Today's update contains a lot of interesting stuff from Russian labels and projects, I can mark the releases of Lagunamuch Community (ambient, chill-out, idm), Abgurd (industrial / ambient), Monochrome Vision (electroacoustic, old school), B-rush (lo-fi noise), Operator Produkzion (experimetal underground), S und S (ritual industrial with hi-quality handmade artworks!), also a re-issue of the debut album of Veprisuicida the release of new CD in "Kreuzung" collaboration series with Reutoff project - this time with Der Blutharsch.

There are also a lot of international releases, mostly of smooth ambient character, so if you appreciate this kind of music, you can definitely browse this newsletter deeper :) A couple of more intense releases are present here too.

I wish you all kinds of sonic and other blessings!



Some new reviews of our releases:

Hypnoz "Breath of Earth" CD:
by John Björkman @ Kuolleen Musiikin Yhdistys: http://www.kuolleenmusiikinyhdistys.net/arvostelut/levyh/hypnoz-breathofearth.html
by Maurizio Pustianaz @ Chain D.L.K.: http://www.chaindlk.com/reviews/?id=4718

Nazi Bastards From Aldebaran "Invasion" CD-R:
by Nanhold @ Gothtronic: http://www.gothtronic.com/?page=23&change_lang=2&reviews=5136

by Maurizio Pustianaz @ Chain D.L.K.: http://www.chaindlk.com/reviews/?id=4716


15.11.2008 - Tokamak Sound System presents:
JAMES REIPAS, CYCLOFILLYDEA, LUNAR ABYSS DEUS ORGANUM, PLACES, DJ Kolmas Vasemmalta, DJ Neutrino, DJ Tolly, DJ Catalepsic, DJ Neuronaut, DJ Artego, DJ Yoga
(St. Petersburg, club "ROKS". Address - "Chkalovskaya" subway station, nab. Admirala Lazareva , 22. Phone: (812) 931-76-79. Beginning at 00:00. Ticket price - 350 / 400 RUR.) More info in Russian...

15.11.2008 - Lagunamuch Label Night Party - Back To The Future
(Moscow, club "IKRA". Address - "Kurskaya" subway station, ul. Kazakova, 8a. Phone: (495) 778-56-51. Beginning at 23:00. Ticket price - 200 / 250 RUR.) More info in Russian...



.you hack the aye -- "Propaganda Cult" -- 3"CD-R -- €2
2008 Skotomogilnik, SM008, (ltd. 20)
Arisen in the spring 2008 the project two person from a town of Ozersk (the Chelyabinsk area) - Alexandr "Illnath" (bass, harmonica) and Andrew "Venom" (drums, piano). Is improvisation on a bass-guitar/drums, a piano/lip to an accordion. Lo-Fi record on a mp3-player. Very non-standard registration, limited of 20 copies: mini cd-r by means of a wire fastens to a thick cardboard lining from any unit found about a railroad tracks. [press-release]

0ID -- "Red Book (Ambient Mix)" -- CD -- €10
2004 Lagunamuch Community, LMC200, (ltd. 500)
0id is Andrey Antonets solo project, created for the realization of the author's own ideas outside the Alexandroid project. Taking part in the Alexandroid project with Alex Matrosov and releasing albums all over the world, Andrey creats his own ambient soundsystem. There is no complexity in his world, no ambiguity or vagueness - there are only his own ideas and mood, embodied in music. Red Book was specially created for private listening - two in the room is too much to understand him. [press-release]

0ID -- "Systems of Mercy" -- CD -- €10
2006 Lagunamuch Community, LMC700, (ltd. 1000)
0id is one Andrey Antonets, who is a member of Alexandroid, but solo creates his own ambient music. I think it's played on analogue synthesizers, and it's not the tapestry sounds of Hypnos but more the stripped down version of ambient house music. Things move a little bit, there is arpeggio's on the piano, and even a bit of percussion. However the highlight of the cd is the fourth track, which started out with a voice going through a vocoder, later on forming a duet of voices and brings it close to space age popmusic. That is absolutely a great piece. Even with such a title for the cd things can't go wrong. [Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Akpan / Bardo -- "V Poiskah Potaennogo" -- CD-R -- €5
2008 S und S records, SS-2008-008-01, (ltd. 13)
A collaboration between Bardo and Akpan projects, dedicated to the search of lost jewels and gems, found and to be discovered, to the immersion into meditation and contemplation of mountain landscapes, to the serenity and pacification, unhurried mobility and frozen precipitancy... Only Tibetan and Nepalese ritual instruments have been used for the recording, and also the overtone singing. Droney and slow soundscapes. Recorded in 2008, SundS records. [press-release] Handmade artwork made with the use of blood-stained paper.

Aquavoice -- "Electronic Music" -- CD-R -- €12
2004 Requiem Records, 15/2004
A masterful album released by the organizer of the International Musical Presentations - Ambient (Gorlice). Aquavoice defines its own vision of ambient (it is not far from "Fires of Ork", "Insomnia" - Biosphere). The music shows the deep space and rhythmical electronics. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Ariu Kara -- "Medlennii Skaner Stalkera" -- CD -- €10
2005 Lagunamuch Community, LMC300, (ltd. 300)
Ariu Kara is a musical component part of audio-visual project Ariu Lab, created in 2001 by industrial photographer Anastasiya Krutova. Ariu Lab deals with documentary, video installations and visual design. Ariu Kara records sound for all visual parts of the project. Ariu Kara plays gloomy music of post-human future, dead earth, covered with snow of nuclear winter. It's music of dark overcastted sky, and huge rusty broken cars, living alone in their own eternal cycle. They assemble creatures from odd details and disassemble to assemble again. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Autumn Galaxy -- "The Emperor's Garden" -- CD-R -- €9
2007 House of Alchemy, house of 008, (ltd. 123)
The project of Brad Rose and Ville Mosquiitto completely confirms it's title. The music is amazingly atmospheric (in autumn way) and surprisingly diverse. The disk opens with dreadful dark drone ambient, resebling the album of Navia "Holodno", then turns into thoughtful "September" psych-folk, then comes post-Sonic Youth noise-rock with persistent seawaves noise, then - melancholic spicy pseudo-Indian acid-folk, and finally - soft drone ambient with an accordion. A sequence of the autumnal moods. Non-standard cardboard sleeve. [YAOP description]

Bass Communion -- "I" -- CD -- €13
1998/2001 Hidden Art, hi-art 09

Bass Communion -- "II" -- CD -- €13
1999/2002 Headphone Dust, 003

Bjerga / Iversen -- "Shortest Way to the Moon" -- CD-R -- €7
2007 Harha-Askel, [HA-2], (ltd. 80)
Two live recordings from the British tour 2006 of this prolific Norwegian drone ambient duo. Deep drones and pounding percussion. Intense. Strange. Beautiful. Black disk, handmade cardboard cover. [YAOP description]

Bradley, Paul -- "Twenty Hertz" -- CD-R -- €12
2003 ICR, 35
Debut album from this talented young composer. To quote the Anomalous Records catalogue: Cavernous rumbles and speaker-shaking bass tones characterize this debut release from the very talented Paul Bradley. Beautiful slow-moving tracks, evoking the elements of the underworld. Although the low-end dominates, there is delicacy and subtlety to be found here. I am reminded alternately of ships lost at sea, subterranean caverns filled with mysterious activity, menacing night-time forests, and the powerful majesty of summer storms. A striking first release, in handmade cover with vinyl sleeve. [press-release]

Cat'n'Bone -- "Bones Rattle (Ego Death's Remixes)" -- CD-R -- €7
Greek noisician remixes Russian ambient-experimenter. Rough noise with unusual harmonic fragments. Concisely. Worthy. [YAOP description]

Cat'n'Bone -- "Snailocat's Blood" -- CD-R -- €7
Rough Noise and Old-School Industrial from the north of Russia. A very good work combining digital chainsaw in vein of Comforter with retro-mood in vein of Alexander Lebedev-Frontov and shamanism of YAO 91404 D. Double sleeve with insert - blood-stained paper. [YAOP description]

Chasse, Loren -- "The Air in the Sand" -- CD -- €12
2005 Naturestrip, NS3004
Chasse broadcasts an array of drones, textures, and field recordings back into the sonic environment where they intermingle with the ambience of that location. Part of this process is an attempt to move away from the constraints of the digital workstation; but at the same time, Chasse is far more interested in the curious alchemy that occurs when a space listens to itself making sound. The nighttime chorus of crickets gurgles within aqueous percolations and the tectonic crash of surf crashing against rock. Elsewhere, rain vaporizes in a caustic sizzle as it falls upon overhead electrical wires, and this sound is compounded by the sharp crack of branches and the slow hiss of sand... [Jim Haynes]

Dasein -- "Vakuum" -- CD-R -- €3
2008 B-rush, B-23, (ltd. 36)
A sude-project of Russian act Fanum. Vague roaring canvas. Cardboard sleeve, insert. [label info]

Des Esseintes -- "Mondo Macabro" -- CD -- €12
2006 Malignant Records, TUMOR CD27
A classic example of what’s old is new! With Mondo Macabro, we’ve conveniently compiled all of your favorite des Esseintes vinyl releases since 2000, remastered them, boosted them to eye popping levels, and if that weren’t enough, added 3 bonus, unreleased tracks to top it off! 12 tracks in total, spanning the Muse (2000) and On/Off (2002) 7”s, the split LP with Magmax (2001), and the split 10” (2001) with Negru Voda. A great history lesson in the short existence of des Esseintes, each track on each subsequent release just seems to up the ante, with one track more crushing than the next…. a steady, doom filled procession of post-apocalyptic, tribal percussion, deadening, jackhammer rhythms, and dramatic, suspense filled atmospheres. When Armageddon hits, rest assured, you’ll have your soundtrack. Mandatory!! [press-release]

Different State -- "More Than Music" -- CD-R -- €12
2005 Requiem Records, 23/2005
This is the latest album of Poles from the U.S. very personal with sentimental spleen. Narcotic trance, sonic magic full of references to explosive mixture of trip hop, new wave, illbient and postindustrial. A steamroller of heavy rythm and strong base – fusion of new sounds with experimental acoustics. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

DN23rd + Light Collapse + Galaxy The Incubator -- "Chants Of Ether" -- CD-R -- €3
2008 B-rush, B-19, (ltd. 48)
Radionoise collaboration.

