ideology akin to black metal / black noise. 'Concert For Evening Battle' was recorded live at Radio Black Forest's festival of electro-acoustic music 22/8/2009, Birmingham, England. A deeply personal Recording. [press-release]
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Land:Fire -- "Shortwave Transmission" -- CD -- €13
2009 Power & Steel, PAS 25
Coming back with an all new album after more than 5 years the Alter Ego of HERBST9 delivers another outstanding soundtrack about radiological warfare and it's debris during the last century. SWT is like a massive energy spike with a surrounding maelstrom of machine noises, rhythms, interferrences and electromagnetic waves. The complex arrangement of technical sounds creates a deadly atmosphere of fallout and devastated landscapes with an apocalyptic aura reflected by dissonant harmonies and deep shimmering ambient scapes. Presented in a 6 panel digipack. Mastered by Andreas Wahnmann. [press-release]
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Maeror Tri -- "Multiple Personality Disorder" -- CD -- €11
1993/2009 Purple Soil, pulse zero: six
Repress of the first CD release by Maeror Tri (1993, Korm Plastics). "Multiple Personality Disorder" is a concept CD divided in four long parts recorded back in 1991 that fully showcase their mastery in distorting drones and layering guitar sounds. Stefan Knappe and Martin Martin Gitschel now record under the guise of Troum. Presented in a very nice 6-panel digifile with booklet and postcard, featuring the original (yet unused) cover for the album's initial 1993 release. Expanded liner notes and the story behind the album by Frans De Waard. [Cold Spring]

Mantra, Michael -- "A.L.B.E." -- CD -- €10
2009 Silentes, 200923
Soft and dilated ambient atmospheres, minimal sonorities, floating electronic carpets… A new, “classic” and fascinating album in the typical and unmistakable Michael Mantra style... Four long and suggestive tracks, to be listened at low volume relaxing in the half-light, just like a discreet and refined sonic background, or at an higher volume for a “full immersion” into warm and wrapping electronic soundwaves, to the discovery of intriguing and evocative sonic landscapes… [label info]

Mauthausen Orchestra -- "Sonic Deprivation" -- CD -- €10
2009 Silentes Minimal Editions, sme 0930
A fantastic selection of archive materials from the “golden age” of Mathausen Orchestra, the Italian power-electronic project born in the early 80s from the mind of Pierpaolo Zoppo, recently back in full to his artistic activity (see also the other CD Silentes SME0932, Nimh/Mauthausen Orchestra: From Unhealthy Places). Coming as a wonderful digipack CD, these six tracks collected from his very first cassette releases (Murderfuck, Mafarka, Anal Perversion, Host Sodomy, From Homicide to Slaughter) are released in a completely restored and remastered edition that finally does justice in full to the incredible and futuristic visions of one of the most significant Italian experimental artists of the last thirty years. Unthinkable and apocalyptic sonic masses pushed to the extreme, an endless flux of strong emotions, a violent and devastating impact… Absolutely not to be missed. [label info]

Meditations -- "Eternal Absence" -- 3"CDR -- €5
2008 Small Doses, dosethirtythree, (ltd. 115)
This is the third release from this trio - Franklin Teagle, Matt Yacoub, and Ryan McGill (Bones of Seabirds). Schizophrenic noise -PE-like one moment dark ambience in others - of the highest order - drenched in feedback with a heart of stone. [label info]
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Modell, Rod / Mantra, Michael -- "Radio Fore" -- CD -- €10
2003/2009 Silentes, 200922
This dark ambient masterpiece combines influences of deep space communications, UFO phenomenon and the cosmic night sky. Deepest shades of dark blue, with pin-points of twinkling white star-light. Simply a trip in the darkest universe. Two tracks of over 30 minutes each. [label info] Reissue.

Monocube -- "Vibramina Maerosis" -- CD-R -- €7
2010 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT49, (ltd. 100)
Solemn drone ambient unleashing into drone noise. Depressive feedbacks, hollow rumbles and exhausting hi frequencies, cold and twilight. Sleeve. [label info]

Muridae -- "Under The Fable Of Meaning" -- CD -- €10
2009 Silentes, 200925
Opium + Jason Corder + Brian Archinal. A variegated and original universe of electronic visions; leading ryhthmic parts, cosmic suggestions, echoes of filtered human voices and hints of concrete noises extraordinarily mixed with catchy electronic progressions, among pulsating basses, sequencer patterns and winning melodic arpeggios… A surprising “mix” of ideas that “draws” from a wide range of stylistic influences, an extraordinary deep impact sound quality rich in dynamics, for an uninterrupted flux of incredible emotions… [label info]

NDE -- "Krieg Blue Ehre Asche" -- CD -- €10
2009 Cold Spring, CSR110CD
Martial Industrial / Black Metal. Debut from this Belgian duo. Like the dark solitary figure which adorns the cover, NDE are shrouded in mystery and desolation. The music speaks loudly and across the centuries. A unique smelting of malevolent, noisy Black Metal, pounding, anthemic martial drums and wretched Death Industrial in eight acts. [label info]
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NID -- "Plate Tectonics" -- CD -- €10
2007 Auf Abwegen, AATP13, (ltd. 500)
NID is an experimental group whose aim it is to challenge conventional concepts and structures of electronic music by experimenting with the source of sounds. The music is created on the spot, making each performance a genuine and unrepeatable event. It has been described as moving sound-objects, improvised electronic noise, or brooding ambient music. It has been compared to an underwater-journey, a pathway to the inner self. Given enough volume, it certainly affects the body as well as the mind. In which way remains open to the listener’s psyche... NID was formed in 1995. Over the years the core-members have performed in art-galleries, rock-clubs, bars, water-reservoirs, cinemas, as well as at industrial and electronic festivals and in record shops... As for the group name… A “nid” is a curse or insult with homosexual connotation that was frequently in use in the Viking age. It brought a depth to the concept of honour and shame. It could be used as a challenge or simply to ridicule another (which was a challenge per se). It could reveal anyone else to be no better than he was, and it undermined social structures... NID disbanded in 2006. Chris Sigdell continues in various projects, most notably his solo project B-Tong. Jurgen Eberhard releases music under the name Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim... This is NID’s one and only proper CD release... The sound on this work may appeal to fans of Lustmord, New Blockaders or collage post-industrial in general/experimental ambient. The music on this CD was recorded live 2004 in Arnheim by Mars Wellink (Vance Orchestra). The cover was done by Katja Wahl. [press-release]

Nimh -- "Travel Diary" -- CD -- €10
2009 Silentes Minimal Editions, sme 0929
Finally collected on a single CD, and released in a completely re-edited and re-mastered version enriched with new sounds and parts, Silentes present all the music created by Giuseppe Verticchio/Nimh during 2001/2002 using ethnic instruments only, in a total “unconventional” way, with the addiction of treated/processed field recordings. A real challenge beyond every stylistic and “geographical” border; an original and evocative dark-shaded ethnic-electronic-ritual music, born from the “voice” of ancient and often unknown traditional ethnic instruments mostly collected in the Far East, without using synthesizers and any other electronic/synthetic source at all. An absolutely original “Travel Diary, unpredictable and unrepeatable… [label info]

