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04.10.2008 - Secret Gathering. New Orthodox Line
(Moscow, Jerry Rubin club. Address - Leninsky pr., 62/1, entrance from the yard through playground, near the 2nd doorway. Phone: (495) 137-77-01. Beginning at 19:00. Ticket price - 150 RUR.) More info in Russian...

06.10.2008 - Secret Gathering. New Orthodox Line
(St. Petersburg, Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21). Address - Ploschad Vosstaniya subway station, Pushkinskaya ul., 10 (entrance from Ligovsky pr., 53). Phones: (812) 764-52-58, (812) 764-52-63. Beginning at 20:00.) More info in Russian...

(St. Petersburg, club "Revolution". Address - ul. Sadovaya, 28. Phone: (812) 571-23-91. Beginning at 20:00. Ticket price - 400 / 500 RUR.)

(Moscow, cultural centre "DOM". Address - "Novokuznetskaya" sub station, Bolshoy Ovchinnikovsky per., 24, building 4. Phone - (495) 953-72-36. Beginning at 20:00. Ticket price - 500 / 700 RUR.)

20.10.2008 - Black Synod
(St. Petersburg, bar "Stirka". Address - ul. Kazanskaya, 26. Phone: (812) 314-53-71. Beginning at 18:00. Free entrance.)

20.10.2008 - Secret Gathering
(St. Petersburg, club "Manhattan". Address - Fontanka river quay, 90. Phone: (812) 713-19-45. Beginning at 20:00. Ticket price - 300 RUR.) More info in Russian...

21.10.2008 - Secret Gathering
(Moscow, cultural centre "DOM". Address - "Novokuznetskaya" sub station, Bolshoy Ovchinnikovsky per., 24, building 4. Phone - (495) 953-72-36. Beginning at 20:00. Ticket price - 500 / 600 RUR.) More info in Russian...

(St. Petersburg, Experimental Sound Gallery (ESG-21). Address - Ploschad Vosstaniya subway station, Pushkinskaya ul., 10 (entrance from Ligovsky pr., 53). Phones: (812) 764-52-58, (812) 764-52-63. Beginning at 20:00.)

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... -- "No" -- CD-R -- €6
2008 Valgriind 07, (ltd. 50)
Philosophical noise, sonic manifestation of the ideas of the school of Madhyamak-Prasangik. Most of the material is comprised of cover-versions of the tracks by YAO 91404 D and Merzbow, performed live without audience, plus something else. Handmade artwork (collage, paper envelope, cardboard with a hand-pront and inserts). [label info] Three long tracks. First sounds like this: background accidental music (from radio or TV), someone howls monotonously and melancholically, and either rhythmically or spontaneously taps on a metal bucket. A couple of times all this is interrupted by fragments of a lecture on eastern philosophy. Second track starts with the sounds of house cleaning, then radionoise appears with a looped voice phrase, again metal clinks, then comes amateur non-harmonic guitarplaying and other absurd sounds. The third track is conceptually the same: jingles, knockings, farting noise, looped phrases, verses and accidental sounds.

... -- "What is?" -- CD-R -- €6
2008 self-released
Music, composed by some people (?), performed by other people, distorted by the thirds and reproduced by the fourths along with reading of concrete texts of the thirds. All this is packed into various media with carry some sort of the same material. The autorsphip of this work (or non-work) cannot be determined, and this is reflected in the "title" of the "project". For especially gifted people. Each copy has unique handmade package. [from the publisher] Recordings played back from gramophone records (melodies, speeches, morning exercises, etc.) and fixed by a microphone. First three tracks feature female voice, which reads prose and poems in Russian over the top of them. Other two tracks also contain everyday sounds caugth by a microphone: various rustlings, voices, etc. Musique concrete of a Soviet communal flat.