Ezhi i Petruccho -- "Istorii" -- CD -- €7
2006 Lagunamuch Community, LMC600
Russian spoken word / ambient project, devised in late 90-s by Andrey Andrianov. Some time later the musician Andrey Dergachev joined him and they have recorded several philosophic stories about two fictional characters Ezhi and Petrucco, and then released their first album. Since that the project has become more and more famous and popular, attracting the attention of radio stations, animators and just all the interested listeners. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Ezhi i Petruccho -- "Skazki" -- CD -- €7
2007 Lagunamuch Community, LMC-1000
Russian spoken word / ambient. Ezhi and Petruccho? Who are they? First of all, these are names, just like "water", "stone", "law". The stories about them repeat the eternal genre of "tales by a fire". After two thousand of years we actually continue sitting by a fire, although we have learned how to get water from a tap and electricity from a socket. Basic names don't change. Sounds and names cause each other and again go into silence. We've just found the way into our "inner ArTek" and continue walking light not losing sight of each other... "And Ezhi was a shaman", - says Andrianov in a very wise hypnotic voice. And the music of Dergachev catches you and carries away into the timeless existence. Here, in a half empty room a cup of tea or mulled wine and a chequered plaid are waiting for you, and the stars are goggling in the window. After all, the real tales are told long after midnight. [label info]

Friedl, Heribert -- "Bradycard" -- CD -- €12
2005 Non Visual Objects, nvo 003, (ltd. 300)
Bradycard, a medical term means: to have a very slow heart-rhythm, mostly under 60 beats per minute. The soundwork consists of digitally processed hackbrett (cymbalon), a combination of minimal digital soundscapes, fieldrecordings and acoustic phrases. It is built of very slow, from meditative to almost lethargic gestures that bring the mind into a smoothly, flowing state. [press-release]

Futreal, Andy -- "Ophelia Wanders" -- CD-R -- €7
2007 Harha-Askel, [HA-3], (ltd. 80)
British acoustic guitar magician Andy Futreal presents 15 improvised pieces, recorded in 2004-2007, varying from blues and folk to abstract researches of possibilities of 6 strings and field recordings. Guitar-based "American primitivism" of John Fahey and British pych-folk scene of 60-s (Bert Jansch, Davy Graham) combined with more exotic influences and individual approach. [YAOP description]

Gokkun / Sound 00 / Gaad -- split -- CD-R -- €2
2008 Skotomogilnik, SM007, (ltd. 25)
3-way split from the countries of the East Europe. Gokkun - two Japanese living in Bulgaria dilute a brain digital noise made of the processed sounds of a guitar, videogames and other стафа (they so have told). Macedonian Sound 00 on the contrary extremely minimalistical, is silent and calm. Montenegro project Gaad to me in general is complex for describing words. Eclectic samples, curve sinusoids. So, for end of this release the best termination is complex for finding. Design: the disk is enclosed between two spoiled cd-r (cd, dvd-r), fixed by means of an adhesive tape, a magnetic label-antithief, laconic insert. [label info]

Grassow, Mathias & Mazanek, Jiri -- "Inner Path" -- CD -- €13
2008 Nextera, ERA 2051-2
Inner Path – the idea of combining pure handplayed acoustic instruments with modern electronics, samples and nature-sounds. With a spiritual sight behind, Inner path is open for free direction and interpretation nevertheless with a strong focus inside ourselves by considering the existence here on earth as ONE of many journeys back into the inner light. This work is a remembrance... Mathias Grassow: electronic creations, nature-sounds, singing-bowls, voice. Jiri Mazanek: 86-string zither, 8-string kantele, 5-string kantele, guitar, overtone singing. [label info]

Invisible Hand -- "Babalon" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 YAOP, YAOP 033, (ltd. 23)
Neoritual music. First worthy Russian answer to the works of such bands as Ain Soph, Psychic TV, AIT! and Mushroom's Patience. Simple esoteric music, mesmerizing voice and allusions to the legacy of Crowley and Miguel Serrano. The single contains one song in studio and demo versions. Handmade cardboard cover A5, insert with information and three texts. [press-release]

Klimt -- "Jesienne Odcienie Melancholii" -- CD -- €12
2007 Requiem Records, 30/2007
Solo debut of Antonii Budzinski, lead gitar in Saluminesia from Sopot. Spatial guitars and silent vocal interact with ambient electronics and rough rythm of drum machine. Recommended not only to the Slowdive lovers. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Krasniy! -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €11
2008 S und S records, SS-2008-004-01, (ltd. 6)
This is how the music of our ancestors sounds in the modern world, the expression of extasy and turnover during the ritual of Kolo zeal. Furious noise, tambourine and fifes - a live recording of the ritual. The blood-belief is not forgotten, it waits for its morning hour to be awaken with the rise of the clear bright face. Recorded in 2007 by one of the members of UFA Muzak label. [press-release] Beautiful handmade package with the use of wood, foil, cardboard and paper!

Lonsai Maikov -- "From the Fountain" -- mCD -- €6
1993 Cauda Draconis, NA024CD
The debut mini-CD of a French project Lonsai Maikov, 6 tracks lasting for about 19 minutes. Utterly dark apocalyptic neofolk music.

Lonsai Maikov -- "Our Lady of the Bones" -- CD -- €8
1995 Nuisance Auditive Pour Akta, SIS 114CD
Second album of Lonsai Maikov is quite an experimental one. The instruments seem to be similar to other dark-folk bands (acoustic and a little bit of electric guitars, percussion, keyboards, etc.), but all the melodies are somehow crooked, and this creates a very unhealthy atmosphere intensified by really dark vocals. One can say there's more 'dark' than actually 'folk' here.

Lonsai Maikov -- "Fire" -- CD -- €8
1996 European Sun Editions, NA083CD
The third album of Lonsai Maikov is more diverse in it's atmosphere than their previous release "Our Lady of the Bones", but it's still quite sombre. The melodies are in minor key and often deviate from classical refined dark-folk tunes into the wilds of mood experimentations. But of course the ideological and musical basis lies in the stylistical vein - acoustic guitar, "march-like" percussion, chimes, traditional lyrics, etc. For the lovers of non-standard approach to neofolk.

Lopez, Francisco -- "Untitled (2006-2007)" -- 2 CD -- €15
2008 Monochrome Vision, mv25, (ltd. 500)
Wide and diverse selection of several short pieces, composed by this prolific spanish musician during the last two years. It features quite a variety of sonic materials, from very atmospheric to quite fast-paced, and everything in between, including pieces made with recordings from planes, a piece for an instrumental ensemble, etc. The whole is quite cohesive and strong work, very characteristic and intense. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [+]

Lunar Abyss + Bardoseneticcube -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €5
Biosonar Revers
Author's reissue of a limited CDR, published in 2003 by 8th Moon Art, with simplified artwork. Mutual remixes of these two Russian projecrs, dense multi-layered noise-ambient.

Lunar Abyss Quartet -- "Cosmologamma" -- CD-R -- €5
Biosonar Revers
Meditative monotonous ambient extracted from handmade metal and brass instruments. Author's reissue of the CD published by Quag, with simplified artwork.

Magicicada -- "Everyone is Everyone" -- CD -- €12
2006 Public Guilt, PG005
Magicicada is the musical life of Atlanta musician/sound designer/photographer, Christopher White. “Everyone is Everyone” is an organic, experimental work that blends traditional, as well as folk and eastern, instruments with found objects, samplers and field recordings to create a work that varies from delicate, cinematic soundscapes to harsh electronic environments. The instrumentation includes (but is not limited to): pump organ, voice, contact mics on faulty electrical lines, melodica, toys, iron balls rolling on wooden floors, accordion, cellophane, air cans, tape decks for the blind, guitar, shruti box, MARTA (Atlanta’s public transit), synths, oven door (percussion,) cellos, zurna, paper, frogs in the backyard, and the remains of Hurricane Denis shaking the roof. [label info]

Matousek, Vlastislav -- "Kaligrafie II: Shakuhachi" -- CD -- €12
2004 Nextera, LK 0146-2
Japanese traditional music played on shakuhachi flute.