Nimh & Mauthausen Orchestra -- "From Unhealthy Places" -- CD -- €10
2009 Silentes Minimal Editions, sme 0932
The energy, the genius and the intransigence of the music of the hystoric “cult” power electronics project Mauthausen Orchestra/Pierpaolo Zoppo, united to the originalty, the eclecticism, the rigorous experimental research carried on since fifteen years by Giuseppe Verticchio, mostly with his “Nimh” solo project… Disturbing images of unhealthy places, nocturne landscapes covered with fog, psychotic nightmares, tormenting and delirious, described with sonorities of great impact and incredible dramatic force… A dark and long itinerary, to be covered wrapped in the spirals of a time that progressively seems to slow down and stop, folded on itself, just like suspended in the void, without offering any way out… A sonic adventure for brave souls… Elegantly packaged in a digipack. [label info]

The Nordic Miracle -- "We Shall Provide" -- CD -- €10
2002 Humbug, Humbug009
For this first album as The Nordic Miracle, Jazzkammer's Lasse Marhaug and Origami Arktika's Tore Boe have collected their first three live performances, "unedited and unprocessed," presented between December 2000 and September 2001. All three are ferocious slabs of harsh noise in the most extreme, unruly way (think pre-laptop Merzbow or Government Alpha). Their sheer power turns them into physical experiences, but despite their blatant in-your-face nature, they hide clever twists and a bizarre sense of contrasting a propos. Don't try too hard to find relations between the referential titles and the musical contents. If you manage to find something by Bach or The Beatles in there, you may be listening to the wrong record. There is a guitar chord buried somewhere in the middle of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," but that's about it. Everything else is raging analog and digital noise. The aforementioned track makes good use of "outbursts" of silence (yes, in this context silence feels almost more violent than noise), while "Bach; Die Johannes-Passion BWV 245" can almost become ambient it is so relentlessly deafening. Followers of the Origami Arktika constellation, and even Jazzkammer fans, will be surprised by the brutality of this material. [Francois Couture, All Music Guide]

Organomehanizm -- "Sumerechnoe Sostoyanie" -- CD-R -- €7
2009 self-released, (ltd. 59)
The new release from Leningrad based project of Kirill Stoukaline (ex-Reductio Ad Absurdum). Three tracks recorded in 2006-2007. Monochrome aggressive schizo-noise. [Abgurd]

Rose Rovine E Amanti -- "Demian" -- CD -- €10
2009 Cold Spring, CSR112CD
Neofolk / Folk Rock. Cold Spring proudly presents the brand new album from Rose Rovine E Amanti. “Demian” is a powerful mixture of Neo-Folk-Rock with a Mediterranean sensibility. 10 tracks presenting the new, unique sound from this great Italian project. Comes with an outstanding 14-page booklet containing exclusive drawings by Bulgarian artist Emil Ivanov Saparevski, which illustrate each song and its lyrics. Highly recommended! [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Sanders, Alex -- "A Witch Is Born" -- CD -- €10
1970/2009 Mother Isle, MI-AS01
Wiccan / Ritual. Alex Sanders (1926-1988) - "the King of the Witches" - was the most powerful witch in Britain. "Here, for the first time, he presents a full recording of the solemn initiation of a new member into the ancient Craft. Assisting him is his wife and High Priestess, Maxine, and a coven of their young witches. Alex himself is a hereditary witch; he was initiated by his grandmother when he was seven years old. For centuries the Craft was driven underground by persecution and intolerance. Today, though their innermost secrets may still be only told to witches, they can open a few pages of their Book of Shadows - and for those who seek to know more of this faith that is older than history, they can set up signposts to the way of Wicca, or wisdom. This record is such a signpost." [press-release]

Solblomma -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €5
self-released, (ltd. 40)

Solblomma -- "His Majesty's Voice" -- CD-R -- €5
2007 Xerxes, ES-52

Splinterskin -- "Wayward Souls" -- CD -- €10
2009 Cold Spring Records, CSR114CD
Dark Acoustic / Woodland Folk. Splinterskin unveils his spell after years of solitude and hermetic isolation, in the form of a harsh, dark folk music. His tales are told using an old classical guitar accompanied by haunting vocals, violin, and soothing whispers cradled in the delicate atmospheres of autumn. A collection of tales blending life and death, entities and creatures, hidden wisdom, unknown places, pain and suffering, folklore, possession, insanity, nature and the dark world that surrounds. Yet there are no words to truly describe Splinterskin's message or music. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Tchernostrup -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €7
2010 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT55, (ltd. 149)
Psychedelic Old-School Power Electronics, a collaboration between Tchernoblyad (Ingria) and Strup (Belarus). Scratches of warped vinyl records, binaural strikes, signal attacks of antique cassetttes with computer programs from 80-ies, remote clanks and howls of night workshops, samples from little known Soviet movies. A severe mind cleansing. Provocative artwork. [press-release]

Tiuniaev, Alex -- "I Knew Her" -- CD -- €10
2008 Cold Spring, CSR97CD
Neoclassical / Neo-Symphonic. Alex Tiuniaev is an electronic musician and producer from Moscow, Russia. 'I knew Her' is a 40-minute long journey of heart-melting, melancholic and neo-symphonic splendour - full of choirs, strings and neoclassical orchestration. This solitary track builds to a haunting and breathtaking crescendo... then brings the listener gently back down to the warm earth. A truly monumental release, with influences ranging from Sigur Ros to Philip Glass and Stars Of The Lid. [press-release]

Vazhes -- "Banjara Lohar" -- CD-R -- €7
2010 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT40, (ltd. 102)
Post industrial ethno electronics in vein of most pushing works of Muslimgauze from this Moscow based project (ex-Bardo). Fanciful patterns of asian rhythms, primeval psychedelics and powerful spirit of Tradition speaking with the help of digital technologies, futuristic samples, elecronic noise attacks and unbending pulsations of dense dub bass. Worth special mentioning is the last track where the impressive "ensemble" is accompanied by a mouth harp. A very interesting work! Handmade cardboard sleeve. [press-release]