Abdulla -- "Yesterday a simple akyn, today a marksman" -- CD-RW -- €5
2008 Hlobkorobrecords, (ltd. 10)
New name on Hlobkorob! Russophobic embittered power electronics - a straight challenge to Russians. "Zvoe zlo russkay nazlo" ("Evillish evil Russian to spite") - sounds a heart-rending recitative! [label info]

Aganezz Uebkosyan -- "Fuckery, Russophobia, Power, Toby Dammit" -- CD-RW -- €5
2008 Hlobkorobrecords, (ltd. 10)
Some tracks on this album Aganezz performed onto the poems of Robert Rozhdestvensky. Power, as always, utterly russophobic. And Toby Dammit - isn't he an idol? [label info]

Baghiri, Amir -- "Exosphere" -- CD-R -- €12
2005 Blue Box, BB001
A mixture of masterful, spooky alien soundscapes and fluid textures by one of ambient music premier electro-tribal sound designers. "Exophere" offers ten tracks making up 68 minutes of music continuing the fine tradition of space & tribal ambient which Baghiri is known for. The album starts off quiet but after a few minutes a slow and later on accelerating and prominent sequence shows up which is reminiscent of the extended track "In the Heat of Venus" on Steve Roach’s album "Western Spaces". [label info]

Baghiri, Amir -- "Planet X" -- CD-R -- €12
2006 Blue Box, BB002
Inspired by the exotic astrophysical phenomena of the 10th planet. An in-depth ambient turmoil of 76 minutes, blending deep soundscapes with sequenced pieces (in Amir’s words: "multidimensional ambient & groove creation") and environmental sounds. A certain touch of Steve Roach’s music still can’t be missed, but again Amir shows he’s has found his way in the genre by exploring his own musical pathways over the years. In a way it’s a pleasant dream flight with some more active passages, but in no way background music. This highly atmospheric and well produced recording certainly deserves both thumbs up. [label info]

Bardo + Neznamo -- "Matra" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 Moonsun Productions, MS003, (ltd. 111)
It's a collaborative creation of teo Russian musicians from Moscow: Sergei Gabbasov (BARDO) and Dmitry Shilov (NEZNAMO). The album which is dedicated to the Mother Goddess, consists of 7 sound meditations, each one devoted to one of the Goddess' manifestations. The rite for unity with Divine Mother, performed in ritual / dark / organic ambient. Limited to 111 copies, painted CD-r, handmade layout: cardboard, mosaic gold. [label info]

Bek Gul -- "A Man Who Fucks" -- CD-RW -- €5
2008 Hlobkorobrecords, (ltd. 10)
New album from a hot hacho Gul. Wall of chabandance! For the lovers of Azerbaijan discoteka. [label info]

Bek Gul -- "Pastoral During Apocalypse" -- CD-RW -- €5
2008 Hlobkorobrecords, (ltd. 10)
In a veiled form Bek praises his native Azerbaijan the accompaniment of nordic modern-martial noise. Here's no place for traditional chabandance - the work is cold and serious. This is the reason why one of the best tracks in album is called "Warriors of Islam - Bek Gul is with you!". [label info]

Bek Gul / Aganezz Uebkosyan -- "SPLITh(7)" -- CD-RW -- €3.50
2008 Hlobkorobrecords, (ltd. 10)
Two tracks - two opposites. Bek is traditional wall of chabandance. Aganezz - monotonous power larded with radionoise. Elerimde Chekiler! [label info]

Beta Two Agonist -- "Autumn Perdue" -- CD-R -- €12
2008 Databloem
When I received Beta Two Agonist’s demo some years ago, I knew from the first notes I was dealing with a talented artist. A year later Beta Two Agonist’s debut album on Databloem Zero Point Field saw the light, a delightful mix of minimal glitchy atmosphere’s and soft rhythms. Yet, I felt Ian Lizandra’s best was yet to come… …Well, here it is: Autumn Perdue, a consistently brilliant set of rhythmic and melodic glitch ambient. Unlike other releases in this genre, Autumn Perdue gives you the feeling it’s played life with real instruments. Actually Ian does use acoustic instruments such vibraphone and piano, which gives it all a more organic and personal touch. Another strong point is the transparent, perfectly balanced production. If you like contemporary glitch ambient ala Off The Sky, Murcof or Shuttle 358 you shouldn’t miss this one. [label info]

Boys Next Planet -- "Animal Funny" -- CD-R -- €6
2007 Emerson Lake And Headche
Jam-session recording of several underground musicians from Lancashire, U.K. Lo-fi improvisation on everything that could be found at the moment...

Boys Next Planet -- "Scum Next Door" -- CD-R -- €6
2007 Emerson Lake And Headche
Lo-fi noise improvisation recorded on a dictaphone. Musical idiotism in pure form.