Milk-man's -- "Krantransport 30M." -- CD-R -- €7
2008 Winter Solstice, ws001
Futuristic industrial-like elektro in best traditions of Kraftwerk. A very worthy work! [YAOP description]

Mitchell, Knox -- "Beast Intrusion" -- CD-R -- €4
2008 B-rush, B-07, (ltd. 20)
Noise sketches from the USA. The young musician does not spare our ears and the equipment. 20 steel sleeves in a Soviet velvety paper inside. Analysis of an envelope will demand small metalwork skills. [press-release]

Moloch -- "Rotten Threads of Life" -- CD-R -- €3
2008 B-rush, B-20, (ltd. 41)
Ambient from Russian underground project. Reissue of a tape (Smell The Stench, 2003) + a videoclip. Cardboard sleeve, old fabric, inserts. [label info]

Moskiitto, Ville -- "In Fine Style - 4-track Recordings 2003-2004" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2008 Harha-Askel, [HA-8]
Finnish psych-folk, sometimes instrumental, sometimes with vocals, but always atmospheric and almost shamanic. From John Fahey to >o<. [YAOP description]

Moskiitto, Ville -- "Kaikki Mitaunohdin Sanoa" -- CD-R -- €9
Foxglove, foxglove124, (ltd. 100)
This album differs a lot from the other works of Ville Moskiitto. The author focuses more on acoustic and organic sounds. From odd soil-blurry folkish roots to awkward forest plaints, the alter ego of Moskiitto - pure magic. Whisper and accordion make sound deeper and push "Kaikki Mitaunohdin Sanoa" forward to the midnight sun. [YAOP description]

Moskiitto, Ville -- "Retkikertomuksia" -- CD-R -- €9
2007 Barl Fire Recordings, BF019
More soil-based atmospheric material from the young Finnish talent. Prevail here folk bow instruments. Very strong forest, shamanic spirit. [YAOP description]

Mystified -- "Narcotic Basement" -- CD-R -- €3
2008 B-rush, B-09, (ltd. 40)
Ambient from Missouri, the USA. Is gloomy-meditative cloths with light gleams. A color envelope + 2 black-and-white inserts. [label info]

Nehil, Seth -- "Amnemonic Site" -- CD -- €12
2007 Alluvial Recordings, A28
Seth Nehil has composed sound works for CD, multi-speaker installation, solo and large-group concerts, dance, theater and multi-media performance. Recordings include collaborations with jgrzinich and Olivia Block and solo works such as Tracing the Skins of Clouds (1998); From Cloud to Seed (1999); Uva (2000); and Umbra (2002), among others. He has performed throughout the US, in Europe and Japan. Seth Nehil is also co-editor and designer of FO A RM magazine, a journal of arts and research with a focus on sound art. This is Seth Nehil's first solo cd in 5 years. [label info]

Neuntoter Der Plage -- "The White Ashen" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 Abgurd, AB-49, (ltd. 100)
Much-esteemed Ryan Opperman from the town of Novi, MI has been creating insane and utterly weird Death Industrial and Noise albums for almost 10 years by now. His projects REDROT, KLINIKAL SKUM, XOMBIE, POST-MORTEM JUNKIE and some others are worthy of rapt attention. This time we introduce the re-release of the tape «The White Ashen» that was available through musician's own Skeletone records as a limited to 100 copies edition. Three long tracks grant minimal infernal Black Ambient / Death Industrial with necro voices. [press-release]

Nightech -- "Deviation" -- CD -- €7
2007 Lagunamuch Community, LMC900, (ltd. 1000)
Nickname Nightech conceals a talented painter of ambient structures, aka Ed Sherbakoff, living in a remote industrial city of Serov in Urals. Beginning from 2001 he has recorded about 10 original works on different labels in Russia and in Europe. His new album Deviation, written in space dark-ambient direction is another sound experiment dedicated to research of transition between outer sound spaces by means of music and a thought. This is a message from extraterrestrial worlds that has occasionally found the receiver in thounds of light years. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Nigulesugci -- "Dalit / Now Free" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT37, (ltd. 40)
Esoteric ritual noise. Radionoise, industrial clanks, noisy drones, Indian melodies, meditative singing. Buddhism. Dedicated to Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar. Packed in silver plastic with engraved number, red paper. [label info]

Nrodum -- "U" -- CD-R -- €9
2008 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT39, (ltd. 59)
A project of the guy standing behind Pugna, Vresnit and Kerpg... Dialectic metaphysics on the materials of archaic datum, realized in ultramundane radionoise and drone. Static space technique. Raw speaking flow with synth and an invisible voice. Monotony of merged activity, the over-song of the Eternal Force. The author's design: black cardboard sleeve, 2 colour photos. [press-release]

Oloolo -- "Pavilosta" -- CD -- €7
2006 Lagunamuch Community, LMC333
Oloolo is the project of two sound designers from Riga, Latvia - Kriipis Tulo and Rodion Zolotarew. It's founded in 2001. This peculiar quality of Oloolo music is achieved through extensive use of Soviet-era analogue synthesizers (Polyvox, Yunost-21, Formanta, RMIF TI-5 and others). Oloolo took part events: Pan Sonic's and Phill Niblock concerts in Riga (2002, 2004), Watercolors 2002, Skanu Mezs (Sound Forrest - Klangwald) festival (2003), Microstraava (2005) and more. This album is dedicated to Pavilosta, latvian little town, Baltic sea, where it was so good for us, as far as it happens probably. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Oophoi -- "Amnios" -- CD-R -- €13
2006 Umbra 051

Oophoi -- "Signals From The Great Beyond" -- 3 x CD-R -- €23
2006 Umbra 053

Oophoi -- "Three Lights At The End Of The World" -- CD-R -- €13
2004 Umbra 007

Oophoi -- "Upuaut" -- CD -- €13
2007 Nextera, ERA 2043-2
„Upuaut“ is the unique, over 65 minutes long composition recorded by the Italian drone-ambient musician Oophoi featuring Amir Baghiri and Mathias Grassow, who back in 1999 joined as guests during one special private concert. Since then it's been circulating around the world as hard to find and poor (often bootlegged) CD-R releases only and now "Upuaut" is finally officially and properly released. [label info]

Opium -- "Watercolours" -- CD-R -- €12
2007 Practising Nature, PN07022
A fascinating and colourful sonic trip. Elegant and highly refined ambient music. [label info]

Potter, Colin & The Hafler Trio -- "A Pressed On Sandwich" -- CD -- €13
2006 Nextera, ERA 2040-2, (ltd. 1010)
Colin Potter explains: „I attended The Hafler Trio performance of 'How to slice a loaf of bread' in Preston and was very impressed on many different levels. During a discussion with Andrew McKenzie after the event, he suggested that we might try a joint project. Shortly afterwards he sent me some of the original source material from the performance. It was my intention to preserve the overall shape & sense of the material, but at the same time move it to another (sonic)place. I hope I have achieved this, by a process of reformation.“

Reductio Ad Absurdum -- "Last Convulses" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 Operator Produkzion, OPERPRODUKT31, (ltd. 100)
Previously unreleased last album of RAA from 1998. Lustful space disco with sampler attacks in proto-Messer Chups aesthetics. Science fiction, careless glamour of the 70-s, futurism and insanity, extreme sexual behaviour and rage of revolutionary masses... Connoisseurs will immediately feel the hands of Leningrad noise classics, even in this unusual role. Body modification / cock'n'ball torture artwork from Kirill Stoukaline. [press-release]

Reutoff vs Der Blutharsch -- "Kreuzung Drei" -- CD -- €13
2008 Ewers Tonkunst, HHE 022 CD, (ltd. 500)
Three tracks from Reutoff (source material - Der Blutharsch CD "When All Else Fails"), and two from Der Blutharsch (sorce material - Reutoff 7" "ReuTRauM III").

Rich, Robert -- "Numena + Geometry" -- 2 CD -- €15
1997 Fathom, 11077-2

Rich, Robert -- "Propagation" -- CD -- €14
1994 Hearts Of Space, HS11040-2

Rich, Robert -- "Rainforest" -- CD -- €14
1989 Hearts Of Space, HS11014-2
Robert Rich's early classic takes you on a polyrhythmic journey into the lush green beauty of the tropical soundspace. With its rich, magical ambience and musical influences from southeast Asian gamelan to European classical electronic, Rainforest stretchs the mind with a seductive, multi-cultural mix. [label info]

Rich, Robert -- "Seven Veils" -- CD -- €14
1998 Hearts Of Space, HS11086
Seven rhythm-charged compositions inpired by the exotic, sensual ambience of the Middle East: On previous albums like Rainforest, Gaudi, Propagation, Yearning and Fissures, ROBERT RICH has shown uncanny skill at merging ethnic instruments with electronic enhancements. Seven Veils perfects this evolution, showcasing Rich's pulsating organic percussion, subtle electronics, and solo virtuosity on slide guitar and bamboo flutes. With special guests DAVID TORN on electric guitar, FORREST FANG violin, HANS CHRISTIAN cello, MARK FORRY kaval, and ANDREW McGOWAN bass. Seven Veils is blazingly original music and audiophile quality sound by one of the world's top electro-acoustic artists. [label info]

Rich, Robert & Moskow, Lisa -- "Yearning" -- CD -- €14
1995 Fathom, HS11050-2
The musical concept behing Yearning emerged during the making of ROBERT RICH's 1994 Hearts of Space release Propagation, when LISA MOSKOW arrived to record her sarod improvisations. "I was struck by the possibility of a spatially enhanced, sound-designed album of alap," Rich explains. "I was looking for the album I was hearing in my head, something no one had ever done before, a complete aural womb that would go on forever and ever." [label info]

Roach, Steve -- "Life Sequence" -- CD -- €14
2003 Timeroom Editions, TM12
A chronicle of new and classic unreleased pure electronic sequencer-driven pieces filled with beauty and emotion. Spiraling melodic sequences, floating majestic textures along with thematic and melodic contributions from guest synthesist Paul Ellis all add up to a set of music that is filled with optimism and passion from start to conclusion. [label info]