Vazhes -- "Seid" -- CD -- €11
2009 Vegvisir music, o:007
Ritual noise / Folk. Many centuries ago noiades, the shamans of ancient Sami, have put seids (seita) on their current places. The centuries have gone, Sami went to the North under pressure of other peoples, wars passed by one by one, but seids still stand on their places. The true harmony never disappears. One can try to forget or destroy it, but nothing can replace it - there are only poor and paltry attempts of replacement to something different which has nothing in common with the natural way of living. Saids can be destroyed, everything connected with the traditional culture can be destroyed, we can forget and refuse everything thinking that it should be this way. But by doing so, a man undoubtedly opposes himself to Nature, instead of being an integral and harmonic part of it as it is in the traditional culture. By breaking the connections with Nature, according to the same law of natural harmony, a man will disappear himself... "Seid" is the debut album of Vazhes, a project by ethnographer Sergey Gabbasov. The album consists of 4 tracks, two of them "Seid" and "Krishna" are recorded by Vazhes, one is a collaboration between Vazhes and Fanum, and another one is created by Vazhes and Akpan. The album is dedicated to the struggle between chaotic and destructive world of contemporary people and eternal natural harmonic principles, embodied in traditional cultures... The beginning - existence and sound of the North - vibrations of stones, Northern lights, spirits of anchestors and crunch of ice. Silence frozen over the icy rocky spaces. Here and there seids, ancient like the North itsels, stand towards the sky. White stillness. Then, suddenly, Hindu kirtan and aggressive heat of radical religious fundamentalists. Struggle to death and Exodus. From ice and tundra to desert and top of the world. Roaring wind among the blinding white peaks promising oblivion. And drying wind taking away the last water and life. And finally, the raging summer storm over the forest swamps of the Ural and Kama river... Thunder and lightnings in the sky, the eternal forest and purifying water streams which feed the rivers and give birth to life... A way from North to South and back to North... Away from the dirt and thoughtless insanity of the modern world! [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Vazhes -- "Uzbekistan Under Dub" -- CD-R -- €7
2010 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT58, (ltd. 192)
A small masterpiece in the genre of post-industrial ethno dub. Dense bass, complicated rhythmic patterns, psychedelics tunes, middle-Asian instruments, pieces of traditional music, mysterious voices, technogenic samples. This album is aerial, transparent, but at the same time deeply substantial. In our opinion, this is even more interesting than Muslimgauze. Limited edition of 202 copies, 10 of them - in special packaging. This is normal edition in vinyl case with handmade cover. [press-release]

Vazhes -- "Uzbekistan Under Dub" -- CD-R -- €9
2010 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT58, (ltd. 10)
A small masterpiece in the genre of post-industrial ethno dub. Dense bass, complicated rhythmic patterns, psychedelics tunes, middle-Asian instruments, pieces of traditional music, mysterious voices, technogenic samples. This album is aerial, transparent, but at the same time deeply substantial. In our opinion, this is even more interesting than Muslimgauze. Limited edition of 202 copies, 10 of them - in special packaging. This is special edition in cardboard slipcase with attached brass medallion. [press-release]

Werkraum -- "Unsere Feuer Brennen!" -- CD -- €10
2004/2009 Cold Spring, CSR49CD
Neofolk / Martial / Neoclassical. Debut album from a band who created excitement across the whole scene, having only appeared on a handful of extremely rare compilations, (including the impossible to find collaboration with Von Thronstahl and Bleiburg) at the time of first release. A genius mixture of martial industrial, Neofolk, ambience and neo-classical! Aided by Lady Morphia (UK) and Harvest Rain (USA). 2nd unlimited edition in jewelcase with brand new gold on black artwork. Contains two bonus tracks - "Wir Rufen Deine Wolfe" (taken from the compilation of the same name) and "Blutsommerland" (taken from the vinyl-only release "Eternal Soul") and is completely remastered for 2009!. [label info]

Wicked King Wicker -- "God Is Busy... Save Yourself" -- CD -- €10
2009 Cold Spring Records, CSR125CD
Doom Metal / Harsh Noise. Wicked King Wicker is pure doom. Their brand of guttural expression strips away the rock n roll base and leaves nothing for the listener than the caustic reality of the darkest side of life. It is heavy, barbaric and void of hope. Wicked King Wicker has taken the power of doom metal and added noise to mix to make its point - a point that While their style is not for everyone, the number of people being turned on by their nihilism is growing fast. There are lots of labels that can apply to their music, and other bands with a similar approach to theirs, but the bottom line is Wicked King Wicker is unique, and their extreme doom stands alone as the heaviest, most brutal doom imaginable and it may take you places you don’t want to go... “God Is Busy… Save Yourself” is WKW's 6th album, and their first released outside of the U.S... WKW has been celebrated by loyal listeners around the world, as well as in the mainstream music press such as Terrorizer magazine, which gave the band’s first two albums 8.5 ratings. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Yadokhimikaty -- "Po Uslovnoy Stepi" -- CD-R -- €7
2010 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT21, (ltd. 43)
The anthology of rare recordings of this St. Petersburg experimental project, some of them have never been issued before, others were released as ultra limited edition cassettes. Garage avantgarde, Old School Industrial played on metal scrap, recitation of descriptions of electrical injuries, tape loops, brisk atonal chaos, a collection of "flashes" from the radio ether, the only one in the world composition in death-hop style, vinyl records torture, howl of electric motor and cover-versions of heroes of Russian and foreign rock music. Abominable sound quality and unhealthy mood. Handmade six-panel cardboard slim-case. [press-release]

Z'EV -- "Sum Things" -- CD -- €10
2009 Cold Spring Records, CSR101CD
Industrial / Ritual / Drone. Through an elemental darkly…In the fall of 2005 Z’EV began dipping deep into his archives and selecting recordings to produce ‘sum things / a possible form for cold dark matter’, a project reflecting his take on the ‘dark ambience’ genre. Composed between December 2005 and March 2006, these 6 pieces endeavour to transport the listener deep into their long forgotten memories of the primal forces at the dawn of creation. Each piece is based on a single sound source. Absolutely no effects of any kind, not even equalization, were applied to the source recordings. Hear then, the state of the art in elemental musics. [press-release]

V/A -- "Anomalous Silencer No. 6" -- CD -- €10
2003 Napalmed, 2003 CD 010, (ltd. 1000)
37 international artists, 80 minutes of noise / industrial / electro / noisecore / sounds / experiments... Luca Miti, Chaos Holokaust Massaker, Oltretomba, Luasa Raelon, Astrogenic Hallucinauting, Pan Demla, Fever Spoor, The Mindripper, Skryty Puvab Byrokracie, Noisebitch, Johnny & Jhony vs. The Fox, Mauro Orselli, Imiafan, Andrew Duke, Guerraeterna, Crimen Familiar, Discotheque Gronland, Humberg, Fuck The Facts, Asistar_T, Enigma Eden, Tote Stadt, Plethora, Iron Bitchface, Nova-Sak, Nequaquam Vacuum, Sound Inhaler, ExMx, Tremor, Kromleqs, Ellis One, Noisecore Freak, CEOXiME, The Industrial Wiping System, K2, Maschinenmensch, Napalmed.