Corder, Jason & Beta Two Agonist -- "Further To Find Closer" -- CD-R -- €12
2008 Databloem
Two of the most promising names in contemporary electronic music join up for a journey through electro acoustic ambient with a glitch. This collaboration grew from a collection of musical fragments exchanged between November 2007 and February 2008. These fragments evolved into nine movements seamlessly fused and blended into a morphing cloud of texture. The sounds used were recorded from acoustic/analog instruments and then processed or left untouched. Jason Corder & Beta Two Agonist: vibraphone, xylophone, glockenspiel, windchimes, prayer bowls, electric piano, guitar, field recording, effects and processing. [label info]

Crank Sturgeon & ID M Theftable -- "03.03.03. Half Beasts, Just You And I" -- CD-R -- €6
2007 Emerson Lake & Headache

Cyber Baphomet -- "Directory "Human" Delete" -- CD -- €10
2008 Nomos Dei, Legis I, (ltd. 666)
Schizophrenic industrial rhythmic electronics, the label marks the style of the project as "satanik postindustrial".

DN23rd / I Am Nothing -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €6
2007 self-released, (ltd. 23)
Static radionoise / philosophy. [label info]

Do Shaska! -- "Anaemische Taenze" -- CD -- €15
2005 Galerie Gryf Records, (ltd. 300)
Anaemic Dances is a new album by anonymous and mysterious desert nomads (metaphorically). Compared to their previous albums, this one is even more rhythmical, mystical, ritual, basic, and eerie. Drums & loops & subliminal sequences unleash dark beast hidden in the depths of the mind; frantic bassoonist just adds to the abysmal depths of their music. This release is accompanied with an exceptional booklet. [press-release] Limited edition packed in a cardboard box.
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ESE -- "The Shroom Experience" -- CD-R -- €12
2007 Practising Nature, PN07024
Entheogenic Sound Explorers (Stefano Contini and Piero Marchesi) remarkable debut. Fresh and creative ambient/electronica with a psychedelic touch. [label info]

First Human Ferro feat. Kenji Siratori -- "Adamnation" -- CD -- €10
2007 Eibon Records, Fhf071
What happens when modern classical music meets power noise, female sopranos meet dark ambiences, harsh death industrial voices melt with traditional melodies? First Human Ferro are bringing experimental music to new territories... [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Generic -- "Torture" -- CD -- €10
2008 FracturedSpacesRecords, FS0208CD, (ltd. 1000)
Genre: Creepily atmospheric dark ambient. For its second release, FracturedSpacesRecords couldn't have chosen a better one: Generic's "Torture", a long and deeply unsettling journey into the beating black heart, and Antarctic iciness of the collective shattered psyche, of mankind. Created using 'foley tracks' and sound effects (used for both film and television), as well as the occasional guitars, bass, and found sounds, it all combines to produce a haunting, nerve-shredding, ghostly and schizophrenic soundtrack, guaranteed to simultaneously freeze the heart and mind, and induce cold sweat to bead the forehead and shivers to wrack the body. Six mid to long tracks of bleak mindscapes totalling just over 50 minutes and wrapped in beautiful full colour digipak with artwork by new German digital artist Thamus. Generic is Adam Sykes and is based in the United Kingdom's West Country. He also records as Ritual Summertime and ran the Iris Light label, releasing artists of the calibre of Aube, Band of Pain, Crackletone, Dense Vision Shrine, and Front 242. [press-release]

Grassow, Mathias -- "Tiefweite Stille 2" -- CD-R -- €12
2006 Practising Nature, PN007
Atmospheres and drones flavoured with tribal rhythms and Indian instruments. [label info]

Griffin, M. / Fulton, Dave -- "The Most Distant Point Known" -- CD -- €12
2000 Hypnos, hyp2025
Collaboration between M. Griffin (founder of famous Hypnos label) and Dave Fulton (Dweller in the Threshold). Drone ambient with a touch of electronic music of 60-s.