Roach, Steve -- "Places Beyond: The Lost Pieces 4" -- CD -- €14
2004 Timeroom Editions, TM14
With this 4th edition of the Lost Pieces series at hand, it's clear more than ever that these unique releases seem to have a curious way of taking on an interconnected life of their own. An undercurrent of congruency between the pieces is consistently apparent in these projects and in this release, even though the pieces were created over a longer span of time and under unique and seemingly disparate situations. As a starting point, I will draw from a large pool of unreleased and lost tracks. It's like shuffling through a large box of puzzle pieces looking for the shapes and colors from which to begin telling a particular story that I'm discovering along the way. It's very much a mosaic, formed out of the richness that each piece or soundworld passage holds on its own. From there the combined resonance of the pieces starts to take over and fully reveals itself as a whole. Making the outcome more than simply a collection of pieces, this kind of process results in a structure, theme, and sonic storyline that could not be arrived at through other routes traveled on a tighter timeframe with specific intentions. [from the author]

Roach, Steve -- "Structures From Silence" -- CD -- €14
1984/2001 Projekt, PRO00119
While the term "classic" is used freely these days, Structures from Silence has earned the "classic" status in the years following its release in 1984. The breathing suspended embrace of atmospheres and serene melodies on this breakthrough release introduced a new sound for its time, generating an abundance of feedback via cards and letters from listeners long before the dawn of email. Structures from Silence is a living example of the true healing quality that music can hold. Now Projekt gives you the chance to rediscover this timeless music... [label info]

Roach, Steve & Jeffrey Fayman with Robert Fripp & Momodou Kah -- "Trance Spirits" -- CD -- €14
2002 Projekt, PRO00135
Trance Spirits by Steve Roach, Jeffrey Fayman, Robert Fripp and Momodou Kah represents the next step in genuine tribal ambient soundscapes. This amazing gathering of artists makes a magnificent leap into the future of acoustically-fused electronic music. Five of the seven pieces are driven by a complex juggernaut of authentic African percussion, performed as long-form groove trance pieces by Fayman and Kah. As opposed to just using loops to conjure the desired mood, Trance Spirits is a real continuum of time, with subtle evolution within the tracks. Entwined with the shamanic / harmonic trance-inducing soundworlds created by Roach - and augmented by Fripp on three tracks - the combined effect unleashes the primal forces of nature with a boiling undercurrent of rich, transporting textures. [label info]

Roach, Steve & Vidna Obmana -- "Somewhere Else" -- CD -- €14
2005 Projekt, PRO00177
First released as a limited edition of 2000 in 1999, the 3-CD box set Ascension of Shadows quickly sold out, and has remained a highly-desired prize for Roach and Obmana fans. In response to consistent requests, Projekt has reissued the first disc in the series, the long-form piece "Somewhere Else." This track is without doubt among the most serene & purely atmospheric of Roach and Obmana's recorded work together. The Ascension of Shadows 3-CD box set was subtitled "Meditations For the Millennium;" the intentions for creating a place of solace for what the artists were sensing, with the approaching anticipation of the year 2000 and beyond, feels especially potent and nourishing when heard today. [label info]

Sadkarma -- "Solis" -- CD-R -- €8
2005 Onyxia, onyx004
SadKarma is the phenomenon of the experience of pleasure, through the perception of balance and proportion of stimulus. It involves the cognition of a balanced form and structure that elicits attraction and appeal towards a person or an inanimate object. SadKarma is the bedlam of organic ambience with decoration & fluctuation in its purest form. The frames of the music bear fragments from certain eras of artists like Swans and Coil but the painting itself has drifting textures far more beautiful. [label info]

Screwtape -- "Shikata Ga Nai" -- CD-R -- €3
2008 B-rush, B-04, (ltd. 40)
Three wall-of-noise fixings from the Australian project. The name with Japanese is translated as "to do anything", that to the full characterizes a condition of consciousness after listening - nihilism, apathy and indifference to an event around. A limit of 40 spears in silvery envelopes with divorces + a picture from the author, insert and a sticker on a disk. [press-release]

Spika -- "Sonic Journey Through New Life" -- CD -- €12
2006 Requiem Records, 27/2006
Music inspired by the birth of new life. Audible influences of minimal music and the electro-acoustic school of noise generation. All of this is typically atmospheric for Spika and, while there are some pulsating moments, the listener is relocated to a distant and forgotten world, but familiar to all of us. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Stearns, Michael -- "Encounter" -- CD -- €12
1988 Hearts Of Space, HS11008-2
An awesome experience of a UFO encounter — audio theater for the sonically adventurous. This powerful drama begins in the desert on a peaceful summer night, ascends through a speaker-shaking dimensional transition, and explores sonic spaces on the edges of experience, where we can meet "the Other." Encounter is state of the art spacemusic by a master of the genre. It extends the style of MICHAEL STEARNS' early classic, Planetary Unfolding, and deepens the direction of his recent works, Chronos, and Floating Whispers. [label info]

Stearns, Michael -- "Sacred Site" -- CD -- €12
1993 Hearts Of Space, HS11038

Styczynski, Marek -- "Cyber Totem" -- CD -- €12
2007 Requiem Records, 29/2007
Cybertotem is a solo project of Marek Styczynski (ex Atman, The Magic Carpathians & Lechistan’s Electric Chair) that shows fruits of a few years of sonic studio experimentations, travelling and studying the ritual music of Carpathians and Balkans. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Talugung -- "Under Humid Light -- CD-R -- €7
2008 Harha-Askel, [HA-5]
Solo project of Ryan Waldron, a member of Canadian band The Riderless. Imaginary world music, evoking and blending together the images of distant corners of our planet. "Under Humid Light" is played mostly on handmade instruments and combines the elements of Asian, African and Western music. Handmade cardboard sleeve. [YAOP description]

Testphasen Negativ -- "How I Won The War" -- CD -- €10
2008 Serpene Heli, SHM002
This is the first CD of German musician Ralf Rabendorn. All kinds of industrial styles (dark ambient, drone, industrial, rhythmic and noise stuff) are skillfully blended into a one-hour cinematic journey through his visions of the post-apocalyptic world.

Thuja -- "Pine Cone Temples" -- 2 CD -- €15
2005 Strange Attractors Audio House, SAAH3233
The four members of Thuja play off each other and the space they inhabit with impeccable instinct, succeeding in creating eerie yet strikingly melodic compositions. Across the grand expanse of Pine Cone Temples' two discs, minimalist hues are brush-stroked into being and slowly unfurl into the atmosphere. Improvised clouds of sound softly erupt to form compositions of immense and precise detail. Assembled from recordings that span 1999-2004, Pine Cone Temples documents the most organic and beautiful ambience Thuja has conjured to date. [label info]

Tollefson, David -- "Near And Far" -- CD -- €12
2000 Hypnos, hyp1919
The second CD by this guitarist, following New Eyes On The Universe. In eight sketches he displays the beauty of the guitar - a somewhat mysterious machine that keeps attracting people to create ambient music. David is not just merely building drones, but he keeps a well-balanced line between laid-back drones, but also more 'heavy' textures (such as 'Displacement' which it's e-bow sound) or strumming snares (as 'Twin Earth', which sounds like a piano). The guitar and the many ways to generate sound is at times recognizable and at other times it's drenched away in spacey sound effects. It remains a warm, pastoral early morning walk, when there is mist in the hills and woods. Very nice work (again!). [Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly]

Trance -- "Compiled" -- CD -- €10
2008 Monochrome Vision, mv21, (ltd. 500)
Trance is the one-man project by american musician Mason Jones, known also as the founder of Charnel House label. During the 10 years of existence, he released 4 albums and numerous compilation tracks, which are often even more original and precious than album tracks. That's why we decided to gather them altogether for this release, which collects the most interesting material from the archives of the underground network. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [+]

Twelve Thousand Days -- "From The Walled Garden" -- CD -- €12
2006 Shining Day, Shine 05, (ltd. 300)
After the extraordinary critical reception given to the last missive from Twelve Thousand Days, the duo of Martyn Bates (Eyeless in Gaza, Ann Clark, Scorn, Troum) and Alan Trench (Orchis, Temple Music) return with their third, full length album, and the first for the Polish Shining Day label, "From the walled garden" (lets don't forget about "At the landgate" mcdr, which came first and its including three songs from the same session. They are only here). Following the same trajectory as "The devil in the grain", the new album finds the pair once again traversing misty spheres far from the mundane, sending back snatched images and visions of the spirit of Albion, of upwardflying sparks drifting and wreathing in the chilly dawn updrafts,of clay, soil, the dank loam of the valleys, the bright, white light of the uplands and, above all, the view from the Walled Garden... Martyn Bates has never sounded in better voice than on this cycle of ten songs,backed with minimal yet luscious instrumentation from the duo aided and abetted on three tracks by Stephen Robinson (The Beloved, Temple Music).The sound, as ever, is acoustically based with guitars and whistles underpinned by bow psalteries, bass, string machine, autoharp, ring modulator, glass harp, moseno, dulcimers, bells, e-bows, thumb piano and pixiphone. [label info]

Uhlig, Mirko / Dronaement -- "Farewell Fields" -- CD -- €13
2007 Nextera, ERA 2048-2
A split-release between two German drone-musicians: Mirko Uhlig (aka Aalfang Mit Pferdekopf) and Marcus Obst (aka Dronaement).