Cedamus -- "s/t" -- MC -- €5
1999 Old Legend Productions, OLP 002
Black Industrial Electronics. Mechanical music with distorted vocals, lots of minor noisy keyboards, totalitarian drum machine and some guitar inclusions. As if Depeche Mode suddenly started to play black metal. Rare. [YAOP]

Dunkel -- "Evighed" -- MC -- €5
1999 Chanteloup Creations, AWE 11
Slow depressive atmospheric Black Ambient with the elements of meditative metal. In vein of "Filosofem". Rare. [YAOP]

Guszczar -- "s/t" -- MC -- €5
1998 Possession Productions, PS04, (ltd. 330)
Slavonic Black Ambient. A project by Voist Angiras (Udumbal, Pragnavit) and Ryks Asirg (Kruk / Possession Productions). Rare. [YAOP]

Udumbal -- "AhI BUDhNYA" -- MC -- €5
2000 Possession Productions, PS09, (ltd. 300)
Veda-based Ritual Dark Ambient with texts on Sanscrit language and mesmerizing dark atmosphere. Includes bonus-track not present on the original release. [YAOP]

Woodland Choir -- "Faerie" -- MC -- €5
1999 self-released
Magic Hungarian neoclassics. 83 minutes of fairy melodies with gothic influences. [YAOP]

Frea market (used & rare)

Project - Album - Format - Condition (disc/cover) - Year - Label - Cat. # - Ltd. - Price

.HROPTR. - Off-Key Interlude - CDR - VG+ - 2005 - Slaughter Productions - SPCD54 - Ltd. 100 - €7.14
Dwole - A Requiem Of Euphoric Nihilism - CD - NM - 1999 - Left Alone Creations / The Root Of All Evil - LAC007 / ROE-004 - €7.86
Lethal Dose 50 - 21st Century Awakening - CD - NM/VG+ - 2006 - Nuit Et Brouillard - NB CD 05 - €9.52
Psychonaut - The Witches' Sabbath - CD - VG+ - 2000 - Athanor - ATNR 007 - €9.52
Psychonaut 75 - Hellmachine - CD - VG+ - 2005 - Memento Mori - MORI 19 - €9.52

You can download the full list of rare & used items here.


Ain Soph -- "I" -- CD -- €10
1984/2000 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 036 / Misty Circles, MCR21
Re-edition of the first long time deleted Ain Soph album! Completely digitally re-mixed & re-mastered + plus some rare bonus material... a must for all lovers of this primer esoteric italian project! [label info]

Amon -- "Nona" -- mCD -- €8
2003 Weird Amplexus, WAX07, (ltd. 500)
After a long release-pause here's a new 10" vinyl from one of the best dark ambient-acts. Nona is a fascinating soundjourney into pre-verbal spheres, mysterious and truly beautiful noises move in slow but dynamic waves through time and space. "Nona" takes inspiration from a case of xenoglossy (the ability to speak in an unlearned and unheard foreign language, often associated with past-life recall, states of trance or hypnosis and mediumship) discovered in Great Britain around the early Thirties when a woman in state of trance expressed herself in a language which was recognized as ancient egyptian. This voice from the past was called "Nona" or "The One Without a Name". [label info]

Amon -- "Nona" -- 10" -- €10
2003 Weird Amplexus, WAX07V, (ltd. 300)
After a long release-pause here's a new 10" vinyl from one of the best dark ambient-acts. Nona is a fascinating soundjourney into pre-verbal spheres, mysterious and truly beautiful noises move in slow but dynamic waves through time and space. "Nona" takes inspiration from a case of xenoglossy (the ability to speak in an unlearned and unheard foreign language, often associated with past-life recall, states of trance or hypnosis and mediumship) discovered in Great Britain around the early Thirties when a woman in state of trance expressed herself in a language which was recognized as ancient egyptian. This voice from the past was called "Nona" or "The One Without a Name". [label info]

Atrium Carceri -- "Ptahil" -- CD -- €13
2007 Cold Meat Industry, cmi168
The fourth album from composer Simon Heath (Sweden) ventures beyond the vestiges of your mortality, granting a fleeting glance at the world beyond the veil. As ever, Simon has reinvented the genre as well as himself with a unique ambience created from his ever-increasingly complex and obscure techniques of mental dissolution and musical innovation. Atrium Carceri emerges from the vapours with yet another stunning release entitled Ptahil (fetahil). The obsidian citadel stands stoic, its forceful gaze forever over streets running rampant with the councils bidders, while the citadel of glass attracts the mindless reincarnates grasping at anything physical while their memories slowly burn away in the womb of their eternal home. The comforts of quiet lives forever washed away by a miasmic tidal wave of necrotic flesh, sagging, protean forms and the chill of the grave. This is a place where steel rusts and is forgotten, where flesh and the fleeting forms it inhabits are forever changed. Ptahil sees all, and forgets naught. Let your mind be stripped to the pulpy, undulating core with this darkened voyage into domains both dreadful and serenely beautiful. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Bianchi, Maurizio (M.B.) & Atrax Morgue -- "M. Plus T." -- CD -- €10
2008 Silentes, sme 0825
Just before leaving this world in 2007, Marco Corbelli (Atrax Morgue) made a series of recordings in collaboration with the old Italian master of pre-industrial culture Maurizio Bianchi (MB). The end result is this devastating album, centred around morbid themes of 'mord' and 'tot'. "Germinal murders... A betulinic bath of hydrocloric acid... Coprological Isomorphism... It is with deep grief that... Terminal death!". [label info]

Bleiburg -- "Pieces Of A Broken Dream" -- 2 CD -- €15
2006 Cold Spring Records, CSR68CD
Neofolk / Dark Industrial. Over the years many bands from the Industrial / Neofolk spectrum have collaborated with Croatian artist Bleiburg. Here, for the first time, those alliances are collected together in a double CD set. Each band brings their own unique flavour to their collaborative piece and Bleiburg also executes seven unreleased solo tracks. Features such renowned international artists as: Amir Baghiri, Aube, Cawatana, Cellar Of Rats (ex-Kerovnian), Harvest Rain, Larrnakh, Lonsai Maikov, Nocturne, Obscure Resistance, Project Toth, The Soil Bleeds Black, Telepherique, Thorn Agram and Vidna Obmana. [label info]

C.C.C.C. -- "Chaos is the Cosmos" -- CD -- €10
2007 Cold Spring Records, CSR79CD
Japanese Noise. We are very proud to announce the return of C.C.C.C. to Cold Spring (after their outstanding album 'Flash' in 1996). This is also the first album from C.C.C.C. in 10 years! This cult Japanese Noise group is made up of Hiroshi Hasegawa (Astro, YBO2, South Saturn Delta), Mayuko Hino, Fumio Kosakai (Hijokaidan, Incapacitants), and Ryuichi Nagakubo (Tangerine Dream Syndicate). An absolutely essential album for those with a penchant for extreme Japanoise. Just under 45 minutes of music. [press-release]

Deadwood -- "8 19" -- CD -- €10
2006 Cold Spring Records, CSR53CD
Outstanding Power Electronics from Sweden. This is DEADWOOD's debut album and is a solid, pounding force of electronics, Death Ambient atmospheres and brutal vocals. Featuring a member of Satanic Black Metal act Blodulv. File alongside such luminaries as The Grey Wolves and Mz.412. DEADWOOD is a relentless assault on the senses! Approach with due caution! [press-release]

Deathpile -- "Final Confession" -- CD -- €10
Pain Compliance Productions, PCP 001
Collection of the best DEATHPILE material from rare and out-of-print releases plus one previously unreleased track (with guest DAVID E WILLIAMS). Includes all lyrics and extensive liner notes. This is the definitive DEATHPILE collection. Harsh American power electronics with layers of noise and aggressive vocals. Definitely one for fans of TAINT, GRUNT etc. As the title indicates, this is the final work of DEATHPILE. [Cold Spring Records info]