Heiliges Licht + ZR 19.84 -- "Empor Die Herzen - A Tribute to St. Michael" -- CD-R -- €8
2008 UFA Muzak, UFA25, (ltd. 181)
Neo Folk/Martial Industrial. Burnt bridges, hands in bloody water, eyes dropped, you can't lift the redden sleeves, amidst the burning land, bloody stains between us, holy spirits in iron betrothal of the unfading field: by weapon - by cruelty - by authority. Mystic folk, ecstatic martial and insane industrial have been crossed in this personified act of Germany and Italy. Non-official modernist calling and resume for the Christian figure of St. Michael. Post-historical approach to the timeless survey inside the military heroic tradition that survived over hundreds and thousands of years... The dragon should be killed, whatever it may cost! A beautiful example of European underground music + melodic and industrial anti-contemporary art. Free people against the World Order! The great tradition - the great path! The successors of pure art! 10 tracks, 52 minutes, CD-r, 6 panel sleeve, full-colour print. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Hum -- "Lambent" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2008 self-released
3 new tracks from this Russian lo-fi drone ambient project. For those who love tranquility and harmony.

I Am Nothing -- "Without People 3 - Under Concrete and Glass" -- CD-R -- €6
2006 Valgriind 02, (ltd. 50)
Fast impulsive radionoise / philosophy. Reissue of a self-released work, handmade artwork (overexposed X-ray film, X-ray paper package). [label info]

Keplers Odd -- "Strena Seu De Nive Sexangula (A New Year's Gift Of Hexagonal Snow)" -- CD -- €10
2008 FracturedSpacesRecords, FS0108CD, (ltd. 1000)
Genre: Guitar-based noise drone ambient. From the darkest and coldest heart of Sweden comes the trio known as Keplers Odd, and FracturedSpacesRecords is pleased to announce that "Strena Seu de Nive Sexangula", their third CD album, is the first official release on the UK's newest quality underground music label. Featuring seven tracks of noisy yet subtly ambient guitar-driven sonic attacks, eerily redolent of the icy cold mysterious aurora-wrapped landscapes prevalent throughout Northern Europe, inhabited by creatures and monsters spawned from the myths & legends told around campfires over countless generations. Indeed, Keplers Odd have themselves spawned a monster of an album, creating textures and ambiences far beyond the normal run of over-driven guitar noisefests - yes, there is unalloyed power here, but there is also quiet subtlety, sinister atmospherics, and deeply dark occult moods. Ancient abandoned buildings, dark musty corridors, sinister forces at play - it's all here in stonking quantities!! KEPLERS ODD are: Daniel Jansson (Deadwood, STUG 218 & Crest 218 [Crest & STUG 218 collaborative project]), Magnus Moilala (Crest & Crest 218 [Crest & STUG 218 collaborative project]), and Kristina Persson (Viper Trail). Currently they are to be seen rampaging around Gothenburg, Sweden. [press-release]

Lingua Lustra -- "Presence" -- CD-R -- €12
2006 Practising Nature, PN001
Drone-like soundscapes of a kaleidoscopic and emotive nature. [label info]

MC uYObko -- "HlobkovoYO SchastiYO" -- CD-RW -- €5
2008 Hlobkorobrecords, (ltd. 10)
Politicized radical bum-R'N'B! [label info]

Misery / Neznamo -- "s/t" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 Moonsun Productions, MS004, (ltd. 111)
Split of two completely different but at the same time elusively similar projects. Slow, tightening drones and prolonged vibration of NEZNAMO pass into noise-vortex of MISERY, tearing apart and motionless at the same time. Ritual Ceremony of Opposites, joining each other with the streams of ritual / drone / ambient / noise. Recommended for listening in headphones at highest possible volume. CD-r, 2 cards, hand-made layout soft cardboard, graphite, black paint. [label info]

Monologue -- "Comprehending of Senseless" -- CD-R -- €6
2006 Valgriind 02, (ltd. 50)
Dark analogue drone / ambient / noise and spoken poetry in Russian language. Dedicated to Pripyat' (Chernobyl suburb with a nuclear plant). Reissue of a release of Sickcore label, handmade artwork (cardboard, linoleum tampon printing). [label info]

Neznamo -- "Utrata" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 Moonsun Productions, MS002, (ltd. 111)
Ancient ritual ambient tapestries will take you to the times of blossoming Tradition. Three ceremonial weeping songs for lost legacy of the Ancestors.... CD-r with handmade layout, 111 copies. [label info]