Unit 21 -- "November" -- CD -- €7
2007 Peace Technologies, PT 006
Unit 21 is the project of Stanislav Vdovin. He started in 2003 with techno-house remixes and later released several non-dance solo albums on independent net labels. Autumn of 2005 marks the beginning of his concert activity. The first performances were played in Moscow, Izhevsk and Nizhnii Novgorod. In May 2006 Stanislav has added to his collection another mini-album "September-October", with 4 tracks, released on Thinner net label. November is the first solo work of Unit 21, released on a hard copy. This is an extension of "September-October", in a more winter and twilight version. This is the album about seclusion and remembrance. The nature of all tracks is thoughtful and contemplative. Noise of planes flying over the winter forest, trudging on the snow, rattling of trains passing stations, rustling of pages of the musicians' books. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

The Vein -- "The Fragile Surfaces" -- CD-R -- €12
2004 Requiem Records, 18/2004
Strong, stepping loops, base percussion sequences with wide ambient landscapes stack inbetween, noisy distortions, pulsating sounds on the verge of tribal dance (B. Laswell, Scorn, Different State). Very hipnotic and trance inducing on the whole. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Veprisuicida -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €10
2008 Dubinogolovaya Korobochka, (ltd. 66)
First album of Veprisuicida. A historical recording. "Constructive-destructive noise project of Ariana Vagina and Alexander Lebedev-Frontov. Hysterical sound. A good instrument for will training." (press-release of Ultra, 1996). 1996, post-USSR: wild outburst of gangsterism, narcomania and homosexuality. Everything is in agony. Petersburg has just experienced psychedelic revolution. Life is hopeless and full of darkness. That was the time when this work was created. The album was highly appreciated by the late S. Kuryokhin who planned to present it in June 1996 in his radio-show "Russian Cannibal" and then to re-release on CD. Unfortunately, because of the passage of maestro into another world, it was released only on compact cassette bu Ultra label in 1996, with the edition of 50, and later re-edition of 100. The tapes were spread around the world and their trace was lost in the depths of temporal spaces. The reissue is done in good quality with handmade sleeves from the author with maximum approach to the original release. [press-release]

Vidna Obmana & Rosenthal, Sam -- "Terrace of Memories" -- CD -- €14
1992 Projekt, PRO00034
An ambient instrumental release from Black Tape For A Blue Girl's Sam Rosenthal in collaboration with Vidna Obmana. Sam recalls: "Vidna first contacted me, after hearing the Ashes in the brittle air CD from black tape for a blue girl. He suggested a collaboration, where he would send source material that I could edit / add to / process in any way I chose. It was quite difficult because it was hard to decide what to add to his sources. They sounded so complete the way they were. But eventually, the process began to gel -- and it was very exciting and satisfying to create these compositions." [label info]

Vinterriket -- "Winterschatten" -- CD -- €12
2004 Flood The Earth Records, FTE 002, (ltd. 1000)

Vresnit -- "Stalist Lik Sveta" -- CD-R -- €9
2008 Kerpg, KERPG VXI, (ltd. 96)
New main project of Sergey Ilchuk (KERPG label and projects VAGRANOK, VOY, NRODUM, VOE_ERO)coming after now frozen PUGNA. Second Vresnit release - voice, drums, cymbals, flowers, branches bowed acoustic guitar. Thick layers of concealing and revealing canvas. Dim shining. Searing, but cold flame. Branches showing the way around endless pedestal. An Exit. Chthonic naturalism. Double-Thick cardboard 17x15, two cards 10x15. [press-release]

Wiese, Klaus -- "Baraka" -- CD -- €13
2007 Nextera, ERA 2042-2
Originally released in the early 80's on cassette only, this timeless and legendary album is finally available on CD! Re-mastered and re-edited by Klaus Wiese himself, this masterpiece rediscovers one of the finest moments in Wiese's discography and his entire music career. Enjoy a musical adventure with Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tambura, Zither, Ney Flute, voices, bells and field recordings. [label info]

Wiese, Klaus -- "Perfume" -- CD -- €13
2006 Nextera, ERA 102-2, (ltd. 1019)
These 12 brand new colorful electro-acoustic recordings were written, recorded and produced by Klaus Wiese playing keyboards, Tibetan singing bowls, chello, tabla and using natural sounds of wind and ocean. The perfect introduction for those who haven't yet discovered the beauty of the ambient music. Composed, performed and produced by Klaus Wiese in winter 2005. [label info]

Yokota, Susumu -- "The Boy And The Tree" -- CD -- €12
2002 Leaf, BAY 25 CD

V/A -- "Deep Sea Shipping" -- CD -- €7
2006 Lagunamuch Community, LMC800
Deep Sea Shipping is the first compilation on Lagunamuch, an electronic label in Moscow. This compilation has united many russian-speaking artists living in Russia and abroad. Deep Sea Shipping is a term borrowed from the maritime logistics and navigation. It perfectly reflects the whole internal component of music on this compilation. The concept of Deep Sea Shipping is rooted way back in the mythical worlds of H.P.Lovecraft, as well as in the realm of sci-fi stories. Moreover, the word 'deep' is of key importance here, because initially all the tracks on Deep Sea Shipping were stylistically aligned with each other and interconnected by such concepts as deep-tech, deep-ambient and deep electronic. Depth and diving is part of each composition, no matter how the genres may vary. Musicians: Selffish, Lazyfish, Abstract Avenue, Unit21, Oloolo, Sever, Riverz End, Holden, Unbound Persistence, Batiskaf, Total Reboot, Kriipis Tulo, Father?, 0id. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

V/A -- "Index 02" -- CD -- €5
2005 DiN, DiN20
Label sampler of DiN releases #11-19: Subsonic Experience, Ian Boddy & Markus Reuter, Dbkaos, Ian Boddy, Robert Rich & Ian Boddy, ARC, Ian Boddy & Bernhard Woestheinrich.

V/A -- "Sing With Me - Music for the Human Voice" -- CD-R -- €7
2007 Harha-Askel, [HA-4], (ltd. 80)
Experimental vocal music (from songs to abstract forms) from the artists from Finland, Australia, France, Italy, USA, Faroe Islands and Great Britain. Lamppukello, Robert Horton, Alligator Crystal Moth, Jani Hellen, Kheta Hotem, Metsamorfeus, Vellamo, The Mighty Acts of God, Rokkiryhma, Sorella di Kometan Parsson, Wanton Loverboy, Hue (with Gaia), Autumn Galaxy, The Reggaee, Xenis Emputae Travelling Band & Jani Hellen, Ville Moskiitto.

V/A -- "This Infernal Love Of Life" -- CD -- €10
2008 Monochrome Vision, mv23, (ltd. 500)
(mv23) Various Artists "This Infernal Love Of Life" CD A visionary showcase of Sweden's finest artists, paying tribute to the mighty currents of LIFE within us all. This album was originally released as an LP by TOPYSCAN in Stockholm in 1989, in a limited, hand-numbered edition. Included was a booklet with texts, artwork and photographs by the artists... Participants: ELD - OMALA, WHITE STAINS, PHAUSS and ZBIGNIEW KARKOWSKI... OMALA (M. Tegner and A. Karperyd) was one of the early Swedish ambient/industrial acts and produced two albums - "Germ" (1988) and "Relicon" (1991) before disappearing. Later they resurfaced in He Said Omala project where they were working with John Fryer (This Mortal Coil) and Graham Lewis (latter is known for work in Dome and Wire)... WHITE STAINS became renowned due to their correlation with TOPY and concerts with Psychic TV in the end of 80s. On their collaborative album "At Stockholm", Genesis P-Orridge reads his texts with the White Stains music on the background. Speaking about other albums, there is a wide range of various styles and approaches, but the common sense is about deep, concentrating melancholy and surely more serious than we can see in many PTV albums. Four albums were released by Staalplaat, Anckarstrom and Danse Macabre back in the 90s, showing the way towards the dark realm of eschatological chaos... PHAUSS is the most interesting brainchild of Swedish soundartist CM von Hausswolff, existed during the years 1983 - 1996, toured extensively all over the world, and released some remarkable albums, of which the most recommended are "Audiodrome" (1987, Radium 226.05), "Nya Sverige - Nothing But The Truth" (1991, Anckarstrom) and "GodTPhauss" (1993, Silent Records)... ZBIGNIEW KARKOWSKI is the most famous polish noise musician, he studied composition at the State College of Music in Gothenburg, Sweden, aesthetics of modern music at the University of Gothenburg's Department of Musicology, and computer music at the Chalmers University of Technology. After completing his studies in Sweden, he studied sonology for a year at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Den Haag, Netherlands. During his education, he also attended many summer composition master courses arranged by Centre Acanthes in Avignon and Aix-en-Provence, France, studying with Iannis Xenakis, Olivier Messiaen, Pierre Boulez, and Georges Aperghis, among others. He works actively as a composer of both acoustic and electroacoustic music. He is a founding member of the electroacoustic music performance trio "Sensorband." [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]


Amon -- "Nona" -- 10" -- €12
Weird Amplexus, WAX07V
After a long release-pause here's a new 10" vinyl from one of the best dark ambient-acts. Nona is a fascinating soundjourney into pre-verbal spheres, mysterious and truly beautiful noises move in slow but dynamic waves through time and space. "Nona" takes inspiration from a case of xenoglossy (the ability to speak in an unlearned and unheard foreign language, often associated with past-life recall, states of trance or hypnosis and mediumship) discovered in Great Britain around the early Thirties when a woman in state of trance expressed herself in a language which was recognized as ancient egyptian. This voice from the past was called "Nona" or "The One Without a Name". [label info]

And Then You Die -- "Bitch / Divine Star" -- 10" -- €12
Onyxya Records / Skithund Records, onyx-shr020
The And Then You Die 10" single containing two (2) remixes from the forthcoming Fallout album, Bitch & Divine Star. This is a must have for all vinyl dj's and record collectors. No fancy stuff here! Just bass pounding dungeon electronics, monotonous enough to kill you, on 10 inch purple vinyl. [label info]

Clop Neplat -- "s/t" -- 2 LP -- €12
1998 Some Place Else, HAM 011 DLP, (ltd. 210)
The second Clop Neplat album. The second vinyl of remixes from CD1 make it a double LP. Black vinyl in anonymous black sleeve with stickers. [label info]