Der Blutharsch -- "Flying High!" -- CD -- €15
2009 WKN, WKN34
"Flying High!" with this psychedellic combat cry one of the most excentric and innovative projects from Austria / Vienna is returning. On their ninth studio album Der Blutharsch continues travelling in the direction they took back in 2005, when the former guru of martial industrial/military pop, Albin Julius, and his band, rocketed towards the deep space of psychedelia. One of the most controversial bands of the last decade staked its claim anew, totally breaking with old images, cliches and tunes. Starting already on the last album The Philosopher's Stone the turning to the walls of guitars and repetitive chants was already to recognize. Flying High turns this to a programmatic climax. If you start thinking on Sunn O))), Guru Guru, Amon Düül, Tangerine Dream or Godspeed You! Black Emperor you are not to far away, but still inherent is the big part of apocalyptic feeling which you are already used to. Highly influenced by the amercican West Coast Sound of the late sixties with a small dosis of that what some people use to call Krautrock. The tracks are slightly developing into eachother, ambient parts followed by ecstatic deathrock songs and then they glide into a wall of sound. The guestparts on the vocal side is full of well know artists: besides Bain Wolfkind and Albin Julius or Gianni Serusi, you discover 1980s legend Patrick Leagas who himself celebrates the title song in his typical distinctive manner. Flying High is a dark record, it mixes eros and deathwish, productivity with desctructivity. Since the release of, "When Did Wonderland End?", Der Blutharsch have mutated into a psychedelic rock monster; their motto, "into new territories!", symbolic for this mutation, a battle fought not by marching but by flying, 'Flying high!'. Flying high! is a weird trip for blown minds through the dark worlds of today's society, passing love, hate and lust during its journey into the center of the sun! The CD comes in a stunning foilblocked, painted with glowing in the dark ink, digipack, covered up in a need designed folder. [press-release]

Derniere Volonte -- "Devant Le Miroir" -- CD -- €13
2006 Hau Ruck!, HR!81
The new album by the French masters of erotic military pop, more gloomy than ever before. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Desiderii Marginis -- "Seven Sorrows" -- CD -- €13
2007 Cold Meat Industry, cmi173, (ltd. 2000)
Seven Sorrows is the sixth album by the renowned swedish dark-ambient project Desiderii Marginis, and a most eagerly awaited follower to the highly acclaimed album of 2005, That Which Is Tragic And Timeless. With the material on Seven Sorrows Johan Levin, the mind behind Desiderii Marginis, has dug deeper than ever before within the creative depths and so ventures even further into the darklands of dispair and solitude, deeper into the vibrant shadows of the human mind. Since the very debute in 1993, Desiderii Marginis has, with every new offering, refined and reinvented the trademark sound, and this release is no exception to the rule. Strummed guitars and dulcimers blend seamlessly with soaring strings, raging drones, the sound of twisted metal and spoken word. Diverse sources, yet tamed to an intriguing and alluring whole that slowly spin it’s web around the helpless listener and drags them into the vortex of dreamlike darkness. First 2000 copies in a 6-panel digipak, artwork photos taken by the exceptional photographer Birthe Klementowski. [press-release]

Faith & Disease / Jeff Greinke -- "Dream The Red Clouds" -- 10" -- €10
2002 Weird Amplexus, WAX01V, (ltd. 300)
Dream The Red Clouds is a collaboration between Dara Rosenwasser and Eric Cooley of FAITH & DISEASE and ambient composer JEFF GREINKE (who also has projects in the works with Anisa Romero of Sky Cries Mary, Bill Reiflin of Ministry, and has an extensive discography of music and film scores). This special one-off collaboration was released by Italy's AMPLEXUS RECORDS in both CD format and 300 Limited Edition hand-numbered RED vinyl copies; separately mastered especially for vinyl pressing by audio wizard Rick Fischer. The tracks on Dream The Red Clouds were recorded at Another Room in Seattle, WA, engineered and mixed by Jeff Greinke and produced by Eric Cooley. All 4 tracks are new and previously unreleased. Dara Rosenwasser provided the words and vocals, Eric Cooley played guitar and bass parts, and Jeff Greinke added the sounds and rhythms. Eric Cooley, on the collaboration: "Jeff Greinke is fairly legendary in Seattle, and we've always respected his work. After a show together we casually discussed doing something together, and a few years later we did - Dara and I went over to his studio with some new songs in our back pocket, recorded our parts over the course of a month and left the rest to him. It was all so seamless and natural, and I'm glad we now have that essence captured on a release...". [label info]

Fire In The Head -- "Screams for the Mute" -- CD-R -- €7
2005 Deserted Factory, DF028, (ltd. 200)
To get some more information on an artist, it's always good to look at their website. And when it comes to Fire in the Head, we see an indication for what we are about to hear when we look at the links-section: Guilty Connector, Slogun, Sickness, Control, Skullflower/Ramleh, Grey Wolves/Open Wound & Survival Unit. Fire in the Head can be labelled harsh noise, a type of music definitly not for the weak. For as far as I know, most artists in the genre are from America and Asia, but in Europe it's also being produced more and more. The genre is a little bit less 'constructed' as power electronics, but what it lacks in structure is made up for in agression. Provided you can handle the sounds, you can play this album on repeat. Every time you notice new layers and new depth within the tracks and after a few rounds, the beaty really reveals itself. 'Watch And Burn' is a great droney track, while 'Playing God' and 'Floodgate' are way more opressive in nature ('Floodgate' actually hurts a bit). The masterpiece on this album is the final track 'Through Jaded Eyes'. It's a beautifully created noisescape with a melancholic feel. The CD isn't really accessible for a larger audience, but it is definitly worth buying for noise-addicts and maybe also people who want to try out something without beats, but with a lot of power. [Bauke / Gothtronic]

Folkstorm -- "Hurtmusic" -- CD -- €10
2000 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 033
Second release on OEC by this new side project of MZ.412 leader Mr. Nordvargar! This album was recorded live at Nar Mattaru on March 11 2000 in front of a selected audience, this is just the first bombastic live attack, prepare yourself for more powerful assaults by the new master of power-electronics, many live gigs are planed! Full colour cover presenting a kind of renascence pictures with a fine touch of s/m. [press-release]

Folkstorm -- "Information Blitzkrieg" -- CD -- €10
1999/2000 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 028, 2nd. ed.
Folkstorm is the solo project of Mr. Kremator Nordvargr, mind of MZ.412! The sounds on this album are quiet different and not related to MZ.412, although this is heaviest power-electronics and old school industrial... ranging from real beating tracks to more noisy ones with lots of sampled voices! a masterpiece of new industrial muzak, no politics, no religion, no standard. The first 470 copies was sold during the pre-seals, second print available... [press-release]