Norma Reaktsii -- "Tectonic Charge Condensation"" -- CD-R -- €6
2008 Valgriind 06, (ltd. 50)
Radionoise recorded with an old pre-war radio-gramophone with resoldered components. A project of the founder of the young Russian D.I.Y. label Valgriind. Minimalism, handmade artwork (cardboard, drawing). [label info]

Odal -- "Release for Monopolka" -- CD-R -- €6
2007 Emerson Lake And Headche
Pathologically and proudly untalented project of a Dutch artist Peter Zincken, a member of the band Fckn Bstrds. 46 minutes of hellish low-grade noise.

Osman Arabi -- "Burning Sigils" -- CD -- €10
2008 FracturedSpacesRecords, FS0308CD, (ltd. 1000)
Genre: Hypnotic dark ethno-ambient. The third release on FracturedSpacesRecords is Osman Arabi's "Burning Sigils", a single 38-minute track of deeply hypnotic ethno-ambience tinged with a cold darkness; a forgotten text written in the blood of generations, a story of long-buried secrets and civilisations that worshipped dark gods in the hidden kingdoms, lost to time and memory, becoming covered by both sand and the unforgiving ravages of time. This languid and hip-swayingly sinister piece builds slowly, unfolding its narrative unhurriedly, in the same way that the ages-old deserts themselves have been around forever, in the process resurrecting the shades of aeons-dead peoples and blowing cold winds across the heat-ridden sandy wastes. Delve with us into the black heart of a now-vanished civilisation and visit the incense-filled temples of the gods of the arid places. OSMAN ARABI is better known as the driving force behind the raw, acid- and hate-filled harsh electronics onslaught outfit 20.SV, and also the ritual ambient project SEEKER. This release sees Arabi tread a new path, creating textures and sonic narratives inspired by the environment and troubled history of his own childhood, a reflection perhaps of the troubled history of his homeland. [press-release]

Papa -- "Irresponsible Father" -- CD-R -- €6<
2007 Emerson Lake & Headache
Nearly 18 minutes of foolish happy and sometimes sad quality noise from this Karelian project (side-project of Maaaa).

Pugna -- "Choombd" -- CD-R -- €7
2007 Kerpg, KERPGVI, (ltd. 60)
Black ambient metal. Enveloping dark minimalistic metal. Live drums, viscous droning guitar riffs, ambient pieces and clear cores. Raw live record of Fire of Strength of Spirit. Grandeur and simplicity. Envelope from a brown cardboard 13x16 with an inset 25x25, 2 b\w cards, coal, black paint. [label info]

Pugna -- "Iedsh_Skho" -- CD-R -- €7
2007 Kerpg, KERPGXIII, (ltd. 56)
Military ambient. The Immersing story about an eternal test. Speech, iron, faint sounds of fortepiano. Painful atmosphere by the enveloping structures of transition a bow on twined about the barbed wire in unison to voices of explosions and hardenings in earth monuments, to concentrating Strength of Spirit on initiating Battlefield. Envelope from a dense bog-green cardboard 20x23, coloured postal 15x11, green and black paint. It is soldered in a polyethylene. [label info]

Reductio Ad Absurdum -- "Triumph of the Will and Phallic Personification of the Great Prince Alexander Nevsky / Phenomenal Spectre of the Distant Galaxies" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 self-released, (ltd. 99)
Fantastic old school industrial from Kirill Stoukaline, Russia. Two tracks, 52 minutes. Samples from movies, cut with unhealthy sense of humour, noise pickups from various devices, metallic noises, peeps of modulators. [Abgurd description]

Reutoff -- "1998-2008" -- 6 CD box -- €50
2008 Ewers Tonkunst, HHE 023 B, (ltd. 100)
Limited Jubilee Box edition of 100, includes 6 albums on CDs and 2 cards. The albums are: Das Absterben [1998], Three Souls For A Reasonable Price [1998], Regno Di Pianta [2000], Unseen Rituals [2002], Deprivatio [2008], Tanz Der Kleinen Schweinen [2008].