Simulacrum -- "Anti Matter Society" -- LP -- €13
2002 Weird Amplexus, WAX02V, (ltd. 288)
A real surprise from Slovakia. After a couple of years from their debut cd on OLD EUROPA CAFE', SIMULACRUM returns with a real masterpiece of ritual ambient in vein of best COLD MEAT sound. A symphony that penetrates our souls for heading towards a desolate but incontaminated world. There isn't any possibility to thought... the only way is to leave himself... and leave the soul fly free... An absolute milestone. [label info]


Crow Feathers / Ville Moskiitto -- "split" -- C-24 -- €4
2007 Soundholes, #007, (ltd. 98)
Crow Feathers presents one long track, flowing from shamanic harsh noise (as if Comforter played Odolenveter!) into post-rock, psych-folk, and back. Ville Moskiitto made two pieces in psych-folk / drone-ambient style. Unusual violet cassette. [YAOP description]

Used & rare

Cavum Oris - Demo 2005 - CDR - self-released - Ltd. 30 - €6,36
Cock E.S.P. - Greatest Dicks III - mCD - Breathmint / Deadline Recordings / Little Mafia Records / Sunship Records - BM 97 / DLR281 / LM034 / SUN42 - €6,36
Division S - Something to Drink 4 - CDR - Bunkier Productions - BXI - Ltd. 17/300 - €6,07
Dolores Dewberry / Origami Genitalia - s/t - CD - Apop Records / Carbon Records / Gold Soundz / Little Mafia Records / Nihilist / Sunship Records - Apop 001 / CR109 / GS#36 / LM043 / NIHIL 26 / SUN53 - €9,54
Forseti - Erde - CD - Goeart / Grunwald - €11,56
Forseti - Windzeit - CD - Goeart / Grunwald - €11,56
Heavy Seals - Jazz Bust - CD - Troniks - TRO-198 - €8,09
Institut - Live Like Traitors, Die Like Traitors - CD - Cold Meat Industry - CMI106 - €9,54
Omala - Germ - CD - Hyperium Records - 39100662 42 - €9,54
Opium - Algorithms - CD - Silentes - 200615 - €8,09
Opium - Sympathetic Flying Objects - CD - Silentes - 200507 - €8,09
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - Apocalips [1st edition] - CD - Cold Meat Industry - CMI141 - €9,54
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - Cocktails, Carnage, Crucifixion and Pornography - CD - Cold Meat Industry - CMI124 - €9,54
Spiritual Front - Armageddon Gigolo' - CD - [Trisol] Music Group GmbH - TRI 269 CD - €9,54
Stratvm Terror - Pariah Demise [2nd edition] - CD - Old Europa Cafe - OECD 006-II - €8,09
Sturmpercht - Geister Im Waldgebirg - CD - Percht - Percht07 - €9,54

You can download the full list of rare & used items here.


Amon -- "Foundation" -- 2 CD -- €15
2005 Afe Records / Eibon Records, afe070cd / Amn053
"Foundation" is an Eibon Records / Afe co-production that comes in the form of two full-lenght CDs packaged in a beautifully designed heavy cardboard sleeve. It features most of the tracks originally contained on the first untitled Amon album which was out on Murder Release in 1996, the whole "Mer" limited edition CD-R released by Blade Records in 2000, and a few unreleased/rare bonus tracks. Popular demand for a "Mer" second edition has always been high, and five years later from its original release it's time to make it available to the public again along with an improved version of the untitled Amon debut CD. All the tracks on "Foundation" were performed and recorded by Andrea Marutti between September 1995 and April 2000 at Lips Vago Digital Studio and were fully remastered and post-produced on purpose of this release. "Foundation", the title track, was sourced from a Memory Moog improvisation played by Riccardo Marmugi. "Prepare to Leave" was originally released by Eibon Records on the "Dissolution Fahrenheit" CD compilation back in 1997. [Afe press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Anti-Verstand -- "Song Like Wind" -- CD-R -- €7
2007 Abgurd, AB-44, (ltd. 100)
ANTI-VERSTAND - side-project of YAO 91404 D - is pretty known among adorers of Russian Noise due to tapes released by YAOP and a couple of CDR re-releases made by Abgurd and Fight Muzik. With "Song Like Wind" the project introduces absolutely new and fresh point of view on its Art. The first recordings of ANTI-BRAIN were on the verge of boundless madness and unprejudiced aural challenge, while the new album appears to be more expressive, strict and catchy, burning with romantic-totalitarian lunacy of the best works by YAO 91404 D, e.g. "Heroes of the Coal Age" and "Key to Abyss". Love-poetry of soviet-era, disco-songs, accompanied by a captured metal impress, soviet-era variety art, rough and rigid feedbacks, concorporated into percussive ritual noise loops and abrasive distorted tapes emerge monumental piece of art. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Arditi -- "Omne Ensis Impera" -- CD -- €13
2008 Equilibrium Music, EQM020
The highly anticipated new album by the Swedish duo is finally upon us, under the title “Omne Ensis Impera” . The sense of determination that echoes through their music and which has brought them to the forefront of Martial / Industrial Neo-Classical scene has stayed untouched, evoking the sense of duty and commitment that Italy’s WWI elite storm troops, from which the name Arditi originated, were known for. “Omne Ensis Impera” introduces an additional strength to Arditi’s compositions - epic orchestral loops and thunderous percussions are granted a more prominent role, stirring the damp and suffocating ambiance that the duo have always produced so well with their use of ominous synths, obscure speeches and mesmerizing narrations. Similarly, shades of the Italian Futuristic movement of the early XXth century, which served as inspiration in the early days of the project, remain imprinted in Arditi’s work – “Omne Ensis Impera” could well be a modern interpretation of the Futurist’s goal of glorifying warfare to an artistic expression beyond its inherent violence and intrinsic sense of heroism. “Omne Ensis Impera” has been mastered by Kamrat Nordvargr of Mz.412 and Toroidh, an old ally of the band. Nordvargr has also contributed with additional arrangements on a couple of tracks, and prepared a slightly modified track list, which will feature on the vinyl version of the album that will follow soon, together with a limited edition box set. The CD version is presented in a deluxe glossy Digipak, with embossed artwork. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Arktau Eos -- "Mirrorion" -- CD -- €11
2006 Aural Hypnox, [AH06], (ltd. 1000)
Presented in seventeen chapters that can be approached as singular gateways or a slowly unfolding journey of epic proportions, the debut album of ARKTAU EOS is a challenging, complex work. Born of intense private musico-magical sessions held in places abandoned by man and further refined in the temple-laboratory of the duo, it is the distillation of seven arduous months of work. As the title suggests, 'Mirrorion' is the music of stellar light thrown down from the Heaven's zenith and its eldritch reflections in the depths below, uniting atavistic elemental noise with serene passages of crystalline, spectral ambience. Ultimately, 'Mirrorion' seeks to surpass such earthly definitions in favour of a non-dual vision of reality, hopefully transforming the listener in the process. For this recording ARKTAU EOS have favoured an organic approach with majority of instrumentation being of acoustic variety, including the unearthly choral of the kanglings, piercings blasts of windbones, accelerating steel-plate rolls, singing bowl and various kinds of stringed instruments. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Behrens, Mark & Paulo Raposo -- "Hades" -- CD -- €12
2006 and/OAR, and/25
HADES is based on sound recordings made aboard Lisbon ferries and at the quays of Cais do Sodre, Trafaria and Cacilhas 2001-2005. Both artists had initially set out to record independently, being fascinated with the sounds of the ship hull and landing gear, as well as with the actual passage on the river, which gives a magnificent (maybe the best) view on large parts of the old city of Lisbon. During the course of the work which took three years to complete, some more precisely directed recordings were made together. Understanding the actual crossing as a symbolic passage, and once it was reduced to sound and memory, it became associated to the crossing of the mythic river Styx to enter Hades, the ancient Greek underworld. As the different sound recordings provide the artists with very diverse material (for example low frequencies from the ship's hulls and motors, high frequencies and beats from the gates at Cais do Sodre), they understand the composition as hovering on the delicate borderline between a soundscape portrait and a multi-strata arrangement, in which things happen parallelly, and individual layers move on more than one path simultaneously. [label info]

Closing The Eternity & Ad Lux Tenebrae -- "Nearby Being" -- CD -- €12
2006 Epidemie Records, EPR060, (ltd. 500)
A collaboration between two Russian projects - three long tracks recorded with the help of singing bowls and bells, metal percussion, exotic ethnic and handmade instruments. Fascinatingly deep shamanic drone ambient, in vein of Klaus Wiese but much darker.