Genocide Organ -- "Live in Japan 2003/2007" -- DVD/CD -- €19
2009 Tesco Organisation, TESCO 077 / Teito Sound Company, TEITO-010
Japan has been a wasteland for German "industrial" and/or "power electronics" bands for many years, but in 2003, Genocide Organ entered the motherland of noise. Invited by Teito and MSBR, Genocide Organ played two remarkable shows in Tokyo. The first in a typical noise/hardcore club called 20000V, and the second at a small theatre called Die Pratze. Because of the two different locations and atmospheres, G.O. prepared two completely different sets. While the material at 20000V featured tracks from what was, at the time, the forthcoming album "In-Konflikt," plus a selection of powerful, well-known tracks, the setlist at Die Pratze featured more "calm" and unreleased tracks integrated into a theatrical-type performance. Both gigs represent the repertoire of Genocide Organ, which makes this band more than just a phenomenon of one genre. The two shows are presented here on DVD in their entirety, edited from three different camera angles by Frank Merten of SWT, known for the visuals of Herbst9 and Land:Fire. The DVD is professionally mastered and features a fully animated menu. In 2007, Genocide Organ returned to Tokyo for two more shows, both hosted at 20000V, and again, each show had a different setlist. The audio CD in this collection features a selection of the best tracks from both evenings. Many had never been released or played live before, while some "old favorites" appear here in completely different versions. The quality of the recording is amazing, and you will feel the full power of these two gigs. [press-release]

H.E.R.R. -- "Vondel's Lucifer - First Movement" -- CD -- €10
2006 Cold Spring Records, CSR69CD
Neo-Classical / Neo-Folk. Taken from the Dutch playwright's seventeenth-century opus, 'Lucifer', this eagerly-awaited release tells of heavenly discontent amid a jealous tale of angelic rebellion in the face of God's love for humankind. Containing both half-sung and spoken vocals, an ever so gentle folk-like melody, baroque composition, rich musical arrangement and the kind of indomitable spirit and literary tradition that only a group like H.E.R.R. can render in such a magnificent cultural style, this album introduces the first three acts in 75 bombastic minutes. An illustrious cast includes Richard Leviathan (Ostara), Dev (While Angels Watch), Holger F. (Belborn), Cornelius Mikael Waldner (Sagittarius) and Maria Southgate (HERR/Survival Unit). Now, awake the stars from their harmonious peace and let the battle commence! [label info]

Hall Of Mirrors -- "Reflections On Black" -- CD -- €10
2007 Silentes, SME0713
A dark transmission utilizing an immense range of synthesizers and obscure electronic equipment. Complex compositions created with various sequencers, backing tapes, field recordings, electric guitar and masterful audio processing techniques, combined with expert assembly (mixing / digital editing). With "Reflections in Black" Hall Of Mirrors redefine the genera of dark ambient. A must have for fans of Lustmord and Darker / Gothic atmospheres. "Reflections In Black" is isolationistic music for midnight rituals: post-millennium soundscapes and darkest beauty personified. [press-release] A collaboration project of Giulio Biaggi, Andrea Marutti (Amon, Never Known), Giuseppe Verticchio & Daniela Gherardi (Nimh).

He Would Drown -- "Music To Wreck To" -- CD -- €10
2004 Noise Control Corp., NCC/9, (ltd. 500)

Inade -- "The Incarnation Of The Solar Architects" -- CD -- €13
2009 Loki Foundation, LOKI 50
There is a world that shadows our world, a world of mysterious design and unspoken secrets, of space that breathes and infinite echoes that never cease to cry. Mirrors that refract images into dark pools of cosmic nothingness. Inade explore these worlds on their latest masterpiece, The Incarnation of the Solar Architects, in which sound is utilized in a transformative manner, not only to focus on that which lies beyond and that which has never been seen, but to embrace the Darkness and let it wash over one's soul. The mythology that Inade has created touches that place beyond forever, yet now, through the insistence of that which lurks in the margins, a metamorphosis has transpired, in which the cosmos of self has awakened. If one believes that God is everywhere, so is the Darkness that came before Him. A Darkness thriving with anonymous ideals (the possibilities are endless... ) and devious intentions, resplendent with mystical creatures that shamble through antediluvian kingdoms constructed from polished metal, luxurious crystals, and unlimited dreams... though one would need new eyes to see them, and new ears to hear them. Inade provide the soundtrack--the frisson of unease is abundant, a churning, seething dread that veers into awe. It's up to the individual listener to listen intently, behind shuttered eyelids... to see and experience the true labyrinthine hierarchy of black splendor that awaits. [press-release]

Incinerator International -- "Head On" -- CD -- €10
2004 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 067
Incinerator International is a collaborative project between: US noisemaster John Balistreri (Slogun) and Swedish multi-musician Henrik Nordvargr Bjorkk (MZ. 412, Folkstorm, HH9, etc). Highly distorted, disturbed and menacing, this soundtrack for every girls nightmare is finally unleashed to rip your speakers apart! Soundwise you will recognize the frantic vocals that Slogun is known for, but this time the musical backdrop is more of a dirty Folkstorm-ish nature. This is the future of power electronics! Kneel before your masters! YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TO ASPECT! [press-release]

Intrinsic Action -- "II" -- CD -- €10
1987/2004 BloodLust!, B!046
"Aggressive and fully adrenalised Power Electronics / Extreme Noise feedback and ‘sado-electronics' from a project of Mark Solotroff (Bloodyminded). All tracks have been digitally remastered for CD." [Cold Spring] American-style PE back from 1986!

Keimverbreitung -- "The K Sessions" -- CD-R -- €6
2003 Amplexus, (ltd. 177)
Keimverbreitung is a new dimension in ambient-avantguarde music. Decadent atmospheres, rumorism, laments & electronic sounds....all mixed to create the perfect soundtrack for our unsound minds...to dscover it! [label info] Something experimental-vanguard. Throat singing, shaman's percussion, ethnic guitar parts, dark industrial ambience. Eclectic but interesting. [Abgurd description]

Korperwelten -- "Avatars Of Rape And Rage" -- CD -- €10
2008 Malignant Records, TUMOR CD36
Having started the process way back in 2002, this collaborative project between Swedish powerhouse Nordvargr and US apocalyptic industrialists Navicon Torture Technoloies finally sees the light (so to speak) in 2008, having been re-worked and re-structured as a perilous 40 minute plunge into a black hole of sound. Waves of grim, doom filled atmospheric sludge crossbred with buzzing black drones, grinding distortion, and a seething underbelly of rhythmic pulsations, ultimately delivering everything you might expect from these two giantsof the industrial scene. In 6 panel digipak, with extreme and controversial, Jonathan Canady (http://art.malsonus.com/) designed artwork sure to be banned if it falls into the wrong hands. [press-release]

Le Masque -- "Colloquio" -- CD -- €10
1986/2008 Oltrelanebbiailmare, CD200801
Born in Milan in 1979, Le Masque are one of the finest Italian wave band. This cd contanis the reissue of the legendary 'Colloquio' EP (released on Supporti Fonografici in 1986), influenced by the melancholic writings of the Italian Crepuscolari poets (the lyrics of the title track are an extract from Carlo Vallini's poem "Un Giorno"), plus a live recording of Le Masque exhibiton at Club tenco in 1990. In 1984 they also released their first mini-lp 'Happy Flock' on the legendary italian label Mask Production, runned by Lisfrank, this name will remember something to the minimal synth lovers. [Mannequin Mailorder]