Ryr -- "Avvertimento 1909" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2008 S und S records, SS-2008-006-01, (ltd. 13)
New work of this Russian project brings you back to beginning of the 20th century, the age of Italian futuristic movement. The project develops it's non-standard collage technique: fragments of retro-songs, arrant industrial sounds, wild noise cut-ups and martial tunes may caper in feverous gallop through the one track. Don't take this music seriously, otherwise you take a risk to catch mental derangement. This is the 2nd edition of this work with a bonus-track, packed in a sort of small book with a hard cover.

Sgnl_fltr -- "Exhalo" -- CD-R -- €12
2008 Databloem, DBCD 08020
Danny Kreutzfeldt is a versatile and praised artist, who has been doing a lot of styles under various names for years, and certainly shouldn’t be a new name to people familiar with Databloem. Exhalo is his third album as Sgnl_fltr on Databloem and as with the others, it’s packed with deep grooves, dense atmospheres and refined effects. This time around, the amount of genres mixed together is staggering, with warm ambient, cold techno, abstract electronica and gritty soundscapes seamlessly flowing together during the course of the album. [label info]

Sol Invictus -- "Lex Talionis" -- CD -- €10
1990/2008 Infinite Fog Productions, IF-03, (ltd. 1001)
A reissue of a legendary album of a legendary band! "Lex Talionis" was first issued in far 1990, and in 1993 reissued on a CD, being sold out for long time for now... This reissue is a collector's digipak version with the new artwork, 8-page booklet and a previously unreleased bonus track Black Easter (live). This is the 1st edition which contains all the lyrics for this album! With this release the world faced the true force of Sol Invictus' music, after that they were bound to become a part of the musical history. In this recording Tony Wakeford was aided by other legendary musicians: Ian Read, Denis Blackham, Karl Blake, Leithana, and even Richard "Dik" Evans (one of the founders of a pop-band U2). It's not necessary to speak about the music on this CD, we can only say that "Lex Talionis" is definitely the most industrial and rough album of Sol Invictus. This may be the best example of combining the acoustic guitar and melancholic vocals with heavy industrial rhythms and almost noisy elements. This edition is limited to 1001 copies, and probably not everyone will be lucky to get a copy. The following words are true concerning this masterpiece: "Everything that could be said about Lex Talionis has been said before you". "The world is full of gods and beasts, Some to serve and some to feast..." - T. Wakeford. [press-release]

Sva Battalion -- "The Hidden Cult" -- 3"CD-R -- €7
2008 Strely Peruna prod., SP020, (ltd. 40)
Second conceptual work from this Russian project, dedicated to the mysticism of Leaderism. Martial noise. Special non-standard packaging, limited edition. Contains multimedia part. 20 minutes. [press-release]

Swarm -- "XII" -- CD-R -- €6
2004 Valgriind 04, (ltd. 50)
Strange crooked electronics, Fruity Loops without any attempts to hide it. NAive and talented work! Package with handmade elements. [label info] An amateur recording made in genre of rhythmic electronic schizo, mainly in calm forms.

Tape Salad -- "Each Banana Is Unique" -- CD-R -- €6
Chocolate Monk, CHOC-125
Lo-fi noise and primitive tape collages.

Troum & Reutoff -- "Kreuzung Zwei: Creatura per Creaturam Continetur" -- CD -- €13
2008 Ewers Tonkunst, HHE 019 CD
Produced in May-August 2008. Basic sound-sources & samples by Reutoff, additional instrumental recordings, tracks arrangements and mastering by Troum. The concept of this work is based on cosmology of Hildegard von Bingen.

Trundley, Kev & Phil Monopolka -- "Secret Trundley Handshake" -- CD-R -- €6
2007 Emerson Lake & Headache
Absurd noise / musique concrete. Live home recording with elements of collage: baby-talks, rhytms, tv-shows, toys, some strange sounds, noises and constant fuss in the background - this all combines in completely unpredictable ways and forms a dense soundflow.