Darkstyle -- "Black Crystals" -- 10" -- €12
2003 Demonosound, HAM-010-MLP, (ltd. 200)
5 tracks. Pure Darkstyle musick from the depths of the Finnish underground, based on a wall of distorted guitars, flavoured with synth washes and distant whispers. Black vinyl in gorgeous color sleeve. Limited edition of only 200 copies! [label info]

Eonic -- "Shadows" -- CD -- €7
2005 Oskorei Music / Abgurd Subdivision, (osmcd 015) / AB-20
Album `Shadows` by EONIC - a project from the South of Russia - was recorded in 2003 and got multiple enthusiastic reviews in zines and web-zines. Reviewers noticed reminiscences of ANTHESTERIA, WEJDAS, DONIS, AMETHYSTIUM, DELERIUM & even ALLERSEELEN `Venezia` & `Neueschwabenland`. `Shadows` brings forth 50+ minutes of calm, soft electronic Ambient with a touch of oriental-style melodies. The album takes you to absolute serenity from Beyond. With its marvelous pieces it builds castles in the air, creates out-worlds, spreads forth yearning for the parallel spaces. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Faith & Disease with Jeff Greinke -- "Dream The Red Clouds" -- 10" -- €12
2002 Weird Amplexus, WAX01V, (ltd. 300)
Dream The Red Clouds is a collaboration between Dara Rosenwasser and Eric Cooley of FAITH & DISEASE and ambient composer JEFF GREINKE (who also has projects in the works with Anisa Romero of Sky Cries Mary, Bill Reiflin of Ministry, and has an extensive discography of music and film scores). This special one-off collaboration was released by Italy's AMPLEXUS RECORDS in both CD format and 300 Limited Edition hand-numbered RED vinyl copies; separately mastered especially for vinyl pressing by audio wizard Rick Fischer. The tracks on Dream The Red Clouds were recorded at Another Room in Seattle, WA, engineered and mixed by Jeff Greinke and produced by Eric Cooley. All 4 tracks are new and previously unreleased. Dara Rosenwasser provided the words and vocals, Eric Cooley played guitar and bass parts, and Jeff Greinke added the sounds and rhythms. Eric Cooley, on the collaboration: "Jeff Greinke is fairly legendary in Seattle, and we've always respected his work. After a show together we casually discussed doing something together, and a few years later we did - Dara and I went over to his studio with some new songs in our back pocket, recorded our parts over the course of a month and left the rest to him. It was all so seamless and natural, and I'm glad we now have that essence captured on a release...". [label info]

Goghal -- "Locations" -- CD-R -- €3
2008 B-rush, B-08, (ltd. 40)
This release of Belgian Goghal has strange history. Initially it has sent on the edition of half an hour juicy power-electronics but when I began to do circulation, it has suddenly told that does not want that people thought that Goghal should sound so, and has sent the new tracks which are being in the field of harsh noise. A severe sound. Registration: in a plastic envelope color insert, the information is written by hand on the form of payment for the electric power. [press-release]

Grassow, Mathias / Weiss, Thomas -- "Conscience" -- CD -- €13
2006 Nextera, ERA 2041-2
An authority between the human made ego and his creator. The conscience is a regulator and gives always precisely feedback about our emotional actions. Everyone has the free will to accept this. Many people have forgotten to follow their inner voice. Instead their decisions are depended on status symbols and social standards. This music don't want to entertain you, but give you a view inside your "self". As soon as we have spirit, mind and body together we are practising the truth. [label info]

Greinke, Jeff -- "Places of Motility" -- CD -- €12
1998 Hypnos, hyp1809
Jeff Greinke is one of the masters of dark, hypnotic electronic minimalism. He has been performing in that style since the mid-'80s, long before it was fashionable. He recorded Places of Motility in 1986 and released it in 1987 on Dossier Records. Mike Griffin remastered it in 1999 and released it on the Hypnos Recordings label. Greinke added three tracks from 1988 for the reissue. This is a deep set full of experimental sounds and techniques. Greinke took some cues from the avant-garde recordings of Steve Reich, Pauline Oliveros, and Mother Mallard and added his own unique processing touches, wide-open atmospheres, and low drones. The resultant soundscape is dark and ominous. This CD is very similar to the minimalist works of Lustmord, Alio Die, Mathias Grassow, and Vidna Obmana. For all fans of dark minimalism, this is essential. Casual fans might find it interesting as well. [Jim Brenholts, All Music Guide]

Grilli, Gianfranco -- "Il Tempio Di Karnak" -- CD -- €14
1998 Aurora, AUR002, (ltd. 500)
This precious selections of musical gems leads the listener in a sort of meditative walk among archeological sites, where maybe something invisible survived, sensations left by people that lived there thousands of years before. The result is a convincing unusual musical style created from spiritual knowledge rather than pure technology. [Sound Control description]

Hildebrand, Gustav -- "Primordial Resonance" -- CD -- €12
Cyclic Law, 15th Cycle
Gustaf's second full lenght is a unique, evolved experience offering you to embark upon an odyssey through ancient and lifeless surroundings. Sweeping ambient soundscapes and delicate textures mingle with the distant shrieks of surreal machinery - conjuring up images of abandoned and forgotten places, clouded skies and dead cities where time has been standing still. A captured moment from a strange no man's land lit by a perpetual gloom, Primordial Resonance is a voyage only limited by the imagination of the listener. [press release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [+]

Huminoida -- "s/t" -- 7" -- €8
2007 Plastic Passion / Out Of Range Records , PVC 061 / 1OUTR7, (ltd. 500)
Mysterious electro duo formed by K-K—(ex Neuroactive & [active] Media Disease) and AugM (Plastic Passion, ex This Empty Flow & Sad Parade). Electronic experimental in the spirit of the 70’s Tangerine Dream, Coil and original Human League. "Self-Titled" is their debut release, and what a curious piece of vinyl it is! The B-side (titled "Unique") has been hand-carved by the band (thus play it at your own risk, as the sticker on the sleeve says). Every copy is unique. Black vinyl, color cover. Limited edition of 500 copies, hand-numbered. [label info]

Ierophania -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €7
2006 UFA Muzak, UFA07, (ltd. 131)
Martial ritual industrial. Traditionalism, Authority and Weapon in the 'athanor' of this post-industrial project from Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Particular admiration of the highest authority creates confrontation against vulgar "hypermarket world of NWO", the goals are irreconcilable, we have to win. People of "other kind" start fighting their enemy, fighting with his own weapon. By making the basis of kuulturkampf industrial culture confirms its existence as the basis of confrontation between "contemporaneity" and struggle-life under any regime. 8 pieces of martial backgrounds, metallic percussion and aggressive nervous vocals create the atmosphere of damnation, hatred and power. You have to understand this. Find the vertical and enter the war against the golems' world. [press-release]

Instant Movie Combinations -- "5.Now" -- 3"CD-R -- €5
2008 Abgurd, AB-34, (ltd. 50)
One of the very first tracks recorded during the summer of 2004. Grand static Drone Ambient for sleep experiments. [press-release]

Institut -- "The Struggle Never Ended" -- CD -- €11
2005 Cold Meat Industry, cmi143, (ltd. 1000)
Lirim Cajani's project Institut should be well established now, having played a lot around Europe over the years. This newly recorded effort, the first CD without earlier member Johanna Rosenqvist, is a solid tribute to the struggle of the little man. A strong delivery of faith to the oppressed and a raging ripper for your right to only remain. The sound is more up-front live-centered, almost totally devoid of rhythms throughout and with a lot of anguished and hateful vocals. Full of drenching static and simple but effective walls of noise and reverberating samples which surely works sufficiently incisive. Kill your inconveniences! [press-release]

Lustmord -- "A Document Of Early Accoustic & Tactical Experimentation" -- CD -- €12
Dark Vinyl, DVLR 4
Material originally released as the first (untitled) Lustmord album on Sterile Records in 1982 (featuring John Balance of COIL and additional voices by Nigel Ayers of Nocturnal Emissions, and Nigel Dunster). The CD version features longer edits of some of the material, along with additional material not on the LP. This release is intended as a document of early activity. [label info]

Megaptera -- "Staring Back At You" -- CD -- €12
Malignant Records, tumorcd29, (ltd. 800)
In a final celebration of Megaptera's 15 year anniversary, Malignant presents the definitive last statement from this prominent and highly influential death industrial project. Staring Back At You concentrates on demo versions, outtakes, and rare songs from various arenas, including the compilations Zyklon B, Beating the Meat, Slaughter Age '95, The Book ov Shadowz, Death Odors II, as well as material from the Deep Inside mLP, and more. These tracks capture Megaptera at their grittiest, creepiest, and most horrifying...a grinding, lurching monstrosity fueled by the madness, violence, lies, wars, and disease that plague the world. Lmtd to 800 copies, and coming in a 6 panel digipak designed by Marten Kellerman, this has been re-mastered by Magnus Sundstrom (The Protagonist), with additional boosting courtesy of Thomas Garrison (Control). Staring Back At You is final nail in the coffin for Megaptera, and may they rest in peace, but continue to deliver nightmares, maddening thoughts, and the darkest of obsessions. Track listing: More Disturbance (demo version), The Passage (demo version), Disoriented (Totally Different demo version), Lurking Fear (Pre-damaged demo version), Frozen Corpse, The Final Day (excerpt), Morior, Mass Murder, Antropofagi, Deep Inside. [label info]

New Risen Throne -- "Whispers of the Approaching Wastefulness" -- CD -- €12
Cyclic Law, 18th Cycle
The latest offering and first for Cyclic Law of one of Italy's finest Black Ambient master. The main concept and transpiring feeling of this album and the title "Whispers of the approaching wastefulness" can best be described as the "steps" or "journey" leading to the acknowledgment of the approaching end of all things. "Whispers" represent doubts and thoughts about the prevalent decadence that is around and deep within us and "wastefulness" translates to the imminent, definitive end of all things, to oblivion... NEW RISEN THRONE's latest opus offers a bleak and sorrow filled soundtrack celebrating death with little hope for rebirth... This Enhanced CD features an exclusive bonus video clip of the unreleased track "Unknown (II)". [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Nordvargr -- "Interstellar" -- CD -- €12
2008 Beast Of Prey, bop 5.5, (ltd. 444)
New album of Swedish dark sounds artist, co-creator of such projects as MZ.412, TOROIDH or FOLKSTORM. He is also co-creator of many initiatives, plays in many music projects, records albums all over the globe, and is responsible for mastering of many albums in Villa Bohult gloomy cellar. So, ladies and gentlemen, before you, for the first time in Poland, maestro Nordvargr. Over 40 minute album inspiered by power of space, infinite distances and emptiness. Nordvargr himself speaks of this album: „...To me there is no greater evil than the emptiness of space, totally hostile and unfriendly to all life - an opposite to existence, at the same time the mother of all we know. ...” The album is mark out by heavy and meaty sound, strong dark ambient exhaust for creation of whom Nordvargr used only field recordings and sounds made by space objects transimtted by satellites. Unconventional release in black cardboard, that after folding makes 150mm x 150mm size package. Black paper with silver printings. Inside there are three inserts showing various space images. Everything very dark and black, handmade and numbered in 444 copies. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