Mantra, Michael -- "D#m/Gm" -- CD -- €10
2008 Purple Soil, pulse zero: five
The so far unreleased 1998 album. Classical example of static music. Two lengthy ambient tracks, heavy on subtle drones and concrete sounds, descending slowly forwards. [label info] "D#m/Gm is an album of extended ambient listening of sonic icebergs slowly shifting over time. This album is based in ultra minimal atmospheric dronecore, an exploration into the dark unknown of somber sonic states of the mysterious unknown and leveraging changes in states of feeling and states of consciousness. For maximum sonic effect, listening to this CD with stereo headphones is recommended. Do not listen to this album while operating heavy machinery or operating an automobile, motorcycle, marine craft, aircraft of extra terrestial craft. This album is dedicated to world peace for all sentient beings." [sleeve notes]

Napalmed -- "Up to the Ears in Tinnitus" -- CD -- €10
1999/2006 Stand Against Vivisection Records, (ltd. 500)
Repress of 1999 legendary picture LP on CD. Includes slightly remixed two original tracks and bonus track from the same session. Altogether 80 minutes of harsh, deafening old school noise. CD, 3 tracks/80 minutes, full color fold-out paper cover.

Onirot -- "Augusta Taurinorum" -- CD -- €10
2001 Inner Gravity Records, IGR 003
Onirot is a malignant project showing the darkest side of human isolationism. 8 tracks of pure insane sonic anxiety will burn into the soul. A great mixture between early MEGAPTERA and LUSTMORD. Included a bonus video track full of the extreme realities of human weakness... [Cyclic Law]

Organisation Toth -- "Birth Ov Light" -- CD -- €10
2003 Old Europa Cafe, OECD 057
Ritual & magic beating dark & bleak industrial sounds by the French master for see "the birth of light"... Ill ritual muzak for your magik experiments & for necrophile nostalgics... [label info]

Psychonaut 75 -- "Stealing the Fire from Heaven" -- CD -- €10
2002 Memento Mori, MORI 15
The debut album of this side-project of Valefor, dark rhythmic dance industrial with alchemical background.

Seamus -- "Forever" -- CD -- €10
2005 Silentes, cd 200506
On the wing of a new chapter in Amir Baghiri and Stefano Gentile's musical career the SEAMUS carries us to their latest sounds-statement to the mystical side of our industrial world. Refined and elegant electronic music, discreet rhythmical and pleasant movements, blended to cosmic-ambiental suspended sonic landascapes, bass lines, sequencers parts, voices, radio meddles, ambient distant noises, whispers, soft melodic elements... A moving and variegated sonic trip around a limitless electronic universe. [label info]

Seelenlicht -- "Gods & Devils" -- CD -- €10
2008 Cold Spring Records, CSR86CD
Murder Ballads / Neofolk / Neclassical. This stunning debut release from a project of Troy Southgate (H.E.R.R.) and Butow Maler (Kammer Sieben) contains 14 darkly satirical compositions that strip bare the mechanism of human nature and the madness of the contemporary world. Comprised of Gothic murder ballads, electronic, folk and neoclassical elements, this album is brimming with originality, enthusiasm and creativity. Guests: Herr Twiggs (Kammer Sieben), Maria Southgate (H.E.R.R.) and Eustacia Vye (Horologium). Digipak. [press-release]
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Simulacrum -- "Anti Matter Society" -- CD -- €10
2002 Weird Amplexus, WAX02, (ltd. 555)
A real surprise from Slovakia. After a couple of years from their debut cd on OLD EUROPA CAFE', SIMULACRUM returns with a real masterpiece of ritual ambient in vein of best COLD MEAT sound. A symphony that penetrates our souls for heading towards a desolate but incontaminated world. There isn't any possibility to thought... the only way is to leave himself... and leave the soul fly free... An absolute milestone. [label info]

Simulacrum -- "Anti Matter Society" -- LP -- €10
2002 Weird Amplexus, WAX02V, (ltd. 288)
A real surprise from Slovakia. After a couple of years from their debut cd on OLD EUROPA CAFE', SIMULACRUM returns with a real masterpiece of ritual ambient in vein of best COLD MEAT sound. A symphony that penetrates our souls for heading towards a desolate but incontaminated world. There isn't any possibility to thought... the only way is to leave himself... and leave the soul fly free... An absolute milestone. [label info]

Sisternaus -- "Division One" -- CD -- €10
2007 Cold Spring Records, CSR61CD
Black Ambient / Industrial. Powerful debut of the Canadian noise project. 'Division One' is harsher and more bombastic than Harlow MacFarlane's now defunct project FUNERARY CALL. A true onslaught of Black Ambient, Power Noise and Death Industrial. This is the much anticipated album, after the well received track on our legendary SWARM sampler. [press-release]

Sisternaus -- "Sensitive Disturbance" -- CD -- €10
2009 Cold Spring Records, CSR108CD
Black Ambient / Industrial. Blurring the lines between Dark Ambient, Industrial and Noise, Sistrenatus storms forth, shifting between oppressive aggression and unsettling atmospheres. "Sensitive Disturbance" is the third offering from this now legendary Canadian act, whose debut "Division One" was issued on Cold Spring in 2007. An aural journey through the urban decay of abandoned factories, scorched landscapes and underground passageways. "Sensitive Disturbance" is an abrasive rendition of the industrial revolution in its darkest phases. [label info]

South Saturn Delta -- "Experience The Concreteness" -- CD -- €10
2007 Cold Spring Records, CSR80CD
Extreme Japanese Noise / Psychedelic Noise. This is South Saturn Delta's debut album, featuring their finest live recordings from between 2003-2005, in Osaka and Tokyo. SSD is a kind of Japanoise supergroup, formed in 2003, with guitar and voice from Maso Yamazaki (Masonna), synth and voice from Hiroshi Hasegawa (Astro, C.C.C.C., YBO2) and drums from Nobuko Emi (Tsurubami). An extreme psychedlic noise trip over 4 lengthy tracks. [press-release]

Stratosphere -- "The Introspective Spaces" -- 3"CD -- €7
1996 Amplexus, XUS 07, (ltd. 1000)
From the writings of Stratosphere: "As I compose my music, I try to create a relaxing environment so that the listener can escape from the hectic world of today. So, sweeping sounds which are filled with warmth are the base of each composition. Later on, percussion was added, but again, the relaxing mood was the main idea behind each musical work. Mystic meanings and surrealistic concepts are not what you must seek in this kind of music but pure enjoyment when experiencing these soundscapes". Produced by Vidna Obmana. Four tracks in an A5 full colour sleeve. [label info]