Ultrapolyarnoe Vtorzhenie -- "Steel Formation (Stalnoe Stanovlenie)" -- CD-R -- 240 руб.
2008 UFA Muzak, UFA24, (ltd. 88)
Nordic Industrial/Combative Noise. There will be a day when some books will be burnt, and other rewritten. It will be a different language, of different people, not understandable for us, something completely non-verbal, related to the highest form of communication. When this language will sound, the mind will be silent, but the sense will come right into the heart. Noise is also a language, a different text, possible prototype or an echo, an attempt to transfer the knowledge to another level, to understand Thule. In ideological and musical ways the release of the new project from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, continues the line started by the first act - UFA01 ANTARKTIDA - the concentration of the Northern emanation: rough noisewaves, cryptographic industrial, technocratic power ambien. Morose voice of Kaleuche. 7 tracks, 64 minutes, CD-r, print on transparent paper, jewel DVD box. [label info]
[mp3]   [mp3]

Urauschwitz -- "Zirkuszerfall" -- CD -- €7
2008 self-released
The debut release of a new Russian exoteric project Urauschwitz, oriented towards the world around us. The world which is complicated, satiated with signs and littered by propaganda. And the author tries to overview this "Zirkuszerfall" ("circus of decay") without distortions through the distorting mirror, and this is done with a good portion of black humour. The manner of soundwork of Urauschwitz can be compared to German project Turbund Sturmwerk. The artwork of this release should be particularly mentioned: it's done in vein of industrial constructivism of the artist Alexander Lebedev-Frontov (although some parallels with Turbund Sturmwerk can be found here too), but with a bit of "contamination" of sunny Man-Engine by cabbalistic art. [from the publisher]

Vagranok -- "Voz.Dukh" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 Kerpg, KEPRGXV, (ltd. 27)
Industrial Noise. Fixations of the long thought out idea, made on 150608 by two persons standing behind Russian projects VRESNIT, PUGNA, VOY, etc., and one of the members of a project NIGHT SHIFT covered by shadow. Parallels and unity of the industrial and archaic "ages". Invariable symbols. The change of form and vector. By the force of unified coarse black-red images of raw old school multy-layered radionoises, distorted Soviet records, sampled and live voices, drums and feedbacks. Implications and contexts. Mysticism of place of thought and differently incarnated content. Full-colour sleeve, ink, print on a cd, black paint. [label info]

Voe_Ero -- "s/t" -- 2 CD-R -- €10
2007 self-released, Sgi N.o.l. 05, (ltd. 34)
2 cd 2 day - 5 and on May, 9 of 07. 2 lives 2 views 2 living records. LIFE. We often only read about it, only examine it on reproductions. But it exactly in us. We are Life. Bass, 2 acoustic guitars, drums, flute, voices: near to ambiental post-rock. Enveloping simple minimalistichnaya, konstatiruyuscheopuskayuschaya, but golovopodnimayuschaya music. Intercourse and narration. About current time and dryings up hands certainly raspustyaschikhsya and raspravyaschikhsya. They will fly away where wanted. They have the intercourse. They will fly away where wanted. They have the intercourse. About harm and force. It is necessary to stop and turn. To turn forward, to look ahead.. that it for you? - what did you do? do you do? Stop and think.... [from the author]

Voe_Ero -- "1858" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 self-released, Sgi N.o.l. 07, (ltd. 18)
Living experimentally-improvisation ambiental post-rock garage record from 18.05.08, in the special spirit of the first recordings, but with a few by a cradle tint. Drums, guitars, vocal, flute. Vitality and cleanness, simplicity of form and depth of maintenance. [from the author]

Voe_Ero -- "Shmy" -- CD-R -- €7
2008 self-released, Sgi N.o.l. 08, (ltd. 12)
First record of Voe_ero. By the alternated functions three men standings together through already characteristic establishments and clean reflections intertwined in the removed voices, bass, accoustic guitar, drums and word in a finale and synthesis. A bird sang about reflected in the middle of street, carrying out, desiring to climb and harden. [from the author]

Von Thronstahl -- "Sacrificare" -- CD + 7" -- €21
2007 Fasci-Nation Recordings, 005, (ltd. 500)
Special collector's edition of the last studio album by Von Thronstahl, comes in a sleeve with a bonus-7" (heavy top quality vinyl) with two tracks.