Oöphoi -- "Arpe Di Sabbia" -- 2 CD -- €17
2007 Nextera, ERA 2045-2
"Arpe di Sabbia" (Harps of Sand) is a new double live album recorded in Archiaro, a remote location immersed in the woods of southern Italy, and it features exclusive music composed for this special event. The two discs contain more than 130 minutes of slowly-changing textures and abyssal drones that try to describe the hidden voices of Nature: the endless movements of the ocean waves, the rustle of the crescent moon, the sunset's undercurrents, the life of nocturnal animals, the silent flow of the stars. A magical connection with a world of forgotten sounds. [press-release]

Phallus Dei -- "Adorations" -- CD -- €12
1997 Paragoric, 60007-2
The domestically released Adorations compilation collects the cream of Phallus Dei's German recordings; their brand of industrial music is largely spare and brooding, with strong goth rock overtones. [Steve Huey]

Phallus Dei -- "Osmose" -- CD -- €12
2005 Dark Vinyl, DV #45
Back to the roots for PHALLUS DEI, one of the most important German industrial & darkwave project of the 90ies! OSMOSE is a bombast-orchestral dark-ambient / industrial album that compiles material from the extremely successful PONTIFEX MAXIMUS-sessions, but all in NEW and previously unreleased versions and totally remastered. PONTIFEX MAXIMUS (1992) was a milesone in its genre and influenced countless artists. A timeless work of sheer beauty with such classic (new versions!) tracks as "Phallus Theme" or "Rusty Nails"! [press-release]

Pragnavit -- "Svietacjam" -- CD -- €10
2007 Crivia Records, Ritual 01
New album of Belarussian project Pragnavit is classical ethnic dark ambient dedicated to the traditional spiritual culture of baltic-slavic region of the Old Europe. Chtonic and obscure side of the rituals incarnated in verbal rite-imaging rank of Svietacjam is an individual esotheric initiation in the legacy and world outlook of the ancestral clans of Crivia (Belarus). Authentic ritual instruments were recorded by the musicians of the band Osimira. The album is released in a nice digisleeve with 6-page booklet and a special postcard. [label info]
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Proscenium -- "Weltschmerz" -- CD -- €12
2007 Dark Vinyl, DV #58
A melancholic and sombre neo-classical album, with piano and elements of dark ambient. At times this release may very well remind the listener of David Tibet or bands like Predella Avant, Elijah's Mantle or Ozymandias. Proscenium hail from Sweden and will definitely appeal to fans of their fellow countrymen The Protagonist, Sephiroth and Ordo Equilibrio, despite the fact that they focus on the neo-classic aspect. "Weltschmerz" is their second album, their debut, "Behind The Curtain" was released in 2005. [label info]

RemoteBand -- "Pinche Madre" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 Abgurd, AB-36, (ltd. 100)
Moscow project with a short but rich history. The only person standing behind REMOTEBAND began his experiments with sound as REMOTE and created mindblowing Harsh Noise and some bizarre electroacoustics. In that short period there were some performances with Nikita Golyshev of CD-r. It's a pity but we think there is not a single chance to listen to any recordings from that period though those were really fascinating. In some time the musician became interested in softer kinds of electronic music, changed his name to REMOTEBAND and gave a few concerts in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg charming audiences with Space Drone Ambient/Noise. We offer six tracks from the latest period of REMOTEBAND art. Guitar, voice, analogue synthesizers, lots of effects, various pre-recorded samples. All these means of soundexpression very smoothly, skilfully and gently interlace into thick and rich intellectual Drone Ambient with some noisy touch and futuristic moods. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Reptiljan / Ibrahim Terzic -- "Pangrenade / Yuck Brij" -- 7" -- €8
2004 Some Place Else, SPE7SP03028, (ltd. 300)
Reptiljan is Niko Skorpio in his most energetic to date, creating sparkling electronica wherein everything from noise to breaks and glitch to exreme metal meet and explode. On this 7", Pangrenade looks for the point where grindcore and noise become one through violent digital treatments. On the other side, Ibrahim Terzic examines the beauty within the ugly. Yuck Brij shows Terzic pushing his unique style a few steps further with mind-piercing screeches, manifold rhythms and mutating melodies. Those who witnessed his amazing gig at Avanto Festival, Finland know that this cannot be missed! [label info]

Ritual Front -- "Advayta" -- 7" -- €12
2004 Der Angriff Nr. 20, (ltd. 220)
Debut vinyl release of the new project from Saint-Petersburg. They blend classic dark-folk guitar passages with electronic background and martial song structures. To be compared with Derniere Volonte, mid-80's Death In June and the best Eis & Licht stuff. [label info]

T.A.G.C. -- "Burning Water" -- CD -- €10
1994 Side Effects, dfx 17
This compact disc represents a definite step away from the regular, synthesized beat sound of The Anti-Group. Written as a soundtrack to a film of the same name, Burning Water is a two piece, hour long Ambient work. The sound is very mellow and down to earth, creating a lush, full soundscape that relaxes. With bizarre sound bites mixed into the long playing Ambient fields, on has no trouble listening to the entire album in one sitting. The second half of the disc has a more of a bizarre edge to it. It seems creepier and slightly more evil than the first half. The second half also has a faster rhythm to it and is more to the direct point of what the music is trying to convey. Not nearly as creepy as it could be, but still a nice work. [Cipher]

Tholen -- "Sternklang" -- CD -- €12
2007 Cyclic Law, 20th Cycle
Sternklang is the expression of the intimate encounter with the whole, the direct connection with the stars and the vast universe, the sense of complete union with all the overdimensional attributes of what sourrounds us. With THOLEN, Eisen, the man behind this project has given us an aurally materialized glimpse of his numerous stargazing evenings...where the soundscapes are revealed while the stars seemed to gather and sing out of their primordial and powerful environment. The darkest hour is always the one before sunrise... In fold out gatefold cardboard sleeve. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]

TUU -- "Frozen Lands" -- 3"CD -- €14
1999 Amplexus, XUS 11, (ltd. 1000)
In his first solo release, Martin Franklin steers Tuu's sound away from the humid tribal excursions of, say, Terma. Instead, this 21-minute mini-disc delivers a panoramic slice of otherworldy vistas straight from The Frozen Lands. Gone are the ethnic instruments and earthy rhythms; this is a place of rolling clouds of sound, an unkown area bathed in washes of lightness and darkness... [from the AmbiEntrance review]

Unknown -- "Equinox" -- CD-R -- €5
Strely Peruna prod., SP013
Archive material from 1996, the album was recorded during the day of vernal equinox. Analogue synthesizer and reversed playback technique. Slow humming ambient.

Velehentor -- "From The Gloom of Graves: Stonewells of Aeternity" -- CD -- €12
2008 Desolate Catacombs of SMERSH, SMERSH02, (ltd. 460)
Classic dark ambient: cold echoes of the unknown rituals, roaming in te utter darkness of resonant stone labyrynths. Paranoiac trance induced by the feeling of lifeless presence in the anscient crypts, breathing with deadly dampness. Icy calmness of indifferent doom. The album was recorded in winter 1999-2000. Packed in an absolutely black digipak (double-sided print, double black paint), the pictures are applied with varnish. [label info]

Velehentor -- "Zona Otchuzhdeniya (Zone of Alienation)" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 Abgurd, AB-53, (ltd. 100)
The album is tributed to the Russian «ghost-towns» Kadykchan, Kursha-2 and Halmer-U. Kadykchan («Death Valley» in Evenk) is a miners urban village in Susuman district of Magadan region, which was left by the inhabitants after the mine detonation in 1996. Nowadays only a few native people live in this dead town without central heating and water and power supply in half-destroyed apartments. Kursha-2 was build shortly after the Russian Revolution as a workers village for mastering vast forests of the Central Meshera. In the year 1936, during hot and windy summer, 1200 humans were burnt out alive because of the forest fire that surrounded Kursha and outskirts. Halmer-U («Death Valley» in Nenets) is situated in the area that was used by natives as a burial place for centuries. In the end of 20th century it became another «not wanted» miners town. People were evicted to Vorkuta city by riot squads. Three tracks of disturbing static oppression. All-dead Drone Ambient and sizzling Drone Noise dressing you alive. VELEHENTOR is well-known for its skill in creating the proper atmosphere using only facts, and here it is reproducted as by a direct witness. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Visions -- "Lapse" -- CD -- €12
Cyclic Law, 14th Cycle
New solo work from Frédéric Arbour (Instincts/Longing For Dawn/Cyclic Law). This sonic venture takes us on an intense, solemn ambient journey through the minds eye and beyond. A transcendantal voyage through thick, droning layers immersed in richly obscure, ever evolving abstract sonorities fused with mysticaly charged passages, this is a relentless visionary experience through time and space, to realms beyond our imagination. [press-release]
[mp3]   [mp3]   [mp3]   [+]

Wiese, Klaus -- "Ming Noir" -- CD -- €15
2001 Anhima, KW001, (ltd. 600)
A classical ambient release at first sight becomes a not so typical introspective journey after deep listening. From the opener "Towers of the Night" to the final "Rosewood Room", Klaus Wiese leads the listener along a sonic landscape where oriental suggestions are described in a unusual dark ambient attitude, reminding of obscure and far away memories. Eight episodes for an hour of emotional pleasures. Limited 600 copies with special packaging. [press-release]

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