Svartsinn -- "Traces Of Nothingness" -- CD -- €10
Cyclic Law, 13th Cycle
The 3rd offering from Norway's Svartsinn could be acknowledged as the end of a trilogy, the first opus "Devouring Consciousness" was an album containing stories made during what the artist explains as being some difficult and rough times. The second offering, "Of Darkness And Re-Creation", was the process of trying to deal with these struggles and reflect on them. "Traces Of Nothingness" is simply the reaction, result and the path ahead in this ongoing, seemingly endless darkness. A slightly more melodic, sad and obscure side of Svartsinn that still keeps the cold and dark atmosphere that defines his sound. [press release]
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Temple Of Tiermes -- "Delirium Sadomaso" -- CD -- €10
2004 Freak Animal, FREAK-CD-023, (ltd. 300)
Finnish esoteric ritual industrial noise. Comes in jewelbox with poster cover.
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TenHornedBeast -- "My Horns Are A Flame To Draw Down The Truth" -- CD -- €10
2009 Cold Spring, CSR106CD
Guitar Drone / Doom / Dark Ambient. The TenHornedBeast rises again. Five new compositions from black ambient / doom overlord Christopher Walton - three remixes / expansions / contractions of songs from the debut album "The Sacred Truth" and two totally new pieces that are in a similar style to this dark masterpiece. Walton has stripped some of the songs to their bare bones and allowed them space to breathe again. This album is all-new but continues the atmosphere of the debut and can be considered a companion piece. Presented in a matt-laminate, spot-varnished digipak. [press-release]
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TenHornedBeast -- "The Sacred Truth" -- CD -- €10
2007 Cold Spring, CSR77CD
From the ashes of Dark Ambient legends Endvra the TenHornedBeast is rising. Cryptic, menacing atmospheres erupt from droning chasms of feedback. On an altar of horn and fire “The Sacred Truth” is revealed. An ultra doom / drone epic! Presented in a matt-laminate, spot-varnished digipak. [press release]

Testa, Antonio -- "Radioforest" -- CD -- €10
2005 Tantric Harmonies, TANTRA X27
50 minutes of pacified ritual ambient recorded with the use of various wind and percussive ethnic instruments, field recordings from Mexico, Africa and Italy and synthesizers with samplers providing droney textured and melodic layers. Features musicians from Italian projects Alio Die, Opium, etc.

Udumbal -- "Sarcis" -- MC -- €5
1998 Possession Productions, PS05, (ltd. 330)
Slavonic Vedic Black Ambient. Rare first album of this legendary Russian project. "Aryan esoteric extremist art": neoritual shamanism with Sanscrit lyrics, elements of dark ambient and meditative black metal. [YAOP]

VO.I.D -- "Alloskren" -- CD -- €10
1998 Membrum Debile Propaganda, MDP 6000-27
Czech noise industrial, power noise electronic project from Decin, acting between 1994 and 2008. Line-up: Martin Jarolim – vocals, effects, Vojtech Hanka (later Robert Hnat) – keyboards, electronics, noise generators. Original conception of the project can be characterized by its leader M. Jarolim words as a thunderous prayer, transcending the world's din into Silence.

Von Thronstahl -- "E Pluribus Unum" -- CD -- €10
2001/2004 Cold Spring Records, CSR37CD
Martial Industrial / Neoclassical. "E Pluribus Unum" neatly collects all compilation tracks and rare 10" releases together, along with some remixes and unreleased pieces. Another statement confirming the power and majesty of VON THRONSTAHL! Martial industrial epics! Stunning digipak format with booklet. [press release]

Von Thronstahl -- "Germanium Metallicum" -- CD -- €10
2009 Trutzburg Thule, TRUTZCD005
Martial / Industrial. New material with an occidental sound - a fusion of martial, industrial, orchestral, neofolk, military and apocalyptic storm-composing. Intense, dramatic and unbeatable. High quality, powerfully-mastered with a wide spectrum of sound. "Germanium Metallicum" is a musical revelation of old Europe, caught between rebirth and death, freedom and slavery, uproar and revolution. It is an apocalyptic journey with many international musicial guests from the genre, including guest vocals by Plastique of Welle Erdball, Troy Southgate (H.E.R.R., Seelenlicht) and Natacha Von Wynn (erotic starlet from Switzerland). The sounds of Von Thronstahl's earlier works are cleverly combined with the composing quality of their latest album "Sacrificare" and the intensity and power of its predecessor "Bellum Sacrum Bellum!?" [press-release]

Von Thronstahl -- "Imperium Internum" -- CD -- €10
2000 Cold Spring Records, CSR32CD, 2nd edition
Martial Industrial / Neoclassical. The incredible orchestral power of VON THRONSTAHL has finally been released! "Imperium Internum" is an instant classic of the scene - massive orchestral power and military anthems, akin to the finest moments of IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES, LAIBACH, TURBUND STURMWERK and BLOOD AXIS! A fantastic book accompanies packed with images of VON THRONSTAHL and their manifesto. Recommended as among the finest releases we've handled! Now in stunning digipak format. [press release]

V/A -- "23 Drifts To Guestling" -- CD -- €10
1983/2008 Iham Products, NANA 004 / FOPI, LAT23
Experimental. Originally released in 1983, this stands as the missing piece of the jigsaw between Coum Transmissions, Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV. Scrapbook rehearsals, formative ideas, radio snippets, interviews and general nonsense. CD version original cassette release of the contributions of the many people that made up Throbbing Gristle, Coum Transmissions, Coil and Psychic TV, brought to you by FOPI. Features: Throbbing Gristle, Genesis P-Orridge, Psychic TV, Monte Cazazza, Peter Christopherson, Martin Denny, Joan Armstrong, Gary Gilmore, Adi Newton, Frank Zappa, Charles Manson, Alex Fergusson & Lynette Fromme (Manson Family). [label info].

V/A -- "John Barleycorn Reborn" -- 2 CD -- €15
2007 Cold Spring Records, CSR84CD
Traditional Folk, Dark Folk, Neofolk, Ballads. A discovery of folk music from dark Britannica. 'John Barleycorn Reborn' explores seasonal birth, death and rebirth on this double CD. Our cycle begins at Lammas 2007 (1st August), a day traditionally known for 'the first fruits of the harvest'. This compilation explores the darker side of British folk music, evoking the mystery of our ancient past and peoples, the strangeness of their beliefs, arcane traditions and the remnants of this carried down the centuries as folklore. The set has an extended booklet with articles, essays and explorations of the album's concept. All orders can also receive a free complementary thirty-three track download only set of further music. The album is a collaboration between Cold Spring and Woven Wheat Whispers, a folk music artist community and legal download service (where the third part complementary part is available). Curated by Mark Coyle. [press-release] Featuring: The Horses Of The Gods, The Owl Service, The Story, Damh The Bard, Mary Jane, Andrew King, The Triple Tree, Sol Invictus, Sieben, Sharron Kraus, Charlotte Greig And Johan Asherton, Pumajaw, Peter Ulrich, Alphane Moon, English Heretic, Far Black Furlong, The Anvil, Tinkerscuss, The Straw Bear Band, Electronic Voice Phenomena, The Purple Minds Of Lazeron, Sand Snowman, The A Lords, The Kitchen Cynics, Quickthorn, Clive Powell, Venereum Arvum, Drohne, Stormcrow, Doug Peters, While Angels Watch, Xenis Emputae Travelling Band, Martyn Bates.
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