Watkiss, Thomas -- "Ancestor: Phase I - Silence" -- CD -- €12
2008 The Seventh Media, VII0801-CD, (ltd. 1000)
After nearly a year of writing, recording, rewriting, re-recording and finally completing in the studio, the first full length of the 'Ancestor' triad from Thomas Watkiss is now available. Recorded in 2007 and mixed in early 2008, 'Silence' clocks in at just over 63 minutes of somber forms, ambient soundscapes, drones and found sounds. Ltd x 1000 copies in a digipak. [Cold Spring desription]
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V/A -- "Radiodrama - Collapse + Camera Sonora" -- CD + CDR -- €21
2008 Radical Matters, rmle#011, (ltd. 211)
"Collapse": Italian artist Pietro Riparbelli play souces materials from: BAD SECTOR, STRANGE ATTRACTOR, CLAUSTHOME, GALERIE SCHALLSCHUTZ, SIMM-EL, GRUPPO PSICOFONICO DI GROSSETO. A special concept album with incredible and original radio signals as source materials, recorded in different parts of the world by different projects and recomposed by Pitero Riparbelli. The album is focused on the esoteric side of electromagnetic activities (ITC, EVP, and trans-dimensional phenomenas) all around us. This edition also contains an enhaced CD-R "Camera Sonora" (audio + video and extras) + a xerographic book, based on the audio installation "Camera Sonora", realized by Pietro Riparbelli / K11 during Piombino Experimenta 3 - international sound art festival, with unedit pieces realized by: MASSIMO MAGRINI/BAD SECTOR, GIANLUCA BECUZZI, ALEKSANDER KOLKOWSKI, A.M.K., GLOBSTER, VITTORE BARONI/L.T. MURNAU, PROJECT D.A.R.K. Special handmade double-digipack. [label info]


Meryat Dvizheniya Mertvy -- "s/t" -- DVD-R -- €10
2008 Kerpg, KERPGVIII, (ltd. 16)
Video art. Slow absorption flow of personnels fixing flow new life. The law of conservation of energy creeping on all of body. Taking away sight. Meal, ancient model of part of the World of mute polyphony. To look after and measure movements are dead. 2 b\w made copies booklet of A4, cards-letters, black paint. [label info]

Pugna -- "Dra" -- DVD-R -- €10
2008 Kerpg, KERPGXII, (ltd. 96)
Drone noise. Aliened by volume. By the increase of touching speed of falling. By increasing absence of recurrence. Archaic renewal. Prototype. Tunnel. Immersion and relativity. Drawing, cleaning certain surface. Mutualabsorption. By a fight and unity. Rough fabric sack 17x15, ferrous sheet 13x13, rope, black and silver paint. [label info]

Used & rare

Bardoseneticcube - Teologic - CD-R - Blade Records - WMDA033 - Ltd. 120 - €13.59
Einleitungszeit - Auranoise - CD - Ars Morta Universum - Ltd. 1000 - €6.79
V/A - Tonwellen-Konferenz - About 40 Years - CD - Atacama Records - a.r.23 - Ltd. 500 - €6.79
V/A - Zyklus 1 - CD - Steinklang Industries - SK7-10 - Ltd. 1000 - €6.79

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Inade -- "Fishes" -- T-shirt -- €12
2006 Cold Lands, (ltd. 40)
High quality 2-sided TS specially made for the Herbst9, Inade, Land:Fire performance in Moscow, Russia in 2006. Dark-green (khaki) colour, size XL.

Land:Fire -- "Logo" -- T-shirt -- €12
2006 Cold Lands, (ltd. 40)
High quality 2-sided TS specially made for the Herbst9, Inade, Land:Fire performance in Moscow, Russia in 2006. Dark-blue colour, size L.


Vishuddha Kali -- "Prem Genocide" -- CD -- €10
2002 Ultra Ways 01, (ltd. 300)
The first album of the one-man project from St. Petersburg. Vishuddha Kali is the art of destruction, musical project, consisting of sounds produced by man's mouth only. All the sounds on the given album are only vocal sounds of different trends of breath & speeches, forwarded through a lot of processing & distorters, but still they are the sounds of the voice only. Creative work of Vishuddha Kali is devoted to total genocide that takes place in human society. It's dedicated to humanity's striving for self-liquidation & destruction. Every track is devoted to one of the stages of this destruction. All the texts being gathered together are a small letter addressed to the man, who realizes its place in the nature, who realizes himself as a small not-separated particle of the surprising manifestation of this life. CD comes in oversized foldout cover sealed with a black wax & includes 2 postcards. [label info].

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